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yesterday we rolled up a forge world called blandonia II here's the important stuff

>it's a regular forge world that makes guard weapons in bulk with augmented guard style skitari
> as forge worlds go it's very run of the mill
> pretty much text book
> completely unremarkable
> in fact it's almost to unremarkable
> at least one inquisitor is super suspicious of how normal it is and is convinced that the forge world is hiding something big
> it's not
> it's really not
> this supposition attracted curios chaos space marines which in turn attracted more inquisitorial suspicion
> now their are multiple party's convinced BLANDIUS II is hiding something under its irregularly regular guise
> it's not

yesterday we rolled up the forge world now lets roll up the other partys
the nine is because we rolled a irregularly large amount of nines last thread
but that was probably just a coincidence
first up a the the remains of a heretek forge world the loyal forge world glassed years ago and is hiding out in a tiny moon orbiting a gas giant
their style is hereteks but roll a d100 for what there product of note was before they went into hiding
Rolled 79 (1d100)

Nice to see you. May Tzeentch bless our plans.
Servitors/Bionics 71-80
maybe persuit of better bionic led them to tzeentch ant it's mutations
now d10 for why this product was of note
Rolled 5 (1d10)

I can easily see how AdMech who wish to reverse the glorious transmutation of flesh into metal could fall prey to the machinations of Chaos.

it's blandius
not blanonia. i used both but it's blandius
also i used their when i meant they're
Microtechnology 5
tiny bionics
maybe implants
or perhaps small edits to the sbjects genome so they grow the implement i can see that turning to heresy VERY quickly
demeanour is next but we already know that. they're tzeentch worshipping hereteks
so it's going to be a d10 for skitari type
or dna maybe
Rolled 4 (1d10)

Skitarii Mars Pattern (codex style) 1-4
standard fare but perhaps with some heretical additions
their legion strength is under strengh because their forge world got glassed and now they're laying low
but their not alone they brought a chaos space marine war-band with them as well as the remnants of their titan legio
speaking of which let roll them up
starting with d100 for the legios mainstay engine
Rolled 91 (1d100)

Warmonger Pattern 90-100
that's pretty scary the loyal forge-world only has one of these good thing the hereteks planet got glassed or the whole system would be in serious trouble
but what's the lead engine considering this is a fallen legion this titan would probably have a deamon bound to it
the titan tables need fixing it's way to easy to have a legio of 49 imperator titans being led by ballsy as fuck war-hound and while that may be interesting once of twice it's still to easy to have titan legion led by their smallest titan
Rolled 67 (1d100)

The only remedy I have is make your own.
i'll do that in-between running this thread
Nemesis Pattern 60-69
seeing as the legio worship tzeentch i'll go ahead and say that this titan has been possessed by a lord of change and is therefore an extremely powerful psyker
now a d100 for deeds
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Are we corrupting the deeds so they become Chaos-aligned, or leaving it be so that the minions of the Corpse-Emperor understand that even the greatest of their kind will fall to Chaos?
86-95 This Engine led the Legio against a minor Xenos Race, destroying it so utterly that centuries later only the Legio remembers its name.
seeing as this is the deed of the now possessed lead engine which is smaller than the mainstay engine i'm going to say this was a chaos aligned action
maybe the aliens had some heretical xeno-tech that the hereteks wanted
regardless roll a d100 to so what kind of forge world they lived on before they got their shit rekt by the might of the imperium
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Are we taking this Homeworld as what kind of Forge-World the Heretek's one was?
61-70 Ghost Forge - A terrific cataclysm has befallen this forge. Whether by accident or design, it's manufactories have fallen silent, powerplants glow no more, and its people have turned from the Omnissiah. The unfortunate Legio to originate from this world is cut off from its home, unable to leverage its once terrific resources in their isolation.
pretty lucky with that roll there as the forge world did get it's shit pushed in after its heresy was discovered and now their hiding in the ruins as apposed to some moon some
that's a much better location
now 1d10 for legio age
Rolled 4 (1d10)

lemme see dat nine
File: mediocore.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
4 The Forging - Following the death of Horus, long centuries pass as the Imperium rebuilds itself. This Legio was established in order to aid the reconquest of the galaxy.

next up legio strength since the legio got rekt and is now hiding in the ruins of their former forge-world we're just going to roll a d7 on this
Rolled 4 (1d7)

no we can spin this.
inquisitor looks in the ruined forgeworlds history and finds just another mundane thing.
3-4 Under Strength - The Legio's victory has come with terrible costs.
less victory and more total defeat
yeah rebel forge world crushed by the forces of a loyal forge world and a chapter of marines they don't know about the salty survivors plotting revenge under the rubble
oh and d10 for deeds of note
Rolled 4 (1d10)

4 Forlorn Hope - In the last moments, your Legio stood proud in the midst of defeat, buying time for Imperial reorganisation.
imperial reorganisation or chaos retreat?
d10 for trophies
Rolled 1 (1d10)

retreat works
1 Head of the Waaagh - The might of an Ork Waaagh was shattered by the might of your Legio's Titans, and the head of the Warboss remains a treasured icon of the power of the Omnissiah.
orks ok
maybe failures will bare more succulent fruit
Rolled 4 (1d15)

okay the nines fucked off and the fours have come knockin
4 Machine Unbound - Your Legio suffered defeat at the hands of the Tau and their foul Techno-Sorcery.
maybe this defeat led the forge world into the arms of chaos?
next up quirks
d15 sorry
Rolled 9 (1d15)

that can work, iirc there was something in the last thread about tau as well.
9 Fears Unspoken - The Legio has a hidden fear of a certain foe.
oooooh scandalous
i have an idea as to that but in the meantime lets roll for allies d100 i'm using the chaos space marine table for this
Rolled 13 (1d100)

11-15 Corrupt Governor or other high-ranking Imperial official
ok maybe they can be the reason why the forge-world wasn't melted properly
we already know the legios enemys it's the same forge-world that destroyed theirs BLANDIUS II more specifically the blandion titan legion
but what faction is it secretly scared of d100
Rolled 73 (1d100)

just one more reason for the exterminatus
66-75 Specific Inquisition Force/Agent
maybe less a specific inquisitor and more the inquisition as the imperium finding out that their forge world isn't quite dead or perhaps we could roll an inquisitor up there's tables for that
d15 for tactics
Rolled 8 (1d15)

i think its fine if its the inquisition at large, also serves as a good reason fay laying low on a bombed out world.
8 Mechanical Supremacy - Kill all other machines by any means, then turn them into slag and stomp the remains.
they hate a certain forgeworld so that makes sense
next up their is the loyal space marine that are friends with the loyal forge world
and the chaos space marines that are laying low with the heretek forgeworld
do you wanna roll them up now or tomorrow?
maybe it can be a specific cabal or group of inquisitors
i think i might be the only other guy in the thread and im heading to bed very soon.
but dont stop on my account.
post and see if someone answers.
this is breddy kewl world
it's pretty late where i am to shall we have a third thread?
File: number-9.jpg (45 KB, 339x488)
45 KB
i'm going to have a third thread tomorrow
with this picture

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