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380 KB PDF
Do you like Cyberpunk 2020? Do you like Africa? Do you like literally any morality and convince naked drugged children to attach UN troops?

The oh boy we've got the perfect project for you! Witch Doctors and War Crimes is a currently being made spontaneous game based of Cyberpunk 2020 with added survival, morale mechanics and a natural 20 somewhere.

So let's see where this new /tg/ game development goes.
Once it's done... I'd run it.
File: 1313494050845.jpg (89 KB, 440x500)
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>d20 system
>cyberpunk 2020
>d20 system
Looks like we found a real african warlord posting right here on 4chan!
This has got to be the best name for an RPG I've seen in years.
From what I saw in the last thread it's a fucking mishmash of dice and shit on purpose to show how fucking chaotic it is in Africa. You're throwing a handful of different dice and a coin and drawing cards and shit all at once.
So, quick summary of work so far
>CP2020 based
>Warlord, witch doctor, Operator, scavengeer/engineer, smuggler, tribesman/hunter for classes
>You're either a foreigner (asian, white, etc) or a tribesman
>Africans can get benefits from crazy magic, foreigners are less likely to fail hilariously in combat but don't get magic and lose morale from cannibalism and shit
>Mass combat based on variable sized dice, 3- means something bad happens, 6+ something good
>Base die size is a d6 for mass combat. Penalties shrink dice, bonuses enlarge
Old thread: >>62102904


>roll d10 before the batttle for each squad that's on drugs

>1 Squad is useless and does not participate in the battle.

>3 Squad rolls a d6 regardless of other modifiers

>5 Squad ignores die size reductions

>7 As 5, +1 size

>9 As 5, +2 size

>10 As 5, add 1 automatic good result so long as squad is on the field.
Does this table stack with a +1 die size for being on drugs, or is separate? Because if you automatically get +1 and then possibly get +1/+2 that seems a little bit much.
If its separate I think I'd tone down the table a little bit, or make it less plusses and minuses and more wacky shit.
This seems like a wonderful retrostupid game.
>tone down
How do you mean?
Make more extreme results less likely?
If we go by the table from last thread, being noncombatants is a -1. So child soldiers normally roll a d4 and cannot achieve a good thing. With drugs, they roll a d6. However, with that table, they could potentially roll a d12, with a good thing happening on a 6+. That seems a little too competent to me. I'm not sure how I'd do it, but I'd try to get the table to be more random. So instead of plusses and minuses you'd have stuff like "drug fueled looting spree: The squad steals anything even remotely valuable and not nailed down rather than fighting. Throw no die for this squad, but gain a bonus to your next recruitment roll as potential troops are impressed by your wealth."
Reposting this
Modifiers brainstorm

-1 size
>noncombatants (women, children)
>improvised or primitive weapons
>diseased or injured or hungry

+1 size
>squad size 20+
>vehicles for squad
>lead by a PC
>veteran squad
>heavy weapons

+2 size
>warlord with squad leader kit
>artillery or air support

>Foreign mercenary in squad reduces bad range by 2 and can't be modified by magic
>combat drugs increase bad and good range by 1 and 2, respectively
>armored vehicles reduce bad range by 2 if enemy has no heavy weapons
>witch doctor curses increase bad range of enemy squads
>radio coordination reduces bad range by 1
I think that sort of retro weird shit is the best way to do it.
They'd only be bumped up to d10 unless they had further modifiers, no?. That's a 50% chance of a good result.
You could achieve the same result by having a pc drive them around in a technical.
You're right, I messed up my math. That's not quite so bad, but I still prefer drugs giving you a chance of a meth fuelled looting spree just as much as a chance of becoming a wild berserker or a head case. Maybe split the table up 3/3/3/roll again and pick two, with a third being goofy shit, a third being combat boosts, and a third being penalties?
Drug table
1: Tripping Balls: squad does nothing productive for this turn/this combat
2: Horrifying Hallucinations: Squad breaks and runs from the combat
3: Overdose: squad is out of action, counts as injured
4: Looting spree: bonus on future recruitment rolls
5: Fearless chant: squad does not act this combat; allied squads in line of sight and hearing increase die by one size for this combat
6: Wild Revelry: Squad does not act this combat; enemy squads in line of sight/hearing decrease die by one size
7: Speed of the Methead: Throw two dice instead of one for this combat
8: Artificial Bravado: Increase die by one size
9: Berserk Fury: increase die by two sizes
10: Roll twice, combine the results

This is quick and dirty, but its a start. I'd like more results that aren't just "fight better/worse" thought.
We should have a bigger table then.
I'm thinking d20 - if you're rolling more than one die per squad, that'd take too long.
I just posted that trial table. I don't know if I've got 20 interesting results in me that don't just boil down to the same old "fight a little better worse/do something wacky" result. I figured compact was better here. Plus, if one squad is on drugs I suspect all your squads will be on drugs, so having to roll once per squad could get obnoxious.
You know how you simplify the foreigner situation
just split them into:

Red foreigner
(Eastern, Soviet/Post-Soviet countries including China.)

Blue Foreigner
(Western, NATO nations.)

Green Foreigner
(religious extremist Muslim/Wahhabist.)

give them class restrictions as needed.
That's not a bad solution, but the names could be snappier. How about Colonial, Communist, Crazy?
Id change crazy to extremist, but i think i just really like the color-coded system.
I think half the fun of this is going wild with crazy shit. Color coding feels too neat and tidy.
i see.
But i think the naming scheme should be more African themed.
So white devils, agitators, and terrorists then?
Could try [Color] Devil. Only iffy result is Green Devil but could be outside the scheme
That's exactly what i meant.

We need to go for the insane cartoon caricature of warlord Africa in order to keep it from becoming too grounded and brutal and in turn unfun.

At least for the type of game i think we are going for here.
I'm totally with you on that. At this point I think we need to start laying out stats so we can do racial modifiers. Are we keeping the standard CP2020 lineup?
Im not very knowledgeable about CP2020 rules

But i think we shouldn't be afraid to deviate from the CP2020 mold.
I think the useful/relevant part of CP2020 is the base mechanic being stat+skill+d10 with the die exploding on a 10. The stats are probably worth scrapping. I'm thinking something like Physique, Smarts, Magic, Sleaze, Cool/luck. You've got a physical stat, a mental stat, a social stat, a magic stat (for africans) and that stat that separates a PC from a henchman.
This feels perfect
only i would change the Magic stat too something like Skill for westerners showing how their superior weapons and training allows them to do much more than the typical soldier.
I feel like it should just be assumed that disease/injury/hunger will automatically exist.
I was thinking the same. I didn't write that list, I just copied it out of last thread. I didn't want it to get lost

How would you use skill? I can wrap my head around magic, but I'm having a hard time visualising something for skill that isn't just "magic applied to non-africans and described differently."
It's okay to make outsiders less interesting, cool, and powerful than Africans. This is the crazy African warlord game. If skill is a stat at all, it should be a consolation prize.
it depends:

Are we going to have a grounded kinda sorta magic where its so subtle it may or may not exist?


Actually witches putting literal curses on your enemies, that actively affects whats going on?
I can get on board with that. I had a thought that outsiders would make up in combat what they lose in magic. Africans trained by outsiders would have a bad result only on a 1 or 2, and actual outsider troops (belgians et al in the congo) would only have a bad result on a 1. Basically it's way easier to stack bonuses on african troops, but way harder for outsiders to fuck up until you start to force them to take penalties.
Yes. My thought is that magic only affects africans, since they actually believe it. Outsiders are immune, so they can't be cursed, but they also can't benefit.
Seems like a good solution. I'd give some kind of penalty for being trained by outsiders though; it should hurt to give up the spirit of Africa like that.
I was thinking that what they gain in combat bonuses they lose in ability to combat or control magic

Maybe magic will give extra penalties when negative (curses, voodoo dolls, enemy buffs) and extra benefits when positive(charms, protector spirits and the like) only they must get African help if they want positive magic.
So basically, to their chagrin, they have to play the witchcraft game if they want to make their African henchmen effective
Maybe african troops trained by outsiders can't benefit from magic either? Since it's a violation of uniform to wear the appropriate paint/garment/what have you
Or give themselves some kind of defense from African magic.

Remember they lose the ability to control magic not have it effect them.
Don't forget you can get bonuses just from being well equipped. An outsider backing you means you probably have more big guns and maybe even combat vehicles. Magic is what africans use to make up for a lack of big guns.
Seems like a good answer. Making outsiders have to play catch-up because they're in a different land that has different rules seems to fit the theme of the game.
So are outsiders totally immune to magic, only vulnerable to harmful magic, or capable of magic, but shittier? I lean towards the first two options. It feels weird to me to have the white man go full witch doctor unless he's gone native and is being treated like a local.
Its like this
Africans control african magic, when applied to outsiders it does extra what its supposed too do

when negative extra negative
when positive extra positive

outsiders cannot do African magic they must get african help to do african magic (so work with/pay off locals), in order to negate negative magic and get given positive buffs.
I'd go with immune to positive, and maybe resistant to harmful. I like the idea of voodoo an sheeeit still being a threat to outsiders. Outsiders doing magic is right out.

Maybe there should be some rules for naturalization though?
I think I like this option over what >>62173345
is suggesting. It feels weird to me to have outsiders getting buffed from the medicine man painting their face with rhino horn ash.

For naturalisation I figured you'd just adopt the african rules. I guess there could be some sort of sliding scale, but that seems like a pain in the ass to track.
Huh, i really liked the idea of magic being extra nasty to foreigners and invaders because "Africa protects its own".
It could work for a Heart of Darkness-style thing, but I feel like the game is more about playing the feared warlord General Goku, a sapeur admired and respected by all, a Nigerian Prince who is the only one that can use a computer, and a Witch Doctor, and fucking up repeatedly on their way to acquiring money, guns, women, and power.
That's the sort of thing I was after as well. We might be getting too hung up on the details of foreigners.

