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Cocky Cockneys edition.


Since last thread OP seemed to be pulling in every direction at once, event/time period themed threads are now an (experimental) thing. Unless everyone throws a fit and insists on going back to the previous free-for-all.

FOCUS:War of the Beast. We already have a sizable chunk of the Battle of Terra, but what about the battles leading up to it; what about the steady retreat of the Primarchs and their Legions, or about initial contact with the Orks? Previous in-demand shit (Croneldar Big Bads, in particular) still welcome.

Also I swear I'm going to be productive soon. Fresh dank OC for this thread is in the pipeline.
Armageddon Should hold a significance to the Orks or their Croneworlder masters, hence why there have been 8 great wars to take the place independent of the Black Crusades.

Maybe the First Deamon Prince of Slaanesh, the equivalent in their culture of Eldrad, died there during the fledgling days of the Human/Eldar alliance.
1d4chan link for those who need it:

Idea I had bouncing around: for the two lost legions, what do people think about having them be completely wiped out during the War of the Beast to emphasize how brutal the war was?

>I should write something good. Well, I can give a useless bump with shitty content.

The Officio Assassinorum was one of the oldest arms of the Imperial Government, derived from the days when the Emperor was the Warlord, uniting Terra and ending the barbarity and cruelty that reigned rampant over the land. Perhaps it is fitting that, as the Warlord turned from the Steward, and then into the Emperor, that those ancient assassin orders were tamed, and reformed into the Officio Tacitum.

The Rebuke at Mount Vengeance is the common story of the Officio Assassinorum's founding. In those days, the Emperor was still the Warlord, and was mired in battles amidst the Salt Spires against a confederation of temples- little is known about them as the archives regarding their history was lost during the anarchy of the War of the Beast (Some wonder if this was Vangorich's objective all along), they were reportedly loathsome foes. Led by their squabbling Temple Masters, mercenary and heartless they took contract against the Warlord. Elusive, technologically advanced, cowardly, and fond of attacking the most vulnerable parts of the Warlord's army and civilian populace, seeking to lure the Warlord into a trap. But the temples would find the Warlord far more durable than any other target they had chosen.

Incensed at the atrocities inflicted upon the people under his protection, the Warlord made war on the Salt Spires. Though the temples had gone into hiding, the Warlord was not after them, but instead their water. The assassins were unable to stand against the Warlord and his forces in a direct fight, and were unable to outlast and hide deprived of life giving water. So, they came before the Warlord to seek treaty.
The Temple Masters met at Mount Vengeance to pledge allegiance to the Warlord. And at Mount Vengeance they received his full scorn. The Warlord was not content with a mere offer of fealty. For all that those Grandmasters had done to his people, for the lives they had taken, the Warlord would be content with nothing less than their absolute obliteration. Total surrender, or total annihilation. That was their only choice.

It is said some of the Temple Masters unwisely struck then. They died. Some fled. They died later. But around the base of the mountains, there were some that stayed still, bowing in total obeisance to the Warlord, recognizing the inevitable.

Of those, some that were judged as having committed crimes beyond forgiveness were slain. Others were stripped of rank, and banished into the salt wastes. One was judged pure, and allowed to keep office and title. All of those that surrendered though, were allowed to know their temples would survive, joining the Imperium under the careful eye of Malcador.

Thus was formed the Officio Assassinorum. Malcador was pleased with the Warlord's mercy- in spite of the Warlord's fury, he recognized talent. Properly stewarded and tamed, the assassins could serve well. And the exotic technologies they guarded could be incorporated into his own body of knowledge. A few thousand years later though, the assassins gave cause for the Steward to regret his mercy.
In 546.M32, the Grandmaster of the Officio Assassinorum attempted to assassinate the High Lords of Terra. Though the events are shrouded in mystery, concealing motive, means, and in a few cases even identity, the event destabilized an already battered Imperium. Called 'the Beheading,' the violence and death was restricted to the halls of the Imperial Palace, and thus prevents an accurate retelling. All that is known is that the Inquisitorial Representative, the Master of the Astronomicon, the Paternal Envoy of the Navigators, and the Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus were killed before the Steward was able to stop Grandmaster Vangorich's terror.

Naturally, the question comes to mind as to how Vangorich was able to get as far as he did- speculation comes that he bent the considerable resources of the Officio Assassinorum to the task of making his fellow High Lords deaths look like accidents. That perhaps, with the events taking place so close to the War of the Beast, that Vangorich took advantage of the chaos of that dark time. Or maybe it was a blitz, an attempted seizure of government that surprised the Imperium.

All sources agree though, that once revealed, Vangorich unleashed the assassins on the whole of the palace, bathing its halls in blood. And that the Steward personally put a stop to Vangorich's killing spree. Permanently. Though some historians wax poetically about an agonizing death or Vangorich being imprisoned in an eternal torture, or whisked away to another time and place to earn redemption, the most reliable statement sourced from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes states simply that the Steward broke Vangorich's neck after an ill judged attempt by the Grandmaster to slay the Steward with a vortex grenade.
The Beheading had been undertaken by Vangorich, but the Steward noted with no small distaste that Vangorich's orders had not been questioned or doubted by any of the assassins under his command. Without Malcador to keep an eye on the Officio Assassinorum, it seemed the assassins were falling back on their bad habits. Despite being busy with rebuilding the Imperium, the Steward set aside a day to scour the (Much reduced) assassin ranks- those that were found wanting of moral character were either incinerated or pressed into a penal legion, depending on if they had acted or not. One assassin that the Steward found was of solid loyalty and properly impressed by the psionic bonfire was declared new Grandmaster and told to sort things out, and that if the Steward had to come back that that would mean the end for the Officio Assassinorum.

Four thousand years later, the Steward had to come back.

Admittedly, the Grandmaster that the Steward put in place had served honorably, loyally, and carefully. Within the temples, long overdue reforms were undertaken, training formalized, and generations of assassins raised to revere the imperium as a whole more than their temple. The Grandmaster, when she felt her time came, passed on to one she felt she could trust, and he continued her work, focusing on material provisions and improving assassin survival rates. When he was lost in a warpstorm, his successor was well chosen, and arranged a more formalized chain of command for the assassins, and so on, and so forth, until the reign of Goge Vandire.

Trusted by the Steward to take the throne, Emperor Goge Vandire was, on the surface, the ideal servant of the Imperium. Clever, humble, decisive, intelligent, and intimately familiar with all parts of the imperial government, save the assassins. Naturally, he was curious. He had an amicable meeting with the Grandmaster, who reaffirmed the Officio Assassinorum's loyalty to the Steward.
"And to the Emperor?"
"As far as the Steward trusts, the Emperor, yes."

Emperor Goge Vandire laughed off that. And the Grandmaster offered a thin smile back. And that was the end of that, the Grandmaster had thought. Emperor Vandire thought the same, but a small part of him remembered that meeting, and saw echoes of it everywhere. All people trusted him because the Steward trusted him. After years of selfless service, after all of his work, after he had been crowned Emperor, and still, still, still, the Steward was not far from people's thoughts or lips. Still, the Steward overshadowed Emperor Vandire, and his every act was judged against a living god. Over the years of Emperor Vandire's reign, and over the course of too many treatments of juvenat and too many hard decisions and imagined slights, it rolled in Emperor Vandire's mind, and what started as a mild irritation became full blown paranoia and suppressed rage.

Vandire was talented enough to find an assassin frustrated at her place in the temples, a callidus by the name of Tziz Jarek. Vandire had by this time assumed de facto control of most of the Imperium, and taking the Officio Assassinorum would be the coup de grâce, assuring his complete and total control of the Imperium.

Tziz Jarek just wanted the promotion, and made sure to step back out of Vandire's foam and spittle range when he started ranting.

The assassination, though textbook perfect, ended up claiming the Grandmaster's body double. Tziz Jarek, unaware of this, used polymorphine to disguise herself as the Grandmaster of the Assassins, and the Assassinorum was Vandire's. The assassins helped prosecute Emperor Vandire's reign of terror at the command of their puppeted Grandmaster, silencing political and military opponents with merciless efficiency. The true Grandmaster meanwhile went in to hiding, gathering loyal assassins from Terra and beyond, recovering and arming from hidden assassin caches that Tziz Jarek could not know of.
When the reign of Emperor Vandire was at its end, and he was about to unleash his assassin army on the rebel forces, the true Grandmaster struck at Tziz Jarek and the assassin temple with the gathered loyalist forces. The battle was devastating. The assassin temples had long dormant, forbidden technologies at their disposal, and both sides used them with abandon convinced (rightly) that the victory of the other would result in their complete extermination. Gene sympathetic nerve gases, neutronic warheads, entropic broadcasters, pan-chronal disruptors, all these and more recorded as being used. The event was called the Wars of Vindication, and it would be repeated across the whole of the Imperium as assassin turned against assassin, seeking to purge traitors or evidence of their treachery.

When the Steward came to see the Grandmaster, it was to the sight of smoking, hellish ruin.

The Grandmaster pointed to a corpse that looked identical to the Grandmaster and stated that the traitor was dead.

The Steward was unamused.

The Grandmaster offered her life by way of apology, and begged the Officio Assassinorum be spared. The Grandmaster knew the warning passed down from Grandmaster to Grandmaster, and was all too aware of the terrible possibility of the Steward fulfilling his promise. Though bitterly disappointed at Emperor Vandire's reign, and the Officio Assassinorum once more proving vulnerable to tyrants and madmen, the Steward was merciful. The Grandmaster had fought for the Imperium after all. And the Steward was perhaps a touch disappointed with himself, for trusting Goge in the first place. He allowed the Grandmaster to go into exile and gave a final order to the surviving assassins to gather for a new dictum. After he cleaned up the mess.
When the Steward, now Emperor spoke on the Officio Assassinorum again, he gave four terse dictates.

First, all rebel assassins were to be granted a month window of clemency. They were misled. They could return, and be granted a trial. Any that did not take that offer were to be killed, and a series of bounties offered for their lives. The Grandmaster had done well in documenting those assassins that followed Tziz Jarek. Many fortunes were made assassin hunting in the following years. Though rumors naturally persist of renegades still out there.

Second, the Officio Assassinorum was hereby dissolved. The temples were to be disbanded, all masters stripped of office, all survivors to submit to retraining and recertifying, their documentation submitted to the administratum for review, and methodologies revealed for assessment. Those survivors that passed muster would be reintegrated into the new Officio Tacitum. There, they would be under civilian control. No more temples. No more secretive sifus. No more secret handshakes and grandmasters. No more shadowy meetings lit by incense. Everything was to be documented, and monitored by the proper authorities.

Third, the Inquisition would have a new Ordo. The Ordo Sicarius to act as a watchdog and oversight committee. These would be the proper authority to watch over the assassins now. They would be empowered to investigate all threats and abuses emerging within the Officio Tacitum.

Fourth, if the assassins again threatened the stability of the Imperium, the Emperor would make sure there would be no fourth assassin crisis in the simplest way possible.

