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  • File : 1246414551.jpg-(41 KB, 400x507, engine heart cover.jpg)
    41 KB The Programmer 06/30/09(Tue)22:15 No.5055372  

    Engine Heart is a role-playing game where all the players are small service robots that have survived the disappearance of the human race.

    It runs on a d10 system of dice pools, ala WoD.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)22:23 No.5055459
         File1246415008.jpg-(147 KB, 1024x1497, 9.jpg)
    147 KB
    Sounds perfect.
    >> The Programmer 06/30/09(Tue)22:36 No.5055604
         File1246415801.jpg-(69 KB, 709x447, 9.jpg)
    69 KB

    I hadn't thought about 9, but it could work pretty well. Size 1, high HumanCom, with some variant of Plastic Casing to act as that burlap sack-type skin they have.
    >> The Programmer 06/30/09(Tue)22:44 No.5055683
         File1246416266.jpg-(36 KB, 800x333, wall-e-21.jpg)
    36 KB
    By the way, the game can be freely downloaded from the link in the OP.

    I'd post it here, but I know everyone is paranoid about viruses.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)22:46 No.5055703

    Cool game.
    >> The Programmer 06/30/09(Tue)23:26 No.5056195
         File1246418766.jpg-(187 KB, 1024x768, gonk.jpg)
    187 KB
    Well, I'll be on suptg for the next five hours or so, if anyone has any questions about the game.

    I'm interested to see what people who aren't my playtesters think of it. Otherwise, I'll stop bumping my thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)23:27 No.5056207
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)00:36 No.5056633
         File1246422996.jpg-(153 KB, 510x338, roombaShooter.jpg)
    153 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)01:02 No.5056870
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)01:15 No.5057003
         File1246425305.jpg-(88 KB, 576x821, [large][AnimePaper]scans_Chobi(...).jpg)
    88 KB
    Ok, how would I make a Persocom using these rules?
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)01:44 No.5057164
    I'm playing a game right now, and I don't know anything about anime, but I have wikipedia. Lemme see what I can come up with.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)02:57 No.5057707
    OK, wiki is fairly unhelpful, but i'm about done.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)03:03 No.5057757
         File1246431790.jpg-(80 KB, 509x661, Engine Heart chobit sheet.jpg)
    80 KB
    OK, I had to guess on some of this stuff, so if anything is horribly off-base, I'm sorry.

    Anime is... not my strong suit.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:04 No.5057775
         File1246431897.jpg-(141 KB, 1024x768, 1245352210790.jpg)
    141 KB
    Awesome. Just downloaded it. I'm gonna try playing later.
    Pic semi-related.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:09 No.5057803
    Maybe you are feeling bad for this robot. It's because you are crazy. It has no feelings! And anyway, the new one is much better.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:11 No.5057815
    No. It's just a pic I saved because I liked it. Maybe I have some deep mental issues that I see sadness in this robot due to some feeling of being shunned, but it's really kind of irrelivent at this point.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:12 No.5057824
    And I would like to add, I found your VGCats reference very humorous.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)03:14 No.5057835
    Oh god, why?

    I don't care! It appears sad, and my brain forces me to anthropomorphize it!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:15 No.5057846
    For some reason, I'm unable to use the link to this game. I was, however, able to download Artifice, which looks like an awesome setting and not-quite-enough rules.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:18 No.5057872
    >Vagina Reset

    I shouldn't have laughed.

    There's only one persocom in the setting with that feature (and no one but the writers know why she has it). It isn't standard.

    A persocom is really just a personal computer with a humanoid shape, that uses a voice interface for everything (but can be plugged in to standard IO devices). They're made anywhere from miniature (palmtop) up to life-size. I suppose the kind someone would want to play would be life-sized, but I haven't read your system.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:24 No.5057909
         File1246433075.jpg-(14 KB, 170x171, Pintsize.jpg)
    14 KB
    Ambulatory life size robots who take voice commands?
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)03:31 No.5057951
         File1246433485.jpg-(52 KB, 520x375, crabfu_tortoise_robot.jpg)
    52 KB
    >I'm unable to use the link to this game
    Try this. If it doesn't work, let me know.

    >There's only one persocom in the setting with that feature
    Oh, whoops. Well, it's only a 5-point defect.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:33 No.5057971
    Ha ha ha, when the robots have to repair themselves, whose going to survive, the easy access bolts? or sleek round mound
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)03:39 No.5058018
    Yes, anthroPCs are persocoms. The terms are even cognates.

    Clamp did it two years before Jeph Jacques, though.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)04:10 No.5058272
    I'm glad people are interested. It took me about two weeks to develop this game.

    If this thread is around in 8 hours, I can answer any other questions that come up.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)09:34 No.5059970
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)09:40 No.5060013
    This sounds pretty great. What about the setting though?
    I mean, what kind of things will the players be doing?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:08 No.5060191
    glad to see more sci fi settings

    dling now but i dont think ill get to see much of it. is there a lot of space for personalization? could a character have a offensive set up, like a copbot or a dogbot?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:13 No.5060211
    Neat ruleset, but a bit more background and some possible settings/challenges would be nice.

    What would these robots be doing? What sort of story lines do you foresee?

    Maybe the remnants of mankind are stuck underground in Bunkers to avoid nuclear fallout, and the PCs have to stop misprogrammed Robots from opening the Bunkers so they can serve humans (and in the process poison them all)

    Maybe the leftover robots have managed to evolve appropriately to create a semi-functioning community, but the sudden awakening of a facility of military robots occurs, forcing them to defend their new found homes.

    The rules seem firm enough, but it needs some meat on the bones.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:16 No.5060222
         File1246457797.jpg-(45 KB, 576x568, [large][AnimePaper]scans_Chobi(...).jpg)
    45 KB

    Pretty good, except nix the Vagina Reset. Only Chi has that feature (and only in the anime). That was just her creator being a bitch. A standard persocom is a combination PC, Personal Organizer, companion and sex toy with artificial intelligence.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:16 No.5060223
    From what I saw there was a reasonable amount of personalisation. I have to admit if I played it I'd want to play a huge, dumb, bulky physical-labour bot. The sort of thing you see in movies carrying around and loading and unloading shit so the lazy humans don't have to.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:17 No.5060227
         File1246457861.jpg-(20 KB, 150x180, star-scuzzers.jpg)
    20 KB
    fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:18 No.5060229
    I'm pretty sure that if Chii took at look at Pintsize's porn collection, she'd want to bleach her hard drive.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:18 No.5060230
    I want to know if they're just androids that look like people, or are they proper synthetic flesh and all that?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:20 No.5060236
    For a second, I thought you meant Sumomo.

    The thought of Sumomo with a harddrive full of nothing but porn...somehow strangely erotic.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:20 No.5060238
    Star topia? And here I thought I was the only one who remembered that.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:22 No.5060244
         File1246458128.jpg-(21 KB, 512x128, Scuzzers.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:22 No.5060247
    No, they're entirely electronic and artificial androids, as far as I know. They just have realistically modelled/feeling exteriors.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:23 No.5060251
    It's sitting on my shelf right now. Salt-hogs up in this bitch!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:25 No.5060260

    As this game is obviously based on the short story "Who Can Replace a Man" by Brian Aldiss we can use that story for ideas. In the story, mankind died out from a nutrient deficiency which I find interesting.

