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  • File : 1252538532.jpg-(23 KB, 500x500, HahaThereWillBeNoPictures.jpg)
    23 KB I Feel like a Woman 4: Elrood The Male Sorceress... PART 3! Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)19:22 No.5793798  
    Parts 1 (Thrugg the Ladyboy Orc,) 2 and 3 (Elrood part 1 and 2) can be found at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=I%20Feel%20Like%20a%20Woman
    I apologise about this taking so long. I've been experiencing massive Internet troubles; wouldn't even be here today if it wasn't for campus wifi.

    Now, let's continue...

    You are Elrood Freedombird.
    You HATE Thrugg Ironlung Squiggsworth.
    It's his fault that you wound up in the sorceress class, forced to wear that ridiculous outfit every god damned day.
    It's his fault you have to deal with the constant giggling, and the assumptions regarding your sexuality, and being surrounded by vapid sluts all day.
    He HUMILIATED you in front of the entire academy.

    And he's kissing you.
    And what's worse, you don't know if you want him to stop.

    This wasn't part of the plan. You were going to ruin his assessments, and finish your own as head of the class, and use the prize of a limited wish to get yourself into the PROPER class.
    As a part of your assessment you summoned Manny, some sort of hyper-sexual man thing. He was not your intended summon, but he's proven more useful than you could have hoped for.
    you hatched a plan to ruin Thrugg's Assessment by having Manny switch places with one of the Knights in the jousting tournament. With the help of a little magic trickery, you managed to get all the way to the finals... but Manny has fallen ill, or injured, or something.
    And now Thrugg is here, in the medical tent with you and an unconscious Manny, Going on in his stupid silky, heavenly voice about how he's glad you're ok and that he knew it was you all along and how he... uhg... loves you.

    And he's kissing you.
    And you kind of like it.
    And you don't know if you want him to stop.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)19:24 No.5793822
    >> pic courtosy of Z. Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)19:44 No.5794032
         File1252539866.jpg-(38 KB, 400x441, 1250467181602.jpg)
    38 KB
    Those sweet, soft, warm lips...
    The sheer smoothness of that dress as you work your way down his back towards his round ass...
    The odd pressure of those two basketballs pressing hard against your chest...
    and that tongue... that rough, slightly salty tongue... working its way through your mouth, delicately probing each and every portion of you... you think what else you would like probing your mouth...

    But... but no... this is wrong.
    you don't like this... OK, so you do like this... you're enjoying it very much... but that's beside the point! This... this faggot is your enemy! He humiliated you! You... you hate him!
    You do the only thing you can think of... you bite down. Hard.
    There is a scream, and tears and your mouth is full of copper.

    You run out of the tent, you've got to get away, got to clear your head. This is all wrong... even if it does feel so very very right...

    What do you do?
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)19:50 No.5794085
    Oh, and...


    Current Party:
    Elrood Freedombird - Sorceress
    Manny - Minion (unconscious?)
    Tiatrella Acrappie - Wizard (engaged in incestuous orgy elsewhere)

    Current Objectives:
    - Thwart Thrugg's Assessments (?)
    - Complete Assessment: Show of Summoner Skill
    - Complete Assessment: Show of Abjurer Skill
    - Complete Assessment: Show of Evoker Skill

    Current Spells:
    - Prestidigitation (Unlimited)

    Currently you have used Prestidigitation to great martial effect, defeating several jousters. You suspect this will contribute to your show of Abjurer Skill.
    You suspect Thrugg is using some manner of Glamour to cause all who look upon him or hear him or come near him to be filled with love for him and his lifestyle, but somewhere in the back of your mind the little voice of self doubt buzzes that no glamour could be that strong...
    Thrugg's Assessments involve cheering a combatant on to victory in the jousting tournament and stealing a kiss from a brave knight or fair maiden. You knew Thrugg had a date with Sir. Acrappie (the knight you've been impersonating) after the tournament, and suspected that he was going to try for the kiss there. You had planned to replace his brave knight with Manny, thus forcing him to fail his assessment... but that plan seems to have fallen though with Manny unconscious. You'll need a new plan, fast.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)19:55 No.5794134

    Is his tongue just bleeding, or is there an actual piece of tongue in our mouth?

