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>Hell has many, many layers, all of them impossibly and horrible beyond measure

>Only one layer is truly safe for the bare dregs of life that remain, and that is the Nexus, a patched together mass of destroyed realms, long consumed by Hell.

>The Nexus occasionally gets distress calls from realms that supposedly haven't been devoured yet. These calls are always ignored.

>There are strange lights that seem to hover beyond the safety of the nexus, like eyes watching from the dark.

>There is a shop that sells any item that one may need for ventures out into other layers, but no one is really sure where it came from or even where it gets its wares.
sounds pretty dark, guy

I like it. Do continue.
>>The Nexus occasionally gets distress calls from realms that supposedly haven't been devoured yet. These calls are always ignored.
What's the fucking point of mentioning it then?
>The Nexus occasionally gets distress calls from realms that supposedly haven't been devoured yet. These calls are always ignored.

Shouldn't that be the other way around?
Like people in the Nexus trying to warn realms that Hell is coming for them?

Real nice idea btw
What kinda npcs are we expecting?
Likely because the thing at the other end of the call probably wants to eat your face/soul. Anyway, continuing.

>It's commonly known by the residents of the Nexus that if you see a man wearing multicolored skins, you should greet him with the song of your beloved lost ones and go on your way. Never make eye contact.

>there is one layer that is particularly close to the Nexus, a great grove of blackened trees, many of which have what seem to be screaming faces carved into their bark. It is said that the whispers that said trees constantly produce stem from the souls of all those ensnared in their branches.

>There is a child who wanders the broken roads and paths of the Nexus, their appearance and gender always indistinct or shifting from one to the next. Whilst they are harmless for the most part, the shadow they leave behind isn't.
>Like people in the Nexus trying to warn realms that Hell is coming for them?
This implies that the Nexus isn't the only one left that hasn't been entirely devoured. Not saying that there aren't any others, but they've probably already gotten the memo and are likely beating feet away from the maw of the Unholy Infinite.
.The man with the multicolored coat of skins typically introduces himself as one "John Leng", and always seems to have a weird drawl to his voice that can never be placed as being any one accent.

>When asked where he comes from or why he's in Nexus, he usually says something along the lines of "Up north where the sun and skies don't shine, and the little ones are always crying with joy for the man in red". Trying to ask him to elaborate more is ill advised.
Why do people leave the Nexus?
People leave the Nexus any number of reasons. Sometimes it's to try and find other safe havens amidst the chaos, other times it's to try and locate survivors from one realm or another, and other times its to try and find ways of 'killing' Hell itself. There is never any one reason for why people venture out beyond the Nexus.
File: Cabrol-watcher.jpg (881 KB, 1875x2713)
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881 KB JPG
Reminds me of The Night Land a bit.
>One of the older fellows inhabiting the Nexus, Ol' Sir Grim is commonly accepted as being one of the most knowledgeable individuals in regards to Hell and its horrors, and despite appearances he is a fairly reasonable and jovial fellow.

>He himself claims to have once been a member of a band of knights known as "The Order Of Auxoris The Blessed Circle", now seemingly all wiped out aside from Grim himself. He really doesn't like talking about it.
>There's an old man in a cabin some ways west of the main 'hub areas' of the Nexus, who always has his doors open for any travelers or lost adventurers and will always invite them to stay for tea and supper with him.

>Travelers are advised to drink only the tea and to not so much as even touch the 'food'.
What's the food?
What's in the food?
He's just a really terrible cook.
godamnit anon
File: noice.png (88 KB, 241x207)
88 KB
Underappreciated thread, bump
>It is rare, but sometimes one can find Sir Grim on the very edge of the barrier shielding the Nexus from the full fury of the Unholy Infinite, just staring out into the great dark eternity writhing beyond.

>He is known to stand and maintain this vigil for entire weeks at a time before finally returning to the Nexus proper.
Seems promising, but why is my character in hell?
File: Spoiler Image (304 KB, 1321x900)
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304 KB JPG
>The words "GIVE. UP." have been found spray painted on some buildings and homes throughout Nexus
>Presumably, this is some attempt by servitors of the Unholy to demoralize the inhabitants of the realm.
>you should greet him with the song of your beloved lost ones and go on your way.
Er... would “Hey Jude” work? It’s the best I can think of offhand.
'Leng' will accept any song, by any artist, and of any musical notation or genre, it does not matter. According to him, the "north" does not care what songs are given to it, just that they are given from the depths of the heart and are stoked by loss.