The section on magic could just be a list of options and whoever runs the game could pick what they like. That seems to fit the theme of the game as being an unpredictable clusterfuck.
>The section on magic could just be a list of options and whoever runs the game could pick what they like. That seems to fit the theme of the game as being an unpredictable clusterfuck.

I think magic should stay effect-based and psychological/placebo; it's up to the GM if they want to fluff it as being "real" or not. Maybe stat up some monsters of African folklore to enable the option erring more on the surreal fantasy side of thing.
That still leaves the rub of how westerners should react to it. If its psychological/placebo based it seems like they should be immune to it's effects.
They trade competence and being immune to bad juju for basically being locked out a lot of leadership and warband building stuff imo.
How does that work with the idea of an outsider training local troops. Can an outsider not raise and train their own troops? They have to be an advisor figure for a local warlord?
OP from last thread. My general idea behind the Boer was to be a hardass white mercenary archetype, who is a sort of loner and outsider in an otherwise native party.
I actually like the idea of Boers and other outsiders not being able to raise troops. If they want a warband, they have to be the man behind the warlord. They can increase the competency of the troops a warlord has, but they can't recruit new soldiers for the band.
What about magic has NO effect on outsiders, be it positive or negative.

Unless they see it being performed.

If they see a negative spell being cast, they make a roll- low result meaning taking double its debuff and high result meaning they berserk and try to kill the caster, gaining buffs until he dies?

So having a witch doctor wave bones at you friendly French mercantile on camp does nothing- the needs don’t believe it, so the spell fails.

Telling the Chinese Pmc you cursed them last night just make them laugh, no matter how high you rolled.

But cut the still beating heart out of a child soldier in- front of a team of westerners before battle starts ... they either end up vomiting and horrified, unable to fight worth a shit.. or they just go dead eyed and wipe your shitpot militia out.
You've been around, and you've got a shitload of connections and favors to call in. When your camp is surrounded and your own army's about to mutiny, there's nobody like a Lad to get you and your closest buddies a chopper ride out of there.
I'm not too fond of that, mostly because I don't see how you'd meet up with hostile outsider forces just to enact a ritual to curse them.
Character sheet guy reporting in. I really like the idea of having to throw a bunch of mismatched dices. We could say that the normal dice that is used for skill rolls is 1d10. Spending Luck you can throw additional dice that will add to your total, but there is a catch: each 1 counts as a failure. In addition, with each dice the character must also throw a coin. If the character rolled a 1 on any dice, a head on the coins will means that th failure turns into a fumble.

Luck spent > bonus dice
1 = d2
2 = d3
3 = d4
4 = d6
5 = d8
6 = d10
8 = d12
>you are now aware that MGSV is the story of the world's most successful W&W party
What are their character builds?
>Years ago it was joked aroud that the United States of America will become a Foreign Intervention Faction
>Yet at the same time it could mean shit can get even more challenging as it means more elite-tier enemies that are outright Immune to magic even from the most skilled and high leveled Witch Doctors
>And US Special Forces also resistant against Intimidation even in d20s
>horrified face when the legendary but absolute powerful SEALs will tear you new assholes
>have soldier doggos equipped with special "Doggles" which may or may not to be rumored to give said soldier doggos special powers
>Predator Drones
>Lo and behold years later, US Forces in my Africa are now canon and a thing
>worried face when you just thought the French are problematic enough

Soooo, yeah. How are people coping with the fact that US Military and Spec Ops are now an added challenge and just like the French. Are immune to most or ALL voodoo magic effects and even Intimidate?

What's next? People are gonna tell me the Chinese are now stepping in too!?
But yeah, would US Forces be a factor and thing to in the form of Africom?
I would lump them into the UN category.
Drones strike, everyone dies
US troops aren't so tough, when they don't have CAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMuFyzvv9Xw
File: Loadout.png (493 KB, 744x803)
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493 KB PNG
In fact the character sheet should rather be something like this with just a couple of stats and some room for the name, class and origin/tribe.
But that runs counter to eg Executive Outcomes' modus operandi, which was to recruit and train locals wherever possible and use them as scouts/guides/auxilliaries. Foreign squad leaders in general were very much a real thing.
File: African Militia.jpg (105 KB, 980x551)
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105 KB JPG
Simple Mass Combat Rules

A squad is a group of 10 soldiers. Each Squad has two stats: Strength and Morale. Both of these stats are tracked as "Dice Steps" along the scale of 1d2, 1d4, 1d6 1d8, 1d10, & 1d12.
Stats are boosted by situational modifiers, events, and equipment. Squads also have a Nation of Origin and a random Quirk.

>Tactics Phase
At the start of combat, roll both combatant's Morale dice and compare the results. If one side beats the other by 3 or more, the losing side is Shaken, and has their Strength Dice Size reduced by 1 in the upcoming battle. If one side beats the other by 6 or more, the losing side is Broken, and is forced to Retreat.

If one combatant surprises the other, the ambushing group can never be Shaken or Broken.

>Combat Phase
If neither side Retreats, roll both combatant's Power dice and compare the results. The higher result defeats the lower result. On a tie, the combatant with the higher Morale wins. When a squad is defeated, 1d10+4 of them are killed. The rest will attempt to Retreat, or Surrender if there's nowhere to run.

Retreating soldiers flee the battle as quickly as possible. If the winning combatant chooses to chase them down, that combatant rolls Strength: that many of them will be captured, and the rest escape.

If 50% or more of a squad is killed or captured, their equipment is looted by the winning team. Otherwise, they escape with the gear.

>Multiple Squads
Rules for multiple squads apply as above, except that both sides roll all their dice at the same time, and line them up from highest to lowest. Each "pair" of squads resolves their Morale and Strength rolls against each other. The battle continues, in rounds of Tactics and Combat, until one side is defeated or has retreated.

A Player Character can join a Squad as its Leader, adding his +REF score to the squad's Strength rolls and +COOL to its Morale rolls. Leaders automatically outlive all their squad members.
>If neither side Retreats, roll both combatant's Power dice and compare the results.
Sorry, meant to type "Strength Dice".
Some suggestions for base power of a squad:

- child soldiers: d4
- ‘trained’ militia (they’ve been told how to fire a gun... yesterday) d6
- Trained militia (they’ve shot at a target- once or twice, maybe shot at another militia once) d8
- hardened/ veteran militia (seen combat... repeatedly) d10
- mercenaries and elites (max one of each at most per army) d12

- western special forces (not for players - these guys showing up is a huge plot thing and bad news for all involved) d20
Should the magic stat be called magic or Ju-Ju, or do you have any other suggestion?
Some nicknames I found from movies and real-life:

Mad Dog
No Good Advice
Young Major
Jungle Rocket
Small Devil
Pussy Cat
Captain Dust to Dust
General Never Die

Commander Rambo
Commander Zero
Captain Poison


General Butt-Naked
The Chairman
The Terminator
File: Johnny Mad Dog (1).jpg (45 KB, 1024x431)
45 KB
I have an idea about the combat system for African troops. It's fairly simple, since it doesn't take training into consideration.

Simply roll 1d100. If the roll is lower or equal to the number of rounds fired, the target gets hit by 1d6 projectiles. This makes machineguns especially popular since their large "magazine capacity" (I know they are belt-fed) means they can be fired at full rate of fire quite some times before needing reloading.

Uzi (ROF 20, MAG 32, DMG 2d6+1)
AK (ROF 20, MAG 30, DMG 4d6)
M16A1 (ROF 25, MAG 30, DMG 4d6)
G3A2 (ROF 15, MAG 20, DMG 5d6)
PKM (ROF 20, MAG 100, DMG 5d6)

If a target is hit, simply roll for damage.
DMG 1-4 (Light Wound) The character was lucky. He suffers a -1 penalty until healed. Chance of infection 10%.
DMG 5-8 (Serious Wound) The character is injured but is going to survive. He suffers a -3 penalty until healed. Chance of infection 25%.
DMG 9-12 (Critical Wound) The character is going to die without medical help within one hour. In the meantime he suffers a -5 penalty to all his rolls. Chance of infection 50%.
DMG 13+ (Mortal Wound) The character dies instantly. If he's possessed by ju-ju or voodoo magic he might act for one more round before dying. No need to check for infection, the character is going to die.

Infection: If the character suffers from infection, he must pass a Physical test (real antibiotics give +1, fake antibiotics give -1) each day until healed. If he passes the, the infection is healed. If he fails, the infection progresses and he loses 1 Physical point per day until healed or until dead (Physical = 0 = dead).
You could do something similar with lusts to incentivize characters to have high numbers there.
Maybe each lust gets a die assigned, and if an action supports that lust, they get to roll that die in addition to everything else.

If somebody exploits their lust in an opposed check, the lust die is a penalty instead.

When they try to resist their inclinations, they roll their lust die and a d10, and is the lust die rolls higher, they can't refuse.
File: 1379481085472.jpg (324 KB, 1024x683)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
I missed the last thread but this is amazing, Do want.

I would suggest that each PC can have from 1 to 3 squads based on their Charisma score.

When devising an operations all PCs pull their squads together.

So warlord and witch doctor both have squads.

For Classes I like the propsed OSR style:
Warlord (high Charisma and High combat stats) Can be a Veterna, a foreign mercenary, a Nigerian prince.

Witch doctor. Magic user. Or a imam that decided infedels needs to bepunished up close. Or a missionary that changed his world view. Really good at giving morale bonuses.

Smuggler (high sneaking and contacts to obtain stuff) Arm dealer or supplies smuggler. Or a rogue that creeps in the bushes and slice enemeis throats wile they are asleep.

Specialist (High skills in a specific area). Engegneer. Can "repair" broken equipment and built orkish things that defiles reason. Doctor. The only that can cure wounds. A chemist that is really good at blowign up stuff.

