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  • File : 1262619737.jpg-(413 KB, 672x1208, Las-Lindas_Dungeons-And-Dames_04.jpg)
    413 KB Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:42 No.7423053  
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:43 No.7423072
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:46 No.7423103
    >Evil coming from the Frigid north
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:47 No.7423115
    you mean canada?
    >> Sage Freehaven !FiQ8YjHEqE 01/04/10(Mon)10:51 No.7423150
    'sup /tg/
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:53 No.7423166

    And so on & so forth.
    >> Dr Sivana !FvmXUlX/iE 01/04/10(Mon)10:53 No.7423170
    The ONE day I decide to see what's happening in this place now and this is the first thing I see.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:53 No.7423172

    We're coming to salt your women and rape your lands, eh. Best not try to stop us.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)10:53 No.7423173
    no, scotland
    >> Sage Freehaven !FiQ8YjHEqE 01/04/10(Mon)10:53 No.7423175

    Sucks to be you, huh?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:18 No.7423423
         File1262621894.jpg-(45 KB, 750x600, canada.jpg)
    45 KB
    we did it before.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:19 No.7423428

    Weren't you guys still fully under British rule as a colony during the war of 1812 or did you guys have independence by then?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:21 No.7423457
    Still british.
    Though in fairness, we're still british. The Queen is the head of state.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:24 No.7423485
    >implying we have ever actually rid our self of our ties to the crown, even today

    same could be said for any american achivments before 1776

    it was still canadian soldiers who set fire to your capital.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:24 No.7423487

    Did you automagically become Americans on July 4 1776? Were you British the day before?

    The people were the same, the nationality is just a word.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:27 No.7423514
    >I, [name], do solemnly, sincerely and truly affirm and declare the taking of an oath is according to my religious belief unlawful, and I do also solemnly, sincerely and truly affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    canadian army could still technically be considerd a branch of the british military
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:32 No.7423574
    So, basically, that should be a union jack.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:38 No.7423636
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:40 No.7423659
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)11:42 No.7423677

    Fuck yeah Canada.

    Aside from that French infestation you are our best colony.
    >> Laziest drawfag 01/04/10(Mon)11:45 No.7423704
    I like how this thread that I expected to be about metagaming turned into a discussion about the nationality of Canadians.

    Never change /tg/
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:46 No.7423719
         File1262623567.jpg-(29 KB, 400x405, gofuckyourself.jpg)
    29 KB
    if I do remeber correctly a few weeks back the french said they wanted to extend the territorial waters of a island they own by 200 km around the island, and said island is already well inside canadian juristiction
    Im pretty sure this is the fax we sent them in response to this
    >> Frazer !!NNiZ5EzzZEM 01/04/10(Mon)11:49 No.7423760

    The idea is though that the various Commonwealth Realms have matured beyond colonies. They aren't subordinate to Britain, but rather co-equal members of a great interrelated family, an international cultural unity that's more meaningful than the acronyms of generic free-trade areas or a UN where half the members are dictatorships. The Queen isn't Queen the U.K. foremost before everything else, she's Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, Queen of New Zealand, Queen of Belize and so on individually, in their own national right.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)11:49 No.7423762

    Yes but you still have those French Canadians.

    You're still our favourite but you know...its a little embarassing for the family.

    Nowhere near as embarassing as your brother but still rather embarassing.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:49 No.7423763

    Actually, the declaration really meant nothing. When the British forces finally surrendered was the day everyone born in the colonies that considered themselves citizens of the colonies automatically became Americans.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)11:51 No.7423776

    Didn't you still have the problem of people refusing to join your fledgling nation? Preferring the Empire.

    You know the common folk who didn't have it bad. Who generally got on with their lives and were happy to pay taxes for protection.

    Unlike the rich guys who were angry that they had to pay taxes.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:53 No.7423790
    Fuck you /co/, go back to masturbate on your bald faggot with the blue arrow on his forehead.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:55 No.7423813

    Yeah, but they had the option to go to Britain (which many opted for), which, funnily enough, only required they go to Canada.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)11:56 No.7423823

    So you forced them from their homes.

    Way to be a dick America.

    Honestly. You're an embarrassment! A shame upon the family.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)11:58 No.7423852

    Only if they couldn't handle suddenly being in a completely different nation they were still technically citizens of.

