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File: SWORDWORLD_SHEET.png (2.85 MB, 1800x2100)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
Currently. We are patching parts of the sheet and expanding the map with more rendered assets.

Introduction Thread:

Previous Thread:

Last Mission Thread:

In the mission coming up, this thread will be updated with the link. Ensure that diamond does not crash.
How big is the map going to get compared to what was last posted?
I forgot to place where my weapon prof it was supposed to be in crossbows but i forgot to insert it. sooo..
>-weapon prof rank 1: crossbows.
As some spaces were prioritized over others the map wont necessarily face an enlargment but expect the active mission space to double in size.

Added Zones:
The East Church. [Asset Population]
The Abandoned Abbey [Creation Population]
North Wylds [Update]
Sutter Farms [Asset Population]
The QuarryMill [Creation + Population]
Moon Range Minor. [Mines]

This will ensure that any new zones discovered after the fact can be process loaded on call.
File: VILORD_HOGAN.jpg (48 KB, 560x420)
48 KB
The following are so far the listed updates for Sworde Artes

all rules involved are within.

>Can anyone learn Sword ARtes ?
No sword artes are gained with attunements which only armslaves currently get.

> How would non specced classes get it ?
Normally skills can be taught at guilds and paid for with Trainings. The minimum requirement needed to learn these without any supporting infastructure would be to utilize the train function at a base 40 xp cost with the Teacher [presiding].

The teacher would be someone who knows the skill currently. No rolls are needed on their part but they need to be present during the time of learning.

>Is there a way to awaken a weapon outside of armslave ?
Yes. Find one that is awakened. Otherwise settle for an imbued weapon.
Thank you for posting this, it answers most of my questions about Armslaves.

I do have a follow-up question, since my spear requires 2 levels of attunement for its artes may I awaken its element for my initial Armslave Rank?
Sure, roll a d10 for it.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Awaken o Imperial Spear. What trial must I face to prove my worth?
.. of Storms.
> Fight the Enemy in a Storm [Blizzard]. Returning Triumphant will grant you [Niflheim]. The place where its wielder has met their end.
Rolled 10 (1d10)

>Rolling for attuning to Grandfather's Yumi.

"OOO! I want magic weapon too! Now speak to me bow! HRRRRNNGH!" *nothing happens* "...I think this bow is broken."
alright, I'm going to go with Chronos in the end. Space-Time fuckery is always more fun than causing random shit.
>The services or nearby campers such as Cooks or Storytellers may be procured as well.
Can you expand on the services offered by Storytellers?
If and when they arrive, they may grant random Inspirations to those in the camp fire.

You dream of a lowly outrider whose life was saved by an errant arrow by his late master.

> Successfully overwatch a Parry from range to save a fellow comrade to learn [Forgotten Killer]
to be clear. Parry from range means I shoot a projectile or attack with my own arrow? Can I parry a melee attack (1 range or with reach?) with a ranged attack?
This is the part where you refer to the contents of the story for clues.
will have to experiment then!
File: HolidayNight.png (1.26 MB, 1248x1228)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Hm. So. Who wants to undergo experimental surgery?
What's the experiment?
Won't actually know until I find out what I got from the wolves, but it involves wolf bits
Why is Monandeas angry in this picture?
Can I have cute wolf ears?
Can I have a cute leech mouth?
File: leech_mouth.jpg (534 KB, 2048x1365)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
For the reference
Eyes, ears, nose, any of these would be acceptable. Not fur though, that's just wierd.
>Become the wild animal wyld.
>Twist [X]: Arrow Trajectory curves every [X] Tiles. X is a number up to your TEK. The Arrow may curve Leftwise, or Rightwise.
Is X determined at the time of attunement, or is it selected when the arrow is loosed?
Does the curve need to be 90°, or can it be 45° or 135°?
Can the leftwise/rightwise choice change at each X increment?
don't you want fur on the ears?
File: mockuplibrary02.png (319 KB, 537x759)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
bumping with art !
File: mockuplibrary03.png (356 KB, 537x759)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
File: tactical assesment.png (4.53 MB, 5400x3750)
4.53 MB
4.53 MB PNG
Bump to remind everybody of the plan.

