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  • File : 1246786470.jpg-(126 KB, 370x552, 1239324893156.jpg)
    126 KB Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:34 No.5098267  
    After a particularily straining battle, the female barbarian you've been dating for a few months takes you aside, saying she wants to discuss something important.

    When alone, she explains with tears in her eyes that she is actually the villain you've been fighting against polymorphed into a girl to get close to your party. However in doing so and getting to know you she claims she's genuinely fallen in love with you.

    What do you do NOW? Oh, and you already had sex with "her".
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:36 No.5098275
    So uh... who or what in the fuck is the real her?

    She needs to tell me about her real identity.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:36 No.5098277
    Judging by every other fictional tale, I react to it with revulsion and push her away.
    Either she becomes the BBEG again, or I realize that I also love her at some dramatic moment.

    But I'd actually just say that I have to think about this, and comfort her.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:39 No.5098290
    it is also soon revealed she is pregnant, a condition which has trapped her in her form
    >> Tech Priest Naile 07/05/09(Sun)05:39 No.5098292
    Well. She is going to stay polymorphed for the duration of our association. We will go about her evil scheme, toppling the various plans she had set up so that none of them come to fruition. Then the polymorph spell will be changed to permanance so she is my forever barbarian bride.

    We will go adventuring together as a wife/husband team for the rest of our days until we're old and settle down by opening an inn, or fighter training academy. We'll keep busy until the ends of our days. Assuming she doesn't betray me, I'll tell her on my/her deathbed that she is forgiven.

    Happy end.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:39 No.5098295
    Problem solved. The BBEG is in love with me. Give her hugs and kisses and have her stand her forces down.

    Flawless victory.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:40 No.5098301
    Hrm. I think that I'm going to steal this idea.

    >Assuming she doesn't betray me, I'll tell her on my/her deathbed that she is forgiven.
    Oh my God, you are a fucking bastard.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:40 No.5098303
    I cast permanency and greater geas.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:41 No.5098304
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:43 No.5098315
    rolled 2 = 2

    I roll for sense motive.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:44 No.5098322
    i make her my wife and become the new BBEG after killing the rest of the party
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)05:44 No.5098326
    "Well has this all been an act or will you start acting like a different person now? In any case could you stop with the <EVIL PLOT>? kthx ilu"

    Must suck to work for he/she/it. You got higherd as a goon and suddenly your boss turns into a chick and is helping the good guys kill you. Shit sucks
    >> Trippin' Codes !!qUlnZScwLun 07/05/09(Sun)05:45 No.5098327
    "She" is genuine about it. Definitely genuine.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:45 No.5098328
    I'm just worried that the BBEG is a guy polymorphed into a girl. I can't handle that. She needs to be female in her true form. If that does turn out to be the case (that she's female), then depending on what her scheme is I may just go along with it...
    >> The Ghost of Charles Bronson !!N2VlCVgmNHF 07/05/09(Sun)05:46 No.5098335
    female barbarian has multiple personality disorder or she's a compulsive liar

    Never assume polymorph when garden variety crazy bitch explains behavior.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:46 No.5098336
    This situation would never happen, as I will have long ago crafted/purchased/commissioned a constant detect-magic item. GEE, THIS LADY SURE IS GLOWING BRIGHTLY WITH TRANSMUTATION MAGIC... I WONDER...
    >> Tech Priest Naile 07/05/09(Sun)05:47 No.5098342
    Why? She's got all the equipment of a woman and none of the man bits. She also thinks like a man, which will cut down on a fuckton of the whiny clingy complainy bullshit and allow more time for the getting it on and a self sufficiency that implies low maintenance.

    Win win situation here dude.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:47 No.5098345
    I roll for initiative
    >> The Ghost of Charles Bronson !!N2VlCVgmNHF 07/05/09(Sun)05:48 No.5098351
    It's unlikely a BBEG would personally spy on people. Aren't BBEG supposed to have minions to do field work? I think my crazy bitch theory is looking better and better. She's just an ordinary barbarian that you fucked.

    Also, since you fucked her, she's now revealing her crazy side, like all women do once you settle down.

    Enjoy your new chaotic pussywhipped alignment.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:48 No.5098355
    I put on my robe and wizard hat.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:49 No.5098358
    So you'd date a post-OP tranny?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:50 No.5098363
    perfect transformation to a fully functional female body =/= surgical sex change
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:51 No.5098365
    well thats just a whole lot hotter, i keep at it
    >> Devilock 07/05/09(Sun)05:51 No.5098366
    I say "That's fine."
    And tap that ragin' ass again.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:53 No.5098378

    Transexuals would generally argue that they DON'T have a man's mind or personality.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:53 No.5098379
    But it's a duuuuude
    >> Tech Priest Naile 07/05/09(Sun)05:53 No.5098380
    What this guy said. There's a huge difference between a magical transformation and having some bits chopped off.

    Lets face it, if the chick in the OP's pic is the barbarian in question you'd still tap it. Crazy or BBEG in disguise.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:54 No.5098383
    I don't care how convincing or beautiful the magic, it is still not real. I'm not fucking a beautiful woman, no matter how sexy, who is actually a man hidden beneath magic. Besides, who in hell says I'd fall for some barbarian chick? I like a girl with a brain.
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)05:55 No.5098386
    In the description it states you've already had sex with her

    might as well keep going
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:55 No.5098394
    I'm with this guy, we need to know if she is a dude in her true form.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:55 No.5098396
    No, when you find out the chick is really a guy you slit "her" throat and burn the body.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:57 No.5098405
    change side to evil and reign over a kingdom of fear, chaos and sexual depravity for all eternity!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:59 No.5098417
    I don't think polymorph is on the list of spells you can use permanency on. This is a bit of a deal breaker.

