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File: Make_a_damn_setting.png (282 KB, 1600x1178)
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Preiovus thread here: >>61741777

Part 2 of the sontaneus worldbuilding thread. We made the Gods so now it's time to give them a world and some worshippers.

Follow the guides of the pic and go one after another.

Now let's worldbuild /tg/
File: Thottogods.png (547 KB, 8304x6296)
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547 KB PNG
OP here if you want to still roll up a God or 2 it's OK I guessUse this:

Here are the Gods so far in a chart.
Here for the night for discussion, afraid to meddle in the rolling.

What can we do while we wait for the next god to be created?
Well the Gods are less important now I'd focus on rolling the world. I'm OP though si it would be rude for me to do the first roll.
Last God we rolled up from the previous thread. Only Domains rolled up:
Chartfag, I suggest you closely reread the thread and make amendments as every time I look at the chart I spot a new issue. For example, saying that waterbro has a large workforce when they mosty do their own work as they are part of all water though if you’re declaring them the primary angel I suppose it’s okay if you retcon it, or saying that the thief is god of armour (you’re thinking of the god of assassins).

I don’t mind too much if you’re trying to be the primary driving force being making a cohesive setting, but please please please make sure you know what you’re on about.
I don't try to be primary force I'm just the one who did it.

Anyone you say god of assasins, did I miss one? (they are kinda made confusingly at the start of the thread)

Feel free to download it and fix it up because i just wrote down things from the thread without changing anything besides adding semi-random names to unnamed Gods.
Can somebody post an overview of the gods from last thread? I'd do it but I'm at work and my lunch break is over in like two minutes.
I literally posted it already.
Just someone is to make the correction

Here in the picture.
good night boop
though thread seems dead
Let's make one or two primordial civilizations that inhabited the settings and first interacted with the Gods.
First roll a d100 to find out in what climate the ancestor civilization developed.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

>Cold (mountain)
This civilization inhabited mountains, probably the cooled down remains of Vulcas' first attempts at filling the ever-expanding sea with fire and magma.

Next roll d10 to determine what (human) ethnicity the ancestors were.
Rolled 2 (1d10)

You got it anon.

>probably the cooled down remains of Vulcas' first attempts at filling the ever-expanding sea with fire and magma.
I love this.
>Rolled 2 (1d10)
They were light skinned people who lived in houses of timber, mud and straw.
Next roll to find out who were the leaders of this civilization (d10)
Rolled 7 (1d10)

>Rolled 7 (1d10)
This civilization has no hereditary dominant class, instead the richest merchants run the various cities relying on their riches and wits instead of their swords and blood to rule. Their is no centralized governments between the various mountain settlements as travel through the various mountain passes is a dangerous pursuit. The most a merchant clan can hope for is having entrenched positions in various cities.

Next roll to determine the religion of our hardy mountain merchants (d100).
Rolled 29 (1d100)

>Rolled 29 (1d100)
Rather predictably, with more than a few gods actively roaming the earth, they see the worship of multiple gods as only sane and logical. The populace will perform various rites in honour of the wandering Gods, asking for their favour, be it a good harvest, a nice profit of margin, healthy children or for more nefarious intents like the failure of their competitors.

Next roll to see with what speciality this civilization was renowned for and is still remembered today for. (d100)
Rolled 55 (1d100)

>Rolled 55 (1d100)
>Great Architects
Surrounded by stone as they were it was only a matter of time before the first great merchant clans decided to move out of their hovels into manors sometimes sculpted into the rock itself. So began an armaments race between the various clans some of them almost ruining themselves financially to build a manor sturdier and bigger than their competitors.
Though many of these once prosperous trade cities lie in ruins today - silent reminders of another age - some have survived the test of time and are still bustling with activity as they were millennia ago. A select few even grew, but scarcely has the world seen bigger and better stone Oppidae since their eventual demise. In the present day, any architect worth his salt will travel to the old mountains at least once to study the grim cities of rock.

That's about it for the first civ. I feel like we've sort of reinvented dwarves, but I still think the end result is pretty cool. Shall we roll a few other, maybe see how they interacted?
Rolled 69 (1d100)

>we've sort of reinvented dwarves
Yes. Let's roll up another one. I hope we get elves this time. Rolling for climate.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

>Cold (forest)
>Rolled 69 (1d100)
>Cold (forest)
This civilization thrived in the vast forests that stretched from the edges of the previously mentioned primordial mountains to the far north. Definitely another rude climate.
File: 1a44d-viking008.jpg (410 KB, 1600x1170)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
>Rolled 5 (1d10)
>American native
Their customs and culture adapted to life in the great forests, they were quite different from their southern neighbours, which could often cause clashes.
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Rolling for leadership
File: Cornstalk.jpg (25 KB, 300x400)
25 KB
>Rolled 2 (1d10)
>Heridetary Despotism
The various tribes and clans of the great forest are ruled by hereditary chiefs which hold authority over their groups. They are assisted in their role by various religious leaders and elders, but ultimately the power lies with them.

Next roll to determine the religion (d100).
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Things are looking good for elves.
Rolled 58 (1d100)

> Secularism
>Rolled 97 (1d100)
The men of the forest, in their vast expanse, have yet to meet a proper supernatural being. The closest they come to "worship" is their relationship with Nopthas, the god of nothingness and passion, which they perceive not as a God but rather an underlying current of reality enlightened individuals can tap into.
>Rolled 58 (1d100)
>Great Architects
Reroll this one, lets not have overlapping civs right at the start.
File: postcardcahokia.jpg (153 KB, 1068x574)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>>Rolled 58 (1d100)
>>Great Architects
>Reroll this one, lets not have overlapping civs right at the start.
Although we can still make this work.
The tribes that have settled more permanently and started cultivating the harsh ground of the forest have taken a habit of erecting giant mounds, both as protection and prestige projects. Though relatively obscure a great many explorers from the later ages could hardly believe such enormous complexes existed in the savage forest.
Rolled 68 (1d100)

File: tg_thread.png (24 KB, 1024x768)
24 KB
That's another Cold (forest)...

Here's a small map to visualize what the setting maybe looked like a few millennia ago. Pretty small atm.
Rolled 43 (1d100)

File: grassland.jpg (164 KB, 1000x750)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>Rolled 43 (1d100)
Temperate (plains)
This civilization lives in the regions south of the last peak of the primordial mountains, where the climate is very much friendlier to civilization.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

rolling for ethnicity
File: plains1.jpg (105 KB, 700x550)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Rolled 5 (1d10)
The men of the plains are most closely related to the men of the northern forest, though often this similitude is only superficial.
Rolled 1 (1d10)

rolling for leadership
>Rolled 1 (1d10)
>Heridetary Despotism
Much like their northern cousins, they are led by hereditary chiefs, maybe they are closer to their relatives after all.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

rolling for Religion
File: Moon-Sheild.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1564)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>Rolled 36 (1d100)
At the crossroads of many regions, the men of the plains have seen and heard of many Gods and even witnessed a few roaming the land. They revere many, but have special importance for Sky father who helps them safely navigate the never-ending plains by stars alone.
>which they perceive not as a God but rather an underlying current of reality enlightened individuals can tap into

Native "Elves" using the Force sounds really interesting.
Rolled 10 (1d100)

rolling for Speciality
So, how do these different cultures interact with each other, if at all?
So we just assume they were Elves and Dwarfs or so we roll to see if they were some exotic race?

I propose we roll up the 3 we have now to the end talk about their relations and maybe the alien uprising we talked about earlier destroyed their Nations.

So now they'd be minority groups.
Rolled 4 + 1 (1d4 + 1)

Rolled 46, 40, 60, 62 = 208 (4d70)

Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d6)


Roads, Ice, Metal, Shields. Was a Mortal.
Noone here so I guess I'll roll up a short summary:

For now we've are making the first 3 Ancient Races which have inhabited the setting in the ancient mythical Era:

1. Cold Mountain not!Europeans who while mostly living in small houses of timber, mud and straw are rather remembered for their great accomplishments in architecture.

They were a merchant civilisation with no set in stone ruling class, the richest merchants were the ruling class overseeing the divided mountainous city-states.

They followed classis Politheism.

2. The denizens of the bordering Cold Forrest resemble American Natives the most, but are hereditary despots. Every tribe is ruled by a Chieftain and then hs lineage.

The men of the forrest have no God, and their contact with the supernatural was limited. The closest they come to "worship" is their relationship with Nopthas, the god of nothingness and passion, which they perceive not as a God but rather an underlying current of reality enlightened individuals can tap into.

Another one are the Americans of the temperate plains further South, they have been founded by the ancestors of the men from the Cold Forrests and simmilary are tribes ruled by dereditary despotic chieftains.

Unlike them however the men of the Mountains have taught them their faith and how to be humble which made them aknowlage the Gods and become politheists (though they still put Nopthas as the top of their pantheon)

Their speciality is acadaemics as they are the bridge binding the Forrest and the Mountains they obtained knowlage of both and their shamans in their tents maticously cultivate it so it is not lost.

(btw. which chart have you been using for the civ's it's not the one from the thread because you're mostly rolling 1d10's and 1d100's not 1d25's, can I get a link or something?)
Rolled 6 (1d12)


Chaotic Good
Rolled 4 (1d10)


good number of worshipers
Rolled 8 (1d10)


Lives in Godland
Rolled 6, 5 = 11 (2d10)

Rolled 6, 8, 2, 3, 8, 1, 1, 10, 9, 8, 8 = 64 (11d10)


Good number of relics.
Rolled 4, 8, 3, 1, 1, 2, 8, 6, 10, 5, 3 = 51 (11d10)

Rolled 7, 10, 4, 1, 4, 3, 2, 2, 7, 4, 6 = 50 (11d10)


Lot of defensive relics in there
Rolled 10 (1d10)


got a lot of helpers it seems
Nice one, name him in you want. If you were in thread one would be nice if you looked over the original chart some guy claims there were mistakes, I'll redo it some and will add your God.
Trying to figure out what the hell to do with him at this point. I started rolling dice without realizing what I was getting myself into. I mean roads Ice metal and Shields that was mortal? Some sort of wandering guardian who protected people in the frozen north and was so boss at it he got deified? Then there is trying to match the existing name schemes. Lot of apostrophes. Vyr'Dyre maybe...
Sounds nice I think I'kk make him the dad of not!Batman becauset hey are kinda simmilar.