Please keep in mind, there is a good chance that folks will be scattered between their locations.

If you are not starting in one of the 4 mustering locations (and I hope that Van Ludow has the authority to say everybody starts in those positions at day break) then start moving for them fast.

That means:
>Scout West needs to get to the north west corner and prepare to assault.
>Scout East needs to get to Mab's house
>Everybody else needs to move for the northern wall or the western courtyard
That's Loren/Liren having wolf flashbacks.
too yellow to be Loren/Liren, looks more like a NPC
Well, who knows, then. All I can say is L's rest activities included studying and being angry about wolves.
I am angry!

Angry about worrgs!
Reminds me of home.
>That's a sight. Nice.

Stars above, I like you you dolt, but you couldn't organize your way out of a I shaped ambush. Here, letmmegiveya a hand.

We have 28 serving souls with the company right now, disregarding the late Dirk Waveson, who I hope rests with as much water in his grave as he'd find comfortable, and Whelkland, who appears to have gone off to get drunk again. Remind me to have him flogged if I see him.

Those 28 are spread out as follows:

==SW 7==
As1 Hetros,
Ac2 Is,
Ac4 Zatasha,
Kn1 Lucile,
As4 Fuko,
Ta4 Evergreen,
Cl2 Elaine

==SE, 7==
Ta2 Ludow
Kn5 Gregore
Kn7 Duran
As5 Song
Ac5 Ristretto
Ac1 Hedera,
Cl3 Indrie

==Keep, 14==
[Kn2] Vilmer
[Kn3] Sir Garland
[Kn4] Jenny
[Kn6] Kail

[Mc2] Comrade Mikolov
>Manufact cover-fire

[Ac3] Nordus
>NE cover fire
[Ac6] Becka

[As3] Jo

[Ta1] Garth
>Gate repair
[Ta3] Liren

[Pd1] Roylat
[Pd2] Shark
[Pd3] Emlis
[Pd4] Nesli

Furthermore, the keep holds:
The High Priestess Serena and her Royal Retainer [singular]
Lenore Lindlore, and her 3 children.
A Cleric of Gaia

6 surviving squire-guards (2 shortbows, 4 spears), led by an officer Garth insists we call [Moustachio].

And in our surroundings, we have Mabz Fazil, the Alquemist Wyzard as an ally (Someone get me a copy of her notes on everything when you're in the area)
File: Buildings And Yangus.png (1.3 MB, 1800x2100)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
In the keep we have the following materials currently stockpiled:

9f in general ( Thanks mostly to Sir Duran ).
>Donations for general ressources accepted.

If you can use the Bloqs of Wood to make something now that we're all here, please request this wood and we'll provide it. Some have already been used to repair the SW gate by Garth, and his DIY gate-repair project is certainly going. . . well.

What I'm thinking when I say that is traps in the courtyards or near the gates, blockaedes around the central access to the temple / sanctum, gate reinforcements or home-spun arrows for archers, better spears for the militia and so on. Maybe Mikolov has some clever idea?

The 9F we're earmarking for expenses, medical care and to pay the squireguards. Hedera already paid them 2F each, thank you Hedera. That should see for their loyalty for a bit yet.

I would actually like to see Pds Roylat, Shark, Emlis and Nesli to find 1 of their number to go east and 1 to go west. No real point in all 4 of you waiting in the Keep when all the interesting medical specimens are out in the snow. Sides, if the hostiles are clustered in the manufact they're ripe for AoE disease and if someone needs on the spot medical care, you're valuable.

We'll ask the Squireguards to stay on the walls if they have Bows, and to guard the central area of they have Spears. It's an easy job, they can't get it wrong, and it allows us to protect the kids and the royals. And what noble warrior wouldn't want to help protect those kids? They made us scones! They're adorable. First rebel threaten a kid gets burnt.