Need a bit of confirmation on this. There's only one layer of Hell that's considered "safe" (i.e. stable), while all the others are either lost, succumbed to some unknown surrounding entropic force, or in the middle of being devoured (basically, SCP levels), and there's a sort of "Night Land" things-that-watch theme going on with the void that's visible on the edges of the Nexus?

Seems alright.
>There's only one layer of Hell that's considered "safe" (i.e. stable), while all the others are either lost, succumbed to some unknown surrounding entropic force, or in the middle of being devoured (basically, SCP levels), and there's a sort of "Night Land" things-that-watch theme going on with the void that's visible on the edges of the Nexus?
you've got it right for the most part looks like, though it seemingly appears that Hell is just one massive interconnected 'creature' made out of multiple layers and the like, and the Nexus is just that one little thing that somehow managed to avoid getting broken down and 'digested'.

They say it was started by an incantation or summon. Whatever it be, it shook the world to its core.

>be a retired folk hero on the edges of society
>live in or near a small village in a small manor
>legends of a great scourge of chaos and evil spreading throughout the land
>pick up the old weapon and fight to protect the people as always
>reunite with old companions, allies, and even enemies. This is a serious foe that may well unite all.
>It starts in the far reaches of the world
>horrible hordes of bestial incarnations of chaos corrupting the very land they walk on
>towering spawns of chaos pull down towers and soak up magical spells, even turning away flurries of arrows
>lesser beasts still rip through infantry like paper dolls
>the good guys slowly start losing more battles than won
>still get in some good hits, hear stories of some giant beasts are being felled
>the frontlines close in on the home country
>fight with zeal until forced to retreat, for the last time
>this may very well be it
>major cities fall
>retreat to a countryside manor
>Train as many folk as possible, consolidate and build defenses around the plantation-manor
>They finally reach the last bastion of hope, the fortified manor
>scores of townsfolk die in the initial defense
>Sortie in an effort to the aid the retreat of helpless folk, caught in the field retreating from the chaos spawn
>charge to their aid
>put up a good fight, but get overwhelmed
>lying in a puddle of my own blood
>hear the screams of the dying and dead, smell the smoke and flames around
>slowly watch the sky as stalks of wheat flutter in the wind, which seems so far above and out of reach
>It all goes black
>Wake up in a strange place, in the scrap of farmland on the edge of a floating island
>My armor and tunic replaced by scraps of cloth
>An old man says "you've been lying here quite a while, come in and have some tea"
>Weary and bones are aching so I oblige
So began my journey in Nexus
>One layer that is known to cross over with Nexus and brings great terror with it when it does so is the "Sky Rot" or "Sky Blight", an infection of the very skies above that seems to twist and warp them into maddening shapes and colors

>When The Sky Rot passes over the Nexus, preparations are usually made to shield the eyes of inhabitants and to protect the various town areas from the horrible afflictions that gazing upon the Rot can bring down, usually by covering ones eyes completely or removing them such that they can be replaced later, once the Rot has passed.
Are they endless in the sense they they are geographically infinite areas, or endless in the sense that there is an infinite number of them?
Those who break the most serious laws of the nexus are cast out of it into the place that is called Ashralak, loosely translated 'Infinite Pain'.

Ashralak's ground is made of melting scalding boiling bodies which scream in pain continuously at all times, it rains billions of weapons at all times, scalding salt hailstones pummel the inmates there, there is so much heat that just existing melts your skin off there, fires so hot you explode like a bomb (from the heat) spring up in big random fire geysers, salt dust and fluid glass fall from the sky at all times, the west wall is 10 thousand foot high salt dunes, the east wall is 10 thousand foot high piles of scalding slag metal, the north wall is fluid-glass seeping blades, and the south wall is salt water seeping blades. The high heat environment is so intense that inmates are completely fluid and dead after only 4 breaths of existence. The senses are useless in that place, as it is so filled with evaporating fluids sight is futile, it is so loud with horror and pain speech and hearing are futile, and the inmate is bombarded with such pain that touch is futile. Sentences in that place are between 1800 billion and 2300 trillion septillion lifetimes, with no lifetime being longer or shorter than exactly 4 gasps of breath.