Those are not sublcasses, just suggestion on how to distribute points on the sheet.
>Nigerian prince.
That refers to online advance fee fraud; absolutely nothing to do with fighting.
File: 1400621308858.jpg (210 KB, 980x752)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Squads balance.
Each squad have a different dice.
1d2, 1d4, 1d6 , 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20.

Success is on 6+. So I feel that the highest dice PC should realistically get is 1d12.
1d20 is reserved for UN forces, and professional mercenaries. (Not sure if USA, Foreign Legion etc should have a 1d20 or a 1d100. I prefer 1d20 as it gives them a 15% chance to hilariously fuck up.)

To limit the bonuses I propose the D&D system of "same type bonuses doe snot accumulate".

You can have an equipment bonus:
>Better weapons +1
>Body armor and gear +1
>Vehicles +1
>Heavy armored vehicles (tank) +2

If one have Heavy armored vehicles and better weapons that is still a +2 bonus.

The categories I propese are:
Equipment, Morale (drugs, Spells, training), Body (squad Size, age, hungry or no, previously injured or sick).

As for Witch Doctors I like that they need to come up with crazy ideas in order to grant Morale bonuses. The same idea can't be used twice in a game. If you tell them to go into fight naked, the next time you tell them to get covered in chicken blood. Being not creative enough will nullify the bonus.

Same goes for Specialists. They can't fix the same problem in the same way twice.

Also witch doctor should have a healing spell. It does not cure damage but removes any malus the victim/squad has due to that damage.
File: 1415829360336.jpg (81 KB, 640x433)
81 KB
A squad can never go below 1d2.
One might ask, why have a squad that always fail?

Well if you send it to do a job and it meets no opposition it succeeds. So They are still useful. But in unlucky chance somebody fights them they are guaranteed to die horribly.
>UN forces
I really liked the idea of bribing the game master written explicitly in the rules.
Bribing get you a bonus dice. The dice size is based on how well you bribe him.

Also on the sheet, in army description I would add a circle where you place the corresponding dice. Each squad has its dice, and it belongs to them.

I would love a rule that gives you a bonus if you add a random item to throw with the dices.
File: 1493127858491.jpg (510 KB, 1024x682)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
It is still a problem with african to african magic. How the other army will know it is cursed? (We work in the assumption no real magic is present).

You need to send someone saying "Ha Ha, you have been cursed!". Maybe having him bring a stick with impaled child hearts.
Or leave the ritual site in front of enemy advance.

PCs should find a way to deliver the message to enemies. The crueler the way the major is the malus.
File: 1506053138014.gif (7.67 MB, 500x270)
7.67 MB
7.67 MB GIF
To add randomness I prefer that instead of a coin the player has to throw a random object. The object has to be different every time. On results of 3- something bad happens on the battlefield.
I'm having trouble on thinking how to motivate the players to do stuff. A game should have a goal, Why are PC doig what are they doing? Do they need money to pay a debt? Going fo rshit an dgiggles only lasts so long.
File: a578VOV_700b.jpg (65 KB, 700x625)
65 KB
I know. I was thinking that Warlord can distribute his stats mainly between fighting and leading.
A veteran have low leader skills but fights like a devil
A nigerian prince, or son of a dictator risk shooting himself with a gun but is really good at assmebling people.
a warlord is the middle ground.

Seems too complicated. Can we simplify it? Also what happens if the number of squads is not the same?

I would suggest.

>Both sides roll the total Squad Strength pool and count successes. If it the same the squad with higher morale bonus wins.
each 3- make the related squad roll on a failure table (some of the failure table options are -1 to the total successes).

A winer and loser is decided.

Each squad of the loser suffers . A squad can become smaller or injured. If a squad is small and injured and suffers a loss it is dead and removed.

Let's call the difference in successes X. If a squad has a morale bonus greater or equal to X it can continue fighting for a second round. Everyone else run away.

Much faster, simpler and 0 tactics

The winer squads do not get injured, but on 3- get to roll on the failure table and can get some pretty nasty things.
>0 tactics
Appropriately thematic. What are stats going to look like for individual combatants? Sure the veteran has better individual abilities, but how and when will that matter?
File: Afrikaner_commandos.jpg (87 KB, 459x600)
87 KB
As I understand the veteran stats will be needed in normal combat for which we are using Cyber 2020 rules.
I'm unfamiliar with them so I leave it to other anons.

I'm concerned about plot. I have seen many interesting setting, but I'm at a loss of interesting plots. Adventure hooks alone (go there do this) are insufficient for me (maybe i'm a bad GM).
I want an example adventure module.
I'm on board with the magic stat being Ju-Ju

I think that's part of the fun of magic. Perhaps the more clear you make it you cursed your enemy the more cursed they are. So if you leave a ritual site in the path of their advance, thats a -1 die modifier. Sending a messenger to give them a cursed child heart on a stick is -2, but you'll probably lose the messenger and they might counteract the magic. Seeing your witch doctor perform the ceremony while you're in the middle of a battle is -3, but they could try and kill him to prevent the bad ju-ju.
Too many tables will bog things down too. Why not just 3- is a negative, 6+ is a positive, count your net positives and whoever has more wins the combat. Every net success is an enemy squad routed rather than retreating in "good order". This way it's just one throw of the dice. If you wanted a longer combat maybe have multiple separate combats, ie you do a combat when you initially attack the town from the jungle. Next you do a combat to take the town hall where the drugs are stored. Then you do a combat to chase the enemy out of the town entirely.

I think we're moving away from using CP2020 wholesale and simply stealing its skill mechanic. That is, 1d10+stat+skill. Upthread it was proposed stats are simply Body, Brains, JuJu, Sleaze, and cool/luck. That way you've got physical, mental, magical, social, and that certain special something, without getting too technical.

Second this. It's sensible and works quickly.
File: aKqrem1_700b.jpg (64 KB, 700x522)
64 KB
>just 3- is a negative, 6+ is a positive, count your net positives and whoever has more wins the combat
Ok. Works for me. really fast.In case of tie morale bonus decide.
Like that at low levels when neither rolls a success or failure is just squads screaming at each other.

What does routing do?

Ok. So Sleaze is required to recruit the squads? And a dc will use Brains to heal. If I try to sneak will I use Brains or Sleaze?

Let me post some artifacts. As magic they work only on Africans.

>A bullet with your name on it.
If a Warlock writes a name on a bullet it will be the bullet that kills the man whose name was written wrote. But if you write your own name on it and then keep the bullet on you you will never be killed by a bullet!
If a bullet attack kills you, you miraculously survive. The item stops being magical afterwards.
If a white guy explains to you that "this is retarded" the artifact stops working.

>Gold plated AK
+1 to a squad if you are with them. If you are a warlord an already grant a +1, it becomes a +2.

>wedding dress of the widow.
Before battle you perform a ritual where you marry the enemy. Now you need to become a a widow.
+2 on attack rolls.
I hadn't really thought about routing too much. I like the idea that a routed squad has a chance of being captured with gear or dropping their gear and running. So maybe there's like a d6 rout table where 1-2 is get away clean, 3-4 is drop guns and get away clean, and 5-6 is captured with gear.

Both posts you responded to were mine, so I'll elaborate on what I think stats should do. I think recruiting should be either sleaze or body. Sleaze is trying to get people behind you by lying through your teeth about what they'll get in exchange. Body is you (and ideally some buddies with AKs) showing up and announcing that everyone works for you now. As far as sneaking goes, I'd make the enemy trying to spot you roll the same way as for combat, except drugs are a penalty instead of a bonus. Keep it quick, keep the potential for hilarious failures.
Just realised I didn't finish my thought. Body (or physique, which I prefer) would be your general physicality stat. Its the relevant attribute for combat, for drinking contests, and for determining if you can loot that heavy ass gold plated cabinet. Sleaze is social. Use it to talk your way into a cease fire zone as refugees, into a red cross hospital, or into a strippers panties. Brains is a combination of education and natural smarts. Someone with high brains could have read an AK maintenance manual, or they could just be really good at making them work with no idea why. JuJu is magical power. Only africans have juju. More juju means your charms and spells are more potent. As a first thought, stats going from 1-5 would make roll equal to or under your stat a quick and easy way to determine success. A max stat of 5 doesn't seem like it would mesh well with the cyberpunk stat+skill+d10 model though.
>roll under
Might work well with multiple die sizes. I like the idea from the last thread about rolling a fist of mismatched dice. That just feels right.
Maybe stay/skill tests are resolved with a betting system? The DM says roll to do X, and you can bet resources which add dice of different size based on the value of the resource? Like a janky ass dice pool
I've been brainstorming this all day at work, and I think a fun way to make it all seem chaotic would be to implement a really varied rolling and sub-system for things like luck and NPC skirmishes.

1. First point, Fate Points or anything similar would be renamed to a Bribe, which unlike fate points, the player has to actually bribe the DM with something in return for whatever they want. Their luck score can be a modifier for how many bribes they can conduct per session.

2. Gambling is actively worked into the game. Rolling modifiers, while efficient and has precedence in tabletop games, I feel, does not reflect the game nor the setting that we are trying to put a peg on. Therefore, instead of modifiers you cast dice. Play bones. You can play poker, texas hold'em or five card draw, or even blackjack. The modifiers would instead be conducted to how close you were to winning the hand or roll by simple degrees of success. Coin flips are also accepted.

Right now I'm getting all this out to bump the thread. Next post will include specifics.
NPC skirmishes are conducted by gambling, and each chip a player has to gamble with is a soldier at your command. That's right, you're actually betting lives. The actual method of gambling is completely at the discretion of whomever starts the combat. Luck factors into gambling like so:
You're playing five card draw, you have a luck modifier of +2, so you can replace two cards from your initial hand. Having a +1 means you can only replace one, +3 means you can replace 3 cards, and so forth. Blackjack means at a +1 you can be over by 1 point and still count as 21, and each successive modifier works that way as well, a +3 means you can get a 24 and it still "counts" as having a 21. Seems simple, right?

