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  • File : 1261369082.png-(212 KB, 500x487, 1111111.png)
    212 KB !mz8aqnYd0. 12/20/09(Sun)23:18 No.7225022  
    >I'm not a writefag but I'm boooored. First post decides action. Will draw next panel.

    You kick your heavy feet on the threshold of a derelict tavern, expecting it to move the building. Pushing open the light doors, a musky odour thickens inside your nose as loud, noticeably deviant, patrons audibly juggle drinks. The lighting is dim with a scatter of candles. You're surprised the foundation of the building can actually support anything. There are holes pushed through the planked floors and bar women step over the large gaps as they try to deliver the ordered drinks. There's a staircase leading to an upper level.

    You sit at the bar, throwing everything on your side down to your feet. It had been a long journey here.

    A young woman turns to you with a forlorn glance. Her hair has the same look of honey as the mead she carries on her platter. You...
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:19 No.7225042
    You suddenly judge a DAT ASS contest between Nurse Verity and Chem-Rat.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:20 No.7225047
    But no human would.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:20 No.7225051
    Beckon her over with a smile.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:21 No.7225063

    PLOT TWIST! He's actually a Dragonborne, it's why the woman in the picture is looking at him in a weird way.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:22 No.7225074
    >First post decides action.
    Oh man, this is going to get ugly real quick
    That didn't take long
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:22 No.7225078
    Try another day. Weekend /tg/'s still lingering.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:24 No.7225107
    Oh. Oh. Wow.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:26 No.7225123

    2nd poster here, technically I just wanted an artist to draw it, as the idea came up in another thread.

    How about we just go with >>7225051
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/20/09(Sun)23:35 No.7225219
         File1261370118.png-(161 KB, 500x487, 22222222.png)
    161 KB
    >srs business plz

    She hesitates once she realizes you made contact with her. She hurries to another patron and places his order in front of him. Rushing back towards you, almost tripping over a few holes in the floor, she stands to attention with a look of mixed fear and disgust. Mumbling something either intelligible in another language, or random inane noises, she looks intently at you. Another patron rudely calls for her as she waits.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 12/20/09(Sun)23:36 No.7225232
    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:38 No.7225250
    "What do you have here that's good? Besides you of course."

    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:40 No.7225275

    Speaking of which... Someone else made a thread about it.

    >> Anonymous 12/20/09(Sun)23:47 No.7225349
    give her a warm smile and ask about the area, setting, and so on, and the rates for the night since we're obviously tired.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:01 No.7225526
         File1261371713.png-(173 KB, 500x487, 3333333.png)
    173 KB
    At the first sign of English, the bartender shoots his head above the bar.

    "Goldie, is this flatfoot givin' your any trouble?" He squawks as he tongues his left eye, "I ain't here to put these goils in danger, y'know. If you want the ladies, you gotta go through me"

    The waitress seems startled, but begins to explain in what seems to be gibberish- the bartender ignores her and stares at you.

    He squints as the woman continues to twitter, "Alls yous needs to know is that it's wet." The candle light catches his slimy skin, "Mold gets us like a bitch in these parts. Especially with this piece of shit place. We got a lot of bad peoples in here and we assumes yous..."

    He shrugs and begins to clean cups, "If you want the night, I'll give it to you for 10, you want the goil, 100. You look like a cheap assbag, so I'll discount if you get rid of those bullshit swamp ducks, but it ain't gonna be much..."

    >You can take the room, take the girl and room, or take the discount to go fuck up some shit. Or do something completely different, whatever.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:04 No.7225547
    What do we have with us, equipment-wise? Also, what are our talents?
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:05 No.7225568
    lets take a quick look at our character sheet, and then take the girl and room with the discount.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:06 No.7225583
    Actually, depending on what we can do, killing some swamp vermin for a discount might not be a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:08 No.7225603
    make them up, christ.

