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So, I've been thinking about this for a while and since it seems to be a good time to bring it up, I wanted to talk about the Endless Hell setting /tg/ brainstormed up quite a few months back.

For those who don't know about the setting, the gist of it is basically that Hell is some indescribably vast mass of chaos and evil that is comprised out of innumerable layers of unfathomable horror and torment. And amongst all these layers of terror, only one counts as truly 'safe'. The one that is known as "Nexus", a patchwork of many realms that have been consumed by Hell.

The Nexus is protected by some sorcerous barrier that keeps most of the worst shit out, and is home to all walks of life, from the roughly humanoid to the utterly alien. All of which have lost their homes to the maw of oblivion that is Hell.

And whilst Nexus is shielded and its people safe, terrible demon powers war in the dark and unknown corners of Hell, with many demonic lords warring over what could be called the 'crown-jewel' of all the layers, the city of bone Postmortem, whilst other powers like the Great Dragons devour the layers and feast upon the souls of all they encounter to grow through the power of their blood, whilst others like the Notional Fiends have instead found themselves woven into the core processes of the darkest realm, and have claimed impossible power all throughout Hell beyond any of their peers.

All in all, it's a pretty damn chaotic setting to put things simply.
Got any links to existing content?
Got the first two threads. There were a couple others, but they didn't last very long unfortunately.

Bumping with some stuff from the old threads.

>Among myriad other horrible lands in the infinite layers of damnation there is the relatively young hell called the Pit of Dis. It is one of the very few layers to have relations with the Nexus, as it was not so long ago to be forgotten that it was a part of that land, or on its way to becoming so. Once a vast, cold region of mountains, the Pit was made when a golden vessel of mighty earthly spirits fell upon this stoney expanse and left a crater many hundreds of miles deep and yet more in diameter, shattering that realm and driving its ruin into the Unholy Infinite. The Pit of Dis is now filled by a great construction of many eons, where those unheavenly spirits hold court, an inverted pleasure dome ringed by the bleak and nearly lifeless shattered mountains like a great bowl. While the masters of the Pit are diplomatic, enticing and beguiling even, they treat with demons and shape their own servants of the fractal essence of the infinite hells, and the many damned they have brought to their abode are toyed with in accordance with their most debased natural inclinations.
>High Languor, circle of sloth, complacency, and apathy, is a massive slow spiral of flying ships and barges that lazily whirl on the air currents over the pit, colliding into unstable tangles and slowly falling to the layers below even as they are harried by winged ghouls.
>It is suspended high above Emporia Maxima, the highly urbanized circle of greed, perfidy, and degradation, itself a sprawling mess of industrial development and commercial complexes, using demonic methods and hellish essences to fill the empty years of infinite damnation with the warmth of consumption.
>It is built atop the innumerable giant vaults that cap the Midden of Malboge, circle of gluttony, squalor, and decay, an enormous garbage dump that accumulates the waste of the upper levels into avalanche prone mountains of fetid waste and rivers and seas of effluent, inhabited by bloated beings that feast on offal and gaunt creatures expended by other layers' torments.
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>Below Malboge there is Lac Inferno, circle of wrath, violence, and destruction, a vast pool of liquid fire traversed by warships of black metal manned by warring navies of barbed steel sailors, cast in horrible new form when they arrive, at each defeat melted down and beaten into another shape as weapon or armor or impliment of violence by the victors.
>Below that are the winding dark reaches of Carnival Libidarama, circle of lust, rapaciousness, and decadence, bleak labyrinth-dungeon filled with the unearthly cavorting of viscous celebrants, where fair and foul meet and are rarefied and unified, and pleasure is a pain perversely inflicted by shape changing wyrds.
>The lowest passages of that charnel lead down intoThe Garden of Unearthly Delight, circle of envy, deception, and spite, a facsimile of paradise in the dense and alien forests at the bottom of the pit, stage for the bloody intrigues and caprices of its vainglorious immortal inhabitants and their respective circles of ambitious courtiers and servants, all to draw closest to the lowest depth of the pit.
>At the center of the garden, at very nearly the bottom of the pit, is the golden, cratered, meteoric wreck of a fallen star, Excelsior, the circle of pride, megalomania, and usurpation, home to the great beings that built up the pit and in it’s vast depths gather about themselves defective, castoff, unfit souls and spirits to be their subjects and playthings in lieu of the grander domains they were denied ere their fall. The fiendish lords of the pit abide in joy at the top of their palace of inverted virtue with their chosen disciples, rejoicing in the free dominion they have created away from those that condemned them, resolved never to return to the astral spaces they had once been cast from.
>One of the many great demonic entities that flow throughout the the Dread Eternity, the Great Dragon Moremi Prae Doloro Malus, twists and turns throughout the endless void, Its many great jaws devouring anything that crosses its path, burning them to nothingness within the unending flames of oblivion that roil within it

>Countless realms have been known to be devoured by Moremi whenever it chooses to move it's bulk beyond the Unholy Infinity, though it is perfectly willing to devour entire layers as well, should it desire
Was wondering what happened to you, I created Vile Intention, Evil Thought, the specters, and Ashralak.

Did the setting ever get put together enough to play in?
Oh yeah. Found the third and fourth threads by the way. Here you go.


>Did the setting ever get put together enough to play in?
We got a decent amount of stuff, but /tg/'s classic ADHD kicked in and content died down before we could get more stuff unfortunately.
>When Hell swallowed a realm of advanced technology like none other, a truly alien and horrifying entity was born of demonic corruption. Birthed By Malice, The Ignoble Machine Thought. Perhaps taking inspiration from the more conceptual entities of Hell, Ignoble Machine Thought is mathematical hate, incalculable zeroes and ones who are constructed of utter disdain. All this fury has amassed into a monstrous demonic entity that spreads it's infinite coded roots through countless layers, growing vile and furious like some digital tree, drinking up pain and suffering to glut itself upon.
>It is said that Ignoble Machine Thought's end goal is to calculate the perfect formula for Hatred, which supposedly will grant is power untold of throughout Hell.
There is a place, a place worse than Ashralak. It is called 'Absolute Suffering', and is one of the most extreme hells in existence. Sentences in Absolute Suffering are 10,500 million lifetimes to 60,700 septillion octillion lifetimes. Light (all light) there scorches the body like an atomic flash, Dark (all dark) there dissolves the body like acid, it rains rancid bile, scalding acid, and scalding vinegar perpetually everywhere, the ground is made of spent negative karma, a black, tar like blob-mass harder than diamond and so hot it emits visible fumes, which instantly transform into huge, enraged hell beings, each with millions or more of arms legs and faces each and millions or more weapons each. These hell beings are sanity-blasting, since they are made of nearly-pure evil, and beyond description in ugliness, so hideous that the concept of ugliness itself is not sufficient to explain them. Instead of dying and being born again, inmates of Absolute Suffering die and reform in a slow regeneration from slaughtered to alive again, and are conscious at all times, even when torn apart and 'dead'. Where there is not total darkness, blinding scalding light shines, where there is no blinding scalding light, total darkness pervades, winds which blow so hard they cut like a giant razorblade scream eternally through the area, mist heavier than lead blows through the area eternally, smog heavier than steel blows through the area eternally, storms of torrential lightning rain down millions of bolts an hour perpetually, and every broken demonic weapon or torture implement falls from above perpetually, usually on fire or so hot it explodes violently when it lands. The only tiny teeny speck of good news is; only people who spent every waking second committing acts of evil, who's every thought was an evil intention, go there.
But wait, it gets EVEN MORE HORRIBLE!

