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Open your music player of choice, and then select an album from it. Just whichever one you want.
Got it?
Now come up with a campaign based on the album. 1st song describes the setting, 2nd song describes the main conflict, 3rd,4th, 5th,
and 6th songs describe the PCs, and 7th song describes the villain
Am working on a response, bump so it doesn't die. Still typing.
I selected a Dir en Grey album by random skip. I can't understand Moonspeak.
>critical failure
>Act 2: Father of Death, by the Protomen
Well, that sorta writes itself, doesn't it?
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131 KB JPG
Spotify bragged about having all Def Leppard albums so I chose ...Hysteria. I am not a smart man.
1st song describes the setting,
>Title is Women.
Actually, this is not so bad, once I looked up the lyrics I realised its basically an ERP creation myth. So the setting is a mesopotamian version of Busty Barbarian Bimbos

2nd song describes the main conflict,
>Title is rocket
This is literally my first time listening to Def Leppard, is everything about sex?
Screw that, rockets are supposed to go into space, and so did the tower of Babel, so the main conflict is that a crazy, but hot, female engineer in a sheepskin thong is planning to BUILD A TOWER INTO THE HEAVENS AND THE GODESS OF CARNAL LOVE OPPOSES HER!

3rd,4th, 5th,
and 6th songs describe the PCs,

Animal, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Armageddon It.
...damn. So one berzerker, one vampiress, one courtesan and...one chaste priestess who hasn't let her inner slut out yet.

and 7th song describes the villain
> Gods of War
Seduced by the godess of love, of course, the war gods are gunning for the hot Samantha Fox-lookalike-architect

Pic related.
I got DM Dokuro's Unstable, Incomplete Calamity (the one posted on his bandcamp)
Antarctic Reinforcement
The Leviathan Trilogy
Unholy Insurgency
Scourge of the Universe
Infernal Catharsis
Antarctic Reinforcement (Structured Mix)
Siren's Call (Seafoam Mix)

SETTING: Antarctic Reinforcement

Once upon a time, there was a lush and verdant world, filled with intelligent life of all sorts. A standard fantasy setting, but without dieties recognizable as such (rather, clerics and paladins gained power from their sheer faith); Heaven and Hell generally only responded to summons and divinations and otherwise stayed out of the affairs of mortals... until that day.

The mightiest of celestial beings came down from on high. Nobody knows why. Perhaps it had grown dissatisfied with the slowly degrading state of the world. Perhaps something within it simply snapped. Perhaps it grew so far beyond our understanding of morality that it no longer saw the world as we understand it. Whatever the case, it called out, and the world answered.

Ninety percent of all mortal life perished in the week that followed. Between the mind-affecting properties of both the celestial's voice and its visage (much like a permanent form of hypnosis), the worldwide flood, and the rapid decline in temperature, everything very quickly went to shit. The survivors huddled on the arctic ice floes drifting in the waterworld, hoping against hope that the Celestials would show mercy, hoping that this was not the End Times. Many committed suicide, believing that they had been left behind and denied entry to Heaven. Hushed whispers began to refer to the Celestial as the Siren - it flew through the air, it swam through the waters, and wherever it went, people were BEWITCHED.

Humans were among the most easily affected by the Siren's Call (as its voice came to be known), driving them to their deaths en masse in spite of their adaptability to the new environment. Dwarves were trapped in their underground homes, unable to escape the ever-rising floodwaters that spilled through every tunnel, save a few on the surface and a handful of cities with enough flora, fauna, and advance notice to seal themselves away and become entirely self-sufficient. Other underground-dwelling races lacked even those abilities and perished.
The Elven Forests survived the initial flood quite handily, Elvenkind retreating further and further up the trees, but the cold claimed most of them within months, and the survivors are bitter and broken. Halflings were by and large wiped out by the flood, their nations in most of the low-lying areas in the South, but some tribal highlanders survived on small islands dotting the East. Gnomes, master artificiers as they were, took to the skies in airships of all sorts, but most of these were subsequently wrecked as the weather turned harsher and harsher, and only a few dozen remain.

