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DVD Blooper Reel Edition

There is still shit needing a fluff out. We got the origin and basic deeds of ~3 primarchs and very little else in terms of characters.

Also the idea of religion within the Imperium was barely touched upon.

Also is writebro coming back?

If I have time this afternoon I will try and make 1d4chan page. I promise nothing because I can't into computers good.
>Also is writebro coming back?
I am here.
I am always here.
trapped forever
Not to sound pushy or anything but are you going to continue that story?
I do.
Horus - 100% human from Luna, possibly of Void Born stock.
Russ - Canis Helix variant of Marine from land of Skand
Ferrus Manus - High quality skittarii of one of the Terran Mechanicus enclaves
Fulgrim - Astartes pattern from Merika
Vulkan - Astartes pattern from Afrique League
Dorn - Calbi born, early model astartes pattern. Desensitization problems.
Guilliman - Europia, limited gene-forging and discrete cybernetic enhancement. Unsuitable for Astartes upgrades due to age.
Magnus the Red - child of a high end psychic mother and a Navigator father. No augmentations. Court of Ursh.
Sanguinius - Astartes from Dusht Jemanic.
Lion - Astartes. Franj born
Perty - Late stage Thunder Warrior commander of the Macedonia Garrison.
Morty - Late stage Thunder Warrior with cyber-augments. Grandson of Unspeakable Tyrant of Gredbritton.
Logar - Limited gene-forged. Ynsdonesic Bloc theocracy.
Khan - Former military commander of Ursh. Early Astartes.
Curze - Late stage Astartes. Pan-Pacific Empire.
Angron - Very early TW. Nord Afrik Enclaves.
Corax - Bania, astartes.
Alpharious & Omegon - records deleted by order of the Inquisition

Out of these which needs to be done next?
why are primarchs no longer tankborns scattered around the galaxy?
>Ferrus Manus - High quality skittarii of one of the Terran Mechanicus enclaves
>Vulkan - Astartes pattern from Afrique League
>"Decleration: You are weak, Vulkan."
This time round the Emperor earned the hate of Chaos for stealing Isha from them and giving her back to the eldar rather than making a pact with them and going back on it.

Without this pact he would not have been able to make the artificial souls of the Primarchs.

This time round the Astartes were developed as a continuation of the previous Super Soldier projects that the Emperor, then known as Warlord, began. Also as the Unification Wars progressed he salvaged the notes and adepts responsible for the super soldiers created by his rivals and incorporated them into his projects.

The early designs of Thunder Warrior were a blunt interment that required constant medical care, a strict diet and drugs. And even then they were prone to serious psychological problems, organ failure and strokes. Angron was of this generation and it was considered a miracle that he lived as long as he did even with the best doctors the Emperor, then Steward, could give him.

Later designs of TWs were still a fair bit crazy but needed nowhere near the same levels of medication and only occasionally dropped dead for no discernible reason. Perty and Morty were of this design.

Early stage Astartes were made with access to the expertise of conquered/allied nations. They only required drugs to undo malformation from imperfect implementation of the upgrades. Didn't have any of the extras of the later designs. Mentally reasonably stable.

The Canis Helix/Dog Soldier design was made during this time and quickly scrapped due to increased mutation rate. Of the surviving Successes Russ was the most famous.

Later stage Astartes are what people think of what you say Space Marine. They saw the largest popularity and deployment in the Legions of the Imperial Army.

Custodeous/Grey Knight models were created as an off shoot of the late stage astartes. Superior in every measurable way. Almost completely discontinued; compatibility issues made them economically unviable for large scale creation
Oh Shit yes. Looking forward to it.
so what about chaos?
did heresy happen?
who is Imeprium at war ATM, same old shit except for Elves?
Chaos used the Crone World Eldar as its champions.

The orks briefly united under the command of a super ork known as The Beast. The Croneworlders direct them to Old Earth and start summoning demonic forces of their own.

Dark Eldar sense the possibility to take trillions of slaves and attack a softened target.

Eldar and Humans were the first in the alliance. Eventually the Demiurge are permitted to join. By M41 there are a bunch of minor xenos in the Imperium, including the Tau and associates.
So... we have 18 primarchs here. What about the two missing ones? Do they exist at all here? Do we have any Legions/Chapters falling to Chaos at all?
Also, what are the status of the 'Nids and Genestealers?
Did any of primarchs go chaos in process?
Who is the Steward?
Did the Emperor fuck things up a little?
Who are the Demiurges? Old ones?
What with the Tyranids?
Is the science totally ruined?

Sorry for this load of questions, but I want to know the status.
Yeah, OP you have a chance to come up with two more primarchs (since they didn't get stolen by chaos gods)
Space Jew dwarfs.
so just regular space dwarfs, then
There may have been 2 other Primarchs. 2 more great generals, their names lost to history or other people of note in that time associated with that rank. Or they had dual ranks like Farseer-Colonel Taldeer and history eventually dropped the Primarch title.

No entire Legion fell, none of the Primarchs. Many within the Legions fell. Which is not to say that all the Primarchs were good men. Most of them could be quite terrible. Curze was monstrous and eventually had himself tried and executed for war crimes.

Gene-stealers turned up as early as early M33. Nids turned up in late M36. As of last M41 the assumption that the Hive Fleets were just a vanguard force has been confirmed. The main fleet has just arrived and it is assaulting the entire crescent of the far Eastern fringe simultaneously.
Considering Isha was taken from Nurgle, only seems fair if Nurgle manages to corrupt one of the Primarchs. I can also see Slaanesh pulling the same, so it could try and get back their stomach (didn't the other thread mention the Emperor stole that?)
That was a thread years ago referenced in the previous thread.

