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  • File : 1251861803.jpg-(191 KB, 1280x1024, 1250531813552.jpg)
    191 KB Ahh! Shit! Zombies! The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:23 No.5686185  
    Zombies! They're fucking everywhere! The cities are hell holes. You barely survived escaping without getting bit! Now, you're in the forest. You reached an old hunting cabin that belonged to your Uncle ( may he rest in peices in your basement! )

    Sadly, the Cabin is old and badly maintained. There's not many provisions, but the walls are wooden and solid enough and the forest should hopefully provide. You have the following materials easily at hand.

    1 - Bandages
    2 - One Rifle - 12 rounds, .22
    3 - One 9mm Pistol - Police issue. One full clip, six spare rounds in another clip
    4 - One week of food in canned goods. You lack a can opener
    5 - Brand new Zippo lighter. One small bottle of spare fuel
    6 - 10 bottles of water.

    What do you do now?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:26 No.5686233
    Take stock of what supplies are available in the cabin; any knives, ducttape, etc. that could perhaps be employed in making some form of trap to catch small game from the forest? Are there any nearby lakes // streams in which we could set up standing hook lines overnight?

    This is presuming we've barricaded the doors // windows.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:27 No.5686259
    I cast invisibility to undead.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:30 No.5686314
    Furniture to barricade everything. Keep gun on you at all times.
    >> The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:31 No.5686326
    The cabin is poorly stocked. It's a simple log cabin with a door leading to a basement. The basement carries a small work table and appropriate butchering equipment. Hooks, knives and the likes. The cieling of the basement has hooks for hanging meat as well as a few simple tin buckets.
    The main floor of the cabin is wooden, with a single fireplace and a bedroom off one side through a door. There's almost no furniture. There's a mattress in the bedroom as well as a couch and a few sleeping bags. The rifle and rounds were found inside the cabin. You do find an old tool chest, but the tape is ancient and doesn't look very good. There's a screw driver with phillips and flat head, a hammer, some old rusty nails, a pair of pliers, a large whetstone, and a small can of oil.

    There's a kitchen, but no dishes, no furnishings, and the water doesn't come from the fuacet.

    On your way to reach here you did not pass any rivers or lakes. You haven't been here since you were ten, so you don't remember any lakes or rivers either.
    The single door and the three large windows in the main floor are un-barricaded. you only just got here.
    >> Mango Sangria !!F2eyXa59NyS 09/01/09(Tue)23:37 No.5686438
    Attempt to barricade the windows using whatever supplies seem expedient (the mattress with the couch behind it for support if necessary, you can sleep in a sleeping bag).

    After the cabin has been slightly more secured search the nearby countryside, attempting to re familiarize yourself with it (with a focus on landmarks and a water source, as zombies are nothing if we die of dehydration after running out of bottled water.)
    >> The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:41 No.5686539
    Lacking much in the way of furniture to work with. You push the mattress against the front door to the cabin. The couch is then placed against it to add support. You are now out of furniture, and currently lack a sleeping bag. However, you arranged the couch so that the 'seat' portion was facing outwards. You can sleep on the cushions.

    That done. You realize that you have no way to leave the house, unless you break out one of the windows. How will you explore your suroundings now?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:42 No.5686568
    Go deer hunting with the rifle
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:46 No.5686649
    Does the cabin have gutters? If so, use one of the knives in the basement to cut one of the water bottles to have a wider mouth, then place it underneath/inside the spout to collect rainwater. Possibly do this multiple times.

    This is assuming we can't find a stream or something, of course.
    >> Mango Sangria !!F2eyXa59NyS 09/01/09(Tue)23:48 No.5686693
    Not sliding windows? (The kind you could lift up, slip out of and then leave a nail in so that you could lift it back open from the outside once you return.)
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:48 No.5686703
         File1251863338.jpg-(265 KB, 400x400, 1244819955354.jpg)
    265 KB
    /k/ommando here.

    >One full clip, six spare rounds in another clip
    >go deer hunting
    >with a .22
    >> The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:49 No.5686704
    The cabin does not have gutters. It's a fairly simple design. It has a porch, a small shed, and a dirt road leading to it from the main road almost ten miles away. From looking around you can also tell that the roof has leaked a bit in the past. There are signs of water damage on the floor in two distinct places.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:49 No.5686710

    Windows need to be at least covered, even if not barricaded yet. If the zombies can't see us, they probably won't hunt us.

    The door can be locked, I presume. It should be fine for now, and we can still get out.
    >> The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:50 No.5686732
    Sorry /k/ommando. =( I Don't know shit about guns, not really. I went with simple smal guns because they'd be pretty easy to get your hands on in this sort of situation.

    Give me a brief run down on what I did wrong? Without the RAAAAAAAGE? I learn pretty quick.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:52 No.5686786
    What sort of rifle and .22 are we talking about here?
    What constitutes a full magazine for the pistol?
    How are you carrying all this shit?

    You can use the phillips head, along with the hammer, to open cans, and the hammer can serve as a makeshift melee weapon.
    >> Guardsman Nil 09/01/09(Tue)23:53 No.5686793
    You expected someone from /k/ to not rage over dumb shit no one cares about.
    >> /k/ommando from up thar 09/01/09(Tue)23:54 No.5686810
         File1251863651.jpg-(50 KB, 600x800, 1250521167055.jpg)
    50 KB
    I'm ok now.

    It's MAGAZINE, there's one full MAGAZINE, and six spares in another MAGAZINE. Clips are strips of metal you use to feed bullets into some bolt action and semi auto firearms. Pic related.

    And the second was the suggestion that anyone could realistically hunt deer with a .22 rifle.

    Just bloody wishful thinking, that is.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:55 No.5686831
    No, it's what real men do.

    Do you know how hard it is to sneak up behind a deer and club it to death?
    >> /k/ommando from up thar 09/01/09(Tue)23:56 No.5686849
         File1251863769.jpg-(63 KB, 600x938, 1251777564833.jpg)
    63 KB
    Real men use deagles.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:56 No.5686851
    Rabbit hunting then? Those things are delicious
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:57 No.5686860
    better plan to keep the fram the matresses is rest on against the door and rip the sleeping bags so they can each over the windows, as you want to keep your presence unknow to zombies and other ppl. then u have the couch free while each window is darkened allowing the zombies not to notice any light from the inside
    >> /k/ommando from up thar 09/01/09(Tue)23:57 No.5686861
    That's better.

    Fun fact; it takes more energy to digest rabbit then it provides.

    If you ate nothing but rabbit, you would die. Weird yes?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:58 No.5686874
    That magazine is ridiculous and unbalancing.

    How the fuck am I supposed to hold my gun sideways with that shit in there?
    >> Faggot !!etmAO7v6kbr 09/01/09(Tue)23:58 No.5686876
    You must be thinking of celery.
    >> The OP 09/01/09(Tue)23:58 No.5686884
    The rifle is a simple .22 the type of thing one might give a 16 year old on their birthday to go hunt rabbits with. it's nothing complex, and not very good.

    The -magazine- of the 9mm holds 13 rounds, ( don't rage! Correct me if I'm wrong! ) in the clip, with another round in the chamber for a total of 14.

    Items are carried in a backpack. It's not actually a good backpack. You were using it to carry your college books. When the shit hit the fan. You dumped the books and started hoarding.

    The hammer is now stuck through your belt loop for use as a Melee weapon.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:59 No.5686904
    Not actually true. It's just that it's nothing but protein. Not enough fat or carbs or vitamins in it. That's why you can't make it a staple food.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)23:59 No.5686905
    also use the nails to keep the ripped sleeping bags in place, along with the screwdriver to acess the canned food
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:00 No.5686912
    Not the FUUUU rage fag, but here are some points.

