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What could frighten an entire island enough so that its residents go to sleep with their light open every night? What secrets are so deeply hidden that we don't even remember anymore, yet everyone agree that... something is... different? Why don't we care?

What are we trying to forget?

>This is also a response to >>53276451. You want to know what would happen?

Nothing ever happens.
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2) First and foremost, timestamp. Forgive the low quality, it was rainy and windy outside. The Magdalen Islands are often subject to harsh weather, with winds often going to over 100 km/h. This was taken on a beach near my house earlier today.
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3) Just to make sure where we are. Lost in the St-Lawrence Gulf in Eastern Canada. 5 hour ferry ride to the closest land. Only accessible by ferry or plane, when the weather allows it. A long trip if you want to go anywhere, to shop, to go on vacation. To escape.
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4) The Magdalen Islands are in fact an archipelago. All the islands are linked by sand dunes. A single road goes across the whole thing, sometimes surrounded by water on both side. Storms can shut an island on its own when the waves crash on the road, making it impossible for the emergency vehicles to reach a certain island. Each island then has its own village.
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05) There are roughly 12.5k Madelinots. They're considered bold, strong, welcoming, friendly to strangers. These are not city folks, we're talking about brave men and women who have to live with or against nature just like the times of old. Most of them are Acadians, now French Canadian, but their roots aren't really the same. The Acadian culture and its bloody history is the most dominant. Two separated English communities also exist, both on their respective islands.

There are pretty much no other minorities here. Some came, tried to stay, then left. There is indeed a friendly attitude toward tourists, but this welcome often turns sour if strangers intend to stay longer than expected. Some say it's xenophobia, others say it's to protect the territory and its secrets. I know there is something, I just don't know what.

I don't think anyone knows.

06) Let's close the subject of the other thread. A lot of animals crash ashore. They're meant to be found by an islander, as many of us walk the beaches everyday. Finding a carcass also brings its lot of pride. Here is a beluga whale, dead for some reason. They don't often get close to the islands, this was a rare finding.

Sometimes bigger animal are found, and without strong wind, are almost buried in sand close to a beach. Or maybe is it the tides. Here is a black whale.

08) And then you have the bigger things. Rorquals are sometimes found but are dangerous even dead. First, they stink as hell. Second, they bring predator trying to eat the carcass. Third, poke them enough, they will explode. I'm sure you watched that .gif? Yeah, you watched it. It wasn't an exaggeration. These are dangerous.

09) I know because, as a kid, we used to jump on those like trampolines. Until one of us hit the wrong part and the bowels just went out. Exploded. I don't know what was the most horrific: the smell, the intestines, or the puke all around. Needless to say none of us were allowed to play near dead whales anymore. Nowadays, actually, neither are adults. We're bound to call the government so they can pick up the carcasses for study. All in all, I'm trying to prove that we know the differences between ''normal'' water animals and unusual, weird stuff found ashore.
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10) To help on that knowledge, for such a small place, we have a very nice museum that traces the history of our homes. They also have a lot of encyclopedic knowledge about marine life and have according expositions.

11) For instance, there are real sperm whale skeletons, among other things.
File: 12 - Ship Wrecks.jpg (974 KB, 1910x1426)
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974 KB JPG

12) The museum also trace back most of the ship wrecks that happened on the island. Most are a tragedy on their own, bringing their lot of deaths and sorrow. I'm too lazy to count how many shipwrecks happened but this map will give you a better idea. Yes, that's a lot. Like, A LOT for such a small place. Hundreds of stories are told about ghost ships in the fogs, horns breaking the silence in the middle of the nights, drowned men found walking again... but we don't talk about those. New shipwrecks are written down, grieved for a week, then we move on.

It's bad to stay too long in the past, they say. But what are they afraid of? Is there a link between some of those?
File: 13 - Museum 02.jpg (77 KB, 720x960)
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13) We also have smaller museum, smaller expositions. This one is located on a beach, where a lot of carcasses are actually found. There's one inside I wanted to take a picture of but the door was locked. No one answered when I knocked, maybe is it just open in the summer?
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14) To take everyone in and out of the islands, these are the main ferries we use. They also bring most of our food outside of fishes as the islands are rather arid and, to be honest, there is way too much wind to grow anything. When summer comes, they're full of tourists. They're also useful for students that have to go to college, which is obviously anywhere but on the islands.
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15) There's a view from the ferry in winter. It becomes a bit more difficult to cross the water, so it doesn't leave everyday, just 3 times a week to bring our supplies. Winter life is nothing like the vivacity of the summer. We're completely isolated. A bit more coming soon.
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16) When winter comes, the whole islands are surrounded by ice. Sometimes the ferry need a proper icebreaker just to get us food. It's awesome when you want solitude. To just... walk away from everything, to the horizon, on ice. Endless ice. It is not recommended tho, as many got lost and were never found. While the ice may seem safe, it can break at any time and just eat you. Nature is scary on its own. So calm. So eerie.

And, for real, sometimes you hear the lost ones when you're just walking on the beach. Of course it's just the wind, but it can really feel like whispers and sometimes your imagination think of words and mimic voices of the people you lost. When you think about it, it can feel like the ice wants to lure you away from safety.

I know it's all in the head, but when it happens to you, it's still creepy as fuck. Especially since some still die because of that and most are never found. Being an ex-Canadian Ranger, I had my share of search and rescue missions for this kind of case.
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Most importantly winters are calm here. Everything is in slow motion. That's maybe why not many foreigners can live here. The summer turmoil bring its lot of festivities and the drawback of a dead winter is often too much when you're used to so many things in a city.

Everything is closed. Everything is dead. Barely anyone work until spring. It's silent. Very inspirational to create games or other artistic endeavors, but if you ever feel the need to do something, you're better off elsewhere.
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That's until the sun sets and the storms start to rage. We have a special school calendar that is forced to include many days of snowstorm.

After all, we're a Canadian island. It snows here too. The wind often sweeps the snow away and throw it in the Gulf, but when the ice patches coming from the Great Lakes go down and surround the island, when the wind starts to mess with all that accumulated snow, things get nasty.

Don't even think of getting out. You won't see 10 feet ahead of you. Don't get out.

If you're not blown away by the wind, the snow will kill you. Stay inside, play games instead. Have a hot chocolate and spend time on /tg/.

Just don't look outside too often. They say some things walk in that kind of weather. I once tried to chase what I thought to be something but I couldn't see anything so I went back inside. Way too dangerous.

19) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO16qNSGqAo

An aftermath of a snowstorm.

20) Or an other one.

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173 KB PNG
What _is_ this thread?
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21) Then at this time of the year, in May, most of the snow is gone. It's however still way too cold to go swim.

Instead, some of us just take long walk on the beaches. Some like the solitude, others like the excitement of finding something. Sure, we talked about animal carcasses earlier, but you can find quite a lot of things around here.

The most creepy stuff I ever heard of was a human leg. A real human leg, preserved by the cold, laying down on the beach. Well, believe me or not, someone picked it up, brought it home and kept it in a freezer. Why would that guy do that, I don't know, but I know he did.

Worst is, that guy tried to run for mayor a few years ago. Just a very weird specimen I assume. He's also a local activist and do some community work, I just don't think many know about that side of him, even's if he's a weirdo.

