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  • File : 1247458093.jpg-(49 KB, 339x500, luchador.jpg)
    49 KB The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)00:08 No.5147359  
    sup fa/tg/uys

    So I'm going to eventually be joining a supers game. It's a pretty high powered game, I've only heard stories of the party's exploits, but they've been things like one shotting King Kong.

    What I want to do is make a hero that is completely human. I'll still have the same number of points spend, but no super powers. I'm making a Luchador. Namely Ernesto Cortez, aka "El Conquistador." I'll be playing him as a lawful good, face style wrestler with a credo of "Honour above all else." What I need from you are suggestions for backstory, things he might have that while technically not being powers are still power like, and most importantly, what should his signature move be?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:11 No.5147392
    Quadruple suplex.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:13 No.5147410
    Three-sixteenths nelson.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)00:14 No.5147420

    I was hoping for something more colourful and/or unique. Also, an awesome and ridiculous name is required.

    P.S. I decided that he'll have been framed for purposefully injuring an opponent during a match. So now he seeks out the one who has tarnished his honour.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:16 No.5147442
    It was the six-fingered man!
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:17 No.5147455
    The 900º
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)00:20 No.5147485

    I like the name dragonrana, but what is it? I think having two signature moves is a possibility. The first is the type where he jumps off a turnbuckle (more likely a mail box in game) and then does something. The second should be a ridiculous grab move like Zangief, but more unique. Thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:24 No.5147522
    I don't know much about wrestling techniques, but some names could be,
    "El Dorado"
    "The Fall of Tenochtitlán"
    "El Santo"
    "Mil Mascaras"
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:27 No.5147555
         File1247459243.jpg-(31 KB, 300x542, elpadre.jpg)
    31 KB
    Luchador character thread?

    Mine's a priest.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:30 No.5147589
    Oh shit, it's Santo
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)00:33 No.5147617
    The Fall of Tenochtitlán: that's the name of the flying move.

    Dragonrana will be the grapple/throw.

    Now what does each do?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:39 No.5147660
    Montezuma's Revenge.
    El Crucifixion de Jesus
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:41 No.5147679
    DragonRana is a inverted HurracanRana, instead of gripping the enemy frontally with the legs, you grip it from behind and frontroll
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:41 No.5147680
         File1247460111.jpg-(137 KB, 750x1198, 16.jpg)
    137 KB
    Muscle Docking.
    Or just the muscle suplex
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:45 No.5147705
    Dragonrana is teh sex
    Flying Dragonrana is teh orgy
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)00:57 No.5147796
    You have nothing to fear.

    Unless you're a badguy, in which case HAHA SUCKS TO BE YOU!
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:00 No.5147827

    Yeah, I just watched a bunch of finisher videos. I think I'll have the Fall of Tenochtitlan be a dragonrana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkNPkCh8Qyw&feature=related

    I think the grapple move will be a powerbomb drop onto Conquistador's knees. I think it will be called "La Inquisición Española" because no one will see it coming.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:02 No.5147840

    Also, just found a video for La Inquisicion Espanola: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VNMwLqayo8
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:03 No.5147850
    So.... OP is making... Captain America, or Batman?
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:08 No.5147886

    Hmmm... More like Captain Mexico. Why'd you think Batman?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:08 No.5147887
    You know what's a good, flashy move that would be interesting?

    El Fuerte's Flying Giga Buster

    It's way over the top, but it's showy and quite possible in a high power game.

    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:08 No.5147888
         File1247461733.jpg-(188 KB, 600x1501, YO SOY BATMAN.jpg)
    188 KB
    >Este hilo
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:10 No.5147903
    This thread is now about shoehorning Luchadore characters into different systems.

    I had an idea for a Solar Zenith themed after a Luchadore that would preach to people by bringing them up onto a stage and performing wrestling moves so amazing that the victim sees the glory of the Unconquered Sun. Then he'd eventually get run out of town for openly showing off the fact that he's Anathema.

