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  • File : 1252959008.jpg-(19 KB, 370x364, plasma.jpg)
    19 KB Corp Quest 13: The Hippy-Stomping Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)16:10 No.5860124  
    Welcome back to Corp Quest.
    In this number-crunching quest, each poster is a member of a tiny subcontracting firm that works for TradeStar, a super-corporation in the far future. Your job is initiate a massive mining project on a planet that TradeStar has unofficially named 'Hajjar'. Once you have reached the level of production stated in the first thread, your mission will be complete and you will be allowed to leave the planet, with enough cash to keep you in luxury for the rest of your lives.
    However, there are problems. The natives are hostile and there are several other corporations looking to exploit the planet and looking to exploit you. How you deal with these threats is up to you.
    Now, recently you've initiated a rather massive war against the local branch of an ecoterrorist faction known as Uni-Peace. With the aid of another corporation known as Lemmington Pharmaceuticals, you're attempting to wipe them off the face of the planet. You're just about to end the first phase of your assault, about to strike the heart of Uni-Peace operations on the mainland, their forward outpost. Your drones have had to cross dozens of lines of trenches, collapsing the tunnels and incapacitating the freedom fighters who dwelled in them. Your front line has had to endure hit-and-run attacks made by cloaked powered armour, while your artillery train has had to cope with being flanked by swarms of drugged natives. You're about to reach their final line, a heavily reinforced trench surrounding a gargantuan, over-grown ziggurat.

    However, an earlier thread that I posted today was incredibly inactive and has since been deleted. So if you want to continue with this quest today, please post. If you don't, I will delay it until tomorrow and if there's still a lack of interest, I will consider letting it die.

    Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Corp%20Quest
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)16:17 No.5860182

    Sorry, just came back from work.
    Will participate later.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)16:38 No.5860439
    That's one person. Anyone else?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:03 No.5860731
    >>5860182 here again.

    It seems like we're the only ones atm, so I would favour delaying your quest for a few hours.
    If I remember correctly, you used to start Corp Quest around 5 am cet, so maybe most of the regulars aren't here yet.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:10 No.5860802
    Actually, usually I start the quest between 6 and 8 PM, GMT.

    In other words, two-to-four hours ago. Of course, sometimes it takes a while for popularity to pick up.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)17:13 No.5860827
    Sup, I'm all for this.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:14 No.5860832

    In that case, I don't know what's going wrong today.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:20 No.5860887
    Two people's enough in my opinion. To start with, anyway.

    You guys up for this?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:25 No.5860948
    The monolithic ziggurat has a massive, heavily reinforced trench carved into the earth a short distance in front of it, in which hundreds of gasmasked militiamen dwell and mill about, while the looted powered armour stands tall and proud, a short distance behind the line. There are also sixty turrets, utilizing technology that has been stolen from your drones - artillery and lasers - ready to fire.

    After this final stage of the battle, you'll be able to order what you want constructed today and you'll be able to progress to tomorrow. I'm about to post what troops you have available for this conflict. So, as soon as you read that, feel free to post what tactics you wish for your drones to use and what tactics you wish for Lemmington to use.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:26 No.5860959
    Prepare for lots and lots of numbers.

    66 Heavy Haulers
    51 Medium Combat Drones (armed with lasers)
    50 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with thermobaric and napalm artillery and grav and flamer)
    49 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with fragmentation artillery and grav and flamer)
    46 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers and grav and flamer)
    42 Light Combat Drones (armed with flamers)
    37 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers, lightning, shockwave, grav and flamer)
    21 Superheavy Combat Drone (armed with lightning guns, pulse artillery and gravity guns)
    19 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with tear-gas artillery and stun guns)
    16 Light Combat Drones (armed with lightning guns)
    17 Light Combat Drones (armed with gravity guns)
    10 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    6 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with heat ray)
    4 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)

    Lemmington Pharmaceuticals:
    1381 Lobotomies
    376 Clone Troopers
    182 Decontamination Troopers
    44 Heavy Decontaminant Tanks
    36 Medium Virus Tanks
    13 Heavy Nitrogen Freezer Tanks
    18 Medium Nerve Gas Tanks
    5 Heavy Transport Tanks

    316 Militiamen
    67 Looted Powered Armour Units
    45 Heavy Laser Turrets
    15 Heavy Artillery Turrets

    5 Herbicide Missles
    10 HE Missiles
    15 Tear-Gas Missles
    20 Napalm Missiles
    20 Thermobaric Missiles
    20 Pulse Missles
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:26 No.5860962

    Can the enemy use their turreted lasers as pd against our artillery?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:29 No.5860995
    I'm up for this as well so that should make 3.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:31 No.5861014
    Never know until you try.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:33 No.5861037
    Can we get an updated map please.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:36 No.5861055
         File1252964179.png-(105 KB, 592x379, Hajjar.png)
    105 KB
    If you manage to claim the ziggurat as your own territory:
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:38 No.5861089

    Let's shoot a single pulse missile at the ziggurat to test their defensive capabilities.

    Until it arrives, all troops should stay out of the enemy's range.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:40 No.5861099
    Send 20 of our water scouts to check out the islands that are south and south east under the ziggurat area.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:41 No.5861111
    I'll agree on this. If they have a way to shoot it down / blow it up before it can get to them we will need to send groups of missles to try to counter it.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:42 No.5861120
    How many are in agreement?
    You're currently in the middle of a fight. Sending out scouts is rather improbable at this rate, considering that the vast majority, if not all of your military is fighting ecoterrorists.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:43 No.5861138
    Good point. We can just have that be queued for after the battle.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:44 No.5861140

    Could we have more information on the setup of the turrets?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:44 No.5861141
    Is anyone against this?

    Just to make it clear, you want to fire a missle and observe what happens before you attempt to move out of the jungle and approach the ziggurat?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:48 No.5861191
    Sounds about right to me.

    Currently are our artillery in range or are we just in Missle range?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:53 No.5861251
         File1252965222.jpg-(12 KB, 569x435, Ziggurat Defense.jpg)
    12 KB
    All of your troops are just out of artillery range of the site.

    In any case, here's a shitty diagram.

    The orange line is the trench.
    Small green dots are the Powered Armour Units - not actual number.
    Larger darker dots are the Laser Turrets - not actual number.
    The green box is the artillery turret line.
    The ziggurat is the orange box
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:56 No.5861278

    Ask Samson70(Comrade Samson?) how many missiles of what kind would be required to annihilate the artillery line, in his opinion.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)17:57 No.5861294
    Thanks Plasma.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)17:58 No.5861298
    "Seems like a pretty easy target to me - I'd say two high explosive missles spread across the artillery line would promise the destruction of all of them."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:02 No.5861350
    Well he is right almost all the time butI am thinking we should add a 3rd. 2 HE like he wants and 1 Pulse that is lunched 20 seconds after and aimed in the center of the Art line.