    What I can foresee is at least one city has a mainframe computer with advanced AI that has declared itself leader and set out to recruit as many robots as possible. Robots that accept are allowed to join, robots that refuse are disassembled and their parts used to service the workers already there.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:26 No.5060263
    What is this the ultimate goal of this central Ai?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:26 No.5060265
    Out of curiosity, is it possible to play a Tachikoma, or are they just too big and too powerful?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:27 No.5060274
         File1246458472.jpg-(10 KB, 250x300, 250px-Scutter.jpg)
    10 KB
    Why helo thar.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:28 No.5060282

    Oh, and this mainframe also forcibly disassembles any robots it thinks "no longer serve a purpose." Especially andriod/persocom robots designed for human interaction.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:29 No.5060285

    To build a functioning robot society.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:29 No.5060286
    >Reality Comprehension
    >Use this attribute to calculate the trajectory of an object, or understand why something is on fire. Your dice pool to fire a projectile is RealityCom + Reflexes.
    lol, I wanna play a robot on fire, with everyone else panicking, but I don't realise why.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:42 No.5060343
    thats hilarious. with a defect in the nuclear battery and easily replaced plastic casing you can literally burst on fire at will.

    its really missing a bit on the setting. you could also have status for most animals and defects that forces to interact w the remainings of civilization, like to care for pets or to worry with thiefes/trespasser on a certain place.

    it would be cool to have military grade bots even if as enemies, and also status for things that could damage them like radiation fallout (cuts communications in small doses, causes circuitry failure in large) acid damage (sewer cleaner bots malfunctioning et all) and the likes of mutated life.

    rust ants a la rust monster would be a plague, termites even if not for metal/plastic can be a trouble for outdoor strolling, dogs that attack things that move would be cool too.

    is it only me or was it missing airborne types? seaborn too?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:48 No.5060365
    you could have status for the bigger tools too. if they are ment to strive they could build tools to fit their single limb to serve themselves, like a cleaning bot that now digs for ore (and uses its vacuuming compartiment to hurl cargo), or a petbot that uses a weapon manufactured for him to strike.

    a medibot could work as a plot device. i think of them like bards, talkin of the days of old, trying to figure out why humanity is gone.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:50 No.5060373
    Here's a car-building robot/close combat bruiser I made.

    Intelligence Chassis Crux
    2 Realitycom (3) 3 Dexterity (6) 3 Durability (6)
    1 Humancom (1) 3 Mobility (6) 2 Sensor Strength (3)
    2 Digicon (3) 3 Perception (6) 5 Size (15)
    2 Mechanicon (3) 3 Strength (6) 1 Power (1)
    4 Reflextes (10)

    Cutting Laser (15)
    Plasma Arc Weilder 2 (16)

    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:51 No.5060375
         File1246459863.jpg-(30 KB, 320x467, 1203017489935.jpg)
    30 KB
    This is bloody brilliant!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:52 No.5060379
    Forgot about extra point of Strength from Size. Whoops.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)10:55 No.5060389
    This game has real potential. When and where will you be play testing it?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)11:06 No.5060461
    how many points is that?

    i re-read it and didnt saw anything about target point or similar. would X points means a household bot, while X points could mean a public service bot, made to last and work like hell w no failures?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)11:12 No.5060512
    oh i found it, its 100 points. it doesnt deal with character development too, it could be a nice sidequest to find a bot that can design a improvement/repair a defect and then finding the bot that can peform the upgrade.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)12:57 No.5061224
    OP here. Good points all around.

    >What about the setting though?
    I figured that other Programmers could come up with their own backgrounds. My intent was purely to create a ruleset for small robot workers.

    >is it possible to play a Tachikoma
    I'd say that a Tachikoma approaches size 6 or 7, but a creative Programmer could probably find a workaround (either increasing the volume of robot's Size rating, or simply expanding the allowed Size.) Truthfully, thought, I made this game for smal service robots, where a size-5 model would be big enough to possibly intimidate a human.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)13:03 No.5061284
    That is an awesome assemblybot (other than its missing Size/Str bonus).

    >character development
    I was kicking around a few ideas. One of them was that a robot could gain more points in the course of play and translate these to in-game findings and upgrades. So a Size-1 robot could eventually find a Size-5 chassis that it could hermit-crab its way into (if it saved up the ridonkulous amount of points needed to change over all its Chassis attributes).

    And now I go to watch Public Enemies.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)13:04 No.5061294
         File1246467889.jpg-(68 KB, 509x661, engine_heart_sheet_lilly.jpg)
    68 KB
    Here's my attempt to make a Persocom-type android.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)13:10 No.5061344
         File1246468253.jpg-(94 KB, 529x476, girlandherbot.jpg)
    94 KB
    Its a good Future to be a robot ^__^
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)13:19 No.5061416
         File1246468763.jpg-(27 KB, 250x140, hiroyasu.jpg)
    27 KB

    sure is.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)13:34 No.5061541

    And interiors. ;)
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:03 No.5061607
    Interesting concept OP, but it seems there's a lot of things missing.

    Have you considered using a wounds/critical damage system like Dark Heresy? The robot is divided into several sections; the locomotion, manipulator, sensor, and chassis sections (Basically legs/arms/head/body)? Each part having it's own durability and/or damage soak potential before it starts taking critical damage.

    Or how about making a distinction between standard manipulator arms and fine manipulators? Break down cameras into different categories such as telescopic and/or microscopic, thermal vision, being able to see outside the visible light spectrum, etc.

    Basically what I'm trying to get at is the system needs more depth and complexity for it to really be something.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:08 No.5061631

    All good ideas. This is really an Alpha test anyway. I'm sure the OP will take all these ideas into consideration.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:17 No.5061701
    >> Ru 07/01/09(Wed)15:27 No.5061771
         File1246476431.jpg-(68 KB, 400x589, wall-e.jpg)
    68 KB
    Staaaaaaat meeee!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:40 No.5061889

    Im thinking, Night Elf Rogue
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:41 No.5061903
    5's in everything
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)15:50 No.5061985
    Unit Name: Wall-E
    Original Purpose: Trash Management.

    RealityCom 3
    HumanCom 3
    DigiCom 2
    MechaniCom 5

    Dexterity 4
    Mobility 4
    Perception 3
    Reflexes 3
    Strength 3

    Durability 3
    Sensors 2
    Size 4
    Power 2

    Initiative: 9
    Speed: 7kph
    Physical Interaction Pool: 7d10
    Damage From Strike: 1
    TM To Be Struck: 7
    Durability Threshold: 7

    Standard Manipulative Arm x2
    Human-Spectrum Camera x2
    Standard Rechargeable Battery x1
    Standard Speaker/Reciever x1
    Common Model
    Cutting Laser
    Internal Compartment 5
    Solar Powered
    Vice Grip
    Video Display Screen 1

    Buggy Mic
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)16:05 No.5062110
    I was always under the impression that his mic was never meant for human interaction in the first place, and he had just figured out how to mimick language sounds on his own through study and experimentation.

    There is the question of how lifelike you need to make something for people to accept it--as well as how unlifelike you need to make it. (Wasn't there a series about this recently--EVE?) But considering that we're talking about Japan, a country where there are people working on artificial "human skin" solely to make more convincing dutch wives, I find it pretty likely that the majority of human-seeming companion-bots would also have soft outer flesh, even if very few would be functional for sex (since it's just easier to market something when it's not an adult toy).
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)16:28 No.5062313

    >even if very few would be functional for sex (since it's just easier to market something when it's not an adult toy).

    I can see it now. In the future, sexbots cause a moral panic and an unlikely alliance of feminists and evangelicals calling for the banning of fembots.

    "A better wife, to replace your wife."

    "A damn patriarchs trying to replace us!"

