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File: DungeonGrid 1.png (39 KB, 1500x1500)
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1. Download the latest version of the map.

2. Open it up in whatever image editing program you have handy

3. Pick a cell and fill it in with whatever the hell you want as long as it connects to at least some adjacent cells.

4. Upload your version of the map back here, and write a couple words about what's in the rooms you added.

Room 1 - Stairs lead up to the surface and out of the dungeon. The words "Trespassers will be flayed alive" is written in elvish on the northwest wall in what appears to be blood. Secret door on the east wall leads to room 2 and can be opened by pressing a button disguised as a brick.

Room 2 - Two clay tables engraved with arcane runes sit on an altar in the center of the room. Scattered across the floor are coins of many varieties. There is a 1 in 6 chance that the wizard known as Amphisos will be present, studying the tablets. He will attack if disturbed.
File: maptg.png (36 KB, 1500x1500)
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Room 3 - Big ass library with arcane study books. in the middle a white book on an altar.
the room has a secret entrance to room 4

Room 4 - A few cages with both monsters and animals in them, the room surprisingly does not smell like shit or is loud as fuck.
File: maptg3.png (37 KB, 1500x1500)
37 KB
Room 5: A vast and open room with a large table in the center. The northern corridor is blocked by a locked door. There is a trapdoor leading to Room 6

Room 6: This room is a storehouse, although it seems to be close to empty at the moment. All that is left seems to be some preserved food, but it is hard to tell whether it is edible or not.
File: 0000000000.png (101 KB, 1500x1500)
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101 KB PNG
7. A bigass pool of water for doing your laundry, as well as a large number of toilets and urinals. Don't drink from this room ,all the water is bad and dirty.
File: 001.png (102 KB, 1500x1500)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Oh shit, I forgot to connect a hallway. 8 is a pool of very, very dirty water.
Dammit oly phoneposting.

Ill start random encounter tale:

1 d6 elven cultists, most likely unalarmed
2 d3 Animated fleshless corpses, patrolling for intruders.
... what else?
1d6 cats, they follow the party and report back to their master
File: dunjungrid.png (54 KB, 1500x1500)
54 KB
Sq. C4

Room 9: A large open area strewn with rocks. On one side is a steeply sloping tunnel leading down into the darkness, with a crumbling cable cart system for hauling once-rich ores from the mines below. Legends say you can still hear the ghosts of the dwarves singing about digging holes. On the other side, lava wells up from below into a pool and channel. A large lever, currently in the off position, is attached to a piece of wall.

Room 10: A huge machine, a mess of pipes and cogs. Its purpose was to drive the winding wheel, but the secrets of its operation and construction died along with its dwarven operators. It now rusts mostly silently in its room, occasionally briefly jerking the crankshaft of its own accord. What the machine needed lava for and where the lava now goes is long lost to time.
A freshly made flesh golem, accompanied by 2d4 skeletons
4 ghost of former adventurer, trying to find a way out. Will haunt nearest village if led outside.
5 wizard Amphisos. If not met in his lair can be negotiated with. Severely interested in Ancient artefacts. Hates dwarfs for their medlesome ways.
Getting to secret 2 is a bit easy from 9..

Every midday Amphisos casts an illusoy(touch + vision) wall on the empty corridor, blocking it from people noticing it from room 9. The spell weakens every sunrise and can be detected rather easily during the morning hours.
Make some of the rooms into a swastika like that one Legend of Zelda dungeon.
Cock, I forgot that room was supposed to be secret. Works though, I guess.
File: 1567192819932.png (57 KB, 1500x1500)
57 KB
Room 11 - a prison with 4 cells filled with skeletons, in one of them there is a secret escape tunnel leading to darkens

Room 12 - another cell, this time locked, there is a human head on the floor, if the party comes close it will start begging them to take him (he is super board)
File: dungeonupdate.png (122 KB, 1500x1500)
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122 KB PNG
Room 13 (B4) - This room has a bed for a colossal sized creature. The colossal sized priestess of this dungeon invites you to join her with a lustful gaze.
File: 1567196742985-1.png (70 KB, 1500x1500)
70 KB
Room 13 - A large hall that has three branching off points to explore the western half of the dungeon, nearly every surface in this room is covered in some sort of grime, muck, dirt, blood, or ash caused by numerous fights that have broken out in here over the years, as no one has any desire to clean it up.

Room 13A - Hidden behind a rotating wall from the previous room are nearly a dozen cots with bedrolls upon them, leather sacks under each cot containing some sort of dried meat or ration. The denizens who call this room home "work" elsewhere in the dungeon.

13B - This room - heretofore left undiscovered until now - is a small watch station left behind by the original builders of the dungeon. A magicked porthole in the wall allows one-way viewing through it into Room 13. A dusty skeleton, humanoid in shape but with little else on it, lies slumped in a pile on top of some severely rotten wood, the remnants of a chair the poor soul was sitting in. A dusty tankard lies next to the pile, and an empty wine bottle atop a fragile - yet still standing - desk at the back of the room.
Crud, was too slow to update the image before someone used 13. Just use my room descriptions as room 14 (B3).
Oh no, someone might get confused and forget to include the giantess shitpost room. What a shame that would be.
File: D4.png (56 KB, 1500x1500)
56 KB
D4 is once was dwarfish barracks and living quarters. Now it is deserted, pitch black and eerily silent. Some minor signs of struggle are visible.

Has many sturdy wooden doors, most locks have been broken ages ago.


14: Shrine to some almost unrecognizable Dwarf God. Now throatily desecrated by elvish graffiti. Lawful Dwarves will have to roll vs hatred or suffer minor insanity.

15: Dwarves used to live here. Now only vermin. Roll d6 for each room: 6 is something interesting (minor treasure, abandoned gear, mementoes, friendly rats etc), 1 is a problem (vermins, ceiling collapses, cursed cheese etc).

16: Priest of r14 lived here. Now the room is used as a toilet by elf cultists.

17: Empty. Used to be dwarf reliquary. Contains small hideout only findable by priests of the same order. roll d6: on 4+ contains valuable material, otherwise only crumbling papers and a short sword.

18:There used to be a statue here, now its pieces are scattered around.

19: A guardroom by the looks of the empty weapon racks. Contains secret entrance to 4.

20: Dwarvish brewery. Smell of alcohol still is in the air. Next to this is a storage of empty beer and wine barrels. Searching the place might find d3 beer bottles or one whisky bottle. Skeletons of dead rats fill the storage.

21: Magnificent dining hall two stories high. Old chandeliers are infested with spider webs (spiders not present)

22: Small gathering room. Western wall contains an engraving of Dwarfs fighting daemonic elephantlike devils admist lava falls.

23: Kitchen. Still in working order, if one dares to operate the magma-heated oven.

I propose that the rooms should be numbered using the squares: For example C31 and such. Therefore no merge issues?
File: d423zn2t.png (172 KB, 1500x1500)
172 KB
172 KB PNG

Might be a good idea, consolidated map here.
File: B2.png (99 KB, 1500x1500)
99 KB
B2 was once storagerooms, but after an magician hiding in room r1 miscasted a spell darker forces have taken hold of this area. Large black scorpions with glowing eyes would often like to feast on bypasses.

If one sleeps in this square their dreams will be horrible and potentially fatal.

Other half is the lair of the Elvish Cultists. What they actually are worshiping (from heavy metal to lovecraftian horrors) is up to the GM, but it should not be anything nice.

B2:1 was once an magicicians secret hideout. Now it is a burned out husk halfway fuzed into some kind of shadowy realm - and is the nest of the black scorpions. Usually unhabited, only 1in6 chance there is actually someone there.

Removing the halfportal to nether requires serious magic, either arcane or divine.

2 was once the living quarters of the poor mage. Now mostly in tatters with scattering of skeletons.

3 is the main altar room of the Elvish Cultists. The altar itself hurts the eyes of Good characters and inspires Evil characters.

4 is the spartan room of the High Cultist. Will contain loot and might contain the High Cultist, most likely angry. During nights, roll d6: on 6 he is in such deep meditation that does not care about loud noises unless someone (cultist or adventurer) physically pokes him.

5 is mostly the heavy ceremonial doors to 3. The Seremonial doors will be opened for only the greatest of events, such as sacrificing player characters. Usually there is someone guarding here.

6 is the sleeping area of the cultists. There is 4d6 in total.

7 is the armory of the cultists. Contains many curved, sharp and otherwise nasty weapons and few armours,

8 is general storage of the cultists. If they have any prisoners they shall be bound and thrown here.

9 is the cultists ritual room. Usually there is a teleporter to the wilderness beyond.

continued soon!
File: funscorpy.jpg (174 KB, 1024x1024)
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174 KB JPG

10 contains only a cold stone secret door to B1. It is opened with a password from B1 or a switch from B2. It can be also locked, which is most often is unless cultists are moving in the corridors.

11 was a mighty cavern, now collapsed. One might almost see some sunlight during bright days.

12 has some nasty insects hiding among the rocks. Their carapace is hard but valuable. They will not attack, unless provoked. They will help PCs against the scorpions, though. But do not let them eat a corpse of a scorpion.....

13 rooms are mostly empty. The Scorpions like them, and often torture their prisoners there. The remnants of the victims might be valuable.

d2 black ghostlike scorpion-devils with glowing eyes. Can be bargained with sacrifices but otherwise hostile by default.
File: tgmap420.png (129 KB, 1500x1500)
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129 KB PNG
A4 was once a mushroom garden for the miners, now it is home to a sentient mushroom colony. the colony mutated from the magic fuckary happening in this dungeon. it harness the magic to create powerful illusions, such as the titanic priest. it creates the illusions to draw in prey.

room 1- a big room that under the spell appears to be full with the preys greatest lust. (the priest in B4 will invite the party to room 1 to "show them something special")
if no one notices the illusion it will direct the party to the red ex and attack with 4 tentacles.

room 2 - this room contains the "heart" of the hive and all the treasure from other prey

side note: it appears that the hive is friendly with the elves .
Thank you for fixing the giantess. This anon was thinking bout making it an illusory trap by Amphisos - this is awesome as well!

D3 large rats. Honesty usually are not bothered by PCs, but wil brutally murder any cat found. Suprisingy smart: If fed can lead go nearest treasure or warn about an danger. Will not want to leave the dungeon.
I'd like to think that a random encounter could be just stumbling upon a fight between the rats and the cats
anyone got ideas for E1?
Well it is darkness according go>>68097414

So probaby not something constructed. 50/50 should it connect to d4 in the end.

Good location for another entrance, whegher outside or deeper caverns you can decide.