    .22 rimfire is a terribly weak round. When shot at the body it's really only suitable for hunting small game like rabbits (very maybe for foxes, very, very maybe for coyotes), and although it can be lethal when fired at the CNS, this is always a difficult proposition.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:01 No.5686926
    no its true, pretty sure the story was based on miners or something along those lines
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:01 No.5686930
    He's actually right, Les Stroud mentioned it on an episode of Survivorman, something about rabbits not having a whole lot of fat. It's called rabbit starvation.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:01 No.5686931

    Thinkin of Celery there, boy.

    Rabbit is simply nearly devoid of fats. You can survive off of rabbit for months.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:02 No.5686935
    Affirmative on the sliding windows. ( I Had to google what you were talking about. Those look about right to what I had in mind. )


    You can cover the windows with srips of fabric, if you had fabric. You -do not- have sleeping bags. You don't even have a blanket. You have the items listed already, a mattress, and a couch.
    >> Devilock 09/02/09(Wed)00:03 No.5686953
    Well then, no worse than Doritos, and you don't see us Westerners stop eating them, hmm?

    I suppose they're like running snacks to wolves. The main course would be deer.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:03 No.5686954
    you mentioned sleeping bags several
    >There's almost no furniture. There's a mattress in the bedroom as well as a couch and a few sleeping bags
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:05 No.5686977
         File1251864316.jpg-(165 KB, 800x480, CartridgeComparison.jpg)
    165 KB
    You are now realizing your firearms are useless.
    >> /k/ommando from up thar 09/02/09(Wed)00:05 No.5686981
    >for months.

    Doesn't mean I'm wrong. If you ate practically anything else with it, you'd be fine.

    I never said rabbits were poisonous or some nonsense.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:07 No.5687018
    Oh hell. You're right. My bad. I forgot to add that to my list of provisions. *holds up index cards*

    Sleeping bags! Yes.

    You tear up the sleeping bags and using some of the nails you quickly hang them over the windows. You use the thickest and darkest fabric you can. One window, the one in the bedroom you leave the bottom unnailed. This way you have an easy way in and out of the House through the window. You can also barricade the bedroom door as a secondary boundary, as a just in case. The front door to the cabin -does- have a lock, but it's fairly old and would give without much difficulty.

    You now have 1 sleeping bag left as well as some stuffing and fabric left over from the others you used.
    >> /k/ommando from up thar 09/02/09(Wed)00:08 No.5687029
    a .22 is hardly 'useless'. It'll still kill a human, more then capable of piercing a skull.

    It's just not great for a large, fast-moving animal that WILL run when alerted/harmed. It's fucking difficult to drop a deer of any size with a .22

    And don't even get my started on the OH WOW HUEG .50 action express. Shit will not help you in ANY situation.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:08 No.5687031
    the /ko/ guy claimed you would die if you simply ate rabbit and nothing else

    you then said no thats celery

    he responed why you would die from rabbit

    he didnt say you would die straight away but if your diet was soley rabbit you would die
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:12 No.5687092
    Take cushions off couch. Use to assist sleep w/ sleeping bag.

    Rest for the night after front door is secured by placing couch in front of it. You've had a long day.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:12 No.5687099
    There is both rabbit and deer in the forest, as well as other things.

    For geographic location. You're currently located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Lots of pine forest primarily.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:14 No.5687131
    Is there time (/daylight) left to try to explore the cabins immediate surroundings (the shed, if it hasn't been already)?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:15 No.5687156

    Sadly, Zombies have no vitals and require something with stopping power.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:15 No.5687160
    You use the cushions to help strenghtne the security of the windows and curl up on the couch to sleep.

    The next morning you awaken with a slight pain in your neck from the angle.

    What would you like to do now? You've got a busy day ahead of you, i'm sure!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:18 No.5687226
    Unless this is brain-dependant zombies, in which case a .22 to the head is 'all' we need.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:20 No.5687264
    I have one issue with this scenario:

    Why in Vishnu's name would I go to some shack in the middle of nowhere far away from where i could forage for better supplies.

    Also why do i have such shitty supllies in the first place. If I'm in the middle of nowhere I surly passed any number of small towns/isolated homes on my way here, where more food and better tools could be easily found.
    >> Bill 09/02/09(Wed)00:22 No.5687314

    Yeah we need Intel on what tyoe of zombies before we go any further.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:23 No.5687332
    Didn't see this before I posted the sleep phase. Sorry. Ill bring it to the next morning.

    Waking up you decide now would be a good time to go explore your surroundings. Grabbing the pistol, and leaving the rifle inside you slip out the window and explore your suroundings in a 20 yard radius.

    The ground is fairly soft, although there's quite a few largish rocks along the edge of the clearing the cabin is in. There are very large pine trees surrounding you, as well as a few bushes. You find the remains of a well, but it looks like it hasn't been used in sometime, and you find no bucket attached to the thing.

    You find a very large pile of old, half burned wood. It looks like the remains of a house had been brought here after a house fire. Perhaps you can use it for something?

    Reaching the shed you slowly pull open the door. It's a simple shed, perhaps ten feet by ten. The floor is dirt. there are shelves along the wall with a few old buckets filled with bits of metal,s crews, bolts, and nails. You also find a small chainsaw with a can of gasoline. The shed is -not- secure. You can see light through the holes. You also find

    Bicycle! It's a simple bike, but it's in decent condition and even has a basket on the front! How useful!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:23 No.5687337
    Actually this is an interesting point; how in the world did we get here? It was a ten mile walk from the main road and it sounds like we're in the middle of nowhere even from there... Walking just doesn't sound that practical.

    (Out of gas vehicle is would work fine for purposes of this thought exercise.)
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:27 No.5687391
    regarding zombies - You don't know where they came from or how they got there. You don't even know how it spreads. All you know is that there were reports of it on the news, and you recognized them as zombies! they've been increasing in numbers for the past week. You finally grabbed your shitty car and loaded it up with some basic supplies and decided to head to your uncles cabin, since you knew he did hunting there. You didn't realize he hadn't been there in so long and so are unprepared.

    The zombies seen on the news reports were simple things. Some lumbered, but some were able to move quickly. The police weren't shooting them in the head, but instead were gathering them up and putting them into large furnaces when they could, and chopping them up into small peices otherwise.

    From an OOC perspective - Zombies can't die. Bullets to the head are ineffective. Only way to destroy a zombie, is to destroy the entire zombie. Cut off legs/arms and they're no longer a danger. Infection is spread through blood, saliva contact. A bite, or just getting blood in your mouth/eye would infect you.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:28 No.5687400
    Gather all the buckets we can from the shed and (if theres still a string on the well, which we should test the strength of before using either way) use one to see if we can gather some water from it.

    If we can, gather buckets of the stuff, plug up the sink (or, if a tub is present in the house, use that) and fill it with water (in case of a siege). This will be our primary water source (... though we should probably boil it first, depending on just how far in the middle of nowhere we are this might not actually be an issue.)

    Pretty much just try and establish a water source.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:30 No.5687434
    Kinda like RAGE to the next level from the 28-unit of time Movies as far as infection/survival?

