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    45 KB Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)17:52 No.7460719  
    Hey /tg/, I had an idea recently.

    Goes like this: Steampunk, only with 1920's America style instead of Victorian England, with non-standard magic involved.

    I'm thinking Allomancy, but that might just be my raging hard-on for Brandon Sanderson speaking.

    Not sure if it'll be a game or a story yet, but IF i were to run such a game, how would I do it? I'm hoping that there's an alternative to GURPS for this.

    Since otherwise someone would ask, next 'Examples of Play' story update (steadily becoming the most inaccurate name ever...) will probably update this weekend.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)17:53 No.7460736
    1920s? That's dieselpunk. Give it a fuckload of art deco.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)17:59 No.7460807

    I've honestly never heard of that.

    Is it what I'm saying? Steam-punk with some 1920's American style?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:01 No.7460831
    Thats tomorrow land esk
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:02 No.7460842
    you can literally put "punk" after everything and it's a new setting
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:03 No.7460861

    Alright, I'm glad /tg/'s trying to be helpful, but I don't know what you're talking about.

    Maybe a link or some examples, write-faggotry, just something to give me an Idea. Most of my game experience is D&D, with a little bit of Shadowrun and GURPS mixed in.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:03 No.7460866

    Alternatively, that's Eberron. Give it a fuckload of magitech.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:03 No.7460870
    Off topic, but did anyone ever read Greasemonkey by Tim Eldred. Wouldn't that make a great setting. Want to play a gorilla mechanic now.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:04 No.7460872
    Post-punk punkpunk.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:05 No.7460891
    your a fucking tard. listen to what the man is saying sweetheart. "diesel-punk" do you see steam in there anywhere?
    fuck steampunk.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:06 No.7460919
    Ok, Ebberon I know.

    That's not what I'm going for.

    I'm thinking steam-mechs and clockwork shit, with moving walkways, 1920s gangsters, Allomancers thrown in, working for and against every faction.... with Mistborn Inquisitors watching from the shadows.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:07 No.7460931
    that sounds retarded.
    "slap some steampunk on er and call it a campaign!"
    a little originality sure goes a long way eh?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:08 No.7460937
    haha, that would be awesome. 1980s Manchester with magic, very industrial, modern factories everywhere combined with urban grime, crime, dissatisfaction and alienation. Think Constantine with grimy, dirty, industrial robots and tech.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:08 No.7460942

    Sort of. 1920's asthetics and political climate mixed with subtly anachronistic, gas powered tech. SoTC and Savage Worlds would be good systems to run this type of game in.

    I made a human "cyborg" out of parts from a transfer truck, so he has piston powered legs, two short exhaust pipes jutting up from his right side back and his right arm is a pull chord activated power fist. He's one of Hoover's top investigators in the strange and unusual.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:14 No.7460982

    Sounds interesting, but I'm not doing '1920s America' strait like that, just kind of 1920s instead of Victorian era culture.


    I started this thread for advice, not to listen to a dickhead say my kind of fun is wrong. Just because you were obviously raped as a child by some lone clockwork aberration doesn't mean everyone has to hate the genre.


    I was asking about what it was like. You CAN answer a question without going out of your way to insult someone. see >>7460942 if you need an example of how to answer a question like an adult.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:14 No.7460984
    Don't forget about Feruchemists.

    Hemalurgists, on the other hand, you might want to keep out. Although having your party get super paranoid about anyone with piercings would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:15 No.7461000

    have fun playing a shitty abortion of a story that sounds like a 12 year olds interpretation of steampunk in america.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:17 No.7461017
    Calm down. Kemosabe posted something about steampunk.
    >>7460736 replied with diesel-punk.
    Kemosabe was confused, because he had specified steampunk.

    You assburger. This is why /tg/ can only hook up with /x/.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:18 No.7461038
    One issue is that, as you may have noticed in the books, the mere existence of Allomancers tends to restrict metal-based tech a bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:19 No.7461048

    you say that like its a bad thing..get her in the right mood and she goes all /d/
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:20 No.7461065
    I would view it more as basically noir-style adventures with magic and robots and magical robots. Like that "Automata" comic from PA.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:22 No.7461104
    I like a little variety.