    Either way, he probably won't be singing for a while.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)19:55 No.5794138

    Alright. Sorcerers don't need to prepares spells; we still only know prestidigitation?

    If possible, can we go get a scroll of dispelling? We can't keep getting into these homoerotic meetings with Thrugg; hit the faggot with a dispel and (hopefully) that problem will be dealt with.

    Barring that, slap Manny in the face, pour water on him, something to get him to wake up and finish the tournament.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:14 No.5794300
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)20:16 No.5794325
    "Elrood? oh... Elrood... I'm so sorry... I... I should have known... you weren't ready..."
    That voice... so sad, so full of regret... It's like a glass of pride being drowned in an ocean of regret.
    You spit the blood out of your mouth. It tastes warm and sweet and metallic... and it reminds you in every way of him...
    "I... I'm sorry... I'll go... I was just so worried about you... I... I meant what I said Elrood. I really do love you. I understand if you don't... I mean... I'll go... You should be with your friend."
    It's taking everything in you to tell her not to go... Every ounce of hate, ever speck of pride... It's almost too much to bear.
    "I want you to have this... I still want you to win that tournament... even if you don't do it for me... and watch out, Sir.Delefor is a dangerous opponent... Farewell, my Knight..."
    You hear her soft footfalls fade as she turns and walks back towards the arena. Even the sounds her feet make are dainty...
    A crow caws overhead before you finally turn around. A silk ribbon flaps in the faint breeze where he stood... burgundy, like the dress he wore, and drenched in his perfume.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)20:17 No.5794338
    There's something you're forgetting...
    Oh crap! Manny! You rush into the tent. Who knows how badly wounded he is, if your summoned minion should die before the period of assessment is over you'll have lost for sure! You throw open the tent flap.
    >"Ooooh Mistress! How tragic! The two lovers, destined to be apart! How romantic. The kiss... the rejection... I'll bet his technique was superb. Not as good as mine, of course. But then, who's is. I can show you if you'd like.
    He's... fine. Perfectly fine. Not a scratch on him, and trust me, you can see pretty much every inch of him.
    "Put on some clothes you idiot! There was nothing to that... he's got some sort of spell or something!"
    >"That's not what it looked like from where I was sitting~"
    That... that IDIOT! He could have been helping this whole time! Words cannot describe how mad that makes you.

    Well, at least you have Manny back in action... so to speak.
    What do you do?
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)20:21 No.5794378
    ((You're right. A Sorceress shouldnt need to prepare spells. We sort of agreed to go at it with nothing but prestidigitation though, as sort of a heaven or hell hard mode. If theres enough clamour for other spells, lets say that we have access to all level 1 and 0 magic, with an arbitrary number of castings relevent less to actual numbers and more to dramatic purposes. I'm trying to play it loose with the magic system, so don't worry if a spell is the wrong level or doesnt exist in the books or anything, if it fits the narrative and would be awesome/funny/dramatic, I'll probably allow it.))
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:22 No.5794388

    Put him in some armor, get him ready for the last round.

    Iif we have any metamagic, quicken as many prestidigitations as we can so as to screw with Delefor as much as possible during the jousting (quicken spell DOES work that way, right?). Also, tell Manny if he doesn't win, he'll be immediately de-summoned, and sent back to whatever hell he came from.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:39 No.5794569
    Bump again.

