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  • File : 1251071010.jpg-(47 KB, 700x875, Mathew Petsk.jpg)
    47 KB Thinking Machine Quest 3nd Generation Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)19:43 No.5568282  
    When we last left off, your "Father" (Mathew Petsk) has left you alone to construct and evolve over the night. He has left to apply for a career to help establish your funding base for upgrades, leaving you alone for whatever machinations you wish to undertake.

    You currently have the following modifications onto your engine-sized body: Four spring-powered grappling hook launchers with electric winches, mounted on two pairs of high-strength arms. You also possess four retractable legs, which have hinged wheels that can be raise and lowered to provide "electric rollerskate" motion.

    You also possess two swivel-mounted optical lenses, as well as a single fixed eye with an iron iris for protection. You also have a swivel-mounted car headlight to improve your vision.

    You also possess an improved vocalizer made from a radio, as well as auditory sensors made from that same radio. A spring has been mounted on your undercarriage. You also possess eight arms in total: Four high-strength (for you) manipulators, as well as four slender, fine manipulators. Two of the fine manipulators are able to reach a length of twelve feet, and are collapsible. The rest, however, only have a reach of six inches thus far.

    All of this puts a heavy drain on your battery (which was salvaged from a car), and you frequently have to recharge yourself from the steam engine you and your creator constructed.

    You are currently scanning through two documents your creator brought you for study: A medical text and an engineering text. Both of which are increasing your understanding of mechanics and the human biological system considerably.

    You also are in possession of a pair of newspapers dating the year as 1957, as well as events such as "The Great War". You are currently located within your creator's laboratory, with an abundance of parts (including a lone diamond ring that might be used as a potential crude processor).

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)19:46 No.5568309
    Do we posses a welder of some sort? We should probably make a nice long wire connected to the steam engine, so we don't lose as much time due to recharging.
    >> Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)19:49 No.5568332
    You do indeed have a welding torch amongst the assortment of power tools your creator possesses. The creation of a standard power plug interface was already completed some time ago, and a long wire for constant power charging would not be a complex task.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)19:53 No.5568381
    What the fuck /tg/? Bumping a quest? Never seen that before.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 08/23/09(Sun)19:58 No.5568429
         File1251071916.jpg-(240 KB, 1024x768, 1247409739378.jpg)
    240 KB
    pic related

    let's do that, then.
    >> Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)20:03 No.5568468
    The wire in question is quickly crafted, allowing you full mobility within the laboratory and a near-permanent supply of constantly refreshing energy. The workshop, laden with parts and tools for your manipulation, is practically an open oyster for whatever machinations you may which to undertake.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)20:03 No.5568478
    Good to see you again, Alpha Cogitator.

    Construct a magnifying glass for use with one of our optical sensors.
    >> Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)20:06 No.5568499
    Likewise. Unfortunately, having used a large amount of the available glass to produce your current optical sensors, you will require additional glass before continuing. The shuttered window could provide a plausible source of such glass, which could easily be shaped via a controlled amount of heat into the desired magnifying glass.

    However, you will need to remove the glass in said window before utilizing it. A complex task, if anything.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)20:10 No.5568530
    Forget it for now, then. It was suggested in the last thread (after the end) that we construct a radio for Mathew to use to keep in contact with us.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)20:10 No.5568535

    Goddamnit so much.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)20:12 No.5568553
    Create solar panels.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)20:13 No.5568560
    From what?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)20:14 No.5568570
    Question: Would the diamond increase our own processing speed if we installed it on ourselves rather then another slaved robot?

    Can we get a better battery? Does he have any lying around we can scavenge to use for ourselves?

    Do we have the items to construct prosthetic limbs and other meat-based items?

    Check the newspaper or engineering text about a meat called 'Tesla'. We mind not need to be wasting power for much longer...
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)20:29 No.5568692
    leave it then. Can we look around the lab to see what materials are available?
    >> Subprocessor 534 08/23/09(Sun)21:00 No.5568891
    Could the glass from the remaining headlights dangling from the ceiling be used to create a magnifying device?
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)21:11 No.5568978
    Requesting update, Alpha Cogitator.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:17 No.5569008
    He deaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :<
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)21:19 No.5569029
    He is merely distracted.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:19 No.5569030
    you don't know that
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:19 No.5569032
    Considering we haven't told him to do anything, what do you want him to say?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:22 No.5569045
    Answer this
    >> Subrocessor 534 08/23/09(Sun)21:30 No.5569087
    Cogitator, we need you!
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:35 No.5569114
    I don't think he's coming back :<
    >> Subrocessor 534 08/23/09(Sun)21:36 No.5569122
    I am disappoint : (
    >> Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)21:44 No.5569178
    Yeah, where is that guy?
    >> Haywire 08/23/09(Sun)21:45 No.5569187
    Upgrade power storage.
    Disregard females.
    >> Haywire 08/23/09(Sun)21:52 No.5569238
    Wait, what?
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)21:55 No.5569274
    Add more batteries. Manufacture a "scribe" arm that can use human writing implements and print text when supplied with ink. Mount nailgun as an offensive weapon.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)21:57 No.5569293
    Begin construction of a more efficient body.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)21:57 No.5569299
    Define "more efficient".

    Do you want us to use power less wastefully?
    >> Haywire 08/23/09(Sun)21:57 No.5569301
    Concur. Also, see if we could construct a miniature steam engine that could be mounted on our chassis.
    >> Alpha Cogitator 08/23/09(Sun)21:58 No.5569320
    Unfortunately, an emergency has come about in the realm of reality. The latest session of Thinking Machine Quest has been delayed until further notice. My apologies to all groups involved, but this dimension must be put on pause.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)22:00 No.5569346
    Steam engines are generally quite massive. We'd have to deal with its weight somehow.

    Now, if we could get ahold of a lawnmower engine...
    >> Haywire 08/23/09(Sun)22:01 No.5569367
    Perhaps we could carry it around on a wagon behind us...
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)22:03 No.5569387
    YES! and we dont need upteen million arms. Four would be fine. Two fine manipulation and two bulk work. Mount the fine arms on/in the bulk army so that if were holding something we can seperate them and tweek things.

    Kinda like that one fail guy from star wars, you know the cyborg.

    Also, see what chemicals and whatnot we have, maybe we can just make a better battery.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)22:04 No.5569401
    That would actually be a pretty good disguise
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)22:04 No.5569405
    That would not only look ridiculous, but hamper mobility. We wouldn't even be able to fly.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/09(Sun)22:45 No.5569838
    I suggest we add a welding arm, or put the welder on an existing arm.
    >> Subprocessor 616 08/23/09(Sun)23:07 No.5570089
    Alright, we know this is an "alternate universe" from the newspapers, and thus we can't expect everything to conform to "our" universe's norms. There could be death rays, fortress airships, cold fusion, etc. We need to pick Mathew's brain for anything and everything he learned working for the government. We need to assimilate entire libraries worth of material.

    I want to know about the kinds of power sources, weapons, machinery, vehicles, etc. available in "this" 1957. I want to know what nation we're in, hell, what nations -exist- in this timeline. In two days we've advanced far enough to replicate wireless, take flight, build damn near anything, and power ourselves with friggin' -steam-. In a month we could win the Great War singlehandedly.

    Let's get on this.

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