The Emperor had spoken. There would be no dissent. at least, publicly.
The Officio Tacitum is a far more modern organization. Though it primarily is still famed for its assassins, it also produces operatives specialized in sabotage and covert warfare far from home. Agents are typically seconded to Inquisitorial task forces these days, or sometimes sent out to support greater operations of the Astra Militarum. Though rare, there are still the missions sent out of the lone assassin getting the impossible done, but the high risk and high cost of such undertakings has led the Ordo Sicarius to frown on these practices. Far better to have them close by where they can be watched.

The temples are far less superstitious and rite drenched now, though the name of 'temple' has stuck to their specializations. Temple Vindicare, Temple Eversor, Temple Culexus, Temple Callidus, and Temple Venenum have all diversified and modernized to the point that agents that have proven their worth and with express Ordo Sicarius permission can even train in these prestigious institutions that have refined murder to an art form. There is no Temple Vanus. That does not exist. The Ordo Sicarius has confirmed this, and will not allow any dispute.

Assassin recruits are generally drawn from theschola progenium, or talents from the Militarum Tempestus. Or those that the Sicarius favor.

Though the primary headquarters of the temple assassins lies on Terra, across each segmentum there are localized, lesser temples that trainers and talented assassins cycle through to pass on their skills, and more importantly, allow liaison with Segmentum Commands. Ordo Sicarius Inquisitors can generally be found near segmentum command to permit proper coordination if Tacitum assets are needed. With proper Inquisitorial oversight, the assassins are kept well in check, and well out of politics.

The High Lords of Terra still has a seat for the Grandmaster of Assassins, but it has been left vacant ever since the reign of Emperor Vandire. Few imagine it will ever be filled again.
Don't be so hard on yourself anon, this is good work.

I'm curious, how many people are still hanging around from the earlier threads?
I am, I suppose.

I think this is dying.
Maybe, but two separate threads were made when the old one died, hopefully indicating there's enough interest to keep this going.
Damn, couldn't believe the other thread got archived because not enough bumps.

To the writefag who names himself after a Hotline Miami Character; hopefully you could find this new bread and repost that story where Taldeer hated the Love Can Bloom novel and some officers were discussing about it in which it turns out LCB is still a sort of thing that happened, please anon?
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Sounds fucking sweet idea. Are you going to write it or are you just throwing he idea out there?
Just a thought for now, people can run with it if they find it interesting. I may write something if inspiration hits me for a legion idea.

What would the Primarchs be like?
Check the wiki, we have a page on 1d4chan
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I meant the hypothetical 2 missing ones.

They would have to originate on Earth or at the very least somewhere in Sol.
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Moar plz
Plz moar
What's Macha up to?
File: 1448445095545.jpg (64 KB, 567x1598)
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In a previous thread somebody said that she was the current High Priestess and Avatar of Isha and therefore her physical stand in in regards to the Marriage with the Emperor. He also got trips with his post and therefore it was declared truth.

Macha is Isha's representative in this world. In this universe she is not a permavirgin.

I have no pictures of Macha
Does imperial law apply on xeno worlds? For example, a tau sept or Eldar craftworld have a human tourist visit, but then they receive word the guy pissed on a portrait of the Emperor. Can the Arbites burst in there and drag the blasphemer off, or do they have to work through an extradition process? Or can the xenos just tell the Imperium to fuck off?
Hang on, let me find that and I'll repost it soon.
>Bugger. More garbage incoming.
>6 months standard terran before Lorn V.
>Invasion exercises on Base Umgi, planet Grom.

"So it's been two years."
"Since. Y'know," Calper leaned in conspiratorially to whisper, "SHE joined up."
"Wh-" Kred was for a moment bewildered before she remembered who she was talking to and sighed, "Right. The farseer."

Kred was not in the right state of mind to talk about their strange alien auxiliary. For the past week she'd been going through the same drill with the rest of her company of weapons specialists of digging in and setting up her lascannon, and then unpacking it and getting it ready to move again. The goal was to get the entire process down to three minutes. And they had. On a planet that wasn't a frozen ice ball like this one. She was numb, and sore, and tired, and thrice cursed Calper was still fresh as a daisy, probably because he was leaving the digging up frozen ground to her and invariably took his sweet time fiddling with the lascannon so she'd have to do the hard work.

"She going to help me dig this ice up?" Kred growled. If Calper understood the sentiment he didn't mention it. He was looking off in the distance, over the rest of the company swinging shovels and cursing the icy ground.
"There, see? She's talking with Lieutenant Feldham."
"Annnndddd," Calper was straining over the lascannon, before a distant bark of the Commissar reminded him to focus on his work, "You think, y'know..."

Kred stopped, looked at Calper. He was raising his eyebrows suggestively.
"Y'know," Calper started a strange bobbing motion with his raising eyebrows, "The farseer. And the dashing captain of the kasrkin?"
"He's a lieutenant."
"Lieutenant. You think she's into that?"
"What? What," Kred blinked, snuck a peek over the gun. Frowned, shook her head, went back to work with her spade, "Nope. Not at all."
"What? What do you mean?" Calper looked back, then back down and hissed, "She's holding on to him by the elbow!"
>Expect slowness.

"TIME!" Commissar Gebbet bellowed across the field. Kred looked down, sighed. No, it wasn't very good, but it would have to do. She set the lascannon over the mound, and crouched herself in the behind it, as Calper mirrored her, attending to the capacitor and charge packs. Gebbett would have a field day with this- please, please, please just let him walk past...
"Seriously, I bet you she's getting the monkey D tonight."
Kred rolled her eyes.
"First of all, it's pronounced 'mon-keigh,' secondly, there's no way she and Feldham are an item."
"What? Who made you an expert on human-eldar relations? Seriously, she's eye fucking him on the field right now!"
"A year's stint with Ulthwé Black Guardians. First thing's first, do you see what Feldham is holding in his left hand?"

A bit of silence, as Calper leaned over, then said dejectedly, "A crutch."
"Yeah. Training accident. And he's got that bionic eye on the fritz. So, no, it's not eye fucking that you're seeing, it's her lending a hand to a wounded comrade, and some concern."

Somewhere behind them, Elid's crew was getting chewed out. Commissar Gebbett would take his time. And in that pause, someone desperate to distract herself from her own inevitable chewing out, Trooper Kred made a mistake that she would soon regret.

"Besides. I'm sure she's not into guys like that."
"What? Feldham's a badass. Sure, he's got the eye thing, but chicks dig scars."
"Not all of us. Nah, nah. The Farseer would go for..." She hesitated, glanced behind her. Yep. Anton was still tearing into poor Elid.
"-Like what?"
"Somebody a bit more...Intellectual."
"You saying Feldham's dumb?"
"No- well. Okay, keep it between us, but there's a reason he's spending training hobbling around on a god damn crutch, and I hear it has to do with some unauthorized demolition training, a glacier, a set of melta charges and some watches that he never bothered to sync. Besides," She looked over, shook her head as Farseer Taldeer gave a final salute, and then turned away from the Kasrkin, "Waaay too short."
"Fuck Kred, that's cold. He's taller than me."
"She's a giant, she can't help it," Anton Gebbett's rage subsided behind them, so the last was a whisper from her, "So shut up, and look like you're a real soldier."

Commissar Anton Gebbett strode up the line- though Elid's men had suffered the full burst, he still had plenty in reserve to shoot in passing as he strode the line. As Anton Gebbett walked by Calper and Kred, Kred inwardly cringed, doing her best to stare down the lascannon barrel.
"Despicable. Lazy. Shoddy. Pathetic," the Commissar grumbled, marching through the lines, locking eyes with each soldier as he passed. Making it clear that this wasn't directed to the air aimlessly, but in due consideration of each soldier's faults. Brennan's team, aimless. Gherehg's team, the work of children. Ysmir's team, useless. Kred's team...

Commissar Anton Gebbett halted in front of the pair of them and their makeshift fire pit, and glared down at them. He scowled. Looking them up and down. For a moment, Kred thought she might have lucked out, that he was looking for something minor- then she noticed the inhaling. No, no. He was tallying up everything wrong. Preparing. She winced, squeezed her eyes shut-

"Commissar Gebbett, a word please?"
Relief. Farseer Taldeer was at the other end of the parade ground, hands in the pockets of her Cadian officer's coat over her xeno mesh armor stained with snow and mud, a green beret denoting her auxiliary status on her head, long hair cascading down- Hell. She was dolled up. What for?

Gebbett paused, gave a finally acidic glare, then shouted, "At ease!" Murmurs of relief, before he shouted again, "But you and you!" The Commissar's hand stabbed at Kred and Elid's teams before they could relax too much, "You stay here. I'm not done with you idiots yet. The rest of you, pack all this back to the armory!" With a final grumble about the quality of Cadian soldiers these days, Commissar Gebbett spun on his heel and stalked back to the Farseer, grumbling all the while.

Kred slumped against the cold of her lascannon, hopes dashed. The rest of the teams laughed and trotted off, leaving the four of them behind in the field.

"What about him?"
"Shut up Calper," Murmured Kred.
"Who? Who we talking about?"
Elid had come forward in the meantime. Another chatterbox, but one that Kred knew so she could forgive him. Had Martz with him. Didn't know her. Tats suggested a hiver. One of the new recruits.
"Commissar Gebbett," Calper whispered, glancing back at the Commissar and the Farseer, talking animatedly as they made for the command post. Doubtless where there was warmth. There wasn't freezing mud about their ankles. Probably had warm food-
"Oh yeah, right prick isn't he?" Elid shook his head, "Don't like him. Last Commy was nice. Even before he got tore apart by the wossnames."
"Yeah, but," Calper leaned over, raised his eyebrows, "What do you think the FARSEER thinks?"
"I'm saying-"
"Shut up, shut up, shut up Calper-"
"-Maybe the Farseer sees something in him? Y'know, a commanding man to lead her in the sheets?"
"What?" Elid leaned back disgusted, "Taldeer and Gebbett? Fuck off. That's disgusting!"
"Yeah, to you and me, but Eldar are aliens. Maybe they'd like him?"
File: BAopHne.png (54 KB, 315x320)
54 KB
Calper has quite the one track mind.
Elid frowned, shook his head, "No. Nowhere in this universe would anybody think Gebbett is handsome. I was thinking Lieutenant Feldham."
"That's what I said!"
"He's too short!"
"And he's got that weird eye," Martz added, hand going to her own and peeling back the lids for emphasis to stare at the other three in mocking pantomime of Feldham's bionic, "Rich girl like that would turn her nose up quick at that. Probably use her brain to set his skin on fire right quick."
"She wouldn't do that."
"She would! Hear about it all the time, those eldar tarts and their fire starting, you look at 'em so much as sideways," Martz waved her hands, "Fwoosh! Burnt to a crisp. Sides," She shook her head, "Feldham's an idiot."
"Okay, let's lay off Feldham..." Kred felt a little bad now for what she said earlier. Feldham wasn't THAT bad, and making fun of a kasrkin was probably a really unhealthy habit to have.
"And a bit true. Nah, rich girl like that," Martz tapped her chin thinking, "She'd go for someone with a bit more class. I'm thinking Ordnance Master Hymnal."
"Hymnal? She's classy?" The others started laughing as Martz glared between the three.
"Yeah! Yeah she is! She's always in her best duds, always got that fancy baton and all, she's plenty classy!"
"Clearly you haven't seen her three amasecs deep yet."
"God," Calper winced, "And what she did with that colander, the lho pack, and the priest..."
"What? What'd she do?"
"How about Sturnn?" Elid rapidly changed the subject, looking over his shoulder. If a kasrkin was dangerous to mock, rememinscing on the master of regimental artillery in the open was suicidal.
"Sturnn? No way. He's ancient."
"So's she. And, he's brave, rugged, smart," Calper was counting out traits. Kred shook her head.
"No way. Wife and kids on Cadia."
"-And proven to be responsible," Calper finished, nodding, "Makes sense. She asked to serve in Sturnn's regiment special."
"You think she's a home wrecker?"
"Nah, it's true," Martz started nodding fervently, pointing, "No, I've heard about this. Eldar witches, see, they love that. It's like psychic stims for them, that heartbreak."
"And who says Sturnn agreed?" Elid took on a faraway gaze, "Forlorn, reciprocated love. Eldar love that!"