    Goddamn /co/ dating /ck/. I want some tasty foods too!

    He hasn't talked about a story yet. You mean setting right?
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:24 No.7461136

    Thanks for backing me up.

    Don't know why, all I'm know for is some shitty writefaggotry.


    inquisitors ARE Hemalurgists.

    That said, I'm not planning on putting the 'one or all' restriction in, just because if some-one can burn iron, steel's not much of a stretch.

    But yeah, hemalurgists are BAD NEWS most of the time.

    Always Neutral at best, mostly evil (And yes, I know 'ALIGNMENT?!?! /TG/ SMASH!' but it's the best way I know to get the point across)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:26 No.7461164
    Okay fallout three was tomorrow land gone south...NOT steam punk. It's that art deco 1930's utopia future world. Zap guns and jet packs, gatsby mets the rocketeer...all art deco all brass and eagles. Pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:26 No.7461165
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:26 No.7461174

    Ok, well you can certainly take the technological and "mystical" flavor of steampunk (which is usually planeted within the Victorian era or similar timeframe) and transplant it to the 1920's styled world. Tommy guns that used compressed steam to fire and mechanized gangsters.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:28 No.7461198
    Idea: The Robotic Sufferage Movement

    Invented in the 1800s, the machine men represents this world's unique labor intensive workforce. Thousands of machines built to perform any number of functions much more efficiently than humans can. The first generation machines have the intelligence of a small child. Second generation machines however have started to form complex and intelligent thought easily equal to that of genius humans.

    Humanity lives rather comfortable lives based on the almost slave work of their machine creations. Machines however are mistreated and greatly prejudiced, especially by the lower classes whose jobs were replaced.

    These second generation robots though few in number have aroused an almost religious fervour amongst the first gens to demand equal rights for robotkind. Different countries deal with it in different ways, (segregation, magnetings, even all out war).

    Most governments have stopped research and construction of more second generation machines but an underground pro robotic movement is building and researching a theoretical Third Generation Machine that would link itself into every single machine on earth and form an all encompassing and collectively intelligent god. Pro humanity factions have been waging a secret war to prevent this from occuring.

    Just some brainstorming ideas, use em at your whim.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:30 No.7461238
    For a more readily available reference: Bioshock might work for what you're looking for.
    >> Furry Cthulhu 01/06/10(Wed)18:31 No.7461247
    Er... Bioshock?

    Perhaps without plasmids, but uhh..

    >1920's Armaments and Mindset
    >Robots, arguably Steam Driven

    Yeah, I think we've got it all there.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:32 No.7461263

    So... Warforged.

    I can live with that. Hell, given enough time I probably would have worked them in. I mean, onetime, I had an old Apple comp play a Warforged in a game of mine.


    THIS. This is a lot like what I'm thinking about. Now that we've got people on the right wave-length, real brainstorming can begin.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:33 No.7461269
    1920s steampunk like Bioshock just no magic essence and not underwater sounds cool
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)18:43 No.7461395
    >Scrolling quickly through the pages for something that looks interesting
    >My dick just got hard

    >Bitching about steampunk, very little talk of Allomancy
    This is why we can't have nice things.

    More like people getting super paranoid about having metal in their body.

    But would Ruin and Preservation be part of this? Otherwise Hemulurgy is just a very brutal way of gaining power. I could see it being something that's not well received, but I don't see why it would need to be evil. Without Ruin, it just becomes a power gained through sacrifice. I mean, you could have a Hemalurgic piercing that you got because your loved one created a Hemalurgic spike with their last bit of life so that they could protect you after they're gone.

    Or, you could be a former Inquisitor type. Without someone like the Lord Ruler burning Duraliminum and Brass, or Ruin whispering in your ear, there'd be no reason for you to be insane.

    That said, are you going to use the other things, like Nicrosil and Cadmium and all that? Will the players be Mistings or Mistborn?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:45 No.7461435

    Since trains were still the mass transit of choice at the time, you've got that. Steam powered bootlegging machines, mechanical big band orchestras... Actually, Big O is a really great example of "steampunk" 1920's style.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:46 No.7461455

    No, that was that dick of a god-emperor.