    Avoiding notice sounds like our best call...
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:30 No.5687439
    Additional note about the Car. It's not broken, or out of gas. It just couldn't handle the dirt road that way. It's like trying to take a Geo 4wheeling.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:30 No.5687442
    Stock up on that shit, put it all the basket, wheel it back to the cabin.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:33 No.5687489
    Sort of. The older a zombie get's the slower it get.s New zombies are fast. Zombies won't die from starvation like rage. Infection is the same as with RAGE. Blood, saliva, bites, cuts. However, it has a longer incubation. Takes a few hours. you feel weak then hungry then there's alot of pain. You usually 'die' because your heart stops from the amount of pain and he screaming you do. Average incubation is 4 hours.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:34 No.5687498
    What 'shit' are you talking about? Note. The basket is a bike basket. It's perhaps a foot wide, and six inches deep and long.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:41 No.5687612
    No he's right, Rabbit is actually not good to continually eat, i can't remember why exactly something about it being nothing but protein and no fat... Les Stroud, from Survivor Man mentioned it on one of his shows, can't for the life of me remember the whole thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:43 No.5687639
    Maybe he was refering to the water stock up plan?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:44 No.5687659
    >Rabbit starvation, also referred to as protein poisoning, is the form of acute malnutrition caused by excess consumption of any lean meat (e.g. rabbit) coupled with a lack of other sources of nutrients usually in combination with other stressors, such as severe cold or dry environment. Symptoms include diarrhea, headache, fatigue, low blood pressure and heart rate, and a vague discomfort and hunger that can only be satisfied by consumption of fat or carbohydrates.
    You need fat to live, and rabbits have basically none.
    >> Bill 09/02/09(Wed)00:46 No.5687673

    So basically Return of The Living Dead but minus the entertaining dialog.

    2 Questions:

    1: What part of what country are we in?
    2: DO we have any skill with fire arms?

    And one sugestion: We should fashion a club so we can stay out of arms reach should we have a close encounter.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:47 No.5687690
    Gathering up all your buckets you set them up next to the well. The rope is still attached. You quickly tie it off on the bucket and lower it into the well after testing the strength. The rope doesn't break. Eventually you hear a splash, and after hauling the bucket back up you find it full of fresh cool water. Looks like you've got a supply now! You stuff the bath tub, toilet, and sink with plugs and fill them up with fresh water. By the time you're done, the sun is high in the sky. You have six hours left in the day. What would you like to do?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:49 No.5687723
    1. The Rocky Mountains, middle of a forest. three hours drive from the nearest major city. Ten miles from the closest paved road where your car is currently parked and locked. 30 minutes drive from the nearest 'small' town.

    2. You have some small skill with firearms. You aren't an expert by far, but you know how to use one well enough that you're not likely to blow your own hand off. You just lack practice.

    3. Regarding club. At the moment you're keeping a hammer on you to use as a close combat weapon. What would you like to do to replace it?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)00:53 No.5687774
    You say left the car, locked, at the road because it was too rough for the Geo. Were we "smart" enough to hide the working car with gas in it, or did we just park it? How tough of a road is it, could we bike it?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)00:55 No.5687792
    You parked the car just off the road. It's hidden from casual view, but anyone walking would likely see it.

    The road is not too rough for the bike you have.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:01 No.5687849
    What gear did you leave in the car? I assume if you loaded up your car at home you would have packed more than you could carry, not expecting to walk ten miles.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:02 No.5687854
    Do we remember any off trails along the way that would be worth investigating now on bike?

    Also keeping an eye out for any viable food sources (birds nests, depending on the season) or potential neighboring shacks that we could visit (and if empty... raid.)
    >> Louis 09/02/09(Wed)01:02 No.5687858
         File1251867774.jpg-(14 KB, 437x358, louispills.jpg)
    14 KB
    I grab some pills.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:04 No.5687880
    Your car carries.

    Books from your college.
    Spare clothes.
    One flat case of 24 bottles of water.
    One half-empty case of water. ( You carried them in your backpack. )

    Two flats of various canned foods. Mostly chef boyardee

    One large family sized back of Doritos.

    Big blanket, and two pillows.

    A basic "road' survival kit that was given to you by your parents.

    One flashlight.

    Your laptop + associated cables and two spare batteries.

    Like I said. Very small car.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:05 No.5687894
    You do not remember any trails specifically, but you weren't looking.

    It is currently Febuary, although at the later end of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:06 No.5687904
         File1251868019.jpg-(14 KB, 184x184, bill4d2.jpg)
    14 KB
    I'll get the pipe bombs.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 09/02/09(Wed)01:07 No.5687911
         File1251868067.jpg-(20 KB, 548x400, Francis Eyes Radar Dish.jpg)
    20 KB

    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:09 No.5687923
    What we need is a map, food, and firepower.
    .22 and 9mm would be decent for killing people but weak against game animals and zombies.
    We spend a day hunting and use all the rifle ammo, but have a satisfying meal, 2 rabbits and a fox. They were cut up with a small knife found in the cabin. Water from well.

    The next day we pack the water and assorted gear onto our bike, leave the rifle (no ammo), take the pistol and small goods to the paved road. Without a strong hunting rifle and ammo we won't be able to survive with our mediocre marksmanship.

    We remember that there should be another cabin less than a days' ride from here. 20-30 miles, down the 10 mile path, 10 mi down the road, and another 5-15 down another long trail.
    >> Louis 09/02/09(Wed)01:11 No.5687939
         File1251868317.jpg-(37 KB, 426x756, 1232889697693.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:12 No.5687947
    We only know that there ARE other cabins in the wilderness. We've never been there, only vaguely remember drives extending off the highway from our trip to the cabin and our Uncle's vauge mention of "neighbors".
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:12 No.5687952
    The outline of this plan sounds reasonable - though lets see how well it works in practice...
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:14 No.5687971
    Firepower for defence sounds nice. Guns for hunting? Not so nice. Sound would attract the wrong sort of attention. Not that we wouldn't want this to be CampQuest, but the quieter we are, the less likely we will attract attention.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:15 No.5687984

    Get started before dawn for the bike trip. Retrieve some food from your car, but leave the rest. Place additional foliage over the car to hide it better. Proceed down the road, keeping 9mm close at hand.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:15 No.5687992
    The local town, presumably a backwater, is it infected? Did people evac and only a small amount are infected? Do we have fresh Z-splatter all over our windshield from driving through it?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:16 No.5688001
    If the zombies are not killed by a bullet to the head, then we better be damn good at kneecapping the quicker ones with the pistol. And, the hammer? Very useful tool - but not for fighting, we'd be scratched and then splattered... No thanks.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:17 No.5688008
    Ideally we want to set up some form of passive traps for the short term, allowing us to catch small game for meals which we would fill in between with canned food we brought or raided from empty cabins...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:17 No.5688010
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:18 No.5688015
    With any luck were far enough removed that we won't have to deal with the fast zombies until after our neighbors start to get infected... maybe...
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:18 No.5688023
    As a certified Z-Day survivalist, I can tell you. NEVER expect those Zombies to go down in one or two shots.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:20 No.5688041
    And one more thing. How open are the woods? heavy brush? Low brush? SHRUBBERIES EVERYWHERE?

    Are we blind, or are we not?