    "clad in simple leather garb but confident in my fighting abilities, i unsheath my dagger, a family hierloom of silver and steel. 'The girl for half, the room for free, and mead til I'm right drunk, and I'll shiv these punks for you 'keep.'"
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:11 No.7225635
    cool, so we're totally a sorcerers crusade erra mage with no hubris and max arete and avatar backgrounds.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:11 No.7225636
    If that's how OP is doing it, then that's okay. Thought it would be appropriate to check first.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:11 No.7225640

    A machete
    100 currency

    Ability wise, suggest anything
    roll 1d6
    2,4,6 success
    1,3,5 failure

    .-. I'm new at this.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:14 No.7225668
    also, srs post after this post is action.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:15 No.7225682

    Inquire about the swamp ducks.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:15 No.7225683
    rolled 1 = 1

    "Okay, Barkeep. If I'm a good sport and help you with your problem, what do you say to that paying for the entire night and for some good company?"
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:16 No.7225693

    >take the discount to go fuck up some shit
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:16 No.7225694

    Do both of these.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:16 No.7225695
    Possible to combine these?
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:19 No.7225735
    discount and fuck shit up after making sure that a swamp duck is not local lingo for dragon.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:19 No.7225737
    also find out what language the girl is speaking and if she knows ours.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:28 No.7225813
         File1261373309.png-(142 KB, 500x487, 4444444.png)
    142 KB
    "The swamp ducks are annoying little shits that peck the mold at the side of the shack, I'd takem out myself if I had the time, but I ain't willin. If you go out there and killem fur me and the goils, I'm ready to give you one of them and room for 50."

    "Are you trying to fuck me, ya little flat footed swamp rat? I said 50. That's a fair deal in my books."
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:30 No.7225826
    Your art is impressive. I enjoy mentally broken/abused characters and she looks quite the part. Moar.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:30 No.7225836
    deal i say, get our trusty machette and see about it, also, are swamp ducks good eatin?
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:30 No.7225838
    Stab his eyes out and pickle them
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:31 No.7225843

    "Only if fucking you drops the price to 10 gold, you handsome amphibian, you."
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:32 No.7225848
    If op is doing all the art for this in real time, i tip my hat to you good sir.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:36 No.7225905
    Lets stay within our own species for now, besides the frogs a dude and a frog, little steps if we go for xenos
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:40 No.7225945
    OP's speed art is high tier.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:42 No.7225954
    It's only a deal if Barfrog doesn't swap girls on us at the last minute. No point in doing the deed if we end up with a diseased hag right?
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:43 No.7225976
    yea, we want the one that we made contact with at the start with the honey hair, seems nice.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:45 No.7225986
         File1261374300.png-(155 KB, 500x487, 5555555.png)
    155 KB
    The bartender squints his beady eyes, "You're lucky I'm useta your kind, you little shit. If you're goin, you're goin. I'm bein generous here."

    You take the offer and head outside the ugly tavern with the machete you threw to your feet upon sitting down.

    You go outside and encounter swamp ducks. From what you can see, their beaks look sharp and able to pierce skin. They're something between an alligator and a vulture. They probably taste like chicken.

    >I guess roll to see if you win or not. 1 failure, you're beat up but can roll again. 2 failures, you're fucked and go back inside defeated. First person to roll is next action, if fail: I count second person to roll.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:45 No.7225989
    also fuck you op looks like I'm not going to sleep yet
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:45 No.7225996
    rolled 4 = 4

    fuck yea fightin round the world
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:47 No.7226008
    victoly get! dinner and bed and company for the night.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:48 No.7226027
    This better end in illustrated sex
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:49 No.7226042
    id be happier with a nude pinup of the girl, looking all damaged and etc
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:49 No.7226044
    It's pretty obvious that either the sex will be text only / implied or we're going to get fucked (haha) out of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:52 No.7226076
    How about both
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:53 No.7226102
    I actually draw porn for money frequently. I am not shy. WHO KNOWS HOW IT MIGHT END UP!
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:55 No.7226110
    best quest-op drawfag ever.

    so we've got glodie, dinner, and a room for the night, not in that order, nice.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)00:59 No.7226169
         File1261375190.png-(131 KB, 500x487, 666666666.png)
    131 KB
    You took out the swamp duck with no problem. One swift flick of the machete and it everything was laid out for the night in your favour.

    You happily barge back into the bar, throwing the dead fowl onto the counter-top in front of the barkeep. The waitresses get a little frantic seeing the dead animal they usually throw bread to. The other patrons seem a little tense with you stomping all over their turf.

    "Ayyyyyyy, poifect." the barkeep howls out of this throat, "You gottit, any goily you want. We's got Goldie, Hernessa, and Tabbifa." He points with one of his 6 fingers to a wall of girlies.

    "I'll even cook up this sonofabitch ferya." He chuckles, walking away to the kitchen with the duck. He's humming some unknown tune, throwing in the word 'duck', "I loves these things dead!"

