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  • File : 1249865576.jpg-(96 KB, 600x600, What Now.jpg)
    96 KB Bad Guy Quest 8 The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)20:52 No.5397064  
    In the spirit of being evil and whatnot, let's continue this story. You're evil, you're a scientist, and you are angry.

    Last time, you rocked out one of your rivals after his amazingly obvious base was discovered under the Eiffel tower. That's more along the lines of your main goals, now for your not so important ones.

    -You have the trust and admiration of Japan and Russia, the UN is slowly succumbing to trusting you entirely.

    -You finally hired some minions instead of turning them into Loli-robots.

    -Your Loli-Bond(A Loli-bot with the mental imprint of James Bond) has successfully made it into the upper echelons of MI6.

    -The merchandise sales for your Loli's Rock band is still going through the roof and there is even an "anime" in the works.

    -You own a large portion of all global candy companies and have introduced a subtle, yet very addicting additive to each formula.

    Do inform me if I left out any details.

    By the way, what is your next step?
    >> Da painboss 08/09/09(Sun)20:55 No.5397089
    Invade grenada!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)20:57 No.5397105
    Discover the secret ingredients of coca-cola and KFC's secret recipe.
    Do something EVIL with them afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)20:57 No.5397108
    So, erm, did we manage to capture the laser guy or did we just kill him or what?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)20:57 No.5397116
    Run down on our remaining rivals?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)20:58 No.5397124
    We need more "Plot" and less "Here is some cool stuff".
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:01 No.5397148
    We need a base of operations. Build an island.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:01 No.5397151
    Create a commissar-loli to keep your new minions in line. You never know what they might be up to or if any enemy agents try to infiltrate you.
    >> That one Techpriest 08/09/09(Sun)21:04 No.5397181
    Create a evil layer in lieu with Evil Genius, cept don't pick such a fucktard small island.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:04 No.5397186
         File1249866278.jpg-(104 KB, 600x600, Oh Wow.jpg)
    104 KB
    Holy shit. That's a real country.
    We'll have to buy out the companies first.
    I think someone said something about what to do to him last thread after I left. I'm a bit too lazy to check though.
    >> Abaddon 08/09/09(Sun)21:08 No.5397226
    make number 8 a loli made out of only lazers

    send at the 9
    >> Melo 08/09/09(Sun)21:08 No.5397234
    Hey let's make a Toy Line!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:09 No.5397241
    Mind control cereal
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:09 No.5397245
    The toy line should use cheap labor and lead based paints and also have awesome spring loaded rocket launchers
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:10 No.5397247
    Ok - we take an Evil (tm) vacation. We invade Grenada & check out the beach front.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:10 No.5397248
    When you say made out of lasers, do you mean laser guns or straight laser particles?
    You already have one.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:10 No.5397249
    This... or just mind control in general.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:12 No.5397264

    This anon misses the BSG Vipers & Raiders that fired real plastic bullets.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:14 No.5397278
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:16 No.5397301
    Solve global warming. This will make them trust us so we can conquer the world without them expecting it!
    >> Melo 08/09/09(Sun)21:16 No.5397309
    And we need to wash our mask, it's starting to smell awfully like gym socks.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:16 No.5397316

    We could subtly turn Grenada into one massive island Tesla coil?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:17 No.5397320
    It's... Beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:18 No.5397327

    We ended with defeating 8 in a rock battle in Paris, what happened after that? Did he concede and accept his Lolibotifikation peacefully or did he try to betray us?
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:19 No.5397338
         File1249867164.jpg-(119 KB, 600x600, Mind Controlling Cereal.jpg)
    119 KB
    Quickly! Someone come up with a catchy name for the cereal!

    I like this plan too.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:19 No.5397343
    If we don't have Loli-8 firmly under our control, upgrading all our lasers, then I say we have failed.
    >> That one Techpriest 08/09/09(Sun)21:20 No.5397352
    Build a Warhound Titan as your personal ride to any local location.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:21 No.5397356
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:21 No.5397358
    He's bound by the scientific code to do what we wish after being defeated. Did anyone say to Loli-fy him?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:21 No.5397365
    Catchy cereal name: Loli-pops.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:22 No.5397372
    Good sir, of course we would have him Lolified. Such is the fate of all who go against us.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:23 No.5397386
    From the previus thread...

    "Since out musical duel took place in France, I think it's only appropriate that we design loli-8 after a French maid.

    And don't forget to incorporate 8's laser technology into her new body. But include a program that says she can't use her lasers without our authorization."
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:24 No.5397401
         File1249867481.jpg-(153 KB, 600x600, 8.jpg)
    153 KB
    It was under discussion when the thread ended. The important thing is that we have him secured as a prisoner, we cannot afford to let a man with this a hat this awesome run lose.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:24 No.5397404
    Not to push our Lolis too far but I think we may as well run him thru the conversion. Seems to be consensus.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:26 No.5397420

    ( Also - not wanting to bury ourselves in this but "Loli-pops" is appropriate. )
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:26 No.5397423
    He's like a laser samurai or something. We need to get him on our side and have him train the samurai shota.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:27 No.5397428
    He can do that as a french-maid loli.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/09/09(Sun)21:28 No.5397440
    Then we must reverse engineer his hat to create an even awesomer one.
    >> Abaddon 08/09/09(Sun)21:29 No.5397451

    lazer particals all the time everytime
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:30 No.5397465
    Well. If we do turn him into a lolibot, we should probably install some way to allow it to grow facial hair, and perhaps let him keep the hat.