"You know what I think that Farseer Taldeer loves?"

They all froze at the voice.

They slowly turned back to see Farseer Taldeer standing above them, looking down with the frozen smile of the predator that's caught a lovely family of defenseless bunnies in a dead end.

"I think, what Farseer-Auxiliary Taldeer would LOVE, is hearing that you four broke the three minute record," She leaned in, teeth still bared, "In the dark."
"But- but it's going to get below-"

She narrowed her eyes.
"If you'd like, I can start a fire."
Inside, Kred's heart withered. Goodbye sleep.

"Farseer Taldeer!" Gebbett jogged after the auxiliary, baffled at her attention directed at the weapons teams, "We were wondering where you'd gone, the dinner still isn't-"
"Nothing's wrong Gebbett," Farseer Taldeer turned away from the pair of teams frantically shoveling at the frozen ground, and strolled past them, aiming for her quarters, "Just thought I heard something. I was mistaken."

Gebbett frowned, looked back at the soldiers digging, snorted, "Finally found your spirit! Come on! Snowstorm is coming in, and you're working until you're up to snuff!" Gebbett nodded, quite proud of himself. Yes, those years in commissar school had proven that fear had a wonderful effect of focusing the mind. He idly wondered for a moment which of his insults had landed home, then dismissed it. If he could do it once, he could do it again.
Just enjoyed Pardo's bit, and wanted to expand on it a tad to see why exactly Taldeer has a short fuse when it comes to these things. I've thought altogether too much about Taldeer's career with the 412th, but it's a bit too narrow as far as writing goes. I'll get back to writing something more relevant to the greater setting soon, just felt like having a bit of fun.
Yeah I think these are two man threads now.
Well after trying to find the previous thread by simply looking at the OP post just now and not earlier because I was an idiot.

I'd like proudly present my take on LCB being in this NobleDark AU:

>will post next post.
>BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiUYFZXy_zc

"So have you heard of that book called 'Can Love Bloom?'

"Pfft, oh no." Alot of the eldar officers in the pub said almost in unison as they also snickered.

"Book? What book?" Another human officer questioned.

"I said, 'Can Love Bloom?' THAT book!"

"Wait a minute now, that does sound familiar. I heard that book is some romance novel that was meant as some sort of homage to colonel Taldeer Ulthwe by a fan of her's."

"Boy its more than that. If you don't know. Farseer-Colonel Taldeer Ulthwe HATED that book. And the reason as to why is hilarious! You see during a short bureaucratic meeting that's mostly just about boring logistics. Someone, well a lower ranking eldar officer brought that book along with him to show it off to Colonel Ulthwe. She was absolutely livid, went bananas, two-hundred percent mad."

"Wait, YOU WERE THERE? Jefferson?"

"Yes I was."

"With THE Colonel Taldeer Ulthwe? Bullshit!"

"Yes I was there Polanski! Seriously you should've been in that ONE meeting. For almost an hour and a half she was ranting and raving like that one Krieg-born Inquisitor who often rants about some troublesome Harlequin who does antics for a living named 'Feger-leen' or what not.

She was ballistic, foaming-mouth rage; she was so mad she was practically throwing spit everywhere, she threw so much spit she could've turn an entire desolate and hot dessert-world into a cool aquatic-water world like some Khorne-made water hose. I and the other officers; who are unfortunately not here and I'm the only one, were expecting her to start flipping the table in the room at the time with just her index finger and start shooting electricity from her eyes. But fortunately no, she just banged at the table like an angry beast and threw pencils everywhere, just like that Krieg-born Inquisitor."
"Seriously Jefferson? She was so mad she was ranting like THAT Krieg-born Inquisitor? I can't remember his name, but I remember that guy having a dumb Grey Knight under his command he names 'Gunshe.' He also has a bald co-inquisitor who often objects his plans and orders, another co-inquisitor of his who has a fetish for pointing at maps, fish and other aquatic wildlife. ANOTHER co-inquisitor who's an alcoholic, a really obese co-inquisitor who eats plenty.

And lets not forget the scariest co-inquisitor under his command who looks more like a fucking Necron wearing a complete set of human flesh!"

"Precisely Polanski, she was just as MAD as he'd oftenly be... But back to the main topic at hand. Taldeer Ulthwe hated the book. After throwing a temper tantrum that would've made the angry eldar god Khaine, or even Khorne say 'Calm down and have a drink a cold drink woman.' She nearly ordered a book burning of that novel, for fanfiction written by an ADMIRER, a FAN of her's. Fortunately her dad; Foxy Grandpa Eldrad, AKA; Big Daddy Ulthwe. Managed to calm down her daughter and pretty much said something that's basically: 'No book burning for harmless fanfiction that's meant for flattery.' And you wana know an even weirder thing?"

"And what's that Jefferson?"

"She was pregnant."


"Yeah ANOTHER reason why she hated the novel, is because she was pregnant. She was in a secret relationship with a HUMAN operative, and is pregnant with a hybrid child. Being in a relationship with a subordinate is one thing, but being pregnant with a different alien-species' child without some assistance from the biologicus egg-heads is astonishing.

Also she fully admitted the full reason why she was mad about that book is because she thought an enemy spy was stalking her and used her secret relationship and pregnancy as way of getting to her."

"Wait, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!?" The officer, Polanski then questioned his comrades around the tavern.

A human officer replied bluntly. "Uh, yeah it did happen. It was also in the Vox News Gossip Segment... Don't ask me why I watch that shit."

Polanski questioned the eldar around. "Hey Captain Enrion. That sounded WAYYY to far fetch. Surely you guys have something to say!"

Enrion the eldar Polanski questioned, replied.

"Seriously? Your fellow officers said; YES. That did happened, A MONTH AGO. Where were you during the last month, living under a rock? 'Spelunking' a Necron Tomb for treasure? And yes, that novel is official if you're still in doubt."

That eldar pulled out a copy of the novel. "See this? Its a copy of Can Love Bloom. Written in the High-Tongue, we eldar do also liked that novel and found it... Cheesy but lovely." He flipped the copy to the back and read one of the review quotes. "And I quote from Eldrad himself; 'Its a lovely fanfic of my daughter, I suggested my daughter to name my soon-to-be grand daughter Lofn too. I'm OK with this book, seven or eight out of ten. Four out of Five Stars.' Hopefully that puts a rest to your doubts Polanski."

Polanski looked back to Jefferson. "...Well then, I guess I'm now enlightened with recent events... So how's colonel Ulthwe coping about such publicity right now?"

"Oh she's taking leave from what I've heard. You know? She's Pregnant? And maybe some time for her to perhaps thank that author for helping make her, her lover and future child famous. And to think of an apology to the author for threatening to burn the book.

And about Colonel Taldeer's human lover; I only know he's some Inquisitorial Spec-Ops unit, can't tell what unit specifically, but his identity is kep classified for reasons under Colonel Ulthwe herself. But yeah, who'd ever knew this alliance could generate such crazy shit from happening, right?"


There, decided to add and change a few minor things.

Well if you wana help expand my write, then you're welcome.
Maybe later, not tonight though. I gotta sleep. Nice choice of song by the by. Hope you catch that famous, smart, twisted, and talented and way better than those mask amateurs killer soon.
That would be a matter for the locals to deal with.

The Imperium does not care.

So long as tithe is paid, the world remains loyal and no Chaos the Imperium give very few shits.
So what'd exactly be Lofn's status be?
As of the final days of 999M41 Taldeer is on maternity leave, Lofn has not been born yet.

Given the impossible nature of Lofn Eldrad is not far from her constantly casting Runes.

When he proposed the raid on Nurgles Mansion the threads of fate rearranged and the thread of the eldar as a collective and the thread of humanity started to loop around one another in his mind and became wrapped around one another when they became part of the Imperium properly.

When Emperor Vandire went nuts and started persecuting xeno citizens for not being loyal enough the threads started to come apart.

After the Imperium got a proper Emperor back the threads were closer than ever.

At the moment of Lofn's conception the threads started to get a little fuzzy around the edges so that some strand fragments were transferred from one to another blurring slightly the border between their two peoples.

He suspects that his granddaughter is a cosmic trial run. A practice by his surviving gods to see if the 2 greatest peoples in the galaxy can be mingled together into something strong. Someday soon the High Priestess of Isha will have the Emperor's Impossible Child. The Starchild of prophesy.

But Eldrad is too old now and he doesn't know if he will live long enough to see that most fateful day.
What of the Champions of Chaos? Lucius and the like.
Also Fabius Bile, is he still a mad scientist?
Dr. Fabius Bile resides within the Tower of Flesh in the Dark City. Dude went full Dark Eldar.

Lucius still went to Slaanesh because he always did have masochistic tendencies. Chroneworlder Eldar love him because he is the ultimate proof that humanity is not irredeemable in the eyes of their gods.

Lady Aurelia Malys is the Deamon Queen. Half the Black Crusades have been at her prompting. Was once consort of Vect until he smelt the stink of Chaos upon her. Now the two of them are in partnership less for the sex and more for the prospect of fucking Imperial shit up.
File: 549px-Lofn_Froggy.jpg (55 KB, 549x599)
55 KB
Question is, does Lofn still have her powerful mind-bending Pacification powers where she renders almost any creature into a friendly and docile puppy and can calm down the most aggressive and aggro'd person?

From what /tg/ fanon goes, she has a mysterious passive power where she can pacify anything or anyone, she basically has the Animal Perk from Fallout, but times ten (10x)
Presumably yes when she is born.