    Never got to use it though...
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:14 No.5147947
    My entire Exalted campaign is Mexican Wrestling.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:16 No.5147963
    A masked, grappling based monk in D&D?
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:20 No.5147984

    ...dude. That's ridiculous. I think I just found my super move.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:22 No.5148001
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu8ZaHgEHr0 this is called the magpiefrog
    Work it from there
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:23 No.5148009
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:27 No.5148049
    You could use these for move names
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:33 No.5148103

    Naw, I've got my moves now. What I need now are ideas for powers that a normal human could have, and backstory ideas.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:33 No.5148105
    Cortez el Conquistador as a luchador? BLASPHEMY!
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:34 No.5148114
    He is blessed by the highest of Angels, the Metatron to go forth and do gods work.
    By beating the EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF EVIL.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:36 No.5148129
    Do they really have to be "powers"? Can't you go for something like his credo and devotion to his training are what makes him badass enough to punch demigods in the face and still make it home in time for a tasty mexican dinner?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:37 No.5148136
    You still need to burn points. I'd go for celebrity.

    El Conquistador is universally beloved, the hero of not just Mexico but fans around the world. He's El Santo/Hulk Hogan/Mr. Rogers combined.

    That means he gets ridiculous bonuses to presence plus contacts out the wazoo. Everybody wants to help El Conquistador. Don't know the system you are using but go buy up as many social perks as you can get your hands on. Up to you whether you want to just use them to fight crime or also to mock the super types for not being as popular as you are.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:40 No.5148163
    >He's El Santo/Hulk Hogan/Mr. Rogers combined.

    ...and a new god rises.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:40 No.5148166
    >He's El Santo/Hulk Hogan/Mr. Rogers combined.
    Good god
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)01:41 No.5148179

    I do want all his stuff to be entirely from training and willpower alone. What I'm asking for is suggestions of powers that could be excused as being possible for a "normal" human to obtain.


    I was leaning towards him having fallen from grace because he killed an opponent during a match but he discovered he was set up and now seeks the one who wronged him. Though this could be excellent backstory for prior to his current situation.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:44 No.5148213

    After you buy your "World Famous and Loved" points and your incredible hand-to-hand skills, what else?

    Incredible intellect. You may not be able to justify forensic skills, but a high intelligence, plus skills reflecting the business side of his wrestling empire will be handy. Think finance, negotiation, investigation (for checking out deals) and the rest. Lex Luthor without the super scientist part.

    Then for combat, a little stage magic. Presentation never hurts. Think flares, smoke grenades, fake blood and other stuff you can use to confuse, intimidate and dodge opponents. Not a Batman level belt, just a few tricks up your sleeve.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:45 No.5148219
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:47 No.5148237
    You may never remove your mask. Ever.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:49 No.5148251

    Give yourself some self-imposed penalties if your mask is removed/destroyed/lost in combat, nothing major though.

    To counteract this, have your mask made of some sort of super-durable, lightweight material, same with your tights.
    >> Magos Grimely 07/13/09(Mon)01:49 No.5148253
    To remove your mask is to dishonor Luchador's everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:50 No.5148260
    Search Rey Mysterio on youtube. He has some pretty cool moves.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:53 No.5148289
    To remove your mask is to never put it on again.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:56 No.5148308
    >mock the super types for not being as popular as you are

    Oh hell, it's Hercule.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:56 No.5148321
    Why not have the mask give you super-powers? Like:
    - you speak fluent spanish
    - you can jump really high
    - you are immune to fire/cold
    - you cannot lie while wearing the mask
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)01:58 No.5148332
         File1247464686.jpg-(89 KB, 512x288, 25112_512x288_manicured__JiZhw(...).jpg)
    89 KB
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:00 No.5148355

    The whole point of the character is that I have NO powers but yet I'm still able to keep up with the russian who has a tank cannon in his chest, the guy who can manipulate electricity, the dude who killed Zombie Hendrix to gain his powers over sound and the underworld, and a cyborg from the future who was sent to the past and then forgot he was from the future. It's a ridiculous game. I want a ridiculously normal human.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:03 No.5148376
    Then just that
    He's like the goddamn batman
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:04 No.5148385
    What game system?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:08 No.5148415

    We need the system dood.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:08 No.5148418
    Mutants and Masterminds
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:10 No.5148434

    1e or 2e?
    >> Diseased Guardsman 07/13/09(Mon)02:10 No.5148437
    Masters and Mutantminds
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:13 No.5148462

    This'll sound insane. A homebrew that uses the Serenity system. It works well enough to have a lot of fun.