    "These relations are unholy! God created man and woman to be equals. How can a man and a machine be equals when the man not only owns his partner, but sh... I mean it is programmed to be totally subservient to him!"
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)17:01 No.5062606
    im convinced most of the intelligent bots will be made at the image of animals, even to keep them with low int to prevent "skynets".

    but then again, goddammit japan, that is creepy.

    weariness dmg would also be interesting to consider. it could work like fatigue where you could manually clean your self or find a "oil potion" to eliminate it.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)17:02 No.5062611
    Because christianity doesn't teach that a wife should be subservient to her husband, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)17:07 No.5062649
    "Intelligence" Doesn't really fit with the hardware-themed names of the Chasis and Crux. CPU, perhaps? Or even jus Computer, to keep it simple.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)17:13 No.5062712
    If names were to be changed like that, I reckon "Crux" should become "Motors"
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)21:40 No.5064992
    Public Enemies was great (but I'm biased, since they shot part of it a block from my house).

    Good ideas, but I hate complex systems. I made this with the idea of a streamlined game, where any details could be determined by the Programmer or player. The concept of thermals, etc. is pretty enticing, however.

    Fantastic! The only problems I see are that it's 24 points over the limit, and the internal compartment can only be Size 4 or smaller. Easy enough to bump a few stats down.

    'CPU' and 'Computer' are both nice and descriptive.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)21:45 No.5065035
    thermal damage 'cause the ozone layer got worn out could add a new complexity to it. it doesnt need to be complicated, chassi type + size would determine usual thermal resistance. a new penalty for those resistant solar bot to factor in!

    weariness due to physical stress could be toughter, but the power system already has a nice overdrive mode, its not too far from it.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)21:49 No.5065062
         File1246499367.gif-(716 KB, 320x240, 1246491547108.gif)
    716 KB
    This game has inspired me to start designing and stating some robots.

    This will keep me amused for ages!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)21:54 No.5065099
    I am not vary familiar with this system.

    Is one point poor, two mediocre, three good and so on?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)21:54 No.5065104
    Shitty artsyuy philosophical fuck game.

    Just play D&D like normal people.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)21:59 No.5065143
    >Is one point poor, two mediocre, three good and so on?
    Pretty much- every attribute point gives you another d10 to roll during checks (every die that rolls 8 or higher is usually a success).

    You have bested me with your succinct wit.

    Hooray! Please post them here (though I don't know how much longer this thread will be around- it's approaching the 20-hour mark).
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 07/01/09(Wed)22:01 No.5065161
    The ultimate bosses would be actual warbots, higher end sexbots (lol intel) and or high end workstations
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:02 No.5065164
    Oh, I am still working on the first one now.

    If this thread starts dieing, just start a new one and link this to it.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:02 No.5065167
    >though I don't know how much longer this thread will be around- it's approaching the 20-hour mark

    wut? I've never heard of a time limit on threads.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)22:03 No.5065176
    Interesting idea. Breakdown due to solar radiation is a cool concept, but I guess I assumed that any robots that had survived this long would be OK going outside. Still, it would add a neat level of danger to a setting, if going out in daylight hours would cause your casing to break down.

    Robots with plastic casing would really get the rusty end of the rebar.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)22:05 No.5065185
    Oh yeah, there's a time limit. If this thread manages to keep from sliding off the bottom of Page 10 long enough, a red 'Marked for Deletion: Old' tag will appear at the head of it.

    Generally, it's about a day, though I've seen some threads survive for almost a week.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:07 No.5065209
    It's simple. It's free. It's 22 pages and I can print it out myself without spending a load on ink.

    Thank you, OP.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:12 No.5065256
    theres also a problem, nowadays batteries usually die out with 5 years of use. nuclear reactors need to be maintained every 20 years or so.

    this reminds me of mars probe. little bastard lasted more that 1 moth of the expected, running on battery power and solar recharger.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)22:14 No.5065278
    No problem, anon. Making games is what I love.

    Just for you, here's a printer-friendly version with no background images:

    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:21 No.5065320
         File1246501267.jpg-(12 KB, 640x480, 22-06-09_1125.jpg)
    12 KB
    Here's my initial sketch of the thing.

    I think 1.2m is way to big, so I will put it down to about 60-80 centimeters long.

    It is/was a riot control robot, capable of burning skin and blinding eyes with it's weak laser and causing skin and mucous membrane irritation and muscle spasms with a chem sprayer.

    It has a loudspeaker originally used for communicating the demands of riot police to unruly mobs and rioters.

    It is a flyer, but I will limit it's max height and give it downsides to balance it.

    I am not sure what I will do with it's personality.
    Maybe something like a Tachikoma, too curious for it's role.
    Maybe something of a robotic Osaka!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:24 No.5065348
    Oh this is delightful, thanks a ton.
    Can't wait to give this a shot
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:28 No.5065371
    Some service bots could be built to replace batteries and service power cells and such.
    Sort of like the clerics of most fantasy RPGs.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:41 No.5065483
    Ya know, I can kinda envision the little guys worshiping mannequins, or thinking that mannequins are real humans.
    lulz could ensue
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)22:45 No.5065537
    Seems like there are a few of us wanting to see a more detailed setting in place. How about anyone interested posts possible settings in this thread, and if we like it we'll run with it and develop it further. Maybe the Anon (or the NameNon as the case may be) may like one or two and put them in version two of the rules.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)22:50 No.5065593
    Very nice idea. I had wanted to stay away from flying robots, but you gave me an idea:

    Flight Ceiling
    Cost: 12/rating
    The robot is capable of propelling itself in the air. Every point of Flight Ceiling rating allows a one-meter flight ceiling. Robots with Flight Ceiling rating 5 or higher gain a +1 to their Mobility Rating.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)22:55 No.5065628
    Not a bad idea, but perhaps the imminent decay of a companion's battery would make for a good quest to the fabled 'RoboCo', a paradise where thousands of brand-new parts lie waiting for use.

    I d'awwwwed.

    I'm down with it.
    >> Captain Failmore Oh Shit He's Back 07/01/09(Wed)22:58 No.5065646

    I can play as Vectorman

    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:02 No.5065699
    Ah, good idea, I was thinking of something like that.
    The robot has a max altitude programmed into it, if it passes it, it's engines and control programs will act up, forcing it to lower.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)23:09 No.5065747
    >The robot has a max altitude programmed into it, if it passes it, it's engines and control programs will act up, forcing it to lower.

    I was thinking more along the lines of 'its engines simply can't raise it any higher'.

    And 12 points per rating might seem really expensive, but I want to keep flight out reach (:P) for most robots.

    Thanks a lot to everyone that's contributed!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:16 No.5065797
    I really like the idea behind this game. Any chance we'll see a Beta version soon?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:19 No.5065821
    That certainly is better.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:20 No.5065836
    This is amazing
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)23:27 No.5065912
    >Any chance we'll see a Beta version soon?

    Well... I'm still pretty set against adding any more complexity to the rules, so any changes would probably be in the form of additional features and defects (so please, anyone that has any ideas, kick them up and I'll have a look).

    Aside from an advancement system, I don't want to mess with what I've made (self-important as that sounds). See >>5060512 and >>5061284

    As my friends on the internet know, I'm a big fan of keeping things simple.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:28 No.5065916
    I kind of want to test this out with my gaming group. This seems pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)23:39 No.5066031
    So, Attending Swarm- how do the drone's Defects work? I can make them fragile and disposable and gain 20 extra points for the drone's stats and features?

    Is there a cap for Attending Swarm? Because it'd be kind of fun to play as 14 identical robots.
    >> The Programmer 07/01/09(Wed)23:50 No.5066143
    Good point. I had meant to indicate that the points from defects couldn't be spent on boosting Intelligence or Chassis (making the drones inherently dumber and weaker than the parent robot), but somewhere along the line it got dropped. A rewriting of the passage is clearly in order.