    If she was magically perfect, yes. And "she" is the appropriate pronoun since magic can actually, undeniably change your gender.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)05:59 No.5098418
    Agree to stay with her if she stops being a BBEG, we won't mention it to the rest of the group yet and she makes a illusionary fake to kill off.
    At which point she takes us to her evil lair, we kill the fake and we take command of the forces for good.
    If she does this then she cares about me enough to give up a life of villany, make sweet tender love to her every night.
    On the male then, meh, polymorph means she's a woman as far as all biology is concerned. Make sure it's got permanancy though, I don't want to be sleeping with her and suddenly have her grow a penis while I'm in her.
    Then use our new massive army and lair to do good to redeem her, teach her the value of a good deed and convert her to a good alignment with care and love.
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)05:59 No.5098420
    why? it's a chick now thanks to LOL magic.

    Are you really going to kill a good friend and sex partner who is a girl because they may have been a guy in the past?

    I say whatever.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:00 No.5098426
    Yeah, I am. It's a fucking MAN baby.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:01 No.5098430
    ...and I'll have YOU destroyed while I'm at it for being a filthy, depraved, HEATHEN!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:01 No.5098438
    Cool. It's probably heretical on some level and I'm almost certainly meant to purge her, but hey, I'm a Techpriest; I'm smart enough to see the advantages to this situation.
    Besides, I stole what I'm pretty sure is a Chaos Marine geneseed yesterday, so we can be sexy heretics together.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:02 No.5098441
    You already tapped "her"...and if you're in love with her, and the feelings are real- you already know where YOU stand.Unless the mere thought of his unpolymorphed self being a man completely befouls and offends you- even if 'she's willing to stay in her polymoprhed form forever (able to have babies)...

    Yeah- you need to find out where she stands. What is her real form? Is it a male? That can be easily resolved- all she has to do is stay on her polymorphed form- afer all, I fell in love with /her/.She agrees? no prob.

    Then again, it might not even be that she's a man, that;'s the problem- she could be a polymorphed fucking undead- like a vampire, or a aberation, ...

    You gotta find out where you stand with her, after all.

    And finally- most importantly- will the BBEG stop his/her/it's evil plans for your sake?

    That's the clincher.

    Unless you go for the Brd Route.
    Anyone play the Bard for Ps2? I kinda chose her the first time around.
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)06:02 No.5098443
    was a man, was

    But eh, to each their own
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:02 No.5098446
    If you were in a world were the sexes were this easily fluid I am not sure your culture would really have gender identities
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:04 No.5098457
    >will the BBEG stop his/her/it's evil plans for your sake?

    fuck that shit, let 'her' continue and be the king of your own personal war torn hell hole
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:05 No.5098465
    The thing is, what I fell in love with might as well be a fictional character (within this fictional universe we're discussing). The person I fell in love with is not real and never will be. She's just a magical creation placed there to undo me. I may have fallen in love with someone who is fake, but the BBEG fell in love with a real person. It is only fair that I get to see the truth behind the deception.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:06 No.5098471
    Why in the hell would I date a barbarian?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:06 No.5098472
    No, it's not. If you permanently polymorph a man into a chicken, he's not a man but a chicken. The same applies to any permanent polymorph. It stops being one thing and starts being the other. Its very genetic code is rewritten, leaving nothing behind but a magical aura and (inexplicably) a mind with a new set of instincts.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:06 No.5098477
    Who says this kind of magic is common?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:07 No.5098486
    Because she's hot, loyal, and not useless in a fight. What more do you want in a wife?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:08 No.5098492
    This question is philosophical, in my opinion. That chicken is at heart, a man.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:09 No.5098499
    Social skills and hygiene would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:09 No.5098502
    New to the debate, but I'd point out that a woman with the heart of a man is probably the coolest girlfriend I can imagine.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:10 No.5098506
    Interestingly enough the chickens soul would still be human. Which causes all kinds of trouble in a place where souls are a measurable quantity.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:10 No.5098508
    I've never been into Tom Boys.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:10 No.5098513
    You still haven't answered the question OP, in her original form, did this chick have a stick?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:11 No.5098517
    A difference that makes no difference isn't really a difference at all.

    Also, is anybody slightly scared and turned on by the large tattoo centered on her crotch?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:11 No.5098522
    No, but I'd happily polymorph my girlfriend into a dragon and tell her to fuck her.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:11 No.5098523
    It's no so simple.
    Polymorphing is powerful. It's not just 'lol, I change."- Read any of the DnD books- long term polymorphing has dangerous effects on the psyche of the caster- permanent effects.((This is fluff wise, not crunch-wise- but I can quote some Faerun books that this shit happened, if you;d like..)

    Magic is strange, my friend.

    A wizard, or sorceror deals in matters where magic is real- it's what they are- you're going to have to accept that the BBEG is infact one and the same with HER- fuck, he might even like that she's a part of him/her/it.

    The trick is if you can accept the rest of him/her/it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:12 No.5098525
         File1246788741.jpg-(78 KB, 370x576, Fighter Grecian.jpg)
    78 KB

    Continue relationship, though question what the fuck we're going to do now since the BBEG is on our side.

