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  • File : 1262304725.jpg-(10 KB, 180x257, 180px-Ordo_Hereticus.jpg)
    10 KB Interrogator Thread Part 2: 12/31/09(Thu)19:12 No.7367499  
    Previous thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7353184/
    You are a young acolyte in the Ordo Xenos, of the rank Explicator, and until recently, under the tutelage of the late Inquisitor Astrum Tyrannus.
    Currently you are in the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum, the edge of known Imperial space.
    More specifically, you are on a Black Ship, the dread transport employed by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Right now it is empty of its current mournful cargo of psykers, having just made the return trip to Holy Terra.
    Until recently, you had no duties, and were waiting to be dropped off on the Imperial border world of Perlia.
    However, recently, on one of your walks around the ship, you headed down an unfamiliar corridor and found an open door, which lead to a room.
    Inside the room you found a female tau restrained against her will with a gag in her mouth.
    Acting out of a mixture of curiosity and suspicion, you removed the gag from the Xeno’s mouth and tried to communicate with it. Unfortunately it barely understood Gothic, and, going against your better judgment, you decided to escort the Tau back to your living quarter to obtain a tau-to-gothic dataslate, to better interrogate her.
    Seeing no one, you arrived at your room and locked the door, forgot where you found the dataslate, found the dataslate, and proceeded to ask the Tau a series of rudimentary questions concerning her situation.
    Oh, you also found the severed head of one the ship’s crew.
    WHAT DO?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:18 No.7367576
    Tell her to stay in the room and not make any noise. Yes I realize she is tied up, but I want to make sure she understands that we don't want her going anywhere. Then try to casually ask around and see if anyone knows where midshipmen Boise is/where he was last seen.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:19 No.7367579
    Current inventory.
    1. (1) Laspistol, which is in need of a recharge.
    2. (1) Inquisitorial seal
    3. (1) Letter of manuficiency from the derpatmentum munitiroium
    4. (1) Dataslate which includes recent photos, several spaceport novels, the holy texts, and a tau to gothic dictionary.
    5. (1) Female tau, of indeterminate origins.
    6 (1) Broken camera
    7 (1) Quil and parchment set
    8. (1) Severed head, belonging to the late Midshipmen Boise, currently concealed.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:20 No.7367595
    Why the fuck would you take her back to your quarters just because you need a data slate?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:21 No.7367600
    I shoot the Tau then I shoot myself for my traitorous actions.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:22 No.7367616
    Well, we couldn't leave her alone. Right now she is the only link we have tieing someone on this ship to HERESY!
    Who's to say that she would've dissapeared as easily as she appeared?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:22 No.7367619
    Because everyone got paranoid that she would have been taken away by the time we got back. It's a 30 minute walk from the room to our quarters each way. One big fucking ship. I just said to get one of the midshipmen to get it for us, but noooooooooooooo.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:23 No.7367627
    >Inside the room you found a female tau restrained against her will with a gag in her mouth
    ooh this thread again.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:24 No.7367633
    Well, considering how the only midshipmen we've seen so far consists of a severed head, I think this probably wouldn't have worked out to well.
    Oh, speaking of that, we should search the room to find the rest of his body. It couldn't be far away,
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:25 No.7367639
    I don't suppose just coming clean about finding the head under our bunk is an option? After hiding the Tau somewhere so that when they search the room (and they will) they don't find her, of course.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:25 No.7367652
    Tau female eh? I ENGAGE HER IN CLOSE COMBAT!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:26 No.7367655
    Do I have Forbidden Lore (Xenos) to guess which caste the Tau belongs to?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:26 No.7367656
    It's an Imperial Black Ship! it has literally thousands of crew members! We could have voxed one of them to do it.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:26 No.7367661
    Suffer not the xenos to live!

    Shoot it in the face.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:26 No.7367670
    We already found out during interrogation. She's Water Caste.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:29 No.7367698
    >Consensus seems to be about doing something about the head. Confirmation?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:29 No.7367700
    Yes, but as we don't know yet who put the Xenos there and why he did not contact us about it, it may be better to keep things quiet at first and try to assess the situation without giving our hand away at once. We're only acolytes after all.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:31 No.7367714
    First of all, more info about the head. Did we find it in the room with the Xenos, was it cut off or ripped off, and so on.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:32 No.7367731
    Yes, but let's face her away from it. She got really freaked out earlier about weapons and shit, this might cause her to go into shock.

    Not that I care! S-stupid xenos...
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:33 No.7367740
    We found it under our bed while looking for the dataslate. No info on whether it was a clean cut or ripped. Might I suggest reading the last few OP posts in the first thread?
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:35 No.7367754
    From what you, briefly, saw of the head before you stuffed it back into the stowage compartment, the head belonged to one Midshipmen Boise, a squat fellow with a pechant for the cardgame Cripple the Xeno.
    Lost damn near thirty thrones to him in one sitting.
    The head was partly mutilated, but not so badly that you couldn't tell who it belonged to. You didn't see it long enough to determine time or instrument of death.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:36 No.7367768
    Right, time to get ahead of this situation.

    Heh, ahead- Inquisitor Tyrannus would’ve liked that one.

    You shift yourself away from the Tau (whose name you found out was “Fai'recht”) and reach into the stowage compartment beneath your bunk where you hide the head.
    You begin to rummage around for the head of the late Midshipmen Boise.
    (Roll 1d12 for spot check)
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:40 No.7367791
    rolled 5 = 5

    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:40 No.7367793
    >yoohoo, guys?
    If you want, I can roll for you.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:41 No.7367798
    Um, sure, by all means, you can do it. Disregard that previous roll...
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:43 No.7367811
    Here is the results of the questioning from the previous thread:

    Alright, alright, alright.
    Alright. Remember what Inquisitor Tyrannus taught, to analysis the situation logically and with a calm mind.
    No, wait, that's not right, he taught you to kill the mutant, burn the wytch, and purge the xeno.
    Alright, severed heads aside, you came here with a mission, find out what the frak is going on on this ship.
    Being careful to put the head back into the compartment without the Tau noticing, you pick up the data slate and, with a small prayer to the machine god, flip open the dictionary function.
    Finally, something goes right, it works!

    (more coming)
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:43 No.7367821
    You sit down on the gun metal floor next to the xeno, just outside of her reach in case, against all odds, she manages to break free.

    She seems to have calmed down considerably from when you first saw her, and now just seems vaguely resigned to being tied up.

    You point to the data slate and use the dictionary function to bring up the tau word for conversation, even though in this situation 'interrogation' might be a better word choice.

    She nods.

    It seems to understand that you are going to ask her series of questions.

    It takes sometime, considering that you have recheck every other word that comes out of either your or the Tau's mouth, but after a while, you finally start to get the answers to your questions.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:44 No.7367828
    You leverage the edge of your bead such that you can reach into the stowage compartment and the xeno is still incapable of seeing its contents.
    You begin to blindly grope, and your hand brushs against several objects you don't recognize: something soft and leathery, something hard and long, and something wet.
    Finally you locate a round object, and extract it from the depths.
    Aha, found it!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:44 No.7367832
    (This was posted by someone. It's relevant because we are heading towards Perlia, which is where Cain is. Possible cross-over?)

    "More tea, sir?"

    "Ah yes, thank you." I replied politely to my aide, Gunner Ferik Jurgen, a mere formality at this point, as he was already well underway, filling the recently emptied bowl for my convenience with the familiar blend I had grown so accustomed to over my many years of service.

