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  • File : 1266155260.jpg-(260 KB, 650x971, redwall.jpg)
    260 KB Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:47 No.8079986  
    Here you go, /tg/ as promised.

    Redwall races statted as PCs for 3.5, both Gentlecritters and Vermin, as well as Sparrows and Owls.

    I'll start with what I posted before.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:48 No.8079987
    ~ Small: As a Small creature, a Mouse gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than Medium creatures use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
    ~ Mouse speed is 20 ft.
    ~ +2 to Listen and Move Silently checks
    ~ +1 bonus to all saving throws
    ~ 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
    ~ Once per day, a Mouse may re-roll one dice roll (skill, attack, damage, save, etc. any dice may be re-rolled) of the player's choice, but they must accept the second roll.
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:48 No.8079989
    ~ +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Moles have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Mole land speed is 20 ft.
    ~ Burrow speed 5 ft.
    ~ +2 to Craft and +2 to Profession checks
    ~ -4 to Climb, -4 to Jump, -4 to Search, -4 to Spot, and -4 to Swim checks
    ~ Blindsense 30ft.
    ~ Tremorsense 60ft.
    ~ Racial Illiteracy: Moles are a race who do not automatically know how to read and write. A Mole may spend 2 skill points to gain the ability to read and write all languages he is able to speak; but it must be noted that, as a rule, most Moles never bother with it; its not that they are incapable, it's just that it's not in their culture to do so.
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:49 No.8080005
    ~ +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom
    ~ Small: As a Small creature, a Shrew gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than Medium creatures use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
    ~ Shrew land speed is 20 ft.
    ~ +2 to Listen, +2 to Profession (Sailor) checks
    ~ +6 to Swim checks
    ~ All Aid Another attempts in which a Shrew is participating receive a +1 bonus.
    ~ Shrews receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat for the rapier as a bonus feat.
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:50 No.8080010
    ~ +2 Dexterity
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Squirrels have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Squirrel land speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Squirrel climb speed is 20 ft.
    ~ +2 to Balance, +2 to Jump, and +2 to Tumble checks
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:50 No.8080016
    ~ +2 Constitution, -2 Strength
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Hedgehogs have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Hedgehog speed is 20ft
    ~ +4 to Listen Checks
    ~ -2 to Search and Spot checks
    ~ -6 to all Disguise checks, their bushy spine covered backs are awfully hard to disguise
    ~ +1 Natural Armor Bonus
    ~ Anyone grappling a Hedgehog takes 1d4 points of damage a round in addition to any other damage the Hedgehog may be dealing. If a Hedgehog is pinned, they do not take the -4 penalty to AC.
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:51 No.8080024
    ~ Small: As a Small creature, a Vole gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than Medium creatures use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
    ~ Vole speed is 20 ft.
    ~ +4 to Swim checks
    ~ +1 bonus to all saving throws
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:53 No.8080040
    ~ +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Rabbits have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Rabbit land speed is 40 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +4 to Jump checks
    ~ +0 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:53 No.8080043
    ~ +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Hares have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Hare land speed is 40 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +6 to Jump checks
    ~ +2 to Hide and +2 to Survival checks
    ~ Hares with PC classes receive Simple Weapon Proficiency and Martial Weapon Proficiency as bonus feats
    ~ +1 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:54 No.8080053
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Otters have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Otter land speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Otter swim speed is 20 ft.
    ~ +2 to Escape Artist and +2 to Profession (Sailor) checks
    ~ Otters automatically receive Weapon Focus for all weapons they are proficient with at level 1 as bonus feats; after which Weapon Focus must be taken individually.
    ~ +1 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:55 No.8080059
    ~ +6 Strength, +4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity
    ~ Large: As a Large creature, a Badger gains a -1 size penalty to Armor Class, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks, but she uses larger weapons than Medium creatures use, receives a +4 bonus to Grapple checks, and her lifting and carrying limits are twice those of a Medium character.
    ~ Badger speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +4 to Diplomacy and +4 to Intimidate checks
    ~ Rage (Ex): A badger that has lost at least half of their HP in combat flies into a berserk rage on its next turn, attacking implacably until either it or its opponent is dead. It gains +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and -2 to Armor Class. The Badger cannot end its rage voluntarily.
    ~ +4 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:55 No.8080061
    Now, the Vermin.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:57 No.8080076
    ~ -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Rats have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Rat speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +2 to Hide and +2 to Move Silently check
    ~ -4 to Diplomacy checks
    ~ Rats receive Simple Weapon Proficiency as a bonus feat
    ~ +0 LA

    Searats: as Rats except as follows
    ~ +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
    ~ +2 to Balance, +2 to Move Silently, +2 to Profession (Sailor) and +2 to Use Rope checks
    ~ +4 to Swim checks
    ~ +0 LA
    >> These were annoying, as they are all essentially the same Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)08:58 No.8080083
    ~ +2 Dexterity
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Weasels have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Weasel speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +4 to Move Silently checks
    ~ Weasels have a 1d6 Bite attack
    ~ Weasels receive Improved Grapple as a bonus feat, whether or not they meet the prerequisites.
    ~ +1 LA

    ~ +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Ferrets have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Ferret speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +2 to Intimidate checks
    ~ +4 to Move Silently checks
    ~ Ferrets have a 1d6 Bite attack
    ~ +2 LA