Nurgle was pissed off because she was his cage bride. Slaanesh wanted her for itself and now it was never going happen. Khorne saw the theft as an insult all the gods. Tzneetch was pissed because he had been using Isha as a means of stirring up strife between the other 3.
Anything on the Necrons?

In this setting it might be more appropriate to have them as the soulless exterminators they were in 4e. Makes them a real, motivated (in a way that contrasts with the approach of other races) threat.
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So what happens with Mars? I can't imagine the Emperor would let the cult life on if the imperium would be in any less shit situation it is right now.
Also Tau and Eldar in the Imperium would share at least some of their tech to uberboost their combined warmachine.

Also what happens to based Interex
How do we make the Night Lords NobleDark?
File: hades and persephone.png (142 KB, 500x425)
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142 KB PNG
In the previous threads it was noted that they started waking up earlier. Most of them are hostile to the Imperium and see it as a shit hole full of eldar. Also they see it as trying to usurp a galaxy that is rightfully theirs. A lot are too insane for a line of reasonable reasoning to be determined but act quite omicidal and so need to be exterminated. Easier said than done.

A few extreme minority cases have opted to join the Imperium. Although the deal seems to be that they will do whatever the Emperor orders so long as the Emperor never orders them to do anything. It's probably they are just using the Imperium as shelter against the other shit inhabiting the galaxy. But they aren't hostile. They might still be insane. Sometimes they will apear out of thin air and wander around a city seeming to pick directions at cross roads at random and sometimes bouncing off of the walls, sometimes they will appear walking along along and remote road, walk a few hundred miles and fade away again. But they aren't actively trying to kill Imperial citizens so it's an improvement. But they are an extreme minority.

Warlord/Steward/Emperor's attitude to religion this time round can be summed up thusly;

1. No worshiping Chaos
2. No worshiping me (will accept saint, paragon or other title of veneration under sufferance)
3. No militarized religious institutions

Beyond that no fucks are given.
He is married to Isha (via her High Priestess) and as such he has a place in the Eldar religion. At his insistence it is as a folk hero like Eldernesh rather than as a member of the pantheon. It is a compromise that everyone can continue to live with.
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413 KB JPG
Mechanicus make up the fucking huge majority of manufacturing industry of Imperium. They have fuck huge army and so break rule 3. They point out that they entered into this partnership during the Sol Unification and had fuck huge army before rule 3 was introduced. Also go fuck yourself you xeno fucking Terran git, this is partnership not a subjugation relationship. You want space ships? You turn blind eye.

But given that the Mechanicus tend to stay holed up in their Enclaves and Forgeworlds their minor rebellious attitude remains mostly contained and does not spread to rest of population.

Interex joined Imperium. Imperium has free trade across all internal borders, but no trade out of borders without permit singed by Emperor. Also Imperium has mutual protection deal going on. Next time Orks come to pick on Interex they have whole Imperium to deal with.
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Konrad Curze was a man that could politely be described as driven and accurately be described as a frothing at the mouth lunatic. Of all the Primarchs appointed none were more questioned than he.

He had grown up in the final days of the Age of Strife in the rambling under city Tordashimya in the Pan Pacific Empire with all of the horrors and excess that this entails. To say that this had an effect on the deepest levels of his mind would be insufficient, he say the fledgling Imperium as only existing as a means of imposing some sort of order and some basic justice on a world that was in dire need of both and he saw it as his duty to make it happen.

Sadly his means of doing so left much to be desired. The easiest way to rebuild a society is to break it down, the quickest way to gain obedience is through fear and the quickest way to install some system of punishments for crime is to decapitate the government and install a new one.

Despite, or some darkly whispered because of, the Stewards insistence that he change his tact Curze became stubborn and resentful and his predations became more brutal. Unable to halt his course the Steward of Earth directed him instead to the worlds of no hope, worlds so broken that they could never be brought in to the Imperium. Worlds he couldn't make worse.

It was on the world of Nostramo seemingly cursed by gods and men that the Night Haunter found some strange joy. If he could bring a world so broken, so unspeakably wretched, as this to the light of civility then he would be vindicated before the whole galaxy.

The subjugation of that world was the harrowing stuff of nightmares. The Dark Eldar could barely have done better to make every day-cycle a new nightmare.

But in time Night Lord Curze was vindicated. His people took control of ever position of authority and the malcontents and all of their families and friends be hey man or woman or elder or child were removed and rediscovered mutilated and quite dead.
File: battle clown.gif (2.02 MB, 300x222)
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2.02 MB GIF
But order was brought, hideous as it was.

For all the horrors his legion inflicted on one world ten more surrendered without raising arms. Examples were made of the worst so that more virtuous peoples could be saved.

When the dark whispers of Chaos afflicted his mind and the eldar of the Crone Worlds arose from their dark corners of space assailed and his dreams and offered him such tantalizing thing they found their blandishments wanting. Their envoys were cut down, their offers refused and a their promises met with scorn. They had assumed that something so monstrous as Curze had become would revel in their depraved debaucheries without considering that he would find them as repulsive as other, better, people found him.

Some, of course, fell. Younger soldiers who had maybe joined the cause for self gratification, creatures in mans guise that had enjoyed their work.

For the entirety of the War of the Beast the Lords of the Night were found sowing discord and misery amongst the fleets and the armies of damnation. For every horror the invaders committed more was inflicted upon them.