    Just an idea.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:31 No.5397475
         File1249867911.jpg-(138 KB, 600x600, Good Enough For Cereal.jpg)
    138 KB

    Alright then.

    Mind control cereal made, Number 8 Lolified, now what?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:32 No.5397480
    No. The loss of facial hair will be part of his punishment. Though we may consider making another "nameless frankenstein" thing out of his old body, to preserve the facial hair in all is splendor.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:32 No.5397481
    Or we could just keep him the same because that... would make sense.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:33 No.5397485
    Start marketing the cereal in Grenada.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:34 No.5397496
    I second that.
    Also, to whichever fag keeps requesting lolibots all the time: stop it, you douchecastle.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:34 No.5397498
    I motion an evil laugh.

    Also, let us interrigate our latest addition as to where he got those band members. He was clearly being assisted by another of the 9.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:34 No.5397499
    We'll turn him into a Loli-bot. Its our creed, remember? All who oppose us must be changed into a Loli?
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:35 No.5397502
         File1249868111.jpg-(26 KB, 500x500, HAH.jpg)
    26 KB
    Someone here is new to the thread huh?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:35 No.5397508
    Nobody ever agreed on that.
    Like he said. Give it a rest already. There are more interesting things to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:36 No.5397510
    As for a name, I recomend Mind Contro-Os.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:36 No.5397519
    Read the first few threads. Everyone agreed on it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:36 No.5397520
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:37 No.5397521
    Don't forget to spread our candy into Grenada. And buy up all the media. It will make our conquest all the faster.

    Seconding an interigation. Now that he's our loli-maid, he can't lie to us. Lets lso make sure that he does all the cooking and cleaning from now on... cooking with LASERS.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:37 No.5397525
    I was there. That was you, everyone else was suggesting other stuff.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:38 No.5397527
    Righty - O then!

    On to Grenada!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:38 No.5397529
    Right, cause I'm everyone whos not you?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:39 No.5397537
    Get out faggot. It's because of people like you we can't have nice things around here
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:40 No.5397545
    I recommend Lolifying this guy.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:41 No.5397550
    ... what? It was only one person suggesting that and I don't remember anyone replying. The one thing Scientist agreed on was the backstory.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:41 No.5397551
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:41 No.5397563
    Do we have any leads on the rest of the Numbers? Have we interrogated 8 and see if he knows anything?
    >> Abaddon 08/09/09(Sun)21:42 No.5397565
    Start the spreading of a new religion that shows you to be a god of SCIENCE!!! start it in Russia and watch it spread. gain fearless zealots who will commit suicide rather than be captured. keep said zealots in reserve for when shit goes down hill.

    make number 8 a lazer loli made out of lazer particales
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:42 No.5397568
    We need our own spy satellite, if we don't already have one.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:42 No.5397571
    Instead of a conventional invasion... We should wipe out Grenada with a natural distaster... then offer to help clean up the country and build the tesla coil.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:42 No.5397573
    Does anyone have that big speech about how lolification was the ultimate tool for revenge? I can''t seem to find it in the archives and it was really something else. Really inspirational.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:42 No.5397574

    Clones, thousands of them!
    Why have we not made clones of our selves yet? Could prove useful.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:43 No.5397575
    Interrogate 8 to find out which other member of the ten got him the Abomination band for the rockoff. Send Sherloli-horo and Loli-Watson to investigate any leads.

    Use Laser technology to upgrade our Zombie-assassin.

    And do something nice for 3. Upgrade her memory banks or something.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:43 No.5397580
    Check the old threads again, it was suggested a few times and people went with it. Also, just because I'm defending it, doesn't mean I'm the person who suggested it.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:44 No.5397583
         File1249868642.jpg-(154 KB, 600x600, One Poorly Drawn Beach Front L(...).jpg)
    154 KB
    You go ahead and market to Granadians.

    After about a week, they're under control.
    Also, to keep up with other shit we were doing prior to the rock battle. You resend Mary-Sue back to the UN, while sending the other Loli-s back to their respective tasks.

    The twins finished their salvaging of 3's old base and your computers are looking quite impressive.