Interestingly, it is completely impossible for non-nexus denizens to be sent to ashralak, and ashralak has no demons present.
>There is seemingly no end to Hell, but the farther, and deeper one goes, the more incomprehensible Hell becomes. Logic and physics already barely exist in Hell, but the farther you go the more such concepts break down, until even concepts fade away into nothingness. At some point, in the infinite depths of Hell, the physical melts away, the mental melts away, senses and consciousness melt away, Hell fades into nothing but noise, and lights, and pain, and then silence, and emptiness, and pain, and then nothing, and nothing, and pain, and then pain, and then pain, and then nothing. But there is still more beyond that. Hell is infinite.
I imagine that some would likely be geographically infinite with chaotic changes to their landscape, whereas others would have a sudden cut off point before they start plunging back into the Unholy Eternity. And there's likely to be an infinite assortment of said layers, each of which is probably their own brand of "fun" ]
Sounds wonderfully horrific all in all.

>Sir Grim has remarked from time to time upon his own sentencing of individuals to the horror that is Ashralak.

>It is rare for such a jovial fellow to fall into what seems like self-loathing and disgust, but his tales of how he has cast numerous people into the rending tides of unending pain seem to drain warmth and positivity even from he.

>Oft times he even makes mention of how the Old Guard Captain and the Good Doctor have subjected others to the same fate, but in even greater numbers than he.
There is one crucial detail that could be plot related so I didn't mention it; Ashralak is very slowly (very very slowly, less than 1 inch every 10 centuries) getting bigger.
This is a quality thread, but where are all of these souls coming from? What are/were the demons of the unholy infinity?
Every being answers to ultimate justice for every evil deed. The gods, the living, and the dead. Anyone, period, who is sufficiently evil goes straight to hell at death.
>but where are all of these souls coming from?
Sometimes it's as >>58426482 says, with any being who commits a sufficiently evil enough deed just getting tossed into Hell upon death, doesn't matter whether or not they're divine, mortal, undead or some manner of space squid. other times, Hell just straight-up EATS any realms it comes across and breaks them down over time, either reducing them to utter nothingness or just corrupting them and incorporating them into its being. Most souls that suffer such a fate just end up there when their realm gets gobbled up.

>What are/were the demons of the unholy infinity?
Think of demons as being tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny expressions of the Unholy infinity, portions of itself that work to break down realms and realities and godheads for easier digestion. Sometimes they're just really big monstrosities, but other times they're far more abstract and alien, with quite a few demons are layers in and of themselves in fact.
>Throughout Hell there countless horrors, but above all else, there are the seven generals. Generals, is of course, a name given to them by the denizens of Nexus. What they really are is nothing like some disciplined leaders of armies. The seven generals are nightmares, horrifying fiends who, through their sheer, unbridled lust for carnage and pain, have rallied billions of demonic entities and horrors to their command. These seven wage war across Hell, against Hell and against each other, over and over, dying and dying countless times, but continuing with these savage confrontations. Their pure, unbridled fury and violence is so palpable even in the infinite Hell, that the residents of Nexus can tell when they are clashing, as it causes intense headaches, and should any of these generals and their hordes be passing near Nexus, the residents will likely be struck with paralyzing migraines, that is how terrible their presences are. Surely should a normal person face one of these generals personally, their very being would be flayed just from the pressure alone.
Now wait a second here, what about beings like Cthulhu and others of that nature who are by definition utterly beyond good and evil? Also what about beings the universe cannot exist without (I.E. they must be present and alive or the universe ends immediately), and beings like Buddha who are supposed to be eternally transcendent and beyond cycles of reincarnation?
It does not matter what sate of being they may be or what their natures are. The Dread Eternity embraces all things stained, twisted and broken, and engulfs those that aren't in order to make them so. There would be no difference between such beings to it than there would be any other soul, except for the likely possibility of Cthulhu and co being at 'home' in its lovingly agonizing embrace (or maybe not).

