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  • File : 1258363638.jpg-(83 KB, 750x600, 1239950427142.jpg)
    83 KB Poor Little Girl WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:27 No.6727853  


    is auto-saging, so feel free to continue here. Im gonna post some more of my writefaggotry (would be a shame to let it go to waste)

    Pic chosen for +1 to motivation.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:28 No.6727869
    Meanwhile, the men and women who had brought death upon a man hey had never seen before, in the name of another stranger no less, were now on their way back to the town in which they received their task. But even though they had all agreed to to this Job, persuaded in a run-down tavern by the stern, concerned voice of the pale, but handsome man, their minds were not set on the substantial reward they were promised.

    The man who rode out in front, clad in heavy armor and wearing two swords on his belt was the first to break the silence.

    "We...shouldnt have accepted this job." The stern expression on his handsome, but gruff face did not change as he uttered the words

    Again, nothing but the noises of the forest and the clapping of their horses hooves filled the scene, until the large woman in heavy dark robes, which seemed impractical for this kind of season, rode up next to him, and turned her head with a sigh.

    "Ruuven, what else could we have done? We cant afford to be picky, especially-"

    A high-pitched cackle from one of the other two riders disrupted her voice.

    "Oh, trying to reason away our noble warriors doubts, mylady?"

    The scourn that lay in the voice of the short and thin elf wearing dark and weathered leather,
    also showed on his scarred and keen-featured face.

    "Just one week ago he killed three, i repeat, THREE men single handedly, one even without looking him in the eyes."

    The last rider to break her silence was a young woman clothed in the garments of a fledgeling priestess. Her soft, round face bearing a pained look in its eyes, as she turned towards the elf.
    "Thats not fair Duvlan, you know THEY attacked US. If Ivanna hadnt felt the bandits approaching and if Ruuven hadnt slain their leader-"
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:30 No.6727883
    Original is archived, so it's all good. Make sure someone gets this thread too once it gets going.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:31 No.6727898

    "Its alright Traudel. Hes right. Killing is my trade."

    Startled by the large mans interruption, Traudel fell silent again. She knew that her companions, not even the battle-hardened warrior were the kind of people that killed in cold blood without any reservations, even though the elfs words implied otherwise.

    Suddenly, Ruuven stopped, and turned to his comrades. Traudel and Ivanna looked surprised at their leader, while Duvlan already drew his blade and looked around him, expecting an attack.

    "What is it?", the elf snarled.

    "Nothing imminent, Duvlan, calm down. Its...its not about me, but i think there was something strange about that hermit." He did not have to utter name of the man for his companions to know who he was referring to. The man they left to die in his own house, accused by the nearby towns folk of performing dark rituals and black sorcery in his refuge deep in the woods. His face burned into their memories, as well as his last words.

    "Dont...leave it...take..please..." During this final plea, his gaze had bored into Traudels eyes. At that moment she had been to shocked by the sudden violence that had broken out as fast as Ruuven and Duvlan had ended it to think about what the words meant.

    Ivanna, her usually tired eyes now wide awake, were staring at the warrior.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:33 No.6727910

    "Did you notice something?", her deep voice asked. As Ruuven only answered with the concerned look he always gave her whenever his instincts nagged at his decisions, she promptly turned her horse around. "If you have doubts, we will check out the surroundings and search the house for anything suspicious. Lets go." Ruuuven and Duvlan turned around as well, the latter accompanying his action with an annoyed muttering. Traudel hesitated.

    "But...were just supposed to bring back his staff. The man in the tavern said-"

    "Child, we are being paid for this. But that does not mean that we just blindly accomplish our task without thinking. If there is ANYTHING more to this whole affair, we had better find out as much as we can. Unresolved matters and loose ends have a way of coming back to haunt you."

    Intimidated by the older and taller womens voice and words, Traudel fell in line, not sure what the mage meant with them.

    Nevertheless, the group now made their way back to the hut in the forest, now with great haste in order to be able to return to the town before sunset, in spite of their unplanned detour....
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:34 No.6727917

    I doubt it will. Unless someone els is as bored as me
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:37 No.6727942
    Yes, it's a good idea to repost it here. I don't think anyone expected Aku, the Shape-shifting Master of Parenting, to have taken off as much as it did. Sorry for the original thread got derailed but once /tg/ gets rolling THERE AIN'T NO STOPPING THE STORY BREWING TRAIN.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:39 No.6727970
         File1258364376.jpg-(61 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper_shining.jpg)
    61 KB