Is it a guy or a girl?
Rolled 2 (1d2)


Fuck I have no Idea. Tell you what, lets roll. 1 male, 2 Female.
He's a mythical founder hero god who helped create civilization and an ascended mortal. If he was the first smith Ice makes sense as a contrast to the volcano god.
It does. The first blacksmith ascending and him being the first god who ascended from mortal makes me instantly think he was one of the Mountain People.

Alright I like the idea of a mythic founding hero that was deified. And honestly we have a shit ton of female figures in the pantheon, lets just make this one a dude.

Paved the first roads to allow people to travel safely by crushing stones and carving through cliff faces to make smooth paths, discovered(stole?) the secrets of metal working which allowed him to make the tools he used for the stone working to make the mountain roads. Made shields to protect the people. Don't know what to do with the Ice though.
He is the one who tamed the ice of the mountains crushing it beneeth his tools and subjugating it just enough to let *undefined race* thrive there.

(yea, I think we have enough Gods, I'd finish up the 3 ancient races and get to rolling the actual table which is in the thread-pic)
Maybe he was licked out of a block of ice like the Buri in Norse myths?

Froze to death, Incorporated ice into his schtick upon ascension?
Someone rolled up something in the old thread so copying over:

>Name : Ylunativa
>Goddess of Moon(s), Age, Agriculture and Blood.
>Was a mortal before becoming a goddess.
>Lawful Neutral.
>Worshipped by a decent number of people.
>Doesn't have a set home and travel around.
>Three relics.
>A paintbrush. Painting the symbol of the goddess on the belly of a pregnant woman, during childbirth, with the woman's own blood, guarantees her a peaceful and painless delivery.
>A staff made of an unknown wood which, when used in a particular way by its owner on a full moon night, rejuvenates him by several and protects him from diseases and injuries until the next full moon.
>A helmet that gives its wearer, when it is dark, the ability to manipulate blood (purify it of any poison, boil it in the veins of a human being, make it gush from your limbs and harden it to use it as a weapon or armor, etc...). Probably one of the most dangerous artifacts that exist.
>Workforce is non existent.
File: Thottogods.png (720 KB, 8304x6296)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
OK, updated the Gods... we've got way to many Good ones compared to Evil.

So here I have an Idea. Good Gods all kinda work towards one goal so they tend to uplift and tend to create more gods. Meanwhile Evil Gods compete and have differing Goals as such they kill their offspring, and keep other being from ascending.

Instead they have a WH40k-esque system of creating weaker Daemon Princes which they don't controll, but cown their souls and influece their powers. That is the way evil spreads instead.

Updated the chart of Gods uploading here.
As for the ancient races we decided that the Native Americans from the trees and Stepp ones are Elves. I think they could be called "the fathers of magic" from what we have so farm.

Meanwhile the Dwarves should be "the fathers of civilisation". I think that fits perfectly what we have so far.

Now we only need to decide why their Empires fell. I propose they didn't go extinct, buti nstead became minority races.

(once that's done we can finaly roll this threads table...)
Got a God I rolled up.

>Name: Ypdos
>God of Sun(s), Light, Body and Weapons.
> Has always been a God.
>Lawful Good.
>Is worshipped by a small cult.
>Lives in their own plane.
>Four Relics.
>A Heavy Crossbow that shoots bolts of pure sunlight. It reinvigorates friends and burns enemies.
>A robe that heals and reconstructs the wearers body when they are bathed in sunlight.
>A mask that makes the wearer stronger, faster, more reactive, and harder to kill.
>A Zweihänder made of pure sunlight. It is weightless, and cuts right through all of an evil disposition.
>The workforce is small, but still gets things done.
File: Thottogods.png (773 KB, 8304x6296)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
I'll add it ot the chart... another lawful good.
Well, maybe they got fucked over by a combination of the various evil gods taking cheap shots at them and the birth of two faster breeding, yet short lived races, human and orcs. On that note, let's do the orcs now. I'm not sure what table we've been using, because OP's only calls for a D25, so what should I roll?
Rolled 16, 22, 2, 25 = 65 (4d25)

We do not know if Orks exist... we are supposed to roll this stuff. It's already stupid that we have just chosen that Elves and Dwarves exist.

Anyway it's been 76 posts, I'll do actual first fucking roll.

Rolling Astrophysics and Geography!
Rolled 3, 17, 11 = 31 (3d25)

1. No Moons
1. Fewer Metors

2. Fully Frozen
2. Choose 3 - rerolling 3 times!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1200x675)
79 KB
The setting is a simple moonless planet, but we have a mon goddes so there was a moon, but got destroyed. It now forms a Saturn-like Ring arround the planet, that ring catches any meteors which could possibly hit it.

It is a cold desolate world, once an aquatic wonderland it's now a frozen hellwhole where you just walk from Marshy Island to Marshy Island.

Sometimes you stumble uppon a large Grassland formed arround a Vulcanoe of Vulas, but those Oasis of warmth and comfort are often reserved for Daemons, Daemon Princes and other followers of the Evil God.

All the ancient races fell from grace when the moon was destroyed. The lacking tides dried out the Elvesn Stepps and Forrests while forming Glaciers rolled over the Dwarven mountains and structures.

OK, guys continue rolling now!
I need to go.
Frgot to write roll gave Mostly aquatic, Mostly Marshy, Fully grassland

That's why I wrote it up like that: >>61781278
They can be, in order,
>Dwarves, or at least dwarf-like people, maybe some form of Mul, anyone remember those?
> High elves, they see themselves as above all that god stuff and it has been to their detriment at times as Sky Daddy has yet to dick any of them and produce a demi-god, they still have access to their "Spiritual nothingness" though which is still pretty powerful when used correctly
> Wood elves, maybe plains elves because of their terrain? Effectively the favorite child, a few of the current gods can actually draw a connection to this group, namely Lili'fres and Lidicha

That sound alright with everyone?
Also, Aliens were totally human invaders, gotta get that trope in there
Was probably the ancestor of our not!dwarves too, considering his skills and such?
Okay, so, I guess due to the chilly climate even our elves have grown facial hair, now that's progress I believe in
An evil god! Finally!

>Name: Uv'ithre
>God of Knowledge, Magic, Metal, and Madness.
>Was mortal before becoming a god.
>Neutral Evil.
>Worshipped by a very large number of people.
>Doesn't have a set home and travels around.
>Four Relics.
>A leather bound notebook with every piece of knowledge ever to be known within, and some knowledge that was never to be known. After finding the piece of knowledge you want most, the notebook disappears.
>A magic powered, steel exoskeleton that boosts the wearers physical and mental capabilities beyond mortal limits. However the exoskeleton mast be grafted onto the body of the user, and it slowly erodes the sanity of the user.
>A small repeating crossbow that is magically reloaded so long as you still have ammo left. The crossbow is small enough to be either mounted on the arm or implanted into the arm itself.
>A trench coat that has pockets that contain limitless amounts of metal parts. If you have the knowledge of artificing, you can create small metal objects, like creatures or tools, out of the various pieces.
>God does most of their own dirty work by choice, honestly preferring to not rely on angels or demons much, if at all.
>Knowledge, Magic, Metal and Madness.
The patron saint of the Dark Blacksmiths, an almost extinct caste of renegade scholars and evil craftsman who forged in ancient times a large number of magic mechanisms and weapons with terrifying occult properties. Their thirst for knowledge has pushed them to awaken sleeping forces that they have tried to imprison in the objects they have forged. In vain.
Lore coming up, feel free to criticise and/or ignore:

Uv'ithre was a prodigy of magic and artificing as a mortal. However, he was never fulfilled with just knowing these things, he always wanted more. So he consumed all knowledge, no matter what it was, from agriculture to geology to music, he lapped it up like a starving man. However, when he found out everything there was about 'normal' knowledge, he turned to more... forbidden texts. As he discovered the true nature of everything, and his sanity started to erode, his personality started to change and he became more distant and cold. It was at this point he started to believe that 'the flesh is weak' and started to replace his body parts with metal versions. Eventually, after replacing his entire body with a metal upgrade he discovered how to become a God. And so, without a second to consider, he performed rituals, and forbidden experiments, and eventually became a God, and as such, had all the knowledge of the universe at his disposal. With this rush of information, the remaining scrap of his sanity broke, and Uv'ithre went completely mad.
A large number of stories tell the terrible and horrific farces that this god often plays to his divine congeners, thanks to the objects forged by his disciples. He is greatly hated by the other gods.
That sounds awesome! Wonder where they now hide, perhaps in an old factory where they can still pump out metal guardians?

The amount of stories that could be made about this would be glorious.
File: assassin.jpg (56 KB, 749x1066)
56 KB
hey, I got a really interesting god there

>Name : Daal, the Silent Prince
>God of Death and Freedom
>Was a demigod
>True Neutral
>Is worshipped by a small cult
>Live in a select location on this plane
>Five relics.
>A rapier with a black blade that gives its owner the ability to see the ghosts of the dead and to wound the ethereal beings.
>A small scythe that emits an invisible protective field around its wearer, making it invulnerable to the harmful influences of the spirits of the dead.
>A grey hood that plunges the wearer's face into the shadows and makes his presence imperceptible to anyone
>A pair of black metal boots allowing the wearer to walk through walls, doors and obstacles as if he were a ghost.
>A large steel scythe that vibrates when its wearer is near a place haunted by spirits, where many people have died.

Wow, lads, I believe we have a god revered by a cult of assassins who consider death to be the greatest form of freedom.
If he was a demigod, we have to determine who are his parents. An already existing god of the pantheon we have created, perhaps ?

