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>Dungeons and Dagons
Dungeons and Dragons with Lovecraftian pantheon, every caster in the system is stark raving mad and fellating an Elder God for his powers.

A system about a team of mercs spreading fun in a world, where fun was forbidden by the corporations.
You have to perform the acts of terrorism against the state, such as instant parties, dressing up as clowns and pulling pranks on unwitting people.

>Word of Darkness
The game's plot centers around the alternative version of Bible, which describes what came before the world created by the God - the Darkness. The game's characters are creatures and monsters created by this primordial Darkness who are simply trying to survive being actively rejected by the world itself.

>Male the Awakening
It's /pol/ in book form.

>Ass Magica
Gay furries having sex.
>Ass Magica
>Gay furries having sex.
Please, that's obviously gay wizards having sex.

For gay furries, you're wanting Bone Wolf.
>World of Dankness
Pretty much just Mage only everyone plays a Virtual Adept with Memes as a focus.
Pic related
File: 1463037814053.jpg (128 KB, 940x532)
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128 KB JPG
>Forgotten Reams
>Dark Sub

The jokes write themselves.
A system about long term predictions and planning, being godly characters who grow in power by weaving the paths of unrelated minions to work towards a single goal over time. Like you need to destroy another god, but the only chance will be in 500 years when his cult tries to summon him so what you do is set in motion a chain of events that leads to adventurers infiltrating the cult and stopping it, killing him.

>Cthulhu Mech
Lovecraftian mech fighting. The lich equivalents are elder gods in mechs wearing power armor.
Let's just say it's like FATAL, but with babies and/or pregnant women.

Judge Dredd set in a surprisingly thought-out, Zootopia-like megacity.

>Lamentations of the Lame Princess
Needs no explanation.

As an amphibian barbarian, you must defend your "civilization" against the racially stereotyped newts, axolotls, and toads who wish to conquer your lands.
>Call if Cthulhu
A game in which you need to call 911 if you see Cthulhu
>Generic Omniscient Role Playing System

>In communist GORPS, the Game play YOU!
Not gonna lie, these all sound interesting.
Ironlaw is the only one I'd want to play.
The players are Miskatonic University's Elder God Response Team, tasked with sending them back to the holes which they came from. Ghostbusters but with shoggoths.
> Stats Without Number

A system using entirely blank character sheets

> Patfinder

The goal of the game is to find Pat, who owes you money.
it's like a game of tag but you have to poke others

whoever gets most gets in a period of time wins
It's just the Paizo Development Team, attempting to balance the game without every fully rebuilding it.
Pic related
Real talk though: The fuck do they have against fighters? Its cool they made an archetype that basically makes them a caster, but considering they thought Lore Warden was broken I'm expecting them to remove that one's proficiencies or some shit. Ditto for the eldritch guardian, I know he's on the chopping block.
They had Sean K Reynalds on the original dev team, and he hated martial classes because they reminded him of the jock that stole his lunch money and called him a nerd in highschool.
> Carhammer

A game about working in a junkyard smashing up old cars for scrap
Suppose he's good friend with the guy who thought weapon cords were unrealistic because he couldn't catch his mouse in his hand.
Holy shit I actually really want to play this. I love junker type stuff
Didn't he reverse that opinion once he left the team?
>Cyberdunk 2020
A dark future where everybody makes themselves more inhuman to slam better.

>Atomic Hobo RPG
You're a bunch of nuclear-powered homeless people saving the world through street smarts.

Keep tight control of that company or it'll go off the rails.

>Trike Legion
Supersoldiers on technologically advanced tricycles save the galaxy.

>Burning Heel
Gotta go fast
> Block Crusade

A medieval era historical war game in which all units are made of legos.
could be a judge dredd game
File: EXPLAIN.gif (578 KB, 245x170)
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578 KB GIF
A party of manlets' journey to become fuckign huge
"Shadowfun" sounds like WoD, but people just trying to enjoy themselves despite how shitty the world is.
>A game where you play as the experienced governmental response team to weird and eldritch shit instead of some random Bobby Joe Bob that goes insane the moment light starts bending weird ways.