    ~ +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
    ~ Medium: As Medium creatures, Stoats have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    ~ Stoat speed is 30 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +2 to Listen and +2 to Spot checks
    ~ +4 to Move Silently checks
    ~ Stoats have a 1d6 Bite attack
    ~ +2 LA
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)08:59 No.8080091
    >>-2 intelligence
    When we had rats in my family's house it struck us how fucking tricky those little faggots were.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)08:59 No.8080092
    You should nerf the badger and make it LA +2 only.
    >> Sorry for the gap. Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:07 No.8080174
    ~ +2 Strength, +6 Dexterity, + 2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom
    ~ Large: As a Large creature, a Wildcat gains a -1 size penalty to Armor Class, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks, but she uses larger weapons than Medium creatures use, receives a +4 bonus to Grapple checks, and her lifting and carrying limits are twice those of a Medium character.
    ~ Wildcat speed is 40 ft.
    ~ Wildcat Climb speed is 10 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ +8 to Balance, +8 to Jump, and +8 to Move Silently checks
    ~ -4 to Swim checks
    ~ Wildcats have a 1d8 Bite attack
    ~ +4 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:08 No.8080180
    ~ +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom
    ~ Large: As a Large creature, a Fox gains a -1 size penalty to Armor Class, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks, but she uses larger weapons than Medium creatures use, receives a +4 bonus to Grapple checks, and her lifting and carrying limits are twice those of a Medium character.
    ~ Fox speed is 40 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
    ~ Foxes have a 1d8 Bite attack
    ~ +3 LA
    >> Birds Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:10 No.8080198
    ~ +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution
    ~ Small: As a Small creature, a Sparrow gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than Medium creatures use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
    ~ Sparrow land speed is 10 ft.
    ~ Sparrow Fly speed is 40 ft. (good)
    ~ Sparrows cannot use weapons, but their sharp talons make up for the disparity; Sparrows have a 1d4 Talon attack
    ~ Sparrows can never fly with anything more than a Light Load
    ~ +0 LA

    ~ +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, -2 Con
    ~ Large: As a Large creature, an Owl gains a -1 size penalty to Armor Class, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks, but she uses larger weapons than Medium creatures use, receives a +4 bonus to Grapple checks, and her lifting and carrying limits are twice those of a Medium character.
    ~ Owl land speed is 20 ft.
    ~ Owl Fly speed is 60 ft. (average)
    ~ Low-light Vision 120ft.
    ~ +8 to Listen and +8 to Spot checks
    ~ +10 to Move Silently checks made during flight
    ~ Owls cannot use weapons, but their sharp talons make up for the disparity; Owls have a 1d8 Talon attack
    ~ Owls can never fly with anything more than a Light Load
    ~ +3 LA
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:14 No.8080226
    Note that these are not real life depictions of the animals, rather based on their portrayal within the books. Rats are, almost universally dim-witted at best; those who are not are often in positions of great power.

    I probably should. I'll post that when I make the classes.

    I'll probably be falling asleep soon /tg/, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions and opinions you might have while I'm unconscious.

    Thanks again, and have a nice day!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:19 No.8080265
    >furry books
    >shitty system
    >furry avatarfagging attentionwhore of a namefag

    Three strikes OP, your out.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:20 No.8080273
    Fuck you, OP is awesome... you obviously have forgotten your ENTIRE childhood.... Leman thank you for these stats
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:23 No.8080295
    Thank you, sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:29 No.8080340
    holy balls, thanks leman.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:38 No.8080419
    So what about classes? I like 3.5 and all, but honestly it's not the best system to run this in...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:42 No.8080448
    Well low-magic campaign with some alchemy tossed in might make it acceptable. Honestly my knee-jerk reaction is to use 3.5 because I know it inside and out and so do my players.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:46 No.8080482
    I'm going to be working on classes for the game.

    I might be done by next weeked.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:53 No.8080531
    The vermin need lower LA.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)09:55 No.8080542
    Should I just make Weasels Stoats and Ferrets the same race? That'd lower it.

    And Wildcats and Foxes are tough motherfuckers, they are going to be on the level of badgers at the peak of their skills.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)09:56 No.8080546
         File1266159408.png-(19 KB, 269x299, megalukas.png)
    19 KB
    Awesome Russ!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:01 No.8080571
    Leman Russ is the best Russ.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:04 No.8080587
    You need to edit foxes. Make it +1 LA max.

    They're common enough and don't seem to be -that- terrifying.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)10:07 No.8080608
    Actually, you're probably right.


    ~ +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom
    ~ Large: As a Large creature, a Fox gains a -1 size penalty to Armor Class, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, and a -4 size penalty on Hide checks, but she uses larger weapons than Medium creatures use, receives a +4 bonus to Grapple checks, and her lifting and carrying limits are twice those of a Medium character.
    ~ Fox speed is 40 ft.
    ~ Low-light Vision 60ft.
    ~ Foxes have a 1d8 Bite attack
    ~ +1 LA
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:14 No.8080672
    That's kind of shitty, if only because you just arbitrarily removed some shit you obviously thought should be in there without a thought.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)10:18 No.8080699
         File1266160739.jpg-(242 KB, 897x647, LR (240).jpg)
    242 KB
    You may be right, but I am too far gone to really address it.

    Anyway, I hope you have little problem with the rest, goodnight /tg/.

    Have a nice day!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:25 No.8080748
    Have sweet dreams my primarch.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:27 No.8080762
    I must say this was done very well. Bravo OP.

    ADVENTURE HOOK: There is going to be a feast at Redwall. Suddenly, a band of Stoats have stolen the candied chestnuts! Are you a bad enough shrew to rescue the chestnuts?
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)10:31 No.8080787

    >EVERYTHING that has animals as the main characters is furry. I am a retard.

    Yes you are.


    ohshitson! *rolls up a shrew*
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:34 No.8080811

    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:35 No.8080824
    Bitch, I am MADE of mole.

    Oi der' be ventoorin ter be durn.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:39 No.8080868
    Rats might look like shit, but they've got one power that makes up for everything - their breeding cycle.

    Seriously, every book there was at least ten times as many rats as there were the gentle defenders of wherever was getting attacked. Then the book would end with the horde getting routed and crushed when their leader died, so the only explanation is the surviving rats fucked like... rabbits, I guess?

    Either that or there's so huge fuckoff rat kingdoms halfway around the world and the invasions are a result of migratory departures of surplus population.

