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Return of the Writefags edition (hopefully)


Primarchs are now mostly(?) done, and it we got some stuff about the Battle of Terra bashed out too.

Faction relations are starting to be fleshed out too, and maybe even some light being shed on where (this version of) Emps himself comes from. And how kinky he gets with Isha.

Nids. How bad has it got, and how fucked are we? (Very)

SPEHSS EHLVS have had some fleshing out, but we've still only really got Taldeer vs Sreta vs The Galaxy (vs Eldrad?), and we need to bridge the gap between the former's politics and her screen time in Dark Crusade. Crone Worlders reeeeeeally need some work in the absence of CSMs as a major faction, too.

Still looking for heroes of the Imperium.

Still working on how faiths have evolved or disintegrated now that Emps is less of a massive fedora about it - particularly if Ol' Ollie Pius is ever going to get written.

In desperate need of a drawfag.
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Nother bump, dont want this to die too soon.
Huh, that half baked venetian spehss elf merchant prince idea of mine actually is sticking in. Neat. I thought it went over like a lead balloon. I had an idea for a Saim-Hann 'civilian' activity, so I'll write that up soon as I get a chance. I'll think some about the Crone Worlders too.
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In terms of faith it's a big galaxy.

The Caliphate has reemerged and declared a renewed Jihad against the Orks. But I really don't want to touch this as I'm not Muslim and will probably fuck up the fine detail.

The Papacy of the Katholin has been reestablished and crusade declared against the Tyranids, Orcs, Chaos, break away humans and Fallen Eldar both Dark and Chaos. I'm catholic I'll write what I want.

The Jews have rebuilt the old temple in the image of the one Solomon once had built but on a far grander scale. Seriously, they had to install a weather control system to stop thunderstorm forming in the main dome. They still wait for their messiah and will fight to hold out till he arrives.

The Chaos Eldar, accursed be their name, are almost definitely responsible for


Rather than it being an attempt to synthesize new Chaos Marines it is now a successful attempt to mass produce new chaos eldar. Because it is technically a process of birth they are bleeding strength and vitality out if Isha and by proxy it diminishes her true children in the craftworld.

For all that people mock Jublowski for being a poster girls and courtesan she is an important part in addressing the balance of what Isha was supposed to be. It's also possible that she is unwittingly acting as a surrogate for the High Priestess/Avatar Macha and Emperor given that they can't have children of their own until the coming of the Starchild, the impossible child, that shall be either salvation or ruination.

Also Bjorn demands adventure and is going on another one whether Ulfrik approves or not.
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please add it to the 1d4chan page.

Possibly start a new main subject under People of Interest in the Noble Darkness.

If you add her to the list I will collect the material on Jubbloski as a sub topic and add that unless there is objection.
Eh, I'm with the poster in the other thread who said that simply porting modern day religion to 40k is not terribly interesting or plausible. At the very least they should be drastically changed and many probably would have died out.
Needs abhumans.
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Low Gothic isn't English and High Gothic but I'm not willing to go Full Tolkien on those bitches whilst close enough analogues are available.
>Low Gothic isn't English and High Gothic but I'm not willing to go Full Tolkien on those bitches whilst close enough analogues are available.

I have no idea what you're saying.
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259 KB JPG
I'm not willing to invent whole new religions with thousands of years worth of history and cultural baggage for the sake of /tg/ when pre-existing analogues already exist. I don't have the time. Also I'm probably not smart enough to do it properly.
>Aww fuck it. I can skip lunch.

"This was our galaxy once. The Old Ones, the predecessors those that made us- left it in our care. It was ours to tend. Reward, for all that we had suffered in our war against the Yngir slaves. Entire generations, entire histories, entire cultures were lost in that dread war, but this, this was our reward. Freedom, and an unblemished canvas to write our fate upon it. We were stewards of life, the victors over death, and we were told not to waste it."

"And we didn't. We flourished, taking barren rock and tainted ground, and making fertile and green pearls of them. We made such works of art, such wonders of technology. We even made gods. For millenia, we worked, honed our art, and at every turn, brought life to this scarred galaxy. We had peace, as strange as that sounds today. It's a distant dream, isn't it? But you know it's there, that it's possible. You feel your spirit rise at the very thought. We had peace."

"But then we had the Fall. And it was all lost."

"Every eldar that is taught our history- even, the warped and half complete history of those led astray by the dark gods- is struck by that. Here, here is our people at their peak! We are surrounded by their works, the very galaxy owes its life to them in their power, but yet, we lose it all in a matter of years, reduced to this shadow of ourselves? How could this happen?"

"Arrogance, my child. Arrogance blinded them so far back. Arrogance of a few, that sought power at the cost of the many. Even, at the cost of their very gods. We were at the very cusp of ascension, when those, the fanatics, the usurpers, the primitives out of fear and envy destroyed the greatest work of those halcyon days."