I'd play the shit out that.
4f- try to fuck your character up enough to not get drafted into WWII

Manic the Gathering- assemble the most faunting set of neuroses you can, then pit them against your friends. collect them, trade them, and win.

Mauifaux- position your miniatures to convey the most compelling luau.

B/mX- fight against desperate odds to get your metal steeds to the Korn/ ICP concert

Tunnels and Tolls- try to make your way through the Baltimore Inner Harbor Tunnel on a drunken Friday night
Avalon Chill- set up a wargame, then smoke a bowl, chat about the scenario, and forget to play
File: qUpWKrJ.png (250 KB, 319x532)
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250 KB PNG
>Only Warm
Bring blankets and stoves to distant, freezing planets in the cold space.
File: 1414437598809.jpg (139 KB, 650x700)
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139 KB JPG
A game of tracking down gnolls in hopes of claiming a place of dominance within their tribe.
Wholesome and cute. Would play with grandma/10
>players are bakers in the 40k universe that try to appease a tyrant planetary governor who kills bakers for slight errors in their cooking.
Space sulk

Hello ships AI is having a tantrum. You control a team of hardened marines who attempt to bring it a plate of cookies to try to calm it down.
I like this
>World of Barkness
Like that one mini RPG someone wrote where the players control housecats protecting their owners from mini Cthulhus, except it's dogs protecting their owners by barking at and scaring away various WW horror mainstays.
>Legend of five kings
Political fantasy where players act as emisariess of five elemental kings

>Rouge Trader
Extreme FABULOUS trading in space, now with extra fops.

>Age the Ascension
The more grandpa you are, the more powers you gain.
So number 2 is space dandy meets kill la kill
Half of your players didn't show up, but you made all of this food for the game.

>Kingdom Death Munster
Players are Westphalian Anabaptists trying to set up a democracy in the early 16th century.
If only you were in Portsmouth.
>Bull State
Are you a manly enough bullfighter to take on the ruling bull elite and live?

Cold War spy game set in a micronesian island chain that's split between USA and CCCP interests

>Time Lizards
Same as Time Wizards only this time it's time-traveling dinosaurs trying to prevent extinction events

>Edge of the Umpire
Galactic stability rests on a small guerilla team taking on the galactic champions in the GBBT, Galatic BaseBall Tournament, at any cost. Are you sneaky, underhanded and lucky enough to steal a base when the Umpire isn't looking?
>Barhammer 40 000
Control a drinking hole demolition crew in a dark scifi setting.
That's pretty much the Laundry Files.
Is Lamentations of the Flame Princess a Katawa Shojo fantasy rpg?

Roadside Picnic with vampires.

>Chronicles of the Drying Earth
An Inconvenient Truth meets Vancian spellcasting.
>dank heresy
the Inquisition: ordos memeticus
hunting down heretical memes
> shadowrum
the worlds sketchiest booze
>Lamentations of the Flame Princes
A game of bizarre adventures in Hell with homoerotic subtext between the Nine Princes.
>Via The New Leg Ends
It's basically HOL, but written by that guy who wrote VTNL.
>>53982827 (OP)
Comedy game in historical setting focusing on the hilariously awful mismanagement of the Crusades.
Seriously, Innocent III should have just realized after the Sack of Constantinople that nobody was going to listen to him once a Crusade got wound up.
Cthulhutech is like that already.
Travelled - everyone dies during chargen. The game is played with ghost PCs. The premade starter campaigns are called Jamie Dawson and Kobayashi Maru.
>The goal of the game is to find Pat, who owes you money.
Shouldn't be too hard, Pat's basically a munchkin so it'll be easy to chase after him
>Hunan Occupied Landfill
Every culture except for China has left the earth for the stars, just as planned for the glorious Han! Urban sprawl covers the land and sea, and shitty trade deals, cheap copied offplanet stuff, and roving rape gangs fill the streets. Survive and thrive.

The party is on safari, bringing the light of civilisation to the benighted and monster-infested lands of anywhere-that's-not-the-Royal-Republic-of-Absalom, ruled by the immortal god-king Aroden. Take up the Aztlant Burden and get some dragon heads mounted.