I'd say he's the son of L'dicha and a mortal man.
Anyone else disliking the barren ice landscape?
I like it. I personally think its nice and different.
So, what are the civilizations of this world ?
File: Thottogods.png (843 KB, 8304x6296)
843 KB
843 KB PNG

OK, I added you guys's Gods to the pantheon.
It's nice that we've finally got a God of Death!
>Name: Aaris
>Goddess of Pain and Pleasure.
>Has always been a god.
>Chaotic Evil
>Is worshipped by a decent number of people.
>Is omnipresent, and as such has no set home.
>One(!) Relic
>A whip, made of rough black rope, with implanted barbs, causes intense pleasure for both the victim and the wielder upon striking skin. The pleasure is so much that both the victim can do nothing but writhe around on the ground, able to think of nothing but the sensation caused by the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. By the power of the whip, the wielder feels nothing until there is no threat. Then the rush of pleasure and pain, multiplied by the amount of successful strikes towards others, hits all at the same time.

We have a god of BDSM now boys.
File: Thottogods.png (884 KB, 8304x6296)
884 KB
884 KB PNG
OK, first Chaotic Evil God.

but seriously I think we long have enough Gods...

So, the pantheon is now complete and we flesh up the world a bit ?
Rolled 19, 22, 8 = 49 (3d25)

Continuing to roll setting because noone else will...

Previling Climate, Native Biology and Number of Civilisations.
>Prevailing climite : Low humidity (dry world ?)
>Native biology : Multiple symbiotes (?)
>Four civilizations
Rolled 24, 15, 19 = 58 (3d25)

First civilization : General aesthetic, Dominant race, supernatural elements
Rolled 14, 20, 3, 3, 23, 1, 11 = 75 (7d25)

> Extremely Low Humidity
When the cold wind blows it hurts even more than it usually would you don't feel cold, you feel a piercing pain as it hits your skin. The Sun eternally shines uppon the Icy word as no cluds ever descend.

> Multiple Symbiots
Characteris for this world are the symbiots, rare creatures magical in nature or not which will choose a host and for mutual benefit will help him out. Symbiots can extend lifespan, streangthen magic or physical power al at the cost of seemingly just eating more...
> Four Major Civilisations
Honestly hoped for more, if we want we can roll up more minor ones later.

I'll roll one because why not.
>Name: Uldir
>God of Food, Alcohol and Gambling
>Was mortal before becoming a god.
>Chaotic Neutral
>Is worshipped by a very large number of people.
>Lives in their own plane.
>Two relics.
>A magical tankard, that when any alcoholic beverage in poured in, it will never run out until everyone around is completely shitfaced. It also fills everyone around with a desire to get completely shitfaced and to start drunken fistfights.
>A pair of magically loaded dice. The tampering with these dice is undetectable. However, every time the dice are thrown, the side that is loaded is magically changed.

I know we said no more gods, but I was already in the middle of one, so I decided to keep going an finish it. And anyway, the idea of a drunk, fat, compulsive gambler who somehow became a god is a pretty funny concept, you know?
Forgot to determine their speciality before rolling asleep yesterday.
>Fierce Warriors
The people of the plains are remembered as skilled warriors, riding their horses in enormous, fluid cavalry battles

>(btw. which chart have you been using for the civ's it's not the one from the thread because you're mostly rolling 1d10's and 1d100's not 1d25's, can I get a link or something?)
It's the old civ generator from 1d4chan
This is the second Civ then.

> Aesthetic
Islamic Golden Age
> Race
Amphibian beastman... so frogpeople.
> Supernatural Elements
Thsi race Uses magic commonly, but is not that good at it.
> Values
> Economy
Illegal Goods
> Philosophy
> Governament
Corporate Rule

Holy fucking shit this result is great.

I'll call them "Garhut"
The Garhut resemble in appearance a mix of Axolotl and Salamander and all have pure black skin with colourful red, yellow or purple patterns on it.
At first they resemble muslims in clothing and architectue which resembles the islamic traditions of the Tatars of Kazakhstan (cold-land muslims), but they values completelly diffeer as the Garhut refuse all morality in the world.
Their entire Empire is built like a mix of megacorporation and mafia as their main export goods are Illegal Goods of all sorts.
The worship of any Gods is strictly forbidden, Gods are not worth praise. The Gods of good punish them for no reason and the Evil ones want to whipe them out, the Garhut don't appease the Gods, they are an enemy to be subjugated and killed.

Only the worship of Thedfeur is permitted as he while a God is a mortal who ursurped the title, chellanged the Gods and won. Being the patron of thieves also helps...
Thedfeur also believes that divinity should be given to all the races of the world.

As such it is not rare to see a Thedfeurian Daemon Prince making deals with the Garhut or Garhut using Daemonic Artifacts or living among Daemonic races.

Their society thus is partly devided, all follow Militant Antitheism, but some see Thedfeur as an ally others as another enemy.

The Garhut can be found everywhere. Living among the mortal civilised and good races or at the foot of a Vulcanoe surrounded by daemons of all sorts. Their criminal network stretches wide and offers all imaginable services.
Ah, makes sense, because you were not making major Civ's, but the ancient prekursor ones.

Feel free to roll a current one up now.
Rolled 18, 9, 8, 19, 6, 1, 2 = 63 (7d25)

Lets roll a civilisation
Rolled 5, 4, 14, 25, 20, 19 = 87 (6d25)

That Anon seems to have abbandoned it so I'll try finishing up. Just ignore this is he comes back.

> Aesthetic
Choose 2 ... 'K rolling
> Race
Amorphous, so like sentient gas or slimes, or spirits.
> Supernatural Elements
Common, Weak
I guess it's a civilisation of magic spirits of some sort.

I'll roll the rest for now.
Rolled 6, 22, 12 = 40 (3d25)

> Aesthetic
Mesoamerica and Stone Age Europe
> Values
> Economy
Choose 3... rerolling
> Philosophy
Heaven, Hell... um yea we have those kinda vague.
> Governmanet
Secret caballs
> Economy
- Soldeirs/Mercs
- Luxury Goods
- Entertainment

A race of beings who have transcended their physical form, they have a dualistic faith in which they have Heaven and Hell.

They greatest value is inovation which is probably why they transcended their physical form... and want everyone else to do so as well...

In essence they make the perfect worhippers of Uv'ithre like him they value inovativeness and knowlage, both have transcended their physical form etc... they have a very diverse economy as well.

There is a minority of "good" expats who worship the Dwarven God Vyr'Dyre instead.

This is an evil setting.
File: Thottogods.png (935 KB, 8304x6296)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
I'll add this one to the chart, not!Baccus is a good idea.

Now please feel free to correct and remake the chart I made...
another abbandoned one... not wirting up another one it'd be stupid at this point...

I'll roll one last God I guess.
Rolled 1 (1d4)

Bored so rolling another God because why not?
A civ that I rolled up:

>General Aesthetic
- Heavily Industrialised
>Dominant Race
- Synthetics
>Supernatural Elements
- Rare, Strong Supernatural (I have no idea. Maybe some are able to channel magic?)
>Primary Values
- Knowledge
- Innovation
- Dominance
- Machinery
- Slavery
- Cosmic Monothesim
- Corporate Rule

In summary:
We have a race of heavily industrialised, bat-shit insane steampunk-esque machines and synth slavers, who grew sentient, are ruled as if they are a massive corporation, believe that some cosmic being created them, and now want to gain knowledge, innovate on themselves and make themselves even more efficient, and dominate everyone. I have a feeling that they might worship Uv'ithre exclusively. Just a hunch.
Rolled 14 (1d70)

Eh, one domain, fine i guess.

P.S Old thread finally archived!
Uv'ithre getting all the races to worship him ;.;
I think we need to let people roll up more civ's...
Rolled 1 (1d4)

Ooh a god of darkness! This should be interesting.

I'll make a god too, I guess.
Well, he apparently does have a lot of followers. But yes, more people should roll up some civs.
Rolled 42 (1d70)

Heh, one domain. Lets see what we get.
Rolled 17 (1d70)

I figured it out we have 2 evil races and one neutral one so maybe we can have rolled up 4evil and 4 good well... neutral can fill both branches. Let's just make sure it's no more than 8.

Also rerolling domain because we have god of darkness already...
Rolled 25 (1d70)

Who was the god of darkness?
Also rerolling domain, already have a god of volcanoes.
Rolled 3, 3 = 6 (2d6)

God of Peace... heh, from what he have so far he's failing at his job pretty badly.

I will have to fudge his aligment obviously
"good + something".

Rolling origin and second part of alignment
Rolled 12 (1d12)

> another demigod
> neutral good
rolling worshippers
Rolled 4, 1, 5 = 10 (3d6)

There is art in this forsaken place!?
Rolling for origin and alignment.
> 12
Is unheard of.
Makes sense, people here probably have not experienced peace once in their existance.

Rolling location and number of relics.
Rolled 4, 10 = 14 (2d10)

didn't work -_-
Rolled 2 (1d12)

>Another goddamn former demigod.
>Chaotic Good
Rolling for the number of worshipers.
Rolled 10, 7 = 17 (2d12)

> lives in alterante plane with other Gods
I bet he's getting drunk with not!Baccus all day because he's depressed he's failing at his job and nobody knows he exists
> 2d12 relics
Fucking cunt has too much free time
Rolled 8 (1d10)

He has 17 relica not rolling them up because table makes no sense.
They are mostly hrealing items, non-combat zone projectors etc.

Rolling workforce.
Rolled 1, 9 = 10 (2d10)

>Is worshipped by a very large number of people
How? Where in this wasteland is there art? Its all a frozen hellhole!

Either way, rolling for location and relic number.
In such a desolate hell art myght be the only thing those people have to look forward too...

OK, so my completelly unknown dude has the workforce of an average God.

Like how did he even come God from demigod?
I'll call him "Sautive"
Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d12)

Goddamnit. 2d12 it is. Also, art god lives somewhere in this plane.
Well considering Sautive completely failed at his job, perhaps.

Oh thank god. Only five to roll up.
Sky Father.
Rolled 9, 3, 2, 9, 4 = 27 (5d10)

Screwed it up.
Rolled 9, 7, 3, 10, 1 = 30 (5d10)

1 weapon, 2 tools, 2 pieces of clothing.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

We have:
>Relic 1 (Weapon) - A bow that causes people hit to be overwhelmed with a feeling of calm.
>Relic 2 (Tool): A chisel that will create masterful stonework.
>Relic 3 (Tool): An axe that cuts through everything, as long as you are collecting the materials for art related purposes.
>Relic 4 (Clothing): A beret that increases your skill at painting.
>Relic 5 (Clothing): A shirt that will never get dirty with any material.

