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  • File : 1255304555.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, firstquest2.jpg)
    89 KB Firstquestpt2 Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)19:42 No.6232004  
    Part 1 here:

    After surviving your first life or death battle, one werewolf, now turned human lies naked and dead behind you after transforming as the sun came up.

    His sibling lies passed out in front of you, nude as well, what you thought to be his brother turns out to be his sister. A beautiful woman who looks like her hair and face has been ravaged by life in the wilderness. You have some pretty deep cuts on your arms and legs.

    The town's horses are dead and the children have marched off into the forest. Time to decide what to do with this were-wolf girl ( If anything at all) and what the best method of saving the town's children might be. ( If you even have the gall to continue trying to save them after almost becoming werewolf chow.)

    Leather Blacksmith apron, light work clothes.

    Backpack with a weeks worth of foodstuffs, 3 potions, compass, sleeping roll.

    Silver sword- Barely battle worthy, mostly decorative.

    Shit Ruiner/Breaker/fixer/hurter/etc.etc.: Your favorite black smith hammer, once your fathers. He always called it something different, but as he was a drunkard and an asshole ( to adventurers not you.) It always did something to "shit". Tongue in cheek you've always kept up the habbit of missnaming and renaming the hammer.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)19:53 No.6232147
    Kill her before she can wake up?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)19:56 No.6232178
    Contract Lycanthropy
    Go back to the meaning of life
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)19:57 No.6232193
    At least toss a blanket over her.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)19:58 No.6232217
    put her in a position that makes her think she killed her own brother when she wakes up.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)19:59 No.6232227
    Have sex with her.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:00 No.6232235
    All of the above
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:00 No.6232242
    Screw saving the children. Let's save this gorgeous woman. Tie her up, put her on a cart and bring her with us, it's time to find some belladonna.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:06 No.6232325
    You have never been one to go our of your way to be the friendliest guy on the block, but the first thoughts that slam into your mind as you look down upon the girl do not feel to be your own.

    Have sex with her, is the first, but the horse guts and blood all over yourself, herself and the ground sort of ruins the line of thinking. You wish you had a drink.

    The next might be from the guilt you feel for killing for the first time. Even if he was a were wolf, you dread looking over your shoulder and seeing the naked man who was once a hulking beast. You should make her think she did it, not let her know you did this. You really wish you had a drink.

    Finally after a deep breath that makes steam rise from your mouth in the cool morning air. You should at least cover her up while you debate what to do with her. You heft her up after putting your weapons on your belt, and carry her to your shop, you cover her up with a blanket on a make-shift cot you use to catch cat-naps on long days.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:08 No.6232351
    Sorry forgot name, not used to running these yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:10 No.6232374
    Go get a drink. Just one, but make it stiff.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:11 No.6232391
    Thinking of catching the curse of a werewolf fills you with a sudden shock, you have been scratched something nasty and the wounds are throbbing with pain, but as far as you know it only comes from surviving a BITE. At least you hope...
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:14 No.6232440
    You sigh and snatch one of the few bottles sitting around your planning area, and take a long swing of the burning spirit. Your head feels a little more clear.

    You do have means to keep her chained up, even if she changes forms, you have magical cuffs and chains in small numbers, your father started selling them to the adventurers passing through, and you've kept up with the decent money earner.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:14 No.6232444
    A shot of whiskey to cool off our battle-lust. No way we should be trying to tap this. After the drink, get some chain/ropes, etc and manacle her until we think it is enough...then double it.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:16 No.6232480
    Best to do that then. I'm inclined to try and save her from this curse, but we can't have her transforming on us before then.
    >> OP !HPE19Z2ebM 10/11/09(Sun)20:17 No.6232489
    just fyi, you might want to use a tripcode to prevent misleading dickfaggotry
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:18 No.6232500
    Let's get that bandaged, or stitched, or pour some alcohol into the wounds, or whatever we know how to do.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:22 No.6232549
    You open a large chest and pull out a number of well crafted binding and chains, you'd like to help her, but you have no idea if she was trying to eat you simply because she was a were-wolf, or because she really is an evil person. She lost a lot of blood for a girl her size, and she looks pale, but you doubt she'll die. You feel a little bad closing links around her ankles and wrists.

    Unexpectedly as you cover her back up, she opens her eyes and glares at you with wild blue eyes.

    "Where is my brother?"
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:24 No.6232586
    Don't say anything, just toss a thumb over at his body.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:24 No.6232590
    "He tried to eat me, i'm not dead, you figure it out."
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 10/11/09(Sun)20:25 No.6232599
    oh fuu-
    say he was killed in the battle

    shes chained up so it doesnt matter if we tell the truth
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:30 No.6232669
    You're unsure if she remembers anything of nearly tearing your throat open only hours before, but you thrust a thumb over your shoulder in the direction of the barn.

    "He died in battle.."
    She gives you a disgusted look and snarls, her teeth still look wolfish, and decorated with horse bits, she appears much less attractive now, she pulls against the chains as if she wants to strangle you, instead she falls out of the cot onto the floor.

    "He tried to eat me. You both did. What did you expect?"

    She seems displeased and irrational with your answer for several minutes her sharp nails scraping against her bonds as if she wishes to claw you. She lashes out trying to bite, but she's weak and tied up. Just thrashing mindlessly at this point.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:32 No.6232685
    I say give her a good slap and tell her that you didn't want to kill either of them, but they didn't give you much choice.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:33 No.6232699
    See to our own wounds and wait for her to chill out.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:36 No.6232749

    and then pull out one of these and hang up your jacket.

    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:38 No.6232768
    You lose your temper for a moment and slap her across the face about as hard as someone would a child. She shuts up suddenly as you snap

    "I didn't want to kill either of you!"

    You move to one of the shelves near your workspace, but see you have no more bandage wrap. How nice. She hangs her head and sobs quietly behind you, if you want to treat your wounds you'll have to go over to the supply shop and take some bandages.

    It's not like anyone will mind, they are all dead. The thought gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach. Knowing the children are marching through the woods in the direction of whoever the werewolf woman's "master" is.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:40 No.6232799
    we should probably ask about that.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:40 No.6232800

    Get bandages, come back, see if she isn't nuts yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:42 No.6232825
    Go get some bandages. Cleanse the wounds with the alcohol first. Start asking about her lycanthropy, and her master, and her wounds.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:44 No.6232847
    Don't worry about her wounds, just pump her for info about the Master, and what the hell is going on around here.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:45 No.6232862
    Knock her out by slapping her face with your huge dick.
    >> Pipboy !!s4aNsOVuwew 10/11/09(Sun)20:48 No.6232896
    OP regularly slaps children.