>Settlers of Satan
Subjugate the apocalypse-torn earth with your demoniac hordes, squabble with your rivals, and hope your success will bring mercy from your dark master.
Actually SKR ha nothing to do with balancing for the most part, he just hated the idea of monks, and was the Fall Guy for the PR.

Its Jason Buhlman who's responsible for shitty fighters. Plus it was also him who was behind the infimous Weapon Cord FAQ

The sad thing is said Caster-Fighter is still just a shittier version of the Bloodrager
>Barbarians of Lemurida
>A sword and sorcery game wherthe only racial option are different species of Lemurs
>Zoboomafoo is the setting's major god
a postapocalyptic roman empire which has just burned to the ground. Players hunt Christians down while calling down miracles from the god emperor by killing their wives

>Magic Thy Gathering
Identical the MtG but all rules text is written in apocryphal Olde English

Cowboys stuggle in the weird west to raise their sons to be upstanding gentlemen

>Dons in the Vineyard
Enforcers of the mafia travel from town to town ensuring that protection money gets paid. Plays like DitV except all social rolls are replaced with violence rolls and vice versa
holy shit that nostalgia
>Settlers of C'tan
A whole game made out of the Street Fighter bonus level
>Stag Wars: Destiny

Each player is in charge of a group of guys on bachelor party night trying to book the hottest stripper in town, Destiny.
File: 4chinnners.jpg (179 KB, 800x534)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>>Settlers of Satan

>Arduous Grimoire
>Game about carrying heavy magic where encumbrance is 6 different stats

>Salad of the Laser Whales
>1980s Tokyo Cuisine simulator

>Megadamage rafting experience

>Interface Hero
>Roleplay developers for shitty flash games

>Symba Roam
>Explore the serengeti as a lion pack

>Unknown Warmies
>Heart-warming family adventurers
>that smugfuck in the hat
I've never wanted to stab a piece of art as much as I have now
Also reminds me of a shitty shitposter who kept avatarfagging with it. Holy fuck I wanna garrote that fag
uh, word of darkness doesnt seem too bad
a strategy game where players compete to build a beverage company
File: image.jpg (950 KB, 2169x1444)
950 KB
950 KB JPG
>risk with no Australia
when women pass Go, they only collect $154
It's almost like the game doesn't want to be played!
>Mad and Fucked, the fun game of modern politics.
An assorted group of adventurers attempt to locate a suitable bathtub to wash away the mess of their trade. No martials allowed.
Alternatively, Bathfinder :DDDDDDD
>MAD&D - Mutually Assured Destruction and Dragons, a game of geopolitics in the sixth world
>The Dank Eye
Basicly The Dark Eye, but in this world every fight ist fought by making stupid jokes about your opponnent.
>but in this world every fight ist fought by making stupid jokes about your opponnent.
So, Monkey Island?
How appropriate, you fight like a cow.
>World of Larkness
In a world where everything is run by strong AI and dominated by social media, the players try to gain advantage by delivering the sickest burns against their enemies with the end goal of becoming memetic gods. From small things like traffick lights always being green for you, to having weather control system give you just what you want, to having a harem of adoring fans willing to alter their bodies and minds to your preferences, to mansions, enhancements and eventual upload to the Internet of Things itself, it can all be yours if you're just memetic enough.

But beware! The elder gods won't give you a place amongst themselves for free. You have to truly be the smartest of asses to earn it.
>Word of Darkness
Sounds like we got the name for Public Enemy's next album.
Warhammer 420K
In the green darkness of the 421st millenium, there is only weed. After all the xenos have and daemons and chaos gods are purged, only thing left to do is to enjoy the end of the universe as it succumbs to entropy.
Rail of Cthulhu - Set in the great American rail wars only each of the factions is trying to harness the suffering of the workers to build tracks in eldritch unknowable symbols.

Spyraft - You play a group of spies from different countries who have all got stranded on a desert island with the vital intel. Work with the other to survive but look for your chance to screw them over and escape the island alone.

Cyberpink 2020 - It is the neon drenched future but for some reason everything is a shockingly awful shade of pink. Earn cash and standing in gangs so you can earn the eye mods that make life vaguely bearable.

Salvage Worlds - You play a bunch of salvage workers trying to salvage a sunken ship for a museum while a standard player party style group of assholes try to nick it from you.