    You have number 8 upgrade your laser tech while your at it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:44 No.5397585
    >check out how cool my speech was durr
    Yeah, it was everyone alright. You suck.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:44 No.5397587
         File1249868681.jpg-(25 KB, 200x200, 1249742258671.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:45 No.5397594
    Make some clones for that fateful day of assassination.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:46 No.5397606
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:49 No.5397632
    Have 8 do the cooking and cleaning. She is a maid after all. she should learn her place.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:52 No.5397662
         File1249869140.jpg-(118 KB, 600x600, Oh God, What have I Done.jpg)
    118 KB
    You don't feel too comfortable staring at it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:52 No.5397666

    ( Kinda partial to this - we're on vacation, yes? Add the Tesla coil & sounds like a recipe for FUN )
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:53 No.5397671
    Send it away to boarding school or something.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:54 No.5397677
    DO IT
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:55 No.5397688
    If we're going to build a giant tesla coil we'll either need to hide/disguise it very well or give some non-world-threatening excuse for it. Ideas?
    >> Da painboss 08/09/09(Sun)21:55 No.5397689
    Excelent, now that Grenada has been brought to compliance we should start a campaign to bring more tourists here then wow them with comfort, THEN SQUASH (or lolifiy them) into submission and start a secret army of sorts
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:56 No.5397693
    ( Also - am willing to bet we feel our hand tingling for some unfathomable reason. Note that in our organizer. )
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:56 No.5397697
    I recommend disguising it as the world's largest hotdog.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)21:58 No.5397710
         File1249869520.jpg-(76 KB, 600x600, The Irony.jpg)
    76 KB
    Oh fine. Whatever. You do it.
    Off whatever it was goes, never to be seen again.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:59 No.5397711
    Well that is because you made it a generic loli, with a question mark for face.

    Make it samurai-like, with that awesome hat, and lasers. But still a lolibot.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:59 No.5397712

    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:59 No.5397716
    Tesla coils are theorized to be usable in a 'global energy' pattern, the ability to put enough electrical energy into the air that it can be drawn off without the need for wires. (Go go History Channel Tesla special!)

    We just tell them we are working to supply global energy and all is well.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)21:59 No.5397722
    Give it to the pedobear bots.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:00 No.5397729
    A grenade that big will do more than destroy Granada... and how do you expect to build a tesla coil on a large crater of magma?

    I thought we were a scientist!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:00 No.5397731
    ....With that responce I kinda got the mental image of the Anon-AntiLolibot-Lolibot sitting inside a cardboard box marked Free Lolibot on the corner of some forgotten street. Sitting all sad like in the rain.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:01 No.5397734
    *yawn* *stretch*

    Ahhh - Ok. We got the loli quota in & had a nice VayKay...

    So what's the plan guys?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:01 No.5397735

    You weren't paying attention, were you? We have a strict "No Pedobear" policy in effect. All Pedobears will be shot on sight.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:02 No.5397742
         File1249869730.jpg-(22 KB, 500x500, 3.jpg)
    22 KB
    Can we use the stuff we got from the remains of her lair to further upgrade 3?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:02 No.5397746
    Are we able to construct a moon base yet?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:02 No.5397750
    3 lives with us, 8 has been sent away.

    What is the status on the other numbers?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:03 No.5397752
    We could check in with our spies, Quasi Baroness, etc. - & see what our rivals appear to be up to?

    Otherwise - who's next on our shoot list?

    They seem awful quiet of late.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:06 No.5397769
         File1249869970.jpg-(125 KB, 600x600, No One Will Ever Notice.jpg)
    125 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:06 No.5397770
    Construct a moon base. Move operations there.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:08 No.5397782
    Have 8 design deadly laser guns for our mooks. Make them absurdly easy to use, and market low-power versions as children's toys. Not only will kids be raised to be proficient with our standard mook weaponry, our mooks will be able to pass off their armament as simple toys when in public places.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:08 No.5397787
    Now open a hot dog franchise right under it.

    While you are at it, branch into fast food business. We are going to take up on a big rival today: McDonalds.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:08 No.5397788
    Also, construct numerous satellites and take buy out all global communications.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:10 No.5397798
    Construct mechanical rapping tentacle monsters and have them sell the hotdogs. Call the franchise tentacle dawgs.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:12 No.5397812
    You mean deliver tentacle hotdoggings to all the women on earth rite?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:13 No.5397818
    Second the moon base. Make it look like a giant moon pyramid (or just move the pyramid there).
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:13 No.5397819
    Too blunt. We don't want to rape all women on earth with hot dogs. At this point.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:14 No.5397821
    And a sphynx in our visage?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:14 No.5397826
    NO make it a necron monolith, and scare the shit out of the neckbeards currently on earth
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:15 No.5397835
         File1249870500.jpg-(135 KB, 600x600, Slight Snag In That Plan.jpg)
    135 KB
    In order to do that, you have to get permission from the UN for such a project. Calling up Mary-Sue, you get a quick explanation on why the UN feels a tad uncomfortable with these plans.

    Short explanation: You have to ditch your control on the world's oil supply if you want to go ahead and move.

    Somehow you sorta knew taking over control of the world's oil forcefully would result in something like this.

    Do you still wish to proceed?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:15 No.5397836
    tentacle monsters are there for rape, they don't sell hotdogs
    the time will come, the time will come
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:15 No.5397839
    This gives me an idea suprisingly enough. Research robotic arms/tentacles. That way we can do two or three times the work all at once!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:16 No.5397843
    do it subtly without them knowing, preferably using cloaking tech
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:16 No.5397845
    Oil supplies... moon...