    Also, treeforts are AWESOME in Z-Day scenarios.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:22 No.5688057
    The burned house remains, are they just a big pile of wood or... ? Is there anything underneath?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:22 No.5688061
    I have a feeling where going to eventually clear a perimeter around the shack to help our LoS, but thats a bit further term thinking then we need to get too now...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:24 No.5688076
    I think he said it looked like it had been moved there.

    also, our uncle is in pieces in the basement. we might want to burn said pieces using some of that fire. (Never can be too sure...)
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:24 No.5688080
    We can reasonably assume that the infeciton hasn't spread to the wilderness cabins. Zombies won't have wandered this far into the wilderness and if they did they would be very weak. Our best plan, as I see it, is to find a well stocked cabin to set up base in. The Uncle's cabin has EXTREMELY limited resources. We need to keep moving until we find a sturdy cabin stocked with ammunition and/or with a nearby lake and fishing equipment. Food is high priority as we aren't good enough with a rifle to get one animal per bullet and we cant take down large game. A bow is another item we need to keep a look out for. Perhaps the best hunting and anti-zombie weapon if we want to be discrete.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:24 No.5688084
    And personally, the most pressing question is. DO WE HAVE A SHOVEL?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:25 No.5688092
    We should build a treefort with the wood from cabin fire, as well as salvage from other cabins.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:25 No.5688096
    And these zombies are even worse - no headshot kills? Got to chop them up and burn them... GM implies that if you cut off a head, you have a headless zombie AND a snapping head. I think we need some tiger traps around the campsite when there's time.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:25 No.5688097
    Build a treefort out of charcoal.
    You play dwarf fortress don't you?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:26 No.5688105
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:26 No.5688106
    Shovels solve all problems if used enough.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:26 No.5688109
    An Excellent Plan. Need consensus to impliment.



    You didn't see any living people when you drove through town. Mostly zombies, or corpses of people who haven't yet reawoken.


    How would you like to make the traps and how many?

    Immediatly surrounding the cabin is alot of low bushes. Deeper in the bushes are more scattered. The trees are all pine. The ground is covered in a thick matt of old pine needles.


    You would have to move alot of the lumber to check. A quick overview doesn't show anything but old partially burned and smoke damaged wood.



    Bike trip shall start in the morning. You still have 6 hours of daylight left.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:27 No.5688115
         File1251869234.jpg-(66 KB, 480x480, 1228714913106.jpg)
    66 KB
    Invalidated by the fact that our butchered uncle is in the basement, OP didn't say but I have a feeling we did that for a reason...
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:28 No.5688135
    Ted - No shovel is found, yet. Shouldn't be too hard to make something crude though. You -do- have a chainsaw.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:29 No.5688141
    For clarification.

    Uncle is chopped up in basement.

    You didn't do the chopping.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:31 No.5688179
    Would be a tweest, but I don't think OP has anything pressing for the moment, suspense builds up this way, like a pressure cooker.

    As for the six hours left? String up anything that would make sound when banging together, old cans and utensils around the perimeter. Do we have enough time to clear the outside of the house, and could zombies get on the roof? We could sleep up there if we feel paranoid enough.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:31 No.5688180
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:32 No.5688187
    My bad; thanks for clarification. ^^

    That's still potentially not good; means we've got some overly friendly neighbors or a creepily forward looking uncle...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:32 No.5688193
    Clarify: Is basement at cabin or back at home in town?
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:33 No.5688198
    Wait wait. WHAT?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:33 No.5688208
    You do not have anything string like to use.Only the thick rope used on the well.

    No, Zombies can't get on the roof. It's too high. They would have to climb using a ladder you don't have.

    If you spend the next six hours clearing the outside fo the house, you'd have about 20 feet on all sides with a clear line of fire.
    >> Lee 09/02/09(Wed)01:34 No.5688219
         File1251869692.jpg-(127 KB, 600x800, House.jpg)
    127 KB
    Well thats disconcerting.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:34 No.5688220
    Basement is accessed through a simple wooden interior door.

    Basement has a concrete floor, concrete walls. Single table, and various butchering equipment.

    Uncle is in peices, the peices are not moving. They are fresh-ish.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:35 No.5688222
    Not exactly what we would want with so few rounds.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:36 No.5688229
    This would have been nice to know when we decided to move in.
    Good news. We're not fighting zombies!
    Bad news! Someone else is here.
    They chopped up your uncle.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:36 No.5688234
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:37 No.5688240
    We've got the cabin barricaded and we have a long ride tomorrow over rough terrain. We are also gong to be hungry in a few hours. Clearing the area would be a waste of energy we'll need tomorrow.
    Put cans/junk on branches and stick them into the ground at key locations aroudn the cabin (ie. entrances, paths). That will serve the purpose well enough.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:37 No.5688241
    When you arrived at the house. You called for your uncle and did a quick once through. You found him in peices in the basement. You know it's him because you have his eyes.

    Figuratively speaking. They're still in his head which is in two peices.

    You left. Vomited. Then the game started. I didn't mention this earlier because damnit. I was hoping someone would ask about the uncle that's resting in peices in the basement.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:38 No.5688250
    Emperor dam it all. I can see it now. Thanks.

    Gentlemen. We are preparing for the wrong enemy.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:38 No.5688251
    You gather the buckets you've found. You have 12 total, but a 13th is attached to the well.

    You place the buckets at all the entrances. The DM suggests adding a few nuts and bolts from the jars in the shed around it, so that whn the bucket fals over it hits something metal.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:40 No.5688274
    Sounds reasonable enough.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:42 No.5688299
    Is there anything that seems "missing" from the cabin, shed or basement? An empty space on a table with no dust, or maybe hooks where a bunch of deer meat had been stocked? And, is uncle... :gulp: cleanly chopped or ripped up... or?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:42 No.5688304
    It was worked in there nicely enough that I had to double check just what it said before referencing it.

    IC Explanation: The shock of finding our dead uncle kept us from trying to deal with our dead uncle.

    Look for any tracks other than our own; try to figure out where whoever killed our uncle got off too // still is...
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:42 No.5688306
    Now, for the last three four hours...
    Detective mode.
    Can you find any traces of what happened to your uncle? Blood trails, signs of a struggle, bullet holes in the walls?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:42 No.5688309
    nuts and bolts, point taken. Anything that we don't need and that will make a loud noise.

    Go to sleep early. (you are exhaused from hiking and hunting so you sleep well despite the shock of seeing your dead uncle.)
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:43 No.5688322
    rolled 82 = 82

    If we haven't retrieved the text books yet, we should. If we're in this for the long haul, we'll want some quasi-stimulating reading material to stave off the cabin fever.
    >> Lee 09/02/09(Wed)01:44 No.5688331
         File1251870277.jpg-(34 KB, 800x442, Clever Girl.jpg)
    34 KB
    You are absolutely right. The right enemy has already flanked you.

    Clever Girl.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:44 No.5688332
    UPDATE -

    You have a cabin. The cabin is wooden. There are three windows. Two in the main room as well as a fireplace of stone and a door with an old latch that may give with out much effort. One door out of the livingroom opens to the bathroom. Toilet. Bath. Sink. Broken mirror. One door opens into the Bedroom. One window in the bedroom. The only furnishings were an old mattress on the bedroom floor and a couch. The mattress and couch are currently holding the front door shut. All of the windows are blocked off and shut. The windows are covered with sleeping bag material nailed to the wall to prevent light from shining out. The bedroom window has a flap at the bottom able to be opened so that you can enter/exit the room easily.

    In the livingroom there is one more door. It opens up to the basement. Poured concrete. There's a table for use butchering, lots of knives and hooks. Your uncles body is in peices on the floor. He's still 'alive'.

    Around the house is the Rocky Mountains pine forests. Shrubs, and pine trees everywhere. A rough dirt road leads to the cabin. There is a 10x10 shed with a cheap door and a dirt floor. Inside was a can of gas and a small chainsaw. Multiple buckets and many jar's of bolts, nails, and bits.