"They tried to make a miscarriage of the birth of our greatest hope. The distillation of all of our gods in to one, purer being. Our Child Goddess, Slaanesh."
"The birth cries were terrible. What should have been a moment of joy and celebration would prove, with the treachery of the usurpers, traumatic. A great storm of pain tore the warp asunder, as eldar turned against eldar, brother against sister, mother against son, all for what? A handful of dirt balls the exodites call planets so you're free to freeze in mud and gnaw on roots. Flimsy scraps of wraithbone drifting the void called craftworlds, where you can have your fate decided before you are even born by the dead that rule. And that pathetic pantomime of glory in Comorragh, where they pretend at the past that's dead and gone. What glories have those rebels have earned? What proof of righteousness do they have in their miserable lives? They have turned their backs on Slaanesh, only to suffer under the lash and call it freedom."

"Thank the Many-Gods-in-One that they did not succeed in circumventing our child goddess's ascension, or we might all be trapped under their rule. Slaanesh is mighty, but her might is tempered with kindness. She waited patiently on the other side, in the dimension unbounded, waiting for the souls of her wayward children to be reunited with her. She did not snuff them out, though they truly deserved it. She did not hunt them down, though they wished her dead. She kept her arms wide open for them, ever welcoming their arrival."

"And then came the mon'keigh. And their insult."

"How gullible are those that lay outside? Short lived, murderous, stupid, and unworthy creatures come to them, and whisper poison in the ears of those already poisoned. They whisper of raiding like a band of thieves in the immaterium, of stealing and murdering. They speak of defiling the realm of the gods, and these that dirty the name eldar smile and nod, that ancestral sin of greed rising in them again."

"Those misguided heathens outside begged for the collar of the mon'keigh on their necks, in exchange for injuring a goddess that only loved them."
"Isha? Is that so? They speak of Isha, long gone, returned to guide our people unto a golden age? It is a lie. Look upon the histories- all the gods and goddesses save Cegorach agreed to combine, to set aside their individual identities to unite and make something better of themselves. Through those thousands of years since the fall, no one spoke of Isha, except in the past. Through these thousands of years, eldar hands were not up to the task of rescuing her? Preposterous."

"Now, now they claim that Isha, goddess of health, the harvest, and life bearing was kept captive in the hands of Nurgle? This betrays the work of the mon'keigh to misguide and mislead you. The lie is at the root- the mon'keigh would believe our goddess, pure and strong, could be captured and caged like an animal by that brute Nurgle? The story betrays their own intent! Like this false Isha, they would want us caged by them, used by them, made slaves by them. The story of her 'rescue' is a lie to convince the unwary that the eldar are weak, and it is only with the help of mon'keigh they can do anything. It makes me sick to the think children are being raised to believe this, and to think themselves less than mon'keigh. Trying to indoctrinate us into slavery."

"But they did attack a god that day- the mon'keigh and the false eldar. And they did perhaps even see Isha. Isha, as one part of the Many-Gods-in-One of Slaanesh. I was not there that day, but a comrade was, and he wept bitterly at the very memory of the sight. Slaanesh, in her radiance. In her glory. The innocent child god, looking curiously at these strangers that came to her. She smiled. Even among the black hearted and soul sick eldar infidels, some stopped and for a moment the truth came through. They fell to their knees and wept, tried to warn Slaanesh, tried to stop their fellows. They were slain by the mon'keigh, filled with bloodlust and eager to tear the flesh of the innocent."
"We counter attacked of course. Drove them back into the blighted materium, sending the cowards shrieking as soon as they faced something more than an innocent goddess. But the damage was done."

"Once it was, any eldar was guaranteed as soon as their soul left their body or the cruel soul traps devised by the craftworlders would be reunited with Slaanesh automatically. They would return to the child, and we'd be one step closer to divinity, and our heaven in the immaterium, when the eldar could claim the birthright of the old ones, and remake the unreality as we had remade the reality."

"But the evil ones broke that bridge. They severed one more strand of Slaanesh's goodness to your world. And now Slaanesh withers."

"The Child Goddess is no more. Innocence is no more. Denied the very love of her people, she withers and hungers. And she has learned from her mistake of trust. And we, in our sorrow, now must redeem our failing. The Crone Worlds must unite again, the masters of the warp must be awoken, and our goddess's due must be retaken. We can be patient no more as paradise itself is under threat. We can no longer wait for the misguided to realize their mistake, and come once again to the embrace of the Many-in-One. Our goddess hungers. And we shall feed that hunger. Just as we did so long ago against the slaves of the yngir, so must we do for the slaves of the mon'keigh."

"The War for Heaven calls. You shall serve- either in Her warhost, or as Her sacrifice. Either is better than your kind deserve."

-Unknown, Battle of Merr's Reach, speech given to prisoners.

Damn this is great. If the Chaos Eldar are worshipping Slaanesh, are they still as hedonistic and murderrapey as before the Fall?

Fuckan awesome.
I was a little torn on that actually. I don't want to step too far on the Dark Eldar's toes, so I imagined them instead as being a bit more esoteric in their obsessions and religious convictions. I imagined them as an elite force (Think Codex Assassins) supplementing the rest of Chaos. Looking like Greek marble statues come to life, achingly beautiful to look at with a literal halo of raw warp energy around their heads and fire burning from their eyes. At least, one faction of Crone Worlders are like this. I wanted to imagine some granularity and bickering to them, to explain why the Crone Worlders weren't out and kicking ass before. Let's call this bunch the Disciples.