    Though I must admit I had been reluctant to accept the brief vacation thrust upon me by the beurocratic emperor botherers back at the schola, I admit that by the third day of my tour of this little burg on the eastern continent I was finally coming around to the prospect. The chances of being hit by a stray vehicle or any number of other petty accidents were dwarfed by the chances of suffering an accident during my normal duties ever since those third-year frackheads started on the live fire exercises. And whats more, being rushed from banquet to commencement ceremony, to PDF district headquarters opening almost rekindled old memories of my days serving with the guard, memories I'm quite fond of, when they don't involve me being shot at. Even Jurgen seemed to be enjoying himself, stuffing his face at whatever venue we came across and so skillfully brushing off the odd civilian who came asking for autographs who weren't already held at bay by his stench and mottled skin.

    Indeed, it had just dawned on me that it would be a decent day after all...

    Of course... had I known what trouble was yet to drop down on the sky into my lap, I probably wouldn't have bothered getting out of bed that morning.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:46 No.7367851
    (We now return you to your regularly scheduled questioning)

    "Do you know who brought you to this room?"

    Words indicating confusion and uncertainty are picked with this question, but she also picks out Gue'la, the tau word for Human, mask, black, gun, fear, loss, and pain.

    "Do you know why you were brought to this room?"

    Uncertainty. For all apparent reasons, she has no idea why she was brought to this room. From as near as you can tell, she didn't even know she was on a ship until recently.

    "Do you know who is in charge of your interrogation?"

    Again the words black and mask appear again and again, along with the usual pain, fear, guns, loss, etc.

    "Do you like long walks along the beach in the moonlight?"

    This one was actually an accident. The vox function on the data slate decided that moment to kick in, and the auto translator picked up the last thing you had said, which was, to your embarassment, part of a vid sent to the 'The sanctioned selection board of potential Inquisitorial marriage applicants'

    Oh emperor, she giggled!
    A xeno giggled at us!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:47 No.7367864
    You scowl and tap the dataslate. Of all the times for this worthless piece of junk to work, why did it choose then?
    Well, whatever caused the vox function to work has shut it off just as quickly as near as you can tell. (We really need to see a tech priest one of these days. Assuming we live through the matter at hand, of course.)

    Back to serious questioning.

    Firstly: how did she get on this ship?

    She indicates that she was not aware that she was on a ship until well after it had entered the warp.

    Secondly: where was she before?

    The last time she remembers knowing where she was was in a minor sept called 'KISM'YN' Apparently her, well, what passes for a husband for a vile xeno, was peddle of heretical goods to human border worlds.
    She indicates that her last memory was with him.
    Anything more complicated than that becomes confused and garbled.

    Well, it looks like, for better or worse, your stuck with the xeno for a while. Might as well learn her name. It'd probably get tired of being called 'abomination' real quick anyway.

    "What are you called?"

    "Por'o Fai'recht"

    Lovely. Saying her name will by like coughing up a lung.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:49 No.7367881
    And then I suggested we call her Caren.

    Oh fuck, it's not just his head under the bed, is it?
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:50 No.7367892
    Time of death seems of recent well before blood had time to coagulate, as you find out the hard way when a thin viscous fluid begins to drip on your under-robes.
    The mutilation, such that it is, consists of two vertical slashes running lateral to the brow, and the eyes.
    It seems to have been inflicted with some kind of slashing implement. Nothing near as fancy as a monomolecular blade, probably just a standard issue navy knife.
    Yes, the ragged edges of the wound indicate as much.
    The head, aparently, was not fully severed at time of death, just deeply gouged. From what you can tell, it was only after rough trauma that the vertabrae snapped.
    This is odd.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:52 No.7367911
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:54 No.7367926
    Put head down, pull out bed, see everything under it.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:55 No.7367939
    A bluff is in order to test whether she is faking her lack of knowledge in the Gothic department.

    "Too bad, that interrogation is going nowhere like this. You really don't know anything. Well, I guess you're not worth anything to me alive then, and I wouldn't want to appear like a xenophile. Kneel down facing away from me please." (gesture for her to turn around and kneel)
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)19:59 No.7367976
    (Where the hell is everyone? All the paranoid people from last night, get in here!)

    Search again to see what the other stuff you felt was. Tell us what we need to roll.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)19:59 No.7367985
    Carefully placing the head out of sight, you remove your bunk from its current position, while trying to keep the contents of the compartment hidden from the xeno.
    (roll 1d4 for dexterity)
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:04 No.7368029
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:10 No.7368083
    Throne, this thing is wedged in there tight, isn't it?
    Alright, on three-
    As you tug at the stowage compartment with renewed vigor, it finally pops out, but unfortounately you lose balance and the locker tips over.
    Thankfully it ends up with its opening facing away from the xeno, so all that she sees is the hilt of what you suspect to be the dagger that killed Boise.
    Thank the throne, at least now she won't freak out-
    Oh , and a small puddle of blood begins to collect underneath.
    Well, at least the xeno only hyperventilates at the sight of human blood.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:15 No.7368131
    Is there anything else there? Something soft and leathery and something wet (the blood?).
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:16 No.7368138
    You right the storage locker and begin to rifle through it's contents.
    Well the soft object is obvious straight from the get go- the midshipmens corpse, which was apparently wrapped haphazardly in an oilskin cloak and apparently shoved in with some force.
    The wet is equally as obvious: blood has collected in the bottom from the gaping wounds that you suspect was inflicted with the third object.
    Well, well, well, what do we have here?
    This certainly isn't your standard issue knife- it seems so familiar. Where have you seen the patterns on the hilt before?
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:18 No.7368151
    > Sorry, roll a 1d6 for knowledge check.
    >> dice 1d6 Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:19 No.7368158
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:19 No.7368162
    rolled 3 = 3

    This psyker has dice...
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:27 No.7368244
    You strain your memory.
    You think that one of the symbols on the hilt, a grinning deaths head, may be relatedly to some subfaction of the Imperium.
    Maybe one of the lesser Imperial Cults?
    Other than that you're drawing a blank
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:30 No.7368270
    We need to find somewhere else to hide the corpse. If it's found, we don't want it in our room. Oh, and we should probably tell Caren that we didn't kill the guy.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:32 No.7368290
    But our fingerprints are all over the apparent murder weapon!
    We gotta find away of getting ride of that thing first.
    Do they have fingerprint identification tech?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:34 No.7368309
    Physically moving the corpse will only increase the likelyhood we get caught.
    I say we sit tight for the moment.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:39 No.7368339
    >So that's one vote hide the corpse, two votes to leave everything as it is.
    Gonna need a consensus here people.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:41 No.7368359
    They make a fair point. I retract my previous idea of moving the corpse. But I still think we should try to keep Caren calm.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:43 No.7368370
    from the moment you said female, you have been trying to steer us in the direction of raping her, so ill speed us along...

    rape her
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:46 No.7368398
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:51 No.7368427
    >Alright, the ayes have it
    Well, this situation has gone from bad to worse very quickly.
    Scratch that; it's gone from odd, to bloody weird, to paranoia inducing, to being fething framed for Murder!
    Alright, the tau seems to be rather squemish, but she's going to find out that there's a corpse in the room at one point or another. Thank the emperor she doesn't have a nose, or she probably would've picked up on the cloying scent of death by now.
    You put the head back in the storage unit, straighten up and walk over to the xeno, picking up the data slate.
    You begin to slowly type out your message:
    "Remain calm, there is a human corpse in the box. It is essential for the-"
    Erm, what is that the Tau are always blathering on about? Oh right
    "greater good that you remain calm,"
    While her general rate of breathing does increase, she seems to understand that it is in her best interest to not scream.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:55 No.7368466
    Wunderbar! Man, finding corpses, trying to figure out who's framing us... If only Tyrannus was here, he'd love this.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:55 No.7368469
    The Tau indicates that she wishes to make a reply message, and you hand over the dataslate.
    While you are waiting for her to pick out a reply in pidgin Gothic, you hear a faint noise, a muffled thump that seems apart from the normal rhythmic ambiance of the ships engine.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:57 No.7368485
    I'll try a bit to put what we know into context...I'm typing too slow for anything else, really :P

    1. This ship is on a /return flight/ from Holy Terra. The idea that a Xeno trader could have penetrated Imperial Space so far to pedde his goods is ridiculous. We have to assume she has been kept captive for quite some time.