The Nark Eye - Try to work out which member of your druidic circle of weed dealers is an undercover knight.
Isn't that Delta Green?
Elder gods are already big so an elder gods mech would be fucking massive.
File: 1333392945768.jpg (101 KB, 1000x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

Use mechs and tanks to herd your cattle through the wilds of alien worlds. Fend off Megafauna with autocannons and pulse lasers...
>Is Lamentations of the Flame Princess a Katawa Shojo fantasy rpg?
Nah it's the worst aspects of osr made by a man with a serious problem with woman.
It's true that men get killed just as much as woman in the art but the female deaths are always graphic unlike the males.
I don't know how well it would work as a game but would make a fantastic tv show. every episode ends with them solving the problem/beating the bad guy and finishing the delivery.
>Like that one mini RPG someone wrote where the players control housecats protecting their owners from mini Cthulhus
Anybody have this.
I love it.
>killing their wives
The wives of the players or the wives of the Christians?
Only risk I have played is balance of power. Does Australia bog the game down or something?
No that'd be you playing super high powered multiversal janitors who have to clean up universes lovecraftian problems. Despite dealing with elder gods waking up you still are the lowest in your society, basically the rat catchers of the multiverse.
A relatively hard-scifi game about Pokemon in space.

>Apocalypse Word

Mostly the same, except you're playing zombie stoners instead of lolis.

>Star Wars MAGA Edition
"So what happens is, I said we've just launched 59 TIE bombers heading to Tatooine." [interviewer interrupts to correct him] "Yes, heading toward Yavin."
On the classic board both sections of Australia only have 1 connecting route so it's almost guaranteed that the last 15-30 turns are the player who has already conquered the rest of the globe hammering down the player who bunkered up.
A game about filling out forms
>Star Wars MAGA Edition
>Make Alderaan Great Again
Oh goodie, I can finally use the Agromechs.
>d21 System
Arg, I meant lame princess there, but I accidentally corrected it after my first attempt at posting got foiled.
File: 1394843243053.jpg (50 KB, 523x600)
50 KB
>Pungeons and Dragons
D&D crossed with competetive punning.

>Magic: the Fathering
A card game where you play as a man trying to beget and raise childred with various magical creatures.

>Eclipse Phrase
A game of linguistic drift, where you play as a disembodied spirit who tries to promote new phrases that replace the old.

>Dark Here y
You play a group of children trying to figure out why the lights went out

>Rogue Grader
A game where you take turns playing a rogue and the other player gives you a score. A third player audits the score (checking that it is fair). You get points for scoring well when it is your turn to play the rogue, and points for grading well when it is your turn to play the grader.

An expansion pack for Deathwatch designed for PvP competetive play

A game where you play a cheapass, trying to get things cheaply.
>Everyone vs John
Probably no different than Everyone is John

You play a group of savants on a weird game show attempting to be the BEST

Splatbook with Parks and Recreation references, modules, statblocks and silly artwork of Ron Swanson with a power claw killing bitches

Assemble a team of JoJo characters and have them fight off against another team of JoJos

In a world where rage burns forests or poisons oceans, remove all that maddens you.
Everyone vs John would be people trying to control and ruin John from the outside rather than inside his mind.
>Age of Sigma
A wargame where one rolls dispersion dice for everything. Cinematic, fun, engaging.

>Pokemon Trading Cars Game
Buy, tune-up and sell Pokemon-themed vehicles to be the very richest, like no one ever was.

An asymetric card game where one player must defend himself against a society full of normies, controlled by the other player.

>Twilight: Imperium
In a galaxy ruled by God-Empress Isabella Swan, the players rule factions of sparkling space vampires warring against each other to get the most screentime.

>Shadows over Came-a-lot
Ever since Guinevere went away with Lancelot, King Arthur has had the biggest blue balls in the kingdom. He went on a quest to find the Grail, an artefact able to turn him back into the stud he was in his youth. Help the Knights of the Round Table bring the King back to his throne while fighting off the temptations of the fey whore Morgan.