    Bandage self, talk to girl.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)20:49 No.6232901
    You walk to the shop and through the open door, it's too quiet and part of you knows the couple who ran the shop are likely lying dead in their beds.

    As you bandage your arm and leg, you realize how tired you are. Your vision is blurry and you have to lean on the counter to finish.

    You worked an entire day, then worked all night ( Likely why you are still alive) then fought two werewolves, losing a decent bit of blood in the process.

    Walking back to the girl is a limp, you snatch a chair from the corner of the room and sit down in front of her.

    "I want to know how you became a werewolf. Where the children are going and who your master is."

    She slowly looks up at you, seeming sad, but much more calm, her nails are not as long and her teeth do not look like they could rend flesh with ease.

    "He's owned my brother and I as long as we've lived. We don't like him when we're ourselves. But we live to please him when the moon hangs in the sky. I'm sorry we attacked you... I'm sorry you killed my brother too. You should of ran. Not killed him."
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:53 No.6232946
    Bandage girl, talk to self
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)20:53 No.6232948
    "You both were faster than me."

    Is tonight going to be another full moon? If so, she's staying chained. If not, let's let her go and partner up to kill the bastard in charge.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:00 No.6233033

    You mutter to yourself for a moment, and you're not sure why. You wrap a bandage around her neck, even if it is apparent that the wound due to her condition of turning into a monster has totally healed. Obviously you are still slightly flustered, she gives you an odd look.

    "You both were faster then me"

    She stares you down, very serious.

    "Who says we would of chased?" This thought makes you shiver, but the way she says it screams she is unsure if she would of killed you or not. Last night did not seem like an act.

    You ask to know more about her master and what it wants with the children, she clams up, and refuses to say a word. You have no idea when the next full moon is.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:00 No.6233035
    Offer her a choice: let you cure her.

    If she refuses, kill her.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:00 No.6233039
    She just tried to murderize us. Anything she says now could be a lie.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:01 No.6233056
    Stick our silver sword into her shoulder.

    She'll tell us eventually.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:02 No.6233063
    "You were talking about eating me. You both sounded quite pleased at the prospect."

    Tell her she's not getting unchained unless we have info about the master.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:03 No.6233077
    You are all alone for miles, at least till the next set of travelers come to town. And are a blacksmith, you've no clue on how to cure a werewolf.

    You do however supress an outside urge to yell this at her, or just outright slay her. Some of these thoughts are not your own and seem to press into your skull through the cold morning dew.

    The usually peaceful town feels dirty decayed and unnatural to you now.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:04 No.6233083
    I'd rather the psycho beserker chick who tried to eat us not long ago stay chained up, regardless of what she says.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:08 No.6233133
    unless there are multiple moons in this fantasy world and we're extremely unlucky, there isn't going to be a full moon tonight
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:08 No.6233136
    I'm good with this.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:09 No.6233149
    The full moon isn't a one-day event.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:09 No.6233155
    We just killed her brother, just because she can't go wolfy, doesn't mean she couldn't slit our throat when we're not paying attention. Better safe then dead and dinner.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:09 No.6233160
    You don't need to actually know how to cure her, only find out IF she's willing to be cured. If she wants to be a mindless beast part of the time that would probably kill more humans? It's not worth even trying to redeem her.

    It's basically a test to see if she's worth trying to save or not. Be cold hearted. It's better than being dead and leaving the townsfolk to such a predator.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:11 No.6233188
    You decide to keep her chained up. Considering her brother and she tried to eat your face not even hours ago.

    You pull out the silver sword and place it to her shoulder, a loud hiss takes place as if it's burning her and she squirms endlessly howling in pain till you pull it away. You demand information. She holds out for only one or two more moments before crying out.

    "He wants them for a spell! Something taking place tomorrow night! I don't know what! I'm just a pet, just a tool! He has so many servants in that tower! I know nothing! Only that he needs them please stop please!"

    You feel a little bad, but you didn't ask for this, and it's better to get things done then sit around being useless. At least now you have a time frame.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:12 No.6233196
    depends on how loosely you define full, granted, we DON'T know how loosely the curse defines full
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:15 No.6233240
    Tomorrow night, and we can't risk sleeping, and

    >>He has so many servants in that tower!

    Yeah, fuck this. I say we book it. Sucks about the town, but we're a blacksmith, not an adventurer. Let's find a party of adventurers and let THEM know about what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:17 No.6233272
    By the way, I think you're a pretty cool DM, OP. The first thread you did definitely had a lot in the way of good twists.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:18 No.6233282
    We'd have to rename this Cowardquest, then. Anyway, knowing when and where, I say we start moving toward the tower, after supplying up as best we can quickly.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:19 No.6233305
    seconding this, we have no chance in that tower.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:22 No.6233332
    Or Survivalquest. If you really want, we can go with the adventurers into the tower, but fuck going in alone. We'd have to rename this Deathwishquest.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:22 No.6233333

    apologize, tell her you'll be back eventually, go and find help.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:22 No.6233346
    This is the first thought to burst into your head. You need to find someone who can handle this. If he's got as many minions as she says there is no way you can make it through all of this in one piece.

    You kick the chair out of the way when you think about it. With no horses you cannot get to the nearest city without a few days of walking. The next caravan will likely not be here for weeks.

    Whatever he plans to do to the children he stole from the town will be done before you can find anyone to help.

    Heading to the city, or to the tower alone with or without your werewolf "Friend" is a big decision as you leave the children to the whims of whatever called them to the tower.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:25 No.6233373
    ( For the sake of not railroading I have ideas for both choices. Going to go with the highest number on this one as you can't really combine them. Unless someone pulls out something even I didn't think of!)
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:26 No.6233383
    Think about it, we don't have enough time to go gather an army to stop this thing before it goes off, so either we go in alone, or we concede that everyone in this town died for some evil spell, and we couldn't do a thing about it. Maybe that's true, but I doubt the main man himself will be looking for us, owing to the spell tomorrow night, so if we're not stupid and reckless, we might be able to sneak into the tower, do what needs to be done, and get out before he knows what's up. Plus, sneaking missions are always bad ass.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:26 No.6233388
    Yeah, sucks to be those kids, but throwing our life away against a ton of minions isn't going to help anything. At least we can warn the world of this, and get some professionals on this guy's case to stop anything like it happening again.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:27 No.6233399
    obviously we reproduce asexually and one of us goes after the tower and the other goes for help
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:28 No.6233414
    I might have that option.

