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    11 KB Interrogator Quest FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:44 No.7372043  
    New Thread


    "Yes. He certainly did know what was going on. He was the one intercepting vox chatter."
    She motions to her companion.
    "It's time to secure the bridge. I'm fairly certain you're not *part* of this insurrection... but... whatever, you're attractive."
    She helps you up, your wound not critical.
    You move back down the hallway, around the melted Techie, toward bridge-access.
    You arrive at the open door to the Tech Annex, and with permission, walk inside.

    Strune about the floor are what would bring capacitor explosions to any devout of the Mechanicus.
    Four tech priest bodies, clearly tampered with... played with; machinery lifeless, exposed on the corpses.
    Wall panels torn off, connections severed.
    There is a portable cogitator still active, crosslinked by removable cables into the systems nearby.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:47 No.7372082

    'What do you know about what's going on so far, lady?'

    Examine the cogitator, meanwhile.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:54 No.7372180

    ask her name, and who exactly does she represent.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:56 No.7372195

    "Not much, sadly enough. On visiting the armory, the two of us discovered stormtrooper corpses with crew members dragging them into the weapons locker. They proceeded to attack us. More crew were clearing the rooms and the halls, similarly hostile, some using xeno weapons, though I am uncertain."

    From the cogitator's display, you can see that it is linked to the vox and security systems.
    You cannot tell much else beside that.
    From the connections around you, it would appear that the bridge has been isolated, and navigation control rerouted.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:57 No.7372207
    *now too drunk to participate* Goddamn it.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:59 No.7372225
    were the tau part of this?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:07 No.7372307

    'I see... it does not seem like a case of daemonic possession then, does it? Or... might there be xenos interference here?'

    'Also, how impolite of me, what is your name?'
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:09 No.7372323

    "An acolyte, Ordo Hereticus. My name is Ergo." She displays her identification, but says nothing more.


    "I do not know."

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:09 No.7372327
    Tau was left tied up in our quarters. Yes, we're that good.
    Point out the cogitator, if our friend missed it, and ask if they have a spare power cell for our laspistol.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:15 No.7372384
    sorry let me rephrase that

    "Ergo do you know if the Tau part of this?"
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:19 No.7372420

    "They *smelled* like traitors," she grumbles, "old-fashioned traitors. Who they are doing it for is not clear."


    The stormtrooper takes your las power cells, links them to his backpack, transfers the charge, and hands them back.
    He has an almost agonized look when he sees that he has lost almost three shots Hellgun fire.
    "Eyes and mouth," he mumbles.

    The woman looks at the cogitator.
    "I am not an AdMech, but it will likely be useful evidence."
    She glances at the four tech-priest corpses.

    Roll 1d34.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:21 No.7372435

    This is the question you have already asked.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:22 No.7372443

    Thank the stormtrooper.

    'If that is indeed the case, perhaps it would be best if we left the warp before we tried to figure it out. But for that we would need to take the bridge.'

    'I wonder if there's anyone else left on this ship. Don't you have teammates, ergo?'
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:24 No.7372466
    rolled 11 = 11

    "Stormtrooper gonna be ok?"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:25 No.7372474
    With that number, I am guessing not >_>
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:38 No.7372588

    The stormtrooper nods lazily at you.

    "No other friends aboard. Others waiting for me at our destination, however."


    You at the right side of the room a table-based display screen.
    Markers are placed on it.
    You cannot make out the markers, but it appears to be a monitor of the airflows within the ship's halls.
    You see the Annex, and the Bridge.
    The Bridge appears isolated from external airflows; however, you can see hallways stretching toward the bridge. Perhaps access points.

    There appear to be four.
    One large one closeby, what you believe to be the central access.
    One from the stormtrooper quarters, perhaps designed for emergency defense.
    Another perhaps from the the mess area, you are uncertain.
    And a final one from... above?
    There are various airflow designations and labels on the grid, you are unable to determine their meaning.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:41 No.7372617

    'We will need to access the bridge, and quickly. Perhaps we should use the central route over here.'
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:43 No.7372630

    'Also... destination? Where are you going, if I may ask?'
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:44 No.7372656

    "Perhaps they will be expecting that," she shrugs.