An old cat vs rat battlefield. Only rotten and eaten carcasses
File: 1567202867568.png (95 KB, 1500x1500)
95 KB
Spirals downward
secret chamber might have peep hole and guards

exit to outside or next level
Exit leading to an underground river, perhaps? The river would run through E1-5, giving an alternate way of getting there.
File: TGDAMAP.png (140 KB, 1802x1500)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Why, though? The map we started with isn't even full yet. Also, your grids aren't lined up right.
Perhaps the spiral and the mine tunnel (which slopes down to the north) could link to the same underground zone? How does a huge, hellish cavern sound, that the miners were mining for minerals but dug too deep and unleashed infernal beasts that initially killed the population, and now occupy the cavern and harry the cultists?
File: F.png (134 KB, 1500x1500)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
E2 is big cave utilized by ratman as a home, there are a dozen of them and they appear to be the ones who took the supply of food . they are not hostile and will ask for help with a spider problem.
So where's the wizard's lab?
File: 1567202867568.png (97 KB, 1500x1500)
97 KB

The Five Blue Doors of DEATH!

once the murderhobos reach the star, all 5 doors start shooting magical damage at them

lightning, arrows, cold, fire, and cold iron

Opening them will take work and pain, too bad they are all fake.

Eastern chamber is an untrapped library with tons of wizardly books worth bucks but no spellbooks

I like underground zones with a river.

Cat Wizard vs Ratmen needs developing to give good dynamics to dungeon.
You broke the image. Can you fix it or do I need to?
File: l97yz8c7.png (210 KB, 1500x1500)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Forget it, fixed
File: TGDAMAP.png (164 KB, 1500x1500)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
E3 room 1 - is a secret wizard lab with an exit to

room 2- where a minor fire elemental guards the door and the herbs the wizard grows there. also this room is invisible from the cave, there is an illusion of a rock wall where the purple stuff are.
room 3 - is a small part of the cave overgrown with yellow mold and in the middle there is a chest seemingly untouched by it.

room 4 - is a ratman stronghold there are fortifications made out of scrap there. a guard or two are always present.

room 5 - is a cave partially covered with spider webs

room 6 is the spider room, the room is covered in web and a giant hostile spider hangs from the ceiling
File: TGDAMAP.png (170 KB, 1500x1500)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
i think the big rats and the ratman should be separate since one lives in the dungeon and the other in a cave, also they have different conflicts
File: file_with_name.png (151 KB, 1500x1500)
151 KB
151 KB PNG

Passage continues 10' ... 20' ... you hear footsteps from the ceiling ... 30' ... 40' ... passages turns to the left ... stairs going up ... 10' ... stairs dead end, behind at the height of the top of the stairs is a you is a ledge ... 20 feet beyond the ledge are passage, left wall and door, opposite wall.

Blue rooms contains 10-30 Bullywogs each. The large diagonal-walled chamber contains a Manticore with a Magic Sword. Wandering monsters are 1-2 Bullete, 4-8 Elves, 1 Doppelgangers / per player, 3-12 Bullywogs, and 1 blind Medusa*.
*There is only 1 Medusa in E4. Replace with Bullywogs if killed or recruited by the players.
That's pretty funny, I loled. Wouldn't you prefer in the long run to put a little real design in it?
heck why not throw a turask in while we're at it
Looks like we have a conflict over E4 here
Connect >>68101786 to >>68101654 through the curved staircase south of the R.
File: fixedmap.png (184 KB, 1500x1500)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
I'm not the author of either, but I believe this brings us up to date.
Missing connections between B4 and B5, can't fix myself atm
File: fixedmapagain.png (184 KB, 1500x1500)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Missed that. Done.
Agreed, E4 is now a clusterfuck and dmit thereis bullywag infestation going on there. The art is confusing anyway as well...
Too many secret doors only connecting squares, Players might realise this and start searching just for them.

Added rather weird tunnel between Evil Elf Cultists chief altar room and the badwater room. I suggest we delete it for it makes no sence.

The e1 e2 cavern door to the ratmen lair does not need to be a secret door, ordinary guarded chokepoint works as well. Ot that it is usually closed with rubbe but the ratmen will open it if attacked and evac their noncombatants that way?

Not everything needs to be connected, sometimes _not_ having routes is more interesting.
There is between 100 and 300 bullywags in that one square...

The giant Spider is the only thing keeping the bollywag infestation of E4 in check, for it likes to eat d3 of them each night. The bollywags in turn have began worshipping the Grat Hungru One (typoes intentional) and ritually sacrifice it one of their own / any captive every day at the stairway. The spider seems content with constant food supply and does not bother the ratmen at all. The ratmen are still terrified by the spider, not knowing that if it is killed they would be swarmed by bullywags.

The Manticore in e4 finds the bullywags insulting to its culinary sences and is therefore hungry all the time. It kills a bullywag only every 2d6 days, for bullywag is still better than starvation.

Amphisos has been known to hire the bullywags but currently is too focused in his studies.

Art is still meh...
D6 utterly lost wolves, slightly starved. Fear cats and their hides are scarred with claw marks. Bulluwogs tried to domesticate a pack but failed miserably.
File: mapmap copier.png (243 KB, 1500x1500)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
A3 is ghoul suburbia. A bizarre copy of a terrestrian neighbourhood, where ghouls, skeletons and some other undead have established a society of sorts, with houses carved in rock and pretend gardens filled with rotting flowers and bones. The undead are not hostile at first, but will soon turn against any living visitor because they look delicious. The prefer the term "alternatively living" to "undead".

1- "Town hall", in fact just a natural grotto where the undead meet, and the "house"-less zombies stay.
2- House of Lady Mayor Gretchen. Gretchen is a ghoul priestess of Orcus, and she's very proud of her "little slice of undeath". She's keen on cooperating with the PCs as long as her little community isn't harmed, and will bargain for corpses against safe passage.
3- Pete's butcher shop. Pete is a frenzied ghoul who manages the suburbia's meat supplies. He employs mindless zombies who will scour the dungeon looking for corpses. Pete is always hostile to living PCs, and will attack them with two meat cleavers.
4-The park. Another meeting place for the undead, this "park" is full of fungi from the mushroom colony. Undead children play here.
5- Town square. Criminel undead are hanged there. Of course since they're already dead, they'll just complain atop their post until someone frees them. Freeing them might allow the pc some knowledge of the dungeon layout from a particularly grateful ghoul named Frank.
6- Little ghoul houses, all the same.
File: p37khiy0.png (236 KB, 1500x1500)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
A2 is the outskirts of A3

1 is a cavern with a grand and deep fissure, there used to be a bridge across, but it is currently out of order, a ghoul foreman and some workers are currently working on rebuilding the bridge, although most of the work is done by some zombies mindlessly hammering at the bridge, while the ghouls are supervising and shooting the shit.

2 is the house of Simon, a ghoul hermit, who spends his days tending to the garden in 3. If the roadwork in 1 becomes to loud he'll come by and complain about the noise.

3 is Simons garden and contains mushrooms with various exotic magical properties.
File: 1567253850205.png (152 KB, 1500x1500)
152 KB
152 KB PNG

Dwarven barracks and Temple

More data forthcoming.
File: zardoz-1973-06-g.jpg (234 KB, 1200x918)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

1. stairs down to tunnel to A5. 3' deep old nasty water with maybe a lost pet electric eel.
2. Alcove with stone golem of dwarf in bronze platemail. Will not attack dwarves. When defeated the golem disappears and returns to its alcove and will not attack for 24 hours.
3. Priests quarters and small chapel. Walls are carved with dwarven holy texts and some of the history of the dungeon. Room is nearly empty, the bed and armoire are the only furniture left
4. Crossbow alley. A silver headed bolt magically shoots once a round from the south wall at a non dwarf anywhere in this passage. They can be collected. This trap can not be shut off.
5. Dwarven barracks. These rooms have been stripped of valuables, even the bunks have been hauled off to build the bridge in A2
6. Temple. 15 foot stone statue of a lion wearing bronze plate barding with a small stone altar before it. Dwarves can not bring themselves to desecrate it and will stop others who try. Non dwarves are struck with feeblemind and wander aimlessly off if they try.
7. Super vault and secret forge room. Only way in is to find the little bronze dwarf head (golfball sized) which might be carried by Simon the ghoul hermit. A dwarf holding the magic 'bobblehead' can walk through the wall and lead non dwarves with them. Inside is mostly empty but they left behind a fortune in iron ingots, and a dozen silver ones they missed when evacuating.

Pic is the dwarf head, it should go on the front cover of the module. ;)
Two dwarf temple+barraks in this place. Crazy urists and their redundancy!

Where is the actual mineshafts i wonder?

Did not seem like too many.

Shaft access is in C4. The two tracks run down a steep tunnel incline to the mining levels, and carts are pulled by the winding mechanism.
Ah great, missed that part.

A grand slob of Material That Should Not Exist what has crawled up the dwarven shaft in D4. Almost unkillable by mortal means but in other turn usually does not care about mortals in turn, unless provoked. Seemingly draving eldrich eye-hurting symbols accross the dungeon, in what appears to be a random pattern. The pattern is ready in d20 weeks.
File: fixedmap.png (261 KB, 1500x1500)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Unified the map again. Being the owner of C4, I made some tweaks too. I actually like the artifacting on the rope.
>Wizard master of Cats is Lord Lart von Klauffextor, a neutral evil wizard of a nearby Zibenheim tower. He is never present on the dungeon itself but has kept an eye on the place ever since the dwarfs became extinct.

His spies, the cats, are most interested in everything magical. The shadow-nest of B2 was caused by a former apprentice of von Klauffextor and this situation in particular he tries to keep in check. The cats are neutral to the undead suburb but are now searching the location of the elf cultists.

Relations between Von Klauffextor and Amphisos are determined by a roll of d6:
Enemies, friendly rivald, old friends, neutral, allies or not-yet-met are options.

If the cats discover something truly worriedsome the lord of Zibenheim sends forth his apprentice Obitreh and 12 mercenaries to handl the situation. One worrying matter would be >>68110290
almost finishing its work or the bollywogs or undead getting too atagonistic with surrounding villages.
File: Map d5.jpg (1.5 MB, 1500x1500)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Alright, D5.

Once the blacksmithing cavern that led into the barracks of d4. Blocked off by a magically soundproof door, when you open this door, what you see are rows of anvils, old and dusty. Ages have passed since last sparks struck off these hunks of cold metal. You can see what looks like tools that litter the ground amongst these

1. On the far side of the room, a large forge with 3 separate chutes stands tall, leading a large chimney that casts red light onto the ceiling, from what looks to be a still lit forge.

2. Cabinets that are carved into the rock itself. Upon inspection, 3 of the large cupboards contain 10 sets of Blacksmiths tools, Jewelers tools and Mason's tools. One of the cabinets, to the south, has seemingly been ripped open by something.