    Just how many wagons/carts, and how much booze, is in this town? Hoping for a lot of it.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:28 No.6233418
    If we're going to be suicidal about this. I just read the previous quest. Woman appears to be ok with murder.

    Ok, so are we. We've seen our own mother dead. If she doesn't want to be cured, she gets the chop. If she does, well, make a note for the next person to find in case you don't make it, go leave some meat with her and go after the kids.

    Fucking morals.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:30 No.6233437
    Leave the chick tied up for now.

    Go through EVERY building in town.

    Look for the best supplies. They're all dead. They won't care, especially if it's for saving their kids. That should stop ghosts and shit from haunting us for taking their suit of armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:31 No.6233445
    I say we build an alcohol powered robot.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:31 No.6233455
    Signal fire is always good. How far IS the nearest settlement? Setting the town ablaze might work to get help, cutting down the time for help to arrive.

    Still, there's no telling what might actually come along, meaning you'd only get a couple of guardsmen first, which will be fuckall help. It's still either go get an army (from where?) or do it alone.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:32 No.6233469
    >And are a blacksmith, you've no clue on how to cure >a werewolf.
    Yeah, either we bring her along regardless of the fact that she's a cursed and mind controlled beast waiting to fuck us up, or leave her bound up. And that's ignoring the Fight/Flight thing going on. For which I say Fight.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:33 No.6233474
    There is LOTS of booze in this town, a few wagons. You tap your chin as you think about this, you're unsure why you're thinking of it just yet, this whole "adventure" thing is new to you.

    "Do you want to be cured?" You ask as you stroke your short trimmed beard, looking her over.

    She looks up at you, and appears to be confused.

    "I don't know. This is the only life I know. I'd like to not be under his control when I change. Waking up next to corpses is getting old".

    If she is lying, she's a really good at it.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:33 No.6233481
         File1255311214.jpg-(28 KB, 400x300, deathwish_l.jpg)
    28 KB
    >We'd have to rename this Deathwishquest.
    Bronson approves of DeathwishQuest, by going after them alone.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:34 No.6233493
    That's definitely an option. After we get anything of practical value out of the buildings, torch them and wait for reinforcements.

    It'll probably alert the tower people that something is up, of course.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:35 No.6233514
    I'm not allowed to say one way or another, but I seriously want you guys to pick one of these choices way more then the other.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:35 No.6233518
    Ask her how he has her under his control.


    I'm sure someone has some good armor + weapons.

    Hell, there were adventurers in the inn. They're bound to have equipment alone to arm us. And then there's potions and shit.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:37 No.6233534
    You're not allowed by your own accord, but it's clear you want us to go in.

    And since it is now Deathwish Quest, featuring blacksmith Charles Bronson, we'll do that.

    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:37 No.6233535

    I say we take the weapons, and ditch the armor. If we go alone we need to be able to sneak around and shit, armor isn't gonna do shit if a crapton of minions notice us.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:37 No.6233539
    or make them think a candle got knocked over.
    If anything's going to make them think something is up it'll be their werewolf minions not coming back
    >> Subprocessor 225-B 10/11/09(Sun)21:37 No.6233544
    Read >>6233160
    Basically, since she's said she wants to stop being a werewolf, we STILL don't know how to cure her, but at least we now aren't going to execute her out of hand if she's doesn't want to do this any more.

    Leave her with enough meat and supplies to survive a while, then go off. Tell her she might want to tell you anything she can help with, because you're leaving her here with limited supplies, and if you don't make it back, she might not survive until "help" comes.

    Start gathering supplies first, though.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:38 No.6233548
    Even chainmail or something. A neckguard. Helmet.

    All we've got is a leather tunic. A metal helmet can save us from a fucking arrow or some shit, probably.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:38 No.6233550
    Casks and casks of alcohol, eh? Screw storming the tower, then. We'll cart the casks over to it, and blow them up. Either we collapse the tower, or more likely we make a massive distraction for the minions (and the master too), who swarm the area. Either way the ritual gets fucked with.

    While we sneak in the back.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:39 No.6233563

    I doubt that its all going to be a high enough proof to do anything.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:40 No.6233585
    we can look for other potentially explosive substances too
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:40 No.6233587
    Indeed, search the town for anything to help us on our FirstQuest, we need to rescue the children somehow, and preferably introduce Shit Smacker to the head of whoever is responsible for this mess.
    Speaking of which, remember to ask her more about what and who this 'master' is.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:41 No.6233590
    As stated, there's a LOT of alcohol; we'll take the highest proof supplies. Load up the biggest wagon, put a fuse on it, let it roll into the tower and explode. And then while everyone is running to the blast site to find out what happened, we hoof it up the tower and find the master.

    And then we kill his fucking ass.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:41 No.6233591
    You can think of most of the things that would help you in this town. You own all of the -real- weapons in town.

    A stock short sword but real well made.
    A big two handed axe you've always kept due to it being your first bit of work you did just to pass the time.
    Plenty of tools and horse shoes.

    Some of the "town guard" as they liked to call themselves has some decent armor, but you couldn't imagine wearing a full suit and still feeling like you could function, maybe just a breastplate.

    Going through everyone's personal belongings for gold and trinkets would take some time.

    A big nasty fire in the town WOULD likely call a few guards to the town. If you could leave them a message, it might work. They also might count the town as dead and this the note be leading to a trap. Who knows. But burning down the town -would- bring someone by.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:42 No.6233599

    If we do take anything, its gotta be light, and something that is easily wearable. Armor, regardless of how light it is makes a fucking huge difference in the way you move, and if you aren't trained a little for it you might be shooting yourself in the foot there.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:43 No.6233614
    Any crossbows? The more the merrier. Or, being an amazing blacksmith, any chance we could jerry-rig a ballista up? Doesn't have to be a great one, even--just a decent shot or two.
    >> Subprocessor 225-B 10/11/09(Sun)21:44 No.6233625
    >A big nasty fire in the town WOULD likely call a few guards to the town. If you could leave them a message, it might work. They also might count the town as dead and this the note be leading to a trap. Who knows. But burning down the town -would- bring someone by.
    The note's there as a last chance desperate attempt in case we DO get killed. What happens after that is up to other people, we'll be too busy being dead.