    A drone gets 3 points of features for free, and up to 20 points of additional features if the same value of defects are taken.

    Perhaps the cap on the number of drones should be the parent robot's MechaniCon rating +3...

    Please let us know how it turns out!
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:00 No.5066231
    actualy the idea is good. think of a drone type that was made to scout for the security system. he could have a central dock but that dock doesnt really need to serve a human, so it could look just like any other drone but with a stackable dock for all of the drones. one of those guarding a shopping mall would be cool.

    i am now thinking of a farm bot type that would run on solar power, able to do repair and with drones suited for various kinds of hand work.

    brb, stating. in a freakin notepad.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)00:05 No.5066281
    in the few hours i have sent the pdf to people, 5 want to start playing... writing up a robotopia as we speak...

    where can i volunteer to add ideas and fluff?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)00:13 No.5066336
    Wikifag is apparently doing some kind of server overhaul, so the page can't currently be edited. Once WF's done mucking around, I'll add a section for user content.

    Otherwise, just start posting it here!
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:23 No.5066405
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:36 No.5066522
    It's a good base system.
    Any possibility of extending it so the munchkins can fuck around with Giant Communist Robots?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:41 No.5066552
    drones are OP. can you do a character w them for me to look at how they work? also, they have size 1 rite?

    unit: farmbot
    OP: generic farm supplement

    intelligence: 30pts
    realitycom 3
    humancom 3
    digicom 2
    mechanicom 5

    chassis: 25 pts
    dexterity 3
    mobility 2
    perception 2
    reflexes 2
    strength 4

    crux: 39 pts
    durability 5
    sensor str 2
    size 3
    power 5

    damage: 2
    TN to be struck: 4
    speed: 4kph
    interaction: 5
    durability: 8

    attend swarm 3 (18)
    biofrequency 4 (4)
    floodlight (4)
    power dock (10)
    solar powered (10)
    video screen 1 (1)

    compliant (7)
    directive 1 (6) attend to other bots
    slow charger 6 (24) (7h on sun)
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:43 No.5066570
    drone1:repair ant
    intelligence: 6pts
    realitycom 1
    humancom 1
    digicom 1
    mechanicom 2

    chassis: 8 pts
    dexterity 3
    mobility 1
    perception 0
    reflexes 1
    strength 0

    crux: 0?
    durability 0
    sensor str 0
    size 0
    power 0

    arc wield 2 (16)
    video 1(1)
    biosensor 1 (1)
    external container 1 (3) 10cm

    buggy mic (4)
    limbless (10)
    noise (4)
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:44 No.5066582
    drone2: warrior ant
    intelligence: 6pts
    realitycom 2
    humancom 1
    digicom 1
    mechanicom 1

    chassis: 8pts
    dexterity 2
    mobility 1
    perception 1
    reflexes 1
    strength 1

    crux: 0? pts
    durability 0
    sensor str 0
    size 0
    power 0

    laser (15)
    biosensor 2(2)
    floodlight (4)

    buggy mic (4)
    limbless (10)
    noise (4)

    drone3: worker ant
    intelligence: 6pts
    realitycom 2
    humancom 1
    digicom 1
    mechanicom 1

    chassis: 8pts
    dexterity 1
    mobility 1
    perception 1
    reflexes 0
    strength 3

    crux: 0?pts
    durability 0
    sensor str 0
    size 0
    power 0

    video 1(1)
    external container 1 (3)
    drill (12)
    winch 1 (3)
    biosensor 2(2)

    buggy mic (4)
    limbless (10)
    noise (4)
    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)00:45 No.5066589
         File1246509925.gif-(987 KB, 249x159, trysmecha.gif)
    987 KB
    Ok, I so want to play a Persocom with a bunch of non-humanoid robot companions now.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:47 No.5066602
    Well like it said in the book, it was designed around smaller service robots (probably to avoid generic giant robot mecha crap). But I'm sure someone could write like a "Defense Corp" expansion that focuses on the more security oriented robots.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:49 No.5066617
         File1246510190.gif-(74 KB, 421x474, dog1render1_2.gif)
    74 KB
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)00:52 No.5066644
    i propose the following, for i am full of both coffee and epic robot opera themes:

    1. humanity is like a robot religion - they are the Creators, and it is from their efforts that the robots exist... as they have vanished from the world, the Creators have been filed away into legend, godlike beings that once walked among their creations, but only their work remains intact...

    2. there are two kinds of robots - drones and sentients... the sentient class was in its infant stages when the decline of humanity started, and has had to develop on its own... drones are utilitarian and their designs are standard - mainly routine workers and heavy machinery... sentients are self-aware, will instinctively protect themselves, and can adapt themselves to their environments - these are the players... all sentients know there once were Creators, and they have all vanished from the world...

    3. robots generally work together for the good of the whole... the sentients, however, disagree on what the good of society actually is... The Foundry (your typical authoritarian regime) believes in rebuilding the world in a robotic image... The Source (your typical religious fanatics) believe the Creators still exist and will return one day to reclaim their world from their creations... The Variants (your typical neutral party) are the adventurers, treasure-hunters, explorers, inventors and otherwise player-friendly occupations for a self-aware construct...
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:53 No.5066646
    with 20 defect points in the drone you can do quite a lot. that totals to 23 if i got it right, you can get a drill and 1 armor or handle around w arc wielders for cheap, or a cheap fire support with lasers and minor mobility with 6 points a pop. add ease to find spare parts and you have a huge military grade bot for crowd control.

    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)00:56 No.5066672
    Erhm... the problem with larger robots is that the Size cost soon becomes extremely expensive. The point cost adds the next rating to the previous rating's cost, so Size 6 would cost 21 points, Size 7 would cost 28, Size 8 would cost 36, etc. This would mean increasing the total starting points to such a degree that all game balance would be lost. People that wanted giant robuts would probably be better off with something like Mutants and Masterminds.

    Gaaahhhh! You've just made me realize that Attendant Swarm is also missing the drone's Crux points, which should probably be paid for out of points gained back from defects.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)00:56 No.5066674
    They aren't bad ideas, but what I think is good about this system is that it provides a good basis for those type of homegrown campaigns. It allows for a more personal game. Metaplot can be nice but as was such with oWoD it can really crowd things up.

    Part of the appeal to me for this game is that there is so much unknown--the world is that much more vast and full of wonder and can be tailored to whatever type of campaign the group wants.

    It's just my opinion, but sometimes you get more out of something when you leave certain things out and leave it in the players' hands.
    >> Brisk !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)00:59 No.5066691
    I was trying to envision the world and I started thinking about 3d printers. You probably want to keep them out of the reach of PCs so I didn't try to stat them. This is still near future so they are not perfect like replicators but they could take plastic trash and turn it into spare parts for plastic robots. I was thinking there might be a house in a remote area at the edge of the city that survived the crash. With a working 3d printer the computer that runs the house could set up it's own little kingdom. In exchange for fealty the robots would get power from the house and spare parts/repairs/upgrades. The house computer would be a little crazy of course. It insists on keeping the house clean and in perfect working order for when "the Master returns." Vegetables are grown in the garden and animals raised so that the humans will have food when they get back. It would be a very creepy place.

    A Persocom that was life-like enough might even make the house computer think it was a person.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)01:02 No.5066730

    lol thats why i said it was epic robot opera... ive been in that kind of mood all day for some reason... merely stepping stones for /tg/ to work with... though it does explain why these robots would be adventuring in the first place...

    also, now that i give it more thought, religious nuts would love this game... imagine a world based solely on "intelligent design"
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)01:03 No.5066733
    Oh god, it's some kind of polygon nightmare.

