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Eldar need more screen time

Origins of the Imperium is fluffed out with the exception of a couple of Primarchs.

Now we need to build up the SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE Elves.

We have the general outlines of a few craftworlds but little else. We need more heroes besides Eldrad.

We also need some detail about the faiths of the Imperium.

We could also use a drawfag.
The Dark Carnival - Almost certainly not it's name in the High Speech of the eldar people. It is an everlasting party that dates back as far as Imperial records can show and if the rumors of the eldar are to be believed may have started in the old eldar empire.

In the old days it travelled from world to world via the webway and was the single greatest gathering of The Great Harlequin's followers in the galaxy. Now it travels across imperial worlds and the craftworlds lending weight to the Bail-Tan opinion that it is an Eldar Imperium and just coincidentally has a lot of humans living in it.

The Carnival is seen as a mixed blessing by most worlds. On the one hand it brings an up turn in business and tourism but on the other hand it brings with a lot of ninja clowns and hangers on.

Where does the drink and the music come from? Nobody but the clowns know and they claim that it is provided by their god.

The Carnival has only ever visited Old Earth once in early M33 the Adeptus Arbiters decided to retroactively issue every xeno involved with a temporary permit. It was either that or try and arrest them for trespass with Old Earth being considered human holy ground.

Only once has an outright attack on the Carnival been committed and recorded and that was under the orders of Goge Vandire after he went off the deep end. Casualties were great and disturbingly one sided.

The Carnival goes where it wants, when it wants and respects no authority but their strange god. It is not outright malicious but should be considered dangerous if approached without caution. This does not stop revelry seekers, human and xeno alike, joining in the festivities. Harlequins join and leave the party as they see fit but the Carnival endures.
What about a group of Humans and Eldar that have begun living together.

Maybe Eldar that broke off and want to teach and tutor Humans to become a better species, telling them of the advantages of living in a society like the Eldar have. Maybe followers of Isha.

The humans in return, get to live on Eldar maiden worlds, get to wear really cool robes, and be part of an egalitarian meritocracy, Add in some Eldar science and Medicine, and I could easily see some humans going along with this. (especially if some of the Eldar doing this are hippies believing in free love.)

Not have it be a permanent thing, but an ongoing project that has already grown fruit. Well trained and drilled human soldiers to match any other of their kind, led by experienced Eldar officers, built around a core of Aspect Warriors.

But if a Human is really good at his/her job, then he can actually get into a position where he commands and leads Eldar into battle.

Maybe Eldar teaching human Psykers how to control their powers actually works?
Colchis this time round isn't ruled by Chaos' Prison Bitch Lorgar.

This time when the eldar refugee fleet came to them they were welcomed with open (but slightly suspicious) arms.

Colchis was at pre-black powder levels of technology. They had ben nuked to the stone age during the Men of Iron going Full Skynet and it had taken the Age of Strife to get that high again. An effort not helped by the sporadic Chaos uprisings.

Along come desperate elves. Their desperation turns to tears of joy as the people welcome them. The people are repaid by the eldar teaching them how to build a global and peaceful civilization.

By the time the Imperium encounters them they look like some sort of craftworld society crossed with a really calm and peaceful Holy Roman Empire. Shit load of nation states all independent with the Space Pope acting as an independent settler of international disputes. despite it being a medieval shit hole less than two centuries prior the Imperial forces were greated by elegant system defence ships. No warp drive, but only because they never felt the need to go anywhere. The language they were greeted in seemed to be some sort of Old Earth descendant language strangely hybridized with craftworlder High Speech. They were later to learn that this was the global language of legal documents and trade, a practice mirrored in the Imperium with High Gothic.

The capital had a webway gate in the centre of it but they were inconveniently out of the way and so trade was minimal with other eldar.

The Imperials expected to see eldar nobility lording it over primitive human plebs. There was no eldar in any position of rulership above the level of provincial assistant administrator or equivalent title. The eldar didn't want to rule, they just wanted a place to settle

Colchis was brought into the Imperim as a unique and civilized world reminiscent of an idealized version of some pre-fall eldar haven, albeit with only 8% of the global population being eldar
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Wasn't there something about Celtic hunter eldar that kept gate crashing The Fang and waking Bjorn up for ADVENTURE?
The idea that the only humans allowed to use the Inquisition is a bit weird to me. I think the justification was that the Webway couldn't handle that sort of traffic, but maybe a small number of the most popular Webway routes could be highly maintained and enlarged to allow for more usage, whereas the majority of the paths would still be off limits. Maybe the Eldar train the Astropaths to repair the Webway cracks in a psychic equivalent of pouring cement on a road?
>The idea that the only humans allowed to use the Inquisition is a bit weird to me.

Only humans allowed to use the Webway is the Inquisition is a bit weird to me*
The idea, I think, was to still have the Imperium recognisable as the Imperium.

Massive travel through the webway makes ships, the astronomican and navigators obsolete to say nothing of the effects on warfare.

Imperium would become too OP and it starts to become noblebright.
Yeah, I get that, I just think it would add a bit more technological progress to the hopeful side of nobledark. If the Imperium ever becomes too OP the universe can always throw more shit at it.
Just checking in, almost finished Morty but it's taken far longer than I expected. Anything that's been finished, just punt over and I'll polish.

Also, seconding the need for a drawfag. Greatly.
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Your work is good and you should feel good.

Sorry about making the Morty and Perty so disjointed. I am not a good writefag.
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I've copied what there is of Sanguinius onto the 1d4chan page.

How long should we wait for SangyFag to come back and finish what he started?
An idea for a IG(IA?) regiment.
I'm here and still writing, just busy this week. Will keep posting.
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Looking forward to it.

They are basically cultural eldar + maybe a hint of heavily romanticized Rome.

Armies they raise would be glass cannons. Excellent at what they do and provided everything goes as planned, or at least reasonably so, then all is well.

Heavy on the specialists that when working together become far more lethal than the sum of their parts.

Off course when shit goes sideways they get torn apart due to overspecialization.
What if the Webway is more damaged in this TL, which makes the Eldar very paranoid about its usage as they try to keep it from collapsing.
>normal eyes
>glowy green
This would make sense given the increased activity of the Chaos Eldar.

It is known that it reacts to thought which was the original reason in this AU for them not letting the teeming quadrillions of humanity just wander through it. They start having uncoordinated thoughts in there and it starts to rearrange itself. In extreme situations ti might cause warp leakage.

For Craftworlders and Exodites it's not much of a problem because they hail from cultures that demand iron hard discipline.

The Dark Eldar have had their brains sand blasted to the point where it doesn't do anything very much.

But Chaos Eldar of the Crone Worlds are another matter. They are a band saw across a bundle of wires. Where they walk it leaves scars.

An individual human would be nowhere near as bad as an individual Chaos Eldar. Problem is that there are a shit load more of them.

On the one hand Prince Yriel marched half a million soldiers from Krieg to Iyanden when they were getting nomed by Nids and it didn't cause much damage. On the other hand Kriegers tend to have minds like cold steel boxes.

And Prince Yriel still got shit for it afterwards.
Still too normal.
>glowing eyes
I want to live where you live anon.
Too normal does not mean entierly normal.
Took a day or two longer than I expected, but Mortyboi's done at last. Made a few major tweaks, though, and I'm asking for other opinions now because I'm unsure if I've completely ruined the characterisation in my effort to make the last couple of paragraphs bleed badassery:

>The psyker hate comes from Gyptous now rather than Achaemenidia since the latter seemed more progressive from what I can find (here I'm worried about conflicting with any necron fluff-to-be rather than chara shit).

>Made smol Morty a bit more selfish and Adoolt Morty a bit more selfless (re: Thunder Warrior fixing up his bod as well as helping his family, and later being kinda mother hen over his legion).

>Kinda big change to the other primarchs' criticism and in particular how Morty reacts. See point above, which I'm unsure if is heavily OOC or not (hate to admit it but I'm actually kind of a newfag, especially when it comes to reading fluff).

>Quote at the bottom is VERY optional since it's more about their method of warfare than any kinda characterisation - I feel like I've DEFINITELY butchered Morty there.

Also, pick who I go for next, otherwise I'll just be throwing darts at my screen.
It's a thing of beauty. Every change is an improvement.
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To keep the dark part of the Nobledark I'm going to suggest that Craftworld Altansar falls.

It never got out of the Eye of Terror and with the whole no Legions and Primarchs jumping boat they had to focus their attentions somewhere to find champions. This time it didn't survive as the plucky besieged tenacious fuckers being a point of sanity surrounded by Hell.

This time the whole thing either got overrun or willing turned to Chaos worship for salvation. It is the Chaos Eldar Craftworld. It is their breeding ground. The Khine shard they have channels Khorne now thanks to blasphemous rituals and the infinity circuit is a dream catcher and funfair for deamons.

Maugan Ra and a few got out before shit went to shit but it was just a few thousand from billions now either damned or forsaken.

Mention the name of that place is considered by the eldar to invite bad luck.
Honestly, I'd love to take it a bit farther - agreeing that Crone World Eldar also make kinda faceless villains. I'd honestly love them to return, be accepted with distrust, only to corrupt a few (craft)worlds with their dark shit and OPplsnerf khorn-fed-khaine. Plus we get some badass showdowns when the eldar insist on purging the place rather than just blowing it to kingdom come.

t-thanks anon-san

Actually, if a few others can confirm that it isn't terribly OOC, I might try pulling out a few more quotes and putting them at the top of the collapsible or in a separate section.
Are we still using the Nobledark Imperium 1d4chan page? Don't think I'm seeing the new version.
Yeah, but I've only covered a few of the primarchs so far (the ones all in collapsibles)

Russ => Ferrus => Guilliman => Curze => Mortarion (weird order, don't kinkshame).
Ah I see the new versions now, didn't know I had to click edit to see them.

I think the Morty changes are mostly great, but there's a few sentences where the changes are a bit purple and I think the original writefag's pared down language works a little better.
Gotcha, feel free to smooth things out. Not like a habit of being overly verbose is what usually cripples my attempts at fresh dank writefag OC or anything
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1.23 MB GIF
Which one are you planning to do next?
Whatever people want, to be honest, although I'm hoping one that won't need as much investment as Morty did. My OCD wants me to finish the primarchs before moving onto craftworlds, mind.
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Where are the abhumans?
>Sanguinius-anon back again, holy shit this section got really long. As always feedback is welcome and appreciated.

When the Steward with Eldrad at his side first proposed the idea of an alliance with the Eldar to his gathered Primarchs at the Council of Nikaea, Sanguinius was one of the first to speak out in favor, for he believed all sapient beings willing to work towards peace, prosperity, and the good of mankind had a rightful place within the Imperium. Later, he would be part of the great raid on the twisted realms of Nurgle, and nearly perished there in the stinking hellscape.

As the raiding party retreated to the portal with Isha in tow, they received word that Eldrad and his council of seers holding the portal open in realspace had come under ferocious daemonic assault, and that the portal was failing rapidly. As the allied forces rushed to the exit, Sanguinius lingered trying to save the lives of several wounded Exarchs and Astartes. It was only through the combined heroics of Lion El’Jonson, Jaghatai Khan, and the Phoenix Lords Asurmen and Baharroth that he survived, as they carved a path through the hordes of slavering monstrosities to drag the Angel through the collapsing portal.

The next few years represented the high water mark of the Great Crusade as the Imperium expanded at an unprecedented rate, fueled by their new allies and technology. World after world was brought into the Imperium, and Sanguinius dared to hope that his dream of a gentler future could truly come to pass.

Then the War of the Beast came.
>Personal head-canon is that the raid would emphasize speed and ferocity, since staying too long in the Warp is a bad idea. On the Eldar side are the Phoenix Lords Asurmen, Baharoth, Drastanta, Karandras, and Jain Zar, along with their best Exarchs and Harlequins. From the Imperium, Sanguinius, Leman Russ, Angron, Lion El’Jonson, Jaghatai Khan, and Corvus Corax with their most veteran Astartes. Steward is part of the raiding party and Eldrad stays in realspace with a bunch of farseers to keep the portal open.

The hordes of the Orks, Chaos Eldar, and Dark Eldar smashed through the fledging Imperium, plunging it into darkness, and where there was hope and opportunity before there was now only a desperate struggle against extinction.

The Blood Angels fought as they always had, leading the attack in the most vicious fighting, the tip of the Imperium’s spear, and inspiring fellow troops through deeds of valor and sacrifice. Many a Warboss, Archon, or Chaos Seer met his end at the blades of a squad of Blood Angels, only for the Astartes to be surrounded and cut down by the enraged foe. The loss of leaders sowed disruption and chaos in the enemy forces, yet for all the Blood Angels’ sacrifice it could only slow the enemy’s inexorable advance.

Those within the Imperium who fell traitor learned that Sanguinius was not all kindness, and found themselves hunted without mercy by the vengeful Blood Angels. Perhaps it was because the traitors sought to tear down his cherished dream of a peaceful future, or perhaps it was because they spat on the mercy and acceptance of the Steward that Sanguinius and his Duscht people had sacrificed so much to earn back on Terra long ago. Whatever the reason, he reserved a special savagery for those who turned their backs on the Imperium.

It is said that after witnessing the carnage wrought on an entire regiment of Traitor Guard by a single squad of Blood Angels, a shocked Imperial Army general called High Command to ask “Where are the Angels I was promised? Who are these flesh tearers?”

And so the war ground on. Peace was a distant dream, and for the Men and Eldar of the Imperium there was only cold, quiet determination, defying a cruel fate in the face of a hateful and malicious universe. Worlds burned, trillions died, and across the galaxy the Blood Angels could be found neck deep in the thickest battles. Many battles were on the most populated worlds of the Imperium, and the Blood Angels would fulfill their devotion to mankind as they fought in rearguard actions to save civilians and evacuees, these valiant defenses all too often becoming last stands.