Few of that despised Legion fought on the soil of Old Earth and never were they allowed to forget this. But because of their actions the forces of damnation were weakened and poorly focused with one eye always over their shoulder.

In the aftermath of that war it was in no small part due to Curze that more provincial worlds didn't try to leave the Imperium. In the Imperium they had protection. Outside the Imperium Curze would "convince" them to rejoin the Imperium.

Curze was in latter years well aware that he had become everything he had despised in his youth. In the year 243M32 he had himself tried and executed for war crimes as the ultimate testament that none were beyond judgement. He had deemed himself to have outlived his usefulness and although the Imperium could tolerate a useful monster it should have no love for them.
So can anyone give me a brief summary of this "nobledark" setting and how it's different from grimdark and noblelight?
Grimdark = Everything is shit and we have become shit to combat the shit

Noblebright = In the Noble Brightness of the far future there is only HIGH ADVENTURE!

Nobledark = Everything is shit but fuck that noise, so long as good men hold the line the shit will not claim us.
Well, fuck. I can't honestly see ANYTHING surviving the entire Tyranid fleet, unless these guys are even better than the Imperium then I suspected. I'm guessing if the main fleet's here, we won't be seeing any Genestealers. A pity, as a Nobledark setting like this could probably allow for the existence of rogue Genestealers and stuff.
Perhaps though, Genestealers do survive in a way. Maybe the Tyranids are worshipped by some?
File: 1393881448439.jpg (90 KB, 595x500)
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There are gene-stealer cults throughout Imperial space and beyond acting as beacons to more efficiently tell the Hive where the good eating is.

If anything there would be more of them because they have had longer to propagate.

They are by necessity malleable on a genetic level and all it takes is one pure-strain to be born with a mutation that makes them deaf to the telepathic SCREEEEE SCREEEE and then survive long enough to pass the mutation on. Then you have free range gene-stealers.

Resources the Imperium would have spent fighting the eldar, the tau and a hundred other silly little wars are not being diverted from the big wars. Also the Inquisition and associated institutions like the Sisters of Battle, Grey Knights and Inquisitorial Regiments as well as the eldar forces do have access to the web-way. The Eldar wouldn't let everyone use it due to stability and integrity issues but they did upgrade the Astronomican as an apology.
File: Spoiler Image (224 KB, 800x1000)
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I like it; Consider it NL player approved
OP here.

I tried for the last few hours making 1d4chan page called Nobledark Imperium.

I gave up. I'm too retarded and also sorry.

Anybody else want to give it a try?
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>tfw you'll never be a busty Eldar with a Space Marine Husbando while saving humanity
while we're so focused on eldar, have you guys seen this?
File: LCB_DOMESTIC_VIOLENCE.gif (18 KB, 120x160)
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Looks about right to the fluff.

Eldar are tall fuckers.
disregarding your pic why are LIIVI and Taldeer drawn roughly same height then?
It looks cute and relatable.

LIIVI trying to hug someone in the Space Marine height range would look awkward.
>An Eldar with abnormally giant breasts
Um, what's the point?
Maybe she's just a bit short? And/or he's tall.
File: 1459070701842.jpg (40 KB, 680x848)
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>LIIVI trying to hug someone in the Space Marine height range would look awkward.

That's funny way to write hot as fuck
Macha is High Priestess of Isha.
Isha is a fertility/mother goddess.
As High Priestess and avatars Macha must embody Isha.
Therefore wide hips an large breasts.
She looks sad now because ruins athletic figure. Will not be looking sad when Emperor rails her with godly power.
In this universe Macha is not permavirgin.
Imperial human joke is that Emperor has fucked her on every planet in the Imperium.
Imperial eldar joke is that she has fucked humanity back to sanity.
Reposting a headcacnon of mine from previous thread.

I got an idea that popped into mind involving the half breed offspring that's most likely gonna happen thanks to the human-eldar alliance. Asides from half eldar offspring being all 'cutie-adorable-handsome-beautiful wifes and husbandos', I headcanon the half breeds would be far more athletic and very agile compared to normal humans. But their athleticism would either be considered "sloppy" or "just close enough" in "regular" eldar standards.

Half Eldar would have a natural born tendency to be far more athletic than most normal humans and would therefore be experts and or masters in the art of Parkour or Freerunning . (wonder what would the bullshit Latin name for Parkour in 40K)

So in training facilities, asides from seeing human personnel learn how to do fancy and sleek agile Ballet-like moves from eldar instructors and seeing human CQC instructors teaching Mixed Martial Arts and Dirty Fighting techniques to eldar. One will also see half eldar personnel training and mastering their freerunning in parkour courses.

Basically I'll try summing it up like this:

A human, an eldar and a half-breed between the two are in a platform and they'd have to jump of it.

-Human will either try to scale it down or jump of it by landing on their fours; using their hands and legs, hopefully not getting too hurt.

-Eldar will do some fancy kung-fu level front flip or back flip and landing perfectly on their feet.

-And the half eldar will jump and roll; basic parkour move.

So what do you thinnk?
File: 1462520060940.png (109 KB, 500x476)
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109 KB PNG
How would LCB or LIVVI and Taldeer's relationship playout in this nobledark scenario. Just gotta wonder now that humanity and eldar are encouraged to be good friends?