    Assumptions: The Xeno is important enough to ferry her through half the galaxy (and back?). However, from her own statement it remains unclear how she is so important. The Beast House and similar organisations might want to sell her, but they would never run the risk of transporting her on a Black Ship. It is possible that there are other reasons to ship her through half the galaxy, but the facts also make it probable that she has lied about her background.

    2. The way we found the Xeno is more than strange. An open door with her shackled to the wall? The room itself only a hastily modified utility closet? Black ships are made to transport those most dangerous humans known as psykers, and it has holds more than capable of restraining the most dangerous of them. Also, while she was found in a robe with the inquisitorial sign, her body showed no traces of the usual interrogation.

    Assumptions: That the jailers of the Xeno have not put her into a regular cell reinforces suspicions that there is heresy going on. And they seem to want to keep her hidden from everyone, but then they forget to lock the door? That seems totally counter intuitive.

    3. The body of Midshipmen Boise, with whom we had contact before, hidden in our room.

    Assumptions: It's clearly a setup, and together with us stumbling over an open door, this smells more and more like a trap.

    Further questions:

    1. How long has it been since the Tau was captured? Can she make an estimate?

    2. How many people on board did we tell that we are an agent of the Holy Inquisition?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)20:58 No.7368498
    I thought she was bound to the workbench? Did we leave her hands free?
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)20:59 No.7368506
    What would Tyrannus do if he were here, you ask yourself.
    Well he certainly wouldn't have spent the last hour and a half sneaking around like some fething thief in the night.
    No, at the first scent of heresy, he would've charged straight in to the thick of it, shooting first and asking questions never.
    Though, if he hadn't been so gung-ho, you wouldn't even be hear right now.
    Frak those frakking genestealers.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:00 No.7368514

    I just passed my Psyn test.
    The tau is a psyker.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:02 No.7368530
    what kind of noise was it? did it come from near our door?

    Also; I'm beginning to susupect finding a different place to hide our prisoner might be in order. perhaps we can alert someone to this framed murder before things get out of hand.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:02 No.7368534
    >She is restrained in a manner that restricts her from jumping up and strangling us, but allows her enough give to poke awkardly at a dataslate balanced on her knees. It is only bedsheets, remember.
    >Hey, nice to see a conspiracyfag from the old thread!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:03 No.7368538
    Hmm, time to put on our most Inquisition-y robes and start the questioning? Also, can we try to get a meeting with the captain? I know he has been very busy/kept out of the way from the crew/us, but we should try to get a gauge on how much he knows, find out about him. How long has he served, when did he transfer to the Inquisition (if he's the captain of a Black Ship, he must be at least a low-ranking member, how long until we reach Perlia. Stuff like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:06 No.7368557
    I think another important question is why would someone try to frame us for murder and conspiring with Xenos? I doubt we've been stupid enough to piss off a big organization, and to do this kind of thing on a Black Ship points to something very big. So perhaps someone is angry at Tyrannus and is trying to kill/frame those associated with him?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:07 No.7368563
    Well, if the murder weapon is a standard-issue navy knife, that leads one to believe that the murderer, or at least an accomplice, is a member of the standing crew.
    Who has access to our private quarters.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:10 No.7368583
    As far as you can tell, the fact that you are a member of the Inquisition is well known among the ships crew. Many also know that there is probably a reason why you're without a proper Inquisitor and are being sent halfway across the galaxy to the edge of the Imperium. You've actually been the base and stock of a lot of rumors, most of them based on what you screwed up on-most think that you're responsible in some way or another for the death of your old mentor.
    Feth, that noise is start to get louder. By all indications, it seems that the source of the noise is getting closser, though it's almost impossible to pinpoint its source or even direction at this point.
    That thumping is getting a whole less muffled though.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:13 No.7368609
    Quick memory/spot check; are there any air vents leading to our room that someone or something could be climbing through? Suggest we un-holster our Las pistol.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:15 No.7368633
    Do WE know why we're on the ship?
    Y'know, other than to get dropped off.
    Why are we going there?
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:16 No.7368641
    las pistol needs recharging :(
    Grab tau, prepare to use as hum...tau-shield, give the xeno a chance to attempt to redeem itself by dying in the protection of one of the servants of the Emprah.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:16 No.7368642

    This thread was fine, right up until you decided to put that remark about moonlight beach walking. I fucking hate you OP.

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:17 No.7368646

    If this is a plan about framing us, it has been planned for some time. It has not been a reaction to us finding the Xeno because the heretic would have had to observe us for quite some time to know our relationship with Boise, lure him to our room and kill him in roughly the same time that we needed to bring the Xeno to our room after we found her.
    So if both things are related, this trap has been planned, not improvised.

    And it's a bad plan. My judgement as a player is that we can get away with everything here by showing our Inquisitorial seal. The worst that could happen is that we are kept under supervision until our Inquisitor comes aboard to...

    ...comes aboard...

    ...it might be about Tyrannus. Maybe they want to lure him on to the fucking ship? But what about the Xeno then? Why all that complication when luring the Inquisitor aboard could have been so much easier? The puzzle pieces don't fit right yet.

    Another possibility is that both things are actually unrelated.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:19 No.7368672
    Oh for... Those posts were all from last thread, and if you'd bother to read it and catch up, you'd know that these were all questions provided by anonymous. Also, they were provided back when it looked like the quest might turn to Tau/Human sexings.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:19 No.7368674
    2 mysteries unrelated are usually a bigger mystery in the long run, how does a xeno female get on board, she didn't climb on gag herself then tie herself down, unless she did then we have a winner and should go to one of the human auxillary planets with the best tau female in the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:21 No.7368700
    Also, why the hell don't we have a cover story to be aboard with? Is that Tyrannus' idea of a secret police? Well, sigh.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:22 No.7368706
    While there is a heating vent in the room, it approaches from the vertical and is only six inches across: no air vent entry or escape.
    The noise is definately getting closer: the tau has noticed at this point, and is looking at you nervously.
    What to do, what to do?
    Right Laspistol- it may not be much, but it's all you've got.
    Feth- the power cells are near empty.
    But that noise is getting closer- that sound, could it be
    Bolter fire?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:25 No.7368727
    Tyrannus, our former Inquisitor, is dead, due to those damnable Genestealers. Also, Boise might not have even been killed in our room. It's possible he was killed elsewhere and brought here after his death. Also, in the previous thread, OP said that, this being a Black Ship and all, pretty much everyone aboard is part of the Inquisition, and there are many people outrank us, including the Captain. Flashing our Rosette might not get us as far here as it would normally.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:25 No.7368731
    can we find any other guns?
    Maybe we were supposed to bring the xenos onboard and make sure she doesnt die? maybe she actually is important and were all paranoid.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:26 No.7368735
    bolter fire...wat, either the ship is being purged of heresy by space marines, or invaded by CSMs, if former shoot the tau, if the latter take the tau and hope she catches a bolter shell as you make your escape.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:26 No.7368740
    Clarification is in order,
    Tyrannus is dead, killed by genestealers.
    We where headed to Perlia to meet up with our newly assigned inquisitor and an important local official at the schola.
    At the moment we have no cover story
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:28 No.7368757