Other than that there's not much to say. If Sers Vilmer and Garland could take the North gate and Jenny and Kail could take the SW gate you're a fine line of iron. East is an entire scout team, south is broken ice floes. Squireguards have the internals, so you can move to reinforce them if someone breaches and other than that we just need to stay alive.
You forgot the owner of the manufactury with her anti material rifle.
Oh, right, yeah! You have two delightful workers pointing rifles in your general direction. Fun day.
Honestly, if I might suggest on where to spend those gates? I'd add them on either side of the central channel leading into the library, (under the bridge into the gaian chapel).

I'd also begin placing wood stake implacements along the northern and western walls.

But more important than all of those, I'd line the southern bank with pike ramps so as to at least SLOW anyone trying to come from that direction, by say, a row boat if they managed to thaw one out.

Priorities should be
1) Existing Gate Repairs
2) Placing Pike Ramps along our southern access barring 1 or 2 spaces to allow egress should it prove necessary
3) Pike ramps along the northern and western walls
4) Two small gates at the inner annex to further block off the ability of the enemy to access the library proper in an expeditious manner should they come from the south, west, or east without first taking the walls.
7 florins Liren, someone has used 2 florins to attempt to repair another section of the gate.
[Mc2] Comrade Mikolov has used 2 of the 9 florins budget to purchase 2 bloqs to repair the gates. And yeah a reccomendation if van ludow wishes to use most of our manpower in scouting and search and destroy I believe that we will have to attempt to keep or hire more available squires so that we tacticians can order them around to replace the armslaves and the like who are more needed elsewhere.
That squires mustache is fabulous and you know it Liren, if i could i would promote him or train him on the spot. Sadly i cannot....
Rolled 1 (1d10)

Reading that paste it sounds like you have to choose between an arte or an attunement. Didn't Hetros pick an arte already? Can you work towards unlocking the attunement and then finally unlock it once you level? Do you just get it as part of your class rank?

Not sure what's the deal but I'll roll too.
Attunement is separate from weapon arte Jo.

Look at the character sheet, the Armslave Feat Ranks provide, each time
+1 Weapon Proficiency Type
+1 Weapon Attunement (+1 Dice, if weapon is not awakened, may awaken for free)
->+1 Weapon arte for the weapon you have attuned too
+1 Evasion
+1 Poise
From the pastebin

ATTUNEMENTS pt. 2 [Awakening a Trial]==== To awaken a weapon, roll a d10 to determine an element. A point in attunement will allow one to commune with their Weapon and recieve a trial to prove their worth upon accomplishing the task an element specific skill is learned that can cross the lines between weapon types.

So yes you do need to use a point of attunement to awaken the weapon's element.
That cannot be correct.

You have a [Life Choice] which is a thing you can pick, once, that grants you an [Awakened Weapon]. If all armslaves automatically awaken their weapons for free upon getting their first armslave rank, the entire life stile choice is meaningless.

>Every Rank of ATTUNMENT applies to a single weapon, gained through a single "night" of Sleep . When this happen your attunment level with an individual weapon increases by one and grants you an arte.


> A point in attunement will allow one to commune with their Weapon and recieve a trial to prove their worth upon accomplishing the task an element specific skill is learned that can cross the lines between weapon types

so like Song did, you use a point of attunement to awaken your weapon or to grant a new weapon art for that weapon.

Which is why [Awaken] the Life Choice gets you +1 Weapon Art (from the rank) and an Awakened Weapon (from the choice).
that last sentence reads badly, understand that it means "it grants you +1 weapon arte because you can use your lvl 1 armslave rank to use its attunement to buy that weapon art, and then it grants you an awakened weapon because of the choice"
Getting an attunement = Getting an Arte.
However if that Arte happens to dip to the bottom of the list under [Awakening]
you invoke an unlisted magickal skill as an arte that requires a quest trigger.