    He's a fa/tg/uy (insert class) she's a female barbarian former-male and former-BBEG. They fight crime?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:13 No.5098538
    You know I had an idea for a setting once. One piece of fluff about it would be how in this one battle a powerful wizard saved his nation by transforming the invading army into various woodland animals. Well, this saved the day but afterward the leaders in both countries banned the eating of any native animal meat for fear that the animals were really the polymorphed soldiers. This became a long-standing law because it seemed obscene even to eat what would logically be the descendants of those transformed soldiers. As such both kingdoms were forced to import many foreign livestock to raise for meat. Naturally, some people have broken this law their entire lives, but such a practice is seen as highly taboo and if found eating deer or pheasant you're likely to be lynched.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:13 No.5098539
    Metaphysics aside, how often do you bump into true love with a mortal enemy? Not passing that up. Makes a hell of a story for the grandkids.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:13 No.5098543
    I hate tattoos actually.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:13 No.5098544
    I insist we both polymorph together now and again, so I can be the girl.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:14 No.5098551
    No penis on the chick-form.

    Sorry futa fans, /d/ is <----- that way
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:14 No.5098553
    Just because you brainwash a person into thinking they are a dog doesn't mean they are a dog. Just because you polymorph them and leave them that way doesn't make them a dog either. They're a still a person masked behind an un-natural illusion.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:16 No.5098558
    "Grandma and I used to be mortal enemies and we'd try to kill each other on a constant basis! Now, well...She doesn't."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:16 No.5098563

    Well, her(his) plan and her/his evil organisation is obviously still running smoothly and she/he can't simply say: "Stop it!" anymore - gender change and all. You've basically got yourself a sexy insider on THE PLAN, but you've still got to stop that plan from being implemented.
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)06:16 No.5098564
    God damn that illusion gives great head
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:16 No.5098566
    Erroneous assumption, my friend.
    In many, many of the Vancian books, as well as the DnD-related books, Polymorphing magic is dangerous- you dont have much time until the magic begins fucking up your brain- and you start to change mentally to, mind and body into the being you changed into.

    Granted- this change takes weeks foir it to begin becoming troublesome, but it does happen.

    You morph for too long into a Kenku- and you're gonna become a Kenku in mind as well as body.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:17 No.5098572
    I don't like villains who betray their own loyal minions.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:17 No.5098574

    I only like Princesses. I slay her/him/it/them/that-which-shall-not-be-named and ride off into the sunset.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:17 No.5098576
    This. It is the only correct answer for a Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:18 No.5098579
    ...but there is more to it than just mind, in D&D.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:19 No.5098585

    At least they don't kill them in a sissyfit or by commanding them to wait with their attack until the transformation is completed.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:20 No.5098594

    I usually destroy it (tearfully).
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:20 No.5098596
         File1246789214.jpg-(2.08 MB, 2268x2835, de642293af8e43dec2a577f1b08dad(...).jpg)
    2.08 MB
    That is much easier to learn than hotness, loyalty, or being good in a fight.

    To a certain extent, agreed.

    Tomboys are actually not the same deal. To put it in the simplest terms, a tomboy has the heart of a boy--not a man.

    Think "lawful awesome female paladin" and you'll have a woman with the heart of a true man. (Genderbending spells need not factor in.)

    Well, now, you COULD say that. Though philosophically, I must note that you are not the man you were five minutes ago, nor the man you were five minutes before that, extending on to say that you are not the boy you were when you were 16, 10, or 2. Any entity is, in each moment, a new entity that, while a product of their old self, the world, and their actions, is distinct from every former self. In the hypothetical situation we are discussing, it seems that the BBEG has decided to become a woman (and possibly a different species), and then decided to remain as such. That new person is therefore a woman, thanks to those decisions and the perfect magic of polymorph.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:21 No.5098605
    Granted, but in DnD- Souls are so very...strange.
    Due to the many campaign settings, you could have lived a MYRIAD of lives.

    Your soul could have been a man, a woman, and so many different species , both good and evil and everywhere in between; a thousand times over.

    Your soul is just the INTEGRAL core of 'you' in DnD.

    Not "man" or "woman:.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:21 No.5098613

    Dick move, man.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:22 No.5098617
    I freeze, shock written on my face as the sobbing form of this 'woman' I once thought I loved clutches to me, face buried in my shoulder. I think back on those moments together, those fleeting moments that seem a blur of ecstasy with punctuations of utter clarity amidst three months of pure hell. Those blissful smiles she gave become smug sneers, those gentle moans of pleasure become mocking laughter. For a second my hand reaches down to the knife in my belt, but at the moment 'she' looks up at me, her eyes meeting mine and I know right then and there that she is genuine. It is true, she loves me as much as I loved her. I feel tears come to my eyes and I never touch my knife, instead wrapping my arms around her and holding her close. Her desperate sobs now take a new tone, a hint of relief audible as I shush her softly, stroking her hair while I whisper that it is alright.

    After a few minutes she leans back from the embrace, her eyes red and the tear streaks running down her cheeks. She smiles softly and I return the smile. I remember the first moment I felt attraction to her. One of the Count's - no, one of her - soldiers had a crossbow aimed at my chest, but before he could fire I heard her shout 'no', a sound followed by her greatsword slashed out and impacted with the man's knee. I had admired her physically before then, but in her eyes I saw more then just protecting an ally, I saw that she herself was surprised at how fiercely she defended me.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:22 No.5098620
    She's a woman created out of magic who was once a man. Thus not a real woman. An illusion and the result of magical carelessness. She's not real and I can no longer love her.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:22 No.5098621
    is the loving me and similar thoughts an artifact of poly morphing? was a new person essentially created from the base persona and BBEG if turned back would be unable to understand why he/it felt this way?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:22 No.5098622
    We sit and lean back against a tree, my back on the rough bark, the back of her head resting against my chest. I rest my hands on her sides and draw her close, giving her a tender embrace. I remember when I returned the favor and saved her life. She had been knocked to the ground, unconscious with an orc towering over her, the crumbling rock in the collapsing tower not concerning the beast at all as it lifted its axe to strike. I couldn't seen its face, but I imagine it just showed surprise as my rapier passed through it's back and out it's chest, neatly impaling the beast's heart. I had never been a strong man, and she was not a small woman, so it was with amazement the rest of our companion watched as I emerged from the crumbling building, her unconscious figure carried over my shoulder. "You didn't think I'd leave your fine ass, did you?" I had said to her when she woke up. She had just smiled.