Captain Malakim and his doomed 29th Company became everlasting symbols of this devotion when they gave their lives to the man securing the evacuation of hive-world Ancalagon. Ancalagon had been the greatest world of Subsector Urulok, and the invasion of the world was particularly savage, representing the greatest concentration of Ork and Chaos Eldar forces in the subsector. The Imperial defenders led by the Blood Angels were inevitably pushed back to the walls of the last hive, with millions of civilians yet to evacuate. Primarch Corvus Corax, commanding forces in a nearby subsector, repeatedly ordered the remaining Imperial forces to retreat and regroup to conserve their strength, yet Captain Malakim refused, for doing so would have doomed the millions of civilians to butchery or enslavement at the hands of the invaders.
The Imperial defense held just long enough for the final transports to clear the spaceport, and as the hive walls were overrun the Chaos Seer leading the Chaos Eldar touched Captain Malakim’s mind to taunt him and savor his despair. Yet the alien only found calm and peace, and in response Captain Malakim sent out a final vox transmission.

Across the ruined world and the Imperial starships high above the words rang out, “For those we cherish, we die in glory!” Minutes later, enormous explosions visible from orbit erupted across the planet as hidden Cyclonic Torpedoes detonated, remotely triggered by the cessation of the heartbeat of the last Blood Angel defender. The massive loss crippled the Ork and Chaos Eldar forces in the subsector, and the regiments later raised from the evacuees won renown as some of the fiercest in the Imperial Army with their warcry, “Remember the blessed 29th!”
Through it all, Sanguinius could be found leading his Blood Angels in the most perilous of missions, or offering a kind word to faltering Guardsmen and a gentle touch to a traumatized refugee. He ignored the criticisms that his men’s sacrifices were wasteful and pointless, the sneers that they could have done much more had they only the wisdom to regroup and fight another day. For Sanguinius knew that each civilian saved was another who could fight, build, and carry on the legacy of man, a precious spark of humanity, and that in a war as horrific as this morale and hope were as powerful as any weapon or starship or fortress.

Yet his men noticed a change in their beloved Primarch, subtle as it was, a restlessness and grimness he could not always hide. For Sanguinius’ visions were growing stronger, and each night, pounding at his consciousness, he saw his own death again and again.

He knew it would be at the hands of a great monstrosity as he stood between it and the Steward, and that his time was growing short. Death held no fear for Sanguinius, but it was the fate of mankind that gave him pause; humanity was balanced on the knife’s edge, extinction a mere slip away. Even if the gentler future of his dreams was realized, Sanguinius knew he would not be there to see it, but he would give everything to ensure it would come to pass.
Same as before but less shit.

They are forbidden to interbreed with mainline humanity but on the other hand they aren't used as disposable meat. Ones with human level intelligence are given more or less full human rights.

It helps that Horus was an abhuman Void Born and Sangy was not the basic human shape.
Yeah, I'd imagine that since the Imperium is relatively ok with aliens then it would be more even more lenient with abhumans and mutants. Pay your taxes, don't fuck shit up, and everything peachy. Mess up, then you get the old SUFFER NOT THE UNCLEAN TO LIVE routine.
Also this time if we are using the origin of the Warlord/Steward/Emperor proposed in the previous thread then the Emperor knows that he is, while of human origin, not actually human in the strictest sense. Or if he is then it's a human extensively engineered for a specific role. Much like an abhuman. In this way he might also see the TWs and SMs and Primarchs as kin of a sort being artificially engineered for a task.

Well worth the wait. Is it done or is there going to be a section detailing his death?
Not done yet, currently writing up the last section which is the Battle of Terra and it's aftermath. Not sure when it will be finished though.
Ollanius, Gaunt, Cain, maybe Creed.

Other than these are there any other Imperials folks want something, even if it's just a blurb on?
Sebastian Thor. Ephemeral Sturn
Hours could have started out as the commander of a mercenary company known as the Luna Wolves.

Threw his lot in with the Warlord when he saw that the world was changing and the only way left to survive was to sign on and become a semi autonomous force in the military.

He started out as one of the bigger players to become a Primarch as his band owned a few surviving warp capable ships that still functioned, more or less. It was one of their ships Malcador had hired for the scavenging run that the Warlord was discovered on.

Vast majority of Horus' ship crews were Void Born abhumans like himself.
> Hours


Fucking autocorrect
How is the situation with the tyranids is this AU?

What is the Imperial couple plan, they certainly have one.
Nids turn up in late M36.

As of late M41 the main body of the nids has just started to om nom nom into the entire edge of the far Eastern Fringe.

Imperial response since the Inquisition discovered that they were merely a scouting force has been

The best Warsmiths, Magi, Earth Caste architects, bonesingers and Demiurg craftsmen have spend centuries tirelessly turning every settlement into a fortress for the day bad shit goes down.

Looking at the wall of death bearing down on them like a tidal wave that reaches the sky they are preparing to go down fighting. Unless something changes the entire Eastern half of the Imperium is going to die.
...in other words, the horrifying unstoppable wall of OMNOMNOM they were meant to be instead of getting worf'd every ten minutes
...maybe Kryptman? Given that the 'nids are starting to do their thing in earnest now? Maybe Yarrick, too.
Man, this thread is a lot quieter than the last one, guess we need the waifufags back to help fill the silence.
Eh, I'm still around. Slogging my way through Perty's bio, although I doubt I'll be finished tonight.
I'm on holiday. Connection is spotty at best also phone.
While on the shitter I had a thought - since the primarchs are appointed, not born, what is the source of the gene-seed?
Do the marines all have generic gene-seed or is it individual to each legion?
Are some legion's gene-seed partly based off their primarch?
Would there be the variance seen between gene-seed as in regular 40k?
Terra, when viewed from orbit, appears as an oddly uniform green across the entire surface.

After the War of The Beast Perturabo, th mad architect, took it upon himself to design replacement hives for the ruined structures left behind.

Old Earth by that point was classed as a dead world as The Beast had left it incapable of supporting life naturally.

Perturabo's designs tended to favour what looked from afar like great ziggurats or stepped pyramids often with a watch tower at each corner dwarfed by the scale of the construct.

They were built with hard shells capable of withstanding most nuclear warheads and void shield generators. Along the edges of the stepped sides were heavy weapons emplacements designed to lay down withering fire on the lower level in the event of capture.

The internal structure was compartmentalized into a honeycomb structure so that in the event of capture sections could be isolated. Each comb was typically a large courtyard with people living along the walls festooned with balconies and the open space crisscrossed with bridges.

The great steps of the pyramid were designed to be great public parklands.

Beneath th hive great cavernous hollows were dug from the bedrock. This was where much of the food for the hive was produced, although none of the hives when fully inhabited could sustain themselves without imports.

Food was usually grown in the form of reconstituted algae, kelp, fungus, plankton and other simple organisms. The food tended to be best described as "basic".

Beneath the food caverns at the bottom of great adamantium shafts could be found the geothermal stations that provided most if not all of the power in times of peace. When under siege the plasma reactors are brought online to supply the void shields.

Although Perturabo only designed a handful of hives, and even then only for Old Earth, his work was copied and adapted to hundreds of worlds.
Eventually the surface of Old Earth was completely covered in variations on his works.

Between each hive were broad waterways made to look like thin blue ribbons to the scale of what the divided and over them soured innumerable bridges connecting each hive.

Of old structures left behind from the Unification only the Astronomican hall and the Imperial Palace were of any importance that survived.

The Imperial palace was itself a relic from a much previous era later inhabited by successive despots of Ursh and eventually claimed by The Warlord marking the completion of the Earth's Unification. Over time the palace grew to be the size of the hives that surrounded it.

The hall of the Astronomican had its hive carefully built around it.

The only world that had hives more beautiful in form and function than those designed by Perturabo was Krieg. There are no examples left intact enough to study and despite the searching of the Warsmiths of the Iron Hands that adopted Krieg no documentation regarding their construction has been found.
There were numerous types of super soldier.
Early Thunder Warriors and the more refined late Thunder Warriors were designed by the Warlords people. Late less flawed than early but far from flawless.

Then the Warlord started capturing scientists from other nations to help.

Early Astartes came first. Astartes without the extras like poison glands, suspended animation, learn from eating brains, instant tanning or waxy protective sweat.

Cannis Helix was an attempt to improve early Astartes. Scrapped due to mutation problems. Resurrected by Russ who ironed out some of the kinks. Adopted by no one else.

Mk II Astartes, the ones we know and love, were the result of much hard work and joint international effort.

Mk III Astartes, Grey Knight pattern, was the result of Jermanic engineering. Out performed the older models in every way. Was not adopted beyond Grey Knights and Custodius due to compatibility issues.

Each of these models can count at least one Primarch in their ranks.

The ones too old or frail to survive received limited gene-forging.

Magnus and Horus remained unaugmented. Both had screwed up genetics.

Ferrus Manus was a Skittarii.
Also forgot to say: aw shucks, thanks for the love anon.

I think we've established that no gene-seed is needed, presumably the organs can be grown from a genetic template.

On that note, I think it makes sense in this timeline to have the window of implantation open until late puberty so we can remove the ridiculous grimderp of child massacres to find aspirants.

Not trying to be pedantic, just want to clarify: the way I wrote it, the Grey Knight pattern is the prototype Mk III pattern (let's call it Mk III S for "special snowflake"), whereas the mass production pattern (Mk III MP) only includes bug fixes from the Mk II and very slight enhancements, and this would be the standard Astartes.

I can see how this is a bit needlessly complex, so I'm happy to go with whatever people agree upon.

>Not trying to be pedantic, just want to clarify: the way I wrote it, the Grey Knight pattern is the prototype Mk III pattern (let's call it Mk III S for "special snowflake"), whereas the mass production pattern (Mk III MP) only includes bug fixes from the Mk II and very slight enhancements, and this would be the standard Astartes.

That makes sense now. Thank you.
With the primarchs in this AU at least starting out as human did any of them have families?
Is there a Toruga type lawless Freeport craftworld?

Might not be a craftworld but almost certainly there is a hide out for corsairs somewhere.
An asteroid belt where the worst scum of the galaxy hide to attack supply convoys.
And there's an (in)famous pirate named John, whom everyone agrees to have seemingly impossible luck, to the point where people suspect chaos fuckery. He's actually just lucky and drunk most of the time
Yes, Guilliman is already written as having had a wife, kids, and grandkids though he ended up outliving them due to the rejuvenat treatments. He was mostly a baseline human though, and I imagine most Primarchs are too busy or married to their work to bother with that.
Too much of a human party.

John has to be a drunk as fuck old eldar.

Not outright malevolent and somehow he has managed to receive a genuine Writ of Trade hand signed by the Emperor for "services to the Imperim".

Exactly what these services were is up for debate. Possibly only he knows but he isn't telling.

He is generally despised by Path eldar because he has true his back on The Path and the gods for the life of a human trader. This is only half true, he does still give praises to the gods. Given his line of work it's good advice not to antagonize any god.

At some point in late M40he moved his fleet to Ultramar and near-Ultramar space and has spent the last eleven hundred years annoying the authorities of the Eastern Fringe.

Is currently plying the space lanes between Ultramar and Tau Empire. Mostly is legitimate trade, very rarely it's any sort of pricey despite the rumours often it's smuggling.

Has also been known to operate as a mercenary band when business is slow or boredom sets in.
We need more on the Celtic Eldar.
Has interest died?
Hopefully not, I'm still finishing the Sangy fluff and I think this is one of the more interesting takes on the Imperium to come out of /tg/ in recent memory.
Then I wish you good luck.

I would be doing the Magnus part but i have no access to a computer. Not doing it on phone.
>We also need some detail about the faiths of the Imperium.

Honestly, I think making the Imperium secular, or at least less religiously unified, is a bad idea in the sense it just wouldn't be the Imperium anymore. Might as well call it the Galactic Republic or something in that case.

However, I do like the idea of the Emperor disliking being the head religious figure, so why not instead of having a God-Emperor, we have a God-*Imperium'? Where the concept of the Imperium itself, a unified alliance of like-minded (this is very important) beings marching together towards a victorious future? This way, we can have the many varied faiths of Imperium Classic™ while retaining the flavour of the nobledark Imperium. Wanna pray five times to terra every day? Recite hymns in a cathedral? Burn offerings to a pantheon consisting of The Steward, The Mother and who knows how many other gods? Sure to all of the above!

It might also provide for a lot of RP or TTRPG flavour as one of the underlying campaign themes might be 'just how legit are these particular teachings?'
For some reason, I'm feeling inspired to write about 40K's vidya. Hope this isn't too light reading for you guys.

Tartarus is a hard-won military victory for the Imperium, though it's not without great cost, with a great Space Marine hero being constrained to a dreadnaught for his efforts, and Tartarus itself lost to the Warp. In this timeline, Inquisitor Toth has long worked with Biel-tan, and has come around to their aggressive ways. Egged on by his longtime ally Farseer Macha, Toth's Inquisitorial force (which includes the Blood Ravens) fall upon Tartarus in force, against the objections of the Blood Ravens' Captain Gabriel Angelos. While they're officially there to defend the planet against Ork assault, their real goal is to secure the Maledictum, an ancient Warp artifact of great power.