Buddha would probably decide to go "fuck this' and move some [insert alternative term for infinite here] realms over to avoid dealing with that shit.
"Who's aimless waves chance combining / gives each frail reality it's eternal law" - Azathoth, a poem by HP lovecraft

Them being at home there makes more sense than you think, I'd imagine it gets pretty damn hell like when you start getting physically close to things like Azathoth, Yog Sothoth, and other cosmic assholes of infinite doom.
File: 1304367269411.jpg (69 KB, 580x800)
69 KB
>The Violence, an entity that had a hand in wiping out many of Ol' Sir Grim's allies, is as enigmatic as the realm of Hell itself. Ever changing, ever present, perhaps akin to a god in this Dreadful Eternity. Those who have pried stories from Sir Grim's mouth only know of a little bit of The Violence's actions
>A wave of heat, the taste of meat, and blood on your tongue, your eyes, they burn, as if you were staring into some raging fire. It came not like an army, or some beast, it came like a flash of color across your eyes. What followed was something one could call 'abstract' Death of brand new, unimaginable ways, pain flooding the mind as my allies, they were turned to puddles of agony, still screaming, others, they were unmade, undone, watching their every fiber being peeled away, by the Gods, if they exist, I saw men have their dimensions, their colors, everything that defines them as a living, breathing piece of reality, painfully flayed from their selves...I saw thoughts, feelings, reality bleeding, as if some razor knife was split across the world....The Violence..dear Gods why would such a thing BE...."
Ocean breathes salty by Modest Mouse it is.
Some areas of hell are so intense inmates there seek death, but never find it, while others are so intense it's (short lifespan) Wilhelm_yell.mp4 (short lifespan) goofy's_yell.mp4 (short lifespan) ARG!.mp4 and so on.
How would anyone tell? Hell has infinite layers, the layers have only tenuous spacial relationships with each other, and it's literally impossible to be alive in Ashralak for more than 4 breaths continuously.

In other news
>Hell is infinite, but seems to contain both an "up" and a "down". These are not literal directions, but rather a general trend of how complex each layer's "reality" is. The further "up" one goes, the simpler and more pure the torments once receives, until there is nothing but pulses of agony, free from all forces and concepts save pain.

>Travel downwards is more complex. As one travels down, reality becomes more convoluted, taking on further layers and depths of complexity- everything seems to contain more than it did before, as new sensations and details seem to manifest, new aspects of pain blossoming out of what once seemed simple. Travel too far, and one is nearly guaranteed to go mad from the sheer overwhelming bombardment of maddeningly complex detail.

>No man can travel beyond these points and remain a man- Hell Beyond is simply impossible for us to understand, and so to push on beyond is to subject oneself to torments beyond what is possible.

>There are few things more feared than those who come back.
hope he likes almost sorry by the scissor sisters.
>Pain is, in hell, a finite resource. As in, there are so many souls in hell that there is literally not enough pain to go around.
>Pain in hell is also corrosive to evil karma, meaning in so many words that to suffer is to pay for what you've done. A decade of agony can make up for a drunk driving kill, for example.
>Hell is also HUNGRY. And it eats souls. A soul that is consumed by hell is gone for good. Every soul in hell has a set amount of time before they will be consumed, but only the demons know who has how much left.
>Hell has a bureaucracy run by the inmates, who are paid in pain and time. Pain allows you to scrub off your soul's debt one sin at a time. Time adds more years before you're devoured.
>When your sin total = 0, you lose all your memories in an instant, and rejoin a queue of souls waiting to be born. Total memory loss sounds bad, but trust me- you don't want to remember hell.
>There are some souls who are so reprehensibly evil that they are either flat-out denied this convoluted chance, or given a 'Sisyphean Sentence'. Hitler, for example, slaughtered millions, then called Jesus' mother a Jewish Whore during his judgement. To date, demons keep telling him time is running out. He tries to hoard as much pain and time as possible, but no matter how many molten lead enemas he takes or how many centuries he adds, he will never be clean.
>Did you murder people who really deserved it? Like, Frank Castle rampage against a bunch of pedophile child traffickers? You're going to hell. But as a jailer. You can't feel pain. Or hunger. Or thirst. After so many years, you join heaven.
>It is entirely possible for your life to have been so shitty that you get sent to hell and have to pay in the total amount of pain of say, a broken finger, because there's just nothing left to do to you.
>You're going to hell. But as a jailer
What nature of jailers? They get demongood or remain mortal souls?
File: 49821_original[1].jpg (96 KB, 500x731)
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>Page 10
Hah, no.
bumping this shit. it's too fascinating and inspiring.
File: Iosefka.full.2136076[1].png (1.26 MB, 1181x1441)
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1.26 MB PNG
>The Good Doctor of Nexus. Nobody knows who she truly is or where she actually hails from, but the is genuinely beloved by the inhabitants of Nexus either way, both for her undying love and compassion towards life and her own nigh-impossible to match medical skills, enabling her to treat even the most alien of beings.