Rolling for workforce.
>The workforce is small, but still gets things done.
So she has a small team of angels to help with the art she creates. Not bad.

I hereby dub thee... Ithys!

So Ithys the goddess of art, worshipped by many, because of the escapism she holds for the citizens in this frozen land.
Lets make him the son of not!Batman, to fit in with the first roll of 'god of darkness'. Also, I can see not!Batman's son becoming a hippy.

Ithys can be the daughter of Uldir. Just because food and alcohol suit art quite well.
Makes sense.
Just write a summary for the God of Art and I'll put it in the graph.
Alright. Here goes:

Ithys, the Chaotic Good goddess of Art, is the daughter of Uldir, and resides inside her large art gallery made of ice. Her many worshipers visit daily, marvelling at their goddess' handiwork, and requesting her favour so they are accomplished in their own artistic endeavours. She has a small team of angels to help her out. The escapism she holds is a most welcome distraction from the desolate hellhole the general population live in.

I have one for Sautive too, if you want:

Sautive, the Neutral Good god of peace, is the son of Darlahim. He resides in Uldir's plane, getting drunk everyday, because he is completely unknown to the people of the land, due to the fact most of them don't know the word 'peace' exists. He has many relics, most are healing items, or non-combat zone projectors. He has an average sized force of angels, ready to help those in need of peace, but they cannot help due to the fact no one knows of this god.
Okay, that's really enough gods now. Let's focus on worldbuilding. Are the dwarves and elves still around, and if so, in what capacity?
File: Zajeta slika.png (33 KB, 876x572)
33 KB
Rolled up another civilization

>General aesthetics
Pre-colonized South Asia
>Dominant race
>Weak supernatural
Rare, weak supernatural
>Primary values
Pacific Rim Islander Folk Religions

So we have this goblin civilization that exists on islands bordering the main continent. Their connection to magic is pretty feeble with at most a few enchanted objects. Even though a large part of their wealth stems from piracy they hold justice to be paramount. The booty is always fairly shared between the crew and the pirates will always try to be fair and honourable when they return to their own ports.
They are ruled by a benevolent "Pirate King" who controls the biggest pirate fleet the world has ever seen. His agents act as ambulant judges, travelling between islands and dispensing the King's justice if conflict arises.
The Goblins are ardent worshippers of the Sky Father St'Patrur (worshipped as Ranginui the Primordial sky father and Ika-Roa the primordial fish that spawned the stars of the sky) who guides on sea with his stars. They also have a very strong tradition of ancestor worship where previous great pirates and sailors are called upon and revered, with each clan paying honours to their specific ancestors.
They also believe that the entire world is full of spirits and that even the smallest rock carries one within. These spirits are frequently called upon to protect a goblin or watch over his household or rather ship-hold. Animal spirits are also called upon, when naming children or ships, to empower them with their powers. Because of these beliefs Anruth (worshipped as Ikatere. father of all creatures) and Nopthas (worshipped as Auparu,the stream of spirits).
I'd assume so. They are probably shadows of their former selves though. The Americans are likely the best off, because the plains still exist. The mountains and forests don't, at least not much.
I agree.
I'd say that the ancient races have survived, but are now minorities without an Empire. (unless we happen to roll Elf or Dwarf later)

I think the Dwarves have become the typical minority race of the setting. Their nate crafting ability and "ice forging" their God granted them makes them a welcome race in most places.

The Forrest Elves probably now inhabit the Marsh areas of the setting where they still live in tribal communities.

The Steppe Elves probably wanted to stay in the Steppe so they've become servants of Vulas which fits their Warlike nature well anyway.
I love how the pirates are the good guys in this setting.
So what exactly are the practices of the cult of Vulas? Live sacrifices via tossing people into volcanoes is of course mandatory.
I like it. Goblins get the shaft so often, it's refreshing to see them be on top for once.
Awesome, most of the sees are forsen so I guess they are located arround the equator where the ice is thin breaking trough it with their giant ships.

What is their relation to the Goddess of water?
That obviously is mandatory well duh.
I'd also say setting random shit on fire would belong to that.

As well as killing anything alive.

It's not like they are fully good it's just that they are the least bad ala Imperium in 40k.
The magic of rgn
I imagine some dwarf holds are still inhabited, with the comercially-minded dwarves now already heavily interbred with various other races. They see the ancient dwarven civilization as their direct ancestors and many traditions and ceremonies from that time remain, even though they are purely ritual. The majority of holds, specially the ones high up or far into the mountains have been long abandoned and lie ruined. Sometimes expeditions are organized to study the remains and hopefully unearth some ancient treasures of a long extinct trader clan.
The forest elves have given up their meagre attempts at agriculture as the great cooling made any permanent settlement impossible in their northern lands. They're now a very marginal and small people of nomadic hunters and pastoralists that herd elk in the great forests. Their contacts with other civilizations is limited to a few outposts on the edge of the forests where they trade their elk herds and animal pelts for goods they can't produce themselves.
The now abandoned giant moats upon which elven chieftains built their log houses on are seen as secret grounds and still serve as places of burial, making them heavily charged with underlying magic currents the elves of the forest know how to master.
The Sioux elves, exposed as they were, are probably extinct.
All things being relative, They really are the closest this setting has come to noblebright. Should we do another current empire, trying for something land based?
File: Thottogods.png (997 KB, 8304x6296)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
Yea why not, let's go for it!
Also last update on the God-chart
>The Sioux elves, exposed as they were, are probably extinct.
I prefer to believe that Vulas would have protected them just enough that they would still be around to serve him, if only to use them to mock the Sky Father. Also, this>>61786399
is too good to waste.
I mean it's not like they're ruling a huge empire, but I guess in this world not being completely miserable is basically as good as it gets.
>What is their relation to the Goddess of water?
She's probably held to be at least as important as the sky father in their mythology even if she's lower on the cosmic totem pole in actual reality. I imagine the goblins offer sacrifices to her every time their ships embark on a longer voyage.
I'd actually give them a big Empire.
Mainly because they can be used as the "hub".

Pirate crews tended to be diverse and meritocratic so having Dwarves, Elves, Humans and the rolled up races serving alongside Goblins would be nice.

But what is their origin though? Do the good gods accept Goblins to be equal to denizens of their "chosen" races? Are Goblins being kinda fucked over by the Good Gods?
Yeah, I'm just throwing ideas around. The warrior elves being a race now dedicated to the god of fire is way better. I imagine their hordes riding on horses, leaving fire and destruction in their wake, pillaging sedentary civilizations.
I also like >>61786354 with ice-forging dwarves accompanying the merchant caravans and offering their services.
>Name: Uion
>God of Politicians, Law and Society
>Was a demigod
>Lawful Evil
>Worshipped by a very large number of people
>Lives in their own plane
>One Relic
>A piece of parchment that has the special property of making a deal seem fair for both parties, but is skewed in the favor of the dealmaker

Final god! We don't have a lawful evil guy yet, so I made this just in case.
In this setting, beggars can't be choosers, even if they're gods. The goblins are the only good empire so far, by virtue of not being total assholes.
Rolled 3 (1d25)

Rolling a minor civ to flesh out the setting a bit

>General aesthetics
Rolled 9 (1d25)

>Greco-roman classicism
Now this could be interesting.
Rolling for dominant race.
This was in the first thread, how do the current empires deal with these?

>Vulas, more commonly know as the Erupting Hunger, seeks to drown all life in liquid fire. To aid him in this madness, he crafted twenty-two living artifacts that he named "Flame Bearers" which resemble massive dragons, made of roiling, bubbling magma. Where these constructs go, the ground is consumed by fire, and Vulas laughs from the heart of his plane, the Endless Eruption.
Rolled 16 (1d25)

>Mammalian beastmen
Their leader is a horseman consul, calling it.
Rolling for supernatural.
Rolled 22 (1d25)

>Common, weak supernatural
SO the beastmen don't need to carry lighters and use magic to help them with small day to day tasks, but are unable to use for anything really useful.
Rolling for values.
>Where these constructs go, the ground is consumed by fire
The Goblins probably just load all of their relatives and possessions on the family boat and wait for the Bearer to pass.
Rolled 7 (1d25)

Makes sense, mammals have a lot of stamina, not to mention surviving in this death world requires all the endurance one can muster.
Now let's see how their economy functions.
I guess...

The question is if the Gods attitue is "you're the last on the extermination list.

Let's look at between-empire relations.

So we have Golems producing tech and eslaving mortals who serve evil.

We have the ascendance obsessed materalised spirits who focus on army luxury items and Entertainment. (some probably also follow some good gods so they are kinda neutral, but on the more evil side)

And Garhut the godslaying criminal mids axolotl who just focus on crime.

That means that so far they can only raid the Golems and the Spirits mostly the spirits... and being raided by "good god supporters" that only pushes them further to the evil side...

They may also raid the criminal caravans of the Garut.

The Garut when they do their crime they get wares across so the criminal underworld welcomes them, but when pirates raid and plunder it all goes just to them...

That means that ironically speaking within the setting the Goblins would be the most hated civilisation... at least by the other empires.
>which resemble massive dragons, made of roiling, bubbling magma

Drawfags, get on this.
>General Aesthetic
- European Middle Ages
>Dominant Race
- Dragons
>Supernatural Elements
- Common, Strong Supernatural
>Primary Values
- Dominance
- Xenophobia
- Slavery
- Cosmic Monothesim
- Theocracy
- Monarchy
- Fascism

I tried to get a good empire. I really did! Except I got... this.

We have a civilisation of xenophobic dragon slavers who have a fascist monarchy, and are governed by their god, Vulas, the Erupting Hunger. They want to destroy everyone, no matter the cost, and since they are all dragons, they might succeed.
They are ruled by a religious leader/emperor. The elite troops of this empire are Vulas' Flame Bearers. The dragons also equip weapons and armour over their already tough scales.They will fight to the death anyone who dares to stand in their way.