    There is a stack of wood. Looks to have belonged to a house that was torn down after suffering a fire. The wood was delivered to the house and is stacked roughly.

    There is a well with a bucket for fresh water.

    You have placed buckets and bolt bits around the house to act as simple noise alarms.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:45 No.5688342
    I think zombies. Crazy rednecks that might have chopped up Uncle here, or a fucking PREDATOR IN THE WOODS.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:46 No.5688349
    Wow, right after I said that line about the predator, I see your post. Your good.
    Too good.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:47 No.5688364
    I'm beginning to see through your shenanigans OP.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:49 No.5688388
    He's still "alive"?!!?!?! Like, chopped up but still zombie wrigglin' around? We need to burn or otherwise remove that shit pronto.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:50 No.5688399
         File1251870602.jpg-(14 KB, 319x320, oh dad frt.jpg)
    14 KB
    Oh Uncle, Poor Uncle, Someone Butchered You In The Basement And I Don't Seem To Care?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:50 No.5688401
    Searching around the cabin you do not find any obvious signs of a struggle. You aren't a tracker though, so you probably missed alot of the more subtle signs.

    You do find a single bullet hole in the wall. but it looks like it might be fairly old. Perhaps a misfire from years ago? Or perhaps the KILLING ROUND! =o

    Searching the corpse bits. You determine that the body was ripped - and - chopped into bits. it looks like someone might have used the chainsaw that's sitting in the shed. you toe an arm out of the way and you find a gouge in the floor that's filled with blood. Perhaps where the chainsaw slipped?
    >> Lee 09/02/09(Wed)01:50 No.5688406
    I know.

    I'm some kinda tactical genius.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:50 No.5688414
    Where would you like to burn him? What would you like to use for fuel?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:51 No.5688422
    >Uncle is in peices, the peices are not moving. They are fresh-ish.
    Wait, so as of the update he reanimated?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:52 No.5688436
    We've got an awful lot of wood handy... but considering that were right next to a pine forest, playing with fire might not be the best call...
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:54 No.5688457
    You'll never get me to say the response to that.
    Kay, so gramps was good and dead, then brought here. This may be a murder scene, but during the Z-colypse, I don't think justice is going to come very fast. At least not the guys in blue. Unless their zombies.
    Then it's a karmic sort of justice.
    HOWEVER. The day is over, unless we burn gramps during the night (YES YES YES. NO SMOKE TO BE SEEN) I think we're good to have a TERRIFIED night's sleep.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:55 No.5688464
    rolled 63 = 63

    How do you plan to handle dear old uncle, after all, any bodily fluid carries the infection, and skin isn't exactly a guaranteed leak proof barrier.

    Any blaze sufficient to incinerate the uncle will threaten the wood floor of the building, never mind the blood that's likely to have leaked onto the floor. Did we step in it?

    Have we ever taken our boots off?

    Have our hands touched ground that we've walked on?

    Have we properly sanitized our hands before eating anyting?

    I posit that we're potentially already infected!

    Best course of action, find a way to dismember ourselves before we become a threat to other survivors.

    Maybe post warning signs that this is a plague house first.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:57 No.5688491
    we just found the body for the second time. Yes, the boots have blood on them.
    HOWEVER, seeing as the body is not moving, we can assume that it is dead and gone. He might have been chopped up BEFORE the infection as well, meaning that he MIGHT be clean of that taint.
    We also have a fireplace.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:58 No.5688495
    Why would you read when you could be building tree forts and spike pit traps?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:58 No.5688504
    The basement was cement floored.

    We did poke around with the uncle.

    Its semi-unclear whether or not he was a zombie when he was killed (see >>5688422)

    Suicide, well that's one to insta-end just about any quest thread...
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)01:58 No.5688506
    Negative on accidental infection. You've kept your shoes on. You might want to burn your shoes and pick up some new ones at sime point. There is blood on'em.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:58 No.5688510
    rolled 14 = 14

    He's still alive. Try again.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)01:59 No.5688515
    As of the update OP said he was still 'alive'....
    >> Lee 09/02/09(Wed)01:59 No.5688517
         File1251871161.png-(1.03 MB, 1000x1200, EVIL.png)
    1.03 MB
    Fair enough, it was worth a shot.

    I say we use the firewood, perhaps some of the extra sleeping bag scraps for fuel, burn the uncle and heat a can of boyrdee at the same time.

    Next morning, search for neighbors and supplies.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)01:59 No.5688518
    Wait, so we do have some wiggling?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:00 No.5688530
    This is already fucked up beyond all reason. DIDN'T YOU THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT TO MENTION YOU DIDN'T DO THE CHOPPING?

    Walking 10 fucking miles through Rocky Mountain woods in February while leaving all sorts of shit in your car on the road?

    facepalm.jpg OPs character deserves death.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)02:01 No.5688532
    We did have to common sense to get while the getting was good.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:01 No.5688542
    Uncle is chopped into -very- small peices. There is some wiggling. But not too much. Some peices twitch occasionally others don't. it all depends on the muscles in the body and the chopped bits.

    Best way to know he's alive is the way the eyes keep looking around the room.

    And the head is in three peices.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:02 No.5688545
    rolled 39 = 39

    This will only take so much time. Eventually we'll hit a 'maintainence mode' hence it is a suggestion to hedge against insanity and depression on the long haul.

    Depression could be crippling after a few days of inactivity.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:04 No.5688560
    Well it needs to be burned. The only problem is noise and smoke will attract unwelcome guests. I hope those tools in the basement werent the ones to do the job because now they're useless and contaminated. And if the Uncle was a zombie way out in the middle of fucking nowhere you have issues.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:05 No.5688569
    rolled 85 = 85

    Did the news reports indicate any kind of co-ordinated behaviour on the part of the zombies? Telepathic communication?

    Is our dear uncle betraying our location like a beacon to his kin?

    How intelligent are they? could we in some way 'interview' him?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:05 No.5688572
    Survival in this situation is an all day every day job. If worse comes to worse you can start carving shit out of wood pieces or something.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)02:05 No.5688576
    Aw crap.
    The worst kind of zombie. Okay, so, this other person MIGHT be friendly. MIGHT.

    Sleep with your pistol under your pillow, burn the free pieces of your uncle tonight. Don't want to wake up with a finger trying to get in your mouth.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:07 No.5688594
    Wow. Glad we blocked that out for the day.

    WTF Do we do with Uncle? FFFFUUUUU- That's infection in the basement! Wait, if a human is killed without being infected before death do they stay dead or... damnit, these zombies sux.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:08 No.5688607
    rolled 40 = 40

    Also, depending on how far we take the scenario and how apocalyptic it is, if humanity wins, such documents would provide a leg up for a successor civilization. Tools to teach offspring to read and such. THE LOOOONG GAME.
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)02:09 No.5688616
    That's not the long game, that's future you appears soon to give you a medal for SAVING THE WORLD TWICE.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:12 No.5688646
    rolled 72 = 72

    Sue me for considering going or extra points.

    Where's The OP?
    >> Stormtrooper Ted 09/02/09(Wed)02:14 No.5688663
    He waits a few minutes, and responds to everyone in one go.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:15 No.5688674
    >There's a mattress in the bedroom as well as a couch and a few sleeping bags.

    >You are now out of furniture, and currently lack a sleeping bag.

    >> Lee 09/02/09(Wed)02:18 No.5688697
    OP made a mistake. He corrected it.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:22 No.5688723
    Wait, we didn't bring the sleeping bags. There were two and a bed? That says someone else was here to me... even more than uncle...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:23 No.5688726
    wait, i thought the head was in two pieces?