    The fuck happened, /tg/? When this first started it was relatively popular.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)20:43 No.5794621
    You get Manny suited up. His incessant cooing is really starting to get to you. You don't know why he was playing dead earlier, but now, with the finals around the corner, he'd best win.
    "Manny, listen up!"
    >"Oh? Yes Mistress!"
    He's sat up on the table, on his knees, jutting his ass out slightly. Despicable.
    "Listen to me, these are the finals. Sir.Delefor is supposed to be a fierce opponent. We cannot afford to lose this one, do I make myself clear?"
    >"Of course Mistress! I'd do /anything/ for you."
    "Good. Then-"
    He winks. You can see the sparkle of his eye as he does so.
    "If we don't win this, I'm sending you back to whatever hell you came from, do I make myself clear?"
    >"OOOOooooh Yes Mistress! Tell me how you're going to punish me! I can't wait!"
    "Damnit Manny!"

    You return to the stadium. The crowd cheers as they see that Sir. Acrappie is ok. Manny is blowing kisses to the audience.
    Manny mounts up. You see Sir. Delefor on the opposite side of the arena. A warforged in black armor, riding a warforged horse.
    You wave your hand at the straps on his armor.
    Nothing happens.
    You wave your hand at the ground in front of him.
    Nothing happens.

    Something is wrong.
    What do you do?
    >> Holy Malvancia 09/09/09(Wed)20:46 No.5794652
    Attempt prestigiation on self. Could just be an AURA or CIRCLE against magic.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)20:48 No.5794673
    Give it time. I think it takes a little bit for these things to get going, if the last few threads were any indication.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:53 No.5794723
    Try casting prestigiation on Manny to try and make him shine, and then command Manny to activate his suit's ability. Brilliance!
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)21:09 No.5794898
    You cast prestidigitation on yourself. Your fine elven silk sock changes color. Whatever the problem is, it's not one with your magic.
    You look around. Could he have an anti spell circle of some kind? Those are complicated spells... and once placed they are difficult to move... How is he doing that?
    You need to think outside the box. You whisper a few commands to Manny though the mental link you share. His response echos with moans and cries that chill you to your soul and make your skin flush and red. You shudder at the thought of what goes on in Manny's head.

    You wave your hand.
    Manny's armor shines with a supernatural lustre.
    Sir. Delefor charges, eerily silent for what must be a ton of living metal.
    Manny charges, grinning and licking his pouting lips.

    Just as the two are about to meet a flash sparkling pink and purple light engulfs the arena. You shield your eyes, but to little avail.
    You blink sight back into your eyes. You can make out two horses and one rider.
    your heart sinks. Manny is nowhere to be seen.
    The judge raises his flag to announce the victor.
    >"WAIT! OOooh! Mmmm... Wait... Not yet..."
    you cover your face in embarrassment. Hanging there in the middle of the arena, suspended only be his firm grip, Manny hangs beneath his stallion, fallen, but certainly not dehorsed.
    the horse trots back to you, maintaining an off kilter limp as it deals with the ministrations of it's rider. The two combatants will charge again. Manny climbs back on top of his horse, cooing in it's ear and stroking it's main seductively.

    You have a few moments before Manny sets out once again.
    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:10 No.5794906
    Ah shit. Yeah, it looks like we're going to need to use Prestidigitation on Manny. Can we, perhaps, blur the tip of his lance (making it harder to defend against)? Maybe shine his armor up to ungodly levels, as the other poster mentioned?
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)21:29 No.5795106
    Once more the two riders charge. You wave your hand, Manny's lance becomes a shining blur, sparkling with both magic and sunlight, blinding any who look directly at it.
    But even this isn't enough.
    You can feel the thwump of the air as Manny is hit. You can see the ground give way beneath the horse's feet as Manny struggles to take the blow.
    The air is tense and the crowd is silent as the dust clears away.
    Manny strokes Delafor's lance gently with his index finger, winking, before the two Knights return to their sides. Manny seems oddly... subdued.
    >"Hrmph. I can't believe that. He rejected me... I poured my heart out to him and he just turned me away... that's never happened before... he may not have needs, but what about me? How can he gallivant around with abs of steel and stone like grip and not expect people to fall head over heals for him... It just makes me so MAD! He's cheating! I know it! And not in the fun way that means threesomes either. I've gotten a rise out of rocks with that wink~!"

