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  • File : 1265779502.png-(375 KB, 800x800, starleague.png)
    375 KB Observation Log 687546 MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:25 No.8009404  
    Attempt at spur-of-the-moment writefaggotry. Translations are presumed to be in brackets.

    We had been studying the colony for some time, and the humans puzzled us greatly. For one, they were short. Half the height of a Talamo, and with stocky, muscular limbs. According to first contact data, their homeworld had roughly three times the gravity of our own, and was lush and green. There were deep scars in the planet, but since they had adopted their own version of the [sustainable hydrogen fusion reactor], it had grown back in force. The tiny star had [Earth] orbiting at [8 light-minutes], much closer to a much dimmer star. It was strange, and for some time I did miss our own deep blue sun and vibrant orange... Ah, I have strayed from the subject. I apologize.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:25 No.8009409
    As I stated before, their biology we noted immediately to be immensely different. Only four limbs, two used primarily for movement and two for manipulation, and covered in a soft-yet-supple layer of [dermis]. At first we thought them to be pitifully fragile, after all, how far can a creature get with no exoskeleton, only one brain, and half its limbs [author imply//: 8 is standard limb number.]. At home we would put such a miserable thing out of its misery. But here on this rocky world they were thriving! [Terraforming] had been completed in only [3 months], colonization in half that, and within the [2-week period] habitats had been erected. Industrious indeed.
    >> Tarvus !H9ifk1cwV. 02/10/10(Wed)00:31 No.8009497
    Ahuh. Keep going.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:31 No.8009500
    [Radio] contact was made, and though their method of communication differed greatly from ours, the data from the first contact team helped greatly. We brought along an interpreter just for such a reason, as well as an audio-synthesis device. I still cannot wrap my [manipulators/claws/"get a good grasp"] around the idea. Not by the alternating colors of shells like we do, but by generating sound! I had heard of our [sonic weaponry] being used to a greater nuance, but as a method of communication? I have stated in my [captain's log] my notes on the matter. Fascinating. When we landed on the outskirts of a low mesa oustide of the settlement, we were rapidly approached by a small number of wheeled vehicles, kicking up a great swath of dust behind them. I was allowed to examine one later, and their design seems ludicrous at first but is remarkably sturdy.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)00:35 No.8009557
    Go ooonnnnn.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:37 No.8009594
    Our contact mission went extremely well, despite our bulky environment suits. The younglings gathered around us, and at first I thought them to be fighting, which I admit brought me mild fear. I later learned that they were playing, and this is on a different level more disturbing. They threw each other about, tumbling and grappling, running with remarkable speed for their size. I was soon informed this is how all creatures similar to humans develop, through this active play. Noting the sedentary (if thoughtful) nature of our artistic play of our own young, I had filed a request that research be conducted on this activity subject. The humans were fascinating to me, sources of wonder and interest- and many of them showed a similar view of me. I had such great hopes... then the War began.
    >> Tarvus !H9ifk1cwV. 02/10/10(Wed)00:39 No.8009613
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 02/10/10(Wed)00:42 No.8009664
         File1265780554.jpg-(24 KB, 250x250, battle stations.jpg)
    24 KB

    >Then the war began

    Sorry, captain, but Heinlein has seen to it that we won't accept any insectoid critters without seeing how they manage with a little war first.

    Nothing personal.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:48 No.8009741
    It was some time later when the first human died. A malevolent trader had been capturing and selling human younglings as pets. When he was caught, the outcry was vast and relations quickly began to deteriorate. Riots on both sides, injuries, until the first ships came to blows. A Tamalo [guard-craft] went rogue and holed a small transport, killing every human inside quickly, but also horrifically. The vacuum ravaged their bodies in ways we had never seen before. When the pilot went unpunished (thanks to a number of politically-motivated [officials]), diplomacy distintegrated completely. Thinking we could cow them back into listening to reason, or at the very least dent their anger, we began to systematically wipe clean of life several worlds. [Seismic disruptors] proved most effective at cracking the solid upper surface of our targets and wrought great destruction. On ships we used [seeker missiles], and planetside our [sonic weaponry] was highly efficacous.

    I would later see how grave an error we had made.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)00:49 No.8009754

    I lol'd. Thanks guys. Golden, that expression is priceless.

