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  • File : 1251684588.jpg-(147 KB, 800x800, Well That Was A Magical Waste Of Time.jpg)
    147 KB Bad Guy Quest 15 The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)22:09 No.5659581  
    Ready for another round? You're the Enraged Scientist. As of last time, you were trapped in your subconscious. You find it odd though that you are back in your floating pyramid base. Maybe the mental attack was too much to keep continuous. First order of business?

    Continuous self sage for the Emprah.
    >> Coyote !0mLoRRF2hk 08/30/09(Sun)22:23 No.5659715
    First order of business is to find out what's happening to us. Full medial scan including CAT to see if we're becoming delusional. If not, then we invest in psionic protection against enemy attack.
    Find someone we can trust to keep us safe during our indisposed times.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/30/09(Sun)22:24 No.5659733
    Just a suggestion.

    Are you really back? You should verify that first before doing anything important.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:26 No.5659756
    Um, what happened to the moonbase?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:26 No.5659758
    Remember our suffering in the attack. Time to cherish our family to make up for the seriously fucked up dream.
    >> Da painboss !BOSSbxVcHc 08/30/09(Sun)22:27 No.5659777
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)22:30 No.5659800
         File1251685857.jpg-(143 KB, 800x800, Alone In A Pyramid.jpg)
    143 KB
    You head towards the medical bay. Something seems a little off. You can't seem to put your finger on it immediately.

    Spooky sage.
    >> Da painboss !BOSSbxVcHc 08/30/09(Sun)22:32 No.5659817

    Check Sanity
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/30/09(Sun)22:33 No.5659819
    If you do not verify you are in fact in the real world, and not in a dream, you could be committing a grave tactical error. Simply by walking through your base, you are giving your enemies the layout, defenses, codes, and plans of everything. You could be being monitored and not even know it. And you are only helping your enemies.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:33 No.5659827
    Call for nearby minions. If any respond have them make a full sweep of the base.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:33 No.5659828
    Where is Three? Is she OK?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:34 No.5659840
    Calm our self and call for 3. Don't move around the base until we know where we are.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:35 No.5659843
    Find three immediately!!!

    Then summon minions.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:35 No.5659847


    Do not use any codes or passwords et. al.

    But do try to find Three. If she is not out & about then something is seriously wrong.

    Prepare to leave the base in case.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:37 No.5659860
    Are our lips still burned?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:37 No.5659861
    I agree with the rest. Don't wander around so much, but check for things that you know were in your base. Do computers and machines look like they should work instead of just flashing lights? Do papers have info you and your minions have written down?(Like that Batman episode where he was trapped in his head)
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:38 No.5659872
    Summon Determined Minion. Have him falcon punch his way out of the potential illusion.
    >> Pyro Minion 08/30/09(Sun)22:41 No.5659892
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:41 No.5659893
    I have an unshakable feeling that perhaps coinciding with the recent lapse into a subconscious dreamland that there in lies the possibility of physic attack. Although there is sure to be a lack of research on the mater to confirm it. Best try to dampen any electromagnetic fields.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)22:53 No.5659999
         File1251687180.gif-(64 KB, 800x800, Hallways.gif)
    64 KB
    You believe yourself to be sane.
    You take this under advisement.
    Calling out for anyone, you get no answer past the lights flickering in your base. Very odd.

    3 Was in charge of maintain basic operations for any hideout you are normally in. It was her equivalent of breathing. Something definitely seems off.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:55 No.5660022
    O.k. We are being fucked with still. What game is this psycho playing with us?
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)22:55 No.5660029
    Switch out "maintain" with "maintaining".