    Geeze, I don't hear you complaining about Ireland's drinking and bomb problems, mom. We actually grew up, left the house, and made a name for ourselves! Unlike Canada and Australia, who still live in your basement! Come on, mom, leave us alone. We've got a girlfriend now, and you're making her uncomfortable with all of your calls telling us how embarrassed you are of us.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:01 No.7423870

    I'll have you know your brothers are doing very well for themselves!

    Yes they moved out later but that was because they ACTUALLY FINISHED SCHOOL!

    You ran off before you could even get your qualifications. Despite your brothers best attempts to bring you back.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:02 No.7423883
    You mean that bitchy China? If you've really grown up as much as ou say you wouldnt be mooching off her so much. We've seen the people you hang around with.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:02 No.7423884
         File1262624539.jpg-(26 KB, 274x273, kiss-my-ass.jpg)
    26 KB
    >Implying Ireland is a country composed of British colonists.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:02 No.7423886

    Maaaaaa, come on, you KNOW we had to get a job just to support the house. Remember when dad left? How everything just fell apart? He helped us out, got us a decent start. We got the GED after a few years anyway, geeze.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:04 No.7423900

    Mom, you don't understand, she's disciplined, she's got her own well-paying job, AND she's exotic!
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:06 No.7423922

    Now we may not have had a glamorous home like you seemed obsessed with it but it was a good, clean and loving household.

    Not at all unlike these mansions you obsess over. Have you ever actually cleaned your home? Or do you still trust Spaniards to do it?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:08 No.7423939
    She's using you, boy! Get it through that thick skull of yours. Look at yourself! Look at how you've let yourself go. You hardly even fit into your own clothing anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:09 No.7423946

    They're not Spaniards, mom, they're Mexicans now. This is why you can't make it in the world anymore, mom, you just can't keep up anymore.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:09 No.7423947

    It does a mothers heart a terrible damage to see her son running around at night with such a tart.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:09 No.7423952

    A Spaniard by any other name is still a Spaniard!

    Besides you keep calling home asking us for help with all your silly little squabbles.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:10 No.7423957

    Have you even looked at Scotland? I'm losing weight and he's only getting fatter, yet you don't get on HIS case for his obesity! When was the last time you even CARED about his whisky problem?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:11 No.7423971
    This is grade A entertainment, but seriously FUCK those religious crazies who went back to their glorious oppressive empire. America needs its own beat stick now but its no hard choice who to pick back in 1776
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:11 No.7423973
    This thread is cracking me up.

    And I really hope it's an actual brit and american arguing with each other like this.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:12 No.7423982
    >Implying Ireland was ever populated by anyone except Welsh and native Brits fleeing the arrival of the Saxons.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:12 No.7423983
    Ireland here. Knock off with the roleplaying you fairies.

    And you'd better be still on for tonight's drinking contest America.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:13 No.7423988

    Scotland's an old man!

    He can't help it if his mind is going and he doesn't watch his weight.

    The way you're living he's older than you'll ever be!
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:13 No.7423990
    >Implying there's such a thing as native Brits
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:13 No.7423993

    I asked you to watch the dog once or twice - I was trying to bring you back into my life, mom, but no, you just can't put aside any of your pride. I had a really nice home set up for you and everything, but now I see what's going on.

    Canada was ALWAYS your favorite, mom. All I wanted to do was make you proud, but I couldn't do it living under your house, mom!

    Forget it, fine, I've still got China, I don't need you OR my brothers and sisters.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:13 No.7423994
    >Implying you don't know about the scots and the picts.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:14 No.7424000
    >Implying they're native as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:14 No.7424004
    >Implying implications about implied implications.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:15 No.7424007

    Actually the USA was worse for oppression.

    Especially when it came to slavery. Rest of the world went "Right mates our bad. We'll stop with the slavery now. Everyones equal but there will be some hard feelings on both sides for a bit ok? oook."

    USA carried on with rampant racism and it took a civil war to abolish slavery. And even then your leaders didn't actually want to get rid of slavery because they regarded black men as inferior but felt they had to in order to hold the moral high ground.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:16 No.7424019

    You bet your shilelagh.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:17 No.7424036

    Watch the dog? That was not a dog!

