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    33 KB Gary the Betrayer Quest pt. 3 - The Road to Creed Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)06:51 No.5705617  
    You have gained a new purpose. Creed must fall so that Cadia may be crushed beneath your boot heel.

    You're going to need aid. Not just any aid, you're going to need a crack team leading your force through battles of attrition and slaughter as your weed out your weakest and train your soldiers in the glory of combat.

    A psyker would probably be good too.

    >Input Command...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:51 No.5705622
    Detect Evil, Smite Evil, rinse, repeat.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:52 No.5705632
    I don't see the point. Creed will have an Imperator hiding under a basket that will jump out and kill us all at the worst possible moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:53 No.5705637
    We're rolling for khorne

    is to complex.

    All you need is:
    Detect, Smite, Rinse, Repeat.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:53 No.5705641
    I need a large black man with a mohawk on this team.

    We should also get a van.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:54 No.5705654
    Get the men in the tanks.

    Ask the men for locations of nearby armories, other convoys, supply routes, the works.

    Also, troop lodgings and civilian centers. We need more cannon fodder, in any case.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:55 No.5705659
    Large armies will not win this. Abaddon has tried and failed many times with that tactic. A small attack directly to Creed's location is the best way to sort this out.

    Look among our current group to see for signs of psychic activity.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:56 No.5705667
    Remember to check back in on >>5704578 and those last straggler posts, Negi et al.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)06:56 No.5705669
    Your force of men 50 strong with only 2 competent leaders through out them stand at the ready. You have your 9 tanks, and the spaceport is ripe to sack. If you can get a ship, a pit stop in the Eye of Terror may serve you well.

    >Input Command...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:57 No.5705677
    Also, to help the OP, our inventory is...
    (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    Khornate Power Chainsword
    Bolt Pistol
    Daemonic Carapace Armor (4++)

    >Hard Sergeant Voldune
    >Sergeant Belarius
    >49 Guardsmen

    >Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hvy Bolter Sponsons: 5
    >Leman Russ Executioner, Plasma Cannon Sponsons: 2
    >Leman Russ Demolisher, Multi-Melta Sponsons: 2

    >Khorne: +20 *DING*
    >Tzeentch: +3
    >Slaanesh: +3
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)06:58 No.5705688
    Looks like it's time to roll the spaceport.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)06:58 No.5705689
    Khornate Power Chainsword
    Bolt Pistol
    Daemonic Carapace Armor (4++)

    >Hard Sergeant Voldune
    >Sergeant Belarius
    >48 Guardsmen

    >Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hvy Bolter Sponsons: 5
    >Leman Russ Executioner, Plasma Cannon Sponsons: 2
    >Leman Russ Demolisher, Multi-Melta Sponsons: 2

    >CHAOS LEVEL: 12
    >Khorne: +25
    >Tzeentch: +4
    >Slaanesh: +6
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)06:59 No.5705694
    >Tzeentch smiles upon you. Your Bolt Pistol is now loaded with Inferno Bolt ammunition.
    >Str 4 AP3
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:00 No.5705699
    Alright, thanks.

    Let's hit the space port.

    However, as much as I hate to say it, we need to avoid excessive violence, and recruit anyone capable of a heretical thought and wielding a lasrifle.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:00 No.5705701
    >WS: 6 BS: 5 S: 4 T: 4 W: 4 I: 5 A: 5 Ld: 10 Sv: 4++
    >Fearless, Chosen of Khrone, Furious Charge, Fleet

    >Note: Chosen of Khorne: Immunity: Instant Death, Psyker Abilities
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:00 No.5705702
    Since we're serving Khorne we should call ourselves The K Team.

    We need a face man, someone who can interact with normals and non-chaos guys. I'm thinking we get a Slaaneshi cultist for the job.

    We'll need a strategist who loves it when a plan comes together. SIIIIINDRIIIIIIIII.

    We should all go on our adventure in a METAL BOX, not a mere van.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:00 No.5705704
    Someone archive this thread so I can possibly get some sleep, please?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:01 No.5705715
    Check the troops for any psychic activity. He shall be named Sindri, ofcourse. Tell him to hone his abilities on a few of the other recruits. If he does blow himself up it jusr serves an opportunity for the gods to let more servants through.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:01 No.5705716
    Need more "JUST AS PLANNED" goodness.

    But we need to throw in an equal share of "BLOOD FOR BLOOD" to balance it out and keep Creed guessing.

    But for NOW! We sack the space port! Lets go RAPE RAPE RAPE!

    Seriously, we need more Slaanesh points.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:01 No.5705717
    Slaaneshi cultist you say?