    Anyway, I write moar.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:00 No.8009876
    Our swift opening moves were precise and graceful like those of a [chess-like / analog]. We thought ourselves victorious, and expected a communique from the [Earth] government within [the hour / soon]. Then a number of human military ships were found escorting a [long range transport]. Our battlegroup made short work of all of them, despite losing a cruiser to the effort. Seeing them fly was like watching a [flying predator] hunt- stunning from a distance and terrifying up close. Still, believing these small and swift craft to be human battleships, our confidence swelled. Later I would learn the humans called them "fighters".

    Soon enough, however, we came across a military outpost. Their listening station was embedded in a vast belt of asteroids rich for mining. Seeking to seize it, went sent our [infantry] to deal with them. They made it one [footclaw] over their perimeter before a platoon of the tiny creatures swarmed out from the surrounding rocks, with [multi-directional] rockets strapped to their bodies. What's more, they used our method of communication as a weapon against us: [EM radiation]. Watching the blue lines of light pierce suits and shells alike, real fear gripped me for the first time. We had gone in expecting victory, and came back with nuothing but a few chunks of flesh riddled with holes.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:13 No.8010058
    [High Command] dismissed it as nothing but the element of surprise. I protested, but was unheard, and sent out to pilot my craft on the next expedition. The next time we went into battle, we made contact with the enemy first, exchange orders for surrender; like any sensible Talamo commander, ours refused, though I suspect the human had his own reasons. We let loose our first salvo of [seeker missiles], and I watched them race forward, expecting a brief ball of light in the blackness. Much to my surprise, a green flickering light vaporized each in extremely rapid succession. Gasps and curses went through the ranks and across communication channels. We loaded up another salvo and prepared our heavy weapon-- a [mass driver] with which we could fling chunks of rock at our foes.

    When the fighters approached, we were ready and the true pitched battle began. A stray beam of light struck my craft and I (along with my crew) were sent gently adrift. From my viewscreen I watched as every missile attempted to track a target, and followed doggedly even as the fighters weaved back and forth. Beset by the fighters, the [ship: coral/shell of justice/light/blue] prepared the [mass driver] and hurled a chunk of asteroid at the human battleship. A brilliant beam of blue light nearly blinded me, but when my [eyes] adjusted I saw that our [mass driver] and the piece of rock it flung we both blasted to unrecognizable bits. The humans had a similar technology, developed to a frightening degree. Heavy, streamlined slugs most almost faster than our sensors could detect reliably. Relatistic speeds! Our battlegroup consisted of 15 [ships], and [in seconds] the human ship had ravaged it.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:17 No.8010104
    I am disappointed. I saw the Star League symbol and was hoping for BTech writefaggotry.

    I mean, I guess yours isn't bad either, but I'd rather read about Atlases fisting Awesomes.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:19 No.8010125
    Think I should keep going?
    >> Tarvus !H9ifk1cwV. 02/10/10(Wed)01:20 No.8010136

    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:20 No.8010139
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:20 No.8010146
    Oh yes.

    But maybe you should work out how to transport yourself to an alternate universe filled with Atlas fisting.
    >> Tarvus !H9ifk1cwV. 02/10/10(Wed)01:23 No.8010176
    Keep goin', sucka.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:26 No.8010213
    >blue and orange suns
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:31 No.8010278
    When reinforcements arrived, we had to use sheer number to overwhelm it, sending out a great cloud of astral rock and explosive [alloy]. Such a weapons platform was sure the greatest weapon in their arsenal! We committed every ship for [light years] to the battle, and even then the human gunners fought harder. When we achieved victory, we had holed the ship and crushed many major systems, but the hulk was still spaceworthy. I was [aghast]. There was the eerie silence of a [Pyhrric victory], and slowly a pair of scavenger ships went in to examine the blown ship. That's when three almost identical to it appeared out of a [worm hole event horizon / area of bent space / warp], followed by something [kilometers] in size. They rained fire down on us, and left not a single ship to survive, save mine. Mine. My ship and my crew. Those that thought they could leave, did so in the [shuttle / runabout]. They died in a flash of blue light. The massive ship reeled us in...
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:33 No.8010316