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:25 No.5688737
    OP is having some internet difficulties. Hopefully it'll be fixed now. Apologies.


    The first reported zombie sightings were zombies in morgues and mortuarys. It is unknown whether heavily decayed corpses come back. As in, you don't know if you dig into a graveyard the coffins are full of active zombies that can't break out.
    Pistol under pillow request duly noted.


    News reports did not indicate any telepathic ability. However, the Zombies were fairly coordinated in a horde like manner. They respond to noise and can make noises themselves. Some fresh kills can even speak until they become slow walkers at which point they simply grunt and groan. Any speaking is random gibberish. Usually used to alert other zombies to the presence of something edible.

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:26 No.5688742
    Two sleeping bags. one bed.

    One sleeping bag has been torn to peices, those peices used to cover the windows. The other one is currently in use as your bed.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:26 No.5688743
         File1251872804.jpg-(156 KB, 1210x479, san loss.jpg)
    156 KB
    >Figuratively speaking. They're still in his head which is in two peices.

    >And the head is in three peices.

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:27 No.5688746
    Jaw is one piece.

    Nose to just above eyes is another peice.

    Skull cap is the third peice.

    I consider jaw to be only sometimes a part of the head. that's just something wierd I do. It's stupid, I know. Sorry for the lack of clarification.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:28 No.5688749
    Did it appear the bags were in use or did we have to dust them off and unroll 'em?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:29 No.5688755
    Bags were not dusty. They were rolled up and in the closet of the bedroom. There were no clothes in the closet.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:32 No.5688782
    Looks like we've been -scavenged- so we probably are looking for less crazy and more survivalist types somewhere out here; likely with a home field advantage, we need to make these into allies or at the least non-threats. Though it is unlikely they will double check here unless they see the car...

    Also; clarification, has the uncle always been moving, or is this a recent development?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:35 No.5688802
    rolled 84 = 84

    'Kay, if we want to cremate our uncle, we'll need sacrificial tools. I.e. things we won't mind burning with him.

    If they're not telepathic, and he's too dismembered to speak, maybe the better plan is to simple rule the basement as a 'no-go' zone.

    Do we have any pigments/marking devices? Make a sign to that effect and post it.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:36 No.5688815
    Uncles movement appears to be recent development. He might have been infected, died, chopped up, then turned zombie.

    But then again. You didn't really spend much time in the basement when you first arrived.


    Arbitrarily giving you a small jar of acrylic paint in the Shed and a cheap brush. You can use that to make a sign on the basement door, if you rule the basement a No-go zone.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:37 No.5688817
    rolled 18 = 18

    Making signs will indicate our intelligence and ward off accidental termination by potential allies, should any stumble across our camp.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:38 No.5688829

    Can they smell blood? Would it be better to bury the remains - though you may still attract bears n shit - we havnt considered bears yet have we...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:39 No.5688845
    This anon is going to tuck himself in with a warm pistol. Oh, and before I go to bed, after a ten mile hike in the Rocky Mountains... I check myself for ticks. Seriously. Avoided the zombie plague only to die to Lyme disease? Fukkin' Weak.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:39 No.5688846
    rolled 79 = 79

    I've we've been wandering around in our bloody boots, we've contaminated the site.

    Should we start schleping the pick of the kit back to our car and head down the road? search for an uncontaminated site? Abandon our boots by the road side before we embark in our car in favour of our running shoes from intermurals.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:40 No.5688850
    Blood smelling ability is Unknown.
    OP requires consensus - Shall the Uncle be burned? If so, how? Or shall we simply mark the basement as No-go and put up a sign? If so, what do we want the sign to say?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:40 No.5688858
    For the time that we have left we should gather up supplies that are in the surrounding area. Go back to that burned down area and SLOWLY pick through the rubble for usable wood for a fire. If you see any movement or blood in the rubble you back away and leave it as-is. In the evening you burn the uncle using the wood you scavenged.

    Use the wood you scavenged to pick what's left of him up and to burn in the fireplace.

    And OP, you it might help new ppl if you do another update on our supplies, both what is here and what's been left at the car down the road.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:43 No.5688888
    rolled 5 = 5

    If we stay I suggest a mixture of glyphs and text.

    Standard red circle with a slash over a crude person to indicate no entry, then text underneath: No Entry: Basement Contaminated with Infected Fluids.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:45 No.5688914
    Sign written for the 5 eights. =D Good job.


    You have two hours left.

    You begin picking through the pile of wood. You don't find anything bloody but as you get near the bottom you do find what appears to be some old wires. Perhaps part of the electrical system for whatever house this rubble came from?

    Request for updated Mat's list incoming. Give me a few moments to type it up.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:49 No.5688941
    Sounds boss; keep up the excellent work OP.

    This anon must disappear; but threw an archive request on sup/tg/ in the hopes of catching up on it in 'The Future'.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:49 No.5688946
    rolled 33 = 33

    ... Don't suppose we played intermurals or something at school, and have spare shoes in the car? Just checking?

    Ah well. so much for the dice guy. I have stuff to do tomorrow. :(
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:50 No.5688956
    Updated Gear List -

    At House -

    Bandages - Numerous, simple white bandages form first aid kits.

    One .22 rifle with 12 rounds.
    One 9m Pistol - Police issue. One full magazine with six spare rounds in another magazine.
    6 day's of canned food. You have a screw driver and a hammer to act as a can opener.
    Brand new untouched zippo with one spare bottle of fuel
    5 bottles of water.

    The bathtub and sink are both filled with fresh water you pulled from the well.

    You have a total of 12 buckets, metal. Some of these are scattered around to act as alert devices.

    One bottle of acrylic paint. Bright Red + old brush.

    1 sleeping bag.

    1 half destroyed sleeping bag. Now mostly fabric.

    One mattress. One couch. One wooden dowel rod taken from the closet.

    One chainsaw with 1 gallon of gas in a metal can.

    One bike with small basket on front. Is for medium rough terrain.

    Three knives taken from basement which is now sealed.

    Numerous glass and metal cans and jars filled with various nuts, bolts, and miscellaneous junk.

    One tool box. Wooden. Various simple tools.

    One Car, 10 miles away. Parked, locked. Small, half a tank of gas.

    2 flats of canned goods.
    1.5 boxes of bottled water
    1 laptop
    1 flashlight
    1 Road Emergency kit, basic.
    1 spare tire.
    4 changes of clothes.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:53 No.5688984
    cabin in the woods + wires?

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)02:55 No.5688995
    Whats... the question here? Are you asking if there -is- a telegraph? or if you could build a telegraph?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)02:56 No.5689006

    Well, my understanding is cabins in the woods generally wont have electricity so was wondering what the hell the wires were...
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:00 No.5689043
    A house in the small city caught fire. It was put out. The owner of the cabin, your uncle, most likely took a bulldozer and a truck to the remains of the house. He then transported it to his cabin in the woods. Most likely to use the chainsaw and the old wood as 'firewood' rather then buying 'logs' or cutting his own from the forest. The wires were found within the pile of wood. they're just detached wires.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:01 No.5689072

    It's possible the cabin had electricity but was run by a generator, and the previous survivor took it with him when he split after chopping up your uncle.

    As for what to do with the final two hours, scavenge the wires and see if they lead to anything else; a lightbulb socket, a burned power outlet, something like that.

