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We ran 6 turns in qst and then I lose connection over a lot of days due to vacation so we'll be using this thread for general correspondence.

>What is Swordborne?
You can look at it here it's a skirmish style wargame/tabletop rpg where players band together in groups of 12 or more as a commissioned fighting company in medieval fantasy. Lethality is high but characters are tough to kill. Soon some supplementary patches will arrive on this thread to clarify on various mechanics. If you have LORE or Mechanics questions; feel free to ask them here.

> What's the state of THIS game ?
It lifted mechanics from DEARTH of GODS but borrows setting queues from Final Fantasy Tactics, DarkSouls, and Record of Lodoss's " Sword World" system. It's experienced one battle and will soon enter into basemanagement mode. I am quite anxious about how the system processes currently.

>Can I play ?
This question is layered. I normally would say yes and Im not one to turn down new players but we are currently at 30 units fielded. Anymore and I would urge you to wait until characters go into "sleep mode" or experience 'death' so that you can be slotted in.

>Whats this Thread abo-
A general thread. I can answer questions or I can take suggestions before going ahead with the week 1 patch. One should not overcede the other here. If you have any comments about the system I would hear it. If you're just passing by and see this, stay awhile and lurk, our sellsword population is quite [lawful]
A question: how long a turn takes in the in-game time? There's been some contention on this matter.

Also why are you talking about 6 turns if there were 8 act phases?
Was there ? That's quite good then.

As for Turns, the amount of time is gamified but mechanically it is an "hour" Obviously one does not duel for 2-3 hours but perhaps it is easier believed that a battle with an enemy unit would take that long.

Nevertheless however, in this world there are 24 turns in a day and the prediction to that this first pitched battle will resolve in 8 "hours" is definitely heartening considering the size.

Perhaps in a lighter world an "hour" could cover the events of a single duel or showdown which would definitely put an interesting finish at the end of battles. Something to be saved for later.
But at the end of the day what the board conveys and what the realities of this world follows are respectfully separated by necessity and that the "turns" in a game like this one is measured simply for its ability to encapsulate the weight of one's choice over limited choice points than a dynamic and extraneous spread of filler.

In this case we are testing to see if 24 "choices" in a day will give one ample opportunity to invest actions towards their job rather than constantly being attacked by forces of nature every 3-6 turns or so.
File: Rules.png (2.85 MB, 1800x2100)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
If it helps, boss, there's currently 28 fielded units.
You could squeeze in 2 more if they show.
Anyhow, suggestions! I think we covered these earlier.

Machinists & Plague Doctors could use and even out a little from [Life Choices], like the other options. Needn't be much, but it seems peculiar they do have the choiices.

Machinists could benefit from a ammo pouch ("holds bullets") or bandoleer ("holds tools + bullets"), since they carry so very many things, much like how plague doctors get a bandoiler. Even with +2 item slots, those are consumed when you get bullets to start with. To steal a page from other games, ammo could simply be stored in an undefined "pouch" and that would sort it out.

Ranged Attacks seem to be much the end all, be all. Mov speed is low (3-6), range is high (6-22) and damage is even. Once a melee fighter closes, they might win, but moving 4 mov away negates a typical 3 mov knights entire next attack chain. They would need to move twice to catch up. Essentially, kiting melee reliant fighters appears a smidge too easy. I would very much like to see the knock on effects of adding a special kind of called shot - [Charge]. Knights and Armslaves get this as their training. Make an attack at +1 difficulty at the end of your move. Something that would allow true frontliners to rush forward and be the front line, and not advance at a speed of 3Mov + 1 Block / turn. Unsure how much that would mess with the system specifications.

>Or Tacticians just slap more knights on the knights
>Movement for knights is less of an issue if you consider the combined weight of 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 1 queen and 8 pawns that offer the [Pawn Charge] +2 move. It might simply be that ranged has a slight edge because they sidestep a teamwork requirement, whereas a Tactician with a Knight wearing a Rook has an invincible infinitely moving wall.

Anyhow, that's kinda open for interpretation and system needs.

More importantly, tell us about the royal family.
> balancing chess tho
=On The Royal Families=

To understand the intertwined politick of Lindlore one has to consider the Kingdoms currently in power on or around the Island.

Ignyllian Power Blocs
-The Ignyllian Order of the Round-
Currently 7 Lords of Ignyll represent the heads of state of this disparate realm, their city states following the tradition of naming itself after its founders. Serpico, Nocturne, Helena, Clause, Stein, Dresden, and Alistair. This federation of city states currently foster a booming industry of adventurers that make intercity travel through dangerous monster infested realms possible. The seats may change overtime every few years depending on whether or not each lord's company is capable of maintaining their responsibilities to the Order as well as their own realm. In times of emergency a Marshal maybe appointed to lead over all allied states.

The Holy Alexandrian Empire.
Protected by its Lord Knights
Ruled by law of their Gods
and Judged by their Patron Dragon.
Is a classic Monarchy that has expanded beyond its borders under the direction of their Gods and ancient patrons. Lead by a succession of monarchs chosen by the Church of Twin Apollos, the Alexandrian Empire has subjugated many nonhuman tribes and was recognized for defeating the Black Dragon that haunted the world a mere century ago. It continues its crusade into "heretical" territories, hunting witches and subjugating demihuman tribes. Overseeing the judicial functions of their government is an ancient White Dragon that has sought to serve their late friend and King.