    You both may examine any area of the ship on this map, rolling 1d16 for each.
    You may get false information, however.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:46 No.7372684

    "This ship is in transit to Perlia, my destination, and yours," an unknown expression passes fleetingly across her face.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:49 No.7372718
    rolled 11, 13 = 24


    Examine as in, on the cogitator? Look at the central approach then? And then the one from the stormtrooper's quarters.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)03:52 No.7372746

    'I was not aware that I am standing in the presence of a mind-reader,' say calmly. 'Or perhaps I am wrong? I am not a mind-reader myself.'

    'Are you en route to Perlia for a rendezvous yourself?'
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:56 No.7372781

    It is a separate map, continuously updated, displaying airflows throughout all areas of the ship.

    The central approach shows a curving airflow at the bulkhead. It looks as if it is sealed at least air-tight.

    The stormtrooper entrance is... interesting.
    It has a similar curve, but there are licks of color near the partition.
    It looks as if warmer air is diffusing from the bridge into the hall.
    The door is closed, you can tell, but perhaps it was breached?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)03:58 No.7372802

    "I don't need to read your mind," she whispers playfully, "as for rendezvous, yes, that would be my goal."
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)04:05 No.7372865

    Note the breach. What could it possibly be?

    'We should take the central approach. If we're ever to get to perlia we need to get the hell out of the warp first.'

    Let's take the lead this time. What could possibly go wrong?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)04:05 No.7372871
    Another note:

    You may from this point on, roll 1d16 to examine anything more closely. Simply name what it is.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)04:12 No.7372933
    rolled 7 = 7


    Look at the strange colours in the stormtrooper airflow then. And look where they lead to or from more closely.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)04:16 No.7372962

    There is only one color.
    You surmise that it indicates the contract of warm air with cool air.
    It is coming from the bridge.


    You announce your plan to the other two.
    The stormtrooper approves.
    Ergo giggles.

    Having assent of your temporary companions, you all move quickly out of the annex to the 4-juncture.
    You make a right toward the central access door.
    It is unlocked, but sealed.
    You motion to Ergo and Stormtrooper that you are going to open the door.
    Stormtrooper braces himself against the left wall, behind you.
    Ergo produces a fairly large caliber projectile pistol; you are not sure where she was keeping it.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)04:19 No.7372987

    Take laspistol out. Stormtrooper stands directly in front of the door, ready to shoot. Then kick the door open.

    Proceed carefully to the bridge. The temperature anomaly is interesting, but I can't think what it is...
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)04:34 No.7373068

    Opening the door, you feel a rush of hot air.
    You can hear talking, it slows as they take notice of the door.
    The captain, you recognize, is sitting in his throne calmly talking with a female lieutenant seated near him.
    The lieutenant looks over toward the door.
    Seeing you, seeing the stormtrooper, she flicks a stiletto out of her wrist, moving to stab the captain's spine.
    Ergo, suddenly around the corner, shoots, blasting a hole in the lieutenant's head before the assassination takes place.
    Another crew member standing near the door lunges for you with a knife.
    You shoot him in the throat, then again in the back of the head.
    A third crew member charges for the navigator, but the captain himself blocks the way.
    The crew member, unable to reach his target, cuts his own throat with one knife, stabbing his left eye with the other.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)04:34 No.7373071
    Query: Wasn't there a Tau with us?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)04:35 No.7373078

    She is locked in your quarters, crying.
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    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)04:58 No.7373241
    Ah, delicious xenos tears. The only thing better is purging them in the name of the Emperor!
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)05:27 No.7373438
    Ask the captain if he is aware of what is happening, and brief him on what we know if he is not.

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