Unfortunately, Gabriel's instincts are proven correct when the Imperium's heavy-handed approach makes enemies of the beleaguered Guardsmen and planetary population, making them easy prey for a corrupted Space Marine chaplain named Eliphas, who takes the opportunity to spread his Warp-tainted teachings amongst the rebellious populace. Though the Imperial forces managed to crush the rebel PDF forces sent against them, the cultists do manage to buy Eliphas enough time to turn himself into a Daemon Prince. In a last, desperate assault, the Space Marines manages to take Eliphas down, but they lose Captain Angelos in the process. They also fail to prevent the planet from being consumed in a Warp Storm, one that was coming anyway but hastened by Eliphas's own efforts. Librarian Isador Akios is the only high-ranking Space Marine officer left; his resentment towards the Eldar and the Inquisition will one day bite them Imperium in the ass.
>I'll just c/p what I wrote in a previous thread]
Farseer Taldeer Ulthuan is a direct, though distant descendant of the famed Eldrad Ulthuan, and like many of her people was trained in the martial arts, both psychic and physical, from a young age. She proved surprisingly capable of working with humans, and after several favourable auguries was allowed to join the Cadian Guard as an Eldar auxilliary with an equivalent rank of major in the Cadian 412th. She quickly found herself in the good graces of their commanding officer, the grizzled General Sturnn, veteran of more than a hundred military campaigns and veteran of a Black Crusade.

She served loyally in the 412th, often serving as a calming voice to oppose or complement the strident remarks of Regimental Commissar Anton Gebbet, until the campaign on Lorn V. Sent to safeguard a Titan, the 412th found itself facing the combined armies of Beast cultists and Orks, all of whom desired the same prize. Not even the 412th's famous dogged determination could have saved them from such enemies united, and it was only through Eldar misdirection and illusions that truce between the Orks and heretics broke.

However, such a deception could only last so long. As they began securing the Titan, the 412th found itself under attack from the remnants of their enemy forces. Even so, they could have easily withstood such a shattered rabble, but in activating the power systems of the Titans, they awoke the very same forces that had brought it down thousands of years ago, and turned Lorn V from a bustling Imperial world to a realm of broken ruins.
That could make sense, with the Emperor seen as the embodiment or personification of the Imperium. Religion aside, the Imperium still differs from a republic or alliance in that Emps is an absolutist ruler, with maybe the High Lords of Terra as his cabinet.

This raises the question (and I think it might have been brought up before): Do Space Marine chapters still exist without a reason to split up the Legions? Maybe the companies are still part of legions, but have taken on individual personalities and traditions over the years like the 101st Airborne or Big Red One?
(New addition here)
Taldeer had once thought legends of Necron ferocity had been exaggerated, accounts overblown by myth and legend. The assault on the Titan was more than enough to shatter her illusions. The Cadians managed to prove themselves in the fight to come, powering up the Titan's weapons systems, and not even the might of Lorn V's Necrons could withstand the wrath of a God-Machine. Even so, getting to that point was a hard one. Thousands of Cadians lay dead on the snowy fields of Lorn V, and thousands more had been reduced to atoms. Most grievous of all, was the loss of General Sturnn, who lived just long enough to hear the Titan's guns roar, and the cheers of his troops as the Necron forces were decimated. Dramatic legends say he summoned his last measure of strength, and stood up before proclaiming his last words in a single triumphant shout before expiring. However, more reliable accounts are just as romantic; apparently he whispered to Taldeer to hold him up, and whispered his last words to her before finally dying with a smile on his face.

>This raises the question (and I think it might have been brought up before): Do Space Marine chapters still exist without a reason to split up the Legions? Maybe the companies are still part of legions, but have taken on individual personalities and traditions over the years like the 101st Airborne or Big Red One?

I should like to think so, even moreso now. Space Marines need to be everywhere, and doing a little bit of everything, and so need both tactical, strategic and maybe even some diplomatic flexibility. So yeah, I think there would be Chapters, more than Classic but also spread further, and more integrated into Imperial military hierarchy.
Honestly, that was why I was hesitant about doing some writefagging about DoW - Taldeer working with the 1st Kronus Liberators works, but the magpies don't when there's. I did raise the point last thread that, with Chaos not being the Absolute Biggest BBEG on the table to throw EVERYTHING at RIGHT NOW, chapters would actually be more useful than legions (i.e. having to put out fires across the entire galaxy at once). Problem was just the reasoning behind later foundings, and what degree of autonomy would they have from their parent legions.
As mentioned a thread or two ago, this is another joint operation between Imperial armed forces, this time with the Tau in the mix as well. Farseer-Colonel Taldeer of the Cadian 412th, Captain Thule of the Blood Ravens and Shas'O Kais (himself well-known as the Hero of Dolumar IV) of the Tau Empire manage to liberate Kronus of the Necron forces, who've awoken in much greater force thanks to Tau-sponsored excavations in the northern lands uncovering artifacts of great power. Officially though, the 412th was there to help train alongside the local Tau and human populations, while the Space Marines accompanying them were there to remove a hitherto-unknown stockpile of ancient bioweapons from the planet's northern regions, with the unlucky archaeologists in the region silenced to prevent a panic.
The only mercy granted to the Imperial forces was the fact that the leaders of the Warp cultists on the planet were the self-proclaimed 'Lord' Firvaeus Carron and his lieutenant Captain Crull. Between backstabbing each other, arguing with each other and generally being complete morons, the Imperial forces were free to concentrate their efforts on the substantial Necron and Ork forces; the latter were said to have been led there by 'visions' their Warboss had of great big fights. Most Imperial analysts however believe that Warboss Gorgutz, being cannier than most of his kind, simply managed to extrapolate where Imperial efforts would be concentrated thanks to his own skirmishes with Imperial forces in the region.

In any case, this was still a hard-won victory, but one that was much more definitive than Tartarus, and which secured a major foothold for the Imperium both militarily (as Kronus was a trove of archaeotech and a major Necron outpost) and politically (as Kronus was a mostly Tau world settled under Imperial auspices). The loss of a great deal of Guardsmen was seen as a worthy sacrifice, enough to promote a human into a Tau rank, as Shas'O Kais was reassigned to the Tyranid Front in recognition for his efforts on kronus. Today, Shas'O/Colonel Lukas Alexander serves as the main military leader of Kronus's armed forces. Rumour has it that the fires of Lukas's ambition have not died out yet, and Aun'El Shi'Ores is all too aware that he is seen as a 'kind, but weak' leader. His pheromones don't work with humans as well as they do with other Tau, after all.
SOULSTORM (warning, long):
A complete and toal shitshow for the Imperium. Things looked bad enough when the Warp Storm hit, but the arrival of Orks, Crone World Eldar and the awakening of Necron forces on the second, third and fourth planets of the system respectively, things looked bleak. Even so, General Vance Stubbs managed to scrape together a mighty fighting force, combining the Guardsmen of the Kauravan 252nd Conservators and the Sisters of Battle under Canoness Selena Agna into a single army, with his staff handling worldly matters, and the battle Sisters ensuring the spiritual purity of the Imperial forces. He planned to link his forces up with the Space Marines and Tau of the second world, and the Eldar of the third

And then Captain Indrick Boreale put his oar in. Though a capable sniper in his Scout days, his over-cautious approach was one that ill-suited the Kaurava campaign. However, it did suit the Tau in charge of the system, Aun Ro'Yr and Shas'O Or'es'Ka, who wanted to preserve as much of the system as possible. Even so, such an approach would have simply led to a long and grinding campaign, with far more losses than necessary- no strange occurrence in the Imperium.

Enter Sindri Myr.
Another fallen Space Marine, this silk-tounged insurrectionist managed to play upon the fearful hysteria of the populace to convert them to warp-worship. The fact that his cultists' communities seemd to suffer fewer raids from the Dark Eldar seemed to lend credence to his teachings, that only those faithful to the True Gods will be spared the atrocities the Imperium was too weak to withstand. But even with an entire world turning to Warp worship, the Imperials could have won if they took care to concentrate their forces- but they didn't.

It is said that he who tries to defend everything will defend nothing; it would have done Aun Ro'Yr and Shas'O Or'es'Ka a world (or rather, a system) of good to have read that. They split their forces, sending the Battle Sisters to assist the novice Farseer Caerys in fighting the Necrons, and the Imperial Guard and Tau forces to fight off what they saw as Dark Eldar raids. Aun Ro'Yr was a diplomat first, warrior distant second- he knew the stereotypes, and didn't want the prideful Farseer Caerys pooh-poohing his Guardsmen and Tau cadres. He knew that fighting alongside highly-skilled and accomplished warriors would at least reduce any potential friction. And of course, he let Boreale do his best to push the Orks off a Space Marine recruiting world- having a grateful Space Marine chapter would be a very big feather in his cap.
However, in doing so, he sent his largest armies into the arms of a man skilled in manipulation and influence. The campaign against the Necrons was a long and brutal one, but things were about to get worse. For though the Necrons were defeated at great cost, the Eldar and Battle Sistsers soon found themselves fighting to liberate the second world, upon which desperate squads of Space Marine Scouts led by regular Marines were sandwiched between rampaging Orks and Warp-worshipping hordes. In the end, the Tau fleet called by Aun Ro'Yr was not there to lend additional support, but evacuate a shattered Imperial force. The fact that many of these evacuees were Eldar and Battle Sisters (the latter thanks to pressure from an angry Caerys) did not go unnoticed on T'au itself, lending much political support to Tau Isolationists.

That's all for now, I need some sleep.
You dun good kid, go get some rest.
File: 1463587071540.png (142 KB, 500x425)
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142 KB PNG
In a previous thread there was also mention of

Katholian Church - basically Catholicism with the Emperor seen as some sort of saint. Good old Olly Pious and Lorgar were members back in the day. Terrain branch and off-road branches reunited by Word Bearers.

Promethianism - An old faith predating the Unification but united into a cohesive whole by Vulkan. They view the Emperor as a perfect human but still human and therefore flawed.

Fenris Paganism - A loose collection of polytheistic tribal faiths. Each tribe has a slightly different pantheon but most have some sort of overlap. Ulfrik the Slayer is the nominal head of the religion.
For fuck same

> off-road


That was fucking awesome.

If I had access to a computer I would be adding it to th 1d4chan page.
How should the Grey KNights be?
Should we go with what was previously suggested with the Space Wolves and the Fenrisians?

With Fenris as of having been united and brought up to about today's level of technology with the tribes no longer warring amongst themselves beyond honour duels and occasionally fishing right skirmishes.

All tribal chieftains have to swear fealty to the Successor of Russ.

Space Wolves still maintain a large part of their small northern continent as a primal training course considered insane by the standards of other Chapters/Legions.

Difference is that with a better grasp on technology, larger global population and less hostility to each other there are Fenrisian Imperial Army regiments raised.

Also given the allegiances between the Wolves and Navigators there are many ships and orbital trader posts manned primarily by Fenrisians.

With the propagation of the Fenrisian people across space Ulfrik is a sort of Viking Pope of an interstellar who keeps petitioning the High Lords to let him set up off-world recruitment stations. So far all requests have been refused.

It's sort of a cross between the Swedish Empire and Norse Scandinavia.
File: Spoiler Image (1.21 MB, 1800x2500)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Not wanting to let this thread die too soon. So bumpity with image.
>Fenrisian Imperial Army regiments
>Gustavus Adolphus in SPEHSS

I didn't know I needed this until now.
That needs to be further explored.

What about the mohammedians how are they doing in the 41st millenium?
File: 1476145359806.png (285 KB, 629x608)
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285 KB PNG
Anyone else want a mixed Eldar and Human regiment that behave like stereotypical MUHRHINS?
File: 1474895186720.jpg (100 KB, 772x817)
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Shit, wrong image
As a Muslim, I think Islam would be included under the Promethean camp- the Emperor's way amazing, but still somewhat human. And all these Eldar 'gods' malarkey? Simply very powerful beings, worthy of reverence and respect, but not outright worship.

That being said, I'm not saying Muslims would be super-resistant to Chaos or anything like that ("Chaos 'Gods'? Haha, they don't exist" *put on fez*)- Islam used to have a tradition of interpretations and varied jurispudence (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madhhab), and under the Steward's leadership, this would only be encouraged, I think. Not unlikely some Chaos cultist would mask his teachings under the guise of a 'new' madhab.
Aaand accidentally replied to someone. Fuck
Not even sure what the stereotypical marine is, like Vietnam-style air cav?
Watch Generation Kill. You'll get the idea
Given that deamons do in 40k recoil from holy symbols wielded by someone who believes having faith in something might actually give a mild resistance.

In this Imperium jihadists, immortals and crusaders and many other holy warrior orders from many other faith would fight side by side. They might not call themselves brothers but they would be on the same side.

And you bet your ass there is a brotherhood of the Word Bearers somewhere that subscribes to whatever belief you hold dear
God damn, how many AU's do we have up now?
A few.

With the union of Europia and Franj I can see the Warlord placing the neighbouring Jermanic lands under their administration after Sanguinius pleaded for the life of his people. The Warlord placed agents in both realms to ensure that they were treated as equal citizens rather than subjugated slaves. Sanguine was grateful. Eventually they were persuaded to preside over and adopt the Nord Afrik lands to administrate their restoration.

Tharkia, Antulaa and most of the land around Black Casp were given to the Macedonian Garrison. The heyday of their ancient nation had returned and been surpassed for all that they were under the rule of another.

The Afrique League retook most if not all of Saharan and Sub-Saharan Afrika and liberated those taken by the Despots of Ursh and welcomed them back with open arms as long lost brothers.

Gredbritton was never given new lands by the Warlord. Instead they were "merely" given contracts for the restoration and cooperation of global transportation networks and the construction of waystations. In this they became again a nation of traders and even after the Unification many of the first owners of Writs of Trade were from that redeemed nation.
I can see like 3 on the catalog right now.

I like this a lot, I'll try to get off my butt and finish the Sangy stuff tonight so we can knock around some ideas for the Battle of Terra.
File: 1467166104831.jpg (60 KB, 800x733)
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Looking forward to reading it.
Shit, I gotta get off my arse and finish bashing through Perty. I'll try and be done tonight, but I'm hardly a third of the way through.
File: images (1).jpg (21 KB, 399x368)
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Herd de derp
File: 1379849306083.jpg (768 KB, 1200x1124)
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Good luck. Th others look good that you did.
File: 1464200892929.png (237 KB, 566x800)
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What am I looking at?
fucking spirit stones, how do they work?
Can't let this die just yet.
Let's see..next thread on my list is...oh. No. No, your time has not yet come.