    Also, if we do blow up the tower, there will be a problem extracting the children alive from said tower. Good idea though, blow SOMETHING up.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:44 No.6233626
    if the guards will have horses, how long will it take them to get here?
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:44 No.6233633
    Find a helmet at least, too.

    And search those adventurers.

    You said there was a magician too, and there were probably more.

    They've probably got some magic artifacts. If nothing is clearly magical, just take all of their rings and necklaces and wear them all with hope.

    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:45 No.6233645
    The armor alone left behind means that we're now rich, especially if we nab every trinket. We could just loot the crap out of the town, head to the city, sell the lot and use it to fund our new life.

    Which is killing fucking evildoers everywhere to make up for our deep regret at leaving this.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:45 No.6233646
    We take the alcohol, and armor, set up the armor around one side of wherever the fuck we're going, and set up the booze on multiple torches so they'll think theres an angry mob or some shit out there and then sneak around the back maybe?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:46 No.6233667
    Second the magic finding, though I don't want this to be "DungeonCrawlquest edition" and get fucked over because someone was studying a cured ring or shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:47 No.6233670

    so...become batman?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:48 No.6233688
    Yeah, armor on stick bodies would prove a decent distraction if far enough away from the tower.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:49 No.6233702
    Guards would respond to the town burning down in less then a days time. Getting to the tower would take the same amount of time on foot.

    So if you burn the town and wait for guards to come, you'd have to convince whatever handful recon team shows up to come with you to the death tower without waiting for full reinforcements.

    Also the thought pops into your head, if you burn the town and all the bodies then start walking around as the lone survivor.... what will people think?

    You start loading booze into a wagon after dragging the girl out of town and latching her to a tree, you put the blanket back onto her and sit a bowl of meat, a bowl with some bread and cheese, and a big bottle of ale next to her. She can't decide to look relived she's not going to die or annoyed she's caught, she looks confused by your actions.

    Burning down the town is a big choice, but it seems logical, and the choice has to be made if you're in this to be a hero, or simply to do the most you can and pull off when your own skin becomes too much in danger.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:50 No.6233708

    I bet it'd confuse the shit out of em too if there was a catapult rigged up to fling the heads of the villagers over thurr too. (are there any bodies?)
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:50 No.6233711
    Setting that shit up is too risky and takes too long. How exactly would we be able to get it close enough to be noticed and get past in time to infiltrate?

    Explosions is a better idea.
    First explosion draws the minons. Second explosion kills them.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:51 No.6233725
    no burning, we need somewhere to come home to once we kick some ass and get done with adventure and shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:51 No.6233727
    Look guys. We are sleep deprived, wounded, not an experienced adventurer, and the mage has a ton of minions and just killed an entire town (plus several REAL adventurers) with a single spell.

    If we go to that tower we die. Heroic death maybe, but staying alive is priority number one here. Adventurers have been going to this Tower of Rape for a very long time and getting slaughtered even when experienced and in groups. While we are alive we can always come back when we are RESTED and NOT FUCKED UP, perferably with ALLIES. Dead is dead.

    Take the wolf chick and scram. I would personally kill her dead before scramming since she knows what we look like and who we are, but we're a good guy here so we take her with us. Link two shackles together so that she can walk in a shuffle but not run or move quickly. Interrogate her about the number of monsters and power of the mage while we go for help.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:52 No.6233741
    Loot any rings or necklaces and shit from those adventurers.

    Even if they aren't magic, they'll still be worth a shitload if we survive.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:53 No.6233742
    Seems like a decent plan of action.

    Suggest that if we do anything like this, we burn something that _WON'T_ catch the whole town on fire.

    Seconding this regarding the woman, try to find out what we can, leave supplies.
    If she turns out to have an honest interest in taking down her 'master', might take with, but I'd be cautious as all hell about that.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:53 No.6233744

    Do it at night. All you need is a bunch of sticks that are strong enough to hold the armor up in a half assed manner, and a garden hoe for a shallow trench. It'd only take like an hour, assuming that this is an actual blacksmith who does manual labor like the title blacksmith would suggest. doesn't even need to be that close either.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:53 No.6233750
    Classic IED methodology. Yeah let's do it.

    We don't need to burn the town, the explosion combo plus back door entry should prove sufficient.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:55 No.6233766


    We don't know what's in that fucking tower.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:55 No.6233771
    Wait wait...how much flour is there in town? Get enough of it and you've got a pretty good bomb there.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:57 No.6233793
    Regardless of what happens to wolfgirl and the town, we're not walking away from this. Whatever the bastard is, he killed this entire town, save us and the children. Whats more, he took our mother from us. She was a beautiful woman in her day, tough and smart to be able to deal with our father when he was in he drunken moods. No way does that go unanswered, regardless of the cost.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)21:57 No.6233798
    I initially posted the run idea, and would have agreed, but...

    I think the planning method should work. We put up some fake soldiers (maybe), we make an explosive combo to distract and/or kill the minions outside the tower, and we either go in through the back or we use a grapnel hook to scale up to the top of the tower and go from the top down.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)21:57 No.6233804
    Smart thinking. And for that matter, is there ANY black powder at all? Anything? Even a small sackful? Lamp oil?

    There has to be some kind of lamp oil. Not to use in the bomb or signal fire or whatever, but to take with us as a useful tool for later.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)21:59 No.6233814
    You imagine the wagon rolling down the long dirt road and smashing into the tower, blowing it to bits. You might be falling asleep, you slap yourself to wake up as you root through the dead mage's room.

    He looks like the type not to have much in the way of trinkets, he has a staff and a stupid number of books. The one he died reading was about undead the current page being about a Liches.

    You also have taken all the gold the adventure group had. It's combined into a two fist sized bag of gold. You could live a few months off of the amount with ease, but gold seems pointless right now.

    You find a helmet that fits you okay in the dead warrior woman's room, It's not simple and you hate how overly decorated it is, but well crafted, you put it on, but do not slide down the decorative face plate of a lion, just yet, as you like to see what you are doing.