I won't post pictures because I wouldn't want him to be recognized but that story, just like everything else I'm trying to write, is true to the best of my knowledge.
Glory, little pugbro. Revel in it.

/tg/ is out /x/ing /x/.
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There was some interest about creepy, real events to occur on a shore line. I live on one and thought I would share some. I assume one could get some inspiration or help me find answers to the mysteries of here, if they heard about something similar. Welcome to the thread.


22) Of course the beauty of the beaches is the main touristic attraction. We get thousands of visitors every year. In the day, sand castles can be built and swim competitions can happen. Just be careful to not be taken away by the wind.

In the night, however... beaches serve an other purpose. Massive stocks of drugs are thrown by helicopter and pushed on the shore by the wave. Then, the drugs are picked up by local criminals and sold around.

Yeah, behind that pretty touristic face lies a real issue: cocaine. We're actually called the White Islands in the underground slang. The amount of cocaine per capita is huge.

I should be asleep, not sqirming in my seat reading about local horror.

F5 like mad
File: 23 - Drug Lords.jpg (52 KB, 635x357)
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23) Most of the cocaine is brought by the Hells Angels. The criminal network is very sophisticated: since we're on islands and only a single road make links in-between, they just have to pay scouts to call when they see a cop car passing by.

Criminality reigns supreme. We don't talk much about it as when you're not involved, it has no impact on your life, but the criminal activities are flourishing.

Funny note, they are no naked dancers on the islands. There used to be but the fishermen' wives took arms and burnt the place down because they were angry at their husbands lol.

I mean, you live on an island, if you car is just CLOSE to the place everyone will know where you're going... secrets can't be kept away from the collective. There are just collective, forgotten secrets, if that makes sense.

Oh, also. No thieves, no official murders. Reason is, if something happen, you just have to call the ferry to not get out and the place to stay down. Criminals are stuck on the islands until they're found. It would be stupid to do anything like that haha.

However, incest is a real thing. Every family has its dark secret about who raped who. Rapes are rare, incest is not. It's disgusting but it's truth. A plague, a creator of traumatized children and heavy back stories.
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The best is coming. I believe I have just over 40 things.


Oh my sorry for the terrible English on that one. I need to focus more.

24) A bit relative to that, we have quite a lot of guns for such a small population. Many have huge collections, despite just using some to hunt ducks; there are no deer around.

Canadian laws about firearms are rather strict but I've seen some guys hiding guns from the government for reasons they couldn't explain. When I asked, they just said... ''We were told to do that and feel like it could be useful one day.''

You know what? I share their feelings. But why? Why is there to fear? No idea. I mean even a zombie apocalypse would have barely any effect on us... stop the ferry, stop the airplane, nothing comes in.

Here's a way to hide your collection. Use dynamite, blow the underground of a cape, hide your guns there. I visited such a thing once. I was amazed by the ingenuity and scared that someone would think of it.

But more importantly, why is this necessary? Why do I feel this to be necessary too, even if I don't have a firearm?
File: 25 - Mi-Caremes 01.jpg (39 KB, 635x357)
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25) Here comes one of my favorite thing about where I live, and one of the creepiest thing ever: the Mi-Careme.

Mi-Careme means ''Mid-Lent''. Long story short, back when religion was super high (more on that later), people used to fast for forty days, something known as Lent. Well, Acadians thought 40 days was too long and created a holiday to break that Lent and do everything they wanted for a few days, then come back to normal.

Of course the Catholic church would disagree with that, so these guys started to disguise themselves to not be recognized and chased down by the clergy. They went from house to house to eat and drink and party, fleeing from the priests and clerics.

We still run the Mi-Careme today. There are only a few places left with that tradition, it's something like Mummers in Newfound Land if you want.
File: 26 - Mi-Careme 02.jpg (149 KB, 504x335)
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149 KB JPG

26) Mi-Careme starts at 8 pm and goes on until 5-6 am for three days. We laugh, we dance, we drink... all to break the winter in two. It happens in March.

But Mi-Careme isn't only about fun, some costumes can be very creepy. While the goal is to discover who hides behind the mask, some people refuse to be recognized and just choose to leave a house: after all, you can't give anything to someone masked.

Then who are these people? Why do they wear a costume if not to participate in the tradition? What do they want, what to they get from being invited at some place?

I still have nightmares of some disguised figures walking around town, screaming to scare people. These people weren't looking for fun, they were looking for horror. They were anomalies, yes, but scary as fuck anomalies.
File: 27 - Mi-Careme 03.jpg (34 KB, 640x428)
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We have a museum about Mi-Careme. I work there. I work there because I'm scared of mask and find that tradition super creepy and it stimulates me.

Could it be why I sometimes see our mannequins moving in the exposition? The lifeless, plastic bodies presenting our costumes something feel so real. It's like... it's like the energy, the general feel, the frenesy of Mi-Careme could reach them and give them life.

Mi-Careme is fun but at the same time... I don't know. Back in the early days they were using sticks to fight anyone trying to remove pieces of their costumes. I don't know how to feel.

Every day I work at the museum I seek answers but so far I've just had more questions. Hell, I could have written a thread about Mi-Careme only. It's not only about drunk guys using their mask to rob a convenience store (and then getting caught, obviously, see earlier), I swear there's something supernatural about this.

I'm freaked out just typing about it. You have to live it I guess. I'll answer questions regarding that if there are any, but now I'll move on to an other subject.

28) Talking about religion, this is the local chuch of Fatima. The shape is weird, it's supposed to be a wave when you look at it from a certain angle. Inside, the roof is supposed to represent the interior of a clam shell (!) and there are quite a lot of fishing decorations.

It is at the same time a functional church and a monument to fishermen.
Tourism thread. I don't know, I kind of like it. How do I get to the Magdalen Islands, OP? Is there an airstrip or do I have to take a boat. Will people speak English there or French?

t. American Southerner. Never seen more than 2 inches of snow

29) This is the most beautiful church I've ever seen, even if I'm not religious myself. However, the locals are very religious. I believe, elsewhere in Canada, it's about 2% of the population that are. Around here, it's closer to 40%.

Many things can explain the huge gap. A closer life with nature. An older population. The isolation, forcing existential questions. The fear of deaths much more present than in a city.

But we must add to that list that supernatural factor. The air itself is different. On the islands.... it feels like it breaths magic.

Science has shown that, since we live surrounded by salty waters, the ambient air is charged in micro particles of salt (inb4 League of Legends jokes). While it's not deadly per say, it greatly increases the chance of lung deceases and cancer. It's also nefarious for the rush on car and prevent most of the trees to grow. There are no leafy trees, the wind and the salt is too much.

It also creates a dependence when you leave the islands. I've studied in a city for a while and got home sick real quick, the withdrawal from salty air is real.

Can salt have effect on the brain so it feels like magic? I don't know. I wish some of you could come and feel how it's like, here. Like there is a presence everywhere at the same time. I don't know... it's just... too much. Too attractive.

The main reason why I came back and bought a house there instead of living in a city actually. Losing a career just to find back this... feel.... of something.