File: 1464107665876.jpg (139 KB, 881x916)
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The Imperial Palace is Moscow.


Cain was not made a commissair. Which ever tutor pushed him into that branch of education as a joke this time believed it would be funnier to have him be Ambassador to Bail-Tan craftworld.

Jurgan came to the attention of the Inquisition all on hi own when they found him standing amidst a killing ground of insane polymers during the search for the Shadow Light artefact.

Cain still ends up ploughing Amberley Viel after a joint eldar-human gene-stealer hunting trip and extermination campaign.

Amberley would later, after Cain's assumed death, claim that she was afraid he'd gone native and it was her duty to remind him he was human.

Creed is one of the few humans to be called an Autarch by the eldar. Despite his detractors trying to claim his supreme tactical talents are a gift from Tzneetch he has proven time and time again that the immortal schemes of Chaos are no match for human cunning.

Rose to fame in the 12 Black Crusade when he managed to hide a dozen Baneblades in a derelict office building and just rolled them right over the top of Doombreed who was leisurely strolling past.

Gaunt and the Tanith were adopted/kidnapped by Prince Yriel and dumped on a unclaimed Maiden World along with about 15,000 civilian refugees taken from the Eastern Fringe just as he nuked their tyranid infested homeworld.

This was all done without the permission of Imperial Authority and so the Corsair Prince is responsible for mass kidnapping, mass murder and planetary extermination. He gives zero shits what Mon-keigh think, he does what his gods demand.
File: 1461653486637.png (167 KB, 1280x960)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
> polymers

Sooo... What does it take to spend some quality time (Date and Bed with) Madam Jubblowski?
Either being requested by her in person or making the Sororitas approved short list.

The short list is reserved for failing royal lines that need an heir or Imperial heroes. she has a daughter called Miriam Cain, daughter of Ciaphas..

Your chances of getting an appointment with her via the short list are slim unless you either become head of a Mega-corp or some shit and need an heir or you kill a warboss without help.

You have more chance of being requested in person if you meet her in a social setting and she likes you.

However the social settings she traditionally is found in are those of high society so good luck getting an invite. Also she could have any man in the Imperium bar only the Emperor, that's some serious competition.
>Jubblowski has a bastard child/daughter of Ciaphas

Why am I not surprised?
Everyone assumes that Cain met her at party and used his legendary charm onto get into her bedroom.

He did not. As ambassador to a craftworld, slayer of a warboss, butcher of tyranids and general all round Hero of the Imperium his presence was requested/demanded by the sororitas high ups.
Please tell me his personality is exactly the same as in the books, and that Jurgen is still with him I couldn't really tell from your post.
File: 1451813254678.jpg (608 KB, 1000x1200)
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608 KB JPG
His personality is exactly the same as in the books.

Jorgen is not with him officially because nobody would invite a Blank onto a craftworld full of psychics.

The job of ambassador's assistant is taken by a prim and proper Alfred Pennyworth type person from the Scholar Progenium. Alfred was not in that most august of institutions learning to be a diplomat. He was in there learning to be a Storm Trooper. He has done work for the Inquisition and occasionally tell of some of the things he has done. Unbeknownst to Cain or most of the elder is that he used to do crazy shit like hunt dark eldar slave takers through the underhives and eliminate ork kommandoz. He has in his closet a necklace of ork trigger finger bones that looks more like a bandolier. To everyone that works with him man and xeno he is just a neat man with grey hair and a fussy little moustache.

Jurgen and Cain do end up working together quite often because Amberley likes to drag Cain along on her merry adventures and she never goes anywhere without Jurgen.
File: 1464205102945.jpg (225 KB, 962x1443)
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225 KB JPG
It's worth noting that all of Jubblowski's children are bastards.

The difference is that even among cultures that care about such things the fact that they are the children of a worthy Imperial Heroes and royalty fathers and a religious icon, high society member of the Sororitas mother tends to make up for this fact.
Please tell me he has a necklace of DEldar ears too heavy to wear except on parade
And worse still the chaos eldar carry themselves with an echo of the honor and nobility of their pure kin, like the Vader to their obi wans
Any new breeds to come up with, would beast men be as precarious?
Couple of threads ago I've made the questionário of wheter or not Isha would like in the butt, well I've come to the conclusion that after 10 millenia together it would be impossible for that not be the case.
Has anything been written about Imperial Knights?
why does earth have to be ruined? its the fucking home world you don't let that shit pass, whats the point of going on without earth, without earth things are more shit then in 40k
Nope, most effort went into Primarchs and waifus, so pretty much everything else is open for ideas.
two things come to mind.

1. Isha has developed the most nastiest and obscene fetishes you can think of, so those that do them are blessed in a minor way.


2. her time in nurgles' captivity has only reinforced her maiden virtues, meaning she is very strict and mundane in her sex life.
I like both of these ideas, but I'm leaning towards aggressively vanilla Isha (especially after seeing what her *other* children are up to).
Isha's sex drive is easily satisfied but relentless.

She likes the most vanilla sex possible but lots of it. Her favourite position is missionary with cowgirl a close second.

Alright. After the War of the Beast the job of rebuilding of the Earth was given to Perty and, contrary to expectations, he went full artist.

Rather than create a never-ending and hellish concrete jungle fortress he rebuilt the old capitals as glittering citadels of neat lines and elegance.

The cities rebuilt were technically hives but they were beautiful and beauty hid well the genius levels of defensive prowess each contained.

Between the hives the Earth under his care became some strange idyllic version of an agri-world.

Not since the days of the Old Empire of the Dark Age of Technology had the world been as beautiful.

For all his victories, his sorrows, his losses and the wretched creature war made him the people of Old Earth, his old countrymen, would always remember him as a restorer and creator of beauty.

Even unto the Dark Millennium his sarcophagus at Štip-Isar is adorned with flowers.
The Knights that do not subordinante themselves to the mechanicum could have a very strong relation to the Katholian Church which could be a very interesting point of tension between the church and the High Lords.
>isha not doing doggy
Second I mean it's the most natural.
File: 1459559495390.jpg (137 KB, 900x1614)
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137 KB JPG
Only if it's the Emperor's birthday or he gives her ear rubs or he asks really nicely.
Does the Katholian Pope call for crusades, or is he is strictly under the High Lords and can only attend to the matte r of his faith?
File: 1458445943103.png (126 KB, 400x732)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
The Imperium does not officially allow militarized religious institutions.

Mechanicus get away with it because they can.

But there is nothing to stop religious people joining legitimate military organizations. Indeed the Imperial Army would be mostly empty if that was the case.

So what if Knight Houses all share a common religion? If they all hail from a the same world then it's probable that they all have a common culture. A common faith in a military group is to be encouraged, so long as they relational, as it binds them together.

And Lorgar was a very, very prominent saint in the Katholian Church. The Lectitio Divinitatus was the treatise that reconciled the Katholian and the Kartharanite branches of the same faith and brought scores of worlds of other branch faiths into the fledgling Imperium.
File: marital issues.jpg (192 KB, 852x512)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>Emps is only a mortal man
>Can't keep up with Isha
>pic related
Oh thats good, the Knight houses could have separeted themselves with the excuses of protecting pilgrims routes, what do you think?
>Knights Templar and Hospitaller with giant mechs

File: 1461772967615.jpg (34 KB, 455x661)
34 KB
Yes. Yes a hundred times yes and hundreds of this again yes Dues fuckin Vult.
Now immediately realizing how much we NEED some 40kball comics
File: 1458373045308.jpg (73 KB, 509x768)
73 KB
>can't keep up

Oh you have no idea.

Their bed in the Imperial Palace has a frame made of adamantium. This is the Emperor. If she were mortal she would be dead.

But if he were mortal so would he.

They are made for each other.
isha impreg pr0n/smutfics when
(Jubblowski'll do in a pinch, too)
What are Orks like in this setting?
Presumably quite a big player still (theyre still the same as canon in terms of murderiness and infighting), but probably a decent bit weaker - I'm guessing the defeat of such a big WAAAAAAAAGH! and the retaliation by salty imperials after the IoM recovered mean that they're pretty much hamstrung for a period after War of the Beast
Yeah, it seems like the Tyranid are shaping up to be the big bad of this timeline, with the main hive fleet having just reached the eastern Imperium in M41.
File: 1463787434188.jpg (36 KB, 460x528)
36 KB
They usually make up the bulk of the numbers in the Black Crusades when one amongst their names takes up the title of The Beast.
If Isha gets pregnant then the Imperium gets worried. It means that one of the Starchild prophesies is going to happen and not all of those had happy endings
And Ishas gonna be worried, because what if Nurgle corrupts this kid like he did their last one?
Also the Nurgle of this timeline is appalled that anyone would consider him responsible for SIDS.

This is mostly because Tzeentch came up with it.
File: article3-13.png (159 KB, 343x555)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
In the last thread it was mentioned that Sister Jubblowski has to be pregnant to receive her precognitive visions.

It was also mentioned that the Imperium spares no expense in her health care. This including rejuvenant treatments. And that by 999M41 she was about 400 years old.

The visions themselves a gift from Isha and so it is safe to assume that the pregnancy can't be artificial held in abeyance or be overly tampered with artificially. So assuming an 18 month recovery time after every 9 month pregnancy that's a child once every two and a bit years.

Assuming there is no increase in the number of multiple births Sister Jubblowski will have had over 200 children by the closing of the 41st millennium.

Depending on how well she accepts the rejuvenant treatments she may remain in child bearing years for another 400 years or longer.
For some reason I'm picturing the version of Fulgrim as a mix of Johnny Bravo and Billy Fisk

>Flugrim tries to land a plane.
>It scraps along the ground in a blazing fireball.
>Then it hits a warehouse...and it and the warehouse both explode.
And for anyone who wanted another quote.

>"Okay hotshot, you press THAT to start your engine, you press THAT to fire your guns."
>"Okay, take her up and show us what you got."
>"Yeah roight, okay."
>The dingbat he's trying to give flying lessons to lets rip with the guns while on the ground...again.
>"Aw nuts! He's doing it again!"
>"You stoopid basterd!"
File: 1465201580589.jpg (191 KB, 1280x825)
191 KB
191 KB JPG

I'm imagining Merika, being a shit hole military government dystopia, being full of those sorts of guys in the lower end of the military structure. They are the sort of dipshits that the bras up at Pentagus Citadel, ancient center of military might on the continent, send out to die in droves.

Fulgrim is head of of the Merika's actual special forces rather than the special forces that are more commonly seen. The ones commonly seen are more or less just a beefed up version of the regualr dudes. Slightly better equipment, better performance enhancing drugs and marginally better training. Merika's main advantage is that by the time of the arrival of The Warlord the nation functions. With an actual proper nation functioning it can field a whole shit load more people than any other nation of that size.

In a 1 vs 1 fight between a Merikan soldier and a warrior of Skand or Ursh or Franj you would be a retard to put money on the Merican. But you're never going to see a 1 vs 1 fight. And for all it's lack of any other educational facilities of any note Merika does actually have passable military academics. So if you get a properly trained officer you can herd the grunts along in the right general direction.

Fulgrim on the other hand specializes in taking the cream of the crop and using them to their fullest effect. As a proportion of men at arms the percentage is quite depressingly small but due to the over grown size of the Merikan military he still ends up with more than enough to work with.

They specialize in lightning fast raids, assassinations and just about anything else that needs a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer. Generally looked down upon by the rest of the military community for being underhanded, unpatriotic and generally not appreciating overwhelming shows of force.
When The Warlord came to Merika to negotiate it's inclusion into the fledgling Imperium the Military Council told him they would fight tooth and nail to preserve their Freedom..

Fulgrim saw that they were mad enough to actually try and fight successfully waged a war of independence among some of the more disenfranchised member states of Merika, primarily in the annexed nation of Calbi with the help of another rebellious commander known as Commander Dorn.

The two of them mange to hold off being crushed by their parent nation to petition the aid of the Warlord in exchange for joining his new Imperium.

With the border bolstered by fresh troops of lethal design there was no hope of Merika getting it's old colony back. Merika waited for those soldiers and their augmented elite monsters to come marching down from the frozen north.

It was a march that never came.

Rather than waste resources on a costly campaign the Imperium instead built Calbi up into a great and prosperous nation the rival of any on Earth. And then he did the unthinkable and allowed free flow of civilians through the border, needless to say Dorn freaked the fuck out.

With such a great place just one hastily wall away many Merikan subjects abandoned the border region in droves and the few that returned spread stories of the prosperity of the Imperium.

The Military Council tried to keep it's subjects in line and ignored all public petitions and suggestions that their nation join the Imperium. Eventually the civil disobedience got so high that fighting broke out and the military police had to turn their weapons on their own people. After that it all broke down and all the Imperium had to do was watch and calmly stroll into the broken nation to restore order.

The whole process from start to finish took only a handful of years and a fraction of the cost of a conventional war and at the end of it had one perfectly functioning nation and one that would take relatively little effort to repair.
File: 1445676194536.jpg (310 KB, 796x1200)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Merika was conquered and restored to something approaching its old world glory. It's previous government was disbanded and a civilian one primarily made up of administrators of Malcador's choosing appointed in their place.

Calbi was allowed to remain separate from Merika under the Imperium. Dorn was, at first, it's leader for reasons of the support of the people but eventually stepped down from the role in favor of an elective system.

Soon the armies of both nations were folded into the Imperial Army.

This was at the switch over point between the early Astartes to a more refined design, a change that Fulgrim got the full benefit of but sadly Dorn just missed out on.
>Sister Jubblowski will have had over 200 children by the closing of the 41st millennium.
How many of them will have inherited her "talents" do you think?

