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  • File : 1257102635.jpg-(50 KB, 547x790, MSV-01_ib4f.jpg)
    50 KB ZEONQUEST Pt7 I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)14:10 No.6522791  



    We last left our diminished band of heroes back in Salina Cruz. After causing a m-m-m-monster kill combo with a single bullet to a tanker full of rocket fuel we waited in ambush for a retaliation that never came.

    Then the Prancer sent the following signal...
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)14:17 No.6522869
         File1257103035.jpg-(39 KB, 853x480, benreminising.jpg)
    39 KB
    I love these threads.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)14:18 No.6522882
         File1257103127.jpg-(90 KB, 832x458, Prancer.jpg)
    90 KB
    (The Prancer being our base of operations, a support variant of a Gallop Land Cruiser)

    >"Squads 1 and 2 stand down, Squads 3 and 4 remain on patrol. Atmospheric and battlefield conditions finally allowed us to get a stable lasercomm message off to Zeonic Central command. The situation is like this..."

    "Zeonic Divisions have moved up from their landing positions and are currently mounting an assault on the Federal Headquarters for North America in California and New York. NY is expected to surrender before the night is over, California is putting up heavier resistance. Also, we've been given clearance to ressuply, our engineering corpsmen are going to investigate the HLV site, if there are any working units, were to send them up where they will be loaded with what 2nd Line Reservist MS assets are available, plus extra fighter planes and then return here."

    "Our orders are to hold the town and the drop zone until this can be completed. The whole operation should only take five hours or so."
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)14:21 No.6522921
         File1257103289.jpg-(39 KB, 853x480, benradio.jpg)
    39 KB
    Do as Command says... Hold the town until you are relieved.

    In the meantime, get everyone back into defensive positions, and use the Zakus to help construct barricades if there is time.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)14:23 No.6522947
    With the Federal forces' HQ being attacked at the moment, I really don't think we'll be on the recieveing end of any major assualts for a spell.

    This should be a cake walk.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)14:30 No.6523037

    Either way, I don't want us to be caught with our dicks in the proverbial wind. We should always expect the worst (The worst thing possible being a GUNDAAAAAAM).
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)14:30 No.6523039
         File1257103826.jpg-(190 KB, 468x626, 3926056497_40e252c165_o.jpg)
    190 KB
    You stay in your defensive positions, as the engineers drive up and start inspecting the HLV's.
    (After the Zaku tanks, now outfitted with water-hoses, put out the fires.)
    After about half an hour, another message is broadcasted.

    "Now hear this. Now hear this. After inspection, two HLV's are in working condition as well as the SHVL. We have re-opened contact with command and they have revised our orders. The Prancer will unload as much of it's Ammo stock as it has remaining, and then load itself into the Super Heavy Vehicle Lifter, it will then be replaced with another standard model Land Cruiser and then return. This will extend the operation time to 7 hours total. The town and the drop zone MUST be held until then. Ammo reloads will be dispensed by the Zaku Tanks. Any last minute loadout changes MUST be arranged now, you won't get a chance later on. Out."

    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)14:34 No.6523104

    Reload current Armaments, get Zoloman another Heat Hawk.

    Aside from that? Look for that Minifridge that we didn't know existed.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)14:41 No.6523187

    Also, continue with the barricades if possible.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)14:45 No.6523229
    Do we have flashbangs to replace the crackers with?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)14:48 No.6523276
         File1257104888.jpg-(194 KB, 1080x691, gundam what the hey.jpg)
    194 KB

    Don't worry about Zolomon, not only does he have two Heat Hawks already, he's specifically customised his Zaku to allow him to do so.

    He chooses to swap out his Bazooka for an MG, since he's getting kind of tired of running out of ammo after four shots.

    One of the other Squads takes an all magella loadout, they'll be close artillery support, pop a green flare if you want them to bombard on your position.

    The Prancer has rigged up a makeshift minovsky particle emitter onto a Luggun, which will flying overhead, bombarding the area with particles. If AA becomes a problem it will have to land.


    The Prancer has moved up and is currently loading itself up into the SHLV, the door that you performed axe related work on having been repaired...
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)15:06 No.6523511
    If that takes care of our loadout, I guess we'll just wait around and see what happens. Assuming we're prepared that is.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)15:08 No.6523546

    Lets start patrolling the area in our Zaku. that or get the mobile infantry to scout around the LZ.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)15:09 No.6523569
         File1257106176.jpg-(102 KB, 724x792, 1252529881283.jpg)
    102 KB
    After loading up, the HLV's and the SHVL take off on giant plumes of fire, streaking into the sky.
    If the Mexican army didn't know you were here before, they certainly do know.

    It is 5:00 am, 13/03/0079, you have to defend the town for seven hours, until midday. You expect the entire mexican army to come from the north or the south, it really depends on where exactly they were planning to make their stand against you had you taken the land route.

    Dawn will be in an hour, what sort of defensive measures do you suggest?

    >Also, continue with the barricades if possible.

    Several of the Zaku Tanks and Combat Engineers who stayed behind are dragging tanks frames away, and will weld them together at primary throuroughfares into the town and chockepoint roads in the mountains.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)15:12 No.6523618
         File1257106351.jpg-(74 KB, 853x480, benradio2.jpg)
    74 KB
    This is looking a lot like the Alamo...
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)15:14 No.6523643

    Last time the federation attacked us it was with a tank spam, Have our infantry under mine and booby trap entrances to the town.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)15:23 No.6523733
         File1257107009.jpg-(50 KB, 491x700, 3926076495_c3f38f4415_o.jpg)
    50 KB
    >Last time the federation attacked us it was with a tank spam, Have our infantry under mine and booby trap entrances to the town.

    Whilst you lack booby traps, your engineering corps start making old school traps, such as concealed pitfall traps and deadfall traps.
    Just in Mobile Suit scale. A pair of Zaku squadrons your's included help out as well. Dawn is 20 minutes away, the enemy is surely on the horizon.
    No word yet from the circling Lugguns on air forces or ground forces, but they are flying low so as not to make them an easy target, and the mountains are blocking long range sensors.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)15:34 No.6523864

    Our enemy is likely going to field a massive amount of bombers and fighters as well. Could we ramp so of the tanks and apcs in the town so that they can better attack the feddy air power while infantry and zakus attack the feddy ground assult
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)15:37 No.6523899
    Shooting down the Feddy air power might take precedence over fighting their ground troops. If it comes to it, we may have to fall back further into the town to buy us some time. I assume that aside from the entrances to the town, the roads are clear?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)15:42 No.6523967
    If we've nearly captured NY, things are going well.

    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)15:46 No.6524009
         File1257108372.jpg-(57 KB, 842x595, BAND_OF_ZEON_by_neurowing.jpg)
    57 KB
    At Six, dawn comes, and the sun begins to rise over the mountains. With it come the dust trails of incoming enemy armour.
    The Lugguns report three full battalions of tanks advancing on your fortified position from the south and the north.

    There are reports of incoming planes, three squadrons of Fly Manta's and a one Squadron of Depp Roggs.
    The Luggun begins it's Minovsky Particle spreading, and the support squad prepares itself for Artillery support missions.

    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)15:47 No.6524031

    Awesome for a bit and awesome for life are 2 different things.

    Were Char would one day betray us to try to raise Kamille, Garma however is still young and will be attached to us. Garma is the future to the Lister line being heros and nobles for Zeon
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)15:51 No.6524075

    Move our squad to the south of town, how many other squads are there with us?
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)15:56 No.6524147
    Get the squad with the Magellas to bombard the shit out of the Northern Tank units, our squad will take the South. Have the Lugguns run strafing runs, but tell them to watch their asses, as Feddy air support is coming in fast.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)15:58 No.6524160

    3 Zaku squads on general Defense

    1 Zaku squad as close artillery support.

    4 Zaku Tanks acting as Ammo Tenders

    A small amount of Mechanised Infantry, which are holing themselves up in various buildings across the city if the enemy break through the first defence line - like those infantry from THAT mission in MW2:Mercs.

    You know the one.

    Air forces: 2 Lugguns, 1 Luggun with Minovsky Emmitter.
    They will be landing soon so as not to get picked off by the eneamy air forces.