    She also had a crossbow, with a sling of bolts, you take them both happily. This might be a great equalizer, you know how to use one okay, but have never killed anyone with one.

    You feel a little over burned now, but it's not too bad.

    Anything you want to take please list now, or do before burning down the town, or deciding against burning it and heading to the city?
    >> Subprocessor 225-B 10/11/09(Sun)21:59 No.6233817
    No point in risking taking her with us. We killed her brother, remember? Even if we DO cure her, we aren't trusting her with our life.

    The only problem I see with the double-explosion trap is how to rig it as a blacksmith so the first doesn't set off the second. Perhaps put it in a tree, but it's still risky.

    Loot adventurers, leave note, don't burn town, leave girl, cart booze to tower, blow it up near the tower at night, go in.
    The explosion should draw the guard's attention, hopefully.

    Sound like a plan?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:00 No.6233827
    Once it's in dust particles. So if we had flour bags on the outside of the alcohol casts when they blew, it should work out alright. Then we just need a way to blow the flour dust cloud up when there's minions inside. Molotov cocktail, maybe, or a delayed fuse.

    Alternatively, do the explosion just once, and have the mage's body propped up a good ways from the tower, as if he cast a fireball.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:01 No.6233841
    Surely you must either have never been rockclimbing or forgotten exactly how much energy scaling something takes. Either that or you forgot the fact we have been up for over 24 hours solid, involved in a fight with werewolves, and lost a lot of blood.

    But whatever. SuicideQuest here we come, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:02 No.6233853
         File1255312943.png-(250 KB, 640x360, prosdontdothis.png)
    250 KB
    >You don't fuckin' know what you're gonna need it for. They just always need it.
    Yeah, definitely get rope.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:03 No.6233868

    Sounds like a plan. I think I like the mage option of the idea the best. Put him a ways away, have some torches set up in an odd array around him so it looks like he's casting powerful fire magic. Have the explosion hit the outside of the tower, sneak in.

    Don't burn the town.

    Read the entry on liches.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:03 No.6233870
    Yes, wagon of explosive fun to base of tower. Do this.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)22:04 No.6233878
    As for gear, gather anything that's small and would be helpful.

    Rope, lamp oil, fuses, a mirror, matches, anything.
    >> Subprocessor 225-B 10/11/09(Sun)22:04 No.6233879
    Actually... Screw it. Burn some of the outlying houses, get the town guard.

    Go get some rest outside.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:05 No.6233894
    You have rope on your fancy wagon of death. The only problem is that, this cart won't roll all the way down to the tower and slam into the door. It's a long rocky dirt road, cutting through the woods.

    While it is a straight shot, you'll be dragging this cart every step of the way.

    You put a few oil lamps in the cart, there is no black powder in town, tho you know what the stuff is. You don't really know how to rig up an elaborate explosion, but you do know this cart looks like it's good for one big, nasty fireball if you simply add fire.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)22:05 No.6233899
    And yeah, read the mage's book about the liches. If he was studying them, it probably has to do with the tower. Maybe the master is one.

    Also, if he has some kind of book that's a compendium or monsters or some shit, take that too.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:06 No.6233910
    Well then, just go in the back way. Wait for the minions to tear off after the fake mage setup (anything else that could add to the fake?), then make haste up the tower. It should be fairly empty with us having used our brain instead of just charging in.

    Then we find this fucking master, and we kill his fucking ass.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:09 No.6233942
    You take the book and another one that looks like it's about monsters. He has no notes written in the book, but it's pretty apparent this page has been opened to a lot.

    Rumors in the town abide.Most men think whats in the tower is an immortal sorceress. People who are less stupid think it's a vampire and usually don't assign a gender. Apparently this mage thinks it's a lich.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:10 No.6233951
    God I hate you and your kind. There is always one of you in my gaming groups. You always get the entire party killed. Every. Fucking. Time.

    Usually accompanied by a scream of LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOYYYYYY! like some massive faggot.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:10 No.6233952
         File1255313422.jpg-(58 KB, 1024x768, 1252768532792.jpg)
    58 KB
    FUCK I always miss the start of these things.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:10 No.6233961
    We could gag the girl, and make her do the dragging up to the door (with a timed fuse), while we sneak around to the other side. She should be strong enough, being a werewolf and all. In exchange, she'll do her part in becoming free of her master, and we'll take off the manacles. The gag ensures she doesn't call out a warning if she plans to cross us.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:12 No.6233984
    This plan, do this.

    Don't burn down the whole friggin' town just for the chance to get a couple soldiers to investigate the town. Not a lot of good they would do just charging in even if they did, chances are they'd find the town without time to make it to the tower in time to help save the children.. and if we do rescue the children, that town is the sum of their inheritance, burn everything and they'll just be poor homeless children. Relatives and caretakers from elsewhere are more likely to show up later if there's land, a home, and belongings involved.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)22:12 No.6233994
    Hey, did we ever ask her how her master had her controlled? Because I'm pretty sure I suggested that earlier.

    But if it's been said, I'm just an idiot.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:13 No.6233998
    I'm only up for charging in AFTER we have a plan to remove the opposition from the equation. Shit, I didn't say we should just barge in the front door after knocking. We SNEAK in the BACK door after sending everyone inside tearing off after a setup.

    By the way, if we had time for some spike/pit traps around the fake mage, that would be stellar.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:16 No.6234041
    Don't think it's been said, also show her the book and try to figure out what master is.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:16 No.6234045
    You decide burning the whole town is a bit much and a massive number of plans runs through your mind. You can hardly focus on them all, but you still have a long walk and who knows what else between you and the tower.

    You notice the biggest structure that is the farthest away from all the other buildings, and will likely burn nice and bright, but not destroy the whole town...

    ...is your workshop.

    It seems like a small loss after what the town's suffered. You light the shop on fire and turn, walking down the road. The were-wolf is staring at you. Confused, but somewhat impressed.

    "You're going to die you know..." She seems like she can't decide if that's a good or bad thing.

    You tear a page out of one of the books, on the back writing on the blank bit a message for those who might find it, you pause wondering what it should say...
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)22:19 No.6234080
    Ask her how her master controls her. Show her the lich writing. And other monsters. Ask if that's what the master is.