    Do any of our recruits happen to be female?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:02 No.5705720
    Tzeench likes what we're unplanning. We're going to decimate Creed in such a way that even we won't know how we did it, because that's the only way around his talent.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:05 No.5705741
    A quick glance through the Cadians shows that you have 18 women in the group.

    >Input Command...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:05 No.5705744
    Tzeentch likes knowledge and Sorcery.

    So, what I figure we should do, is RIP AND TEAR our way into, say, an Imperial Prison, find any heretical confiscated materials, and release it to the public, to help get the people sympathetic to our cause.

    We RIP AND TEAR, so Khorne is pleased.

    We JUST AS PLANNED and HERETICAL KNOWLEDGE so Tzeentch is pleased.

    And perhaps rape/torture a few prisoners for Slaanesh.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:06 No.5705751
    Just how favored by Slaanesh do we need to be to summon a Daemonette?
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:06 No.5705755
    There are no Psykers in your group. You remember signs around the base of "Warp Free Environment" to detract from thoughts of disloyal soldiers being found by Psykers. What a bunch of morons, eh?
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:07 No.5705761
    >Normal PROMOTIONS! are granted at 10 pt intervals. Do the math.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:07 No.5705762
    please Slaanesh with those 18 women.
    >> !!PAcwx7zYQ6F 09/03/09(Thu)07:07 No.5705763
    Have the three tanks take up fire support positions around the main exits of the spaceport, while the Khornette leads a team of the remaining converts in through the back, and Gary leads an equally sized team through the front.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:08 No.5705765
    Tzeench likes HAVING knowledge, but he also likes things that are utterly unpredictable and insane to mortals such as Ursarkar Creed.
    We shall be the latter.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:09 No.5705773
    set explosive charges around the spaceport as you go, have them attached to a remote detonator.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:09 No.5705775
    18 women
    30 men
    ~3:2 w/m ratio

    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:10 No.5705776

    Time to BOOST MORALE!

    Order the females to brutally dominate a couple of males. Fashion strap ons from bayonets, crack out the lho sticks and amasec! It's time to PARTY DOWN!
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:10 No.5705780
    >~2:3 w/m ratio
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:11 No.5705788
    >Order: Slaanesh Worship Orgy.
    >Modification: Inside pools of sacrificial blood.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:12 No.5705792
    We need to do something massively heretical with our women to gain some slaaneshi points.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:12 No.5705796

    And add in some filth and poo to please Papa Nurgle too, pretty please?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:13 No.5705802
    I'm sure someone has some kind of disease. Don't worry about it.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:13 No.5705805

    yes sir
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:13 No.5705807
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:15 No.5705818
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Blood is filthy enough to carry many diseases, no need to be disgusting. Like I've said, we're not "undivided". We're far more efficient than those wankers.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:15 No.5705830
    >Khrone: +24
    >Tzeentch: +5
    >Slaanesh: +22

    >Additional Options:
    >Hook up with Khornette
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:17 No.5705838
    Classily ask "Care to dance?"

    If yes, then dance in an 1800's fashion, while immediately nearby there is a massive blood orgy.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:17 No.5705839

    Totally pork the Khornette!

    Be dumb struck as she turns out to be one of the most tender, gentle lovers you've ever had.

    Just before she punches out your teeth for commenting about it
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:18 No.5705845

    bone khornette. Then fuck her with your chainsword, for KHORNE!! Don't kill her though. What are the two Slaaneshi gifts we get for reaching lv 10 and 20??
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:18 No.5705849
    >Slaanesh Level Gained:
    >+1 Initiative
    >Daemonic Consort
    >Noise Marine contact unlocked (with psyker)
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:18 No.5705851

    Dude, where's my Khorne point go? Is He displeased with this slaanesh worsip?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:19 No.5705862
    Khorne frowns upon decadence. It might have made him angry(er)
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:19 No.5705865
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:20 No.5705866
    aaaaaaaaaand this has turned from entertaining to a massive anon wankfest...