Anyway, back to the hedonism- the way I'd like to think of it is that they're narcissists. A Comorroghite will torture you and imagine the canvas he makes of your flesh, and devour your pain greedily. A Disciple will only care about your misery as part of his or her grand story in service of Slaanesh- as an infidel to bring the light to, a foe that contrasts the Disciple's every virtue, or even for extremely solipsistic cases, a hallucination to dispel.

They get bored very easily however. Prisoners often will be left to starve to death in a room if the Disciple no longer derives amusement from the foe. Disciples don't have much of an attention span, and it's already split pretty heavily between him or herself and Slaanesh.

If they weren't a channel to an angry and hungry god suddenly denied its favorite eldar soul snacks, they'd be no trouble. As it is, they all have an echo of Slaanesh's frightful warp storm after birth- when in enraged, they'll cast down searing lightning with imperious points of the finger. If a retreat is called for, a strange numbing cloud suffused with Slaanesh's essence is summoned.

However enamored they may be of Slaanesh and their grand destiny, that same regard can't always be extended to those that also serve Chaos. The Starving Priests in particular...
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Keep it coming, anon.
Anyway, I gotta eat and go to class. When I come back, I'll try to tackle my Saim-Hann idea from earlier.
>Child Goddess

So, uh, as long as we're bringing back Jubblowski...How about Loli-D?
Someone has to tempt the anime fans.
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Looking forward to it.
Disproportionate number of Imperial Navy families are Void Born.

Tall, pale, big dark eyes and and a tendency to receding hairline. Also physically weak.

Many Nightsiders are in the Imperial Army. Downside is you can't have more than one male per regiment due to territorial instincts.
I use to write, many eons ago when the world was young
I'd like to give this setting a shot
Question though
I know Eldar and Humans are allied, but are there any rules on human/eldar hybrids?
Frowned upon? smiled upon? people are indifferent?
Welcome! Hybrids are not possible due to lack of genetic compatibility, which is why the Starchild in this AU is the prophesied "impossible" child of Emps and Isha who will save the Imperium.
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339 KB PNG
Are interspeise relationships at least allowed?
Yes, it would be a bit hypocritical for them not to be. Depending on world.

And hybrids are possible, it just requires a lot of lab work by the biologicus.
Give me a couple of days I might be able to think of something half way decent.
I vote for Lady Aurelia Malys being the nominal leader of the Chaos Eldar and Deamon-Queen of Chaos Undivided. The settings equivalent of Abaddon and equal and opposite to Vect to whom she may or may not be married.
Well wish you luck anon, wish you luck on that write-work.

Plus bump.
Traditionally the two main areas in which the Imperium has been attacked have been the Black Crusades of Chaos from the Eye of Terror and the Wars of Armageddon.

There have been 13 Black Crusades so far, the fighting usually being contained to the Cadian Gate and surrounding space. The attempt by the forces of Chaos is to storm their way to Old Earth burning everything in their path, smashing the Astronomican, sacrificing the High Priestess of Isha so that Isha can be consumed by Slaanesh and killing the Emperor for the raid on Nurgle's Mansion. Humanity and allies would then be fractured and picked off world by world always with the option serve or die.

The Armageddon Wars are primarily and orkish affair.

A new ork takes up the mantle of The Beast and tries to take Armageddon. Why that world? Who knows. Maybe because they have always fought there and they know that there is a good fight waiting for them as well as it being a key-stone of Imperial strength.

There have been 8 Wars of Armageddon so far. 5 have coincided with a Black Crusade.
When the 'Nids turned up a 2 fronted eternal war grew a 3rd front.

Inquisitor Kryptman bought the Imperium some breathing room by diverting the majority of The 7th Beast's followers into the maw of Hive Leviathan. This allowed the battered Imperium to concentrate more of it's attention towards the 12th Black Crusade and retake Cadia.

Centuries later the Ocatvius Sector is still an ork vs 'nid shitstorm of preposterous proportions and there are some terrible implications that the orks are in fact "farming" the tyrannids for food, entertainment and most worrying of all training.

But time may be up. The main 'Nid fleet is here, The Eye of Terror is shitting out another Black Crusade, the 8th Beast has arisen and on once dead worlds dust is stirring as the silent majority of the Necrons rise from ancient slumber.

Humans, Eldar, Tau, Demiurg and a hundred lesser peoples are united like never before against the oncoming storm. It is likely that it is the end. The Imperium will not endure.
At least it's a confirmation of the general flavour of things.
If Farsight's Dawnblade is one of the Blades of Vaul what should happen?

If he does offer it back to the eldar as a gift of goodwill and brotherhood who of which craftworld?
If I remember correctly from the previous threads, Farsight is actually leading a group of isolationist Tau and it's the Ethereals who are pushing for greater integration in the Imperium.
That's good.

Ethereals be all like "give them the fucking sword" and he's all like "if they want it they can have it pointy end first".
Trips speak the truth - this (or some variant) has gotta be on the quote wall.
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288 KB JPG
With the Templars and the whole of Mortarian and his Legion and associates not admitting that the Great Crusade is over and continuing to push on.

