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IIT: we post staff and students from a Super Hero High School

It's meant to be a Compendium of NPCs and Plot hooks for running a game on either a Superhero setting or something in a similar vein. Don't worry if someone has "taken your slot" there's room for multiple principals/teachers/similar power sets. Working on related backstories with other posts is encouraged but not required.

Previous thread

>Short Bio:
>Secret or Hidden Info:

I will be posting a compiled PDF, when I catch up from last thread.
File: DaSO2MSWkAEOaep.jpg (164 KB, 1200x1200)
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164 KB JPG
>Name: Mike McGall
>Aliases: Wildride
>Birthpace/Origin: Manhattan
>Age: 16
>Powers: Can turn into a large minotaur with super strength and durability. Cannot be stopped when he starts moving, and can focus and dash, turning himself into an unstoppable giant proyectile. Dashing really tires him
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Sport groups
>Short Bio: Mike spent an entire year in his minotaur form before learning how to turn back into a human. Now, he feels that he had enough and likes to remain in that form only as much as he needs. He wants to put his power to use and aims to become a hero
>Motivations: To become a superhero and maybe get over the unease that being trapped in his minotaur form for a year caused him
>Secret or Hidden Info:when in minotaur form he can go berserk with ease, and the more frequent his transformations are, the more likely he is to have anger issues in his human form too
Re-positing the Student Super Sleuth Team idea because I think it’s fun.
>>74085021 could really help >>74066950 with training the power stealing. They get someone without pwoers, grant them a power and have Ethan steal it, then try stuff like giving the power back to see what he can and cannot do without leaving another student powerless
File: 1592865170327.gif (2.1 MB, 300x322)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB GIF
>Name: Unit-451
>Aliases: Unit-451
>Birthpace/Origin: Government Facility
>Age: 5 Weeks
>Powers: Innate weapons and martial arts prowess. Light Superhuman Strength. Light Superhuman Speed. Light Superhuman Intelligence. Light Regeneration.
>Occupation: Security Guard
>Cliques: None
>Short Bio: Is a bioroid created by the United Nation Governments designed to apprehend superpowered terrorists. The Government is sending him to the Super Hero High School as his test to see if he's functional.
>Motivations: To apprehend superpowered criminals/delinquents and bring them to justice. To serve the Government.
>Secret or Hidden Info: He is the prototype model for a line of mass-producible super soldiers looking to phase out heroes and villains alike created by a shadow government to ensure their grip on humanity.
And have a student accumulate new powers? And also it would require him to die several times? I don't think that having to murder a student, even if they come back to life, would sit riggt with any teacher or even other students
I admit it’s superfluous, but I really like the extra flair it gives her against other big dumb guys, + all the Godzilla and lightning lizard jokes you can make about it.
You can still do it without the lightning of course, at least the mini-zilla jokes.
>Dude just murder students for science lmao
File: col_00019_01135_2.jpg (959 KB, 3548x3520)
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959 KB JPG
>Name: Thomas Gordon
>Aliases: The Spaceman
>Birthpace/Origin: America From a Parallel Universe
>Powers: Enchanted space suit, laser blaster, and his wits
>Occupation: Teacher of Higher Mathematics, Astrophysics, and "Exotic Location Protocols"
>Cliques: Faculty, Astronomy Club, Poetry Club
>Short Bio: A mysterious figure on campus, most of the student body doesn't know very much about him. He's a rugged, average joe that happens to have been dragged into a series of adventures that crossed space and time, and he's picked up a few tricks that he passes on to the students, even if they'll never need them. Haunted by a past muddled by time and paradox. Never been seen with the suit off.
>Motivations: Maintain an average student GPA of 3.0 or higher, fight off extradimensional incursions, prepare his students for a dangerous world, track down his evil clone, be a positive influence on the Super High school environment, revenge himself upon the Star God Entropy.
>Secret or Hidden Info: He is his own evil clone (of another evil clone) from long ago in the distant future, after the Mind Vortex of Thrall worked it's strange magic upon him! Doesn't remove the suit for fear of seeing The Goatee.
File: 507.jpg (38 KB, 680x889)
38 KB
>Name: Brent Lewis
>Aliases: Blaststar
>Birthpace/Origin: Ohio
>Age: 17
>Powers: Is made of an energy that is alien to this universe. Can shoot blasts that disintigrate anything that is not alive. To living organisms his blasts are only concussive. Has enhanced physical condition and no need for sustentance, from food and water to rest or air.
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Normies and that one group >>74079254
>Short Bio: Brent wears a special suit made by the science department that looks like a standard hazmat suit and can help neutralize his brightness and some minor energy waves he lets out when he is disracted. His personality is as bright as his body, and is a real bro to anyone who needs him
>Motivations: Always admired superheroes and wants to become one too
>Secret or Hidden Info: Wants to help >>74075822 deal with his light related issues, but since their powers are fundamentally different he really can't, which is making him feel bad
>Eventually they just kill without feeling bad
>Even the students are alright with it and sometimes they ask the teachers to let them do it for the kicks
>That pic
He just decides not to wear his suit to the cafeteria and everyone else has to either have sunglasses or gtfo
File: 1579234100593.jpg (161 KB, 1372x1402)
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161 KB JPG
>Name: Chesnokov Ilya (Ilik) Yanovich
>Aliases: Cherenkov
>Birthpace/Origin: Somewhere in Russia
>Powers: Minor physical improvements, connection with an unnamed exotic energy source stemming from Another Dimension (used for future sight, telekinetic waves, "karmic vision", slow explosive "bubbles", density decreasing, and more odd functions). Also, is a bird.
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Libertarian Club, Metahuman Rights Foundation, Orchestra
>Short Bio: The youngest son of a branch of birds mutated by exposure to radiation during the Cold War as part of Stalin's Supersoldier program. Had to leave due to growing resentment in the population to non-human individuals, ended up liking America far more. Weapons nut, outspoken for individual freedoms and limiting the power of the state, enjoys classical music.
>Motivations: Protect the rights of all people, uphold Freedom and Justice, figure out life as a teenage birdman in a world with a severe lack of other birdpeople.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Tends to be too violent for a successful hero, doesn't really care about those he hurts if they're "bad guys". Prefers to physically beat down his foes, doesn't trust his confusing and esoteric abilities, since they've failed him before.
>Name: Lawrence Jacobs
>Aliases: Prodigy
>Birth Place/Origin: Cambridge, Massachusetts
>Powers: power mimicry
>Occupation: student/sidekick
>Cliques: student council
>Short Bio: Son of The Protector, Lawrence is a 4th gen hero and the first to develop powers. He has been helping his his father protect citizens since he was 12. He pushes himself to be the best and help others be the best.
>Motivations: to he the best he can be and to be a hero
>Secret or Hidden Info: has developed PTSD from the things he has seen as a sidekick and the strict, borderline cruel, upbringing at home.
File: Super High staff.pdf (422 KB, PDF)
422 KB
422 KB PDF
Staff So far.
Noice, noice!
I thought the file might be too big to upload, but converting to pdf shrank it quite ab it.

I made minor grammar/spelling edits but that is it.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed! I will update more later. Probably work on formatting it too. separating into cliques, or at least alphabetizing.
Almost 50 pages. This could be a big project when we're done.

In the future I will create GM and Player versions. The player version won't have the secret info.
>he’ll get better
File: page10-11.png (111 KB, 879x535)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
noticed some of the prompt parts here not bolded and it triggered my tism
File: 15512.jpg (15 KB, 335x240)
15 KB
>>Name: Derek Osmosis
>>Aliases: Mr. Osmosis
>>Birthpace/Origin: West Virginia
>>Age: 32
>>Powers: The ability to combine and seperate any substance. Anything that is naturally volatile will only exist for a few seconds, but otherwise has niche uses as he can only create a substance amount equal to how much he can hold in his hands.
>>Occupation: Chemistry Teacher
>>Cliques: Teachers. Hangs with the science teachers most of the time.
>>Short Bio: Was a superhero of his same alias, and used the money from the job to find a way to advance his powers' range and effectiveness. Soon enough, this got in the way of his actual heroics, and after accidentally creating an acid to combat a foe but causing a causality instead, he retired to the school. Isn't the greatest conversationalist, but if he overhears something about augmenting abilities, you can get him talking.
>>Motivations: He wishes to find some kind of miracle chemical that he can patent and use to further his studies into augmentation.
>>Secret or Hidden Info: He is attempting to wiggle his way into the student body for anyone who has such abilities and easy to...."make disappear". He promises that he will use his augmented powers for good, but he knows that he lies to himself a lot.
Thanks for pointing it out.

I really should have put page numbers on so peeps could point out where the errors are.
I wrote John Tyson (Second from bottom) and the superhero name should be (Formerly), not (Formally) in case you ever revise it.
Fair enough.
I like it a lot.
Peter Byers also had that issue, its not a big deal just weird organizational wise
Seperation students by stuff like that coughs be cool. It would make it easier to reference for a GM too.
>I need a Sleurh/Bully/Victim/bystander
[Spoiler]Good drawback. Could also be a fun "random encounter" for the party. If he gets out of control and goes through a wall or something.[/spoiler]
>only student that works with chemicals is Alkahest/potion seller the immoral drug peddler
is this the start of a beautiful friendship, a teacher-student rivalry, or a murder scene?


I think that there should be random tables with students distributed on the tables, but the organization should probably be alphabetical.
That way you could have a Victim also be on the Bystander list, or a particularly wimpy Sleuth as a Victim.
I've got
>Danger! (either from the student doing something stupid, their backstory coming into play, or just one of the not so nice students being villainous)
What other qualities would there be?
>Name: Elly “Doe” Moller
>Aliases: Walker
>Birth Place/Origin: ????, Appalachia.
>Powers: Immortality. Regeneration.
>Occupation: Highshool Student, First Year.
>Cliques: /out/. Marksmenship. Stoners.
>Short Bio: A daughter of poverty, Elly never thought anything of regularly starving to death just to wake up and walk alone through the endless hills of Appalachia; Till her new family found her. Taught her everything right. How to read, how to shoot, how to scrap. She even found a name for herself! Got taken into protective custody about a year prior, and has been living on the campus for most of that time, half adopted by the school. A bit touched, but not as much as you would expect given her situation.
>Motivations: Get a hot super husband to drag out to the mountains with her. Have 40 kids. Is thinking of trying out a sport for fun and friends, maybe volleyball. likes old action flicks and cartoons. Hurting people who call her Ginger Lurch.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Ellys never had a family. Her earliest memories are of starving and dying over and over again. her first memory of people is getting tortured for about a year by a fleeing criminal she stumbled into. After that she would never get to close to people for too long again, even if her curiosity and human nature had her gravitate towards communities for days or even weeks at a time, she would always run back to the mountains eventually. Got run over by a car, leading to the discovery of her powers and the academy to take her into custody. Over the summer she’s spent there, she’s been convinced to give life at the school a fair shot. She named herself, over time, as need be and inspiration struck: A bra with a name written on it (Elly), the last name of unknown people, as seen on tv (Doe), the dog tags of a dead old man Elly found sitting up in a chair by a tree. took his gun and set herself free. Still has all of the above items (Moller). Having spent all summer in the academy, she knows it’s grounds better then any of the other Freshman. Unlisted power: mental resiliency, she doesn’t break easy, even for a super.
I see a lot of bright/light puns.
Would he be likely to fall in the a mutant supremacist group like? >>74053287
>student council
I think we did figure out why ask is on it.
Lawrence seems like a good choice for president.
Forgot to add
>all the lessons and stories of “her family” are just that, stories she’s made up around a lifetime of neglect.
File: 1578630153880.jpg (128 KB, 740x1079)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Name: Vyserian, birth name Louis
>Aliases: The Magician
>Birthpace/Origin: France
>Age: 700+
>Powers: Wizard! Scrying, conjuring spirits, being wise, agelessness, knowledge of evil and how to defeat it, and a surprisingly fast runner. Not very flashy, or powerful. He's not a Sorcerer, after all.
>Occupation: School Wizard, Cursebreaker, Arcane Studies
>Cliques: Faculty, Yivmaltriix
>Short Bio: Long ago, in the dismal squalor of the middle ages, a wizard rose! It's been 700 years since then, and a lot of life has lost it's luster. On top of that, there hasn't been a seventh son of a seventh son born under the correct stars in hundreds of years, so he can't teach his style of magic to anybody. Viewed as a crackpot, but an experienced one.
>Motivations: Teach these youngsters how best to fight dark magic and the influence of the Cursed Order. Teach the students too, while he's at it.
>Secret or Hidden Info: In correspondence with a secret society of other wizards from around the globe. Took the job because his scrying revealed a great threat to the world emerging from it. Considered a paranoid nut by the faculty and the other wizards. Correct.
>I think that there should be random tables with students distributed on the tables, but the organization should probably be alphabetical
That's a good idea. Once it's formatted I can put page numbers with names. So you could cross reference easy.

>Plot hook
>Quandary (Page 22) comes to you with a problem. Thunderbird (page 27) and other students came down with servere Radiation poisoning after he he fought in the underground fight club with Meltdown (page 27)
>Quandary would normally report it in the paper but Painkiller (page 7) has asked him to keep quiet. He argued that the fight club is good for the school.
>Quandary knows he can be a bit paranoid and wants another opinion.
>To make matters worse, Quandary believes that members of the fight club might come after him, for retribution, if the story goes out in the Daily Power.
Bit dark but fun.
>have a fight club
>everyone talks about
Sasuga highschoolers!
It's hard to keep secrets with super sleuths and mindreaders in the student body.
Hmm, I'd say it varies depending on when you use him in setting. Early Ilya right out of Russia would likely fall right in, while an Ilya who's been in the US for a while probably wouldn't go for it.

I definitely wouldn't start with him in a gang, but he might fall into one over time. It'd definitely be an interesting mission - prevent a guy with legitimate grievances against humanity from falling into a supremacist group.
Sounds like a good way to break the tension in scenes.
>Name: Henry Helvin
>Aliases: Navigator
>Birthplace/Origin: Paris, Texas
>Age: 16
>Powers: If he wants to go somewhere a path will manifest for him
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Normies, anyone that needs a path somewhere or lost something.
>Short Bio: Goes out of his way to not assume based on looks in cases such as Defective or former villains. Patient and not quick to take action but will lend a hand and lead people to where they need to be.
>Motivations: Turn his power into more than a neat trick to find lost keys or wallets.
>Secret or Hidden Info: His power can be used not to just divine but create routes to things. Be carefully who you call ugly in hero highschool.

enjoy rewriting it to birthplace for every entry.
>I definitely wouldn't start with him in a gang, but he might fall into one over time. It'd definitely be an interesting mission - prevent a guy with legitimate grievances against humanity from falling into a supremacist group.
Sounds like a good hook.
The first I've was Birth Place. I went to fix it as made it worse.
yup noticed it on mine and fixed it but its gonna be like on all above and half under me prob sorry pal
Lol I'm I'm beginning to understand why people pay editors.
most word editors have a find and replace keybind, so it shouldn't be too big of an issue. It's usually control f.
guess i could be it for noticing the missing bold on some teachers and birthpace

but like im not here all the time lol
>everyone’s fucked
>Elly’s is still good
*ting ting ting*
>Name: Breanna Collins
>Aliases: Elf
>Birth Place/Origin: Eugene, Oregon.
>Powers: Healing. Superhuman Grace. Superhuman Speed. Supernatural Charisma. Superhuman Senses (Sight)(tracking).
>Occupation: Teacher, Marksmanship. Staff, Assistant Nurse.
>Cliques: Teachers, Nurses.
>Short Bio: More of a mercenary then a hero, Breanna has typically worked in war zones and back alleys. She’s not the type you’d expect to become a teacher, and the more you know about her, the stranger her current predicament seems to be. Always the ornery type, Breanna has had no shortage of confrontations, be it with students, faculty, or anyone else within spitting distance.
>Motivations: Alcohol. Taking it day by day currently. Greatful for her current job, even if she doesn’t feel that way every second of the day.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Breanna was hired as a favor by one of the other nurses, as she needed a job after a previous mishap on her last one left her credibility in the gutter. Didn’t have the horns and tail last time they met. No one besides said nurse knows how old she actually is. shes not that old
Well helloooo nurse.
File: pinky-transparent.png (92 KB, 600x600)
92 KB
>Name: Julia Gomez
>Aliases: Remote Control
>Birth Place/Origin: New York, NY
>Powers: Possession - she can control someone else's body by touching them and concentrating for about 30 seconds. When she does this, her body goes slack, and any damage it takes afterwards will yank her back to her own body. While in another's body, she can use their powers, but with less control. The victim goes unconscious. Also she has strong (but not superhuman) reflexes.
>Occupation: Student, 2nd Year
>Cliques: Normies, Drama.
>Short Bio: She seems very normal, other than her power, but in this world, even the "normal" could be very, very strange and dangerous characters. As long as she has told people about her ability, she has been avoided for it, so she does resent her ability for what it is. But she grew up as a poor city girl, and one who often found herself in trouble. She knows how to run, and how her ability can help her. She seems awkward in her own skin, but when she possesses someone, she has become skilled at taking on her victim's role, almost like acting,
>Motivations: Finally make something good out of her ability, and become a famous and cool hero.
>Secret or Hidden Info: She is genuinely an innocent, kind cinnamon bun most of the time, but she does snap at times, and she basically becomes a different person due to untreated trauma in her past, one who is bitter and unforgiving. Currently has no villainous plans but she is all about retribution against those who have hurt her.
when I made that image I had a very different personality in mind, so this is probably more fitting
Cute! Spiteful, but cute!
More of a tease then a student fucker. She loves to drink though, and the school year is long.
Was thinking of making her a TA instead of a full teacher.
Something like:
>Occupation: Assistant Nurse. TA (Marksmanship)(Woodshop)(Sex Ed)(PE).
Etc. But that would make her character more of a mischievous distraction rather then an unqualified sloppy teacher in the classroom/on campus.
thought about her becoming progressively more and more JRPG “demon lord”-y as her powers progress. Think how they list traditional fantasy titles off like
>queen of the forest
>loved by woodland creatures
>great sage of the elves
>demon lord
Etc etc. IF she were to ever actually become relevant to the plot.
Seems like she'd be great as part of a duo. Like after does get thing and her partner gets get out of there.