    Thats why i love this place.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:41 No.6727983
    -4 STR.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:54 No.6728125
         File1258365294.png-(449 KB, 800x800, 1227256175676.png)
    449 KB
    And didn't Aki grow up fast?
    >> P !!QbvqgScX0E+ 11/16/09(Mon)04:57 No.6728151
         File1258365439.jpg-(9 KB, 238x251, 1257384967440.jpg)
    9 KB
    We're already going for rule 34 on Aki? Reallt /tg/? Really?
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)04:57 No.6728155

    I really feel like i should be able to appreciate the other thread more. but i dont know anything about what poeple talk in there.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:58 No.6728159
         File1258365488.jpg-(13 KB, 512x384, AkuDragonBeam.jpg)
    13 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:58 No.6728163
    *Take a picture*
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:59 No.6728168
    Well, I for one would like to see where the OP meant to take this.

    Write on.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)04:59 No.6728171

    Okay fine, I'll switch off the cameras. In the meantime, I am curious as to what kind of homelife she would actually have. Would Aku take time out every day to raise her, or is it more that he would be busy running the world and have servants raise her?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/16/09(Mon)05:00 No.6728178
    While I am enjoying the Aku/Aki thread, and can appreciate the want to spread it, can we please keep these two threads separate? This thread seems more attuned to the author's initial idea, let's give the other writefags some time in the spotlight. If we need a followup Aku/Aki thread, we can make one.
    >> Samurai Ted 11/16/09(Mon)05:00 No.6728179
    Oh, terribly sorry miss. I did not mean to-
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:00 No.6728185
         File1258365627.jpg-(15 KB, 476x275, hmm.jpg)
    15 KB
    Now that I know Aku weakness.

    I can finally destroy him!
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:01 No.6728188
         File1258365661.jpg-(21 KB, 512x384, AkuAngryFlop.jpg)
    21 KB

    When the entire world trembles in fear at the very mention of your name, things tend to run themselves. Of course I would raise Aki personally.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)05:01 No.6728189

    *groan* Aww, you mean i actually have to make SENSE of this shit?!

    Fuck wheres the LOST guy when younedd him?
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:03 No.6728204
    Just keep making shit up.

    You don't need any coherence in the plot until about the eigth season or so.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:04 No.6728215

    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:04 No.6728226
         File1258365883.jpg-(20 KB, 175x174, Advice-Dog-WATCH-LOST-.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)05:05 No.6728231

    Okay, im on it....

    Its either that, or finally getting my other two wisdom teeth removed.

    Yeah. Fuck that.
    >> Inside Aku 11/16/09(Mon)05:07 No.6728245
    So, Lord Aku... Funny story... You don't seem to have any kind of digestive tract in here... it's all just sort of... black... I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to swallow a flashlight?
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:07 No.6728247

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed at once, as well as a fifth that got burrowed into.

    When I woke from surgery and went to wash my face, blood dribbled into the white washbasin.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:10 No.6728274
         File1258366239.jpg-(17 KB, 512x384, AkuThroneAngryLook.jpg)
    17 KB

    Shut up! I'll eat some lava and kill you later. I'm trying not to mess up Wannabe's thread too much.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:12 No.6728288
         File1258366376.jpg-(1019 KB, 2592x1944, Music_present.jpg)
    1019 KB
    Lord Aku... this present was left on your bedside table. It seems Aki put it there before going to the roof to play.
    >> Random Heretic 11/16/09(Mon)05:13 No.6728297
         File1258366407.jpg-(76 KB, 407x405, 1255113678648.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Inside Aku 11/16/09(Mon)05:13 No.6728299
    Yeah, I suppose you could do that.
    OR BETTER YET, you could, you know... not do that... How does that sound?
    >> Slants 11/16/09(Mon)05:13 No.6728303
         File1258366439.jpg-(128 KB, 723x1236, cougar.jpg)
    128 KB
    Fuck I found this thread too late. I'll come back tomorrow with drawfaggotry, sorry.
    >> Inside Aku 11/16/09(Mon)05:15 No.6728315
    Playing on the roof doesn't seem very safe... or particularly fun....
    Someone should probably go check on her.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:16 No.6728326
    Guys I really think we should leave this thread for OP's stuff and let this Papa Aku concept sit and stew for a little while. It's a great concept but I'd hate to see it get worn out. Let's come back to it another day.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:17 No.6728336
    Oh you're no fun anymore...
    >> Researcher Sam 11/16/09(Mon)05:18 No.6728340
    Agreed. Or go back to the other thread, which is still on page 4. We prolly have an hour or two left with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:21 No.6728364
         File1258366899.jpg-(3 KB, 107x96, Chiyo_civ.jpg)
    3 KB

    Let's do that.