Other races were not so lucky. Reptillians by and large were obliterated by the cold, unable to handle the freezing temperatures. The goblinoids of the swamps likewise suffered near-total annihilation. Orcs fared only slightly better - some nine tribes (out of Orckind's several hundred) bit down on their pride and turned to their highlander Halfling neighbors with heads hung, seeking diplomacy where violence had always failed them. Likewise, only a handful of the proud Centaurs accepted the aid of others; those that didn't, perished.
One might expect the likes of Merfolk, Sahuagin, Locathah, Kuo-Toa, Tritons, and Sea Elves to thrive in the floods. One would be mistaken. Many of these peoples were not adapted to ocean water, asphyxiating in it like so many land dwellers; almost all that remained after that were claimed by the rapidly dropping temperatures, save for a few varieties of arctic merfolk.
The Selkies thrived in their new environment, which is most likely why the Siren targeted their kind so quickly and brutally, rapidly driving them to near-extinction; Living Constructs that tried to stay put and live underwater suffered similar fates. Squidfolk (as they are colliquially known, their true racial name nearly unpronounceable) survived by diving deeper and deeper into the realms of the world's former oceans - until they approached the domain of something else. The handful of survivors who returned to lighter waters have indicated that they were utterly obliterated by some sort of superpredator, despite the implausability of such an entity surviving in such depths.
Avian races were almost completely wiped out - the cold air, horrible winds, and blizzard conditions make flight almost impossible even with personal protection. A few now serve as navigators on the remaining Gnome airships; all others are effectively permanently grounded.

No other Celestials have been heard from since the Siren arrived - divination and summoning magic does not reach them anymore. Some believe that they abandoned the mortal world to its fate; others suspect that they tried to stop the Siren and were wiped out for their efforts. Likewise, the forces of Hell (demons and devils both) have ceased responding, and no attempts by already summoned fiends to return to their home have been successful. No form of returning the dead to life has worked since the disaster, save for spells that both return the body to life and catch the soul before it has a chance to depart.

The environment was devastated by what is now called the Calamity. Most of the animal species of the world died off. Plants became virtually nonexistant (though Gnomish hydroponics helped to alleviate this somewhat).

MAIN CONFLICT: The Leviathan Trilogy

It wasn't apparent at first that the floodwaters brought something else with them - the Calamity had wiped out most intelligent life, and what remained was scattered, broken, and isolated. Thus, it should be no surprise that at first the warnings of the surviving Squidfolk went unheeded. But SOMETHING was out there, deep below the surface of the ocean. A few months ago, the coastal ice-floe city of Theremor (as much as such a haphazard clusterfuck of settlements could be called a city) just... disappeared. A group of travellers described finding the mile-long-plus stretch of ice completely absent. They took maps of the changes to the local geography, documenting the point where the ice vanished, and it didn't take a genius to notice that it looked like something took a bite out of the ice floe...

CHARACTER: Unholy Insurgency
The demon known today as the Captain was once a nameless(?) soldier demon, summoned alongside a number of other small demonic mini-armies by a group of freedomfighters/terrorists trying to reclaim their homeland from an occupying army by force. Most of the demons involved were slain by the terrible flood, but the Captain's unit had been charged with liberating/terrorizing a port city. It was easy enough to steal a ship, but which ship to steal? The Captain took charge of the ragtag band of insurgent demons and claimed the only ship that she thought would weather the coming storm: a research vessel with a submarine!
Unfortunately, most of her fellow demons have been lost to the hazards of the world; though the cold doesn't slay them thanks to their hellish fire, the water has not been so kind, and the wind has more than once yanked crewmen/soldiers off the decks and into the distance before slamming them into the waters and drowning them. The ship has since been reinforced by the remains of almost a dozen societies, and her crew is as varied as they come, but it lacks elite talent, so the Captain continues to travel from place to place in search of new companions who could round out some of the gaps in her crew's abilities. If she ever had a real name, she isn't sharing it.

Alignment: Neutral (formerly Chaotic Evil)
Role: Rogue, Vehicle Captain, Party Leader

CHARACTER: Scourge of the Universe
A former high cleric of the Heavens, Erren was a young noble who was respectable and well-liked the world over, known for her many missionary outreach efforts and famed for her ministrations. Despite her young age, she held a position of considerable authority within the Church and was about as devout a priestess as could be. When the Calamity struck, she was aboard a comfortable cruise ship ferrying many fellow noble clergymembers (including her parents) to a yearly summit on important issues of interpretation and doctrine. When the Siren descended upon the ship, almost everyone on board was lost to the world. Huddled in a closet, peering out through the crack of the door in horror, she saw her mother slay, flay, and fillet over a dozen children before being struck down by another cleric who immediately went on to continue defiling the bodies, all with that same half-dazed smile. Silently emerging from the closet, she took her great-great-grandfather's Paladin blade from its case and slew the cleric, then slew another, then another. Her father fell to the Siren's Call more slowly than the rest, and he begged her to kill him before he lost control of his mind like he lost control of his body, even as said body continued to writhe in the blood of the dead and the dying.
When every last person lost to the Siren's Call had been put down, Erren was the only one alive on the entire ship. She looked up to the heavens and saw the Siren there, and she screamed, she cursed, she demanded answers as she collapsed to the deck, sobbing, asking why Heaven had so forsaken its faithful.
It left without giving her the answer. Her only goal left in life is to repay the betrayal, to hunt down and pry the answer she seeks from the Siren's corpse-to-be, and she will not let anything or anyone stand between her and revenge.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Lawful Good)
Role: Cleric, Healer, Revenge Damage effect