Maybe she should get a protective coffin to hide in after she switches.
I feel like many of these characters could really work as protagonists of a story in this setting and I would really like to expand their powers and bios
File: ChaosHeroTransparent.png (1.46 MB, 948x2300)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
i dunno about all of them threw this guy in just to throw a random power in.

also the vegas alias joke
Maybe too well. We need more antagonists and more victims.
File: 83159089-nerd-.jpg (129 KB, 1300x1139)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
alright heres a victim

>Name: Sue Herman
>Aliases: Tec Whiz
>Birth Place/Origin: California
>Powers: Super intelligence, super poor social skills, super frail
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Nerds, weebs, ttrpgers
>Short Bio: This boy named sue comes from claiforna and dreams of joining the other California tec nerds after high school but this time with lasers and hero gear
>Motivations: learn as much super science and have good time with people who tolerate him
>Secret or Hidden Info: Both of his parents are cool super villains and he is clueless despite their attempts to turn him from heroism.
yeesh ima hit the hay after reading that scuffed California
can anyone write a student council president. Could be Thunderbird’s rival in both combat and influence of the student body. A phoenix would be kino
Have a good night!
There is Prodigy. He is a power mimic
>Name: Sonny Morrissey
>Aliases: Water Works
>Birth Place/Origin: New York, New York.
>Powers: Turn himself and people he touches into water. Regeneration while in water form.
>Occupation: High School Student, Third Year
>Cliques: Nerds. Weirdos.
>Short Bio: Sony’s had a hard run of it so far, from his first day of as school when he peed his pants, to his first day of high school where he got flushed down a toilet and they school spent a week looking for him. He’s trying his best, recently trying to affect and control water besides that which was formerly his body, as well as improve his size and strength while in water form. Recently joined some extracurricular water based team sports to try and branch out. Let’s see how it goes...
>Motivations: Stop being such a crybaby. Be a little more confident. Get a hobby besides browsing reddit and anime fandom sites.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Sonnys starting to snap, his control over his powers haven’t been improving and neither has the way people have been treating him either.
>Name: Lucas Delaney
>Aliases: Green Light
>Birth Place/Origin: Jackson, Mississippi.
>Powers: Super Speed
>Occupation: High School Student, Second Year.
>Cliques: AP. Track and Field.
>Short Bio: Lucas has adapted to super school quite yet. While he loves seeing all the crazy powers and antics every body has, he feels a bit put out not being the “special one” anymore like back when he is was at St. Margrets. To make matters worse, he hasn’t made a single true friend since his enrollment, and girls won’t give him the time of day!
>Motivations: Get invited to a party.
>Secret or Hidden Info: REALLY creepy. He’s known for being somewhat overbearing and popping up when unwanted, but for certain people he becomes obsessed with, he goes the extra mile. Compulsive liar.
>Name: Joyce Richards
>Aliases: Minutiae
>Birth Place/Origin: Richmond, Virginia
>Powers: Illusions. Creation of Palm to human Sized Objects (Transmutation: Paper to Anything).
>Occupation: High School Student, Third Year.
>Cliques: Art. Stoners.
>Short Bio: A sucker for jerks and assholes, Joyce has found so many at this school, she could choke! Doesn’t really like art that much. Is pretty good at it though. Works part time in the campus cafe.
>Motivations: Hot guys. The badder the better. Get People to Stop talking behind her back and spreading her nudes.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Getting over a cutting habit she had in middle school, covers the marks with Magic. Orphan.
>Name: James Warwick
>Aliases: Pyrite
>Birthpace/Origin: Cornwall, England
>Age: 16 (12)
>Powers: Barrier generation
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Normies, Student council for some reason
>Short Bio: Having been raised by their mother practically on magical girl shows, gibli movies, and isolation this idiot learned about his powers at a young age. he's trying his best to learn how to master them so he can protect the world.
>Motivations: protect the world from whatever threats may arise, also aquire friends. he needs friends badly.
>Secret or Hidden Info: his "mother" did not give birth to him, he was an experiment to see if her power of creation could be passed on to an heir. he failed due to power degeneration. and this knowledge has murdered his self esteem.
>Name: Marcus Smith
>Aliases: Rock Salt (tentative)
>Birth Place/Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah
>Powers: Can Crystalize People & Objects, Turning them to Salt. Can control salt.
>Occupation: Student, First Year.
>Cliques: Bible Study. /out/. Music.
>Short Bio: Youngest boy of 8 siblings, Marcus had no idea he had super powers until about 4 months ago. When he did, his family and the community did all they could to let him now how happy they were and secure his enrollment and future with a school so specialized in an area of education as delicate as that pertaining to a young super. Marcus still doesn’t know what to think. Also recently discovered he likes old rock.
>Motivations: Be a good person! Make some friends???
>Secret or Hidden Info: Marcus is kind of small for his age, and not being the most adventurous kid, is a bit overwhelmed by all these changes, and the big dangerous world he’s entering. He’s positive about it all though!
If this situation were to play out multiple times, nine times out of ten, it would be student teacher rivalry.
>Name: Lindsay Lee Steinacker
>Aliases: High Note
>Birth Place/Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
>Powers: Amplify Sound Waves.
>Occupation: Student, Freshmen
>Cliques: Music. AP. Weirdos.
>Short Bio: Lindsey wanted nothing else then to be a hero growing up, much to the chagrin of the neighborhood who had to listen to her train with her powers as a child. So when her parents brought her the news of her acceptance to such a well known school for supers, she should have been ecstatic! Should have been. Unfortunately, Lindsay had given up her young dreams of being a hero, even before she had given up on being, tall halfway through puberty. So now she’s stuck in this shitty school full of super hero freaks, all because she doesn’t want to put all the effort her hard working parents must have gone through to get her this. Lives in band tour date sweaters.
>Motivations: Finish class. Return to Dorm. Eat Sleep. Repeat. Music Throughout.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Lindsey had her confidence (and body) crushed around 9, when a mutant transfer student began bullying her after she tried to intervened on the behalf of another student already being bullied the new kid. Stepping forward and saying how she was going to be a hero. It wasn’t a pretty ending. After that, other kids joined in too, saying how lame she was and how she’s never going to be a hero. She changed schools slightly after, but those events and her emo phase killed all but the tiniest forgotten shred of dreams she had of ever being a hero. Plays a lot of video games. Open mic. Super competitive.
"Uhm, excuse me, but whY THE FUCK DID YOU NOT PROTECT FUC-NG B W- A-E GON-- L-- BEC-- O- Y-" sound is no longer audible because all of is too loud
>Short Bio: Growing up, Lindsey wanted nothing other than to be a hero, and much to the chagrin of her neighbors, she was born with the talent for it. So years later when her parents brought her the acceptance letter to such a well known school for supers, she should have been ecstatic! Should have been. Unfortunately, Lindsay had long since given up on her dreams of being a hero, even before she had given up on other things, like being tall, or owning pony. But now, here she is, stuck in this shitty school full of shitty kids who happen to be full of shitty super powers. All because she doesn’t want to waste all the effort her hard working (only kind of shitty) parents must have gone through to get her this. Lives in jeans and band tour date sweaters/sweatshirts.
>Motivations: Finish class. Return to Dorm. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Music Throughout.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Lindsey had her confidence (and body) crushed around 9, after she became the target of a bully and fellow mutant. It all started when Lindsey saw the bully targeting another non-super kid, and stepped in to stop it, letting her know she was dealing with a hero. It didn’t end well for Lindsay. It didn’t end at all, and eventually, after that, other kids joined in on it too, saying how lame and stupid she was, and that she was never going to be a super anything, let alone a hero. She changed schools shortly after, but the events that had transpired and her emo phase killed all but the tiniest forgotten shred of the dreams she once had of being a hero. Plays a lot of video games. Open mic. Super competitive.

Sorry, I saw a lot of mistakes and wanted to edit at least a few out and make it easier to read, but I can’t delete my post.
Yeah, she has probably blown out more than a few mics and eardrums when she gamer rages.
Thunderbid’s writer here, Eliot would never actually order to get someone beated up to silence them, otherwise the principal would just drop the hammer. It would have to be overzealous goons acting of their own accord

Can you link me to his post ?
The student council president should be powerful. Maybe not teacher tier but right below them
They should either be a heavy hitter or have resources and control
We could also just vote for one of the characters already written to become the student council president, you know, like an actual school would
Surely a lot of the students might try and stop a blabber mouth from getting too comfortable snooping around their dealings, especially if they just think it’s a typical fight club that will get shit down if you yap about it. They wouldn’t be worried about consent to do it. Especially the types who join a fight club.
You can control f the threads to find him. >>74085912.
I’m not that poster or the writer of prodigy though so idk. There’s a few student body council/government types in the previous thread too. Surely there’s more to come as well.
I think writing a new character for the role of president would be easier
But voting seems fun tho
Votins sounds fun
Since it's a superhero school the most logical candidates are those righteous by nature so I guess I'll check the pdfs for any student that fits the bill
Boo! Boo democracy! Boo it! Write more!
There’s no rush though.
>Name: Lance Spencer
>Aliases: Spinal Tap
>Birth Place/Origin: Knoxville, Tennessee.
>Powers: Power Nullification (Superhuman Durability, Contact). Super Strength. Super Human Durability.
>Occupation: High School Student, Graduating Class.
>Cliques: Jocks.
>Short Bio: Born to a long line of national level athletes/All-American wrestlers, Laurence Spencer grow up surrounded by a culture of day in day out hard work and competition. When it became obvious he had super powers, that training just went in a new direction, and to new levels of intensity. Enjoys the opportunities given to him by the academy to flex his strength against other supers.
>Motivations: Win sports ball. Defend title as #1 dominant wrestler in the school. Spar. Train. Slay poon. Get scouted someplace his powers can earn him a good life.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Painfully naive and more then a little stupid. He’ll believe pretty much anything you tell him. His team try’s to look out for him, when they’re not the ones fucking with him, but some people have figured this out and regularly take advantage of his ready and willing nature for their benefit.
Alright, fine, making the basics
For Gender
For Powers, obviously they'll get more then one, I'm thinking the Three most popular will be chosen

Anyway, I am over in Aus and it is late, so, if someone else can put the data together and make the resulting character in about five or six hours of Data Collecting, that'd be great, thank you all
Not even tripps can save you now. You’ve entered the path to madness. To democracy. May god have mercy on your poor souls.
I was thinking if making one. An Ice Queen super bitch. To be an antagonist. Though maybe they would work better for a head of the cheerleaders.
File: 1584647958408.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Name: Sofia Lopez
>Aliases: Melody, Banshee, Mimic
>Birthpace/Origin: San Francisco
>Age: 16
>Powers: Her Voice (Various effects)
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Popular Girls
>Short Bio: Daughter of a Siren. Sofia is a born singer, possessing a perfect voice for it. Her powers activated on the stage, thankfully, singing a gentle song. Upon finishing the song, she realised everybody in the room had fallen asleep. She has had a few accidents at the school. Raising her voice has shattered windows and singing certain songs can make people depressed or terrified. Once, someone jumped out to scare her, and her scream knocked out everyone around her and hospitalised herself. As such, when speaking normally, Sofia feels the need to whisper somewhat. She can also mimic the voices and sounds of others to perfection, using it to creep people out sometimes.
>Motivations: Wishes to sing on stage without fear of harming others. Her gentle songs have made her music tutor cry with joy many times.
>Secret or Hidden Info: She is very much capable of singing a death note. With her current control, however, it is just as likely to kill her as anyone else.
File: kevin-pun-icequeen-2019-1.jpg (746 KB, 1920x2250)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
>Name: Ashley Johnson
>Aliases: Ice Queen (junior), Cold Hearted Bitch (not to her face)
>Birthplace/Origin: Tampa Bay Florida
>Age: 18
>Powers: Invulnerability, Heat Absorption , Super Strength (relative to heat absorbed), Cold immunity, an almost supernatural ability to find a person's insecurities.
>Occupation: Student, Head Cheerleader
>Cliques: Preps, Cheerleaders Jocks, Legacy
>Short Bio: Ashley J. Inherited hey powers from her mother. Signs indicate that she will do surpass her mother in strength, a heroine who often makes the global "top ten" lists. She has always acted as a like a queen bee, and considered herself and Jack Hogan to be the Queen and King of the school. That is until Jack Broke up with her and started dating that ridiculous tin can Tina. She doesn't even have real boobs! She's been taking out her frustrations on the other students, bullying them, but never physically. The targets of her harassment would generally have preferred a quick beating instead. Passing comments in the hall are known to reduce students to tears, and often take days off school.
>Motivations: Reassert dominance over the school. Find a new, hotter, more popular boyfriend
>Secret or Hidden Info: She's an "extremophile" she loves freakish body types. Jaws, Defective, Golaxor, and even Meltdown's burn scars do way more for her then abs and a pretty face. But to keep up appearances and maintain status she dates only the most conventionally attractive boys.
>Once, someone jumped out to scare her, and her scream knocked out everyone around her and hospitalised herself.
This is a really cool draw back. Huge clunky noise cancelling headphones so she doesn't hurt herself.
>Name: Cillian Fey
>Aliases: VP, Ghostboy
>Birthplace/Origin: Salem, MA
>Age: 18
>Powers: Communication and Abjuration of the unrestful dead
>Occupation: Student, student council vice president
>Cliques: Student Council, popular kids, movie club
>Short Bio: Cillian is overworked and underappreciated. He's successfully run 2 student president campaigns and expects to do so again after the latest prez graudated. There isn't a student as politically savvy as Cillian.
>Motivations: Recognition, power, and achievements.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Involved with the movie club. Really likes shitty ghost hunting shows. Doesn't actually want to be a politician, wants to make documentaries.
File: large_3345002826.jpg (99 KB, 1024x768)
99 KB
>Name: Dweezl Mandark
>Aliases: Stalwart Defender (self), Nerd Hulk (everyone else)
>Birthplace/Origin: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
>Age: 15
>Powers: Ability to transform into an almost unstoppable super human muscle bound monster
>Occupation: Student- Sophomore
>Cliques: Nerds
>Short Bio: Dweezl has one of the most powerful abilities in the school. But has been like control over it. When he first developed the power, he accidentally put this mother in the ICU. The guilt over nearly killing her has created an almost insurmountable mental block. He can't use his power, even in self defense. a fact many of his tormentors know. The only time he can will himself to transform is when someone else is in danger. So bullies tend to isolate him before the abuse.
>Motivations: To help others, GM a whole season without stuttering, maybe get a girlfriend
>Secret or Hidden Info: Usually stays in the dorms, things with his mother are still weird and going home hurts. Once spent a week in a juvenile mental health center after Ashley J. told him he was "A total ladykiller"
>Name: Hannah Stevens
>Aliases: Daybreak(er)
>Birthpace/Origin: Canada
>Powers: Ridiculously Overpowered Energy Blasts
>Occupation: Student Council Treasurer
>Cliques: Student Council, Meditation Club
>Short Bio: One of the most powerful energy-emission type superhumans ever born, definitely the highest in raw output. And she knows it. Cocky and brash, tends to taunt students if they fail at something. Doesn't like physical conflict, instead using her position as Treasurer to stranglehold different clubs into subservience. Less of a bitch when you get to know her, but just slightly.
>Motivations: Graduate, become a search and rescue/disaster response hero, maintain the respect of herself and the Student Council
>Secret or Hidden Info: Terrified of the effects of her powers ever since she vaporized her dog, the couch, her dad's left arm, the wall behind the couch, and everything for half a mile into the woods on accident. Has very little control over the power of her blasts, and her minimum setting is still the equivalent of several pounds of c4, if it doesn't accidentally get overcharged because of emotions or chance. Has promised herself to never use her power on another person, or even in general, and is lashing out from fear and her lack of control. Only growing stronger, with a higher maximum (and minimum) over time. Will likely bluescreen if she ever hurts somebody with her power, 50/50 odds if she drops out or goes on a rampage afterwards.
>Name: Mathew Spencer
>Aliases: Handy Man
>Birth Place/Origin: Country and state which no longer exist.
>Powers: Object Repair (Sends the object back through time to when it wasn’t broken).
>Occupation: Janitorial
>Cliques: *Grumbles*
>Short Bio: Spencer’s been an old man for as long as anyone who’s known of him can remember. One of the first staff members recruited for the academy.
>Motivations: His pension.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Mathew collects stylized high end manikins. Dresses them up in the students discarded clothes.
>Name: Helena Schwarz
>Aliases: none on file.
>Birth Place/Origin: Munich, Bavaria (Germany).
>Powers: Mental/Physical Potential Limiter/Limit Remover (Hypnotic Suggestion). Magical Power Infuser (Alchemical Creations).
>Occupation: Counselor.
>Cliques: Teachers, At risk students.
>Short Bio: Graduating top of her class mit Auszeichnung, Helena went on to specialize in psychiatric care and treatment of high level athletes, battle tested veterans, and the fringes of humanity and super-humanity, with a particular focus on the most extreme and troubling of cases. She’s takes her work very seriously, and conducts herself with meticulous unceasing care, professionalism, and a lollipop when dealing with her patients.
>Motivations: Every case is its own reward when dealing with the young super heroic minds of the future.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Spent some years at a nudist colony. Some habits die hard. Takes some liberties to slake her curiosity when it comes to the psychoactive and hypnotic treatment plans she provides for certain cases.
File: Phoenix-flame-girl.jpg (394 KB, 1680x1050)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Here's Thunderbird's writer, coming up with the student council president since no one has claimed the role yet