    Writefag, we expect some good things from you!
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)05:22 No.6728374
    OLD THREAD IS HERE: >>6725440



    Coz it's really very promising. Keep it up, Wannabe!
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)05:51 No.6728640
    >>6727910 Prepare for typos in 1,2,3....

    No words. No explanation.
    No sound, except for the quiet sobs of the little girl. Even the noises of the woods seemed somewhat diminished
    Her large, tear-filled eyes stared at the man standing in the door of what once had been her home. Until father had told her to hide, like always when other people visited them.
    When she turned ten, she started disobeying her father, trying to catch a glimpse at these other beings, who came from beyond the forest - she didnt even now what that was suposed to look like - and spoke mostly just a few gruff words before they dissappeared. They looked mostly like her father, old men dressed in rough garments of brown and green, carrying Large Staves. But recently, he grew stricter about this, and she knew there was a reason behind this,
    though he never explained it. He didnt have to, she herself had felt the uneasyness accompanying the arrivals of these visitors. Besides, father had promised her to take her beyond the boundaries of the forest, showing her the world and the town (SO many people living so close together?) and also laughing while telling her about how she would soon want to leave him to see the world.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)05:56 No.6728689
    >>6728640 FFFFFFFFFF- Proofreading takes longer than writing

    He had always laughed while saying this, but deep inside, she was horrified at the thought. Not about the world beyond her home - she was smart enough to know that, even though she couldnt imagine how it looked, the world consisted of more than just Trees and soft, mossy ground - but at the thought being without her father. He had taught her so much, not just how to hunt and cook and what plants were edible and which werent, he also showed her how to listen to the forest and to see with the eyes of the owl and to sleep in a trees branches without falling off and much, much more....

    But even though she sometimes spend several days away from home, feeding the animals - she really liked deers - wander around, or sometimes just listen to the wind rustling the leaves,
    sheknew she could always come home, and, no matter how sneaky she was, father always had a fresh hot bowl of stew wating for her.

    "You cant just eat nuts and berries all the time, youre gonna turn into a bush someday!"
    He had always said while ruffling her hair. "Now, tell what you did out there..."

    And she alwyas told him. About the deers, the boars - they were always trouble - and even of the poor old wolf that had come here to die. If she didnt understand something, father told her what these things meant. It had never occurred to her why he taught her all these things.

    Now she would never know. And the being responsible for this stood now before her, towering over her kneeling figure. She couldnt know how right she was in intuitively blaming this dark, terrifying monster for her fathers death.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)06:26 No.6728945

    No Words. And just one emotion. Despair. She had never felt like this before. Her father, her home, her world, it was all disappearing into the hideous, human-shaped black hole in the doorway. The tears wouldnt stop pouring down her cheeks and she didnt - couldnt - move.

    But, after what seemed an eternity, the black shape began moving. Into the house. Towards her. But instead of coming over her to take her away, just like everything she ever knew and had, it passed her by, and opened the door behind her. The door. The only place she knew off that father would not allow her to enter. She could even enter the bears den, if father said it was safe, but this room had alwys been a mystery to her. But id didnt matter. What interest was an old, dark room, when there was a whole forest outside, without walls or locks?

    But this man - and that he was as she could clearly see now, even though she had never seen a man so young - just walked slowly over to the door, standing in front of it for a couple of moments, bowing his head. And then, the door opened. She didnt see him moving an arm, it just clicked and opened itself.
    She couldnt understand. But then again, she didnt care either. And the, the man entered the room, without so much as a glance or a word towards her.
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)06:29 No.6728962
         File1258370967.jpg-(35 KB, 600x600, Moativation_vs_IQ_by_prettypro(...).jpg)
    35 KB
    You guys ready for the moneyshot?
    Or should i save this for another day?

    I think im slipping...
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)07:00 No.6729216

    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)07:24 No.6729357
         File1258374283.jpg-(36 KB, 500x416, motivation-boobs.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> WannabeWritefag 11/16/09(Mon)07:46 No.6729494
         File1258375615.jpg-(80 KB, 600x750, 633492571548939999-deutschland.jpg)
    80 KB

    >Inspiration was a crying 12yr old girl

    Err...you sure you wanna motivate me with THIS?

    Anyways, fuck ive been up for about 25. I can hardly handle /v/ at this point...

    If thread is around tomorrw then cool, if not, ill make a new one.

    Same Channel, same....faggot. oh, aand in case anyones wondering, im a krautfag, its 13:30 over here.

    Gnight /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)10:20 No.6730421
    Thread Archived at /suptg/
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)12:33 No.6731400
    I really love how /tg/ can come with this and aku dad from an obvious lolicon troll bait.

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