    That confirms it. He's got to have some sort of protection, some spell that he's using to... wait... who's that?
    Is that? He's talking to Claude. That faggot Thrugg's on-again-off-again boy toy, Claude. This... This must be another of Thrugg's fucking tricks! He got his faggot boyfriend to bless Delafor.

    You seethe with anger.
    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:34 No.5795160
    First, seethe with anger further. See if this can fuel our sorcerous powers and channel an inner Edwin. Try and see if we can detect what exactly this blessing does.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:42 No.5795282
    See if the antimagic applies to him as well, we might be able to fuck his shit up from back here.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)21:58 No.5795543
    Hrmm... It's clerical magic. That must be why you didnt notice it innately. You're not used to dealing with holy things. The sorceress' normally deal with unholy pacts and demons and the like. Who ever heard of a cleric casting a useful non-healing spell anyway?
    You use all your spell crafting knowledge and shift your gaze into the divine realms. You are immediately overwhelmed with power. This is a total magical null field, centered on Sir. Delafor. That's dangerous stuff, you don't even know if the Academy keeps scrolls of such powerful spells. Clide must have made a deal with someone high up to acquire it. But why is he wasting it here at the tournament? And, more importantly, does the field extend to himself as well?

    You wave your hand.
    Clide collapses to one knee, coughing and spitting furiously as his saliva develops the taste of ash.
    Manny Charges.
    You wave your hand.
    Clide begins to claw at his eyes as the Vitreous Humor in his eyes turns black.
    Sir. Delafor charges
    You wave your hand.
    Clide finally drops his concentration as a small white pigeon attempts to peck its way free of his throat.
    Now is your chance.
    You wave your hand one final time.
    Sir. Delafor's horse slows to crawl as the oil in it's legs becomes gritty with soil.
    Sir. Delafor thrusts his lance.
    Manny Strikes.
    The crowd cheers.

    Manny's lance went right through Delafor's and struck him straight in the heart.

    You've won.
    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:01 No.5795569
    Congradulate ourselves. Gloat.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:03 No.5795598
    See if we can get ahold of that spell Clide was using. We should be able to use it against Thrugg's glamour.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:09 No.5795650
    But we can gloat first, right? I mean, we're an elf. That's part of our job.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:10 No.5795677
    Technically WE didnt win. Manny won. If anyone found out what we were doing, who knows what would happen. How exactly do you expect us to gloat.
    Granted, we'll rub it in everyones face afterwards, but right now this is technically Manny's victory.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:11 No.5795689
    See about the rewards for winning, dismiss that worthless demon and get something better. Get more clothes.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:14 No.5795717
    To ourselves? Maniacal cackling? Vowing to make Thrugg's lot rue the day they crossed ELROOD THE SORCERESS?
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:19 No.5795775

    get the spell
    (advice dog)
    resist yourself
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)22:31 No.5795891
    You've won. The feeling of pride washes over you. You've shown the world that you can defeat experienced, trained fighters with nothing but a summoned minion and liberal use of prestidigitation. You even defeated a high level cleric antimagic spell to do it.
    OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Show of Abjurer Skill

    You did good, and you should feel good...
    But you don't.

    You entered this tournament to get revenge against Thrugg... but Thrugg is nowhere to be seen.
    You look down at the strip of ribbon tied around your hand. He wanted you to have it... what kind of stupid gesture was that supposed to be.
    Still... it smells nice... and you can't really bring yourself to get rid of it. Fucking stupid Thrugg.

    >"Oooooh! Mistress! We won! I told you I could make even the chilliest of hearts beat. It just takes enough Thrusting~!"
    Manny seems to be holding Sir. Delafor's mechanical heart at the end of his lance. You don't know much about warforged, but you do find it a bit strange that this hasn't stopped Delafor from walking alongside Manny's horse, a hole still gaping in his chest.
    >"Now Rocky... apologise to your new mistress for cheating."
    >"Ah! I love it when they show some spirit, don't you, Mistress~? Do it now!"
    Manny reaches over and strokes the heart.
    "No Manny, let him call me-"
    >"He'll call you Mistress, Mistress. And he'll like it..."