    >> Nameless Repentant, in hiding 02/10/10(Wed)01:33 No.8010319

    Otherwise: MOAR!
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:38 No.8010379
    In the name of the Emperor good sir, write more of this incredible reading material!
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:43 No.8010443
    I have since been a prisoner of the humans, and though I thought they wished to kill me outright, they have been surprisingly kind. I have not been asked to give them a [Leg of Surrender], and upon talking with them I learned that their limbs did not grow back. Knowing how ay human prisoners might be treated by my people, I began to preen furiously [meaning//: sign of extreme anxiety]. From my cell I was allowed to watch the progress of the war, terrified as I watched our once-great [navy] be smashed to bits, our [industrial centers] crushed, and every shipyard scorched to slag. They simply knew more about war. At every turn we were outmaneuvered and outgunned. We had thought ourselves superior, after facing what I discovered to be poor militiamen. They had better weapons and more of them-- by comparison we knew nothing of war. When they finally leveled their weapons at my homeworld I begged them to stop. I flashed my carapace with all my might, and I saw their commander pause. His eyes were bright and glistening, black within grey within white. They stared across the biological gap and chilled my [soul]. There was no [heart/mercy] in him to appeal to. There was a long silence.

    [[Ease up guys, I'm doing this off the top of my head- and different wavelengths of light exist, dumbass. Orange plants would (in theory) capture the greatest amount of blue-wavelength light.]]
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:46 No.8010499

    you filthy nigger how can your bug hero talk to humans when it can't generate sound by itself?
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:48 No.8010518
    He pressed the intercom and I paused at what he asked:

    "Will you die for them?"

    I did not know what he meant.

    "Will you allow yourself to be killed in order to let your people live?"

    I did not know what to say, other than "How?"

    "It's called a deal. You agree to die, and you have my word that I will not destroy your world."

    I [wept], falling to his level. Yes, yes, absolutely I would give my life. For my cadre and my offspring, my egg-bearer and her cadre, for every male, female, and youngling of my homeworld, my life was a small price to pay.

    He walked away...
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:50 No.8010543
    >flashed my carapace with all my might
    Pay attention, my niggardly sir. The crabs talk by flashing light and color on their shells.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:53 No.8010581

    oh yeah? well your fic sucks and you are a muslim nigger, so THERE.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)01:56 No.8010611
    Heheh. Oh, you. Attempting to troll? Or are you really that childish?
    >> NG Pally !!UB9AXCUn8mL 02/10/10(Wed)02:04 No.8010744
         File1265785474.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, 1265001598821.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)02:05 No.8010756
    I [wept], falling to his level. Yes, yes, absolutely I would give my life. For my cadre and my offspring, my egg-bearer and her cadre, for every male, female, and youngling of my homeworld, my life was a small price to pay.

    He walked away...

    Then I saw my home shrink back in the distance, the fleet was withdrawing! I flashed as many thanks as I could manage, and when the commander walked back within my view, I watched him listen to the intercom patiently. He walked back up the the clear plate seperating us and pressed down the translate key.

    "Don't thank me. We've killed others. We'v killed our own. If you had hesitated I would have ensured the extinction of your kind."

    There was another long silence, and I stared into those gleaming hard eyes. Not the warm embrace of inky black, but like frost in its hard edge. Like [steel]. I came to understand, in time, the philosophy of humans in their victory. When we surrendered, they immediately sent aid. The soldiers that had once cut us down like [animals] now helped to rebuild our cities and treat the wounds of our people. The Talamo joined the ranks of a growing cadre[syn//:family] of civilizations, each joined in their defeat at human might. Some were tougher, some more warlike, but each was alive. A hive mind had challenged these humans, and been wiped out. A machine organism attempted to crush them, and they obliterated it. While many species fought, humankind got better at it with each war; they were well-practiced masters of battle, united into a mighty force across the stars.
    >> NG Pally !!UB9AXCUn8mL 02/10/10(Wed)02:06 No.8010778
    This is among the better writefaggotry out there, do archive this.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:10 No.8010824
    Very much so agreed.
    Well writ writefag, well writ.
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)02:14 No.8010878
    Even so, they are young. Their [star forges] draw energy and raw material from a star, and such feats are but a fraction of their potential. We are Talamo, we are minds without barriers. Join them, teach them, show them the wonders of the universe as we see them. As a people, they are mighty. Mighty, but sad. They do not delight in murder, they do not wish the harm they are so easily capable of inflicting. Share with them what joy there is in the nature of the universe, but most importantly temper their might with wisdom.

    I die this day, but not in vain.