    Seriously though those rats were like the Krogan of Redwall. I wish they could have gone against type just once and had the rat horde be lead by some cunning-ass motherfucker who does sensible things and mostly reigns in his horde's destructive capabilities. Build a Rat-town and dazzle the stupid hedgehogs and otters with diplomacy then deride any raids that happen as the actions of a few rogue rats that you'll take care of with internal security.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)10:40 No.8080876

    I know the +1 LA is gonna suck but.

    Adventuring? What what?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:41 No.8080879

    Oh man, Jacques' repetitive "nice creatures in trouble by horde of bad creatures, nice creatures come up with plan and win" cycle desperately needed some breaking up. A story from the rat's perspective would have ruled.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:43 No.8080898
    +1 LA is a small price to pay for fuckawesome.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)10:45 No.8080919

    Shit I soooo wanna see this completed and then play a game.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:47 No.8080941

    You get to play one of the few pants-optional races.

    Worth it.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:49 No.8080952
    Now, we need stats for food. Tables of modifiers on deliciousness for the various adjectives inevitably needed to describe them.

    Also moles should get some kind of bonus towards making food.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:50 No.8080971
    Leman Russ seems to be doing a pretty good job so far, but I'm curious, what do you think good classes for Redwall would be?

    Variations on fighter, rogue, and monk might work well. It's an incredibly low-magic setting though, so it might be necessary to spin these out into much more narrow kinds of fighting classes. Maybe do it through variant classes or prestige classes.

    I'd reccomend stealing some ideas from other D20 games. Action points are a must, but I'd also reccomend the idea of gaining a character bonus to AC with class levels - most characters don't wear much armour, but as they get better at fighting they get better at avoiding harm.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:52 No.8080987

    Food did play a pretty central role. You just know Cluny was only doing it for the candied chestnuts.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)10:53 No.8080991

    possibly taking some of the low magic variants from IK as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:53 No.8081001

    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:54 No.8081004

    Oi'd play'n a mole in evrun singul game if'n I cud.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:57 No.8081036

    Abbey Warrior has to be available as a prestige class. As does Skip for otters and Guosim for shrews.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)10:58 No.8081047
    Oi! What about us hares? what what.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)10:59 No.8081061
    I'm a mole ranger with a shovel handed down through the generations of my family. It's a fairly solid iron spade with a solid oak handle. Stoatwhacker is lovingly carved along the edge. My family specializes in hard-soil digging.

    Oi wur da [Paddlepaws]. We do er diggen in der rocks.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:00 No.8081063

    3.5 may work fine, but taking the Warlord class idea from 4th might work - healing as inspiration might be a good concession to the narrative rules of Redwall where there are relatively few miracles but plenty of cases of people fighting harder as needed.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:03 No.8081082

    I say old chap, I suggest that Hares should be able to take the Long Patrol prestige class at some point, wat.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:03 No.8081083

    Guosim's a tribe to which even children can belong. Maybe something like "Guosim Veteran" or "Guosim Farstrider" or something like that, with an emphasis on water and boat combat and abilities that take advantage of their small size (more tumbling, a grapple equalizer, bonuses to swinging onto or off of ships, something like that.)
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:04 No.8081091

    Weapon Focus (accent)
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:04 No.8081100
    Wasn't it an hawks and ravens aswell...

    And fucking awesome scorpions that face rapes pirates...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:04 No.8081102
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:05 No.8081105
    Well looky there, wat wat, they've found our secret weapon!
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)11:05 No.8081108

    ooooooooh yeah!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:05 No.8081110

    I suggested in the previous thread that food could take the place of some of the more magical effects for healing and buffs.

    A mole cook class (mage) 'Oi use deeper'n'ever Pie,..
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:07 No.8081123

    Sounds good, could also have the Log a log as the best Shrew class.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:09 No.8081137
    personally I think GURPS would let you design characters easier. I mean if you look at all of the heroes at the beginning, they are humble individuals, unless they (matthias!) are already a hero of redwall.
    Also: Marlfox, scariest campaign game ever?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:12 No.8081175
    Screw the Logalog and Skipper prestige classes.

    Just have racial paragon stuff.

    Personally, I would -love- to play a Mole Paragon.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:15 No.8081192
    Oi'm so mole oi eat dirt 'n oi shit awt poi.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:15 No.8081193
    all this mole love pleases me
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:17 No.8081208

    You shouldn't be allowed to be a mole, unless you actually do the accent anytime you're in character.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:19 No.8081224
    Yur naw readin' this'un 'ere thread in th'sawnd of moi voice.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:19 No.8081230
    This. Definitely, this.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:25 No.8081289

    Marlfox was my favourite story for some reason, not sure why. I liked all the different foxes, although they could have used a touch more differentiation.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:26 No.8081301

    The same rule should also apply to Hares and Otters too. Also If you ever play play the scottish Falcons.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:31 No.8081331
    You know, I really enjoyed the series but it's a pity Jacques was so damn rigid about the race stuff. He wrote a whole book just to reinforce that it's nature, not nurture that determines what a character is like - Outcast of Redwall, a ferret raised from a baby in the abbey is unable to stop being evil like the rest of the ferrets, doesn't care for anything or anyone, and at the first opportunity runs off to join his father's horde.

    Even in the end his redemptive moment is clearly meant not to be redemptive since his motives are expressly not good. It is canon, the 'vermin' races are Always Evil.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:32 No.8081340
    Destiny of the manifested sort?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:33 No.8081343

    There's apparently dogs, although I don't recall one ever appearing in person. It'd be a hilarious shove to the balance of power though.

    Bunch of little rats building a siege tower to attack the walls of Redwall then suddenly GOLDEN RETRIEVER OUT OF NOWHERE HAY GUYS WHAT'S GOING ON WAG WAG WAG WAG WAG WAG WAG
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:34 No.8081350
    Kinda like when that golden dragon shows up to pick on the orcs attacking the city.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:37 No.8081378

    The scales are a bit different though so i'd imagine Dogs would only be slightly bigger than Wildcats which were big but not enormously so. As far as I can remember the only mention of a Dog was of a travelling merchant dog, which also included a mention of a town, something else I don't think you've ever seen in Redwall.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:42 No.8081430

    There is a certain impression of "lands unexplored" in Redwall, wherein live more kinds of creatures and nations and such. As time went on and more and more villains were rooted out of more and more distant lairs, Redwall's world did seem to grow.