On the right side of the forge is a running lava waterfall, that seemingly falls into a small basin that sits at about waist height. The room is cordoned off by a huge hunk of rock that protrudes into the room.

4. I imagine a young red dragon has taken up residence, and is the cause of the large rip in the stonework. A small pile of coins and gems has been amassed, and she is asleep on them as you walk in. A wyrm sized hole has been dug out into the rock behind her, leading somewhere else.
E5 will contain an exit off the dungeon, magma and dwarf graveyard. Apparently my mapper just frozevand corrupted the image

No connection to e4 clusterfuck.
File: 1567269535501.jpg (1.82 MB, 1500x1500)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
A5 is an old dwarven evacuation tunnel, it's connected caves have flooded and thus area 1-3 are under 3' of water, though not as stale as the water in the secret passage.

1 is an old guard post, with some old dwarven weapons and a horn. Blowing the horn awakens the golem in C5-2 and it will visit the post to look for intruders.
The door is not hidden on this side.

2 is the lair of some cannibalistic frog folk, they don't speak common but are only semi hostile if you manage to communicate with them. They're looking for their lost pet eel and will reward any who find it with some pretty bone carvings.

3 is a rudimentary kitchen, though the water means the only food preparation here is chopping meat into smaller chunks. Some unidentified cuts of meat hang here.

4 is a reservoir filled 20' deep with water. It connects to a surface grotto a good distance to the southwest. A nearby human village have drilled a well hole reaching into the water here. Someone have thrown a very fine ring into the well and it lays at the bottom of the murky water.
Anon plzno
> saves it as a compressed filetype
> file size somehow sextuples
But seriously, please reup as a png
File: 1567269535501.png (2.5 MB, 1500x1500)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
Completely missed that i was downloading a jpg. Here's the latest as a png, though the compression has probably done it's thing.
File: 4gwushoj.png (372 KB, 1500x1500)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Here, this version should have most of the compression undone:
File: RipDwarves.png (542 KB, 1500x1500)
542 KB
542 KB PNG

An intelligent one arriving to room1 can recognize a silver statue of the Staring Matron, the guardian of dwarven commerce, behind a magma trench.

This betrays the original idea of this area: Storageroom for all the great items forged in D5.

However now the four great storage-halls (3-5) are filled with only the remnants of the great calamity that wiped out this location.

Room 3 has most well-crafted coffins with carved names. Yet still they mostly seem to be created in a hurry and are not polished well. Most are miners.

The two rooms of 4 contain more randomly placed coffins, now not much more than stone boxes. If one understands dwarvish runes, most of these dead are older and more experienced dwarfs, with few smiths, warriors and children. No reason of death is written. The rooms are only half-full. 5 is filled with dwarf corpses and body parts. They seem to be just thrown there with no much thought.

In total one can count approximately 120 dwarf corpses at least. The graves are undisturbed, for a hastily drawn rune-line protects the entrance. Any evil and/or undead creature crossing the charm takes 3d6 damage. There is four skeletons of persons just over the line: two bullywogs and two undead from the suburbia.>>68108961

Suburbian undead are most interested in the dwarf corpses here. The dragon does not care, it once got zapped by the runes and afterwards has not bothered.


Room 6 is the official graveside of the dwarves. A small temple dedicated to their God of Death has been vandalized slightly by burn marks (If one manages to truly destroy the engravings here the protective lines will fade in d6 hours but must roll versus curse). The corridors left and right are protected by proper defensive rune-lines, which deal 6d6 damage to anyone stupid to cross them, usually leaving only ashes behind.

Rooms 7 contain proper shiny stone coffins in two levels. Total of 8 corpses is in each with the exception of eastest room, where is only 6. Most of these are miners, one cheesemaker and a mayor.

Room 8 is unfinished proper burial room. An surviving dwarf of the massacre lived there for a terrible long time, scribbling warning messages to the rocky wall. Sadly most of it is very, very messed up stuff but sufficiently insane one might understand it and give clues to how the dwarf outpost fell. There is also a long list of dwarvish names - some correlate to coffins. The decayed corpse of the survivor is still in one of the corners, hands eternally grasping a magical axe.

Oh and Room 2 is the grave of the founder of this outpost, Urist AMuthaFukingIdiot. He died under alcohol-related circumstances and is buried in a diamond coffin in a pool of lava. He was buried with his magical adamantium pick and a duplicate little bronze dwarf head.>>68110001 The entrance is hidden and one needs to push the right ear of the statue of the Staring Matron for it to open.

Whole thing changes colour. I just copypasted the .jpg squares to >>68110390

Also removed the secret exit. Too many of them now.
File: mapmap2 copier.png (643 KB, 1500x1500)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
A1: This one is a deep underground grotto that crosses with the more constructed parts of the dungeon.
1-Giant luminescent mushrooms light the scene, allowing for fairly good vision of the very tall cave.
2-The recently abandonned encampment of some adventurers. No body can be found, but most of their equipment is still there. A good tracker could date their arrival and disappearance to only two or three days.
3-A big lake full of lurking tentacles that try and grab anyone who comes close. The tentacle's touch is slightly stingy, and they are, in fact, poisonous. Upon analysis, the tentacles bear some semblance to the idols of the elvish cultists >>68098668 , but too faint to draw any conclusion. The tentacles do not seem to belong to a singular entity; in fact a druid or ranger can discover that they are in truth plant mattern twisted into an animalistic shape. The PCs can discover that heat seems to keep them away. A dingy wooden boat can be found on the bank of the lake.
4-An overwater altar without a divinity. Treasure can be found stashed on it.
5-The lake and grotto taper into a passage to the next room, which the players can swim or row to.
6-A ground passage filled with treacherous stalactites. Small characters might find it easy to navigate, but tall ones will bump their head frequently.
File: Peter_Jackson's_Moria.jpg (81 KB, 1000x667)
81 KB
File: tgdungeon.png (610 KB, 1500x1500)
610 KB
610 KB PNG

1: This room was seemingly a crypt, now flooded. It is guarded by 1d6+1 dwarf skeletons outfitted with iron boots that allow them to walk in the flooded areas without floating.

2: This room is similar to room 1, though holding 1d10+4 iron boot-clad skeletons, plus one wearing gilded plate with spellcasting as a 4th-level evil cleric.

3: This area of the crypt is walled off from the others, and is thus left unflooded. A determined adventurer with a pickaxe may be able to open a passage from here to rooms 1 or 4, but doing so will cause water from those chambers to rush in, along with any skeletons.

4: 1d6+1 iron boot skeletons. A staircase on the southern end of the room leads out of the water.
C1 getting no love
If it's still unclaimed in the morning and I have time, I'll fill it in.

Well, one square had to be last.
Interestingly we have two graveyards. Or perhaps b1 is a dwarven battleground? Raising skeletons does not sound like dwarf action, yet I dig the boots.
C1 should have the Boss monster in it
This is a hellscape
File: tg dungeon.png (618 KB, 1500x1500)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
do y'all mind if i add another ring?
next floor?
File: tg dungeon.png (570 KB, 1500x1500)
570 KB
570 KB PNG

>C1A: This room is lined with weapons on the walls. Swords, halberds, spears and axes. There is a 3 in 6 chance of the weapon will attack the PC who picks it up, and a further 2 in 6 chance that 1D4 other weapons will arise and join in on the onslaught.

Possessed weapon
HD 2 AC 15 D6+1 damage (D8 for axe) +1 to hit for swords.
>C1B: This room contains gold and a dragon. The bodies of slain soldiers rot beneath the heap of coins.
>C1C: A +1 sword and a large stone head with a wide open mouth. The players may notice that no sound can be heard if one's head is in the mouth, and if that same person speaks, those outside it cannot hear them. If a PC crawls all the way in, the die with no save, and the party won't hear them scream on the way down.
Woah that C1 idiotic..... Also we have far cooler dragon already in D5.
>No descriptions, I just suggest we skip that turd. It is not interesting.

Well yeah, a former dwarven mine turned bollywog infestation / undead suburbia / magicins research hole usually turns into a nightmare quickly.

Next floor is way more interesting. We got connection points in
C4 (dwarf mine access)
A2 (The great chasm)
E1 was supposed to have at least some?
E4 grand stairway might lead downwards, if we want the later levels to experience the clusterfuck as well...

Then there is magma channels in C4, D4, D5 and E5. Plalces below them will be interesting most likely.
Still idiotic. Why the dragon is there if there is no way in even???


C1B contains a hideous aberration missummoned by the elf cultists. It is vaguely snakelike with powerful arms. It is hostile to everything and quietly starving after elves Commanded it there and locked the doors. Releasing should not be wise at all. No treasure there because why the fuck there should be? One can hear its ryhmical blargs if listens to the door.

C1C Nothing else than a hole in the ground, surrounded by crudely drawn dwaf head. Jumping into the mouth-hole leads to one floor down to unknown adventures.. (Yes it is a prank by the elf cultists)

C1A at least is interesting. Probably cursed dwarven weapons?
If this cliche dragon is the calamity, then that's a bit anti-climatic. I was thinking of a dwarves dug too deep story, and although they found adamantium, they also unearthed a great evil. They evacuated, and cultists moved in to worship it. The entrance to the beast should be walled off with the adamantium, forcing the NPCs to get Urists pick to break through, and to find out the history of this place along the way. The stairway should lead to the adamantium mines this creature came from.

This also works
This is/was a fun bit of fluff that has some neat ideas in it. but it not really playable in this extremely lolrandom condition. if one person were to go through and rework the map and especially the monsters, it might be playable.
I did 3 sections, you can change my stuff to make it make more sense.
OP here. Chaotic as it may be, I am super happy with how this turned out. If y'all want to keep adding to it, I can't stop you, of course. My vote is for adding another floor rather than more tiles.

I may work on redoing the map in a consistent art style so it's a little easier on the eyes.
Adding a new floor could be fun, but the map would probably need some stairs down added. At least i don't think there's any good way to proceed down.
If we want to add a sub-level then I think a new thread might be in order, since this one has largely run its course. We can start off with the same 5x5 grid but with E1, E4 and C4 (plus possibly A2 and E5) as access points.
Ok, but also post the link here, and rework the map in a consistent style and post it there (or just repost the normal one) if you can
Btw does this dungeon have a name?
File: DungeonGridBlank.png (32 KB, 1500x1500)
32 KB
OP here again. Just found out that I'm not gonna have time to redraw the map today. I might do it at a later date if there's still interest. Sorry, folks.

Personally, my preference is just starting a new dungeon if someone wants to make a new thread, but if y'all want to continue this one, that's cool too. Either way, here's a blank template.