    Correcting my spelling sage.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:55 No.5660034
    Right, let's avoid doors.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:57 No.5660052
    Maintain position. Let him make the first move. If he loses his patience with our inaction he may show an opening.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:57 No.5660053
    Note to self, do not go through that door.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)22:59 No.5660074
    Welp. We're obviously still in the mind zone. You'll notice how the sign for the fuck the world button was missing. Lets let our earstwhile imprisoner know we aint buying it. Also, there is a total lack of minions around. This is a clear sign designed to reflect the decisions we made in the fantasy zone. Check the news/logs. We may have some sort of memory lapse thing going on (or, at least, the illusion of it.) Logs may provide some clues.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:00 No.5660091
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:01 No.5660096
    1.Raise hand.
    2.Present middle finger.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:03 No.5660114
    Use laser monocle on the door. Make a new one, we've gotta move, we're making no progress sitting around.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:06 No.5660138
    Find the nearest computer terminal

    Execute a program to expand all the terms for [(1+x)^(10^100)]

    That will keep this effers' simulation busy while we figure out what to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:07 No.5660147
    Find something sharp and stab the walls, see if it bleeds.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:08 No.5660150
    Kindly explain to our mystery captor that we're on to his shit and he's honestly going to have to try harder.

    Try meditating. If this is our mind being messed with, we should have some measure of control. use our super-brain to re-establish control. Remember, this is all just an illusion. And a poorly put together one at that.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)23:10 No.5660168
         File1251688210.jpg-(192 KB, 800x800, I'll Just Stay Right Here.jpg)
    192 KB
    You're not exactly certain what kind of game he would be playing considering.
    That might be hard considering you're in the hallway of your base, but you make a mental note to be on the lookout for some way around them. Considering you designed this base, you guess you could work out going through the ventilation or something.
    You decide to stay where you are for now.
    Sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:11 No.5660186
    1) Execute that program. ( Hint: there should be more terms in that than particles in the observable universe )

    2) Sit down & meditate to enlightenment.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:13 No.5660204
    Second. Lets see how complete his illusion is. If he can't handle this... well...

    Also, lets think really hard about all the ways we're going to pay him back for this. An eternity waking from nightmares, only to find yourself in a new one, allways a small, fragile girl... sometimes it seems like the nightmares are over... only for it to resume tenfold... his every memory replayed as nightmare until he doubts his existance as anything but a loli as the fleeting remnants of some madness induced refuge. He will question his identity and his very existance as his own mind fuels against him again and again.

    And then, after an eternity of this. The real fun will begin.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:13 No.5660209


    1) Execute that program.

    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:14 No.5660217
    Clear our mind, attempt to remember what happened in the moments before we were trapped in our mind.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:16 No.5660231
    Look out behind you!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:16 No.5660232
    Why would we do that? Theres clearly nothing behind us. It's just an illusion. Ignore it.

    Better yet, smack it with a newspaper, call it a bad dog, and tell it to quit dicking around when theres work to be done. This is our motherfucking brain and we will not have some piddly little unimaginative monster ruining it's perfection.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:16 No.5660234
    Try to look through what is going on, maybe instead of doors or vents, try something you wouldn't normally think of, like maybe trapdoors of some kind, hidden rooms maybe.
    Tapping on the walls and tapping with the soles of the shoes on the floor may reveal a secret exit or room.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:17 No.5660244
    Third program execution.
    Also flick him off when he gets raped with the power of SCIENCE!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:22 No.5660297
    Hmmm.. We know the base like the back of our hand. Use our fantastic mind to walk ourselves someplace important(ABy help, fellow /tgers?) By not thinking about it, just automaticly do it, kinda of like muscle memory. If we start doing things ,use this technique so the fucker can't read us.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:22 No.5660299
    This is our mind, and 'our' base. Let's add doors where there aren't and use those to go to rooms that don't exist. Maybe even one that says 'EXIT'
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:23 No.5660320
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:24 No.5660335
    Whelp. Time to run down to the emergency "Just in case I ever get mindwashed room" and activate the emergency protocals that activate the small biochip we engineered in our brain so that whenever we imagine activating the protocals it activates the fuck the world devices.