This setting is turning out pretty well, wouldn't you say?
Rolled 22 (1d25)

The Beastmen are well known for their expert craftsmanship on their weapons and armour, which is frequently enchanted with practical if not very powerful spells (stuff like permanent lustre, resistance to rust, etc). It's not unusual at all to find their weapons sold continents away for great prices. Now to find out their guiding philosophy.
Also the nomad fire elves probably see them as a blessing, they don't have any permanent constructions anyway that could be destroyed. A Vulcas crusade could start with a tribe of Fire Elves deciding to follow the Flame Bearer they encounter.
>This setting is turning out pretty well, wouldn't you say?
It's got some really good grimdark going on, I'll give it that. We just need some more good for contrast, and then all of the writefaggotry.
This sounds like tha dragon religion they had in ancient skyrim.

I'd say that's where the humans are enslaved by the Isolationist dragon Empire worhipping the Dragons as Gods.

Now the question which diety did the Dragons choose for their monotheism?

"Ypos" fits the best the only problem is that he is supposed to have a small cult.

What if we say that the Dragons are a small fraction of the poppulation and have their slaves worship them instead.

The dragons consider themselves the chidren of the Lawful Good God. The dragons don't see being slavers as bad, merely as natural as they are supperior so they should rule. They serve a Lawful Good God so they are willing to help them out and fight the "Evil Gods".
So the slaves would worship the dragons, is that what you are saying? And then the dragons would worship Ypos.
Rolled 25, 20, 18, 8, 19, 24, 4 = 118 (7d25)

OK, now for real. RGN-gods pls bless we need the good guys!
Rolled 17 (1d25)

>tolerant antitheism
Due to the sorry state of the world, the Beastmen have given up on Gods, though they don't actively go after the idiots foolish enough to still worship them. Instead of wasting time on religious affairs, they prefer to work harder, better then longer as anyone else and see work in itself as a worthy goal. This is how their armouries can sustain a madly high rate of production, big enough to supply the entire continent.
Lastly rolling to see their government structure.
I was thinking Vulas because xenophobia in this setting would basically be the Imperium of Man. But the thing your saying might work.
I kind of want them to worship Vulas, He's supposed to have a reasonably large cult, and something tells me that these dragons would be willing to follow someone who made these>>61786781
Rolled 17, 6, 22, 21, 16 = 82 (5d25)

It got amphibians again so that would be boring so I'll switch the first 2 numbers.

> Aesthetic
Nature Post-Apocalypse, I need to think what that could mean desu...
> Race
Roll trice
> Supernatural
Common, Weak, so like most races
> They value dominance
;.; you were the chosen ones...
> Economy
Colonisation, OK thism ight not be thaaaat bad
> Philosopy
roll twice
> Monarchy

Guys I think I rolled the UK
For the dragons we have 3 governament types. What if we make them kinda like China/HRE.

The Dragons agree that there is one God andt hey are his Children. They have one Emperor who is that, only in title.

Now the problem is some Dragons think the Sky father is the one-god, some thing it's Vulas etc, etc.

Essentially the dragon Empire is actually heavily divided.
> They value dominance
;.; you were the chosen ones...

They could view the other races as being evil and needing to be controlled.
I support this only if we can agree that the dragons who worship the Sky Father try and help the other races wherever possible. Also, in following the example of the Sky Father, half-dragon bastards everywhere.
File: consul.jpg (266 KB, 1170x550)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
The Beastmen, assaulted by various raider, slavers and other invaders from all sides, have transformed their once tolerant republic into a dictatorship headed by the "Grand Consul" Incitatus. The Consul is assisted by a Grand Council where various high ranking generals, guild masters and fascist theorists are seated.
> Race
- Divines - so the fallen angels we discussed earlier?
- Centaur'ish - I make them instead people with the bottom of a white wolf
- Hybrid of 2 - eh, no reason to roll it's the hybrid of the 2 above.

> philosophy
- reincarnation/Karma
- Indian Folk Religion

Got it then. The natural dissaster was the rebellion of the Angels against the Gods while most were locked up some weaker ones were missed and landed in the land of Centaur-wolves detroying their empire that being the Natural apocalypse.

Later the Wolf-Queen and the Last Archanagel married creating a lineage of noble hybrid descendance.

The weaker divines make up the middle-class and the wolf-people are the lower class.

Their Empire managed to reconstruct itself and no is in tone with nature. They follow the teachings of the neutral Gods.

They've created themselves a small colonial Empire which they will keep Expanding because Dominance is their main value.
They tolerate the Good Gods, but actively oppose the Evil ones.

... Nahuatl's though so they practie human sacrifice... their religion is centered arround tha holy boiling river which melts the ice and creates a small tropical paradise. (like Hindus).
They believe their religious leader is the same guy endlessly reincarnating.

(the post-angels still wanna be equal to the Good Gods tho..., they sometimes release the chained undergorund fallen abgels to wreck havoc on earth...)
They areXenophobic so not much helping out, maybe those simply treat their "slaves" well, essentially as subjects letting them live freely.
I think we have enough major Empires.
2 "good"
2 "neutral'ish"
2 kinda evil

I propose we roll up only minor ones now following the horseguy's example.
(we can still roll all 7 just the now rolled nations are much smaller)

I'd stop rolling and would just get to worbuilding now desu.

We need to name the factions and created races!
Alright so we have
General aesthetics
>Greco-roman classicism
Dominant race
>Mammalian beastmen
>Common, weak supernatural
>Tolerant antitheism

The Consulate of Raetia is an authoritarian state lodged in one of the corners of the continent. It's inhabited by various mammalian beastmen usually varying by region. It started its life as the Equid Republic of Raetia that gradually expanded to cover the vast majority of the beastman lands, but has rather recently become a fascist state under GC Incitatus after the people revolted against the corrupted noble houses of the republic.
As a people they value endurance and industry above all, making them a manufacturing powerhouse despite their relatively small size. Most renowned of all are the famous weaponsmiths of the Consulate, under their hammers are forged perhaps the best swords, spears and armour on the continent. These are further lightly enchanted en-masse by the factories mages. Though magic is an everyday sight in Raetia, it's not particularly powerful, making mages much more mundane than in other parts of the country.
Raetia officially follows no God, though private worship is permitted if seen as a foolish endeavour.
Anyone know what a "Nature Post-Apocalypse look is?"
Especially in a "forzen hellwhole" setting.
I'm not really sure how they'd look.

Also any reaso to keep human/mortal sacrifice up for the Colonial Empire? Grim-derp of the sake of Grim-derp might be stupid.
Nice, as they are a "minor" faction I'd either make them a protectorate under the COlonial Empire or a close ally to the Goblins.
Btw did you choose what type of mammal they are?
A furry cluterfuck of all mammals would be bad I think we need to chose one species and follow it esthetically and maybe incorbporate culturally.

It's a cold setting so something from that region maybe?
Thread is being dead again, bad thread -_-

Any ideas what we can do next we in essence have 6 moajor factions and eh, nobody else rolled so let's make furry romans major for now too so 7.

What needs to be done:
1. Name everything.
2. Specify relations between each other.
3. Specify relations to gods.
4. Expand uppon, culture, history and inner politics.
5. Talk about what do do next thread.

Would be great if people proposed some non-1d4chan rolling tables. Would be cool to keep the RGN-element.
File: map.jpg (413 KB, 3508x2480)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Tentative map - where do we plop the main landmarks (volcanoes) and civs?
I'd make the see in the middle cut the whole map in half, but the thinner.

The mountains and the forrest have been destroyed, but you can mark them as ruins of some sort.

I'd make a lot of vulcanoes and if they appear in clusters, also lava rivers and savannahs there.

Obviously adding the bigger marsh islands etc. I'm not entirely shure where to put stuff otherwise. We have the map divided between 7 factions though so the goblins need much more clay. (and a cooler name)

Bless you for your work map-maker faggot.
But where are the dragons on this map? What about these people?
I think that people are confused by what the dragons are like. I rolled 'em up, and I'm confused on what happened after. So here is a recap on their government and religion.

As a fascist, theocratical, monarchy, the Dragon Empire is ruled by an unquestioned arbiter between the gods and the people, and is basically cross between a medieval king, the pope and hitler. Also, remember that this empire has its aesthetic based off medieval Europe and so there is lots of heraldry, lots of political intrigue, the society is one of feudalism - peasants would be the slaves and depending on their job, the dragons came next and with Emperor is at the top, second only to Vulas, the one true God.

The vast majority of the Dragon Empire worship Vulas, as they believe Vulas created them in his own image to annihilate everything else. However, some small minorities of the empire have voiced their beliefs that the Sky Father is the one true God. Some have said Ypos. Others still have said Aaris is the true mother of dragons. All of these different opinions have divided the dragon empire and they are in a state of civil war to determine who is right. Also, since court intrigue is big in this empire, worship of L'dicha is fairly widespread.
I would make it not open civil war though more like court intrigue, skirmishes assasinations and enless skirmishes.

Kinda like the Holy Roman Empire.
Did you give the Dragon Empire thingy a name though?
I was thinking of that. I was just stupid and forgot what 'civil war' ment.

How about the Draco Fraudulentian Empire?
File: 1536007390333.jpg (87 KB, 1158x819)
87 KB
This is how I imagine a high ranking battle slave in the Service of a Dragon Duke/Prince to look.
Swap the armour for something that isn't made out of dragon scales and it is pretty much perfect!
That's what makes it perfect. Only the highest ranking, most respected slaves could ever hope to wear anything made from the scales of a dragon.
Dragons shed their scales periodically being given armour from those falling remains is the greates honour a human slave can be bestowed with.
File: map1.png (152 KB, 3508x2480)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
I'm heading to sleep, here's a .png of the map for whoever wants to mess around with it.
Font is Bahnschrift
File: Z tytułem.png (182 KB, 3508x2480)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Did some super-quick shit might do some more tomorrow because it's sleep time in Euroland.
Good night boop.

pls. make some names and lore and don't let thread die ;.;
That sounds really cool! I like it, the most privileged and favoured slaves getting clothing and other items made out of their master/mistress' scales.
What's the weapon?
I think it is a longsword from the game Monster Hunter.
Some lore for the sentient machines.

>Name: The Singularity

Are zealous adherents to the teachings of Uv'ithre. They are constantly innovating on their bodies, their tools and their weapons. They are also always digging for information, and using that information to improve themselves, just like Uv'ithre.
Bumps for the bump god.
That sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaay to Sci-Fy'ish

Maybe Singulatrons or something?
I'm with this anon>>61797612
Maybe they're a race of sentient golems or something like that?
Yeah, I got too excited. I still kinda want to do the sentient machine though, perhaps they are a race of steampunk-esque robots like the pic?
I like it.
Yea, I'd go for the look of Skyrim Dwarves or LOTR Orc technology.