I dunno, does it?
Why not do that with an world?
If I remember correctly /tg/ did draw some maps collectively (but I'm not a regular).
I read it as /tg/ draws a dragon at first
bumping this thread
Draw it later, I will find it.
Oh man, and here I was starting to doubt y'all.
new level in the works give me a few mins
File: Untitled.png (24 KB, 1500x1500)
24 KB
>Oh man, and here I was starting to doubt y'all.

What are you...


Also I am arbitrarily declaring that the tunnel in B5 connects to the layer down below. Feel free to do the same for any other rooms if you need to.

B5 below - An unholy altar. South of it, the wall is covered in a large wall hanging depicting serpents and hiding a large double door.

South of that, a storage room and two apartments for the priests, connected by a hidden corridor.

East, a large crevasse has opened up, letting you fall down one floor further than this.
>the tunnel in B5
the one that connects A5 and C5 and is filled with 3' of stale water? In that case A5 is actually on the new level.
Yeah this lvl 2 b5 is iinteresting.. as it is seems to be filled with water.
the lvl1 a5-c5 tunnel was supposed to be an escape tunnel....

> the dwarf miners stumbled upon a far more ancient mini temple during their digs, filled with only dirty water,elder runes and terrible perils
Legendary Halls of Bardoz
Lower Level

C1, C2 D1, D2 Dwarven Iron and Adamantium Mine

1. 40' ceiling. Iron rich stone makes mining difficult but profitable. The veins of Adamantium make it fabulous! Huge mine carts were pulled up to the first level on the tracks.
2. Tool room and bar. 1 in 6 of finding a decent tool, all alcohol is gone
3. Depleted Adamantium vein. Still glittery though.
4. Mine boss's room. Looted long ago, but ghost of the mine boss is still there and does not like non dwarves.
5. Tiny 3 foot by 3 foot passageway, probably carved by kobolds or other rodents.

D1 and D2:
Anons can adopt them if they wish to add more details, passages and rooms. Keep in mind that the stone in this area is extra hard to mine and it is easier to go around it.
File: 1567372126215.png (81 KB, 1500x1500)
81 KB
B4 contains storage rooms and some bunks for B5. The water has also seeped in here.

1 is lined with 4 sarcofagi along the walls, containing a mummy each, ready to attack if they discover intruders, however the water has rotted their lower body and they crawl around on the submerged floor instead of walking if they leave their sarcofagi.

2 and 3 contain bunk beds and some chest for personal belongings stacked up, anything below the waterline here is mostly rotted away but 3 of the chests above the water contain extravagant and well made robes.

4 is a storage room containing empty clay pots and different tools.

5 is filled with sealed clay pots stacked to the ceiling, except a small winding path to the door on the other side. Inside the jar are mummified but still very alive and angry snakes. Knocking over a stack of jars means 3d6 pots containing undead hostile snakes shatter.
File: 1567370736045.png (26 KB, 1500x1500)
26 KB
Now with attached picture.
>the dwarf miners stumbled upon a far more ancient mini temple during their digs, filled with only dirty water,elder runes and terrible perils

I'd forget about the water in the top-floor B5 escape tunnel - atmospheric, but we needed a path down somewhere and oh look - C5 already had a stair down to below B5. That doesn't prevent A5-2 and A5-3 from still being filled with ankle-high stale water, and will give the players a wet surprise if they open the secret door in A5-1

Alternatively, maybe there *is* ankle-deep water in the B5 tunnel but it disappears into the crevass so it doesn't fill up the entire underground.

(If so, the very first thing in B4 should probably be a stair up, just so the water doesn't flow north.)
File: 1567372126215.png (84 KB, 1500x1500)
84 KB
I also forgot that the confetti in the western exit from 1 was because the cavern here has caved in.

>(If so, the very first thing in B4 should probably be a stair up, just so the water doesn't flow north.)

I kinda liked the thought of the water ruining the mummy sentinels in B4-1, but a staircase in B4 is also fine.
>I kinda liked the thought of the water ruining the mummy sentinels in B4-1, but a staircase in B4 is also fine.

Honestly the half-mummies are baller, maybe just delete the added stairs, then put something in B4?

(Mainly I just want the stale water stopped SOMEWHERE otherwise the entire next floor will be submerged, which is what I'm trying to prevent)
File: NewStairs.png (78 KB, 1500x1500)
78 KB
Alright, we should now have stairs leading out of B4
D3 lower level

> the wizard known as Amphisos needs some personal space.
Really, really tough to get into, with goodies.

I wish to claim this and finish it with a little more time. It is below the library on the first level.

OP! any more hints on clay tablets on the altar?
altar to what?

Book on White Altar in library?
File: BARDOZ.png (431 KB, 1200x1200)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
Everything I described in my rooms were left deliberately vague so people could build off of it in whatever direction they liked. I have no answers for you, but any answers you write in to your additions are totally valid.
File: wait those lines.png (128 KB, 1500x1500)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
B1 lower level
The 1s are mimics
2 is a chest with explosive runes on it
3 is a spike trap
4 is a pair of rust monsters
File: A1.png (82 KB, 1500x1500)
82 KB
A1 lower level

Underneath the black lake is a lair undisturbed.

1. A wall here can be knocked down to reveal a hidden passage. This can be ascertained by the bricks being a slightly different colour and quality than the ones around them.

2. A large Stone golem with a head similar to the one here >>68134706 lies still in the middle of the room. The plant tentacles from the room above all converge into a large rooted Mass in the far corner of the room. When the PCs enter, the golem wakes up, revealing to the party that it is controlled by plant tentacles like a puppet by the thing in the corner. The golem itself is indestructible, but if the adventurers get to either the root Mass and destroy it, or cut the tentacles attached to the golem, they can defeat the mini boss.

3. In the center of the roots, a large key can be found, use this to unlock the southern barred gate.

4. A small dark corridor leads south, with a hidden blade mechanism (like the one in Indiana Jones 3) ready to kill Intruders.
Too many le meme traps. Also no reason _why_ these things are here at all.

I-d say they are dwarven storage chests filled with all kinds of stone matter what pinged dwarvish "this might be interesting" stone sence: with hours and proper tools one might (5+ on d6) find :
Little gold, worth 2d100
Small glass opal
Medium sized ruby
A small strand of adamantium, enough for a dagger
Just particularly pretty stone
Or Etc
In each of the chests.

And _one_ of them is a mimic, randomize it with d6.
First version of the first level (C1 needs some work but I'm too sleepy). I also need to think how to add the links to the second level, perhaps L1-A1 and L2-A1?


I think [dungeonlevel]-[square]-[roomnumber] could work? For example 1-A3-4 ?

Things missing:
Some limits to E4 bullywgos

I understood that Amphisos lives in E3:
as it is nicely close to C3-2

Great work pdfanon!
I'll start the random encounters for floor 2

The Shrooms Cultists:
There is a possibility that a group of mushroom-like small humanoids can be found in one of the depleted adamantium vein pockets of Bardoz. These sentient beings are immediately hostile, and will try and drag any adventurer to be sacrificed to their great Shroom-mother. They are poisonous, and are capable of fighting with many injuries.

Roll a d10, whatever number rolled is how many there are in the group.

D6 large rats of >>68099465
In this level the rats mostly would prefer that the PCs would leave and otherwise jut try to leave. They still like food though, and then show away from their nest or nearest peril.
File: Untitled.png (16 KB, 305x399)
16 KB
I honestly have no idea how the fuck this happened, but now that I've seen it it's gonna bug me for literally minutes.
File: 2-B2.png (81 KB, 1500x1500)
81 KB
2-B2 !

This is a continuation of the Dwarven Mines. It has been mostly accessed from 2-C2 (the door has been broken long time) and secondarily from the storages of B1.

The eastern part is one of the earliest parts of the mines and shows signs of many, many years of use. However it was converted into a workshop to use the material of the mines here directly (metals were taken to 1-D5)

2-B2-1 are two jewelry workshops. Many kinds of precious stones were cut here and there is still some shiny fragments scattered around the floor. No tools etc remaining.

2-B2-2 is a super amazing masons workshop. A master stonecarver worked here, bending stone to his will. All furniture are made out of beautifully carved stone worthy of a king and all weight more than a ton. Dwarf PCs are inspired by the stonecarving quality here. Tools and anything easily removed are long gone.

2-B2-3 is a soundproof room with two soft beds. It was made for the craftsdwarves to sleep after a heavy work day. The heavy oak door has never been broken and is still locked.

2-B2-4 is a storageroom of the products from the workshops. Quarter of it is for the jewelers and rest for the super-mason. It is mostly empty (it was evacuated before the Disaster) but there is a d6 tons of unused stone slabs and d3 unfinished coffins bound for 1-E5.

2-B2-5 is a former mine what was blocked after a jeweler complained that he does not like a hole in his wall. This anon has no clue what interesting stuff there should be left there, I leave it to you others to invent.

2-B2-6 This spot is a spot of a battle. The Dwarves clearly lost, given the pieces of dwarven armor and bones. Spending hours one could gather pieces enough for one complete dwarven chain mail from the floor.

2-B2-7 The precious stones in the walls still shine beautifully from the PCs torchlight. Lichen grows on the brick wall.

2-B2-8 is a large cavern (or at least this squares part is, have fun with it anons) with damp uneven walls.
File: mapmap3 copier.png (157 KB, 1500x1500)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
This is the bottom of the top level's ravine.
1-Dwarven panic room. Protected by the blade trap in A1, this heavily reinforced room was probably intended as a hidden safehouse for dwarven nobles. Most of it has been stripped away, but some high-quality stone carvings can still be found on the walls. Some more recent childish coal drawings are covering some of them. This rooms seems to have been breached by a badly-carved tunnel.
2-Bottom of the ravine. Here seem to live a tribe of a dozen of diminutive and silent folk covered with ill-made cloaks, who flee and squeak when the PCs approach them. If they manage to catch one and pull its hood, the individuals are revealed as infant mongrelfolk, seemingly mute and terrified of them. They are Kalita's brood.
3-Tent of Kalita. Kalita is a mongrelwoman who seemingly mixes the traits of almost all races found in the dungeon. Her face for example is half-bullywog, half-elven, split down the middle, and her hair is a mess of squirming rat tails. Next to her tent is a mess of junk from all around the dungeon. She calls the other mongrelmen her children, and given the age difference, she might well be. Unlike them, she speaks and is rather coherent. Polite PCs might trade with her, or even bargain for shelter. They can also buy a ride up the ravine if they wish to come back to the upper level. Kalita and her children will take them on their back and climb up, seemingly effortlessly. If the PCs ask her for her origins, she'll say that she was thrown into the chasm by a man who called her a failure. The players can identify this man as Amphisos.
4-These tunnels seem to have been carved by the mongrelmen as escape routes. They twist and turn but are relatively easy to navigate (no traps). There's a 50% chance the PCs will encounter 1d4 giant cave crabes while navigating them. The crabs are hostile, but not very dangerous, and both the ghouls from the upper level and Kalita will gladly trade for their flesh.
File: Shroom Room.png (179 KB, 1500x1500)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
E1 lower level

As the PCs enter from either the West or Northeast, they enter a huge natural cave with stalagmites and stalactites. A faint drip is heard every so often, and thin hairlike roots are seen in every surface

1. A large pool of clear water has formed here, with what seems to be fish hiding inside.

2. A huge mushroom decorated with many ornaments and fetishes takes up the center of the cave. Some shroom cultists are seen worshipping it, and seem to not be interested in the party. A ratman or two can be seen here trading with the shroom men.