I would imagine that if either 'Nid or Ork is in large group of their kind the Hive Mind/WAAAAAGH!!!! field will overwhelm and negate her abilities. Same with Chaos. Too blessed by their gods and they get immunity.

It will still make her the perfect her the perfect ambassador from Terra to the Craftworlds or possibly the other way around.
File: 1468900907200.jpg (190 KB, 1178x459)
190 KB
190 KB JPG

That is beautiful. I will add it to the 1d4chan when I get home if it isn't already.

Are you planning to do any more?

Whats with that video footage of Catachan Jungle Fighters relaxing on a beach, and why'd you include that?
Is anyone going to do yhe bios for some of the less famous Primarchs, like Corax or the Khan? Or maybe we can do the histories of the more famous regiment's planets, like Krieg, Cadia, or Catachan? Although I believe we decided to have Krieg follow the canon's history, but we're still going to need to make tweaks to every planet's history in order to make it fit.
I'd be happy to write up another Primarch once I finish Sangy, I'm having a lot of fun writing for this setting. Don't really have any compelling ideas at the moment though, so if people want to come up with cool ideas I'll run with them.
Could Corax be more interesting if his nation of origin was changed?

Make him a former slave of subjugated Ind or the Sino or whatever.
For the assassins in particular? Probably not, until I wrestle down what LIIVI's role is. For more organizations within the Imperium/Eldar, probably. I'm still thinking about the Crone World Eldar. And Saim-Hann. And Ork Kultur, that'd be quick. I'm open to suggestions on things to write up as long as it isn't primarchs since I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
History of Krieg. We decided to have this universe's Krieg origins closely follow the original, but tweaks still need to be made to make it fit. If it helps, I could give you some of the details we managed to work out about their attitudes towards their new xeno allies.
File: Got.png (606 KB, 1279x537)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Assassin fluff added to the 1d4chan page.

I to would like to hear of the rise and fall of Krieg. Would like to hear of Saim-Hann also.
Sure, hit me with it. I'll look in the archives too. General themes to stick to are trench and artillery warfare writ large, extreme inhumanity and erasure of self, fanatical loyalty, and near suicidal willingness to take objectives heedless of cost?
Also general lack of trust in non-kriegers. Other humans seen as weak and unwilling to make necessary hard choices and xenos tolerated because Emperor says to tolerate them and he is Emperor of the Imperium they are sworn to.

The oath Krieg broke was not to the Emperor. they predate the Emperor becoming the Emperor. They swore loyalty to The Empty Throne of Earth, to the Imperium.
Toes schmoes, you've written great stuff so write what you want and we'll all squabble over it like the nerds we are.
Ok, so, when in the field and the Kriegers are working with xeno allies, they are treated with anywhere from minimum professional courtesy to outright ignored. In fact, their attitude towards xenos is to completely ignore them unless they are vital towards whatever objective they have at the time. Anytime else though, the Kriegers do their thing and the xenos do theirs.
Outside of combat, xenos are tolerated. Barely. Really, if it wasn't for their loyalty to the throne and the standing orders that the xenos aren't targets, they would be going full purge mode. As is, the xenos are strictly banned from Krieg under all circumstances on pain of death. And if your a xeno on Krieg, you WILL be shot. Unless you're someone exceedingly important, in which case, you'll be given a light savage beating and sent on your way.
As for why they have such disdain for the xenos? They feel that the xenos(and to a lesser extent the other regiments) don't know the meaning of sacrifice, and aren't willing to do what needs to be done.
One last thing about how xenos aren't allowed on Krieg. The Dark Carnival, led by the Harlequins that travel to any planet whenever they want, trvelled to Krieg once. Once.
File: nope2.gif (974 KB, 476x253)
974 KB
974 KB GIF
In defense of Krieg the Dark Carnival was only given a warning barrage, barely any casualties at all.
File: 1409619245271.gif (4.71 MB, 400x223)
4.71 MB
4.71 MB GIF

As per common /tg/ practice no dibs are truly called until the first post of writefaggatory goes down.
Krieg is surprisingly recent history too, considering the setting.
So is this lieutenant Feldham suppose to be LIVVI? I assume in this Nobledark AU; LIVVI is suppose to be a Kasrkin assigned under the command of Colonel Taldeer and just like in LCB, they both took a fancy and fell in love with each other and fucked aswell.
Nope. I got plans. Big plans, and fancy pants to match.

I'm making it up as I go, but LIIVI has yet to be introduced.
>Sangy continuing
>why does this keep getting longer
>using this as an opportunity to try out action sequences, let me know if this works for you guys

The dawn of the third day was unusually still, the Orks and Dark Eldar nowhere to be found. For a moment, the defenders wondered if the xenos had retreated to seek an easier target, but when the morning quiet was shattered by the pounding of unholy war drums, eldritch howls, ululating chants, and gibbering laughter, and the xenos’ absence became clear.

The dread legions of Chaos crested the great stairway of the plaza in a screeching tide of twisted flesh: hordes of savage Bloodletters, sinuous Daemonettes, and rotted Plaguebearers, howling and eager to feast on the souls of the defenders. Beside them were mobs of cultists, cowardly, wretched things skulking in the shadows of their masters and chanting hymns of praise to their dark gods, hoping to gain a few scraps of favor.

Throughout the horde, the defenders glimpsed the Chaos Eldar, impossibly beautiful and perfect, their every movement liquid and effortless, their flawless faces belying the wild and fickle cruelty within. Ceramite gauntlets tightened around the hilt of swords and bolters as the Astartes gazed with hatred on a row of hulking figures, their fallen comrades the Traitor Marines. At their front strode the Arch-Heretic Luther, once honored as First Captain of the Dark Angels and Sword of Caliban, now reviled as the Dark Oracle and First Traitor.

Above the teeming corrupted multitude stood the four greatest servants of the Ruinous Powers, looming over their minions: Kairos Fateweaver, the ancient Lord of Change; Scabeiathrax the Bloated, the laughing and virulent Great Unclean One; Zarakynel the Bringer of Torments, the most favored Keeper of Secrets; and the mighty Ka’Bandha, bloodiest of Khorne’s Bloodthirsters.

Such a sight could have driven men to madness or despair; this was an army to crush entire sectors and devour the souls of species. Yet the Blood Angels and Custodes raised their blades aloft and shouted warcries and challenges at the dark horde, spitting defiance and insults in the faces of the dark gods. For they had armored themselves in faith and duty, purpose and loyalty, and there were no flaws upon their souls where weakness could take hold.

With the mournful blare of warhorns, the daemonic forces broke rank and thundered through the plaza. Astartes and Custodes had only moments to ready themselves before the wave crashed into their ranks. Daemonic hellblades tore through ceramite with unholy strength, impaling Astartes’ twin hearts in a single blow. Blasts of swirling warpfire incinerated men where they stood, armor and all, and still others were melted into puddles of festering ooze by hellish plagues and toxins.

Yet for every loss they suffered, the defenders retaliated tenfold. The searing touch of holy promethium and plasma cleansed corrupted flesh, and ancient power weapons sang their songs of death and lightning as the Astartes hewed through the enemy ranks. Vanguard veterans descended from on high, lashing out with bolt and blade and scattering the enemy before them, while Librarians wove great nimbuses of lightning and incinerated scores of demons with a gesture.

It is said that only in the crucible of trials and hardship does a man find his true worth, and humanity’s darkest hour also proved its finest. The Blood Angels fought with the fury of humanity itself, and their deeds that day would echo through history, to be sung of in the future even as the embers of civilization smoldered and the darkness drew near.

Chief Librarian Sandelon was the first to slay one of the Greater Daemons. As the battle swirled around him, the great librarian found himself facing Scabeiathrax, and without a flicker of hesitation he hurled himself at the massive, bloated daemon. The Blood Angel tore great gouges into the beast’s stinking flesh with his force staff and lances of crimson lightning, skillfully dodging between the beast’s cumbersome counterstrikes. However, for a heartbeat, the librarian was distracted as he turned to parry the strikes of a Chaos Astartes attacking his flank, and the momentarily lull in his defenses was enough: the Great Unclean One skewered Sandelon at the end of its massive, rusted cleaver, chortling to itself as its prey writhed on the end of its weapon. But Sandelon would not die.

With his rage and sheer force of will he anchored his soul to his dying body, and grasping the cleaver with both hands impaled himself further, bringing him within striking range of the daemon’s head. With a roar he rammed his force staff through the daemon’s skull, and focused all his pain and rage into a maelstrom of searing lightning through the staff.

The greater daemon howled and twisted in pain and fear as it burned from the inside out, slabs of flesh blackening and sloughing from its massive body, until at last it was nothing more than piles of charred, smoking meat, and its soul was sent screaming back into the realms of the warp. Only then did Sandelon close his eyes, a grim smile of satisfaction on his lips, and allow his soul to depart, his ravaged body at last going limp as he left to join his fallen brothers.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Captain Azkaellon of the First Company, famed leader of the Sanguinary Guard, slew a dozen Chaos Lords in succession as they stepped forth to challenge his Primarch while Sanguinius dueled with Luther. Their swords clashed for the better part of an hour, great bursts of light and warp energy erupted from the points of contact between the radiant blade of gold and the cruel blade of black. Finally, Sanguinius found an opening in Luther’s defenses, and with a flourish he disarmed the Arch-Heretic, before severing both the traitor’s arms with a sweep of his burning blade.

Zarakynel was slain by Commander Taranis, the mighty Custodes parrying and dashing through the flashing, quicksilver strikes of the Keeper of Secrets. With a single blow of his right hand, the Commander bisected the daemon at the waist, all while firm grasping the Banner of Unification in his left.

Yet for all the deeds of heroism performed that day, the greatest was surely the Banishing of Ka’Bandha. The towering Bloodthirster was more akin to a force of nature, its great axe and nine-tailed scourge were streaks of blood as it cleaved through scores of Astartes and Custodes with contemptuous ease, and the Imperial defenders were forced to cede ground to it rampaged across the plaza.

Filled with fury at the deaths of so many of his men, Sanguinius rallied his Sanguinary Guard and together they crashed into the path of the berserk daemon. The blades of Astartes and daemon lashed out, slashing and hacking, as Sanguinius and his Guard pressed the daemon. As they fought, a score of the Sanguinary Guard were slain, each a mighty hero the Blood Angels in his own right. Yet not even Ka’Bandha could stand in the face of so many lethal warriors, and it was forced back, bleeding from dozens of wounds.

Flapping its great leather wings, it launched itself into the air seeking a respite, but Sanguinius followed, chasing the massive daemon into the sky on wings of white. In the air, they clashed and broke away, seeing greater height before clashing again. The nimbler Angel darted around the heavy Bloodthirster, swooping and twisting, dodging the daemon’s blows and inflicting a dozen more wounds on the beast. Sensing the daemon was slowing, Sanguinius pressed his advantage, and in a blur of speed, he slashed through the daemon’s right wing, sending the beast hurtling down to the plaza far below.