Have a pic of LIVVI and Taldeer as Nate and Nora from Fallout 4
File: Spoiler Image (1.21 MB, 1800x2500)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
So i take it pic related would no longer be considered Heresy in nobledark?
File: 1475103245504.jpg (220 KB, 809x592)
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220 KB JPG
Excuse me mr writefag. Could I suggest this pic related be an inspiration for your next story for a nobledark 40k?
Wait, I just got here. What's the situation with Slaanesh in this AU?
File: 1461513872680.jpg (83 KB, 720x824)
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Still basically the same but more pissed off at Imperium because now she has to work for eldar souls.
C'mon man, we agreed that the only way hybrids are gonna appear is if the AdMech bio-division decide to do some fucky drunk science and give the finger to genetics
File: 1441990596861.png (621 KB, 727x1500)
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621 KB PNG
After the 8th Black Crusade the Harlequins stopped visiting the Dark City.
Maybe they could also happen if the Chaos gods took an interest in things. Like Nurgle, I mean, how hard is it gonna be for him to throw together a virus that lets two species with radically different genetic codes conceive a child?
Ganymede was not actually covered in warp contamination. The detonated experimental warp engine story was big cover up.

Ganymede is the big storage moon for the crap that the Inquisition collects. Forbidden things for containment and study.

The fact that they aren't destroying these things is massively pissing off the eldar elders. Especially Eldrad.

Ganymede is basically planet sizee SCP Foundation storage facility.
No. But it would be considered odd.

The fetus would have to be created by twisting the human genes until they are compatible with the eldar genes. You could try twisting the eldar genes but holy fuck that would be difficult as their genes are already twisted and given how resistant they are to mutation may not be possible.

What you would end up with is the human contribution to the child being "this it what you would have passed on if you were eldar" deal.

Then would have to be implanted into the mother.

Then mother have to take drugs to prevent body rejecting something that is basically a different species to her.

Is possible. Is easier to grow child in jar. Maybe mother was an Isha puritan or something.
But why?
Not that guy but if I had to justify it;

Because Nurgle isn't about accepting change and as such he can't get over the loss of Isha.

These are, to him, the children they never had.

Go one step further and go Full Mandrake. He is trying to make a replacement fuck buddy to keep in his basement and infect.
Given the amount of Class-D people the SCP goes through to make no mention of people dying due to fuck up rather than being expendable it would be one of the more morally questionable institutions within the Imperium. Thankfully the Imperium has no shortage of Class-D death row inmates to throw at the place.

It's also a possibility that the Emperor was, or at least started out as, quite traditionalist in terms of gender roles. He never chose any women as a Primarch and any female generals in his armies were appointed by Malcador without the Warlord's immediate knowledge. Possibly the Matriarch of the Geno Five-Two Chiliad Regiments was one of the ones struck from the records or allowed to fade into obscurity.

The Geno Five-Two Chiliad Regiments in this time were deemed too important to simpely allow to die. As of the End of the War of the Beast the little that remained of them was taken off of the active list and used to set up a breeding colony at an undisclosed location it was in the tunnels of half abandoned Cthonia. A few hundred years later the Geno-Cthonian regiments were being exported across the Imperium as slightly strange specialist units. Their leaders were supplied with anti-agapic and longevity treatments to prolong their usefulness to mankind.
Guilliman was born to a minor noble house in the great and relatively prosperous realm of Europia. His parents were able to afford him admittance to Parisiorum University, the most prestigious educational institution of that fair nation. By the onset of adulthood he was well versed in the classics of language, mathemetics and the basic sciences but it was in military theory that he truly excelled.

As a young man he was transferred to the Avelroi military academy where he trained to be an officer. Although he was no mean tactician and a more than adequate soldier it was in the arts of strategy and logistical planning that his brilliance was found.

Upon completion of his training to declarations of brilliance from his tutors he was assigned to the southern border where his nation rubbed shoulders with the Nord Afrik Enclaves with whom they had warred often.

Within a month of being assigned to the semi-derelict Jibraltonius border fort the area was brought up to peak efficiency nad effectiveness. Whole swathes of the border defenses were brought back up to and exceeding standard from the beating they took in the last border dispute under his watch as he was transferred from ruin to ruin. And not before time.

Before long it the sun had risen and it was time for another war. To the consternation of the Nord Afrikaanus and their cyber-thrall army commanders it was not to be a quick bout of raid and pillage.

The barbarians broke upon the hardened shell of Europia like rain upon granite. They tried and tried and their assaults and savagery bled their nation white.

The counter attack orchestrated by General Roboute Guilliman was expertly calculated and Nord Afrika burned to ashes from which they never recovered.
The customary actions to follow in such instances as this was for nations to assume the territory of the fallen and incorporate it into their own realm as a subjugated and broken people. Indeed this would have been the case but for Guilliman's address to the senate imploring them to let that foul place rot, Europia didn't need to devour that which would only make them weaker.

This was of great disappointment to the other neighboring nations who were looking forward to invading the over extended and weakened Europia in the following years.

For his apparent wisdom and martial brilliance Guilliman was given the honorific title of Lord, a title that would not normally be bestowed upon him until his fathers death. Further more in the time of relative peace the nation now found itself in it needed an ambassador that was already a man of accomplishment and worth. In these day The Warlord not yet Emperor was still a distant rumbling to the south and east.

It was during his time in the Kingdom of Franj that he met the young (alright, youngish) Queen Yolande Fouché. The two had little in common at a personal level and neither ever completely trusted each other. It was, however, deemed by both their respective governments imperative that they marry as a prelude to the unification of the two nations. Franj itself was deeply wounded and only slowly recovering from devastating biological and warp based attacks by the Unspeakable Tyrant of Gredbritton and would not survive even a half hearted assault from any of it's neighbors, and the Dusht Jemanic was looking to settle old grievances. For the people of Europia it would mean access to the produce of the huge tracts of agricultural land.