CHARACTER: Infernal Catharsis
A devil summoned for a routine soul pact moments before authorities broke down the door. Ordinarily, such a devil would have been banished back to Hell, but as the Calamity had begun mere moments before the pact could be sealed, Terminus found that going home was inexplicably no longer an option. Again and again, he attempted to wizard his own way back to Hell, to no avail. Frightened and confused by what this could mean, he voluntarily entered the custody of the local preacher Martin. Over the course of the following week, it became clear that the world was ending, and when Martin tried to evacuate the townsfolk, he found them all dead, claimed by the Siren's Call. Martin and Terminus took a local riverboat and survived the apocalypse together for some time. One might expect such a partnership to dissolve into violence in no time, but with both men undergoing their own crises of faith, they found that they had a great deal in common in this new age. Exactly 74 days ago, Terminus returned from a brief scouting trip to find that not only had Martin vanished, so had the entire town they were staying in, as if the ice floe it was stationed on had just... been consumed.
Terminus has now dedicated himself to hunting down the beast that took Martin... but deep down, he knows that revenge won't bring anybody back.
Alignment: Lawful Good (formerly Lawful Evil)
Role: Wizard, Arcane Magic, Conjurer

CHARACTER: Antarctic Reinforcement (Structured Mix)
There's nobody in the world quite like Dell. That was probably true even before the Calamity. Blind, deaf, and mute, Dell couldn't hear the music that he made, but he could sense the people around him on a fundamental level, and he could tell what was good and what was bad by the way their auras changed when he played. In this way, he trial-and-errored his way to musical stardom, mixing tried-and-true styles with his own unique twists. When the Calamity struck, Dell felt the very essence of the world change, twisting upon itself into something dark and horrible. With his unique magic-sense, he's been able to navigate the new age with surprising ease, but he knows, beyond all doubt, that something is fundamentally WRONG, and not just in the everything-went-to-shit way. When the Siren's Call and Visage took everyone else in his ice-floe community, he alone remained, but he still felt it calling to his soul. Since then he has felt drawn toward it, but he knows that its comfort brings only destruction. Still, he seeks it out, because that's pretty clearly the only way anyone is going to be getting any explanations for all this bullshit.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role: Bard, Buffing, Magic-sense, Empath

VILLAIN: Siren's Call (Seafoam Mix)
The Siren brings the Leviathan wherever it roams, though this will not become apparent for some time. It will never turn back from the path it has chosen, and the world will never recover so long as the Siren or the Leviathan exists on the mortal plane. Luckily for the world, the Captain and her newest crewmembers have a bit of a bone to pick with the destroyers...


Alright /tg/, how did I do? Too much?
It's a little much but I can't fault you for enthusiasm. Pretty decent anon
My turn.

>Random album on my phone, since that's where I keep most of my music
>Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
>Track 1, How Did We Get So Dark?
I'm going to go with World of Darkness for the system, since it fits the tone best (dark, but also ridiculous and dramatic). Set the game during the lead-up to the Final Nights, but instead of Fuccboi McGypsy getting nuked from orbit the Traditions actually do maybe a tenth of their job right and get wind of a giant Technocracy weapons plan... And enact their own, equally morally and intellectually stupid, plan. Which goes horribly wrong because they're a bunch of disjointed stereotypes who (literally) magically became 'wise' and able to manipulate reality. In a bid to Awaken as many people as possible in one mass event, they instead caused one of their members (probably a Celestial Chorus member) to go full old school mental Marauder mid-ritual and bend the whole thing into an insane parody of what it was meant to be.

So now all power, all Gnosis and Quinessence and whatever other terms are used for it is now physically embodied Tass in the form of little white rabbits. These rabbits have deep, starry-pooled eyes, are totally docile, and behave mostly like the personifications of an energy source rather than like a living animal would. They do still have a fondness for carrots, though. If killed or 'used' they will vanish, to reappear at some spot of spiritual power at a later date.