Bribing the DM can be tricky, I've been debating with myself if it should be a no-holds bar bribery system where you can do outright material bribery, offering them real money, or snacks, or what have you, or if it should be limited to the game where instead you gamble soldier chips out of your war party or something similar to that.
The main thing I'm trying to get at is that this should feel like a "all this and the kitchen sink" kind of game where you're throwing a giant handful of dice on the board of all types and hoping for the best. Involving gambling and coin flips also feels like it would match the mood of the game being borderline insane.
I enjoy the idea of the Witch Doctor's Ju Ju spells being pure bullshit that he makes up, and has to keep making more and more elaborate as the 'magic' wears off. Artifacts, or maybe Trinkets like >>62179700 said are also a good idea for simple, more long-term (but not permanent) stat modifiers.

Also, I think that for the Witch Doctor, higher Brains should give diminishing, or even negative returns at a certain point. Like as you get smarter you start to realize that all this tribal Ju Ju you're doing shouldn't really have any effect... therefore nullifying the 'magical power' of whatever insane concoction or ritual you're doing.

Also, physical bribery of the DM to fudge rolls for you absolutely has to be a thing. It's far too thematically appropriate. Though, maybe the DM could also accept the bribe then decide to stiff you over anyways...
File: 1458386923055.jpg (134 KB, 1024x1024)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I like the idea of luck being used as fate point to bribe shit out of the DM.

I'm not sure about poker mechanics. Maybe it will get too chaotic.

I'm okay with it beign used to solve a specific type of conflict:
All squads conflict is solved by rolling dice.
All Social stuff is solved by poker where the number of cards changed is determined by your stat+skill vs the DM ones.
Poker this way is still too slow compared to dice, so have to be used only in tense situations.

Everything else is 1d10+stat+skill.

>making more and more elaborate as the 'magic' wears
I like the prosed "If you do the same spell you need to change the ritual to something that was not done before."
I worry that including a card game resolution mechanic will bog things down, but at the same time I love the idea of a table full of poker chips and a random mishmash of dice and an active blackjack game going on to resolve a combat.
A question about betting though: bets are usually two+ people betting against eachother. If I bet 30 of my soldiers lives, what am I betting against? What do I get if I win? The gambling analogy breaks down a little bit when you push it too far.
I'm also in favour of any given juju only working once. For bribery, maybe that section of the rules just says "yes". Are you bribing people in character? Sure, go ahead. Are you slipping the DM twinkies under the table? Sure, go ahead. Whatever bribe means at that table is fine. This is africa after all.
File: 1485371161104.jpg (14 KB, 252x240)
14 KB
I love the mental image of a section of the rulebook entitled Bribery, with just the word YES written underneath it and nothing else.
So combat is a hodge podge of different dice thrown all at once across the table.
I like the idea that social challengers are a quick poker match.
Juju is just a question of what new and absolutely bonkers magical bullshit you can come up with on the fly.
What ridiculous system can we come up with for skill challenges?
You have to verbally convince the DM that you passed the check.
>What ridiculous system can we come up with for skill challenges?
>Juju is just a question of what new and absolutely bonkers magical bullshit you can come up with on the fly.
How about IRL lucky charms affect it all, too. Coming with a rabbit's foot, or rosaries, or a four leaf clover, or even a fucking horseshoe, can all act as a positive modifier as long as you remember to rub it and make a prayer or something.
Oh shit that's good. 10/10 I want that in the rules.
What's tiddlywinks?
It's basically the quarters drinking game minus the alcohol. Bouncing a coin or a token into a cup.
Even sober there's no way in shit I could do that.
File: 1509529858674.jpg (117 KB, 720x719)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Fuck yeah! this is so up my ally. I get my Virtual Africa experience by listening to BBC Africa Today podcast while playing Far Cry 2. I'm just going to post pics and videos for inspiration.

Maybe battles should be decided by lightning flip cup matches?
No that's what the gambling is for. The DM has as many tokens as the OPFOR, and you have chips for your own guys, you play poker, and whoever wins the hand saves the chips they bet and the loser takes the lost chips as casualties. Rinse and repeat.
Rock, paper, scissors? Maybe add some other shapes depending on the difficulty of the task.
Alternatively, you can draw straws to simulate the haphazard guesswork going on.
Has anyone seen the film adaptation of shake hands with the devil?

I read the book and it's haunting, so I'm wondering if the film is up to the same standard.
I'm liking the massive variety of mechanics here, but I don't think combat should he resolved via poker. Too slow, and too one dimensional. Maybe something else, like looting a village after a battle? The DM bets with material goods and you bet with lives. The more goods in the village, the more men you have to commit to make sure people won't defend them. The more men you commit, the more the village has to have for the stuff to be worth fighting for. This is basically to simulate your men performing all the usual atrocities while an increasingly tense and angry crowd watches on/runs screaming. The DM winning the hand indicates that the villagers considered this to be a step too far and mobbed your men in the village.
To expand on this, you could then trade your just-looted chips for other things depending on their value, at DM discretion. 1 chip for a days rations for 1 person. 5 chips for a child soldier. 10 chips for a firearm. 50 chips for a foreign hostage. Obviously the values would need to be tweaked but you get the picture.
Me neither that's why I had written the Spray'n Pray system from >>62176949, which personally I'd say is simpler since you only take into account the number of round fired.

To expand on this system, you could also apply this to whole groups. So a squad of 6 guys firing each 10 rounds of their AKs would be a 60% chance to hit one target with 1d6 bullets. If there are many targets, divide the number of rounds fired by the number of targets (e.g. 12 guys shooting 20 rounds each shoot at 6 targets - that's a chance of 40% per target getting hit by 1d6 rounds).

Advanced rule: If the chance to hit is higher than 100% the number of rounds hitting is 1d10.
Honestly I prefer the system for mass combat from the previous thread: squad starts as a d6, apply modifiers based on equipment, conditions, etc, these change nothing but the size of the die, up to d12 and down to d2. 1-3 is bad, 6+ is good. The side whose good minus bad is highest wins. Very fast, and all the applied modifiers are physically represented, meaning you don't have to remember or decide a bunch of crap each time you roll
File: Witch Doctors.pdf (42 KB, PDF)
42 KB
Are those the rules we currently use?
Looks good to me so far.
File: 1437448890073.jpg (695 KB, 3888x2592)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
We want a game with high letality and lot of random bullshit.

There is a series fo games that did exactly this for decades.

I'm talking about OSR.

I never played one but I believe we need to steel stuff from them:


a 1d20 table for ecnounters in the jungle:
>1. You meet a group of people that just killed an elephant and are cutting ivory.
>2.Your vehicle fell in a hole in the road. Suddenly a group of locals arrive to help you out. For a small fee. (Yes they dig a hole in the road to help travelers for a fee).
>3.You are ambushed.

1d20 for encounters in the cities

1d20 for disease your squad catches (and the PC that was with the squad at the time).
>1. Ebola.
>2. Malaria.
>3. AIDS
> 4. Your skin burns due to chemical waste.
> 5. Diarrhea for eating shit contaminated food.

1d20 table for routing.

Heck we can even try to make a hexcrawl with the map of Africa!
I also pefer the original dice mechanic for squad combat.
File: WW TG.pdf (110 KB, PDF)
110 KB
110 KB PDF
I think we've got a decent combat system with the original mechanic, and the character sheets / core character rules from FnF that OP made / used seem pretty good.

Now we just need to mesh the two together, and then... Well... Make up all the stuff that ISN'T about combat. The whole recruiting / leading / organizing a insane army.
I like the idea that looting is handled via a round of poker where you bet your men's lives vs potential material gain. I still like the idea of social challenges being resovled via card games. Maybe a social challenge is blackjack, since you're trying to push someone into something without pushing them too far? So getting black jack is the person doing exactly what you want, a 20 is pretty close but not spot on, and so on?
Just a thought about the things you've listed as a need to do: I'm not sure a progression table is really necessary here. I mean, having levels feels really weird to me. This seems like a game where you are who you are at chargen and what happens after is a question of in-game events, not character sheet changes. As far as racial differences go, maybe we just leave it as africans/outsiders. Stat modifiers for different races seem like they'd be a pain in the ass to track down what each tribe is known for. Sure, you write down that you're a tutsi or whatever, but all that really does is define how juju affects you.
File: W&W TG 2.pdf (108 KB, PDF)
108 KB
108 KB PDF

Updated/ fixed / clarified what bits are my thoughts, and what comes from the thread.
Child soldiers are too weak. What they lack in training they compensate with higher motivation and loyalty.
It’s not like “regular” units are more trained than boy soldier units. Regular armies consist mostly of lazy and unmotivated civil servants with guns. Whatever they learned, they forgot, and they will rather desert than fight.
So bump child soldiers up to a d6 base like everyone else?
African players should have the ability to turn the sights on their guns to maximum to make the guns deal more damage in exchange for accuracy. But it would only work on other Africans and could only be done by africans.
1d20 encounters in the jungle:
>1. You meet a group of people that just killed an elephant and are cutting ivory.
>2.Your vehicle fell in a hole in the road. Suddenly a group of locals arrive to help you out. For a small fee. (Yes they dig a hole in the road to help travelers for a fee).
>3.You are ambushed.
>4. A priest with a bunch of children in his church. Priest can be killed and his recruited in your squad.
>5. A wild lion attacks you.
>6. A hippo attacks you. Believe me, you would have preferred a lion..
>7.You find an ancient temple. Exploring it may give you magic items, useless stuff to sell to foreign "art experts" or more likely a disease.
>8. You find an old an abandoned outpost of white people. It is a century old, but you find a big amount of mosin nagats inside. They are still functional.
>9. You find a small drugs plantation.
>10. You meet a bunch of woman screaming "don't rape us we have AIDS"
>11. You find a car with white tourists.
>12. You fin a recent mass grave.
>13. A tribe of cannibal pygmy found you.
>14. You find a lone white woman that have recently raped. Check your map, you are probably going in circles.
>15. You find a group of Chinese are building something. They don't speak neither Afrikaner nor English.
>16. You find a red cross station that is providing free health care. They might not provide it willingly to warmongers.
>17. A group of lcoals dressed with leopard pelts are conducting a cannibalistic ritual.
>18. A mine field finds you. The squad in your front is now injured and slowed down. You can either kill the injured ones (reducing the squad size) or continue slower.
>19. A US/Foregin Legion finds you. If you act like you never saw them maybe they will not slaughter you.
>20. You got lost in the jungle. Roll twice on this chart.
Replace Berber with Tuareg. Berber are in North Africa, Tuaregs are in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.
Cool can be renamed to Dandy because that's what the guys that dress up like pimps are called.
I think child soldiers are fine for 1d4.
It is easy to up them up.
Your party will have at least 1 mage to +1 magic. Give them better guns or armor or assign a PC leader and it is a 1d8.
Child soldiers should have lower stats but be easier to recruit. So having a size bonus ups them easily to a 1d10.