    "You didn't think I'd leave your fine ass, did you?" I mumbled as the memory passed my eyes.
    "Hmm?" she murmured, tilting her head towards me.
    "Nothing, dearest." I press a soft kiss to her cheek, moving my arms to rest around her shoulders, once more giving her a soft embrace with a little squeeze. Tears are starting to come to my eyes now. I remember when we had fought back to back, both of us having to delay the advance of the count's - no, of her - soldiers so the rest of the party could get the peasants to safety before their village was destroyed. Ghuart the bard had seen us fight side by side, and said it was poetry in motion. My witty quips, her cries of savagery. My elegant thrusts, her brutal swings. Both so opposite, both so complimentary of each other.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:23 No.5098629
         File1246789397.jpg-(75 KB, 500x523, ShadowHeartsFTNWCute.jpg)
    75 KB
    I get really embarrassed and show her that I've been beating off to a picture of the villain when she isn't around.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:23 No.5098632
    I mutter sweet nothings in her ear. She smiles before she realizes my arm is tightening around her neck. She lifts her hands to try and stop me, but already she knows the way we're sitting has her at a disadvantage. My grip is tight, perfectly using the choking technique she taught me. She gasps in agony, her voice begging for mercy, that same voice I had so longed to hear the words "I love you" from, the words she had said to me not ten minutes ago. I remember again the sight of my village burning, people I had played with for years in my childhood dead, people I had lived by the side of for years in adulthood, dying. My feet pounding on the ground as I run for my home only to see it collapse. I know my wife and my daughter had been inside. I know they're dead. My eyes scan the area and I see who's giving the orders to the soldiers burning my home to the ground. The Count, his green eyes impassively watching the destruction. I hate him, so he must die.

    She goes limp in my arms. I hold the choke for another five minutes, sobbing as her body goes cold in my grip. She collapses onto her side. I reach over and gently close her eyes, turning her onto her back and crossing her arms over her chest. I remember fifteen minutes ago her coming to me and admitting everything. Admitting the deception, admitting the betrayal she planned, and the betrayal she had committed. Most importantly I remember her green eyes passionately looking into mine as she told me her love for me. I love her, but she must die.

    All I have are my hands, and by the end of the night they are covered in injuries from where they dug her grave, just like my arms are covered with bruises from where she tried to stop me. She started this by killing the woman I loved, how ironic that I ended it by killing the woman I loved.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:23 No.5098633

    >Think "lawful awesome female paladin" and you'll have a woman with the heart of a true man.
    Saber was like the worst pic you could use. She's still Lawful Awesome but she gushes repressed femininity like some sort of estrogen waterfall.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:25 No.5098644
    ...and then you remember what she's put you through. All the lives that have suffered. Perhaps even your own family and friends. Is that how it ends? Love conquers all and "she" walks away with a happy ending because she found someone she cared about? As you ponder this injustice you become enraged, throwing her off of you and reaching for your knife once more.
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)06:26 No.5098652
         File1246789582.jpg-(9 KB, 385x185, single tear.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:26 No.5098657
    Is this the classical paradoxon of the murderer who can't remember his crime?
    You might still kill him or punish him in any other way, but it has become meaningless, lol.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:27 No.5098658
    Someone needs to wait for the rest of the writefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:27 No.5098660
    But the magic isn't perfect, that is the very reason side-effects like losing your mind occur.

    Additionally: Even if one had a different mind, they still have the same memories. Making them fundamentally different from something that was born that way.

    And the transitional period where your old mind is being overtaken by your new mind would be the most horrific thing I could imagine. It would be akin to dieing but worse: you would still have the memories, and there is almost no chance for an afterlife, or to bring you back. Anyone that survives that with sapience would be a horribly broken individual.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:28 No.5098662

    Well, Kirigutsu wasn't exactly a man of smooth words, so you can't blame her for reacting the way she did to practically the only personal male contact that she's ever had.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:28 No.5098665
    But Vhailor beats you to the punch and cleaves her in twain with his great axe, before you even register what just happened he says in his usual monotone that justice has been served, he then disappears through a portal, off to smite some other deserving criminal.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:29 No.5098672
    I'm a paladin, so I kill her for her crimes.

    I then immediately pray to my god to forgive her eternal soul and commit suicide. If I am worthy, we shall be together in the afterlife forever and the past will be forever forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:29 No.5098679
    Only after the protagonist somehow breaks her, which seems to be explained by "lol eroge plot," since she survived the previous war without any of that shit to distract her.

    Unless you can identify a dozen better examples I wouldn't call her the worst.