    4 AA Tanks. Operating in pairs in the north and the south entrances.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)16:01 No.6524199

    ok so ace squad and 1 normal squad deployed to the south, Other 2 normal Zaku squads deployed to the north,

    Have the artillery squad hide until they get the signal to fire upon the enemy
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)16:05 No.6524261

    Sorry, I must not have been clear. I was including you in those 3 squads. You have 4 Squads of 3 Zaku's total including yourself.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)16:06 No.6524285
    ok so same as my last post except us guarding the south the other 2 normal squads guard the north.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)16:11 No.6524347
    Well let's go with the same loadout he was talking about.

    Split the forces between north and south, with the arty north and us south.

    Ready attacks for large grouped kills. Attacks of opportunity. If they get into range soon enough, toss a grenade into as big a group as we can find.

    Since we have our MG, use a single shot firing mode and "snipe" as well as possible while we've got distance between us and them. Once that space closes, switch to MG burst fire. Conserve ammo.

    Go for whichever forces get closest. Land or air. Focus on air as much as possible though. Land forces have to enter through chokepoints which we've hopefully done a good job of sealing off. The air forces can strike anywhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:12 No.6524363
    :/ Don't they ever run out of tanks?
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)16:14 No.6524400

    federation will never run out of tanks ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:17 No.6524438
    I hope we eventually get to strike at the heart of their weapons and munitions manufacturing, that'd be a worthwhile mission.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)16:18 No.6524454
    I hope we get another out of suit mission.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)16:25 No.6524560
         File1257110723.jpg-(36 KB, 368x259, type61.jpg)
    36 KB

    >Split the forces between north and south, with the arty north and us south.

    The other two squads travel to the north entrance to the city, and you travel south. You take up defensive positions behind the barricade of tanks and collapsed buildings you've set up. About a hundred meters in front of you is a concealed pitfall trap.
    It's rigged to launch flares calling for an artillery strike when activated. Hopefully the Tanks will just barge into it and open themselves up to a heavy counterattack.

    You are just able to get yourself into position when the tanks come into view. You take careful aim with your rifle, checking for range and making guestimates for elevation.

    The three of you fire. The other two's shot's go wild, but your's manages to aim true and you see a plume of fire as a tank explodes.

    The tanks begin to spread out and pick up speed. A couple of them start firing, but they are too far away to hit.
    You all fire another shot each. Zolomon misses again, and although Strauss hit's you see the shell ricochet off it's armour, he must have hit at just the wrong angle.
    Your shot goes mostly wide, barely managing to clip a gun barrel, you see it warp straight upwards bent and usuable but the tank keeps coming.

    They will reach the trap shortly.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)16:29 No.6524640
         File1257110996.jpg-(434 KB, 1134x971, awesomefaceface.jpg)
    434 KB
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)16:36 No.6524747
    Open with limited burst fire.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:37 No.6524764
         File1257111422.jpg-(41 KB, 640x512, SiegZeon.jpg)
    41 KB

    ... I love you so much OP.

    So much.

    When we all rise and fire, can we give a hearty Sieg Zeon? :3
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)16:39 No.6524813
    Hey Apology, is there a dedicated long range rifle for these mobile suits?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:39 No.6524814
    Of course Zolomon can't aim for shit, he been using nothing but heat hawks and bazookas this entire campaign
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)16:43 No.6524868

    not yet in a few months there will be. but right now the long range weapon of choice is the Magella cannon
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:43 No.6524881
    Once we get access, we need to start carrying one and become a dedicated machine gunner/sniper.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:43 No.6524882
    How can you not be able to aim, you're sitting in a super high tech weapons platform with some kind of crazy teched out gun. All your aiming is done with cameras and computers, in addition, it's not like the suit is moving due to you breathing, so your shots should go where you point them.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)16:43 No.6524883
         File1257111827.jpg-(372 KB, 541x543, Zekesoldier_ib4f.jpg)
    372 KB
    The tanks are still accelerating towards you. At this pace they might actually be able to punch right through the barricades...

    Well, perhaps they could have if there wasn't a great big concealed trench in front of them.

    The first tanks fall into the pit in a great plume of dust obscuring what's happening to those behind, who promptly follow them in. At this point the trap automatically pops it's flares.
    You all start firing on full auto into the chaos, causing several explosions as you manage to take out several more tanks as they hit the breaks and struggle not to crash into each other or over the edge.

    The artillery hits, tossing tanks into the air. One shell lands directly into the pit and massive explosion brews out of it, scatting debris so far even you a hundred meters away can hear the tinkle of metal rain on your Zaku.

    By the time it's over less than a company of Tanks survived to retreat back to their lines out of a full battalion.
    Suddenly your computer triggers it's proximty warning and your fortified area explodes. Most of the shots go wide but one manages to hit you in the back of the leg.
    Warning signals flare up on your screen telling you that the right leg power cabling has been ruptured and has to be shut down.
    You're right leg will have trouble cycling heat and drawing power from the main reactor. This will only really effect your jumping capacity.

    You turn around to see a wing of Fly Manta's firing missiles erratically at you. Zolomon and Strauss appear to have dodged in time.

    You all fire at the planes, taking them out in a few seconds of fire, they either explode in mid air, or crash behind you, in the killing field.

    You: 1 Tank, 2 Plans
    Zolomon: 1 Plane
    Strauss: 2 Planes
    (It's impossible to say how many tank kills total you just got, so confirmed kill only.)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:46 No.6524935
    Radio the northern force to check on their status.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)16:47 No.6524950

    Our next actions depend on the current situation elsewhere.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)16:47 No.6524953

    On earth, you have this thing called Gravity. Funny huh?
    Also funny is the fact that the Zaku, and the computer equipment guiding it is optimised for space combat, which doesn't HAVE gravity. Even with your J type, you still have to take this (and wind, you ARE firing over very long distances) into account.
    Unless you're using a Magella Top cannon, which can estimate firing arcs due to a slap-dash patch programme, which only works with the Magella Top Cannon, and even then can't take wind (which you can't feel, and your sensors aren't equipped to detect) into account.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)16:52 No.6525026
    Check out the situation around you, and take shelter behind those barricades. Reload if you need too.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)16:54 No.6525077
    It's funny that Zeon does develop GROUND versions of the mobile suits it uses. Isn't it also funny that if mankind is able to construct giant robots they wouldnt be able to add the gravitational constant into the computers on these weapons platforms to compensate? Plus, unless this wind is hurricane force, I sincerely doubt it will effect the gigantic fucking rounds firing at these high speeds will be effected very much.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)16:57 No.6525124
         File1257112651.jpg-(52 KB, 551x742, MSV-27_ib4f.jpg)
    52 KB
    >Radio the northern force to check on their status.

    Can't. Minovsky field retarding radar and radio remember? That's why you didn't die from a salvo of guided missiles just now.
    If they were in trouble, they would have launched a white flare signalling that they were retreating to defensive point 2.
    You're not even sure if you've seen the deadfall trap flares launch yet.

    A Zaku tank appears carrying guns and ammo, you ask it if it's got any news from the northern entrances. He says that so far enemy forces have yet to arrive last he heard.

    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:00 No.6525157
         File1257112800.jpg-(33 KB, 853x480, benstanding.jpg)
    33 KB
    Let's get some ammo first of all. However, we should request that we get one of those nifty Bazooka's to keep next to us... Just in case. Plus, how bad ass would it be to dual wield an MG and a Bazooka?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:01 No.6525175
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:01 No.6525176

    Pick up a spare bazooka. If we're remaining in a fixed or semi-fixed position behind barricades, keeping a bazooka handy for either us or Zolomon sounds good.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:02 No.6525187
    We're on the same wavelength, man.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:03 No.6525197

    Great minds think alike.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:06 No.6525244

    .... next time we make a note to have ground cable communications installed if we're ever in a defensive position like this again.

    I mean, everyone loves flares, but its just nice to hear someones voice.... :D
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:07 No.6525258
    Awesome. Reload and request bazooka to keep on stand by.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)17:09 No.6525277
         File1257113344.jpg-(73 KB, 312x445, 71218006.jpg)
    73 KB

    Your accuracy would be terrible if you fired them at the same time due to differing recoil, but you snag one anyway and lay it down behind the barricade.