It could be that all the chapters with Templar in the name are in fact part of the same organization, all descended from the Legionaries of the Death Guard that wouldn't stop even after Mortarian died at the conclusion of the Macharian Crusade. Which presumably happened quite a bit earlier in this iteration.

The Templars were a reformation movement started by Calas "The Pilgrim" Typhon of Barbarus with the breakaway sect known as The Black Templars. His dream was to eventually have all Astartes following his example. It's kind of the other side of the coin to Guilliman's reforms suggested in the Codex Astartes or Vulkan's in The Tome of Fire.

They form the core of the Templar movement. Estimated numbers of them alone by 999M41 is at ~6,000. Their peak was reputedly 12,000.

Other Chapters and Legions have joined the movement over the span of Imperial history, not all of them associated with the Death Guard or the Dusk Raiders. Basically if the Chapter's name ends in Templar it's part of the movement. When counted alongside the Black Templars the movements numbers are estimated to be in the tens of thousands of astartes alone.

Thats a shit load of space marines and rivals some of the smaller Legions of the Great Crusade. If they could actually get together and go after a single objective they would be a force to be reckoned with. Sadly that will never happen as they are spread across the length and breadth of the Imperium.

The Sororitas Templars and Fraternis Templars are the collective names of the Imperial Army Regiments incorporated into the Templar movement.

One of the oddities of the movement is the strict belief that psykers have no place on the battle field despite first High Marshal Typhon being a psyker. By Typhon's own admission he would not have recruited himself into the Astartes.
File: SIGVALD.jpg (90 KB, 480x353)
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So, an entire race of Sigvald the Magnificents?
what about other would-be chapters?
File: Ulrik_The_Slayer_2.jpg (266 KB, 753x656)
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266 KB JPG
Which group?
Also I did a thing.

Raven Guard, Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors and Death Guard are using refined Mk 1 Early Astartes upgrades. They require less stringent selection and can be implanted quicker. Down side is there are none of the extra features of the later models like spitting acid, hibernation, insti-tanning, sweating a protective waxy coating or learning from eating brains.

Iron Warriors and Death Guard also incorporate cybernetic upgrades for extra toughness in attrition based ass kicking.

Space Wolves refined the Canis Helix enough that it's practical and safe enough to use. Problem is its only safe enough on Fenrisians because that's the genetic groups it was re-engineered to be compatible with. Possibly it could be altered again but nobody who can thinks it would be worth the effort.

Mk 3 Astartes is the default Space Marine that we all know and love.

Mk 3 Grey Knight Variant is superior to regular Mk 3 in every measurable way except it can only be used on psykers and even then the requirements are insanely fine. Because of the compatibility issues is only used by one chapter and the Emperor and Isha's bodyguards.

Iron Hands are not part of the Emperor's old projects being a form of elite Skittarii. All upgrades are pure Mechanicus.
What kind of garb do you think a Cadian Colonel would wear?
Good work anon, though minor quibble with the Grey Knight pattern gene seed only being compatible with psykers. The way I fluffed it, the Primarchs with that augmentation are Sangy, Lion, and Vulkan (though people are free to write in others), of which only Sangy is a psyker. It would also mean all Custodes are psykers which overlaps with the Grey Knights a bit too much.
Light carapace slapped onto a flack robe slightly reminiscent of the sort worn by Farseers but with Imperial rank markings on neck and shoulder.

Possibly some sort of cloak and sash for formal occasions.

Dress sword that is actually a real power sword is obviously obligatory as is the las-pistol.

Colour is the one your native fortified city usually makes its soldiers wear. So some sort of camouflage.

There is no fancy hat. This is Cadia, you wear helmet.
Even kriegers get fancy hats. Truly, the Cadians are a grim people.
File: 1461138744072.jpg (72 KB, 625x404)
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Nobody wants to invade Krieg.
"Uh, hi there Warboss, it's me, Krieg. Look, I uh, was wondering if you might want to have a little WAAAGH this weekend, you know, like old times, just the two of us. You could send down some Roks and I'll -- Oh, s-sorry, sorry, I know you're busy with other sectors, it's just I thought we could... N-no, it's ok, you know me, I uh... I always keep chugging along, right champ? Y-you have fun now, and... I'll see you some other time..."
Not entirely untrue in the case of Krieg.

To be a full soldier in the Krieg regiments you have to have participated in at least 1 victorious military engagement.

The adeptus arbiters have banned the practice of live fire 2 regiments enter 1 regiment leaves exercises citing that it's a waste of soldiers and lives. This also pissed off Cadia and a few others who had similar practices.

Back when Krieg was a green and pleasant world this was not really a problem because the Goldtoof Orks used to come round every 15 -20 years any way, it was only after they had nothing worth looting that they stopped.

Now the Kriegers are all grumpy because they have to export unbloodied soldiers. They think it makes them look bad. To them any soldier of theirs that the wider Imperium gets to see should always be a veteran.

Now these unbloodied "whiteshields" are marching alongside real men like that isn't fucking insulting. But Krieg carries the burden without complaint, to do otherwise would be unseemly.
>not departmento munitorum
good try
Arbiters determine what is legal and illegal.

Departmento Munitorum on the whole don't give much of a shit so long as they are getting enough soldiers in the quality/quantity ration. A slight drop in quality is made up for with the extra numbers.