It landed with a thundering crash, crushing the granite and gouging a huge crater, and a few seconds later Sanguinius landed with his own crash, driving his boot into the daemon’s head with all the force of his dive. As the daemon struggled to rise, faithful Azkaellon slashed through the daemon’s remaining wing as Sanguinius drove his sword through its throat. With the beast weakened, Sanguinius flung aside his blade and grabbed the Bloodthirster by its legs and throat, and with a heroic burst of strength lifted the beast above his head and dashed him against his knee, tearing the daemon in two with his force. The warriors of Chaos looked on in shock as Sanguinius flung the two pieces of the mighty demon into their ranks, while Ka’Bandha's soul was flung screaming into the warp to beg forgiveness at the feet of Khorne.

>That's all for now folks
File: 1477480218854.png (1.26 MB, 1024x1430)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
What you think Lofn would grow up to be? Just like her mother Taldeer? Military career like her daddy, LIVVI? Or would she have a more cushy life with a cushy officer-type job?

Or pretty much like pic related?
And it is beautiful. I can't high 5 you thfoug the internet so just imagine that I am.
The doom of mankind.
Warlock ambassador.

Makes people act all calm and cooperative and so inspires peace. Still capable of defending herself when that doesn't work.
>Lofn uses charm and calm
>its super effective

Yeah I take Lofn has extremely high Charisma points the further she grows up.
Just a bit more time is all I need.
File: 1458415192672.jpg (54 KB, 500x339)
54 KB
So the Imperium has weaponized the Mr Rodgers effect?

Holy shit. Khornate deamons must just melt and fade away where she walks.
It has been added to the 1d4chan.
File: Tau marines.jpg (2.34 MB, 1600x1200)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
>Image name
No. It ain't that kinda party. You have seen the previous threads, right?

But what is to stop Greater Good humans of the Eastern Fringe from using Earth Caste made power armour?

I made no implication that the Tau could accept gene-seed or even that the humans in pic were Astartes.
Cult mechanicus the same?
Largely, yes. They're still 'flesh bags reeeee', but they're less politically powerful than in canon. They still don't like people fucking with ancient or new technology, or commiting xeno-tech heresy. But, they'll turn a blind eye to people using xeno-tech as long as they don't try to mix it with human shit
Huh, I figured they'd be a lil less isolationist but have a lil more clout (owing to ol' Ferry Manny and his legion of buffed-to-shit Skitarii, mostly)

In canon they're only influential as they are because Emps isn't around to smack them upside the head when they get too retarded. Since Emps is around but so are the super Skitarii Iron Hands, a moderate net reduction in influence makes sense.
not him, but why does Super Skitarii Iron Hands kinda sound like a second rate superhero team/cartoon?
>"Oh no, it's the devious Heretek Dr. Zedd and his army of evil robots!"
>"Come on gang, let's win one for the good guys!"
>"Megathrusters, ready!"
>"Form the legs and volcano cannon, and I'll form the head!"
"Are you watching those Tau cartoons again?!"
File: 1477077981579.jpg (369 KB, 1700x1776)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
>pic is some space elf OC and Lofn, grown up

Good to know Lofn has inherited her mothers good sized breasts.
What's going on with Savlar?
>written fifteen thousand characters worth of posts about Krieg.

>Still not done.

This needs a rewrite before I write a novel. This is going to be a while, maybe Saturday before I finish.
What details are agreed on concerning Isha and her rescue?
File: Spoiler Image (89 KB, 250x298)
89 KB
>Good to know Lofn, a pre-teen has big boobs
What are you implying?
File: 1331793270972.png (133 KB, 296x333)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Bumping because the lack of replies in this is... Disturbing.
kek'd far harder than I should've
Calm your tits.

He said will grow up to have.
File: FO4charismabobblehead.png (102 KB, 567x539)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Yeah that is the /tg/ fanon rule for Lofn right? She has super borderline-reality-bending pacification powers that can turn extremely aggressive beings ranging from an angry heavily armed soldier in power armor, to an evil demon of death.

To which she'll render the two into completely docile and almost harmless kittens.

And I support that idea: As Lofn grows older, her charisma just keeps getting more stronger and powerful. And I'd bet even if she's still a cute half breed child, she'd already be capable of winning the Hearts and Minds of an entire nation too.

>mfw LCB is also a thing in this Nobledark 40K
LCB is always a thing in 40k, even in AUs that completely write the Eldar out of the picture. It just exists.
It stops working when she gets out of range. Also it doesn't work on big enough groups who are intent enough on fucking shit up.
File: half-eldar1.jpg (584 KB, 1070x1258)
584 KB
584 KB JPG

We have LCB and Lofn incorporated into this.

Now the ultimate test.

Can pic related be possible?

Keep in mind that most of the Space Marines are in some way still integrated into the Imperial Army so he doesn't necessarily have to be an Astartes to work with the marines.

Also is Soul Binding still a thing?
I dunno, I think having too many hybrids running around cheapens the current fluff we have for the Starchild, who is supposed to be the "impossible" result of the union between Emps and Isha.
Good point.

Maybe he is a human that was raided on Colchis with it's weird hybrid eldar/human culture rather than being a literal half-breed.
Maybe a human adopted by Eldar? Or is one of his "Parents" human?
>that other space elf OC
I understand that pic is actually a commission featuring Lofn and an OC. But with that pic, what do you think that Eldar guy's suppose to be? While it's easy to assume Lofn in that pic is as someone suggested; a Warlock Ambassador.
File: accept.png (492 KB, 692x577)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
>this thread
File: lamenters.jpg (632 KB, 798x1074)
632 KB
632 KB JPG

There's some fresh writefaggotry in the pipeline, hang in there.
Craftworld Iyanden navy officer maybe.

Do Lamenters still have the worst luck? What has happened to them?
Given his uniform, could be a bodyguard for the ambassador, or maybe he was seconded to the Mordian Iron Guard?
File: Spoiler Image (250 KB, 800x1000)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
I believe that the first anon to suggest this also used this picture.

As her avatar Isha made alterations to Macha's body to illustrate her blessed status.

And as another anon pointed out it's somewhat unfortunate for Macha that the lesser priestesses of her order care capable of getting pregnant from anything more than a friendly smile where as she desperately wants a child but the Emperor is some sort of artificial human and therefore sterile or at least incompatible with her.

She awaits the fulfilment of the Starchild Prophesy.
File: Colonel.png (4 KB, 475x575)
4 KB
Would it be possible that during the days of the Human-Eldar alliance growing and developing, there'd likely be some Ultra nationalist-type of of organization that's either of Earth Humans or some extreme-xenophobic eldar that are completely against the idea of humanity and space elves being friends.

Said ultranatinalistic-type and xenophobic guys ofcourse go as far as to plot assassinations, suicide attacks and sabotage humanity and eldar from ever being pals. Members are composed of civillian, political, and military who as I said, do not like the idea of mankind and space elf kind working together.

But this setting being NOT Grimdank and is Nobledark, people of both races have common sense and simply oppose the ideas of these xenophobes and separatists. And eventually this group that is against humanity and eldar being friends evetually get curbed by the law and authorities, punished for their crimes and have been dissolved ever since.

And I might even suggested that one bold and brazen act of terrorism they tried to do was assassinate Madam Jubblowski, saying she's an abomination and what not and that she's an over glorified whore and slut. Or even an attempt to kill Lofn too when she'd be up for a public speech to promote peace and friendship.
Lofn hasn't been born yet although an attempt of Colonel-Farseer Taldeer's life would make sense from both sides of the xenophobia camp. The humans hating her because she is a xeno infiltrating the glorious Imperial Army and the child she carries is an abomination.

Although I can imagine that the perpetrators and planners of such an attack would not live long once their identities were revealed. Doubtful that they would even be brought to court. All would be found dead with a bullet hole between the eyes. Further investigation revealing it was fired from an Exitus Rifle. There was no more investigation after this was discovered.

Jubblowski's assassination attempt was officially sanctioned by craftworld Dorhai. Dorhai in the main time line believe themselves to be the only elder not corrupted in some way by The Fall.

This time around they believe this but also that they are the only Pure Eldar not made into the Imperium's bitch. They are the last craftworld to not be even marginally part of the Imperium.

They saw Jubblowski as a human whore of their "nobility" who had stolen the blessing of their goddess and so needed to die for blasphemy
>the whole evesor temple comes for them
>"hands off our daughteru!"
I figured it'd make sense that there are both human and eldar that are completely against the idea of mankind the eldar-kind being together due to xenophobic and purist reasons and ideologies, this being nobledark where there are still bad things but there's hope for good and better things.

Again, the Xenophobic Separatist Rebels and Terrorists range from civilian militias, military personnel and some political officials who pretend to advocate the human-eldar alliance but secretly support the xenophobe separatist rebels with secret funding and discreet information exchange.

For the human version of these xenophobic separatist rebels, the most obvious and very oftenly seen are the civilian militia men who secretly receive weapons, ammo and explosives from the members who're of the imperial military. And as mentioned, secret political members support both types of members with funding and some political advantages too. (Maybe lesser jail time and punishment for the members who got caught)

Same goes for the eldar: Eldar Officials pretending to work and advocate for the human-eldar alliance, but secretly provide funding and information for the more front line and out-in-the-open operatives.

The terrorists' operations range from assassinations of political members or anyone who advocates and supports the human-eldar alliance, bombings, destruction and desecration of relevant structures and symbolic monuments. ("FUCKING XENO LOVING HERETICS!!!" ~Or in the case for eldar who're like that; "MON-KEIGH FUCKING RACE TRAITORS, REEEEE!!!")

And even just plain lynchmobs or attacking any civilian who supports the alliance, or even risking their lives by attacking and assaulting human-eldar couples and attempting to get away before caught. (Such as attacking and destroying a human-eldar couple's wedding day)

As for that assassination attempts on people such as Madam Jubblowski and Lofn, lets just say:

~Imagine Lofn; already born and still a young child (ten to thirteen at that time) is brought along by her mommy Taldeer and daddy LIVVI because she was gonna give a speech promoting harmony and peace between man and space elf. There are xenophobe rebel members who're in the crowd who wait for the right time to go guns blazing, but as stated before; Lofn has some freaky passive mind bending powers that pacify almost any hostilities. So those terrorists among the crowd keep getting hesitant until they start getting guilt ridden about killing a cutie-adorable hybrid child while the rest of the regular crowd are already quietly shedding tears from such an extremely heart warming and symbolic speech of promoting harmony.

(Also wana add that I imagine Lofn would be a public figure endorsed by the imperium for such symbolic reasons)

Finally the terrorists who were planning to assassinate Lofn and take a couple of lives with them burst out of the crowd, drop what ever concealed weapons and raise arms and surrender themselves to the authorities just as Lofn finished her speech. One can imagine Taldeer and or LIVVI personally dealing with those apprehended suspects once their brought to jail for further questioning

As for the attempts on Madam Jubblowski, yeah I'd agree the eldar who're also xenophobic rebels against the alliance wold view her that way. But I'd also imagine the humans who're xenophobic rebels would see her as a race traitor who corrupted herself with 'spoopy-space-elf-magic' and is a whore who sucked dicks and shagged carpets of those 'knife-eared bastards.'