Vile intentions, a being formed to house the memory and thoughts of every evil deed, both from the view of the victim and the doer, exists. A constantly growing mass of brain matter, pulp, eyes, and nervous connections. The being forms brains riddled with eyes wherever enough of it conglomerates, covering every available surface in a continuous slow creep, expanding at about the rate of 3 inches per hour, and forming up into 4 different configurations, one resembling a neuron entrenched spinal cord, one resembling a huge brain, one resembling a huge pile of connected eyes, and one resembling a huge complex spiderweb like structure, all of which are always made of the same stuff, brain matter, pulp, and eyes. The creature screams in both agony and joy at the slightest touch, and it's main visible action is simply to continuously slowly get bigger and take over every available surface. However, since it was created to house only thoughts, it regularly beams all of the fear, madness, and emotions out of itself as visible energy blasts which randomly fire off like a large arc of lightning, anyone demon or otherwise, struck by these beams experiences a moment of mind-obliteration in which they see themselves as they truly are. Inmates experience a similar effect, but also see precisely exactly specifically what they did to deserve being in the hell region in the first place, in brutal, stark, total, absolute truth, in stunning 1080p.
Boiling Flesh, a being created to house the desire and sensory experiences of every evil deed, exists. The being is an ooze ocean which grows steadily slightly larger, growing about 4 inches in an hour. The fumes it releases are the thoughts and feelings other than desire being expelled from the being, so inhaling any of the slightly visible smog causes flashbacks, hallucinations, and other forms of insanity, regularly. If touched, boiling flesh forms some means of taking in the being touching it, pulling it in and drowning it in an extremely slow death that takes over 10,000 years. It is not however a complete death, as the absorbed beings desires and sense experiences remain within Boiling Flesh. Strangely, Boiling Flesh responds to sacrifice, so if a being is intentionally thrown into it, it lends those who sacrificed to it some of it's immense power, but only for a short time, and over using that power makes the user desire to throw themselves into boiling flesh in a form of suicidal insanity. Boiling Flesh's main configuration seems to be an absolutely gigantic blob of material that resembles a completely fluid human corpse.
I’ve got a fairly figured out homebrew system that I’ve been working on for about 2 months that I think would be perfect for this type of setting, would anyone like me to elaborate?
Thanks for helping anon.

Ashralak's ground is made of melting scalding boiling bodies which scream in pain continuously at all times, it rains billions of weapons at all times, scalding salt hailstones pummel the inmates there, there is so much heat that just existing melts your skin off there, fires so hot you explode like a bomb (from the heat) spring up in big random fire geysers, salt dust and fluid glass fall from the sky at all times, the west wall is 10 thousand foot high salt dunes, the east wall is 10 thousand foot high piles of scalding slag metal, the north wall is fluid-glass seeping blades, and the south wall is salt water seeping blades. The high heat environment is so intense that inmates are completely fluid and dead after only 4 breaths of existence. The senses are useless in that place, as it is so filled with evaporating fluids sight is futile, it is so loud with horror and pain speech and hearing are futile, and the inmate is bombarded with such pain that touch is futile. Sentences in that place are between 1800 billion and 2300 trillion septillion lifetimes, with no lifetime being longer or shorter than exactly 4 gasps of breath.
No problem dude. I still can't find some of the stuff I made though, and sadly I don't have much to add other than what I already suggested.
Ghost like beings called Specters exist in the limitless hells, terrifying creatures who are demons servants, usually do-boys, errand runners, message carriers, or rarely a very skilled servant. The very-skilled minority of specters do sometimes rise high enough up to not be simply a rank servant, but it seldom happens.

They come in 9 groups.
>Hersiarchs, known for wearing garb that resembles the sanbenito and a tall pointed hat, the warpers of minds and destroyers of ideologies.
>Usurers, known for their complex networks of chains and pay-chests that they wear, the destroyers of money and values.
>Counterfeiters, known for their grotesque permanent-mutilations and permanent-injuries, the destroyers of trust.
>False Councilors, known for their whole body being cloaked in flames and unseen, the destroyers of rulership.
>Falsifiers, known for their permanent-illnesses and open wounds, the destroyers of systems.
>Schismatics, known for their single large chest slice and their faces being sliced in two, the destroyers of community.
>Murderers, known for their scalded/boiled appearance, the destroyers of love.
>Liars, known for their oil-scalded appearance and burnt off hair, the destroyers of honesty.
>Traitors, known for their ice mummy appearance, frozen so solid that they move extremely slowly when they move at all, destroyers of nations.
Go for it. Anything is welcome.
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>One of the older fellows inhabiting the Nexus, Ol' Sir Grim is commonly accepted as being one of the most knowledgeable individuals in regards to Hell and its horrors, and despite appearances he is a fairly reasonable and jovial fellow.

>He himself claims to have once been a member of a band of knights known as "The Order Of Auxoris The Blessed Circle", now seemingly all wiped out aside from Grim himself. He really doesn't like talking about it.
okay, so to start I’ve tried to make it from the ground up with hexcrawl involved, as all of the mechanics are based around the idea of having a hub you explore the world around and hopefully die quite often.

you have 4 stats, which are determined by your race. your race also determines HP and your focus stat. Your focus stat is what determines what Background you have available to you, and Background grants you non damage abilities in combat. You then pick a Job, which gives you your Attacks and Skills.

So combat is set up like this: characters have AP, short for Action Points, which is determined by your race. All Actions (granted from Background) and Attacks (granted from Job) have AP costs and all Attacks have a Stat associated with it. You roll a d6 to see if you hit, then you take whatever your total in that Stat associated with the Attack you made is, and subtract the total of the enemies matching stat. so an Attack of X by a character with 10 in X against a character with 5 in X will do 5 damage.

Now earlier I mentioned Skills, and those are how challenge rolls are handled. Basically, there are 4 different types of Skills that you have, and you have ranks in them. Your ranks in your skills are then totaled, and added together with the rest of the party member’s for that type of Skill. These totals represent the party’s “stats” against threats of the environment basically.

Those 4 types of Skills correspond to 4 types of “hazards” the party may run into while exploring. So an area will have a range of different challenge numbers for the hazards the party may encounter, and the party’s total in the corresponding skill must be higher than the number to pass. if you fail, you must roll on a penalty encounter table for that type of hazard.

When you eventually set up camp, your Skills can then be used to artificially buff your party’s stats as well, helping you manage to push through tough areas.
just some general information about some things that might not be apparent immediately:
>you do not keep your totals in stats on death. That’s to say, you only have one life with your character before you start an entirely fresh one. You do however gain a percentage of your lost stats

>you may respec stats, and there will be some mechanics in place that have yet to be ironed out for making Jobs stronger the more time you spend playing as them, as well as a couple different “crafting” systems to help create easily assessed “buffs” to new characters of long time players in the form of low powered magic items and the like.

>some Attacks have damage dealt by the Attack itself outside of your stat damage, and some Attacks directly damage the opponent’s stat total, weakening them for further Attacks. There are also several different non Action non Attack AP abilities characters can gain through Quirks, a large table to generate what are basically Feats but usually with a twist/cost

so far it’s been a fun system to play in, although I’ve only ran one tiny session that was basically a 3 room dungeon. Combat seems tactical but very lethal, which I think promotes the grindy, high lethality type of feel I want to go for. Please give any feedback at all
Honestly, this system kinda sorta works. The whole "one life then you're gone" bit fits in perfectly with the setting (though it could probably be far more lethal) and the challenges and skills required to surmount them would mesh in well with several of the layers of Hell, and how skilled a party would have to be to avoid near-instantaneous death.

I'll admit that it may need some work/reworking, but even then, probably not all that much beyond expanding it. All in all, good work anon.
>Abyssalurgy, one of the ten Hell arts, are extremely powerful magical arts that were created in the Infinite Dread by those who are known as "Devils", entities of immense knowledge and magical might that they, supposedly, could bend Hell to their whim, at least a small aspect of it.
> Along with Abyssalurgy, there is Dread Sorcery, Necro Nobility, Primal Magic, Breedmastery, Lordliness, Thorn-agraphy, Doom Star Magics,Disparity and Black Knowledge
>To know even a tiny piece of one of these arts is to know immense power in Hell, and of course those entities of any merit or might in Hell are quite skilled in at least one of these arts (to know more than one is a feat all it's own, even for those of nobility or above)
thanks man! I do have a setting I’m somewhat proud of to go along with the system, but it’s definitely far too rough to be actually brought up as a merit of the work I’ve done so far. However, I do have a discord if any Anon’s would like some actual documents to read/further ideas or even some ideas of their own.