    Don't worry. You made yourself forget about them, but its all totally there.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:26 No.5660362
    Speaking of which, Do we still have our apple and gun? Perhaps some closer study of the apple will yield a clue. We could also shoot the monster with the gun
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:26 No.5660364
    This is just crazy enough to work!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:31 No.5660413
    Exactly.. 3 is here like she was here before. We CALL out to 3 in an attempt to break through like she broke through to us
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)23:32 No.5660437
         File1251689577.jpg-(207 KB, 800x800, Damnation And Doorways.jpg)
    207 KB
    You input the ridiculous code and turn to see the horrifying abomination destabilize and lurch toward you. You promptly get the fuck out of there.
    Employing a mental counter measure, you attempt to materialize a an exit door and fast.

    You hear a soothing, yet worried voice. "Concentrate. You must!"
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:34 No.5660451
    Focus all our mind on three. She will be our light in the darkness.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:34 No.5660455
    set yoda on fire with your mind. continue running.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:35 No.5660460
    This. And concentrate while doing it. Very very hard.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/30/09(Sun)23:35 No.5660463
         File1251689716.jpg-(62 KB, 798x604, yoda.jpg)
    62 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:35 No.5660465
    Alongside the Soothing, Worried Voice, you hear another maniler voice. Alot like that of Alec Guinness. "Run, Luke, Run!"
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:35 No.5660470
    Concentrate on 3's smiling face, that should help.
    More importantly, FUCK GRAVITY LET'S FLY
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:36 No.5660478
         File1251689793.gif-(121 KB, 450x312, Ben kenobi ghost.gif)
    121 KB
    Forgot a Picture.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:39 No.5660500
    They just want a hug. Go give them a hug.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)23:40 No.5660514
         File1251690039.jpg-(323 KB, 800x800, 3 Hates You.jpg)
    323 KB
    Star Wars mind. Oh, and this.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/30/09(Sun)23:42 No.5660527
         File1251690121.jpg-(19 KB, 350x232, Manly Essence.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:42 No.5660529
    Damn three looks sexy.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:42 No.5660535
    Concentrate, yea. COncentrate on a hall leading your straight out of this, each time you pass through a door, it slams in the monster's face.
    Also, shit limpet mines to wreck it's shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:42 No.5660540
    Fine. Concentrate on the exit door.

    Oh nom loa moom Exit la noon ba DOOR ohmmm ...
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:43 No.5660548
    It's a trick! We believe in you, 3! Believe in us who believes in you! Our mind is the mind that shall pierce the heavens!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:45 No.5660567
    I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:46 No.5660572
    The words in blue are altered by the illusion. The look on her face is far from the one of hate! 3 loves us, her eyes say more then any fake words could, and we'll believe in those eyes!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:47 No.5660586
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:47 No.5660591
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:48 No.5660600
    Look to the living.

    Grab hold of her.

    Hold on.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/30/09(Sun)23:48 No.5660602
    Actually it was just a reaction image bro.

    Misinterpreted sage.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:50 No.5660621
    Hush you, we can believe in any of the silly posts you make, since it's all in our head anyways. Trying to ruin my speech and making us lose hope, jerk. =p
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:51 No.5660633

    Fine. Concentrate on the exit door.

    Oh nom mother loa moom EXIT la noon fukin ba DOOR ohmmm ...
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:52 No.5660648
    So, are we going to get turned into a mouth-less blob?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:53 No.5660662
    Three is still sexy.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/09(Sun)23:54 No.5660671
    If that things seems to be getting to close, leap ahead, spin in the air.(It's a fucking delusion, grab control and do what WE want to do!) And fire a blast from the rifle. Instead of a piddly lead ball, red-hot iron spikes with FUCK YOU! scribed on each one rapid fire out into it. We then continue our sprint.
    >> Scribble !!lJ3L9/7XgeF 08/30/09(Sun)23:56 No.5660700
         File1251691019.jpg-(38 KB, 297x400, Crush Germans With Mind.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Da painboss !BOSSbxVcHc 08/31/09(Mon)00:03 No.5660783
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)00:09 No.5660850
         File1251691760.gif-(20 KB, 800x800, It's-Just-Disney-Enough-To-Wor(...).gif)
    20 KB
    After what seems like an endless hallway, you finally see the door you were looking for. A familiar blue number lights up above it. Leaping for it and narrowly missing being ensnared by the monsters, you hold on tight to her hand. Suddenly you awaken. She smiles softly floating above you. "You had me worried."