    Afterwards, scavenge wood from the burned cabin and, after night falls, light a small fire using the burned out wood. Keep it lit throughout the night if possible, or at least hot enough to keep smouldering embers for the morning.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:06 No.5689130
    With the light starting to fade you rummage through the wood faster. You acquire approximatly 20 feet of wire that's fairly thick ending at an old junction box that's pretty heavily damaged. You then use the rest of the wood and make a fire inside your fire place. Lighting it as the last few rays of light disapear behind the forest.

    You pop open a can of Boyarde and dig in. Yummy cheap generic pasta.

    that done, you stick your pistol under your couch cushion, stretch out in your sleeping bag and go to sleep.

    Next player roll 1d20.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:07 No.5689154
    rolled 2 = 2


    And now the REAL fun begins...
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:11 No.5689198

    Late at night. The fire is still brightly burning embers, and your nicely warm and comfortable in your bed when you hear the noises. At first you want to disregard the sounds because you're in a new place and all these strange new sounds have been interupting your sleep.When your sleep addled brain finally kicks in, you open your eyes and see it. The door to the basement is open.

    Frantically you grab your pistol. Adrenaline pumping through your body and look around the main room you were sleeping in. you don't see anything. You hear noises outside however, as well as some noises coming from the basement.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:18 No.5689268

    First things first - defecate yourself
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:19 No.5689283
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:19 No.5689288
    You promptly poo.

    Now you feel light weight. But you think your sleeping bag is going to be worthless for a while.

    You also wish you'd remembered to grab a spare change of boxers and shorts from the car when you left.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:30 No.5689383

    Check around the room quickly to make sure the house is secure - if no sign of forced entry then you can take a guess whats goin on in the basement
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:33 No.5689403
    You quickly look around. You heard nothing at the front door since the mattress and couch are pressed up against it and that's where your sleeping. The two windows look sealed from your seat still and you didn't hear anything with your noise making trip cans.
    One can only assume that this means you are clear. The door to the bedroom is closed, so you can't check that window.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:37 No.5689443
    No weren't not shitting ourselves. GOOD JOB ON THE BOTCHED ROLL BTW.

    Pull out your pistol. AWARENESS CHECK TIME TO SEE WHAT YOU NOTICE other then the door being open. What does it sound like?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:38 No.5689452

    Grab a stick out the fire to use as a torch and head into the basement
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:40 No.5689471
    Man, why didn't we grab a flashlight before leaving civilization...

    Look at the doorway to the basement. Is there a blood trail leading up from it and to somewhere else, or is the paint still wet and hard to distinguish from any blood?

    Slowly and quietly get out of the sleeping bag and check yourself over. Other than crapping ourselves (fuck you anon, not cool) is there anything else wrong with us, like a scratch or wound or something grabbing onto the sleeping bag?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:41 No.5689479
    The sounds outside sound almost like voices talking. You can't hear clearly because the windows and doors are all closed. It just sounds like voices trying to be quiet.

    The sounds from the basement are a mixture of grunting and soft scratching, with another voice speaking low. Again, you can't make out the sounds.

    Light - it's dark. Pitch black in the house. You have no electrical lighting and the only light comes from the embers of your fireplace. There are no other light sources in the house. Your pistol is already in your hand.

    Lucky for you, the OP is going to give you hollow points for extra stopping power.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:41 No.5689482

    Ok, I'll admit I'm the anon with the botched roll.

    But hey, at least it wasn't a 1, right? So we're not automatically gonna get, "zombies break in and nibble on you. GAEM OVAR."
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:42 No.5689495
    You grab a torch out of the fireplace.


    Getting out of the sleeping bag you check yourself over. You have no wounds. You seem untouched. whatever happened basically ignored you.

    Shall we go explore the basement?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:44 No.5689506

    Assuming that some earlier information is true (that fresh zombies still talk a bit) we stay quiet, still, and look for any movement in the house.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:44 No.5689507


    then point pistol at door and wait.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:45 No.5689509

    yes, carefully creep over to the hatch by the basement looking for signs of anyone/thing entering it...

    (apologies for the pooping, I meant it figuritively...)
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:45 No.5689513

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:52 No.5689550
    I have two contrary choices to make here.

    Next anon roll 1d100. Below fifty, you go explore the bsaement stealthy like. Above fifty you shout at the voices outside.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:53 No.5689555

    I rolled a 58
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:54 No.5689561
    Use the in-post dice roller. In email field type 1D100
    >> roll1d100 Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:54 No.5689563
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:55 No.5689569
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:55 No.5689570

    I rolled a 58
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:56 No.5689573
    rolled 98 = 98

    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:56 No.5689577
    trying again... does the D need to be capitalized?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)03:58 No.5689583
    good job, you're gonna get us killed.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)03:58 No.5689586
    Okay. I'm a newfag. I haven't a clue how to roll. Neither does this anon. But someone else rolled. So he's going to tell us how to do it in his next post. My next post is going to respond to his roll.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:00 No.5689598
    rolled 1 = 1


    "dice+1dx" in the email field.

    x = number of sides on die. for example i rolled a d2 for this post
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:02 No.5689609
    rolled 9804 = 9804

    giving it a shot...

    so, OP, what's in the basement?
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:02 No.5689610

    Positioning yourself in the best way possible, you shout "I CAN HEAR YOU. COME IN WITH YOUR HANDS UP AND I WILL NOT SHOOT."

    then point pistol at door and wait.

    Almost immediatly the noises outside get louder, and the noises in the basement cease. It now sounds like there's arguing going outside, but it seems like complete Gibberish...

    In the basement, you hear foot steps from the silence. One of the stairs creaks and slowly a shadowed figure appears. It's a boy, perhaps 15 years old. His hair is scruffy and he's wearing a backpack. His hands are up and are covered in old rubber sink gloves that are covered in blood. He stutters slightly as he speaks. "Don't shoot! i'm not one of them. i... I thought this place would be safe, you were sleeping so I went to the basement. I was going to try and gather up those body parts to be burned! I... I don't like the zombies, but i've been followed, I think."

    With surprisingly perfect timing, the door knob of the front door starts shaking as fists pound the door. Random gibberish words are shouted. Apparently those outside were zombies, and fresh enough to speak, but old enough not to speak sensible words.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:06 No.5689645
    "you don't like the zombies? DON'T LIKE the ZOMBIES? You better fucking hate them, and fast - they're right on the other side of the door. Grab that rifle in the corner."
    >> Franky 09/02/09(Wed)04:07 No.5689652
    fuckin right. Course this is the night I immerse myself in sup /tg/. AH shit this woulda been a lot of fun.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:08 No.5689656
    god damn it...

    out the back window, quickly and quietly? circle around the cabin out in the woods under cover, and make for the bike, go for the car.

    I do not care about the kid, but if he can keep up, he can come.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:09 No.5689672
    The kid stares at you wide eyed, then reaches up and loops his backpaxck off his shoulders. Unzipping it he reaches in and pulls out a colt .45 and a box of bullets.
    "Would this help? I don't know how to use it, it was my Dads."

    I'm here all night. It's already 2am and I'm probably going to be up until around 10am. I'm assembling my first ever Exorcist. Bitch is cash.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:12 No.5689685

    Get back down into the basement with the kid, if the zombies make it in you have a bottleneck to defend
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:12 No.5689689

    *snk* "yeah. That'll help."

    briefly show him how to aim and shoot, aim down the sights, point to the thing, aim for the head, basics in 30 seconds
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:13 No.5689698

    No way, it's better to leave ourselves a way to run like hell. Worst comes to worst we push the kid over and run while the zombies eat him.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:14 No.5689704
    wrong. there is only one answer...