>amidst the yawning evils of this place, some talk of a place of righteous and goodly beings, yet upon attempting entrance felt pain beyond imagining. Still, those few dreamers left still search for it.
Funnily enough, Heaven, Angels and God (or his Throne, none are sure) DO exist in this setting. But it is literally pinprick sized compared to the Unholy Infinite.
A righteous place called the Jade Palace of the Virtuous Ancients regularly visits the nexus, it's doors however open only for the most virtuous, and the inhabitants of it, truly ancient dead who died before formal religion existed, very seldom exit it. They wear attire set with many multifaceted gems, elaborate embellishments, studded with crushed pearls and gold, and wear masks or other head gear so that the extremely intense (blindingly intense) light of the inner virtue they have spent lifetimes growing, doesn't blind the citizens of the nexus. 1 virtuous ancient = 1 sun in light emission when unmasked.
>Abyssalurgy- The art of forging your ego in Hell, manipulating the unreal and crafting it into your desire
>Dread Sorcery- The art of controlling the twisted arcane energies of Hell to unleash immense destructive power. The most commonly known of the arts, mainly by the Demon Lords
> Necro Nobility- The art of commanding aspects of the dead through will and presence. A dangerous art, as Hell is filled with death, thus a user of this art would hold an incredible advantage in any situation
>Primal Magic- The art of bending the elements to your will. To master Primal Magic is to become part element yourself. To know Primal Magic is to specialize in one element, there have only been a very rare few that utilized multiple elements
>Breedmastery- The art of imbuing oneself with the might of their blood. The power of this art changes depending on what KIND of entity you are, but most commonly seen used by Great Dragons, which grants them their ability to devour (also likely linked to BECOMING a Great Dragon)
>Lordliness- The art of self, to impose your will and present your noble presence. A user of this art can turn their foes to cinder and ash with but a glance, and crumble armies with their stride. The rarest of the arts due to demonic entities not being very noble
Oceans, each light years wide and deep, exist in hell. There is an ocean of fluid corpses, an ocean of bile, an ocean of burning oil, an ocean of shit, and ocean of blood, an ocean of vinegar, an ocean of gasoline, and an ocean of salty tears. Some of these oceans have life forms in them.
Unlike many of the very complex and just utterly horrid places in hell, the Oubliette of Obliteration is perhaps the simplest, calmest hell. A grayish desert with smoggy brown/red air, the Oubliette's main form of punishment is instant soul shattering. Within seconds of arriving there, the inmate physically shatters to pieces in an instant, complete and final, soul death. The entire area is made of shattered soul material, and souls shattered in this way are un-possible to revive or retrieve. The Oubliette receives on average 6 to 10 inmates per dimension's lifetime and only the most utterly totally completely evil and horrible are sent there.
Souls destroyed by this place are no longer part of the reincarnation cycle and are not possible for anyone, even the highest of gods, to retrieve, they are absolutely and finally gone, forever.
Other fun bodies of fluids include

>The Spring of Sorrows - A "water" spouting spring in a fire/heat hell, the water it spouts is grief, drinking from it causes a moment of intense thirst, a moment of intense grief, then the being who drank violently explodes suddenly in a pieces-everywhere kaboom.

>The Slush lake - A "lake" of antipathy, anyone who drinks even the smallest of sips from it loses all empathy and slowly freezes to death in a slow-freeze followed by body-break-up.

>The well of fire - A very deep well containing purified evil as a reddish slow-burning fluid, anyone who drinks from it experiences fever, delirium, sweating, thirst, extreme sickness, seizures, diarrhea, and finally spontaneous combustion, experiencing all symptoms except spontaneous combustion within seconds of drinking, and often not experiencing the spontaneous combustion for hours/days/weeks.

>The rivers of blood, tears, blades, ooze, bile, ice, magma, corpses, shit, pus, boiling water, boiling mud, and burning shit.
>Thorn-agraphy- The art of "reading thorns". The art utilized by shamans and witches in Hell. It is far more than just reading thorns, of course, that is just a term for manipulating the natural flora and fauna of Hell. Probably the easiest to learn, as it is just study rather than some immense magical undertaking (still a rarity simply by being an art)
>Doom Star Magics- The art of using the dreadful night suns of Hell to cast spells. The night suns are black holes that Hell has swallowed, which number in the hundreds, and act as a sort of "night sky" for Hell. By becoming a conduit of the cosmic destruction these stars make up, Doom Star sorcerers can bend space and time (due to the nature of Hell, space and time are extremely malleable with enough power) The end goal of Doom Star sorcerers is to align themselves with the Doom Star, a black hole that has swallowed so much of Hell's energies and entities that is has become a well of unspeakable power (but in the same vein, an unprepared sorcerer who attempts to align themselves with the Doom Star will find themselves swallowed by their own soul)
>Disparity- The art of difference. Those who possess the art of Disparity can upset the very balance of Hell's strength. It is rumored only a single demon is known to possess the art of Disparity, but who knows
>Black Knowledge- The art of knowing. To know the black art is to know power that is alien to Hell. Supposedly knowledge from earth realms, outside earth realms or even Heaven itself, or all of the above. To use this art is to command immense power simply by knowing, whether it be intricate rituals, words of power, or runic formula. Black Knowledge is also the art of the mind, and to delve into it without a strong enough ego is to invite disaster for yourself.

>The ten arts, to wield even a speck of their power is to be feared and respected, but that same power will tear your soul to pieces.
I really would love to read more about these.
Well then, read on!

>Hell Art: Abyssalurgy
>When you take Hell Art: Abussalurgy, reduce Power by 1 and increase Knowledge by 1
>Spell List-
Rank 1:
Abyssal Touch: Imbue hellish energies into your attacks, blighting your foes
Ego Mold: Draw in the raw unreal of Hell and bind it into a simple object of low quality.
Ego Manipulation: Grasp hold of simple objects with your will and manipulate it
Ego Break: Destroy simple objects with your will alone
Rank 2:
Abyssal Forging: Take hold of the unreal around you and forge a weapon or object from the nothing
Abyssal Thunder: Grasp the unreal about you and heat it into pure destruction
Dreadful Studies: Observe an object and channel the Abyss through yourself to learn the objects origins and make-up
Rank 3:
Deep Breaths: Absorb a breath of unreal into your lungs and mold it to refresh your wounds
Inner Shell: Absorb the energies of Hell through your body and forge an unreal armor beneath the skin
Soul Searching: Focus your senses and discover any disturbances in the abyssal energy around you
Rank 4:
Cry from Hell: Focus the unreal within your throat and roar out an explosion of shifting matter in front of you
Ego Landscaping: Focus your will within the land around you and alter your surroundings with your very thoughts
Rank 5:
Red Anvil Within Your Heart: Through intense training and mastery of the arts, forging objects of larger sizes and weapons of various types are as simple as breathing
Sorcerous Smithing: Imbue an object with a spell, either of your own creation or from another
Soul Smithing: Draw the unreal deeper within and coat the soul with a shield
Expanded Self: Expand the senses to detect powerful disturbances across the whole layer
Rank 6:
Tiny Men: Your mastery of the arts have allowed you to forge false souls from the unreal energies, and grant small objects and weapons sentience
Pound Out The Dents: Force the unreal into another, treating their wounds
Rank 7:
Purify: Use your mastery of the material to reforge an object, whether it was made by yourself or another, into something greater. Destroys arcane enchantments in the process
Ego Shatter: Destroy larger sized objects and weapons with your will alone
Beating Heart of the Forge: No object or weapon is out of your league. Create things from nothing in the blink of an eye, as much as you desire, even at a distance. The unreal is yours to play with.
Drown the Rats: Force the unreal into a foe and solidify it, damaging them from within
Rank 8:
Rework the Design: Your mastery of the arts has unlocked the power to alter the flesh and souls of others. Even the living are now but tools to work between your fingers
Tin Soldiers: You can now forge false souls to imbue larger objects and weapons with sentience, as well as imbue yourself with 'scape souls' as a defense
Falsify: Coat an object or individual with the unreal and forge it in a way to create a false identity. Even soul magic will be fooled by the disguise
Peel the Layers Away: Fuel your forge with the layer itself, tearing away a piece of it and crafting a miniature layer of your design
Rank 9:
Abyssal Rot: Kill your foes with an excruciating influx of hellish energies that melt their very flesh to nothing
Enemy from Within: Forge whatever you desire within another's body, be it an object, a weapon, a sentient object, a false soul, whatever it may be.
Ego Drink: Sever the ego from another, rendering them inanimate. You may then implant the ego in an object, another person, or just let it scatter to the winds
Unmake: Destroy another entity of lesser strength then yourself, breaking them down into nothing but their soul
Note that these are demon's powers only, they are not the powers of specters (evil ghosts who are demon's slaves and willing servants). At least, that was my impression when this was last posted.
"Dungeons" - any demon can send any inmate to a dungeon for any reason, but most usually this is only done when inmates have made some serious infraction like trying to escape or trying to fight demons.