Heavily magic based etc.

The question is why do they keep slaves?

They are servants on an evil God, my proposed theory is that they have organic parts which they NEED to periodically harvest from living beings.
Wait, fuck no!
The machines need souls of sentient creatures!

That is the fuel for their magic circuits so they abduct and enslace people. Breeding slaves is inefficient because their souls are weaker.
File: 18653.jpg (23 KB, 182x419)
23 KB
Fuck yea! Hell, we could even say they turn the slaves into fuel for the fires of industry. Alternatively, although this might be too sci-fi-ish, the slave's soulless corpse could be transformed into a machine.

Alright, lets see how I go.

>General Overview:
The advanced machines, with thick black smoke belching out of their exhausts, live in a large, underground, industrial revolution era, not!London. They lack emotion, and view 'meatbags' as being weak. They feel the only way to tolerate the other races is to dominate them, capture them, and/or use them until they are of no more use and then to use their souls as a premium power source. Only the ruling corporate body have personal names, identification numbers are used for the masses (e.g. BTS-832). Their society is based around technology, innovation and knowledge. It is basically a technocracy at this point. They are constantly collecting new information and are constantly innovating. It is a rare day that a machine goes without upgrading a part of itself. The machines worship Uv'ithre as their main, patron god, and hate all other gods for being 'weak' due to the fact that non of them tried to improve themselves.

Since the ruling body is a corporate society, they only care about knowledge, efficiency and how to become even more efficient. This corporate body is made up of the few machines that can use magic to further increase their abilities. This ruling class, however, is prone to major political intrigue.

Religion and an in-depth slave description will be coming up soon. Make sure to tell me if any of this is too sci-fi-ish for the setting. Also, does anyone have a possible name for the race? I have Lotur as a possible name, but any suggestions would be welcome.
Identification numbers I dislike that idea does not fit the feel kinda.

Also I'd make them not "advanced machinery" but maybe magically run mechanical contraptions.

You know like basic clockwork with magic golem-parts. The having massive underground cities you can only spot because there is smoke comming out of the ground is a cool idea.

What is their relationships to the Daemons, Cultists and Daemon Princes of their patreon God? Maybe their ruling class whcih uses magic are just weak Daemon Princes?
I wasn't sure with the identification numbers, and you confirmed my suspicions. What would you suggest instead?

The clockwork/golem mix sounds pretty cool and does work better within the setting, so thanks!

With the daemons >>61782480 describes their patron god as having no daemons under their command, and that he doesn't want any, so I don't really think daemon princes of the god would really work without retconning the god. Pretty cool idea though.

Anyway, here is a description of the way slaves are handled.

The slaves kept by the machines endlessly work the factory presses, pumping out various items for their masters, or are forever sweating down in the mines, collecting the raw materials for their overlords. After a slave collapses of exhaustion and is completely unable to do anymore, the machines perform a forbidden and evil practice - they take the souls of the former slave, and encase it in a small round container. This container is then put onto the market as a premium fuel source, as coal is the regular fuel that powers the constructs.
I propose also they were originally one species with the Amorphous spirits, they have very simmilar outlooks.

Both looked for ways to ascend past their limitations so following the example of their God they did not became machines some became spirits and now because of the dfferent outlook they hate each others guts even though they follow the same God.

btw. true he has no daemons serving under him a Daemon Prince is not a direct subject we chose to include those as "important individuals recieving blessings from an evil God in exchange for not goind against him and their soul"

Essenitally they are kinda like WH40k and a way to compensate for the low number of Evil Gods ocmpared too good ones. It's explained up there.

So essentially the God has no Daemons, but has 2 chosen races whose higher ranked individuals gain the title of Daemon Prince from him?
The shared origin with the spirits sounds really interesting, I like it.

Instead of becoming a Daemon Prince, I feel that the God would just bless his favoured subjects with increased magical power and technological ability.
Well, yea... that's what becoming a Daemon Prince would be.

You keep your autnonomy, but swear allegience to a God and become unable to hurt/oppose them. In exchange you are given power and become a Daemon Prince.

Daemon Princes of other Gods might also have the ability to controll less Daemons (that's why the title is Daemon Prince)

Meanwhile the Daemon Princes of Uv'ithre are important figures within their races and are looking for ways to ascend past what they ascended... they reject Daemons as servants because they are stagnant creatures, unchanged of millenia and unworthy of Uv'ithre.

Is that a nice explanation?
Right. Got it. I guess I was just unable to get my head around Daemon Prince=Favoured of God.
So we need to flesh out the other races more I'll get to it and we can debate making next thread.
The Garhut still are mad antitheists with a tollerance for Thedfeur as both believe that all mortal races should become Gods and do not respect the other Gods.

Thedfeurs Daemons and Daemon Princes work together closely with the race which does no outright worship him.

Some Garhut in the lower class also worship Uldir in secret as gambling and other illegal activities are the bread and butter of the race.

Within the Holy Drakon Empire the Gerhut consuct their illegal buisness mostly trouhg smugglers and setting up in sewers underneeth the freer towns. The dragons rarely directly hunt them down as in their isolated kingdoms the illegal markets of the Amphibians offer the only acces to some goods.

Within Collonial Kingdoms of the Celestials and Wulfcents the Garhut are seen as a pest which must be eliminated, but the Imperial ambitions of the Kingdom usually make them ignore their presence and instead try to incorporatet hem in their empire.

The Pirate Goblins gladly take the less antitheistic bunch into their pirate crews. but they hate the nation as raids of Gahrut transport ships are not rare.

Within the ascended Spirit and Machine races Garhut are rare as they make bad slaves and contradict their God, but their eternall drive to grow is appreciated and their underground trade connections make them desirable to have in small numbers.
Any ideas for next thread?
I'd like to continue the thingy.
I'd guess we continue making lore for the various races, both major and minor.
For this we have 70 more pages in this thread, we obviously will continue it, but I'm thinking of the new thing to introduce.

We rolled all the gods and all the races etc.

Anyway let's keep up the lore writing.
What if we alter these tables:

I think it might work.
A slightly edited creature creation table:

>Creature environment (d100)
1-20: Swamp
21-40: Plains
41-60: Ice
61-75: Lava/Magma
76-82: Desert
83-88: Forest
89-96: Jungle
97-100: Urban

>What is the creature's food habits? (d10)
1-3: Carnivore
4: Herbivore
5-6: Omnivore
7-8: Scavanger
9: Killer for fun
10: Doesn't eat

>How does the creature reproduce? (d10)
1-2: Asexual
3-6: Allogamy/Autogamy (Normal reproduction)
7-8: Parasitic
9-10: Last remaining member of their species. Is unable to reproduce.

>Main Sense (d10)
1-2: Sight
3-4: Smell
5-6: Hearing
7: Touch
8: Taste (re-roll if the creature doesn't eat.)
9: Its 5 main senses are largely equal
10: Sixth Sense or Magic

>What empire has had to deal most with the species? (d8)
1: Steampunk Machines
2: Amorphous Spirits
3: Holy Draco Empire
4: The Consulate of Raetia
5: Fallen Angels
6: Pirate Goblins
7: Garhut
8: Minor civilisations

>What role (generally) does (or did) the species as a whole play? (d100)
1-8: Farmed/Grown/Engineered
9-25: Left Alone
26-45: Hunted
46-57: Trainable
58-85: Dangerous
86-95: Imminent threat
96-100: Dorment

Tell me if I missed anything.
Hmm... you omitted the whole "Creature Design"

It has tons of details in it! I'd even keep the point system because it's simple and clarifies shit.

ALso Enviroment needs to be changed. We don't have jungles or deserts and forrests re mergend with swamps into marches.

Instead I'd add underground enviroment etc.

I guess I'll work on the Daemon Prince Table then.

I would just copy the "Creature Design" part without chaning a thing desu...
File: 525px-1319152928285.jpg (64 KB, 525x742)
64 KB
Daemon Prince Table: Tottaly not stealng from 40k edition

> Alignment:
1. L'dicha
2. Uv'ithre
3. Aaris
4. Vulas
5. Thedfeur
6. Chosen of Daemon Kabal
*a large group of Daemons can form a Kabal if they devote themseleslves to singular goal

> Origin
1-5 . God-speciffic*
6-25. Was a Daemon
26-50. Was a mortal
51-60. Was a fallen angel
61-70. A demoted former God**
71-85. A former animal***
86-90. Effect of multiple Daemons merging.
91-95. Was an object once. (cursed, sentient, not like mundane)
96-100. Created by Daemon God
*L'dicha - a demigod of her Father's creation
*Uv'ithre - a syntheitic being his creation
*Aaaris - her own children (often stillborn and revived)
*Vulas - born in ancient times alongside him
*Thedfeur - fellow mortals who tried to oppose the Gods, but died and thus were ghosts and got revived.
**hard mode: roll a God from original chart
***hard mode: roll a creature

> Weapon of Choice
1-10 Sword
11-20 Axe
21-30 Mace
31-40 Staff
41-50 Fist Weapons
51-60 Natural Weapons
61-70 Improvised (Roll twice and Combine Results)
71-80 MAGIC
81-90 No Weapons/Bare Hands
91-100 Anon Choice/Write in
* If the roll is an 88, it is a Vulas. If the roll is a 77, its a L'dicha. If the roll is a 99, its a Uv'ithrian. If the roll is a 66, its a Aarisian, if it's 99 Thedfeurian.