>Of course, this isn't to say that she doesn't have her own share of blood on her hands.
The jailor system is somewhat recent (in hell-time, still a long time back in actual-world time), before that, Hell Beings were the wardens and torturers.

Hell beings range in size from the smallest, who are only the size of 1 human finger, to the largest, who are over 60,000 stories tall. Every part of their bodies is riddled with vile deformities, every part of their bodies sweats green bile, black puss, and tears, their flesh is harder than the center of a planet, they usually have claws fangs tails and horns, and spend all of their time screaming in rage and grief and murdering/torturing anyone near them, psychotic raving mad beasts who seldom have time to think thoughts or feel feelings. Their torture weapons are scalding hot, covered in razor edges, spikes, square edges, studs, bristles, points, weep poison continuously, weep fluid corpses continuously, burst into flames very suddenly randomly, magically return to their hands (or limbs) any time they are thrown dropped or destroyed, and usually are one of the following weapons; amputation saw, sword, curved sword, battle axe, spear, mace, cudgel, sai, dagger, polearm, knuckle-duster, chain noose, bo staff, man-catcher, javelin, short sword, short spear, 1 sided axe, 2 sided axe, ball and chain, whip, scourge, or bow and arrow. They also may have 1 of seven vile vases, which are filled with the following infinite fluids; fluid corpses, vinegar, acid, salt water, boiling blood, pain (as a substance) and evil (as a substance). These are 'infinite' in the sense that a hell being can simply pour it on you forever and never run out of it, not in the sense that they overflow continuously. Usually hell beings also shoot blizzards, lightning, hurricane wind, hail/sleet in a roughly even mix, or, lava, magma, or fire out of their mouths and butts any time they are in a crowd of inmates, firing this off endlessly and instinctually, the releasing going for as long as necessary and starting instantly.
>While there are no truly safe layers of Hell, besides Nexus of course, there are layers where 'civilization' exists, so to speak.
>The largest known of these is the layer known as Postmortem, a layer wide cityscape, immense, red, tyrannical
>Postmortem is a city that seemingly bleeds out from the infinite, and as is Hells want to do, always in fluex. The ground beneath, wet and red as everything else, always swaying and rising, rocking and falling, like a turbulent sea, the buildings following suite, the whole city in a constant state of motion.
>The city is absolutely flooded with horrors, going about some mock version of normal life, but this is Hell, so normal life here could range from gnawing at your own arms till they fall off, screaming in unison into the uncaring void, or waging a massive war that fills the streets with oceans of blood and gore
>Postmortem has been leveled, decimated and destroyed more times than anyone realizes, but in the next instant it is always back, a city of constant existence in this nightmare realm
>And despite it's chaotic, ever changing, uncontrollable nature, there are some semblance of ruling parties here, entities so terrifyingly mighty that they can ignore the ever changing nature of the void and have carved a piece of Postmortem out as their "home".
Ghost like beings called Specters exist in the limitless hells, terrifying creatures who are demons servants, usually do-boys, errand runners, message carriers, or rarely a very skilled servant. The very-skilled minority of specters do sometimes rise high enough up to not be simply a rank servant, but it seldom happens.

They come in 9 groups.
>Hersiarchs, known for wearing garb that resembles the sanbenito and a tall pointed hat, the warpers of minds and destroyers of ideologies.
>Usurers, known for their complex networks of chains and pay-chests that they wear, the destroyers of money and values.
>Counterfeiters, known for their grotesque permanent-mutilations and permanent-injuries, the destroyers of trust.
>False Councilors, known for their whole body being cloaked in flames and unseen, the destroyers of rulership.
>Falsifiers, known for their permanent-illnesses and open wounds, the destroyers of systems.
>Schismatics, known for their single large chest slice and their faces being sliced in two, the destroyers of community.
>Murderers, known for their scalded/boiled appearance, the destroyers of love.
>Liars, known for their oil-scalded appearance and burnt off hair, the destroyers of honesty.
>Traitors, known for their ice mummy appearance, frozen so solid that they move extremely slowly when they move at all, destroyers of nations.