The Norr Kingdom.
Masters of voyage and conquerors of distant isles, the hearty sons of "Aesir" are an eternal rival of Dragons and conquering nations for well over 10 generations. Thought to be isolated indefinitely from walls of ice and the giants that inhabit them, the Norr eventually tamed the dire wolves, wyverns, and the waves themselves to collect "Taxes" on those who would owe them for protecting against giants.
Avalon's Ancient Kingdoms
Not much is known about these realms only that every man who had ever travelled Avalon extensivlely would note their colorful citizens and that every ruler there descend from a non-human line dating back from a time before the Kingdoms of men were erected. The Kingdoms however are too disparate and varied to classify under a single umbrella

When the ecosystem of monster populations destabilized many farmlands betwixt avalon and Alexandria fell to ruin from bug like creatures that threatened to reproduce faster than they can plant. As a response to such a many-headed enemy Laboria enlisted the industry of Dorfs and Halflings to erect machines capable of killing swarms faster and farther than they can run lest their mountains are also devoured by their kin.

How do alignments play mechanically and lore wise?

There seems to be a panteon of gods associated with each alignment that may determine what type of spells/miracles one can perform. Are there other uses too?
File: 1483044983352.png (801 KB, 1800x1707)
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801 KB PNG
It seems that any character that is not a plague doctor, machinist, or tactician has very limited options for [Rest] activities. We are (as far as I know) without any food, so [Dine]ing is out. Experience is flowing in slowly, so it will be some time before we can Level.
So, a majority of the Company will be spending their effectively forced rest-times to do...nothing?
Am I missing something here?
Thanks, Scholar. If I wasn't half-eaten by wolves I'd be taking copious notes.

Yes and no.

Knights, Clerics and Archers all have [Academic], which allows the picking of a proficiency. . . which can be a civil proficiency, allowing the use of Rest Actions.

Archers get [Trapmaking] as a base of their class, as the [Archer] bonus provides a +1 to traps along with scouting.

Clerics have books with mysteries they can study.

Armslaves would probably spend the time working on their weapons, practicing, and attemtping to [attune] more. They're a bit screwed here, but then, armslaves are for fightin'

The Archer, Cleric or Knight need to pick the options to be able to do something with the rest actions rather than the pick the option that allows them to murder more effectively or grants a bit more starting money. They can pick up a Machinist Proficiency and a Toolkit by going [Academic] - [Machinist] (Grab Free +2 Toolkit).

Or anything else, for the same cost.
Could we get descriptions on the various Sword Artes available to Armslaves?

I tried asking about the spear ones earlier but never received a reply
And apparently there is no rest for tacticians they must remain ever vigilant..
One facet of one option out of four. Yes, it is an option, but uncommon, especially in the present company roster.
Is this a thing that can be done as a rest action? Trapmaking has not been addressed at all, leaving the materials, actions available, and mechanics almost entirely unknown. All an archer has to go on are the +s listed under Trapmaking I
>Studious Clerics
Clerics seem to not have +Study, are you sure they can read? Or are you talking about academic clerics?
Yep, they're screwed out of a turn.
>Academics: Machinist
My understanding is that academics (and day classes) can't grant Named proficiencies, (Like Machinist or Armslave), but rather the more generic proficiencies (like civic proficiency or weapon rank). But yes, it is a niche option available.

None of which addresses the issue at hand. Tundra forecast and the 12h hour mark are going to force a large portion of the company to rest (or at least huddle near a fire) with nothing to do. The inclusion of something as simple as
To provide a portion of one's dice or successes to an ally's idle action.
>Yep, they're screwed out of a turn.
There's no reason, really, for an Armslave to ever rest except for the 6 turns necessary to sleep and level up.
According to the graphic,
Archer I provides: +Scouting, Traps
Trapmaking I provides: +Hide Tiles, +Set Trap, +Disarm

So does taking Trapmaking combine with Archer I for +2d6 in trap activities then?

I actually asked about some details in the first thread (twice)
and got sort of an answer for that. I'll have to post it later because it's on my laptop, which I don't have set up at the moment.
It basically uses your Skill+WeaponAtk/Pot+Tek, if I remember right, but don't take that as a definite. I'll post again later. Busy..
ON Traps:
"Expend materials such as arrows, daggers, sharpened stakes , ropes, bombs, alchemical concoctions to create a trap effect equivalent to the competence roll upon creation.

Trap effect: TEK + RANKS + Trap MATERIAL[+Success]

If you have a shovel equipped you may "hide" the tile in the same step."
The Guardsman life choice also provides something to do, though a single deployed archer has it currently. If you suffer a particularly stick status effect, rest is the time to get rid of it.
File: SB_ItsATarp.png (26 KB, 1100x162)
26 KB
Thanks but also
>So does taking Trapmaking combine with Archer I for +2d6 in trap activities then?

Now in screencapped form
Yes. And auto succeses = materals. Using your basic arrows (1Q) you could make a TEK 4 + 2 Dice + 1 auto success arrow-trap of some kind.