    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:14 No.5689708
    Basement or Run?

    Roll a 1d....700. 350 and down, it's run! 350+ And it's hide in the basement! Go!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:14 No.5689711
    also do I know how to wield akimbo pistols

    i want to go all action hero on the zombies outside
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:16 No.5689722
    rolled 44 = 44

    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:16 No.5689724
    why is no one asking him how he got into the basement? if theres a secret entrance, use it. if he went through a window, its a possible breach the zombies could use.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:18 No.5689746
    With the zombies pounding on the doors and shouting their gibberish, you feel panic overwhelm you. Darting forward you grab the strap of the kids backpack with one hand, grab the pistol with the other, and slam your foot right in his chest. He screams as he falls backwards and down thes tairs. But you're already running. pistol, ammo, and his backpack in hand you grab your rifle and charge out the window in the backbedroom. Lucky for you, it's out of line of sight of the Zombies. within moments you're running pell mell through the forest. Bushes scratching at your jean clad legs and leaves slapping you in the face occasionally.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:19 No.5689753
    OK, lets try this...

    take kids gloves, tuck face into shirt to minimize splatter.

    press close to the door, jam it at the floor with the toe of my boot and higher up with my soulder, tell kid to push at the couch to keep it from sliding out of the way and keep the door jammed. loaded .45, safety off, I unlatch the door, allow it to open only slightly, keeping face and extremities away from the opening. as zom tries to squeeze through, cap that motherfucker in the face, twice if he doesn't ragdoll fast enough to please me.

    what do the other anons think?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:20 No.5689756
    i dont remember running involving fucking the kid over.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:21 No.5689764


    "fuckin' zombies, fuckin' kid, fuckin' shitting myself in these fuckin woods. fuckin' seven days of food, fuckin' zombies in town. fuckin' camping outside fuckin' cabin overrun"
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:21 No.5689767
    Oh shit, I thought the kid might be useful. I guess people do some fucked up shit when they're scared.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:22 No.5689769
    This post. Fucks the kid over.

    I just didn't want to waste the additional, and more powerful, weapon I gave you guys.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:23 No.5689780


    need that bike.

    I'll carry it if the chain clicks or squeaks, just until I'm far enough away.

    If I'd risk being seen though, I won't even turn back, depending on where I'd have left it.

    but yeah, circle around, get back to the trail, make for the car.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:24 No.5689798
    the bike is on the side of the house with the shed. The shed is on the left side of the house. The window you slipped out of is in the back. There's a 50/50 chance you'd be spotted if you went back for it.

    Decide if you want to run back for it.

    Decide if you'd like to keep going to the car.

    Speak amongst yourselves Anons, I need to primer something.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:26 No.5689811

    I think we have a better chance of surviving in town if we have a bike than if we have a car. Good luck finding gas a month from now.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:27 No.5689815
    We already killed the kid, there's no point in letting his life be lost in vain. Let's not turn back. All it takes is a little scratch to infect.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:28 No.5689822
    50/50? well, if they're already inside eating kid, they won't see shit...

    if they're still outside, could fight them, depending on how many there are...
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:29 No.5689836

    the way i see it we have three choices

    take bike, run/ride to woods
    run to car, drive away somewhere
    just run away from the house, wait 30 minutes in hiding, then go back to get those things
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:31 No.5689847
    either way, if they can follow, it probably won't help going deeper into the mountains...

    also, OP said it's late february. it's night time in the rocky mountains. it is fucking freezing outside. car gives better chance of survival immediately, and can hopefully get us to a new location before needing gas.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:32 No.5689856
    First off, fuck the anon who decided to screw the kid over. That was a dick move man. Don't give me BS about survival, there's safety in numbers and the kid was trying to be a survivor too, even if he did bring the walking dead to our front door.

    It's a 10 mile hike back to the car. In the middle of the night with nothing but a 9mm with 19 bullets and a .45 with a box (probably around 10-20) shots left. Zombies are in the immediate area, and probably do travel in packs.

    Here's my suggestion:

    Assuming the chainsaw is in the shed and not the cabin, sneak back to the shed. Somehow jury-rig the chainsaw to run without someone touching the throttle. Start it up and run away quickly. Zombies go after the chainsaw, maybe even trip over it and chop themselves up.

    While they're doing this, grab the bike and ride to the car. With any luck, the kid will stay alive, the zombies get chopped up and you stay alive. Come back in the morning and kneecap the rest of the zombies. Burn them and then, if the kid is still alive, apologize (call it a fight or flight moment) and invite him to stay with us to try and survive.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:33 No.5689858

    also do we have any idea how far the plague has spread? the radio in the car could help with that.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:33 No.5689859
    late feb? as in almost march?
    i live right by the rockies, and its actually all right as long as you aren't wet and have alright clothes.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:33 No.5689862
    incorrect, you can take the bike to the car.

    or you can wait any amount of time, shorter or longer, though that may not be wise considering the conditions.

    OP, I sleep with my boots on on z-day, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:34 No.5689865


    If the chainsaw is indeed in the cabin, then we hike back to the car, keeping an eye open for any movement/noises from around us, and come back in the morning.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:35 No.5689871
    Man, the last few actions have been incredibly stupid. Character deserves death for stupidity.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:36 No.5689875
    i dont think we have enough supplies to make a wheel chair for the cripple we just made. he wont even make the hike.

    also, fuck the guy who left the kid for dead.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:36 No.5689877
    And considering the thread is about to auto-sage, maybe OP should move to a new thread with a recap of the situation and the supplies we know we have at this moment in time. Which, by my account, is:

    9mm with full magazine
    .45 pistol with 6 shots + unknown number of bullets in ammo box
    Kid's backpack with unknown items in it
    Basic clothes we're wearing and car keys to our car 10 miles down the road
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:37 No.5689886
    honestly leaving the kid for dead was the worst decision yet worst comes to worst you could use him as zombie fodder later when it would help more.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:37 No.5689887
    We need to go back and not be a dick about the kid. That's exactly where it all went to shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:37 No.5689888
    1. drink 9 of the bottles of water so that i'm hydrated
    2. drink the zippo fluid so that i'm flammable
    3. eat all the bullets so that i'm full of bullets
    4. soak the bandages in the remaining water
    5. use lighter to ignite fluid and bullet filled stomach
    7. apply wet bandages to any injuries suffered
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:38 No.5689895

    If we harvested parts from the bike (ie., the tires), we could make a crude wheel chair.

    And I third the motion on the, "fuck anon to leave kid for dead."
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:39 No.5689899
    that would be OP...

    it's easy to criticize when you're not contributing anything, isn't it? ultimately, the actions we present are subject to OPs interpretation, and he's based a few of the results on random rolls already. on top of that, every posted action has to go through a fucking committee first before OP gives it consideration. WE have to come to a concensus. the control we have is limited.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:40 No.5689904

    When did this turn into Exalted?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:41 No.5689910

    I mean the anon who suggested it, not The OP. OP is pretty cash for doing this actually and just dealing us the cards.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:41 No.5689913
    yeah good for OP but needs to start a new thread with recap and maybe send us back to kid decision.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:41 No.5689914

    OP, make a decision. this is turning into a trainwreck and moving on would be a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/09(Wed)04:43 No.5689928
    but nobody said "kick the kid down the stairs"

    this anon suggested not sticking around for the kid, he said nothing of using him for zombait.

    THAT is the post that OP pulled the "run" option from, I believe.
    >> The OP 09/02/09(Wed)04:44 No.5689939
    New thread. Slightly rewinded. Continue here.

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