3. The small village of the shroom people is guarded by two large shroom warriors. These guys will escort a willing party to the cheiftain.

4. The fenced house of the cheiftain is guarded by his chosen warrior. If there parties best melee adventurer can defeat him in an honorable duel (not to the death) then they can see the cheiftain. This shroom Cultists will give the PCs the task of hunting the great salamander in the pool (see above). If they succeed, then they can regularly trade with these shroomers for exotic goods and potent fungi magic (you can also buy a war-rats).

5. A pit made for training war-rats.
Oops, made a mistake
Switch what's written for number 1 and number 2
File: floor2C4.png (243 KB, 1500x1500)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
C4 - The Haunted Labyrinth
This area was deliberately constructed by Amphisos to prevent intruders from proceeding further in to the dungeon. It consists of a confusing maze guarded by four ghostly minotaurs, transplanted and bound here by Amphisos's magic. Each turn spent in this area, the characters have a 4 out of 6 chance to encounter a minotaur ghost. Once spotted, the ghost will magically alert the others and pursue the characters until they have left the maze.

Room 1 is the center of the maze, and holds four minotaur skulls on altars of obsidian. If any of the ghosts are destroyed, they will reform in this room after 1 hour. The ghosts can only be permanently destroyed by exorcising each altar.
File: e4.png (40 KB, 1500x1500)
40 KB
I love the ghost minotaurs

Upper E4 (needed fixin!)

Dwarven Thermae

1. 10' tall bas relief wall carving of Bardoz head spits scalding water into 4 foot deep pool. Water is hot but not dangerous. Drains move water into the next room where the water is warm, then the water is cold in the large pool. The drain is blocked, and the water trickles out into the other rooms and some drips down the spiral stairs.

inhabitants are the same as earlier description.
File: Untitled.png (80 KB, 1500x1500)
80 KB
Reminder that there's a crevass.
Clarifying that this E4 is on the top level to replace the OSR title image
Don't fall down, little thread.
File: dungeon.png (173 KB, 1500x1500)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
C5 - Kobold Warren
At the south exit of the labryinth are poorly spelt signs promising "tresur, geld, magic items", "curses on those who stel the pharos mask".

The exit opens into an muddy dirt-tunnel with mold in it (tunnel 1.)
Gems are embedded into the side of the walls, upon further look they are worthless glass beads.
Tunnel 1 has as traps randomly scattered along:
- one tripwire
- 1 bottle of acid hanging on a wire
- 2d4 fish-hooks hanging at eye-height (human man-sized eye height, heights above or below medium aren't affected)
- 1d4 tiger-traps
Tunnel 2 has a sign on the far corner saying "bewear the curse of teh pharo!"
There are obvious arrow slits along the side of the walls that are covered in wooden slats from the other side.
There are no traps, except for a pool of slippery mud.
Noticeably the floor slopes up a bit.
The end of the tunnel opens up into room 3 where you can see a large boulder ready for dropping down the tunnel, leaning against the wall.
However, there appears to be no one to move it.
The room is mostly empty.
It appears to be a small kobold warren with a cooking pot, a few chests carrying nothing of worth and a large curtain across the room.
The room is full of kobold skeletons.
In the upper right corner behind the curtain is the skeleton of an adventurer.
He has a full kit of plate armor but all else has been looted from him.
File: A4.png (199 KB, 1500x1500)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
A4 is cavern with some caved in sections and a lot of scorch marks.

1 is a large cavern with a muddy floor, movement here is inhibited and it is the nest of 4d6 carnivorous bats. There's a 4/6 chance that they're hibernating. If they sense they're losing they'll flee back to the ceiling or to other parts of the dungeon.

2 is a caved in crossing with scorched walls and floor nearby, a human skeleton carrying ordinary adventurers gear is crushed under the rocks, in addition to his other gear there's a shimmering golden potion nearby his corpse. If drunk it grants temporary invulnerability to the ghosts in C4.

3 is a mummification workshop, containing chemicals of use in the mummification process as well as other necromantic rituals. The walls are lined with sharp implements for the same purpose.

4 is the current home of the fire spirit Ragecombustion. He has been trapped in this section since the cave in and has gone a little crazy from the cabin fever. He is not hostile but is desperately longing for company and will use force to keep anyone in the general area. He is a former servant of Amphisos and is deathly afraid of water. The walls of this cave have awkward paintings made in soot of idyllic household scenes like a family around a dinner table and such. Ragecombustion prefers to stay in the dry areas of 2,3,4 and 6.

5 is small side cave and is mostly featureless, an earlier dungeoneer hid part of his haul here in the muddy earth. It is a treasure of some appropriate value.

6 is another cave inhabited by Ragecombustion and the walls here are painted with idyllic farm life scenes, also in an amateurish hand and exclusively with soot and ash.

Does the tunnel with the crevace from B5 not lead into anything here?
Alyssa, the blind medusa. Might be a rejected lover of Amphisos.
I thought that was a tunnel up or down?
She has 3 bullywugs that protect her and lead her around. one is a minor priest.
File: Dungeon1121.png (174 KB, 1500x1500)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Fug U! That maze doesn't have enough rewards.

1. Large Cut Ruby
2. Crossbow
3. Enchanted Arrow(s)
4. An Inn
5. Shiny Silver Coin

You'll have to rename Room 1
File: dungeon.png (176 KB, 1500x1500)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Added some shit.
Large gothic double doors after the crevasse leads to a room with a gothic, cathedral sort of look with 8 pillars, at the end of the room is a stony grotto and a pit filled with a mysterious green ooze.
Hooded phantasms ceaselessly chant lulling the ooze to sleep.
They do not attack but only "sh" hush you if you make a noise.
d6 carnivorous bats looking for food, will flyby soft targets to chomp on them like flying piranhas
File: SUNKEN GARDENS 01 .png (108 KB, 1500x1500)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
pg 10

details later
File: Amphisos.jpg (97 KB, 500x555)
97 KB
File: 1365510746138.jpg (28 KB, 524x481)
28 KB
This is a pretty cool idea.
Ghost minotaur of the Maze
File: 4657829.jpg (410 KB, 900x900)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
last bump, hope it survives
OK, that was some damn-skippy quick work with the PDF file. That's some bonus points for Anon right there.
A malnourished ogre or two can be found walking around in the Halls of A4 and B4. If killed, they can be found carrying adventurers equipment in their food sacks (on their backs). They'll use makeshift clubs from bone and stalagmites/stalactites. They can be reasoned with if a PC can speak their language and offers them enough food.
Giving a bump for one of the few non cancer non general threads still on the board.
File: E4FixedThankyouThankyou.png (553 KB, 1500x1500)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
Thankyou this is far better place for the bulluwog nest!
Added two tunnels carved by the ran bullywogs (so the place isn't that linear) They are made for short humanoids, humans and lengthier people have problems traveling them. The tunnels are excellent chokepoints, easily filled with lots spear ends. There is a small peakhole where the bullywogs guard the stairway in case Grat Hungru One is coming up for more sacrifices.

The Manticore lives in the room marked nest ( If it would live in the diagonal-wall room it would compete with the spider??) The magic sword is from a previous adventurer who attempted to slay it, now it is in the corner among a nice collection of 3d6 adventurer skulls (no bullywogs)

+ destroyed door between C4 and D4 so the Manticore can roam the larger dungeon.

One extremely hungry Manticore from E4.
File: D5Muahahaa.png (150 KB, 1500x1500)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
2-D5 is the Magma Laboratory of the Dwarves. Here the dwarven engineers bended the molten rock to their insane will If you did not hear mad laughter and a lightning strike you did not understand the craziness of the whole operation

The five magma pump machinisms are still working due their sturdy and unnatural construction.

2-D5-1 is the chief operating room. There is few stone tables, mechanisms and gears scattered around in fractal formations. Temperature is extremely high and red light from the almost burst pumps lights the place in eerie lightning.

2-D5-2 is the living quarters of the Dwarven Magma Doctor (lightningstrike). Or one could call it pile of all kinds of stone instruments and more stuff in fractal patterns. Why fractals? No one knows for sure. There even is no bed, the poor lad probably just fell over to the closest pile when sleep claimed him. If one finds and tries to understand his scriptures they take d10 sanity damage and apparently understand that the pump mechanisms work under their own power due the Heatacity (TM pending) of the magma. Various other plans are written down, one such being an armoured magmathrower that moves on tracks.

2-D5-3 The dwarves walled off the previous Dwarven Magma Doctor. Yes, He was that insane. His dry corpse is laying on the ground oddly peacefully.

2-D5-4 is a leaking pump. Sad for the inhabitants of 2-E5.

2-D5-5 is a workshop of the Doctor. It contains one experimental Magma Proof Suit made out of magma-proof stone. Only a dwarf fits inside and movement is extreemely slow. It gives huge bonus to defence (and double that versus heat) butit also gives a similar minus to anything physical. With it one can walk in lava without an issue. Being completely submerged in lava requires a constitution check, if failed the dwarf boils alive.


2-D5-6 is empty. With proper emphasis on the word GM should be able to make players spend hours searching this room.

2-D5-7 behind a sturdy locked stone door is stairways downwards, probably to check the magma mechanisms there.

2-D5-8 The Doctors demanded that their "Magma Palace" receives a suitable grand entrance and the dwarven outpost obliged. Therefore the entrance is gloriously detailed with fire engravings and there is several obsidian pillars with sculpted flame patterns. Yes this place should look like the final boss room. The two heavy (and magmaproof) doors require two persons to push but are unlocked. They open towards the magma Laboratory.

Amphisos does not sound like the mage who did that labyrinth. Previously he has dabbled only in illusions and biomancy. + if he could shape stone this much he probably would have just blocked the 1-C5 doorway instead of just illusioing it every day. Lets not make him into a too powerful figure - at least to this anon he feels like someone who is just using this place for now and not permanently. Therefore Id say this one is made by someone else. Perhaps the former mage of 1-B2?
Dammit just noticed that C5 had Kobolds as well as the ooze >>68148273

2-D5-1 has been somewhat poked and searched by Kobolds but the magmapumps gave their danger sense too much goosebumbs so they have left this space mostly intact (the 2-D5-4 broken pump might have been caused by them, though)

The corridor corner below 2-D5-6 contains a crude spike trap. Stepping on a misplaced metal plate springs a three foot metal spike from behind the corner to the height of human heart (kobolds unaffected).