    Also, I'm working on the mechanics of the signature moves right now. Aside from a shitload of damage, what kind of effects should The Fall of Tenochtitlan and La Inquisicion Espanola have?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:14 No.5148474
    Wait what system?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:16 No.5148488
    M and M? Awesome. You can make a combat effective character with just abilities saves and feats.Just a variant of the Pugilist archetype, really.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:18 No.5148508
    This is fairly simple. Take every feat related to grappling, slam 20-22's in STR, CON, and DEX (20-22 sounds suitable for an epic Luchador, but still within the concept of human "maximums"), slam the attack and defense bonus to max, and slam saves to nearly max. You'll still have quite a few points left over for skills, and probably easily become the skill monkey.

    Powers are the real PP drainer, if you're making a powerless character then you have A LOT of spare points to spend.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:20 No.5148520

    There was a system that I initially encountered in the form of an RPG for the Serenity/Firefly series. The system was later updated and used for a BSG RPG. A friend took the Serenity version and made homebrew rules to use it to play Supers games. Like I said, it's insane, but it works for us.

    That being said, it covers pretty much anything, so throw ideas for the super move side effects, both positive and negative, at me.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:27 No.5148569
    Mistico's "La Mistica" technique.
    That shit is all you need.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:27 No.5148573
    So I've given The Fall of Tenochtitlan paralysis on the person I use it on AND inspiration to my allies, however, it's damage has now been reduced to average.

    Thus, La Inquisicion Espanola shall do insane damage, and maybe a weak sleep ability to represent the possibility of a KO.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:28 No.5148578
    Okay then
    See if you can't do a 619 at least once
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:32 No.5148603
    Holy shit dude.
    Mistico is AWESOME
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:40 No.5148646
    pinches gringos novedosos
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:40 No.5148650
    What's a 619?

    Also, I've finished my character, I'll give you guys a rough idea of what he's like using D&D terms.

    First his perks: he can move and full attack. said full attack can be any number of attacks but each additional one lowers my accuracy by 2. Weapon Focus (unarmed AND grappling). Improved Toughness. 1.5x the normal amount of action points.

    Disadvantages: He has a secret Identity. He has a vow of Honour above all else. If he loses his mask he gets penalties until it is retrieved. Everyone knows who he is and that he "killed" his opponent. He's searching for the one who framed him in said murder.

    Skills next.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:41 No.5148660
         File1247467307.png-(59 KB, 459x459, gorilla_shark.png)
    59 KB
    >the dude who killed Zombie Hendrix to gain his powers over sound and the underworld
    >the dude who killed Zombie Hendrix
    >Zombie Hendrix

    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:41 No.5148661
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:43 No.5148671
    I think I'm going to make a luchador as my next nWoD character, probably a vampire. That should be amusing~
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:43 No.5148673
    My nWoD luchador was a mage
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:52 No.5148725

    He's got general athletics, climb, jump, excellent dodge, general unarmed AND ridiculous wrestling, performance (including oratory and acting), sewing, diplomacy, bluff (for feinting), Listen, spot, and sense motive.

    "Powers": Natural Armour (to represent his strength of will to continue), high unarmed damage, gets his Will Power to melee damage, and he can use his will power to heal himself 5 times per day.

    Lastly there are his signature moves:
    The Fall of Tenochtitlan has average damage, requires preparation (climbing something), if it misses he might hurt himself (faceplanting), but if he hits he paralyzes the for and inspires his allies.