    You then all reload.

    The fighters have split up and are making piecemeal attacks against your positions. This isn't very smart as it allows your forces to take them out one by one.

    You see a group of Depp Roggs line up for a bombing run... and then something wierd happens.

    The lead Depp Rogg explodes whilst dropping it's bombs, and then the one behind it does the same. The last one drops low to finish it's run, and then lower, and then crashes into the mountains surrounding the town.

    What the hell is that all about? It looked like their bombs were exploding in the bomb bays...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:09 No.6525289
         File1257113379.jpg-(58 KB, 748x469, suzaku.jpg)
    58 KB
    My Zaku, you say?
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:10 No.6525304
         File1257113416.jpg-(36 KB, 642x479, msgcockpit.jpg)
    36 KB

    most mobile suit rely upon the pilot to aim and fire

    pictured here is the scariest thing we can fight in the quest and his aiming module
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:11 No.6525317
         File1257113467.jpg-(42 KB, 853x480, benaugh.jpg)
    42 KB
    Zoom in on those destroyed Depp Roggs to see if you can find a cause, but keep your eyes open for anymore trouble.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:11 No.6525320
    Watch to see what develops, but remain on guard.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:12 No.6525335

    fuck yeah we are so awesome their bombs are like fuck these guys.

    But then I realize bombs aren't sentient and wouldn't do this.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:15 No.6525385
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:17 No.6525416
         File1257113826.jpg-(44 KB, 853x480, benbullshit.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:18 No.6525448
    well. . . either this is a systems malfunction of INCREDIBLE proportions or . . . we have a guardian angel or something
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)17:19 No.6525451
         File1257113940.jpg-(62 KB, 312x445, 71218027.jpg)
    62 KB

    They're nothing but burning wrecks, and too far away to see any reason why this could have happened. They smoke from what bombs they were able to drop is also obscuring your mono-eye. It looks like they were loaded with incinidaries.
    Which is pretty harsh on the civilians still living in the city, and pretty damn useless against Zaku's, you wonder what the fuck they were thinking.

    Another five minutes of firing at stray Fly Manta's the planes retreat out of the Minovsky Zone.

    Kills: You 3 Planes, Zolomon: 2 Planes

    It's currently quiet.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:19 No.6525460

    Not yet it isn't
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:19 No.6525464
    Damn it Ben! I know it's too early for GANDAMU!, but don't startle me like that.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:21 No.6525484
    It's currently creepy as fuck.

    I vote that we leave Zoloman and Strauss at our choke point here, and that we go check on the northern side.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:21 No.6525496
    All's well then I suppose. Get ready for another wave of conscript tanks. Also, I guess that pit-fall maneuver earned us a couple beers.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:22 No.6525500

    Ahh shit here comes feddy forces thinking that this is zeta era

    We are about to either get bombed or the federation general attacking us is about to commit several war crimes and claim it to be an accident
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:22 No.6525501
    Or Zolomon even.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:23 No.6525512

    We have bikes and infantry scouts right? We could ask for volunteers
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:24 No.6525529
    I say we should check on our comrades to the north as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:24 No.6525536
    >is about to commit several war crimes and claim it to be an accident

    I think that part in this campaign was on us when we caulked up a thermonuclear explosion to "mechanical failure" to loophole the Antarctic Treaty
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:28 No.6525583
    Well technically the Loki did fail mechanically, in that it stopped producing the desired effects that we wanted.

    The side effects were pretty alright though. :D
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:29 No.6525588

    well they are about to loophole something like that on us
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:30 No.6525605
    /k/ommando here. One of the reasons I can't take Gundam seriously is this.

    In the real world, almost every if not all modernized nations' tanks are all equipped as a standard with fire control systems capable of computing every factor that would affect shot accuracy at long range, while moving at combat speeds. Hitting a moving target from 2 miles away while you're also moving, in the middle of gale force winds, is well within the capabilities of any modern main battle tank. The factors that a modern FCS computes includes range, air density and temperature, wind velocity, the Coriolis effect, gravity, and wear and distortion to the gun barrel due to heat. The M1A2 Abrams can track two targets at once in this manner, so it can fire at one target quickly then reacquire the second target without having to regain a firing solution.

    The argument that minovsky particles might hamper these systems is moot, because it doesn't use radio waves to detect an enemy, it's all done visually, so if you can see an enemy, your FCS should be able to compute the proper trajectory for your shots to hit 95% of the time at nominal ranges. It shouldn't be hard to put an FCS capable of at least this on a billion or more dollar war machine like a mobile suit.

    It's not just Gundam of course. Battletech is also guilty of this. Then again I probably shouldn't bring something as petty as reality into a fictional landscape, so disregard.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:31 No.6525606
    War Crimes are a hell of a drug.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:34 No.6525632
    >Then again I probably shouldn't bring something as petty as reality into a fictional landscape, so disregard.

    At least you realize this.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:35 No.6525652

    Its cool man.

    But you have to admit, as far as the Rule of Cool goes, its pretty fun :D
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)17:36 No.6525663
         File1257114993.jpg-(77 KB, 312x445, 71218005.jpg)
    77 KB

    >I think that part in this campaign was on us when we caulked up a thermonuclear explosion to "mechanical failure" to loophole the Antarctic Treaty

    That WAS a mechanical failure, the Loki WASN'T meant to go up like that. Oh sure, the fact that it came to us from the 603rd Experimental Unit suggested that SOMETHING bad was going to happen, but still.

    Anyway, at 7:00, the Feds seems to have regrouped and begin their second attack. It looks like the survivors from the previous attack plus another full battalion, to a total of just under 60 tanks coming your way.

    They are taking a slower more cautious pace, and this time you don't have any pitfall traps to use. Behind you, your rear-view camera picks up the launch of multiple flares, signalling that the northern deadfall trap has been triggered, you can hear the WHOMPF of Magella Guns in reply, they won't be available for fire support until after they've finished firing and then reloaded.
    No planes currently visible.

    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:37 No.6525678

    gundam was made before a lot of the systems you mention for fire control aiming was implemented. Also you have to remember that Tomino isn't a gun nut like most of /k/ is. Hell if you look at the cameras in gundam they still use old Polaroids. The only thing that seemed to advance was weaponry and space travel.
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)17:39 No.6525700
    >That WAS a mechanical failure, the Loki WASN'T meant to go up like that. Oh sure, the fact that it came to us from the 603rd Experimental Unit suggested that SOMETHING bad was going to happen, but still.
    I HATE THE 603rd!!!! they allways fuck up some how!!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:39 No.6525705
    Have whoever is most skilled use bazooka on clustered groups. Otherwise stick with what worked last time.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)17:41 No.6525733

    Tell Zoloman to wait till the tanks get close before he decides to open fire(afro man can't aim for shit)

    fire at the tanks a the same range you did earlier.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:42 No.6525735
         File1257115322.jpg-(49 KB, 853x480, barberrygun.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:42 No.6525751
         File1257115379.jpg-(85 KB, 266x298, rick james.jpg)
    85 KB
    Man I suck at photoshop.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:43 No.6525758
    Sounds like bazooka time. Try to tie up the Feds until the Magellas are ready.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:45 No.6525777
    Have Zolomon fire with the bazooka at range.

    Go for the largest spread possible. Even if the shots won't result in definite kills on all that are hit. Even slowing down a few is better than nothing.

    Once they get in range, switch to MG fire. If there are still clusters, use the bazooka + crackers as necessary.
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:46 No.6525792
    Have we got any Leg Missiles left? if so: Fire them at clustered tank units, and get Zoloman on that Bazooka. If they still somehow make it past the barricades, get the Heat Hawks out.
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)17:47 No.6525806
         File1257115658.jpg-(165 KB, 506x721, dr.zaku.jpg)
    165 KB
    >> Ben Barberry 11/01/09(Sun)17:49 No.6525831

    Zakus don't scare me. I killed 13 of them myself before I met my end.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:53 No.6525875
    Can I get some background information on this campaign? Or a link to previous, archived threads?
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)17:56 No.6525917
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=zeonquest here you go!
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)17:57 No.6525919
         File1257116221.jpg-(75 KB, 312x445, 71218009.jpg)
    75 KB
    You all take up firing positions on the barricade and prepare your shots. Zolomon grabs the Bazooka and prepares to fire it when they get close.