    So what are we looking at? Either Marines, Chaos Marines, or Sisters of Battle. Fuck, do we know if there is a complement of the first or third of those on board? I suggest we poke our head out to see what we can see. But don't be stupid about it. get down onto our knees. When a door opens, you expect a head to come out at normal height, not low to the ground. Take a quick look, then get back inside.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:30 No.7368775
    true, she is a water caste, they're supposed to be diplomats maybe the Tau have decided to forego their devotion to the blasphemous Greater Good and attempt to purfiy themselves in the light of the Emprah.
    Change of plans keep Tau female alive until her purpose on board is clarified.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:33 No.7368802
    You nervously begin to swap out the old powercell.
    That noise is getting closer; it isn't a bolter, your sure at this point that no Deathwatch Space marines were part of the ships roster, but it doesn't sound good whatever it is.
    Maybe a hell gun?
    Whatever it is, your absolutely sure a ranged fire fight has broken out- the ship couldn't have been borded, you. Would have noticed that.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:34 No.7368813

    This, and if something does happen and it's one of our people, take out the inquisitorial seal. It's good enough proof.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:34 No.7368814
    Well, then a plan might be directed against our new Inquisitor. But seeing as we are still part of that organisation, and Midshipman Boise probably wasn't, it's pretty certain they won't harm us before our new Inquisitor had something to say about it. Although I admit, on the Black Ship a Seal won't get us out of Jail free automatically.

    Also, HOLY CRAP BOLTERS ON A SPACE SHIP? It's probably rather automatic shotguns. Or someone here is working with no respect to structural integrity at all, which means we might have been boarded by people with something similar to Vacsuits.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:36 No.7368833
    mutiny is unlikely, this is a "Black Ship" if anything some servitors or other weaker willed individuals likely succumbed to some demonic possession, perhaps a demon got on board, are we currently travelling through the warp? Geller-field malfunction if so, grab a daemon hammer and get whackin. Find the captain bring the xeno, do not give her a weapon.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:37 No.7368837
    get yoursefl and that tau to safety
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:39 No.7368858
    If there's fighting going on, it's an opportunity to get additional weapons and possibly a position of authority, read: minions. We cannot allow either side, whoever they are, to access our room at the moment- with an unexplained body and an unexplained xeno in here, it wouldn't look good.

    We must therefore venture out of our room, lock it behind us, and investigate the situation as quickly as possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:40 No.7368868
    If it's not a boarding, or a mutiny, it means someone has been planning to get this going all along.

    What on earth do the Black Ships take on these days, anyway?! I say we should wait and listen...
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:42 No.7368885
    Imperial warships have outer hulls literally meters-think made of solid adamantine. Even a Battlecannon has zero chance of breaking through, much less a bolter/hellgun. Black Ships are made to withstand the possibility of an Alpha-level psyker getting loose, so it will have armor like that at the least. Likewise, Deamonic possession is unlikely for the same reason. You have hundreds of psykers on board, some of them actively trying to summon deamons. The only way a deamon could get in is if someone sabotaged the Geller Fields or something.

    I find it much more likely that the heretics cult or whatever it is is making it's move. Also, now that I think about it shotguns make sense since ships have long corridors.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:43 No.7368895
    I dunno about leaving you guys: nothing short of meanwhile melta should be able to get through our door.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:44 No.7368899
    Please rephrase that in English.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:45 No.7368909

    He said: "Don't try to stop me!"
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:47 No.7368924
    Well, that may explain why the midshipman's corpse is in our quarters. He disagreed with the mutiny and was killed to be silenced. But why frame us? Just a matter of convenience?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:47 No.7368926

    This is true. We should stay in. We do have new cells for our laspistol, right? Let's stay in and observe.

    Also, is it only the sound of bolters? Can we hear any other sort of weaponry that would indicate resistance?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:47 No.7368928
    We need to -carefully- (low to the ground, gun in hand, prisoner secured, ect) take a peek out of the door. Perhaps not leave the room yet, but we need info.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:48 No.7368936
    >Right now it is empty of its current mournful cargo of psykers

    so, heretic cult seems a good possibility, as does geller-field sabotage, if a demon is on the loose things could get messy, peek outside the room, carefully find out wtf is going on bring xeno with us we may not be returning to this room depeding on certain factors such as duration of geller-field sabotage if such occured, spread of heretic cult if such occured, ships current status operational, in warp, in tact.
    So many questions...get inquisting OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:48 No.7368937

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:48 No.7368947
    We can't stay in! That cedes the initiative. If heretics win, they'll kill us when they show up; if the heretics are suppressed, then we look damn guilty and will probably be killed to be safe, just in case we're heretical. Acolytes are replaceable.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:49 No.7368954

    Indeed. For the glory of the Imperium!
    >> Jericus 12/31/09(Thu)21:51 No.7368966
    Bar door, block door, get quiet, be ready to shoot shit.

    Also be ready to shoot the xeno should she do something suspicious and possibly dangerous
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:51 No.7368967
    I just had a brainstorm:

    Vox the bridge and ask what's going on! It's a brilliant way to figure out what's happening without putting ourselves at risk!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:53 No.7368978
    brilliant 0_o
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:54 No.7368990
    If it is possible, be dishonest about your location. if the bridge is held by heretics, mutineers, or some loyalist force attempting an indiscriminate purge, telling them "Hey I'm here" could have them sent your way. In fact, even friendlies being sent your way would endanger you, since you've got a xenos chick tied up in your bedroom. Look on the bright side. If it's deamons, at least the tau won't be possessed.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)21:55 No.7368999
    I can see it now, your vox and las pistol are using the same power cell right now, you have to transfer it from one to the other, a truly FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:56 No.7369010
    This won't work. Why, you ask? Because >>7367579. There's no vox or microbead on that list. We don't have one.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:56 No.7369016

    Tau have a warp presence, they can be possessed.
    Daemons just don't *like* to, because Tau are boring.
    Tau are also somewhat less noticeable in the warp due to the smaller presence.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)21:56 No.7369019
    inb4 "Unfortunately, something seems to be jamming the signal."
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)21:57 No.7369027
    >ayes have it. Also please forgive the rate and quality of posts; I'm typing this on my mobile.
    Right; while you may not know what exactly is going on, it doesn't take a psycher to figure out sticking around for a firefight.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:00 No.7369047

    You misspelled "psyker."
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:03 No.7369064