    Economy matters more. Let us do away with an underwater base for now.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:16 No.5397847
    Fuck yes. Also, I like that idea of the tentacle hotdog chain.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:16 No.5397852

    hotdog and calamari burgers. I like it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:17 No.5397854
    That works.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 08/09/09(Sun)22:17 No.5397860
    >mechanical rapping tentacle monsters

    What an interesting subversion.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:19 No.5397872
    Create a better, though still slightly inefficient fuel source after you relinquish control of oil. Also, create a MUCH more efficient fuel source for yourself. And charge them an arm and a leg for your inefficient version thats better than their oil.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:19 No.5397874
    No, keep the oil.

    An an underwater base would be nice. Build a few, call them deep sea mining sites, aquatic life research facilities, and visionary futuristic cities.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:19 No.5397876
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:20 No.5397885
    Start out with an underwater base, begin harvesting methane crystals to boost the world's energy supplies. When we're lauded as a hero for saving the world, we ditch oil and move to the moon.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:20 No.5397886
    They must wear fur coats and have gold tentacle suckers. They must.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:23 No.5397910
    lillithid rappers with gold cains and fur coats....nice
    still, make it a monolith, to scare the neckbeards on land
    >> Scribble 08/09/09(Sun)22:23 No.5397912
    Fuck yeah, this is both clever AND profitable.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:23 No.5397915
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:25 No.5397924
         File1249871108.jpg-(142 KB, 600x600, Why Did I Waste Time On This.jpg)
    142 KB
    Why did I draw this? This idea is stupid. I'm stupid.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:26 No.5397938
    this is is maxmimum
    >> Scribble 08/09/09(Sun)22:26 No.5397939
    Gahdamnit, you almost made me snort soda.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:27 No.5397949
    Shit, next post talking about our moon base decision decides on what we do.

    There are quite a few other good suggestions out there already though, so think carefully.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:27 No.5397951
    I think you're on to something here. You can say they came from the moon, giving you reason to establish a colony there. To watch over them or someshit.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:28 No.5397961
    Don't release control of the oil and do not move to set up on the moon. But do plan and begin to construct the necessary equipment and plans now.

    We shall move when the time is right. At the exact moment.
    >> Scribble 08/09/09(Sun)22:28 No.5397963
    Fuck oil. Build on moon. Solar panels everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:29 No.5397969
    best idea ever. I fully support the race of tentacle hotdog seller robots.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:29 No.5397970
    outfit these guys with speakers that blast a generic rap beat, WHILE also firing brown noise, so the bastards could start rapping during an invasion, and the enemy troops are shitting themselves and are incapacitated
    >> Scribble 08/09/09(Sun)22:29 No.5397973
    Damn you.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:29 No.5397980
    Suggestion negated for involving rapping tentacles
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:30 No.5397985
    ..How does that necklace stay in place without shoulders?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:30 No.5397990
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:32 No.5398002
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:36 No.5398029
         File1249871762.jpg-(158 KB, 600x600, I Think It's Time We Admit Som(...).jpg)
    158 KB

    You pause for a moment. Something about these ideas strikes you as... odd. Mary-Sue looks dumb-founded. Number 3 floats, giving a slightly concerned look your way.

    "...Maybe you should lay down for a little?"

    It's dawning on you that you might possible be mad and not in the angry way.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 08/09/09(Sun)22:36 No.5398032
    "A-apologies. The stress is getting to me."
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)22:36 No.5398033
    then find your inner angrymarine
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:38 No.5398041
    Perhaps its wise to refrain from any and all mechanical worms.. for the time being. Lets bench the idea, and keep it on hand in case we ever need to look like heroes again.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:38 No.5398044
    Send Sherloli-horo and Loli-Watson to investigate where 8 got his rock band of abominations from.

    Then spend some quality time with 3.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:39 No.5398048
    We are not quite ready to become a 'mad' scientist. We can do that later.

    We should make some tea, calm down, and actually do something sciency. Random experimentation to our benefit!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:40 No.5398057
    I vote Mechanical arms!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:40 No.5398061
    You are weak, scientist. You are not even enraged; what manner of science can you hope to achieve when you have no motivation for a race of mechanical tentacle monster rappers?
    Pathetic, really.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:40 No.5398067
    Not like replacing our existing ones either. Like two or three entirely new sets of arms.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)22:40 No.5398068
    i think we should focus on our overmind, and ask 3 to get meditation techniques so we can come up with some good ideas AND rest at the same time without severing the link to the /tg/ hivemind
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:42 No.5398077
    Seriously, it's time to settle down for a while. We can take a few weeks off while we watch our plans grow.
    -Have 8 build us laser guns. Lots of them.
    -Spend some serious quality time with 3. Buy her more servers, and hang out in cyberspace.
    -Upgrade your lolibots. Spend some time with them, and make them better each according to their own requests.
    -Underwater bases would be awesome.
    -Try to remember what you used to do for fun.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:42 No.5398079
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:43 No.5398083
    Lay down and spend quality time with 3.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:43 No.5398084
    The "ditch the oil, paper the moon with solar panels & beam the energy back" idea has merit.

    We still dominate the energy market then.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:43 No.5398085
    Wait what? I thought my response was going to settle it :/
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:45 No.5398098
    -*Underwear* bases would be awesome.