    Tell that bitch. "No. I won't. Because there's one thing you didn't realize. I am Charles fucking Bronson, and I have got a deathwish."

    For the note, write, "Some monster in that tower over there killed all the people in the town and took their kids for a spell. I went to go kill it. If I succeed, then fuck am I awesome. If I didn't then you guys had better do a better job than I did, or get the fuck outta here. PEACE!"
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:22 No.6234112
    Just so many things wrong with this. Who says there is a back door that is accessable to us, and even if there was why would it suddenly be completely unguarded? Are we going to use our mad blacksmith skillz to take out more werewolves who are suddenly on edge and ready to kill due to an enormous explosion? Even if it was unguarded, why wouldn't there be traps all up in the place? It's supposed to be under constant seige by adventurers, some traps would be in order if I was the dark lord. Maybe even protective spells if it's a lich in there.

    Now assuming we make it past all this at the backdoor (which we don't know exists) then how will we find our way through the tower? What is to keep us from wandering into a guard post or finding out that there happens to be a portal to the negative energy plane through that door we are about to open.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:24 No.6234137
    Weird magic attacked town, killed most people. Saw children being taken to tower, going to see if I can save anyone. If I'm not around when you read this, I'm probably dead, get some proper mages and soldiers to deal with this.


    PS: Woman chained up is a werewolf, tried to kill me. See if you can get any information out of her, and if you can help her get cured.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:25 No.6234145
    >>It's supposed to be under constant seige by adventurers
    This was never stated.

    >>Now assuming we make it past all this at the backdoor (which we don't know exists) then how will we find our way through the tower? What is to keep us from wandering into a guard post or finding out that there happens to be a portal to the negative energy plane through that door we are about to open.

    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:26 No.6234151
    It would be really helpful if we can get werewoman to tell us how to get into the tower, or at least some information on it at all.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:26 No.6234161
    >Growing up in this town was asking to be the envy of every "normal" child. Woods to explore, warm summers, a nice school teacher. Not to mention the countless number of adventurers and wanna be heroes visiting on a constant basis.

    God damn it /tg/....

    Fine, go get killed.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:28 No.6234180

    You calmly tell your wolf-friend that you have a death wish. You are unsure if you really do or not, but she looks impressed. As if your stature as a some merchant and smith didn't warrant such a fearlessness.

    You ask her about the lich, and what her master is. She looks sad she can't give you a better answer.

    "I know not what he is. I've always been under his sway at night. My mother and father were his servants before me. The great door speaks, and we answer it's call. I know it is not the door that talks to me, but it is the mouth. Killing the sleepers is a new trick of his. How long can you stay awake? Do you really think you can do anything? All those who've thought the same are now his play things. Much more dangerous then my brother and I. I do feel bad for the children. None of my master's guests are there for tea."

    Her voice rises and falls as if she is excited and then sad, she is either crazy, or very torn by the idea of you or her master dying, or both. To say she is unstable is putting it lightly.

    Finally you nail your note to the town hall's door.

    "Something killed everyone, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP NEAR THE TOWN. The children are walking to the tower, and I could not stop them, I go now for better or worse to follow them.

    Whatever gods guide us, I pray your help arrives me in time."
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:29 No.6234188
    We should have the werewolf lady pull the cart.
    >> Subprocessor 225-B 10/11/09(Sun)22:32 No.6234222
    How would you make her? Death by silver knife is still less painful than death by explosion. And there's nothing to stop her from running off when she's got away from you.

    Should we get some sleep Y/N? It looks like sleeping leads to instadeath (something that I'd missed).

    If not, let's get this trainwreck started.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:35 No.6234253
    She's shackled, she can walk at best. We gag her, and watch her with a silver-tipped crossbow bolt ready. And let her know this will help us secure her freedom from her master.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:35 No.6234256
    Don't rest your head. Let's take a deep breath and do this, as quick and as quiet as we can.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:35 No.6234260

    Offer to release her in exchange.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)22:35 No.6234261
    Let's find some kind of cocaine or something if we can.

    That will keep us awake if we get a case of the drowsies.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:36 No.6234266
    Not to mention we easily ruined her shit when she transformed back, she's weak as crap when not wolfed up. No way she is pulling the cart.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:37 No.6234274
    >>Don't rest your head

    If that's what system we're using for this then we are FUCKED.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:38 No.6234294
    >>Not to mention we easily ruined her shit when she transformed back
    To be fair, we are kind of awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:39 No.6234302
    You say that as if you aren't already relying on the QM here to pluck your nuts from the fire that has been lit.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:40 No.6234312
    Sleepign during the day may be safe, as his power doesn't seem to work during daylight.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:40 No.6234313
    You also add that the girl tied up is a were-wolf.

    You heft up the cart and start walking dragging it behind you, your old workshop burning in the distance. Each step you take is painful and tiring, but you trudge on.

    The tower seems to be growing in the distance, but you can't help but think you've only moved a few steps in the last few hours.

    It won't be long into the sun is at high noon, and your arms and legs burn from the strain. You stumble and fall to your knees. Holding yourself up barely by hanging onto the handles.

    Boy you are sleepy.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:41 No.6234321
    You know what? You're not just a major pessimist, you're also a major downer.
    >> Pessimist 10/11/09(Sun)22:41 No.6234327
    Gee, it's almost as if he is saying "Don't be stuipd guys."
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:43 No.6234340
    And yes as a side note, common sense is why I ignored the "Wolf girl pull the cart" She can't do that when not a werewolf. You can simply because you're used to long hours and doing heavy work.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:44 No.6234355
    Well, we could risk taking a nap while away from the town's radius. If people want to, although we could get caught or just die while doing it.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:44 No.6234358
    Fuck, can't sleep, evil magic will get me..
    Punch self in nuts, use pain to stay awake.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:47 No.6234379
    You know what? You're right. You're going to fall asleep some time before you even get to the tower.

    If we're going to die, let's do it in our sleep. And if we don't die, we might actually (ha!) have a chance of getting some children back alive.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:49 No.6234401
    Just make sure to get the cart hidden from sight of the road first.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)22:50 No.6234413
    You hang there by the cart handles digging into the insides of your elbows. You chuckle a little as you think about hitting yourself in the nuts to stay awake, or the bad magic will get you in your sleep.