    Though, besides all that, I think you're off target with this "femininity is doubleplusbad" thing. OP situation has a tearful confession. This isn't a bad thing for a woman to be capable of. You do, after all, want your wife to still be a woman (unless you were looking for a man), and as long as you make sure it doesn't get in the way of important shit (something for which Shirou is the worst man in any story ever), it's fine for her to act like a woman at times.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:29 No.5098680
    Or yeah, you strangle her. Same difference. So tragic, but that is the price of justice at times it is not?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:30 No.5098683
    kill her to meat your obligations then reincarnate her
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:30 No.5098685
    I slash her three times in the same instant and sheath my sword as the blood sprays behind me.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:30 No.5098686
    I am no pedophile, sir.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:32 No.5098699
    Knowing that someone deserves to die, and enacting the death sentence on someone who you care about, are two different things.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:32 No.5098701
    I'd have her polymorph back and make HIM suck my cock to prove his love to me.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:34 No.5098710
    >something for which Shirou is the worst man in any story ever

    You DO realize the only issue he had with Saber fighting was due to his lack of self worth. He didn't feel like he was worth Saber getting hurt. Contrast this with how he didn't mind Tohsaka getting bloody. He wasn't sexist, just broken.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:34 No.5098715
    You may care about her, but she is no less guilty than she would be if were she in her true form.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:36 No.5098724
         File1246790166.jpg-(144 KB, 400x600, 3a4a57d011ff6668ffe564605003d1(...).jpg)
    144 KB
    Chances are, some of her minions know about her new body. If this is discovered, she will be purged, and you will probably be murdered alongside her for aiding and abetting a known heretic.
    There is only one option. She must be remade anew; rendered unrecognizable, liberated from the prison of flesh by the glorious rebirth of steel.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:36 No.5098739

    Not if you a are a true friend of justice.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:37 No.5098741
    unless an essentially new person was created by this mess
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)06:38 No.5098747
    Well just like we don't know if she had a wang as BBEG we also don't know how bad this baddie is.

    Did they slaughter towns? Fuck up your loved ones? Run a thieves guild? Plot to destroy life as we know it? Simply dicking with things not of this world?

    Depending on what she/he/it has done, i may change my answer to MURDER.

    This brings up a question, was the BBEG even HUMAN back in the day?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:38 No.5098748
    ...which didn't happen else she'd never be able to admit to anything, now would "she"?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:39 No.5098756
    Like I said at the beginning of the damn thread. I want to know who and what BBEG was. What were they trying to do? All of that, as you said, plays a pretty big role in this.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:39 No.5098759
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:40 No.5098764
    No, he was sexist. Really, completely, undeniably and to idiotic measures, sexist. I don't have the screenshots on this machine, but they were so egregiously stupid that I had to take them.

    He doesn't try hard to stop Tohsaka from doing anything primarily because he CAN'T. She's stronger than him in every way AND his social superior, which is a big deal in his country of birth.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:40 No.5098768
         File1246790459.jpg-(49 KB, 512x640, lawfulhotdickings.jpg)
    49 KB
    Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:41 No.5098770
    It's possible to keep memories that aren't strictly yours, with magic.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:42 No.5098774
    ...but they ARE hers.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:42 No.5098776

    Shirou...really doesn't give a shit about that SEE: UBW where he makes the same fuss over protecting Rin. He's only about as sexist as the average Japanese individual (which is still pretty sexist).

    Any more than this and we have to take it to /jp/
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:42 No.5098782
    That violates the quoted premise.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:43 No.5098789
    Ah, the age old question, is fucking Jessica Drew gay? she is a female clone with the memories of Peter Parker
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:43 No.5098794
    >Contrast this with how he didn't mind Tohsaka getting bloody.
    >where he makes the same fuss over protecting Rin

    I don't even know what's what now.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:44 No.5098797
    No, it doesn't. She's confessing to being the BBEG because clearly she knows who she really is.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:45 No.5098802
    Yes. Just as it would be profoundly fucked up to fuck a woman who'd had your mother's brain transplanted into her body.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:45 No.5098803
    No, this premise: >>5098741
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:45 No.5098806

    Different Route where Rin is the protagonist. He makes the same kind of hissy fit and overprotective gestures. Rin's a lot better at shutting him up, though.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:46 No.5098810


    Excuse me. "Heroine"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:46 No.5098814
    As the >>5098617, >>5098622 and >>5098632 fag, I have to say that if her personality has truly and genuinely changed, there is the possibility for forgiveness. I also have to say I wouldn't be a strong willed enough man to be able to give her that forgiveness.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:47 No.5098817
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:47 No.5098818
    That... isn't the same at all.

    Being gay means being attracted to male bodies. Bodies. It is a physical attraction. It is lust. If you do not crave man-flesh then you CANNOT be gay. There is no way to finagle around this point.

    It can still be fucked up, but that doesn't make it gay.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:47 No.5098820
    That is actually a completely different question. In this case, they are literally the same person.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:48 No.5098826
         File1246790923.jpg-(51 KB, 480x361, CrashManFilthyLook.jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:48 No.5098827
    the peter clone would probably really good at hand jobs having practiced
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:49 No.5098828
    Yes, I know there are three routes.

    What I do not understand is using his behaviour in one to argue that he holds certain beliefs, then arguing the OPPOSITE based on another route. It is the nature of this argument that makes no sense.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:49 No.5098831
    That depends, does she have a personality that is distinct from Peter's? Or does she believe that she is Peter and that she has somehow been gender swapped? If number one, no, if number two, a little.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:49 No.5098832
    A new person wasn't created else we wouldn't be having this discussion.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:51 No.5098839

    I don't even know how you reached that conclusion.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:51 No.5098841
    Yes, we would, or are. You're just not following.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:51 No.5098843
    I'd look at the player playing her incredulously and say, "Seriously?"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:51 No.5098844
    what if the poly morphing has changed the thought process enough so "she" might as well be a new person
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:52 No.5098847
    Then I'd look at the DM and say, "Are you fucking kidding me?"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:52 No.5098850
    "You faggots planned this?"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:52 No.5098852
    1. Indicating that he is not sexist but just broken, because he stops Saber but doesn't try to stop Rin.
    2. Noting that he does try to stop Rin (in a different route), invalidating point 1.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:53 No.5098854
    Nothing that hot gets kicked out of my bed.