    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)22:32 No.5795905
    "Would This Year's Winner, Sir. Acrappie, Please Present Himself To The Center Of The Arena Please!"
    >"Eee! I can't wait! You stay here rocky! And do anything your new Mistress commands, ok? We'll talk about your new collar when I get back."

    "Presenting This Year's Winner, Sir. Acrappie!"
    Manny blows kisses to the crowds and saunters up to receive his reward.
    There is much bowing and ceremony and the pinning of medals.
    "And Thy Prize, Sir. Acrappie, For Winning The Tournament, And Thereby Establishing Thyself Head Of The Class Of Knights, Presented By The Academy Elders, I Bestow Upon You The Granting Of One Wish, Within The Limits Of The Elder's Wisdom. Tell Us, Sir Knight! For What Do You Most Desire?
    Uh Oh.
    Quick, What do you do?
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:34 No.5795923

    turn back time to the day Thrugg fucked up our lives make sure he never arrives or fucks up our day.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:37 No.5795960
    But it's MANNY getting the wish. We need to use GUILE here to make it to our good.

    We COULD reveal ourselves and make a show of how crazy awesome we are by winning two classes, if one indirectly. Because we ARE crazy awesome, damnit, Thrugg. We don't like you at all! At all! Let this be proof!
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:39 No.5795980
    Why do I get the feeling no matter what we tell Manny to wish for, he's gonna either pull a 'literal genie' on us or twist it around into the most perverse way possible?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:42 No.5796009
    Have manny use his wish to make Thrugg fall in love with Elrood.
    And only Elrood.
    As in, not want romance from anyone BUT Elrood, and have all his charm spells focus entirely on Elrood.

    That way, Thrugg is no longer interested in stealing the kiss of a maiden or knight, and we win.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:42 No.5796010
    I actually say we have Manny have his own wish, and tell him to leave us out of it because it's 'just for him'. This should keep him from screwing us over. After all, we're aiming for our OWN wish.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:44 No.5796025
    We could get Manny what he wants, in a way that makes us prevent Thrugg from completing his tasks.
    This proposed wish >>5796009 means Thrugg can no longer charm the people he needs to charm in order to succeed in his Bard trial.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:46 No.5796055
    We still have to show the power of the Evoker, though - can we do that with Thrugg breathing down our neck?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:47 No.5796069
    Hey op! Remember when you followed on that suggestion to go fuck a lance last time? Prove that you continue to take any suggestion no matter how stupid, have Manny wish everyone in the world was a loli hermaphrodite!"
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:48 No.5796078

    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:48 No.5796080
    Let's be direct.
    Manny - wish for more power for yourself -and- your mistress.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:49 No.5796091
    Yes, but it is a sacrifice for the greater evil - Thrugg will no longer be able to charm a maiden or knight, and we are winnars! :)
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)22:54 No.5796141
    As a GM allways amuses me to see the amount of discussion a "HEY PLAYERS, FREE WISH!" gets. So ammusing to think of ways to screw them over. May be a bit of delay on this one, continue talking amungst yourselves.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:54 No.5796145
    #1: Wish for Thrugg to be unable to charm the people he needs to charm (and only be able to charm Elrood)
    #2: Wish for more beefcake power (Manny) and more magical power (Elrood), phrased as "I wish for the power to overcome all obstacles, for both myself, and my misterss"
    #3: Wish to rewind time, and make sure Thrugg never has any romantic interest for Elrood at any time in the past or at any time in the future and especially not now. Thrugg, pay attention to ME damnit!
    #4: Everyone becomes a loli.

    Make your choice, brave adventurers.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:55 No.5796163
    Clearly #4 is the way to go.

    Except Manny is HARDGAY and would never go for that. I'm gonna say #1.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:56 No.5796174
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:56 No.5796177
    #3 would fuck the story
    #4 ain't happening
    #2 would be sexualised by Manny, granting elrood sexual power instead of magical power.