    This way it may get the leftovers
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:03 No.5861352

    This seems too easy.
    We should destroy the forest around us to avoid any ambushes, destroy the enemies artillery and after that, begin to shell his positions.

    Oh, and let's open a video feed to alpha range as soon as the fight starts, maybe they'll enjoy it and the seem like really swell guys.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:06 No.5861384
    Unfortunately i can't stay today (first post in thread, so don't worry) at any rate, i found this and thought it might be useful
    good luck against those hippies
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:06 No.5861391
    We could have some of our Art fire Herbicide rounds and dent them right away so we can clear the trees. This should happen after we launch the missles.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:07 No.5861397
    You open up a video-feed to AlphaRange and the various officials gather the beer and popcorn rations, crowding around the screens to spectate, chatting amongst themselves and placing bets.
    So, 2 HE, 1 Pulse.

    Are we agreed?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:09 No.5861418

    Seems good.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:10 No.5861432
    I'll wait for one more confirmation before I move on.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:11 No.5861438
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:19 No.5861514
         File1252966790.jpg-(13 KB, 569x435, Ziggurat Defense.jpg)
    13 KB
    The missles are launched from their silos and you busy yourself delivering herbicide to the surrounding forest, trying to expose any ambush - but there is none. There are remains of partially dug tunnels yet to be completed, but there isn't much. While there are many tunnels, clearly there hasn't been enough to time for the defenses to be completely finished.

    It isn't long until the missles are flying overhead and straight towards the artillery line - but something's wrong. They detonate prematurely, hit by apparently nothing at a distance of just over a quarter of a mile from the ziggurat.. A visible ripple can be spreading throughout the air, over an invisible surface.

    You recieve a message from Uni-Peace:
    "Is that all you have..? Go ahead, launch more missles. Not like it'll do you any good."
    A melodic laugh follows the female voice.
    "Missles, artillery - even snipers - it's all worthless. If you want to try anything, you're going to have to fight us face to face."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:23 No.5861556
    Modify the flight path of a napalm missile so it will descend on the enemies position in an angle of 90°. This way it should still rain it's payload on the enemy.
    Launch it, see what happens.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:24 No.5861579

    Do we have any way to use the tunnels to our advantage?

    Collapse them under the enemy's position, complete them and attack from behind the trench etc...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:26 No.5861598
    Do we have EMP guns yet, or are those still being research?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:27 No.5861602
    What about airbursting that before the shield? maybe they can't stop fire

    IF that doesn't work, we lay siege to them, and we build thrusters into the alien mothership (forgot name) and drop it over them
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:28 No.5861611
    This and ask 70 what he thinks.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)18:28 No.5861613

    Get a few droids together, and a HE or Napalm missile. Then tie the thermobaric missile to the droids so they're carrying it like a battering ram, and have everything else act as covering fire for them.

    Then, as the suicide bots ram forward and approach the enemy's front line, have them self destruct, hopefully blowing up the missile along with them.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:30 No.5861627
    "Seems like a decent idea."
    It's been researched.
    You send drones to find out.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:31 No.5861642
    Does anyone agree with this?
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)18:33 No.5861654
    I say we use it as a Plan B in case the current Napalm plan doesn't work out. Still, I bet the bastards would never be expecting something like that.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:34 No.5861659
    One of the regulars, reporting in.

    Seems like the ziggurat is the shield. I'm in favor of airburst detonating some napalm shells to get the full visual of the shield's area, and to determine its full capabilities. Also try out some lasers against it.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:36 No.5861681
    I love the idea and yes it does make a good plan b.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)18:37 No.5861686
    Or better yet, ask what our good man Samson 70 thinks about it! He's the military expert.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:37 No.5861687
    I'd like everyone to remember a certain piece of tech we haven't unveiled: the heat beam.

    "Whatever happens, we have got
    The Maxim gun, and they have not."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:38 No.5861697
    Instead of tying a missile to them (HOW?), it'd probably be easier to have a SH artillery drone or a shell hauler drone self destruct along with all its payload.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)18:41 No.5861730
    We're a mining company. We must have some kind of rope or metal cord somewhere.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:42 No.5861737
    "No. Getting a drone over there and dragging it back to the site would take hours. Even then, chances are it might be shot down and explode amongst your own ranks."

    "You could fill a hauler with artillery shells and then detonate it - that might be a reasonable substitute."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:42 No.5861739
    rolled 7, 1 = 8

    Let us ask Sampson 70 about the nature of the shielding, first.

    But this seems like an excellent idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:44 No.5861749
    Let's do the airburst napalm detonation, and see just what this shield is capable of.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)18:46 No.5861776
    How about a barrage from our artillery as well, several different types of shells?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:47 No.5861782
    The napalm missle is sent flying, since most of you seem in favour of it.

    You have the missle detonate above the frontline, having it descend at a different angle so that if the shield is dome-shaped, it should explode above the trench.

    Message from Uni-Peace as soon as the missle is visible:
    "Oh come on, don't be so silly! I told you, it wouldn't work, so why don't you just stop and surr--"

    The missle explodes on the shield and napalm rains down on the trench, covering dozens of poor victims and incinerating a handful of powered armour units. The Uni-Peace correspondant bursts into violent screeching and swearing, while your AlphaRange observers laugh and cheer.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:50 No.5861829

    Let's try the same with our napalm artillery, we shouldn't waste our missiles if our shells are enough.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:51 No.5861838

    Do 5 salvos of airburst napalm artillery now, saturating the entire area over the bubble's front half.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)18:51 No.5861849
    Wait what?
    What just happened?
    How far does the shield reach?
    Did the airbursted napalm go through the shield?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:54 No.5861871
    "Not too sure what kind it is - but it's definite high tech, and military tech at that. Not that AlphaRange rubbish, they're just arms dealers and thugs. This is the sort of thing you only see on military frontlines, in actual conflicts and not feeble tradewars like what we're a part of. If it's a kinetic shield, it shouldn't block anything physical moving at a slow velocity and it also shouldn't block heat and energy-based weaponry - lasers, heat rays and so on."
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)18:54 No.5861876
    How about we open comms and negotiate a surrender from them?
    You know, a "submit or die" type deal.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:54 No.5861878
    >>"Oh come on, don't be so silly! I told you, it wouldn't work, so why don't you just stop and surr--"

    "--ound you with fire instead? Yukyukyuk."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:55 No.5861881
         File1252968910.jpg-(23 KB, 688x387, 31major.jpg)
    23 KB
    We should also try to capture the leader of Uni-Peace, we could either sell her to AlphaRange as a means to support their "morale" or let Lemmington have her, so we can do things to her that make the end of "I have no mouth, but I must scream" look like a most pleasent vacation.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:57 No.5861901

    This, and open up with our heat beams (they're longer range than lasers, right?) at a single point on the ziggurat. That point being wherever Sampson 70 thinks the shield generator is most likely to be located.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)18:57 No.5861905
    How about we airburst some gas over the area?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)18:57 No.5861914
    The shield seems to reach a quarter of a mile.
    It does not seem to block napalm, supporting S70's theory.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)18:59 No.5861927
    Depending on wind conditions and gas density this might be pointless. Also they'd probably have time to dive for gas masks.