>Name: Huang Wu
>Aliases: Phoenix, Vermillion Bird
>Birthpace/Origin: San Francisco's China town
>Age: 17
>Powers: Phoenix flames that can both burn and heal ; Phoenix Transformation ; minor super strenght and agility ; kung fu mastery
>Occupation: Student, second year ; Student Council President
>Cliques: Student Council
>Short Bio: The lone daughter of a family of rich immigrants, she was the little local blessed child of the San Francisco Chinese community even before her powers awakened. Studious, no-nonsense, prideful, beautiful to make all the prep girls green with jealousy, she was a perfect fit as the student council president. Has somewhat of rivalry with Thunderbird over influence in the student body ; she is convinced with a passion that the underground fight club is a threat to the school's integrity and dedicates most of her efforts to bring it down, often at the disservice of her other duties.
>Motivations: To bring honor to the family name ; bring down the underground fighting ring
>Secret or Hidden Info: Is really just tsundere for Thunderbird, who she begrudgedly respect for his strenght, altruism and dedication as a hero, and it is said they even have history from back in first year. Her so-called rivalry with him is really just her way to deny her feelings to herself. Also believes that the reason the principal unofficaly endorse the fight club is that Thunderbird may owe a favour of some sort to Painkiller in exchange of the fight club being alowed to exist.
we're voting on the student council president, the document's above
>writes his OC a thematically appropriate waifu
not cool, man. Thunderbird was already too protagonisty, but this is too far.
>Name: Tatiana Rowe
>Aliases: Tay
>Birthplace/Origin: Tampa Bay, Florida
>Powers: Flight, enhanced agility, enhanced flexibility
>Occupation: Student, Cheer Squad's main flyer
>Cliques: Preps, jocks, cheerleaders
>Short Bio: Grew up with Ashley J in Florida, and has been her right hand man, second in command, and confidante ever since. Seems totally chill with not being the boss of anything.
>Motivations: Just wants to have fun and live a life of ease and comfort
>Secret Info: Cooks & Bakes for the Cheer Squad when they're on trips, has fucked half the football team and their girlfriends too. Participates in the fight club.
Then maybe just vice president of something. Also how can i rewrite her to be more than just waifu bait ?
I have to agree; this is kinda too far. Back to the drawing board and rework phoenix into someone that doesn't exist purely to fluff thunderbird yeah?
I can give it a shake if you want a different take
Give her some flaws, man. Actual ones, as well, not just being a japanese waifu stereotype. Maybe she's taken on a ridiculous courseload because of her parents and the stress is getting to her, maybe she's got a pathological need to be on top of everything, and is seething that she isn't student council president, whatever; just give her something.

And honestly, Thunderbird is already going to get involved with any potential fight club plots, you really don't need to tie him in to the central person in the Student Council, especially not when the extent of any scenario between them would be "the president wants his dick".
Right. Let's not include this character as is.

Go for it
File: zhuque.jpg (1.23 MB, 3984x2000)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
>Name: Huang Wu
>Aliases: Phoenix, Zhuque
>Birthplace/Origin: San-Fran's Chinatown
>Age: 17
>Powers: Extremely hot magical fire, fiery wings, and kung-fu mastery
>Occupation: Student, Running for Student Council President
>Short Bio: Huang was born to rich immigrants. She was raised with traditional chinese discipline and a drive for perfectionism. She is hot-headed and overbearing, but nobody can argue that she doesn't accomplishes her goals.
>Motivations: Perfectionism, recognition, and accomplishments.
>Secret or Hidden Info: The secret to her parent's wealth is that they're heavily involved with the Triads. They've kept her insulated from their crimes, but one can't be kept in the dark forever.
>Cute cheerleader
>Participates in underground fight ring
>Name: Miranda Hikifune
>Aliases: Rabble Rouser
>Birth Place/Origin: Los Angeles, California.
>Powers: Super Speed. Clone Creation (up to 10 Concurrently).
>Occupation: High School Student, Second Year.
>Cliques: Prep. Jocks.
>Short Bio: A lover of all things drama, Mirai (more commonly Miranda) can’t help stick her nose in every little thing that could possible be considered interesting or scandalous. Especially loves it when people are talking about her. Loves playing match maker.
>Motivations: Causing problems. Catching people in compromising positions. PDA.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Has a hard drive full of all the voyeurous pics and vids she’s taken during her time enrolled in the academy.
>Name: Joseph Parker
>Aliases: changes hero names a lot, current favorite is "Superest Hero - Invincible Terror!"
>Birthplace/Origin: Minnesota
>Powers: GUTS! (Actually, he's got no physical boosts at all) and the BURNING! WILL! OF! JUSTICE! (can redirect energy from things he touches into other forms at high efficiencies, the rest of the energy becomes green tracers of flame)
>Occupation: Student, Cosplayer
>Cliques: Japanese Culture Appreciation Club
>Short Bio: An incredibly chunibyo, who's convinced himself he's got some of the strongest powers in the school due to him being relatively unimpressive otherwise. Surprisingly immune to bullying due to sheer force of autism. Overweight, cringey, quite a ham.
>Motivations: Become the King of Heroes! (doesn't want to listen to reason and accept that heroes are actually a democratic republic)
>Secret or Hidden Info: A genuinely good person, and surprisingly clever when not deluding himself. If brought back to earth, could legitimately be one of the greatest heroes by virtue of versatility, drive, and intellect, but he'll never achieve that on his own.
>Name: Erica Foster
>Aliases: -Redacted- Otter Girl (back when she was in High School).
>Birth Place/Origin: Fresno, California
>Powers: Low Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability. Immune to temperatures nearing 0 Kelvin, immense pressure (high), the void of space (limited). Super Human Sense (Vibration).
>Occupation: Swim Team Coach. Aquatic Combat Instructor. Cheer Coach (Assistant).
>Cliques: Teachers. Security. Jocks.
>Short Bio: A relatively new teacher. A sweat lady and well loved by most of the students and staff. Everyone loves when she subs for their class. Can be surprisingly stern and intimidating once you’ve become accustomed to her generally kind and soft demeanor/teaching methods. Somewhat secretly self conscious about her figure, can be found in the pool or in the gym even when not teaching. She enjoys her job, and the experiences she’s having with the kids, the good the bad and the ugly.
>Motivations: Be a better teacher. Stop downing herself so much (Hippo Girl, Shamu, Sea World, Sea Cow, Elephant Seal, Beached). Get out more. Figure out what she wants to do.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Taken out of an early retirement after she discovered she was barren and her marriage fell apart. Shes formerly served a 6 year contract in the United States Navy, under their superhuman integration and augmentation program. Friendly connections got her a position here, and dealing with so many kids and young adults has helped her in more ways then one.
Very good ! I validate.
>Name: Jill Valentine
>Aliases: Buffalo Jill
>Birth Place/Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada.
>Powers: Supernatural Marksmenship. Superhuman Senses (Sight)(Navigation).
>Occupation: Teacher, Marksmenship.
>Cliques: School Faculty. Gun Enthusiasts.
>Short Bio: Never held a gun until her 21st birthday, Jill has since been paying off her college loans and bar tabs by giving private lessons to the wealthy and well armed. Enjoys crossword puzzles. Enjoys puzzles in general. Proud of her body.
>Motivations: Money. Housing and furnishing catalogues/advertisements. Tours through large houses/facilities.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Terminally horny. Has never been kissed. She was just a fat and pimply mutant with weak powers until after college. Sexually frightened of men, the best she can do so far is awkwardly flirt. Never actually received a degree. Lived with her sister and her family to save money before moving into the dorms.
File: Spoiler Image (1.41 MB, 2140x1846)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
[Spoiler]forgot accompanying pic
>Name: Blue Dalton
>Aliases: Refocus
>Birthplace/Origin: North Dakota
>Powers: Self-focused Mind Manipulation (can manipulate time from her own perspective, view her memories in perfect clarity, selectively block out stimuli, etc.), perfect self-control
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Self-Improvement Club, normies
>Short Bio: Considered bipolar by most of the school, swings from nice and happy to cold and violent at the drop of a hat. In the running for "Nicest Tits on Campus". Has some of the highest grades in the school, because she can review her textbooks in class at her leisure.
>Motivations: Graduate, fight supervillains and monsters and kaiju and whatever else.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Adrenaline junkie, addicted to fighting and conflict, currently storming up the rankings in the Fight Club. Split her personality in two with her powers a long time ago to survive an abusive household, merged herself back together but it's left marks.
>just has her big titties hanging out
Of no relation to >>74093930.
Also more of Pvt. Pile than a Dolph Lundgren.
>that’s what makes it so invigorating.
>Name: Manfred Burns
>Aliases: Debugger
>Birthpace/Origin: Sector Sigma-13
>Age: 45
>Powers: Mechanical Mastery, Peak Human Form, Painless, MacGyvering, Master of Improvised Weaponry
>Occupation: Shop Teacher/Robot Repairman
>Cliques: Staff, gear heads, synthetic beings
>Short Bio: Originally just an engineer on an experimental research space station, a teleportation technology accident flung him to this plan of existence. After making a small fortune selling off the "Mundane, day to day junk" in his pockets to technology RnD groups, went to work as a repair man for all the crazy super science devices that kept threatening the world. Took a job at Super High because someone needs to make sure the sapient machines in the student body get proper repairs
>Motivations: Finding a way back to his own reality, or finding someone worth settling down here for.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Has contingency plans to terminate every single AI on campus with ruthless efficiency, and carries a disassembled WMD in his toolbox in case he needs to glass a few kilometers for the safety of the planet
I would love to throw something like this together but I have absolutely no idea what program to use or how to format something that doesn't look like absolute dogshit.
Would be receptive to an apprenticeship, if >>74083811 is open to creepy old German woman doctor.
File: Rockgolem.jpg (98 KB, 500x500)
98 KB
>Name: Alfred O'Del
>Aliases: Heavy Metal
>Birthpace/Origin: Seattle, Washington
>Age: 17
>Powers: Titanic Transformation, musical virtuoso
>Occupation: Student, garage band member
>Cliques: Band geeks, rockers, punks, marching band
>Short Bio: Alfred always had a burning love for music, and spent his childhood learning how to play anything and everything that he could get his hands on. His super power manifested at his first concert, where he nearly crushed a large portion of the audience if not for the intervention of a super in attendance. Since then, he's made sure to constantly wear noise cancelling headgear, making sure he doesn't hear any music over 100 decibels, the trigger for his transformation. Is a short, pudgy kid otherwise.
>Motivations: Going triple platinum and starting his own recording company
>Secret or Hidden Info: Is stupid rich off music royalties, but doesn't tell anyone because he likes being seen as that grungy punk rock kid.
>Alfred O
Lol dork is named after some pasta.
Okay so I actually DID throw something together on a whim. Before everyone starts complaining that their super isn't showing up on the list: I CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE THE SUPERS FROM THE PDFS POSTED HERE >>74085946 >>74085995

I figured I'd make a trial run and if everyone thinks it's not necessary/looks ugly I don't have to sit through literally hundreds of names again. I slammed the faculty and students into different lists, along with a mock plot hook generator I threw together in literally 5 minutes. The formatting is kind of bad since it was a pain to do, but for example you would use the formula:
>Someone + Problem + With + TMMW
So for example say you roll a 2, 5, 1, 7.

So A student (Which you would then roll on the student chart) knows a dirty rumor about a faculty member (Who you would roll on the faculty chart), and because of it a club may or may not be angered. It's up to you to fill in the blanks, obviously. Other charts like Villians, clubs, and student council will become available as things become more organized. Ooh and if anyone asks the "1d(#)" is just a placeholder because I have no idea how big each list is going to get.

I also need ideas for plot hooks, and if anyone has a better idea for the column names. Either way use this I guess for writing dirty fanfics about your supers or whatever the hell else you'd ever want a big random generator of names for.
>Name: Terra Hart
>Aliases: Fortuna
>Birthplace/Origin: Pennsylvania
>Powers: Unconscious Probability Manipulation
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: Normies, Faculty, Self-Defense Club
>Short Bio: Terra never knew she had superpowers until after she defeated her four villains, seemingly on accident and with environmental effects. She was then welcomed into Super High, on the grounds that she clearly has some sort of power, even if it's unconscious. She's been loudly critical of this decision, but doesn't really have another choice - as long as people believe she has powers, she's liable for any collateral damage, and she can't pay off the sewer main explosion or the bus crash without the schools' help.
>Motivations: Get off this crazy ride and prove to everybody she doesn't have powers without dying, or something else stupid.
>Secret or Hidden Info: She's entirely correct. she doesn't have powers, and everything surrounding her has just been one incredible fluke. Will her luck hold, or will she perish?
I like it.
Well have to update in were with the next version of the pdf.

More charts for Bullies, Victims, and random members of various cliques and clubs.

Could even go DnD and have Charts based on school locations like. You've not a good chance if running into Big Him Iron Woman or another Gym teacher in the gym, Jaws in the pool, etc.