    No matter how many penises it has (or had).
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:54 No.5098862
    Well then, having watched this tearful exchange from nearby I'll have no choice but to slay you both.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:55 No.5098866
    Well that's because you're a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:55 No.5098868
    Good luck trying to take on the BBEG and a PC, alone.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:55 No.5098869

    ...The hell? Point one is in reference to the Fate Route, the only route where he really tries at stopping Saber from fighting.

    Point two illustrates that this stems from his twisted value system where he places his love interest over his own safety without common sense or rationality, and has nothing to do with sexism.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:56 No.5098878
    Nah, just from /d/.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:56 No.5098879
    I struck the BBEG in the neck with my throwing dagger. She falls to the ground gurgling blood. I then draw my blade and advance upon my comrade, ready to defend myself should he attack.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:57 No.5098882
    Right, a faggot then who loves penises.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:57 No.5098883
    Character references can be from any route. Author's word is enough to validate even hypothetical scenarios. We're judging his character.

    You haven't shown that it's his love interest he's most concerned with. This is only correlation, not causation.

    Besides the fact that his own stated beliefs make it clear sexism.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:58 No.5098886
    You really think you can one-shot a barbarian with a throwing dagger? One who out-levels you?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:59 No.5098892
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)06:59 No.5098895
    She's human like anyone else and steel through the spine is quite fatal.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:01 No.5098904
    >You haven't shown that it's his love interest he's most concerned with.


    He's just fucked up, man. Not right in the head (arguably, a good sort of fucked up in the head but still). They only stress this point THE WHOLE DAMN GAME.

    But no, not wanting to see this hot chick you're into get hurt is totally sexist. Yeah, mmhmm. Enough of this.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:02 No.5098910

    Barbarians arent human.
    They have DR -/-. Which means that throwing Dagger, with it's measly 1d4+Str has a good chance of doing no damage.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:05 No.5098925
    These aren't tears. I've just got something in my eye.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:05 No.5098929
         File1246791947.jpg-(179 KB, 402x543, armoured.jpg)
    179 KB
    After the usual emotional gibberish, I shall ask for time to think about the situation and I will come to the following conclusion;

    She has betrayed the trust on which the relationship is build, it is about the very essence of her being, the one I fell in love with. Changing of that variable in such a drastic manner warrants a re-evaluation of the entire relationship. As such my love for her is something that might not survive the change of states. However, if she is willing to renounce being the villain in front of the group and work alongside us to repent for her deeds, I shall stand by her side and will not allow harm to befall her from my teammates. If she is unwilling to do so, I shall be forced to consider her an enemy, which I shall openly state.

    Our love may rekindle in time, considering only my conscience knowledge of her being a 'guy', the villain and the willingness to betray the trust has truly changed. But until that time, I shall keep her at arms length.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:05 No.5098931
    I don't roleplay by numbers. So I don't care if it is a goddamn butter knife. If it gets stuck through your neck you're going down.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:07 No.5098937
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:09 No.5098944
    I proceed to make light of the situation. Anyone who knows me well enough to have slept with me understand that this is my indirect way of saying I'm totally cool with how things are working out.

    But I do have to get one thing clear.

    "So are we gonna be the bad guys now or what?"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:16 No.5098973
    You know, this actually provides a novel solution for how to deal with the villain and his surviving minions after my inevitable victory. Polymorph Any Object, Mind Rape, instant party favors for my triumph.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:16 No.5098974

    You're kind of a prick. One confession and you think you've got the BBEG under your thumb. For all you know, they were giving you a chance to avoid destruction at their hands.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:28 No.5098997
    Well if that's the case then she isn't very truthful about her love and you may as well just kill her. Or try to.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:30 No.5099004
    This thread just gave me a fantastic idea.

    I'll randomly have monsters generate magical aura's. If they are killed or dispelled, they revert to human form. Turns out, they were wizards/people who were polymorphed for too long.

    Kinda creepy when you think about it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:31 No.5099008
    >she claims she's genuinely fallen in love with you
    >she claims
    I kill her quickly before I fall into her manipulative plans any further
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:33 No.5099019

    "Oh man. Ohhhh man. Dude. You know how gay that makes you?"

    "No no, I'm not gay. See I've been fucking a hot Amazon woman. That's not gay. That's like, the opposite of gay."

    "So, uh, how are we gonna do this? I mean I don't really wanna fuck around with a man if you were thinking about, y'know...changing back, but I mean I'd feel like a jerk if I said don't, but...man...fuck."

    "Okay, how about this? Like, we could take turns. You can do that gender thing to other people, right? Oh man, I'd be gay then, wouldn't I? Or would that not count? I kinda wondered what it'd be like to have boobs."

    "I mean, hold on. Not right now. Maybe later. No, right now you see I'm horny as balls. Oh, like you didn't see this coming. Looking up at me with moist eyes. Seriously, love. Did you really think this little talk was going to end up any other way?"
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:34 No.5099021
    This would be awesome.

    Not only am I shagging a hot barbarian chick, but she can also change her appearance at will. So essentially I am fucking every woman on the planet, without cheating.

    That would be bliss.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:35 No.5099027
    These are both deeply, deeply disturbing ideas.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:36 No.5099034

    She could be one of those in-love-but-not-stupid villains, rightfully paranoid and somesuch.

    Obviously if she was willing to let you go right off the bat she'd have just killed you in your sleep.