Could we be seeing an Order of St Jubblowski once she dies?
File: 1445117439049.png (211 KB, 700x1000)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
I don't think blessings given to an individual are transmissible or inheritable without the gods say so.

Upon her eventual death some centuries beyond the current date of the setting the order that adopted her will take her body to be buried in a place of honour or cremated and ashes scattered upon the green fields of Old Earth or something else depending on the traditions of the order.

Her children may join the order of their own volition but this does not mean that they now are the order or would have any desire or reason to start their own.

Also many of her sons and daughters are heirs to planetary governors and the like. They have responsibilities.

Possibly there is a branch of some religion in the Imperium that considers her a Prophet/Prophetess(?).

Exactly what Sister Jubblowski's order would think of such a sect is anyone's guess.
I don't get it.
...Might continue doing some write-related stuff contimuing this: >>49679814 andd >>49680000 and >>49683644

Think of those characters not as something to contribute to a plot or lore, but as something for funny-slice-of-life scenes.

Amd I may start with this image. >>49758247
A map.

How bad is it.
File: 1447830367500.jpg (132 KB, 866x1024)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>she has a daughter called Miriam Cain, daughter of Ciaphas.

Given that in this AU Cain became an Ambassador whose entire career has been trying to prevent wars (and unsuccessfully stay out of danger) Miriam Cain has to be a Battle Sister attached to the Katholian Word Bearers.

A power armoured, foul mouthed, belligerent crusader who takes the existence of Orks as a personal insult. Refuses to use any equipment not made by an ordained tech-priest and sanctified. Willing to tolerate eldar and such xenos but won't use their stuff. Has a meat cleaver of power sword in one hand and plasma pistol in the other.

Her physique is surprisingly short and broad given how tall her father is. She is not conventionally beautiful. Her face has seen too many blunt impacts to be pretty and her shoulders are too broad and her musculature too developed to be feminine.

The Biel-Tan quite approve of her despite the fact that she has no real love for them. A large part of Ambassador Cain's job is to put some breaks on the Biel-Tan to stop them going all out total war and dragging the rest of the Imperium into conflicts it can't easily afford. Miriam Cain on the other hand spends all of her time bullying the Word Bearers she is assigned to into fighting harder. Their fortress-monastery is in the same patch of the galaxy that Biel-Tan is found in so she spends too much of her time whipping the eldar into a war-frenzy and with this being Biel-Tan it's incredibly easy to get them dreaming of conquest.

Ciaphas Cain and Miriam Cain do not get along. Despite it all he is proud of her.
Wait why would the Emperor allow Braseal to remain an indepedent goverment?
File: 1475843287444.jpg (30 KB, 368x403)
30 KB
Because he's a straight G
Years pass and Sister Miriam Cain becomes Abbess Cain, and becomes leader of entire chapter of Word Bearers, some regiments of Imperial Army and a small fleet of ships tasked with patrolling section of space not far enough away from Biel-Tan for her fathers liking.

Her full title is Abbes-General and her military authority is derived from the secondary part of it in a passing nod to the Emperor's law about separation of church and military.

There is no demanded separation of church and state in the Imperium. Indeed how world govern themselves is their own business just so long as they do it competently.

There is even a world being run by the last surviving Dark Age of Technology A.I. It was discovered during the Great Crusade and was overjoyed to finally have some contact with the Earth. The hope was that it might be capable of providing the Mechanicus with much needed and forgotten lore. This was not the case. The last surviving artificial intelligence (I don't think you can count the Emperor as one) turned out to be an indexing system from a school for small children aged 4 to 12 that had been forced to learn how to rule. Also ancient copyright protection made it impossible for the Mechanicus to copy

But I digress

Abbes-General Cain was directly responsible for the victories against the ork horde of Warboss Fangjaw during his assault on Necromunda. Her rhetoric, promises of redemption and threats of retribution forming the gangers into a loose collection of ad hoc militias her own soldiers acting as officers, advisors, tutors and commissars as needed. Of course she was also directly to blame for the sudden increase in competence of the gangers in the post-war Necromunda but at least everyone was alive enough to bitch at her

There was a small Imperial Fists presence. 3 able bodies marines, 1 broken down old veteran of a marines and about 20 serfs manning a recruitment and training station. They and their trainees made a good account of themselves
I think the rule should be "if you pay taxes, don't actively fuck up or plans and serve when you are called to arms you're fine" (with exceptions, I don't think Ogryns can pay taxes.)

Speaking of are the Squats Nid chow still or are we trying to fix them?
File: 1384088887860.jpg (61 KB, 533x400)
61 KB
Because it was the least shit nation on earth with the exception of his.

It committed few if any atrocities and it's leaders genuinely cared about it's people and he had the benefit of time.

It's military was strong, well organized, well trained and well equipped and all the people were adequately fed. Fighting them would have been costly and there was always someone who needed kicking more.

The offer to join was always there for them although they would not accept it after that whole shit storm with Ferrus Manus.

But Warlord had time. Give it a few hundred years or a few thousand but eventually they would get a leader that would take him up on the offer and they would join without fighting.
File: dire dorf.jpg (65 KB, 622x573)
65 KB
They were a survivor enclave of humanity in the mineral rich and often high gravity worlds near the galactic hub.

They were not assimilated into the Imperium like the regressed Mad Max/Fallout/Metro/Medieval worlds but given the same offer as the Interex, Ultramar and Colchis which basically meant free trad and mutual protection and no Chaos and beyond that we don't give a shit unless you try to leave, this is a permanent deal.

Because the Steward was the ruler of Old Earth and therefore the Imperium was the nearest that there was to a continuation to the DAoT Empire, came to them with an olive branch rather than a bayonet and didn't look down on them (metaphorically) they took the offered hand of friendship.

Also they were drowning in orks at the time and the Imperium was like a drink of water to a man dying of thirst.

Turns out they weren't actually deviated enough to be abhumans to the surprise of everybody. Their short, broad and sturdy build is just the sort of thing that happens if you spend your formative years in high gravity. Two Earth-born humans have a child on a Hub World and it grows up short. All the old Hub-worlder navy families tended to be of normal height.

Still basically Space Saxons.
Yeah that sounds pretty good.
>Because it was the least shit nation on earth with the exception of his.
I thought that would've gone to Europia, or Merika (inb4 REEEEEEEEEEEEE neo-neo-colonialism!!11!1!1). Plus, I would've thought the Ferrus Manus shit would've made the IoM look not too kindly on them - not just ol' Handy himself, but the fact that they were just gonna casually steamroll the last few Mechanicus Enclaves on the planet. Plus, if Warlord could comfortably rip through Ursh without breaking a sweat, I would've thought the Braseali wouldn't have been too much of an obstacle.

Baaaaaasically what I'm trying to say is that I'm really lazy and that past me was an idiot for misinterpreting the existing Ferrus Manus stuff when I was polishing it. Sorry.
File: 1391839781625.png (305 KB, 600x900)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Warlord needed Ferrus Manus and his Antarctic dipshit friends for their technical expertise and also because his longer term plans involved getting Mars on his side so having Mechanicus already on the payroll wouldn't hurt.

Europia was not without its problems. It didn't treat its slaves well and social mobility was almost non-existent to say nothing of the fact that they were constantly scrapping with all of their neighbours.

The Warlord had no real beef against slavery as such just so long as it was regulated to be not totally shit.

Merika was a warmongering and stroppy and had their own plans for world domination.

Hy Brasil just sat there trying to rebuild and wanting no trouble, an attitude the Warlord approved of.

He didn't conquer Ursh without breaking a sweat. When Malcador found Warlord he had a completely blank and empty mind. He might have had vast reserves of psychic powers but he had little to no knowledge of how to use them.
File: F_Halfelf4.jpg (57 KB, 432x384)
57 KB
an elf and a human married

GAS THE ELF race war now

elf live matter
File: im sorry what.jpg (73 KB, 606x406)
73 KB
How "dark" can I take this? I realize we're not dwelling on Chaos/orks/necrons/tyranids/whatever antagonist races are left right now, but I'm wondering just how much grime would be acceptable to put on this setting.
File: 1458176367749.jpg (365 KB, 1680x1050)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Quite a lot.

Humans, eldar and others are fighting together out of necessity because the Universe is so shit.
I'd say plenty - certainly comparable to canon 40k, and maybe even more when focusing on croneldar or 'nids. Setting's still plenty dark, just that the IoM has SOME competence (and the tiniest pinch of HFY) on their side
The Imperium does still commit exterminates when a world is so corrupted and suffering so greatly that it can be justified as a mercy killing.

They will also kill men, women and children who carry the gene-stealer taint even if they themselves are implanted pure humans.

And they aren't about total equality and integration. There are no eldar High Lords or sector governors. There are a few eldar sub-sector governors but they are rare.

Planetary governance is another matter. Here the Imperial hands off approach comes into play. Pay your taxes, supply troops and don't do anything too stupid and we couldn't give a shit is the attitude. Which is also abusable given that it's up to the local Adeptus Arbites overseer to define what is "too stupid".

There is also crippling poverty on some worlds. There are plans to fix this as soon as the Imperium can get a breather from the "Always War" and room to divert from military spending into fixing shit up. There is no indication that there will be a time to relax in the next few thousand years.

There are servitors, but less of them. You have to really fuck up to get servitorized. Like child murder and poisoning a well type fuck up. Also it takes jobs away from real people and mass unemployment has negative effects on group psychology that the Imperium doesn't need. Forge-worlds are another matter entirely

Slavery still exists. Emperor isn't too bothered about that so long as the slaves are treated like people and not disposable equipment

There are rare internal wars in the Imperium. Usually small scale and over quickly. The Pax Imperator demands the confiscation of any planet making aggressive moves against another planet within the Imperium. But that requires impartial Arbiters and Administratum teams to inspect and report that there is in fact an interplanetary war taking place. If they have the war over with in a few months and resume business as usual the Imperium doesn't much care
I like the idea that Hy Brasil just kind of sat there giving the Warlord the middle finger.

It differentiates the Warlord from the Despot of Ursh.

I prefer this view of Old Earth to the main 40k Holy Terra.

It's an administrative centre and holy ground rather than a hub of industry. It has nearby Mars to be the industrial hub.

For the Sol centres of commerce I would suggest Phobos and Deimos. Now so encrusted with buildings and mined out that there probably isn't. Population of residents is in the tens of millions with several billion on station at all times trading.

Navigator Houses call the Jovian Orbitals home.

Earth was getting too clean for them. they couldn't get away with as much dirty scheming and back stabbing as they used to enjoy. The transition was gradual between late M32 and mid M33. There are a few old properties of the Navigators on Old Earth but mostly they live in the opulent space stations.
Add to this that they also hate eldar.

They had a deal with the some of the nearby eldar worlds in happier times. They would make for them trinkets of great intricacy and beauty that the eldar greatly prized, it being one of the few things that they were willing to admit someone could do better than they.

In exchange should they need help keeping marauders from their door they had only to ask.

Age of Strife rolls in and the orks come. Hubworlders hold out for a long time, their pride making them refuse to ask for aid. Eventually they do have to send a signal for help.

Eldar are too busy drowning in cocaine and flesh crafting new orifices and appendages to fuck with. They don't care about prior agreements.

Hubworlders eventually fall back to their strongest fortresses and prepare to hold out for as long as possible. It's an eternal siege with no relief in sight. The might last thousands of years but eventually they would fall and they knew it.

Then one day The Steward of Earth turns up with a fuck hueg fleet and the Imperial Army and tear the orks into chunks so small the worms don't have to chew.

Just as they saw The Steward and his Imperium as the heir and continuation of the old DAoT Empire they see the Craftworlders as the heirs to their old empire with all the sins that they have inherited.

Possibly they would drop the grudge against the craftworlders if the eldar either apologized or stoped pretending that the craftworlds were the remnants of the only good parts of the old empire.

But both sides are too proud to back down. The Book of Grudges will always hold their names.
I understand that the use of the webway by humans is limited, but I thought that with this better way of transporte the Imperium would be a lot more equal.
Inquisition and associated hangers on (Sororitas, Grey Knights, Sisters of Silence Deathwatch, Inquisitorial Storm Trooper regiemnts and personal retinues) have access to the webway.

This combined with Farseer predictions has made the Imperium's rapid response time insanely fast at getting it's hyper elites into position an nipping things in the bud before they become a big problem that requires the rest of the Imperial Army.

Also humans can't navigate the webway well. Most eldar can't either without a lot of practice but it's a very strange human that can navigate it at all no matter how hard they try.

Eldar were worried that quadrillions of humans walking around it spewing their thoughts everywhere they would destabilize it and render it totally unreadable and useless to anyone.

As an apology they upgraded the hall of the Astronomican to make it stop flickering and killing the people powering it as often.

Surely given their nature as (near) incorruptible superhumans, the Astartes would be given access, too? They're certainly more qualified as hyper elites than the regular joes with carapace armour/pipe organ tanks
Point taken.

Strom Troopers are not allowed.

Space Marines are.
How extensive is the webway?
File: 65d3c6d157c36a70.jpg (157 KB, 1400x787)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Bump bump
File: 1386040580019.jpg (332 KB, 600x680)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
The story of Magnus the Red can be traced back to the previous Despot of Ursh, a remarkably unfriendly fellow by the name of Ganzorig the Great. Indeed he was great and conquered huge swathes of the Afrique League to add to the already great Empire his uncle left him. One of the contributing factors in his victories was his use of enslaved and potent psykers. For the most part these poor creatures, witch-kin as they were, were not highly valued as people by the Despot despite him being a follower of the dark gods.