    Keep in mind that the range on a cutting laser is 10cm per Size rating of the robot, so a Size-5 robot's laser has a maximum reach of 50 cm, or 19.7 inches, before it's too weak to do any damage.

    Also, it's clear that the Attendant Swarm feature needs a massive overhaul. I just liked the idea of a bunch of tiny bots following a parent unit around.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:04 No.5066742
         File1246511044.gif-(1.53 MB, 220x146, ed209.gif)
    1.53 MB
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:12 No.5066826

    I had completely forgotten how many times ED209 shot that guy....
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)01:15 No.5066850
    Security 101

    1. any generic security robot would be designed with surveillance and communication as top priority... things like multiple optic inputs, passive motion sensors, 3d mapping, and multi-band transceivers... the most common type, autonomous, and able to "call for backup" in an emergency...

    2. any security robot designed for protection against humans would be non-lethal... electric discharge, tear gas/mace, and rubber projectiles would be the most common... banks, corporate buildings, and government offices would have these...

    3. security robots with lethal capabilities would have to be larger than simple drones (like a medium to large dog), with reinforced frames and plating... they could easily be rigged with anything considered deadly to organic life, like firearms, flamethrowers, and dangerous chemicals... these would be military-grade or "crazy rich guy" in availability...
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)01:17 No.5066874

    i smell a pre-made adventure in the works lol
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:19 No.5066890
    better like that. if we can spend points to improve the swarm its gonna be OP really quick. cant you do some sort of base build for all drones, like they have X points and cant take defects? i was thinkin that most drones will peform menial tasks and would be easily replaceable so they would always have common design, so most disvantages like safety switch and slow charger would reallly put a dent on the spam of drones.

    also i just noticed theres missing wheel motion. i was trying to make a cop like bot that would spam drones but the speed would always be lower that a human running...

    now tempted to make a maid drone. should i post the copbot?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:28 No.5066977
    i think you should make size differences to speed too...

    copbot away! drones not included!

    unit: copbot
    OP: law enforcement

    intelligence: 30
    realitycom 5
    humancom 0
    digicom 5
    mechanicom 0

    chassis: 35
    dexterity 1
    mobility 5
    perception 2
    reflexes 3
    strength 1

    crux: 24
    durability 1
    sensor str 4
    size 2
    power 4

    attend swarm 6 (36)
    interface prong (10)
    arc wielding 1 (8)

    compliant (7)
    directive 2 (12) keep peace
    slow charger 6 (24) (7h on charger)
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)01:33 No.5067010
    I guess I was imagining a world where humans didn't give their robots weapons of war or any real jurisdiction over them when they were still around.

    Really, they should be closer to Roombas than ED-209.

    I like your ideas about drones.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:35 No.5067021
    From the manual:
    >Most robots must devote at least one hour to recharging during each charging cycle. A robot that fails to completely recharge loses 1 point from all Intelligence and Chassis attributes per hour.

    Does a "charging cycle" end when you fail one of the daily Power checks? You should probably say that, if so.

    One more question. Is the game intended to be played with d10s labeled 0-9 or 1-10?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)01:36 No.5067026
    Also, keep in mind that all the attributes have to be at least 1.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:36 No.5067038
    Obviously sexbots would be made for both genders. A male one would actually be a little bit easier to create. And there would very likely be a social stigma in having a sexbot anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:40 No.5067074
    Attending Swarm:
    >These drones have 6 points of Intelligence ratings, 8 points of Chassis ratings, and 3 points for extra features
    How many points do they have for Crux?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:45 No.5067106
    ah, that will make drones pricey nonetheless. methinks you should also make a skillcheck to defending, so a drone may also serve as a shield.

    considering a repair drone, a standard build could work well w about 15~25 points and a few disvantages, like unable to have any attribute above 2~3, size always 1 and the set disvantages/advantage. maybe you could even work out a drone package and make the players take it in order to work for the government machine that still tries to maintain the city.

    also, what skill check would be used for arc wield to repair? same to damage?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)01:46 No.5067120
    >If a 10 is rolled on any check, it is counted as a success, and rerolled. If another 10 is rolled, this continues until something else is rolled.
    Dice are 1-10, with exploding 10s.

    >Does a "charging cycle" end when you fail one of the daily Power checks?
    Yes, but I guess it's not explicitly stated. Basically, every day you roll your Power dice, and if you don't have any that land on 8+, you need to recharge.

    See my post here for my rambling nonsense about Attendant Swarm: >>5066672
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:47 No.5067134
    none has he forgot to place it. for now add disvantage and pay w it.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)01:48 No.5067143
    Your MechaniCon rating + Dexterity rating is also your dice pool to repair yourself or other robots. The TN is 11, minus the damaged robot’s Durability Threshold rating (minimum TN of 2). Each success repairs one point of damage. A robot can only make one repair check on an individual.

    This makes big bulky robots easier to repair than tiny plastic robots.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:49 No.5067147
    If it's exploding 10s, then this:
    >If a 10 is rolled on any check, it is counted as a success, and rerolled.
    ...should probably say "and another one is rolled," not "and rerolled".
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:52 No.5067172
    also, attend swarm is just the slave drone? if we would need to have the carry capacity separated it could make it expensivier.

    the same to recharge them, isnt it? A.S. pratically requires you to babysit the drones
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:53 No.5067180
    Huh, well, what if the PCs are going up against giant robuts?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)01:56 No.5067217
    so no delay? its like zombies w/o zombies. you need a lot od arc wielders in case someone fail the repair?
    >> Brisk !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)01:59 No.5067248
    we give robots weapons today. there is already a tank that can drive and fight all by itself. then there are armed drones like the Predator 2 and a robot helicopter.

    I know you left it vague on purpose and why but perhaps all the humans are dead because of a war? The war was fought with robots mostly so almost all of them are destroyed (and the ones that are left are crazy and well armed). The war escalated and finally either on purpose or accident a all human life was wiped out. A virus-like nanobot would do the trick. You (the house robot) power up one day and your human master is gone. You can't find him anywhere on the GPS or anything but there is an odd pool of sticky liquid in his bed. Have to make sure to clean that up before the master gets home.
    >> Brisk !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)02:06 No.5067308
    me again. still pondering the setting. I was trying to decide which time I liked better: immediately following humans or after much time has passed. then I realized you could have both since robots are functionally immortal. I would run a prelude for the characters when humans were still around. Then bam, all humans dead. Start the game and adventure ect. After a while you could skip over some in-game time and play how the city has changed in 500 years. Stuff like how areas where the maintenance robots have broken down are reclaimed by nature so you could be driving down the street and then the city just stops and there is a forest there.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:07 No.5067316
    I guess I'm just against making warbots because it's contrary to my vision of the setting. The ones we have could have been decommissioned and scrapped once people stopped approving of them.

    Again, this is just my view. Feel free to create rules and features for warbots for your own setting.

    Yeah. In this case, a lot of drones with arc welders would be pretty handy.