    So yeah maybe they live in fantasy gaul and a few hundred miles south of Salamandastrom there's fantasy Italy where all the races live in cosmopolitan cities with aqueducts and see the tiny rural populations in the north as primitive and forgettable.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:42 No.8081433
    Is it just me, or do the poisoning techniques get more and more complex as the books go on?


    Then it becomes a Thirty Xanatos Pileup of goblets and poison by the latest books.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:49 No.8081486
    And Sparrows. Broken English counts as an accent if you ask me.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)11:50 No.8081498

    Never really noticed. Probably true though.

    Nothing beats Terry Prachett's candle-wicks soaked in arsenic so that as you burned your candles you died of poison idea though.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)12:01 No.8081586
         File1266166909.jpg-(12 KB, 180x216, 180px-Asmodeusrgn.jpg)
    12 KB
    Scaries campaign would be MArlfox... however it in no way beats out...

    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)12:05 No.8081627
    Has nothing on the Malkariss.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)12:09 No.8081669

    hmmm Asmodeussss and Malkariss as villians in a capaign?

    roll san check.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)12:39 No.8081977
    I am so totally in favor of this idea. Our intrepid heroes get sucked into some adventure that takes them to the city-states in the south where they have to deal with backstabbing political weasels.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:02 No.8082240
         File1266170541.jpg-(29 KB, 288x228, ch0106redwall.jpg)
    29 KB
    I nostalgia'd so hard.
    >> Ursus Rex 02/14/10(Sun)13:17 No.8082419
    Dunno if I agree completely. There was a lot of mistrust concerning Veil the entire time, being expected to be a vermin and spending his earliest formative years in a vermin horde couldn't have helped a damned thing, but it was pretty obvious he made the most unselfish choice he possibly ever could have when he saved Bryony at the end.

    And in a book earlier than even Outcast, the Searat Blaggut not only expresses incredible guilt when his former captain kills a Redwaller, he goes so far as to kill his captain and return the stolen merchandise and offer himself up to the Redwaller's and their justice. They're few and far-between, but good Vermin exist much like how shitty critters exist. There's been a number of Shrews, Mice, and Squirrels who've been greedy and self-serving bastards as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:18 No.8082426

    ...Is the animal in the back there wearing a Kamen Rider mask?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:20 No.8082460
    Copying this shit down.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:24 No.8082505
    Cannot unsee!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:31 No.8082579
    The words on that sword must have been a pain in the ass to draw from every damned angle.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:35 No.8082624
    I would not call Redwall furry shit, but...

    >Attention Whore
    >Shitty System

    The OP has five strikes and is still out.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:35 No.8082636
    I still want to run a Redwall game, but not in D&D.

    I'll figure something out. I've even got a villain or three all thought up, including an Albatross warlord and his gannet/gull horde.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:38 No.8082684

    Redwall birds = nightmare fuel.

    Oh god, the herons, the herons...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)13:40 No.8082709
    It's funny because it's trying to stir up shit
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)16:33 No.8084940
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)17:00 No.8085402
    Should we archive this?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)17:02 No.8085425

    It was done some time ago. Although whoever archived it attributed it to Flee instead of Russ...
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 02/14/10(Sun)17:04 No.8085452
    That's it. I have to learn how to play 3.5.

    I wanna play a Redwall campaign.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)17:06 No.8085488
    Russ, until now I have been rather ambivalent towards you.

    This thread has shot you straight to the position of my favorite person on the internet, if not in the entire damn world.

    Someone tell me where you go to advertise online games. We are playing some fucking Redwall.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)17:08 No.8085514
    Someone wants it to be deleted then.

    I'm sure my werewolf fic was deleted only because it had my name in the archive description.
    Maybe I'm paranoid... ah well.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)17:09 No.8085539
    Suptg IRC I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)17:21 No.8085715
    Russ, what are you doing for the classes?
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)17:43 No.8086055
    Like >>8080971 suggested, I think I'll be borrowing a lot from SW Saga, if only because of the wide range available in only 4 core classes. But I haven't started yet.

    Also, a big thank you to everyone who likes this. I'm gonna see what ideas here I can reasonably incorporate; especially regarding food.

    Also, would it be too much to ask to vote down the thread on suptg? I don't want to be associated with Spanish Flee.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)18:53 No.8087171
    I'm just going to bump again to ask people to vote this thread down, I already mailed Licorice about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)19:18 No.8087678
    Good work Flee!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:11 No.8088442
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:23 No.8088635
    I'm still of the opinion that some of the races with colossal LAs should have some of them replaced with racial HD.

    Also, If you're running an online game, I'm totally in, wot wot?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:24 No.8088659
    LA? Unplayable.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:27 No.8088705
         File1266197252.gif-(93 KB, 400x317, geralt.gif)
    93 KB
    You guys sure do have a lot of them around here. You know what? Fuck it. No amount of pie is worth this. You're on your own, /tg/. I'm out of here.
    >> scared of shadows !!7tJvdfwxbH7 02/14/10(Sun)20:28 No.8088725
         File1266197328.jpg-(68 KB, 499x333, 16.jpg)
    68 KB
    go back to your cave, monkey
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:32 No.8088783
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:32 No.8088790
         File1266197556.jpg-(30 KB, 450x310, dead wolf.jpg)
    30 KB
    Damn. Thought this was you.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:33 No.8088803
    You are not welcome on /tg/. Go away. Never post again.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:35 No.8088837
         File1266197710.jpg-(48 KB, 573x384, dead wolves.jpg)
    48 KB
    That's alright. I'll get you, eventually.