One of his most prized possessions was a witch by the name of Ada of whom it was said could summon deamons and not so much bind them but direct them. In her youth, before he had discovered quite how valuable she was, he had whored her out to a navigator for imported weapons from far off worlds beyond Sol. That she had a child that she loved dearly was good news for Ganzorig as it gave him a means by which he could control her.

Time passed, wars were waged, new lands were conquered and things continued to get worse on Old Earth much as they always had done.

In time the son, named Magnus, grew into a man. Like his father he was uncommonly tall and it was soon evident that like his mother he was uncommonly powerful. As such he was press-ganged into the psychic warfare and assault efforts of the Regime. Magnus' aptitudes were in wards and defensive measures and by age 15 could stop artillery fire and had done so on the front lines. By age 20 he could throw up a shield wall that covered almost a mile in either direction and was harder than the finest steel.

In his 35th year his mother died on the front lines against the Pan-Pacific Empire and the monsters created by it's mad science. Magnus at the time was half a continent away on the borders of Achaemenidia but he felt her loss. Although Magnus had always been Ganzorig's leash to ensure his mothers obedience so in turn had Magnus been kept obedient lest harm come to his mother.
File: 1352998157018.jpg (941 KB, 1252x1772)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
Magnus seemed to vanish and the border was over run by the next morning. A few month later Ganzorig the Great was found burned to death in his bed.

Little is known of Magnus' movements in many years and the Ursh Succession war that followed. It is suspected that he fled to the cursed ground of the Himalayan Mountains. A place only whispered in dark legend, the one place nobody was strong or mad enough to conquer and from the fall of the Dark Age Empire to the arrival of the Warlord remained inviolate. It was unknown for sure what was protecting that high place but ████████████████████████████████████Date expunged by order of the Inquisition██████████████████████████████████████████████████and never again they promised on this hallowed ground, and so they faded in midnight clad.

Magnus emerged from that strange land some time in his sixties, although how much time in that place had passed was anyone's guess. Due to his inhuman heritage he looked still of early middle years but for his one remaining eye that held reflected horrors enough to last lifetimes. His skin once pale and soft like his fathers was now hardened by years of exposure to something approximating leather and adorned from head to foot in red wards and runes and holy script in some unknown letters tattooed and branded and scared across every inch of flesh. Save for the ragged bite mark that took up one side of his face.

By this time the Warlords armies were moving in earnest with expert precision across a dozen fronts, both military and diplomatic.
File: 1440518799928.jpg (1.34 MB, 1800x1125)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
At first the tall man wandered in places he thought beyond the reach of any king or man or beast but as the Warlord progressed his psychic powers grew until Magnus felt them eclipse his own. He traveled to the very furthest reaches of Sibar and buried his talents that he might not shine out from afar.

But the Warlord could feel him and he knew it. Rather than wait to be hunted down or chained up as was in his youth Magnus set out for the burning light.

At the time the Warlord was busy in the Lands of Skand where the Nordyc people dwelt. The Warlord was trying to unify them into a cohesive nation that he could work with and absorb into the Imperium. Some tribes would remain independent and raid and pirate and maraud across the landscape and they would be crushed for it but his hope would be that this would be minimal in number.

Magnus strode into the great wood and thatch hall almost as tall as the doorway, draped in animal skins and weathered and wild looking. The great hall fell silent for a moment until the babbling of conversations returned. He scanned the rows of men and women through the hazy smoky air seated around the tables and staying warm by the great fire pit until he found him, the Warlord.

He was seated some way down the bench tearing into a slab of mutton whilst a man in dusty grey robes negotiated with the king in a jovial manner. To the surprise of Magnus the Warlord waved him over and offered him a seat on the bench next to him and poured him a drink.

It had not occurred to Magnus that the Warlord meant him no harm, it had always been his assumption that powerful men fought and that was the way of things.
File: 1358546790456.jpg (60 KB, 522x620)
60 KB
In the years that were to follow the Warlord did offer Magnus a place at his side not for his battlefield prowess, although that was formidable, but for the forbidden and ancient lore he had ██████████████ █████ ███████Date expunged by order of the Inquisition███ ███████ although it troubled him greatly.

Eventually Magnus did walk the battlefield, but this time at the head of a small army of his own making. A band of psykers like himself, some liberated slaves or other nations and some born free in the Imperium. For the first time since the death of his mother Magnus felt at home. They won much fame and fortune in the wars of Unification primarily against the stain on the map that was Ursh. Though the Warlord trusted Magnus he put upon him the one condition that he have no more dealings from things beyond conventional time and space.

The other commanders were unsure of Magnus, he was not fully human and he was witch-kin steeped in forbidden magics and lore. Mortarion and Russ both had a particular dislike of him for this and despised his methods. For all that Magnus became Primarch Magnus the Red but unlike most of his fellow Primarchs he could not recieve any augmentations due to his strangely genes.

As the Unification slid gently into the Great Crusade the Legion of the Thousnad Sons held themselves well and despite being the smallest of the Legions in the Imperial Army held themselves as high as any other.
File: psyker.jpg (291 KB, 345x648)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
As the War of the Beast ground on Magnus' armies found themselves out matched but still unrelenting. The Beast had psykers of his own and the Chaos Eldar made his people die screaming.

As the Beast assaulted Old Earth Magnus at last broke his word to the now Steward. He called forth all the old spirits as his mother taught him and shipped up the warp into a howling gale and dashed the Beasts fleets upon impossible shores and almost pity them for where they now were. It was a gamble that was not wholly won for some Imperial ships were lost in the gale, their crews damned and lost forever. He was severely berated by the Warlord for this and they almost came to blows.

He was present on Old Earth in those final days of that war confounding and confusing the sorcerers of Chaos and slaying their deamons.

Eventually the Steward and Magnus did reconcile their differences though it took many, many years.

It was said that the Grey Knights were founded and trained by ancient veterans of the Thousand Sons, although as with all things to do with the history of that order the truth will never be known.

Magnus was one of the 3 primarchs that lived to see the Steward crowned Emperor, although only barely. He was as human as the day he was born, however much that was, and longevity treatments can only take you so far. His ashes were scattered to the winds on the tallest Himalayan mountain carried there by the Emperor himself.
File: 1251141257556.jpg (722 KB, 1210x734)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Any good?
Good shit, wondering what the redacted stuff is though
File: 1464565358445.png (179 KB, 710x654)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Quick question, how do you think the Eldar interact with the Kriegers? Like, I know we decided to have them be as close to canon as possible, so there's that, but how would they interact with each other? Minimum professional courtesy? We'll just ignore eachother's existance? Fuck off xenos?
File: 1463679161420.jpg (151 KB, 900x1047)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Kriegers do not fully trust the eldar for the most part.

Eldar are not allowed on Krieg.
Yeah, I know that, but how do they interact on the battlefield?
File: 1458695209942.jpg (107 KB, 919x1300)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Kriegers do not adapt their plans for the whim of xenos, xenos adapt to them.

Usually kriegers relentlessly march forth and hold on to things and the eldar hit and run the enemy advance.
File: 1459729400527.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1106)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Even unto the Dark Millennium the Emperor would not allow discussion of what he found in those mountains.

Was it wondrous? Terrible? Both? None may know now. Whatever was there was gone by the time Earth was all but unified. A few abandoned villages, some empty temples, a few overgrown fields and no sign of violence.

Whatever was there looked and acted like people to fool people, more or less. Whatever was there left of it's own accord.

What it is and why anything can never be known though The Warlord found neither joy nor sorrow in its departure.
Since the separation of the Imperial Army into the navy and the guard never happened, what would be the the command structure, strategies and tactical differences between the canon 40k and this AU?
Would a imperial soldier be required to learn ship boarding action as well planetary fighting?

What about equipement differences, is there armour still cardboard or they have something better?
File: 1448323549160.jpg (274 KB, 426x1869)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Arms and equipment would still be the same as they are provided by the Mechanicus and the Mechanicus is much the same.

Some regiments that have closer ties and trade deals with the xeno worlds might have a few pieces of xeno gear.

With a less centralized Imperium worlds that can would supply both ships and soldiers would do so and build them with their common deployments in mind. Worlds that have to import warships would alter them to their style needed.

Whether soldier and space-sailor boundary remains distinct would be up to the world they are trained on.

So long as they get the Imperium it's victories the Imperium doesn't give a shit. Cog-heads will complain at use of xeno-tech but so long as you don't try to create hybrid ship systems or stat using xeno manufactured spares to replace parts of your gear only the Puritans will kick up a fuss.
Does this have a 1d4chan page or something? Somewhere I can read all the lore thats been written so far?
knock yourself out, although a lot of it still needs polishing
Still waiting for Sangy Bro to get.back and finish.
still waiting on edit bro to do perty(?) and clean up the rest
I'm around and have been lurking the thread. I'm a little stuck on writing the Battle of Terra, but I'll see if I can make some solid progress today. Glad you're enjoying it, and feel free to throw out ideas.
Kinda ditto, really, since I'm actually making some headway with perky for the first time in basically ever
File: f5.gif (104 KB, 437x430)
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104 KB GIF
I have nearly worn out the F5 key.
File: pope.jpg (74 KB, 750x500)
74 KB

are we to assume that in one form or another all of the major world religion survived into 40k times?

Because I am totally okay and more with that.
Should we start a new thread, this thread has been up for literally a week?
File: 1461748801488.jpg (274 KB, 650x943)
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274 KB JPG
You can if you think it will attract fresh blood.

Alternative is to give it a few days/weeks and see how many people are interested then.

I know I will be here either way.
File: 350px-1377291976783.jpg (23 KB, 350x233)
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This, we can only hope that editfag and Sangy bro will continue to grace us with their excellent work.
Eldrad Ulthran has used, accumulated, and fought for power. Typically of the arcane, or martial variety, as even a farseer of his reputation and skill can admit that sometimes the best solution is the least subtle. But he never purposely sought political power, or the acclaim of the public eye. In his advanced years, he looks upon the pageantry and political theater as wastes of time burning up what little he has left. If he isn't in the field working at advancing his machinations, he usually can be found in the crystal dome of seers, attempting to forecast the future, and guide the survival of his great work. On very rare occasion, when he feels that the very fate of the galaxy isn't at stake, he visits his family and consorts, communes with the infinity circuit, and if he's feeling very optimistic, has a good cup of tea. All of this combined does not leave much time for Eldrad to engage in politics, except when the need is most dire.

His family is another matter.

Sometimes referred to as "The House of Ulthran." Depending on the speaker, this can be a term of respect, or contempt. Respect, for placing them on such a level as famous houses as Ulthanesh or Arienal, or contempt, for the Ulthrans upstart nature and meddling. A full fourth of the Seer Council is Ulthran, from marriage ties or blood. Ulthran's coffers overflow from monopolies negotiated with unwary Imperial governors, too uneducated to realize that the family and craftworld were not one and the same. With their resources, House Ulthran reinvests these funds into the fleet of Ulthwé, leaving many captains in their debt. At one point, Eldrad Ulthran's ilk held captain positions in the majority of the fleet- though Eldrad Ulthran himself stepped in forced the majority to relinquish their posts for fear of Ulthwé becoming his personal craftworld.

In spite of Eldrad's efforts, the House of Ulthran continues to grow in influence, mostly due to his reputation. And the efforts of Sreta Ulthran.
At 2300 years old, she's technically a grand daughter of the famously tangled and expansive Ulthran family tree. When she was born, the family of Ulthran was just that- a family. No strong bonds between them- Eldrad's nomadic nature and hands off approach combined with the rigors of their Paths left them little time to consider dynastic issues. For Sreta's part, it took her three hundred years on the path of the servant to realize that as well. In a short stint serving at an ambassadorial party, a particularly curious (And slightly intoxicated) Lord Militant Adrana had inquired if she had seen Sreta anywhere before, and rather coarsely asked if Sreta wanted to come back to Adrana's place for a good time. Once Sreta overcame her disgust at the mon'keigh (Sreta doesn't hate humans. She just considers them lesser beings that insult her with their very existence) and engaged in conversation, it led to her family name.

Lord Militant Adrana was flabbergasted and shocked that the grand daughter of the famed Eldrad Ulthran was serving drinks at a glorified cocktail party. Much to the humble servant Sreta's surprise, the Lord Militant apologized, and begged for a chance to make things right before "Eldrad heard about this." Sreta Which led to Sreta seeing an opportunity- to better serve all of Ulthwé of course. Over the next two hundred years, Sreta used her family name to secure meetings with important, easily impressed mon'keigh, and to secure leverage enough to establish standing and influence. She approached her relations- only the ones that mattered. She offered her assistance. Though they were skeptical about the value of the Ulthran name, the prospect of resources and manpower from the mon'keigh intrigued them. Using human mercenaries meant less eldar warriors had to die, and the only thing better than a war hero returning with victory, was a war hero returning with victory and no casualties. Well, none that mattered to Ulthwé at least.
At first, Ulthwé welcomed the trade. Though every thing that humans can do, Eldar can do better, it was good sometimes to be able to get a blanket NOW rather than waiting for the Mistress of the Seams to complete her twelve year meditation to produce the finest silk covering that would be spoken of for centuries to come. With the farseers and autarchs supplemented by human resources, this freed up skilled eldar warriors for the fights that REALLY mattered. And craftsmen that might have been put out by the competing low quality mon'keigh crap coming in were soothed by the extraordinary prices that humans would pay for eldar quality. Entire Imperial families would make themselves paupers for a chance to touch a wraithbone hilt. The traditionalists scowled, but the results were indisputable as the other craftworlds played catch up, and Ulthwé's power and influence grew and grew.

Until they realized that it was Ulthran's power. Sreta had made very sure to benefit only members of her family- and only ones she was certain belonged to Eldrad's lineage, none of his bastards or might-have-beens or the ones that never made anything important of themselves. Many confident great great great great great great nephew's cousin's brother's sister's great great uncle twice removeds approached Sreta confidently only to be rejected with icy words and a narrowed eye. In point of fact, the modern 'House of Ulthran' only has fifty four members that are considered and recorded direct family by Sreta, hand chosen by her.