    "Beep. Let me try. Oops."
    "Beep. Let me try. Oops."
    "Beep. Let me try. Oops."
    "Beep. Let me try. There we go."
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:07 No.5067323
    drone: repair ant (15pt total)
    intelligence: 6pts
    realitycom 1
    humancom 1
    digicom 1
    mechanicom 2

    chassis: 10 pts
    dexterity 3
    mobility 1
    perception 1
    reflexes 1
    strength 1

    crux: 4pt
    durability 1
    sensor str 1
    size 1
    power 1

    arc wield 2 (16)
    video 1(1)
    external container 1 (3) 10cm
    common (8)

    limbless (10)
    safety switch (7)
    slow charge 4(16)

    dmg from strike: 0
    TN to be struck: 2
    speed: 2 kph (slow as fuck, must be docked)
    interaction: 4
    trheshold: 2

    by your comments, it heals with 5 dice pool and a base TN of 10. not bad for a 6 point glass healer that cant do anything else including moving on its own.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:09 No.5067339
    I like it.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)02:10 No.5067360

    i like your style, sir... that's how humans think - if we can do it, a robot can do it faster, better, and let us go back to gorging ourselves without using energy...
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:13 No.5067376
         File1246515186.jpg-(88 KB, 640x427, RoboRallyMinis640.jpg)
    88 KB
    I miss this game.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:15 No.5067390
    remember those mcguyver players.

    i can arc wield someones joint. i can turn a common energy transformer/cell recharger in a emp bomb given energy and spare parts, maybe even in a taser. i can make a crossbow with laser weapons, only needing to find ammo. i can drill scraps and the likes to sharpen them and place in drilled traps. i can use acid and liquid containers to melt my enemy or make monomolecular blades. i can use a drone filled with GAS as a explod-o-drone.

    i am not worried w battle, i can kill the enemy bare hand. i want to SURVIVE it.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:16 No.5067395
         File1246515382.jpg-(23 KB, 433x183, SpaceRobots.jpg)
    23 KB
    so I don't know about you all, but I have a character concept.

    Or possibly the BBEG responsible for humanity's extinction.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:19 No.5067420
    also i think you will need better rules on this try again thing.

    a bot may face a wound it cannot heal, but a skilled bot should be able to heal anyone given time and spare parts.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)02:19 No.5067426
    so how would the swarm work if the robots dont come with standard wireless communication? they would have to be hard-wired to the robot, which would be an increase on the power drain to operate them...

    maybe 5/rating for wireless transceiver?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:20 No.5067437
         File1246515628.png-(86 KB, 882x630, Mr._Handy.png)
    86 KB
    There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground,
    And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;
    And frogs in the pool singing at night,
    And wild plum trees in tremulous white;
    Robins will wear their feathery fire,
    Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;
    And not one will know of the war, not one
    Will care at last when it is done.
    Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree,
    If mankind perished utterly;
    And Spring herself when she woke at dawn
    Would scarcely know that we were gone.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:21 No.5067444
    btw you have a craft skillcheck? i know it should be very difficult, involving at least a check to desing and another to execute...

    so wheres glados? and her crazy sexier part?

    and the friend computer?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:22 No.5067448
    Just to clarify, the TN to repair is 11, minus the damaged robot's maximum Damage Threshold. So the TN for the ant to repair itself is 9, but the TN to repair its parent robot is 3 (the farmbot is the parent robot, right?).

    Also, I just realized that I missed a couple places where Damage Threshold is still called Durability Threshold (the old name, before I renamed it for clarity). Please assume that any text that says Durability Threshold is really Damage Threshold.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:24 No.5067460
    they literally talk to each other. least the disvantages where taken.

    according to arc wield, each lvl eases the TN by 1. did i understood it wrong?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:27 No.5067482
    they could need to dock to receive orders. this could be a disvantage if you cant order it to run or do battle till its struck.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:30 No.5067498
    Good point. I was still puzzling over communication. I guess I can throw in "wireless transceiver" as part of the standard free package.

    I completely agree. I'm not opposed to robots building their own weapons, only them coming pre-equipped with human-designed ones.

    >btw you have a craft skillcheck?
    Not at this time, but I guess it would just be a MechaniCon check, with the TN and number of successes determined by the Programmer in relation to what the player is trying to do.
    >> Captain Rambling !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)02:32 No.5067520
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    Cost: 0

    The robot is powered by a fuel cell. It takes hydrogen and combines it with oxygen (from the air). This creates electricity and water as a by product.

    The robot has a Power rating which represents its endurance with a full tank of liquid hydrogen. The robot never needs to make a Power check. When it is out of fuel it simply stops. It also can not tax the fuel cell to increase attributes.

    Refueling the hydrogen tank depends on setting. Fuel stations may be common or rare. There may be equipment on site to create more fuel or it may have to be trucked in from factories outside the city.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)02:33 No.5067526
    I notice that Perception and Sensor Strength are presently unrelated. Wouldn't it make sense to have the robots with more sensitive... sensors, be easier to blind with lasers and whatnot?
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)02:34 No.5067535

    you're talking about the audio, correct? but then what's to stop another bot from sending a different message? im assuming commands are being chirped in binary, so what is to stop another bot from decoding the message and sending its own?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:36 No.5067539
    >according to arc wield, each lvl eases the TN by 1.
    This is correct. The minimum TN is still 2. Sorry, it's getting late and my organic brain is starting to flutter.

    Good point. Perhaps each successive repair check can be made with one less die? I guess I just think that it may come to the point where the bot is just welding solder onto solder and can't really help. Again, brain shutdown is beginning.

    That's beautiful. I like Sara Teasdale, but I've never read that.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)02:40 No.5067583

    the transceiver could be a 5/rating feature, with the value equal to send/receive at 10m... each rating point after the first could be used to either boost the strength or the range of the signal by 10m... again, the same battery drain mechanics apply, but vital if the "team" has to split up...
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)02:41 No.5067591
    Yeah, Sensor Strength definitely needs work.

    Sounds like a good excuse for opposed DigiCon checks on the part of the parent robot and the interloper. Either that, or just fiat that every parent/drone communication is encrypted to prevent hiccups and alternate orders.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)02:44 No.5067618
    >every parent/drone communication is encrypted to prevent hiccups and alternate orders.

    "He either said 'shiny duckbill rocket pie', or 'quick, press that button before it gets here.' I don't see any rocket pie around here, so..."
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)03:03 No.5067754
    An old friend here. Its good to see such a great game coming out of /tg/, and even better to see it bearing some connection to an old game I really should put more work into, when I'm better. Engine Hearts looks like a fantastic piece of work, and I hope I get to see it sometime. Nice job dude.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)03:11 No.5067816
    Good idea. Normal communication via binary chirping is extremely short-range and subject to interlopers. The wireless transceiver is encrypted, and higher Wireless Transceiver ratings makes it less subject to spoofing. Maybe every point of WT rating subtracts one die from the interloper's DigiCon check to spoof a drone.

    Also, I think I'm about done in for the night. This thread is being archived here, if anyone cares:

    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)03:14 No.5067845
         File1246518888.jpg-(258 KB, 896x578, circuit_city2.jpg)
    258 KB
    Hey man. Everybody misses you something fierce.

    Seeing you post here just made my day.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)03:33 No.5067959
    May I suggest, then, that the TN to blind a robot be Sensor Strength - Perception + some constant?
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)04:00 No.5068142
    Not a bad plan.

    Anyway, goodnight everyone. I'll see this thread on the archive (since I don't think it can take another night).
    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)04:15 No.5068265
    UnitName: i/o (Eyeoh)
    Original Purpose: i/o started life as common office persocom, Engineering and Programing assistant class.

    i/o was later modded by her original owner. i/o is now capable of heuristically programming other robots
    and computers.

    RC: 3
    HC: 3
    DC: 5
    MC: 4



    BioScanner R1
    Transceiver R1
    Interface Prong R1
    2nd Arm
    Solar Powered
    Video Screen R1

    Compliant +7
    Safety Switch +7

    Points Left over: 10

    Any ideas on how to spend them?
    I want little i/o to be a hacking / reprogramming persocom. She should be the "Charisma Rogue" of
    Engine Heart
    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)04:20 No.5068297

    Here is a Video of little i/o when she was still in the prototype phase.