    After a few minutes of advancing, they begin firing. Most of the shots at this distance are going wild, or hitting the barricade, which takes it well.

    You return fire with carefully aimed shots, you and Strauss both manage to take down two apiece.
    When you get to about two-hundred to a hundred meters of each other you both open up with everything you have.
    Plumes of dirt and smoke make it hard to aim, but there are just so many of them, you hardly need to.
    You fire as the Tank's shots explode around you, slamming into the barricade.
    Your cockpit jerks as you take a shot to your skirt armour, knocking your aim wide, just as your ammo drum empty's.
    You toss a cracker grenade into the Maelstrom as you duck down and reload your rifle.
    Beside you, Zolomon tosses his now empty Bazooker over the barrier and continues firing his MG.
    You swing up and resume firing. Your view momentarily scrambles as your head catches a glancing shell and you fire blind for a second before your sight resolves. You take another hit in the chest armour. Still no serious damage.

    The fire is getting very intense.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)17:59 No.6525942
    Fall back to a secondary barricade if there is one.

    If not, find a spot to fall back to that offers some cover. A wrecked building, overturned train, anything. Have the squad cover each other while falling back. Zolo and Strauss cover us, Strauss and we cover Zolo, Zolo and we cover Strauss.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)17:59 No.6525944
    Seems like it's getting close to Flare-Poppin' o'clock.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:00 No.6525947
    Are the Megellas ready yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:00 No.6525954

    That supporting Arty fire would be lovely right now.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:04 No.6525995
    pop a flare and retreat further into the city
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:13 No.6526084
    Apology had better be writing up a hell of a post.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)18:13 No.6526093
         File1257117233.jpg-(47 KB, 312x445, 70513052.jpg)
    47 KB

    Just as your about to launch a green flare to request artillery support, Zolomon runs out of ammo for his MG. He discards it, pulls out both his Heat Hawks and then does something completely insane.

    He steps onto the barricade and leaps, boosters on full over it and into the mass of tanks.

    He takes at least five hits at the start of his jump, but his boosters push him through and evidently they can't have too badly damaged him, because he finishes the jump, flying into the smoke and wrecks, which should provide ample cover.

    Several tanks turn their turrets in confusion, which you take advantage of by taking them out whilst their distracted.
    There are several explosions through the smoke, the sound of cannon fire not directed at you and then in some sort of ridiculous acrobatic side-flip, Zolomon's smoking, and battle-scarred Zaku lands behind the barricade.

    It's Shoulder shield is completely sheared off, the power cabling for his right arm is severed and you can see exposed electronics from a large hole in his helmet. His chest is web of cracks and impact craters, some of which are still smoking.

    "DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN" Strauss barks over the contact comm.
    "No time for that boss! We got incoming planes!"

    He points at the incoming squadron of Fly Manta's.

    You pop a green flare and then a white flare to signal your retreat back to the second defensive line.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:16 No.6526113
    Let's hook up with the 2 AA tanks around here if possible
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:16 No.6526116
    Unless ANY thing that we suggested happens, I am going to be really disappointed in you railroading things.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)18:19 No.6526152

    Drag Zoloman back to defense point 2. if his suit is to damaged have one of the zaku tanks drag him back towards the ammo pile
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)18:21 No.6526167
         File1257117702.jpg-(55 KB, 554x739, MSV-12_ib4f.jpg)
    55 KB
    You: 14 Tanks
    Strauss: 12 Tanks
    Zolomon: 24 Tanks

    You retreat back, just in time to dodge the massed Fly Manta fire that finally takes out your barricade. You fire back, taking out a couple of the planes as they pass overhead. The zoom off, quickly out of range, and you finish reaching the second defensive line at the crossroads on Camino Viejo A La Ventosa.
    There a Zaku Tank is waiting with weapons and ammo.
    The Artillery Squad is currently firing on your former location to buy you some time.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:25 No.6526200
    Have Zolomon switch to a bazooka or cannon + reloads and take up a position farther back to provide support fire, reload our weapons
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:26 No.6526217
    It's a combination of railroading and those 'choose your own adventure books' style of ... quest i suppose.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:29 No.6526237
    Get a nice supply of grenades. More than we can carry even. Just set them in a safe spot ready to throw.

    Several spare drums. Even if they sit on the ground at the barricade with us.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:30 No.6526255
    I second this idea.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)18:32 No.6526268
         File1257118369.jpg-(230 KB, 334x420, Anti-MSPlatoon_ib4f.jpg)
    230 KB

    Unfortunately Zolomon's left arm is too badly damaged to support a Magella Cannon, Strauss however takes one and a couple of reloads. You take a couple of Bazooka's plus an extra reload for each and prop them up on the building where you're taking cover.
    You also replenish and take extra grenades.

    Now fully armed, you wait for the the tanks to come.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:34 No.6526285
    Use our grenades with vigor on clusters.

    There's no point in having them there and not using them until we have to run again.

    Throw, shoot, shoot, shoot, throw. Etc. Hopefully the destroyed tanks will create another roadblock.

    Also, keep eyes open on the other streets around us. We don't want to get flanked.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:35 No.6526299
         File1257118553.jpg-(31 KB, 400x400, bea8183384c1f0_full.jpg)
    31 KB
    God damn we need a gun like this.
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)18:37 No.6526316
    um....thats from the 00 manga and its a torpido sniper rifle
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:38 No.6526332
    00 manga, 77 moonga. This means nothing to me. To me, it's just a big ass rifle.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:40 No.6526363
    We can dream.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:40 No.6526368
         File1257118859.gif-(30 KB, 250x317, GMSniper.gif)
    30 KB
    Still has NOTHING on the good old GM Sniper
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:42 No.6526379
    Why thank you doctor. I can see you have earned your title. Have the Magella pull back to the next barricade.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)18:42 No.6526384
         File1257118951.jpg-(80 KB, 312x445, 71218018.jpg)
    80 KB

    Yeah, I was going to say...

    Besides: THIS is what you want right now.

    Anyway. You have Zolomon and his badly damaged Zaku take up fire support positions behind you with a Bazooka, and you peek around the corner with a finger mounted camera, you can see about 5 tanks moving towards you through the wreckage down the street.
    It's possible that there may be others trying to outflank you that are using the smaller streets flanking the main road.
    You have Mechanized Infantry in those streets though, and they've yet to make any signal that this is the case...

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:42 No.6526388

    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)18:43 No.6526405
    -drools- my fave gm series the sniper ones
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)18:44 No.6526415
    Toss a grenade around the corner at the oncoming tanks.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)18:50 No.6526491
         File1257119441.jpg-(656 KB, 1386x2000, GMSniperII_ib4f.jpg)
    656 KB
    >Still has NOTHING on the good old GM Sniper

    It kinda does. That Gundam has the option (when properly outfitted, and not for marine warefare like in that pic) of sniping ships in orbit from the ground.
    The only downside is that it's powered by magical pixe dust from Jupiter.

    No really.


    -drools- my fave gm series the sniper ones

    Fun story: The GM Sniper II's are actually considered the most powerful GM type developed during the OYW, and in Gihren's Greed they remain incredibly dangerous right up to the early parts of the Zeta era.

    We appear to have gotten massively sidetracked.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:51 No.6526500
    Hold fire until they're committed. Let them come around the corner, then start firing.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:51 No.6526509
    Try to signal to the troops about the tanks. Failing that, give the Feds a 'nade.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:52 No.6526519
    No one even likes that Gundam.
    Grunt suits are superior.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:52 No.6526521
    GM Snipers are never off topic.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:52 No.6526525
    .... we need Doms as soon as possible. :3
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:54 No.6526553
         File1257119647.jpg-(206 KB, 470x480, 0032a.jpg)
    206 KB
    I agree.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:55 No.6526573
    >sniper gundam
    >it's not dynames

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:56 No.6526585
         File1257119791.jpg-(91 KB, 500x667, Dom_Trophen.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:56 No.6526591
    > It kinda does. That Gundam has the option (when properly outfitted, and not for marine warefare like in that pic) of sniping ships in orbit from the ground.
    The only downside is that it's powered by magical pixe dust from Jupiter.