    That's fine, but what do we see? What's happening now that we're outside? Don't just echo our decisions.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:06 No.7369094
    Don't want to be a smartass, but while you guys are right and maybe bolters won't pierce the hull, you might still destroy the air supply ducts, blow up a few power couplings which operate useful systems of the ship and so on...which is why normally, people on board use shotguns, close combat weapons and flamers.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:06 No.7369103
    I said "won't", not "can't". Unless EVERYTHING IS DAEMONS in which case we're probably boned anyway, proceed to Emperor's Mercy.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:08 No.7369110
    I figure we have one in our room. That list is what we have on our person. At the least, the room should have a vox of it's own for emergencies. I think this qualifies.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:10 No.7369131
    Point. And now that I think about it, in long narrow corridors with twists and turns, shotguns make sense.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:11 No.7369136
    This is probably so. I'm still nervous about giving away our position by transmitting from the room.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)22:19 No.7369195
    I have this feeling like everytime we propose investigating outside we find ourselves mystically being returned into the room, lets investigate this tau further since we're sitting tight for now and can't make any outside contact, and seem to be unable to exit the room for a variety reasons as investigating the tau seems to be the only option left to us though we have expressed an aversion of xenos and would rather investigate the possiblity of heretics or demons outside, as the investigation of the xeno can wait presumably.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:22 No.7369229

    The outside demands purging.
    We have accepted its demands.
    So will the OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:28 No.7369280

    Except, of course, that the OP appears to have disappeared again. Seriously.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:30 No.7369288
    >mystically returned to the room.

    Lift the sofa cushion and take the metal peg.
    Use the peg to complete the circuit on the radio.
    Turn the radio to channel 105 AM to hear the repeating code to the safe.
    Open the safe, take the long wire.
    Use the long wire to reach into the crevice and take the key.
    Use the key on the door.

    Congratulations! You have escaped the room!

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:30 No.7369290
    he relized people know when the fuck they be getting railroaded, funny thing this only happens on 40K quest threads no?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:30 No.7369293
    Dude said he was on him mobile. Maybe he is on his way home?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:32 No.7369303
    Last post said he was running this from his mobile...
    This likely means he's trying to /tg/ at a new year's party.

    Which is either epically geeky, or truely hopeless.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:32 No.7369314
    So OP ran away because he realized no one was running with his suggestions of railroading?
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)22:35 No.7369346
    the OP tried to make you stay in the room, but no you had to find the key in the safe
    Now you are the DAEMONS
    >> Jericus 12/31/09(Thu)22:36 No.7369358
    Last post suggests he's not at home on computer, and is on his cellphone. Give the man some time.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)22:39 No.7369382
    In the name of the Inquisition, I am taking command here.

    You nudge the door open ever so slightly.
    Projectile scarring dots the hall outside.
    Sounds of further projectile fire echo from the rightward hall.
    The rightward hall extends toward crew quarters and command.
    The leftward to cargo and engineering.
    No corpses. No lifeforms.

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:39 No.7369390
    I maintain the new year's party theory. It's about that time, east coast.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:42 No.7369423
    Oh good, they left. Head back inside, lock the door, vox the bridge for a sit-rep.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)22:44 No.7369436
    will play ball with that
    can the bridge be accessed via a route that heads toward engineering? If yes, proceed with tau in tow, if no, proceed towards fighting with las-pistol in hand and tau in tow, the captain must be found, and notified of this occurce in case he hasn't been already, attempt to find vox bead on any discovered bodies. Lock room, don't want anyone finding the dead crewman in our quarters, yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:47 No.7369462
    There's a vox unit in our room, why not just use that?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:48 No.7369474
    Dragging a bound xeno with us around a ship that is experiencing combat will not endear us to anyone we come across. We should find a safe place to stuff her while we explore.

    I think that we should find the surveillance room so that we could figure out what is going on and develop a plan. Head right.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:52 No.7369501

    Head right towards the gunfire?


    Well, one doesn't get to become an Explicator by diving for cover and waiting till the noise is over I see. Well, move from cover to cover nonetheless, and don't stray where the gunfire is loud.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)22:55 No.7369535

    There is no vox in your quarters.
    Ship-vox units are placed a regular intervals in main hallway junctures; ranking crew are issued personal voxes.


    You surmise that the bridge would be accessible via any number of circuitous routes from the engineering complex.
    A tech-adept would know specifics.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)22:57 No.7369555
    Maybe we could find a tech adept in the chaos? Where would civilians be hiding? Is there a safehouse onboard the ship, or do they just run to the escape pods?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:03 No.7369609
    There are no civilians, it's a Black Ship.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:04 No.7369633
    Oh for-

    Fine, go to nearest vox unit and call bridge. At least this way, they can't pinpoint that we are in our cabin. Once we are done with the call, head back to our quarters.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)23:05 No.7369634

    You currently reside in the ship's auxiliary quarters; they are utilized for transport of guests and inactive crew.
    They are somewhat thread-bare as this is primarily a prison-transport vessel.
    Along the hall outside are similar rooms to yours, unoccupied.

    Tech-adepts are most prevalent in the engineering complex during normal ship operation.
    Their own quarters are provided there.
    They rarely leave save for maintenance operations, though there is an ancillary tech annex near the bridge.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:07 No.7369659
    ooo lets head for the tech annex, we can find an adept, will certainly find a vox and if we are unable to contact the bridge by vox even then, we can investigate the bridge if it's still intact, I maintain we bring the tau, she better learn to duck and cover real quick or she will be our walking bullet shield. We may not have a chance to make it back to our quarters.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:08 No.7369664
    Ok. Head to engineering to find a tech adept to show us how to get to the command deck without encountering the fighting forces.

    While we're there, find hardware override 45m/dEX and shut down the ships automated security...
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:11 No.7369703
    Seeking out secure sectors of an imperial warship with an improperly restrained xeno prisoner is a good way to get commissar'd.
    I vote we double up the tau's bindings before we leave...
    Perhaps put her in the compartment with the corpse, if there's room?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:13 No.7369727
    Wait...who besides Space Marines typically is armed with bolters? Armed with bolters...on a Black Ship....Sororitas! We have to identify the combatants before we decide to start shooting. If there are Sisters aboard, it is likely that they would be purging heretics as they are oft want to do. Perhaps the same heretics who have caputred this xeno creature and slew Midshipman Boise?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:13 No.7369729
    >Perhaps put her in the compartment with the corpse, if there's room?

    Y u do dis? Do you hate Carol THAT much?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:14 No.7369740
    We already thought of that. There are no Marines or Sororitas on board.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:14 No.7369741
    Do not give it a name.
    As to my alignment, I'm Neutral Evil, thanks for asking.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)23:17 No.7369771

    You muse that you would dearly love to find a vox; if only to ask about the messy gunfire.


    You shake your head, resolving to follow the rear wave of combat.
    You give a reassuring nod to the Tau, who is somewhat disconcerted as you slip through the door and lock it behind you.
    Las readied in your right hand, you move toward crew primary quarters.
    Examining the embedded projectile fire pattern as you go.

    Roll 1d15.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:19 No.7369785
    rolled 3 = 3

    what for I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:19 No.7369790
    rolled 1 = 1

    Oh god that's horrible. I'm burning a fate point.

    Please EMPRAH, do not turn your face from me!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:20 No.7369798

    The EMPRAH has abandoned us. We're fucked.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:20 No.7369799
    Either initiative or to ID the weapons used.
    With a roll like that though...
    Well, we should at least be able to determine if they're energy or ballistic, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:20 No.7369801
    oh snap
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:23 No.7369830
    Right, sorry. I am just now getting back into this thread after yesterday.