It looks like we've got about a hundred NPCs. Not counting what's in this thread. This pleases my autism.
>Name: Gordon Williams
>Aliases: Lodestone
>Birthplace/Origin: Lansing, MI
>Age: 17
>Powers: Gravity Manipulation. Minor Superhuman Durability and Strength.
>Occupation: Student (reluctantly)
>Cliques: Loner, but malleable and can be found as an acquaintance to many groups.
>Short Bio: Gordon is a rather lazy individual, and while he has no superhuman intelligence, he is quite intelligent at a more 'human' level. This has led him to finding most classwork in general to be either be exceedingly boring, or above his weight class. Due to this, he tends to take the lowest-level of classes so he doesn't need to exert much effort. This actually had led into how he carries himself in school as well, tending to not use the full limits of his ability whenever benchmarks or measurements are shown, solely so he doesn't have to have the 'responsibility' of having to keep pushing himself to keep meeting the higher standards that would be set for him.
That being said, he actually does have a lot of raw power, but given that he rarely pushes himself, it's something that very few know about.
>Motivations: He wants to be done and out of school and on his own, and march to the beat of his own drum. He isn't exactly pushing for the hero life, but he wouldn't complain if he fell into it, but would prefer to play a supporting role rather than be in the limelight, even if has the power for it.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Knows of the Fight Club but doesn't participate. Has a friend that knows just how strong he is that pushes him to participate but Gordon sees little reason to. He has also started to find he /does/ enjoy watching the try-hards being forced into a kneeling position.
File: Scarebear.jpg (16 KB, 340x467)
16 KB
>Name: Erlich Shawnee
>Aliases: The Bear, the Grizzly Man
>Birthplace/Origin: New York City, New York
>Age: Fifty-six
>Powers: No supernatural, paranormal, or metahuman abilities: only an adept skill at physical combat and endurance. Favorite weapon is the crowbar and pipe wrench.
>Occupation: At-risk-youth counselor and vigilante
>Cliques: Former member of the Friendly Neighborhood and the Beasts of Night, two local New York City and Long Island street crews that fought crime
>Short Bio: Erlich grew up with serious drug addiction and poverty, and was homeless for most of his life. This all changed when he oversaw a woman being assaulted by a man in a car. In a drunken stupor he defended her, breaking the man's jaw with a brick. Unbeknownst to him, the man was a very powerful son of a local crime family, and the homeless Erlich was branded as a dead man. The woman happened to own a Halloween store, and gifted him Erlich a cheap bear suit to hide his identity in. For the next year, Erlich survived hitman after hitman only with brute strength and his own wits, until he realized that he could make a difference by keeping the people of New York City safe from criminals as The Bear. When not fighting crime, Erlich works as a counselor to at-risk youth to keep them out of gangs and clean of drugs.
>Motivations: To prevent children from ending up homeless and addicted like he was throughout his early life and to protect innocent people from violence and crime
>Secret or Hidden Info: The woman he saved who lent him his original bear costume would marry him when he was thirty one years old. She actually was the daughter of a small-time Italian crime family who had connections to the man who nearly assaulted her. Aware of this, Erlich actually had a peaceful sit down with her father and talked him out of his life of crime, and now they put their resources towards children's charities and helping the community.
Thanks, I plan on cleaning it up and adding more shit as we go. I don't know how established of a setting OP is really going for, considering he's mostly just looking for a big list that he can pull from whenever he wants, but it feels like everyone else really really wants to make this a setting.
Hey, it's the guy who posted
So it seems that we've got a Male Student Body Leader with intense Telekinetic abilities, I'd try and give him more but it seems that all the other potential powers are equal or at no votes.

Either way, before we get into putting him together there's one last question that has to be sorted, His Personality, I'm thinking:
>A Gruff No nonsense guy who's trying to Crack-Down on the "Illegal Superhero Fighting Ring"
But I'd still like the info from all the other people here as to whether or not to go with this.
Any and all ideas welcome mates.
Yeah. I was thinking that some setting specific stuff might crop up while these are made.

I might write up a simple generic suggested setting. With some of the stuff mentioned in other posts. Like the Department of Paranormal Affairs and some rival super schools.
Do we have stats for any of these characters?
If he tries to crack down on the fight club:
> Rivals with Thunderbird in combat and for influence in the student body

> Suspects without much proof that the principal supports unoffically the fight club ; his main theory has to why would be that Thunderbird owes a favour of some sort to Painkiller in exchange of the fight club being allowed to exist
They're meant to be system Agnostic.

I'm going to be running the game in Hero System. My rough guide is 150pt freshmen, with +40 points a year (or 20 a semester) and 400-500pt teachers.
>Somewhat of a control freak and a killjoy ; well-intentioned but obsessed over the maintainance of order, at the detriment of the students' liberties.
>Essentially, an Order vs Chaos dynamic that ultimately balance out each other
He doesn't exist to be thunderbird's adversary, please remember that.
I was kinda thinking that maybe the school is in the period between student council presidents and we have several characters running for the position, like I did with the reworked Phoenix. It would allow for people to put forth their ideas of a prez and would save us all from having to pick between them.
Yeah. Elections could be a fun part of a game, with the players picking and campaigning for different students. Each with outlandish promises they probably can't keep.
Alright then, we'll make this guy the previous School Council President who is currently backing one of the new candidates, we'll mkae it he was forced to leave after finding out that the Principal was allowing the Illegal Super-Fight-Ring, he's currently trying to get Quandry's help in tracking the Fighting Ring down and ending it before he finishes his final year of Super-School, so he can leave after proving that he can be a true hero
Nothing says he couldn't be up for re-election, with the election promise that he'd finally end the cruel and unlawful fighting ring.
I also made this bloke >>74093833 here who has a lot of experience being VP, he'd be looking for the right candidate to put his political acumen behind.
Saw this, couldn't resist writing a bit

Lunch time was the best time. Only comparable to dinner time. Breakfast time was terrible, no one wanted to be awake that early, and no amount of quality cooking could offset the endless sensation of wanting to go crawl back under sheets and get few more hours of sleep that filled the cafeteria. No, lunch time was when the students were at their liveliest, where the emotions of the day were vivid and bright, the maelstrom of hopes, worries, joys, sorrows, friendship and animosity. It was more effective a pick me up than any chemical stimulant she had been offered, not that they worked on her unless tailor made, battery acid for blood and all.

Every day was cuisine from another continent of the world, to ensure the students could either get a taste of home, or a bit of the exotic. The confusion mingled with disgust turning to joy and desire for more always put a smile on her face. Not everything was perfect, however.

There was one among them she... hated. Yes, hated was the only word she could think of for such an emotion. She felt it, often muddled and tinged with undercurrents of a dozen and one conflicting emotions coming from the student body, but rarely did she just feel hate, unabashed and pure. And never did she think she'd feel it coming from herself. She wanted everyone to love her, and you can't be loved if you hate. But one of them... one of them drove her to hate. Not because what she had said or done to her, the only foundation she felt you could build a hate upon, but because of the emotions that oozed off of her, like a cloud of pheromones.

For she was a queen, the matron of a wonderful brood of daughters who worked diligently throughout the day to ensure tomorrow's menu was fully stocked. She only have four hands, after all, and some of those roasts required a day or more to become melting off the bone tender. But there could only be one queen in a hive, and she sensed another.
I like it a lot.

I might make one from Ashley J.'s perspective. I'd do one now. But my phone is dying.

It was the unmistakable sense of superiority, authority, expectation and control that radiated off the icy girl that drove her hate. Like a beacon through the fog of emotions, she could pinpoint it even beyond the edge of her normal empathetic perception, a glaring affront to her existence that every primordial fiber of her being told her to snuff out.

Luckily, she had enough control of crush those urges. She did everything she could to fixate on other tasks, other people, other feelings, but she could never fully take her mind off it. She had to even put a oven mitt on her bladed tail tip more than once, her body reacting unconsciously to her mind's objection. That poor soup pot, it had done nothing to warrant such a grisly end.

Her hatred came to full boil, however, when she felt the rival queen enter HER lunch line, deciding after so many months to try food fit for those she felt contempt for. Beneath that sensation of royalty, she could feel something else wafting off them, but her sensation of hatred made reading it far too difficult. With each filled tray and cheerful "Enjoy your meal, little one!" she could feel it growing stronger, but still was at a loss for what it was.

Finally, the offender stood before her, and only her industrial strength facemask concealed the peeled back snarl and second month that inched out slowly, eagerly wishing nothing more than to dart forward and dash the offender's brain upon the floor. To rid herself of this sensation, she would take a life, just... this... once.

Standing to her full height, head lowered to bring her crest to full display, and sickle like claws straining against the urge to slash and tear, she finally felt something that eclipsed the unwarranted sense of royalty about the rival queen. It blinded her perception for a moment, washing everything out into a hazy blur. Lust. For her.
Okay, Here's what I got for our Ex-President so far
>Name: Daniel Bright/ Darni Bright
>Aliases: Captain Bright, Prez (former), Ex-Prez
>Birthplace/Origin: The Blue Habitat on Titan
>Age: 18
>Powers: High level Telekinesis, Remote Sensing via bouncing his telekinetic waves off of objects like a sonar, above regular human strength and speed
>Occupation: Student, School Council President (former), Envoy for the Cridion race to Earth
>Cliques: School Council, Disciplinary Comity, Tabletop Club
>Short Bio: The grandson of the original Captain Bright, the Silver Age Space hero, Daniel Bright grew up with a sense of Legacy and responsibility that one day he would receive the mantle of Captain Bright, to that end he has honed his body, mind, and even spirit in order to fulfil this duty, this has, however, made him a rather stiff and unmoving individual, incapable of the slightest budge to his ideology and understanding of what is right, and what is wrong, it is this belief in an undeniable form of justice that caused him to lose his former position as School Council President as he refused to back down on his fight to dismantle the "Illegal Super-Fighting Ring", even after his dismissal from office he has refused to quit, taking it upon himself to put together a task-force of like minded super-teens to uncover and finally destroy the Super-Fighting Ring
>Motivations: To Prove his worthiness as a successor to the title of Captain Bright and to defeat the evils of the Super-Fighting Ring that operates in his school
>Secret Info: Is functionally blind, developed his Telekinetic sonar as a way to cope, possess' a massive inferiority complex to the great deeds of the other members of his family, and has a not so secret love of tabletop wargames
So, what's the setting like for this school?
it's kind of a thing we're patching together as we go
File: Spoiler Image (545 KB, 900x1237)
545 KB
545 KB JPG

Of all emotions she felt, those she caused were the sharpest, the brightest, and the most intense. Having her existence as the foundation of the emotion, it resonated like a bell being rung in her mind, bouncing back and forth in a feedback loop. It was why she tried so very hard to be so very nice, non-threatening, and joy inducing as possible. The better people felt about her, the better she felt.

And she was no stranger to lust. By the Queen Mother, she worked in a high school, not a minute went by where she wasn't damn near drowning in the ocean of hormonal desire. It might as well be the air she (technically didn't) need to breath at this point. Like the smell of one's house, you eventually go nose blind to it.

But to have it focused on her, to feel the bounce about within her, growing louder and louder with each passing moment she looked down at this rival queen. She could still feel her hatred, somewhere, buried beneath the collapsed building of her senses, clawing and scrabbling it's way back out, but for now all that she could feel was absolute confusion. Her tail stilled, her jaw relaxed and she just stood there for a blank moment.

Here before her stood the object of the only hatred she had ever borne to a student. An exceptional one as well, if what she had heard in the staff lounge was true. Also one that left a wake of sorrow, self doubt, and despair in her wake, like a baleful comet to all her senses. And yet, how could she hate someone who had just presented her with such a unique and unexpected experience?

Eventually, after maybe half a minute of being locked in her own mind, using every ounce of her will to silence the tone ringing through her mind, she leaned on the counter, eye to faceplate with her rival queen, and asked

"What do you... want, little princess?"
>Extra extra, read all about it!
>Frosty Bitch caught fucking the lunch aliens!
Oh awesome! I'm forming a superhero school setting from my discord games. It takes place in the same universe as my webcomic. Feel free to take anything you like for this project. I'll see if I can make someone new for this project.


File: 1515227777800.jpg (115 KB, 769x1500)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>Name: Sophia Klein
>Aliases: Brave
>Birthplace/Origin: "Far away."
>Age: 18 (but takes remedial courses in a lot of subjects)
>Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Low-Grade Invulnerability, Enhanced Physical Combat, Low-Level Lightning and Healing Magic
>Occupation: Student, has a part-time job
>Cliques: Athletes, film snobs
>Short Bio: A hero from a high fantasy world of magic and monsters, summoned to Earth by unknown means. After hearing about her situation, the government placed her with a host family and sent her to school. Her magic is much weaker on Earth than it was back home (the cause of much consternation), but when asked about returning home, she just shook her head. She believes that the fact that she's on Earth instead of home means that someone there needs her help, and leaving would mean abandoning whoever needs her.
>Motivations: Becoming an established hero to continue the work she did back home, learning how to fit in, figuring out this whole "calculus" thing.
>Secret or Hidden Info: She had a sword when she showed up on Earth, but it was lost in the chaos. She's deeply embarrassed by having lost her weapon, and concerned that a magical artifact is loose on Earth.
Can you give us a quick setting run down?
File: fadbef_7762569.jpg (305 KB, 2048x1152)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>Name: Victoria Turner
>Aliases: Goodbye
>Birthpace/Origin: Miami
>Age: 16
>Powers: Anyone that interacts directly with her dies after leaving her immediate surroundings
>Occupation: Student
>Cliques: None
>Short Bio: Victoria stays inside her side of the female dorm, which has been adapted to contain everything she needs in order for her not to leave and accidentally murder someone just by having them say hi to her. Only has online classess, and spends most of her time playing videogames or dissociating
>Motivations: Just to feel someone there with her without them dying
>Secret or Hidden Info: Ethan Smith met her by chance in a game lobby, and they even decided to meet personally after finding out they are in the same school. Nowadays, it is not rare to see the lad drop dead right as he leaves Victoria's room after hanging out These interactions have made Victoria more aware that there may be ways for her to live a more normal life, and she has decided to try and learn to control her power, but she is conflicted about asking Ethan to be is practice partner, feeling that he already has enough dying as it is

"Obviously just some sensational news rag, meant to undermine the girl's reputation. Obviously.

>Claims of "Dozens of cats, that look like Defective!" unsubstantiated, after reporter found cocooned in bedroom
>The school is a giant skyscraper in Rhode Island. Very Wayside School.
>Students are given both a general curriculum and an individualized curriculum tailored to their powers and needs.
>Superhumans have been a thing since 1850. >Technology is highly advanced. Old age is a curable condition and old fogey superheroes from the 40's are still around because of it. Everyone can access the noosphere, a kind of wifi telepathy. Teleportation is a thing, and it allows for students to enter mentorships with future employers.
>It is possible for basics--normies--to develop superpowers through technology, and some students enhance their natural superpowers by developing more superpowers.
>Superheroics are a thing, but most students, particularly the girls, don't plan on becoming superheroes.
>Superhumans are integrated into the economy. The Statesmen organization, founded in the 1930's, works to find and create jobs for superhumans.
>USA and Japan have extremely few laws restricting the use of superpowers. Other countries are more strict.

If you got anymore questions, feel free to ask!
Unlike hard-ass editor Maria Cruz, Riley Roux quite enjoys rumours and is still friends with Ashley R. for the explicit purpose of hearing rumours and drinking cheap white wine.
>Old Age is a curable condition
Wouldn't that lead to serious overpopulation?
Also, how far reaching is the human race in your storyline, they started colonising other planets yet, they still pulled down by Earth's gravity?
How kitchen-sinky is the setting, you said people can "Develop" powers, so is it strictly genetics and robotics or can you have mystics, aliens and weilders of artifacts?
>Team of supers with plant based powers working farms that produce harvests in days, not months
>Super genius engineers crack the square cubed law, sky scrappers that are kilometres tall in every city
>Super powered mining companies extracting minerals from the upper mantle
>Super strength training harnessed as a means to turn dynamos and power cities

Once you throw supers into the mix, a lot of the mundane bottlenecks for population size being a problem get thrown out the window.
File: The-Firsts-2.jpg (84 KB, 602x496)
84 KB
>Wouldn't that lead to serious overpopulation?
Teleportation tech and knowledge of the multiverse means it's not a big deal at all.