Since you rolled a one.
You awaken the Radiant Greatsword and recieve memories of your first task.
In a howling peak, a lone hunter fights a Roc at the crest of a stormy peak. Weakened, he steals lightning from the clouds in a bid to fell the creature in his final act.
> Prevail against a [LARGE] creature by yourself. In order to gain
[Volt Blade]
>> A point in attunement will allow one to commune with their Weapon and recieve a trial to prove their worth upon accomplishing the task an element specific skill is learned that can cross the lines between weapon types
You misunderstand

"A point in attunement" doesn't mean that you're spending a point in attunement. It means you have 1 point in attunement to that specific weapon.

Attunement is always to a SPECIFIC weapon. It is not to an entire class of weapons.

That means you need to have 1 point in attunement to the weapon you want to awaken to awaken it. I can't just awaken every bow I come across by spending a point in attunement.

It's a prerequisite, not a 'use up a point' deal.
Oh! Oh! I have questions about Magic then! If someone decides they're an Armslave with an [Awakene]] (life choice), does that mean they would already have accomplished such a special quest and gaina strange unlisted magickal skill?
You gain 1 attunement in one weapon by levelling up, then you have to pick the art. So 1 attunement gets you 1 art for 1 weapon. That sounds like alot spending a point of attunement on a weapon to me. Feel free to phrase it as "1 point of attunement in a specific weapon gets me 1 art for that weapon", but we're saying the same thing. Potato, tomato, photatoh, horse.

[Awaken] is an art as sure as [Limb Cut] is. One attunement. One art. One weapon.
alright alright, then I guess I don't learn body fly.

>solo a Big Guy
>Gain sword of light
>zap mooks with righteousness
>one step closer to shonen MC status

Okay so complete the quest then spend a level. Fine by me.
In regards to ScoutEast, is a push to rescue Mr. Lindlore in the books, or are we going to take that as it falls?
So do we need to level up first then roll for awakening, or do we have to roll, complete the quest, then level up to awaken the weapon?
ScoutEast's plan is a 2 stage thing.

7 folks, no matter how well prepared, cannot take on a force the size of the one we fought yesterday on it's own, outside of the strike range of our walls, unsupported, let alone one LARGER than that one.

Your goal is to take the farm, and secure it immediately, fortifying it as necessary, and then rebuff any counter attacks, bleeding anything they throw at you from the north.

They won't be able to throw it -all- at you, because they have to hold Mr. Lindlore and the other villagers and guards inside until they give up. They have to leave something, something considerable behind, or risk Mr. Lindlore breaking free and them losing their hostages.

So you guys hold and put pressure on them, and then north defense can slide up to the northern curtain wall and that'll give you the backup you need.
level up, get +1 attunemnet, use attunemnet to unlock [Awaken]

weapon wakes, now roll 1d10

get quest
I missed that completely the first time, thank you for pointing it out. I also missed that Mikolov actually did some initial work on the northern gate.

That's two with repairs attempted. I guess their wyzards will just blow clean through them again, but hopefully it'll slow someone down.
Why don't we build a small forification in front of the gates so that there's no line of fire to them unless you're close to the walls and in full sight and range of the defenders?
Reasonably because I don't personally have the skills to do that, and anyone else who could have had have not had the time to do so.

It's a great idea, though! If we get a lull in the fighting some sort of barrier in front of the gate, a few squares out, would ablate direct hits and slow aggressors down while not blocking the actual gate.

Not sure how to pull it of. I'd rather not amble out to cast [EarthWall] only to get shot with a bunch of arrows.
File: The Olde Shoppe.png (1.55 MB, 1800x2100)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Maybe we should just stockpiile iron arrows for 4F, and have all the archers use their +1 trapmaking dice from "archer" to fill the place with traps.
The problem with that theory is the oldest one in security.