    You know why I put the pine needles around them? They stink to high heaven, that's why.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:37 No.8088873

    "I Am Not Really A Werewolf. I Do Not Need To Be A Werewolf To Be An Interesting Person. I Do Not Need To Show Off How Special I Am For People To Like Me."
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)20:38 No.8088893

    Good thread becomes shit thread because the rejects from /b/ come to it.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:38 No.8088894
    Just a quick hint: noko+sage in the e-mail field is the stealth sage.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:40 No.8088920
         File1266198056.jpg-(27 KB, 400x285, gay.jpg)
    27 KB
    >good thread
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)20:45 No.8089003
    Eh, we'll be waiting for the classes.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)20:54 No.8089150
    I loved these books as a kid, but mainly forgot most of the shit. The two things I remember:

    Crazy ass bitch protagonist that swung around a giant piece of rope as a weapon

    Awesome rabbit protagonist in the Long patrol that used a dirk. Freaked out when he killed some one. I was really surprised that shit was addressed in the story. Long patrol was probably my favorite.

    Also, totally not furry, for the record.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)21:02 No.8089286

    but but they have so many human acting animals.

    *snerks* yeah the people who say it are more retarded than /b/.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)21:02 No.8089287
    >Also, totally not furry, for the record.
    >Anthropomorphic animals

    Uh huh.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)21:03 No.8089301
    Butthurt furfag detected.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)21:05 No.8089326

    no, just pointing out that calling it furry is like saying every single issue of Fritz the cat and 90% of the loony toons are furry.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)21:12 No.8089418
    Mariel was quite cool yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)21:16 No.8089477
    You know there is a difference between anthropomorphics and a furry. The biggest one is that furry characters were created with the idea of poking a dog in the butt in mind. Anthropomorphics are created without that idea in mind. The biggest case in point here would be a Redwall D&D campaign versus a furry roleplay board. Whereas the furries would be interested in yiffing and god knows what else, a group of people interested in roleplaying in the Redwall setting would be...interested in roleplaying characters in the Redwall setting. And you know, making a story in that setting.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)21:44 No.8089871
    And food. Don't forget food.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)21:48 No.8089939


    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)21:53 No.8090002
    Ok, so I have been seeing criticisms of my choice to use LA.
    Honestly I only did so because I'm not knowledgeable of alternatives, I've been told to use racial classes and/or hit dice instead; how would these work?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:17 No.8090381
    In regular D&D, let's say you want to be a Gnoll.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:19 No.8090403
         File1266203949.jpg-(121 KB, 400x511, MM35_PG130.jpg)
    121 KB
    Dammit, hit submit.
    Anyway, gnolls have two HD, and 1 LA. So, at level three, you're a gnoll with 2 racial hit dice... two levels in the "gnoll" class. At level four, you take your first class level. Then you're a gnoll 2/fighter 1 or whatever, with one LA, and you gain experience as if you were 4th level.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:22 No.8090446
    Racial classes work similarly.
    You want to be a badger, but the party is starting at level two? Well, maybe you're just a kid, and don't have all the racial abilities yet. As you gain levels, you progress through the "Badger" class, until after four levels, you've got all the abilities of a starting badger. At which point, you can begin taking class levels.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)22:28 No.8090533
    So racial classes/HD are essentially the same thing?

    How would I go about regulating something like that though? I assume it's in the Monster Manual, right?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:30 No.8090568
    HD BAB F R W Abilities
    1d10 +1 +2 +0 +2 +2 Str, +2 Con, Darkvision, Scary
    1d10 +1 +2 +0 +2 +4 Str, +2 wis
    2d10 +2 +3 +0 +3 +1 Natural Armor, Stoic, Bloodwrath
    2d10 +2 +3 +0 +3 +4 Con, -2 Dex
    3d10 +3 +3 +1 +3 +6 Str, Large Size, +2 Natural Armor

    Scary: A badger gains a bonus to intimidate checks equal to its class level.
    Stoic: A badger of third level or higher gains a bonus to diplomacy checks equal to its class level.

    Using this chart, at fifth level, you've got 3 hit dice (d10s), less than the rest of the party, and the saves to match. But you're Large, have +6 Str +4 Con +2 Wis -2 Dex, +2 Natural Armor, and Rage.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:32 No.8090586
    It's in Savage Species. I don't remember if it's in the 3.5 monster manual, but I doubt it.
    Check out the WotC site. There should be a feature in their archives called "Savage Progressions". That is, if they haven't fagged that up too...
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:33 No.8090597
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)22:35 No.8090629
    That's a big help, thank you, anon.

    My only nitpick is that it makes no sense for a Badger to have less HP at an effectively equal level; is there anything I can do to alleviate that?

    Also, I found the rules for HD in the SRD, so I'll see what I can learn.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:41 No.8090716
    Assume 10s in all stats across the board, plus racials. An average badger (+4 LA) Barbarian 1 has 1d12+2 hp (average 8.5).
    A mole Barbarian 5 had 5d12+5 hp (average 37.5)
    A squirrel (+0 LA) Rogue 5 has 5d6+0 hp (average 17.5).

    Now do it my way. A level 5 badger (3d10+6) has an average of 22.5 hit points, which is more than the aforementioned squirrel. Still less than the mole, but look at how much better you are at ripping and tearing.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)22:42 No.8090739
    That's right, I also just realized I'd have even more of an HP deficiency were I to use LA.

    Thanks again, sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:47 No.8090807
    In any event, I think Redwall would work better with a Wounds/Vitality system then with the classic D&D "I have fifteen arrows sticking out of me, but I still have one HP left, so fuck you."
    As you lose vitality, you're taking bruises, and flesh wounds, and tiring out, and narrowly dodging things.
    As you lose wounds, well, I say, I do believe that's a javelin sticking out of my belly, wot wot? I rather think that's going to need some serious patching up.

    This also makes it a little easier to justify healing via INSPIRATION and by DELICIOUS FOOD. That treacle didn't seal a big gash across your chest, but it did give you the nourishment to heal your cuts and bruises. Your captain's speech didn't close those arrow wounds, but it did let you ignore them long enough to keep fighting.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)22:49 No.8090828

    the wounds and vitality is from UA right?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:50 No.8090852
    Unknown Armies just uses a straight numerical HP.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)22:51 No.8090869

    Unearthed Arcana.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)22:51 No.8090871
    I was also thinking of using WFRP for a Redwall system, but then it would just be a bloodbath.