>How kitchen-sinky is the setting?
Incredibly so. The official explanation for superpowers is that they're gifts an uber-race of extradimensional gave to the first sapients of the multiverse but got locked away by their masters in an astral-physical barrier called the Archon Walls or Time Walls. They feared the uber-race was becoming too like mortals and decided to separate the two races forever.

Superpowers are thought-responsive wads of do-anything that can manifest in a variety of ways. The traditional way, called primary hyperstasis, involves you suddenly developing superpowers through an epiphany or a near death experience.

Humans have had more than a century to study superpowers, so they know how to mess with the astral to induce certain superpowers, most often telepathy which is dirt common now.

A more technical overview is here:


Magic came about from humans directly contacting the astral with their minds and creating mental pathways that others could follow. It's extremely powerful and requires intense discipline and practice. Just look at how much this poor guy suffered for magic:

I mean it's a cool concept but why the FUCK would a school take on a student who not only can't be taught traditionally but has a very, very high chance of accidentally murdering both their faculty and student body?
They literally have to keep this student in a super-proof bubble and teach her with robots that continually malfunction and try to kill her, forcing the other students to get involved, the students that accidentally pierced the her bubble while fighting always die in the battle or shortly afterwards
The Principal is okay with it and treats it as a learning experience
Exactly! That's the kind of "thinking with superpowers" I like to put in my setting. Think DC but it's brighter and things actually get better over time instead of everything staying the same until the 30th century.

Last game session involved a barbecue at the school where students used their superpowers to create different kinds of grills. One team used flying powers to turn a bunch of clouds into a grill design and cooked the patties by accelerating fast.
File: Joule.png (39 KB, 629x1216)
39 KB
Should have used better robots.

Pic related is Joule, teachers aide and factotum of Martin's School.

The kids love her.
>The Kids love breaking her
>The Robotics teacher, you know, the insane one, keeps putting her back together more dnagerous then last time
>Still hasn't changed her personality chip from the bubbly personality she has
Lunch was her time. When the queen held court.

She liked to use her power. Not a lot, just a bit. Enough to drop the temperature in the room just a few degrees. Like a herald, the cool air announced her arrival.

She reveled in it. The slight hush that fell over the lunch room. The heads turned to look at her. She could turn heads without her power, but she liked to give them the advance warning. It built anticipation. Anticipation brought all the fears and desires to the surface, easier to stoke or squash. She could see in a dozens of faces. Boys looking on with lust or desire. Girls with envy or nervous inadequacies. A mixture of fear and awe in both.

She could almost taste it. The ripples her mere presence send through the student body, her subjects, on the way to her table.

Her table. It was unspoken law that the table was hers. No one dared approach without express invitation. Her inner court was already there. Luke, Fidel, Ashley R., Ashley I, the Whiteside sisters. The Slaughter boy might be next. He was certainly pretty enough. But he is only a sophomore. It would be a scandal. It might be worth it, to get back at Jack.

The thought darkened her mood. Jack, and his tin bimbo. No one breaks up with the Ice Queen! She didn't care about him. She didn't even like him. But it was the principal of the thing. She was the one who did the dumping. She had to restrain herself from sucking all the heat from the room.
File: neiros_sip.jpg (38 KB, 320x313)
38 KB
I'll share the other PCs. I think they do a good job of showing how damn kitchen sink the setting is.

This is Neiros. He's from a race of interdimensional beings from a dimension called the Blueprint. The beings are friendly and the school uses the Blueprint as a way to store sensitive materials (and as a shelter if attacked).

Neiros' superpower is that he's an astral projection who can manifest his dreams into reality typically by summoning weird dream creatures to do things for him. His sleeping body is stored in a secret place and if woken up, he'll lose control of his dreams and unleash them onto reality.

He teaches "Night Class", a class for telepathic dreamwalkers. He teaches them how to safely navigate the dreamlands while respecting the mental privacy of others.

The coolest part of his powers is that he's completely immune to anything he doesn't perceive or understand. An extremely powerful telepath tried to mind whammy him without success because Neiros had no idea what the hell he was doing. He was just gesturing at him and making noises.

Pic related is him at the barbecue.
Neat stuff dude, and I'm not stopping you, but do keep in mind this is a thread for making new students for a super high school, and not the all purpose /supers/ thread.

If you're gonna shill your stuff, at least post some stuff we can actually use, and not just look at.
File: neiros (1).png (935 KB, 840x1080)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
Joule is actually very...unconcerned about her wellbeing. She's one of several robots at the school. They all spawned from the same AI program and are differentiated by their different experiences. Her AI is backed up by a computer hidden in the Blueprint which she considers the equal to herself. So she's not concerned about dying. It just means a new Joule gets brought online, and that's as good as the old Joule--right?

Pic related is how Neiros and his people actually look. For obvious reasons, Neiros tends to appear as human to the kids.

Neiros is stoic and calm and serves as the straight man of the team.
Understood. I thought teachers were okay though?
They are, it's staff and students, they just didn't expand on that part
Then my guys should be okay then?
Teachers are OK. I'm refering to the fact that unless you want us to steal your OC and shove it into the school document, you might not want to be dropping your stuff.

Also I'm not sure how well all the details will come across, since these are two pretty distinct settings as set out already, and we'd need to adapt these guys to the format anyways.
Feel free to steal and modify as you like.

Just type 'em up in the format we've been using, strip the original setting off, and slap on a bit of new paint to better fit into the vagueness we've worked up so far.
>This character comes from the Blueprint
>This character comes from another universe
>This character comes from the Dreamlands
>This character comes from a dream world
This really isn't hard.
Nothing broke her cool. Nothing. Not even Jake. She put on a faint smile and pretended to listen to what Ashley R. was talking about.

A dark figure flitted at the corner of her eye. Her faint smile became real. There was another reason why she loved lunch.

The lunch lady's "daughters". Slick and black with smooth sensual chitin. She wouldn't let herself get caught starring. She even regimented her mind. A passive mental snoop would get nothing. A deeper one, she was trained enough to notice.

Still, the tantalizing glimpses where enough. Almost a strip tease. Anyone keen enough to notice her reaction would pin it on the nearby Fidel or the hunky Luke.

Still, today she wanted more. Needed more.

Don't wanna break your stride, but Defective's brood is actually a secret. The higher up staff know about them, which is why they don't ask where all the food shipments go, but the student body only know about them as gossip and rumor, something that lurks in the halls to make sure curfew is enforced.

They only come out at night,,, mostly.
She claimed that her food was no good and she'd deign to try the cafeteria food. And she was hungry. Just in a different way.

She made her way to the line. The line made it better. Anticipation. The line moved forward slowly. Agonizingly slow.

>"Enjoy your meal, little one!"

Even her voice was sensual. The words dripped like honey. Or poison.

She tried to maintain her cool. Focusing on the food choices.

>Enjoy your meal, little one!"

Her mind began to race, against her will. How could she even say the words without human lips? What sort of errotic shapes were made by her slavering jaws behind that mask?

>"Enjoy your meal, little one!"

Suddenly she was standing before her, Defect, in all her glory. She couldn't keep a lid on her feelings any more! She was beautifully monsterous. Ashley could almost feel the second set of jaws tensing behind her mask, ready to strike.

Defective seemed to rear back displaying her huge crest and wickedly sharp claws, almost as if she could sense all the feelings welling up in Ashley, and wanted to display her monstrous beauty. What happened next broke though the thinning ice and shook the Ice Queen to her core.

>"What do you... want, little princess?"
File: Joule Thinking.png (42 KB, 362x408)
42 KB
>Name: Joule
>Alias: MS-J (Module Service J)
>Birthplace/Origin: Rothschild Robotics, NJ
>Age: 40 (logged memories) 5 (new body)
>Powers: Is a highly modular robot designed to fit a variety of educational situations with her many modes.

Holopresentation mode: Can create 3D hologram lessons. Useful for when people need to look at other things.

Nurse mode: Diagnostic scanners and contactless sedative injectors that work by creating a tiny vacuum to quickly move liquid beneath skin without leaving a mark. Good for students that are afraid of needles or for people that really need to take a nap.

Hall Monitor mode: Arm turns into a cannon that shoots a breathable and hypoallergenic riot foam. No running in the halls!

Repair mode: Wheeled feet and telescopic limbs allow Joule to navigate the nooks and crannies of the school.

>Occupation: Teachers aide, handywoman, factotum.

>Cliques: Teachers, other MS.

>Short Bio: Whether her sunny, helpful disposition comes from programming or free will is a matter for philosophers. Joule likes how she is regardless of why she is. She works to make the school run smoothly by providing help to teachers however she can--as a nurse, as a handywoman, or as a walking hologram presentation. She's flexible. Joule's psychology works on first in, last out logic. She works to solve her workload as quickly and as efficiently as possible which can make her pragmatic in certain situations.

>Secrets: Joule is not the first Joule. Her AI is backed to a supercomputer and is restored in the event of an accident. The last accident was five years ago. Though some find this deeply and existentially disturbing, Joule is unconcerned. Death simply isn't something that bothers her.
Well, shit. I thought the reference to them helping cook meant they were publicly viewable.

The story isn't as good as yours, but I thought I'd try.
I guess that means they're should probably be more lunch ladies to feed the whole school.
Only cheap red wine.
I mean. They can't let get wander around. The school serves a purpose not just as a place to teach, but a way to catalogue and monitor a whole generation of super powered people with potentially dangerous powers. The school could probably set her up with a pilotable robot so she could attend class almost normally.
Hmm, true. I should have worded it better. Was still a good story, enjoyed it. And her secret was inevitable to be discovered by the Sleuths, so could just be after her secret got out.

I see them as linecooks behind the scenes. Most school cooking is stuff premade in bulk and reheated the next day. Lunch ladies just assemble the finished product and heat stuff up.
Maybe she's got enough leverage to keep it quiet. Like Quandary's secret ID. That didn't help with the mind reading Roux. Maybe good old threats and fear.

Or maybe she's out in front of it and makes sure it's never more then some mean gossip.
For her? Mentality stability, potential understanding and control, socialization and some sense of normality to keep her from turning into a psychotic mess.

For them? WMD. I am sure enough super villains have a bone to pick with many legacy students, and the fact there is a person who can kill you by talking to you and leaving the room deters any reprisal.

VR controlled drone.

I was thinking about writing up a daughter to be a student anyways. Just have the full extent of her hive be the secret.
File: Mr_Rich.png (623 KB, 1063x1488)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
>Name: Old Rich
>Alias: Unpronounceable by human tongues
>Birthplace: The Stars
>Age: Ageless
>Powers: A mass of flesh and ethereal geometries, Rich is unkillable, though he can still be incapacitated and sealed. He is capable of splitting his conscious across flower-like "flesh buds" and growing temporary organs that can grant him a variety of superpowers from flight to mindreading to energy projection.

>Occupation: History and English teacher
>Cliques: Teachers, The Dark Things of this world
>Short Bio: Old Rich was once a thing who stumbled upon this planet aeons before man evolved. A cruel, vicious creature, he tormented man's tailed ancestors. But as he exerted an influence on man, man exerted an influence on him. Gradually, he grew to first tolerate, then appreciate, then love mankind. In modern times, Rich is fiercely protective of "his" humanity viewing mankind as a beloved pet and works as a teacher to ensure humanity's future. Educated humans are less likely to die stupid, pointless deaths. He knows this from experience.
>Secrets: You'd think something would be here, but no. Rich is very open about himself and his history.
>legacy students,
I was thinking about this too. A few more would be good. To fill out "roll for a random legacy" chart for parent teacher days.
File: Emmy baseball card.png (780 KB, 2175x1737)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
>Name: Emmy
>Alias: ME (what she wrote when asked for her name, where "Em-E" comes from)
>Age: 36
>Powers: Superstrong. Has four arms. Her giant warclub is bonded to her soul and is capable of hurting what's conventionally invulnerable like ghosts. She can smell sin.
>Occupation: PE teacher, Combat instructor, Disciplinarian.
>Cliques: Teachers, Detention Regulars
>Short Bio: Abandoned, or perhaps planted, as a child on the doorstep of an orphanage, Emmy grew up in a warm environment...until her skin turned red and she sprouted another set of arms. Abandoned once again, Emmy grew up on the streets as a drifter fighting and raising hell. But with age came wisdom, and Emmy cleaned up her act after meeting a certain superhero who convinced her to fight for a better tomorrow. Now Emmy works as a disciplinarian and PE teacher. She's determined to straighten out even the most dangerous and hopeless students. She will never give up on her charges.
>Secrets: Has a soft spot for all things baseball, and once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.
>Name: Neiros
>Alias: None.
>Age: 55
>Powers: Interacts with the physical world as his body sleeps somewhere safe and secret. Can enter and travel through dreamworlds. Cannot be harmed or effected by what he does not perceive or understand. Can pull objects and creatures from his dreams into reality. If ever woken up, his dream will chaotically flood reality.
>Occupation: Psychology teacher, "Night Class" teacher.
>Cliques: Teachers, Night Class
>Short Bio: A super"human" from a neighboring reality, Neiros learned long ago to take the weirdness of his condition in stride. Few things phase him, which made him an ideal diplomat to this reality. His people breed seldomly, and he was fascinated by how humanity retained a sizeable population of young people. He seeks to help young superhumans, particularly those with psychic powers, learn how to safely and respectfully navigate their inner worlds and the inner worlds of others. He teaches a special "night class" for dreamwalkers.

And that's the four PCs of my thursday night games.
>When you run a game and all your players make art of theri characters
File: Emmy talking.gif (110 KB, 623x547)
110 KB
110 KB GIF
Another Emmy pic.
I love this character, anon.
Gonna be posting a quick and dirty few tables to generate a character for the document.

Pick either a Student or Faculty before rolling.

Grab a random name generator online, there's dozens.

Generate other elements of the character first, come up with name later.

Pick a random location that fits the name given.

Roll 2d6 for power layout.
2: Jackpot! One overwhelming ability.
3: One weak ability
4: Two+ weak abilities.
5: Three+ very weak abilities.
6: One average ability.
7: Two average abilities.
8: One average ability, 1-3 weak or very weak abilities.
9: 3+ average abilities
10: One strong ability.
11: One strong ability, 1-3 average abilities.
12: Jackpot! 2-4 strong abilities.
File: alien-drone3-360x240.jpg (14 KB, 360x240)
14 KB
The Daughter

>Name: Many-Lines
>Aliases: Queen's Guard
>Birthpace/Origin: Undisclosed deep sea lab
>Age: 3 months
>Powers: Xenomorph Praetorian. Enhanced strength, size, durability, performance enhancing pheromone production, acidic projectiles.
>Occupation: Sophomore student
>Cliques: The meek, the bullied, fight club
>Short Bio: The second generation attempt to create world domination army by a mad genetic engineer. Was a success, until a failure in psionic containment occurred, and Many-Lines felt her queen's presence. One jailbreak later, and she was reunited with her 'mother' and enrolled in Super High. She quickly discovered a love for math, and has since etched mathematical formulas, geometrical shapes, and equations all over her carapace. Is not allowed to take math quizzes with other students, due to her being a walking cheat sheet at this point.
>Motivations: Wants to put every bully in their place, either verbally or physically.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Is an actual daughter of Defective, simply believes the lie she was told so fully, it's the truth to her. Does not share her mother's issue with violence, and would happily kill everyone she disproves of, if given the option.
File: Joule Idea.png (51 KB, 420x408)
51 KB
Damn! Forgot a few things!
>Motivation: To be helpful to others even at great cost to herself.

>Motivation: To ensure the prosperity, because he can no longer relate to monsters and if humanity goes he'll be alone forever.

Birthplace: Jigoku
Motivation: To make sure kids don't suffer like she did. Also lots and lots of alcohol, because oni.