EVERYONE wants these rabbits, because everyone needs them for reasons inherent in the game system. They represent ALL the power pool (non-Willpower) points meters. Even Blood. Yes, even Vampires have to chase little white rabbits around just to live. The entire overly serious premise of every game in the Storyteller system is instead replaced with rabbits. Since this cataclysm happened in March, it has come to be known as The Easter Event, or just The Event.

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371 KB JPG
So man great albums for this.

Black Sabbath
>Black Sabbath - spoopy land
>The Wizard - straight up
>Behind the Wall of Sleep - dream walking character (I actually have dreamblindness as a thing in my setting)
>Evil Woman
>Sleeping Village

>Champion - clearly supers
>Bad Ma Fucka
>Sleepwalker - sleepwalking invader of dreams and minds
>Love on Display - Aphrodite super
>Self Taught - literally taught himself super powers
>Heads Down - hideous hulking creature

But the one I really choose, the absolute best one:
Romantic Warrior
>Medieval Overture - speaks for itself
>Sorceress - evil bitch
>Romantic Warrior - speaks for itself fucking self
>Majestic Dance - Courtly rogue character, from high nobility.
>Magician - speaks for itself
>Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant - just imagine what this character would be if this was a metaphor for his own inner selves.

Honorable mentions:
>7th song of Rise of the Necrodancer is called "Funkedopholus and The Brass Operator"
>Land of the Midnight Sun
>Ghost Reveries
>Track 2, Lights Out
Among all this chaos, one more factor emerged: the ritual damaged the Wall in a very specific manner. Spirits can now all use the Possession power, and find it much easier to do so on normal mortals. As a result legions of spirits are seizing control of average proles and using them to carry out their not-compatible-with-human-reality whims and desires. No matter what splat you come from this is going to ruin your night. And somewhere behind all this chaos are the big spirits, the truly powerful, looking for a large enough breach for them to possess some poor sod...

>Track 3, I Only Lie When I Love You
Character 1: Fae, Pookah. Pathological liar, or at least pretending to be one in order to avoid revealing too much about themselves and their goals. Stuck working with the group since the local Freehold was totaled by a cabal of Mages in the wake of The Event.
>Track 4, She's Creeping
Character 2: A Ventrue who has walked away from Clan and Sire in order to try to find her own way in the chaos of the new supernatual world. Does her best to make herself fit with the group, but isn't above using Dominate to do so. Has the least reasons to work with everyone, but the most need for the protection of strong allies.

>Track 5, Look Like You Know
Character 3: A Mage, probably Celestial Chorus. A disciple of one of the original actors in the ritual that changed the world. On the run from factions that want to kill them on principle or use them against their disgraced mentor, they've joined forces with the group for mutual protection. The squishiest member of the group, but probably also most powerful.

>Track 6, Where Are You Now?
Character 4: Glass Walker Kinfolk Ghoul. Their master has vanished in the wake of The Event, leaving them with the withdrawl of a lifetime. They've come to rely on the Ventrue to keep their shit together, but this is an unappealing solution to all sides. Especially since now they have to drink mingled Vampire and rabbit blood to get their fix. Oh, and The Family wants their Kin back. Wolves are at the door.
>Track 7
Villain: The true villain behind this whole scenario is one of the original ritual members; A member of the Order of Hermes who was compromised in many ways, but most importantly was only semi-knowingly working with a Nephandi. They are the true reason the ritual went awry, as they attempted to wrest control of the Quintessence powering the ritual from the CC member and caused them to pop into Quiet and total everything. They've managed to salvage much of their reputation amongst the Tradition Council and still work as a 'good guy', but in actuality are still following orders from their contact. They are directly or indirectly responsible for the situation of each character; they destroyed the Glasswalker's donor in a fight for rabbits, they engineered the destruction of the local Freehold to further stabilize their power base, and of course they were the reason the CC member went full Marauder and flubbed the ritual in the first place.
>Bonus Round
>Track 8, Hook Line and Sinker
The Nephandi is also an option for a 'final boss' style confrontation. But somewhere along the line something went very wrong, and instead of a nihilist world-end cultist, they've been possessed by one of the largest Wyrm entities to so far breach the newly porous Wall. Now they're a one-person radition-fueled hate machine and walking army of skin-jumping evil spirits, gearing up to wipe an entire city off the map.
Bison BC - You are not the ocean. You are the patient.