When The Warlord came before the senate of Europia, modest in a scribes robes, he came with opens arms and a warm smile.
The senate of Europia saw this new "Imperium" as a macrocosm of their own well ordered nation and felt much would be gained from inclusion, provided they would be represented in the decision and policy making processes of such a regime.

The Warlord accepted their inclusion as well as the joint inclusion of the Kingdom of Franj as neither realm would be willing to part from the other.

In short time Lord Guilliman rose through the ranks of the new Imperial Army, proving his brilliance upon a global level.

When it came time for the Warlord to implement his super soldier project on a much expanded scale it was a sad fact that Lord Guilliman was biologically too old and would almost certainly have died during the implantation process. As consolation he was granted some limited gene-forging and rejuvenant procedures that his usefulness might be extended for centuries to come.

And down the centuries his usefulness was proven.

When the Warlord became the Steward before the Empty Throne and looked to the stars it was Guilliman amongst his generals who was best suited to the task of planning large scale interplanetary warfare, a feat not considered for millennia. For his dedication and adaptability Lord Guilliman became Primarch Guilliman, a leader amongst leaders and when the eye of the Steward looked beyond the confines of Sol whole stellar clusters were brought under the Aquila by the old man of Europia. Of those wars that could fill a library the greatest, the Primarch considered, were the ones not fought.

He was and old man. He looked of middle years but he had lived long past his time. Memories of loved ones, their faces and voices, had become dim and faded. He had outlived his wife and his children and his grand children and in truth his beautiful nation. He was an old man and he was so very tired of war.
File: Star trek sad.jpg (50 KB, 693x960)
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When the War of the Beast descend like a hammer upon the still fledgling Imperium it was Guillimans reforms to the trade routs and military integration that allowed whole sectors to recover from the initial shock and mobilize what forces they had with merciless efficiency.

His well ordered and equipped soldiers and warriors and legionaries made the Beast and his horde pay for every light-year. For every slain citizen under his care a hundred deaths were meted out but all could see that the line was being ground back to the Sanctum Sanctorum of humanity; Old Earth.

For all that the forces of The Beast were weakened it was the other legions that were remembered as striking the death blow. Guilliman was not upset by that; good men were seldom remembered as long as entertaining monsters.

After the slaying of The Beast the time of rebuilding was to begin. It was dirty work but it was good work, rebuilding something after so long fighting soothed his aching soul somewhat even when most of his fellow Primarchs refused his suggested reforms to their legions.

Guilliman endured for a centuries longer than any thought would be possible but In 014M32 he began the long sleep but his legacy would endure for ages to come. Despite his belief otherwise he was remembered fondly by most.
Wew, this is actually really great stuff, thanks mr. Writefag
File: pac man.jpg (58 KB, 600x526)
58 KB
I'm not a writefag, I wish I was a writefag. I have to do big broad historical overviews because I can't write character interactions for shit.

Truth be told I probably can't do big broad historical overviews particularly well either but it's just not as obvious.

Which one do you want me to do next?

I'll try not to fuck it up too completely.
Would be really cool to read about Magnus of Ursh or Fulgrim of Merica. Might try to write some stuff for them, or Skitarii ferrus manus
File: 40k statue of liberty.jpg (325 KB, 840x1343)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
I've tried and I can't.

I had the bare bones about Magnus

>Human very powerful psychic mother, navigator father
>Grew up in service to the Despot of Ursh
>Gets used as sooth sayer, extra-dimensional artillery and brain rape communicator
>Gains interest in deamonology.
>One summoning goes wrong and he ends up with a missing eye and teeth marks all over one side of his face.
>3rd most powerful psychic on Old Earth after Malcador and Warlord.
>More knowledgeable in deamon lore than Malcador. Not sure about Warlord.
>Keeps getting into shit with Warlordbecause he keeps summoning shit for interviews.
>Assists the Warlord by causing utter confusion in the Despots ranks just prior to a big attack on future Kiev. Defects to other side.
>Continues to assist the Emperor
>Gets given the job of training high end psychics because Malcador and Warlord are busy
>Turns out he is well versed in all warp-lore, not just deamonology. Has knowledge of the warp possibly equal to that of Warlord.
>Due to baffling genetic abnormalities form father he is not compatible with any form of biological augmentation bar juvenant drugs.
>Due to knowing shit, predicting shit and being able to see a problem form an extra-dimensional vantage point becomes general of great renown.
>Gets given rank of primarch and a Legion and told to carry on solving problems amongst the stars.
>Is first experiment of becoming successful astropath.
>During War of Beast he fucks up the communication network and his legion specializes in sorting out the summoned deamons.
>Despite best efforts is not present on Old Earth for much of the fighting due to string up warp currents to fuck up Beast reinforcements.
>Gets accused of cowardice by Russ and a few of the other primarchs. Mostly Russ and Morty. They stop when they see the warp-fire burning in his empty socket and the killing glare coming from the other eye. At least when they think he is listening.
File: 1416737052567.jpg (38 KB, 385x415)
38 KB
>Founds Grey Knights with the discontinued Gene-seed strain.
>Writes down plans for Exorcists, banhammered by the Steward hard. (Documents eventually find their way to the Inquisition in M36, Eldrad suspected but nothing proven).
>Dies sometime in late M34 of old age. Considered by half a dozen religions to be patron saint of Astropaths.