    ... Has to be #1.
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:57 No.5796193
    as the leader of chaos undivided i have 3 votes
    so i vote for

    #2: Wish for more beefcake power (Manny) and more magical power (Elrood), phrased as "I wish for the power to overcome all obstacles, for both myself, and my misterss"

    #3: Wish to rewind time, and make sure Thrugg never has any romantic interest for Elrood at any time in the past or at any time in the future and especially not now. Thrugg, pay attention to ME damnit!

    #4: Everyone becomes a loli.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:59 No.5796206
    Let's cut a deal with Sir Delafor. We give his heart back and grant him freedom after he KILLS THRUGG. He's the only one who can resist him right now.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:59 No.5796208
    How can you vote if you have no arms?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:59 No.5796215

    Team #2~
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:00 No.5796226
    I thought the spell ended when Clide's concentration died out. We need to get that spell is what we need. Wish to be immune to Thrugg's charms!
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:01 No.5796228
         File1252551661.jpg-(82 KB, 844x1054, Abaddons waifu.jpg)
    82 KB

    i let my wifeu do the typing.

    still i think that making thruug love only us already happened in the medical tent.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:01 No.5796231
    Wish for more spells! We need to be able to dispell magic so that we can peel the skin from Thrugg's face!
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:04 No.5796273
    >#2 would be sexualised by Manny, granting elrood sexual power instead of magical power.

    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:06 No.5796289
    And I still think you have no arms.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:08 No.5796306
    I understand and agree with your plan.
    #2: The power to overcome all obstacles, for both myself (Manny from Manny's perspective) and my mistress (Elrood from Manny's perspective).
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:10 No.5796329
    No, the wording is bad!

    Don't forget that Elrood is actually a male, sp the title mistress shouldn't even apply to him.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:11 No.5796340
    Well what's your wording?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:21 No.5796465
    "I wish that my summoner, Elrood, obtains magical power that he may use however he so wishes."
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:23 No.5796494
         File1252553011.png-(37 KB, 936x638, 5minuteeldrood.png)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:28 No.5796545
    Too obvious.
    Mistress applies to Elrood as clearly that is Manny's intent. And Elrood is a sorceress.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)23:35 No.5796623
    ((Hope I parsed this one ok...))

    Your mind races. This could be a matter of life and death.
    You want to RUIN Thrugg. That is why you entered this tournament. You want him to never be given any chance to work his magic on anyone else ever again!
    You want the POWER to make that happen! Immense magical power! For both you and your minion!
    You want to rewrite history so that Thrugg never messed with you in the first place!
    You want everyone in the world to be Weak and Feeble! like Little girls, All of them!
    You want to put an end to this now!
    You want Thrugg torn from existence!

    But no... that wouldn't be proper. That isn't revenge, that's eradication. You could make it so Thrugg was never born right now and gain nothing from it. There is no satisfaction to such things. Who can gloat about such a thing? Where is the misery Thrugg would face knowing it was by your hand, the hand that he HUMILIATED, that his fate was sealed.
    No. You're going to get revenge on Thrugg yourself... you just need a chance. Some way of getting around that accursed Glamour!
    Of course.

    Thoughts rush across the mental link you and Manny share. You force as much command and authority as you can muster. You are NOT letting this fucker mess this up.
    "MANNY!" You scream "By my blood and my craft I command you! By the will to which you are bound I order you! Hark and follow! I command you! Wish that that faggot Thrugg can never use his glamour on anyone else ever again!"
    Manny pauses. His knee shakes with the obedience you are forcing into him.
    >"Y-yes... of course... As you command... My Master."
    Manny turns to the announcer, licks his lips. and says the words.
    >"I Wish..."