Now for actual criticism.
I don' like Attractiveness. Sleazy or Bullshit is a more appropriate Social stat.

I believe we had Sleazy, Body, Brains, Ju-Ju and Luck being stats.

> "Education" VS "Tribal Spirit"
I like the idea that you can train your troops to be better but this will also reduce their susceptibility to magic.
As for Player Characters I don't understand what bonuses will Education do?
Maybe it is a trap stat? If you are captured and educated you lose your magic susceptibility.

STATS fro Races
I would say Race stats are determined only by the major race (White, Afrikaner, Asian, Boer, Sandnigger), while subraces (tribe, nationality can give an additional minor ability).

+1 Brains
-1 Luck

+1 Brain
+1 Sleaze
-2 Luck

-1 body
+1 Sleaze

-1 Sleazy (hate speaking to not muslim)
+1 luck

+1 body
-1 Brains
Why are there no stats for black Africans?
Is it they're the baseline and don't have any modifiers?
What’s the difference between Boer and Afrikaner?
ones the language and the others a nationality.
I'm an idiot and assumed Afrikaner meant black from Africa. I'm sorry
Then the Afrikaner should also have Luck -1 (for being born in Africa), but gain Ju-Ju +1.
I feel like black Africans, being the default PC race, should have more variety than the others;
How about +1 to any of Sleaze, Body, Ju-Ju or Luck, but -1 to Brains or Luck.
File: africa addio.jpg (57 KB, 400x595)
57 KB
I wrote some "spells". Not exactly accurate to African magic or anything, but I figure that a Witchdoctor PC is more like a crank who doesn't really know what he's doing anyway. I tried to keep the effects in "it's plausible that the effect of the spell is just a result of the target's fear and superstitious impulses" territory, or at the very least effects which could just be due to good luck.

1d10 Witchdoctor Ritual Spells

1 - Snap the neck of a live chicken soaked in blood while chanting backwards in Swahili. Target in line of sight must save or be incapacitated by a crippling migraine.

2 - Stick a chili pepper up each of your nostrils, and then urinate the shape of The Glyph of Woe on the ground in front of you. Dispells charms and warding symbol which block bad Mojo.

3 - Scatter a handful of ritual salt in a circle around a candle. Use the candle to light a piece of paper money on fire (the higher the value of the bill, the more effective the spell, with American money producing the best results), and while it burns recite the magic incantation (in English):
"Money money, green and sweet!
More of you I'd like to meet!
I trade you for another thing!
Come back to my pockets bring!"

Garners the favor of the spirits of wealth, who will rain good fortune down upon all those present.

4 - Prepare a serving of monkey-brain soup, using the severed head of the animal as a serving bowl (chimpanzees, though not strictly a monkey, are said to work best). Add psychedelic mushrooms, crushed termite paste, and the consecrated ashes of the caster's tribal ancestors. When drunk, said ancestors will grant the drinker a glimpse of the near future in the form of a psychedelic vision (say, events which will occur within the next 1d6 days). The drinker will be almost completely paralyzed for the next 24 hours, but may speak and relate what they saw in their vision.

5 - The target must strip naked and bathe in the blood of a gorrilla, elephant, tiger, or other animal respected for strength and fearlessness (a white man's blood works as well). The target must then take a thumbfull of the animal's excrement and hold it in his mouth, without spitting it out or swallowing it, while the caster calls upon the spirit of Bullets for favor. Protects the target from gunfire (sort of, anyway), so long as they remain naked and keep the animal shit in their mouth.

6 - While wearing the severed testicles of a Bonobo around your neck, get the target to drink a pre-prepared cup of "love potion" (a mixture of fruit juice, the caster's semen, the blood of a cat or dog, and crushed up orchid petals) while looking them in the eyes. The target will be instantly overcome with uncontrollable affection and lust for the caster. The effects last for 48 hours, after which the target will enter a bloodthirsy trance and will seek to kill the caster by the most immediate means available (the caster probably won't be aware of this little "side effect", however...)

7 - Expose your chest to your enemies, and using a ritual dagger carve the symbol of The Great Serpent who Carresses All Things onto your flesh. Your saliva becomes acidic to all who recognize the symbol of the Serpent so long as the resulting wound bleeds.

8 - Point and gesticulate wildliy as you jump up and down and recite Bible passages backwards. Targets must make a morale check or flee in terror

9 - Place a frog or lizard in the mouth of a severed head, and then sew it shut. After calling upon their spirit to, whisper questions you wish to ask to the dead person into the head's ear, and then retrieve the frog or lizard from the head's mouth. The frog or lizard will relay the answers to the catser in a series of croaks and gestures only the catser can understand.

10 - Fill the fresh heart of a slain enemy with rum or some other strong alchohol. Bury the heart in the dirt beneath an ammo box, a crate of AK-47's, or whatever other weaponry you wish to imbune with Powerful Juju, and then smear the weapons with goat's blood. After 3 days and nights, dig up the heart and cut it into pieces. Each man who will use the weapons so empowered in combat must eat a piece of the heart and drink a cup of goat's blood.
We should make an 1d4chan page. It would be easier to edit, and then a pdf.

Like the spells.
Should albinos have special stats?
I like it. Maybe albinos have seriously bad luck but seriously good juju?
In response to >>62198100's plea for some random tables, I whipped up a quick random roll generator for your militia's warlord.

Warlord Title, Prefix (1d10)
>1: General
>2: Commander
>3: Captain
>4: Holy Father
>5: Grand Wizard
>6: President
>7: Commandant
>8: Prince
>9: Pharaoh
>10: Marshal

Warlord Name/Nom de guerre (1d20)
>1: K'tongo
>2: Ahmad
>3: Sekou
>4: Modamba
>5: Amadu
>6: Charles
>7: Samuel
>8: Solomon
>9: John
>10: Joseph
>11: Goku
>12: Vader
>13: Terminator
>14: Rambo
>15: Mad Dog
>16: Dre
>17: Devil
>18: Machete
>19: Caesar
>20: Tupac


Warlord Title, Suffix (1d20)
>1: the Virile
>2: the Unassailable
>3: the Holy Warrior
>4: the Great Crusader
>5: the Machine
>6: the Mighty Lion
>7: the Great Tiger
>8: the Swift Cheetah
>9: the Infallible
>10: the Divine
>11: ..., Defender of God
>12: ..., Defender of Freedom
>13: ..., Scourge of God
>14: ..., Bane of the White Man
>15: ..., Bane of the Chinaman
>16: ..., People's Champion
>17: ..., Son of Africa
>18: ..., King of the Jungle
>19: ..., Chosen of Allah
>20: ..., Destroyer of Infidels

If you have more suggestions, post 'em. If this gets a positive response I'll maybe make more for militia names or something.
Rolled 12, 1, 6 = 19 (3d20)

Whoops I had a retard.
File: 1458987819354.jpg (58 KB, 506x552)
58 KB
Rolled 20, 18, 20 = 58 (3d20)

If we take the 20 as a 10, then you're Marshal Machete, Destroyer of Infidels...
Anybody got a picture of Danny Trejo that we can shop?
File: marshall machete.jpg (37 KB, 750x497)
37 KB
Marshall Machete, Destroyer of Infidels
File: 1537138101054.gif (1.94 MB, 394x218)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Good to meet you, brudda.
Rolled 4, 20, 1 = 25 (3d20)

How has this week in rape and pillage gone, my brudda?
If you want to expand on this, I remember in a book about south africa kids black kids were named "powerful" names. The story I remember was about a dance group who's best dancer was named hitler, and they went to dance at a jewish school for a cultural festival. Yeah. Anyway, if you feel like expanding the list, just pick any "powerful" names. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Bush, Reagan, anything you'd associate with power (and you'd actually have a chance of hearing in nowhereville, africa)
Unique Class Traits/Skills
Rabble-rouser: Warlords can raise twice as many members for their militia as normally allowed for any given recruitment activity.
Tactics: Through some strange magic, the Warlord can affect the results of a battle just by yelling at his men. Any squad within earshot (or radio range, for well-equipped bands) of the warlord can reroll any dice thrown in a combat.
>Witch Doctor
Juju: can use rituals to empower allies or curse foes.
Healing: can lift curses set by other Witch Doctors. If the materials used to cast the curse are available, the Witch Doctor can use them to cast a curse of double severity on the opposed witch doctor.
I would gladly pay you tuesday...:You could scam an old lady out of her underwear. Anyone who doesn't know you is willing to do you one favour, for the promise of a favour in return. This exchange is always wildly advantageous for the other person. You might not want to be around when he comes to collect.
A little bird told me...: you know everything there is to know. How's the US election going? What's the weather in the kremlin? What areas are diamond corporations looking into buying? you know all that. It's best not to ask how.
Improvigeneer: The scavenger can put things together with shoestring, some fence wire, and a dowel, and it'll work just fine. As long as the Scavenger has access to a part supply, they can repair any damaged mechanical device to be ~90% functional.
Macguyver: the Scavenger can repair your gun with nothing but the shit in his pockets. Of course, it only fires once before the repair fails. A scavenger can repair any mechanical device such that it works exactly once, then breaks again. They need no supplies to do this. It's assumed they bullshit something out of whatever is to hand.
Quick and Dirty d20 militia name generator. This one I'm way, way open to suggestions on; I kind of think these names suck, but whatever. It's a start, at least.