There appears to been a barrier what has blocked the corridor but it has been taken apart, possibly by kobolds fleeing the demise of their warren.
These dwarves definitely dug too deep. Whatever the final boss is, it should be from the deepest dark pits of the earth. Perhaps a demon of some sort?

Also, requesting that the entrance to this dungeon is a huge Stone head like >>68140087 That you have to enter by going into the mouth and down the throat
Love the Magma Doctor

I think the invaders should be elemental spiders that can move through rock without needing tunnels, they crave the calcium in bones and ignore the mineral wealth of the dungeon. They left long ago, but a few were killed and their stone corpses still decorate the lower level.

'Wandering Monster'
The Final Boss does not have a room as a lair. He finds them when he feels like it.

One lazy Flintspider the size of a warhorse remains sleeping in the solid rock, waking up every few months and grabbing a tasty boney critter to snack on and goes back to sleep

Entrance: The Face of Bardoz is
carved in the face of a cliff instead of an entire sculpted head.

Bardoz was the dwarf Geomancer that built the maze. He was also the Chief Engineer of the Pickaxe Consortium. He died in a magma accident and his followers venerated him by carving all the dwarf head stuff.
I agree that this dungeon does not need a True Final Monster, place is far interesting as we are only seeing the remnants of the true Calamity and Things that killed the dwarves are long gone (and there is no need for them to stay here).
We are only seeing what happens afterwards to the ruins and how it receives new life/unlife afterwards.

Yet I prefer that the Entrance is the entire head.
It used to be a small cliffside but the dwarfs erased it to honour Bardoz. They also burnt down all the nearby trees so the Head is clearly visible.
Local humans all agree that the dwarfs took this whole Bardoz thing a bit too seriously but hey, dwarfs are all (at least) a bit mad. And it is rumoured that the dude had 18 CHA( before melting)!
File: strike06.jpg (47 KB, 640x471)
47 KB
OK, entire head sounds good.

I also really like the cat spies.
It is said that Bardoz was the one to discover this great dwarven city, and at his death, he was worshipped as their patron god. This great under-city holds many secrets, and many foul things. After the great calamity, many dwarves have tried reclaiming this ancient fort, and all of them failed (though some lasted longer than others). Amphisos has spent many years documenting and trying to uncover the mysteries of the great calamity (perhaps he wishes to harness it).
File: images (4).jpg (44 KB, 546x546)
44 KB
Bardoz sees and knows all
He is holding a fork in each hand, crying and drooling over how tasty those adventurers are.
File: knight_thumbs_up.gif (2.69 MB, 356x200)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB GIF
Awesome idea for a thread. Well done, guys.
Needs to be tinted magma orange, otherwise cool. Yet I kinda prefer the oldschool vibe of the original>>68134706
Hey guys, I wanted you to know that I was kinda down these past few days, and this thread cheers me up. Keep up the good work.
Dibs A5, will continue the Elder themple. Ragecombustion for the win!
File: BARDOZ.png (338 KB, 546x546)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
Fixed this. Picture is from the demonic nightmares of local villages and are said to be an image of the Catastrophe.
However for lava to come forth from the Head of Bardoz something should go seriously wrong with the lava pumps....

Any stuff incoming for D3 or The Sunken Gardens?
This thing has post-Fun Dorf Fortress vibes all over. I wonder what the lava lever in 1C4 could possibly do.....?

Yes, in a bit.
File: 2-A5_MostlyFilled.png (159 KB, 1500x1500)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Ah dammit there is no route from 2-A4 to 2-A5
No more Ragecombustion rooms to live then. Dammit.

2-A5 is small addition only. The well from 1-A5 continues here and there is a small addition of the Evil Temple.>>68132399. Water has not reached these rooms yet moisture is very high.
2-A5-1 was once the scroll depository of the Evil Temple Priests. However when the dwarfs first excavated this place they decided to have a joyful and righteous book burning session here. A giant scorch mark still marks the spot where the idiots thought that burning many eldritch and magical scrolls at the same time was a great idea. It might have been this act that started the downfall of Bardoz or not.

What is clear is that Ragecombustion claims to been born in this Library if asked about its past. It met Amphisos only far later, after terrible amount of loneliness.

There is no scrolls etc left. However the place is clearly magically tainted and such makes a wonderful summoning location.

2-A5-2 was once part of the library but now it is the home of two Ogres >>68157572, escapees from A-D3-4. After they became lost in the mines they have holed up in this room and will defend it vigorously. They have amassed a small chest with some amount of treasure and loot (might contain little bronze dwarf head of Bardoz)

Also there is the half-eaten corpse of the third ogre. Borke was wounded in a fight with the Bullywogs and ogres had to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. They are deeply ashamed of this.

2-A5-3 is a hidden alcove of the Evil Snake Priests. Probably nothing lovely is hidden here. A grimoire guarded by a reanimated skeletal snake lies on a small pedestal. Many fun and wondrous things can be found within it. Please do not give it to Amphisos or lord von Klauffextor. There is 50% chance that it is at least somewhat damaged by the moisture and age.

Sometimes not filling everything is important as well!
It's nice to see people like the lonely fire spirit. I hadn't thought people would want to add to him but if you wanna add some connection to A4, feel free to do so.
Nah Ragecombustion is funnier if it has really small amount to live in, the poor bugger.
File: gardens.png (4 KB, 298x198)
4 KB

Side view of sunken gardens
I love you /tg/
Good thread. I'm at work so nothing to add.
And what does the gardens contain apart from water in the middle and some plants?

+ What is that source of lightning? Magma-Sun?

10 Bullywogs on an expedition. Their leader even has a whip and a fedora. Can attack PCs on sight, yet mostly just looking for loot. Roll d4: with a four they have set up an ambush.

One of the Minotaur Ghosts - this one has managed to escape the Labyrinth for a moment. >>68143194
Sorry for the delays, sleep and work shifts.



Elvish cultists
Sunken Gardens

Chamber is lit by a 5 foot diameter glob of magma that shines like a tiny sun, providing light for the lush vegetation. (it mimics the light conditions outside, at night it dims to look like a full moon. Every morning at dawn it rains in this room for a few minutes)

Fruit trees, grass, and crops grow abundantly. White marble stairs lead down to the lower rings. A small pond surrounds a tiny grassy island.

2' tall stone armadillos work tirelessly to maintain the gardens and grow food. They don't talk or attack, but they understand you and will point to or lead you to anything you ask for in the garden (Except #8.)

In the pond is a baby Awakened froghemoth named Tad. It is lonely and will capture visitors and put them on the island and talk with them. It eats the fish that come into the pond through the tiny drains. It knows Amphisos as 'Baldy' and thinks he is funny. It says the armadillos hurt its teeth so it doesn't eat them anymore. It doesn't know much else except it remembers the shadowy mage from long ago who was his first friend.
1. The Green Door. Large stone door made of Malachite. Second door that matches just beyond it. Works like an airlock, first door must be shut before other door will open.
2. Upper level has fruit trees and a little Greek-style building of white marble at #7.
3. Mid level has larger trees like pecans and lots of berry bushes
4. Lower level has lawn and cute little garden plots
5. Pond has small fish and Tad.
6. Island is just a grassy hillock, perfect for picnics.
7. White marble building is cute and tiny. Back passage leads to a bronze door with a sign: Amphisos - Knock and Enter.
8. Animated apple tree named Cranky Frank guards the secret exit. Superior Secret door leads to a similar door opening into the mines. In the passage is a backpack and a magic staff. The pack contains a small spellbook, potions, rations and other travel gear. Cranky Frank will let you pick apples, only animating to prevent searching for the door.

Note; There will be very few wandering monsters here, generally only ones who make it through the maze past the minotaurs.
Tad, the baby Froghemoth
File: wizard lair.png (111 KB, 1500x1500)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
pg 10
Best thread on /tg/ right now
File: Crystal_Spider.jpg (66 KB, 800x530)
66 KB
The Great Elemental Flintspider which is sleeping somewhere in the walls.
Is it the great Hungru one/related to it, or are they completely unrelated giant spiders?
File: Bardoz_Pretty_1.png (1.92 MB, 1500x1500)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Attempted to make a prettier version of dungeon level 1. It is a bit rough an probs soem detail was lost in the conversion.

Id say the Hungu is not related but might have arrived to Bardoz because it senced a kindred spider. Of course the Bullywogs have gotten the spiders confused after the Flintspider once massacred their numbers.

Tad is cute!

Who lives in his wizard lair? Amphisos kinda lives already in >>68101619

Is this lair originally made by Bardoz and no one has found a way inside afterwards? Could work given tha Bardoz was a Geomancer >>68160250
Spiders are unrelated, I like the confusion factor.

Tad is pretty tough but not very aggressive, he hides in a underwater crevice if he gets hurt.

Amphisos has a lab upstairs, but it is a 'low rent district'. He lives in the complex at 2-C3 and does experiments upstairs.
Bardoz built 2-C3 and the maze.
The Shadow wizard lived there afterwards and
blocked off the normal entrance and added the anti-teleport properties.

Amphisos moved in a couple of years ago.

C4 - the ghost minotaurs will not attack a group if one of the little bronze dwarf heads is shown to them.

The minotaurs were loyal followers of Bardoz in life and might know lore about him. Speak with the Dead spells can uncover long lost secrets.

Details of 2-C3 coming up, might be a couple hours.
File: 1516617645625.png (352 KB, 640x480)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
File: map1.png (555 KB, 1500x1500)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
changed the numbering of the original map in C1 and E4 for the PDF (keeping this for now for consistency with level 2).
File: Untitled.png (225 KB, 1500x1500)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
It gets my titties in a twist that the mines block off so much area, so I'm just gonna
Merged the maps. Having done quite many squares already plzs other anons have fun as well!

(Now I just have ideas for the third level...)

Sounds reasonable.