    Bah, I got an eternal boner for the GM Sniper when they WTFOWN'd the Zeon soldiers retreating at the end of MS 08th team.

    Compared to that anything the Dynames or any of its successor suits can do is moot.
    >> Crix !!bPxPaUGmfXm 11/01/09(Sun)18:57 No.6526599
    So when do we get the Efreet Custom.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:58 No.6526613
    The logic behind "we need a sniper mech, give it a laser so fucking big it requires an external power plant" is very good indeed.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)18:59 No.6526640
    Well sometimes something needs to die, in a dramatic manner, from a very long way away.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:00 No.6526641

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:01 No.6526668
    Needs more mecha porn in here. Someone, invite /m/.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:02 No.6526682
         File1257120177.gif-(45 KB, 310x233, char.gif)
    45 KB


    ... Lets get back on track.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)19:03 No.6526691
         File1257120235.jpg-(63 KB, 600x450, The_Zeon_Zaku_by_Grifdaddy.jpg)
    63 KB

    >.... we need Doms as soon as possible. :3

    June/July at the earliest I'm afraid.


    Oh Fix Figuration, If I had a surplus of monies and lived alone I would totally blow my cash you. Why must you taunt me so with your £40+ price tags?


    >Hold fire until they're committed. Let them come around the corner, then start firing.

    You hold your fire waiting for them to get close enough to ensure a kill. You can't signal the Infantry without giving out your position. You can't see any smoke rising from the streets, which is hopefully a good sign.

    You wait until you can hear the rumble of their catapillar tracks and then with practiced ease both you and Straus leap out, fire a burst and then leap into cover for Zolomon's bazooka shot to take out the survivors.

    You: 2 Planes, 2 Tanks
    Strauss: 1 Tank
    Zolomon: 2 Tanks.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:06 No.6526729
    So now what's the situation? Street blocked with the remains of a few more tanks should make a nice little ridge that enemies will either have to go around, or spend time clearing.

    Since they're would likely know that trying to clear the scene would be a deathtrap, I assume they will take alternative streets.

    Spread out the three of us.

    One watches the main street, the other two watch the perpendicular street in both directions. Keep close though, keeping it easy to signal each other.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:10 No.6526781

    Keep an eye on Zolomon, if I know him, he'll do something crazy again.

    We got too much invested in that arse head to have him get killed now.

    Strauss, he's pretty level headed he should be fine.
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:10 No.6526783
    Groovy. Draw a bit more attention, then signal the Mechanized Troops to attack, then fall back. We'll cover them, Fight through the city. Close quarters.
    >> God 11/01/09(Sun)19:11 No.6526796
    Oh, I will.

    I will.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:12 No.6526805
    Also, have the arty bombard the previous defensive line.

    We don't want any infatry backup of the Feddies getting into our turf, right?
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)19:12 No.6526809
    I like to listen to this song when ever i think about the gundam universe or quest like this


    and if this is our last stand then it seems appropriate
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)19:17 No.6526874
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc4TH0w91bM OH GOD RUN ZEON IS BEING GANG RAPED BY EVEY GUNDAM EVER MADE!!!!
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)19:18 No.6526887
         File1257121127.jpg-(153 KB, 600x475, 1250459545640.jpg)
    153 KB
    >Spread out the three of us.

    One watches the main street, the other two watch the perpendicular street in both directions. Keep close though, keeping it easy to signal each other.

    The three of you spread out, and keep a look out of multiple angles. You go for about five minutes without seeing a thing. The Fly Manta's are steering clear of this area, most of them are making hesitant attacks on the other team, and they don't appear to be doing to well for it.
    The smoke is probably a worry for them.

    At 7:50 you see a flight of high flying Depp Roggs advancing on your position.

    Strauss takes a high position and starts firing on them with his Cannon, somewhere behind you, the AA Tanks join in. One of the Depp Roggs starts to billow smoke and breaks off.
    Strauss get's a lucky shot in and one of them explodes mid air.

    The other swoops in low, you bring in your MG to fire on it. You hit it with several glancing hits and it opens it's bomb bay doors and flies overhead and...

    Nothing. The Depp Rogg drops nothing, it just flies overhead and then out to sea.

    What the hell is going on with those bombers?
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:19 No.6526899
    Oh fuck. Biological attack!
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:20 No.6526906
    Huh. HALO? Maybe?
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)19:21 No.6526916
    ummm zeon used G3 on a colony
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:22 No.6526928
    Man, I know nothing about Gundam.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:22 No.6526930
    Wish I had that version in-game back when I was playing Zeonic Front.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:22 No.6526931
    Maintain our positions.
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)19:23 No.6526938
    or the pilots are HIGH as hell on weed and lds XD
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)19:24 No.6526960
    its a poison gas that makes your skin fall off and you bleed to death,.... i think
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)19:24 No.6526963

    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:26 No.6526979
    Button up if possible. Suit up, etc. Seal off from the outside.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:26 No.6526985

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:26 No.6526988
    Wow, and to think I almost didn't like the Gundams before.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)19:26 No.6526990
         File1257121616.jpg-(260 KB, 1024x768, ZeonGirls.jpg)
    260 KB

    No. It didn't drop anything at all, it's like the bomb bay mechanisms just locked up.

    Also, where the hell would MEXICO of all places get shit like that?

    After this strange occurance there is another lull in the fighting. An APC from your infantry forces meet up with you. Apparently you just managed to take out two whole battalions out there. Those five tanks were the last of the lot, and they only moved forwards because they apparently weren't aware that they were all that's left.

    The Mexican forces are currently falling back waiting for reinforcements.

    It is 8:00am, you have 3 more hours to go before reinforcements arrive.

    The Zaku Tank has returned carrying weapons and ammo, not that you need it. He informs you that the Lugguns are thinking of taking to the skies to have a recce if no more air forces are seen in ten minutes.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:29 No.6527018

    Reload ordanance, same as before.

    Have engineers mark and boobytrap the wrecked tanks inside the city with AT and AP

    Get some eyes on the opposition.

    See if our initial defensive point is feasible?
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:30 No.6527026
    We'll also need the troops to get some rest. Us as well.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:31 No.6527030
    Let's get a status update on all of our friendlies. What are our losses?

    Let's send up a scout plane first for a while. We don't want to commit the scant air forces we have if it isn't safe. Plus the scout could relay combat intel to us.

    Hey OP. Are you planning on our character remaining a frontline pilot for this entire quest? Any chance of us advancing to some officer position?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:32 No.6527045
    Any way to slap some armor on Zolomon's Zaku to cover the damaged bits?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:32 No.6527047

    David Lister is the Kirk of Zeon forces.

    Giving him a desk job will kill his soul.

    .... and do you want Zoloman to be in command?
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:33 No.6527054
    He could be our bodyguard.
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:33 No.6527055
    Is that a trick question?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:34 No.6527063
    Reload. See if we can move back up to the first defense point. If possible, make barricades.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:34 No.6527066
    You do get this version in Zeonic Front....minus duel wielding weapons etc.

    awesome game btw.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:34 No.6527067
    I don't want a desk job, but I wanna at least be at least of a rank that lets us lead a squad and shows off our Ace status
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)19:35 No.6527077
    I think that maybe the mexican forces are sending all that they can right now.

    We just have to hold them for possibly one more hour till they have nothing left to throw at us. That is assuming normal feddy tactics are at work here. But seeing that they are launching defective aircraft and barreling tanks at us like Russians, I'm starting to think that these are either remote controlled or are dummy units set to a standard pattern of attack.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)19:38 No.6527095
         File1257122291.jpg-(602 KB, 2039x2874, badassGM_ib4f.jpg)
    602 KB

    After ten minutes with no sign of the enemy, your Lugguns take off.
    You start to move forwards to investigate the initial defence line.

    There are wrecked tanks EVERYWHERE. The Barricade is completely destroyed, via a combination of unguided rockets, artillery and tank shells. The raw material is here to rebuild it, at least and the three of you get to work doing so.
    It's hard going with Zolomon's damaged arm, but you get a decent and servicable stack of tanks set up as a replacement barricade.
    You finish setting youself up by 9. By this point Strauss has set up laser communications with the Luggun, which is reporting no sign of enemy forces.