Like ghosts, these beings appear as very-faded hologram like beings, and are weightless, intangible, etc. In settings in which ghosts have powers, (such as WoD), specters have unique powers of their own.
>Where The Violence is an entity that inflicts new, unimaginable ways of feeling pain, another entity within Hell has a similar existence, but a different method. The Agony. If The Violence is a hurricane, then The Agony is an earthquake. It comes, quietly at first, quivering up through the layers of Hell, passing over like a shadow that covers all things, but the more it fills the layer, the more the layer quakes with it's passing. The Agony differs in it's methods, rather than sudden, quick but excruciating pain, it inflicts torment, prolonged, slow and ever present, a steadily rising cacophony of screams that drown out thought. This torment can come in an infinite number of ways, perhaps the nerve endings in your teeth decide to turn into tiny drills to start digging out the insides, perhaps your blood vessels decide they want to feel, and now every time your blood courses through them it sends sharp pain, like swallowing glass, or maybe it happens more abstractly, such as your mind becomes aware of every second of your existence, and the weight of your history presses down on your mind. Whatever your particular flavor of pain is, expect to experience it for a very, very, very long time, until The Agony passes.
>Needless to say, the rare times The Agony and The Violence pass together in the same space it causes such sublime pain that the Dreadful Eternity itself shivers in delight.
Came to post this and to say thank you to the anon that posted "how long would an entire chapter endure in this". Great book.
personally getting eaten by hell doesn't sound that bad considering if you are born again you will probably end up going to hell again.
>Implying that being eaten would be an escape
Hell is eternal, Anon. Even upon being devoured by it, the only constant that would remain would be pain unending.
>A soul that is consumed by hell is gone for good
>Though it is incredibly rare, it has been known for some explorers and scholars of the Nexus to try and explore Postmortem

>Whilst most are inevitably consumed by the writhing tides of maddening flesh and bone, some have managed to return and record their findings regarding the dark domain

>According to their findings, there seem to be at the very, very least, seven great Courts within the 'city', with innumerable lesser such courts acting as extensions of the main ones. And although no direct knowledge regarding the workings of these courts has been gleamed, some has been pieced together from broken records that give minor descriptions of the entities in service to them.
>Though Nexus suffers the danger of falling into Hell's hungry maw, as the void constantly laps against the layer's shores, eroding away bit by bit, there are a handful of times when Nexus has faced calamitous danger. One such time was known as The City Tide. During a particular turbulent season in the Eternal Void, the layer of Postmortem waved and crashed more violently than ever before, it's cityscape actively cutting up through other layers like a tide crashing on the rocky shore. Nexus, while normally mostly safe from outer dangers, was not so safe this time, as Postmortem waved so harshly it actually reached the layer of Nexus, the city splitting beneath the layer, spilling Hell into what was the only safe haven. The guardian forces of Nexus fought desperately, as it seemed like their home would finally be torn apart by the turbulent crashing of Postmortem, but after a short time, the roughness ebbed away, and the cityscape slid back through the layers to return to it's normal, somewhat gentle rolling nature. Countless lives and damages were suffered that day in Nexus, and an entire chunk of Nexus was actually torn off, having been 'drowned and flooded' beneath the cityscape and sent hurtling through the layers of Hell to who knows where when Postmortem receded. Since that day, Postmortem has not acted so violently, but people still fear it may happen again.
I ran a really cool Night Land game, its a very underused setting, you can see my information here in the pastebin (note that this was only in the same world, it was not the geographical area covered by the book).


set to expire in 1 day
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"Hey buddy, could ya tone down the loud music late at night? Some of us have jobs to do and need sleep." - The creature
>The Old Guard Captain. Not once has it been known for the man to ever speak, not even in regards to those who seek to 'fight' against Hell. Instead, he merely watches, listens, and waits.

>What he wants for however, is unknown.

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