It's not rational. My apologies. Just come and feel it for yourself.
This thread is amazing.
File: 30 - St-Pierre Inside.jpg (80 KB, 620x350)
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There is a plane. You most likely could go to Montreal at first then grab a plane to the islands. Or, if you want to have a road trip, go to Souris, PEI, and take the ferry here. It's a long road but well worth it. Be careful however, it's super expensive to come here. Despite the distance it is much cheaper to go from Montreal - Paris than to go from Montreal - Magdalen Islands.

Why are they monitoring the prices this way? You tell me.


My first job ever was as a tour guide for that church. I have beautiful memories of the place and many nightmares about some encounters. When you spend so much time in a church, creepy things start to happen.

I'll tell you about one. I've met my first Catholic exorcist there. I was so freaked out, the dude was... I don't know, it felt like an NPC in a video game. It was surreal. As a tour guide I went to him and he spoke to me with words I'll never forget.

''You know why I'm here. She killed again. We must respect the Mother who watches over the fishermen.''

I was having trouble in my life back then, I thought I was seeing things. I don't think I'm a firm believer of the paranormal, I mean I'm trying to be scientific in everything, but I've seen things that summer that I can't explain still.

Well, after that encounter, he gave me his number and told me to call him when I would witness Her acting again. It made no sense to me but I was traumatized.

I tried to call at that number many years later, it was shut down. I don't remember his name but I think I still have that paper somewhere... it was over 10 years ago, I was 15.

I think this meeting lead to something of the darkest, creepiest thing that happened to me.

31) On a side note... while religious, sometimes, unexplained fire happens. In 2014, a church on the Grande-Entree island was taken down by the flames. It was later to be rebuilt (churches rebuilt? nowhere else!)

It's not that mysterious since it was a 100 years old wood church. But, the St-Pierre church discussed earlier, also has an history of fire. Back in 1890 when it was built with shipwreck wood, the church fell three times on its own. It wasn't until a priest blessed every single wood board that it could finally stand up.

But then, three times again in its history, lighting struck the high peak and caused a fire. Once, an event was happening inside. The believers thought the great ball of fire cause by the lighting was actually the Holy Spirit descending upon them.

It was the last time a fire occurred there, but the legend still goes on.

Again that church itself could be thread worthy. I'll stop there. It's also the second biggest wood church in North America. It's massive and beautiful and full of feels.

Of course we have cemetery. This is a picture of where my mom is buried. She died when I was 4, which led to existential question at a young age, along most of my family: uncles, aunts, friends, cousins, grandparents... which led to an interest in unexplained things, creepy things, 4chan, etc... you can imagine my background without issue. I spent way too much time early in my life at funerals.

That being said, the cemetery itself is scary. The woods behind it are scary. There are sound. It's like it wants to be a sanctuary on its own in such a small place.

Again I don't believe in ghost and the like, but I must admit I feel good when I go visit my mother. When the typical wind of the Magdalen Islands blows on my face, sometimes when I put my back or my hand on her tomb, it feels like a soft caress.

It's a place of magic and energy. That could however be just me, I haven't heard stories about that cemetery in particular, I guess it's just my own attachment to it that makes me feel that way.
File: 33 - St-Lukes Church.jpg (196 KB, 960x698)
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196 KB JPG

33) That being said, there is an other cemetery on the island that IS renown for being something else. I don't have pictures of it because it's too dark to go there at the moment. I only once went by night, I wasn't alone, and got super scared anyway.

Back when the islanders had more diverse faith, an Anglican church was built on the Central island. It's not a church anymore but the building is still used for gatherings, such as AAs, yoga practitioners or even some Wicca people.

While the church itself is scary by it's isolation in the woods, it's the cemetery there that scare the most people.

It is full of children grave.

It's like... something happened to those kids. I couldn't find out on my own. But from years that I don't remember there are series of tomb without a single dead going past 10 years old. That's like 10-15 tombs. For such a small population it's MASSIVE!

What killed these children? No one knows. I don't know if they have family. I'll have to go look back tomorrow by the day.

The church is isolated deep in the woods but there are still neighbors that are disturbed by cars on the road there. Last time I went by night we got caught. I don't want that to happen again.

34) Talking about the night... here is the initial question: why do we still keep our lights on?

It's a tradition that goes way back. The picture if of 1978 but we're talking about pre-1900. I was told by an elder that fishermen used to get out by night and move only as a whole to reach their boat. No one would go alone. Boats then all sailed away together to go fish and came back by sunlight as it went.

He sounded curious and afraid. I'm sure he was tormented by the same question: what were they afraid of?

I mean even today in this day and age with computers and everything we still all keep our lights on to guide the fishermen. It makes no practical sense. There was a reason.

We may continue today to do so by tradition but back then there must have been something... were they afraid of monsters? Were they real? Why would such brave men be so scared when left alone in the night?

What happened? What caused such a traumatize that even today the elders don't or refuse to remember?

I mean, sure the fog is scary and can be dangerous, but it's not enough to terrorize grown up fishermen, right?
File: 36 - Entry Island.jpg (75 KB, 940x338)
75 KB

36) I almost forgot. This is Entry Island. It's an island with approx. 50 residents now. It's one of the two anglophone communities. That island isn't linked to any other, they have to move by boat. It's super small compared to the archipelago, yet it has the Big Hill, the highest hill of the Magdalen Islands.

I'm sure there are many stories about the Entry Island on its own but I never lived there so I don't know much, else than its residents are (as I was told) dangerous and drunks of Irish descent.

You can also see a cruise ship as we get visitors early September. Cruise ships are rare, that's why you see so many smaller ships around. They're curious and try to get close to it for pictures.
File: 37 - Depths.jpg (47 KB, 720x960)
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There are many legends about the islands. I didn't want to share too many as I wanted to give a more personal feel and real things, while legends are just legends.

Yet here is one that scared me out when I was a kid and still can't stop think about. It's called the Man in White.

There's a road we call the Church road. Basically it cuts the Central island in half, crossing through the woods and hills. There is no asphalt, just trees, solitude and dust.

Well, back when my parents were teenagers, a guy wearing only white clothes was allegedly walking that road by night. Many police reports were written, talking about this guy jumping in front of cars to scare the driver or worse. Your typical maniac.

Of course it was terrifying but not really dangerous. Until a young girl living nearby disappeared. For days and nights they searched for her until she came back to her house, her dress torn, crying about the Man in White and how he ''showed her an other world''. Of course none of it made sense but at least she was safe.

A few days later the Man in White was seen again. Policemen somehow could never catch him, but somehow, they heard about a suspect and arrested a guy.

So they asked about his doing and the little girl. He refused to answer and committed suicide in his cell.

It wouldn't be creepy if the same events didn't occur back in the mid 2000s. After decades the Man in White was back at the Church road, despite allegedly being dead for years.

I don't think it made the stories then, but I heard about it by secretly hearing a conversation with my mother-in-law who is the most down to earth person I know. She believes nothing of paranormal and don't care about creepy stuff but she was legit scared. It happened to a patient of her, by a Mi-Careme night. Or so I heard. Since then I've been looking for the guy, never seen a Man in White or his new world.

38) This is where I went to school. I was a troubled child so I believe most of the darkness the building inspires me come from me and not the building itself.