1. Until the earth is empty.
Post apoc, an ongoing genocide, where a mad lich is trying to empty the oceans, and parch the planet, armed with a cohort of earth elementals and undead slaves. Kingdoms, coalitions, and gods have tried to stop it. They have all failed.

2. Anti war
End the genocide. They have uncovered an artifact, a torch that, while lit, produces an inviolable anti-magic field. They're diving the objective. It's a consumable. They can't afford to use it, and they have to get close first. They can't afford a war. They have to be smart, but the best and the brightest have all died. They're just what was left.

Drunkard - A downtrodden soul, lost in the bottle, and struggling to adapt, to step up, and step from the path of acceptance to the needed rebellion. Alternatingly brilliant and depressive, the party face and tactician.
Kenopsia - (This is an insturmental) A mute ex-cleric, with a ragged hole where their throat used to be. Her patron was slain in the second assault, and she channels wisps of power from the corpse. She starts the game with a full spell list, but she can only cast each once.
Tantrum & Raiigin - Two brothers, hedonistic, cooked out from too much combat alchemy from the third assault, the last coalition. They're following orders, but they can't focus. When there's nothing to fight, they're more liabilities than assets, light comic relief as they reenact Bill and Ted, Dude, where's my car, and other stoner comedies in more serious encounters. One gleefully harvests reagents from the fallen wonders of the world, but his alchemy is mostly used to chase another high. The other is a more mundane scavenger, looting magitech, trade goods, and other usable barterables out of long habit. Both will fly into berserker rage at the drop of a hat.

7. Water becomes fire
The lich's phylactery is imperfect. Each respawn resets its long term memory.

It didn't want to burn the world at first, but after the first assault, he took in the enemy propaganda, and assumed he had a good reason. The flaming ocean and the glass-and-salt earth beneath him feel like winning, and he's grown used to the feeling of success. After the last assault, he just thinks he's getting rid of a lake for some reason. Oh well.
Random mix so I had something to listen to at work

Alternate Translation of "Magia" from Madoka, so I guess magical girls in a slightly more fantasy setting instead of modern, maybe something Victorian

Libera Me from Hell, from TTGL. So now we're up to victorian magical girls in a rebellion to free mankind by doing the impossible and never giving up against an enemy that already won but maybe they can change that

Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay, this one is clearly a swashbuckler sort that talks up her mighty familiar/summon all the time to intimidate everyone away from the poor creature

D City Rock - We Are Angels. Well there goes any hope of keeping things family friendly. Sure, she's all hopeful and gorgeous and sings about setting mankind free, but she's clearly also played by That Guy and sticks innuendo everywhere

Drink with the Living Dead, aka the one that was intended for a Wild West Necronicha game but got swapped over to whatever system this is. Grumpy, hard drinker, tough as nails.

My Crush was a Monster Boy, the cute magical girl who's dating her kaiju sized Digimon

I'd Like to Teach the World to Fap
I have only myself to blame, and now I'm running a game about misfit Victorian magical girls saving mankind from a dark magical girl that long ago enslaved mankind to her lewd desires.

Time to break out the rules for Maid RPG.
Well, I opened a filk album by Leslie Fish, so this pretty much writes itself.

>Setting: Avalon is Risen
The mystical kingdom of Avalon returns, magic is back, and all the old shamanistic crap starts working again. Probably Wiccan crap too, because Fish is a bit loopy that way.

>Conflict: Hallow's Dirge
The Unseelie Court has the upper hand, it seems, and everything is dying. Are you a bad enough dude to save the summer queen?

>The Ballad of Three Kings
Character one is an evil and powerful man who believes himself virtuous.
Character two is a seeker of knowledge and power who believes that a man's reach should exceed his grasp - or what is heaven for?
>Rise Up, Bright Sun
I don't know, some sort of sun priest or druid. Thematically appropriate, at least.
>The Earth's Fire-Breathing Daughter
A modern occultist woman with earthquake powers, who likes barbecues, hates police and is hounded by cocaine-addicted republicans.

>Villain: The Challenger
...This song literally describes a villain, among other things. He's basically the evil Avatar, fated to be reincarnated every time he dies, having to relearn his evil powers and reconnect with his evil past lives in order to rebuild his evil empire.
Short Change Hero - So I guess it's, like, a techno-western setting where the PCs are only slightly cleaner than the enemy they fight

Steady as She Goes - Whatever's gone wrong has been wrong for a while; the average person has reconciled themselves to the new order, and resents the PCs for rocking the boat

MakeDamnSure - A half-breed sheriff who doesn't fit in either world, and is bound and determined to *force* the world to become one he belongs in.