>1: [Warlord Name]'s Bitch-Boys
>2: [Warlord Name]'s Holy Crusaders
>3: [Warlord Name]'s Mighty Liberation Host
>4: [Warlord Name]'s Defenders of Africa
>5: [Warlord Name]'s Hood Rats
>6: [Country Name] Popular Liberation Front
>7: [Country Name] Council of Freedom
>8: [Country Name] Spiritual Defenders
>9: [Country Name] Nationalist Warriors
>10: [Country Name] Foreign Cleansers
>11: West Side Boyz/West Side Niggaz (an actual militia/rebel group during the Sierra Leone Civil War)
>12: The Undertakers
>13: Holy Warriors of Allah
>14: Soldier Boys for Jesus
>15: Racial Purity Front
>16: The Devil's Soldiers
>17: The Spirit Walkers
>18: The Heart-Takers
>19: Jungle Gangstaz
>20: The Butt Naked Boyz

That's really interesting. I considered adding some names like that to the list, but it was already a bit crowded and I didn't want to go over d20. Maybe I'll seperate it into a 'normal names' and "batshit crazy nom-de guerre's". Besides, the idea of rolling up your party's warlord as Grand Wizard Stalin, Chosen of Allah, head of Sierra Leone's Council of Freedom, is far too fitting for this game.
Maybe have a separate list for a real name and a nom-de guerre? Take the more normal stuff off the existing list for the real name and go wild with the nom-de guerre? Besides, of all the places to have a big list, crazy ass warlord names seems like the place.
Fresh to this project here, but have the folks discussing mass combat and such looked in to the old AK-47 Republic minis game? Potentially useful for faction ideas and faction differentiation details. Potentially.
-1 resistance vs. sunlight
File: CAR6807-Biafra-M.jpg (118 KB, 650x440)
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118 KB JPG
File: M-Soldiers-1-4CJun06.jpg (153 KB, 652x430)
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153 KB JPG
File: 681.jpg (62 KB, 380x303)
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File: 06.jpg (193 KB, 800x769)
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193 KB JPG
File: 03.jpg (68 KB, 800x401)
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File: _32_0033.jpg (138 KB, 600x400)
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138 KB JPG
File: 550857242_small.jpg (27 KB, 400x259)
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File: 7054634-10797720.jpg (64 KB, 549x366)
64 KB
File: D44NFX-1100x732.jpg (732 KB, 1100x732)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
File: 20140426_MAP001_0.jpg (88 KB, 595x335)
88 KB
D6 army unit
D8 army unit
D10 army unit
Another D8 unit
File: highres_0006404221.jpg (262 KB, 625x416)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
D8 motorized raiders
File: 1402363791304.jpg (599 KB, 1000x667)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
D4 child soldier unit
File: 800x450.jpg (100 KB, 800x450)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Another D4 unit
Is D4, but can be used to raise morale of other units if they spend downtime in the same spot.
File: 1990018CJ.jpg (437 KB, 2560x1698)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Not sure that armed sistas would increase the morale. Civilian prisoners on the other hand surely would.
File: _52013800_011694554-1.jpg (53 KB, 412x549)
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File: africa3.jpg (44 KB, 404x512)
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File: 1413098873milicien688.jpg (120 KB, 1080x692)
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120 KB JPG
File: Ethiotribes.jpg (240 KB, 962x1284)
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240 KB JPG
File: w460.jpg (30 KB, 460x306)
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Doctor Boomstick
File: dmailciovil2.jpg (119 KB, 640x480)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
General K'tongo the Divine

There are no tigers in Africa, just saying.
File: HOmoValley_001.jpg (95 KB, 500x333)
95 KB
The Undertakers
For Sale! Cheap price & good quality!
Slightly used AK. Perfect for elephant and rhinoceros hunting.
File: NativewAK47.jpg (49 KB, 375x517)
49 KB
Mr. Smurf
Rawhide N'golo-N'golo
Bush Slayer Brothas
File: DSC09333.jpg (80 KB, 902x600)
80 KB
MC AK and DJ Blaster
File: 5729963.jpg (702 KB, 1024x768)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
Born Trouble
White Boy
File: 999969568-612x612.jpg (79 KB, 612x612)
79 KB
Bill Clintoon
Why do you post isolated pastoralist primitives from mountains and deserts? These people are unlikely to be part of some mad max postcolonial militias, most of those militias probably outnumber their entire population.
President Jefferson Jr. disagrees
Lagos Bloods
File: 1204175852053.jpg (69 KB, 639x426)
69 KB
Since aiming is overrated, might as well cover the eyes.
The Bokomoko People's Militia
File: Executive-Outcomes.jpg (434 KB, 1448x2048)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
File: H723U2b.jpg (127 KB, 800x533)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Poker chips would be a good way to handle different types of squad bonuses/penalties without the bookkeeping getting too tedious.
Maybe red for body/health/drugs, blue for equipment, white for morale/juju (cuz albinos). Keep them in small stacks on the squad's sheet during play (one side for bonuses, the other for penalties).
That could add an extra element to play, as you wager chips in each category to get rerolls or something like that - gaining chips could represent morale boosts, or looting equipment/medicine, losing them could represent disease, broken equipment, or losing confidence. Which could lead to a player riding high for a while, their squad becoming seemingly unstoppable, and then blowing it all and being left with a bunch of pants-shitting brown-brown addicts whose jeep tires were all used for necklacing.
We need some ideas on a possible oneshot to run?
We don't even have a working system yet m8. We've got a combat system outlined and thats about it. I think we should worry about filling in the rest of the system before we worry about a oneshot.
File: execut10.jpg (144 KB, 800x726)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
File: folder.jpg (91 KB, 900x900)
91 KB
let's recap what must be done.
We had a squad combat with dice. Some people wanted to change it to poker but some opposed. Should we take a vote? Using chips to count bonuses and maluses is not an idea I enjoy.

Some proposed loot mechanics. With poker or black jack. I like it.

Squad recruitment checks and maybe social checks should be done by poker or BJ.

I believed we lift PC combat straight out of Cyberpunk. Anyone knowledgeanle with the system could recap it?

For looting I prefer the BJ and it has to be below 21+Bonus, but above X, where X is an unknown difficulty set by the DM.

For social, poker vs the DM sounded nice. But poker with no betting can be boriing. Should we use BJ as well here?
File: page1.jpg (222 KB, 900x994)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I'm out of Africa photos so you get this.
File: page2.jpg (244 KB, 900x985)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
For magic:
I would say the first time you use a spell you perform a ritual as written in the manual (check spell list from anon above) but the second time on the same spell you need to invent an even crazier one.

This way the level of craziness is set from the start.
File: page3.jpg (226 KB, 900x989)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Also the whole manual written in badly scanned pages from typewriter seems neat.
File: page4.jpg (313 KB, 900x1110)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
File: page5.jpg (214 KB, 900x1004)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: page6.jpg (300 KB, 900x1156)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
File: page7.jpg (262 KB, 900x1399)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
File: page8.jpg (301 KB, 900x1905)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Some preliminary suggestions for an "Appendix N". Please suggest other stuff that makes for good inspiration.

Film (Documentary)
>Africa Addio
>Empire of Dust

Film (Historical/Fiction)
>Blood Diamond
>Hotel Rwanda

>Far Cry 2
>Resident Evil 5 (sort of?)

>Africa Since 1940

A couple seasons of Strike Back are set in Africa.
Is lifting combat straight out of cyberpunk a good idea? That system has like a dozen combat relevant stats. Everywhere else in the system it seems like we're going for a less is more approach. Why not resolve general combat with the same dice mechanic as mass combat, just with one roll per combatant rather then per squad? Then, for duels or other high stakes combats, do a player Vs DM hand of poker? Chips are essentially HP Then.
I'd be in favor of streamlining/simplifying combat a bit, but I think it'd be best to keep the core rules from Friday Night Firefight for small scale skirmishes involving the PCs and only using the mass combat rules for battles. Not sure how I feel about Blackjack/Poker as a resolution mechanic in general, but I definitely don't like it as a way to resolve combat.
Dancing in the Glory of Monsters (Book) and Beasts of No Nation (Film).
Beasts shows the perfect warlord before going turbo nuts.
No idea how combat works in Cyberpunk but if we can streamline it we should.
Tell us more about Friday Night Firefight.

I would prefer cards being used for things that are not combat.
Blackjack for some mechanics actually seems really cool, but not combat. Combat I want to be tossing fists of screwy dice.
Friday night firefight is 1d10+ stat+ skill. You're trying to roll equal to or greater than a DC, which is based on the range you're shooting. Damage is reduced by armour. Every time you're hit, you have to roll to see if you pass out (or die, if you've taken enough damage). It's fast and lethal.
What about gender?