I doubt Monday is so nice as to have traps not activate based on who first steps onto them, rather than having them work with friendly fire enabled so we never do. It's why just replacing all of the exits with spike ramps and rocks and using ladders and ropes to get in and out of the base is not a good idea. A gate can be opened and allow a lot of us in or out quickly, and then closed, by one dude. A rope or ladder? Not so much, and multiple ones even less so.

It's about striking a balance between the two issues.

Now if we wanted to trap the southern court yard which we're barely using? I don't see an issue with that. It's the weakest point in our defenses.
Can't people just avoid stepping on the traps?
Depends on how we lay them out. Traps are most useful in very specific circumstances, you create them in places you know the enemy will want to approach you to attack you from, but not where you want to go regularly, because you don't want to risk accidentally setting them off.

So you look for places where ambushes are likely to come from, or places where enemies might want to hide, and you stick them in THOSE places, forcing the enemy either to move into positions where you can easily notice and neutralize them or where they find a bear trap has just lopped off their ankle while the roof tiles slide off and drop them into the cesspit.

Military security is about maximizing the amount of intel and force you can bring to bear on any single point around a guarded position, while minimizing the impact on how well you can move folks into position.

For example, no matter what trap we make, if we litter the field with them, and the enemies bring in somebody who notices them, then the enemy is slowed, yes, but we are too as they'll be removing traps closest to them and not closest to us, thus meaning we have to rejigger our movement through said traps.

You want good locations for traps?

The southern court yard is one.

That ruined structure to the south west is one.

Along the edges of the wall to the east is another.

Think in terms of 'where does the enemy want to go where we don't want them to be, but we don't want to go there often either"

And that tells you where you need to deploy traps.
Really if I was building anyhing I'd put barricades / pike ramps on E and W of the entrace to the chamber the nice royals are in. Not 2, just 1 on either side facing outwards. Means anyone getting there is constrained to a single path through, and defenders can stack up 3 to attack 1 in the passage way. Doesn't slow people down much because there's multiple passages in still, but versus say a worg the high ground is lovely.

And I'd put 2 in both passages to the south courtyard, demolish the stairs and build another set leading to the gate mechanism. Loses a 3 x 13 strip of castle dock, but it makes the entire thing more compact and defensible with a central cause way to reinforce either point, and cuts vulnerable gates from 4 to 3.

oh and Id construct a baleful obelisk in the middle that radiated dread rays of burning ice so cold BUT DAMMIT LUDOW, WHERE'S MY FUNDING GRANT
>I'll review posts or plans tomorrow. I was indisposed due to family emergency which has since calmed down
Is the weapon arte Limb Cut different from Limb Smash?

Not all the artes on the sheet are shown like artery strike and twin fighting.
Well mostly the only thing we need is to figure out a good lay out for defenses, maybe assign a single fast moving, high per person to scouting duty.
I'm less reserved about heading NE after having the scones pointed out to me and considering the opposition we may face there. Ludow has a rank in Gaia now, but more support for the farm effort can't go amiss.
"So these egg thingys taste pretty good once you stuff them in the pumpkin soup still not as good as cookies or sugar"
File: Character01a.jpg (61 KB, 1053x759)
61 KB
Due to an unexpected harddisk failure the computer is being reformatted and assets are being reconstructed as well as all associated art programs.

This message has been sent out inform the following:

1. Swordborne's Assets are Restored thanks to two redundant drives
2. Floor's Assets are expected to be 90 percent intact.
3. Both Art programs used in the administration of Swordborne or Floors games have been compromised and will require time to get back up to working condition. More specifically the items in question are:
> The Brush settings that were used in both programs.
> The Hotkeys and macro setups used in ClipStudio Paint
> And any other needed drivers in the wake of my OS retroverting back to Windows 8.1

The advent of this development will likely get back on track Sunday if optimistic, and wednesday at the latest. This thread will be updated of any changes. But at the moment if and when a game should be run; getting something together in working order can be accomplished in under a 6 hour period.

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