    How many hippies and natives did we capture, anyways?
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)19:00 No.5861937

    So, does anybody support negotiating a surrender?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:01 No.5861961

    I agree, open negotiations but keep shelling them, if effective, with napalm artillery.
    This should add some urgency to our discussion of their surrender.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:02 No.5861968
    473 hippies, 124 chimps, 67 apes and 8 gorillas.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:03 No.5861981
    Looks like it is time to test the heat ray! What kind of range does it have anyway?

    I agree with this.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)19:03 No.5861983
    I don't know about that.
    Shouldn't we aim to capture as many alive as possible?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:04 No.5861987

    Any results with the tunnels, yet?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:05 No.5862000
    "Here is your single surrender opportunity. Unlike your companions and their pitiful resistance up to this point, we are not concerned with your capture. Your so-called 'defense' is going to fall apart shortly with an assault you cannot imagine, using weapons that will crack right through your lines, and your deaths will be exceedingly painful. A response is expected within 5 minutes. This minor shelling to prompt your expedience will cease upon receipt of this. Good day."

    Yeah, keep shelling with napalm.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:09 No.5862030
    The napalm covers the line, and the militiamen and sneaking deep into the cubbyholes of the trenches to hide. The screams of the correspondant become louder.
    Potentially infinite range, as soon as long as there's a straight line with no obstacle and an atmosphere.
    Yes - a handful of your drones are beginning to go Southeast towards the trench.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:11 No.5862065

    Tell the correspondant to calm down and start negotiating, as we don't enjoy slaughtering her troops.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:12 No.5862066
    "Never! Fucking never, you fucking bastards! How dare you do this to this planet! He came here to rid this world of its infection and you have come here to do nothing but exploit it! Prepare to witness the full fury of Gaia!"

    Suddenly, all of the looted PA units stealth up, the artillery turrets begin to fire and you also hear a distant thud-thud-thud-thud of increasing volume.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:14 No.5862096
    Heat Ray those artillery bots if we can. All units armed with lasers, march forward guns blazing. Artillery bots, fire support, if we're lucky we can even take out a few of those stealth power suits.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:16 No.5862121
    oh and gravity bots- try and stop some of those damn artillery shells!
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)19:16 No.5862122
    Saturate the area with napalm shells.
    Have the light grav drones defend the artillery from shells.
    Begin firing every available energy weapon at the enemy.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:18 No.5862133

    Focous our napalm attacks on the enemies artillery, have Lemmington use their troops to establish multi layerd defensive lines against the cloaked enemies.

    Ready for an attack by the "father" of the natives.
    As soon as he appears have Samson70 focus on finding a way to get rid of that thing as fast as possible. Their morale will brake afterworkds.
    To quote a famous soldier:
    "The father, we destroy him and this is over"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:18 No.5862135
    >>Suddenly, all of the looted PA units stealth up, the artillery turrets begin to fire and you also hear a distant thud-thud-thud-thud of increasing volume.

    Thud-thud-thud-thud? Uh oh. Methinks we should have just struck full force and tried to take out as many PA units as possible before they cloaked.

    Ask Sampson 70 if he has any idea what that noise is.

    Airburst HE shells against the incoming artillery.

    Why aren't we coring a focused heat ray hole into the ziggurat?

    Have the lobotomies charge, and laser drones advance to firing range.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:20 No.5862157
    Gravity gun the approaching artillery with all those drones we built for the task.

    Flamer bots & lobotomies, charge. Laser drones, advance and engage.

    Artillery drones, thermobaric barrage the area in front of the shield. Don't let those PA units advance out of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:22 No.5862178
    Have all of the lasers drones fire in all directions toward the enemy lines. Make a wall of lasers fire. Have the heat ray units all fire at different points. Make a constantly changing Fan of heat ray fire toward the enemy base.

    Have 1/5 of the Art fire napalm toward the enemy lines and have them blow up just outside of the range of our units. Try to make a wall of death toward the enemy is what I am going for.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:23 No.5862188
    I'm seconding the HE airburst and gravity counters to the artillery.
    Also, we need to start Heat Raying their shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:28 No.5862258
    I'm going to try and consolidate everything. Here goes.

    Defend against the incoming artillery with the gravity gun light drones and any spare auxiliary gravity guns. If HE artillery airburst shield would help, do it with artillery not tied up from the below orders.

    Saturate the enemy artillery with napalm shells. Have a thermobaric/napalm barrage in the area in front of the shield to prevent PA escape/engaging.

    Laser/lightning drones advance and fire at opportunity targets, when none spotted create a "wall of light." 1/2 EMP drones assist with this, the others spray the flanks.

    Light Flamers, lobotomies, and anything else LP wants to send--charge.

    Heat rays quickly fire into the area where the PA was. Then focus on the ziggurat's core to try and bring the shield down.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:28 No.5862260
    Sounds like it will help with the cloaked units but we need the Lobotomies to get out there.

    Do all that but the near by napalm fire. Have Lemmington Pharmaceuticals send their units as our front line. We can keep backing them up.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)19:30 No.5862280
    Let's keep our units back - the artillery is lighting the whole area back anyway.
    How are we going to use the heat rays - focused on the ziggurat or strafing the enemy lines?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:31 No.5862297
    You attempt to napalm the incoming powered armour infantry as well as napalm the ziggurat's defense, using gravity guns to blast shells out of the sky while your laser drones and the clone troopers advance firing en masse, with the contaminator troopers and the flame drones going underground.

    It appears that the enemy shield has been disabled - because the napalm shells land without a problem in the world. Meanwhile, the enemy's frontlines are deactivating their cloaking. All of the powered armour infantry reappears and so does...