From least bad to worst
>Beating - Demons with blunt melee weapons beat you to death over and over.
>Burning - Slow-burn endless wasteland of scalding white and blue flames.
>Melting - Ground is dull red hot metal, demons pour endless pails of Mercury, Acid, Gasoline, Vinegar, Fluidized Wrath, Fluid Steel and Fluid Lead.
>Submission - Inmates are submerged in very sharp very jagged ground up to either their forehead, neck, or shoulders, the slightest of movements causes stabbing cutting and piercing damage.
>Giants - All tormenting demons are hundreds of stories tall and have thousands of faces mouths arms legs eyes wings and weapons.
>Suffering - Inmates are instantly old, diseased, starving, sickly, and diabetic and spend a 10,000 year lifetime here.
>Intense Pain - Absolutely enormous demons pulverize inmates with millions of arms legs mouths eyes faces wings and weapons. Inmates are reborn here 300,000 times.
>Pitting - Inmates are submerged to their neck, shoulders, or mid-chest in ice, then spend a 500,000 year lifetime freezing to death extremely slowly in a cat-5 maelstrom.
>Demonizing - All the torments from above as well as the inmates suffer blinding agonies from their bodies extremely extremely slowly becoming demonic over the course of over 10 billion lifetimes.
Yeah, all the Hell Arts are stuff that only actual demons can learn from what I recall. The amount of power behind them is too intense for its other creatures.
Rank 10:
Men From Mana: Draw the unreal from miles around and forge an army in a few seconds, each with false souls of their own.
Forge Master: Forge an object that can never be destroyed, even by the most powerful forces of Hell. Said object can ignore logic or physics completely.
Realm Break: Shatter a layer, regardless of what kind of layer
Cradle of Life: Draw the unreal and create a living creature, with a true soul and an ego. You are now within the realm of the divine.
Exit: Craft a door out of Hell into an earth realm of your choice anywhere at any time
Layer: Craft a layer out of the unreal to your own design
True Enchantment: Imbue an object or another entity with anything in Hell you can reach. The object/entity is granted the properties of whatever it is you chose
One with the Abyss: Detect any kind of disturbance across all of Hell
Someone has an obsession with vinegar, the most innocent of the weak acids. So here is my vinegar based hell.
>The vinegar seas
Seas, vast abyssal stretches beyond a minds imagining. Strung between these massive distances are massive turrets and bastions of stone, "island" towers riddled and carved like an apple cored by worms, constructions of the pirate kings that rule stretches of water around their pillar. The seas are defined by their colour, from whites to blues to blacks to yellows, all sharing a strong caustic nature that begins to dissolve the skin within seconds of submersion. Each king named for his seas colour, each king usurped by the massive nomadic fleets that fight for and reside in the only solid land that exists in this realm. Vinegar leviathans, caustic storms and the very real danger of seeing other boats on ghe water make the turret empires very valuable real estate.
Just a shitty idea, but take from it what you want
isn’t literally just West Marches
>Everything in Hell is dead, anything that isn't dead is naturally born in Hell.
>Except for one thing.
>The people of Nexus, and the entities of Hell refer to it as "The Journeyman" A living, breathing person, who has stepped into Hell.
>Through unknown means, this Journeyman has been traveling Hell for untold years, he holds no weapon, speaks no spells,and does nothing to fight or compete with the denizens of Hell, nor does he take any injury or danger, by unknown means he has never been hurt or even threatened by the nightmares of Hell
>The only thing he does is travel, seemingly recording what he sees in Hell. In some cases, he has been sighted talking to a white ribbon fluttering in the wind, that vanishes without a trace, and he continues his journey
>As Hell is infinite, there is not much wiggle room for things outside of Hell. But likewise, Hell doesn't really follow the logic of reality, so it's easy to ignore. And a logical question is, if there is hell, and there are earths, then there must be heaven, as well? And there is.

>Heaven, unlike Hell, is not infinite, at least not in the traditional sense. Heaven is inwardly infinite, and thus Heaven, as a realm, takes up less than an atom's size of the omniexistance. Within Heaven, there are angels, yes, though they are not what mortals consider angels. They aren't people with halos and wings, they are simple strips of color, drifting in a wind in one direction, sailing towards the center of Heaven in long ribbons that make up the 'sky' At the center of Heaven is...well, not God, they call it Glory instead, a boundless light that makes up the center of Heaven. And unlike Hell, Heaven is very restrictive of it's entrances. In fact, in the entirety that Heaven has existed, only a single soul has made it's way through, that single soul spends it's time sitting on a hill, staring at Glory, forever. Of course Heaven is quite dull compared to Hell, so it's best to just ignore it.
File: limbo2.jpg (182 KB, 615x377)
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182 KB JPG
>have you seen enough mr. alighieri?
I thought I had a better Dante picture but I guess not
This setting is really just an advanced Dante's Inferno isn't it?
File: Zherig'gran.jpg (122 KB, 1264x632)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>There is a layer, relatively close to the layer that Nexus exists upon, residing somewhat 'above' Nexus, and slightly brushing against it from time to time. This layer is Zherig'gran, The Unending Skin.

>A realm of undulating skin and screeching flesh, Zherig'gran is a place where 'life', any life at all, is brought in and incorporated into a mass of hellish flesh and bone, forever aware of their situation and desperately clawing at themselves and against others to try and break free, unknowingly subjecting any others who fall into said realm to the same nightmarish fate

>It is suspected that Zherig'gran was 'born' when the last curse of Great Dragon Mrytuis Hadeeis Daantu Sitaaros The Timeless Blasphemy, was uttered upon its 'death' at the hands of an all-out assault by numerous spirits of Good and allied warriors. Supposedly, the Unending Skin is its attempt to forge a new body for itself through the souls of countless beings from other layers.
Man these hells are like a really inexperienced prostitute; it sucks horribly.
'K. Got anything to add or are you just going to go back to your waifufaggotry and Towergirls threads?
Yes I do have something to add; it sucks horribly for the people stuck in it. It's a cool thread. So why don't YOU fuck off to the 'Would X make it in 40k' threads you horsefucking ape sucking camel toe tucking transsexual shitbag douchbag asshag bitch bastard anal retentive nerd?
File: 1484426315858.jpg (138 KB, 623x414)
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138 KB JPG
>So why don't YOU fuck off to the 'Would X make it in 40k' threads you horsefucking ape sucking camel toe tucking transsexual shitbag douchbag asshag bitch bastard anal retentive nerd?
Jesus, calm down son. It was likely just a misunderstanding of what you might have meant.
It was, I just said a really long insult as a joke.