It' be the same as stacking Archer and Weapon Rank to get +2 to a weapon. You just stacked Archer and TrapMaking.
File: BATTLE_LINDLORE_8b.png (4.25 MB, 5400x3750)
4.25 MB
4.25 MB PNG

An arrow sails through the port and drives itself betwixt the last eye of the worg, Vanquishing It and signalling the end of the first battle, the first night's victory.

And just as luck would have it, a snowstorm begins to roil over from the North.

Battle 1 Over.
All: Gain 30 Experience and 20 zenny. The financial matters will be resolved by volunteer couriers. Ready our battlements everyone ! It will be a long night !

> Mission 2 Will begin in a few hours!


would this be a good time to claim exp?
You can keep a current tally. The only way to spend exp is if you Sleep.
ty kindly

Since I've got my sword magicked for another 5 turns I can be on first watch.
Can I get an example of what I'll gain if I level up?

My highest stat is 4, so I spend 40xp

What do I get out of that?

1 stat + 1 class feat?
1 stat + 1 to all class feats?
something else?
You would gain
+1 Stat
+1 Class Level
+1 To the listed Feats unless specified.

Knight Level 1 > on level 2 I add 1 to str.
Knight Rank 1 > Knight Rank 2
Weapon Proficiency +1 Swords > +2 Swords

Life Choices can only be taken once obviously.
But Civic Proficiencies can be further improved.
Experience can be used to raise known proficiencies as well.
okay so I'm an Armslave

I gain +1 Stat, +1 Armslave Rank, +1 Weapon Rank
As a general question; who would be available during New Years Eve / In the next 48 hours ?

Otherwise what's a good day to Continue ?
> Sunday ?
> Monday ?
>Tuesday ?

Note all the days you're available to post! I wish to see 2016 die with my own eyes, do you ?
Monday and Tuesday
I have a gathering to attend for New Years Eve but should be available on mid day on the 1st.
Anyone have the extended plague doctor notes ? Lost mines
File: 1482299421010.png (756 KB, 1013x883)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
File: 1482523742129.png (1.55 MB, 1800x2100)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
I have a question about crafting/buying, the smithy options let us get a weapon with 3Q worth of bonuses, can I get a sword with +2 casting +1 reach, or are the Q bonuses limited to ATK and DEF?
also bump
No. Seek a Runic Smith or perhaps an Artisan.
Speaking of which, can we pay the smithy to get a weapon improved or can we only buy new weapons?
You can improve held gear. Several people have done just that.
As an official announcement; There are now 3 ways to "study"

-Pay in EXP
-Pay in Ferries
-Study using PER Rolls. Each success accounts for 10 points of exp or ferries needed.

For those training in combat artes, PER maybe replaced with TEK. and WIL maybe replaced with END when it comes to extraneous conditioning to learn that "one thing" However this feature implies that one has a combat arte they have aspired to, the closest to do so are Armslaves
What are some of the central tenets of the religion of the Pantheon Solaris? Why does God look disfavorably on plant magic?
And more important, who are the followers of the [STAR]?
Less plant magic but the act of going against the natural flow itself. While mages are widely accepted for wielding destructive magicks, it follows that the creation of life fall under the domain of gods and the natural order. No reasonably natural nor scientifically [neutered ] explanation describes how a "witch" like Mabs Frazil creates plants, pumpkins and harvests anew without falling into the trappings that Aether and Souls are composed of the same basic energies

=The Pantheon Solaris aka The Star Pantheon=
A belief that has come into prominence following the death of the Black Dragon, in which the world and the universe was created by an Almighty entity and that man was created to bring about a new world order and so chose 12 divine saents led by a King every 1000 years or so to enact his will. The most recent of such tales being the 12 Warriors led by King Arthur, said to have been guided God to seek the legendary Sword Excalibur and then sacrificed his chances to be an eternal king to combat and kill the eternal Black Dragon, an agent of the Old Gods. Though he did so with less than 8 knights, it is said that the remaining 4 saents were named eventually after many critical investigations that went into Arthur's Ascension. Usually these 12 "Deified " Saents are tied to their accompanying astral bodies.

Twin Apollos; Which is typically The King and His Companion in earlier legends it was also their sister. Referred to as the "Second Light" who is a keeper of knowledge.
The Blue Moon -referring to our Star [Tera] which is but a few Kingdoms of God that we live in. The Saent is usually their closest friend.
The Red Mars; which is typically a strong adversary to the Twin Apollo whose fate concludes with them dying to the King or becoming their unlikely ally.
Great Ganymede; is a late but powerful Saent to join the King known for their affluence and prosperity. Ganymede is worshipped even among foreign merchants.


Wise Mercury- Is a small Star but is among the first to recieve the messages from God. Typically a messenger or a learned individual who seeks out the King.

The Green Mother- Typically confused for Tera but The Green Mother, known also as Venus refers to descendants of the Tree and has since been changed in texts as simply the Mother. This saent is still being debated between Arturs biological mother, who was a prostitute, his animal Friend, a red bear, or a dead childhood friend, also a prostitute.

The Distant Neptune- A faraway friend or relative whose heart was captured by the King's actions or comes to his aide in their darkest hour, armed with exotic talents and gives the King advantages unusual and mysterious. Neptunian clerics are versed in many languages and are very accepting of other races.