    La Inquisicion Espanola does insane damage, and has a chance to put the opponent to sleep each turn it's in effect (it's a supplex to a submission), however, he can't do anything else at the same time, it costs him action points to do (even if he misses), and he has to make will power checks to keep doing it (resisting his pity for the opponent).

    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:53 No.5148737

    Read on for more wacky adventures.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:56 No.5148753
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:56 No.5148755
    I like it
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)02:57 No.5148758


    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)02:57 No.5148768
    Final Note: a big reason I wanted my character to have no powers was because in a previous game in the same setting the GM thew an NPC/BBEG at us who had power nullifying powers, and metagaming levels of awareness. I plan on beating the shit out of him... I think I just found my nemesis.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:02 No.5148799
    Very clever sir
    Very clever indeed
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)03:03 No.5148809

    Just watched the 619s. While awesome, they are not super move worthy and instead will just be a normal attack I will try whenever I am presented with the opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:07 No.5148840
    This is acceptable
    Use them as set up for something else
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)03:08 No.5148850

    This guy pissed me off to no end, because it was A) GM Fiat that defeated him, B) one of the PCs defected to his side, and C) the aforementioned GM Fiat involved the GMPC "sacrificing himself" (he was resurrected better than before a couple sessions later) in a manner which was supposed to elicit concern from our "team of lone wolves." Despite all this it's still a fun game.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:13 No.5148886
    I don't think any M&M character will ever top the guy who wrestled zombie Hendrix for control of the Underworld's music.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)03:23 No.5148944
    For all of you that dig that character here's his bio: http://metahumanity.wikispaces.com/Strata
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:34 No.5149000
    Fuck /tg/

    I am inspired. I am going to try and develop a Luchadore every chance I get until I make one that succeeds. Slightly off-topic, would anyone have a link to a career or ruleset in WFRP that might reflect such an extremely acrobatic fighting style?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:37 No.5149025
    Shall we archive?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:47 No.5149089
    How do they wash their hair, then?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:47 No.5149092
    Ask El Santo
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:49 No.5149111

    I'd say yes.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:51 No.5149125
    When he finishes his quest he goes home to his village to retire. After the day with his wife, children, and neighbors he heads to the bar orders a beer and sits down at the table with handsome old man: His Father.

    They look at each other for a minute.
    "Have you succeed my son?"
    "... I have."
    "... Tell me how, leave nothing untold."
    Ernesto speaks late into the night with only sips of beer and wine as well as the quiet inquries of his father being the only interruption. When he is done he looks his Father in the eye. His gaze is returned and followed by these words. "You have done well my son and conducted yourself with honor. Now go home to your wife. She has endured too many nights without you. A curt nod and Ernesto rises on steady legs and leaves through double swinging doors.

    Ernesto's father smiles as he watches his life turn to the point where the stories he tells will now be the deeds of his son and gradsons. As the pride rises and spills from his eyes he feels comfortable with the passing of the torch to the next generation. He is told to romping on adventures and is happy to make sure the deeds of descendants are immortalized in word.

    Besides when you're The Most Interesting Man In The World you always need a story to tell...
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)03:52 No.5149133
    Damn I wrote that for nothing.
    >> Emma Watson-kun 07/13/09(Mon)04:08 No.5149236
    This has various gifs and mini movies of every signature and finisher and variations you could think of.

    Here's some choice puroresu moves.

    For inspiration for a luchador, look up Mil Mascaras, Ultimo Dragon, Great Sasuke, The Guerrero Family.

    Wikipedia and About.com are great resources if you want to read up and get in the mindset of a great luchador character.

    Pro wrestling and /tg/ are like peanut butter and chocolate for me.