    Saging because I'm self conscious of weeaboo drawing.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:11 No.5660872
    Keep smiling and say something suitable, but let's make sure we're really out of the rabbit hole for good.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:11 No.5660879
    Make a move to hold her. I don't care if shes incorporable JUST DO IT! Check on the others. Also begin to prepare defenses against another assault. Make sure we can defenses before attacking.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)00:12 No.5660889
    What would you consider suitable /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:13 No.5660903
    Man... what wouldnt be appropriate for /tg/?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/31/09(Mon)00:14 No.5660913

    "I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:15 No.5660921
    Ask her what happened and how she got you out. Give her some thanks.

    If her story doesnt hold up....
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:15 No.5660926
    "Hey there Beautiful. Enjoying the view?"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:16 No.5660931
    I don't know, something like "I did too, for a little bit there. Thanks for the help, honey."
    Nice, but pointless, and while verifying reality.

    We have 8, the master of lasers at our beck and call. WHY DOES 3 NOT HAVE A HARD-LIGHT HOLOGRAM BODY YET?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:16 No.5660935
    You know I was dreaming about you. Being with you is an improvement though."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:16 No.5660936
    This. Thousand times this.
    Then this. >>5660921
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:17 No.5660946
    >"Hey there Beautiful. Enjoying the view? I certainly am."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:20 No.5660976
    "Three, I don't know how to say this, but HOLD ME!"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:21 No.5660982
    ". . . Shit, I was trapped in some kind of mindfuck world. Thanks for saving me {give hug here}. What's going on out here?"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:22 No.5660992
         File1251692551.jpg-(18 KB, 274x240, marvin.jpg)
    18 KB
    Hate? Don't talk to me about hate.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:23 No.5661001
    Offer her a bite of our aplle?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:24 No.5661015
    Scientist later finds the math program still running.

    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)00:28 No.5661038
         File1251692918.jpg-(104 KB, 600x600, What Is This I Don't Even.jpg)
    104 KB
    What is this, I don't even
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:29 No.5661048
    Metal Gear Solid 2. It sucked so don't stress over it.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:29 No.5661051

    Metal Gear Solid 2. When the AI went crazy that's what it said.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:41 No.5661151
    Damn we're smooth.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)00:41 No.5661153
         File1251693711.jpg-(157 KB, 800x800, Well Seems You're Back To Norm(...).jpg)
    157 KB
    >>"Hey there Beautiful. Enjoying the view? I certainly am."

    She smiles embarrassed and shakes her head while rolling her eyes. "Well you seem to be ok."

    When you ask what happens, she frowns worriedly. "We're still not really sure. Baroness saw you fall over."

    Something in her voice still hints at the fact she's intimidated by the android even though you've told her time and time again otherwise.