The Oracle of Rings- As a church it is not well known on the continent but the Oracle is sought after for Divine Truths known only to God. In the stories it is always a single wandering person and not a church sect at all. Typically a fortune teller, a bard or a scholar.

The Oracle of Void- Like the Rings they speak to the dead and in astral charts is said to be a star that exists in the shadow of others.

The Royal Chariot- refers to a comet that is seen travelling among the stars at great speed. The chariot refers to an animal companion that rotates between Mars, Ganymede and Apollo as its master due to its path in the sky and its appearance in the stories as Antioch's Wyvern, Nemo's Kraken, and Gilgamesh's Horse.

... The rest I cannot recall off the top of my head. Apologies.
I see. So at least two of these were at first unaccounted for in Arthur's ascent. Which were they?
Pluton The Last Light. Bears the shakey title of The Son or the Traitor. It signifies an ending to Apollo and a result of their deeds. Should the Son serve both father and mother, Pluton observes the lessons of their forefather's legacy and acts as both judge and executioner or steward to their good works. The Pluton Sect are a secretive bunch and though they hold no influence enjoy the privileges of the Holy Order and the Crown both. The Saent is associated with Winter and Retrospection.

and since they werent given a Proper Name;
Luna of the Second Light is considered the Queen the one entrusted with the legacy's continued work. The church is run almost exlusively by women but tend to keep to themselves and the moral matters of the Throne and works with Wise Mercury to found a new King should the need arise.
Plague doctor can get extra item slots. How many of these slots does a typical character have?
Interesting, so Luna of the Second Light seems to be part of the Pantheon Solaris, but we still don't know what NightVeil nor the Rank II passive do, I wonder if that is an order secret or we are the first practitioner to reach that rank/learn those miracles
>or we are the first practitioner to reach that rank/learn those miracles


No, its . It's definitely a secret.
File: tactical assesment.png (4.53 MB, 5400x3750)
4.53 MB
4.53 MB PNG
So everybody knows the plan? Scout West and Scout East's Goals?
I'd like to know more about this [ScoutWest] plan
Your tactical situaton map is just a map that reads "Enemies Are Everywhere".

That's a very apt summation of our current tactical situation.
Scout West is comprised of 7 team members.
[As1]Hetros, Team Lead (Final Build Attached)
>Ranged Assault
[Ac2] Is, Second in Command (Latest Build >>>/qst/993684 )
>Ranged Assault
[Ac4] Zatasha Kozan (Latest Build >>>/qst/994435 )
>Melee/Ranged Assault
[Kn1] Lucile (Latest Build >>>/qst/986686 )
>Melee Assault
[As4] Fuko (Latest Build >>>/qst/994197 >>>/qst/994468)
>Short Range Assault
[Ta4] Ms.Evergreen (Latest Build >>>/qst/986815 )
>Tactician/Magic Support
[Cl2] Elaine (Latest Build >>>/qst/994656 )
>Healing/Magic Support

The team will attack from two sides, traversing the line between our base and the manufactury (ArmSlaves only as we have poise to buff our spd rolls for such actions), and from the ground from the south and west.

Reserves on the walls will provide fire support to keep enemies from attacking from the docks.

We move in, clear the manufactury, and if possible, hold it for the duration of the next day against all other attacks. The spar is too isolated to risk over extending into a further assault on the mines, Abandoned Abbey, or even the Docks themselves while the keep is at risk of northern attack.

This plan, obviously, is going to go to the crows with contact on the enemy.

It is highly likely that we will be required to first clear out any forces that are at the docks and on the road to the docks first, before making a full assault on the manufactury proper, holding the docks is inadvisable with the forces we have present, and thus is why if preferable, we avoid engagement with that zone at all, but the theaters are so close as to make this almost impossible.

The Manufactury is probably going to be the second hardest target to crack, the first hardest being the NE Church. The reason for this is that the Manufactury is directly by the mines (which is quite probably infested with the rebels, due to the fact that the assassin we faced ran off in that direction the other day, and if they hadn't had support in that direction they would have instead ran NE where we KNOW they have a significant enemy force).

We can expect swift enemy reserves to be brought to reinforce the Manufactury, which is why the reserve force placed in the West Courtyard is so important, as depending on the situation they can reinforce the north wall (if I'm wrong about the attack from the docks) or help repel an attack from the south to retake or support the Manufactury (in case I'm not).

Yes, yes it is. But you'll notice it also gives an idea of where we are likely to face the brunt of enemy attacks, and how the disposition of our forces should be arrayed.

Ideally, by the time we face the enemy, we want most of our forces at the SW, NW, North-Wall, and NE fires. The E and SE fires are negligible in import.
Also, time to lay out our full strategic goals.

>Primary Campaign Goal: To Render the Enemy Unwilling, or Unable, to take the life of Her Royal Majesty until the snows thaw and we can escape.
This is the goal of the entire campaign. We can literally lose everything else provided that Her Majesty survives.