Yet I still shiver when I get close to the place. So big, so empty.
File: 1381858055894.gif (21 KB, 350x350)
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This is fascinating, and apparently, a great deal of it is TRUE.
File: 39 - Butte du Lac.jpg (67 KB, 960x720)
67 KB

This is close to the Church road. That hill is where we separated men from boys back when I was younger. We had snowriders and used to fight King of the Hill style to show dominance.

But also, we always avoid the hidden side of this picture. The cemetery is just down there and when it gets dark, it feels like the woods are animated.

We fought by day, we scared each other by night. We dared each other to go deep in these woods. None of us did. We all felt a presence yet no one could ever point a finger.

I'm sure if a Slenderman exists somewhere it's there. Kids playing on a hill, he lures them away... I mean, it happened before. Back in my father days they ''forgot'' a child tied on a tree when they were playing. It was just for fun and the kid was captured, so it was a game. But that kid spent the whole night alone tied on a tree.

He ended up in a mental institution. My father still feels so bad about it and refuse to tell me more about this story.

But I mean... it's just an other thing among so many. It's like too many things are happening for none of it to be real. I don't know. I'm lost.
Not that hard these days. What with all the "Hows I sumun a suc-u-bess?", "What are the REAL conspiracies?" and "How dos I use REAL magick?"
I have work tomorrow so I have to go to bed, but I eagerly await the continuation of this thread, and I will certainly check tomorrow! Please post more!
File: Ultra_comics.jpg (47 KB, 167x200)
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I require more
File: 40 - Light du Borgot 02.jpg (154 KB, 1000x667)
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154 KB JPG

40) Almost done. I tried to explain why there is a certain feel about the Magdalen Islands. So many mysteries left untouched remain.

I do that because I believe the truth is out there and I can't go further until I have the answers I seek. That being said, some ask less questions yet can do more. Being on islands, it's sometimes hard to find a love mate or have a family.

That's why so many blood lines are entwined. I don't personally know any incestuous relations but I know some families have been marrying each other for many years.

Why is that?

Some say there magic circles among the population. They say greater magical powers can be achieved by blood unions. And so they marry from a family of witches to an other.

Mostly girls, just like the old tales, but some boys are allegedly gifted too.

I don't know if this is true, but if were mages were real here, I would only have one question for them.

>Are you working with or against the mysteries of the islands?

That picture also has no Photoshop in it. We see sunsets like that on a daily basis in certain times of the year. They say that's when the mages do their things, by sunset, and that they draw powers from ''the moment''.

It's true that you can feel an energy when you see such a landscape. But could it just be your mind going mad because you're seeing the most beautiful thing in the world?
10/10 thread, OP. Going to bed, but refreshing this page first thing in the morning.
File: 41 - Corps Mort .jpg (173 KB, 640x480)
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173 KB JPG

And finally my last picture. It's a tiny island we call the ''Corps Mort'', or Dead Body, because it looks like a man lying in a casket.

This picture grasps the eerie of the islands that I like so much. The isolation by winter, the calm, falling snowflakes, the sunset... it's the moment, the bliss I'm trying to achieve while playing games, in real life. For some reason I can't reach that bliss that often but I still do, from times to times. Happiness is a weird thing.

I'm still left with so many questions and so few answers about what I consider to be mysteries: the blood lines, if there are real monsters, if there WERE real monsters that scared the fishermen, if there is indeed a religious truth behind our beliefs...

I don't know. I wish I did. I just hope some pictures could either inspire you for games, or maybe dig deeper and help me unveil the truths about the Magdalen Islands.

Maybe, after all, are all the unanswered questions the real magic?
This is so great OP, my grandma used to go to Magdalen island every summer when I was younger but I never accompanied her. She felt a strong attachment to this place and had good things to say about the people of that region.

Next vacations, I think I'll go there

The mist rolled in and they followed it out. What came back was something else. The gulls know, and would have warned us if only we knew how to listen. Draug-draug-draug.
interesting and moody stuff, but you really didn't get into any of the actual mysteries besides that Man In White story and one or two other minor things, you mostly just side-stepped around actually talking about any of it, feeling a bit blue-balled in that regard
>Then who are these people? Why do they wear a costume if not to participate in the tradition? What do they want, what to they get from being invited at some place?
Excellent thread OP. Gave me chills. I hate the thought of living in such a desolate, isolatedp lace.

>>53285703 is true though. You made this thread saying 'no one does shit about weird stuff washed up on the beach' then didn't actually talk about any supernatural stuff washing up, only dead whales, and didn't really elaborate on anything much 'solid' besides the Man in White.

Yeah, this is lacking, mostly because I believed other means such as books or Internet articles would give a better impression of these legends.

I also don't have any proof for many of those ans evidences are often washed away, sometimes figuratively, sometimes not.

I mean we've all heard things. I just didn't think it would be credible to talk about everything I heard when I can't prove my claims.
Guy from the last thread who called OP a tard for being spooked by a dead whale

This thread is long on words and short on creepy
Shut the fuck up, it's better than 99% of the /tg/ shut nowadays, OP is a great poster and storyteller.We should have more threads like this, rather than "martial vs caster DAE?" bullshit.
>hurr durr you either have to like something and never insult it, or hate it 100% there is no inbetween
>What I can glean from this thread:
OP is an inbred tard
OP lives in a shithole island (that's actually a peninsula)
OP thinks this island is interesting
OP's mother died when OP was 4. This is legit sad.
OP is scared by dead whales (despite playing on them as a kid)
OP should go to /x/
Oh, I forgot the cocaine.
Still shit tho

Think what you want of me, if you don't know what the fuck is the difference between a peninsula and an archipelago, get the fuck out of here lol.
Sorry, I saw "is akshually a" and misread.

Seeing as, you know, an archipelago is just an extensive group of islands
"Peninsula" literally means "almost island;" it's a land mass that would be an island if it weren't connected by land to the mainland on one side. I tried to upload a pic as an example but I kept getting "upload failed."

Just take this map >>53281243

See where Chandler is? See where Percé is? That's a the Gaspé Peninsula. Look at where the Magdalen ISLANDS are.

It's nothing like a peninsula. You can think of it as a miniature, more isolated Japan if anything.

Can't believe we're arguing that to be honest.
Don't listen to the haters OP lots of subtle horror itt, good job

/tg/: you don't even need the other boards anymore
>/tg/: you don't even need the other boards anymore

It's kinda sad how true this is. I feel like while the other boards get shittier and shittier, /tg/ is still worth visiting. That, and a few of the generals on /vg/.
OP had to choose between vaguely hinting at things and going ahead with details and narrative. Since he wasn't trying to write a story, going with the former was enough I think. It's better to that and stop at that than try and put in a narrative that ends up being absolutely retarded if you don't have the talent. Years ago there was a thread on /x/ that started as a faux-reality story about... I think it was about a man named Strahe, or Strahd or something. Something about that guy whom the poster knew being stranded in a cabin and some entity stalking him. It started off rather strong and was plausible, but the poster didn't know where to stop and turned it into something ridiculous.

It's of course fine to ask for more, but the assessment that there's not enough stuff is very unfair. I can probably fish a dozen ideas from this thread that I can use in one single or a number of separate Cthulhu or Delta Green scenarios.

In short, good job OP. To develop these further sometime if you have the inspiration and the skills.
Did I just stumble into an M-EPIC thread?
The area around the Canadian maritimes is just jam-packed full of crazy /x/ shit, it seems. I didn't know about the Magdalen islands, but there's plenty of other stuff I know about.