    ... It's massive. A gigantic mechanized humanoid that's several hundred feet tall, firing dozens of artillery shells directly at your drones as well as volleys of explosive bullets and laser fire. On its chest is an armoured power generator, and the ancient symbol of Green Peace painted in white over the green spray-painted hull. Also in white are the words "Gaia". The enemy armour is opening fire, and so is this "Gaia", severely damaging your front lines.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:31 No.5862300
    Sounds good.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:32 No.5862313
    The lobotomies are also racing forward, acting as literal shields of meat to absorb the enemy fire.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:33 No.5862332
    Well shit. Where the hell did this thing come from? Underground, or behind their lines?

    >>On its chest is an armoured power generator

    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:34 No.5862337

    God damn.

    Everything at it. Missiles, Heat Rays, Lasers, Artillery, I don't care, even do the drone equivalent of kicking its toes if we can. Take that goddamn thing down!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:34 No.5862345
         File1252971294.jpg-(117 KB, 1279x1023, Liberty_Prime_Wire_HiRez.jpg)
    117 KB
    Oooooh :3

    Does it say things like:

    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:35 No.5862348
    It was cloaked.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)19:35 No.5862351
    That thing would definitley be heavily armored. Let be a bit MECHWARRIOR and hit it in the legs with the heatrays and artillery.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:36 No.5862362

    My post here >>5862258 still mostly stands. Thermobaric the enemy PA, don't worry about "wall of light," EMP drones hit PA too. Heat rays hit Gaia instead of the ziggurat.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:36 No.5862367
    Heat Rays focus fire on Gaia's leg joints.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:36 No.5862373
    Don't, lets see if we can salvage the power generator intact. Aim for anything that looks like a command post.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:37 No.5862386
    >Green Peace

    All heat rays on the armoured power generator. Add in a bit of lightning for flavor. Lets try to overlord this mother fucker and RIP AND TEAR.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:37 No.5862387
    Let's crack the command post open with high explosives and afterwards tear gas it. I want the enemies leaders alive.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:38 No.5862399
         File1252971533.jpg-(38 KB, 858x484, powered-armour.jpg)
    38 KB
    It looks like a typical suit of Kil'thweq powered armour, except gigantic, with a jury-rigged generator basically strapped to it, and the arms scrapped and swapped about like a lot.

    The left arm has a large, rapid-fire laser cannon (6x lasers) surrounded by three artillery guns while the right arm has three artillery guns and a rather large assault cannon that spits out explosive bolts (6x explosive bolters).
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:39 No.5862409

    Also as the one saying hit the power generator, I agree that we should focus fire on a leg with all heat beams, all spare lasers, and HE rounds.

    Launch 10 HE missiles, 5 pulse, 5 thermobaric at Gaia.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:39 No.5862418
    Out of interest, how is Alpharange responding to this?

    And by that I mean, how are the odds looking and who are they betting for the most?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:41 No.5862428
    Considering that we took down the prawn mothership with fewer forces... I'd say that the odds aren't too against us.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:42 No.5862445
    That was also them trying to escape in a non-combat vessel, and we'd already taken out the majority of their forces.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:43 No.5862456
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:43 No.5862458
    Wait a minute guys! Gaia was probably the thing that was causing the force field, launching rockets directly won't work. Let's try and fry it's circuit boards or whatever with some napalm, at least we know that can work.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:44 No.5862464
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:44 No.5862476
    Waiting for a general consensus.

    What do you wish to target with your heat rays, the legs or the generator?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:45 No.5862483
    No shield at the moment. May not be one when the missiles finally arrive.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:46 No.5862488
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)19:47 No.5862499
    definitely legs.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:47 No.5862511
    Most fire at legs but have at least 2 Heat rays fire on the armored power gen.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:49 No.5862531
    I'd rather keep the generator intact so we can capture and examine it if we win.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:50 No.5862540
    If we're firing at the legs, I want some pulse rounds hitting the ground at its feet.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:50 No.5862549
    Everything on legs and arms. If it's heavily armored hitting it with one or two won't really be of much use.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:51 No.5862551
    But it's jury-rigged.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:52 No.5862562
    I was mostly wanting to see what it did to the armored core. Wasn't really expecting it to take it down but you never know it could end up shorting it out or overloading it.

    All on legs is the smart thing to do.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:52 No.5862570
    No. Forget the arms.

    Just one leg. FOCUS FIRE.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:54 No.5862593
    Seconding this, with an alteration: Aim for a joint- preferably the knee. Mechanical joints have to be less armored to allow for mobility.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:56 No.5862620
    The legs are primarily targetted, while you try to avoid damaging the generator, weapons fire raining down on the legs. The superheavy lasers slowly burn into the metal plating and the lightning arcs about the circuitry but your best weapon is the heat ray. Almost immediately, the metal begins to melt away and the legs begin to buckle as all six are focused on the legs. It takes a handful of steps back, slowly starting to retreat as it continues to fire upon your forces, over and over again, doing most of the damage as the PA Infantry is slowly but surely picked off like flies.

    Meanwhile, the contaminator troopers and the flamer drones have arrived at a door in the tunnels leading towards the trenches. What do they do?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)19:57 No.5862628
    66 Heavy Haulers
    48 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with thermobaric and napalm artillery and grav and flamer)
    46 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with fragmentation artillery and grav and flamer)
    42 Light Combat Drones (armed with flamers)
    41 Medium Combat Drones (armed with lasers)
    38 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers and grav and flamer)
    31 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers, lightning, shockwave, grav and flamer)
    17 Superheavy Combat Drone (armed with lightning guns, pulse artillery and gravity guns)
    15 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with tear-gas artillery and stun guns)
    12 Light Combat Drones (armed with lightning guns)
    9 Light Combat Drones (armed with gravity guns)
    7 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    6 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with heat ray)
    3 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)

    Lemmington Pharmaceuticals:
    1292 Lobotomies
    296 Clone Troopers
    182 Decontamination Troopers
    44 Heavy Decontaminant Tanks
    36 Medium Virus Tanks
    13 Heavy Nitrogen Freezer Tanks
    18 Medium Nerve Gas Tanks
    5 Heavy Transport Tanks

    179 Militiamen
    43 Looted Powered Armour Units
    33 Heavy Laser Turrets
    11 Heavy Artillery Turrets
    1 "Gaia"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:58 No.5862642
    >Meanwhile, the contaminator troopers and the flamer drones have arrived at a door in the tunnels leading towards the trenches. What do they do?