    But if they are traitor marines, why would they attack an EMPTY Black Ship? The vile Chaos Marines are typically more calculating than the common creatures of the warp. Their attacks have purpose beyond random violence. They must have another objective in mind. A holy relic perhaps? All these thoughts go through our head as we make our way towards the tech annex. Hopefully one of the Mechanicus adpets will be able to shed some light upon our situation.

    Yeah, the xeno needs no name besides the one it has given. We can contemplated different methods of interrogation when we have the time to do so.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:25 No.7369844
    Maybe there's a particularly powerful psyker that they want?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:26 No.7369855
    To be fair, there are smaller bolters that can be used by people without power armor. And the first OP did say that we weren't sure if it really way bolter fire; it might have been hellgun shots or shotgun blasts.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:26 No.7369856
    the xeno gave us a name?
    how long will it take to reach the tech annex, then the bridge? assuming we don't encounter anything on the way.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:28 No.7369876
    Yes, she gave us her name. Por'o Fai'recht. Because that's difficult to pronounce, I suggested renaming her Carol. It hasn't caught on as much as I hoped it would.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:28 No.7369879
    Hellguns are the same as hot-shot lasguns. They wouldn't sound the same as solid slug guns. Can we try to figure out whether it's energy or ballistic?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:30 No.7369890
    Perhaps, but there were a great many psykers aboard the ship before it deposited them before the Golden Throne. At the moment there should officially be none aboard. Surely the Tau is not a psyker, their race being poorly attuned to the warp.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:30 No.7369893
    damnable water-caste tau xenos, I thought they took human names in dealings with us to stop us from choking on their filthy xeno language.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)23:30 No.7369895

    You note that the projectiles are small-arms. Ship-safe weapons.
    You entertain fantasies of a Sororitas squad purging heretics through this hallway.

    Walking further, the firing pattern continues.
    You pass through quarters assigned to serving staff.
    There are two small hallways leading perpendicular to yours within the serving staff's quarters.
    You arrive at a central juncture.
    It is a 4-way hall with curving wall corners.
    At center is a multi-user vox station attached to a column.
    It is hardwired, the console indicates that all vox locations are active and reachable.

    Signs indicate that along the right hallway is the Stormtrooper quarters and armory.
    The left hall is navigational staff and continuing straight is the bridge and tech annex.

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:31 No.7369902
    I'd point out, that if all was well, there wouldn't be any xenos on this ship at all. As such, it is unlikely that there are more xenos aboard, at least that we'll encounter.
    Thus, xeno is a good enough name for her.

    I'd also point out that OP3 has yet to post again, after we crit-failed whatever roll that was.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:31 No.7369905
    Right, I forgot we were on a return trip.

    Maybe there's a person of importance on board with sensitive information? I don't really see any other reason to assault an empty black ship.

    Unless maybe some psyker foresaw the ship coming for him and made a deal with the ruinous powers to save himself...

    brb, DH plot.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:32 No.7369918
    Contact bridge. Find out what's going one. Afterwords, go to storm trooper quarters, we could use some bodygaurds.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:33 No.7369925
    Scratch what I just said about him not posting.
    Use vox to try and find out what's going on.
    Failing that, armory, for new power cells if nothing else.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:35 No.7369950
    We may find the answer to one mystery at least in the stormtroopers' quarters. If they have black uniforms and masks we will know that the Tau was brought aboard by inquisitorial agents. If one of them is still there, we may also be able to ascertain the nature of the battle going on. Also, there will be fully charged packs for our laspistol.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:36 No.7369956
    Go to the armory and look for some good stuff?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:37 No.7369971

    Does the firing pattern persist throughout all the branching paths? Or did the assailants, whoever they are, move in one direction? That would well indicate what exactly they're after.

    If they haven't headed for the stormtrooper quarters, we should go there. Inquisitorial seal at the ready.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:38 No.7369981
    If there are stormtroopers aboard, we can assume that they had a hand in it. Also, I recommend against asking them about tau on board, as it could result in "information containment", which would be bad for us.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:41 No.7370004
    True, but we outrank then, and killing a supirior is punishable by death. That plus brainwashed loyalty to whoever flashes a rosette.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:42 No.7370016
    I think it's been mentioned that we're very low on the totem pole, and there are (false) rumors that we had a hand in the death of our previous Inquisitor.
    Also, I second the action of seeing which way the firefight went, judging by blast patterns on the walls.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:44 No.7370039
    Fair enough. We should still try to get to the armory first so as to acquire a better weapon.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:45 No.7370040
    if it was a firefight at all and not a SHOOT DAEMON, GET RIPPED TO SHREDS ANYWAY
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 12/31/09(Thu)23:45 No.7370041

    You activate the vox console, setting a call to the bridge.
    You hear three short clicks in rapid succession.
    An unrecognized voice answers.

    "Hello? What is happening aboard the ship?" *harried tone*
    "Who are you?"
    "Explicator <Unnamed>, the acolyte traveling aboard."
    *0.3 second pause* "Do you have something to report?"

    Roll 1d12.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:46 No.7370048
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:46 No.7370053
    Ah, so we might be looking at a "run away shooting behind us" sorta situation. Doesn't negate trying to find out which way it went or came from, only what one side was. Would also partly explain all the misses on the walls.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:47 No.7370062
    Ah, we might live.
    Explain that we heard weapons fire, and have seen signs of a firefight?
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:50 No.7370083
    Explicatior Berongar Vulf,
    Question 1: Are we currently in warp?
    If yes, "Is the geller-field operational"
    If no, "By the emprah's golden balls, what is going on!"
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:50 No.7370084
    And see if we can get an ETA for Perlia.
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)23:51 No.7370105
    Sorry you guys, I have to break this quest off, indefinately.
    I may take a couple of weeks before I can post again.
    Really sorry you guys.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 12/31/09(Thu)23:52 No.7370115
    we voted in a FurtherOP, you are forgiven since you replied
    >> NewOP 12/31/09(Thu)23:53 No.7370120
    Archive and we can pick up where we left off.
    Again, Sorry to leave you guys hanging.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:56 No.7370153
    Wait, leave the new new OP your notes so he knows what's going on!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/09(Thu)23:59 No.7370187
    I am not yet ready to assume that it was an inquisitor or one of his subordinates that captured the xeno. We would not need to ask the stormtroopers about the Tau, only to see their uniforms to determine if they match the description of the assailants the Tau described. Perhaps we could also requisition a rebreather mask to show the creature. Something like that may be handy anyway.

    Also ask who the senior inquisitor aboard is.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:01 No.7370206

    "There seems to have been a firefight outside my quarters. Are we at warp?"
    "Noted. We are at warp."
    "Why was there a firefight outside my quarters?"
    *0.2 second pause* "That is a matter for internal security. The ship is stable from my reports."
    "ETA for Perlia?"
    "The warp is fickle."
    There is a note of dislike, perhaps disgust in his voice.
    The vox disconnects.

    You have not seen any personnel utilizing the halls or crew quarters.