    It might change her feelings for you, though, if immediately after her confession you start treating her like a prisoner. "I'll keep you at arm's length?" "I'm not sure I can trust you anymore?" Come on now. Everyone knows that's code for "It's over and I clearly don't love you anymore but I'm going to keep you around for easy access until I find a replacement."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:36 No.5099035
    If they are willing to confess and repent, I shall accommodate, if they are not, then I shall not. It all comes down to one of us abandoning our principles, we can't be half bad guys or half good guys.

    Whichever choice they make, I shall respect it, in one I give a chance to someone to fix things they have wronged and perhaps gain back a love, with the other I stand against someone who stands for their principles, a truly worthy opponent.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:53 No.5099135
    The big important question is... is she tsuntsun or deredere? Or maybe even... tsundere?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:54 No.5099146
    "Ah, Melchoir, I see you've taken a fancy to Starla, lovely girl, found common ground? I thought you might, yes. By all means, take her into your retinue, you'll find she's quite obedient, excellent cook, intelligent, witty, perfect companion in every regard... But it'll cost you a share of the cut, retainers like that don't come along every day. Hmm? Oh yes, she is related to the Dark Lord, yes... His niece or something, I'm sure. Yes I see the resemblance too. How did I get her on board? That's a trade secret."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)07:58 No.5099174

    Tsundere Barbarian girl?

    I think I'm going to die of Moe.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)08:04 No.5099222

    Thank you. That's what I was shooting for.

    I'm 9004 by the way.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)08:10 No.5099256

    Still tastes like chicken though.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)08:14 No.5099281
    S-stupid, I didn't cleave you in your sleep because I l-like you or anything. It just didn't fit into my plans.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)09:19 No.5099717
    Too many unknown variables. What crimes as the BBEG committed? Has he previously shown a will or desire to change his ways (as male). Is he cute as a guy?

    What strikes me the most about this thread is you all act like every character you play has the same personality. I've had characters that would kill the BBEG outright and I've had characters who would do everything possible to reform the BBEG.
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 07/05/09(Sun)09:41 No.5099832
    I've always wanted to lead an army
    So, India?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)09:52 No.5099884
    >a woman with the heart of a man is probably the coolest girlfriend I can imagine
    Yeah, pass. I'm not into chicks who keep body parts of ex-lovers in a jar.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)09:54 No.5099893
    "So, uh. Are we going to kill everyone else in their sleep now? What's the deal?

    I also have found a few critical flaws in the plan to take over the world, we should discuss them when we get back to our Fortress of Doom."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:04 No.5099952
    Sit back and have a good long LAUGH. And be glad I'm not a Paladin.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:05 No.5099958
         File1246802748.gif-(741 KB, 304x224, 1213305448697.gif)
    741 KB
    >thinks men don't have any whiny clingy complainy bullshit and are low maintenance.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:09 No.5099972
    1) Gently cup her face in my hands, look into her eyes, and say "Excuse me for a moment."
    2) Gibber incoherently at a tree for an hour.
    3) Return to her, smile softly. "This may take a few."
    4) See 2.
    5) Wonder why my head is bleeding. Oh, yeah, I was banging it against the tree for all of 4. Realize I spent some time catatonic as well. Try and find out what day of the week it is.
    6) Demand everybody's rations. I'm not going to be able to deal with this enough to be able to respond to her in an accurate fashion on an empty stomach, and I'm not going to quit eating until I have an answer.
    7) Be cordial and friendly to everybody as I proceed to try and kill myself by overeating. If she's fallen for me, then she knows that antics like these are my coping mechanism. Or, you know, procrastinating from dealing with the problem.
    8) Ask her if she's going to finish her BBEG plans or let it drop. Her answer dictates my next action.

    IF YES: Then we march out to be alone and engage in combat by ourselves. We can't solve our differences, and I'm not about to let anybody kill somebody I care for. Except, you know, me. I'm pretty sure if she's in love with me she'll feel the same. (BAD END no matter who wins. I'm pretty sure she will -- she's got enough levels in Barbarian to match our group, plus a high enough spellcaster to cast polymorph. Hopefully, being forced to kill me will help her see the error of her ways.)
    IF NO: "So, uh... You gonna stay a chick? And keep this personality that I've come to know? Because otherwise, this relationship might be getting a little tricky."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:09 No.5099973
         File1246802979.jpg-(130 KB, 533x800, kamen_W.jpg)
    130 KB
    Rider Kick is my solution to everything.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:15 No.5100003
    Since she's just made herself vulnerable to me, I argue with the DM that I should be able to make a coup de grace with my dagger.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:17 No.5100019
    I suggest that we take up a double life where he is the BBEG and I am his evil woman, and I am the hero and he is my busty barbarian companion. Then we fight crime!

    Polymorph is awesome!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:21 No.5100045
    We bros don't have the capacity for love, affection or attachment. And we certainly wouldn't develop feelings for a girl who showed us the slightest bit of attention let alone slept with us.

    Our hearts are stuffed with steel wool and tinfoil.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:24 No.5100059
    As long as it doesn't have a dick RIGHT NOW, I'll keep tapping that.
    But I would like to know what 'she' was before the change, and if she is going to stay evil. I'm not going to betray my friends, but I wouldn't have the heart to kill her.
    If she is going to stop being evil, then we need to stop her plans. After we stop whatever it was she was going to do, we give her loyal minions a choice. They can stay on board (in the new, not-evil empire) or, (depending on the size of "her" horde) they get their last paycheck with a 5 gold bonus and sent on their way.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:26 No.5100066
    Me not know what pretty lady talking about.
    More Snu-Snu? Me do whatever it takes for Snu-Snu!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:26 No.5100071
    Hmmm, since I would probably be the "evil" one here and the "villain" being a righteous dogooder out to try and stop my group, I'd say she was reformed and now sees that the world ain't so black and white. I'd still fuck her (she'd have to be a her, since she is a barbarian now and can't possibly control the necessary magics to change back anytime soon) and continue La Revolution!