To mon'keigh, this state of affairs might seem perfectly natural, but to eldar, the notion that 54 people bound only by their name should control so much of a craftworld's resources left them aghast. More than that, that it was a lowly member of the Path of the Servant that had suddenly and quietly placed themselves into this much power rankled those that felt that their paths sacrificed far more.
For the time being, the star of Ulthran continues to rise. Despite Eldrad's pronouncements and warnings, the damage has been done. Even without the unfair contracts Sreta negotiated, too much money and talent has been concentrated in the Ulthran family's hands, and humans invariably put too much value in the Ulthran family name. Ulthwé itself prospers from this, but there is opposition now to Sreta and her cartel. Even some members of the Ulthran clan (Typically those that Sreta snubbed or otherwise left out in the cold) have been speaking up against her.

Within the House of Ulthran itself, there is rumors of a schism- favored Taldeer, a talented farseer and one with much promise has left to serve in the Imperium's military, perhaps to get away from the rivalries, or her own fate to be married off for political advantage. Sreta herself, when she appears in public appears ill- graying, shrunken, with a lingering cough. Some speculate she's been poisoned, or cursed by the gods for her greed. Not that anyone can get an answer from Sreta. She's lost on her own path, a strange path of greed and power. Most of the time, she mumbles, and doesn't wish to talk to any. But talk business, and her eyes brighten, her voice steadies, and she's a steel trap again.

Eldrad does not engage in politics. But, some speculate, Eldrad does still have need. If he's tired of trying to bargain and cajole and manipulate and plan around the petty needs of those he's trying to guide to a brighter future, might he have perhaps left that duty to another? When Eldrad has need of a fleet, the House of Ulthran can build one. If he needs an army, the House of Ulthran can buy one. If he needs the votes for Ulthwé to go on a risky mission, the House of Ulthran can summon them.

If Eldrad or Sreta know, they aren't telling. For now, Sreta focuses on the business, and Eldrad will only lament with a smile that the family's life is its own.
Sreta Ulthuan founder of the path of the Venice Merchant Prince.
Is Prince Yriel still a pirate prince? Since he can't prey on imperial shipping without ruining the treaty.
I mean, we've established he saved a bunch of civilians from Tanith before nuking it (and anyone left there) to wipe out a shit ton of 'nids, and that he did it without any authorisation whatsoever. So at the very least he's a mass kidnapper and possible war criminal - not usually much on the scale of 40k, except when its the survivors of an entire planet.
File: 1445444383117.jpg (151 KB, 1024x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Prince Yriel has a Writ of Trade hand signed by the Emperor and Isha for services to the Imperium.

Exactly what these services are has never been mentioned so technically he is a Rogue Trader. He just calls himself the Pirate Prince because it sounds neat as fuck and entitles him to wear the snazziest hat.

It's possible that his Writ has been revoked at this point due to pressure from the Inquisition for kidnapping 15,000 civilians and somewhere between 1 and 2 regiments, nuking an Imperial planet from orbit and wearing a scandalously snazzy hat. Also Beil-Tan might have also demanded his Writ removed along with his ears and large patches of his skin for dumping an entire colony of humans on one of their maiden worlds they were totally gonna colonize any century now.

But like he gives a fucking shit. He is the Pirate Prince. His fleet goes wherever the fuck it want, whenever the fuck it wants. He did all this shit before he had a Writ and he spent the entire ceremony of presentation checking out the High Priestesses cleavage, which he considered far more rewarding than a bit of paper with a blob of wax on.

They can take his Writ. But they will have to kill him to take his ship and his hat.
pic in any way related?
File: 1475500381016.jpg (41 KB, 460x525)
41 KB
>The Carnival goes where it wants, when it wants and respects no authority but their strange god.
I'm now imagining the carnival heading to Krieg, only to be driven off by the weather and native heavy artillery and gas barrages.
>MFW the carnival has been to Krieg once
File: 1404687584750.jpg (105 KB, 1132x800)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I don't know. I just attach random click pics to all my posts.

If you want to imagine the High Priestess and avatar of Isha as looking like that I see no problem.

They are servants of the Trickster God who has been supplying the booze for thousands of years to keep it going. Although they would have left pretty sharply casualties would have been suspiciously low.
Initial casualties maybe. I dunno man, fallout and all the lovely chemical agents would probably go for the slow burn if they survived initially. Krieg gave them cancer
In the defense of the Harlequins and hangers on it is very, very difficult to party when you turn around and see this.

Next time they go to Valhalla and drink vodka and build snowmen and shit.
>Be Harlequin
>Get to some human plant we've never been to before
>Look around
>Wasteland, ruins, and devastation as far as the eye can see
>What a shit hole
>Oh well, we got booze and time, let's get this party started
>half an hour in, we're all feeling funny, and it's not from the booze
>See one human we picked up a couple worlds ago, I think he was a doctor
>Man is quaffing vodka like a mother fucker
>Notice the distinct look of panic on his face
>Walk over and ask what's wrong, need to know if anything's gonna affect the party
>Tells me he's doing this because of the radiation poisoning
>Ok, makes sen-
>turns out we're in the middle of a fucking radioactive wasteland
>As I'm preparing to get us to GTFO, my blood freezes
>I know of only one human world that's a radioactive shit hole, and they do not fucking like us
>As I get everyone to move their asses, I pray to Isha and Cegorach that we're just in some random wasteland on some back water planet
>Then I hear it, an almost inaudible thunderclap, and a faint whistling that grows ever sharper
>Fuck me right in the ass, we ARE there
>The round impacts, killing at least 10, the doc's missing one of his legs, and my ear's ringing like a motherfucker
>look up, there's a flying fucking brick dropping a bomb
>I dive into the artillery inpact crater seeking cover, dragging the doc with me
>I hear it impact, only instead of a big fucking explosion, it's a THUMP
>Wait a few seconds, peek up and look at the bomb
>it's actuallyjust a big ass barrel, with some writing on the side
>it reads
Demanding immediate withdrawal of Unauthorized personnel
Warning shot fired
Gas barrage in 30
>Warning shot my as-wait
>in 30?
>In 30 what? Minutes, hours, seconds?!
>Hear muffled whumps in the distance
>Seconds, shit
>Grab the doc and haul ass towards the webway gate
>As I run, all I can think is who's fucking idea it was to visit the gasmask and war fetishists
>Fucking Krieg
>Be Shadowseer
>Guide of the Carnival
>Your mission to explore strange new drinks and new hot chicks
>To boldly party where no man has partied before
>This world getting stale, Cegorach the Keg Master looks like he's getting bored
>Shit, time to move.
>Too Drunk to steer shit.
>Look at other Shadowseers. Oh shit nigga they're all passed out. Except Bill. Bill his hallucinating.
>Okay, nearest planet
>Just concentrate on nearest planet and walk
>Okay try again, this time without running out of legs whilst walking
>Hey neato hole in conventional reality torn, big blue tunnel super imposed on nothing.
>Humans only with they were half this magnificent and drunk.
>Everyone shuffling and dancing through the doorway
>Not quite sure what the nearest world is but it smelt like it had a real atmosphere, reasonable temperature and about the right gravity so it's not going to be too bad.

And thats how and why they got to Krieg
File: 1470036503430.jpg (67 KB, 668x712)
67 KB
>Cegorach's face when he discovered a planet where even he couldn't party
This is a neato setting
I like the Emperor/Isha marriage thing. I think we had a thread similar to that a long while ago where the Emperor woke up and was stronger than ever. One of the theories was that Isha revived him so he could rescue her.
not a big fan of what ya did with the Primarchs though.
File: 1474652804857.gif (1.47 MB, 480x270)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
>Not a big fan of what ya did with the Primarchs though
>Almost universal improvement upon primarch character and story
Nah, the man is entitled to his opinion, though I'm interested to hear specifically what his thoughts are.

In retrospect, I personally think I could have brought out the melancholy of the Blood Angels a bit more to balance their character. The tragedy of the Black Rage eroding at their nobility is a big part of the canon BAs, so without that they lean a bit too pure, though I did try to balance it out with a greater emphasis on Lamenter-style sacrifices and hatred of traitors leading to Flesh Tearer-style RIP AND TEAR. Would be great to hear what others think though.

I think the next update will add a bit more nuance to Sangy, and I swear I will post some time this week.
Also, I'm a big fan of the anon who has been writing most of the Primarch stories, particularly his interpretations of Curze as a self-loathing monster and Perty as artistic savant unwillingly dragged to war. Keep it up anon, and lend me some of your writing speed.
Maybe its just a pointless attachment to the lore I know
What has been made is very interesting and I will look into further
File: 1459465827902.jpg (108 KB, 792x474)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Next segment when?
Anon, heavy artillery and gas barrages are the weather on Krieg.
File: IyannaArienal.png (425 KB, 272x577)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Iyanna Arienal, head Spirit Seer of Iyanden, would in this AU be a supreme space navy organizer and essentially what amounts to the military governor of the most colossal Star Fort ever to be built with all the authority of the Imperia Navy that this implies. Her joint Imperial title that she avoid using at all costs is Lady High Admiral.

Craftworld Iyanden still does have a disproportionately huge number of dead dudes walking around in wraith constructs. Some say as many as every other craftworld combined, the majority of them raised by her.

They were raised from living death into unlife when the 'Nids attacked just like the main timeline but unlike the main timeline they were not strictly needed. Prince Yriel appeared at the head of an entire Armada and half a million Kriegers, not that Spirit Seer Arienal knew this was going to happen.

So with the combined efforts of the risen dead and overwhelming conventional forces the 'Nids were driven back and the smashed up Craftworld rebuilt by the Navy.

Point is that we need more on Iyanna Arienal and her role in the Navy of the Eastern Fringe.
So is Malcador still alive since he never had to spend time in the hotbox?
It is not yet decided what happened to Malcador.

Presumably he either died during the War of the Beast or some time in the early history of the Imperium.

He would have been too old to be seriously augmented and even the Primarchs who received the very best upgrades all eventually passed on.

An idea could be that out of all the factions on Old Earth the Warlord's was the only one with serious rejuvenant and longevity technology bar Antarctica and its cybernetic upgrades.

Such fuck awesome medical care could have been a major bargaining chip to get the not shit nations on board during the early days. Especially if the people making the decisions are knocking on in years.

We don't know how old Malcador was when he hoisted the comatose Warlord out of his jar.

Personally I like the idea that he survived to orchestrate the founding of the Grey Knights as a joint effort between Magnus and Russ. It being the last big thing Russ ever committed to before disappearing and allowing the two primarchs to part on good(ish) terms.

His death would have cut the Steward deep. Malcador might have been the nearest he ever had to a father or any family for that matter.
I like the thoughts regarding Malcador. Along with the death of Sanguinius, maybe losing two of the people closest to him and almost dying to the Beast is why the Steward felt he was unworthy to be the Emperor.

As for the Grey Knights, there was a suggestion earlier that we emphasize their knightliness instead of having them be super secret, team killing assholes. I assume Imperial citizens have a rudimentary knowledge of Chaos to defend against corruption?
File: 1458675002726.jpg (182 KB, 900x900)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Iyanden reached a Wraith Guard tipping point during the Great 'Nid War.

So many souls left the Infinity Circuit that they became a majority of the living dead. Because most of everyone in the Circuit's friends were in new bodies more left and the process of Circuit Exodus took on an unstoppable momentum.

New wraith body stockpiles were depleted and still the dead waited in line patiently to return. It was a busy 60 years for the Bonesingers as the sang empty body after body into existence.

By the end of it the living dead outnumbered the living 10 to 1. Needless to say the craftworld had to be extended and over the next century doubled in size.

By M41 the Infinity Circuit is seen as a temporary storage ground for the recently dead until their new body is finished.
That would be a smart idea. Like just teach people the signs to look out for
They adopted the Interex method. Basic education to spot and avoid and enough knowledge to know why you are avoiding it.

Grey Knights operate with a great deal of inspiration. There are posters.

The Knights don't store weird shit in their basement anymore. They have a separate installation on Ganymede for that.

They don't use deamon weapons either.

Out of all the chapters they have the biggest and most varied collection of xeno weapons anywhere in the Imperium.

Due to the problem of genetic compatibility due to the Mk III Special Edition gene-seed they can only recruit from psychic stock they replenish the ranks slowly. Because they have recruitment rites over every world in the Imperium they always do replenish eventually.

Their numbers once peaked at 7 and a half thousand. Currently it's well under 3 thousand due to recent attrition.

Some question if the order can survive much more at current levels of activity.
>the Infinity Circuit is seen as a temporary storage ground for the recently dead until their new body is finished.
So it's basically a waiting room?

I wonder how the Wraithguard changed the way Dreadnoughts are handled. Mainly because the idea of Wraithguard Bjorn appeals to me.
Yes the Iyanden Infinity Circuit is basically just a waiting room now. The other craftworlds look down on them for this. They say the dead should be allowed their rest. The Iyanden dead tell them to piss off, they won't take death lying down. Dying is to them now seen as too much like having been beaten

Most chapters will not take too much xeno-tech for fear of causing the Cog-Heads to go REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and stop giving them stuff. Ad-Mech still does 80% of all imperial industrial works simply because they specialize in doing it big and cheap. 10% is made up of the Hubworlder Forge-Lords which is just Mechanicus: Dorf Edition, they specialize in quality works rather than bulk. Mechanicus think they're cool from a theological stand point.

From a previous thread concerning Bjorn.

>If Bjorn really is the last surviving member of the original raid that freed Isha bar the Emperor then I can see the Wolves and the Eldar getting along.