    Around about this time, another Zaku tank and a team of engineers arrive to see if they can do field repairs.

    Who should they repair first?
    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)19:39 No.6527109
    fix zolomon!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:40 No.6527111
    I know, it was my fave MS, just wish i'd been able to dual wield.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)19:40 No.6527114
    Repair us first, Zoloman last his stupid stunt with his axes got him that way and if the federation attacks again if hes not fully repaired then he cant go all AXE THE AXING AXE
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:45 No.6527156
    Zolomon goes first, Strauss and ourselves afterward.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:47 No.6527171

    Zol should go first, followed by whoever else is least damaged.

    See if we can get a sit-rep from the other Zaku teams.
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)19:48 No.6527186
    Tell Zoloman that if he pulls another stunt like that, he gets reassigned to the Zaku Tank.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)19:49 No.6527196
         File1257122975.jpg-(172 KB, 720x720, 1251890818232.jpg)
    172 KB
    >Let's get a status update on all of our friendlies. What are our losses?

    From the looks of things, they only sent a single battalion against two squads of seasoned veteran pilots in rough terrain and ample cover with pre-arranged traps.
    You can only imagne how that went. The Depp Roggs and air forces have done next to no damage other than to an unlucky squad of infantry who got caught in a burning building. Even then were not looking at a total loss.

    As of so far, whilst there are a fair few beat up mobile suits, we haven't lost anything major.
    The real worry is the ammo situation, were REALLY getting through it, and a lot of people haven't quite got the knack of hitting airplanes yet and have to compensate with just spraying the area with shells.


    >fix zolomon!

    The tech get to work patching up Zolomon as much as they can do. They start welding giant steel plates over holes and the worst cracks, and they see about reattatching the left arm power cable, which they're able to quickly bodge together.

    A couple of engineers are able to repair your damaged leg cable as well whilst their at it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:49 No.6527197
    this, unless he asks permission of a superior officer to do so first.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)19:49 No.6527201

    I have this image of a zaku tank hacking at gundam legs screaming "ITS A MANS JOB TO FILL A HOLE BY THROWING A AXE INTO IT!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:51 No.6527216

    Open up a private link to Zol. and have a few words about discretion and valor and stuff.

    We've got too much invested in him for him to bite it now.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)19:57 No.6527276
    Can we do that? I mean we have no seniority or rank on him. and the actual CO did kind of chew him out.

    That and after SO MANY instances of using axes to do IMPOSSIBLE SHIT BY FUCKING PROBABILITY AND PHYSICS its probably a 90% chance Zoloman is some kind of latent Newtype. So his survival instincts are better than ours anyway
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)19:57 No.6527277
    I second this. A private word with Zolomon. Something like:

    "If you want to die, do it alone. I won't let you put the rest of us in the crosshair. A single grenade could have done the same job, and you wouldn't have those holes in you right now. What would have happened if you'd died? Strauss and me would've been fucked. Just keep it together man. We've gotta watch each other's backs. And we can't do that when you're not part of the group."

    And now gentlemen, I've gotta get going and get gone.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)19:59 No.6527292
    Can I join?
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:01 No.6527307
         File1257123661.gif-(20 KB, 240x340, MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku.gif)
    20 KB
    if so, this is a prototype high mobility model zaku.

    Canon: The MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku was a unique mobile suit, designed to test the feasiblity of such an idea. Starting with the MS-06R-2 High Mobility Zaku's design, and adding two chest-mounted and two forearm-mounted maneuvering thrusters, the Super Mobility Zaku was able to out-maneuver anything else in space, by a significant margin. However, this suit was even more expensive and difficult to fly than the MS-06R-2 High-Mobility Zaku, and its high mobility meant it used up fuel quicker than any other Zaku variant. Another reason why the Super-Mobility Zaku wasn't mass-produced, was that it used the MS-06R-1a's reactor, which meant it couldn't use beam weapons, and therefore was passed over in favor of the MS-14 Gelgoog.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:01 No.6527310
    Sure, it's a majority rule roughly. just answer the questions the OP gives us or make suggestions on how to proceed.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:01 No.6527313
         File1257123686.jpg-(48 KB, 400x292, heavyfork.jpg)
    48 KB
    By about 10 in the morning, the tech's have managed to repair what they can, and have mounted back up in their APC and are about to move back towards the centre of town.

    At this point, Zolomon get's an urgent message from the Luggun.

    The Zaku Tank hit's full reverse and skoots off beckwards as you try to follow it, Zolomon running behind you. Strauss grabs both of you with his Zaku's hands.

    "JUMP!" He yells, and you hit the jets along with him just as your caught in a massive cataclysm of explosive force. You nearly black out at the tremendous pressure of it and you just manage to control your jump and soften the impact of you landing feet first into a single story Starbucks. Your legs hydraulics signal their protests to your internal computer, but all three of you managed to survive the explosions.

    The Zaku Tank, all of the paint scraped off it's back, is holding the APC in it's hands as it limps back to where you are.

    "Enemy Artillery Battleship, over the hills! Those were 4000mm shells! It's firing on us because it can't get sufficient elevation to get at Squads 2 and 3! We've also got enemy air forces incoming!"

    At which point the Land Battleship starts walking it's fire towards you.

    >> dr.zaku 11/01/09(Sun)20:02 No.6527325
    OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BOSS TIME!!!!!!!
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:03 No.6527334
    well then forget my model.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:06 No.6527362
    4 meter shells?! you sure you dont mean 400mm?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:07 No.6527383
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:08 No.6527395
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:09 No.6527402
    I don't get it, it obviously doesnt know where we are, just time it between the shots and move forward to where it last shot. Then continue to move forward.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:09 No.6527406

    >4 meter shells?! you sure you dont mean 400mm?

    On closer inspection, possibly, but they're big certainly.

    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:10 No.6527421

    no it really does fire 4 meter shells

    also see if we can escape to the east or west and try to charge it. If that thing keeps coming at us we are doomed. We have to do this as our zaku is the only one that can deal with this type of ground.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:12 No.6527442
    We need to come at this thing from the side, near the rear.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:14 No.6527464
    We should try to either run away, or get close enough where it can no longer shoot at us.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:17 No.6527495
    As that size you're farther ahead to start using rocket propelled shells or coil guns over conventional propellant.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:17 No.6527497
         File1257124653.jpg-(13 KB, 518x382, Big tray shell size.jpg)
    13 KB
    forgot my pic.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:18 No.6527511
         File1257124735.jpg-(174 KB, 700x850, 1249337213945.jpg)
    174 KB

    As you keep running forwards, it's fire eventually stops travelling forwards. You hope that the Mech Infantry moved out from their positions, because there's nothing much left now.

    You don't really have time for that now though.

    You quickly meet up in the central position with the Artillery unit.

    "What's the Plan? We've GOT to take that Land Battleship out before the HLV's arrive, firepower like that will pop them like grapes!" asks Strauss.

    "We've got four more incoming squadrons of Fly Manta's, no Depp Roggs this time from the looks of it. Were switching our ammo out for dedicated AA shells and going onto Airwatch! You need to meet up with Squads 2 and 3 and work out a plan of attack! Take out any planes you see on the way if you can!"