    "We ended up having to take you to the medical bay in the pyramid. Number 4 treated you as best as she could and well, I tried to help by going into your mind. Something stopped me from being able to all the way, but then you reached out for me."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:42 No.5661166
    "Marry me."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:43 No.5661169
    >but then you reached out for me
    "How could I not? You're always on my mind."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:45 No.5661188
    Grab that guitar & play a little "You Were Always On My Mind." - Willie Nelson
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:45 No.5661189
    That's really cute though.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:45 No.5661190
    Scientist I just wanted to say that you must have improved because Three is drop dead sexy now. She was cute before but now HOT DAMN.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:45 No.5661196
    Not yet, we require a moon base and thermonuclear preparations

    .Smooth, damn we are, etc.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:47 No.5661216
    and that solid hologram body we're going to have 8 build for her.
    >> TengenToppaTurtle 08/31/09(Mon)00:47 No.5661227

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:48 No.5661236
    Try to not worry Three anymore. Take the time to concentrate on the attack. Our trap has given us the time to build counter-measures but we only have so long before
    he tries again make it count.

    Also check up on the lolis. Make sure to shower our daughters with affection.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:48 No.5661239
    She's been thru our mind & stuff.

    She's still here.

    Marryin' time.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:52 No.5661281
    Wait before we get to marrying her. The occasion must be special. Not made in the infirmary.
    Also say this.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)00:55 No.5661322
    Ask her regarding the status of Project Dandelion.
    If she's really 3, she'll know what we mean.

    ... if you know what I mean
    >> Scribble !!lJ3L9/7XgeF 08/31/09(Mon)00:56 No.5661339
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:00 No.5661379
    That was an unholy nightmare.

    We certainly owe Three something.

    Not that I want to torpedo this quest; but, is there not a time when you have to ask yourself what are we really after?

    Note that this won't make *any* sense if we leave the lock on Three in place.

    Decision time /tg.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:02 No.5661399
    ( It might be better to ask "What do you want Three?" )

    We should also just, you know, continue gazing at her.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:03 No.5661407
    You silly people, this is NOT the opportune time for a proposal! Now is the time for ACTION! Action and SCIENCE!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:07 No.5661440
    Lets run some scans immediatly. What caused that. Are we still in the fantasy zone? Is there something inside our head? What? We have to get to the bottom of this.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:08 No.5661459

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:08 No.5661463
    Find out how this fucker found us and prepare to fuck him over in return.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:10 No.5661492
    Fine. Stall for time.

    Ask her about apples.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)01:10 No.5661497
         File1251695456.jpg-(152 KB, 800x800, God Damn It tg You're Giving M(...).jpg)
    152 KB
    I'm 50/50 on this.
    3 pretty much responds exactly how you think she will. Blushing and smiling, she look down and messes with her virtual hands. "Maybe you should focus on what just happened... not that I mind but, y'know?"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:12 No.5661511
    My reaction to this image is as follows:
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:13 No.5661521
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:14 No.5661538

    ( Or whatever that fruit thing we bit into was )
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:15 No.5661541
    "Of course. Clearly I was placed in some sort of alternate reality matrix. In fact, I highly suspect I may still be in one. No offence my dear, but you understand how one must be cautious of such things."

    Then ask her a question that only 3 would know the answer to. In fact, one that we don't even know the answer to.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:15 No.5661552
    <3 Scientist
    And we should most certainly delay our proposal. For one, we have the issue of this attack to deal with. For two, we have a beuatifully romantic plan involving thermonuclear devices (which we have), a moonbase (which we don't have yet), and a solid holo-body for 3 (which we also don't have yet).
    Seriously people, propose on the moon as the earth rises over the horizon and the fury of a thousand suns spells out our deepest affection. Not on the floor of the infirmary while still in danger.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:17 No.5661576
    "If you wish but I was rather pleased with the here and now."

    Tell her about what happened and see if we can't get some counter measures in place. Anything from electro fields to a tin foil hat. Check on the condition of our daughters. He may have been in our mind but we must see to the safty of our loved ones.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:20 No.5661600

    "Do I love you?"