    You are my successor, and I beg you, take wisdom from my tale.

    Learn, young human.

    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)02:17 No.8010922
    Thanks for the kind words, Anon, and I shall repay such kindness with a Battletech fic.

    ..but not tonight.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:25 No.8011036
    It was pretty good. My main problem is that it didn't really explore anything other then "Humans kicked Alien's ass because aliens fucked up, then we show mercy because we've got one imprisoned who we were mentally tormenting by showing the systematic destruction of their worlds.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:26 No.8011044
    ..how the fuck do I archive shit?
    >> MarathonMan !!KXY0i5Og9kN 02/10/10(Wed)02:28 No.8011059
    Eh, it was off the cuff.
    >> monotreeme 02/10/10(Wed)02:29 No.8011071
    new request format

    here you go.

    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:30 No.8011085

    You are a god among anon.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:35 No.8011147
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    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)03:04 No.8011411
    Ah, but therein lies the problem.

    We DO delight in murder.

    And that's of our own species, where we tend to have to use memetic programming to override the biological imperative against the wholesale slaughter of genetic cousins.

    Against species that aren't us? Cultures that aren't ours? Anything, in fact, that we can define as "other"?

    We REVEL in the slaughter, and generally don't start to have second thoughts until there's no longer anything left to torture or kill.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 02/10/10(Wed)03:11 No.8011466
    rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4

    Well, yeah, but presumably his perspective is different from ours.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)03:16 No.8011503

    You're assuming we do not learn from history. We've done this a hundred times, a thousand, throughout our history, but never before have we had such a comprehensive historical archive from which to work from.

    We have learned.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)04:07 No.8011889
    wow, OP
    very nice bit o writefagotry for 'off the cuff' writefagging!
    >> Alternate OP 02/10/10(Wed)04:44 No.8012193
    "Grandpa, grandpa, tell us a story!" yelled the red snouted hatchlings of Gyrell. "Come on, you promised!"

    "Okay,but only if you go to bed afterward. How about the story about your human uncle Rios?"

    "Yeah," screamed the kids in excitement and inquisitiveness, "why is a human our uncle?"

    "Well, it all started when those furry beasts from Oscar Mike tried to capture the main city of the planet Saresh."
    >> Alternate OP 02/10/10(Wed)05:14 No.8012417
    Our transport was shot down, and we were he only survivors. We had to defend the linear launchers, because death would be preferable to the combined populace of Saresh than to be ruled by those flea bags. We fought our way past collapsed bridges, the remains of the buildings our hands had put up, and across the marketstreets where children like you played.

    It was us against an army, and your uncle didn't disappoint. The only working weapon he had was a training pistol, but his shots rang true, unlike my omni-direction blaster, which only rang Death's bell. While I attracted the enemy's attention, he used his smaller frame to sneak around and silence their guns. And when he kept the enemy hidden for fear of getting shot in their snout, I ran up to them and redecorated the wall.
    >> Alternate OP 02/10/10(Wed)05:33 No.8012549
    As we approached the location of the linear launchers we were tasked to defend, your human uncle Rios tried to get me to slow down, since he had a "bad feeling." don't laugh about that human thing, at least I won't now. I was brash, and I rushed in to quick, and my leg paid the price. The mongrels were waiting, and I was exposed in a very open area. And that's when your uncle showed his true skills.

    Do you kids know how when you , play, you get more and more excited, more energy, and you feel like you can do anything? Well, it is a bit opposite with humans. For them, everything slow downs, all the time in the world. He had ten shots against thirteen beasts. All ten hit straight between the eyes. The last three surrendered, defecating their trousers.

    He dragged my half conscious body to the launchers, where he managed to get us pretty well cloistered inside. That's when he collapsed. Turns out, he was shot four times himself. We thought we would both die there. Of course, he took that opportunity to joke about his mate. In such a situation, I couldn't help but join him.

    Shortly after, another squad arrived with a medic. When we both finally came to, we had received the Imperial Talon of Bravery, and I invited him to join our clan. We pounded our fist together that day, and ever since, he's been closer to our clan that any other member of our species. He may be a squishy human, but that squishy human is the best brother I could ask for.
    >> Alternate OP 02/10/10(Wed)05:34 No.8012558
    Army of two + insomnia + Ipod touch = Poor writing.

    I promise I'll do better later.

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