And thats as far as I got. It's late. I have work in the morning and I am very tired.

If you can find any salvage value in this then feel free and good luck.
Do Eldar still use soulstones? Do they function the same way? Do their souls still get shoved into Infinity Circuits when they die?
Yes on all accounts. Shit be Nobledark yo.
Oh christ I'm so tired.
>Nurgle has his elf goddess waifu taken away from him and pretty much being cucked
>but despite that he has no hard feelings and decides to "help" humanity and eldar have adorable half breed offspring
>all to help make his taken-away-from-him waifu happy

Wow Nurgle must be one chill dude. If something like that happened to Khorne he'd be throwing a hissy fit of the ages.

But Nurgle? "No hard feelings senpai."
File: 1473662853018.png (3.01 MB, 1683x2251)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB PNG
>this image again

Oh boy, am I going to expect seeing that image again and again asides from anything LCB related in any warhammer thread?

Also I take it that the pic Im posting is a sequel of this >>49599652
It more like he kept her in his basement for centuries and now he's fucking his daughters.

And the children of his influence newer come out right.
The unimaginatively named Ferrus Manus was born in the manner of the Mechanicus enclaves of Antarctica, which is to say grown in a jar from anonymous genetic samples. Deemed free of malformation and unwanted deviations in his early development he was permitted to be born rather than recycled.

As a child among those people of that time he had no name at birth although the markings on his tube did superficially resemble the name Gorgon in several Old Earth languages. This was adopted as his unofficial name in his youth after it became apparent that he would grow up to be aesthetically displeasing.

He was given a basic and general techno-ecumenical education until age 12 when he began training for full inclusion to the Mechanicus. By age 14 he had achieved the rank of lowly Technician-acolyte and so escaped the fate of Servitorhood that awaited underachievers. But a purely priestly life was deemed in efficient use of his talents and he was transferred to the Skittarii training.

By his 18th year he was a mechanically augmented soldier of the priesthood tasked with defence of the Nuemyana Port, one of the few places where primitive outsiders were permitted to have dealings with the Terran Mechanicus.

As he rose through the ranks of the Mechanicus military, receiving all the augmentations appropriate to his station, he began to see the world in the black and white notions of the Weak and the Strong and how it was the duty of the Strong to rule and protect and the Weak to serve.

Sadly he started also to see all of humanity not a part of the Mechnicus as Weak. Even more sadly this was a view shared by many of the Elder Magi.

It was deemed that the greatest threat to the Enclaves was Hy Brasil due to a combination of proximity, organization and sophistication. A bitter war of attrition was waged that saw the Enclaves holdings on the southern tip if South America either destroyed and irradiated or captured.

Due to this extreme laps in good judgment the elders were deposed and the survivors servitorized.

With space at the top of the hierarchy now cleared there was a social reshuffling and Gorgon found himself as General-Sentinel and Protector of the Northern border, a prestigious job that nobody wanted due to the surety of retaliation from the Brasilaanii peoples.

It was at this point that Gorgon became known as Ferrus Manus after his latest physical upgrade had his arms replaced by superior cybernetics.

It was not long before the stirring of retaliation became imminant in Hy Brasil and a horde of, relatively, well disciplined and well armed soldiery was clearly preparing to move southwards to the cold lands of the Mechanicus.

It was at this time that the Warlord approached the Enclave with an offer of inclusion into the Imperium. The Elder Magi calculated the possibility of survival against the Hy Brasil military would jump by 90% in the event of all out war, all the way up to 92%.

As it was the young leader Dalmoth Kyn, leader of most of South America, decided that attacking the Warlords forces was suicide at best. The war never happened by the Kyn family never forgot who the Warlord sided by and fate was set then that they would never be part of the Imperium.

As the Mechanicus Enclaves one by one were subjugated or assimilated into the Imperium Ferrus Manus once more found himself rising up the ranks of the military due to his tactical acumen and the mechanical strength of his soldiery that were capable of easily overcoming all techno-barbarians, bar those strange biological agments employed by the Warlord himself of whom even Ferrus Manus had to admit a certain grudging respect.
As the years passed and wars were moved off of the surface of the unified Terra the Iron Hands, as his soldiery were collectively known, held themselves with great distinction as they were capable of fighting in harsh environments for extended time with little ill effects, their cyber-blessings even resisting the vacuum and radiation of open space.

The inclusion of the Mechanicus forces, treated with due respect and dignity, within the Stewards forces was probably a contributing factor to the Terra-Mars partnership, almost certainly this itself was a contributing factor to the old Gorgon being recognized as a Primarch.

His forces were invariably among the numbers sent to parlay with distant Forge Worlds to reunite them with Holy Mars and by extension the Imperium.

During the War of the Beast the Iron Hands were more concerned with the holding of the Forge Worlds and enclaves of the Mechanicus than they were with the Preservation of the Imperium as a whole. A fact they were called out on numerous times and that they never denied.

They reasoned, or at least the reasoning they gave to outsiders, was that the Forgeworlds were the industrial heart of the Imperium and that with their loss there could never be a hope of rebuilding. there may have been some truth in this but it was more likely that the Gorgon Primarch simply felt more loyalty to the Mars and the Fabricator General than he did Terra or the Steward.

Of the primarchs Ferrus Manus was only 1 of 3 that lived long enough to see the Steward become Emperor and was last of that title to die.