>Supporting Goals:
>Prevent the Rebels from Learning of Her Majesty by preventing the keep from being taken, and by slaying all foes who enter the keep, allowing none to escape
>Take the Manufactury to enable us to enhance our own defenses more readily, deny the enemy assets, and help secure our western lines
>>Build a linking Stone Wall between the Manufactury and the Castle walls to enable quickly securing and retaking it, and denying easy egress between the enemy's North and West fronts.
>Take the Sutter Farms to secure a line of food so we don't all starve to death over the course of the winter, also denying the foe the advantages of the farm's stores.
>Take the Northern Curtain Wall to secure our northern lines more firmly, and deny the Enemy the defensive advantage they supply
>>Use stone bloq walls to expand the curtain walls and deny easy ingress into the areas they protect.
>Take the Mines, so that we gain a supply of metal to support our works and to deny them to the enemy.
oh, I wanted to mention.

If you see any LanternOil in the Manufact, grab as much as you can. We can work with it once you're back inside to turn it into Quemical Munitions.

It's as close as the rest of you are ever going to get to the awe-inspiring majesty of blowing things up with your mind, so I reckon you'd love it.

And I have this idea for an arrow-mounted grenade carrier I think we can make the archers use.
So how flammable is this manufactury and do we really need to take it intact?
Ok so we plan to have half the guys attacking from the south right? that is like 2 whole turns walking for our slower volunteers (Lucile and Elaine) which means that they are open to enemy attacks for 2 turns and we only have 3 real close quarter fighters (Fuko, Lucile and Zatasha) that can go in and kill rebels, also once in there we will end up surrounded by enemy forces and with numeric disadvantage, so is this safe?
I'd rather we use the ladder and the assassin rope to lower our troops closer to the no man's land between the manufactury and the walls or just spend a turn building a bridge so we can charge it all together... assuming we can't just nuke it with levin strike or flint from the safety of our walls, either way if we go by the old plan I'm not taking the south route
Yes. Yes we do. Yes. I need the materials for making -- it's not -- we can use it for --- and the guns --- which the machinists can use ot make --- and the tools -- and the future trade unity of the --- STOP BLOWING BUILDINGS EVERGREEN.

We can't go around demolishing the whole town willy-nilly, theyre not paying for us that. And Monandaes would have a /fit/.
psssh kiddo do you wanna build a bridge?
We lower ourselves using the rope and ladder, or rather, we just freaking -drop down- and have somebody drop those two things later on if we have to retreat.

We take the Manufactury if at all possible, but if push comes to shove, YES, we blow it up.

Also, there's no disadvantage for shooting into melee, so ranged fighters can still fight in short range if necessary without worry.

We're going to drop from the side, and begin moving in immediately, our ranged fighters will try to put attacks through the windows, since we have called shots that can be made easily and without worry.
To clarify, scorched earth is a last resort type of deal. We don't -want- to do it, but we will do it if the only other option is leaving the rebels with the capacity to make bombs.

On that note. Kill order is as follows

This is only for the INSIDE of that place, out side of it, use your own discretion. I doubt there are more than 5 folks inside of there given it's size, and if they -are- tightly packed, then we're going to massacre them.
Also, reminder. Everybody now has 2 lindlore scones in their packs. We all got healing capability, but try to save them for the night if you can.
Dropping down incurs damage. Be careful.
ah, then never mind, we'll do it the way of ladder and rope and pull them up behind us. Fuko, you'll be going over the line, I'll be providing fire support. Don't try to go inside, but look through the window and see what you can see then hang from the edges, I'll put an arrow through anybody who tries to nail you in turn. Ms. Owner (since I still don't know her name :S) will likely help with fire support herself.

My biggest worry isn't in ScoutWest or ScoutEast but the more disorganized body of our primary defenders. We have a habit in other games of scattering to the four winds and getting taken to pieces... if that happens with the defenders, we're going to lose.
If I say yes will it stop you from blowing up the building? Because if that's the case we can do that. Give me a bottle of Ether and I'll make you a bridge to the manufactury.

How abouts Evergreen just makes ya a ramp? Shouldn't be completely impossible. Lots of Earth and Ice around. Shape it to go to the Manfucatury, and you can walk straight in through the roof then walk straight out. Should crumple on its own if you leave it. Saves a bunch of effort all around.
If anybody have arrows to spare, may I have them? I can provide long range support nearly anywhere on the map if I position myself at the center of the fort, 22 range is big after all.
File: HeavenNighter.png (442 KB, 734x639)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
buy 'em. You can stock up on Iron Arrows from here:

They're pretty cheap, and you got paid 20 for holding the fort.
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 169x190)
37 KB
Who is this qt?
I said this in the game thread and Hetros is clearly also aware, but I think it deserves stressing: with both clerics out supporting the scout teams, the healing left at base is range 2 and 1, which greatly limits options for sustainable formations. The relative frailty of Liren and Garth, the range 2s, doesn't help either. The Priestess is capable, but...
Because until it is taken I do not want to risk the integrity of the walls themselves. Assume we are all wiped out, then the ramp up the walls remains and it makes it easier for the enemies to assail us.

Van Ludow is the only tactician with shield and rapier, just a heads up that you got them reversed.
yeah, it's the weakest point in the whole plan, and if not for the fact healing was relatively unnecessary during the actual defensive portions of the map and everybody just got handed 2 items that heal for 3 each, I'd have suggested one of the two scout teams for went a healer.