    Make some tasty BBQ
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)19:59 No.5862646
    Fire pulse shells at its feet and that leg, thermobaric/HE mix near the head/upper chest.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:00 No.5862660
         File1252972826.jpg-(26 KB, 250x375, 250px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-2(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    Well, guess what the flamers and contaminators will do :D

    Also, have Lemmington's disposable infantry form a full scale assault on the trenches. It's not important if they arrive, but the will distract the enemy and also weaken Lemmington's forces.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:00 No.5862666
    Send in the Lobotomies first. Subdue anyone that looks like a leader- we want those alive.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:01 No.5862675

    If the missiles arrive after Gaia goes down, redirect them to blast the shit out of the remaining forces instead.

    Into the trenches, flush them out. Be ready with a few laser drones to zap anyone popping up over them.

    Attempt to reopen a comms channel with their speaker.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:03 No.5862703
    So you're going to order the lobotomies to charge straight ahead towards the frontlines, correct? When fire's focused on them, you'll unleash your flamers and contaminators, by the sound of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:06 No.5862724

    That's the idea, sorry it's late and English isn't my native language.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:06 No.5862725
    Keep unloading all of our long ranged weapons into Gaia's knees.

    Laser and flamethrower units engage the powered armor whenever possible.

    Lobotomies surge forward, but don't go into the tunnels.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:08 No.5862745
    >>Lobotomies surge forward, but don't go into the tunnels.

    But they sound perfect for the job. If they clog it up you can just flame the corpse away.

    I want to make sure we shell the shit out of the PA before it recloaks.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:14 No.5862816
    Our flamers and contaminators are already at the end of the tunnels. So sending the lobotomies through would be a bit of a problem.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:17 No.5862847
    A distant shape flickers, near the ziggurat, flying away from it in incredibly high speeds, in the opposite direction from you. Apparently, the speaker currently can't be reached. Any attempt to open up a channel just results in hearing loud, panicked discussion before it shuts off a few seconds later.

    One of Gaia's legs buckles. Gaia stumbles over and begins to attempt to crawl away, the cloaking device flickering online ever so slowly as it rolls away, trying to conceal the generator at the front as the thrusters on its back also power up. The powered armour units at the front desperately try to protect it, firing with all their might even as the lobotomies scream past them, racing in their hundreds towards the trenches. Hundreds of explosive bolts fly into the air, raining down on the hapless, mindless creatures as they continue their charge.

    Then, the contaminators and the flamers burst out, spreading disease and fire throughout the trenches. Even the men occupying the laser and artillery turrets are evacuating them, desperately trying to run away before they're caught in the tide of glistening metal and twisted flesh.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:20 No.5862879
    Is Samson 70 within range of instantaneous communication? If so, tell him to calculate its flight corridor. Then have the Heat Rays and lasers fire into that corridor.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)20:20 No.5862883

    To bad the leaders appear to have legged it though. Maybe we can clip their escape pod with a heat ray?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:20 No.5862884
    High enough that an incoming missile can't catch it?

    Heat beam the thrusters, don't let it escape until our missiles arrive!

    Also slowly pull back with the SH and heavy drones that aren't close range units. If Gaia blows, we want to be far away.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:21 No.5862905
    Er, meant that to be "Fast enough" instead of "High enough."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:24 No.5862927

    Shoot airburst HE grenades at the retreating flyer, try not to destroy but disable it.

    Use speakers to offer the remaining troops to surrender.

    Oh, and try to locate the source of the transmissions you received from Uni-Peace and have it tear gassed.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)20:26 No.5862950
    Air burst fragmentation would probably work better.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:26 No.5862951
    You can try and shoot a missle if you like.
    "We should be able to hit with the heat rays, gentlemen - should we attempt to destroy the vessel or force it land?"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:26 No.5862955
    See if 70 can help us snipe down the ship that is trying to get away.

    Keep clearing the enemy and lets avoid damaging the base to much if they are running away. It can make for a great new base!

    (OOC:Looks like we could use the tech lab to turn the manned guns into AI controlled turrets)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:26 No.5862959
    I'm going emphasize this. Samson is a highly successful combat AI; he'd need to be able to figure out things like this to survive.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:27 No.5862966
    Do the contaminators have nerve gas?

    Also, once the legs are taken out, THEN disable the arms.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)20:28 No.5862979
    force it to land.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:28 No.5862982
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:28 No.5862984
    It's moving at such speeds that it'll be out of range before any artillery has any chance of reaching it.

    Source of transmissions: Ziggurat.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:28 No.5862985

    Force it to land. Follwing, saturate the are with tear gas.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:29 No.5862987
    Fire at Gaia's thrusters. We don't want it escaping.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:29 No.5862990
    Can any of our missiles take out the thrusts without destroying the rest of Gaia?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:29 No.5862991
    rolled 7, 5 = 12

    We should disable it.
    Who knows what we can do with them?

    I also second another offer of surrender - but only after Gaia has been disabled.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:29 No.5862993
    Force it to land.

    And direct fire to Gaia's thrusters.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:31 No.5863006
    If it's traveling at speeds high enough to avoid artillery I'm fairly sure that the impact of hitting the ground will incapacitate anyone in it.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:32 No.5863018
    Nah, they got their surrender offer, they rejected it. Let's completely kick someone's ass for a change.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:33 No.5863031
    And by "completely kick their ass" I mean kill them all and take their tech. We already stated that they get ONE offer of surrender in front of everyone, we shouldn't go back on our word now. It will inspire future fear.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:34 No.5863036
    If we get 1500 troops AlphaRange will give us EMP tech (once they buy it form their parent company).
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:34 No.5863048
    We have that already.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:35 No.5863052
    Let's take prisoners, at least.
    Again, we have to think about our profit.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:35 No.5863055
    Guys, I think we need to start worrying about Alpha, Lemmington and that other grey civ near HQ3. If we take Uni-Peace, we'll have killed off three factions. Alph. and Lemm. might think they're next, and team up to take out the big boy. And we still know nothing about the grey people.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:37 No.5863070

    If I remember correctly, we all have very different objectives on this planet. Coexistence with both Lemmington and AlphaRange should be possible.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:38 No.5863086
    The thrusters of Gaia are, simply put, shot to shit. The engines of the thrusters suddenly ignite and the whole back of it suddenly bursts into flames - and Gaia simply slumps. The remaining suits of powered armour simply wave their arms frantically and cease firing, trying to indicate surrender. The hundred remaining militiamen scream and shout, cowering in the trenches. Hundreds of the less combat-orientated persons begin to run out of the ziggurat for the shore, screaming hysterically. The escape vehicle is shot out of the sky by the heat rays and it comes hurtling downwards. A single escape pod is launched from it. You hear Lemmington's board of directors cheer with delight. You hear AlphaRange's officials roar with laughter and applaud. Even S70 lets out a sadistic little chuckle.