    ( That's what I read the first time. Damn. )
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:45 No.5398099
    Are you the guy from tgchan? Reaver is a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:45 No.5398106

    All of you thinking mechanical arms are thinking too small.

    WE NEED MULTIPLE BODIES. Taking multitasking, to the extreme, all, of course, under the control of the original, with neurological-to-radio control, tapping straight into the mind so we can be in as many places as we want.

    Also, we can Brofist ourself.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:46 No.5398110
    Downtime sounds good for ourselves.

    Also, investigate what the others are up to.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:46 No.5398111
    You mean incestuous crackwhore.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 08/09/09(Sun)22:47 No.5398115
    I'm not from anywhere. I like quests, so I go to /quest/. Sheesh.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:47 No.5398116
    HA! Yes, that and a railroader. I can't stand that guy, fuck suptg.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:47 No.5398119
         File1249872453.jpg-(150 KB, 600x600, San Loss.jpg)
    150 KB
    You give the quick apology to 3 before bringing your hands to your head. 3 floats near, still a little concerned but relieved that you had sense enough to realise something was wrong.
    Concentrating on why you had started this quest, you feel your black rage. Elizabeth's name comes up and you feel your psychosis slowly overwhelmed by your hatred for the insipid woman.
    Yeah, that sounds like a good idea...
    Yeah, you'll go ahead and do that.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:47 No.5398120

    And, if you want, then we can go with extra mechanical arms or whatever, with safety measures so we can transfer totally into another body if we die in one.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)22:48 No.5398124
    set it up so if we die it wont mater because one of the bodies will become leader of the rest, and our consciousness moves to it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:48 No.5398126
    Okay, the Scientist? Some advice. Start these threads a little bit later. The closer it is to midnight, the better the fa/tg/uy hivemind functions.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:48 No.5398129
    Er, /quest/
    Mechanical arms, do that.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:49 No.5398135

    Yes. Seconding cloning self... after quality time with 3 gets us less unhinged. Otherwise we could end up with mad clones who want us dead.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:50 No.5398140

    Besides, a new body is an excellent way to integrate the rest of what we captured, looting their tech, making it our own, and with lasers. Lasers are always nice. Do we have one that shoots out our monocle? If not, we should.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:50 No.5398142

    I dunno. The rough & wandering starts have charm.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:50 No.5398143
    I still say seabase. Think of all the SCIENCE! we can do in the sea, away from prying eyes. And then, we can share some of our less important discoveries with the world to continue seeming like a good guy.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:50 No.5398154
    Seconded. Clones are good, as long as they know their place (or be killed).
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:52 No.5398165
    This reminds me? Weren't we getting a new costume? Preferably one with a top hat?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:52 No.5398168
    This is now a reaver hate thread. I hate reaver. Long live Scientist!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:52 No.5398169
    Er, kill that first question mark. Kill it with fire, and bury it where no one can ever find it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398173
    Though, yes, our main goal is revenge, we should prepare for afterward.

    First, the world, then the galaxy, then the universe.

    Moonbase is a good start, and start to research FTL tech or find someone who knows physics even better than we do, take him to our side, and, of course find a way to live quite long, like the mechanobodies.

    Why just dominate the world, when we can spread our glory, and that of humanity in general, all over the universe?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398174

    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398175
    add betrayal self destruct mechanism, preferably quick but OH SO PAINFUL
    seconding the tophat
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398176
    Thats the problem with clones though. They all think they're the original. We don't want to fight ourselves, do we?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398177
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)22:53 No.5398178
         File1249872835.jpg-(112 KB, 600x600, Underwater Bases Are Always Co(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    Yes, SCIENCE! Underwater bases construction is shortly finished.
    This also sounds like a good use of SCIENCE. You have 8 install a quick laser mechanism into your monocle.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:54 No.5398186

    Not clones. Just extra bodies we control still. Essentially, like an arm, or a leg, but a whole extra shell, at the heart of it. If we can split ourself, we could do a lot more at once, maybe use ourself as bait, too, if absolutely necessary.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:55 No.5398188
    Kudos to anyone who gets the reference, besides the quote itself.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:55 No.5398192
    Make sure to clearly label which end the lazer comes out of. The last thing we want in a fight is to wear our monocle backwards and burn a hole in our skull.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:55 No.5398196
         File1249872959.jpg-(17 KB, 480x369, majorasmask_1.jpg)
    17 KB
    Now that we have super lasers, we could carve the moon into the shape of our face.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:57 No.5398208

    Hells yes. And if all else fails, drop the moon upon our opponents.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:57 No.5398211
    Brilliant. We could then turn the moon into a gigantic battleship.
    I would wrysage so hard if Reaver returned to tg...
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:57 No.5398213
    That'd probably kill us too.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:58 No.5398216
    >gigantic transforming battleship with our face on it
    Fixed that for ya.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)22:59 No.5398221

    Only if we haven't moved operations off earth before then.