Technologic - A transhumanist duelist; every wound is an excuse to replace an entire swathe of her body with cold steel.

Kung Fu Fighting - A pacifistic preacherman stretched to the breaking point, rationalizing his violent actions as contributing to increasing the peace overall.

Circus for a Psycho - A motley collection of villains, madmen all, escaped from an asylum.. Except it was a ruse perpetuated by single man, wounded in some war, and nanotech repairing his brain unlocked psionic potential, giving him the power to mentally dominate the other patients and escape, who grow increasingly unhinged as they struggle against his control.
File: 1512974229686.jpg (30 KB, 400x384)
30 KB
>Neil Cicierega
>Mouth Moods

Track 1: The Starting Line
This is an easy-going, amalgam world that looks faintly how America and western Europe did back in the late 1980's and 1990's. Anthropomorphic creatures and cyborgs have thoroughly integrated into human society, and structural physics have been reduced to a plaything, giving the world a distinctly Seussian aesthetic. It might be ruled by a young-ish Matriarch plagued by relationship problems. Her setbacks have culminated into a raunchy internet culture.

Track 2: Floor Corn
The aforementioned Matriarch decides to hold an international tournament to find a suitor. It's a free-for-all death battle that's dragged in a plethora of contestants, many of whom through advertising schemes. She plans to discreetly intervene to the advantage of candidates she deems worthy and with high-enough audience ratings.

Track 3: AC/VC
A washed-up metal producer who recently came out of the closet, and feels that many other doors have opened for him because of it. Knowing the Matriarch somewhat personally has given him a promotional stunt opportunity in the tournament. He is supremely confident that his exposed sexuality won't have much of an impact on his reputation. The least likely of the group to end up with the Matriarch. A damn good party host and medium, and decent at mechanical work due to his motorcycle hobby.

Track 4: 300MB and Revolution #5 (it's too short to be on its own)
A proudly Scottish android who freelanced with analogue-Britain's and analogue-Ireland's bomb disposal squads for a few decades. Being decommissioned for nearly another decade has left it listless, and eager to join the tournament for a power trip unlike anything else. It has no emotional investment in wedding the Matriarch, but knows how to leverage its political connections to get what it wants. Has survived being run over by a fully loaded truck and acquired faint telepathy.
Track 4 Continued:
Prefers to be fully equipped at all times, including a utili-kilt.

Track 5: Dear Dinosaur
A saurian veteran still trying to get over losing the the love of his life, a sergeant of the same race, during his last campaign. He got offered a spot in the tournament as most other participants have, to the chagrin of his military-designated therapist. A hostile environment made by his roommate pushed him to take the opportunity to fight, and maybe get more empathetic therapy. Moderately driven to win the Matriarch's hand, but is convinced the racial divide between them is nigh-insurmountable. Very experienced in infantry and guerilla combat, and can lead as competently as he follows orders.

Track 6: Annoyed Grunt
A smartass procrastinator who's floating through college for an engineering degree. He got offered a spot in the tournament as most other participants have, and has already been boasting how he'll wet the Matriarch's panties with his skills alone. The most desperate to win her hand in the group, on account of his lawyer father threatening to cut off his scholarship money. Developed a sharp aim and high stamina from participating in triathlons and cross-country skiing, but lost his edge with loafing off.

Track 7: Bustin
The commentator of the tournament's television and internet broadcasts. He took up this job to make ends meet by riding on his former-disco-icon status. Seeing that AC/VC was signed into the tournament perked up his enthusiasm for the job, because of the myriad opportunities to ruin his industrial nemesis. An overdose of a disposed experimental drug left him with technomancy, and he has been honing it since his discovery.
Well, I picked Disc-overy and this turned out way more interesting than I thought.

>1. Intro
The year is the future, the city is London, and the gods walk among us. Six years ago a cache of extraterrestrial artifacts were discovered deep underneath the city inside an ancient cairn dating back to the middle ages. These artifacts have advanced technology to unheard of levels, but their presence has caused a surfeit of mutations, strange powers, and unearthly occurrences in the city. Now London is the pinnacle of the world, a jewel floating amidst a sea of strange and arcane works.

>2. Pass Out
The party is a group of mutants, gangers, civilians, and other such disenfranchised Londoners who are here to make it big. They want the gold, the lights, the glitz, the glamor. They want the fame and the recognition, the revenge and the glory, and they're ready to fight their way to the top of the city to do it.