>Birthplace: Another universe
>Motivation: To help others understand and appreciate the wonders of the mind.
So how long until he goes berserk and shoots up the school?
File: 1481435839639.jpg (86 KB, 900x971)
86 KB
>Name: Evan Scott
>Alias: Mirror Match
>Birthplace: Seattle
>Age: 16
>Powers: When he and an opponent enter into a battle he can copy his foe's power for the duration. If he can win only using that power he can permanently copy it and use at will.
>Occupation: student
>Cliques: Fight club, everyone else is mostly put off
>Short Bio: He loves super heroes and super villains, no matter who he fights there is a chance he is a fan. But since powers make someone unique even if less so at a super high school he isnt very popular. Loves sparing with the teachers if they let him.
>Secret info: Is also an avid collector of bottlecaps he just likes them.

saw a few skill thief and decided to make the one i think makes sense. A skill that good needs at least a condition to be met.
She just lost her "hot teacher" slot to >>74104185
>Power Types
Roll 1d12 per power.
1. Inhuman element - some sort of alien nature that gives bonuses.
2. Physical boost - strength, speed, durability, regeneration, etc.
3. Rapid motion - teleportation, superspeed, etc.
4. Environmental/Control - control of existing materials in the world; magnetokinesis, gravokinesis, earthbending.
5. Environmental/Creation - creation of new things in the environment; illusions, explosives, poison gas.
6. Energy Emission - beams and blasts.
7. Superscience.
8. Subtle - self-focused mental abilities like enhanced senses, enhanced luck, perceptions, etc. Things nobody could detect from just looking.
9. Domination - mind control, altering, emotion powers.
10. Altered State/Physical - changed into a new physical form. Made of rocks, werewolf, rubberman, shapeshifter.
11. Altered State/Esoteric - alteration of the nature of the form. Phasing, made of energy, made of exotic matter.
12. Abstract - wack shit. power manipulation, quantum shittery, being an imaginary figure, embodiment of a cosmic force, crab ability, etc.
File: Warbotcolors.jpg (32 KB, 476x521)
32 KB
>Name: X-017
>Aliases: Mr. X
>Birthpace/Origin: An military lab in Nevada
>Age: 5
>Powers: All the powers one weird expect of a Warbot
>Occupation: Teacher- Math
>Cliques: Teachers, Robots, 2nd floor supply closet
>Short Bio: There was a shortage of applicants for the position of Math teacher at Super High. Strings were pulled and an experimental warbot was pulled it is a motivated project and given the necessary programing. And a spify magnetic tie.
>Motivations: To meet all programed objectives.
>Secret or Hidden Info: Is incredibly lonely, because of his crippling shyness. The school was meant to give him his own quarters in the dorms but never did and he's too afraid to bring it up. He spends his off hours in a supply closet on the second floor.
>Personality and Detailing
roll twice using dice of a size... however big this ends up being, cause goddamn
1. Stern
2. Domineering
3. Kind
4. Confused
5. Fearful
6. Firebrand
7. Smug
8. Fashionable
9. Morose
10. Salty
11. Shifty
12. Scrappy
13. Dim
14. Intractable
15. Garbage
16. Aloof
17. Anarchist
18. Possessive
19. Cheerful
20. Mercurial
21. Violent
22. Protective
23. Annoying
24. Lawful
25. Chaotic
26. Noble
27. Bloodthirsty
28. Strict
29. Lonely
30. Horny
31. Idealistic
32. Naive
33. Unlucky
34. Shady
35. Dishonest
36. True Hero
37. Deluded
38. Faithful
39. Proud
40. Awkward
41. Militant
42. Quiet
43. Brash
44. LOUD
45. Uncontrollable
46. Demanding
47. Neutral
48. Spiteful
49. Quirky
50. Funny
51. Precise
52. Pretentious
53. Poof
54. Empathetic
55. Genuine
56. Gloomy
57. Elegant
58. Sneaky
59. Subversive
60. Dunning-kreuger
61. Enthusiastic
62. Energetic
63. Explosive
64. Dreamer
65. Asshole
66. Conflicted
67. Experienced
68. Jaded
69. OwO~~!/Pervert
70. Ignorant
71. Aware
72. Ambitious
73. Incompetent
74. Gullible
75. Sarcastic
76. Acerbic
77. Haunted
78. Troubled
79. Suspect
80. Fragile
81. Facade
82. Killer
83. Indefatigable
84. Irrepressible
85. Resilient
86. Schemer
87. Connected
88. Criminal
89. Adventurer
90. Impressive
91. Competent
92. Whiny
93. Distinguished
94. Forgettable
95. Argumentative
96. Heartfelt
97. Sappy
98. Irreverent
99. Greedy
100. Cinnamon Roll
101. True Villain
Thanks I wanted to create a loveable and easily bullied nerd. Someone for the PCs to attach to.
File: Shrug.jpg (75 KB, 1300x867)
75 KB
So uh, why is the underground fight club underground or bad? They're training to be superheroes. Shouldn't they be sparring like all the damn time?
>3/4 of mine get decent grades
I'm glad I meet your tastes anon.
Don't worry, Mr X! Many-Lines would be there to keep you company!

>Student: It is past curfew
I know, but I wanna hear you explain it again!
>Student: The lesson has been given *16* times.
Yeah, but I still don't REALLY get it yet.
>Student: It is statistically improbable for you to lack comprehension, given your performance in class
But.. But... I wanna math, not sleep!
>Error. Objective conflict. Seeking resolution. Calling parental supervisor
No! Don't call mom, she'll tell me I need to...
>Connection achieved. Defective, your *daughter* is not complying with curfew.... Yes... Yes. Understood. Connection terminated.
Guess I'll pack up... See you tomorrow, Mr X.
>Affirmative, student.
Wait... It's past midnight, curfew starts at 10...
>Affirmative, student. Ensuring material comprehension by student body primary objective.
>Student: Cease attempting to grapple.
It's called a hug.
Lol fag.
Nut up or shut up. Post something you think is good.
They do. Guessing they’re not supposed to out of class or something.
Extra practice good. Unsupervised bad.
Sparring and beating each other to a pulp until someone either blacks out or taps out are two VASTLY different things.

You've got weights, grades, match ups and worst of all... supervision. In a fight club, anyone can fight anyone. Some sophomore could fight a senior, an A tier against a nearly mundane.
File: blackboard.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
>Name: Professor David Laplace
>Alias: QED (retired?)
>Age: 40
>Powers: Mathematical prodigy. Genius level intelligence. Can create "calculations" by writing mathematical equations in chalk on any blackboard. These calculations allow David to 'create' his own future - he can define what will happen to him and those around him down to the smallest detail. This power cannot make the impossible happen, but any technically possible sequence of events, no matter how improbable, is fair game. The length of time into the future that the calculation can control is ten times as long as it takes for him to write down the necessary equations (so an hour spent writing would allow him to calculate the next ten hours of time). If the equations are erased, the calculation is rendered void.
>Occupation: math teacher
>Cliques: teachers, villains
>Short Bio: A mathematical genius. Earned his doctorate at age 19 and went on to be a professor of mathematics at several prestigious universities. After 8 years of grueling work, he completed his magnum opus - a new kind of higher-dimensional mathematics that, instead of describing time and space, prescribed them. Rather than predicting the future, David's Non-Causal Mathematics could pre-arrange the future. A strange quirk was that it only seemed to work when the equations were written out on a blackboard in chalk. After his theory was rejected by academia and mocked as ridiculous, David decided to show them all what his theory could do. He became one of America's most troublesome super villains, stealing state secrets and large amounts of money just to draw attention to his theory. Testing the power of his theory against the mettle of the strongest supers of the day was also a strong motivation. He was eventually laid low by the All American, who had to destroy every chalk factory within the continental United States to finally bring him to justice.
What’s the school policy on prison tattoos.
>Being the greatest mathematical genius in the country and one of its foremost experts on math education has its benefits, and David has managed to cut a deal, agreeing to teach math at Hero High in exchange for a reduction in his sentence. During the day he is dropped off at the school in his orange jumpsuit by an armored prison transport, and at night he is returned to his cell at the maximum security supervillain prison a few hours drive away. As a teacher his is completely ruthless but quite talented - students hate him and his methods, but math scores have been up across all grade levels.
Motivations: to escape. To get his hands on a piece of chalk.
Hidden Information:David is the reason that there are no blackboards or chalk in the school - its all whiteboards. David absolutely hates teaching highschoolers, and is absolutely desperate to somehow escape from what he considers to be a living hell. He is always coming up with schemes and plots to try and get his hands on some chalk - once he has chalk, even a tiny little piece, he plans to make those brats pay for making fun of his orange jumpsuit and disruption his class with their obnoxious superpowers
Cover it up and don't be a skank in public, probably. They directly employ former supervillains, so it can't be that strict on tattoos.
Thanks. I wish I was competent at drawing, I'd make it a little comic.

The etchings came after her confinement, upon learning how awesome math was. Another thing I see Many-Lines and Mr X doing together. "It's a mnemonic device, not a tattoo!"

>They wear clothing
Wonder what, if anything should be the school dress code.
File deleted.
Good if you just removed that stupid fucking secret

I don't see a problem. She's a prideful, headstrong girl that has a stick up her ass about some idiot kids getting together to beat each other up. That works. In fact, that works very good.

>Her parents are in the triads
Naw that's lame.

You could run an entire setting-within-a-setting about all the fight club chicks. I kind of dig it.






Interesting. Could have cool interactions with AI PCs and NPCs.


So are all the kids with music powers going to create a band?

Wouldn't they test her before letting her into the school? Like a doctor visit or something?

>Self Defense Club
So what's their relationship to the underground fight club?




Why the hell is everything about the fucking underground fight club though?



Best ones in the thread, likely because they're actual PCs.


Why are all the girls in fight club? It's like 99% girls and two-three guys.



You suck cock, your case is dismissed.
File deleted.
I just call it like I see it anon.

>In fight club, anyone can fight anyone. Some sophomore can fight a senior, an A tier against a nearly mundane
Shouldn't they? I mean what are the supervillains going to do, not throw Bloodklott and Shinbreaker against the shrimp? LIke in real world martial arts you have people of different skill levels spar because that's how learning gets done anon.

Turning the fight club into the legion of doom just sounds stupid and forced, especially when its been going on long enough to be a fucking institution that people treat like the mafia. Clearly no one is getting seriously hurt. Get some teachers to put on striped shirts and watch. This shouldn't be a problem.
>2.5 more added to decent results list

>Wouldn't they test her before letting her into the school? Like a doctor visit or something?
I was thinking that if the power was subtle enough, it couldn't be detected. How do you test "protected from lethal danger by subtle probability manipulation" without actually putting that person in lethal danger? Sure, power takers and power senses; those are still rare, and I'm assuming that they aren't available on tap at all times.

>So what's their relationship to the underground fight club?
Unrelated; it's for the kids with powers you can't practically use to fight - the ones too weak, too specialized, or too powerful to use to protect yourself. They teach stuff like martial arts and the proper usage of tasers, pepper spray, tasers, riot shields, makeshift weapons, and more. Since it's a club, there's no strict way to graduate out, but you get accepted as an instructor if you can take out a gunman without using powers or defeat an instructor in a 1:1 unarmed brawl.
But that takes more time then is allowed in class and the actual supplementary lessons offered by the teachers, in groups or one on one.
I’m not a fan of fight club but it’s the most outlandish idea by itself. The crazier thing to me is that it’s supposedly only a few years old.
Maybe something happened that made the principle decide to AstroTurf a “no holds barred” fighting ring that is actually secretly monitored by him and or the staff.
The point is that if knowledge that someone had allowed what was essentially a "Super-Powered-Baby-Fight-Club" in a school, where most parents believe that their children will be safe, it will no doubt cause a MASSIVE scandal that will lead to the school being shut down, so it has to be kept underground.
Then you got people like the Ex-School Council President and the Detective kids who want to shut it down due to moral reasons, and the Principal who is trying to keep it running behind closed doors so as not to get too much attention, then you got the infiltrators and the betters making it just that much worse.
Not to mention the fact that they've had to clone replacement body parts to just straight up cloning new students to cover up the fact that in Super-Fight-Club, it doesn't stop till the bell rings
Look at it like this.

You have an MMA school. The intent of this school is to teach kids MMA to the point where they can not only survive but dominate in all sort of outlandish confrontations with weird people.

The kids apparently that instead of fighting in MMA valhalla in front of their peers, they do the exact same thing they would be doing in class but now no one can see them win and they get in trouble if caught. And this has been going on for YEARS.

It's stupid. It's soooo fucking stupid. You don't see secret fight clubs pop up at MMA schools and you wouldn't see them at superhero schools.
>Why are all the girls in fight club? It's like 99% girls and two-three guys.
Most Jocks & guys with super strength or any really combat would assumedly be participating to some degree.
This isn’t a camp, let alone a course you go to a few hours a day.
If it's what they were doing anyway why shut it down?
Just set up cameras and make sure there's sufficient medical attention near by.

The school might only be allowed to teach 8-4. For department of Education or bureaucratic reasons. This is a way to let it keep going giving extra voluntary courses.

Using the MMA analogy it would be like a fight club after school where you're encouraged to bring knives or bats or other stuff but allowed in the ring.
Many-Lines isn't a part of the fight club, actually. What use is beating the crap out of a bully if the student body can't see it happen? Most who ask "You wanna go, bitch?" get a "Yes!" Before getting a chitinous mass hurled at them at high speeds.

It's a matter of supervision versus no supervision. The ability to fight without a referee to break it up. If you send your sparring partner to get their flesh stitched back together during a sparring match, you'd be looking forward to some long winded lesson on restraint, control, blah blah blah. In the fight club, it's not a good fight unless someone gets royally fucked up and needs to see the nurses.

I see it as a boarding school, where the students live on site. For their safety and others.
>Where most parents believe that their children will be safe
They're sending them to a SUPERHERO school. It's police academy on roids. They should be upset if their kids aren't getting the shit kicked out of them.

>replacement body parts
There's really no problem here then.

>To just straight up cloning new students
Well now the fight club has just graduated to homicide, which I doubt anyone in the fight club actually wanted.

It does seem awfully forced. Like what the fuck are they GETTING out of this.

>What the school should be doing and if they aren't providing they're fucking idiots
--Kids fighting across different powersets and abilities
--A competitive atmosphere with praise and social honor for the winners

>What legion of doom fight club offers
--The exact same fucking thing the school offers except:
--Smaller pool of fighters
--No social recognition for your victories
--Chance of getting in legal trouble and ruining any chance of fighting again
--Chance of apparently dying since even with all these superpowers and supertech they just leave you to bleed out on concrete even when you're their classmate who they see every day

Fucking exactly. And the kids would have no reason not to want the cameras and medical attention at the ready.
She has fight club listed as her clique.
>--No social recognition for your victories
>--Chance of getting in legal trouble and ruining any chance of fighting again
>--Chance of apparently dying since even with all these superpowers and supertech they just leave you to bleed out on concrete even when you're their classmate who they see every day
/doubt. Especially the last one. It isn’t a hallway or bathroom fight, which would seem to be the reason the autism violence club was created.
Look, there's an easy peasy way to justify fight club.

It's a supply and demand issue. Maybe the regular sparring instruction just doesn't meet the needs of students. It's too restrictive, too safe. The kids that go to fight club might want kicks, but they might also want to get an actual taste of the real thing before they're cut loose into real-world superheroics and told to sink or swim. This reflects real-world anxieties high schoolers have over not being prepared for the real world by their education.

It also introduces some moral greyness to the conflict. Are the kids that want to break up fight club really doing the right thing? Maybe it doesn't need to be abolished, just reformed and given proper organization?

Make it a "chaos vs order" thing. A "we won't let you hurt yourselves vs I want to risk getting hurt" thing.
Fuck. This is why you need to proof read your stuff, anons. It's supposed to be math club. The fuck is wrong with you, brain. Guess it wanted her even more violent than I had intended.
>The fight club kids are right
I now like this setting.
>And the kids would have no reason not to want the cameras and medical attention at the ready
I think the big thing is that it lets kids feel rebellious. That they're doing something illicit and an outlet for the desire to act out.