    Roll 1d18.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:02 No.7370217
    rolled 7 = 7

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:03 No.7370226
    rolled 5 = 5

    Hope I do better than my 1.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:03 No.7370227
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:03 No.7370233
         File1262322221.jpg-(346 KB, 638x975, RealHoro.jpg)
    346 KB
    Man, we know you're just going out to get totally shitfaced, and that's cool. Rock on. \oo/

    They are all archived. By the way, New New OP is awesome for picking this up. Horo tits is your reward.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:03 No.7370238
    rolled 18 = 18

    Oh 1d18 lol I rolled a 1d8.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:04 No.7370243
         File1262322271.gif-(86 KB, 675x902, oots0003.gif)
    86 KB
    I think we just failed a spot check.

    Attempt to contact shipboard security?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:05 No.7370250
    Hey, can we use this roll instead of all those other shitty rolls?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:06 No.7370265
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:09 No.7370299

    .... We will have to head for the stormtroopers then. Who else could be so heavily armed?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:11 No.7370323
    Well, he was certainly less than forthcoming. He may just be too busy to deal with such a lowly acolyte, which would be understandable, or he may be less than entirely loyal. It would be wise in this case to err on the side of caution and avoid notice from now on.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:12 No.7370333
    No, hidden rolls shouldn't count. Leave your dice on the board, gentlemen.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:13 No.7370346

    You are able to determine that the man on the other end of the vox was definitely hesitant to speak with you.
    You are not certain whether it had something to do with your identity, location, or report.
    These thoughts do come to mind.
    You get the feeling that you are very alone, but it is a passing one.

    The gunfire pattern along the hall is absent around the vox console, and splits between Main Crew quarters and Bridge Access.

    Deeper within the Stormtrooper quarters, you hear a roaring.
    Similar to waves thrashing a cliff.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:14 No.7370368
    No, I think we should move. Quickly. Let's leave the stormtroopers for now and head for our original destination--the tech annex.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:14 No.7370369

    Indeed, I will require that all rolls have dice-count visible.
    Pretty please.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:16 No.7370395
    Chainswords perhaps?

    Continue to engineer's quarters. Our plan is a good one.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:18 No.7370437
    That sound... a flamer?
    Investigate. If there's been a mutiny of some sort, we'll need help to retake the bridge, and signs of combat could indicate loyalists. Option two, is that there is a hostile force aboard, and signs of combat could be them.
    Option three, we're about to die.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 01/01/10(Fri)00:20 No.7370477
    2 or 3 are not healthy, proceed to bridge
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:20 No.7370478
    Not a chainsword. That'd be more of a roar then a wave crashing sound. It would also change pitch when it hit a body, and we're likely too far off to hear blood spattering.
    I still think it's a flamer.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:23 No.7370536
    We get the hell out now. Is there anything within reach that may be useful? Only look for a moment, though, because we need to haul ass. I would take the path leading to the crew quarters as the captain seems to want little to do with us.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:24 No.7370556

    Flamer seems to be the greater possibility, yeah...

    Is there any sound coming from the armoury? Could it be that the entire crew of the ship ha been taken out while we tried to interrogate the tau?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:25 No.7370568
    We don't even have a working laspistol. Retaking the bridge, if it is even under siege, is entirely beyond us. We need to find other loyalists.
    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 01/01/10(Fri)00:27 No.7370625
    The bridge still seems to be under Imperial control, though they don't like talking to us, our primary objective here should be drop out of warp, the last thing we need is demons trying to get in while the ship tears itself apart from the inside from heretics, mutineers, other demons, or perhaps possibly other xenos.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:30 No.7370656
    Armory's down with the stormtrooper barracks, where the sound of what we think is a flamer can be heard.
    Impossible, we're too low ranking to take command of the ship like that. How dismissive the captain was to us supports this.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:31 No.7370667

    You leave the vox station, moving toward the forward tech annex.
    You encounter another, small 4-juncture, turning right at the Cog-symbol sign for the Forward Annex.
    Moving along the hall, you come to a door at left.
    It is clearly Mechanicus make, and seems prominent, you surmise this is the entrance to the Annex proper.
    Devices adorn the wall.

    Further down the hall you see other corridors.
    You surmise that you are just past the Stormtrooper quarters.
    The roaring comes in short bursts from that direction.
    It sounds higher pitched from here, and much closer.

    >> What a Faggot !QF5oszRdpY 01/01/10(Fri)00:32 No.7370681
    step into annex before you find out what it feels like to be barbequed in the name of the emprah
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:37 No.7370737
    The stormtroopers all have rebreathers, and we don't know what else is on the ship. We should attempt to find the fire suppression system. A HALON dump (or whatever the 40K equivalent is) may be a handy last resort option if the ship falls to the traitors. The tech priests should know something about this. Let's enter the annex proper.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:39 No.7370758

    The Annex door is locked.
    You recall that it exists for the upkeep of critical ship systems.
    One of the devices appears to be a local intercom.
    It is at the right side of the door.

    The machinery looks as if it is active, and that someone is inside.
    Though, you do feel watched.

    Do you wish to use the intercom?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:42 No.7370785

    Oh, I forgot--
    Roll 1d24.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:42 No.7370786
    Yes. So far we have no reason to suspect the tech priests, at lest not nearly as much reason as we have for everyone else aboard. We hurriedly try to recall all of the strange customs and manners that we know the mechanicus practice.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:43 No.7370791
    rolled 23 = 23

    Oh, alright.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:43 No.7370799
    Praise the Omnissiah!
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:44 No.7370802
    If our goal is to get the ship to drop out of warp, could we sabotage the engines without causing LOLDAEMONS?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:47 No.7370830
    I don't think the warp works that way. However, we could attempt to take direct control of the engines and try to bring us back into real space. But we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. We have to make a good impression on these tech priests first.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:48 No.7370838
    Oh yeah, and wouldn't we need help from the ship's astropaths?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)00:53 No.7370887

    You touch the button on the intercom for transmit.

    "Hello? May I have access to this Annex?"
    You hear a soft response. "Name and business."
    "Explicator Berongar Vulf, there has been damage to the hallways and an unhallowed roaring sound can be heard."
    "Roaring? Where?" The voice is nervous, you hear console tapping begin.
    "In the Stormtrooper quarters. How can you not know?"
    "Yes. Yes. I will see to it." He sounds as if trying to reassure himself.
    In that moment you recognize the voice.
    It is the one from the vox. From the bridge.

    You step back.
    The roaring pulses are silent now.

    Roll 1d15.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:56 No.7370914
    rolled 15 = 15


    Ask him to let you in.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:58 No.7370932
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)00:59 No.7370943
    rolled 4 = 4

    We suddenly realize that the person we spoke to initially may not have even been the captain, but whoever he is is worried. We need to determine what is aboard and who is fighting it. We should try the door to the forward annex if the main door will not open. Perhaps we can access the security vids?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:01 No.7370963
    HYES! Thank you for beating me to it.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:02 No.7370968
    No problem.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:12 No.7371047
    I feel like Grendel! The Emperor knows it won't last, though, so let's make the most of it before the ones start rolling in.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:12 No.7371052
    FurtherOP clearly can't handle our awesome rolls.
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:14 No.7371065

    As you reach for the intercom, the door bursts open.
    A tech-priest rushes out, propelled in part by two of four mechadendrites thrusting against the frame of the door.
    The other two slash at your arms, while he brandishes a soldering tool in his right hand.
    You dodge backwards with preternatural speed, having expected something entirely grim to happen.
    He makes a surprised swing at you with the soldering tool, but has little combat experience using his hands.
    It would appear that he had intended to disable your arms quickly, and burn your throat out.