His end came on the fields of Armageddon before the gates of Hades Hive in the year 616M40. In truth he had been suffering health errors both biological mechanical for some years and there was little operational time left for his body. He took a bloody and glorious toll with him but his passing marked the end of an era. Although he and the Emperor had never been friends his passing was felt.
what the fuck happened to continents?
Dark age of Technology geo-sculpting and then early Age of Strife when there were still shit loads of doomsday weapons lying around and everyone was too insane not to use them. That plus Skynet and a Doom style deamon invasion or two.
Keep up like this and you'll be good.
Mortarion was a born in the abject squalor of the slums of Gredbritton in the aftermath of the unrest following the fall of the Unspeakable Tyrant. His mother was the daughter of the Unspeakable Tyrant and his father was unknown. Some claiming that his father was also the Unspeakable Tyrant, not a baseless accusation considering that most depraved individual.

His mother made ends meet as a maintenance skivvy and lay-technician of the great Tintajus Hive and capital of that broken nation.

Mortarion was in his youth sickly due to his environment and grew up pale and gaunt from lack of sunlight and food.

Gredbritton was one of the earlier nations brought into the Imperial fold. Being part of a greater and more prosperous union of nations went some way to restoring the nation and with it the reformation of the military infrastructure.

like so many young men with no hope Mortarion joined the regiments of the Imperial Army for the promise of at least one meal a day, a pair of trousers he didn't have to share and some spare cash to send home to support his family.

He served with merit if not distinction until he was in his 22nd year despite recurring bouts of old childhood illnesses. At some point in this year he learned that the Warlord was looking for volunteers for Thunder Warrior conversion, known to be a procedure that carried considerable risks.

Despite warnings from the Apothocarium and the Biologicus in regards to his physical imperfections Mortarion volunteered, even demanded, that they strap him to a table, tear him apart and put him back together. The payout his family would get for his death in this manner would set his mother and younger sisters up for life and that would be worth dying for.

By some strange twist of fate he did survive. This was in the later days of the Thunder Warriors and the process had been refined and made considerably safer than the days when Angron was "upgraded".
By time served, out living and a methodical if unimaginative attitude to battle Mortarion won many victories in the name of the Imperium and it's Warlord.

He won the respect of his men but they had no love for him. His methods were brutal and costly in life for all that they were effective. He would often dismiss inventive but untried tactics and strategies in favour of the certainties of more costly ones.

His only virtues, so far as his men were concerned, was his willingness to lead from the front, be found where the fighting was thickest and risk death with the worst and the best of them.

Forces under his command saw great victories against the savage men of Ursh and the sorcerers of Achaemenidia who dabbled in things that should not be dabbled in.

Indeed it was in the Achaemenidia campaigns that Mortarion developed a fear and borderline hatred of all psykers and never in his career did he employ them, even when it might have been advisable to do so.

Mortarion soon developed a reputation for being unkillable, much to the disgust of his subordinates. He would return from the field of war his armour rent, is weapons broken and spent, half his men dead and the other half maimed and sporting wounds that would have felled a lesser Thunder Warrior and remain standing and not long after do it all over again.

When the forces of the Steward looked to the rest of Sol his forces were used primarily as a garrison and defensive force due to the costly nature of his method of warfare. In these engagements they held themselves with distinction.

By the time Sol was subjugated, one way or another, and the galaxy lay before the Imperium the Emperor named him Primarch due to his sheer tenacity and list of victories.
If you don't finish this soon I will.
Alpharius and omegon plox
File deleted by order of His Majesty's Inquisition. For the Hydra.
File: 1454130424654.jpg (187 KB, 1158x818)
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187 KB JPG
It was revealed in later years as documents were released that the Warlord/Steward disapproved greatly of Mortarions methods of warfare. Mortarion had, by methods undisclosed, obtained the entire stockpile of biological and chemical weapons owned by his late grandfather and father. He had also obtained his library, the constituent tomes of which were hastily handed over to the Warlord's Sigillite.

It was the favored method of taking a city for the Dusk Raiders and later Death Guard to besiege it, fire contamination artillery rounds filled with some gods forsaken contagion and give it a few months. The soldiery would then go through the city killing anything that looked too lively with plasma, napalm, promethium or radiation. Only Curze was more questioned in his methods than Mortarion. Mortarion justified these acts by pointing out that a conventional assault would have created a corpse heap on both sides. This way there was only one corpse heap. The Warlord was never satisfied with this answer, but the results of his campaigns were undeniable.

It was an attitude to war that he took off-world.There was no reason to fight when misery and time would do your work for you. Many whispered that he was his father's son. This was not the case. The Unspeakable Tyrant had done such things in the name of gods to terrible to contemplate and because it aroused him to contemplate them. Mortarion did them because it meant that his soldiers and warriors would be more likely to survive. FOr all that they hated him he did not hate them although they wouldn't have believed that.

During the War of the Beast the Death Guard were the dirty, dirty hands of the Imperium.
File: 1458936383236.png (709 KB, 688x767)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
Worlds enslaved were infected with flesh eating diseases and the exsanguination virii to name but a few. This was not as their detractors had claimed to punish a population for submitting but to remove the world as a contributing member of the opposition whilst leaving much of it's assets intact.

Hundreds of billions, maybe even trillions died in this manner to ensure a weakened foe. Many, Sanguinius and Vulkan in particular, publicly decried these attacks but Mortarion did not care. They called him a monster and he did not care. The spat on his legions banner and called him and hes followers monsters and abomination and he did not care. Dorn called him a coward and were it not for Typhus the Pilgrim the two would have come to blows.