    TO MARS!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:00 No.5398226
    That would require a spaceship and three years of journey. BUT SCIENCE
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:00 No.5398229
    Because Reaver is the only person there, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:01 No.5398234
    >Gigantic transforming battleship shaped like a loli and controlled by a childish AI.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:02 No.5398241

    Indeed. Also, we could have the final battle be an actual WAR OF THE WORLDS!

    We could turn Mars into a giant mobile battleship (with our face on it) and engines and factories and batteries of weapons and whatever else we would need.

    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:02 No.5398244
    lets aim for something closer to home.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:02 No.5398246
    Right. Where is Elizabeth?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:02 No.5398248
    These are increasingly wierd ideas.

    I would say recreational experimentation seems smart in our current state.

    Second >>5398048
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:03 No.5398255

    But: It is red, and we know how symbolic the color red is.

    Also, it is mars, named after the Roman God of War. It makes quite a nice choice for our final base.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:04 No.5398261
    Last time I was there, pretty much. He posts like every day for hours. I think he's either disabled, jobless, or a shut-in. Plus, he's a douche. I remember Bob, it's almost funny how he idolized the guy.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:04 No.5398263
    The voices in our heads are going more and more creative than usual.

    Again: tracking Elizabeth. Investigation progress?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:05 No.5398270

    So like that Invader Zim episode where they fly around bashing into each other with Mars and Mercury?

    " In Battle of the Planets Zim learns that the ancient inhabitants of Mars have turned their planet into a giant spaceship which can be piloted from a control seat located underneath the face on Mars. Dib learns that Mercury can also be flown from a control seat inside the Butt of Mercury. Zim brings Mars to Earth where he plans to use it to squish out all human life, but Dib manages to deflect him. Zim eventually pulls a Han Solo and takes Mars into the asteroid belt, but instead of deftly maneuvering around the asteroids they essentially destroy him. "
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:05 No.5398271
    Lets put the planets and moon colonization on hold. Especially DESTROYING other planets, like the one we're trying to control now. Besides, what fun would there be in just blowing up the whole planet anyways? That revenge would be bitter sweet. Like traveling back in time and killing people as a baby. We want to see the look on their face, the horror as they realize they've been defeated. And worse still, the realization that their comrades, and soon themselves, have been changed into pathetic Lolibot versions of themselves. a Mockery of who they once were, forced to serve us. We not only want this, but we NEED this.

    I vote we sip some tea.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:05 No.5398272
    I vote that we ARE NOT ANGRY ENOUGH, we should focus on finding more of our inner angrymarine. that or building a kickass cane/sword/pistol
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:05 No.5398275
    That would be awesome. But let's wait until we're done on Earth before moving on to the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:06 No.5398276

    Wait wat.

    I was thinking the book/movies War of the Worlds, but literally.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:10 No.5398316
    Suggest mooning the televisor for no apparent reason & then getting back to work.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:10 No.5398318
    I was banned from there for posting "choo choo," in one of his threads; Bob was delusional; good times.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)23:11 No.5398322
         File1249873880.jpg-(176 KB, 600x600, Maybe.jpg)
    176 KB
    Shit you guys move fast now.

    Let's see. Clones for our self sounds alright.

    New costume design. Is it win enough?

    Underwater base. There are fucking fish outside of your base portholes.

    Carving a likeness of your face on the moon sound like a clear fire way of making some of the world a little peeved at you, so I'll hold back on doing that until an agreement is made.

    All the other weird shit I missed, I don't know about it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:12 No.5398328
    Focus on the domestic for now. Like tracking Liz - the other stuff can wait for later. Costume is win.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:13 No.5398337

    3 approves! It's our uniform now!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:13 No.5398338
    Quick! The magic murder bag! I mean the box of evil shit or whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:14 No.5398342

    Now THAT is stylish.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:15 No.5398344

    Snazzy suit, but I prefer the white coat myself.

    Anyways, yes, let us investigate further, gotta find out where those abominations really did come from. Does 8 know anything? Can we scan through his brain/harddrive/whatever he has now?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:15 No.5398348
    why not carve a skull into the back of the moon,
    install rotational rockets
    suddenly when your enemies least expect it
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:15 No.5398352
    Tracking Elizabeth, go.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:17 No.5398359
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:17 No.5398360
    Very snazzy, yes, but not scientist-y.

    It would work if we were to go to a ball to meet our next opponent, in some sort of gentlemanly duel with pistols.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:18 No.5398367

    Why be angry? We just kicked ass and took names recently, with ROCK! Besides, though we are evil, that doesn't mean we can't have a good time doing such things.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:18 No.5398369
    Ask 3 about Elizabeths whereabouts.

    While she's doing that we .. "vgrep" 3.

    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:19 No.5398375
    >>In the spirit of being evil and whatnot, let's continue this story. You're evil, you're a scientist, and you are angry
    >>you are angry
    Thats why.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:20 No.5398376
    Snazzy.. but maybe we should stick with a lab coat of some kind?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:20 No.5398379

    You, sir, have no flair for the dramatic. Our arch-rival is not to be faced until we have overcome the other nine. We have to hold to convention, otherwise what sort of enraged scientist would we be?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:20 No.5398383

    Do explain the meaning of this term. Unless it's misspelled, I really am not sure.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:21 No.5398389

    >We have to hold to convention
    >We have to hold a convention


    We have a snazzy suit, and we have extra bodies, and now we have a situation to use both. Let's hold something extravagant, and see whose attention we draw with it.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:22 No.5398397

    > Visual grep. The operation of finding patterns in a file optically rather than digitally (also called an optical grep).