    That was a Muslim. Do you have any idea what a big responsibility and how much work caring for Muslims is? You just let them run rampant, in my old age I couldn't keep up with them and that Russia....oh what is it with you and that Russia family? Seems he and his now departed father (A cruel vicious man that Soviet Union...) have had it in for you. What did you do to get them so angry?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:18 No.7424041

    The south was a bunch of backwards gits who had made sure almost every facet of their economy ran on slave-worked farms, of COURSE the U.S. didn't want to destabilize half of its own body for morality's sake.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:19 No.7424051
    I said in 1776
    or do you honestly believe slavery was acceptable in the colonies but abolished everywhere else. racism is rampant even in darwins time to today, and sexism frequently too. but in 1776 i know one place I can go to avoid religious oppression with ease. may not make me popular with the neighbors, but its a far better option.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:20 No.7424057
    So what you're saying is that no one was placed into indentured servitude? Or that Asia and the Middle East didn't have a thriving slave-trade long after Europe and even America abolished slavery?

    Sure, among the first world countries America is pretty oppressive to the non-whites, but it was a lot worse elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:20 No.7424059

    I have no idea, he was cool and all when we were running together against Nazi Germany and HIS gang, but all of a sudden after that he just started throwing rocks at us.

    The old man died of a heart attack, why the hell his son blames that on us I have no idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:21 No.7424073

    Er, yeah, about the religious freedom; you avoided religious persecution, if your religion happened to be the same as the people running your town.

    So basically you had to hightail it out of wherever you landed and hope you found a colony that shared your religion. Good luck being Jewish.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:21 No.7424077
    Being the best of the worst is not something to be proud of.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:22 No.7424083
    >Implying jew bankers weren't needed everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:22 No.7424088
    God you're a nerd America.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:23 No.7424094

    Oh that Nazi boy and his father...such awful little cretins and the rest of their family were such nice boys.

    But what the duece did you do to Japan?
    You didn't just throw rocks at them you dropped a boulder on them! He may have been a Jap and thus a bit crazy but he was so small and weedy. There was no call for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:23 No.7424096

    Oh, right, after all the drink it's more of a lake reed now.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:23 No.7424097
    So I guess losing all those wars against the Danes didn't make you feel too good about being the best of the worst, huh?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:24 No.7424109

    Mom. He destroyed my bike.

    He fucking DESTROYED my bike, do you know how much time and effort I put into that thing? I was crushed!
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:27 No.7424133
    Don't forget that it was your demands for repayment which caused all the resentment in the German family.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:27 No.7424138

    Still there are limits young man!

    By all rights he deserved a sound thrashing but you took it a step too far. Even if old man China was cheering you on.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:29 No.7424162

    I only meant to crush his car, I didn't realize the fucker was sitting in it! I even paid for the hospital bills afterward!
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:31 No.7424183

    Well so long as you made things right with the poor chap. He never did walk the same afterwards but it certainly got him out of his shell.

    ALSO! Whats this I hear about you getting involved with the Vietnam family? Don't they have enough problems without you sticking your nose where it isn't welcome?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:34 No.7424207

    C'mon, we were dating at the time and Russia was telling her brother to do fucked up shit. We were just trying to help.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:35 No.7424215
    You're one to talk, or did you forget your tussle with that nice Korean lady and her ugly-as-sin children?
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:37 No.7424243

    We were not involving ourselves in private family affairs.


    Never the less you really overdid it that time. As usual. Honestly going in fists first. Did you even TRY to talk to the boy?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:39 No.7424258

    Did you even SEE what he was doing? His OWN SISTER, ma!
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:40 No.7424265

    If you had bothered to look at the local culture you would have noticed its rather normal there.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:40 No.7424266
    Oh sure, go ahead and slap a woman then insult her children but god forbid you insinuate her husband beats her. Oh, wait, you did that. You even tried to stop her husband from getting into his own house. You shouldn't throw stones when you live in a house of glass.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:41 No.7424279
    Stop! Stop this fighting! Can't you see you're tearing this family apart?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:42 No.7424287
    It could be the part where you keep saying you killed him.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:43 No.7424295

    Oh dear look our arguing made New Zealand cry....there there its ok sweetie.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:43 No.7424302
    You shouldn't baby the boy or he'll never grow up.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:45 No.7424317

    Not my fault the geezer kept a grudge, I sure as fuck didn't do anything to him but throw his rocks back over the fence.
    >> Jestercat 01/04/10(Mon)12:46 No.7424332
    Canada here. Hey mom, you still think I'm in the basement? Christ, put your glasses on, that's a bloody photograph! I know you've gone a little loopy with all the doctors and the cameras and the other crazy shit but please...pull through. We'll get you out of this somehow. I think it's getting me too, though...Dr. Harper says it's normal but I'm starting to wonder if they're all just using us for some mad experiment.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:46 No.7424338

    You know New Zealand has special needs, stop being cruel.