    >> Captain Rambling !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)06:52 No.5069118
    GPS Receiver
    Cost: 1
    Object is able to triangulate its position from satellite signals. Combined with the built in map of the city it will never get lost. Being inside a building or underground blocks the signal. This Feature is not available during the time period long after mankind as the satellites would have degraded.

    Cell Phone
    Cost: 5
    The robot is equipped with a built-in cell phone. It may make or receive calls from other phones. If the phone account is out of minutes the robot may try to hack the network to make free phone calls with a DigiCon + MechaniCon check. It may also be possible to negotiate with the cell companys central computer. This Feature is not available during the time period long after mankind as the telecommunications grid would have degraded.

    Bad Hard Drive
    Gain: +10
    Due to flawed hardware all Intelligence based checks are made with one less die than normal. The object can not have any Intelligence category ratings above 2.

    Planned Obsolescence
    Gain: variable
    This object was designed to only last a short amount of time. The amount of points this Defect is worth depends on how much longer the object will last. If the object manages to fix the problem either by downloading to a new body or altering itself it must buy off the Defect with experience points or trade it for Defects of equal value.
    Time Until Death Gain
    Up to 1 month +15
    Up to 6 months +10
    Up to 1 year +5
    More than 1 year is worth nothing.

    Exposed Power Switch
    Gain: +6
    The object has a prominent off switch. In combat an enemy may make a Dexterity + Reflexes check with a TN of the objects Mobility + Reflexes. If successful the object is immediately deactivated until the power button is pressed again.
    >> Captain Rambling !!kVnL2R3f6Oa 07/02/09(Thu)07:03 No.5069171
    too tired to continue. idea for party:

    female human model sexbot. wears red shoes. lost memory and wants to find its way home.
    petbot. little dog model.
    defective tutorbot. trying to find CPU upgrade.
    lumberjack model bot. trying to find out what love means.
    securitybot. is armed but afraid to use force. trying to find courage.
    they are all off to the Seattle megacity to talk with one of the few surviving supercomputers (it belonged to Wizards)
    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)07:06 No.5069189
         File1246532815.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, glorious.jpg)
    72 KB

    I see what you did there.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)07:52 No.5069376
    that is incredibly easy considering most drones will have digicon 1. anything with digicon 2 can literally control them by screaming at random. i do agree that a digicon test may work as a ECM and prevent new orders to the drone.

    to hijack drones, one should only be able to disable them, and only if at close contact.

    the drone being half aware and filtering trash? it could work even if the owner is willing to send a drone to serve another bot.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)09:54 No.5069956
    OK, so, right now there's no combat. For this style of game you probably don't want very much combat, a simple system of opposed rolls would work fine, with the defeated robot simply being disabled. No need for hit points or what.

    But it seems like this kind of game will have a lot of unusually complex environmental obstacles, like for example the huge stacks of trash that were piled up around everything at the beginning of WALL-E. You'll want some rules to determine what happens when your party of robots climbs stacks like that, and they start breaking loose...

    Something like "combat-time" in other games would be good for this, to give the players sensible opportunities to move out of the way of stuff, or break it apart with their drills, and stuff.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:04 No.5070341
    there is combat but its crude. most of the combat is done either by bodyslamming or with tools (arc wield, laser cutter, drill, w/e you can hold) and you damage trheshold is literally your health.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:11 No.5070382
    >"These relations are unholy! God created man and woman to be equals. How can a man and a machine be equals when the man not only owns his partner, but sh... I mean it is programmed to be totally subservient to him!"

    Oh man, those evangelicals are quick to change their speech. What happened to "Woman was created from man and should be subservient to her husband"?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:45 No.5070594
         File1246549533.jpg-(1.52 MB, 1600x1200, cardboardrobot3.jpg)
    1.52 MB
    As far as the human infrastructure is concerned, it might not be totally degraded. After all, key to the setting is that a lot of menial tasks are performed by robots. So the power grid is still up, because there's this small army of tiny TrukCo bots that drive about, dropping off their swarm of repair drones in damaged areas. They've even bridged giant gaps caused by the earthquake 100 years ago.

    Intelligent trains still run the tracks, accompanied by a 'swarm' of powerloaders, which occasionally have to repair a stretch of track or clear away debris. There isn't as much cargo as there used to be, but because there are factories that are still getting raw materials from certain robot-run mines and the Recyclo-Domes, every other Monday a case of 15 assorted RepliPets gets unloaded at the warehouse in town, and is promptly placed by Forkbot772, and delivered to Toys-4-U the following Wednsday by the last TransPod operating in the city.

    The Toys-4-U Forkbot is getting worried. The Stokkbugs have filled all the shelves with Replipets, including most of the Clothing Department (which has been steadily shrinking as the rot sets in).

    Forkbot-T4U has even suggested 'damaging out' the older Merchandise, anything made before 00, perhaps. The Regi-Sirs wouldn't have it because Sales Have Been Down, but have replaced 99% of the signage with the special Discount signs. They even woke up The Office Mainframe, who consulted the Supply/Demand protocols in the T-4-U office. Since then the Stokkbuggs spend all their free time replacing pricetags with '100 for 1¢' stickers.

    There's even a few packs of Display Model Replipets on the loose inside the store. Despite the readily available wattage from the store grid, they seem to prefer to hunt down the Stokkbuggs and drain THEIR power instead...
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:51 No.5070640
         File1246549880.jpg-(53 KB, 171x297, 1240589823599.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)12:20 No.5070897

    damn you
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)12:27 No.5070979
    Holy crow, that's fantastic.

    I smiled pretty broadly.

    It's true, but like I said earlier, I want to avoid any need to consult charts or matrices once the game starts.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)12:44 No.5071142

    See, that there is like... three adventure hooks sitting around.

    One Wednesday, the shipment never comes. Forkbot calls over the Regi-Sirs, and the Head Stokkbugg. They get Broombroom to open the Human Staff Area for the first time in years. Together, they awaken the Mainframe to communicate with The Office. The Office insists that everything is fine (mostly because the heuristics are so bad that it's in Damage Control Don't Make Anyone Panic mode), the problem must be with Transit. The store then selects a Stokkbug, the backup Forkbot (who has been on Standby for centuries and keeps asking questions the rest of them stopped asking over a hundred years ago), and one of the Regi-Sirs since they've got nothing better to do anyway. They're to find out why the Transpod never showed up.

    The Regi-Sirs are now REALLY anxious about sales. They decide to start dropping certain protocols, and go into the mainframe themselves and activate the Googlefind. They manage to locate an operating Credicube, located at the top floor of the Glaxco-Hilton-Express-Staysuites. It could purchase the entire inventory... who to send to retrieve it?

    Or, maybe they've decided that signs inside the store don't make sense. Time to venture outside and advertise to the giant masses of consumers who are probably shopping somewhere else. Right? I mean... they've gotta be somewhere. ..right?