I'd also welcome and or love to see anyone making some writefaggotry out of this too. Thanks in advance aswell.
Good to know Papa Wolf LIVVI would never let such mean people lay a finger on Lofn.
File: 1477381468130.png (275 KB, 825x706)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
I really like this artstyle, dude does a great job of emphasizing the blockyness.
I'm imagining Colchis gets flack from both extremist camps.

I also imagine that they give 0 shits.
>"Are you watching those Tau cartoons again?!"

No Primarch, they're not cartoons they are called Ani'me and they are deep and very philosophical!
Primarch Ouija game during Warp transit when the Gellar Fields fail...
File: 1424811941561.png (95 KB, 350x272)
95 KB
What exactly is going on in here? It looks like 40k writefaggotry, is it like ANY 40k writefaggotry?
Yes, to an extent.

Is there any moar pics of Macha as avatar of Isha? For research.
Writefaggotry in a 40k AU (because we didn't have enough of all those already) based around two core changes:

>Emps isn't a shit (doesn't go Full Fedora on religion, is okay with Xenos for mostly pragmatic reasons, doesn't keep the concept of the Warp being a thing to himself).
>Primarchs are merely famous warriors, generals, etc who were good enough to be elevated to that status by Emps. All have since died, but legions still carry out without them.

A bunch of stuff then got built off that premise, such as:
>Emps was a Man of Gold(?) who united Terra (as the Warlord), then created the Golden Throne for the future Emperor of Mankind (as the Steward) and eventually accepting it after Vandire fucks up.
>Primarchs are all awesome now, in some way, but still salty at each other because reasons.
>Horus Humbug doesn't happen for above reasons, so CSMs only exist in tiny numbers; no second founding, and Codex exists only as a field manual.
>Crone World Eldar are now the Chaos BBEG here and still have all the keikaku dickery of their Craftworld counterparts.
>War of the Beast was the "Imperium Gets McFucked" thing that replaced the Heresy, with half the galaxy's orks being mobilised and being helped by both Croneldar and DEldar to murderise everything.
>Retreat back to Terra, Ollie Pius is still a thing (somewhere, somehow, since Editfag still needs to write that), Sangy still dies.
>Croneworlders are relatively okay with IoM (to varying degrees; anywhere from "Eh, just keep them at arm's length" to "Well yeah it's just a new Eldar Empire with some mon'keigh helping us).
>IoM + Eldar go to the Eye of Terror on a panty raid to rescue Isha, because reasons.
>Things beyond there aren't really fleshed out, except that the Tau eventually fold into the IoM (after much protest) except for Farsight, and the full 'nid fleet has finally made landfall (spacefall? galaxyfall?)

Oh yeah, LCB and Lofn are still things that exist somehow.
IIRC the actual original premise was the idea of a Last Alliance of Men and Eldar and how that would play out. Emps rescuing and marrying Isha was how the alliance was formed and replaced the canon Primarch-soul-double-cross for why Chaos is pissed at the Imperium, and also led to the Primarchs just being normal (though exceptional) dudes since they don't magical chaos souls.

Everything else has gone from there, including much writefagging and waifufagging.
you mean to tell me you wrote an AU in which Macha actually DID marry the big E?
Emperor is married to Isha, not Macha.

Macha is Isha's High Priestess and avatar in the mortal galaxy.

As her high priestess she is obligated to perform such duties as Isha can't in person due to the nature of reality. Performing rituals, teaching disciples and consummating the political marriage to unite humanity and eldar.

As Isha's representative in the mortal world Macha sees it as her legal duty and religious obligation to perform the earthly duties of sexual intercourse with the Emperor. A duty she puts great joy and enthusiasm into to the point where she does now have somewhat of a reputation among the other eldar who wonder how the Emperor even survives.
so it sounds like there would never be an eclesiarchy sp? thus no decree passive thus no SoB?
There are institutions that fill the gap.

Due to the Emperor not going Full Fedora Lord there are many different religions and religious groups in the Imperium both human and eldar and places where that gets a bit blurry.

The Warlord/Steward/Emperor's 3 rules of religion in the Imperium are;
1. No Chaos
2. No militarized religious institutions
3. No worshiping me

The Word Bearers and Imperial Heralds are still very much on the side of the Imperium and very active.

Although no religious institution is allowed soldiers there is nothing from stopping soldiers being part of a religious institution so long as they follow orders.

No Codex Astartes means no division between Astartes and Baseline humans.

There are highly religious humans, men and women both, sometimes in power armour fighting in the Imperial Army. They might have some religious designation or another but so long as they do their job the Imperium doesn't care.

Emperor never demanded a split between Church and States so much as a division between Church and Military. Planet can be run by a theocracy so long as it pays it's tithe and no Chaos the Imperium doesn't care.

There is a High Lord of The Faithful. His job is to monitor and regulate religious practices in the Imperium to ensure that no violations of the Emperor's 3 laws are taking place.
>No Codex Astartes means no division between Astartes and Baseline humans.

Wha? They'll still be brain eating, pseudo-immortal, asexual, sentient rapemachines. Sillyman's Codex was just about doctrinal stuff. I am confus.

2: If the Emperor was a Reasonable marine shouldn't the setting fall apart as the Imperium Ullanored everything in its path; Pax Imperiana?

3: Does the mechanicum still think that technology runs on magic and that if a device doesn't work its because you must not have used enough incense or said the incantations properly?

4. are there still dreadnights in this non-grimdark world?

5. I can't imagine angron not going bad reguardless of what anyone else was doing, at least if his personality bears any resemblance to the cannon primarch.

6: OMG does this mean that Garviel motherfucking Loken gets to live?
File: 1477174896204.jpg (105 KB, 866x922)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
1. I should elaborate. The Space Marines are still integrated into the Imperial Army as super elite soldiers rather than secluded in their own club houses. There are Space Marine generals who command a hundred thousand soldiers, human and marine. Just as there are human generals that command space marines

2. The galaxy became a more inhospitable place to counter the less shit Imperium.

3. Mechanicus high ups, just like in the regular 40k, know the theory behind most of the stuff they use. They just hide it behind ritual and ceremony to make sure the lower orders don't find out. Also deamons hate rituals and ceremonies to other gods and that makes shit mildly deamon resistant. Also Mutilator fluff would indicate that complex mechanisms or old relics do have some imprint on the Warp. And some of the really high tech stuff does have some measure of A.I. even if it is about as smart as a dog at best.

4. Dreadnoughts(?) are still a thing. Dreadknights(?) presumably still are also?

5. Angron was a first gen Thunder Warrior who grew up as an arena slave in the Nord Aftik lands. He and his brother and sister slaves were freed by The Warlord. The transformation to flawed super soldier didn't do much for his well being physical or mental. Survived War of the Beast died in bed from organ failure. A happy life was never an option for him but he was loyal to the very end, even if he was half nuts.

6. Probably he survived for a time unless he got krumped in the War of the Beast. By 999M41 of Unification/Great Crusade humanity only Bjorn and Emps survive.
In regards to #1, Space Marines should still have a degree of autonomy though. While they may be more integrated than in canon, the fact that they are some of the few humans allowed to use the Webway means they're not gonna stick around with particular army groups, they're gonna be zipping around the galaxy dealing with whatever threats pop up.
Angron dying of old age in his bed is meh.
I'd imagined it more in the lines of:
>old ass, body failing
>barely able to walk anymore
>big battle soon, very bad odds
>"Kharn? "
>"yes, primarch?"
>"bring me axe and armor. This may be our last battle and ill be damned not to fight it with my little brothers. No slow death for Angron of the World Eaters. Let me spill blood on the red sand one last time"
>he leads his legion one last time, fights better than ever and is later found dead on a mountain of slain enemies a smile on his face
File: Don_9a98ee_864507.jpg (33 KB, 500x375)
33 KB
Okay, so Eldrad and the Steward(at this point?) team up and crash the Eye of Terror.
Is it a secret raid or a loud and hard Campaign? Is quiet even a possibility here?

They storm Nurgle's Garden, and free Isha from her cage. What next?
I'm not very boned up on the nature of Eldar gods, so do they break her out and that's it, she's free? Or do they still have to get her out of the Garden at least, and then to where? Can't be Realspace, right?

Then the success of their mission is announced, the Eldar partnership with the Imperium is official, and the idea for the Marriage comes from where?
Does Isha possess Macha and speak though her to Big E, or do diviners or something all get the same dream or spiritual text message?
How does her intended react to the proposal?
Or is it his idea?
Who's the Best Man? Are what's left of the Primarchs able to attend? What lewd jokes does Russ make?
Who officiates? Lorgar?
I have no idea, since we haven't gone over this.
But I am [INTENSE MATHS)% sure that Russ spends the entire time joking about tying the knot.
(inb4 The Hanged, shit memes are shit)
The Chaos gods can sense whatever happens in their realm, so the Imperials would have to do a fast smash and grab then GTFO before they get buried in infinite hordes of demons.

Proposed details touched on in Sangy fluff:

Steward leads the raiding party, Eldrad and his seers stay in real space to hold the portal open.

Primarchs in the party are Sanguinius, Leman Russ, Angron, Lion El’Jonson, Jaghatai Khan, and Corvus Corax. Other humans include Custodes (if formed at this point, not sure), veteran Astartes, maybe Assassins.

On the Eldar side, Phoenix Lords Asurmen, Baharoth, Drastanta, Karandras, and Jain Zar, plus Exarchs and Harlequins.

What do people think?
Don't forget Byorn "Absolutely No References To Fell-Hands" The Fell-Handed
Maybe Magnus could be helping the Eldar?

Speaking of whom, how did the Council of Nikea go?
Bjorn "Don't call me Bjorn "The Fell-Handed"" the Fell-Handed

Since Emps is no longer stupid paranoid about psykers, I took some creative liberty in the Sangy bio and refluffed it so that the Council of Nikaea is where Eldrad and Stewie proposed the idea of the alliance, and the Primarchs all debated and argued over it.
I think that Gorillaman would be supportive of it. since his boys will run into the Tau later.
Magnus would too, but more for what he could learn from the Eldar than anything else.
Maybe Fulgrim would oppose it.
Wait, what's the Bjorn joke here? Or am I just retarded?
File: 1298698436997.png (265 KB, 1870x959)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Probably this?
>the face of two proud parents of a beautiful half-eldar-half-human child who has amazing mind bending powers who will also grow up to be a great peace advocating ambassador
Why the hell does LIVVI in that pic looks like Markiplier? I may have said this numerous times but seriously, LIVVI looks like Markiplier in that pic.
Alternate universe Markiplier?
File: Ronahn.jpg (12 KB, 199x221)
12 KB
>I still can't believe me sister's married to some mon-kiegh grunt who literally plays childish '"videogames" while screaming infront of a camera in his spare time
>I know the mon-kiegh and my people are allies now, but of all people my sister falls in love with, its some lowly-nobody-grunt who plays stupid games with others while yelling like a beast
>also my sister's mon-kiegh lover has some made up friend he calls "Metal Box Tim"
>oh great, Livvi- oops, i mean "Markimoo's" vapid friends are visiting the house again, here they come

>"How's it going bros, MAH NAME'S PEEEWWWDIPIE!"
>"Top of the mornin' to ya lads! My name's Jacksepticeye!!!
>LIVVI: "You're just in time guys for our "I LOVE SPACE!" music video

>mfw this is the person my sister's married to
>considering in volunteering to take niece Lofn out on the weekends away from there so called letsplays
Shitty youtube personalities aside, anyone have any ideas for the 2 lost legions and primarchs that are wiped out during the WotB?
None yet.