>Every 50 or 70 years a wraithguard turns up on Fenris and wakes Bjorn from his deep sleep to go on another adventure. This annoys the Chaplains, especially grumpy old Ulrik the Slayer.

>The space elves turn up in animal skins and furs and war paint, drink shit loads of Fenrisian Ale, play music really loudly, wake up Ancient Bjorn and then go charging out of the Fang, back into the webway and take a few dozen excitable bloodclaws with them.

>They usually turn up after a few months with trophies, fresh scars and outrageous stories and then drink more ale, play more shitty eldar music and get into brawls with each other and everyone else.

>The wraithguard was also in life a member of the raiding party that rescued Isha.

>He and the primitive eldar aren't actually exodites as they look, they are some of the last disciples of the dead god Kurnous and they hold Bjorn as one of their heroes.
If Prince Yriel and Iyanna Arienal aren't ins some sort of politically forbidden relationship then something has gone wrong. Very, very wrong.
Hopefully by Friday
You will have to start a new thread.
Grey Knights are organized into Brotherhoods of approximately 150 knights.

Unlike most other Chapters and Legions they do not make use of outside help. They have no unaugmented humans or xeno supporters beyond elder guides to get them through the webway.

The reason for this is not for reasons of principle or notions of purity but simply because everybody else is a liability. They have been known to make exceptions for other Space Marines, notably their brother chapter the Exorcists.

The names of the brotherhoods started of as numerical designations but took on the names of their commanders and eventually names settled on the names of heroes.

Brotherhoods have appeared, diapered, reappeared and died again throughout history.
Instead of having the Exorcists be a separate chapter, what do you think about having them be an elite brotherhood within the Grey Knights? After a battle brother has proven himself against demons, he must face them on the most dangerous battlefield of his own mind before he can claim the title of Exorcist.
That's going a bit too far.

GK are already a fading order. They can't afford the numbers. Also it would make them seem too OP to have Deamon immunity therapy and Mk 3 S gene-seed.

Exorcists are like majority of chapters in that they possess Mk 3 MP gene-seed. Their added extra is the possession and exorcism ritual.

The two chapters are brothers in that they both are born from the application of the teachings of Magnus. Just that they both went in completely opposite directions. Possibly because GKs were co-founded with Russ.

GKs have 100% librarians whereas the Exorcists have Sergeant and Chaplain essentially be the same thing. Also the Exorcists have access to human regiments to back them up except when they are assisting the GKs.

The Gks, although they love working alongside the Exorcists, would never socialize with one quite apart from the radically different ideologies and methodologies. The GKs are all psychics and the Possession thing leaves scars on the soul and makes the Exorcists "feel" all sorts of wrong.

Neither side get on well with the Word Bearers. WBs are so full of faith that the deamons have no room to get in.
I think the opposite order regarding the Primarchs makes more sense. Given Russ' distrust of psykers it makes sense that he would find an daemon countermeasure that doesn't require them, so maybe they cofounded both but Russ had more influence over the Exorcists and Magnus over the GKs
Russ' hate of psychic came from his understandable fear of deamons.

He would not be cool with the notion of sticking a deamon up someone's ass to se if they could shit it back out again.

Teaching psykers to lift weight with their brains till they can squash a deamon flat under their own power on the other hand is right up his Rune Priest street.
Sooooo wait one cotton picnicking second.

The Grey Knights are at least part Rune Priest?

I am surprisingly okay with this.
File: russ.jpg (107 KB, 651x913)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: 1471794965264.jpg (99 KB, 401x400)
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Gonna bump this with somewhat related pic
We need dem fanart, we need to full 1d4chan with all this faggotry.
Best one could do is requst from the drawthreads.
This has to be the longest lasting thread I've ever seen.
I think it's to do with work/sleep patterns in the participants making the thread "leapfrog" between page 1 and page 8 - 10.

Salvage log regarding unusual item 43

Item appears to be a quasi-biological construct in the basic appearance of man in mid to late twenties. Item is approximately 2.5 meters in height, broad across shoulder and pale skin. Attempts to determine ethnic group from visual analysis has failed. Subject is either from an hitherto in recorded group, an outlier of his group or of mixed ancestry. Nearest group to appearance seems to be the western Merika or Calbi tribals. Item appears to be alive and breathing although apparent internal temperature seems to be somewhat below that of a man in final stages of hypothermia. Attempts at awakening the item have so far been fruitless.

First-mate Varda suggested electro shock to awaken. No result beyond blown fuses.

Varda also suggested the use of drugs injected into subjects blood stream. Further attempts discouraged to preserve needle stocks.

Attempts to monitor brainwaves have given confusing results. Casual psychic surface scans indicate that the mind of the individual is that of a potent psyker but seem to be completely empty. Disinclined to probe deeper until nature of Item is further determined.
Day 12 of return voyage.

Item 43 appears to have regained/gained consciousness.

Janitor Ujarak discovered Item standing upright next to it's shelf and came immediately to myself report development.

Item's eyes have been revealed to be an almost metallic golden in colour and follow sources of movement in it's immediate environment. No other sources of activity are evident.

Thermal scans still reveal unnaturally low internal temperature.

Item made no resistance to having the brain-scan cap put back on. No change in apparent brain activity. Psychic scans suggest an very minor increase in activity. In a normal individual the change would be all but unnoticeable due to background chatter.

Item appears to be growing a faint covering of dark hair on scalp and jaw consistent with a human male of assumed age. Attempts to remove a sample have been successful. Analysis of hair fragment shows it to be some sort of very dense composite-polymer similar to the sort used in the manufacture of low grade flack armour.

Further attempts to elicit any additional response have proven unsuccessful. Item moved to secure holding cell as a precaution.

Janitor Ujarak has named the Item Oscar after an uncle of his. I have approved the designation.
Day 20 of return voyage.

Oscar has shown a marked increase in activity. Monitoring equipment shows him measuring the dimensions of his cell and trying to manipulate the door handle. Handle shows signs of having been bent slightly indicating Oscar has strength far superior to that of a baseline human.

When observation and testing teams entre cell Oscar stands immobile and merely observes visitors. Thermal, brain and psychic scanning still reveal no significant change in activity.

As of yet Oscar has not indicated any need or desire to eat, drink or sleep although basic sustenance and bedding has been provided.

As of yet no conclusive idea of what our ancient Cthonian cousins reason for creating this construct were.

Senior members of the salvage teams are convinced that Oscar is an unfinished product and Item 42 that was found in close proximity to Item 43 was a psy-graft machine that would have been used to provide Oscar with programing and purpose. Currently Oscar is a blank slate and we have no real chalk for him.
Day 28 of return voyage

Oscar has escaped from his cell by applying unreasonable force to the door. Was found in storage hold 12 staring at the container we found him in.

After 5 hours of no additional activity he returned to his cell without prompting.

Day 30 of voyage home

Oscar wandered into the mess hall this morning and ate a synth-meat pate bun. Brief flare in internal temperature was recorded by off duty tech-adept team.

Casual psychic observation is showing considerable increase in activity but still well beneath that of even a child.

Attempts to restrain or move Oscar when Oscar does not wish to move have been ineffectual. Oscar sat motionless for five hours in mess hall. Diners found the experience "creepy".

An overall work suit has been fabricated in Oscars size.

Day 33 of return voyage.

Warp turbulence flared up this evening. Navigator attempted to drop us back into real space but to no avail. Anti-boarding teams were put on alert.

The turbulence ceased abruptly in the area surrounding the ship. Filtered external footage shows Oscar standing on the prow of the ship without a void suit glaring at the warp.

Method of survival is as yet unknown. Oscar did not return to the interior of the ship until cessation of disturbance some 39 hours later with seemingly no ill effects due to exposure to the vacuum of open space or total exposure to the Warp.

Oscar was placed in a decontamination booth. Oscar pushed open the door of the decontamination booth and returned his cell.

Return voyage day 36.

Oscar was found in mess hall again today having consumed a standard portion of cooked vegetable strips. Oscar then closed his eyes for almost half an hour. This is possibly the only time he has "slept" since first being awakened.

Upon awakening he approached my office and spoke for the first time asking "What am I to do?"

Oscar has been tasked with categorizing and ordering the items salvaged Cthonian artefacts.
Return voyage day 37

Members of the crew with knowledge of ancient history have put forth the suggestion that this "Oscar" is a Man of Gold albeit an unfinished one.

I am now faced with somewhat of a dilemma. The return of this creature to the territory of Clan Terrawatt could be disastrous for all nations of Earth. From what fragments we know of history a Man of Gold, should he have a mind to be, would be a disaster of similar magnitude to that of another super-volcanic eruption and it is doubtful that the people of Earth would survive such again.

After due consideration I have decided not to detonate the reactor.

This decision will either be remembered as Malcador's Triumph or briefly Malcador's Folly. May the Ancestors guide us.
what xenos could be major problems that were more minor annoyances before?

The hrud?
Basically anything that can change shape.

Given the more accepting nature of the abhuman something looking like a human but not quite right is not going to be immediately lynched.

Simulacra for example. They also eat brains.
So the Emperors real name is Oscar, after the uncle of a Janitor? Cute.
It was a label.

If we are going to go with the first thing you get called is your name then his name was Item 43.

Also Dark Eldar pretending to be craftworlders and using the underhives as a playground.
Not sure how I feel about those pansy warp storms.
On one side this is nice write faggotry on the other side: with storms that weak, how did the first empire fall at all?

In the main universe it took the admech to find out about calmer periods. In those they sent out their colonisation fleets. And of those many did not make it through.

Here some techno barbarians in a ship that somehow survived terra and was not looted by the cogbros can make it out and back again.
The Emperor prevented the ship from getting wrecked by the warp storm because he's that strong
have the previous threads been archived on suptg?
The second thread (previous one) was archived, first one was not as far as I know.
File: 1464555252223.jpg (100 KB, 564x842)
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100 KB JPG
It wasn't a full storm. It was turbulence.
This is actually the fourth thread, I have the other 3 saved.
I stand corrected
File: crosinvt.jpg (19 KB, 205x280)
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The papacy was restored upon the death of Archbishop Kor Phaeron.

His last instructions, to be opened by the bishops at his funeral, went into extensive length and detail and was in fact something close to a small book in length.

Distant branches of the Church had been discovered off world and with the relaxing of border on Earth the faithful of other nations had also to be represented rather than the Church developing an internal them and us mentality in regards to the Yndonesic Bloc.

To this end the Council of Cardinals was reestablished to decide on his successor and be the Primus inter pares of all the Church. There were representatives in cardinals crimson from all major centers of the faith from worlds around stars so very distant.

The Lorgar and a contingent of Word Bearers were also present to ensure that all played nicely. The Steward considered this to be a breach of the division between religion and military but Lorgar pointed out that a shared faith and mutual respect for the faiths of others was a corners tone of any stable society. Also he and his contingent were present in their capacity as ordained men of the cloth and this was the first holiday he had taken since he got the job. The Steward relented on the basis that out of all the problems facing the Imperium a bit of ecumenical legal shenanigans was least among them.

The man who became the new Pontiff, first in uncounted years, was from a rather minor parish in the arid wastes of Strayllya. Of him little was known as his first act was to remover all records concerning his past, he served God now in all things in the capacity of his servus servorum Dei.

This act some years later was also performed by his successor and his successor and eventually became the tradition of The Nameless Father, seldom broken even unto the dying of the Dark Millennium.
But somehow those scientists made it through, with the intend to go back before meeting soon to be Emprah.
The Warp Storms engulfed the Sol system and many others. They traveled to Cthonia, so they had to go through them.
Why should any of the current religions survive?
I would have no problem with new religions poping up and taking things from the old ones as their own stuff, reinterpreting it changing things. That's buisness as usual for religions as long as mankind had them.
But current religions surviving 38000 years?

Please not, the warp is more reasonable.
To be fair to the OP, the beliefs of the Katholian Church would probably only vaguely resemble modern Catholicism with maybe a roughly similar hierarchy.
There were brief times of less warp string during those times. That's how the Mechanicus originally spread.

They could have set course to a nearby star system with the intent of salvaging as much pre-Strife shit as possibel and getting home befor it the weather turns bad again.

In the GW approved 40k Olanius Pius was a Katholian and in Legion of the Damned one of The Scurge's serfs reads to him about the Katholians.
Took 10 days but we did, we pass it 300 replies!
What do we win?
Another thread next week with new writefaggotry, art, lorebui k ding, and hopefully some keks
*lore building
File: Don_9a98ee_864507.jpg (33 KB, 500x375)
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>There were brief times of less warp string during those times. That's how the Mechanicus originally spread.
I know, see: >>49873921
The problem is: Even then most of their fleets did not make it. Sending them out was a one way ticket.
>In the GW approved 40k Olanius Pius was a Katholian and in Legion of the Damned one of The Scurge's serfs reads to him about the Katholians.
And the perpetual fluff is among the worst in the setting...
Also regarding old faiths: The last church. Faiths of our time only had some hold outs in backwater areas at best. And none survived the reunification.
This time the Emperor wasn't a militant atheist.
Most likely, they wouldn't give a shit.
They'd distrust them, and wouldn't want a damned thing to do with Warlocks and Farseers, but Infantry? You'd probably just have them continue doing their thing. Then again, you might get some Kriegers grunting in amusement at one of the Hangman's Humor jokes the Dark Reapers and Death Jesters.
Aye, that is obvious. Still those old faiths were dying fast. The less shit the living conditions the less faithful populations get, that has always been the case.

Taking religions like Dune did would work better I think. Mixed together and changed to be somewhat recognizable to the reader yet foreign and not having much to do with the ones of our time.
Katholian and Catholicism might not have all that much in common bar a few similar names.

Also by that logic it would still be prevalent because It's a Nobledark setting not Noblebright.

The universe is shit, the people aren't.
Anyone planning on archiving and starting a new thread?
seconding this

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