    I've also been told to use Mouse Guard, any opinions on those two?
    >> Ceiling Tau 02/14/10(Sun)22:52 No.8090879
    Leman Russ

    play some mouseguard.

    You'll enjoy it. I got it JUST because I liked the redwall series as a kid.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)22:53 No.8090888

    Mouseguard is ok, if all you want to be is a mouse or having Badgers and Moles be about the same as Mice from what I can tell.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)22:53 No.8090890
    Always happy to help a fellow anon work out some kinks in his crunch.
    Here's the rules for vitality as presented in Unearthed Arcana. They're variants anyway, so feel free to change them as you like.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:01 No.8090977
    >Redwall RPG
    >a bloodbath

    Since when was this a bad thing or even out of character for the books?
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)23:02 No.8090998

    I think he meant MORE of a bloodbath...

    compared to redwall, WFRP is a lot more bloody.

    Heh In the Grimdarkness of Mossflower there is only war!
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:03 No.8091019
    Consider how many times that an army of ill-equipped communists, children, and churchmice, perhaps three of whom have ever held a weapon before in their lives, come up against a numerically superior force of hardened, vicious pirates and looters and barbarians.

    Now consider the typical body counts on either side.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)23:03 No.8091026
    Well then, after I'm done with d20, I'll just mod it over to WFRP.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:04 No.8091033
    I do remember reading something about Treerats. Remember that one forest they had to run through and basicly if they stopped the rats in the trees would kill them?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:05 No.8091046
    no, they would eat them
    >> monotreeme 02/14/10(Sun)23:06 No.8091062
         File1266206776.jpg-(6 KB, 371x87, leman russ is.jpg)
    6 KB
    you are an awesome person Russ.

    despite what you say about yourself
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)23:07 No.8091090

    Oddly, I'm ok with this.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)23:13 No.8091163
    I don't recall. I did only stat the most common stuff.

    Aside from Rabbits of course.

    Heh, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:13 No.8091168
         File1266207225.png-(67 KB, 535x700, redwall.png)
    67 KB
    I really would suggest adding a bit more AmbiguousGrey, as far as race and morality goes. In the 14 books I have read, I think a grand total of seven vermin decide that they don't want to be evil anymore. TWO of these survive until the end of their respective books.

    Anyway, I support Warlord Fenris The Ruthless in his new rat city-state... I mean, Mayor Fenris The Pragmatic.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)23:16 No.8091200

    I for one welcome our new ratish overlords.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)23:21 No.8091272
    Always up to the players and the Abbey Masters.

    Though I personally agree, sometimes you just need to moralfag the hell out of it for JUSTICE!
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)23:29 No.8091411

    True, I think that's the only thing that WFRP wouldn't capture is the B&W (pretty much) morality of it, but hey it's a kids book.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:38 No.8091587
    Come to think of it, the faceless hordes of vermin always seem to take much heavier losses than the good guys, excepting family members killed off to give a hero a tragic back story.
    But isn't that how MOST children's books work?
    >> Anonymous 02/14/10(Sun)23:53 No.8091823
    Hey Russ, do you have any art that could possibly go with this sort of thing?

    I understand if you don't due to the almost inevitable nature of anthro art trolling.
    >> Leman Russ 02/14/10(Sun)23:55 No.8091857
         File1266209733.jpg-(9 KB, 247x168, Tsarmina.jpg)
    9 KB
    Does a bit of actual Redwall art I found on a wiki count?
    >> monotreeme 02/14/10(Sun)23:56 No.8091873
    yes and yes.

    these are childrens books; you can't expect them all to understand the twisty politics and shit.

    keeps the morals out of the way, and you can still have a good story
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/14/10(Sun)23:59 No.8091910

    True, of course as an RPG it might be fun to do a bit more of a greydim reality.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:01 No.8091929
    I grant this as a fair point.

    >There have been many adaptations including the animated TV series and an opera.
    > and an opera.
    a Redwall opera...WHAT?!?
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:01 No.8091932
    Of course, but I will always have a place in my heart for Blaggut and Romsca.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)00:03 No.8091957

    HOLY SHIT! I wanna see that.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:05 No.8091984
    it's been years...can I get a book check on those two.
    I've never been one for names...

    I feel more along the 'not sure if want' line
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:05 No.8091992
    Why'd you make the rats so shitty? It might be book accurate but not very good for a game.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:09 No.8092058
         File1266210591.jpg-(248 KB, 629x1002, Warrior_concept_by_AlectorFenc(...).jpg)
    248 KB

    there's gotta be some decent anthro art that could be posted.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:10 No.8092061

    Rats are orcs with whiskers.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:10 No.8092065
         File1266210603.jpg-(13 KB, 180x237, Russano.jpg)
    13 KB
    Romsca- Pearls of Lutra
    Blaggut- The Bellmaker

    I made them shitty just to be book accurate, I was not thinking of those who would want to play them.
    Should I make separate NPC/adversary and PC statistics?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:11 No.8092097
    I'll never actually play this (it'd be a nightmare finding a group willing to play, where I live) but just imagining a campaign is very satisfying. Def. gotta be vermin PCs though, for that anti-hero flavour.