    Can we get back to the killing?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:20 No.5705870
    >> !!PAcwx7zYQ6F 09/03/09(Thu)07:20 No.5705872
    Raid the SPACEPORT guys. We need to secure that flying transport.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:21 No.5705879
    Now that we have appeased 3/4 of the Chaos Gods, I agree, it is time to RESUME DA KILLING!
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:21 No.5705884
    attack the spaceport.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:21 No.5705885
    >Khrone: +30
    >Tzeentch: +15
    >Slaanesh: +30

    >Khornate Trait Unlocked: +1 S, +1 A
    >Slaanesh Trait Unlocked: +1 I
    >Contact: Blood Legions of Khorne (with psyker)
    >Tzeentch Trait Unlocked: +1 Sv

    >CHAOS LEVEL GAINED: Increase 1 stat.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:22 No.5705895
    We're working up to it. This is almost like level grinding, emphasis on the "grinding". Gotta take the Slaanesh with the Khorne (although I'd rather take the COMBAT DRUGS approach tbh)

    Also, IRL, I'm fucking exhausted and bailing now, hopefully this quest won't end before I return.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:23 No.5705897
    >Forgot to say at the start of that:
    >Hook up with Khornette

    >Hook up with chosen god. KHORNE IS PLEASED.
    >Hook up with a daemonette. SLAANESH IS PLEASED.
    >Wound up with the first daemon in your head. JUST AS PLANNED.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:24 No.5705905
    Your Slaanesh value went up 1 pt for each orgy group. Just kill a few dozen more and KHORNE IS PLEASED once again.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:24 No.5705906
    I vote Toughness.

    Make us a little more invincible.
    >> !!PAcwx7zYQ6F 09/03/09(Thu)07:25 No.5705912
    Shameless self repost.
    >Increase S
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:25 No.5705914
    This thread has yet to be archived.

    Would somebody do that?
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:27 No.5705927
    Gary The Betrayer
    WS: 6 BS: 5 S: 5 T: 5 W: 4 I: 7 A: 6+2d6 Ld: 10 Sv: 3++
    Fearless, Chosen of Khrone, Furious Charge, Fleet

    Note: Chosen of Khorne: Immunity: Instant Death, Psyker Abilities

    Bolt Pistol
    Inferno Bolts
    Khornate Daemon Power Chainsword
    Daemonic Carapace Armour

    Khrone: +30
    Tzeentch: +15
    Slaanesh: +30
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:28 No.5705942
    Increase our save again? Or is that not considered a stat?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:29 No.5705953
    I almost want to make a Chaos army based on this Quest...
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:30 No.5705959
    I'm allowing only Sv to be increased by Tzeentch favor.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:31 No.5705965
    You know, if you graph our allegiances to Khorne, Tzeench and Slaanesh, it makes a Chevron.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:31 No.5705967
    Just thought of a plan that TZ would be proud of.. If we have psyker abilty and immunity to instant death, why don't we just dick with the warp, If it can't insta-kill us?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:31 No.5705971
    Agreed, this was fucking STUPID, retcon the rape pile shit. please.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:32 No.5705974
    This quest isn't allowed to 404 while I'm gone. And it has to be archived. Don't forget.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:33 No.5705978


    Don't forget to update it.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:34 No.5705988
    No retcons, final destination. IRL we're all sleepy as fuck, this quest has been running for fucking hours, keeping up the intensity is hard. I suggest Negi crashes and continues back at MAXIMUM KILLING RATE tomorrow or whenever soon.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:34 No.5705995

    I totally am going to.... Once I get a job.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:35 No.5706000
    You must be new here. We don't have 'retcon' in chaos. We just go fix whatever fucked up.

    You move your forces up towards the spaceport, flanking the entrances with the battle tanks as your guardsmen form four battle groups, one each lead by Khornette, Voldune, Belarius, and yourself.

    Now is the time to prove your devotion to Khorne.

    Slaughter them en-masse.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:36 No.5706017
    I got a class at 12:30 so I suppose I could sleep until then, go to classes, come back at 5 when I'm done for the day.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:39 No.5706045
    We will lead the charge, of course. Send squad 2 to flank, group 3 to be sneaky and get into the fight late if things turn south. Group 4, lead by our lovely daemon comrade, shall rush in a moment after we do.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:39 No.5706047
    sleep, let less stupid decisions be made when we're not tired as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:40 No.5706053
    Yeah, this, we've lost momentum and need a new thread to kick-start it when we're awake.
    >> Negi !B2bSxiuNtM 09/03/09(Thu)07:41 No.5706065
    Right. I just updated the archive. I'll be back around 5PM EST to continue. Peace, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:42 No.5706069

    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:47 No.5706103

    goodbye OP, thanks for a great thread!
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)07:50 No.5706133
    Seeyas, Negi. This has been the most convincing take on Guard -> Chaos I've ever really come across.
    For the sake of those who are still watching the thread, post similar (Guard -> Chaos) stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)08:03 No.5706251

    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)08:10 No.5706301
    Creed will be a challenging opponent. While OP is gone, I suggest we formulate a plan. And it will have to be a MASSIVE PLAN.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/09(Thu)08:12 No.5706317

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