As long as the gates are repaired (and if they are not repaired every effort by the machinists should be made to repair them during the combat) then you guys have a highly sustainable defensible position and should use every option you got to repair walls and build better battlements. If at all possible we should see about building pike ramps facing outward around the walls at some point.

If Hetros dies I know I'm gonna be rolling a machinist.
I am just an innocent reporter of the TRUE and ACCURATE events at this tactical meeting, Master Hetros. My important historical document is ABSOLUTELY TRUE

>Ludow is reporting, so I hope I got it right.

As for that, it's not quite as dire.

A few food items goes a long way towards helping everyone, which ablates the need for spot healing if you're out of combat. We also have the keep itself, and some excess coinage floating around.

We simply need to turn it into potions and ether.

One potion is 1 aqua, vitae and tonic and we have enough people around who knows alquemistry. You can controlled-throw potions at rng 2 + STR and they'll hit sips = tiles, which immediately aids in healing sort of a bit. Lessened effect if you splash somehow with it perhaps but still useful.

A single plague doctor with a tube gun and a single vial of Healing Potion can TubeGun fire the healing vial at allies to heal them.

There are other options that also work, we should be okay to survive if we help each other.
Rolled 6, 6, 1, 1, 2, 5 = 21 (6d6)

[Cl3]Indrie can remain with the garrison. ScoutEast will supplement with foodstuffs from the farm and I will assist.

>Use final rest action to study Faith of Gaia for discount to ranks
>Drink a sip of tonic to restore 1WIL
Also, best case and worst case scenarios for how this goes. Both are unlikely, but the "best case" is astronomically unlikely because it depends on the enemy doing -exactly- what we want them to do, and ha, let's face it, that's not what's going to happen.

Best Case
>ScoutEast faces token resistance at the farms and the farms turn out to be an excellent defensive position from which to repel attacks from both west and north by some miracle. In addition, they are able to take pot-shots at the northern enemy forces, and pin them down to relieve pressure from the NE church.
>ScoutWest faces only token resistance at the Manufactury and quickly takes it, shoring up defenses immediately, and at least one of our builders is sufficiently free enough to immediately build not only a connecting double wall bridge with crenelations/battlements to connect manufactury to the castle walls themselves, but also seals up the doors with stone walls to totally deny access to the Manufactury to all enemies.
>The Enemy has nothing left to send against the Western wall, thus letting the Reserves immediately advance to assist the Northern Defensive line and overwhelm everything there.
>The Northern Defensive line not only breaks the enemy, but is freed up enough to move immediately north and claim the north curtain wall.
All in all, if we achieve even 40% of the stuff outlined above I'm going to be a happy camper.

Now time for the worst case scenario.
>Spend 5XP to learn Aide with Faith Rank I in Gaia of the Blue Moon

[Ta]Van Ludow
Male Ignyllian Tactician

STR - 3 [FRN: 8]
END - 4 [FLK: 5]
WIL - 4 [RES: 5]
PER - 2
SPD - 3 [MOV: 4]
TEK - 1

Tactician Rank II
Scholar Rank II
Knight Rank II
Runic Arms II (Imbue Element, Forme Weapon)
Faith I (Gaia of the Blue Moon) [Aide]

Rapier/Shield: +1RCH +2ATK/+3DEF
Uniform: +1Armor/+1RES

Tonic [4/5]
Potion [3/3]
Clean Water [1/1]
Lindlore Scones [2/2]

Worst Case Scenario:
>The farm is a massive trap, the NE church has already fallen, and the Governor/Govenor's Husband has already been tortured to the point he admits her Royal Highness is in the keep. The full brunt of the NE Church force is freed up to come crashing down on the farm at approximately the same time we try to take it and are most vulnerable.
>The WestScout force walks into a massive trap, the place has already been cleared out of everything of value, and the Manufactury is just set to blow the moment we walk into it, and we all die in a horrible, fiery explosion. Survivors are immediately crushed by forces from both the Abandoned Abbey/FrozenLake and the Mines.
>The Enemy's primary force from the Quarrymill arrives, and holds down the Reserves on the walls, and likely have the support of the Mines and Abandoned Abbey/FrozenLake forces, the walls, if not overwhelmed, are badly brutalized.
>The Northern Defensive Line is unable to receive support from the Reserve forces, and is badly beaten around, especially once the NE Church besieging forces sweep down and take Mab's house, and likely begin applying pressure to the Eastern wall, if not simply pour across from the farms to support their Northern offense.

Oh...I haven't realized there was an update...

If I get anything wrong please let me know.

>-recieve 20 XP from slaying the worg, 30 XP from surviving, 7 XP from killing a wyldr. Total 57xp
>-recieve 20 f
>Buy 20 steel/iron arrows (stats?)(-8f)
>Rest at inner annex on the top floor or the east gate torch if possible.
>Heal 2 damage in Per and Tek

Male Norr Archer

STR: 10/10 ATK: +2(Black Arrows)
END: 2/2 FRN: 2 FLK: 2
WIL: 1/1 RES: 2
PER: 1/2
TEK: 1/2
SPD: 2/2 MOV: 4

EQUIP: Long Bow (RNG: x2 [Rank+STR], DMG: ATK+STR), Black Arrows x 15 (+2 ATK), Iron/steel arrows x 20 (?)
ARMOR: Archer Uniform (+1 MOV, +1 RES)


EXP: 57
BANK: 12f
Guys a heads up, don't make actions in here just in case it brings the mods down on us, this is just a general discussion thread for lore, art, mechanical questions, etc.
+16 XP for surviving for 8 active turns. Which is apparently a thing we get as well?
steel/iron arrows are +2 attack.
Could you link to where you saw the +16exp for surviving 8 (active) turns? I don't remember seeing anything like that. There was the general 30exp for sure though.
you got +2 exp for every turn active
Sure can to. I thought it was a mite odd too, but apparently it's a thing?