    You don't want to sleep, but as you try to move your arms to pinch or slap yourself they flop uselessly and you laugh in a delusional state of mind. Your heart sinks in your chest, are you really about to die?

    The only things in reach are your silver sword and hammer, but your finger tips can barely touch them much less pull them out. Your feet are close to the front wheels, you might be able to run over your toes.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:54 No.6234460
    I think it's time for a powernap. Just saying.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:54 No.6234461
    How the hell are we this tired? It was late into the third day without sleep for me before I felt like this. And I wasn't just sitting around either, I was doing some fairly exhausting work.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:55 No.6234470
    Grab and hold onto both sword and Hammer.
    The sword in case silver might help ward off whatever it is, and Shit Saver for moral support.
    We're going to have to try sleeping unless we have a brilliant idea right quick, and running over our toes isn't going to help with the walking let alone the rescuing.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:56 No.6234492
    I'm still unhappy that we left the beautiful werewolf maiden, sounds like a fucking catch. A link to the first part of this quest would be FUCKING AWESOME considering I still don't know why we can't sleep. As for the imminent sleep, take a breather and eat something. Also, why did we never figure out how the girl was being controlled? DOMESTICATE YOUR NEW WEREWOLF WIFE.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:57 No.6234506
    I imagine this has been a mentally draining affair as well, on top of the physical labor, then fight, AND the bloodloss.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:58 No.6234514
    Shoo, furry, we like this thread clean.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:58 No.6234520
    Not to mention everyone you have ever known is dead (lol)
    >> Pessimist 10/11/09(Sun)22:59 No.6234525
    Probably working as a blacksmit (utterly ball-busting labor) for 24 hours solid, then fighting for your life and losing a lot of blood, then the emotional trauma of everyone you know being dead, then searching whole town multiple times, then piling stuff on a cart and hauling it for hours down a rough gravel road with poor traction.

    Oh, and you have been carrying close to your maximum load in armor and weapons (you looted them, remember) since you departed town while hauling that cart. That probably contributed too.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)22:59 No.6234528
    You saw your entire town's guts all over the floor, fought. Now adrenaline has faded, you're burnt out no doubt.
    Beautiful werewolf maiden who helped kill your town and whos brother you killed, and who earlier wanted to kill and eat you. No thanks, I'll make a token effort to save her but no more.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:00 No.6234537
    Hey, I'm not saying fuck her while she is all werewolfian, just the fact that we have some hot feral wildgirl chick, am I the only one that finds that incredibly appealing? Sorry sorry, back to the matter at hand. I say risk sleep, we're not saving anyone in this condition.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:01 No.6234550
    Touching the silver on the sword makes your head hurt like a mother. You don't feel as sleepy all the sudden. You were tired before, but It's -clear- that something to do with the tower is making you even worse. As if it wants you to sleep.

    Hours have passed, and the sun is setting. As you realize this your heart jumps. Your head rings as long as you touch the sword, it hurts as if you just woke from drinking all night. You feel something on your face, and you reach up with your free hand to touch it.

    Black liquid had been trickling from your eyes. Only a little bit, not nearly as much as was pouring from the eyes of the dead villagers, the sight of what you had been crying makes your stomach turn.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:02 No.6234561
    sagedick is correct in this instance, though we skimped on the armor as we aren't used to it and are hoping use some stealth.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:04 No.6234570
    Fuck. No sleep for us. One finger at least on that sword.
    Gonna make pulling harder, though. At least we know that silver might be able to pierce these magics.

    PS: Don't go to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:04 No.6234573
    Holy shit. . . what? The sword doesn't leave our hand from now on.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:06 No.6234590
    Hrm. Keep holding the sword, go through the jewelery we found and try to find anything made of silver, holy symbols are a plus.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:08 No.6234605
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:08 No.6234609
    Ooooooohhh shit, are we turning into a werewolf? That'll make this task a whole fuckton more manageable. Can the Lich control us though? keep sword in hand and continue on. Worst comes to worse, prick yourself with the silver blade to stay awake.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:09 No.6234615
    You didn't find much in the way of trinkets. But thinking of the holy symbol on the sword, your headache suddenly stops totally. Perhaps it's not the silver at all, but the etchings on the blade.

    You never had much faith in higher powers before this, but gods be damned it looks like they were good for something.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:10 No.6234627
    No, this is just the thing that killed everyone else. We're not turning into anything but dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:11 No.6234641
    try to find something in the cart to mark your hammer with holy symbols? Perhaps use the sword to etch them onto the handle of your hammer? Nothing says holy wrath like a head bashing hammer.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:12 No.6234652
    Etch the symbols onto the face of the hammer, or whatever it's called.

    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:13 No.6234659
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:13 No.6234660
    Fucking furry.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:13 No.6234663
    We're going to try and sneak in, not smash people with our hammer. Scrawling something on our axe would probably work, if we've got anything to etch with. But I wouldn't suggest going in with a hammer for a weapon when we have actual weapons to use.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:15 No.6234679
    Yes, but we want to be properly armed when the time comes, plus hammers are better for stealth kills, not quite as much bits to pick up.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:15 No.6234693
    Our hammer ruins people's shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:16 No.6234701
    Drop down to your knees and pray to what ever god/gods you can remember. Tell them that you will give them ten years service, and deliver all the rescued children to be raised by the church if they give you the strength and focus to carry out your vengeance against the evil in that tower.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:16 No.6234705
    is this archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:17 No.6234717
    Fair enough~ stick with what you know, I guess
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:18 No.6234725
    Desperation leads to findin' religion, it seems.
    Try to remember any good prayers or anything really that might be related to that symbol.

    This too.
    >> Abaddon 10/11/09(Sun)23:19 No.6234742

    Sleeping will only kill us faster. If we die its with our hands ripping of a lichs skull and ruining his shit!
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:19 No.6234743
    Also, offer to name your hammer after the god (for extra pts.)
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:20 No.6234752
    This one.

    But also ask them to cure the Werewolf girl if you make it out alive. Or even just give you some direction to cure her, we can always do more quests if we need to.
    >> Abaddon 10/11/09(Sun)23:20 No.6234757

    fuck that was delayed
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:20 No.6234760
    No thanks, the Shit Gets Done is perfectly well named already.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:21 No.6234764
    You think about all the weapons you've ever made and come into contact with. Your hammer is almost an extension of your body. You love this hammer as if it were a friend.