>Dawn of Ward
Lead your Space Marines accross the planet Kronus to make aliens and monsters acknowledge your Spiritual Liege.
File: 1394849790597.png (215 KB, 713x525)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
A narrative game of trying to get fed

A narrative game of preparing delicious meals

A narrative game of feasts and celebrations

A narrative game of food poisoning

A narrative game of awkward conversations over dinner

A narrative game of trying to get laid

A narrative game of trying to deal with one's obesity

A narrative game of fads and shopping

A narrative game of cosmetics and beauty

A narrative game of publicity and branding

A narrative game where you play tricksy fairies

A narrative game of quibbles and combat

A narrative game investigating the connection between masturbation and sexual assault

Its gr8 m8, I r8 it 8/8

A narrative game of movie reviewers

A narrative game about Stargates
oh damn it
>Legend of the Five Ings

The party has to learn about a series of '-ing' concepts spoken of only in legend.
File: Aphids.jpg (31 KB, 720x487)
31 KB
One player tries to build a garden while the other one controls fungi, aphids, rabbits and other pests. First to 7 harvests wins, but not without some extinctions along the way.

A team of plucky troubleshooters drill for oil for the glory of Friend Computer. Common threats include communists, mutants, traitors, terrorists and hippies.

You're a flapper in the '20s investigating rumours about this Alpha Complex place. You begin your adventure with the power of your wits, gritty detective work, and swing dancing.

The punner is hard at work prepping the daily casts for a special report on an upcoming dedication ceremony, an exclusive party where they'll make an entrance via planned assault. Between offers you can't refuse, contract killers, and other feats of audacity from a certain zealous judge, seems like this planned assault is far from a sure gamble. Tell me punner, you think your comedic puns are good enough for an encore and just how much are you willing to sacrifice to get that chance to use them?
Bug Eyes, Small Moth

The game of cute bugs doing cute things
Some Tumblr OC called synth
>The One King
A high fantasy gritty medieval game of political intrigue.

>Rage: the Awakening
/pol/ game 2.0. The more you are enraged about the state of modern society, the more woke you are and the more mythic power you have.

> Blue Dose
Play dirty cops trying to profit from drug trade.

> World of Harkness
A licensed Doctor Who spinoff game that has spawned a sizeable ERP community.
>Campaign for Orth Africa
Play as a military orthodontist on the Allied of Axis side of WW2 in North Africa
>Only Wa
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only Waluigi
FATAL but you play as Doctor Deletus
>Racial Holly War
Different varieties of holly plants fight for dominance
Hillfolk but with fish
>Everyone is Jorn
Everyone is John but you control Norwegian heavy metal singer Jorn Lande
>Don't crest your head
A game where every player is trying to become king/queen, and every other player is trying to kill the current monarch.

>Little Ears
A human/dwarf-only game.

A remake.

>Changeling: the Post
Adventures of a team of magical postmen, who have to deliver their parcel no matter what.

A Serbian Movie: the rpg, maybe?

Call of Cathulhu, if I remember right. Shouldn't be too hard to find a PDF.
> Rail of Cthulhu
Cthulhu investigation game with railroading supported, and even encouraged by the system.

> Fall of Cthulhu
PCs get a chance to kill the big guy once and for all.

> Mall of Cthulhu
Earn dosh by selling cheap Lovecraftian memorabilia to nerds.

> Ball of Cthulhu
Are you mad enough dude to beat Cthulhu in a game of basketball? Let's slam!
>Fatal but mechanically reworked into FATE
>Tards Against Humanity
Basically CAH but /b/ made the cards.
>Tokemon: The Trading Card Game
The cards are made out of rolling paper. Discarded cards are smoked in joint form.
>Magic: The Fathering
Take turns raising a child as father and stepfather. Win by becoming the father the child knows and loves the most by downplaying the other father's actions.
How about no?

And now, other traditionally-played games.
>Dark Heresay
Someone says something exceptionally morbid to contribute to a legal case and it's up to the players to determine if it's admissible as evidence.
>Fungeons and Dragons
It's not a dungeon, it's a fungeon! (Players go through a party/rave/whatever the fuck that is located in a fun dungeon trying to do... something party-related, I guess.)
>Shadow of the Demon Lard
Are you a bad enough dude to help this demon lose enough weight by prom night?
File: Barkley_title.jpg (24 KB, 320x240)
24 KB
>Cyberdunk 2020
File: images.jpg (12 KB, 266x190)
12 KB
Take a scenic amble through a highly defended megacorp server.