    In other words, a not-so-veiled request for tits.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:23 No.5398404

    No kidding. This thread has just about filled up.

    Am also thinking that starting later at night might be a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:23 No.5398408
    Yeah. Too much LOLRANDUM here, and nothing done but a rapping worm and a new outfit, that not everyone likes.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:24 No.5398412
    Well, "grep" is a command-line text search command in Unix, but it has now more been adapted to mean "to search by means of a computer." Not sure what "vgrep" would mean.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:25 No.5398421

    Not sure how that translates into a tits request, but thanks; I'll look into this some more now and maybe find my answer.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:28 No.5398441
    bump or another thread?
    >> Jay 08/09/09(Sun)23:29 No.5398444
    The rapping tentacle monsters was a clever idea. Shame Scientists did not go along.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:29 No.5398449
    This has been the most.. random thread yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:30 No.5398457
    If that was when MudyQuest was still going on, then it's changed quite a bit since then.

    Yeah, mods are somewhat susceptible to Butthurt. And even Reaver though Bob was a faggot.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)23:33 No.5398482
         File1249875226.jpg-(177 KB, 600x600, Shit Is Getting Busy.jpg)
    177 KB
    Oh WOW! That shit was funny.

    Probably would be. I only tried to start earlier for those who sleep earlier. Feels like maybe I shouldn't.

    Anyway. Asking 8 about which of the scientists gave her the malformed and monstrous band, you quickly pull enough information to know it was a two man job. Turns out that only someone with intricate knowledge of biomechanics and gene splicing could pull off this sort of shit.

    3 gives an all too human shiver. "I know about the gene splicer."

    It appears someone is trying to call you.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:34 No.5398490

    We answer, of course.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:35 No.5398505

    Put them on hold with a loli-bot while we question 3 about the gene splicer.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:37 No.5398523
    thank you, I humbly request that we speak through the lolibot, while answering the call, it worked last time.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:37 No.5398526
    Well, I would assume that a "suggestive" use of the term "vgrep" would imply that it is a nerdier version of the more standard (and less obfusticating) "optical grope."
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:37 No.5398527
    Get Nameless to answer the call.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:37 No.5398532

    Hold? No. We taunt our enemies rather then giving such threats to a minion. We should give them the same chance (if it is an enemy to us).
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:38 No.5398549
    Invest heavily in the developement of impoverished countries in Africa and South America, making sure that said investment is well covered by the local media and that it's actually producing results. Found corporations to create jobs for the people and stabilize the countries further.

    You now have the admiration of the people, the same people whom the UN ignored and the World Developement Bank failed for decades. They will come in handy when you inevitably have to overthrow the great powers.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:38 No.5398550
    I reckon he is still stuck on incest and crossdressing. Shame it is all he ultimately amounts to; I had high hopes for Reaver when Rudy Quest was around.
    Another showdown, good sir.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:42 No.5398581
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:43 No.5398591
    I believe several governments have tried to do that already. I seldom think we have the manpower for that sort of venture.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:46 No.5398613
    Yes, but we have SCIENCE! on our side. We can fix their problems using SCIENCE!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:47 No.5398619
         File1249876055.jpg-(73 KB, 500x500, mad scientists.jpg)
    73 KB
    late to the party, but I just saw this and needed to share it
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:48 No.5398626

    I doubt Africa can really help us. Give them some free candy, maybe, but let's focus on the important stuff.

    Take the call.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)23:48 No.5398627
         File1249876115.jpg-(126 KB, 600x600, Number 3 Uncomfortable.jpg)
    126 KB

    You have "The Nameless" answer your call while 3 floats in closer to you. Bringing a hand up as if to block out anyone else from reading her lips, she hesitantly replies.

    "The gene splicer... Number 6. He's... Well he thinks that he's..."

    She checks side to side a little frustrated that she is about to say this.

    "He thinks he is a reborn wolf spirit trapped in a human body. I severely doubt when we meet up with him, we'll be looking at anything remotely human."
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:49 No.5398634

    He's a furry? Find him and BURN HIM. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:49 No.5398635
    We could start by curing aids since that virus disproportionally affects African populations.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:50 No.5398641
    Oh for fucks sake, hes a furry! One of those stupid religious furries at that! When we Lolify him, we'll HAVE to make him into the most human looking Lolibot yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:50 No.5398644

    >"He thinks he is a reborn wolf spirit trapped in a human body. I severely doubt when we meet up with him, we'll be looking at anything remotely human."


    All that comes to mind is YIFF IN HELL and KILL IT WITH FIRE
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:50 No.5398645

    We need to invest heavily in flame-based weaponry.