    You root through your things while keeping the symbol in your mind, until you find some of your tools and taking only a short amount of time you lightly etch the symbol into one of the sides of your hammer, leaving the other smooth to still be used for crafting. It would take too much time to really etch the symbol in well, but for now it's there and easy to tell what it is.

    You turn to look at the tower. Your body is still tired, and that sleep was not good rest, but your mind is no longer foggy and begging for sleep. You let go of the sword by accident to get a grip on the cart as you start walking again.

    You still feel "okay" in the head. It seems as long as you have faith in that runic symbol and keep it focused in your head, you seem to be warded from effects of the tower. After a few steps you notice however, if your mind wanders the hazyness seems to creep back in.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:21 No.6234768
    Fuck no

    It's the Shit Ruiner, or the Shit Wrecker, or something.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:23 No.6234792
    Word of advice, since this is your first quest.

    Don't end a post that has a status update like that, without giving some kind of move forward in the story for us to take.

    For example, don't have one post that says, "The forest in front of you." And then once you get replies, have the next post say, "Blah blah blah, the forest is in front of you."

    Always keep the story moving.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:23 No.6234793
    Better start praying, symbols alone aren't going to stop evil death-sleep.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:25 No.6234820
    You were never a religious man. You always knew magic and gods likely existed, but you didn't put yourself in their affairs and you didn't ask them to get into yours.

    Now one is saving your ass by proxy, and you've no clue who the symbol belongs to, aside from knowing lots of paladins and nobles tend to have the symbol etched onto their weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:25 No.6234825
    Drop to your knees and scream to the sky for divine guidance, like a burning bush or some shit. Pretty much the main goal on our journey from here to there is to get into rescuing children shape.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:26 No.6234834
    Focus our mind like a we are honing a razor edge.
    Focus on the symbol in our mind, think about all the ways we could craft it, etch it, or otherwise form it with our skills.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:26 No.6234835
    ( okay thanks sorry, I try to provide info in some posts and progess with others.)
    >> Abaddon 10/11/09(Sun)23:27 No.6234839

    strap the sword to our arm or something. just make sure to cover the blade and that the pommel is touching flesh same with the hammer. and take some time and make the holy symbol on our helm and breastplate
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:27 No.6234841
    carve the symbol into yourself with the sword.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:30 No.6234865
    I don't think most "righteous" gods are into the whole self-derangement bit. I mean, if I works, sure. . . but that just seems a little more on the "stealing children for a spell" side of the god alignment chart.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:32 No.6234885

    I say do it just cause its badass. You can always be even more badass by cutting the symbol out later.
    >> Bill Murray !!WYG9L8p7tJh 10/11/09(Sun)23:33 No.6234897
    Use some mud or ash or dirt or something to draw the symbol onto our skin in a couple different places. On our arms, chest, legs, et cetera. If they work to protect us, cool. Having them in multiple places prevents it wearing off if one of them is rubbed clean. Maybe scratch our skin a bit with our fingernails to make the symbol.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:35 No.6234921
    While normally I might back such an idea, I don't think more pain and bloodloss is going to help our cause here.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:36 No.6234937

    You don't need to fucking jam the thing into a major artery to do that.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:38 No.6234957
    You pause for a moment and think. You've never heard of a god, not even in religious stories reaching down and blessing anyone simply from their begging and pleading in dire need.

    Whoever this god is, obviously is your friend. You need his help, but who knows what the price is in his books for using his power. You focus your mind on the symbol and slowly you think of the things you want.

    It does little, but make you feel more focused. No magic hand will reach down from the sky, and make this possible. No strength fills you, no wounds are closed.

    You are alone and you have one trick symbol from a nameless unseen friend.

    You sigh and decide to carve the symbol into your fore-arm. just to see if it grants protection without constantly taking up your thoughts, or having to always clutch your blade. It hurts far more then it should and something feels very wrong in the act.

    You fall to your knees clutching the wound. It hurts as if your arm is on fire, and shows no signs of slowing, but hey, you've freed up your hand, and you don't have to think about the symbol just to keep from passing out and dying.

    Shall you get back to heading to the tower? See if you can nap now that you have "protection" despite the pain?

    ( After this choice It will be to be continued!)
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:38 No.6234958
    This is a better idea.
    >> Abaddon 10/11/09(Sun)23:42 No.6234998

    We continue on we need to save those children. We aren't some adventurer who stumbled through the town. Those kids grew up with us there, helping their parents, hell we might have even made them stuff.
    And the fucker killed our mom.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:42 No.6235001
    Light rope on fire, use as fuse in wagon. Push down hill.

    Collapse in pain.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:44 No.6235018
    Onward! No resting, our new god frowns upon laziness, he has been kind enough to keep us alive and we repay him with a catnap? FUCK NO!
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:45 No.6235027
    ( Meant to use this in the post also, but forgot a paragraph. consider this in the last post as well.)

    You draw the symbol on your forehead and the back of your hands in mud, but it really seems to do nothing. It just makes you feel dirty and a little silly, while the symbols themselves provide power, it seems when they are made from worthless things like dirt, they don't seem powerful enough to ward off anything.

    Taking your mind off the symbol with your mud covered ones on, does nothing, you have to quickly grab the sword and think about it once more.

    Rashly you follow through with offering flesh to the rune instead. Gods seem to love blood and tats.
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:45 No.6235030
    If we think we can function properly without anymore sleep, let's keep going.
    If we have serious concerns about being impaired without some rest, we should do it now rather than in the shadow of the tower.
    >> Firstquest 10/11/09(Sun)23:50 No.6235064
    You think you can do this, so hefting up the wagon, you begin to match to your glory or doom.

    You're going to be as much of a pain in this bastard's side as you can manage.

    ( Thanks a lot for playing along. I'll likely start the next chapter tomorrow night around the same time. This really keeps me on my toes and helps with writer's block hope it's enjoyable.)
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:56 No.6235130
    Thanks for runnin' it, it's been fun!
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:56 No.6235135
    TIME PLUS TIMEZONE! Completely missed the first half of this, don't want to do so again?
    >> Anonymous 10/11/09(Sun)23:58 No.6235151
    except without that question mark at the end.
    >> Anonymous 10/12/09(Mon)00:02 No.6235196
    Look at your clock. Whatever time it is now, take it back three hours.

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