Squashing something like that or making it official would probably mean those tendencies would be expressed in some other, less productive way.
there's also the fact that you can't settle scores, get even, or bet on the outcome during school hours. Fights over girls, drugs and drama are part of the high school experience
I don't know. Legitimizing it would just channel those negative tendencies into a positive outlet. Now Tay gets to make Huang Wu tap out AND do it in front of the whole school. Everyone wins!
Allow me to summarize:
>"You mean like a danger room?"
Why not both?
Since it’s a school with an expansive combat curriculum anyway, something like this would be expected, in this case it seems encouraged vs the options of:
>Official dispute settlement time, supervised
>Quasi official official time, either organized or cultural (the “Fight Club” we have is the former).
>banned, good luck enforcing.
Problem with that being the "Danger Room Scenario"
>In which the Danger Room becomes sentient and blows up the school
>This can happen multiple times
So it's best avoided outside of holographic set-dressing and fighting-ring creation
No tard. He's saying that because this setting doesn't HAVE a danger room or way to perfectly fix combat instruction to a variety of powersets instruction has bifurcated in design. You got teachers and students that want rough, real-world fighting against teachers and students that want to make it safe and dull.

Dumbass. Learn to read before opening your mouth.

You can do all that with official sparring.

Making it a grey issue like capeworld suggested is the best way of treating it.
File: Mary vs Kara.jpg (170 KB, 600x648)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
So...are we going to narrow the focus of this setting to superheroine catfights in competing official and underground arenas?

Because I really, really think we should.
The driving focus has been the fight club and most of its members are female.

Organically, we kind of have to.
Make whatever you want.
It's getting put together. If it's not something others think is useful they don't have to use it.
Organized car fighting is mandatory in every super setting.
The fight club isn’t an official club with official members. It’s just designation for people who participate in it.
Most men are assumed to participate at least sporadically.
Reddit spacer can’t grasp that idk why.
Okay, so, we've got two different types of Super-sparring

>Safe Type
This is what your parent's payed for, it's what the school promises, it's like martial arts sparring, you've got a ring, you've got a ref, you have a medical team waiting in the wings to patch you up, it ends either with a ring out, or sufficient damage has been dealt, the rules can change but it requires going through the proper channels and wait times before matches are a thing so you better hope that tournament arc comes along soon so you can watch the "Mighty Explodo" take on "She-Devil Laser-Tits"

>For those who can't wait
If you wanna settle scores, if you can't wait, if you just wanna let off some steam over the fact that the phaser-chick has been stealing your lunch money, this is where you go, no supervision, no medical teams, no hang-ups, but also, no chance to hold back because you don't know how into killing you your opponent is feeling right now, the fact it has a Mortality rate is naturally a bit of a turn off, but it's also where you can see the best fights, and also the place to go if you wanna get some real combat experience

These two sound like what the school's sparring circuit would look like?
>Superheroine Scrap RPG

>Aboveground Students

>Aboveground Teachers

>Underground students
>Organized car fighting
File: Croppedimmo.png (3.25 MB, 1919x1193)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
There is medical supervision. One very keen on watching blood, bone, and limbs get flung to the ground so she can collect them for... personnel use.

The Heart of the Necropolis can not collect sufficient samples from the periodic bumps and bruises that come from the sparring arenas. Only raw, unrestrained violence provides the carnage she NEEDS to fulfill her mission.

Everyone KNOWS there is a fight club, but no one knows who is a part of it, because no one shows up to class the next day with wounds to show who partakes in it.

The harvest must continue. Father demands it.
Jill and Sophia should be switched.
Plus you missed all the best girls from last thread!
>Super School, Tokyo Drift.
I dig it.

Let's get some fights going. Explain who you think should win and why.
>Breanna vs Emmy
>Tatiana vs Huang Wu
>Ashley vs Sophia
>Blue Dalton vs Erica (Student vs teacher fight!)

Post them!

I like her! She helps sell the fight club idea.
>Breanna vs Emmy
Elf vs four-armed oni. The oni obvioulsy wins.

>Tatiana vs Huang Wu
Hold on. Can Huang Wu actually fly? I'm assuming she can that flying girls is the theme of the match but I don't know.

>Ashley vs Sophia
Could Ash just suck the heat from Sophia's body until she tapped? It's hard to win a hand-to-hand fight against an ice cube.

>Blue Dalton vs Erica
Perfect reflexes isn't going to save her from a stronger ex-navy seal with superhuman strength. She can only delay the inevitable.
Tatiana should turn Huang Wu into a cuckquean.
They probably drink together a lot! They’re both seem pretty volatile too, and they’ve both been pretty shifty at one point or another throughout they’re lives.
There’s a pretty significant age gap though.
They’re probably one of those pairs of people that are so similar yet different that they’re constantly in agreement/ on the same side but still end up fighting and chaffing each other.
>eastern oni
>western elf/succubus
If you give Elf any plot advancement, who knows, you end up having her senior instructor bowing her head to the “Queen of Demon Kind” eventually too.
Maybe Emmy knows that or can sense something weird about her little shit TA, who knows.
Funnily enough since the oni’s a disciplinarian And combat instructor, she probably spends as much time disciplining her TA as her students throughout class.
Ashley was meant to be a super bitch to fight. In her role as villain.

Defeating get means either doing a running combat so that she doesn't have time to drop the temperature beyond what you can stand, or immobilizing her somehow after she's already sucked all the heat out of an area, so she can't use it to fuel her strength and escape.
According to >>74095194 records, she’s in the top 10, but the competition is immense once you reach the top five, and is more of a five-way tie or up for debate.
That’s not even counting the teachers and faculty!
Mirai ranks in at 12-21 for best tits on the student body fyi. 16-25 if you include campus faculty
If you give Elf any plot advancement, who knows, you end up having her senior instructor bowing her head to the “Queen of Demon Kind” eventually too.
Maybe Emmy knows that or can sense something weird about her little shit TA, who knows.
Funnily enough since the oni’s a disciplinarian And combat instructor, she probably spends as much time disciplining her TA as her students throughout class.
Huh? Breanna is a succubus? Who is her senior instructor? Who is the TA? Your post made me confused...
>If you give Elf any plot advancement, who knows, you end up having her senior instructor bowing her head to the “Queen of Demon Kind” eventually too.
Maybe Emmy knows that or can sense something weird about her little shit TA, who knows.
Funnily enough since the oni’s a disciplinarian And combat instructor, she probably spends as much time disciplining her TA as her students throughout class.

Huh? Breanna is a succubus? Who is her senior instructor? Who is the TA? Your post made me confused...
>Lindsay vs Sofia
>Lindsay vs Tatiana (Unpopular girl that was bullied vs popular bully)
A problem easily solved by building the aforementioned Danger Room, you cute widdle school shooter-in-training *uwu* :3
Your posts are making me dizzy.
But yeah, in a response under her main entry, I said Breanna maybe should be a TA for various classes and an assistant nurse rather then the main instructor of a whole class.
Then in another post after the initial entry, there was just a jokey comment about her possibly progressing in power in a later story arc like a stereo typical JRPG character, all the way up to:
So she would still be and elf, just like how demon lords in manga still look like basic people half the time.
File: Copper Petal.png (225 KB, 700x600)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>Name: Copper Petal
>Aliases: Electrum Piston
>Birthpace/Origin: Steel Seed orbital habitat "Resplendent in Twilight"
>Age: 10
>Powers: Cybernetic augmentation, super suit, autonomous defense drones, plant based physiology, super genius
>Occupation: Exchange student
>Cliques: Social butterfly, tries to socialize with everyone
>Short Bio: One of several ambassadors for her people, the Iron Blooms, Copper Petal is the youngest of the group, tasked with learning as much as possible about Humanity's education system and return any methods that are deemed more efficient than their own. Also to help strengthen the relationship between the two races. While very pacifistic outside of her monstrous super suit, the meter tall alien is a cut-throat businessbush and seeks to take over the student market, becoming the go-to shrub if you want to buy something that isn't on offer at the student store.
>Motivations: To make a good impression for her people, good friends to make memories with, and fat stacks of cash.
>Secret or Hidden Info:Her armor is a combat AI, who's task is to analyze just how much of a threat Humanity is, and design means to combat it if need be. Copper will happily sell you anything if you have the cash for it. ANYTHING.
Come on man this may be a super hero thread, but there’s no need for the level of cringe hidden within that spoiler.
I’m pretty ambivalent about fight club, it’s why I never wrote referencing it.
So long as the students get extra curricular fights I’m ok with it.
As this thread goes on, I’m more a fan of adding every possible option.
>teachers can permit non-standards “duels” outside of lessons by supervising them, but most don’t like to be bothered with it so just decline requests.
>students still get in stupid scuffles all the time outside of class and extracurricular club based club sessions
>there’s an unofficial club with some varying degree of organization that likes to host and organize fights after class and combat club hours come to a close. Breaking curfew is funnily enough what participants get cited with for detention when they get caught at these gatherings. How much illicit activity goes in here besides the fighting which faculty doesn’t seem to mind too much in and of itself? Who knows.
>...combat based clubs extracurriculars*

>Ashley vs Many-Lines fight
"Shaking in fear, Frosty?"
N-No! Just thinking about how good it will feel, having you pressed beneath me, feeling you squirm as I hold you down and hear you whimper... feel your breath on my face.. and.. and...
"Are you drooling?"
Do we have a list of students by clique, or even a list of cliques at all?
Biggest groups seem to be
>Jocks & preps.
>Goths & occultists
>Weirdos & stoners.
No clue what fight clubbers are supposed to be, So I just count them as “less cool jocks”.
Student government is also pretty big. They overlap a lot with prep and nerds it seems.
Then we have a whole team of gossip gurus, reporters, and snoops too, who’s members come from all over.
A few smaller groups too, but theyre more subgroups and social circles or more specific niches of the big three above.
>anime club
Etc etc. that’s just the sense I’m getting looking over then again.
>maybe the fight club is the friends we made along the way.
>be me, Thunderbird and Phoenix’s creator
>came up with the fight club mainly because it sounded cool
> Everyone on thread tearing each other throats about it
> someone even assumes there is chance of death
>me in pic related

Oh my, what skub have I unleashed.
It’s not entirely rule less, alright ? There is some reglementation, like stop when someone surrenders, and even if the school nurse is on watch to repair it all, it is considered courtesy to avoid maiming and crippling your opponent. As for social recognition, you get it from fight club participants, who represent a no small minority of the student body, and the rumor mill does the rest.

>>74105639 and >>74105935 are spot on tho
You made something, and folks ran with it. Some folks ran into ditches along the way. It happens. I see it like the quintessential Fight Club: You don't talk about it x2, if someone taps out or goes limp, fights over. It's not some crazy murder cabal, but a place where students can vent their aggression without supervisors telling them how to do it. The life of a student is very regimented and ordered, and some folks just want a chance to say "Fuck the rules, I wanna get punched like they MEAN it!"

As a kid, I passed up all the formal physical competitions my school had on offer, and instead got split lips and bloody noses in the loft of my barn with a gaggle of friends.
I want the whole football team to run a train on Phoenix.

I want someone to record it and play it for Thunderbird in his autistic fight club play pen while they do him too.

then the two gay orc janitors will come to “clean the two of them and their holes“ up.
The list grows.
Reminds me of those origami games or whatever the fuck it was people used to play with. You know the ones, right? You picked a number or something and they through gang signs with it until the number you picked came up??? Something like that.
>it’s getting stronger
did jill valentine not make the cut? F my autistic girl
She's number 82.
The list is using their alias names rather then their actual names, with the exception of people who did not provide an Alias. I basically looked at their names available and picked whichever I thought would be easier to ctrl+f in a document.
>copper petal and lance spencer are their actual names. They’re super alias are spinal tap & electrum piston (don’t know if you left those out on purpose lol)
>elf is faculty, not a student, even if she is just a TA/assistant nurse. She subs for the instructors sometimes! She can legally purchase alcohol in the states (hopefully)!
Gotcha thanks, I’m just blind lol.
>Ashley is clearly winning
>Taps out
>Excuses herself to the bathroom
It was by accident, I'll fix it right away. It gets kind of difficult when you're picking the information from a big block of greentext.
Np np. Also jill is an instructor, not a student.
Names changed to Alias, Elf and Jill moved to faculty. I'm sure there are tons of other mistakes but whatever.
Np, looks great! Will post again if I notice a few more.
sucks ass
Another good reason for keeping the fight club secret would be because if one of the heavy hitters were the join it wouldn't be much fighting, just onse sided ass kicking
Superheroines from last thread:
>TIN8 the infiltration robot
>Anna Perkins, the one with the huge mouth.
>Here After, the undead spirit medium
>Luna Martin the sexy deathclaw
>Phantom Pain the nuclear powered flying brick with phasing
>Slab, the fat one with the alien diet worms
>Hot Wheels twins, the skater speedsters
>Meld, who turns into smoke
>Ashley Ramirez, the telepath
>Riley Roux, the psychic detective
>Laguna, the innsmouth aquaman (female)
>Maria Cruise, newspaper editor
>Nora Mueller, superpower booster
>Samantha Hernandez, god complex power nullifier
>Mountain Nymph, an elf with a stand
>Dopple, who can technically be female on demand
>Voodoo Idol, the only magic-based student
>CROWD PLEASER the gladiator
>Ember, who does fire things I guess
>Angeline Davis, literal angel
>Adrienne Hall, AKA BLOODRUSH
>Noelle Johnson, drug peddler
>Christina Ishikawa, explosive lightshow

then there's the female teachers from last thread, but they'd all be above ground, so they probably wouldn't enter the waifubowl.
The waifubowl?
Yeah, there are some students from aboveground that could really thrive in the fight club and probably become uncontested champions
So I guess the fight club stays secret because they are also afraid of having some of the top tiers hijacking their little world inside the school
That or it's just heavy gatekeeping because they know if too many people join up eventually someone is going to blab about it and ruin the whole thing. Maybe it started as a clique between friends, but eventually those friends graduated and all that's left is the now friend-of-friends who try their best to keep it a secret.

Naturally the Sleuths/Newspaper club are rivals to the fight club, since they know discovering it will lead to one juicy story.
I don't think the scooby doo gang can really blow the lid on the fight club. You don't wanna be the asshole that gets the school shut down.
>Someone tries to sabotage the fight club by leading some of the more powerful students to the fight club
>If the Sleuths/newspaper club were the ones behind this, why did they do it instead of just directly revealing it's existence to the rest of the student body?
>Maybe there's a third group?
Actually, that wouldn't be a problem. In superhero life, power disparity are all other the place, and since the fight club seeks to simulate real combat situations as close as possible, here we go. It's all *about* being a testing ground of the strongest. Plus, not everything is in the superpower: combat skills, creativity and adaptibility count too. If Thunderbird only relied on his electrokinesis, as powerful as it may be, he wouldn't be the number 1 of the fight club leaderboard and the elite fighter that he is known to be.
>Underground students
Luna Martin/Jump Scare might be persuaded to join once or twice to look "cool", but probably isn't a reliable participant.

Blair, but not meredith, of the Hot Wheels twins, in an effort to beat her sister at something, anything.

Samantha/Jewel, because fucking duh. Probably high up on the leaderboards after utterly destroying a power-reliant students.

Zack Green/Dopple (wait he's not a chick) because he might have been bribed some in order to get some mirror matches going. Or maybe, to bring in the powers of students that normally wouldn't want to join... The damage reflection would be the problem there, but that's not insurmountable.

Courtney Reid/Crowd Pleaser after she figures out how to not cause unhealable wounds.

Noelle Johnson/Alkahest, in order to sell adrenal shots and medical boosters (and maybe some shadier shit) to the competitors. After all, why not juice yourself and see how far you can REALLY go?

Anyways, those are the ones who might actually join the fight club, the rest are probably not interested.

Side note, people really slept on Phantom Pain. She might legitimately be in the Top 5 strongest students (not counting the power takers/granters/whatever and the one guy with cosmic retcon powers).

I would also like to remind that Painkiller actually supports the fight club's existence behind the curtain, so any who seek to investigate the identities of the club's leadership would have to contend with red tape shenanigans and engineered lack of substantial proof courtesy of the principal.

Also lore add-on: Thunderbird didn't created the fight club per say, but he's the one who turned it from a simple secret gathering into the true school underground institution that it is today.
Shogun as well, being the utter weeb fedora that he is.
dude, we get it, you like your OC. You don't need to keep giving him handjobs for us to get the point.
There is still a threshold that you can't go above with combat skills or creativity
When faced with the top students in terms of power, even Thunderbird would lose
>fighting club members drag their bullying targets to the fight club to beat them up without consequences, threatens further violence if they squeal
It needs to be stopped.
On that note, who would the Top 5 be? If picking 5 is too restrictive, what about the Top 10?
The time stopping guy from the first thread could potentially become unbeatable in the fight club for example
That, I admit it's true, but my point still stands.
Basically anyone with reality warping would be top 5, it wouldn't really be a contest of strength at that point but more of "Who can hit their 'I win' button the fastest"

Shit like Fade to Black and Seconds have vague enough powers that you can just word anything and win instantly.
Top 10 is probably an easier ask than top 5, but's still not easy. There's a lot of cool powers in the docs, and unless you've got both authors to agree, you can't really say who's stronger or weaker.
Here's my opinion though, and I'll be ignoring the power manipulators because that's the least interesting way of winning fights.