I wouldn't say that, but I would say that since the hells here are physically endless and steadily getting bigger, it's very, very likely that the inferno pit is on the map someplace.
>Vile intentions, a being formed to house the memory and thoughts of every evil deed, both from the view of the victim and the doer, exists. A constantly growing mass of brain matter, pulp, eyes, and nervous connections. The being forms brains riddled with eyes wherever enough of it conglomerates, covering every available surface in a continuous slow creep, expanding at about the rate of 3 inches per hour, and forming up into 4 different configurations, one resembling a neuron entrenched spinal cord, one resembling a huge brain, one resembling a huge pile of connected eyes, and one resembling a huge complex spiderweb like structure, all of which are always made of the same stuff, brain matter, pulp, and eyes. The creature screams in both agony and joy at the slightest touch, and it's main visible action is simply to continuously slowly get bigger and take over every available surface. However, since it was created to house only thoughts, it regularly beams all of the fear, madness, and emotions out of itself as visible energy blasts which randomly fire off like a large arc of lightning, anyone demon or otherwise, struck by these beams experiences a moment of mind-obliteration in which they see themselves as they truly are. Inmates experience a similar effect, but also see precisely exactly specifically what they did to deserve being in the hell region in the first place, in brutal, stark, total, absolute truth, in stunning 1080p.
Dude that's awesome. You reposted something I wrote in the original threads.
I mostly did it because it lead into this post. Though I'm probably going to try my hand at writing more original stuff later.

>Mezdabranch, Princess of the Witching Tree, is said to possess unmatched foresight in the whole of the omniexistance, likely due to consuming more than a billion seers and drinking their souls, but that is besides the point.
>With her immense power she has glimpsed into the fate of Hell many times, and each time found a different future. Many of these she admits are dead end futures, where some force in Hell takes ultimate power, becoming what legend refers to as INDOMITABLEUNCONQUEREDTRUESELF, or the ego of Hell itself. One such future is of course the future of Vile Machine Thought, of course there are also futures where Vile Intentions or Ignoble Machine Thought conquer alone, or are snuffed out, there are futures where one of the Great Demon Lords rise above their rivals and claim IUTS, some futures speak of the hushed legends of the Great Dragon Rising, and Hell falling into their clutches, and some even speak of the Notional Fiends claiming IUTS.
>Regardless, Mezdabranch mentions that most of these futures end in disaster, for everything, everywhere. But she could be lying, she doesn't like to give straight answers.
>Whatever the true future is, the Princess seems unconcerned, whether this is because she has seen what the true future is, or because she just doesn't care, is up to debate
She sees every possible timeline and every possible world. She sees the final complete and unerring end of all of these timelines and worlds, and knows that any form of struggle against the certain death eventual end of every world is completely futile. She tells no one.
>Old King Allhar'Relndu. Thought to have once been a king of the mystical plane beyond the seas, Albion, now he is twisted darkness and devouring emptiness.
>The once-king who in a fit of purest madness, ravaged his entire kingdom and departed to other parts of the land, destroying all in his path until he was eventually struck down by a brave band of warriors. His maddened, fetid soul fell within the depths of the Dread Infinite and there it gutted upon the suffering and anguish all throughout, devouring mortal spirit, specter, demon, and Hell-God alike. All until it broke through the waves of chaos and attained a form akin to demonic Ascenscion. Now it lords over a screaming court of madness and decay, buried deep within the Far Hells, tearing away at the spread of complexity with the vast unholy power that is its hunger.
>It is said that to 'claim' INDOMITABLEUNCONQUEREDTRUESELF isn't for one to "become" the ego of Hell, but for oneself to be absorbed, along with all of their power and knowledge, by the Infinite Despair and to finally, truly awaken it, so that it may at last snuff out the final flame of omniexistance, and usher in the total dominion of the Infinite Decay.

>Few are aware of this however, and simply believe IUTS to just be power unmatched, and that with it, they would be the true rulers over the eternal.
The main powers of specters.

>Hersiarchs - Heresy - Warping the mind memory dreams and ideas of a target.
>Usurers - Coinage - perma-stealing target's stats to make hell money, 1 point = 1 monetary unit.
>False Councilors - Entreatment - Forcing you to keep your word by immense magical force.
>Falsifiers - Falsifying - making objects filled with base metals flaws and worth less and less until value reaches 0.
>Schismatic - Schisms - Manipulating hate hostility and aggression in a target.
>Murders - Brutality - Enter dreams and memories to engage in physical combat against an opponent.
>Liars - Tongues - Magically making targets believe lies ardently.
>Traitors - Treasoning - Send treasonous thoughts commands impressions and ideas to targets.
>Witness, they, the knights of doom, the Death Jacks of the kingdom 8, which sits upon the back of Un Ti Plu, the Demon Eating Planet, floating through the infinite madness of Hell! They are of noble pain, of one of the royal families of Hell, who fight a mindless war with each other, and the countless demonic warlords across Hell, for a throne that does not exist! Hail to thee, hail to thee Death Jacks!
File: Un Ti Plu.jpg (575 KB, 1024x1024)
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575 KB JPG
>Un Ti Plu is one of the great demonic entities of Hell, and a particularly old one. Few worlds last long in Hell, before being torn asunder by the infinite and becoming part of the layers. But Un Ti Plu was different. It was more tenacious, more determined, more stubborn, and entire world clinging desperately to life. And cling it did. The land, the planets, the animals, the sky, the sea, everything on it rose up to fight, to struggle, to compete, to survive. In time, the very nature of it's struggle changed the planet, it became a being all it's own, it became the Unconquerable Titanic Plural, The All World Made One, The Demon Eating Planet, Un Ti Plu.

>Many kalpa later, the early settlers of a royal family made a deal with Un Ti Plu, and they were allowed to erect the kingdom of 8 on it's back, where it still stands to this moment.
File: evil-eye (1).jpg (152 KB, 844x1024)
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152 KB JPG
>Made in imitation of the internally infinite space within the Gates of Glory, Pandemonium is thought by some of the Nexus' convened occult scholars and metaphysicists to be the center of hell, as it were. While this hypothesis is controversial among their ranks, it does make some degree of sense, as the plane which on the outside resembles a flaming droplet of molten metal within contains a vast expanse stretching into a lightless black unreachable distance. Though visitors are rarely admitted, and even rarer to leave, the people of the Nexus know that is is there in the dark space, lit by their hellfires and disporting upon the inner surface of the bubble, the demon emissaries of an infinite number of hells and lords gather and hold council. It is here that one is most likely to feel the presence of the Notional Fiends all brought to a single plain, and where the Dragons and Generals and Dukes have their embassy thrones of haughty pride and grand display. Though it is a rare occasion that sees the horrible powers all gathered there together, Pandemonium is never empty of revelers and demonic propagandists, salesmen of damned souls and imperious aristocrats of the abyss, and all insist there is something that presides over this gathering, or will do so at some point, in the vast darkness that mounts as one strays from inward from the surface. According to the scholars that favor the theory, in the darkness at the unreachable center of pandemonium dwells Sin, INDOMITABLEUNCONQUEREDTRUESELF or its throne, an awful and malignant mockery of Glory.
Hersiarchs and Liars are cult leaders and political faction leaders and members. Usurers serve as loan-masters, paymasters, shysters, and bankers. False Councilors serve as diplomatic staff usually. Falsifiers serve as black market merchants thieves fences and scum generally. Murderers are barbaric assassins who usually attack targets in memories in which the target can't effectively fight back. Traitors are so untrustworthy that they are seldom used by demons, and most usually spend most of their time in the pitting dungeon because their powers are so dangerous. See >>60788017.
Schismatics nature makes them difficult to control because they have a propensity to get deeply involved in insane puppetmaster schemes, but when they are used, they are usually used to sow division and factionizing on earth.
>deeply involved in insane puppetmaster schemes
So pic related then?
Yeah. But they do it not out of any specific goal, it affects their mind like a pathology, they are literally addicted to insane puppetmaster schemes. As traitors are insanely addicted to treason and chaos.
>Sin, whatever it may be, be it Satan, his Throne or some other thing, is the ultimate force within the vast expanse of Pandemonium, and presumably all of Hell itself, the entirety of the Abyss following it's utterly unknowable whims, even if they as a whole do not know it