    He was a wicked little man. You do know he just kept throwing those same rocks back don't you?
    Honestly it amazes your mother how dense you can be sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:48 No.7424352
    Dense? What about the 'feud' you've had with that French family across the way? How long has that been going on now?
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:49 No.7424364

    That was your brother who said you were still in the basement!

    And yes I know my minds getting a bit frayed around the edges...thats just how it is in our family. The doctors are talking about a new course of medicines though that might have an effect.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:51 No.7424388

    Young man don't you be sassing me about those French. They are awful evil little men and you had the gall to run away with them when you were younger! Your mother was so horrified by that. Absolutely disgusted.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:52 No.7424405
    You realize they stopped caring about that feud right around when we left them, right? We break their daughter's heart and now they're out for us, yet you still carry a torch pretending your feud isn't one-sided.
    >> Iron Handed 01/04/10(Mon)12:53 No.7424410
         File1262627582.jpg-(235 KB, 990x825, 1245251780465.jpg)
    235 KB
    Darn it cant you kids calm down and behave, dont make me open the spider box again....
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:53 No.7424418

    They just think I'm going senile and useless in my old age!

    Well yes I am going senile but I'm not useless yet dammit.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:55 No.7424436
    Sincere apologies Mother, I must have not heard properly.

    Now what about America's latest stunt. You'd think that we would have learned not to let America invest our money, but no, we were foolish enough to listen to his latest get rich quick scheme. "Just let the market decide," he said, "lower regulations", he said, he forgot all bout that nastiness in the thirties altogether.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:55 No.7424438
    Mom, the last time you tried to lift a simple loaf of bread you broke a hip.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:57 No.7424464

    And yet you still come running home to your mother for help with those muslims in those awful sand countries you're obsessed with.


    *sob* I know!

    I hoped he had changed. That he'd learned the lessons of his past but he just made the same mistake...at least he tries to set things right afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:57 No.7424466
    /tg/ I love you
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)12:59 No.7424483
    Actually we went running to Canada. But, being the momma's boy he is, he had to call you to check in. Then you up and invited yourself.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)12:59 No.7424489

    You know if Hetalia had this then it would have been worth watching.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:00 No.7424501
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:00 No.7424505

    Hey, the thirties were NOT our fault! We caught a cold and a bunch of lickspittles decided to fuck with our investments over it!
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)13:02 No.7424517

    And I did a better job than you. Still you refused to listen to your mother. I've dealt with Muslims before son and I know how to make them behave but oh no you were all "Nah ma they'll love this freedom thing honest! no need to worry they'll welcome us and it'll be great!"

    You just don't understand the people in that part of the world son. Even back when I was a young girl me and the rest of Europe couldn't control them. They're like animals.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:02 No.7424520
    Yes, but that Churchill man said it best, "The United States invariably does the right thing, after having exhausted every other alternative."
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)13:02 No.7424525

    It was funny at times.

    But having the "British Empire family" would have made it so much more funny
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:04 No.7424550
    When you were a young girl the spear was new. Back then, everyone was an animal. Times are changing, mom. You need to grow with them.
    >> Commissar-Kun !uNEmgZBQBo 01/04/10(Mon)13:04 No.7424551

    At least we taught our boy some morals and sense. Even if he doesn't listen to them most of the time.

    Still all this has me feeling rather tired and its almost time to meet the girls for bingo down at the club so I'll be off now. Stay safe dearies.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:05 No.7424555
    /tg/, you baffle me sometimes. Someone creates a normal thread and 50 posts later we get the furry porn. Someone just starts a thread with a furry image and we are talking about countries.

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:06 No.7424571
    We could talk about those cocks you obviously love to suck. Would you rather talk about that?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:07 No.7424584
    True enough, but you learned from that, and built up a bit of common sense about stocks and bonds for a while. Then Regan came in with his great idea to upend everything that gave you your prosperity, for a quick buck. Now look at you, you spend all your money on the lotto hoping that you get lucky.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:07 No.7424591

    It's just how /tg/ works.

    I just find it funny that this thread turned into good-humored banter rather than the usual "I HATE YOU" bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:08 No.7424601
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:09 No.7424612

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:09 No.7424621
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:10 No.7424629
    Wow, sure is Hetalia in here.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:10 No.7424631

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:12 No.7424646
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:13 No.7424654

    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:14 No.7424668
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:14 No.7424671
    >107 replies
    /tg/ i am dissapoint
    >> Anonymous 01/04/10(Mon)13:15 No.7424680
    >Not paying attention to the thread.
    Sagefag, I am disappoint

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