Like the haunted potato patch in Newfoundland, and the Shag Harbour UFO incident.
>the haunted potato patch in Newfoundland
Go on...
I'm trying to track down the story, it's a really old one I remember hearing about years ago.

Basically it was about some haunted potato patch, obviously. The house long burned down, but the legend went that if you stood in the patch on certain nights, watching the sun set, a kind of hag would appear behind you, with all the usual 'spooky' attributes, such as being filthy with dirty, and having long greasy hair over its face.

Fuck I wish I could find that.
Fantastic thread, OP, incredibly atmospheric. Makes me really want to live out there somewhere, and not just because of the cold.
Your talk about the magical air and how fantastic it is sounds like a bait to trap us on your mysterious Islande
You arent some eldtrich creature looking for fresh human meat right?

Otherwise, it s an awesome threads and it reminds me of the 3/4 cozy horror winter threads, I was looking for a context/a setting to run something like this and it s seems that an isolated archipel is perfect, though I would l'île to see it myself
Well, I suppose if it were in the freezer, it would be safe from animals and wouldn't rot and he could give it to the authorities from Not On The Island to try to identify who it came from or something.
As someone who lived in a shore town most of their life (without creepy shit)...no, the salty air really is something special and not just your place and holy fuck I miss it
Why would an eldritch creature try to lure someone to some rinkidink islands in this day and age when we can just go out for Chinese?
I went back to the church by daylight to capture the children graves. They knew I was coming. I'm legit scared at the moment.

There was no one when I first arrived, no other cars in the parking lot. I didn't get close to the church itself, the plan was to take pictures and go out in less than 15 minutes, before any neighbors could alert anyone. I didn't expect them to be so quick.

First of all the lights flickered inside the building. I presume someone was, for some reason, already in there before I arrived. Then two cars came, I hurried up and left.

I didn't hear or notice these cars arrive. There we no one in them, so that means they entered the church less than 100 feet away without me noticing. I can't believe my eyes. I didn't HEAR the cars, nor SEE them, nor the drivers, and I didn't hear or see them by the church either!? What the fuck?

Everything happened in less than 5 minutes. I have no idea how. I almost expect someone to knock on my door now.

They didn't follow me at first. When I left the church parking lot, I saw a face in the window but it was to be expected, whoever was in there to call for help surely had to keep an eye on me. I looked in my mirror when going out, everything was safe.

In an adrenaline rush, I thought about other creepy places, somewhere called Lake Quinn in the Buck Park. It's super isolated and, while a ''somewhat'' popular park to go walk to, there are maybe, what, 10 persons every day that walk there? Over the course of 24 hours?

So you tell me how and why the fuck that black car from the church came by. He didn't follow me, I checked all the way over. Somehow they knew.

I didn't dare to take a closer picture, I was legit scared at that point. I tried to be subtle. I was also hearing other voices from the parking lot, someone was coming, not from that black car tho. When I entered the parking lot to reach my own car, the black car was parked beside a Jeep, just like that, its back towards me. I didn't move close and quickly entered my own car without even looking at them. What the fuck.

I expect this adventure to be done for the night (I actually don't *expect* someone to come knock on my door...I'm just thinking about it).

I'll post the pictures I took.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 01.jpg (120 KB, 960x960)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

Our first infant.If at any time you see a pattern, please tell me. I want to know what happened to these kids. What shadow was lurking above them?
File: Day 02 - Tomb 02.jpg (153 KB, 720x960)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

The second one.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 03.jpg (145 KB, 720x960)
145 KB
145 KB JPG

Some were teenagers.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 04.jpg (179 KB, 720x960)
179 KB
179 KB JPG

Aged 13 days. So sad. Rest in Peace.

Legit respect for the dead. By no means do I mean harm to them or their families.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 05.jpg (166 KB, 720x960)
166 KB
166 KB JPG

A more recent death.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 06.jpg (130 KB, 960x960)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

There were about... maximum 50 gravestones, yet, so many children...
File: Day 02 - Tomb 07.jpg (174 KB, 960x960)
174 KB
174 KB JPG

What hopes? Is this a generic message, or is there something more cryptic to it?
File: Day 02 - Tomb 08.jpg (122 KB, 960x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

This gravestone was fallen. Somehow this encryption scares the fuck out of me.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 09.jpg (118 KB, 720x960)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
OP, I found your problem.
You live in Québec, that's like Florida weird and Texas weird combined.
File: Day 02 - Tomb 10.jpg (116 KB, 720x960)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

How does one fall asleep forever at 17? I mean and I'm going too deep or is it legit unusual?
File: Day 02 - Tomb 11.jpg (118 KB, 720x960)
118 KB
118 KB JPG

To be honest we have more in common with all the Maritimes than with Quebec. We're much, much closer to New-Bruinswick people than to any Quebecer.

Quebec is only for the administration and taxes really. Beside, I don't think I have a problem.


The last of the children I could find before I quickly left as I was afraid more people were coming and could come question me.
Two dead kids in the same year, year apart, both with headstones saying they were erected by a Mrs JJ Burke.
Another with the same name died four years prior. >>53294703
Another five years later >>53294848
>>53294884 and yet another
Wait fuck they're almost all Pattons
So many Patton children
File: Day 02 - Buck Park.jpg (76 KB, 960x720)
76 KB

Once I left the cemetery, as written above, I went for the Buck Park. That's an other legit creepy park where only ten years ago, a guy my age found a hang man in the middle of the park. It was classified as a suicide, peace to the family.

I still wonder why someone would go and suicide in a place allegedly haunted already by spirits. I'm unsure if it's open to public at night as someone could without a doubt for the entrance anyway.

I wanted to take a picture of the lake and run back before sunset. I don't want to get trapped in the woods alone at night, especially with no flashlight.

The lake. It's populated by a lot of insects and some frogs. When I was a child, I was told some crone could summon a spirit in the middle of the lake and that it accepted offerings for wishes.

I don't know what happened to that. It's still... I don't know, I'll say eerie again. If there ever was a spirit in the lake I'm such it wasn't good.
File: Day 02 - The Den.jpg (32 KB, 960x720)
32 KB

I wonder where this passage leaves to. I'll have to go there someday.
File: Day 02 - Crows.jpg (60 KB, 960x720)
60 KB

Wait, what? Why the agitation?
File: Day 02 - Crows 02.jpg (68 KB, 960x720)
68 KB

Believe in the supernatural or not, when you live close to nature, you know you have to leave asap when birds do so. Whatever it is, just go.

So I went. Whatever caused these birds to flee I wasn't staying to know, not with the sunset so close.
Tell us more about these creepy events please, if you're okay with talking about it.

That's the last picture of today. After I ran out of the park, I knew about one creepy site nearby that I didn't talk about yet.

This is on our only power central site. This is supposed to be abandoned, yet some lights can be seen there at night. It is on the security guards routine to make sure no one goes there. The power plant is just beside, on the right, as you can see on the picture. It's awesome to visit by the way.

Back to this building. I never entered it but I had friends who did. They got scared as fuck. I don't know if they were playing with me or not, but well, here it goes. There's an underground passage in the building. They say the building itself is mostly empty but there's a big whole in the floor, with a ladder going down to somewhere. They went down it with flashlights and rubber suits since there was a current of water. They only walked for a few seconds, it was getting deeper and the water was getting faster too.