    Good luck with everything OP.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)04:20 No.5149304
         File1247473244.jpg-(79 KB, 480x600, 1247183237838.jpg)
    79 KB
    Bumping epic /tg/ wrestling thread.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)09:32 No.5150537
         File1247491963.jpg-(13 KB, 228x420, El Conquistador DCAU.jpg)
    13 KB
    Thought I'd post the pic I made using a hero creator you can download here: http://rapidshare.com/files/149851750/fabrica.rar.html

    So here's what I'm thinking for backstory. El Conquistador was a very successful luchador. He was like Hulk Hogan at his most famous. He'd meet with world leaders, CEOs, and school children alike. He'd fill stadiums normally too big for a wrestling match. He had a wife and 7 children.

    Then during a match against his most famous rival, El Cocodrilo (a super human with super strength and endurance), it all ended. El Cocodrilo was really Juan Cortez Jr, El Conquistador's younger brother, and he played the stage heel to Ernesto's face, but outside the ring they were best friends, and occasional allies in the ring.

    At a press conference prior to the match El Crocodrilo insulted El Conquistador in a number of ways, including his mother. El Conquistador said nothing in response, giving the impression of quiet rage.

    During the match it was going as expected, the hero El Conquistador was struggling to defeat El CocoDrilo's superior metahuman strength and endurance. As the crowd wondered if El Conquistador would lose his championship to his longest rival, he recovered and pulled off his famous La Inquisicion Espanola, a move reserved only for opponents with super endurance because of it's dangerous nature. Unbeknownst to both, there was a man in the front row that evening who had the ability to willingly nullify other people's powers. When El Conquistador used his signature move, he snapped his brother's neck.
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)09:34 No.5150549

    As El Cocodrilo was supposed to be KO'd at this point in the match, he thought nothing of it when his opponent didn't rise, instead raising the crowd into cheers. When the ref checked on his opponent, it was realized that he was truly injured. Paramedics rushed in to save El Cocodrilo, but he was already dead. This brought silence to the stadium, then cries of anger, sadness, and disappointment. As El Conquistador looked into the hateful faces of his formerly adoring fans he spotted one face in the front who simple smiled at him. He instantly knew it was this man's fault, but before he could reach him, the man disappeared into the crowd.

    Following this, El Conquistador lost everything. Only he and his brother knew their hatred for each other was an act. He lost all his sponsorships, and was blacklisted from wrestling. His wife left him taking his children, and most of his money. The only one left for him was his father, who knew who El Cocodrilo really was. After hearing his son's story Juan Cortez Sr. said that his son had to seek out the smiling man, and defeat him to restore his honour. El Conquistador agreed and set out on his quest.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)10:35 No.5150896
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)12:11 No.5151512
    ;__; Manly Tears
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)12:30 No.5151610
    I think I might play him with similar ideas and presence as Kamina.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:05 No.5152081
    Too many Kaminas, play him like a combination of El Fuerte, El Santo, and Great Sasuke.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:17 No.5152150
    Shooting Star Press
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:36 No.5152253


    Yes, in real life.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:42 No.5152281
    Play him like El Santo back in the 60s, during his glory days. Kicking ass inside the ring and being some kind of classy, masked pimp when he's outside.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:49 No.5152321
         File1247510962.jpg-(102 KB, 620x496, Luchador_by_Stuppenheimmer.jpg)
    102 KB
    I just picked up the Lucha Libre HERO supplement, how weird that there is already a luchador thread on /tg/. Eeirie.
    Hey, make sure you buy a Follower. Every tecnico needs a Mini! Viva Micro Conquistador!
    Oh, you definitly need to review your psycotronica movies. Tecnicos wrestle, but they also drive fats cars, fight mad scientists and Draculas, and socialise with attractive lady friends.They also have weird devices, like wrist watch communicators and smoke bombs and even mini-flamethrowers.
    In the movies, they basically are all batman, just done with a really low budget.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:50 No.5152335
         File1247511049.gif-(31 KB, 152x150, tizocwin.gif)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)15:10 No.5152436
    So you're saying movie luchadores are the poor man's Batman?
    >> The Shadow 07/13/09(Mon)15:53 No.5152714
    I've spent all my points, but there's always experience points that can used for fast cars, wristwatch communicators, and smoke bombs.

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