>which is why the reserve force placed in the West Courtyard is so important, as depending on the situation they can reinforce the north wall (if I'm wrong about the attack from the docks) or help repel an attack from the south to retake or support the Manufactury (in case I'm not).

Hey, wait a minute here. Reserves in the courtyard?

Having just gone over the previous talk, I feel the need to point out that that simply won't work. We don't have the capacity to project force at high enough speed that a reserve force placed in the courtyard can get to where they're needed on time for their influence to be decisive as a factor of changing conditions. At movement speeds such that we have, reinforcements are 2-3 turns in coming. At that point you're dead.

And before anyone says "We can use bishop teleports", we cannot. That needs line of sight to both your teleport target and to your end location. We cannot teleport someone from the courtyard to the church up north because stuff is in the way, nor can we usually do it from the court-yard to the manufactury.

Slap a bishop on someone going to the East and someone going West. Preferably on Evergreen and Ludow, so they benefit from the bonus and the passive boon but really anyone is a good target /given/ that they're in the zone.

You ain't going to have a reserve, friend. Best-wise some shooters on the walls can give extra cover.
The reserves in the west court yard are not there to force project between the keep and the north-eastern church, we cannot force project there. They are there to force project between the north wall and the west wall, and no further, depending on where we receive attacks from.

The ScoutEast force is pretty much on it's own, it is highly unlikely they can force their way into the actual church, but they can very likely take, and hold, the farms against all comers, as the force at the NE church is pinned down keeping the Governor/Govenor's Husband (really wish we knew which they were) along with their guards, besieged in there.

As long as the actual Church is held by friendly forces, the enemy MUST keep a force there to hold them there, or risk them breaking out, and getting to the keep proper. Thus, that force cannot commit -all- of it's assets to the area, and it is the least likely force to be crushed under the weight of numbers.

ScoutWest meanwhile is likely in the middle of THREE such forces, and can very likely be torn to shreds, especially if the Enemy prefers to prevent us from taking the Manufactury rather than assaulting the west wall.

Given the circumstances, it is very likely that the west wall will either need some forces, or none at all, with very little in the way of middle ground, where as the forces assaulting the farm will likely need little to no reinforcements until such time that the north wall is secured. That said, in the event that the north wall isn't secured, and they DO need reinforcements, the Reserves in the western courtyard can move up to the wall, relieving the northern forces there to deploy folks across that neat little bridge you'll notice linking the space between the northern wall and the northern curtain wall that leads directly to the farm lands where ScoutEast will be attempting to take.

>North has to have some presence, because the chances of us getting hit from that direction are as close to 100% as makes no difference.
>West is very likely to be hit too, but it could very well be a token, easily bashed apart force given the absolute trashing we gave their western forces yesterday.
>The eastern front is secured as can be, and the farms are outside of our force projection range.
>The farms are best defended by holding the north wall and preventing enemies from easily moving to reinforce the farms from the west, and the ScoutEast force will just have to be prepared to take on anything sent south from the NE church because they are pinning down a friendly force there, and thus CAN"T redeploy everything they have up there unless they've already taken it, which is a worst case scenario we have to hope against, and the best way to help them is to put pressure on the southern flank of the church besieging forces.
>The ScoutWest force will be deploying to an easily defended location, held by the enemy, and supported by at least two, and probably 3, enemy deployment points

All together that means any reserve force is going to need to go west or north, but not east.

Does that answer your question Ms. Loren?
Normally. Buying from a smith means you get a weapon new with 3Q. As they come out the box that way. However, anymore than that requires the masterwork option in which stats can improve past the point of the first casting.

To surpass this limitation it is necessary to provide high quality crafting materials on top of your purchase since at the moment you are literally paying [and furnishing] for the material costs in Ferries. And what iron scraps Yangus can scrounge together.

I'll go over your options again.

*Custom: Adds an unusual quality past a weapon's basic function that was present in its first function or confers a weapon arte related to that weapon. Yangus is a professional but won't take risks with anything that hasn't been done before should you want for an unconventional weapon quality I would seek a working example from the enemy ranks perhaps as it would help serve jog his memory of a 100 battles.

*Masterwork functions allow that weapon to increase a static statistic by one. [ATK, gun RNG but not Bow RNG. ] Taking it again will increase the price by a factor of successive attempts. Base [x1,x2,x3,x4 ...etc]

- Armor can only be upgraded through the Masterwork Function. And may increase a stat it already supports by one or giving it a simple stat like...

More can be found here under
=The Smithy Says=
I guess I'll just go with it then. I'll update my sheet with the next map thread.

How are Weapon Artes obtained as a Character Skill in SB? Are they strictly an Arm Slave thing?