>3 Illusion
A hacker of prodigious skill and talent, who was once poised to shoot straight to the top of the tech-security game, before a near-fatal run in with a trapped interface program fried his brain. Now stuck partially in a false perception of reality based off of Alice in Wonderland, the hacker seeks revenge on the architects of the trap that took him down, using his half-hallucinatory skills to actively reprogram HUD's, holograms, and subcranial implants to force those under his thrall to believe in anything he desires.

>4 Just A Little
Once, he was the groom-to-be of one of the scions of the London tech world and the company that holds the majority of the alien artifacts. Now, after being shot down and left for dead in an alleyway by a rival faction inside the company and surviving thanks to chance and a military grade cybernetics doctor, he's back on his feet only to find that his fiancee has been married off and his former life gone. Now he's grappling with his lost love while hunting down the ones who ruined his future.
File: capital5.jpg (196 KB, 600x548)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>5 Snap
A former newspaper photographer left behind by an increasingly automated and drone-powered industry, this PC managed to spontaneously generate strange powers when he came in contact with an alien artifact while desperately attempting to prove himself better than the machines taking his job. Now his camera can freeze time within its shutter, and he's determined to prove the superiority of his art by being present at the scoop of the century.

>6 Written In the Stars
A girl from the gutter who one day came across a raid on an artifact transport van and was shot trying to run from the combat. She landed on the artifact and a small piece of it went into her wound, healing her and granting her a piece of some strange, alien prophecy. Now armed with a prophecy of the Once and Future King, she needs to break into the biggest megacorporation in the city to get her hands on an unbroken artifact and complete her prophecy.

>7 Frisky
A socialite, a rake, a casanova, a billionaire, and above all a ruthless mastermind, this guy is the man who married number 4's fiancee to be, masterminded the events that burnt out number 3, and is currently the CEO of the biggest megacorp in London. He oozes wealth, power, and an unquenchable ambition, and isn't about to let some has beens, gutter rats, and other trash get in between him and his dreams of indulgence and power. Also he's got state of the art cybernetics, all done tastefully in the most garish gold he could buy.

Fuck, I'd run the hell out of this.
File: 0010939618_10.jpg (288 KB, 1200x1200)
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288 KB JPG
Bump for interest and working on one for pic related
Too late, im already making a game based on an album. Holy diver
Hair metal high fantasy
>main conflict
The king and the former tyrant battling over control of the realm
Aint got my PC's yet
>main villain
Ozzy fucking osbourne.
>The Mollusk by Ween

>1. I'm dancing in the show tonight

worst song to have picked for describing the setting. I guess it's cyberpunk, some post-near-apocalypse setting like Electric Sheep or Akira where a hypercapitalistic upper class engage everybody dependent on their wages and a big industry therein is a massive half-slave entertainment industry with voluntary gladiator fights, gene modded exotic dancers, that kinda stuff.

>2.The Mollusk
I guess there's something coming from the ocean. Maybe the near apocalypse wasn't all human made or maybe they amde something they didn't want to. I guess the setting's gonna be composed of Dredd-like supercities rising out of the world spanning ocean and in it a terrible intellect is amassing aquatic armies while humanity is distracting itself with revelries.

>3,4,5,6 Polka Dot Tail, I'll be your Jonny on the Spot, Mutulated Lips, The Blarney Stone

Going from the entertainment focused setting idea: A Dancer, a male Prostitute, an LSD Junkey and a Scottish Gladiator

>7. It's Gonna be (Alright)
The architect of the Cities has become disillusioned with humantiy and thinks it kindest to surrender it to the sea.

This turned out quite fun.
>Silent Alarm by Bloc Party

>Setting: Like Eating Glass
The sun, the source of magic and warmth in the world, suffered a catastrophe long ago that caused fire to wash over the planet. Though the world was not utterly destroyed, much of it was burned or turned into glass. After the catastrophe, the sun was dimmer and left the planet in an Ice Age. The world is choked by poisonous clouds and the seas churn; all life must struggle to survive.

>Conflict: Helicopter
In this dead world, hope is all but lost. Most life has accepted the futility of existence and nobody has any hope left for a miracle to save them. However, the protagonists have to muster their hope and set out to discover what caused the catastrophe and how to reverse it. They have to hold onto hope, even as others ridicule them.