    Magic is fucking cool like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:30 No.5100094
    He is a classic hero bent on saving the universe. She is a male polymorphed into a female barbarian with plans on world-domination. They fight crime!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:30 No.5100098
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:32 No.5100112

    Does OP have anymoe pics of that girl, or women done in that style?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:34 No.5100123
    Polymorph doesn't change your class, bro.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:41 No.5100161
    Why the FUCK would a barbarian that thinks that a tube top and thong are universal wear suddenly decide "You know what I really want? Sleeves. No shirt, just... just sleeves. I think it would really round out my ensemble."
    >> The Scribbler 07/05/09(Sun)10:43 No.5100167
    her forearms get cold
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:44 No.5100173
    Fuck man, you're arms can get COLD! Sleeves is where it's AT!
    Besides, just sleeves won't restrict movement like a shirt will.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:45 No.5100175
    The sleeves are part of a magic item. Duh.

    Plenty of characters have worn sillier things for the sake of +1 ref on alternate fridays.
    >> Stranger 07/05/09(Sun)10:47 No.5100188
    What's done is done, if 'she's' truly turned a new leave, we handle all evil minions and set about making right with all who were hurt. As I'm probably playing a human, a dude polymorphed into a chick is probably among the least weird things I've fucked.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:49 No.5100196

    That is all.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)10:51 No.5100207
    Valid point made, and I retract my annoyance.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)11:48 No.5100579

    Here's a question I'm surprised no one has asked.

    Is there any chance at all that she might simply be under some compulsion? Dominate Person? Suggestion? Hell, Charm Person would work if the barbarian actually disliked me enough.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)11:58 No.5100669
    The second she dies, her body will turn into a big burly male barbarian. Do you really want to keep tapping that?


    This is why SMITE is the only real answer.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:05 No.5100731
    All kinds of stuff to think about here. Just how bad a bad guy was she? Leader of a thieves guild? Meh. Genocidal dictator? STABSTABSTAB. You're also going to want to get a paladin in there to detect evil-if they're truly remorseful, they shouldn't ding the pally's evil-dar.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:11 No.5100775
    Are you kidding? I kill her and take her stuff.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:15 No.5100804
    Reveal that I'm actually a doppelganger hired to infiltrate the party and feed information to another, more powerful organization, and I've taken a liking to 'her' as well, and comment that this simplifies the whole arrangement.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:20 No.5100853
         File1246810832.jpg-(23 KB, 281x320, 1240886939138.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:27 No.5100904
    After a long pause, I turn to her and say.

    "So, you gonna drop this whole 'great evil' thing? 'cause otherwise, I don't know if this is gonna work out…"

    Also, 'cause I hate you all:

    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:35 No.5100976
    As an evil PC, this works for me.

    I betray the party and join the BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:44 No.5101051
    Ask her what she plans to do now more then likely
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:45 No.5101063
    "I want to trust you... want to say I believe you instantly... but... if what you say is indeed true... what proof can you give me aside of your word that this is not just another facet of trying to get close and learn of our weaknesses, as you said was your original goal?"

    "Forgive my doubts, but, well, regardless of who sent them, you have been fighting the same foes we have, so to unexpectedly say you are not only the one who summoned them, but that you suddenly have no desire to continue the very schemes we have been struggling against so long... well, you surely can understand my reluctance to so quickly take you at face-value."

    "I love who I love, but if you cannot be whom I love, and prove your intentions of change are true and not deceit, then I must regretfully take up arms against you, for even with the face I love, such trickery is that of my enemy. Please, do not give me cause to do such a thing."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:51 No.5101113

    Who the fuck talks like this.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:51 No.5101114
    My character is gay, so he never fucked the barbarian chick in the first place.

    So on learning who the barbarian really is, he asks that he return to his original form for some fucking :)
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:55 No.5101139
    I tell "her" that if that was her plan and she's fallen in love with me, even though she knows full well I'm out to sabotage her evil plan, and why, then maybe this is a sign that she should knock off all this badness.

    Then I hook up with her. I don't care what she turns back into when she dispels the Polymorph; dude, chick, undead, I don't care. I will retire from adventuring and find a lovely place in the woods to serve as a plot hook for future adventuring parties and as shelter for people who fail the Survival rolls, where she and I can live our (possibly really deviant) lives in peace, away from people who know who she really is. I set out to save the world, and I'm fucking gonna do it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:59 No.5101170
    Get her to cast the same magic on me.

    The lesbians.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)13:01 No.5101182
    Fantasy characters.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)13:02 No.5101186
         File1246813320.jpg-(263 KB, 900x1164, Heretics_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg)
    263 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)13:14 No.5101293

    Badly played ones apparently.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)13:17 No.5101324
    I always groan at this kind of situation in a movie or TV show or whatever. Whenever the person you love turns out to not be what they said they were, generally what happens is that the protagonist rejects them even when they honestly feel love for them. Every. Single. Time.

    I mean, I'm not saying you shouldn't have some trepidation, I'm just saying that giving them a chance might be in order. Especially since it would be stupid of them to ruin the plan now.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:07 No.5102382
    That's all right, the hero's rejection is only temporary anyway. By the end of it, it'll be a Hollywood ending nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)18:52 No.5104100
    OP here.

    Self, I am satisfied with how this thread went. Thanks all.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)19:58 No.5104705

    I'm sure you are you. you... masterful troll!
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)20:00 No.5104718

    Is it really a troll if you're honestly curious what people respond? Because I am.

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