The Arbiters don't like the practice because it's too much like Imperium on Imperium warfare, and that is one of the big things their institution was founded to stamp out on heavily. Having regiments of the Imperial Army fighting each other as a training exercise sets a bad precedent that could be used to cover up civil wars.

This was a law passed without the Emperor's knowledge until after the fact. Emperor might have disapproved about the practice but it was always an internal matter and he is all about not sticking his colossal dick in internal planetary matters.

Who had jurisdiction in this matter is a big point of contestation between Adeptus Arbiters and Ddepartmento Mnitorum.
Considering that the current religions changed a lot in their history, making them the same 38000 years in the future is bullshit.

In addition at least christianity was in his last death throws at the reuinification.

In addition why would people venerate abstract conceptual gods when there are the Emperor and Isha and even the Omnissiah?
Gods that act visible for mortals!

In short, this >>49891963
Then do not go into the specifics. GW did that in the earlier editions and it worked great.
Overexplanations on the other side ruined several factions.
Arbites do that on individual level if it's against imperial law, they do not even uphold the local law. That's the job of the planetary police forces.
They have no say in planet wide practices regarding the tithe.
That is jurisdiction of the Munitorium.
The question becomes "what are they?"

Emperor has never made any secret about being a DAoT artefact and gets real annoyed at people worshiping him.

Isha, as far as the average pleb human is concerned, is High Priestess of a xeno god to whom the Emperor is joined in a political marriage.

Omnissiah is the god of the Mars priesthood but the Mechanicum isn't all that big on missionary work.

So there would be faiths. Some might have at least some similarities to modern day religions.

But as you and
Say the detail should be kept vague.
Maybe they got on to the Ordo Militum of the Inquisition who made a big sweeping law.

Point is we need at least some minor internal conflict.
speaking of internal conflict, how do we explain Age of Apostasy? It wouldn't exactly be easy for Vandire to claim he was the chosen of the emperor or w/e with the Emps being, yknow, still around
In a previous thread it was explained that the Warlord united the warring nations of Old Earth under his rule.

Set up the Throne of Earth in the Imperial palace. Or the renovated palace of the Despot of Ursh that would become the Imperial Palace.

Warlord then sets up a desk and a nice comfy chair at the foot of the steps to the Thorne. Makes the leaders of the nations swear eternal loyalty to The Empty Throne of Earth.

Warlord becomes Steward. He will stand down and fade away when a man worthy of the Throne arises.

Some considerable time later a charismatic brilliant man known as Goge Vandire rises to prominence in the Administratum. He is everything the Steward could have wanted.

Steward hands him the Throne of Earth and steps aside and disappears into the sea of stars.

200 years later and its abundantly clear that Vandire has cracked under the pressure of ruling the Imperium and shit is going from Nobledark to Grimdark.

Inquisitor Sebastian Thor stars a rebellion, finds Steward on a beach on some backwater and drags him along.

At the end of it when Vandire lies dead Thor bullies Steward into becoming Emperor.
Wait, so Vandire *was* the Emperor until our homeboy returns? This. This is kinda cool - I'm assuming the Steward doesn't automatically go for the top job straight away bc of "no guys don't worship me pls"
He didn't go for top job originally because he believed men should rule men.

He eventually took the top job because Sebastian Thor bullied him into sitting on the Throne because the people demanded it.
Wait, so he's definitely a MoG now? I didn't know if that'd been decided yet
File: 1450891648522.png (789 KB, 1280x781)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
Nothing has been said to say otherwise and nobody has objected so I would say yes he is, albeit and unfinished one.
File: 1458674740862.png (143 KB, 468x807)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
We need more Chaos Lords.

Can anyone think of any ideas, I can't seem to brain at the moment.
In this alt-universe, would she call me 'mon'keigh' or 'human'?
Probably depends on which Craftworld she's from and her own personal biases.
Also mood.

Eldar tend to bounce around a lot in their mood.
What a guy!
Are the Space Marines part of the Imperial Army now or are they their own institution that just lends themselves to the Imperial Army?

If they are part of the IA then are Chapter Masters the equivalent rank to Colonel or something?

Also what about the Deathwatch? Given that they are dedicated xeno killers an half the fucking xenos seem to be their allies now are they less busy because less weird shit to shoot or more busy because there's a shit load more organized(ish) Orks, 'Nids and 'Crons stomping around this time?

Marines joining in the same way that marines join the Templar Movement. Oaths of service are transferred to the Deathwatch ideally for right to keep some of the old colour scheme or forsaken in the case of blackshields.

Also if there is a Deathwatch is is subdivided?

Dedicated 'Nid hunter squads that go after synapse creatures, take out bio-titans and carve their way through Hive-ships. Dedicated Ork Slayers who assassinate Warbosses and Nobs to keep the ranks infighting, lay down traps to take out the stupids and out sneak the Komandoes. Not sure about what the hell you could do for dedicated Necron killers other than break out the Librarians.
In regards to the Deathwatch, I'm sure they still have plenty to do since the vast majority of xenos are still malevolent. It's really just the rare 1 out of 10 cooperative alien species that canon Imperium would have purged that get incorporated into this Imperium
File: 1459846324572.jpg (108 KB, 327x364)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
So what do you think would this cutie ray of sunshine's status be in this Nobledark AU with a Human-Eldar alliance?