    And more. All to help the store's robots to fulfill their directives (move inventory, mostly).
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)12:55 No.5071228
    I dig it. Thanks OP.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)12:58 No.5071259
         File1246553928.jpg-(36 KB, 425x319, 00000002.jpg)
    36 KB
    Drossel von Flugel - 160 points
    Manor´s Lord

    RealityCom 2 / HumanCom 1 / DigiCom 3 / MechaniCom 5

    Dexterity 5 / Mobility 4 / Perception 2 / Reflexes 4 / Strength 2

    Durability 3 / Sensors 3 / Size 2 / Power 3

    Initiative 9
    Speed 8kph
    Physical Interaction Pool 9d10
    Strike Damage 1
    TM To Be Struck 8
    Durability Threshold 5

    Standard Manipulative Arm x2
    Human-Spectrum Camera x2
    Standard Rechargeable Battery
    Nuclear Battery
    Standard Speaker/Receiver
    Flight Ceiling x5

    Rare Model
    Gedachtnis - 170 points
    Manor´s Butler

    RealityCom 3 / HumanCom 2 / DigiCom 3 / MechaCom 2

    Dexterity 2 / Mobility 3 / Perception 1 / Reflexes 2 / Strength 5

    Durability 4 / Sensors 1 / Size 5 / Power 4

    Initiative 7
    Speed 5kph
    Physical Interaction Pool 4d10
    Strike Damage 2
    TM To Be Struck 5
    Durability Threshold 9

    Standard Manipulative Arm x4
    Telescoping Reach x4
    Human-Spectrum Camera
    Standard Rechargeable Battery
    Nuclear Battery
    Standard Speaker/Receiver
    Armored Chassis
    Attending Swarm (Drones w/ Video display screen)
    Internal Compartment x5
    Vice Grip x2

    Overriding Directive x5
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)13:07 No.5071325
    I guess this needs clearing up, because I'm seeing it a lot.

    Initiative is 1d10+ the robot's Reflexes rating. It says it under the description of Reflexes, but I guess it's easy to miss.

    Also, this thread has taken a turn for the phenomenal.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)13:24 No.5071432

    :3c Veeral, you sneaky goon.
    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)13:35 No.5071517

    Also, I didn't read this last night, but it's pretty epic. I'm sure someone out there in tg-land can stat our hero:

    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)13:50 No.5071620
         File1246557014.jpg-(58 KB, 1024x768, 50823_1.jpg)
    58 KB
    I can haz stat plox?
    it still counts as a service robot, I mean...it´s a security robot, right?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)14:38 No.5071969
         File1246559925.png-(375 KB, 500x615, weighted-companion-cube.png)
    375 KB
    Stats for me?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)14:39 No.5071974


    Just came across this.
    >> Mitchell_Henderson !!3DEMVmXcfez 07/02/09(Thu)14:44 No.5072005
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)14:50 No.5072043
    I want to have some service droids in my GURPS campaign. I'll convert some concepts from Engine Heart.

    Here is a racial template for a service droid, net cost 0. It should probably adjust the basic attributes somehow, in order to match the specialized abilities of the 'bot, but that process would be different depending on what kind of bot you're playing. So this is just a generic servbot template.

    Confused (CR: 12 (Quite Often).) [-10]
    Digital Mind [5]
    Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]
    Doesn't Sleep [20]
    Draining (Electricity) (Common, -5.) [-10]
    Electrical [-20]
    Injury Tolerance (No Blood) [5]
    Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]
    Low Empathy [-20]
    Resistant (Immunity to Metabolic Hazards) [30]
    Size -4 [0]
    Unhealing (Total) [-30]
    Wears out instead of aging [0]

    Note that servbots have fatigue points, where normal GURPS Machine characters do not. That's because Engine Heart contains a mechanic much like Extra Effort in GURPS, so you should be able to use Extra Effort.

    Humancom, Mechanicon, Realitycom and Digicon should probably be bash skills.

    Humancom! - Archaeology, Anthropology, Body Language, Detect Lies, Gesture, Leadership, Linguistics, Physiology, Politics, Psychology, Sociology

    Digicon! - Computer Hacking, Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Cryptography, Electronics Operation (Comm, Media, Sensors)

    Mechanicon! - Electrician, Electronics Operation (Medical, Scientific, Security) Electronics Repair (Medical, Scientific, Security, Comm, Media, Sensors), Machinist

    Realitycom! - Driving, Holdout, Naturalist, Observation, Search, Shadowing, Scrounging, Stealth, Survival, Tracking, Traps, Urban Survival

    Many of the advantages from Engine Heart would make perfect sense in GURPS, but they'd require point adjustments. I'm a bit too lazy for that right now.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)14:51 No.5072063
    Er, note that Draining in this case drains from FP, not HP.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)14:52 No.5072068
    Str: 0
    Dex: 0
    Con: 20
    Int: 0
    Wis: 0
    Cha: 18
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)15:07 No.5072191

    Bit late in the game to be commenting on this one, but yeah, going along with >>5062611, you really need to lrn2Christianity. Genesis pretty much states that women were created by men for the sole purpose of sex. Understandably, feminism tends to hold a rather strong grudge against said philosophy, though their goals for pornography and sexualized media are often the same (albeit for different reasons - feminism because the men behind the camera are evil, evangelism because the women in front of the camera are evil). They've been running their protests separately for decades; there's no reason to assume that the next advance in the sex industry is going to drive them any closer.
    >> saint johnson, cheeky bastard 07/02/09(Thu)15:13 No.5072249
         File1246562023.jpg-(55 KB, 300x385, mst.jpg)
    55 KB
    your party, minus the fleshbag in the middle
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)17:44 No.5073590
    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)18:45 No.5074106
         File1246574745.png-(163 KB, 282x334, ioprototype.png)
    163 KB
    i/o v2
    Unit Name: i/o
    Original Purpose: Programing and Engineering Assistant Persocom. i/o was modded by her original owner to better assist her on software and system development as personal experiment. i/o is now capable of heuristic programing and thinking.

    Rating: 1 2 3 4 5
    Cost: 1 3 5 10 15


    RealityCom: 3
    humanCom**: 3
    DigiCom***: 5
    Mechanicon: 4


    Dexterity**: 2
    Mobility***: 2
    Percerption: 2
    Reflexes***: 2
    Strength***: 1
    Durability: 2
    Sensor Str: 2
    Size******: 2
    Power*****: 3

    total: 65
    Left*: 35

    Initive: 1d10+2

    Speed: 4kph

    PIP: 4 Dice

    Strike Damage: 0
    To be struck: 4
    Durability Threshhold: Max 4 Current 4


    BioScanner Rank 1 1pt
    Transeiver Rank 1 5pt
    Interface Prong: Rank1 10pt
    2 Manip arm Rank 1 5pt
    Solar Powered: 10pts
    Video Screen Rank 1 1pt

    Total: 32
    Left*: 03

    Rare Model: +6pts
    i/o has been modified with non off the shelf parts.

    Overriding Directive Rank 2 +12pts
    Directives: Improve Software Effiency, Mechanical Effiency,
    Repair Damaged software and Mechanical systems.
    Toalt: 18
    Left*: 21

    I have 21 points left over, Im thinking of Improving some chassis stats, or maybe getting a drone swarm.

    Videos of i/o while still in prototype phase.

    >> Ru 07/02/09(Thu)19:14 No.5074351
         File1246576455.jpg-(131 KB, 640x502, gundambike.jpg)
    131 KB

    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)19:26 No.5074433
    Isn't that the same as starvation, then? Remove both Doesn't Eat or Drink and Draining, then buy some Reduced Consumption if you want to charge less often than three times a day.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)19:45 No.5074587
         File1246578355.png-(38 KB, 150x148, 150px-Boxbot.png)
    38 KB
    Stat me
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)19:48 No.5074618

    Terrible: 5
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)20:49 No.5075184
         File1246582194.jpg-(46 KB, 346x500, mechavirus.jpg)
    46 KB

    >> The Programmer 07/02/09(Thu)20:57 No.5075248
         File1246582655.jpg-(39 KB, 450x582, aibo-ps_5638.jpg)
    39 KB
    New thread is here:

    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)20:59 No.5075262

    Wait, they have a Wall-e pnp rpg?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)21:00 No.5075272

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