    There are more weapons and ammo to replace that wich you've lost.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:21 No.6527532
    beam rifle pl0x
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:22 No.6527545

    Lets load out on giant killer weapons like the bazooka, also make sure we have a axe for in case the rockets they do nothing
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:22 No.6527548
    Back to basics, MGs Bazookas and Grenades. And Heat Hawks spread liberally. Lets go kill us a white whale!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:23 No.6527553
    Bazookas, heat hawks and grenades will probably be the only things of use. Megella top cannons would probably slow you down.
    >> CommissarHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 11/01/09(Sun)20:25 No.6527568
    An MG for us. A bazooka for the other two. Heat Hawks for all.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:25 No.6527574
    leg mounted missile launchers.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:26 No.6527582
    I know this sounds cruel but we need a distraction. Have a couple of zakus that can use their jump jets to get the attention of the "white whale" as we are now calling it, then run full speed towards the fucker and start firing when you get close
    >> DrawfagDwarf 11/01/09(Sun)20:27 No.6527591
         File1257125239.jpg-(174 KB, 1200x1000, uncloaredzaku.jpg)
    174 KB
    So I was drawfagging, this was my sketch about 30 minutes ago...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:30 No.6527621
    Yeah, one squad plays distraction while a squad comes in on either side.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:30 No.6527622
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:32 No.6527641
         File1257125575.jpg-(7 KB, 200x260, ms-06-missilepod.jpg)
    7 KB
    pic related
    >> DrawfagDwarf 11/01/09(Sun)20:33 No.6527643
         File1257125580.jpg-(305 KB, 1000x833, Zakufortg.jpg)
    305 KB
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:33 No.6527650
         File1257125607.jpg-(177 KB, 640x907, Blue Destiny 1.jpg)
    177 KB
    >Lets load out on giant killer weapons like the bazooka, also make sure we have a axe for in case the rockets they do nothing

    >Back to basics, MGs Bazookas and Grenades. And Heat Hawks spread liberally. Lets go kill us a white whale!


    Bazookas, heat hawks and grenades will probably be the only things of use.

    You all load up with Bazooka's and reloads. You trade out your cracker grenades for more reloads. Even Zolomon fits four sets of reloads on his back plate.

    You then march up towards the other defence point. You can see the arriving Fly Manta's coming over the ridge, meeting with concentrated rifle fire and now supporting AA fire from the Magella Squad. The fire is preventing them from making strafing runs, and the Mobile Suits are proving too mobile or too well entrenched for their low yiled bombs to prove much good.

    You meet up with a familiar face: A Mr Dogatie taking shots at passing airplanes.

    Strauss links up with their CO and asks what the plan is.

    "You guy's go OVER this mountain, hill whatever. Eddings and his squad will follow the road and attack the Battleship from the front. They'll use the hilly ridges for cover, and distract the thing allowing you to surpise it from the flank!"

    He finishes talking to take out a divebombing Fly Manta.

    "What are you waiting around for? Go! Get!"

    You rapidly start clambering over the hills.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:33 No.6527654


    Wait... what if they're trying to distract us? Draw us out,t hen they rush the town?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:34 No.6527659
    Lister already has them, we just never/rarely use them.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:37 No.6527686
    are we controlling one character, or each with their own suit?
    Just to confirm.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:37 No.6527694
    Time to put this plan to work.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:38 No.6527698

    Thats less important right now than getting blow to itty bitty pieces
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:39 No.6527713
         File1257125940.png-(146 KB, 641x2614, whitewhale.png)
    146 KB

    Picture related.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:39 No.6527715

    They are out of ammo IIRC.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:39 No.6527722
    The three of you dash and scramble across the steep terrain, struggling to remain out of sight, and hoping that the other team can distract them long enough.

    As you dash around the first peak and towards the second, you hear the near deafening boom of the Land Battleship firing it's main guns again.
    The Decoy force has made contact.

    You hasten further and wind round the second peak. You can now see the huge target arrayed against you.
    It is huge, easily two third larger than a Big Tray, equipped with three banks of forward facing cannons. Which are making a great big mess of the ridge. You honestly can't tell if any of the decoy force is alive or dead. A salvo of leg rockets from the smoke rushing out and exploding ineffectually against the armour belt answers that question.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:41 No.6527741
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:42 No.6527754

    They were reloaded when you were repaired actually. The computer says that they weren't damaged when you stepped on that coffee shop either.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:43 No.6527762
    blow a FUCKHUEG hole in it, crawl inside, and heat hawk it from the inside-out.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:43 No.6527763
    Get as close as we can under cover, then rush its flank close to the rear.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:43 No.6527767
    We control directly one pilot, David Lister. But we do have some control over general strategy.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:43 No.6527768

    FFS, read the old threads. They will tell you all you need to know.

    Look them up on sup/tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:44 No.6527772

    Take out those main guns. Take our time with the shots.

    Have our best shot hold back a bit giving us cover fire as we advance aftrewards.

    We don't want tanks suddenly popping up on us.

    Other than that, we silence those fuck-huge guns.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:44 No.6527773
         File1257126257.jpg-(92 KB, 472x410, 125712558033.jpg.jpg)
    92 KB
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:44 No.6527783
    k. Then my model makes no difference, and I feel stupid for posting it. Oh well.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:45 No.6527790
    All three of us fire a round from our bazookas into any kind of command bridge we see.

    Then, reload, move in.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:45 No.6527794

    Start our attack by running and firing our bazooka at the turrets. Hopefully that will cause a chain reaction and explode the magazine. If that fails then drop the dead wight and charge it and try to cut it to pieces.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:45 No.6527801
    Nah, it was cool looking.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:46 No.6527805
    If we get close enough to attack the bridge directly, jump jet up there and do it.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:47 No.6527816
    If we take out the command bridge then it's just a metal slab.

    If we can get a clear shot of a bridge, I say we take it out. If it looks too well armored, go for any kind of depository of ammo.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:48 No.6527824
    It's actually a canon suit, but never appeared in any episode or movie (mostly because it was a failed prototype.)

    Here's the official stats for a standard zaku

    Model number: MS-06F
    Code name: Zaku II
    Unit type: mass production general purpose mobile suit
    Manufacturer: Zeonic Company
    Operator(s): Principality of Zeon; Neo Zeon
    First deployment: March UC 0079
    Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso (later refitted and replica units equipped with panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit)
    Dimensions: head height 17.5 meters
    Weight: empty 58.1 metric tons; max gross 73.3 metric tons
    Armor materials: super-hard steel alloy
    Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 951 kW
    Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 20500 kg, 2 x 1000 kg
    Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 0.59 G; 180-degree turn time 1.7 seconds; maximum ground running speed 88 km/h
    Equipment and design features: sensors, range 3200 meters
    Fixed armaments: none
    Optional fixed armaments: 2 x 3-tube missile pod, mounted on legs
    Optional hand armaments: ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun, drum-fed, 100 rounds per drum, spare drums can be stored on waist armor racks; H&L-SB25K/280mmA-P Zaku bazooka, 4 round magazine, can be stored on rack on rear waist armor; heat hawk Type5, battery powered, can be stored on waist armor racks; MIP-B6 cracker grenade, can be stored on optional storage rack on waist armor racks
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:50 No.6527851
         File1257126654.jpg-(25 KB, 458x251, wtf-shootthat.jpg)
    25 KB
    WTF are these things? They look important.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:51 No.6527854
    Why even waste ammo, just slice it...simple as that.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:53 No.6527870
    I'm not sure how many other forces are in the area. Plus if we get too close any kind of mounted turrets might get us.

    I'm not sure of the design though, so that might not be an issue.

    But we've got range and explosive capabilities. We got these bazookas for a reason. I say we use them.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:53 No.6527879
    I dunno. Looks like a helipad or sensors maybe?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:54 No.6527889
    The backs of these things are about barren.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:55 No.6527892
    They look like ammo magazines for the fuck-huge shells the thing fires.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:55 No.6527901
    I see scaffolding, so probably a landing pad.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)20:55 No.6527902
         File1257126959.jpg-(436 KB, 789x1000, Shin_Musha_Gundam_by_sandrum.jpg)
    436 KB
    >Take out those main guns.

    With Strauss hanging back and firing at it from the ridge, both you and Zolomon leap towards it from your elevated position.
    In mid leap you fire all of your rockets at the central main gun. You fire a shot from your bazooka off as well.
    All of the shots hit home (it IS a very big target.) and there's a large plume of fire.

    You land just before the central turret, behind the left turret. Zolomon fires on the bridge in his jump and then lands unsteadily on the bridge section itself. After righting himself, takes a second shot at the bridge.

    You see the small defence turret rotate to face him, but a bazooka hit from Strauss takes the port side turret out, and Zolomon sees the starboard ones in time to take them out as well.

    The Land Battleship begins to move. Possibly in an attempt to shake you off.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527919
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527920

    Probably a landing rig for reconnaissance aircraft to spot for targets, they showed up in IGLOO when Big Trays and Heavy Forks were shelling the fuck out of Zeon forces at Odessa.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527923
    Let's blast it with our bazookas, then give it a good chopping.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527925
    grab and pull one of the turrets. The strength of the zaku should be able to damage the turrets track or at least make a small hole in the side so we can launch a rocket in there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527926

    We're on it?