    Kill a rat warlord threatening Redwall out of petty revenge, lighting him on fire with a thrown cigarette - no wait, uh, a thrown pipe? Whatever Redwall guys had that burned.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:13 No.8092115
    Personally I like rats. But you also have to think about balance if you're taking this seriously.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:13 No.8092116
    Y'know, this stupid idea has been rolling around in my head since I first noticed this thread hours ago, and I need to voice it despite its impracticality;

    Exceptionally prepared food is inspirational; similar to a bardsong that is half as effective but lasts all damn day after eating.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:13 No.8092127
    I recognized the name Blaggut
    never read 'Pearls though

    I really need to read that series again.
    it's been a while...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:14 No.8092135
    That's rather graphic.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:15 No.8092158
    you've never read the series have you?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:16 No.8092182
    I have but fire? That an aweful way to die.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:17 No.8092186
    >Redwall setting
    >D&D rules

    If I could post "derp.jpg" and "Mouseguard.gif" at the same time, I would do so.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:17 No.8092194
    I remember a few deaths by fire.

    but not cited chapter and verse.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:18 No.8092201

    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:18 No.8092206
    I don't remember. Redwall was a terrible book series.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:18 No.8092207
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:19 No.8092222
    WAAAAAY cleaner than fire. Fire's one of the worst ways to go.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:20 No.8092229
    Mouseguard is designed for mice.
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 02/15/10(Mon)00:20 No.8092235
    Why do you say that?
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:23 No.8092261
    no, it is a terrible series NOW because I have moved on to different things;

    back when I read it it was the shit though. especially when you take the hardback edition and bludgeon bullies unconscious with it, then get off the hook because they were dicks.


    yes, and that I think was why Leman had them stated so high in his early post
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:26 No.8092315
    Any member of any given species acts exactly the same as any other. They're completely interchangeable. Call me stupid but I do kind of find it a little leaning toward racism too. [spoiler]doesn't help that my favorite species are rats, foxes, and ferrets[/spoiler]

    Or like taggerung/outcast when he teased the readers into thinking he just might mix it up a bit.

    And frankly Their just really shitty books. A kid can appreciate good plots just as much as anyone else. Not this one-dimensional slop. And if they're too young for that then they're too young for graphic mutilating deaths.

    Lastly I hate one-sided fights.
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 02/15/10(Mon)00:28 No.8092344
    Ahh, Okay. Just wondering.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:29 No.8092348
         File1266211771.gif-(94 KB, 795x835, 1240934423.virus-cherub_freyav(...).gif)
    94 KB
    Also as much as I can appreciate killing bad people. Setting fire to anthro rats give me very nasty Final Fantasy IX flashbacks. [spoiler]:'([/spoiler]
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:30 No.8092360
    I enjoyed them, and I read Clavel's Shogun during that period of life and enjoyed it to.

    I think it has something to do with the little guys beating the shit out of the big guys.

    were you one of the wimpy kids that never wanted to do anything in school?

    >[spoiler]doesn't help that my favorite species are rats, foxes, and ferrets[/spoiler]

    mine were squirrels, otters and searats
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:30 No.8092363
    odd. it doesn't look like i did it wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:31 No.8092381
    Leman Russ, you forgot monitor lizards as a vermin race. If it werent for that bad ass otter chick, im pretty sure Monitors would have been the new master race of the redwall universe
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:31 No.8092382
    Because he is expecting way too much out of a story written for children.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:32 No.8092390
    /tg/ doesn't have spoilers, sorry.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:34 No.8092405
    I'll get right on it.

    Except I don't remember much about them, care to fill me in?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:34 No.8092408

    So the races are all the same... and this supports racism?

    I'm reluctant to reply to you (for every excellent children's book there are countless adult asspies who condemn it as "bad literature" and try to feed those children Fitzgerald or Dickens). But I've gotta know your reasoning for this point in particular.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:34 No.8092409
    Oh ok.

    That's fine but I made that opinion as a kid. I didn't pick up a redwall book last week.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:37 No.8092453
    The chars within a given race all act the same. And I'm not decrying it or saying children shouldn't read it. I just think it sucks.

    No reason to make douchebag assumptions like that. I wanted a break from v.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:39 No.8092467
    Redwall is fairytale heroism in a can, and not much else.

    It was my favorite book as a kid. As I read more books in the same 'series' I became progressively more and more disappointed, until I finally stumbled across The Hobbit, got into 'real fantasy' and never turned back. But I still think there's a very powerful boyish appeal there, especially in the first book.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:40 No.8092484
    >thirteen books later

    hrm. I think that is enough redwall for one lifetime.

    >read the Flying Dutchman book by the same author

    >realize that every goddamn book he has ever written has the exact same plot

    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:40 No.8092486
    weren't there a few 'good' rats? and some bad mice?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:41 No.8092495
    One villain got killed by having the wolf's skull that he wore HAMMERED INTO HIS BRAIN TEETH FIRST.

    Another got CRUSHED BY A BELL.

    The rest were either DECAPITATED or died a LONG, SLOW PAINFUL DEATH because of the amount of minor injuries they got from their attackers.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:41 No.8092506
    Not that I know of. I think cats were the only species that could be either or.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:43 No.8092535

    There were a few good rats, yea. They didn't fight for the goodguys, but they "repented" and lived peacefully in/near Redwall. The only one I can remember is the guy who liked to make boats (and that's all I remember, so, I arguably don't actually remember him).

    The races are all a combination of fairytale archetype ("The fox", "the hare", "the snake") and quasi-fantasy cultures. There is a lot of variance in personality and behavior, but the archetypes are very loud and colorful, and that's intentional.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:44 No.8092545
    Hahaha. Urgan Nagru. That guy was a bro. Him and his wife.

    Also see
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)00:44 No.8092549
    Cats and Sparrows.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)00:45 No.8092569

    eh if done right I think a "redwall" RPG could be done well, without resorting to sticking entirely to the books' B&W morality.

    I think it would be more of a ASoIaF with more races.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:46 No.8092576
    Whelp, I seem to have run down some links for the tv series, if anyone is in the mood for downloading 94 96mb chunks from rapidshare.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:46 No.8092588
    Just as a little offhand comment; Redwall would make an excellent SRPG video game in the Fire Emblem mold. That is all.
    >> monotreeme 02/15/10(Mon)00:46 No.8092592

    this acronym, please define it for me...
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)00:48 No.8092618
    A Song of Ice and Fire.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:49 No.8092626
    >I think a "redwall" RPG could be done well, without resorting to sticking entirely to the books' B&W morality

    I think the opposite of this. I think that "resorting to sticking entirely to the books' B&W morality" is the only way it can be done well.