They say they saw many entrances and ways below the building, maybe akin to a labyrinth, they don't know. One of them scratched their suit on something below the water so they went back to surface. Whatever there was under the water, it was too dark to see and too dangerous. That cut on the suit could have been on the skin, and who knows what kind of infection could have happened.

Their story inspired me an Aegis Kai Doru labyrinth for a Hunter game. We've yet to know what's under this place, or why it is guarded. This industrial complex is also close to the police station, if I was to go there and get caught, they would be on my back really quick. I don't plan an urban exploration run anytime soon.
>It's of course fine to ask for more, but the assessment that there's not enough stuff is very unfair. I can probably fish a dozen ideas from this thread that I can use in one single or a number of separate Cthulhu or Delta Green scenarios.

I'm thinking of putting together something for noir system A Dirty World based on all this. Something in the vein of the film Terribly Happy.
>many hopes lie buried here

That's fucking heavy...
Sleep means death. In the Bible, it is said that the dead sleep in their graves and will be resurrected on Judgement Day.

So all that stuff about your relatives looking down on you from Heaven isn't really an accepted fact in at some Christian denominations.
>using spooky stories from Canada to run Delta Green
Naw man.
>Two official languages

I'm in hell

Nice digits though
I see what you fucking did there, Chuck.
File: Day 02 - La Grave.jpg (118 KB, 940x338)
118 KB
118 KB JPG

Allright. Let's put down the context first: this was my first summer I ever worked. I was 15. To work in a church was just wonderful for someone who was already interested in theology. While I was not religious, they gave me the job because I was good at it and genuinely interested by its story and shared their ''there is something more about this church'' feeling.

Sure, I was a bit strange, and was caught reading some non-Catholic books let's say. It started with Ann Rice, then the Lesser Key of Solomon, etc. Mostly for fun. While I didn't believe much those readings were enough to put a creepy atmosphere in the first place. I really enjoyed to read alone on a church bench.

The nightlife on the islands in the summer is however not as quiet as my workday was. We had party every nights, or bonfire on the beaches, or concerts. The islands wake up in the summer and there's always something to do.

For a native, it's finally the break for school and the chance to have some activities. Everything is closed during winter but school. It's also the occasion to see new people. As stated before, it's all about tourism around here. Families come visit, etc. So it's not surprising that a friend of yours bring an old friend or far cousin to your party. It's pretty much the only way to meet new people. The words are passed on social medias (or, back then, you just met in person lol) and all teenagers to young adults organize their events this way.

Linked picture is La Grave, where most activities happen. It's empty on the picture, but depending on the nights there can be thousands there. Raves, country singers, movie projections, a lot of things happen there. It's THE PLACE in the summer. Fun to see people, less fun if you want to just chill.

Also a spot where one of our ''play yourself in a horror setting game'' started. That roleplay story could be a thread on its on. Game was epic and shaped who I am today.

The digits are a sign.

That night, in late July-early August I guess, there was a birthday party. A friend of mine was hosting something at his house, near the beach, with no parents and a lot of fun, if you see what I mean. The guy was also renowned to have great parties.

I get there around 9 pm, just before the sun sets. There were a lot of people already, maybe 60-70. On that I was friend with maybe 20, knew an other 20-25, and the rest were tourists. I have a lot of fun doing our typical party things (we had fights back then, for fun, in the backyard or on the beach) or played cards and stuff like back. It's also the time when Guitar Hero was super popular and everyone would play that too. You can imagine the scene.

Fuck, this would be better on /x/. Whatever.

At a certain moment, I don't know what time it could have been, I go in the kitchen to get a drink. That's when I hear a girl scream coming from the bay window facing the beach down below. Everyone jumps out, no one know what happened. The girl who screamed is gazing somewhere in the living room, on a couch, where others were just chilling. She really broke the ambiance and said a faint ''sorry''. I mean, girls used to scream for attention back in these days. Especially Lisa. It wasn't new. The party just moved on.

However, I didn't. When I followed her gaze to meet the couch, I saw a girl I've never seen before. She wasn't feeling well, she was obviously down and wasn't enjoying the party anymore. She looked weak. Something captivated my attention to her. She wasn't that pretty, just your typical brown haired, pale skin, emo-ish kid. She was 16 at most.

I went on with my business but asked some friends if they knew who she were. No one did. I told a close one something felt strange about her, like if she was... how may I say. Unfitting in this reality? Distorting the energy around her? Of course it was just a feeling, but I found it suspicious a bit.

I stayed inside playing cards just to keep an eye on her. From where I was sitting at the kitchen table, I could see she wasn't at ease. Less than half an hour after Lisa's scream, she got up to go to the bathroom, which was farther away in the house.

Following my feelings I moved in the living room where she was sitting a few moments ago and just stood up there, watching the guys play video games on the TV, awaiting her return, just to see. She eventually left the bathroom and walked by me to reach her coat and leave. A few of us watched her leave, she wasn't feeling well as I said and it was noticeable. I think one guy asked if he could do something for her, she didn't bother to answer. I think there was a boy and a girl with her too. So while leaving, she moves just by me, and then, one of the strangest moment in my life happens.

It's like reality slowed down. As she walks, she turns her head in slow-mo toward me, her eyes roll back out, I can see their white. Then at the same time... her eyes melt in some kind of blackness, like a very deep black sludge or something? She opens her mouth slowly but her jaw doesn't stop, it just goes down in a spiral of black on her chest? Everything is grey around her but her face, I just remember a dark shade of grey, as she falls behind where she stands. And then I snap out of the moment.

She ''just'' stumbled in front of her, moved her head away and headed out, with her two friends making sure she's ok. No one around me noticed that ''phase out'' moment. It was most likely just an hallucination but for sure the girl was there and stumbled, that there were many witnesses for.

I was shocked. Once she left, I loudly asked if anyone knew her. Most of the people I knew were already drunk and were of no use. It's like her and her friends were just there, like tourists, brought by no one. They knew about the party, they came, they left, but had any idea who they were.

I never saw them again, yet more to come.

I was a bit shocked by what I've seen. I sat down but couldn't enjoy the party anymore. I soon left alone to my parent's house. The road was fine. However, when I arrived home...

Ok, look. I know the story sounds crazy or as if it was a drug abuse or something. I've never taken drugs or touched alcohol either. In the worst case, see it through the eyes of a traumatized kid whose mind goes wild as he searched his whole life for explanations for the emptiness his mother left to him when she died.

That said. When I arrived home, I immediately felt like something was wrong. Like something was there. Upstairs. Of course, there were my parents sleeping. My parents being my father and his ''girlfriend'', who has been with him for 15+ years, and took care of me when my mother died. On her death bed, my mother actually told my father to find me a new mother, as I would need one. My grandma told me that not so long ago... it has been this woman ever since. I call her mom, despite our incompatible characters and despite the fact that she hasn't had a child on her own, ever but I also felt like something else was there.

My room was beside my parents' anyway. I had to go upstairs to go sleep. I was scared as fuck at that point. I slowly, very slowly climbed the wood stairs trying not to make sound. The presence just felt heavier and heavier. I took a deep breath and glanced at the top before I actually walked there. Nothing. There was obviously nothing but I was still feeling that presence.