>Such is the power of Sin that all of the Demon Lords and Archdemons, the Dread Dukes and Pit Fiends, the Great Dragons and their progenitors, even the Notional Fiends themselves quake in fear of it and its judgement. And whilst it will almost never intercede upon the court meetings within Pandemonium, its gaze is always felt, silent and eternal
>It is said that there has only been -one- occasion throughout the entirety of Hell's 'history' in which Sin chose to interfere within the going-ons of the Dread Eternity, and this was supposedly during one of the many court-meetings held within Pandemonium. A meeting within which all of the great demonic entities of the Abyss tore at each other, striking against one other with their various dark powers. This was a conflict in which the Demon Lords threw reality-searing curses against their own, where the Great Dragons opened their maws and engulfed everything and anything they could within their writhing oblivion, and where the Notional Fiends used their dreaded and horrific powers of anguish and devastation to the fullest of their abilities

>And it was in this conflict, that Sin, for the first and only time, chose to 'speak', and what was intoned was a single word, quietly whispered and seared into the very being of all within Hell;

>"Stop". And everything, the entirety of the Unholy Infinity, -stopped-
When Sin uttered this one word, Azathoth, far, far away in it's own realm of existence, jolted awake very suddenly, millions of stars blew up instantly, thousands of planets were destroyed, hundreds of black holes appeared, and 10 new Great Old Ones were instantly spawned from Azathoth. Unable to comprehend why it was awakened, it opened a permanent gate from Throne-of-Azathoth to the Unholy Infinity, the gate steadily continuously pouring in eldritch minions and the very occasional visiting great old one or outer god. Azathoth looked through the gate for a moment but fell asleep again soon after, and issued no specific instructions to it's minions.
>tfw your direct superior and probable progenitor in some manner has to discipline its servants and you get woken up from the sheer force of it all
Poor Azathoth.
He's so old and extremely powerful he doesn't care, about anything, he doesn't even care enough to care if he even exists, or to spend 1/10,000th of 1 nano second thinking about it. He didn't even know what was going on or why. Think of him as a very senile older than the oldest thing you can imagine man. He just jolted awake for a moment without knowing anything of what was going on and then fell asleep a few minutes later.
File: Doomguy_2016.jpg (185 KB, 800x800)
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185 KB JPG
>An odd thing you can find amongst the endless hells is the cult of the Avenger.
>The Avenger is most aptly described has wearing heavy armor and wearing a face-concealing helmet.
>Although the weapon the Avenger statues may carry vary from shrine to shrine, temple to temple, although one of the more common weapons one might spot is the chainsaw.
>The Avenger is the patron saint of humanity and a bold slayer of demons.
Some say that the Avenger only appears in places where the Notional Fiends are angry with someone. I.E. A notional fiend gets pissed with you, poof! the Avenger suddenly appears. You died. The end.
Of course the brutal death comes not from the Avenger himself, but from when he and the Notional Fiends inevitably clash against each other.

Sir Grim and the Good Doctor have described such battle as being "like the collapsure of whole layers into greater ruin and chaos".
File: a0197228044_10.jpg (268 KB, 1200x1200)
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268 KB JPG
Has anyone actually read the night land here?
Quite a bit of it actually. And a lot of the extended stuff it spawned too. Fairly certain that that acted as the main inspiration for a lot of this.
(and/or) The Unkind Infinite is a universal law unto itself. It is its own master, its own god, and its own name, and all the horrible, abstract, notional fiends, The Violence, The Agony, The Lie, The Horror, The End, are its organs. It is not some rebel to the divine, nor some purpose built punisher, nor a roving beast of the cosmos, but a polar force. Evil is defined by its likeness to the nature of hell, the Unkind Infinite, and not the other way around. There is no force ferrying souls and spirits to the abyss, nor is there a Lord on high exiling them for their transgressions. It is the nature of hell to contain their likeness and essence, it is the pole all hellish things are drawn to, and in their immortal time within the Unkind Infinite the damned are truly swallowed up. They are not eaten tooth and claw, but by wild abandon or cold resignation as they are embraced by their proper place, and embrace it in turn. The old Damned are such fixtures in hell that they become part of its local functioning, and their internal nature becomes an ever more pronounced reflection of the Unkind Infinite, until they are demons themselves, instruments of hell, with hellish minds and hellish hearts, so broken and reforged to their bleak place that they too are mere fractal extensions of the Unkind Infinite.

The mighty fiends and demons, and weathered, wicked Damned that still keep and abide by titles and storied of origins from beyond hell's confines are horrible powers in their own right, but no single extension of evil's pattern is the master of the Unkind Infinite, for all evil is true evil, there is not one in hell that is not damned by their own nature.
File: Numeri'is.jpg (113 KB, 770x513)
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113 KB JPG
>In order to combat the spread of Ignoble Machine Thought, a group of Hunters, warriors and occultists from all walks of life, has been formed to seek out and destroy its tendrils wherever they may manifest. These Hunters are known by the collective name of 'Numeri'is, The Bug Chasers'.
What IS a Pneumavore anyway, particularly the house of silence and the bell of something or other?
'Pneuma' is a term for soul for those in the Redoubt form what I recall. Thusly, Pneumavores are things that prey upon the pneuma/souls of individuals. The House and Bell of Darkness are but two examples of this, though the House is presumably higher-ranking than the latter.
Going to bed, take this.