>Delta Grain
Agents from a covert government entity try to uncover the hidden forces behind this year's wheat shortage.

>Dawn of GWAR
Not all that different.
It's about raising children in an alternate history wild west
It's made by a pragmatic man who knows that publicity is advertising.

Not sure about the female:male gore ratio. The author likes Metal a lot.
Supposedly, the gore is commissioned from people who do Metal album covers.

Really though, you should stick to Bx.
Tower of the Stargazer and Patrick Stuart's modules are great tho.
It's DiXit, but the bunny meeples fit on the scoreboard.
>Judge Dredd set in a surprisingly thought-out, Zootopia-like megacity.

This straight up sounds pretty fucking dank
Just a reminder that the original version of Zootopia was going to be some fucked up dystopia where all predators were given shock collars set off if they ever get too excited.

Judge Dredd would fit in remarkably well.
This is Judge Judy.
The city is her courtroom.
The rulings are final.
My contribution to the SW items.

>Savage Words
A modern day game set in large cities where he who spits the fiercest fire commands the respect of all. Basically "Rap Battle the RPG" which I see playing out like some early Homestuck terrible rap battles.
Strip Yu-gi-oh
WarHatter 40k
in the grim darkness of the far future there is only hats.
The Manos: the hands of fate rpg.
>A narrative game investigating the connection between masturbation and sexual assault
My sides
>Word of Darkness
>The game's plot centers around the alternative version of Bible, which describes what came before the world created by the God - the Darkness. The game's characters are creatures and monsters created by this primordial Darkness who are simply trying to survive being actively rejected by the world itself.

Literally Qlippohts Origin Story, hm? Would play.
Fuck, would play this or make a spin-off of actual WOD like this.

Absolutely would play, sign me up1
>Colonal Gothic
You ever see Innerspace?
File: Mumen_profile.png (356 KB, 320x420)
356 KB
356 KB PNG

The Strange
>The Range
>A game where you play a range of different characters in a range of different worlds!
>Turban Shadows
It's just urban shadows set in Pakistan
File: 321654987.jpg (23 KB, 480x272)
23 KB
Mini six

Do I even have to say this?

>Mini sex
File: 1412538947183.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Sorry, I don't play a generic system like you plebs.

I play HomeDrew!
>Only Bar
Like normal Only War, but you're all bartenders, waiters, and waitresses instead in the battlefield that is happy hour.
Go to fancy parties, participate in politics, scandals, and orgies! Sleep with as many people as you want! But be careful not to get any of the currently misunderstood and effectively untreatable STDs! Roll not to get caught banging Mr. Darby in the coat room.
>Lark Heresy
You play as a group of tits hunting down satanist larks on a hive tree.
>Manic the Gathering- assemble the most faunting set of neuroses you can, then pit them against your friends. collect them, trade them, and win.
But can I just give them away for free? I'm so tired...
The last one is basically just the DBZ Super arc right before the ultimate tournament.
File: SAN LOSS.jpg (10 KB, 255x197)
10 KB
Why? Why did you make me remember that?
File: 1495668950639.jpg (1 MB, 2902x4082)
1 MB
Actually come to think of it, /pol/'s more autistic/esoteric conspiracies/memes could make a pretty interesting setting.
File: 1495678065445.jpg (214 KB, 1856x887)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>No Men Era

The feminist won. Which I guess is already Numenera.
A surreal RPG about crafting hats out of rare monsters. Changed 竜 (dragon) to 笠 (a woven hat), both pronounced Ryuu

Edgy RPG focusing on dragons and gunplay. Maybe a miniatures game. Changed 玉 (egg) to 玉 (bullet), both pronounced tama.

I could have also changed the meaning of tama to make a dragonic sports league manga, a merchant's tale, something about geisha and probably prostitution, and whatever other meaning changes I could slip in by changing the meaning of ryuu. Japanese is great for puns
Warjammer 40k
In the grim darkness of the far future there are only bands fighting each other with sonic weapons
Japanese is practically made for puns.
An RPG thematically inspired by the works of Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa, focused on tense duels and gunfights.

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