    He decided that he wanted weapons that would require skill, instead of guns that you can just shoot people with.

    It's like if one of those sword-fags on /k/ got their way.

    If I remember right, there was a mention of guns or gunpowder in the first book, and that the Lord Ruler went there PERSONALLY to kill everyone involved, to ensure that shit didn't spread.

    In any case >>7461174 Suggested guns that used Steam and/or compressed air to shoot bullets.

    They could just have ceramic rounds.

    Hell, I might just go with that, I was wondering how I could make guns less INSTANT DEATH.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:48 No.7461488
    ITT Bioshock is 20s aesthetic.

    You guys are fucking clueless.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:53 No.7461578
    This makes me think why the Mistborn series hasn't been adapted for an rpg, yet.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)18:54 No.7461599

    You clearly haven't read the thread.


    With hemalurgy, you're more or less ripping out a part of someone's SOUL and sealing it into your body.

    How much of that do you think you can do before you become some kind of crazy? I'm thinking, maybe 2 piercings before you start to FLIP THE FUCK OUT.


    Don't forget zeppelins. Zeppelins are the best part.
    >> Furry Cthulhu 01/06/10(Wed)18:56 No.7461622
    The trouble with attempting a steam-punk scenario in the twenties is that technology has largely already picked up to where most things were being attempted in your 'normal' Victorian steampunk era.

    The technology that can benefit from steam-punk technology by the 20's are (arguably)-

    >Some Vehicles
    >Pseudo Science (Magc)

    Robots are impossisble, but with 20's tech and super powered steam they become possible.

    A Tommy Gun is already scary as fuck, but adding steam compression means that shit is shooting through walls.

    Cars arn't impressive yet, tanks are sub-par, flying machines could use some improvement... hello steam!

    And of course, most pseudo-sciences (and magic itself) can see humongous boosts from steam punk tech, whether its something like a mechanical alteration to ones own limbs or potentially something as far gone as Bioshocks plasmids.

    So i'll reiterate Bioshock in case tht point hasnt sunk home yet.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:57 No.7461634
    Ahh, I didn't realize you were talking about, you know, the Steel Inquisitors from the books.

    I thought you were just talking about an Inquisition that happens to employ Mistborn.

    By the by, are you running with the official Allomancy chart that Sanderson made into a poster after the series ended? Because there's a few extra metals on there that might be useful for you.

    And if you want to be a bastard, give a character the ability to burn just two things: aluminum and duralumin.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)18:59 No.7461672
    Make it chempunk with a prohibition on alchemy, so your 'gangsters' can smuggle in potions.

    Also, make potions addictive but heroically fuck-awesome in their effects. If Marv from Sin City, Leonidas, Rambo, and the Godamn Badman threw a kegger, this is the stuff that the kegs would contain.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:00 No.7461681
    Well, he was also kind of batshit nuts.

    And considering what he knew about how Ruin operated, maybe he really didn't want to allow the spread of a weapons technology that involves lodging little pieces of metal into other people's flesh.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:04 No.7461729

    Bioshock has Fuck-all to do with steampunk, and it's connections to 1920's culture is tenuous at best.

    The compressed air/ceramics actually makes guns LESS scary.

    Trains, cars, mechs, boats, and Zeppelins are the entirety of vehicles, and cars are Model-Ts for the most part, and mechs aren't like Gundams, they're more like chicken-walkers from star-wars.


    That is incredibly dickish. I love it.

    Also, I want this poster-chart.

    I've been incredibly curious as to what the last two metals are and what they do.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:06 No.7461748
    Was going to post, then I noticed how narrow and superficial the OP's ideas are and how much he's thread-nannying.

    I was kind of itching for an X-punk thread too, but I'm sure there will be another one before I know it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:16 No.7461884
    God, I really need to read the other two Mistborn books.