>The Horror is a strange thing. In Hell, pain and suffering are common, it's part and parcel of being there, but even more common is fear. In fact, most newcomers to the Unholy Infinite get used to being scared quickly, as things that shatter sanity are the norm. Which is why The Horror, to those not in the know, is referred to as the least threatening of the Notional Fiends, after all, with what they have seen in Hell, what could possibly scare them that bad?
>Those in the know, at least those that can still think, consider these folk to be the most idiotic of all
>The Horror is a fog, a mist, a carpet that slinks through layers, unseen, unsuspecting, un-noticed, unless looked for of course (and those that have felt Horrors brush are always looking out for it, forever) It curls silently up demon, spirit and mortal alike, it holds no bias, no prejudice, both the mighty and the meek, all are welcomed into Horror's bosom.
>There are many things in Hell capable of shattering minds, destroying sanity, and generally breaking a person into tiny pieces, but none are so...masterful, so artistic, so eloquent in their methods as The Horror is. The Horror takes you, whatever you are, and it systematically breaks you down, molecule by molecule, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, in an instant that lasts an eternity, it lays out you in every aspect on the ground, neatly and perfectly, and then it shows it to you, it shows you yourself, your everything, it shows you the everything around you, as it breaks down your surroundings just as precisely, it breaks everything, time, space, reality, into infinitesimal bits, until you are incapable of discerning what is what, and you becomes meaningless. The Horror will show you the truth of eternity, ever micro-millisecond of it, every breath, every beat, The Horror is the infinite in every sense of the word, and it will MAKE you understand that. And then in the very next breath it will put you back together
A being that shreds and destroys your soul, forever, permanent, unrevivable, you are GONE, with -every melee attack-.
>It will put it all back together, it will bring you back to yourself. And then it will MAKE you live with the realization of it all, the weight of it all, the feeling of being torn to bits and losing yourself, and then being brought back. They say you don't realize how important something is until it's gone, but what if that something was reality, and once it's taken away, it's given back, but you realize now just how it is all going to fall apart, because you experienced it, personally.
>And then it leaves.
>Needless to say, when The Horror passes, there are rarely shrieks, or screams, no real sign of it's passing like it's kin, no layer shaking sensation. Just whimpering, sobbing, muttering, the sound of broken things that can never be put back together. And perhaps the most terrifying part is those who are spared. Those that are broken just enough, but not all the way, those that can tell others, those that can pass on the message, those that can vouch for the stories, the stories of true fear, of entire worlds, shattered like glass by a passing breeze. But of course, there will be fools who laugh, who scoff, who attack and kill the story teller, the survivor, in mockery. But they will know too, they will know Horror.
Sounds kind of like the GURPS setting "Havens and Hells". I like it.
Agreed. Hell is a really underused setting, desu.
>The Violence is a hurricane tearing across layers
>The Agony is a quake shaking up through the layers
>The Lie is a downpour spreading across the layers
>The Horror is a fog creeping through the layers
>The End is not as subtle, or as barbaric as it's kin. The End is simple, it is a wave. A tidal wave. A tsunami. It is a wall, THEE wall. It is not complex and mind bending like The Lie or The Horror, nor as open and wet as The Agony or The Violence. It is simple. It comes, and it brings the end, no ifs, no ands, no buts, no bargaining, no running, no fighting back. In some shamanistic circles of Hell, it is called The Tyrant, as well. What exactly is the end that it brings? No one knows, as there is no one to survive the experience, nor come out the other side to pass on the story. Some believe it is just Hell's debt collector, cleaning up those that continue to run from punishment, though there is no evidence of this, others believe it is the literal end, the end of the cycle of Hell, the end of the process of torment and pain, the end of self and ego and existence, true and final End. As such, there are cults of The End, who see it as a true escape from Hell, and pray into the infinite for The End to crash down on them.
>Needless to say, The End comes, not for all, but for some, and for those some, there is no escape.
File: Pandemonium.jpg (175 KB, 1800x1198)
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175 KB JPG
Fun to see my contribution posted again.

Does anybody have all the Notional Fiends?
File: The Violence.jpg (74 KB, 580x800)
74 KB
I've got the Violence and the Agony. Don't have the Lie though.

>The Violence, an entity that had a hand in wiping out many of Ol' Sir Grim's allies, is as enigmatic as the realm of Hell itself. Ever changing, ever present, perhaps akin to a god in this Dreadful Eternity. Those who have pried stories from Sir Grim's mouth only know of a little bit of The Violence's actions
>A wave of heat, the taste of meat, and blood on your tongue, your eyes, they burn, as if you were staring into some raging fire. It came not like an army, or some beast, it came like a flash of color across your eyes. What followed was something one could call 'abstract' Death of brand new, unimaginable ways, pain flooding the mind as my allies, they were turned to puddles of agony, still screaming, others, they were unmade, undone, watching their every fiber being peeled away, by the Gods, if they exist, I saw men have their dimensions, their colors, everything that defines them as a living, breathing piece of reality, painfully flayed from their selves...I saw thoughts, feelings, reality bleeding, as if some razor knife was split across the world....The Violence..dear Gods why would such a thing BE...."
>Where The Violence is an entity that inflicts new, unimaginable ways of feeling pain, another entity within Hell has a similar existence, but a different method. The Agony. If The Violence is a hurricane, then The Agony is an earthquake. It comes, quietly at first, quivering up through the layers of Hell, passing over like a shadow that covers all things, but the more it fills the layer, the more the layer quakes with it's passing. The Agony differs in it's methods, rather than sudden, quick but excruciating pain, it inflicts torment, prolonged, slow and ever present, a steadily rising cacophony of screams that drown out thought. This torment can come in an infinite number of ways, perhaps the nerve endings in your teeth decide to turn into tiny drills to start digging out the insides, perhaps your blood vessels decide they want to feel, and now every time your blood courses through them it sends sharp pain, like swallowing glass, or maybe it happens more abstractly, such as your mind becomes aware of every second of your existence, and the weight of your history presses down on your mind. Whatever your particular flavor of pain is, expect to experience it for a very, very, very long time, until The Agony passes.
>Needless to say, the rare times The Agony and The Violence pass together in the same space it causes such sublime pain that the Dreadful Eternity itself shivers in delight.
File: 1520886090212.jpg (327 KB, 1024x532)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
>perfect formula for Hatred
Perfect hatred is ultimately only an aspect of the Unholy Infinite, the vectors of infinite damnation's nature are more varied and deft. The Ignoble Machine Though, should it achieve its goal, might become another Notional Fiend, joining The Violence, The Horror, The Lie, The Agony, and other forces not known to Nexus' people as a abstracted demon, with infinite reach across all realms and a presence that tears at the fundament of souls, but this would grant no more political control of hell than any other great demon could claim. Even in victory, the Ignoble Machine Though is damned, and it will master hell no more than the dragon, or the bright one, or the eye, or the black goat, or any other.

So sayeth Mopi Morrot, duke of the Dolorous Company of Abyssal Trade, pic related
>Amongst the numerous artifacts and trinkets that fall into Nexus from time to time, one is of great note. The Eye Of Pahara

>The Eye's known abilities enable one to move and change the flow of time however they so wish, granting them the ability to traverse chaotic and hazardous planes with haste at any given moment. The Eye can also be used offensively, creating pockets of rending time that weaken and tear at those that move through them, lessening and degrading them down to nothing. These abilities thus make it useful for fighting against multiple hellspawn at once.
Here's what I found of the Lie
>The Lie, joining in with it's unholy kin, is a storm of nightmarish devastation, and perhaps the lie is the most sinister of them all. For The Lie does not cover swathes of layers in a torrential wind of gore and death like The Violence, nor does it cast itself in a blanket of torturous pain like Agony, The Lie, to the observer, exists like a shower of rain, imperceptible droplets the fall down from any direction, having no "up" to come from.
>In the Endless Despair, things like trust are practically non-existent concepts, even your own eyes can lie to you here, but what The Lie does is the most sinister of all. The Lie takes all sense of belief from those touched by it's creeping influence, belief in what you see, what you understand, what you remember, what you are, even. Demons will fall onto each other in a ravenous feast, having lost all semblance of belief in each other, or their own ideals (at least those that exist) and they will even fall onto themselves, tearing at their bodies and minds, to get rid of the lie they believe. Entire layers have been known to melt and fade away, no longer believing in themselves, vanishing into complete non-existence. Concepts broken down. Even the very fundamental processes of Hell are not exempt from The Lie's touch, in particular heavy downpours, Hell itself has been known to 'break'. Of course, as if to make up for how horrifying it's influence is, the Lie rarely hits heavily enough to truly destabilize the eternity, and like it's kin, it is a passing storm, and will fade in time should it hit
At least thats what the denizens of Hell believe. The truth is, The Lie never leaves, it never ends, it never stops. Every layer, ever single inch of Hell, is constantly being touched by The Lie's rain, in every direction, they just don't realize it.
Forgot pic.
Lemuria is not the sort of hell one expects. Lemures are a peaceable sort of damned, sickly, pallid, and gaunt, with wide, cloudy eyes prone to flow with tears. Lemurian demons are much the same, grim faced and formal creatures with soft clerkish voices and the soft hands of archivists.

