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  • File : 1246505625.gif-(8 KB, 550x400, youtheconductor.gif)
    8 KB Railroad, Track 2 TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/01/09(Wed)23:33 No.5065974  
    As I recall, a few of you wanted to continue this, so here I am. Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5057446/.
    I have decided that since you are playing as the conductor, I'm going to change my name to something else. I'm not sure for now, but I'll think of something.

    The picture is the conductor (you) of the train. I decided it was time I actually drew him. Acceptable y/n?

    When we last left off, you had destroyed and looted the ENEMY TRAIN and were then ordered to assault the VELONS FUEL DEPOT ahead. What do you do?

    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/01/09(Wed)23:37 No.5066014
         File1246505843.gif-(15 KB, 550x400, knucks.gif)
    15 KB
    Oh and before I forget, someone requested that you bro-fist Randy.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:51 No.5066149
    What's our current inventory?
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/01/09(Wed)23:55 No.5066187
         File1246506952.gif-(4 KB, 550x400, train18.gif)
    4 KB
    $3000 Transitia Dollars
    3824 EU (Fuel)
    1 BOXCAR
    ANTI-AIR/PERSONNEL/ARMOUR rounds 5000/10000/5
    2 UTILITY RAILS (5" thick piping)
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:58 No.5066215
    I do like the look of the protagonist.

    >I have decided that since you are playing as the conductor,

    I WAS wondering if I was playing the train or the condcutor...
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:04 No.5066274
    It'd probably make sense if we were to camoflauge our train, but I'm going to vote on a head on assault of the VELONS FUEL DEPOT.
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:05 No.5066282
         File1246507550.gif-(4 KB, 550x400, train19.gif)
    4 KB
    Randy thinks we should move onward.

    You fire up the engine and get into a steady pace. Up ahead there seems to be a city.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:07 No.5066298
    We should probably pause in the city to search for LOVE INTERESTS and/or ADORABLE MASCOTS.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:16 No.5066360
    we are in ENEMY TERRITORY.

    deliver INCENDIARY ROUNDS to CITY to cleanse for TRANSITIA
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:17 No.5066365
         File1246508278.gif-(7 KB, 550x400, train20.gif)
    7 KB
    Command informs you this is an enemy city, it also holds the location of the FUEL DEPOT. Randy throws a tarp over the side of your train and makes sure that the prisoner cannot escape or make noise. You pull into one of the 'parking spots' of the train station.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:21 No.5066392
    Excellent work, Randy. Alright, we need to equip a CUNNING DISGUISE that they'll never suspect. Hmmm, can we use the POW's uniform?
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:30 No.5066472
         File1246509047.gif-(5 KB, 550x400, VELONSpatch.gif)
    5 KB
    Randy suggests that you put a Velons patch from the ENEMY SOLDIER over your Transitia patch. Everything else should be ok. At least, that's his opinion.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:34 No.5066496
    Brilliant, I'll DO that then. Then I'LL GO make a CASUAL INQUIRY about WHERE I could REFUEL my TRAIN for the GLORY of VELONS.
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:42 No.5066559
         File1246509760.gif-(9 KB, 550x400, train21.gif)
    9 KB
    You start walking into the city when an ENEMY SOLDIER approaches you.

    "How do ya do? Welcome to the city of Hent. Some sections of the city are off-limits right now. I'll answer any of your questions if you have any."

    You are unimpressed by the VELONS military.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:48 No.5066609
    where is the FUEL REFINERY

    I am assigned to ship fuel to the TROOPS, and I need to load up.
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:52 No.5066643
         File1246510351.gif-(10 KB, 550x400, icon.gif)
    10 KB
    Thanks for playing tonight, but lack of traffic is telling me I should continue another time..
    Next time will start when the soldier first approached the conductor.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:54 No.5066653

    No traffic? What? I was just getting ready to post!

    Continue plz.
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)00:57 No.5066675
    Pretty much every other post is me. I'll continue on Friday as I'm not free tomorrow night.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:00 No.5066703
    To be perfectly honest, I thought OPic was of a hipster before I read the thread title.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:09 No.5066781
    Sorry man, I don't normally even post in Quest threads, but I thought I'd make an exception. Still, I prefer to watch rather than participate
    >> TheConductor !lPcdPrIsWg 07/02/09(Thu)01:11 No.5066800
    Not a big deal. I'll try again on Friday.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:12 No.5066828
         File1246511578.jpg-(130 KB, 1663x1020, 1242688067048.jpg)
    130 KB

    is ENEMY SOLDIER wearing a mask?

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