Perkele torille siis
The cats haven't got a home tile yet, should they have a place or do they just return home to their master when their expeditions are finished?
pg 10

Sorry about using older map
VIP Quarters
Dark Gray stone resists all scrying, teleport, stoneshape or other spells. (Amphisos can get in and out)
1. Small marble Grecian Shrine in 2-C3 leads to a bronze door with a sign: “Amphisos - Knock and Enter”. Door is locked unless you knock on it. wooden door beyond. Beyond that is an oval room with a man behind a desk. This is Amphisos. He is writing and has several books on the table. Actually this is a simulacrum, created by Amphisos to do paperwork. If convinced that they have legit business, he might teleport them to 2-D3-2.
2. Guest Room. Cheery fireplace, nice bed, table, chairs, desk and stocked bar. Bathroom with nice tub. There is a red wooden door that is actually a teleporter to the red door in 3. Knock and grab the knob. This can be turned on and off by the inhabitants to lock guests in room 2.
3. Hall of the Medusa. 50 stone statues of men and beasts line this hall. Many of them hold lit lanterns or torches. All are freestanding, none have bases attached. Humans, elves, some ogres, lion, dire wolves, etc. Most of these are illusions, some are statues, some are golems, a few are actually petrified creatures.
4. Kitchen and pantry. 2 twin redheaded girls run the kitchen, Ruby and Pearl. They are low level wizards.
5. Dining hall. Large fireplace in W. wall, pair of crossed battleaxes over the mantle.
6. Servant's quarters. Common room with a bath and 3 bedrooms.
7. Harem. Rugs, low couches, silk hangings, and even a splashing fountain, but no girls. This room was decorated by the shadow wizard. Amphisos summons companions instead. The ancient human butler Maxwell lives here. He is a modestly competent wizard.
8. Fancy bath
9. Master Bedroom. Well furnished, nice fireplace, with a small bookcase near the writing desk. Two Dire Lions are in this room most of the time. One is Amphisos's familiar, Mr Whiskers. The other is a Sentient Illusion named Skitty. Skitty speaks Common, is intangible and can run through walls. Mr Whiskers understands 9 languages, but can't speak. They both protect the bedroom. Skitty runs for help.

There are a lot of valuable things in 2-D3, but not much stored treasure or wizardly stuff. Amphisos does some book research here, but not experiments. His treasure is hidden back in the nearby town.
File: 2D 2.png (127 KB, 1500x1500)
127 KB
127 KB PNG

Hidden Dwarven Speakeasy Burlesque Theatre.

Behind a secret door is the entrance to a Dwarf strip club, 'The Titty Twister'.
Somehow overlooked by looters over the years, this place has a stage, an impressively stocked bar, and a lot of exotic underwear for dwarf chicks.
If this thread dies, I will start a /wbg/ thread and we can continue in it.

'Best thread on /tg/' ? You can tell by all the page 10s.

Tits or Trolls?!!! 300 posts in 2 days!! post dem frogpics to prove yer points!
Proper Wizardry. Digging the sufficient crazyness, compfynesd and potential reference to Alyssa, the poor medusa.

How does Amphisos get in and out? Doeshe always have Teleport prepared?

Where he keeps his spellbook? With him?

Not that many anons are interested in this creation thread sadly. We have survived lots and have even pdfanon!
One of these tiles needs to just be jam packed with Grimtooth's traps.
Why though? What did the trapmaker want to hide?
Do we have a PDF yet with all the notes on the various rooms and what not?

I want to run this for my retard group of friends. I haven't looked at the content but I'm sure that''ll make it more fun for me.
Well theres always the default of treasure, but thats a bit normal.
Maybe a master trapmaker had a rivalry with a rogue and they competed to see who could outdo the other. The traps are there maybe as a bonus high risk, high reward area. The fun is in getting past the traps, not the final goal.
Seems a bit insane (and meta) but hey dwarves. So go ahead, for example e2 feems good for more crazyness.
Or e5 with the added bonus of magma causing all kinds of Fun...
I think there are about 3 or 4 people involved.

Bardoz art1 - (me)
Bardoz art2 (maybe OP)
Dude 3
Other dude?

Some of the 1 shot entrants are long gone now. If so, and the awkwardly fitting bits could be adjusted, it might be kind of cohesive.

I would be willing to put some effort into cobbling it into a cheesy and fun product to donate to those archivists nearby.

Heck, I already have.
His best traps
Ive always been a big fan of weird traps. Like a swimming pool with a raised platform in the center with jewels and a pretty metal statue. it's made of cesium
Stonecunning School.
Back when the dwarves were rich from mining tons of adamantium they studied and improved dwarven architecture, testing the limits of stone and masonry. They built prototype deathtrap tunnels that only led to a list of trapsmiths that had succeeded at getting past it. The treasure was that your name got magically added.

Actually I would avoid Grimtooth's, but keep the Danger Tunnel stuff. Use traps that maim, not kill. These are training grounds.
The Master (and servants) of the VIP quarters are authorized/attuned to use the basic way in and out, and they can lead guests in or out. After he gets into the Sunken Gardens, Amphisos uses his own teleport often to go up to the Lab, Check out what's on the Slab, I see you shiver with ..... Now he just turned into Frank N Furter.

I'm the one who started off the whole dwarf thing with 1C4 and I'm just spectating now, but I'll try and remember to make a panel for the basement level tomorrow to put my stamp on it.

He is a weird NPC and gets away with having them tattooed on his body, which bursts into flames if he is ever killed so the damn players don't skin his damn corpse and make a spellbook out of him.
File: Uristmart.png (244 KB, 1500x1500)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
What is this strange place? Cut out of a single, smooth stone and covered in catchy slogans like "Buy two, pay for three". Truly a temple of dwarven avarice.

1. the "parking" lot. One must wonder what kind of parks dwarves enjoy as this ones only remarkable features are faded stripes splayed across the ground. On the southern wall sits a large cubbard with no door merely a glass panel and some strange buttons between colorful items. Entering proves difficult as the door neither has a handle or is push able.

2. Entering the temple is strange, one would think you would take the booths to the east but alas dangereous traps overcome the hardiest of adventurer and theif if they try to enter or leave with any goods. On them though are metal boxes filled with precious coins.

3. A eerily cold section of the temple, a sign labels it as dairy section but one would doubt that any of the items on the shelves were ever something from a mammal. Cold and stinking of rot. To the south between two shelves, lies a strong door.

4. A strange room, empty except for bizarre wooden squares stacked neatly on the floor. Two heavy metal doors lies to the west and too the south a windowed room with an aura of importance.(9) The only other exit are strange, large curtains made out of a cloudy translucent material. The wisps eerily around the characters but causes no harm.

5. The tools section

6.The healthy living section

7. Oh the folly of dwarves, the horrid stench permeates this section. Rows upon rows of rot and decay lay across the strange seats. What were their purpose, why leave this here so long, long ago? No, better not to think about what madness that lies inside the Produce section. To the southeast a stranger yet foul room lies. Doors in a row leading into small rooms with elevated holes of a mysterious function.

8. A room filled with destroyed machinery. What caused the destruction also tore down the impressive wall to the east.
Jesus wept.
File: machathumbsup.png (34 KB, 150x150)
34 KB
You are unbelievable.

I approve.

All we need now is a forest of piss trees.
I would but it's just a bunch of yellow stumps and the occasional wizard.
Sorry, whizzard.
File: UH OH STINKY.png (268 KB, 1500x1500)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
BY popular demand, pee pee forest.
You make your own description I don't fucking know there's a troll, a whizzard and some yellow, moist, tree's.
Fuck no.

You have very cool map drawing style, please create something awesome!
Well fuck give me some ideas niggy
Gotta slap those brainy ballsacks around so much I run out of ideas.
File: 2E4.png (168 KB, 1500x1500)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

Honestly gotta run so did not have time to add much to these rooms.
These rooms are clearly more swiftly designed and aren't as well carved. The poorest dwarves lived in here. There might not be enough head-space for humans here if GM is cruel.

A tunnel north was started but left unfinished. Now it is flooded and probably is home to something, if nothing else Bullywogs probably like it.

The square 3x3 room contains machinery for the upside baths.

This area is being flooded by increasing amounts of magma and water. Extremely nice combination for sure.

Northwestern corner has a cavern or such. I leave it for others to detail.

Also made >>68190379
bit more interesting. Bar sounds properly inviting at this time..

A3 looks like a combination of Evil Snake Priest rooms and probably caverns from 2A2. Maybe something that caused the cavein that blocked poor RageCombustion?? Can therefore be rather mad. Perhaps a battlefiedl between whatever RockSpiders and the Dwarves? Full of corpses and all other fun?

2E2 and 3 are mostly empty for now, can be filled with all kinds of fun dungeonthingies.

Why here is a shop in middle of dungeon????

see >>68140087
Good luck to your players (Was considering to run this to a full-dwarf group as well). Please report if they survived....
>Why here is a shop in middle of dungeon?
Wizard did it.
Alternatively: Dwarves did it.
A is the laziest and this anon does not see why any of the three wizards of this Dungeon (Bardoz, Shadowfail or Amphisos) would need that.

Same for dwarves: Why they would need a shoppe like this? It even isn't particularly interesting and not much is happening in there...
>The tepid water is tasteless.
Bardoz ain't a wizard. Also, who is shadowfail?
File: Trapus roomanus.png (724 KB, 1500x1500)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
1. Walking up the stairs, the party come across a huge Stone door without any hinges or gaps. The only way to open it is to place the small bronze Bardoz in a hole in the center, effectively acting as a key. Once the head is locked in place, a loud sound is heard as the ancient construction moves into place.

2. Once the party pass through the gate, they will see an empty hallway. If a PC is dwarven and related to the inhabitants that once dwelt here, they can walk through the straight path without harm. If the magic runes on the walls perceive someone to be an intruder, they will be forced to pass the gauntlet. First they must duck and Dodge through the blades of dusk, then they have to jump across the pit of the evening (which opens up from the floor when Intruders arrive), then they have to shuffle on a ledge past the chasm of midnight, and finally they have to run from the boulder of the dawn. Finally the PCs will reach the room of the sun, which has another slot for the small key head, which deactivates the traps behind them (yes, you can bypass the whole gauntlet if you have a dwarf related to this place).

3. The room of the sun is brightly lit from a hole leading up to the surface in it's center. Decorations cover the sides, showing the story of Bardoz and the founding of this place. At the center of the room lies an adamantium sword stuck into the ground, which was once wielded by Bardoz himself (two handed for dwarves and one handed for humans/elves). One would have to succeed in a high strength test, dexterity and Constitution. You can only try once every day, and it damages you if you fail. A dwarf gets easier rolls. It's up to the DM to decide the numbers needed to succeed based on the party. The stats for the sword should also be based on the level of the party (someone can start it if they want). It will never break, is incredibly light, glows when fell things are near, and can cut through Stone with enough strength.
Oh, it's E2 btw, and what's written for 3 is a combination of 3 and 4
An enterprising Dwarf built the shop, then realized he won't be getting his investments back anytime soon from sales so he sold it to the wizards. Now that the wizards have a dull, non-action-packed shop they don't really know what to do with it, so they hand it off to [a tribe dungeon fodder race] to manage. Sometimes, when one of them lost a bet with the other two, they get sent to work on the shop for a day or so.
Surprisingly, [tribe of dungeon fodder race] is actually good at their job, and opening up the market to other dungeon dwellers (and the occasional adventurer) rakes profits.
*Stat instead of start
Shadowfail is a moniker for the unnamed shadow mage who died in >>68098668 years before Ampihisos moved in. He has been mentioned and referenced few times, for example by >>68171346 and >>68110656

May he rest in peace... yet probably doesn't

Bardoz was a Geomancer per >>68160250 so a magic user at least. Not a proper wizard perhaps.
A rought timelime seems to be emerging:

The Evil Snake Priests create a temple deep underground.