    "Gentlemen, I have calculated the trajectory of the escape pod. It should land somewhere on the shore and I believe I can give you an exact location. Congratulations on your victory."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:40 No.5863102
         File1252975209.jpg-(20 KB, 272x348, excellent.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:41 No.5863119
    OOOOOOH.... this is going to be ... "fun"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:41 No.5863121
    Have the Lemmington Freeze Tanks put out the fires on Gaia.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:44 No.5863155
    Slave hauler drones move in, gather all enemies. Have the contaminators, normal footsoldiers, and flamer bots encourage compliance.

    Advance forward, order the hippies out of the power armor, secure this immediately. Cloaking will be excellent.

    Train weapons on Gaia just in case, and put out the fires.

    Rapid advance with light drones to the shore, secure the escape pod.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:46 No.5863192
    Start containing the men/apes/etc that have given up.

    Start converting the base over to our tech.

    Take Gaia back to our main base and start researching that shit.

    Send ships to the south / south east of the ziggurat area.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)20:48 No.5863214
    Well now that they've surrendered, drone losses aren't really a problem, are they?

    And we've made it clear, by show of force, that we're not the kind to fuck around. To kill these 'survivors' would be pointless, and would induce organizations to continue fighting to the last man.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:51 No.5863257
    Priority goes as thus:

    1. Secure power armor. It can still attack us, get them out and guard the armor.

    2. Contain enemy soldiers and "civilians." Begin enslaving as soon as feasible.

    3. Extinguish fires on Gaia, guard it with heat beams. Begin preparations to move it to examination facilities.

    4. Race to the escape pod and secure it.

    5. Enter ziggurat and secure it. Find the speaker, I want her brought to the contractors.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:51 No.5863263
         File1252975916.png-(105 KB, 592x379, Hajjar.png)
    105 KB
    Your haulers begin to secure the slaves, gathering them up and carting them off back to the thirteen habitats you have built. By the time the day is done, you have:
    783 slaves
    313 chimps
    119 apes
    17 gorillas

    The fires of Gaia are put back and soon as the slaves are hauled back, you'll be able to cart it back. Unfortunately, the pilot's dead, with back filled with shrapnel from the explosion.

    From the top of the ziggurat, your drones can observe thousands of refugees leaving the mainland for the islands, walking across a massive network of vines and roots that has grown across the water, basically creating a saltwater swamp. They are completely evacuating the mainland, leaving it empty.

    Half a mile from the predicted escape pod landing site, a single female human has been located and surrounded by your flamer drones. She has since surrendered.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)20:52 No.5863271
    So... what do we want to do with the prisoners? We could sell them to Alpharange, but they seem to have some pretty good scientists/researchers to make this kind of tech, and there are still islands to cleanse.
    >> Subcontractor Helus 09/14/09(Mon)20:55 No.5863312
    Personally, I feel we have made our point- Uni-Peace has been driven from the south, and they will now have to pass a large body of water to get to us. I say we leave them be until they try and fuck with us again. Then we come down on them like the fist of an angry god.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:55 No.5863316
    >Send ships to the south / south east of the ziggurat area.

    Correction: Send a group of slaver units and some scouts / samplers to see whats down there.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:56 No.5863327
    We'll hold them for now, separate them by native/hippie to begin with. Begin determining who is useful (engineers & scientists, primarily, but any other educated/trained individuals should be noted), and separate them further.


    Bring escape pod woman to contractor base.

    Bring power armor to examination sites, begin acquiring cloaking.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)20:56 No.5863329
    Remaining forces:

    66 Heavy Haulers
    47 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with thermobaric and napalm artillery and grav and flamer)
    45 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with fragmentation artillery and grav and flamer)
    37 Light Combat Drones (armed with flamers)
    35 Medium Combat Drones (armed with lasers)
    32 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers and grav and flamer)
    29 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers, lightning, shockwave, grav and flamer)
    15 Superheavy Combat Drone (armed with lightning guns, pulse artillery and gravity guns)
    11 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with tear-gas artillery and stun guns)
    9 Light Combat Drones (armed with lightning guns)
    7 Light Combat Drones (armed with gravity guns)
    6 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    6 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with heat ray)
    3 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:57 No.5863333
    I say we get a satellite up and hit the fuckers from orbit as soon as possible.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:57 No.5863342
    Wait, Lemmington want some spoil of war too right ? Lets discuss the share before claming it all
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:58 No.5863352
    >>thousands of refugees

    And we're just going to leave that? Yeah, right. We have 30 amphibious hybrid combat/hauler SH drones recently built. We'll up that order to a full 75. Once they're equipped with the modified gravity gun for slave snatching, we move in.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)20:59 No.5863360
    They got to stomp some hippies, which was what they really wanted. Let's not be hasty to give away what we did the brunt of earning.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)21:02 No.5863396
    Let us soak the land bridges with gas, and move in with capture teams.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:03 No.5863400
    Soon as the new month arrives, we can go on a spending spree.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:03 No.5863409

    Thank AlphaRange for watching and inform them that we hope our little operation entertained them. Close the video-feed as there isn't anything interesting going on at the moment.

    Search the ziggurat for anything interesting and look if there are any hidden tunnels or other means of reaching the islands.

    And finally, thank Lemmington for their cooperation in this Campaign and that we put great value in their support.

    Begin to search the now liberated Uni-Peace territory for resources.

    Finally, a list of our remaining forces would be great.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:05 No.5863427
    Or we could wait until our dedicated slave grabbers are ready. They should be able to grab slaves like a person picks strawberries.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:05 No.5863430
    "We're here to eliminate the major threat to our operations and to get revenge. Several of my friends were killed when they stole the active terraformation prototype. We're here to reclaim all stolen terraforming technology - so I hope you do not mind if we deny you access to that."
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:06 No.5863441

    66 Heavy Haulers
    47 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with thermobaric and napalm artillery and grav and flamer)
    45 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with fragmentation artillery and grav and flamer)
    37 Light Combat Drones (armed with flamers)
    35 Medium Combat Drones (armed with lasers)
    32 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers and grav and flamer)
    29 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with lasers, lightning, shockwave, grav and flamer)
    15 Superheavy Combat Drone (armed with lightning guns, pulse artillery and gravity guns)
    11 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with tear-gas artillery and stun guns)
    9 Light Combat Drones (armed with lightning guns)
    7 Light Combat Drones (armed with gravity guns)
    6 Heavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    6 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with heat ray)
    3 Superheavy Combat Drones (armed with pulse and herbicide artillery and flamer and grav)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:07 No.5863455

    A reasonable request, they can have it if they inform us of what can be done with it, in my opinion at least.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:08 No.5863459
    75? How about at least 100. We also have Monkey Island to harvest. Of course, if we have VTOL the natives can't even touch us. Grabbing slaves from the Uni-Peace islands will probably require military escort.