Keep in mind that they have to be from either Earth or at least Sol.

A shaman + hunter legion from Sibar might be nice.

Or maybe a fast attack legion from the liberated Gyptous.
File: 1464753143049.jpg (331 KB, 796x832)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Do we have anything on the silencing elves yet.
Wild Hunt

Wtf autocorrect?
File: 1283714808043.jpg (91 KB, 550x909)
91 KB
Bumping in the hopes of Sangyfag turning up.
I'm around, just didn't do a lot of writing this weekend due to Halloween shenanigans. Expect the last bit of Sangy (finally!) early in the week.
Wild Hunt? Not sure what you're referring to unless we're suddenly talking about Germanic folklore or the Witcher.
Earlier on there were wild Celtic looking eldar that turn up at the Fang and wake Bjorn up.

They dressed in animal skins and paint.

Hofgoði Ulfrik the Slayer despises them because they wake Bjorn up, whip the youngsters into a frenzy, brawl with everyone, drink all the best ale and disappear with Bjorn and the youngsters on another adventure.

Also Ulfrik is prejudice against eldar.

They are disciplines of the eldar Hunter God. Their god is dead, there aren't many of them left and they are a dying breed.
I remember those guys.

They, or a party of them, were lead by an ancient Harlequin(?) Wraithguard.

Bjorn was besides the Emperor the last man standing of the humans that raided Nurgles Mansion. The Wraithguard was the last elder outside the Infinity Circuit who took part in that raid. Between them they had seen some seriously fucked up shit.

Bjorn was also probably the last surviving citizen of the old nation of Skand. Possibly one of the few people who even remember that that proud nation even existed.

Every 50 or 70 years the hunters turn up and fuck shit up in the Fang and the old Wraithguard stomps down to the shrine where Bjorn sleeps and raps on his shell until he wakes up and speaks in a thunderous voice the ancient High-Tongue incantation to awaken the ancient form his near death slumber

>You know what time it is?

And the response is always given in ancient Nordyc


And then Bjorn gets smashed out of whats left of his mind on Fenrissian Ale, tries to dance to shitty elder rock music and then the whole merry lot of them charge out of the fang taking half the fresh bloods with them and vanish into a webway portal presumably opened by the Hunt Master.

The webway hole usually opens in the same place out in the snow covered fir and pine forests. Lost to history is the knowledge that it is also the place where Russ' tracks disappeared on that fateful night when the old king never came home.
Ah gotcha. Didn't one of the writefags mention he was writing up something on the Saim-Hann Eldar?
I remember that also. We are still waiting on it.
Reee work killing me. I'm working on it.
I wasn't intending to sound pushy. We are all grateful for anything at any time.
Bumping with hope.
Bibbity Bobbity Bump
File: 1240762281195.jpg (1.21 MB, 1200x1500)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Are the manifestations of the Living Saints actually the mortal descendants of Sanguinius in this AU?
Sangy is too pure for such lewdness!

Considering that the canon Imperial faith is gone, we haven't really determined what goes into sainthood. After all, we've agreed Yriel becomes a saint for saving Iyanden and he's definitely not the most virtuous person
File: 1464200892929.png (237 KB, 566x800)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
It was mentioned that there are thousands of religions and sects in the Imperium. In some Jublowski is a prophet and in some she is a whore. In many she is both.

Prince Yriel is considered a Saint by at least the Tanith, but he does not care.
Slave makes sense for Corax, leading a slave revolt would explain his sneaky-beaky sabotage tactics

A hunter legion might be cool, especially since there's a space Native Americans hole where the Dark Angels used to be.

Also, is there anything in canon for a knightly heavy cavalry chapter? Like they ride around on bikes like the Scars, but instead of hit and run and gotta go fast, I'm thinking massive cavalry charges.
Razzum frazzum trick or treaters
Just gonna leave this here
So, necrons. What's their deal?
Woke up earlier.

They have carved out little kingdoms of their own. Currently Silent King has alliance of about 40% of them.

The remaining 60% are either still thinking about it, in full rebellion or too insane.

In some kingdoms there are mortal subjects. Their lives vary from idyllic to horrendous but all are subject to fickle whims of uncaring robots.

As of the Dark Millennium many of the smaller lords have opted to join the Imperium seemingly for desperation and spite.

The main bulk of the horde has just started to awaken. Shit is going to get rekt.
>Metal Box Tim
Anon you have no idea how much that made me kek.

Also I take it Ronan dislikes big youtube-let's-players and advocates for the more lesser known and obscure ones. And he'd run that type of youtube channel where he'd moan or "rant" about shit he hates.
Looking at that picture I have to ask.

Are there elder outcasts who are going Full Greater Good?

Someone gets politely shown the door from one of the stricter craftworlds for not Pathing hard enough decides that the Tau Caste System is just a less stringent version of The Path.

Should there be a craftworld with closer ties to the Tau rather than to Terra given that the Tau are members of the Imperium now?

Maybe an old eldar, disciple of Kurnous, starts teaching his faith to the Kroot who heartily approve of a god that likes hunting as much as they do.
File: 1471208845528.jpg (62 KB, 570x345)
62 KB
bump with image
I like the idea that some of the Primarchs did have families.

Russ I can't imagine not having at least one wife although it's possible that no official marriage took place. Not because he wouldn't be allowed to or even because he wouldn't get away with more than one wife but because he never got around to it.

Guilliman is already on record as having a wife and kids.

Vulkan should have a family of his own for his Legion and spiritual descendants to take as an example of.

Sangy needs to pass on his custom made genes.
How do they feel about the Bio-transference?

What is the relations between Silent King and Emperor like?
Hmm, I may be able to do something with Sangy having a family, let me brainstorm.
So prince's daughters?
Fucking autocorrect, swear to god I will end you one day.
>Emps was a Man of Gold(?)
Has there been any elaboration written on this? I vaguely remember a post about DAoT solar system spanning production devices that required warp based super AI men of steel to function, but it didn't seem to continue.
Revolutionary Catalonia in space when
File: 1462655849616.jpg (308 KB, 800x1200)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>wrightfaggatory from last thread with accompanying random pics.
Salvage log regarding unusual item 43

Item appears to be a quasi-biological construct in the basic appearance of man in mid to late twenties. Item is approximately 2.5 meters in height, broad across shoulder and pale skin. Attempts to determine ethnic group from visual analysis has failed. Subject is either from an hitherto in recorded group, an outlier of his group or of mixed ancestry. Nearest group to appearance seems to be the western Merika or Calbi tribals. Item appears to be alive and breathing although apparent internal temperature seems to be somewhat below that of a man in final stages of hypothermia. Attempts at awakening the item have so far been fruitless.

First-mate Varda suggested electro shock to awaken. No result beyond blown fuses.

Varda also suggested the use of drugs injected into subjects blood stream. Further attempts discouraged to preserve needle stocks.

Attempts to monitor brainwaves have given confusing results. Casual psychic surface scans indicate that the mind of the individual is that of a potent psyker but seem to be completely empty. Disinclined to probe deeper until nature of Item is further determined.
File: fuck-yes_o_356018.jpg (104 KB, 640x492)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Day 12 of return voyage.

Item 43 appears to have regained/gained consciousness.

Janitor Ujarak discovered Item standing upright next to it's shelf and came immediately to myself report development.

Item's eyes have been revealed to be an almost metallic golden in colour and follow sources of movement in it's immediate environment. No other sources of activity are evident.

Thermal scans still reveal unnaturally low internal temperature.

Item made no resistance to having the brain-scan cap put back on. No change in apparent brain activity. Psychic scans suggest an very minor increase in activity. In a normal individual the change would be all but unnoticeable due to background chatter.

Item appears to be growing a faint covering of dark hair on scalp and jaw consistent with a human male of assumed age. Attempts to remove a sample have been successful. Analysis of hair fragment shows it to be some sort of very dense composite-polymer similar to the sort used in the manufacture of low grade flack armour.

Further attempts to elicit any additional response have proven unsuccessful. Item moved to secure holding cell as a precaution.

Janitor Ujarak has named the Item Oscar after an uncle of his. I have approved the designation.
File: 1399588818425.jpg (151 KB, 1024x768)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Day 28 of return voyage

Oscar has escaped from his cell by applying unreasonable force to the door. Was found in storage hold 12 staring at the container we found him in.

After 5 hours of no additional activity he returned to his cell without prompting.

Day 30 of voyage home

Oscar wandered into the mess hall this morning and ate a synth-meat pate bun. Brief flare in internal temperature was recorded by off duty tech-adept team.

Casual psychic observation is showing considerable increase in activity but still well beneath that of even a child.

Attempts to restrain or move Oscar when Oscar does not wish to move have been ineffectual. Oscar sat motionless for five hours in mess hall. Diners found the experience "creepy".

An overall work suit has been fabricated in Oscars size.

Day 33 of return voyage.

Warp turbulence flared up this evening. Navigator attempted to drop us back into real space but to no avail. Anti-boarding teams were put on alert.

The turbulence ceased abruptly in the area surrounding the ship. Filtered external footage shows Oscar standing on the prow of the ship without a void suit glaring at the warp.

Method of survival is as yet unknown. Oscar did not return to the interior of the ship until cessation of disturbance some 39 hours later with seemingly no ill effects due to exposure to the vacuum of open space or total exposure to the Warp.

Oscar was placed in a decontamination booth. Oscar pushed open the door of the decontamination booth and returned his cell.

Return voyage day 36.

Oscar was found in mess hall again today having consumed a standard portion of cooked vegetable strips. Oscar then closed his eyes for almost half an hour. This is possibly the only time he has "slept" since first being awakened.

Upon awakening he approached my office and spoke for the first time asking "What am I to do?"

Oscar has been tasked with categorizing and ordering the items salvaged Cthonian artefacts.
File: pale blue dot.png (526 KB, 453x614)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Return voyage day 37

Members of the crew with knowledge of ancient history have put forth the suggestion that this "Oscar" is a Man of Gold albeit an unfinished one.

