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Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>Shadowsun and Aun’Va
>The Soul Forge
> Valeria versus Darkhammer: archaeologist versus desecrator
>Phoenix Lords (and Illic Nightspear, who is also awesome)
>Slaugth claim they did nothing wrong (they’re lying)

>Write-ups of previous stuff. The Notes page is getting to a point where I think we're all having trouble keeping up with everything.

and, of course...
>More bugs
>More weebs
>More Nobledark battles
Could someone help me? I'm trying to find a picture of a genestealer cultist holding a bunch of dynamite and giving a thumbs up. He had wrap-around shades if that helps. I think the picture had a caption of some kind too. Can anyone here help me?

I think you want the 40k general thread?

Can't stay, bumping. Anyone else?
Anyone got any ideas for Ork characters? Especially (but not limited to) Chaos Orks?
Wazdakka would make a good Slaaneshii Ork in the goimg fast and doing all of the drugs way.
Commissar Yarrick has not been touched so far I can see.

In this AU he could have stayed on Armageddon rather than going off on a revenge rampage. Reformed the PDF, took a senior position in government, bitch slapped Grimaldus until he agreed to set up a Black Templar station in Hive Hades and generally beats the planet until it toughens up.

He doesn't know where Gazzy ran off to but he doesn't need to. A good hunter doesn't chase, he waits and Yarrick knows Gazzy will have to return or admit he was beaten.
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Okay so I finally, finally, compiled everything we wrote about Kryptman into a single codex entry. Even expanded a bit on the death of Tyran. Still working on getting the Slaugth done.


Wasn't able to fit the "Last Tyranite" and "The best the Inquisition had come up with for a plan B dealing with the main fleet was to invite the Swarmlord, Lady Malys, and the Silent King over for tanna and see which one killed the other two first." Also I feel the ending is a little weak.

Wazdakka is a regular Ork in this case, we have a character bio for him. But the idea of a Slaaneshi Speed Freek is a good one.

Honestly surprised Yarrick has barely been mentioned as of yet.
It is good. Is it on the 1d4chan yet?
In one of the Cain books it mentions that the PDF do have commissars, it's usually one per planet so most PDF soldiers don't actually realize.

Yarrick, as a member of the Commissairiant, is not allowed to take direct control so long as the main military hierarchy remains intact and uncompromised. To this end Yarrick has remained on Armageddon transferring from whatever Guard regiment he came in on (might even have been a Steel Legion one returning home) to the Armageddon PDF. This would normally be considered a step down, and a substantial one at that. PDF Commissairs are a joke and barely influential with so much of a flock to attend to. Not so for Yarrick.

He is in the government now in a semi-official capacity as a military """Advisor""". He is absolutely not the head of the global armed forces no matter what anyone says and he absolutely hasn't been going well out of his bounds and restructured the entirety of the military in preparation for the current war and there is no truth to the rumors that he, a mere commissar, is dictating the entire Imperial half of the war.

Any questions or accusations to the contrary can be directed to the complaints department. This consists of an ogryn called Gav "Iron-Hand" Gavson who has a shock maul and a very uncomplicated view of the universe.

Presumably Yarrick, if he wasn't actually doing it well, would be brought before a tribunal of his peers and presumably found totally innocent because sure as shit nobody is going to testify against him.
Not yet, just postd here to see if it's any good.

One might go so far as to say part of the reason he has any say is he was one of the highest-ranked individuals left standing after the Fourth War for Armageddon. Armageddon Wars are big, after all, and the Fourth one was said to be the appearance of Ghazghull, Brain Boyz, Attack Moons, and the like.
So which named Warboss would make a good Slaaneshii?
Here's a list of canon Warbosses.


Garshul the Destroyer was possessed by a daemon in canon, not sure what the details of that were (it was in Bloodquest).

Killdagga leads a band called the "Warpheads" (little on the nose there).

Cadia has two major Ork empires, Dregruk and Gathrog, just to the north of the Eye. The two hate each other and have been fighting each other for decades to the benefit of Cadia. Dregruk in canon is aligned with Ghazzy (suggesting Gathrog could be Chaos Orks).

I can't think of many named Warbosses that have done notable things on my part other than Ghazzy, the Beast, Tuska Daemonkilla, and Gorgutz (and Makari and Orkimedes, but they're not Warbosses).

Charadon is a really big empire that hasn't been touched (though Snagrod has been mentioned in Rynn's World). In canon it's basically just east of Tau space, northeast of Ultramar, and southeast of the Sautekh Dynasty. It's supposedly lasted since the Horus Heresy, but that's mostly because the vanilla Imperium would rather use them as a buffer state. Given that the Tau have expanded to the point that they and Ultramar share a border, if Charadon exists in this timeline it could cause problems (plus there's the issues of canon!Halathal, canon!Baal, and wherever the hell the Barghesi are being in the galactic northeast. Could never understand how the Imperium could exist with Ork and later Necron and other foes having petty empires literally within it's borders).
If thread remains by this evening I defiantly am gong to be doing some writing.
Damn, didn't check the last thread for a few days and it looks like it died. Will try to be more active this week, this AU may be on its last legs but let's keep it going!
Gathrog I'm going to suggest is a Khorne Ork, because why the fuck not and I don't think we've had one yet.

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