    You, from a semi-crouching landing, fire your las pistol twice into his knee.
    He topples, being supported on the ground by his dendrites.
    His augmetics are substantial however, he is not stunned, and pursues you further down the hallway in a craw-push manner.
    He's rather quick, and strikes at your leg's tendons repeatedly, missing all of them.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:16 No.7371104
    I may be naive, but I honestly didn't expect that. The Mechanicus is usually pretty resistant to corruption. Whelp, best continue shooting him until the power cell gives our or he dies.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:19 No.7371141
    *gives out
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:21 No.7371169

    You fire at his back, his head.
    The compact las does little to his head, an ablative material present.
    You manage to disable one of the forward dendrites with a shot to the back.
    The other forward dendrite manages to cut you across the thigh.
    "You WILL die." He states.

    You hear a whining sound from behind you, building.

    Roll 1d21.

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:23 No.7371192
    rolled 9 = 9


    Oh emperor please...
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:25 No.7371214
    HOLY- Thank the God-Emperor for our luck! Sprint ahead towards the next door until we have sufficient distance between us and the crazed tech priest to retrieve our Inquisitorial seal. Perhaps we will be lucky again, and this is all a misunderstanding.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:26 No.7371228
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:32 No.7371282
    Oh shit, duck!
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:37 No.7371343
    *praying that the whining sound is our salvation or at least a quick end*
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:37 No.7371349

    You whisper to your Emperor as you continue to backpedal, dodge, and fire.
    The whining reaches it's zenith.
    Suddenly a high-pitch roar erupts throughout the hallway.
    Rapid white flashes dimming to red streak through the air past your left shoulder, striking the tech-priest in the hip.
    The strikes move up the priests body, burning, melting maiming.
    You leap right, seeing the shots' direction.
    He screams, using that moment to throw the soldering tool at you.
    It catches you in the fleshy bits of your left hip, burning a streak scar, rattling to the ground behind you.

    You look up in your pain to see a black-and-red armored man with a large backpack, flashing Hellgun, and frown.
    He burns every inch of the tech priest, giving special attention to the eyes.
    He points the Hellgun at you, staring.

    You gain: SCARRED

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:39 No.7371366
    "Well by this point, I knew that there was something truly terrifying behind me. Of course, had I know just how bad things really were at that point, I would have stopped my investigation then and there, found an escape pod, and Horus take the hindmost."

    Extract from the personal diaries of Ciaphas Cain.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:40 No.7371369
    Sweet, now we have something to show the ladies.

    "Oh thank the Emperor! I was just going to consult the tech-adepts about a strange noise I had heard and this one jumps out from the door and tries to kill me! I have no idea why he would do that!"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:41 No.7371385
    Ah, Preatorian Guards, the Mechanicus equivalent of Storm Troopers. Excellent.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:41 No.7371388
    dont make any aggresive movement but be prepared to run at mach 3
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:41 No.7371391

    "That noise was heretics burning. Do you like the Emperor?"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:42 No.7371398
    Trying desperately to stay rational through the pain, we keep our hands in plain sight and, once we catch our breath, explain that we are an inquisitorial agent and ask if we can reach into our jacket to retrieve our seal.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:42 No.7371401
    but dont you?
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:45 No.7371430

    "I know who you are." He does not seem threatened by your weapons.
    "The question is... do you like the Emperor?"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:45 No.7371437
    "Heretics? Are they on the bridge? There was a voice on the intercom that may have belonged to one of them."
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:45 No.7371441

    'Enough to serve him with my life,' holding up the inquisitorial seal.

    You know, even he might not be friendly...
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:46 No.7371455
    Well, we are ever his devoted servant, but we've never met him in person. We'd gladly die for him, but whether or not we like him? That's tough one.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:47 No.7371459
    This. And be sure to emphasize that you couldn't place the sound of heretics through the walls of the ship.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)01:51 No.7371523
    Black and red. Black. They wear black, the same as the men who captured the Tau. There is no telling to whom their allegiance is. Faith. When all is lost what else is there to trust in but faith and the Emperor?

    "I am the God-Emperor's loyal servant."
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)01:59 No.7371603

    He aims the Hellgun below your feet, squeezing the trigger, raising the gun slowly.
    Before he can continue his plan to burn your body from the feet up, a female voice calls from behind him: "Cease!"
    He immediately lets go of the trigger.
    You see a woman, tall, walk up behind him.
    "The correct answer is 'I *love* the Emperor,'" she says.
    The man, who you can identify as a stormtrooper, glares at you.
    She continues, "you're alive because you know something. And," she laughs, "because there's no evidence to say that you're a heretic."

    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:00 No.7371613
    What say you now, people who wanted to bring Carol with us?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:01 No.7371625
    "I assume there are heretics aboard, then? How may I be of assistance? And if I may ask, what do you think I know, that would be worth sparing me?"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:08 No.7371683
    We drag ourself to our feet, taking the opportunity to prepare for what may happen next. "And you are?"
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:12 No.7371724

    "You assume correctly. We are experiencing a covert insurrection. It would appear that they had been in place a while, but began operations once you had boarded the vessel."
    She has a warm smile on.
    "They killed all the stormtroopers, save for my friend. Poison. It would appear that they also have intercepted all vox comms as well. Why did that Techie come out to kill you?"
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:16 No.7371749
    ((OOC: Please do note if you'd like me to pick up the story's pace. I've been playing it a bit cloak and dagger... but...))
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:17 No.7371758
    My best guess is that they knew what was going on and locked themselves in. He probably thought I was going to try to kill him.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:20 No.7371781

    'Maybe you could tell me what I'm supposed to know, and I'll see if I can recall it, lady.'
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:21 No.7371798

    'Is it me they want, then? I do not know about the tech-priest, all I did was open a door. But a single voice is in command throughout the vox channels, it would appear.'
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:22 No.7371812

    "He must have assumed that I was one of the heretics." We suddenly wish that the tech priest hadn't been killed. But surely he must have had understudies inside. Perhaps they could help.

    Dude, that's fine. It's very Dark Heresy that way.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:31 No.7371905
    trust me its fine, its better then how we started out ( trying to see if we get in trouble for dat xeno ass )
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:34 No.7371942
    Fuck, I need to sleep. Someone please archive this so I can catch up later.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/10(Fri)02:36 No.7371959
    "I recognized his voice from when I tried to vox the bridge to ascertain the situation, having found signs of combat. I would assume that he is the one who intercepted vox comms. I don't know if he was doing this because he is in league with the heretics, or sought to contain them somehow. I assume, he attacked me in an attempt to keep me from interfering."
    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:39 No.7371990

    "Yes. He certainly did know what was going on. He was the one intercepting vox chatter."
    She motions to her companion.
    "It's time to secure the bridge. I'm fairly certain you're not *part* of this insurrection... but... whatever, you're attractive."
    She helps you up, your wound not critical.
    You move back down the hallway, around the melted Techie, toward bridge-access.
    You arrive at the open door to the Tech Annex, and with permission, walk inside.

    Strune about the floor are what would bring capacitor explosions to any devout of the Mechanicus.
    Four tech priest bodies, clearly tampered with... played with; machinery lifeless, exposed on the corpses.
    Wall panels torn off, connections severed.
    There is a portable cogitator still active, crosslinked by removable cables into the systems nearby.

    >> FurtherOP !!aphhv1Xw0Cf 01/01/10(Fri)02:45 No.7372058
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