    Also, look into uploading 3 into the internet and having her control all information like that movie with shia leboeuf and Eagle Eye.
    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:50 No.5398648
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:50 No.5398651
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:51 No.5398654

    No, capture him, then use his furry DNA to develop a deadly virus that targets only furries. Then use it on the world.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:51 No.5398657
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:52 No.5398668
    This, then burn him. It is the only way.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:52 No.5398670
    Have 3 purge any and all Furry art and pornography from the net! If that doesn't lure him out of hiding, I don't know what will.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:52 No.5398673
    Make a backup of his consciousness.

    Then burn him alive.

    Then make the consciousness into a fire-themed lolibot.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:52 No.5398674

    If he's performing regular experiments on himself, then the solution is obvious.

    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:52 No.5398678
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:53 No.5398680

    >> metalmetroid 08/09/09(Sun)23:53 No.5398686
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:53 No.5398687
    This, make it elegant
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:54 No.5398688
    Burn him. He does not get a lolibot.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:54 No.5398693
    As a more reasonable thought, being able to control something capable of gene splicing would be quite useful.

    Why destroy the furry fanbase when we can have truly fanatical minions that have been merged with their desires?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:54 No.5398694
    Guys, the phone is ringing.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:54 No.5398695
    Fourthed, whatever. Incinerate, final destination.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:55 No.5398705
    He must be lolified. We just have to do it in a way thats worse than death. Oh! I know, we can have him get electricly shocked whenever he has furry thoughts! Or something.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:56 No.5398707
    YES! Kill the heretic!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:56 No.5398709
    ... are we autosaging?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:56 No.5398712
    Despite all the lolrandum XD of the early dialogue, we actually could use it as a great backup plan for when natural resources such as oil fail us. We already built the Tesla coil on Grenada. We could use the the tentacle monster as a front tho attack (read carve our likeness) the moon w/ lasers from 8. Then subjugate monsters to work hot dog stands while building a base on the moon and covering it w/ solar panels under the guise of a defense from future attacks by tentacle monsters. We could then take all the energy stored on our moon base and use it to supercharge the ionosphere, and control the charge w/ our Tesla coil to power our bases and fire lightning at our enemies. Our attack would look like natural disasters.

    But Scientist is right, to the task at hand.

    Love the new outfit.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:57 No.5398714
    We're autosaging. New thread time.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:57 No.5398718
    I think you're missing the point. He is a furry. We MUST kill him and burn his body. Science takes no exceptions.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:57 No.5398720

    Do you have to wreck EVERY topic that has anything remotely "furry" in it?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:58 No.5398727
    Well, yes. His body must burn. However his MIND must be taken and used for our evil deeds.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:58 No.5398729
    We are burning right along him. No cute lolibot for you.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:58 No.5398732

    Seriously, enough with the lolifying thing already, we need something ariginal for this, goddammit.

    Like fucking with his equipment so that the next time he tries to alter his own DNA, an ass grows around his head and he suffocates to death.
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/09/09(Sun)23:59 No.5398738
    Shit. Really? Auto sage is a cruel bastard.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/09(Sun)23:59 No.5398741
    That... is rather horrible. Well done good sir, well done. I approve.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:00 No.5398743
    Its our signature to Lolify our enemies. Have you forgotten?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:00 No.5398744
    Blame the bashers.

    Seriously, was 20 posts of ragespam really necessary?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:00 No.5398746

    Furry army seems like a great way to have expendable canon fodder.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:00 No.5398751
    But we are evil, and we don't like furries.
    So, yes, immolation, if we can combine it with lolification.
    I wonder how hot of a fire we can make using SCIENCE.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:00 No.5398754
    Don't force your opinions on us. Burn him until he dies, that is our new creed.
    >> metalmetroid 08/10/09(Mon)00:01 No.5398759
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:01 No.5398760
    I third expendable furry army. We can throw them into the jaws of death and watch our enemies scream in terror. If they die, we win. If they win, we win. Its a Win Win scenario.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:02 No.5398763
    Don't bother. The bashers will just shit on it.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:02 No.5398767
    I third the suffaction by second ass. That's so fucked up is glorious. Enough with the lolification thing for now. Make him suffer before he dies.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:02 No.5398770
    Do I need to remind you thats what was decided on AGAIN?
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:03 No.5398778
    Huh? Are you some kind of a pedophile or something? Burn and kill until nothing is left, it is the only way!
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:05 No.5398790
    I fourth suffication via ass.

    Read the previous threads.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:05 No.5398795
    The answer is yes, he is a pedo.
    Also, burn rage spam ahoyyyy
    >> The Scientist !!ql/rzSIfHCY 08/10/09(Mon)00:05 No.5398797
    Attempting to link to new thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:05 No.5398798

    Actually, now that I think about this, that sounds kinda useful. Genetically modify the fuckers with all sorts of claws, spitting poison and other crazy shit and alter their brain chemistry to give them the intelligence of a common house-pet. Then unleash them on some poor unsuspecting bastards who get in the way.

    And, just in case, throw in the lemming gene so that they off themselves before they get too out of hand.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:08 No.5398834

    maybe claim these are an alien threat and moon base is necessary to repel the abominations
    >> Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)00:11 No.5398881
    these ones!

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