Slowly, I move to the bathroom, which was literally two feet away from the staircase. I close the door slowly and silently and open the alternate light, not the main one. I look at myself in the mirror with that dim light. I try to find courage and confidence. I feel very much in danger still. I maybe stood up for 5 minutes just trying to make sense of everything. Eventually, I said to myself, ''This is it''. I reached for the door handle.
No mask? No mask!
Wait. What the fuck?
File: scared.png (764 KB, 826x630)
764 KB
764 KB PNG
don't stop op
Op you son of a bitch.
File: Part 02 - Her.png (221 KB, 268x492)
221 KB
221 KB PNG

I wish I had the talent to transcribe what was waiting for me. You have to understand, this thread was mostly about feels and atmosphere. This encounter was however very physical and legit scared me for life. It's the kind of story I don't even tell my new friends anymore. The kind of story that built me up a reputation here. Not of a freak, no. I tend to be believed, and I think this is what frightens me the most.

The kind of story I never expected to write on /tg/.

When I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was the ''outside''. It was, without a doubt, my house. By that I mean, earlier in the evening when the girl thing happened, everything went grey. It didn't happen there. The decor was what it should have been.

But then I had someone, or something, right in front of me. I'll try to describe.

Imagine an elemental of shadow. The shadows are melting to ''darker darkness'' near the chest of what that thing is. The first thing I see is the melting black, melting on itself toward an infinite deep. It had defined eyes, but no color. Just two massive black ''eye shaped'' forms. They felt... ''fuller''. And more than anything, I felt observed. Hated. From an ''outside'', where ever the other side of these endless black eyes was, it wasn't from this world. I suppose the ''feel'' was like, this wasn't a conscience, it was just a black body, full of rage, but with its conscience/master/whatever elsewhere.

The eyes were worse, but the whole thing was melting. It was a constant motion. It was tall. Most like 6,4, 6,5 feet high. And it had ''ears''. You know what I thought of it when I woke up the next morning? Man Ray, from Sponge Bob. Ridicule how simplistic this comparison is. It gave it a strange appearance but it was so stunning that I can't never forget.

I remember I drew the whole thing in the morning. I kept the drawing for a while then burned it few years later, as I couldn't stand it anymore.

Previous picture is a flawed edited version of Moth Man that I just tried to add the ''ears'' to, and some melting eyes. It isn't quite there, but when I saw the movie, the resemblance was too stunning to not use that to try and describe what I can't by other means.

I knew this had a link with the girl I met at the party. She felt the same thing It was the same energy, just this time, unleashed, more evil. Genuinely evil. It felt feminine. For that reason, I associate that encounter as a She. I later called her Mary, but not for Jesus' mother, I believe there's an other religious figure of the same name. More on that later.

For what seemed to be an eternity, I stood there facing it. In reality it was less than a glimpse of a second. My mind was running so fast I've yet to reach this capacity again.

As I said, it really felt evil. And to myself I would have been a failure if I didn't try to at least ''fight'' that thing by any means I could. When I opened the door, I already had my mind set: whatever was behind it was going to explode, too bad if I was going away with it. Maybe was I reading too many magic books and forums, but at that point I really thought I could have fought that thing with ''magic'' (hate to use that word but I can't explain, I was foolish I guess). I even had a thought for my parents, sleeping right behind Her, just a few feet away.

But when I tried to move my arm and punch the thing down, it just ran away. It took the stairs down and it was gone just like that. It happened so fast I didn't even see it move, it felt more like an imprint in time and space than an actual movement. Slow enough for me to follow, way too fast to react or do anything else. Once downstairs, I felt it going outside and flee by the East until I lost its trace.

I was shocked, unable to move, powerless. We would say ''tétanisé'' in French. This as been the single most traumatizing encounter in my life.
What up Canadabro. American myself but my mom is from a tiny town in northern Quebec on the St. Lawrence and I used to go there every summer. Next time I go I'll pop over to the islands and check the place out.

Surprisingly enough I had no problems sleeping that night. All my energy was drained, the adrenaline withdrawal made things very easy. It's like my body collapsed in bed and I didn't even dream.

I think I went to work at the church just like normal. I didn't talk to anyone about that yet I knew it wasn't over. I knew it would be coming back.

The week passed and finally my parents, who didn't hear anything that night, went off on holidays, leaving me alone for a couple of days. By that I mean they took the ferry and went to New-Brunswick, they weren't anywhere close. I was at the same time frighten and excited, for once I felt like challenged by something, I guess I felt alive. I was terrorized but a story was happening to me. I felt like living a moment in time, a moment worthy of memories.

The church felt bigger, more intimidating. I didn't think that God existed but if he did he surely wasn't on my side. If anything he was oppressing me for dealing with that thing, whatever it was. It was something no humans should have been close to.

Fast forward to a couple of days later, one of the first time when I'm alone at home. In the middle of the night, I wake up. There are a lot of noises downstairs. The house is shaking. I hear glass break, drawers being thrown out, etc. I get out of bed, fearing that She will be downstairs, waiting for me. I take a deep breath and go down. I was awaited.

I barely remember anything of that fight. One of the most troubling thing I remember is, there were absolutely no proofs when I woke up: it felt like we almost destroyed the house, yet everything was fine. No scratched walls, no drawers thrown, no nothing in the morning. Just banality. I also don't remember Her as clearly. She moved too fast for me to see and the impact she left in my mind wasn't as stunning, as intense. The first encounter was like a Print Screen in reality, there were none of those in that moment.

My rational mind tell me nothing of this ever happened. I would be forced to believe that and assume everything I'm writing is created memories. I mean, there would be proof, right?

The only consequences were on my body. I had bruises like if I fought, but not many. Not enough for what I should have had, yet too many for if I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. No idea where they came from.

More importantly, I felt like I had no energy at all. It's childish but I suppose I felt like... someone who ran out of mana over the night. Again I know it makes no sense, I'm just trying to communicate with words we all can relate to. To use common words or expressions to express the weirdest nights I've had.

So I went to work early. I think that's when I met the exorcist, or maybe was it after the next encounter. There are two events: the exorcist and Her at the Church. It didn't happen at the same time but I don't remember which came first. Pick your chronology.
File: Day 02 - The Painting.jpg (68 KB, 600x800)
68 KB

Let's start we the exorcist. To be honest I don't remember much about our conversation. I remember going to him close to this massive painting of St-Pierre we have in the church. The painting isn't that relevant, it was however close to an other monument of which I don't have pictures of. A monument for the memories of all the fallen fishermen who died by the sea.

I know he started by asking me if I was studying theology or if I intended to become a priest. I didn't but told him I was very interested with that. I don't think I told him my story about my mother, etc. Was brought me there in the first place.

I was very curious about what he was doing there, too. I was the one to mention the interest in exorcisms, maybe as a future profession. I think that's why he told me he was there. I asked him about his job but don't remember much.

That's when he started his cryptic gibberish. At a certain time I felt like he was talking to me in parables of some sort, talking about the sea taking lives, that we had to respect the Mother, I mean it made no sense. It made no sense but I was trying, as I was listening to him, to decipher his metaphors. It felt too obvious.