Armslave get it with their class rank but you can also obtain it by customizing a weapon.

I wonder if it's possible to customize armor this way as well.
I didn't have a question, Hets. I was just telling you you're not going to have a reserve force in place to swoop in as reinfocements. It's a good idea, but don't make it the lynchpin of your dreams.
The reserve force is just a better name than "Western Defensive Force" because there's a good chance they'll need to be more flexible than that. Unlike the northern defensive force who really have to pretty much hold that wall and little else.
I am telling you right now that you are wrong on Bishop Teleport. Where did you find this rule that personal LoS is required on Bishop Teleport? Ifeed a tactician can order pawns from across a map why would this ability be so lomited?
But then those are attached to the weapon. So basically a character cannot obtain a weapon arte as a character skill outside of being an arm slave.
well we might end up getting a trainer?

And the knight weapons have some weapon artes on them like cleave?
I don't know why it /shouldn't/ be limited. Infinite range diagonal teleport with no LoS limitations at a single action seem kinda extreme. The sight range limitation makes sense.

I asked about potential usage and was told you couldn't blitz-crash people into areas you couldn't see. I can't give you a link to a thread or post because that's not where I asked, it came up during a side discussion somewhere else. in the iiirrrcccccc when discussing tactician powers 4 days ago. And when I was help-processing the one diagonal teleport action made I was asked if there was LoS to both unit and tactician using the active order

As for Pawns, you can give the order just fine. You could do the same to a bishop, but how will you teleport it to a place you can't see? That's a little questionable.

But you'd know better than I do, so if you say that's not the case then that's not the case.
There is such a thing as fog range. Which is slightly between Personal Sight Range and Omniscience.
also keep in mind it can only teleport in a straight diagonal line. That's -very- limiting.
1.01 Patch

=Of Bags and Burden =
>Item Slots changed from 4 slots to a dynamic function. of
2 + END+STR +CAP from Gear and bags.

One item slot can account for:
1 Bar of Materiale [1/10th of a bloq]
10 items weighing less than a bar. [bottles trinkets small objects]
99 small items weighing about less than a gram [bullets, arrows, needles, spices, reagents etc]

To carry a bloq; 10Capacity of carrying space is needed if one does not possess this quality a STR roll is needed to "pick up" the rest with successes.

> Bars are now officially 10grams. Building materiale remain to be in Bloqs. Items going forward will be balanced with this in mind.

> If a weapon does not have a weight it's usually
1 slot if its a one handed weapon.
2 slots if its 2 handed
+1 slot if its a "great" variety of either

If a weapon is considered Heavy, it cannot be slotted in an item slot.But instead must be carried at all times or dropped momentarily in order for the wielder to serve other purposes with their hands.

Comments: Any class that interacts with the physical realm requires these stats lest they remain on the fort and busy themselves about the workshop with their surplus TEK score. Knights incidentally benefit from this the most and yet have the least utility for it save for lugging around multiple weapons.
Or carrying a staggering number of potions.
Do like-weighted items stack in the same slot, even when they are different? Ie, would a potion, a scone, a bottle of LanternOil, and some bacon all occupy just one slot total?
I'd assume not.
See, that is why I'm asking. The formula of str+end implies that it's a character's ability to handle weight, not storage space, that determines item slots. So, I would assume the items do stack.
Game Mechanical Logic - like item stack (37 arrows, 3 blue potions, 2 red stones). Different items take different slots.
=On Units of Measure=

1Gram. = A unit resembling the metal of a coin pounded flat. Or the amount of sugar Yangus drinks with his coffee.
1 Bar. = 1o Grams
1 Bloq. = 1o , capable of covering a tile of space 1 height high.

1onze = a sip , a spill about one tile in width, and the amount necessary to get someone summarily executed if exposed to my books.
1litre = 1o onzes, a bottle [like those served in wine] and capable of dousing or gassing a 3 x 3 area.
1 galleon= 1bloq, 1o litres, 1o bottles, in approximation of liquids held in one place. Also the suspected amount of alcohol Yangus goes through in a day.

1 idea = The most basic unit of magic generated from a 1 potency lumicyte for one turn. one tile. and may actuate 1 point of damage *

1 shard = The smallest unit of elemental xtal that is capable of putting out one idea of magick weighing 1 gram *
1 xtal = constructed of 6 shards. But puts out 2 ideas of magic upon use*
1 bloq = constructed of Crystals. But puts out 4 ideas of magic upon use*

*Some xtals dont expire when used, if and when they are aetherically ignited, the potency may multiply and the same is true if the energy is focused on a singular task. However aetheric detonations is typically the most certain method of effect and efficient methods exist behind specific spell styles.
For simplicity's sake, every unique item warrants a different slot. Mixing Lumicyte with your water is sheer folly.

> You also want to avoid having to write out 10 x 6~ unique item names.
Let me just.. mhm... okay... carry the one...


I accidentally managed to conjure 1.3 bloqs of water, which amounts to 13 bottles, which is near about 12x12 with a single unaffected 3x3 bit.

I can see why Monandeas stared a little. That was accidentally a lot of water. Thankfully nothing was spilled all over the library.
That list forthcoming.

Some notes:
It will cost exp to learn. Or an attunement.
are there further weapon artes beyond the ones listed on the sheet?

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