Assuming Taldy and a certain Imperial Sniper unit did fell in love and pork with each other, what would Lofn's status be as a miracle love child who was born out of sheer and pure luck?
File: LCB_DOMESTIC_VIOLENCE.gif (18 KB, 120x160)
18 KB
Either an impossible conception or Taldeer and LIVII had help from the Biologicus.

In a previous thread Colonel-Fareseer Taldeer did find a rather trashy romance novel that featured her and a mysterious and handsome human hunter. She went ballistic and tried to arrange a book burning. In the book she became mother to a hybrid child.

Taldeer was so angry because she was pregnant with the child of a Vindicar assassin and assumed that the author had been spying on her.

The books sold well amongst both humanity and eldar.
Is there any official source for what the Demiurg actually look like?

"So have you heard of that book called 'Can Love Bloom?'

"Pfft, oh no." Alot of the eldar officers in the pub said almost in unison as they also snickered.

"Book? What book?" Another human officer questioned.

"I said, 'Can Love Bloom?' THAT book!"

"Wait a minute now, that does sound familiar. I heard that book is some romance novel that was meant as some sort of homage to colonel Taldeer Ulthwe by a fan of her's."

"Boy its more than that. If you don't know. Farseer-Colonel Taldeer Ulthwe HATED that book. And the reason as to why is hilarious! You see during a short bureaucratic meeting that's mostly just about boring logistics. Someone, well a lower ranking eldar officer brought that book along with him to show it off to Colonel Ulthwe. She was absolutely livid, went bananas, two-hundred percent mad."

"Wait, YOU WERE THERE? Jefferson?"

"Yes I was."

"With THE Colonel Taldeer Ulthwe, bullshit!"

"Yes I was there Polanski! Seriously you should've been in that ONE type of boring meeting. For almost an hour and a half she was ranting and raving like that one Krieg-born Inquisitor who often rants about some troublesome Harlequin who does antics for a living named 'Feger-leen' or what not.

She was ass-blastingly ballistic, foaming-mouth rage; she was so mad she was practically throwing spit in the room, she was throwing so much spit she could've turn an entire desolate and hot dessert-world into a cool aquatic-water world like some Khorne-made water hose. I and the other officers; who are unfortunately not here and I'm the only one, were expecting her to start flipping the table in the room at the time with just her index finger and start shooting electricity from her eyes. But fortunately no, she just banged at the table and threw pencils everywhere, just like that Krieg-born Inquisitor."
"Seriously Jefferson? She was so mad she was ranting and raving like THAT Krieg-born Inquisitor? I can't remember his name, but I remember that guy having a dumb Grey Knight under his command he names 'Gunshe.' He also has a bald co-inquisitor who often objects his plans and orders, another co-inquisitor of his who has a fetish for pointing at maps, fish and other aquatic wildlife. ANOTHER co-inquisitor who's an alcoholic, a really obese co-inquisitor who eats plenty.

And lets not forget the scariest co-inquisitor under his command who looks more like a fucking Necron wearing a complete set of human flesh!"

"Precisely Polanski, she was just as MAD as he'd oftenly be... But anyways back to the main topic at hand. Taldeer Ulthwe hated the book. After throwing a temper tantrum that would've made the angry eldar god Khaine say 'Calm down and have a drink a cold drink woman.' She nearly ordered a book burning of that novel, for fanfiction written by an ADMIRER, a FAN of her's. Fortunately her dad; Foxy Grandpa Eldrad, AKA; Big Daddy Ulthwe. Managed to calm down her daughter and pretty much said something that's basically: 'No book burning for harmless fanfiction that's meant for flattery.' And you wana know an even weirder thing?"

"And what's that Jefferson?"

"She was pregnant."


"Yeah ANOTHER reason why she hated the novel; Can Love Bloom, is because she was pregnant. She was in a secret relationship with a HUMAN operative, and is pregnant with a hybrid child. Being in a relationship with a subordinate is one thing, but being pregnant with a different alien-species' child without some assistance from the biologicus egg-heads is astonishing.

Also she fully admitted the full reason why she was mad about that book is because she thought an enemy spy was stalking her and used her secret relationship and pregnancy as way of getting to her."

"Wait, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!?" The officer, Polanski then questioned his comrades around the tavern.


A human officer replied bluntly. "Uh, yeah it did happen. It was also in the Vox News."

Polanski questioned the eldar around. " Hey Captain Enrion. That sounded WAYYY to far fetch. Surely you guys have something to say!"

Enrion the eldar Polanski questioned, replied.

"Seriously? Your fellow officers said; YES. That did happened, A MONTH AGO. Where were you during the last month, living under a rock? 'Spelunking' a Necron Tomb for treasure? And yes, that novel is official if you're still in doubt."

That eldar pulled out a copy of the novel. "See this? Its a copy of Can Love Bloom. Written in the High-Tongue, we eldar do also liked that novel and found it... Cheesy but lovely." He flipped the copy to the back and read one of the review quotes. "And I quote from Eldrad himself; Its a lovely fanfic of my daughter, I suggested my daughter to name my soon-to-be grand daughter Lofn too. I'm OK with this book, seven or eight out of ten. Four out of Five Stars.' Hopefully that puts a rest to your doubts Polanski."