    (Dramatic pause!)
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)23:37 No.5796643
    >"I Wish..."
    He cannot stand against you. No demon, no beast or man can fight the full domination of it's summoner, especially with the amount of power you're pouring into it. It would take a god to resist.
    >"I Wish Thrugg Ironlung Squiggsworth..."
    Yes... yes... this is it! What Elation! you'll finally have your revenge!
    >"... And Elrood Freedombird..."
    NO! OBEY!
    >"Would start dating again! It's so sad they broke up when they clearly love each other soooo much~! and Mistress gets so jealous. She wants me to make sure that Thrugg only uses her glamour on him! Aren't they perfect for each other?
    No no no no no.
    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)23:38 No.5796649
    Your hand glows hot. You drop to your knees as the ribbon comes flying off your hand.
    Heat washes over you as you sense reality warp around you. A sickening lurch brings bile into the back of your mouth as history alters itself.
    This was not what you wished... this is not how things are supposed to go... you can't believe it...
    "Elrood darling? Are you ok?" That voice so soft...
    "Yes Thrugg, my dear." The words are coming from your mouth, but they are not yours. "I'm alright. That wasn't the wish he was supposed to make..." They are the words of a different you, one who made... different choices.
    You struggle to maintain some portion of your awareness, some aspect of the real you, the you who bit that fucking faggots tongue and stormed out. The you that took the difficult road to uphold his principles. The you that was strong enough to resist these charms.
    "Elrood my love, don't worry about it. We'll both win our Assessments, and then we'll both get another chance to wish everything the way it should be. And even if we don't we're finally together, isn't that all that matters?"
    You've got to hold on.
    "I'm just annoyed he wasted that wish when he knows we've already gotten back together. Well... we're together, we never really dated in the first place. I just... I hated you so much... you were so perfect and everything inside of me told me how wrong I was for liking you. I'm sorry Thrugg... can you ever forgive me?
    there is a voice, buzzing in the back of your head, which says this isn't right... but how can this not be right? You finally realized and confessed your real feelings... and you're so happy to finally be with someone so beautiful and charming...
    "Of course, Elrood. Of Course."
    As you kiss you are faintly reminded of the taste of copper. You don't know why.

    Is something wrong? You can't tell...
    What do you do?
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:39 No.5796659

    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:39 No.5796665
         File1252553996.jpg-(11 KB, 423x503, aBomb.jpg)
    11 KB
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:41 No.5796685

    get out of here before the Baneblade fires its main cannon in your mouth.
    >> Generic Fantasy RPG 09/09/09(Wed)23:44 No.5796700
    Godspeed, Specific.
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:44 No.5796706

    cause only a tactical genus could have planned this...
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:47 No.5796741
    Well, that's that. Let's blow shit up for our Evoker's task.
    >> Specific Fantasy CREEEEEEEED!!! 09/09/09(Wed)23:52 No.5796777
    ((Oh man, that's awesome. My first actual fanart! Thank's man. That actually means a lot to me.

    I'm thinking this is a good wrap up to the current part, especially since I'm going to get kicked outa the student center in like, an hour or so. If you'd like I can go a bit longer here though.

    The real question is this: Is this the end of Elrood's story? If you guys want to accept this ending, we can take this alteration of history and roll with it. If you guys want more chance for proper REVENGE! I can figure out a way to make that happen too and give you another installment or two of Elrood. The choice is yours on accont of the fact that Wishes are cruise-control for GM dickery. I do have another chapter or two in mind for IFLAW. I honestly didnt expect Elrood to take 3+ sessions to finish. So don't feel like this means I'm closing up shop for good or anything, there will be more, just not in this place at this time. Let me know what you guys think.))
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:52 No.5796781
    Roll to disbelieve!
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:53 No.5796782
    Agreed. It's blowin' shit up time.