    I'd just say grab them as they cross the swamps but I don't feel like having half drown. Unless... could we cut off most of them by having our drones go around the landbridge faster and scare them back our way?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:08 No.5863460

    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:10 No.5863474
    I'm fine with this. They've been goddamn helpful, and I don't think we need terraforming very much.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:11 No.5863482
    Ok, let's get ready for the next day.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:11 No.5863484

    I'm surprisingly okay with this.

    We have enough gorillas to trade for a tech with them, too. Which unlike the humans and other natives, we don't need to worry about keeping/sorting/saving for purchase numbers.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:13 No.5863507
    The ziggurat's clearly of native creation, filled with hidden tunnels and appears to be forward base. It's filled with all sorts of interesting files and so on. Including a copy of the request for assistance that the Kil'thweq Mothership sent to its homeworld.

    You have located nine new metal deposits and sixteen gas pockets. There's no need for me to list numerical values anymore. Changing the system to make it easier for me to handle.

    AlphaRange has something to say.
    "We're sending a 'copter with our congratulations gift right now - but also, we've got way more important business to discuss, as soon as you ceased talking with LP there."
    "Well, if you want to know practically, military uses, they developed a strain of it that rapidly accelerated the growth of enclosed plantlife. They used it in shells and mines - but the herbicides took care of the mines and the gravity guns caught the shells. It's all very good at constricting and entangling various targets, rendering them immobile!"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:14 No.5863515
    Well, the biggest help was their giving us the herbicide and tear gas pre-invasion. We really didn't utilize them to full potential (read: all that much) in the actual combat.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)21:14 No.5863517
    "That depends. Would you be willing to trade for it?"

    But they'll be gone by then...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:15 No.5863531
    Well, the Alpha copter sounds mildly suspicious, but I may just be paranoid.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:16 No.5863542
    >>You have located nine new metal deposits and sixteen gas pockets. There's no need for me to list numerical values anymore. Changing the system to make it easier for me to handle.

    Nice. That'll be a relief.

    >>"We're sending a 'copter with our congratulations gift right now - but also, we've got way more important business to discuss, as soon as you ceased talking with LP there."
    Ready to talk to them, unless LP wants to discuss a tech for apes deal.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)21:17 No.5863549
    Wait, how about we herbicide shell one end of the bridge, cutting off their escape route?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:17 No.5863557
    We'll obviously have to make sure it's not contaminated (I'm a little worried at the rate Alpha Range seems to be expanding), but otherwise I don't think it's much to concern ourselves with.

    I think we're all done with LP for the moment.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:19 No.5863571
    In exchange for 12 gorillas, Lemmington is offering you TWO choices from its list:
    Contagion Formulae
    Decontaminant Formulae
    Headcrab Formulae
    Nerve Gas Formulae
    Combat-Sampler Hybrid
    Cloning Technology
    Gamma Technology
    Lobotomy Technology

    Ask for more details on ones you're interested in.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:19 No.5863576
    Can someone name the factions on the map by color for me? Right now I only know that we're blue and Uni is red.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:19 No.5863578
    They'll be on the islands, and we'll move in with a massive force of specialized slave grabbers that should be much more efficient, guarded by normal combat drones.

    On that note, can we have missiles pre-aimed at the islands to take down any spaceworthy vehicles we detect launching?

    Let's talk to AR. It's not like we don't have guns and turrets and drones for our own safety at home.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:19 No.5863579
    Good call but make sure to have slavers on stand by to make sure we don't have any of the bastards drown!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:20 No.5863588
    I want to hear at least a brief bit about all of these. They sound SWEET.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:21 No.5863600

    Cloning technology sounds interesting, could we use it to create a body for S70?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:21 No.5863601
    I'm interested in the Nerve Gas, Contagion, Headcrab, and Gamma. Nerve Gas and Contagion seem like they might be useful additions to our repertoire of artillery.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:21 No.5863602
    Yellow AlphaRange
    Teal Lemminton
    Grey ???
    Purple Natives (I think)
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:22 No.5863611
    TradeStar: Blue
    Uni-Peace: Red
    Lemmington Pharmaceuticals: Cyan
    AlphaRange: Orange
    Empire of Gurruk: Purple
    Unknown: Grey
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:23 No.5863622
    Thanks guys
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:24 No.5863640

    Could we ask TradeStar how much underwater capabilites for our drones would cost?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:25 No.5863649
    Nerve Gas Formulae
    Combat-Sampler Hybrid
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:26 No.5863659
    Decontaminant and Gamma tech sound most interesting right now.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:31 No.5863710
    Contagion Formulae: Slow-acting disease that is highly contagious. Takes a week to kill, but spreads between its victims. Can be used in flame throwers, shells and missles.
    Decontaminant Formulae: Incredibly powerful decontaminant, melts away any biological material and completely sterilizes whatever it comes into contact with. Can be used in flamers, shells and missles.
    Headcrab Formulae: Creates a crab-like creature with a fondness of latching on to heads. Once latched on to heads, they're able of controlling the body of their biological victim. You are not able to directly command them but that's also an advantage - they don't require orders, they just cause havoc. They can fired in shells and in missles.
    Nerve Gas Formulae: Incredibly lethal nerve gas. Any form of biological life that inhales it is promised to die a painful death within a handful of minutes. Can be fired in shells, missles and from flame-throwers.
    Combat-Sampler Hybrid
    Cloning Technology: Allows you to create clones of creatures that you have samples of.
    Gamma Technology: Gamma rays that can be utilized in guns. Insanely lethal against any form of biological life, no matter what it's contained inside. Area-of-effect
    Lobotomy Technology: Allows you to lobotomize creatures that you have in your possession, also allowing you to program commands into them - you can connect them to your network to edit the commands like you edit drone commands. Incapable of using remotely advanced technology.