Lemuria is not a realm of pain hellish pain, but a circle of otherworldly sorrow. It is a silent country of gray hills and gray turbulent sky, half-lit by the eerie glow of the plane above, one consumed by cold blue fire. It’s weather is bleak, on the edge of inhospitable, it’s land infertile for all but the colorless grasses and shrubs that cover the hills. Few settlements in lemuria grow beyond shabby little hamlets built near and from the rare stand of petrified black pine trees and connected by rubbish strewn highways that carve odd paths between and through the hills. Lemurians are not subject to death or age, but have the same phisiological needs the did in life. Those damned to lemuria arrive upon the plain at the great customs house, and are each given two familiars before being cast out to the realm and left to their own devices. Lemurians each own a wiley black goat on which to feed, and a clever white raven to bring them news. The raven provides knowledge of the surrounding area, and also correspondence from the demons of the realm, who busy themselves with gleaning information of other hell’s and the melancholic goings on in lemuria; a white raven has never once brought good news to its master. The flesh and milk of the black goats is the only food in the realm, and while it is unpleasant to Lemurians, it is truly inedible to all other beings. The dull, deprived eternity Lemurians are faced with is punctuated only by bouts of pronounced misfortune among themselves, and by the reports brought to them by their ravens, which the demons of Lemuria conduct in the observation and reporting of many great woes and pains in Hell.
For those unlucky Lemurians with loved ones elsewhere in the Unholy Infinite there comes an interminable string of letters about their misfortunes and tortures, with only the heartfelt condolences of the Lemurian demons that screed such messages for comfort. Often one’s undying black goat will bolt, and many lemurians travel the highways without end in search of the sole being whose flesh can sate their hunger. The few towns in lemuria are bitter collections of bitter beings, commiserating in the dim light of their eternal home.

In lemuria fire burns white, and water runs black. Lemurian fire provides no warmth and expends no fuel, the waters of Lemuria neither quench thirst nor drown. Lemuria’s landscape stretches in all directions, with no true variety save the customs house at its center.
>Great Dragons are some of the most feared demonic entities in Hell. They possess power at an almost unfathomable level, and it is no surprise that many of the Notional Fiends that stalk Hell were once Great Dragons
>One such Fiend still retains the name Great Dragon, supposedly the first Great Dragon ever. The Great Dragon Atru Ba Zet "We Who Are Divine"
>Atru Ba Zet has rarely been seen beyond the Far Hells, having lost interest in most of the going ons in the Infinite Despair, seemingly content curling itself up in the depths of complexity
This is one of the most beautiful hells in the whole of the Eternal Misery. A breathtaking realm of wonder, if it were not located in Hell it would surely be a landscape of heaven. This realm is known as Pitious, and while it is an awe inspiring beauty, it is also a horrible land of torment for the punished souls of the damned.

Pitious is not a realm of pain or agony, it is a land of emptiness. Those that are damned to this hell are slowly stripped of their will. It tortures it's prisoners through boredom and slothfulness, an agonizing eternity of nothing. The only thing in Pitious of any interest are it's orderlies, demons forced to suffer this blank, empty abyss, whose job it is to keep track of time, every minute that passes, and to inform those stuck here how long has passed when they ask. No night, no day, just soft lightning across a glass like world of drifting clouds. Those punished to Pitious feel the drag of time greater than any other in Hell.
>So in there shall only be Hell. No space, no time, nothing else. All of omniexistance shall be forever ground under the eternal rule of Sin.
>And it shall be glorious.
>One of the Great Demon Lords of Hell, demons of such might they can command legions of lesser entities, and even rule entire layer's of hell, The Destroyer King, The Nail, The Fleshling Engineer, one of the rulers of Postmortem, and several other layers, and master of seven billion horrors. Hycrucs Ull Thorn.
>Few demons in Hell can proclaim themselves Lordly, but those who can wear it upon their shoulders the furious might of depravity and despair. Hycrucs is one such entity who can claim himself Lordly. The Destroyer King, as he is entitled among many names, is known far and wide for his deeds, the most well known being the destruction of hell Nidus, a realm of torture for sinful souls, at least it was, until Hycrucs shattered the realm into pieces, demonstrating just what kind of power a Great Demon Lord possesses.
God tier fiction.
This feels highly relevant.

>Endless Hell
What if Hell did have an end? What's beyond Hell in that case? What happens if it gets too full?
Hell is well and truly infinite. In fact, concepts like "infinite" and "endless" came into being simply to describe Hell itself.

>Hell is infinite, but seems to contain both an "up" and a "down". These are not literal directions, but rather a general trend of how complex each layer's "reality" is. The further "up" one goes, the simpler and more pure the torments once receives, until there is nothing but pulses of agony, free from all forces and concepts save pain.

>Travel downwards is more complex. As one travels down, reality becomes more convoluted, taking on further layers and depths of complexity- everything seems to contain more than it did before, as new sensations and details seem to manifest, new aspects of pain blossoming out of what once seemed simple. Travel too far, and one is nearly guaranteed to go mad from the sheer overwhelming bombardment of maddeningly complex detail.

>No man can travel beyond these points and remain a man- Hell Beyond is simply impossible for us to understand, and so to push on beyond is to subject oneself to torments beyond what is possible.

>There are few things more feared than those who come back.
>In Nexus, it is not uncommon for one to see Sir Grim running a shop, a shop containing all kinds of items from weaponry, to ancient artifacts, to scrolls and tomes detailing lore regarding some of the threads that can be encountered throughout Hell. The Store is always stocked with these things, at all times.

>Curiously enough, Grim has stated that he's not the owner of the store itself, and that he's just "filling in" for them. The real owner of the store is apparently a "very old friend" of his. Who this might be, none can say.
File: Albatross.jpg (65 KB, 564x899)
65 KB
>Though Nexus is rarely host to guests from Hell with less than the most heinous of intentions, there are the occasional visitors who are seemingly benign. Usually guests of Sir Grim's
>One such guest is a fellow who shares Grim's demeanor of silent and stoic, Sir Grim has referred to him as Albatross, and as "an ally from some very taxing trials"
>Albatross usually visits Nexus every decade or so, somehow finding his way through the barrier of Nexus unhindered, and usually carrying something that he leaves with Sir Grim, sometimes it's a small black wooden box adorned in some elegant metal trimming, sometimes it's a suspiciously large sack filled with something heavy, and at one time he even came dragging something alive, wrapped in leather bands, fastened so tightly the leather could be heard straining.
>Albatross has never made himself a threat, or even an ill mannered guest, though he rarely speaks to the citizens of Nexus, the times he does are usually friendly and cordial, and one time he even brought a bouquet of flowers for the citizens, real flowers, not some hellish flora, something from beyond the infinity.
File: doom eternal.jpg (57 KB, 590x334)
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Deception shelters, one room buildings that resemble a funeral urn in shape, are found in many hells. They come in 16 types. They look safe enough, but lock suddenly when entered, so it's run in, surprise door locked, die horribly. Deception Shelters move about regularly.

>1: Blades - the door locks and blades gradually extend inward from every surface.

>2: Burning - The building bursts into flames suddenly after the door locks.

>3: Melting - The building melts into magma after the door locks.

>4: Collapsing - The building suddenly mysteriously falls apart after the door locks.

>5: Gassing - Deadly toxic gas floods out of every crack chink and crevice inside the building after the doors lock.

>6: Boiling - Every interior surface seeps scalding water after the door locks.

>7: Shredding - Giant drillbits extend out of every surface and spin after the door locks.

>8: Razors - The interior becomes like a giant cuisinart after the door locks.

>9: Freezing - The interior freezes those locked in to death.

>10: Acid - Acid drips out of every surface after the door locks.

>11: Agony - The building turns into a giant hell being that digests and shits out those inside.

>12: Drowning - Every interior surface seeps fluid corpses after the door locks.

>13: Brutal - 2 effects at once.

>14: Barbaric - 3 effects at once.

>15: Smelter - Every interior surface drips molten metal after the door locks.

>16: Cooking - Every interior surface drips scalding hot radioactive water after the door locks.
Hell's Hierarchy
>The Notional Fiends
>Great Demonic Powers (Demon Lords, Archdemons, Great Dragons, and the like)
>Seven Generals
>Spectres (special cases notwithstanding)
>Basic Hell wildlife
>Untainted mortal souls, such as those in Nexus. Individual cases notwithstanding of course
The clownfields look great this time of year. Our harvest will be bountiful.

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