    All the while, we''re moving towards the command bridge with Heat Hawk Raised and a triumphant yell of SIEG ZEON!!!!
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)20:58 No.6527930
    Use our bazookas and leg rockets: Fire on any target that is out of range. Turrets that may shoot us. A command area. Etc.

    Then pull out our motherfucking heat hawks and chop shit up.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:01 No.6527964
         File1257127313.jpg-(788 KB, 1000x875, zaku.jpg)
    788 KB
    We also tell Strauss to fire and move, sitting still he might be a sitting target.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:04 No.6528003
    This. If Strauss can keep shooting the smaller turret's we'll be able to wreck some shit.
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)21:04 No.6528004
         File1257127489.jpg-(53 KB, 348x370, ms-06v.jpg)
    53 KB
    One of our guys is in a Zaku tank, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:05 No.6528009
    I'm sure he knows that, considering he has seen 10 times more action as Zolomon or David. That and as your CO he generally tells us to do things and not the other way arounf
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)21:05 No.6528016
         File1257127531.jpg-(28 KB, 539x335, 539w.jpg)
    28 KB
    The battleship is still taking fire from the Decoy team, and it seems unsure about what to concentrate on. Point defense fire is still coming your way, but the angle is awkward, and ineffectual.

    Zolomon fires another Bazooka round into the Bridge, tosses the now empty weapon and brandishes the hawks.
    You mean while leap atop the ruined central turret. The explosives burrowed a hole almost eight meters deep, and you can see the armoured shutters of the magazine below. You fire three shots at it with your Bazooka.
    The first hit damage it.
    The second hit breaches it
    The third hit ignites the central magazine.

    Zolomon then leaps up into the sky and brings his heat hawks down. They both come down together onto the bridge, and practically cleave a furrow through it right to the base.

    "Come one Zlomon! Let's go!" you call as you both leap off the doomed Land Battleship.

    Behind you, in true movie fashion the explodes spectacularily.

    You: 1 Land Battleship.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:06 No.6528021

    David is in Zaku II ground type
    Zolomon is in a standard Zaku II
    Strauss is in a Zaku II Command type
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:07 No.6528033
    No, just regular Zaku's.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:07 No.6528036
    We kick ass.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:07 No.6528042
         File1257127675.png-(119 KB, 300x347, 300px-McNinja.png)
    119 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:09 No.6528055
    Hell Yeah motherfuckers

    That bring's the squad's total kill count with regards to them to:

    2 Big Trays
    1 Heavy Fork

    We all better be put HIGH on the Gouf requisition list when those things are put into service
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)21:09 No.6528064
    good. Z-Tanks suck.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:10 No.6528074
    We'd better be put in charge of a company or some shit. Hahaha.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:11 No.6528081
    Plus, don't forget, we'll need some badass face scar eventually. All the great commanders have badass facial scars.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:11 No.6528092
    Maybe at this point our squad should have "Bad Motherfucker" written on our Suits.
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)21:12 No.6528101

    Garma's personal attack force and guard.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:13 No.6528108
    You guys keep talking about Garma and wanting to keep him alive.

    What's the deal with this? Why is it important that we manage to do it?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)21:14 No.6528118
         File1257128059.png-(217 KB, 768x480, Episode 8 epilogue.png)
    217 KB



    The time is 11:05 AM.

    See you next time gentlemen, it's past 2 at night here, and I've got to see my Dole Officer tomorrow.

    Total Kill Tally:
    Zolomon Ringo: 57 Tanks, 5 Gunships, 24 Planes, 1 Frigate, The Laws of Physics
    Wolfgang Strauz 56 Tanks 2 Gunships, 14 Planes
    David Lister: 73 Tanks, 1HLV Door 24 Planes, 2 Land Battleship, 4 HLV's,
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)21:14 No.6528126
         File1257128092.jpg-(58 KB, 400x400, ms-09.jpg)
    58 KB
    Forget Goufs.
    Doms are better, and were produced at the same

    Model number: MS-07A
    Code name: Gouf
    Unit type: ground combat mobile suit
    Manufacturer: Principality of Zeon
    Operator: Principality of Zeon
    First deployment: UC 0079
    Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
    Dimensions: head height 18.2 meters
    Weight: unknown
    Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rating unknown
    Propulsion: rocket thrusters: total output unknown
    Equipment and design features: sensors, range 3600 meters
    Fixed armaments: shield, mounted on left arm
    Optional hand armaments: 120mm machine gun, drum-fed, 100 rounds per drum; heat saber, battery powered, hand-carried in use; 120mm assault rifle

    Model number: MS-09
    Code name: Dom
    Unit type: mass production ground combat mobile suit
    Manufacturer: Zimmad Company
    Operator: Principality of Zeon
    First deployment: UC 0079
    Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
    Dimensions: head height 18.6 meters
    Weight: empty 62.6 metric tons; max gross 81.8 metric tons
    Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1269 kW
    Propulsion: "ground effect" hover jet thrusters: 58200 kg total
    Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 0.71 G; maximum ground running speed 90 km/h; maximum ground hovering speed 240 km/h
    Equipment and design features: sensors, range 5400 meters
    Fixed armaments: scattering beam gun, mounted in torso; heat saber Type2, battery powered, stored in recharge rack on back, hand-carried in use
    Optional hand armaments: H&L-GB03K/360mm giant bazooka, clip-fed, 10 rounds per clip; ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun, drum fed; VAL-RB-T27/880mm rocket bazooka; MMP-80/90mm Ver.8 machine gun
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:15 No.6528131
         File1257128108.jpg-(22 KB, 445x456, brofist.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:20 No.6528217

    Preaching to the choir man.

    But we're currently following the rule of cool.

    And can you possibly imagine the damage a group of Just a rank Below Norris Packard-esque pilots can do in 3 Goufs?
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:21 No.6528221
    Seriously, what's so special about Garma?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:22 No.6528242

    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)21:24 No.6528267
    Doms are the mobile suit equivalent to modern day tanks that can hover and "jet-skate" really fucking fast. They have civilian racing models.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:26 No.6528285

    I.... I just have this weird vision of us trying to do the jet-stream attack and it failing horribly...
    >> MS-06RS Super Mobility Zaku !!wIBFz2sCL4+ 11/01/09(Sun)21:30 No.6528341
    Only if we fight a Gundam. In which case we're screwed no matter what we do. Unless it's a RX-79 ground type.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:31 No.6528351
    Ok. So why do you guys say saving Garma would be so good? What do you think would happen because of it?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:34 No.6528384

    Garma's major fault is his naivete. When Char does what he does, he loses this.

    We'd be giving him his chance to become a better leader. All for the glory of Zeon.

    Also.... is someone archiving this?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:35 No.6528398
         File1257129328.jpg-(40 KB, 578x362, The Plan.jpg)
    40 KB
    We dont want these two to end up in control.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 11/01/09(Sun)21:38 No.6528426

    Yes. It's up.

    Garma's important because if he dies, the shock of it causes Degwin to give the primary reigns of the country over to Gihren.
    Who is the Cosmo Space Hitler.

    Also it causes the other siblings to direct overly large amounts of aces and super prototypes into trying to kill off the Gundam and White Base.

    Also, don't assume that Char's going to be stupid enough to try and kill Garma with witnesses around, the guy's in it the revenge gig for the long haul. He'll take an oppourtune moment if he thinks he's got one, but he doesn't HAVE to kill Garma in spetember, or even ever.
    ALSO, try not to metagame TOO hard when he arrives...
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 11/01/09(Sun)21:40 No.6528461
    We'd never do that


    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:41 No.6528467

    We should be fine when he arrives. But you can't expect us not to be fanboyish a bit. :D

    Just ignore the posts that say "I shoot Char"
    >> Abaddon 11/01/09(Sun)21:42 No.6528487

    I promise not to. But I promise a lot of things like conquering Cadia and killing the false emperor.

    Well if this is a alternate universe why not change some stuff around, I mean you said we are going to fight gundam and in the first thread you would give us achievements for changing history.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)21:44 No.6528513

    But, how are you going to do it without any arms?

    You ALWAYS forget them Abby.

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