    Also, you can now examine:
    Cloaking Technology
    Explosive Bolts Technology
    Kinetic Shield Technology
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:32 No.5863722
    Lets start examining Cloaking and Kinetic Shield immediately.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:33 No.5863732
    That's submersible technology

    Here's what you can buy from TradeStar:

    These products arrive at the end of the month:
    One month's supplies, five people - 1 TON
    Five units of fuel - 1 TON
    Fusion Battery - 500 TONS
    Engineer - 1000 TONS
    Scientist - 2000 TONS
    Satellite - 5000 TONS

    These products arrive immediately:
    Transport Drone Schematics - 1000 TONS
    IR Sensor Schematics - 5000 TONS
    VTOL Schematics - 5000 TONS
    Pulse Laser Schematics - 10000 TONS
    Submersible Schematics - 10000 TONS
    Supermassive Drone Schematics - 10000 TONS
    Tech. Lab Schematics - 10000 TONS
    Gargantua Schematics - 15000 TONS
    Heavy Construction Facility Schematics - 15000 TONS
    Satellite Schematics - 15000 TONS
    Colossus Schematics - 20000 TONS
    Ion Space Engine Schematics - 20000 TONS
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:34 No.5863745
    Gamma Tech
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:35 No.5863750
    What's our Debt level again? And how much do we have?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:38 No.5863796
    Debt: 27500
    Tomorrow's possession: 37,651.1

    Tomorrow will be Day 24.
    After Day 30, it's Month 3.
    During Month 3, debt is refreshed to 2500.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:39 No.5863809
    Does AR buy clones?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:40 No.5863813
    Biological bodies and synthetic life doesn't work out.

    The biological minds are basically fried.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:40 No.5863815

    I would like to order
    >Submersible Schematics - 10000 TONS

    so we can start to rape this planet properly.
    Any input concerning this?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:41 No.5863830
    Sure, I'm fine with that.

    If we buy it though I'd like to set that as the last thing we buy this month.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:41 No.5863831
    We should wait for the start of the next month. Only a few more days.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:42 No.5863835
    AR and LP don't really like one another due to a tradewar years back, when LP monopolized cloning technology and almost bankrupted AR by supplying them with clones.

    They were paying LP insane amounts when LP was producing the clones incredibly cheaply.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:43 No.5863850
    I'm for it. We could claim that area to the east of Lemminton. And possibly explore that island that the nanoplague came from.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:44 No.5863865
    I would too. I also want to get specs for a heavy construction facility, the biggest drones we can make (colossus?), and satellites. VTOL would be nice but we can make due without I suppose.

    However, we also want to spend some TONS on fuel (it's a good deal) and scientists, maybe a few fusion batteries.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:45 No.5863884

    Just wanted to let you know that I see this post as an example of absolutely stellar GMing. You are GOOD at this, sir.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:46 No.5863890
    Let's hold HCF and anything else off until next month (we pretty much have too, as we can't make up the rest of it in the time remaining).
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:47 No.5863900

    My idea was to send our prospectors into the depths of the seas. It looks like this planet is 60% covered by water, why shouldn't we begin to build unterwater mines?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:48 No.5863909
    The sooner we start, the sooner we profit. And as soon as the next month hits, let's buy heavy construction yards, satellite, and colossus drones. We'll make it all back with the growth seen from the development.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:49 No.5863918
    Well, yeah. But as SOON as the next month rolls around, let's get on it.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:50 No.5863923
    You've also ordered two scientists already.

    Gargantua and Colossi both require heavy construction facilities to be built, and so do spacecraft.

    Oh, and I might as well tell you about what the drone variants are like:

    Costs 50 tons and 100 fuel.
    Spends 100 fuel/day
    Is as effective as 50x heavy constructors and 50x heavy haulers.
    6 primary slots and 4 auxiliary slots

    Costs 100 tons and 250 fuel.
    Spends 250 fuel/day
    Is as effective as 200x heavy haulers.
    12 primary slots and 8 auxiliary slots

    Costs 250 tons and 1000 fuel.
    Spends 1000 fuel/day
    Is as effective as 1000x heavy haulers.
    24 primary slots and 16 auxiliary slots
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)21:50 No.5863924
    We already have amphibious technology.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:50 No.5863931
    colossus take way to much fuel for us right now.

    Plasma can you please list the fuel used by each drone please.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:51 No.5863934
    Ok; so we buy Submersible Tech now (we'll have the heavy metals to pay for it tomorrow), and then wait for next month to buy the rest?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:52 No.5863944
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:52 No.5863945
    We still have to give them the metals for the month. We wouldn't be able to cover the month amout + what we own them for shit we have bought.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:53 No.5863954
    Submersible Tech =/= Amphibious Tech

    AT lets us create boats that can go along the surface of the water as well s go on land where ST lets us actually build things that can sustain the pressures of deep seas.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:53 No.5863957

    So you guys want GAMMA TECHNOLOGY from LP.

    What other technology do you want?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:53 No.5863964
    We only owe them 2500 a month, and I'm fairly sure that Plasma included this month's cost in our total debt.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:54 No.5863969
    Combat-Sampler Hybrid
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:55 No.5863983
    Yes we can. See >>5863796

    That's our total debt and we still have 6 days.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:55 No.5863985
    I'd prefer Nerve Gas.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:55 No.5863988
    Light - 1 fuel/day
    Medium - 2 fuel/day
    Heavy - 5 fuel/day
    Superheavy - 25 fuel/day
    Supermassive - 100 fuel/day
    Gargantua - 250 fuel/day
    Colossus - 1000 fuel/day

    Every drone larger than heavy can be powered by a fusion battery, which you can order for the price of 500 TONS at the end of each month.
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)21:56 No.5864007

    I like the idea of exploiting underwater resources...

    Any information regarding this, Plasma?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:57 No.5864016

    We shouldn't max our debt yet. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 days.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:57 No.5864026
    Only possible with SUBMERSIBLE TECHNOLOGY.

    Also, god. Make up your minds so I can start a "next day" post.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:58 No.5864033
    We already have non-lethal Nerve Gas, frankly I don't think we need a lethal kind. My vote is for Gamma.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)21:59 No.5864042

    I vote in favour of buying.

    BTW, don't let us stress you Plasma and thank you for DMing this very enjoyable quest ;3
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)21:59 No.5864054
    You've also chosen GAMMA, you need to choose one else.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)22:01 No.5864079
    Combat-Hauler is my vote.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)22:03 No.5864097
    Well, if no one is suggesting anything else, I would advise to buy the decontaminant. Just in case that bio/mechanical nanovirus makes another appearance.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)22:04 No.5864125
    Me, Changing my vote to Decontaminant.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/09(Mon)22:06 No.5864139
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 09/14/09(Mon)22:09 No.5864176
    New Thread:
    >> Subcontractor Ayebohr 09/14/09(Mon)22:13 No.5864248
    My vote is for gamma.
    I'm not sure about the rest.

    Anyway, I'm off for today. Laters.

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