    "Edgy Redwall" would just smack of teenage bufoonery to me. I really doubt it would hold my interest for an entire campaign.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:50 No.8092643
    I wonder how Rockjaw from Long Patrol would roll up as a character...

    He was fucking bad ass and I was pissed when he died...though he still died in a bad ass manner...I admit I cried manly tears...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:50 No.8092645
         File1266213011.jpg-(8 KB, 256x147, 1253213154640.jpg)
    8 KB


    God damn.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)00:50 No.8092648

    I wasn't meaning making it lol grimdark, but more, grey-ish, keeping out the obvious race/class part of it as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:53 No.8092692
    I remember making rewall maps in advance wars 2.
    One was for the pearls of lutra. I imagined the fox to be grit, the stoat/ferret/weasel emporor (its been a while) to be sturm. Romzca to be Sami and the forces of redwall to be andy.

    Wow I nostalgia'd so hard.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)00:55 No.8092728

    I think that you're completely missing the straightforward, nostalgia-seasoned, fairy-tale appeal that it has for me, and I think that many others like it for the same reasons I do.

    Fantasy races are not allegorical of any real-world "races". Fantasy races are allegorical of various aspects of humanity, of the reader. Fantasy is at its strongest when it takes reality apart then puts it back together in a way that seems fantastical yet still resonates.

    But clearly you feel differently, and I'm sure there are others who agree, and would have fun playing with you. Just saying my piece.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)00:59 No.8092774

    Actually I'm fine with either way, comes with the territory of actually liking the story over crunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:00 No.8092785
         File1266213614.jpg-(80 KB, 735x551, areyoureadyforsomemindblowingf(...).jpg)
    80 KB
    I take that back completely and forever. There are megavideo link, and their not in Hebrew like I was afraid they would be! Here is the entire first season.

    ep 01: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=PT5J9CI5
    ep 02: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=7P47GF5U
    ep 03: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=BRVS7OMF
    ep 04: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=P2TNISRM
    ep 05: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=6PW6GO7H
    ep 06: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=7LS7A5XI
    ep 07: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=88DNTUJR
    ep 08: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=12OQ7H3C
    ep 09: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=E9UH2IWE
    ep 10: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=AOA4ES86
    ep 11: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=F4F9DE5J
    ep 12: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=WZJZ5BEQ
    ep 13: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=ZT2E8E66
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:03 No.8092844
    ...and here's two and three

    Season Two
    ep 01: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=246GCIHK
    ep 02: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=MS9O4CWH
    ep 03: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=K3MEKMEJ
    ep 04: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=TZSIE3JT
    ep 05: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=WXTS9BR7
    ep 06: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=QMDNCAAL
    ep 07: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=2ZX0VBT6
    ep 08: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=0F2CQ4GF
    ep 09: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=QGPZLMY0
    ep 10: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=H9XMHOSI
    ep 11: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=B9RRWQRU
    ep 12: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=HRVW3DRN
    ep 13: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=RR60CB03

    Season Three
    ep 01: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=K4CJMJ1Y
    ep 02: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=S9FOBUI0
    ep 03: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=B2WJ6QII
    ep 04: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=2CB88G29
    ep 05: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=9S8BY0JK
    ep 06: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=DWPW2P45
    ep 07: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=DU4PZRF7
    ep 08: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=5VCSHX7R
    ep 09: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=TYLRJ85Q
    ep 10: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=IR9XXPS5
    ep 11: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=WQ8JU2WQ
    ep 12: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=OX5KGDQJ
    ep 13: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=2K7FNRNB

    Happy streaming, if anyone is still awake
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:05 No.8092867

    Jesus toddler-gobbling Christ, I have the muchies already.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)01:09 No.8092944

    Redwall, it's my Anti-Pot.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:11 No.8092972
    Redwall, it drives me to substance abuse.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)01:15 No.8093038

    Those substances being various foods right?
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)01:40 No.8093413
    Thank you sir for setting the classes back a week...
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:42 No.8093436
         File1266216126.jpg-(75 KB, 456x640, TraceyJButler_stonsteps.jpg)
    75 KB
    I loved redwall.

    Then I realized all the stories were really similar. And got a little irked by the races good/evil business.
    Still, they hold a place in my heart.

    Also they made me furry.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)01:51 No.8093579
    Always a pleasure, sire. I live to serve.
    >> Odhinn !OIDBaEPPEw 02/15/10(Mon)01:53 No.8093612

    Bah! her human work in that vein was better... IMO.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)02:01 No.8093723
    as someone else mentioned you forgot the Monitor Lizards and also if I remember properly there was a Wolverine villain in one book so it would be nice to see stats
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)02:32 No.8094084
    Okay, never played D&D, but somehow the stats for hedgehogs seem kind of shitty.
    I also don't get where the -2 strength comes from.
    They're the cellar keepers who manage and brew the booze, and they wield mallets in battle!

    I only care since long ago some friends said I would be a hedgehog...

    And what about toads and pikes? There was that one kite too.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)02:47 No.8094226
    I'm not going stat everything, especially if they're only in one book.

    As for those I've already statted, well, it's back to the drawing board now that I've some more information.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)03:01 No.8094369
    Pikes and adders/snakes appear infrequently as mini-boss-ish characters.
    Well, pikes aren't really characters so much as that big thing lurking in the river everyone's trying to cross, but snakes are rightly feared.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)03:10 No.8094456
    I was speaking more along the lines of the Wolverines and Seals and stuff, Monitors, Snakes, and Pikes are now on the to do list.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)04:26 No.8095196
    Holee shit.

    When will you be done?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)06:52 No.8096467
    Bump to show that not all /tg/ is shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/10(Mon)09:21 No.8097702
    Bumping thread in hopes of more mole speak.

    Burr oi do like thm moley types.
    >> Leman Russ 02/15/10(Mon)09:22 No.8097717
    >not loik

    You certainly need the practice...

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