    Ask Thrugg for ideas, as long as he's on your side for the moment.
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:54 No.5796796
    I have a grand idea. lets help thruug win and wish us to pass our assessment and change back to a wizard and then use our wish to make thruug a barbarian.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:54 No.5796800
    Wake up! This is an illusion! Wake up! WAKE UP ELROOD! RISE AND KILL THRUGG!
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:58 No.5796846

    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:59 No.5796858
    I want stupid, sexy Thrugg on our own terms, not from some stupid wish!
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)00:19 No.5797110
    Do not let the midnight of your despair make you surrender, Elrood. Wake up and grasp your revenge. Make things right.
    >> Specific Fantasy CREEEEEEEED!!! 09/10/09(Thu)00:24 No.5797142
    Is something wrong...? Yes... something seems very wrong...
    You don't have time to be making out with your girlfriend! Even if her flesh pressed against yours feels so good... You don't have time for her soft, gentle nibbling at your slender elven ear...
    You have an Assessment to win! And you have to help Thrugg win her Assessment too! Oh to think that you came here to ruin her. How could you ever have even imagined ruining the dreams of a girl like her...
    You let out a contented sigh and hold her close.
    "We're going to win our Assessments Thrugg, and then everything is going to be right with the world. /everything./"
    Even as you say it there's something about that statement that puts you off slightly...
    "I can't wait."
    You can't wait either. You're going to win your Assessment and fix the mistake that Manny made.
    You shake your head. You can feel a migraine coming on. Maybe you should see a cleric later.
    "Shall we be off, my brave knight?"
    That voice... you'll cherish it always... that soothing perfect voice...
    "Yes my dear. to victory, glory, and Adventure!"

    Hand in hand with the girl you love, you set off.
    For the first time in a long time, you are well and truly happy with yourself and with life.
    All is right and perfect with the world, save one little voice crying out unheard in the back of your thoughts... Screaming, watching, planning, waiting...

    And somewhere on a podium, a man in armor smiles at a job well done.

    END PART 3.



    >> Specific Fantasy RPG 09/10/09(Thu)00:32 No.5797218
    And now I get kicked out of the building. Have a good night folks. Don't worry, I'll get Elrood free of this... mind-messed-upness next time, if you all desire it. Remember I have a small side-quest up on tgchan ( http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/33002.html ) which I update as often as my internet/ schedule currently allows me. It's been great writing for you all, as allways suggestions and commentary welcome, I'll see it in the thread archive, blah blah blah.
    I know theres been a deluge of Quests lately, which is another reason I don't do these often. I also know I'm WALL OF TEXT. So I want to thank you all for chosing I Feel Like A Woman for all your Homophobic Elf, Hypersexual Incubi-man-thing, Crossdressing Orc needs.
    Thank you and goodnight.

    (Special thanks again for that Fanart. It is my first.)
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)00:44 No.5797330
    >>5797218 kicked out
    Added to my list of things to do before I become a being of pure energy: write a homoerotic gender-swapping story in an extremely public place.
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)01:15 No.5797607
    I think that that's one of the steps towards becoming a being of pure energy, actually.
    >> Not necromancing the thread 09/10/09(Thu)01:44 No.5797878
         File1252561462.png-(33 KB, 936x489, YESSSSSS.png)
    33 KB
    Because it had to be done...
    >> Not necromancing the thread 09/10/09(Thu)01:45 No.5797892
         File1252561553.png-(45 KB, 936x638, NOOOOOOO.png)
    45 KB

    Good one. Don't give up, Elrood!
    >> Anonymous 09/10/09(Thu)03:38 No.5798843
    I love how Elrood, the arrogant, homophobic jackass bully of an elf has managed to somehow elicit the sympathies of /tg/ to the point where people are actually rooting for him to get revenge rather than for Thrugg - the much more popular (if suptg's ratings are to be believed), genuinly nice, sympathetic underdog who fights fate to be the little girl - to have a happy ending.
    Is it because /tg/ has a thing for revenge? Do they think Elrood's punishment for being a bully was too much? Or is it simply a matter of him being the main character and seeing the story told through his eyes?

    This is outstanding, by the way. Writen-only quests rarely get any fanart, so it's really something to see some visual elements. If you read this in time for next time, I'd love to see your take on Manny, Thrugg, or Elrood in his sorceress outfit artist. I'm really a bit disapointed that this Quest is a Writen one only. Many of these gags would probably work really well illustrated, not to mention probably be halfway fappable if decently drawn. If you're into that sort of thing, of course.

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