    Also, what time period was Al Capone? Because a cyborg or Allomancer Capone is pretty fucking menacing.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:20 No.7461939
    Here's the chart: http://www.brandonsanderson.com/graphics/mb_table_v13.jpg

    I think you're going to be a bit surprised by it.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:25 No.7461998

    That's interesting enough.

    Not sure how well it'll blend with everything else, but color me intrigued.


    THAT IS A REMARKABLY GOOD POINT. I honestly never thought about the ruin connection.

    I thought he didn't know (else why would he shove SPIKES into everything), but then I remembered the Kandra. GODDAMN I LOVE ME SOME SANDERSON.


    I wasn't going for 'magically revolutionary' and I don't see how contributing to and monitoring a thread I started for HELP AND ADVICE would count as 'nannying'.

    I'm tempted to ask you to throw something in to help us, but then if you're the kind of person who thinks throwing '-punk' onto something makes it better, I'm not sure we want you here.

    tl;dr: sage noted, then discarded for it's irrelevance.


    Ok, epic as fuck, time compression I didn't see coming, but those other enhancements would be epic.

    He attacks me? Well then ALL HIS POWERS ARE GONE.

    Too easily abused though.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:26 No.7462010
    20s, pretty much. So CyCapone is possible, and awesome
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:26 No.7462013
    Also going to recommend that you only allow logical combinations as fair as what you can burn, if you're in-between a Misting and a Mistborn.

    People in that category should either be able to burn an internal-external pair, a push-pull pair, an entire quadrant, or two quadrants.

    Also, somebody burning duralumin and using that to boost nicrosil should allow for some stupidly broken things.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:29 No.7462039

    I don't think it works like that, but could you imagine doing that just right?

    Like someone steel-jumps a small wall, then suddenly: orbit.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:29 No.7462047
    Well, the time stuff at least actually seems painfully obvious once you know it's there and think about it for a second. Because otherwise, the temporal metals don't work right in comparison to the other known quadrants, where each one has a pair that affect the user and a pair that affect things outside the user.
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)19:30 No.7462063
    Everyone can burn Aluminum or Duraliminum. There are no Mistings for them.
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)19:31 No.7462076
    I'd only allow Mistborn and Mistings, unless someone burned a Larasium alloy.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:32 No.7462091
    Just looking at the metals themselves, I think it might work exactly like that.

    Which is also probably why Sanderson didn't reveal them until afterwards, and had the characters not even know those Allomantic metals existed: the four he left out would have made the series a whole lot shorter.

    I mean, can you imagine Vin burning cadmium and cerrobend during her fights? Or being able to just touch one of her Misting/Mistborn opponents while using chromium and say "lolno"? Or her and Elend setting up a nicrosil-nicrosil-duralumin cycle?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:33 No.7462105
    Yeah, Spook is awesome like that, isn't he?
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)19:34 No.7462115
    In any system, using Chromium or Nicrosil on someone would be a contested, Saving Throw type action.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:35 No.7462121

    No, there ARE mistings for them, they're just next to impossible to find due to the fact that their powers are worthless and never used.


    Arguably, but some pairings/grouping make a LOT of sense being paired, like tin and pewter.

    yeah, technically it wouldn't work like that in mistborn cannon, but it really does make sense.
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)19:35 No.7462129
    ... you did finish the book, right?

    He didn't get a Larasium Alloy, he... well, let's just say there's ANOTHER reason he could burn Pewter.
    >> Lace 01/06/10(Wed)19:37 No.7462152
    No, anyone can burn Aluminum, because the Steel Inquisitors force captured Mistings to burn it. It's also reasonable to assume anyone can burn Duraliminum because it's Aluminum's alloy.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:50 No.7462363

    I see where the confusion was.

    They forced Vin to burn it, because they knew she was a mistborn, and thus could burn all metals.

    It actually mentioned in book three that not many of the Steel inquisitors had Duraluminum spikes, because the only way they could get them was killing mistborn.

    As aluminum and duraluminum mistings are fucking impossible to find, but exist.