I remember I left the conversation at a certain time with the certitude I had to face and defeat that thing. I guess it felt heroic to think like that. He also gave me his number and told me to call him when ''it was done'' or something, which I didn't. I've never heard of the man again. It's all blurry.
File: k7O_82.gif (2.73 MB, 400x300)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF
You're giving me flashbacks to things I'd rather not recall, op - though it sounds like in some ways you've been through worse.

The other encounter with Her, however, is rather vivid. Much more vivid than the allegedly fight we had.

It was a few days after our second meeting. I was close to the front of the church, reading the Queen of the Damned book. It was already getting dark, I guess I could have stayed after work for the calm. What ever.

I hear the main door open, located at the back. A woman steps in. She's obviously a tourist. She's wearing all black clothes, just like she went to funerals. She even has that thing to cover the hair of a woman in such situations. Something right away feels odd about her. I think she was too straight, too stoic, I don't know.

As usual I let her steps in. The church is really beautiful and, just in case, I wouldn't want to break a perfect first impression of the building by being too hasty. Once she seems acclimated, I walk to her to offer a visit. I remember she declined.

That's when I notice the baby. In her arms, laying on her shoulder, was a baby girl in pajama. Couldn't have been older than a few months at max.

I'm trying to recall things as I'm writing. I think she asked where she could light a lantern inside. I pointed it to her. But then, the scene disconnected with reality. It was slow-mo again. I just saw her move pass me to the lantern and that was it. The energy was the same, the feeling was the same, but how come was I not seeing what was causing this? Obviously the woman had something stranger about her...

She lit her lantern. She said a faint Thanks. She walked away. Slow motion kicked back in again. The baby girl, who had been asleep the whole time, turns her head toward me. She has black eyes. She's melting. I freeze, I hear a cry. I feel like the baby offers me a smile of darkness, then turn her head around. The woman leaves sobbing.

Churches aren't safe zone.

Well shit. So much for sanctified ground.
File: Avatar.png (131 KB, 480x480)
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131 KB PNG

It's like, just like me, She was healing up for the next, decisive fight. I know the next time we would meet would be the last.

I don't quite remember how everything ended. I know I went to a friend's house and told him about the exorcist and the encounter at church. He wasn't believing me until he felt something in his pocket scratching him. It was a Magic card which I forgot the name, but it was evocative to him that I was telling the truth.

I felt so believe, it was good. I left I don't know why, to go home. I remember suddenly feeling the presence on the road, behind me, chasing the card. I remember Her hitting my car door. I remember that I was bleeding, for real. I scratched my tight on something in the car but it tore my pants and scratched me to blood that's for sure.

I went back home. I don't remember anything after that. I can only presume either we had that one fight and it left, either it left on its own, or my trip ended, I don't know. It's only speculation and the glimpses of memory are too unclear to not be confused with created assumptions other fictional memories. I legit can't say I know what happened next.

But, for sure, I've never heard of Her, felt Her presence or anything else after. I've seen some things that remembered me this story, such as a lantern to a certain ''Mary'' effigy, and some movies like the Moth Man which had some physical resemblances.

I tried to understand what happened to me. Most likely, while there could have been something, its physical appearances and the events that occurred are products of my brain trying to rationalize or perceive ''things''. I don't know. This part of my life feels way too much like a /tg/ for me to even believe it. I just don't know. I've been using this avatar to remember since.


Hopefully you're satisfied. That was maybe too personal but if you're interested in other stuff you can find

Sainte Anne. Why these words, now?
>33 posters
>a fuck ton of great job op!
>it was pretty tame and boring
>some stuff was okay tho, well two things for me but they could be applied to any island and coastal place I guess
>E P I C newfriends posting on an E P I C bread ready for the ebin screencap
>best thread on teegee
You guys are pretty lame, I will give op a praise for the effort but it was pretty unremarkable overall m80
I agree it is not top quality material.
But there are lots of ideas for a paranormal fuckery campaign, and for that I thank OP who took from his time to give us this.
File: hiding.jpg (73 KB, 950x534)
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I feel like this entire thread is pregnant with subtle horror potential that doesn't quite blossom out.
But who would want to be the midwife, though?
OP is willing to delve into his memories.
Lots of dead babies, from the Patton family.
Freaky possessed baby by this entity thing.
General feeling of ill-will after showing up at Baby Cemetery.
Perhaps something's going on with the Pattons (or the Burkes). Or they're on to you now.
It just needs that extra something to give birth to some impressively grotesque shit that'll make Arkham Horror shit itself besides.
So, what do you think "Her" actually is (or was), OP?

Hmm. Take the following as it is, just an opinion. I vaguely asked some doctors, psychologists and paranormal enthusiasts/skeptics to help me form an idea.

Whether or not there was really something, I don't know. What I know for sure is, ''something'' triggered on my body and mind a dreadful feeling. That ''something'' COULD be a mass of negative energy, if you believe in these things. That ''something'' could also be a bunch of correlative factors, such as the girl being sick, me working in a church, having a ''taste'' for occult or creepy stuff, etc. The imprint in my mind is real, but whether it was caused by an external factor such as a spirit or demon or ghost or whatever, or if I just took inspiration for my surroundings that my brain wrongly analyzed, I still don't know.

`>TL;DR: The consequences were real and physical. The memories are intact, so it's something. Can't tell if there was an external factor or a correlative brain imagination rampage.

One is more plausible than the other. Yet it doesn't feel right or enough.

What I DON'T believe so far is that there was something real, concrete, with the physical form I described. If an entity WAS there, most likely I gave it a physical form on my own, shaped by all the games I played and books I read, to interpret how that entity ''should'' look. I surprised myself by its shape (I mean I wouldn't create demons with such ears...).

I think I can also relate to the ''feminine'' side of Her. It just felt natural. I have weird maternal conceptions and history.

If you were to take that encounter for a game, it could DEFINITELY be a real thing. I mean, it looked real by every aspect of it, exception being that... these things can't exist, right? Which is why I'm trying to convince myself that it was my brain and nothing else.


The religious aspect of Her came later, as I was looking for answers. Sainte Anne. It felt like Her, same aura, but before darkness took over.
>You call this thing Mary
>'not Jesus's mother, the other one'
>Magdalen Islands
So, this thing IS the islands?
You know, this all started because of freaky stuff being washed on the shore, but that was never described beyond it happening.
Any chance of describing some non-whale non-drug things?

To be entirely honest, I'm willing to bet that OP's stories are worse - it seems like he lives in an environment pretty much full of paranormal creepiness - either real or purely psychological, one can't really say. I happen to be lucky enough that I do not - but as a result, the situations I have been in (and like OP, I honestly don't know what to make of some of them) have been severely jarring.

I'll have to think about whether I'll discuss any of them or not - really it was impulsive of me to put that reply out there, and I'm not really sure what I'm comfortable with saying. It's a mix of not wanting to look like an insane fool, and also not wanting to stir things up again, in my head or otherwise. But I'll think about it.
Or worse, look like you're full of shit, like claiming to having to salt and prayer bomb an abandoned church full of rogue angels.
It's the internet, nobody will know if you look like an insane fool or not unless you sign your name.
Do it if you feel up to it, don't if you're not comfortable with it. No worries.
I was just curious, is all.
I am always curious.

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