Bardoz discovers the place (kills the priests??)

With Urist Bardoz founds the Outpost, discover Adamantium.

Bardoz dies in magma. He is worshipped. The Head is carved.

Magma Doctors move in (somehow dont see them beimg here at the same time with Bardoz)

THE Calamity, death of the outpost.

Various beasts and demihumans move in.

Shadowfail moves in and goes boom.

Undead suburb arrives (it does not feel like old thing)

Few years ago Amphisos starts his researching here.

Anything else missed?
File: dungeon.jpg (2.44 MB, 1500x1500)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
v0.02. still with only level 1.
I did spend too much time editing C1 and E4.

Well, level 2, surprise me!

File: mapmapmapmap copier.png (758 KB, 1500x1500)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
3E3 for deep deep pit in the earth, inside a slightly enlarged natural cave.

1- The pit. A fairly regular, very deep pit, that was probably used to search for ore. The glow of magma can be seen at the bottom. There are remnants of scaffoldings, barely hanging on to the inside. Upon closer examination, the ledge of the pit seems irregular in two places, bearing three longish marks each, as if something had clawed out of the pit.
2- A tool shed carved in the rock. It seemes barred from the inside. Outside of the sheds are the scattered bones of a dozen dwarves. Inside the shed, if the players can remove the barricades, are various old tools, and the intact skelettons of four dwarves. One of them clutches a heavy tome, rendered unreadable by blood and dirt. Among the tools, the PCs can find a magical tower shield that was used to bar the room, and a few ingots of gold.

Shield of the Last Stand: This dwarven-made tower shield is sturdy and heavier than its humans counterparts. It menaces with spikes of steel, one of which is blade-shaped and at its bottom, serving as a rest of sorts to plant the shield in the ground. Whenever its bearer does so, the shield becomes immovable as long as its user is alive, no matter what kind of strength is pushing on the other side. It otherwise functions as a +1 tower shield with a higher than normal strength req.
and now I see that I need to change E3/E4 again... oh well.
I believe that if the dungeon kept on going deeper, you would eventually find the huge caverns that the rock spiders, mushroom men, and various other things came from. When the dwarves stuck into this place in search of more adamantium (digging to deep), they were attacked by the creatures they unleashed. They had to close off the mines first, then the main forge areas, leaving them with just the first few layers. The rock spiders and other things are held back by the lower tunnels being walled off by adamantium.

The last nail in the coffin was the attack of the creature mentioned here >>68124545 >>68124584

Though the warriors were able to seal this creature off with adamantium after a great effort, they were forced to leave their great Homeland due to not being able to mine to sustain themselves.

I think this explains the calamity pretty well, though other things could retcon this
I am OK with this being a patchwork, with lots of goofy and dumb incongruities, old dungeons were like that.
The WalMart crap is truly insultingly stupid.
Why don't we add the Rape Factory, a Negro Egg Chamber, 10 clones of Flair, and Gary Gygax wandering around selling Bardoz heads in the hallways.

It needs to go, patching it isn't working.
Thank you. Seconding removal of walmart. It doensnt add anything apart from its wtf factor to the dungeon

That thing was supposed to be something elf cultists summoned by accident so something fairly new and at least post-disaster. Rock spiders are far more cooler for the ultimate demise, but I vote that we leave the cause of the calamity open for the GM
The ceiling hole would go through chambers above and only let a tiny amount of light in for a few minutes a day.

Put a tiny magma blob sun floating near the ceiling similar to the Garden at 2-C3, except this one glows continuously.
Looking interesting. It appears to this anon that D4 should contain good battlezone and perhaps some clues to the demise of the dwarves...

Same as>>68198162
Please use some imagination at least.
Nah, the sunlights good, because once the PCs finally finish this really hard trap gauntlet, they are treated with a dark room, that once they get up and brush themselves off, starts to light up revealing an awesome sword.

Think about it: they've been underground for good knows how long, and at last they see natural beautiful light, yet it is only fleeting. Surely these adventurers have torches for when it becomes dark again anyway.
Agreed. Don't necessarily need a new map section, just to re-label the numbers.

1. This "courtyard" appears to be a sort of staging area for extending the mines into the natural caves to the northwest. The floor here is covered in debris, smashed tools, loose ore and the odd heavily gnawed bone. A small fountain, now dry, is set into the wall to the south, while the heavy oak door in the east wall hangs loosely on one bent hinge, having been smashed open some time in the past.

File: TGMap.png (644 KB, 1500x1500)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
A large watery chasm containing numerous moored rowboats, a long pier, and a large sailing ship. The general atmosphere is remarkably like a storm at sea, it's raining sideways, and waves crash and threaten to overturn any row boat attempting to cross the room. The large sailing ship has ragged black sails, and is flying a jolly roger. The sounds of a battle come from the ship's deck, where ghost of the Pirate Captain Dreadtie continually relives his last moments, desperately fighting off a mutiny by phantoms of his former crew. If the party loiters too long on the ship's deck or if they attempt to intervene in the replaying events, the phantoms fade away, and the ghostly pirate captain takes on a visage of his appearance in life and attacks, believing the party to be his mutinous crew. If the Captain's ghost is defeated, the ship, the water, the boats, and the pier all dissolve away, and the watery chamber is replaced by a large cave with a sandy floor, in the center of which is 10ft x 10ft hole, and next to that is several shovels, the skeletal remains of two pirates, an upended chest of pirate treasure, a +1 Cutlass, and a +1 Wheel-lock Pistol with a small powder keg and enough lead shot for 100 shots.
2,3 and 7. Equipment storage and a ready room, where the dwarves (presumably the ones living in B4) would gather to prepare for the day ahead. Near the north wall of this flooded room are two huge banks of lockers and crates, still filled with badly rusted picks, shovels, hammers and other mining gear. A huge stone roundtable, lovingly engraved and large enough to seat a dozen (short) men, sits near the back of the southern locker bank, scattered plates and tankards on and around it. Another fountain, this one large and fairly ornate, takes up the western quarter of the room. This one is not only full, its overflowing, and is the source of the ankle deep water flooding this area and B4. The water is fairly clear, but the fountain itself is the home of a surly water elemental, who has taking a liking to this soggy location and would take offence at people attempting to drain its home. The pipe's spigots have frozen open, but if one were to unstop the drain, currently packed full of mud, the local area might begin to drain.

4. This was once the office and quarters of the foreman of this section of mines. A greedy bastard, even by the standards of dwarves, he had been stashing away the best gems and other shiny bits in the vault (area 9), keeping them from his grumbling subordinates. When the outpost fell, he locked himself in his vault, not that anyone really bothered or cared to look for him. He suffocated in there, too mad from fear and paranoia to open the door. His corpse rose as some sort of ghastly undead (something level appropriate, anything between a ghoul to something nasty like a moghr) and jealously guards his riches, which he has counted over and over for untold years.

5 and 6. These heavy stone benches are arrayed in front of an impressive set of heavy wooden lockers, though the first two feet of wood have rotten clean through from the water. These used to hold the miner's heavy leather and metal mining suits, offering substantial protection from the harsh conditions of the occupation. The lockers mostly stand empty now, though one, its corroded brass nameplate reading 'Shatterwood' in Dwarvish, has thus far resisted any attempt to force it. Inside is one dwarf-sized mining suit remaining, reeking of mold, but by and large intact. The suit functions as full plate with only a +5AC bonus, but grants some resistance to heat; not enough to swim in lava, but enough to at least get close to it. To the east, a small public washroom sits, flooded as the rest but otherwise inoffensive.

8. This storeroom (also the concealed enterance to the speakeasy in D2) was clearly the place of a final stand. The door is still heavily barred by overturned shelves and crates, but something seems to have smashed its way in through the south wall and the resulting fight wrecked more or less everything in here. The door to the speakeasy has been left hanging open, and if a tracker is in the party, this passage still sees a bit of travel, the rubble mostly cleared away in a path from north to south through the rubble.
This is... this is painful. This is worse then the Quik-E-Dwarf. Can we nominate this one for scrapping?
Fuck, forgot the water in this one. Let's say this area is flooded, the water flowing gently down the passage to the west.
I'm sorry
File: 1_I_lPEXxTomb-NQXs7NfLmQ.png (3.26 MB, 1920x1080)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Don't be sorry until it's too late to fix it, anon. Try again, something a little more grounded.
What's so bad about it? It's gonzo and silly, but so are a lot of things in this dungeon (and a lot of classic dungeons). Besides, "a wizard did it" is a totally valid explanation for how something exists.

Ask yourself; Why a wizard did it.
If it is for the lulz every time, your players will stop caring.
File: Undead Gunslinger.jpg (38 KB, 500x612)
38 KB
Nah, I'm with >>68202145 on this one. It's maybe not "painful" but it requires a bit too far of a swing into "Because wacky wizard hijinks!" to work. Doesn't quite fit the feel.

The whole undead marauder leader angle could still work though. Instead of a full on pirate, we have a undead land-based bandit leader. You could have a bit of a haunt puzzle going on, after images of what happened playing at certain points and the party has to follow through a small series of challenges to get to the bandit ghost and fight 'em.
File: E2.png (7 KB, 302x306)
7 KB
E2 top level

Lightshaft from surface to second level, bypasses first level. about 300' total.

Should mark it on second level map, it is a way in/out.

It fit!
This anon agrees. Water boats is too random, particularly when there is already so many mage did it squares nearby.

However as you said, undead marauders sound fun. Perhaps they were the origibal undeads present and suburbia rebelled from them?

Could also be responsible for >>68097104

Anyway square needs redrawing

I give Pirate Anon kudos for such an interesting and dynamic encounter.

It just didn't fit here, sorry.

Save it and use it in another setting when the party drinks rum with the pixies out in the forest.
Thanks for fixing uristmart into a crude mining ready room!! This sounds far better. Tomorrow I might redraw it slightly so it fits more!
Extremely good point. Nothing wrong with Dreadtide directly, yet it fits far more into an adventure that at least happens on surface!

Still we can put merciless undead to d4, just with a slight rework..
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (57 KB, 735x513)
57 KB
Mr Whiskers
File: vsKPLV.jpg (155 KB, 1024x734)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Magma Doctor 1
Magma Doctor 2

Whichever one Pdf anon prefers.

Assuming the pics are going in the pdf.

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