Polanski looked back to Jefferson. "...Well then, I guess I'm now enlightened with recent events... So how's colonel Ulthwe coping about such publicity right now?"

"Oh she's taking leave from what I've heard. You know? Preggers? And maybe some time for her to perhaps thank that author for helping make her, her future husband and future child famous. And to think of an apology to the author for threatening to burn the book."


Well that's it. May have been poorly thought out but It just sort of gave me a bit of inspiration and maybe just for the lols.

So what do you think?
Was pretty good.

Although I imagine Taldeer's exact worlds would have been "giving the author the thanks he deserves" and the sentiment badly translated into High Gothic from High Tongue.
Plot twist:
LIVII is the author of the book. It is his secret plan to raise funds for University of Holy Terra tuition fees for their daughter to be.
Well thank you anons. I may write again some other time. Here, have an LCB pic of Taldeer and LIVVI as Nate and Nora from Fallout 4 supposedly.
I don't think so. People just assume that they were going to be gradually introduced by GW as replacements for the squats but then scrapped it and returned the squats in a background snippet in in IG codex. I don't think they ever got as far as doing a Pictor or even a proper description of them.

Or I'm just very unobservant.
>That Carnifex splurting his bio-liquid all over the banshee's face
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pic bump
Should the Deathwatch also this time be supported by it's own regiments of mortal fighting men?
All is pain
Maybe in the minority of scenarios where it would make sense (like I've never understood why in canon they don't use stormtroopers with shotguns and flamers to clear Space Hulks instead of wasting hyper valuable Terminators), but most Deathwatch missions are way too hardcore for even the most veteran stormtroopers. By the time you need regiments of Guardsmen you're beyond the scope of a surgical Deathwatch strike and are probably looking at a full on war.
On unrelated note why in 40k military uses regiment as standard unit?
It seems way to small on that grand scale.
When you control billions of planets using army groups in a way we use brigades and divisions seems more likely.
Mortal men could be specialists in training the PDFs to fight the obvious shit like Orks and Nids.

There may be entire regiment worth of them but they get spread across an entire planets worth of armed forces.

Their job is primarily to prepare for shit. They are of limited use if you drop them straight into a fire but if you give them a few months warning of the WAAAAGH!!! they can turn a bumfuck tard regiment into something approaching competent. But they have to get there first and that is where the Farseers attached to the Deathwatch come in.
Well, a regiments is conmmonly anywhere from 6-12,000 strong, with the possibility of being either smaller of way larger. Basically, depends on the sett-I mean planet
In-Universe? A regiment then =/= a regiment now - upscale it by 10 to 100 times. IRL? GW are britbongs, and that's how they run their military around there.
Why does LIVVI look like Markiplier in this pic???
There would be Let's players in this Au. But lets not delve into this.
Would there be a Legio Cybernetica in this AU?
>Sangy is BACK
>If someone could copy the fluff from the last thread to the 1d4chan page, that would be greatly appreciated

In the last days of the war, as the unstoppable hordes of the Beast, Dark Eldar, and Chaos Eldar converged on humanity’s final bastion, the Primarchs and their legions raced home to Terra to fortify their homeworld for the coming onslaught. Across the soil of Terra, the Men and Eldar of the Imperium prepared for their last stand, standing side by side to shout defiance at the hatred of the galaxy:

Here, a squad of Guardsmen drawn from a dozen worlds of the Imperium place sandbags around a hospital in the shadow of a towering Wraithlord, pausing occasionally to marvel at the gleaming colossus;

Bonesingers weave armored shells around the frames of hulking Imperial tanks, as nearby techpriests chitter with anxiety;

In a long abandoned church a Word Bearer Chaplain preaches to a motley crowd of humans and Eldar, rainbow lights from ancient stained-glass dancing on his brow, fire and ecstasy burning in his breast;

A mother comforts her weeping child as they are shepherded onto an evacuation ship under the watchful eye of an Ultramarine, the boy still reaching for the picture he dropped of his fallen father;

At the edge of their camp, in an old garden under the light of the stars, a tall Aspect Warrior kisses an astonished guardswomen and smiles at her joy;

And far above in the night sky, the greatest fleets of Men and Eldar float amidst the gloom, blotting out the stars with their number, ready to stand and spit light and fire against the coming forces of the dark.
Secluded in the great halls in the Imperial Palace, the Steward with his Primarchs and Eldrad with his seers laid their plans for the coming invasion. Agreements were made and bitter arguments were fought. Many of the Primarchs requested the honor of defending the Imperial Palace itself, and the Steward heard them each in turn, from the impassioned pleas of Lorgar to the cold growls of Dorn.

Yet when the Steward turned to Sanguinius, expecting a fervent request for the honor from his old friend, he found only tranquility. Sanguinius rose from his seat, and said, “That I shall die before the walls of this palace is beyond doubt. My destiny comes and I go to it with peace in my heart.”