> Streangth
1-20 Below Notice (not much stronger than an average Daemon)
21-30 Pathetic
31-40 Worm
41-50 Weak
51-60 Average
61-70 Known Scourge
71-80 Greater Daemon
81-90 Greatest among their kin
91-99 Hands of the Gods
100 Chaos God

Source of power:
1. Mostly susidised by Patreon
2. Balanced
3. Mostly own power
4. Mostly from Artifact

> Magic Powers (lol)
1-20 Biomancy
21-40 Force
41-50 Divination
51-60 Pyromancy
61-70 Telekinesis
71-80 Telepathy
81-90 Daemonology
91-99 Improvised (Roll twice and combine results)
100 No Powers/Something completely different
> Loayality
1. Fanatically Loyal
2. Loyal
3. Content
4. Indifferent
5. Subjugated
6. Jelousy but Respect
7. Discontent
8. Rebellious
9. Love-hate Relationship
10. Traitorous
*even with bad traits is physically incpable of opposing, going against, or harming master
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Let's roll a critter, why not.
Rolling for environment
Rolled 8 (1d10)

A swamp dweller - so probably fairly common.

Rolling for food habits
Rolled 7 (1d10)

It's a scavenger, probably a common sight after major battles.
Rolling for reproduction.
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Parasitic reproduction. Probably lays eggs in the carcasses it finds.
Rolling for sense.
Rolled 1 (1d8)

Smell, well makes sense, spoiled meat can be smelled from great distances.
Let's see who they annoy the most.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

>Steampunk Machines
A bit odd, seeing as they're not organic.
What role?
Rolled 10 (1d10)

That explains it, they probably use it in their armies.
Now lets roll for locomotion
Well, now I feel stupid. I didn't notice anything past 'Personal Creature's Exemplary Action'. Either way, I'll post the changes.

>Creature environment (d100)
1-20: Swamp
21-40: Plains
41-60: Ice
61-75: Lava/Magma
76-82: Underwater
83-88: Underground
89-96: Urban
97-100: Can be found anywhere.

>Creature Design

>Creature Size (d6)
1-2: Small (3 Points)
3-4: Medium (9 points)
5-6: Large (15 points)

>Locomotion (d10)
1-3: Infantry
4-7: Quadruped (Beasts)
8-9: Winged
10: Rooted (Classified as "Flora" for purposes of this creation process)

>Skin/Surface Type (Non-Flora) (d12)
1-2: Exoskeleton
3-5: Fur/Hairs
6-7: Feathers
8-9: Scales
10: Smooth/Slimey
11: Amalgamation
12: Other

>Skin/Surface type (Flora) (d2)
1: Bark or woody
2: Non-woody

>Attributes (10xd3 for non-fauna/small creatures) (11xd3 for fauna)
1-2: Not taken
3: Taken

1. Tough
2. Strong
3. Agile
4. Armoured
5. Heavily Armoured
6. Predator
7. Slow-Witted
8. Weak
9. Resilient
10. Extra Attack
11. Quick Reflexes

>Creature Abilities
>Number of Abilities the Creature has (d10)
1-2: Take 3 abilities for small/medium creatures, 5 for Large creatures
3-4: Take 4 abilities for small/medium creatures, 6 for Large creatures
5-6: Take 5 abilities for small/medium creatures, 7 for Large creatures
7-8: Take 6 abilities for small/medium creatures, 8 for Large creatures
9-10: Keep rolling for abilities until you hit an ability that would put you over your creature size's allotted point limit.
Last bit.

>Abilities (Roll d35's determined by the table above) (points cost corresponds as (s/m/l).
(A "-" denotes that ability isn't usable by that size type)

1: Acid Blood (4/3/3)
2: Agile Flora (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
3: Burrowing (3/5/5)
4: Camouflage (2/2/3)
5: Defensive Spines (3/3/3)
6: Deadly Attack (-/6/8)
7: Defensive Maneuver (3/3/3)
8: Disorienting Attack (-/4/4)
9: Dodge (7/7/-)
10: Duplicating Attack (special)
11: Enhanced Senses (3/3/3)
12: Entangle (5/5/5)
13: Extended Attack (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
14: Fearful Presence (2/2/2)
15: Fission (-/3/6)
16: Gaping Maw (-/-/4)
17: Hit and Run (5/8/-)
18: Horns/Spiky (3/4/5)
19: Intimidation (-/2/2)
20: Lure (3/3/4)
21: Massive (-/-/20)
22: Mind Control (5/5/5)
23: Musk (5/6/6)
24: No Pain (Flora Only) (2/2/2)
25: Plague Ridden (6/6/6)
26: Poisoned (6/5/5)
27: Ranged Attack (3/3/3) (Roll an additional d4: 1: Scatter Range, 2: Multi-shot, 3: Long Range, 4: Explosive)
28: Razor Sharp Claws (6/7/7)
29: Regeneration (7/7/7)
30: Resilience (5/5/5) (Roll an additional d3: 1: Solid Impact, 2: Heat Based 3:Slashing/Cutting)
31: Rush Attack (-/7/7)
32: Spine Burst (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
33: Spore Cloud (Flora Only) (2/2/2)
34: Stun (5/5/5)
35: Vampirism (4/4/6)
Rolled 4 (1d6)

Might as well roll up a Prince
Rolled 83 (1d100)

A prince of Vulas... maybe they were an emperor of the Dragons?
Rolled 43 (1d100)

A creature. Alright here is what I rolled up.

>Creature environment:
- Underwater
>Food Habits
- Killer for fun
- Parasitic
>Main Sense
- Smell
>Empire dealt with most
- Pirate Goblins
>Role creature played
- Dangerous
>Creature Size
- Large
- Winged (Fluffed as tentacles making it push through the water faster/easier)
>Skin Type
- Smooth/Slimey
- Tough
- Strong
- Heavily Armoured
- Preditator
- Resilient
>Creature Abilities
- 8 abilities
- Massive
- Gaping Maw
- Camouflage

Rolling for Weapon of choice
Rolled 89 (1d100)

It uses its massive fists as a bludgeoning tool. Rolling for Strength
Rolled 4 (1d4)

Has strength 'Greatest among their kin'. Fuck yea. Rolling for power source.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

They have an artifact of some sort. Rolling for Magic Powers.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Telepathy, eh? Rolling for loyalty.
So, he is slightly jealous, but respects Vulas. Alright.

>Name: Abatoth
We have a former sea monster who gained Vulas' attention, most likely through terrorising the Goblin Pirates. Vulas gifted Abatoth an artifact made from volcanic rocks and magma that caused a fire within to ignite. This artifact also gifts Abatoth with the ability of telepathy. As a godlike being, Abatoth is jealous of Vulas, but respects his power as being of a higher calibre then Abatoth's own.

Abatoth still terrorises the seas, but now the destruction is done in the name of Vulas.
Tables deffinetly usable as result is nice.
Rolled 9 (1d10)

Since anon seems to have abandoned it, rolling for locomotion.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

A winged creature, like a swamp dwelling vulture maybe? Rolling for size
Rolled 2 (1d12)

A medium sized flying creature. Rolling for Skin type.
Rolled 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, 3, 3 = 22 (10d3)

Perhaps the Machines are building these creatures as infiltrators into swampy areas. Rolling for attributes.
Rolled 1 (1d10)

>Armoured, Predator, Weak, Resilient and has extra attacks (Meaning they are faster then most)
Rolling for Abilities.
Rolled 20, 4, 24 = 48 (3d35)

>3 abilities
Not many abilities. Rolling for specifics.
Rolled 33 (1d35)

>Has Luring abilities and can camouflage itself.
>No Pain
Rerolling the flora result.
Rolled 1 (1d35)

Fucks sake. Rerolling again, if this is a flora result I will not care and will just continue.
I would descrese the number of Abilities a creature gets or would increse their amount on the chart or shit will repeat constantly if we have multiple creatures with 8 abilities from a 35-ability chart...
Yeah, I'll see if I can make up a bigger chart. Although, remember, the amount of abilities is just how many times you roll, you still need the points to be able to add them to the creature.
You do the Chart then. I'll work some more on the Factions of the setting.

For now only the Robot guys and Gehrut are developped well.

btw. I think Abatoth is peak Daemon Prince I don't think we'll roll anything better...
Huh, acid blood. We have an insect xenomorph guys!

>Name: The Xaemirstae
These flying insectoid scavengers hide within the swamps of this world, watching and waiting for larger predators to finish their hunt. After they do, these creatures go to the corpses, feed on the scraps, and lay their eggs in the corpse. The machines enslave these creatures and train them to lure the other races into traps so they are also enslaved. The machines also harvest the acidic blood of the Xaemirstae for use in their experiments on live subjects.

The updated chart!

>Abilities (Roll d100's determined by the table above) (points cost corresponds as (s/m/l) (A "-" denotes that ability isn't usable by that size type).

1: Acid Blood (4/3/3)
2: Agile Flora (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
3: Burrowing (3/5/5)
4: Camouflage (2/2/3)
5: Defensive Spines (3/3/3)
6: Deadly Attack (-/6/8)
7: Defensive Maneuver (3/3/3)
8: Disorienting Attack (-/4/4)
9: Dodge (7/7/-)
10: Duplicating Attack (special)
11: Enhanced Senses (3/3/3)
12: Entangle (5/5/5)
13: Extended Attack (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
14: Fearful Presence (2/2/2)
15: Fission (-/3/6)
16: Gaping Maw (-/-/4)
17: Hit and Run (5/8/-)
18: Horns/Spiky (3/4/5)
19: Intimidation (-/2/2)
20: Lure (3/3/4)
21: Massive (-/-/20)
22: Mind Control (5/5/5)
23: Musk (5/6/6)
24: No Pain (Flora Only) (2/2/2)
25: Plague Ridden (6/6/6)
26: Poisoned (6/5/5)
27: Ranged Attack (3/3/3) (Roll an additional d4: 1: Scatter Range, 2: Multi-shot, 3: Long Range, 4: Explosive)
28: Razor Sharp Claws (6/7/7)
29: Regeneration (7/7/7)
30: Resilience (5/5/5) (Roll an additional d3: 1: Solid Impact, 2: Heat Based 3:Slashing/Cutting)
31: Rush Attack (-/7/7)
32: Spine Burst (Flora Only) (3/3/3)
33: Spore Cloud (Flora Only) (2/2/2)
34: Stun (5/5/5)
35: Vampirism (4/4/6)
36: Tiny (4/-/-)
37: Enhanced Speed (2/3/5)
38: Incredible Strength (-/7/7)
39: Ability to make and use primitive tools (-/5/7)
40: Can use magic (5/5/5)
41: Elemental Control (Roll a d6: 1: Fire, 2: Water, 3: Air, 4: Ice, 5: Earth, 6: Lightning) (3/3/3)
42: Telekinesis (7/7/7)
43: Endurance (3/3/3)
44: Night Vision (2/2/2)
45: Precognition (7/7/7)
46: Echolocation (2/3/3)
47: Extra Arms (Roll a d10. The number rolled is how many extra arms the creature gets, considering the normal amount for a creature of its type.) (3/4/5)
48: Extra Legs (Roll a d10. The number rolled is how many extra legs the creature gets, considering the normal amount for a creature of its type.) (3/4/5)
49: Intangibile (5/5/5)

What does Intangible mean?
It means they are unable to be touched by anything and that they cannot touch anything in the physical plane.