    >You can examine the bitches if you want.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)00:59 No.7226170
    Look guys, while we're rogueish and a bit of a smart ass we are, at the end of the day, a gentleman. All we're paying for is good company and if the night doesn't go our way, well, we're man enough to settle for a good conversation.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:01 No.7226183
    lets keep goldie, she looks nice
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:01 No.7226194
    Let's see em goils
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:02 No.7226204
    If we do examine them, it's only to give you an excuse to draw them. I think the consensus will be Goldie however it pans out.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:05 No.7226241
    so any word on why we took the long hard journey here?
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:10 No.7226291
         File1261375819.jpg-(66 KB, 750x600, neutralevilCaim.jpg)
    66 KB
    i dunno, we could be the rapeing round the world style hero, gets shit done, gets the girl, etc
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:11 No.7226315
    What compels any man to take to the open road? Adventure.
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)01:15 No.7226347
         File1261376119.png-(169 KB, 500x487, 77777777.png)
    169 KB
    >Drew some bitches anyways!

    You watch the barkeep leave the bar and look again at Goldie. It seems she understands the agreement as you grab her around her waist. She still seems a bit distraught, but trained to keep herself centred in times like these.

    Walking her up the stairs, you overhear the two other ladies bickering, "Goldie, that bitch. She gets the best tips". The other responds in gibberish. It seems Goldie is popular.

    You lead her down a hallway and find an available room (after testing out a few and finding some less than appealing sights). Opening the door, you see a bed with little linen, a table, two chairs, and a night stand with a candle placed upon it.

    >If you wanna know that, use your imagination. You could converse with Goldie etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:17 No.7226370
    try and talk to her i guess, if she can speak anything other then gibberish, failing that, woo and bed nicely, we payed for her sure, but that doesn't mean she cant get some fun out of it as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:22 No.7226425
    Right, first order of business is to see if she speaks English. We didn't just buy fine ass people, we also bought free information, gossip and local geography.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:24 No.7226451
    but it is a decidedly fine ass, and she seems amenable enough.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:26 No.7226487

    >She still seems a bit distraught
    Actually, I'd argue that she seems more distraught and less amenable.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:27 No.7226501
    This is where we reveal that we are actually ~the little girl~
    >> !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)01:28 No.7226513
         File1261376913.png-(139 KB, 500x487, 8888888888.png)
    139 KB
    "I'm glad you choose me" she gently spoke as you both entered the room, "I'm not good English, but I hope to talk to see what you wish."

    Her eyes are a little brighter than before, but she sounds as if she's reading from a script. Her English is scattered with accent and pauses.

    She sits next to you on the bed, awaiting response.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:43 No.7226669
    "I'm glad I stumbled onto this place. It seems like it's the only beacon of civilization for miles. Still, I'm a little lost but if I'm where I think I am, this bar sits in the middle of a lot of frequently crossed roads, off the map of course.

    So, how did you come to work in such a shithole anyway?"
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)01:48 No.7226740
    strike up a conversion and see if we've any wine or etc for us both. ask her bout herself.
    >> ni !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)02:02 No.7226909
         File1261378965.png-(246 KB, 500x487, thththththth.png)
    246 KB
    >More than 20 minutes to respond and 2am denotes 'to be continued'

    Sorry dudes. I'll continue this/do another one some other time. It's fun.

    Here's some Goldie as compensation.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:03 No.7226919
    OP, you're a champ for speedpainting throughout this thing. I know not everyone enjoys quest threads but it's always nice to see one, especially one that tries something different. Is this a one shot or are you planning to keep doing this? I can see this being a lot of work to keep doing, considering this was a spur of the moment thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:06 No.7226948
    Does this deserve an archive? I hate it when people spam the suptg archive as much as anyone else and it is short but if this is going to be an ongoing then it might be worth it for completeness.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:09 No.7226973
    yes it does.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:13 No.7227000
    archive it for future reference sure, any idea when you'll do the continue op?
    >> Archivist 12/21/09(Mon)02:13 No.7227002
    At one point in this thread, I thought the player character was the frog.
    >> ni !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)02:16 No.7227028
    Probably sometime tomorrow afternoon.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:17 No.7227033
    bout the same as this time? 11:30 your time or so
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:18 No.7227039

    archive is up
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:20 No.7227059
    Whoever archived this did a pretty mediocre job with the fields.
    >> ni !mz8aqnYd0. 12/21/09(Mon)02:21 No.7227070
    Somewhere between 9-11PM EST.
    It's a late night for me tonight due to holidays.
    >> Anonymous 12/21/09(Mon)02:42 No.7227262
    apologies, first time being part of a quest thread and archiving somthing

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