    ( This is *NOT* a good idea. But it fits the parameters. )
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:20 No.5661607

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:21 No.5661620
    3's right. Time to get our head out of the clouds and get analyzing.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:22 No.5661624
    interesting premise, however we would have no way of testing the veracity of the answer.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:24 No.5661638
    Yea, get cracking on getting or defenses up. No telling how long it will be before we get attacked again. Ask 3 about where we are. If we are in our mind still, we can pull all sorts of Psychological kung-fu.
    Where does the location where we are at look like?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:26 No.5661649
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:29 No.5661678
    Alright. Switch gears. See if we can get Three to get some blanket transmission jamming going on.

    Throw in a brain scan for good measure.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:33 No.5661709
    Put your arm around 3 and walk to the control room. ON the way, ask 3 if our sensors picked up any strange transmissions into the base.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:35 No.5661731
    Make a mental note to give three a top of the line android node when we get ourselves in order.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)01:43 No.5661807
         File1251697430.jpg-(164 KB, 800x800, 3 Thinkin'.jpg)
    164 KB
    I'm surprised a certain question has yet to pop up for her yet. I'm saving it on the off-chance some one thinks about it.
    Done, done, and done. There was a small but noticeable increase in areas of the brain normally used for dreaming. otherwise you feel fine.

    For lack of a good drawing to go with this, I drew 3 again.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:43 No.5661808
    Tell 3 that we've just been mindscrewed, with our mind sent to a messed-up reality.
    Inform her that we're not quire sure if we're still in one. Have her scan our brain and bring in whichever of our lolis are still active. Ask her how much she loves us, and say that we love her.

    SCIENCE! up something that protects our brains from electromagnetic radiation outside the visible and infra-red (we still need vision and heat), and protects us from atomic particles other than the electron/proton/neutron (in case there's funky shit going down). We were apparently masters of the atomic so let's get this shit goin'.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:46 No.5661835
    Ask her if she's real.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:46 No.5661838
    Ask her if we're still in some kind of dream.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:47 No.5661849
    Ask her where everyone else is.
    Ask her to recap the events leading up to our passing out. Was there anything unusual? Spare no details.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:48 No.5661859
    inb4 tinfoil hat.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)01:48 No.5661861
    Damn it. I'm putting off drawing up the Lolis right now because I want to keep the new quality but I haven't made them reference sheets yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:49 No.5661877
    We just want to make sure the lolis are around is all. This could be some sort of alternate reality where we are completly loliless, the psychological reprocussions of failing to aid or daughters in the fantasy land.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:50 No.5661890
    "Mirror... bring me a mirror..."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:50 No.5661892
    Don't forget to allow Gravitons/Gravity waves! You'll fall off the earth if you don't!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:50 No.5661901

    No complaints. Yer doing a grand job this evening & thank you!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:51 No.5661911
    Ooh, good point. Our mouth looked fine from the pictures, but it never hurts to check.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)01:52 No.5661917
    Well, the scientist 4 was mentioned, so apparently at least the puppy-loli is still functional.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:07 No.5662118
    Where's the quest?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:09 No.5662139
    What was the pear you gave us for?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:09 No.5662141
    Updates are noted to be slower than average this time around. All is well.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)02:16 No.5662226
         File1251699377.jpg-(209 KB, 800x800, It Will Take Long Until I Prac(...).jpg)
    209 KB
    Well they all look fine. Considering. Most likely the riddles and whatnot were just there to fuck with your head, then again you'll probably check on them again and again until they get annoyed.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:21 No.5662285
    Somebody else asked about the fruit vibe thing.

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:22 No.5662292
    I'm digging the new style, Scientist. Our head could be a bit rounder though, I've grown attached to the shape.
    Regardless, back to business. Let's find out all we can about whoever it was that did this to us.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:23 No.5662310
    Only one thing left to do to test our realness.