50: Matter Ingestion (Reroll if the creature doesn't eat) (4/4/4)
51: Bone Protrusion (4/3/3)
52: Prehensile Tail (-/4/3)
53: Prehensile Tongue (2/3/3)
54: Sharp Tail (-/4/5)
55: Hollow Skeleton (3/4/5)
56: Dust Generation (3/3/3)
57: Fog Generation (3/3/3)
58: Poison Tipped Attacks (2/2/2)
59: Miasma Emission (3/4/4)
60: Poison Manipulation (3/4/5)
61: Environmental Adaptation (5/5/5)
62: Enhanced Bite/Jaw Strength (5/3/3)
63: Enhanced Lung Capacity (5/4/4)
64: Enhanced Durability (5/4/3)
65: 360-Degree Vision (3/3/5)
66: Infrared Vision (2/2/2)
67: Ultraviolet Vision (2/2/2)
68: X-Ray Vision (3/3/3)
69: Memory Destruction (7/7/7)
70: Enhanced Memory (7/7/7)
71: Ecological Empathy (3/3/3)
72: Danger Intuition (2/3/5)
73: Offspring Detection (2/2/2)
74: Dream Manipulation (5/5/5)
75: Light/Darkness Manipulation (Roll a d2: 1: The creature has Light Manipulation, 2: The creature has Dark Manipulation) (5/5/5)
76: Sound Manipulation (3/5/5)
77: Illusion Manipulation (5/7/7)
78: Gravity Manipulation (7/7/7)
79: Levitation (If the creature already flies, reroll) (5/5/5)
80: Self-Detonation (-/-/10)
81: Burrowing (5/3/5)
82: Inorganic Mimicry (7/10/-)
83: Death Sense (5/5/5)
84: Life Sense (5/5/5)
85: Matter Absorption (5/5/5)
86: Teleportation (7/7/7)
87: Feral Mind (Fury Mode) (-/5/5)
88: Atmospheric Adaptation (2/3/3)
89: Temperature Moderation (5/5/5)
90: Predator Instinct (5/4/3)
91: Prey Instinct (3/4/5)
92: Body Shedding (-/7/14)
93: 360-Degree Neck Rotation (3/3/3)
94: Decelerated Aging (7/7/7)
95: Tentacle Extension (-/5/5)
96: Tendril Generation (5/5/5)
97: Wallcrawling (3/5/7)
98: Reactive Adaptation (7/7/7)
99: Evolve Self (7/14/21)
100: Other/Anon's Choice (Points are whatever you think is appropriate/however much the power you chose costs on this chart)

Tell me about any double ups or stupid decisions I made in the chart.
Errata: Replace Number 89 with:
>89: Pheromone Manipulation (5/5/5)

Replacing because Number 61 is basically the same, just with a better name.
I was rolling some more civilisations for fun, and I rolled up this. I think its the most naive civilisation to ever exist.

>General Aesthetic
- Slavs
>Dominant Race
- Orcs/Strong Humanoids
>Supernatural Elements
- Common, Strong Supernatural
>Primary Values
- Dignity
- Cooperation
- Mercy
- Farming/Gathering
- Far East Folk Religion
- Democracy

Looking at this empire just makes me want to giggle at how awfully they would be trodden on by everyone else. I know we are not rolling empires anymore, but we should put them in as a major civilisation anyway.
The Races so Far:

Dwarves - Europeanish minotiy race in many Empires beloved for their craft of "ice forging" and make good guides thanks to their patron God who oversees both roads and snow. Follow Vyr'Dyre.

Wood Elves - isolationist tribal Native Americans and arrogant cunts who don't aknowlage the Gods, live in Marshes etc. They are minorities. Follow mostly Nopthas.

Steppe Elves - After the destruction of their homeland. They become loyal servants of Vulas and live on Steppes surrounding his Vulcanoe.

> The Garhut Korporat
Garhut - the amphibian vriminal masterminds who run themselves like a mix of a corporation and mafia. They are antitheists and see themselves as no worse than the Gods. Thus they get along with Thedfeur, but don't outright worship him. Some worship Uldir in secret.

> The Astalut Caballs
Astalut - a race of ascended spirit-like beings who believe in Heaven and Hell. Heaven is "blissful stagnantion" while hell "is hellish chaos" thus they prefer hell and follow Uv'ithre as their God. They are

> The Singulatron Triumverate
Singulatron - A race of golems who share a common ancestor with the Astalut. They also worship Uv'ithre, but hate the Astalut due to a difference in opinion. They need to use mortal osuls to power themselves and their equipment thus keep a massive slave industry.
[it is implied Uv'ithre is fueling the conflic between the 2 as an experiment to see which form of ascenssion is the supperior one]

> Kingdom of the Goblinoids
Goblins - only known major civilisation to officiall embrace the Good Gods. While they do tht they are also hate by all other nations for being Pirates. Their nation is rather diverse and they are the closes to a "nobledark".

> The Unitary Imperium of Celest wand Wulfcent
- Celescent - the nobles who are a all descendant from the Last Archangesl and the Wulf Queen.
- Celest - the angels which were weaker and thus avoided being chained up and made insane underground by the Good Gods.
- Wlfcent - centaurs, but wolfs and they kinda are werewolves. They are the the lowest class in the mainland Imperium.

> Holy Drakon Empire
Dragons - xenophobic monetheistic Dragons who see themselves as demigods descended from the Dragon God. They can't though decide which God is the One God as such they are in an eternal state of war. There is an Emperor, but he's mostly by name. They see all other races as slaves or potential slaves as even the kindest dragons see their inherent supperiority.

Humans - the vast majority of the EMpire's poppulation. Sometimes opressed slaves, sometimes basically living free lives. Most worship the Dragons. Humans are also a very common minority race arround the World.
You seem to have forgotten to completely summarise 'The Astalut Cabals'. Also, are we adding the naive Orcs? Their name is the 'Iem'ie'.

The Dragons are not only in eternal war, but also have various plots and plans surrounding their leadership.
Yea, I did a bit of a TL;DR on the Dragons.

Emm... what naive Orcs? I don't think those existed...

The only missing race are the "Roman Nazi Furries"
But the guy who rolled them never speciffied what type animal they are also they are the only minor race so they'd have to be a vassal to a major one.

Like Horsepeople, Catpeople, those are fine, but not unspeciffied Furry race... so we need to finnsih that one.
These guys: >>61819414

They were posted like 30 mins before your first post.
Hmm, I guess we can add them along with the Nazi Furries as a minor Civ, they seem like they'd be also either a Protectorate under the Imperium or a vassal of the Goblins (ironic).

I'd make them a Goblin Vassal-state.
Perhaps while the Goblins are out plundering, the Orcs do the farming and gathering so no one starves.
Makes sense. The benovlent Goblin King permits the existance of their paciffistic, bulky yet dull cousins as they offer the services Goblins are lacking at physical streangth and propper agriculture.

Not to mention "Goblorks" while infertile Muls thanks to being the best of both worlds make for the perfect soldiers.
Boarding/Raiding parties would be a wonder to behold. Orcs with the cunning of goblins, improvising on the fly.
Sadly they'd be a rare breed.

We can say that inspite of their docile Nature their Dignity makes them die quickly in captivity making them bad slaves.
That's why the Goblins give them autonomy.
I didn't think the Goblins kept slaves in general, as despite being pirates, they hold justice in high esteem, and would most likely feel that stealing someones life, and forcing them to work, is not justice.

I mostly took it as the fact that the goblins needed a stable food source so they could continue to loot and plunder the unjust.
Yea makes sense, butt hey are still Pirates not angels.

So I bet they do sell people they capture into slavery into other Empires even if they don't keep themselves.

Along with the Fallen Angle Imperium they are the closest to the Good Guys especially as we added the Pacifist Orcs to them now.

Maybe we hsould rename the Orcs? Like democratic pacifist barely evokes the image of ork maybe something simple like "Pakork or something?
Errata: Incredible Strength: change price for large creature from 7 to 5.

Just realised you keep rolling until you reach the cap. I'm dumb.

- Massive (20)
- Gaping Maw (5)
- Camouflage (3)
- Tentacle Extension (5)
- Dream Manipulation (5)
- Regeneration (7)
- Incredible Strength (5)
Pakork sounds fine.

With the slavery, perhaps they only sell people into slavery, if they can't pay a ransom of some sort. The ransom wouldn't always be money, perhaps it is information, or weapons, or something the person makes, etc.
We're near the boop limit time to set up next thread or not yet?

We're still waiting for Anon to finnish pt.2 of the rolling table.
My dude, I did finish the rolling table, if you are talking about the creature table.

They are here: >>61818362 and >>61819162 . There is errata here: >>61819241 and here: >>61820975 and I will update them more later. For now, I must sleep.
Ah, shit I'm way to airheaded today Anon. Must have missed it sorry.
I guess I'll try converting it into a reasonably sized image then and I'll start preparing the next thread.
Alright, sounds good. Good night.
Shait can't figure it out the pictures become way to big ;.;
File: 40kCreatureRoller.png (233 KB, 2304x3296)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Figured it out somehow.

Now the question:
Do we keep both tables in one image?

Also will we still do some thingsin this thread?
File: 40kCreatureRoller2.png (985 KB, 5528x6160)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
Shit uploaded the base one., any ideas what to add to the Daemon Prince one?
File: 40kCreatureRoller2.png (986 KB, 5528x6160)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Ficked it up!

Should we have some sort of chart for all the races?


Anyway, let's head over there and continue the worldbuilding. Lo're shallow so far so new people welcome to join.

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