Men - base

- less str
- less aim
- more morale damage towards westeners/chinese
(lesser factor than with child soldiers)
- less damage recieved from african/muslim enemies (because they want to rape not kill them)
- can boost morale in downtime in exchange of chance of "Pregnancy Debuff"

Female Childsoldiers would be perfect for fucking westener morale like irl.
>Tears of the Sun
>Blackhawk Down
>Johnny Mad Dog
>Beast of No Nation
>Africa Addio
>Lord of War
So, my favourite ideas so far:
>buncha dice
>each die is a squad
>same target for all dice
>1-3 bad, 6+ good
>all bonuses represented by changes to the affected squad's die size
>I reckon you should be able to stack bonuses as high as you want without an actual limit.
>maybe have a point at which you get 2 goods instead of just 1? Eg roll of 12+
>winning side is the one with the highest net good result
>difference in net results indicates how badly the one side lost?
>starting chips depend on charisma/sleaze
>can use money to get more chips? (Bribes)
>enables multi-directional social combat
>enables social ganging-up (players can show each other their own cards if they choose for mutual gain)
>use gained chips to buy social results from the DM, until the character has all their chips back.
>DM sets unknown minimum
>maybe DM writes down minimum before BJ is played?
>Not cards
>very lethal
>exclusive to believers
>believers need to see the magic being performed to receive the effect
>crazier shit gives bigger bonuses
>may overlap somewhat with war crimes
>reduce enemy morale
>may backfire and increase their resolve
>usually good for own morale
>makes the locals hate you/fear you

Maybe when a war crime/other morale-shaking activity is performed, the affected squad(s) roll their die with all bonuses, a good result increases their resolve while a bad result shakes it? Would make your typical d6 garrison highly vulnerable to seeing a dude eaten in front of them (statistically, half would take a penalty and be reduced to a d4 which makes them more of a liability in combat than anything), but makes hardline mercenaries unlikely to do anything but fight harder to erase you.
Thank you.

Things I'm not totally sold on.
Poker hand may be too long, but it is ok. I like how players can compete for resources or collaborate against the DM. Possible social bonuses that can be exchanged for tokens (depending on situation):
>Locals will want to help you in the future.
>You recruit a child squad.
>You recruit a squad (cost 2)
>You feed your squads
>You obtain ammo for your squads
>You heal your squads
>You get cheap whores for your squads
>Increase the size for one squad
>Train your squad.
>Get local guide (ability to reroll next random encounter)
I start thinking that failure on 3- is too high. maybe 2-. But I guess we will need actual playtest experience.

Love the rest.
I like the idea of a group poker game to allow for social ganging up, as well as looting being blackjack. I assume if you go over 21 when looting something bad happens? Ala the mob watching turns violent, or enemy reinforcements arrive? As for war crimes, I think they should pull double duty. I think war crimes should act as Juju against enemy african forces. Against outsider forces, I feel like it should be a gamble, where it either inflicts a big hit to morale, or gives them a big buff. So you can play it safe with regular juju or go full war crimes for a high-risk, high reward style.
See >>62223014
I think that should be the baseline for what a war crime does to any given squad, but a witch doctor can dance about to make it into proper juju as well for extra effect against believers. Like you said, makes it a high risk, high reward option where a stiff-backed foreign squad will go apeshit on you while a horde of Africans may just break and run.
3- is a bit hard, and I do kind of feel that the "firing into the air without hitting anything" range is a bit small, so maybe 2- will be better. Will definitely have to do a bit of playtesting. Poker is slowish, but it's just a couple of hands (maybe there could be a limit on the max number of hands?). I like the suggestions for poker rewards.
War crimes refer not to all violations of international laws of war, but specific acts which stand out in the public consciousness. In terms of W&W, using child soldiers is not a war crime. Rounding up and burning alive rival tribal citizens, is. War crimes have the following rules:
Any opposing african forces who hear about the war crime suffer a die size penalty of -1 to -3 when in combat with the group who committed the crime. Raping, pillaging, and then executing all the citizens of a village is a -1 penalty. Running a brothel of significant size for your army exclusively staffed by women of enemy tribes is a -2 penalty. Running mass execution camps for all the rival tribal citizens in a state/territory is a -3 penalty.

Outsider forces react differently to warcrimes. Outsiders faced by a warcrime committing group must roll morale. If they succeed, they penalty they would suffer from the warcrime is converted to a bonus. If they fail, the warcrime penalty they suffer is increased by 2 (so facing a band of hutu who run a massive tutsi brothel would suffer a -4 die size reduction).

Thoughts? My initial thought was to double the war crime penalty for outsiders if they fail their save, but I thought that might be too severe if they failed with a -3 warcrime penalty.
I was under the impression that the 3+ fail was only for when a squad was in a combat situation. It's not that you have a 50% chance to fail at anything you do, its that any given squad without any buffs is 50% likely to fail at being helpful to a combat.
>over 21
it is 21+ your bonus.
So If you win decisively or have osme other modifiers it is easier.

But yeah Below DM number, You don't find anything.
Above You either enrage the locals, or find some booby trapped chests, or a cursed room. Roll a 1d10.
Yeah it for combat only, but failing 50% it times seems harsh (But hilarious so maybe it is ok).

I have no idea how easily will bonuses stake up, so maybe a 3- is ok. Playtesting is needed.
Remember to include IRL players having good luck charms and having to pray or use them to get those positive modifiers.
Here are some quick tables for looting. Maybe there could be other custom tables for other kinds of targets (UN base, camp of an enemy Warlord, etc), but these assume a small village. I think recruiting new forces should be handled separately, maybe you can try it whether you find anything or not. Also, "one step" on the tables is referring to the system where unit strength is represented by die size, so one step would be, for example, bumping a d6 up to a d8.

>When you win at blackjack: The villagers were holding out on you! You find...

>Loot 1d12
1 - Nothing but a bunch of bananas and a goat.
2 - Boxes containing donated clothing and old Nike sneakers. Restore 1 squad to full morale.
3 - Booze! Looting the village brewery turns up a crate of banana beer and several bottles of whiskey. Restore 2 squads to full morale.
4 - A small cache of ammunition. Resupply 1 of your squads.
5 - Several of the villagers were hiding valuable trinkets or small stashes of cash. Gain a small amount of $$$.
6 - 2d6 child solider recruits. Better round up their parents so they can "prove their loyalty"...
7 - The local Witchdoctor's hut contains a mystical artifact packing some powerful juju (shrunken head, withered monkey's paw, grotesque golden idol, etc).
8 - A sizable cache of ammunition. Resupply 3 of your squads.
9 - A couple of banged-up jeeps which somehow still run and a drum of petrol. Motorize one of your squads .
10 - The search turns up a briefcase full of diamonds. Gain a large amount of $$$.
11 - A UN supply stockpile! Crates of food, barrels of clean water, and a generous amount of medical supplies. Restore 3 squads to full morale.
12 - Jackpot! The village was hiding a rival warlord's weapons cache. You find several boxes of ammo, a crate of automatic rifles, grenades, and an RPG launcher. Resupply and upgrade 2 of your squads.

>When you bust at blackjack: looting the place is more difficult than you expected...

>Sheeeeeeit 1d12
1 - Ambush! An enemy squad of 2d6 men was hiding in one of the huts!
2 - BOOM! Looks like the locals decided to bury a few landmines before they fled, and one of the PCs just stepped on one (randomly determine who).
3 - There's a well and a barrel of water, but it's infected with parasites. One random squad suffers a morale penalty of 1 step in your next battle.
4 - A crate of UN supplies turns out to be booby trapped! 1d4 of your men are injured as a grenade goes off.
5 - A seemingly normal shack is rigged with a claymore mine, 1d6 of your men are killed.
6 - One of the PCs blunders into the local Witchdoctor's hut and picks up some bad Mojo. Saddle them with a random curse.
7 - The village is completely deserted of people and empty of valuables. All that's left is a crucified, headless corpse strung up near the church. Your men find it very unsettling, 2 random squads suffer a morale penalty of 1 step in the next battle.
8 - Some fool decides to start a fire! The village proceeds to burn to the ground, 2d6 of your men are injured.
9 - The women of the village have AIDS, and now so do some of your men. One random squad suffers a strength penalty of 1 step in your next battle.
10 - The shack which serves as a makeshift hospital holds a man who the villagers say is cursed. He convulses uncontrably and bleeds form his eyes while mumbling nonsense under his breath. The village is contaminated with the ebola virus, one random PC must save or contract it.
11 - Your search turns up nothing dangerous, but nothing useful either.
12 - The gods may take, but they also give. Re-roll on this table, and then roll on the "loot" table and combine the results.
Are 250 posts still the bump limit on /tg/?
I think it's 350, either way it's almost time for a new thread
It's exactly 300, no worries mate I'll set up thread 3 in time.
There's a PDF of the whole thing yet?
No :/
We didn't finnish the whole thing yet.

Would be cool if someone posted the Cyberpunk 2020 things we'll be actually including.
If I find time I wanna write in this style >>62216837
as Marshall Machete. Does Latex have a macro for badly scanned xerox pages?
File: W&W TG 3.pdf (2.1 MB, PDF)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PDF
Attached is an attempt at putting shit all together. All stuff taken from other Anons, but with a few small tweaks to try to make stuff link together / match up properly.

At the end, includes a modified version (slightly) of the character sheets in OP.

I'm unsure what skills should be. Any ideas?
Just a thought on welfare combat modifiers: this is africa. Why is starving a modifier. Well fed should be a bonus, so that the default state is assumed to be starving. RE break tables, there was something upthread about 1-2 being get away from combat clean, 3-4 being troops escape but lose gear, and 5-6 is troops captured with gear. That way there isn't a huge table to deal with, since the group combat theme seems to be simplify. For the looting blackjack game, I'd let the goal be 21+luck. So if you have 3 luck you suceed as long as you're over the target number and equal to or below 24.
Maybe skills are an assumed thing. Ask yourself "Would an illiterate tribesman know how to do this"? If yes, go ahead, if no, nogo. If its challenging roll a dice pool of your relevant stat vs a target number based on difficulty. Any skills more complicated than that come out of your class features. That way ONLY scammers know how to use computers, etc
Good shit anon, if we fill in the cracks we'll have something resembling a playable game. Some of the missing bits can be pulled wholesale from CP2020. For example, this is how CP2020 does stats and skills:

Stats are rated from 2 to 10, with a higher score being better. CP2020 has a few different methods for determining starting stats:
>roll 9d10 and distribute to stats as desired
>roll 1d10 for each stat, re-rolling 1's
>the GM picks a power level for the campaign, and lets PCs have between 50 and 80 points to distribute as desired

I'd be in favor of a more random (and faster) method if the game is intended to lean towards the more lethal "if a PC doesn't contract Ebola or get blown in half by an RPG every other session then you're playing it wrong", maybe the 9d10 and distribute as desired method, or someone could make up a new process.