The Steward recognized the calm conviction in the Angel’s eyes. It was the same look he had seen so many years ago when he first met Sanguinius as the Warlord in his command tent, and Sanguinius had offered his life for mercy for his people. It was the look of a man who had wholly accepted and welcomed his death for a greater purpose, and would go to it without fear and regret.

Moved by his words, the Steward accepted the request. So it was that when the Chaos armada forced its way to Terra and its unending hordes began their assault on the Imperial Palace, they found the proud Blood Angels manning the great walls, with Sanguinius, his elite First Company, and the legendary Custodes defending the Eternity Gate.
The Beast was possessed of greater cunning and primal intelligence than most of his species, and began the assault by probing the defense of the palace, looking for a weakness. When none were found, he sent his the masses of his most expendable troops to overwhelm the defense with the crushing weight numbers.

But Dorn and Perturabo had done their work well. Automated defense turrets gunned down hordes of Orks before they even reached the firing range of the Blood Angels, and those that survived ended up in carefully designed killing fields with no cover and no escape. Overhead, Ork jets and stormboyz crashed screaming off the palace void shields, or were frozen by stasis fields to be picked off by lance batteries at leisure.

Yet for all of Dorn and Perturabo’s defensive genius, the palace was simply not designed to hold off numbers of this magnitude, for who could have predicted a Waaagh comprised of a full half of the Orks in the galaxy? After several days of fighting a flaw emerged: the immense piles of dead Orks were obscuring crucial firing angles for the defensive turrets, and had grown so tall in some places that the greenskins were using them to climb up the previously impregnable walls. The Imperial Palace was too vast to fully hold against so numerous a foe, thus Sanguinius ordered his forces to withdraw to the secondary defensive positions, cunningly designed to minimize the advantage of numbers and to funnel the enemy towards the entrenched elites defending the Eternity Gate. Thus it was the days after the breaching of the walls that the historians consider the true Siege of the Imperial Palace.
The first day of the siege consisted of more Orks, though now they included more than just mere boyz. In the Orkish hordes now came nobz and weirdboyz, flash gitz and kommandoz, all roaring for battle and eager to spill the blood of humanity.

The first greenskins to enter the Grand Plaza of the Eternity Gate were greeted with a magnificent sight before they were gunned down: the white-winged Angel surrounded by his warriors resplendent in red, while beside them stood the gold-clad figures of the Custodes with their Lord Commander Arik Taranis at the forefront, holding aloft the great Banner of Unification, its length equal to full five Astartes. Behind them, a giant Aquila spread its wings on the massive adamantium Eternity Gate, protecting the Throne Room command center where the Steward and Eldrad commanded the forces of Terra, telepathically linked with thousands of their commanders to coordinate with perfect precision and unison.

The two sides met in the middle of the plaza with a resounding crash, howling as their blades sought the blood of their hated foes. Chainswords tore flesh, power klawz ripped bodies, and the dead and wounded were trampled underfoot in the savage melee. Lord Commander Taranis won the greatest deed of the day, slaying the Warboss leading the Orks by impaling him on the Banner of Unification and lifting his still screaming body into the air for all to see, as Sanguinius held off the Warboss’ nob retinue.

By nightfall, the tide of Orks slowed, for their poor eyesight would have put them at a great disadvantage against the enhanced Astartes and the Beast would not waste his troops here. As the last Ork died gurgling with a sword rammed through its chest, the defenders found a moment of respite to pray for the dead, celebrate the deeds of the living, and prepare for the next day.
The start of the second day consisted of more Orks, though by mid-morning it was clear something was amiss. The Ork forces were in disarray, even for their crude standard of organization, and reports came from the secondary Blood Angel positions that an unknown force was attacking the Orks in the rear. When lithe figures in black cut down the last of the Orks and stepped into the great plaza, it became all to clear: the Dark Eldar had come. In their sadistic greed, they had seen a opportunity to capture the unfathomable prizes of the Steward and Eldrad at the same time, and believing the Blood Angels to be worn down they had come in full force to break the defenders.

The Dark Eldar were a deadly foe: Astartes and Custodes died screaming as the enemy weapons inflicted agony that overcame even their enhanced physiologies and mental conditioning. Yet the vile invaders had blundered in their greed and haste: for all their lethal skill and precision, the Dark Eldar were not assault troops, their equipment and tactics unsuited for the grinding attrition of siege warfare, and Sanguinius and his scions quickly showed them their error.

With no space to maneuver and dodge in the packed plaza, sculpted, graceful bodies shaped by the finest of Comorragh’s flesh arts were crushed under ceramite and steel as easily as any Ork boy. Three entire Wych cults were eradicated that day, with Sanguinius personally cutting down the three Succubi that led them. As night fell, once again the enemy withdrew, consumed by infighting as the ever-scheming Archons used the chaos to usurp weakened rivals or settle old scores. There was no levity this night for the defenders: their wounds and exhaustion prevented such efforts, and battered armor and weapons required their attention.
I'ma slappin dat eff5
Eating right now and may have to finish up some work tonight. Will probably post the a bit more later, and death of Sangy tomorrow.
I've stuck this bit on the end of the old bit on the sangy on the 1d4chan.
There was some stuff from last thread that was missing on 1d4chan, but it's ok, I can take a look later.
Shit. Would you mind putting it in, I don't have it.

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