>Jack Hogan/All American
He's a jock, and a legacy of a powerful superhero, so he needs to be up there. Arguably not very interesting or creative, but eh.

>Irene Yeremenko/Phantom Pain
She's got high level super strength, flight, and nuclear touch, which is already a pretty good set up, but she also has phasing which effectively makes her impossible to trap or pin. She might not be durable, but if nobody can touch her...

>Andrew Robinson/Timeout
Infinite length time stop is not fair whatsoever. This guy is downright broken, I can't believe nobody pointed this out.

>Justin Rifford/Fade To Back
Vague and unhelpful as what his powers are registered as, but if looks like if he triggers his ability and gets it off, he just wins the fight.

>Ashley Johnson
We've had half a thread talking about her, don't think I need to justify this.

>Daniel Bright/Captain Bright
Student council pres and a high level telekinetic makes for a dangerous combo.

>Alfred O'Del
While he probably wouldn't use his powers in a normal fight, his power is strong enough that students not on the top 10 list would probably have trouble taking him down, if they even could.

>Marcus Smith/Rock Salt
He was never given any limits to his abilities, so he can just turn people into salt. Baleful Polymorph works on 99% of the students. Do the math.

>Illya Yanovich/Cherenkov
A bit of a controversial pick, but hey, I'm allowed to drop one of my OCs onto the top 10s. I'd say he's got enough versatility to make it on to the top 10, if he actually used his powers. Still on the bottom of the top ten, but options count for a lot.

That shark guy fromm last thread should be low to mid tier in the Top 10, because he could supertech gadgets
So I guess he is the type that is almost impossible to build if given time to prep
the last top ten guy is basically a big ???
There's no obvious stand out powers, but there are a lot of people with pretty similar "stronger and faster with some extra boost" that would be competing for it.

I didn't count Seconds because, well, he edits himself out of the universe as soon as he uses his power. That's hardly a "win". Theoretically, he's the strongest, but you sort of have to treat him as non canon for the setting to make any sense at all.

Honorable Mentions:
>Zack Green/Dopple
Power copier, not a power thief or nullifier, so he's slightly more interesting. If he copies the power of a top 10 person, he's in the top 10, simple as.
>Daniel Miller/Resolve
Really strong ability, can't use it.
>Hannah Stevens/Daybreaker
Really strong ability, won't use it.
>Terra Hart/Fortuna
Bro, her power is literally be invincible, how broken is that?
>Victoria Turner/Goodbye
Not a fighter, but technically could fuck up anybody here besides Taker (which I didn't include because power stealing is lame).
Also the alngel girl, she had the power to manipulate other powers, just didn't feel like using it
And besides that, really solid powerset
Angel Girl is one of the "stronger and faster with some extra boost" I was talking about. She could be on the top ten, but it's hard to decide between her, shark guy, the minotaur transformation dude, pack master, etc.

The manipulates powers thing I tend to ignore because it makes less interesting fights. "Lol I deactivated your powers" is interesting to see all of once.
There are also a few students that mimic powers without any downsides or set weaknesses
>no one uses Courtney’s official super name, it’s all CROWD PLEASER
Nice very high school.
Many anons have complained about some students being overpowered without limits. Should they be nerfed ?
I think they should remain OP
Though I like them having a requirement for them to use their powers or something like a specific weakness or even a cooldown on their abilities
I can only think of like 4, and the two birds already got nerfed, so just angel and one other who’s name I can’t remember.
A lot of them could have the fat trimmed off their powers but aren’t really OP OP.
Suicide mc. Power stealer could be the strongest too depending on how his power is interpreted.
The only ones strong enough to actually fuck with things are
Being able to retcon 8 seconds of... all of history at a time is just not interesting from a super perspective, and also hilariously overpowered. Just abort your enemy from time itself! There's not really much you can do with this guy, unless you limit it to 8 seconds, but then you just have Fade to Black but worse.

Honestly fine, as long as he doesn't keep dying and stealing powers. Tossing on a limit like "only keeps the powers until he steals somebody elses" would still keep him pretty interesting, but without the steamroll effect.

Slap on the fact that his heart stops while in no time zone and you have a fair limit. The longer he pushes himself, the worse his condition gets, while still being able to stop time for short periods if he needs it. Or go with some other limit, but he seriously needs one; unlimited duration time stop is bonkers.

>Mirror Match
Less interesting Taker, just don't include him in the PDF.
I'd say yes. But it's really up to the person using them. As long as a right b per set is established it's pretty easy to scale up or down.

I think keeping it vague is best. Like "Super Strength* can be anything for Spiderman straining to lift a car, to Superman bench pressing Mt Everest. GMs can attach here numbers to things during play.
I'm the guy who wrote up Justin Rifford/Fade To Black, my original idea for the concept was that Justin's powers were more or a plot device, kind of like how Goodbye works. The average interaction with him would be like
>Justin walking through the courtyard minding his own business
>Three students who don't know who he is decide to gang up on him for some bully action
>He sees them, activates his power
>They all look around as their vision quite literally fades to black
>They blink, next thing they know they're standing around confused. One of them is on the ground with bruises, the other two are mid-wrestling match
>They all vaguely remember walking towards that one kid, before one of them said something about the other's mother which cased a fight to break out among them
>Vaguely remember justin walking right past them and continuing on like nothing happened, an innocent bystander
>Anyone outside of the effect would simply see the three goons slowly stop, turn towards one another and immediately begin throwing punches for no reason at all.

I agree that it's kind of OP, but I didn't want to go into long-winded detail about exactly how specific his power was or what he could do. It's more open-ended so the DM could make him as strong or as weak as needed. After all, this is eventually going to just turn into a supplement for super-hero themed campaigns.
Someone posted an interesting weakness for the resurrection guy before about taking him longer to come back to life the more powers he has stolen which I think works just fine
Imagine something like he stays dead for a week after stealing about five or so powers
>Bro, her power is literally be invincible, how broken is that?
Name: Terra Heart
Power: Plot Armor
Just put her against the bad luck guy with a genderbender fetish fron the first thread
Eventually he just becomes an object of some prophecy
>it’s been ten thousand years since the demon was vanquished
That’s funny, but I like the reset on death one better lol.
I mean eventually he won't be able to die, because he'll have so many powers nobody will be able to actually kill him.
the baking cheerleader is the real top ranker of the fight club, don't even start with me
Nobody asked for your garbage opinion
The prophecy idea sounds really cool for a plotline
Also they could just ask the angel girl to modify the guy's power so that he can return stolen abilities, since he was already guilty about stealing the first ones he got and would probably love to return them
>power nullifier
>'absolute' attack power
>sufficiently dangerous combat power
>instant death at range ability
>throw him into a black hole
>kaiju, but with more powers than he does
there's a lot of ways to kill somebody with powers, especially when you start looking for answers in sci fi, epic fantasy, and high level cape shittery.

Still, I think the best option is to leave it open, and give the DM a few options:
>Taker can only steal one power at a time, gives back the previous power when he dies
>Takes much, much longer to come back the more powers he steals
>He trades part of his ressurection power away to steal powers, the more he steals the weaker his ressurection is until he finally can't come back at all
I really like that top two.
Ashley Ice queen and Mormon boy wonder are cool entries two, coming from opposite ends of the personality/popularity spectrum. Basically polar opposites even if they’re both op in pretty similar ways.
It’s funny how Hogan’s powers probably increased way more then expected due to the general power level of his team and how he was written as their captain/big bad LOL.
She’s not even top ranked when it comes to tits.
Baker thot ain’t nothin.
who is top-ranked when it comes to tits, though?
Looks like we're finishing the second thread. And it's been a while since a character was posted.

If this it? Are we out of creative juice
It’s better left to the imagination and Miranda’s perv binder.
I think this is something the players and GM have to work out in game.
I think we just got caught up in discussing particulars
People seem more interested in fleshing out a setting at this point.
I was gonna drop one more op character, but if ops done then it’s done.
Was fun!
Also this, I want to see theorize how some of these characters we all made interact! Feels bad to just let them sit collecting dust.
How many characters did op want?
Fleshing out the setting sounds really interesting too
If another thread is made, then maybe people will keep posting characters along the worldbuilding that we are leaning towards
It looks like we're done. I've posted like 10+ across both threads and I'm out of ideas, a lot of the early enthusiasm posters are gone, etc.
It might be worth making a new thread for fights and any new characters, but that one will likely die before bump limit.
>How many characters did op want?
He just wanted as many as possible after realizing the average high-school has hundreds of students.
is there a secret staff/faculty fight club as well?
That’s cool. Either way there’s no rush. When the thread dies you could leave it dead for a few days, or forever. Post updates sometime on your game though!
I've archived both threads on sup/tg/, just fyi.
Should we make a new thread or wait for OP?
Most of the staff seem to be around because they're either retired (Tired of fighting), trying to get on the good graces of the government, or weren't made for fighting in the first place but had powerful abilities that make mundane tasks super easy for them (Like Cleanup Crew). I doubt they'd risk their jobs for it though.
As far as I know the only faculty members that probably get into scuffles regularly are the one and the elf with each other.
Maybe some drama around Iron Woman too from time to time.
imagine a student pisses a staff member off enough that they show up to fight club under a "I wont tell if you wont" and decides to spar against the student
No, but we want to flesh out interactions. There are characters that haven't even been touched (granted, probably the boring background ones) and the setting is rather vague. It should be generic, but not half-built.
They probably aren’t even very serious fights either. Just Quarrels +1.
I'll work on another draft of all the characters.

I think another thread to just bounce story or setting ideas would be good.
I wanna flesh out the cliques and their relations
>be delinquent
>shit talk all the teachers, make trouble, bully students
>show up to fight club to beat up some losers
>one day bully one of the lamer teachers to tears
>go to fight club
>Painkiller looking right at you
Tits are in the hand of the beholder.
I'll make a new thread when this hits page 9 if that's OK with you, OP?
If you don't say anything I'll assume you're not here.
Awesome, very nice! You can wait or do it now.
Threads get archived faster around this time but you generally wait till it drops to lower pages to start a thread.
Maybe not for stuff like this though since it isn’t a general.
In my mind Painkiller sounds exactly like Immortan Joe.
Sounds good to me. If you could please the files in the OP, or fest couple posts they would be great.

I'll post updated ones when I get the chance.
>be shithead
>make fun of everyone
>start food fight for the 7th time this week
>cleanup crew and driftwood always standing around watching you make a fucking mess
>go to fight club to continue dabbing on life
>the pair of boomer jannies are there
>it looks like they're regularly here - paid under the table to clean up after fight club
>they say that they want to 'spar' with you and one of your other dickhole buddies
>the four of you go into the ring
>CC makes a million duplicates of himself
>DW summons a million 2x4's
>they proceed to beat the shit out of you
>they dunk your head into a mop bucket and bully you
>never return after that, never look at either of them in the eye again
Will do.
Speaking of, how would people want it organized? I was thinking just Aphabetical and seperated into Students and Teachers.

I though about subdividing it into cliques, but a lot of characters fit into multiple. That might be easier to do as lists/charts so you could roll a random prep/jock/nerd and just consult the list.

Also: Alphabetical by Last Name? Or Alias?
This would make a great comic, if I could draw.
Alphabetical by Alias, divided between students and teachers.
then just use lists at the end of the pdf with the cliques and any important groups to subdivide the groups. That way you can people as part of two cliques or more.
who do you think would be the victim here? (the student?)
>about to go to bed
>hey I wonder how the super school thread is going
>open up tg
>still there nice
>*fic about cheer leader fucking alien queen*
>cute robot school staff
>still don’t know what’s going on with fight club
Very nice.
Just thought I’d let you guys know how nice things really are. Have a good night guys!
If people are making power rankings, where would supposed "elite fighter" Thunderbird stand?
Categories: position/grade.
Alphabetically within.
Personally, I'd put him in the low-rank carnival between all of the superhuman + bonus ability characters.
He can be on the top 10, if he beats off shark guy, angel girl, minotaur boy, sexy deathclaw, etc.
>Aboveground teachers
I imagine there's a faction of aboveground students and teachers that seek to kick everyones ass in fight club so they can dismantle it.

Some likely get sucked in though and start to like it.
I think we're more interested in the superheroines scrapping then the dudes.

There's a gap between kids that want to fight to prove they're the strongest and kids that don't need to fight because they know they're the strongest.

Super chicks should be classed by how they feel about fight club. Do they tolerate it, dig it, or do they want to SHUT IT DOWN?
>not canon
Fuck this. Boner RUINED!
No anon. We're in the pruning/focus phase where we decide who the important characters are and how they interact with each other.

I'd be down for discussing superheroine catfights.

You KNOW Emmy and Breanna fight with the students. They probably support fight club straight-out.

This. I especially want to flesh out the cheerleaders.
Given how her powers work, does it mean Otter Girl teacher could kick her ass?

>Emmy and Breanna have a submission wrestling match in bikinis in a pool of beer
>Breanna gets her tail kicked, vows revenge
>Levels up into DEMON EMPRESS
>Still gets her ass kicked by her senpai
>Cheer coach
Well we got an easy plot hook here.

Erica finds out her cheerleaders are involved in fight club, particularly Ash and Tatiana. Now Erica has to become queen of the catfights to steer her students back to the straight and narrow, or suffer the humiliation of her Navy SEAL ass getting kicked by brats half her age.
>Given how her powers work, does it mean Otter Girl teacher could kick her ass?
It's quite possible; still, I think it'd be close. Otter Girl would be immune to temperature shifts, but not to getting trapped in ice or getting batted about by an Ashley that's stronger than her.

I'd say it's around 50/50, depending on who comes up with the winning strategy first.
Tatiana sounds like a lot of fun. A reckless alpha-stacy who has a legitimate soft side and loyalty to her clique but gets off on fucking other superheroine's boyfriends and making them tap out in the ring.

Not sure how far she's going to get when her powers are just flight.
One of the very first ones in the last thread was a great all purpose troublemaker.
All the combat based teachers spar with the students to a degree.
Emmy and Breanna ACTUALLY beat up kids from time to time
Nobody can beat otter girl.
She’s the Sweet milfy Christmas cake version of squirrel girl for this setting.
That reminds me!
should zack have a real secret, of stay a Lighter character / fun loving kid? Was thinking of making his true form (unknown even to him) some crunchy shrimpy barely human looking thing. Like the bed of chaos bug from dark souls
New Thread
File: Joule Rock.png (89 KB, 476x586)
89 KB
Erica is an ideal protag for the catfight side of the setting.

Ex Navy SEAL, just wants to know why her cheerleaders are showing up with bruises, just wants everyone to be happy and safe, worried that fight club is making the school too much like the military (which she's more than familiar with), and her powers allow her a shot against Ashley, a decent final boss character.

Plus she's such a sweetheart she probably hugs her students after tapping them out.

>Just flight
Ever taken a punch at mach five?

Even if you just let her hover, that makes her an absolutely insane grappler. Every single submission hold now has gravity backing it. Imagine her pulling an armbar just by wrapping her legs around your arm and flying up.

>Cute robot school staff
Joule appreciates the love.
As the writer of zack, I was thinking of a sort of self-realization thing, where there isn't an actual true form. The power rearranges his atoms or something, so if you power cancel him he's stuck in his last form without powers or the condition sharing thing. The characters point isn't to go body horror, and more "realize he's a distinct person with or without his old body", or "finds somebody that wants to fuck themselves, just uses their body most of the time".
i just think it'd be funny if she were high ranked. I didn't really think further than that
Secrets are good. I saw all of them as optional things that a GM could include or discard as needed.
There's no reason she can't be high ranked. Flight is actually a really good power.

Don't worry, anon. I retroactively made it canon by introducing Many-Lines.

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