    And only they and mistborn can burn those metals.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:57 No.7462453
    It's been a while since I read it. The other reason, is it the fact that he also got spiked or was it a bit of help from Kelsier?
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)19:59 No.7462474
    It was the spike, and that wasn't Kelsier.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)19:59 No.7462478

    It's cause he got spiked. The "Kelsier" Spook saw was just Ruin manipulating him.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:00 No.7462484
    I expect that Chromium Mistings are highly prized treats for the Inquisitors. Because the chromium effect will work on anybody, not just Mistborn.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:08 No.7462593
    Huh. I was fairly certain that at least one Kelsier visitation in this book was actually the real thing, although it may not have been him appearing as a visible entity. Then again, it has been a while since I read it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:16 No.7462717

    After Kelsier dies, he never comes back. Any appearance after that is Ruin or one of the Kandra.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)20:19 No.7462767

    Actually, Kelsier gives Spook a 'hint' about the connection between ruin and the piercings, after he almost died in the fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:23 No.7462826
    Yeah, that was what I was thinking of.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:24 No.7462836
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:25 No.7462845
    Go read the Mistborn trilogy then, you unwashed heathen.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)20:33 No.7462952

    Wow, i just helped de-rail my own thread.

    Ok, re-railing attempt in progress: Ideas!

    If I ran this, what game system should I use?

    Just Humans and Robots? Or something else? I got an awesome Idea for elves that wouldn't be too out of place that I've been wanting to use since forever?

    Should mistborn be flat disallowed? Only mistings and the in-between guys maybe?

    Also, suggested named for the not-quite-a-mistborns?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:35 No.7462978
    I hate to butt into this conversation, but did anyone else think Public Enemies kind of sucked?
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)20:36 No.7462998
    Didn't see it, just grabbed the first semi-relevant pic I could find.

    But since you're here, would you like to join in the debate?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:39 No.7463029
    Mistbloods as the in-betweens.

    Mistborn should be an option for PCs, but an incredibly expensive one if you're doing this as a point-buy. Otherwise, it only becomes an option if you stumble across some larasium.

    If you're going with Mistborn stuff, definitely throw in the koloss and the kandra. Well, the kandra at least.

    Elves really depends on what that idea is; I'd need to hear it to say something more useful. But I would definitely go with having all of your non-human races be originally derived from somebody holding the power and fucking around with global biology.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)20:46 No.7463116

    Koloss wouldn't really fit the rest of it, Kandra... Debatable as to how well they might work, but that idea has potential.

    As to the elves thing, having them be a product of MAD SCIENCE almost makes the idea better.

    The idea for elves is that they more or less evolved from cats, that they only protected nature because that's where they got their food from. Like the grace is sleek and predatory, not 'tralala prance with the woodland creatures'.

    In the right circumstances, fighting an Elf would be fucking HORRIFYING.

    Think about it, they can see better than you, they can hear better than you, they've spent potentially hundreds of years learning how to hunt and kill, and they KNOW the area you're in better than you.

    It came from an IRL discussion of how some races were boring (he then dropped commie gnomes on me) and how shit like vampires weren't scary anymore. That's when he told me that EVERYTHING can be scary.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:54 No.7463213
    I wouldn't go with cats, because "cats" and "elves" together is going to make everyone think "Avatar".

    But perhaps they were designed to do environmental upkeep. Woods elves keep the forests tidy, plains elves manage the herds, sea elves tend the kelp and reefs...

    And all varieties are instinctively programmed to prune anybody who fucks with their stuff.

    Also, dwarves would be fun for this sort of setting, because of how their metal-heavy culture would interact with a world full of people who fuck with metal on a daily basis.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)20:57 No.7463255
    Basically, whoever had the power was a bit better with the whole thing than the Lord Ruler was. So when he started changing things to his liking, he also set up redundant biological systems to make sure the ecosphere remained stable. The elves manage living things, the dwarves manage geological processes. Maybe have some other species made to deal with large-scale repairs and alterations, along with stuff like atmospheric composition and global climate patterns.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)21:11 No.7463452

    That's an interesting approach, but I was going to change 'enviromental guardian' to a sort of guardian figure for the god-king at the time.