Do note that it's 9d10 because CP2020 has 9 primary stats, whereas so far W&W only has 7, so maybe 7d10?

Skills are rated from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning the character is completely untrained and a 10 indicating the character is one of the best in the world at that particular skill. Each class has a list of 10 career skills and gets to divvy out 40 skill points between all of them. Characters also get a number of pickup skill points equal to their Reflex+Intelligence to put into skills NOT on their career skill list.

Skill checks (and combat in FNFF is basically a series of combat-related skill checks and is handled the same way) are rolled as 1d10+Stat+Skill against a target difficulty number (Easy = 10, Average = 15, Hard = 20, Very Hard = 25, Impossible = 30+). If you roll a 10, you get to roll an additional 1d10 and add it to your total.

If we're going to steal this all that is required is a skill list and a list of career skills for each class.

it may be a good idea to link to somewhere that people can find the CP2020 core book in the next thread's OP
Here are some suggested write ups for classes using CP2020's format. The skill list will require significant simplification, revision, and additions, so here are some suggested changes that I've made use of:

Stat simplification:

Attractiveness skills + Empathy Skills = Sleaze skills
Intelligence Skills + Tech skills = Brains skills

Juju Skills included:

Spellcasting (Witchdoctor only) - used to determine the effectiveness of spellcasting.

Magic and Rituals - Knowledge of African magic and how to identify and protect against it.

Tribal Spirituality - knowledge of tribal customs, traditions, and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Other skill simplifications:

Handgun + Rifle + Submachine Guns = Small Arms
Brawling + Melee + Martial Arts = Melee
Format is Skill (Stat), where a skill roll is 1d10+skill+stat. I would recommend changing Brawn to Body of Toughness or something else, as the short form BRWN is too similar to the short form BRN for Brains.

Class Skill: Charismatic Leadership (SLZ)
Endurance (BODY)
Heavy Weapons (REF)
Intimidate (COOL)
Melee (REF)
Notice (BRN)
Persuasion (SLZ)
Resist Torture (COOL)
Small Arms (REF)
Wilderness Survival (BRN)

Class Skill: Spellcasting (JUJU)
Archery (REF)
Magic and Rituals (JUJU)
Notice (BRN)
Oratory (COOL)
Perform (SLZ)
Small Arms (Ref)
Tribal Spirituality (JUJU)
Stealth (REF)
Wilderness Survival (BRN)

Class Skill: A Little Bird Told Me... (BRN)
Disguise (BRN)
Electronics (Computers) (BRN)
Forgery (BRN)
Know Language (BRN)
Notice (BRN)
Persuasion (SLZ)
Seduction (SLZ)
Streetwise (COOL)
Wardrobe and Style (SLZ)

Class Skill: Jury Rig (BRN)
Basic Tech (BRN)
Driving (REF)
First Aid (BRN)
Melee (REF)
Notice (BRN)
Pick Pocket (BRN)
Small Arms (REF)
Streetwise (COOL)
Weapons Tech (BRN)
Example spell: Proof against Bullets.

Can be cast on any number of people. Require a ritual. Does not protect against bullets. Provides total protection against psychological and morale effects from gunfire including artillery and air attack.

Background: Supposedly at one point a bunch of Congolese decided to overrun a lightly garrisoned hospital and murder cuck everyone. The bulletproof army advanced and found there were also an ammo dump and a bunch of machine guns. Shit happened.
I worry that pulling wholesale from cyberpunk is going to make this clunky. I mean, the combat system uses a fistfuk of random dice to address combats between potentially hundreds per side. Core cyberpunk feels a little too detailed in comparison to that. I'm more inclined to have skills be baked into stats, such that someone with high brains is both better at stuff that needs smarts, and has a wider array of smarts requiring skills. If you have brains 1 you're not smart, and also shit at using a computer, independent of being a dumbass. At brains 5 you're pretty smart, and also have had the chance to learn how computers work.
You might want to rename Reflex to Combat or something, that’s basically what it is in CP. I do think you should be allowed to bash people with Body is such a simplified system... maybe use the best of the two stats?

That 250 pound SEAL will have both Body and Ref through the roof, but those guys are basically SUDDENLY ARASAKA LOL.
The name of the game does remind me of Lasers and Feelings but might be _too_ simplified.
Again, Congo. This is from my late mother’s diary - she was working as a secretary for an airline.

Anyway, she and her colleagues befriend this really keen Nigerian student. Great guy. Then one day the local chief of police rolls up with a dozen guys with rifles, the rifles being his search warrant. Search warrant duly presented they search the premises including the safe.

Said safe is properly searched and funds seized and the airline employees receive a stern talking to about their ripping off a keen young businessman.

By the time people put two and two together the guy is gone with the money less the chief’s cut, and never seen again.

And that young man was a player character.
Point taken. Suggestion: keep the basic skill mechanic (1d10+stat+skill vs target number set by GM), but significantly reduce the number of skills.
Each class has their unique class skill, a special ability (the ones suggested in the class write-ups in >>62231941 are really good) and 4 career skills. You get 20 points to distribute to these as you like, as well as 1d10 points to put into skills from other classes of your choice. The skills are way more general/abstract, and there are fewer of them. This simplifies things while allowing the game to handle small scale firefights if necessary.

Charismatic Leadership (SLZ)
Firearms (REF)
Melee (REF or BODY)
Intimidate (COOL)

Spellcasting (JUJU)
Survival (JUJU)
Melee (REF or BODY)
Stealth (REF)

A Little Bird Told Me... (BRN)
Scam/Deception (BRN or SLZ)
Economics (BRN)
Streetwise (COOL)

Jury Rig (BRN)
Firearms (REF)
Explosives (BRN)
Streetwise (COOL)

Skill List
Firearms (REF)
Stealth (REF)
Melee (REF or BODY)
Intimidate (COOL)
Scam/Deception (BRN or SLZ)
Economics (BRN)
Survival (JUJU)
Explosives (BRN)
Streetwise (COOL)
You may want to look into Apocalypse World or any system where a unit is something like a character. If you don’t care too much about realism you could just give units a bonus for number - “50 Traumatized Child Soldiers, 4 stat, 2 skill, +4 for numbers” can fight Tony Montana with Cocaine Overdose and Freedom Rifle.
5 or so stats and 15-20 or so skills is something I’ve come to like since Feng Shui or so. Cyberpunk has a bit too many. Space Opera is right out.
What if each class has specific skills, with a small general skill list. I've been working on this but need some ideas.
Rabble-Rouser: You can raise twice as many members for your militia as your SLZ would normally
Tactics: Through strange magic, the Warlord can affect the results of a battle just by yelling! Any squad within earshot (or radio range, for well-equipped groups) may choose to re-roll a dice thrown in group combat-but they keep the new result.
Friends in… Places: You know guys. They know guys. Somewhere in this chain of guys are some serious badasses. When recruiting for a militia, you can forgo all normal recruiting to acquire one squad of foreign mercenaries.
Gun Runner: You also know some other guys, who happen to have found a box of guns which coincidentally fell off a truck. You are always able to acquire guns, big guns, rpgs, etc, at 3/4ths the normal cost.

>Witch Doctor
Magic: Can use rituals to empower allies or curse foes.
Healing: Can lift the effects of rituals placed by other witch-doctors. If the materials used to cast the
first curse are available, you can them to cast a curse with doubled severity on the opposed witch-doctor.
Zombie Power: When recruiting for your militia, you can recruit zombies rather than normal troops. Zombies are totally immune to morale bonuses and penalties, but are permanently locked at a d6 combat die.

post 1/2
I would gladly pay you tuesday...:You could scam an old lady out of her underwear. Anyone who doesn't know you is willing to do you one favour, for the promise of a favour in return. This exchange is always wildly advantageous forthe other person. You might not want to be around when he comes to collect.
A little bird told me...: you know everything there is to know. How's the US election going? What's the weather in the kremlin? What areas are diamond corporations looking into buying? you know all that. It's best not to ask how.
Photogenic: You have a knack for showing up where bleeding heart foreign aid groups are giving out supplies, and somehow making your way out with the lion’s share. Any time you would receive foreign aid, quadruple the aid received, but piss off everyone else who would have gotten that aid.
Cartel: You know how to get the good stuff. And the cheap stuff, for everyone else. You are always able to buy drugs, at 3/5ths the usual cost.

Improvigeneer: The scavenger can put things together with shoestring, some fence wire, and a dowel, and it'll work just fine. As long as the Scavenger has access to a part supply, they can repair any damaged mechanical device to be ~90% functional.
Macguyver: the Scavenger can repair your gun with nothing but the shit in his pockets. Of course, it only fires once before the repair fails. A scavenger can repair any mechanical device such that it works exactly once, then breaks again. They need no supplies to do this. It's assumed they bullshit something out of whatever is to hand.

Post 2/2
Anyone have any ideas for class specific skills for the witch doctor and scavenger?
>no barrel
I like the skill list here a lot, but witch doctor seems a bit thin. Spellcasting seems a little unnecessary as a skill, because every time you use Ju Ju, you use spellcasting. And stealth is also a strange choice for Witch Doctor, maybe best to leave that as a non-class skill only? Also Ju Ju being linked to survival doesn't make much sense to me, unless you want to frame Ju Ju as your "spirit of Africa" stat. Which I guess could work.
Yea, stralth is bad as Witchdoctors NEED to be flashy!
Should I set up the next thread when this one has not hit the boop-limit yet? (and is dying)
Yes I guess, it's almost at the bump limit. Just be sure to have a good hook question in the OP to get discussion going
That's a hard one, but I'll try.

P.S Sorry for shitty OP'ing but some had to do it and noone else did

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