    Go somewhere we've never been before and have no expectations for how it would look. Somewhere on the ship, hopefully, where we've never been before. Anyone attempting to create a false reality based upon our mind and memories would have a hard time with that.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:25 No.5662337
    Such as the inside of 3's mind.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:26 No.5662360
    Or Raven's, for that matter.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)02:27 No.5662366
    I'm honestly torn.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:27 No.5662372
    I was thinking "the inside of the women's washroom" actually.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:28 No.5662382

    For the lulz.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:31 No.5662410
    Or Determined Minion's room we have never bothered to visit our minions.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:33 No.5662453
    Visit each of them in turn.
    Because why not? We -are- men of science, and a sample size of 1 mind is not an accurate observation.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:35 No.5662472
    This choice is the most logical, if also most inconvenient to the artist.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:39 No.5662527
    Screw the artist, maximise the SCIENCE!
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)02:40 No.5662536
         File1251700804.jpg-(191 KB, 800x800, There Are Some Places You Just(...).jpg)
    191 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:41 No.5662550
    We've been inside 3's mind before, that's how we won her over in the first place. And the fact that it's spread throughout millions of server banks makes it unacceptably susceptible to outside influence. Let's spend some quality time with our daughter.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:43 No.5662575
    What is this? I don't even...

    When we capture and lolify this psycologist... we should get her to talk to Raven... I mean... this is clearly some kind of psychological problem right here.

    Ok, clearly we're back in reality. I'm sure Scientist has no clue what that is all about, you know?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:45 No.5662606
    Voting we're back to realsville.

    We do need to research what's going on tho'
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:46 No.5662617
    What the fuck indeed.
    Nobody would go to THIS lengths to screw with our head; they'd make THEMSELVES go insane just contemplating it.
    Raven's mind is not just military-grade weeaboo, it's Apocalypse-grade weeaboo. We should lose permanent max SAN for gazing upon this, and temporary (non-max) SAN for knowing we created this.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:46 No.5662621
    Call up sherloli. Tell her to get to work on anyone involved in mind control or fronteer psychology.

    Call up Loli Bond. Explain what just happened. See what she can find out.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:46 No.5662625
    I am disappoint.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)02:52 No.5662691
         File1251701565.jpg-(295 KB, 1200x800, McGruffin Challenges The Loch (...).jpg)
    295 KB
    Scientist here. I'm going to cut this short for the night. I promise that the next one will happen by at the very latest by Wednesday. I feel like I should have prepared more for this, but certain new things kept me way too distracted.

    To apologize, here's some McGruffin about ready to fight the Loch Ness Monster
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:53 No.5662695
    >.. still hints at the fact she's intimidated by the android ..

    Meaning Baroness.

    Who is also our signals expert yes?

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:54 No.5662706

    No biggie! Thank you - this one was well done none-the-less.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:54 No.5662715
    Alright Sci. See you then. Good luck with whatever it is distracting you. Nice job with the new art.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)02:55 No.5662720
    Originally, she was just an Android built on a whimsy.

    As for what has been distracting me, it was this.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:56 No.5662738
    Awesome work Sci!
    >> Reimu 08/31/09(Mon)02:57 No.5662755

    Whats worse? Baroness is mindless. Just a drone. Nothing ticking upstairs. So, at best, 3 is being jelous of a real doll that can signal track a bit.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)02:58 No.5662758
    Haha, nice. Stay well Scientist, seeya later.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)03:00 No.5662781
    When you build an Android based off of something, I tend to say they have the same personality.

    Also, 3 has breast envy.

    I talked to the guy who made that while I was building an upside down pyramid in the air.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)03:03 No.5662819
    Did the pyramid have Magma Cannons?
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/31/09(Mon)03:05 No.5662847
    No but it did have a connecting tower made of see through block all the way down. I have a magma pocket lair. It's pretty cash.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)03:09 No.5662897
    How the hell can a collective consciousness with full control over its physical appearance have breast envy? I swear, women sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)03:20 No.5663037

    I am so stealing this for future reactions.
    >> Reimu 08/31/09(Mon)03:28 No.5663117

    Ah, alright. I was mistaken, then. Thank you for the fix...makes a bit more sence now.

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