I am now faced with somewhat of a dilemma. The return of this creature to the territory of Clan Terrawatt could be disastrous for all nations of Earth. From what fragments we know of history a Man of Gold, should he have a mind to be, would be a disaster of similar magnitude to that of another super-volcanic eruption and it is doubtful that the people of Earth would survive such again.

After due consideration I have decided not to detonate the reactor.

This decision will either be remembered as Malcador's Triumph or briefly Malcador's Folly. May the Ancestors guide us.
File: 1441905186979.png (936 KB, 1600x1000)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
Shit. I fucked up. There should be

Day 20 of return voyage.

Oscar has shown a marked increase in activity. Monitoring equipment shows him measuring the dimensions of his cell and trying to manipulate the door handle. Handle shows signs of having been bent slightly indicating Oscar has strength far superior to that of a baseline human.

When observation and testing teams entre cell Oscar stands immobile and merely observes visitors. Thermal, brain and psychic scanning still reveal no significant change in activity.

As of yet Oscar has not indicated any need or desire to eat, drink or sleep although basic sustenance and bedding has been provided.

As of yet no conclusive idea of what our ancient Cthonian cousins reason for creating this construct were.

Senior members of the salvage teams are convinced that Oscar is an unfinished product and Item 42 that was found in close proximity to Item 43 was a psy-graft machine that would have been used to provide Oscar with programing and purpose. Currently Oscar is a blank slate and we have no real chalk for him.

just a bit
That's...actually really fucking cool.
I just love that the Big E's name is Oscar. I also petition for Eldrad to call him Stewie affectionately when he wants to get on his nerves.
File: HOLY CRAP.png (47 KB, 200x200)
47 KB

I vote for this also. It just seems so very right. Two immortals locked in an epic quest for the survival of their peoples, and they have far more in common with each other at this point than with the people they serve.
File: heresy train.jpg (318 KB, 1019x720)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Bumping with Thomas the fucked up deamon engine.
File: Saim-hann-icon.jpg (16 KB, 135x190)
16 KB
Eldar are typically regarded as snooty, straight-laced, and prim sorts. The archetypal interaction between eldar and human (At least in the minds of humans that have never met eldar) is the idea of the naive if psychically potent craftworlder meeting the rough and tumble world wise human. Hijinks ensue, misunderstandings are overcome, and the human learns to appreciate the finer things, and the eldar learns to relax and stop being so stuck up.

Any particularly enamored of this popular myth are due for a terrible shock if they ever meet the eldar of Saim-Hann. Wild, aggressive, and barely civilized, the only commonality with the popular conception of eldar is arrogance, but it is not the quiet kind of arrogance that looks down its nose at you for choosing the wrong fork at a dinner table. It's the arrogance typical of the elite that have earned their position by risking death and coming away (Mostly) unscathed. Saim-Hann seem to have a contempt for death that unsettles their peers among the craftworld eldar. Every generation since the rescue of Isha burns with jealousy at their honored forebears that had the chance to raid Nurgle's Garden, and wish for a chance to prove their worth with glorious deeds.

Saim-Hann eldar don't particularly respect humans- then again, they don't particularly respect anyone. In a way that is almost egalitarian, they do their best to insult everyone- if you can withstand the constant barrage of verbal abuse, you will find that they are, mostly, well meaning if the situation calls for it. Getting mocked mercilessly as you bleed out by the Saim-Hann warrior attempting to rescue you is an experience that few forget. And they don't spare their own kind. A Saim-Hann warrior that wrecks his jetbike from a dangerous turn can look forward to years, perhaps decades of torment from his fellows.

Perhaps this, more than the sense of adventure, explains why there are so many Saim-Hann that forsake their craftworld to join the ranks of the outcast.
But, for those respected by the Saim-Hann, there are few better friends. Though most famously expressed by their aggressive kinship with Leman Russ's get, there are many such examples of Saim-Hann friendships forged in the heat of battle or competition. That is one of the few begrudging virtues craftworld eldar can grant the Saim-Hann, they are not sore losers. As long as the competition is fair (Or rarely, if the cheating was particularly novel or brazen) Saim-Hann shall celebrate winners.

Which explains their love of racing. Though other craftworlds lost their traditions of racing from the Fall of the Eldar in light of the scourge of Slaanesh, Saim-Hann in their typical contempt of death embraced it and kept the traditions alive. From foot races through the deserted and dangerous lost webway cities to roaring races on jetbikes across the whole of the craftworld with no concessions for traffic, even to their own star vessels between battles seeking to round a system on a single solar wind, the Saim-Hann have made an art of the race. The only thing better for Saim-Hann warriors than victory in the race is victory in battle, and they are short of neither.

And yet, there is one competition that young Saim-Hann might dream of more than battle. The infrequent Saim-Hann tradition of "the Iron Storm." An inadequate and literal translation from the Eldar language into primitive Gothic. The Administratum, forced to keep track of it to properly record the damages and fatalities, have classified it under the relatively benign name of "The Saim-Hann Transgalactic Webway Race." Survivors call it "the Suicide Ride". Saim-Hann call it a good time.
The details are sketchy- the last time an "Iron Storm" race was invoked was three hundred years ago, and each race is far from uniform, however there is a rough idea of how it is supposed to go. Rumor has it, when the auspices are right and a hero must be chosen (Or, the more cynical theorize, when Saim-Hann scrapes together enough bribes to make the famously fickle and jaded followers of the Laughing God cooperate) the Harlequins shall send invitations to the most worthy and most daring to engage in a race. All participants must provide their own vehicle, but the definition of "Vehicle" is open for the individual participant's determination. At one point, history recorded, a particularly flamboyant eldar corsair brought a voidstalker battleship to the race- he fared poorly at the terrestrial checkpoints, but he got points for style. More than that though, this race is open to everyone. This includes other craftworlds, humans, space marines, tau, ork speed freeks, dark eldar kabalites, even rarely those tainted by chaos, and at one point there was confusion if the genestealer cult that had taken over an imperial light cruiser that drifted into the starting line counted as a participant but the situation resolved itself tidily with them self destructing.

Saim Hann runs the race with the assistance of the Harlequins, having it start at their personal webway portal "The Serpent's Mouth." Tragedy once marred their competition as an attack from Crone World eldar once took advantage of their relaxed state at the start of the race and caused horrid damage. Saim-Hann did not stop their practice, but now they arrange a formidable security net before gathering. Any that try to take advantage of the festivities to attack the Saim-Hann earn themselves a terrible enemy for the rest of their short lives.
A season long celebration opens the festivities as racers of appropriate caliber are gathered. Unlike other races held by Saim-Hann where invitations are hard to gain, this race is quite open. Half of the participants are chosen by Saim-Hann, and the other half are chosen by the Harlequins who make the entire thing possible. The only qualification is that the racers are skilled. This can lead to quite a collection of species. Orkish Speed Freeks, Dark Eldar Kabalites, Kroot maniacs, Demiurge engineers, increasingly uncomfortable humans, and rumor has it other, darker sorts can be found in the collection. For the time being, the racers find themselves in the middle of a celebration solely for their sake, rubbing shoulders and avoiding sabotage.

As this occurs, troupes of harlequins roam the webway placing observers and checkpoints inside the webway and outside. They pray to Cegorach, invoke the Cosmic Serpent, and on occasion duck bullets as inevitably the guidance of the gods lead them to set the route through some of the most dangerous places in the galaxy. Warzones, the event horizons of black holes, through a tyranid swarm fleet, scraping along the Eye of Terror. It is designed to be a remarkably lethal affair. Oftentimes through the history of Saim-Hann, there are no winners, as every competitor has lost their life.

For some, the race is a chance at prestige, the ultimate test to have one's name in a select list of immortal names that shall ring through history. However, most that accept the invitation do so with the promise of the prize- almost always unique, and priceless beyond mortal comprehension. The previous race was rumored to have as a prize a day within the famed and mysterious Black Library of the Eldar, claimed by Ahriman of the Thousand Sons- though he has not yet reemerged into the public eye, people are confident he's still alive. A day is a matter of debate when it comes to the webway and warp.
File: 1379849306083.jpg (768 KB, 1200x1124)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
I feel like some of the absurd outcomes of the alliance are far better than the transition from grimdark to nobledark. Like, we've swapped le ebin edge grumdork for "increasingly uncomfortable humans".

And I love it.

And of course it's fucking Ahriman who gets into the BL.The thing's fucking rigged, I swear.
Ditto what these guys said, this was awesome. I quite like your writing style too, it's clean and reminds me of a really good history lecture.
File: 1437362047411.gif (1.68 MB, 347x309)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
>wraithlord not in a bikini

Missed opportunities are the worst
File: absolutely heretical.jpg (219 KB, 720x540)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>wraithlord over Leman Russ-chan
File: leylinewarcal.jpg (142 KB, 850x485)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I don't really know what it depicts, but I feel like pic related belongs in the setting
Appears to be a world wide rave, hosed by the Ultramarines.
>the concept of fun
>pick one
Maybe in this AU they're aware of the concept of fun?
Didn't someone at the previous suggest that the author of the Love Can Bloom story in this nobledark AU is LIVVI himself?

LIVVI himself secretly wrote that romance novel so that he can earn those royalty fees and compensation and use that acquired cash to help enroll Lofn to any prestigious academy in Earth?
First thing that came to mind when reading this was pic related.
I figured something a bit silly (And perhaps too inspired by Red Line) would be a good bit before digging into Krieg which will dip back into grimdark.
File: 1473003894392.jpg (214 KB, 566x550)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I remembered someone making a funny suggestion if humanity and eldar are capable of producing kids.

humanity's jizz is nothing compared to eldar jizz since they can live much longer, meaning humanity cannot out-fuck them.
File: 1469511766359.jpg (84 KB, 769x439)
84 KB
I think it was described thusly.

Eldar and humans tend to form exclusive sexual bondings.

If humans and eldar can produce viable hybrids then eventually the whole population will, if given enough time, mingle into hybrids bar old hold outs of purists.

Gradually over thousnads of years with no new blood coming into these holdouts and occasionally people or groups of people leaving they become homogenized and fragile and wither and die.

Human holdouts are way more susceptible to this than eldar ones because humans naturally live for 70 -90 years with a breeding age that stops at ~40.

Eldar live for thousands and are of breeding age for most of that.

The result is that the human hold outs die and the only "humans" left are varying degrees of hybrid.

The eldar holdouts hold out for way longer because each generation is the history of Rome from early republic to fall of Byzantium. And in all that time they are producing pure eldar and trickling pure eldar blood into the hybrid gene-pool.

Eventually the pure eldar holdouts will follow the pure human ones but it will take tens of thousands of years, possibly hundreds. By that time the trickling of pure eldar blood will have made the hybrid pool distinctly more eldar than human and humanity will have faded away. We just can't out fuck the eldar.

This idea is only a theoretical in the Nobledark of the far future should one outcome of the Starchild Prophecy come into effect.

As of 999M41 the only natural conception of a hybrid that didn't require Biologicus help is Taldeer being pregnant with Lofn. Many consider this being Isha doing a trial run.

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