    Works like this: Anyone could have used the well, and anyone who DID use it would gain a fuck-ton of power just by contacting it (like a 10-15 level BOOST).

    God-kings are more common than one might think, as the well recharges a lot faster (think 50-100 years instead of 1000). So some of them use their new power to gain immortality and try to rule all (Lord Ruler) some might take their new power, and use it to rule others justly (Lord Nasher from Faerun) or could just take the power and go dick around (James the Wanderer) or use it not to rule, but to serve in a greater way (Medivh from Warcraft 3).

    more or less the person decides the power, and some people FUCK THINGS UP, some help to fix it, and others twink it to fit their needs/wants better (ie. Elves were created by someone who didn't trust magic, and wanted a bad-ass protecting him. one guy made inquisitors, another made... etc.)

    When using the well, they basically have infinite power for about ten minutes. Then they just become a bad-ass, not omni-potent.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)21:18 No.7463556

    The opinions on the other immortal varies greatly, depending on who you ask.

    Some of them also claim to be gods, others claim to be a Pope of sorts, others just want to run a pub somewhere. There's at least one mistaken individual who believes that if he killed everyone else he would gain... fuck, super immortality? He's kinda fucked in the head.

    Only two obvious rules, that every action has consequences, and you can only do it ONCE.

    tl;dr? Demi-gods are everywhere, the world is held together by duct-tape, and there's one dude who took highlander WAY to serious.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)21:28 No.7463727
    hopeful bump

    we had a good thing for a while there.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)21:29 No.7463734
    And then there's Sazed, who's just walking the earth and wondering what in the fuck people managed to do to it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)21:31 No.7463786
    Thread is tl;dr, But if your looking for weapon ideas for your setting look up Bioshock weapons, Cogs on my shotgun? YES PLEASE.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)21:32 No.7463793

    Is this campaign supposed to be set sometime after the events in the trilogy, or is it a different universe with some similar concepts? I ask because, IIRC, the Well fills with Preservation's power as a part of the prison for Ruin's mind, so with Sazed running everything, the Well wouldn't really be necessary.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)21:32 No.7463802

    It's not ACTUALLY in the mistborn world, it's just more or less based off it.

    with 1920's steampunk robot/elf gangsters.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)21:35 No.7463841
    Go read Snow Crash and then steal Raven wholesale, because a guy using a fuckton of glass knives would be a nightmare for a Mistborn to fight.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)21:39 No.7463937

    I'll try to look it up.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)22:18 No.7464504
    Anyone else want to contribute?

    If I'm gonna turn this into a game, we need to have an idea for the crunch.

    Is there a system that could even comprehend this? This is really starting to look like homebrew here, and the one guy I know who's good at crunch is busy.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)22:19 No.7464521
    odd, why the hell did my name turn off?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)22:23 No.7464577
    Well, I'll admit that I've been whoring Eclipse Phase a lot, but it might actually be a good starting point, especially in how they handle Psi stuff in relation to the rest of the gameworld.

    Point-buy is pretty much required for character creation, at least if you want to have a chance of not making starting Allomancers or Feruchemists automatically broken compared to everyone else.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)22:28 No.7464649
    Dude, choces are:

    The latter two don't NEED magic, elves are fucking action Ninjas, and the other choice is a goddamned ROBOT.

    I'm thinking it's going to be a pick an archtype, with a degree of customization mixed in to each individual class.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)22:35 No.7464728
    Crunch bump.

    One more and I'll let the thread die.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)22:44 No.7464870
    Final bump, please god, someone have an Idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/10(Wed)23:18 No.7465428
    why is there no talk of rum running and prohibition era antics

    Robots carrying alcohol in kegs on their back on the bottom of a river to smuggle it in, elven gangs making entire sections of forest unnavigatable so as to prevent cops from seeing their distilleries... the fun goes on.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)23:37 No.7465755
    There was actually. A guy mentioned it earlier, talked about running potions like moonshine.

    Entertaining, because potions do QUITE A BIT MORE than get you drunk.
    >> Kemosabe 01/06/10(Wed)23:40 No.7465799

    Found it!


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