Positive Tension: A young man that grew increasingly furious at the rotten state of the world and, with anger in his heart, sets out to fix things. He normally appears plain, but has outbursts of hysterical anger.
Banquet: A man that's survived for decades in this damaged world, seeing all of its horrors. His heart has become stone, though deep down he still holds onto hope.
Blue Light: A rat-like humanoid whose race sticks to the shadows and avoids the light. This individual decides to step into the light to see if it holds any answers to how he can save his people.
She's Hearing Voices: A woman that has been afflicted with visions about the world. Of the few people that can still use magic, she is among the most naturally gifted, and she hopes to use it to save the world.

>Villain: This Modern Love
The sun is not just a celestial body. It is a god whose love for its people was so great that it gave them magic and warmth. Irresponsible use of magic caused the god to burn out and nearly die, and it turned away from the world. The party can mend the god's heart and ensure that, one day, warmth will return to the world.

Not bad. I'd play/run it.
>Dethalbum I
oh boy

>Setting: Murmaider
So, an underwater realm filled with especially violent merfolk.

>Main Conflict: Go Into The Water
The kingdoms of the ocean start invading the land empires and start sinking the conquered lands to make more living space. Basically pulling a violent reverse-Netherlands.

Awaken - literally a demon summoned to bring mass destruction
Bloodrocuted - a dude who sprays his blood on people and electrocutes them - probably a blood/air mage. Also he is being hunted by mercenaries, because they confused him with somebody who looked similar
Go Forth and Die - a wizard who spent years studying, but still turned out to be a failure. In his disappointment he turned to the dark art, which made him more powerful, but started to slowly consume him
Fansong - basically the adoring fan from oblivion

>Villain: Better Metal Snake
File: pyromania.jpg (157 KB, 684x1024)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>This is literally my first time listening to Def Leppard
You picked the album where they basically turned into arena pop. Their previous album, Pyromania, is much better. (Granted, their next album is trash, while Hysteria still has good elements, so your choice could've been worse.)

Here's one good song from each of their first 3 albums (in order), in case you're interested in expanding your knowledge.
Answer to the Master -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R07X2RGRkU
Switch 625 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGgxPFyJmwc
Too Late for Love -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_hAge7BTPg

>is everything about sex?
Too much of it. I think it was kind of the in thing at the time in that particular crowd, so that even a song like Rocket, which seems mainly dedicated to naming musical influences, couches things in sexual terms. But if you go back to their first album, On Through the Night (not to be confused with the song, On Through the Night, which is on their second album, High 'n' Dry), it has a higher proportion of non-sex songs.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but it hurts to see somebody pick the wrong album by a good band.
This is a cool idea, but I think it's too rigid to work well. You have to have 7 songs in a row that fit into the proper slots. It'd be better with fewer slots to fill and the ability to make a couple of skips when a song is unsatisfying. Something like:

Protagonist / Good Guys
Wild Card (you choose)

You are allowed a total of 3 skips. If the album runs out of songs, you go back to the first song you skipped.
File: uncannyvalley.jpg (184 KB, 1000x1001)
184 KB
184 KB JPG

Album: Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley

Setting: Neo Tokyo
Noir story in a dystopian sci fi metropolis with lots of neon lights. Its always night and/or rainy.

Central Conflict: Weapons for Children
A megacorp abducts children, mindwipes them, and loads them up with so many mil-spec cybernetics that their body can barely sustain them for a few weeks, then uses them in suicide attacks against their varoius enemies.

PC1: Death Squad
A mercenary who had multiple digital copies of his conciousness uploaded into seperate bodies as payment for an especially tricky job for a megacorp.

PC2: Femme Fatale
Stunningly beautiful megacorp suit who bankrolls the PCs operation and always has a trick up her sleeve. She remains cool and aloof at all times and her motives are a mystery.

PC3: Venger
His daughter was one of the aduction victims. Spent his life savings on combat cybernetics and is hellbent on revenge.

PC 4: Disco Inferno
Adolescent tech specialist, expert at bypassing security systems. Uses drones to prtect herself in combat situations. In it for the thrill.

Main Antagonist: She Moves Like A Knife
Head of security of the antagonist megacorp. While not directly responsible for the main conflict, she has much more of a campaign presence than the faceless suits who are and her conflict with the party becomes much more personal. While she maintains a facade of disciplined professionalism at almost all times she is a sociopath that delights in inflicting violence. Tough like a tank and swift like lightning thanks to cutting edge mil-spec augmentations she is a nightmare to face in direct combat, even when she is not alongside her seemingly endless hordes of servo-armored corperate security forces.

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