His Legion were not cowards. None could ever claim that. They fought with mechanical determination, grinding and grinding the enemy down in grueling battles of attrition so that other better, more heroic and inspiring men might live and fight and give heart that other might fight more fierce.

When the smoke had cleared and the Steward and Eldrad stood over the corpse of The Beast to much jubilation there were no cheers from the Death Guard.

They were busy rebuilding their legion. The galaxy was relentless, the work would never be over, there would never truly be time to rest. The Death Guard never, in all the ages to come, acknowledged that the Great Crusade was over. Merely postponed. Even unto the Dark Millennium they maintain their old Expeditionary Forces ships and organization and push back the edge of the map. Not one step back. Not one step back that lasts.

Mortarion finally died on some distant world on the western fringe known as Macharius' Rest. Compounded injuries in the crusade that went no further and simple time had took their toll.

Members of the Dusk Raiders, Death Guard and all the other crusader forces descended from his old Legion make the pilgrimage to that world on the edge of the Imperium.
File: galadriel.jpg (417 KB, 1300x1019)
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>space marine
>only 2 meters
That would be the short end of the Space Marine spectrum.
>2 meters
>Slightly above average height
>Space Marines
I don't want to write.
It's okay anon, set your own pace
File: 1453137254318.jpg (239 KB, 1280x1024)
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File: 1454614220868.jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
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125 KB JPG
So wait anybody can write and expand on the setting?
Yes. But please keep it consistent with the feeling of the setting so far.

Also does anyone here know how to make a 1d4chan page?
Is that image even 40K related? Last I remember that's just a draw thread request that's about a human-elf family; human husband and elf wife with their half-elf kids.

Then again that elf lady looks kinda like Idranel.
Is that Markiplier with an eldar? Who knew Markimoo's been dating a space elf.
It's LIVII. He has his label tattooed on his arm.
I have managed to get over my retardation as depicted here


and created barest of bones 1d4chan page for this setting.

How is it looking so far/How badly have I fucked it up?
I got over nothing.
should have posted link

I think im going to try writing some stuff about alpharius and omegon, do you guys have any ideas or things i should keep in mind?
I like the idea that one or both played a part in the formation and adoption of the Inquisition as an official institution. The other one or both and their soldiery forming the elite strike forces that, thanks to the Eldar alliance, make use of the webway. Just a suggestion. Hail Hydra.
go full on spy fiction with a lot of intelligence/conter-intelligence/desinformation
If they are balls deep in the Inquisition then it would explain who keeps deleting records
Bumping ΑΩ
The "Starchild" prophesies of the eldar and humans are a nebulous collection of texts transcribed from numerous sources, many not from origins considered conventionally sane.

Although they are all categorized under the title of Starchild the majority do not make mention of that theoretical entity by name although it is the most numerous outcome. Whether this is due to actual revelations or cultural osmosis imprinting a foreign concept into something the mind is familiar with is impossible to prove. Especially as most such prophesies are collected from scribbled scraps inherited postmortem. Indeed most of such would be considered "visionary static" were it not for some level of consistency across light years, cultural boundaries, time and even species.

The predictions are united in their belief that Isha will in time become with child with the child of the Emperor. The details and circumstances of conception vary wildly. Some make no mention, some claim it is part of some Isharite ritual, some say under auspicious omens and stellar alignments and some say that Him on Earth will die and this will be his final free act. Again, circumstances of death range wildly.

The child shall be born and there again the prophesies diverge. Some say it shall be some sort of eldar death god/protector god of the dead but usually not actually malevolent, some say the child will be Eldernesh reborn, some say that it shall be the Perfect Child that shall succeed the Emperor be that had died before the birth or transferred his immortality and so died a single lifetime after. Some say that the child shall be the first of four that will ascend to the warp and throw the gods from their cruel thrones to take their place as better gods, Isha's final revenge for her captivity. Some say that the child will be stillborn and that with it all hope will die.
File: 1360411042179.jpg (22 KB, 432x479)
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All that is known is that no prophet sane or mad has received the vision more than once and no two vision are completely identical.

The possibility that it is all a ruse by the King of Lies for unknowable ends is not to be ruled out.

All such possible visions are to be transcribed and an unadulterated copy sent to the nearest Adeptus Arbites collection point.

In nomine Domini.
"I am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." these are the last known records of the primarchs ‘’Alpharius and Omegon’’. All documents and records were deleted by inquisition, Those that were thought to be associated with the primarchs disappeared and all that was left was a parchment with those words and a small wax stamp beneath depicting the lernaean hydra of old terran mythology. Now the only way to learn about the individuals and their legacy is by eyewitness accounts and rumours that have gone under the inquisitions watchful gaze.

One eyewitness report tells of two figures clad in dark robes standing next to the warlord and his war council, they describe that the figures were much shorter than the other in the council.
It is unknown if these are the individuals known as Alpharius and Omegon because other reports say that they were tall men fighting battles and cutting down enemies. It is now even known if they are two persons and might in fact be one individual. This comes from a witness that said to have met a man dressed in the clothes of a highly revered official that presented himself as ‘’Alpharius Omegon’’. All that is known that there was at one point one or more individuals called Alpharius and Omegon. But what is known is that he or they had a large part in the counterintelligence and espionage of the unification war. They were said to be masters of infiltration and were supposedly to have a deep network of agents and assassins so that the mysterious individuals could act at multiple places at once. This Network is thought to become what we now know as the inquisition.

‘’Cut of one head and two shall take it’s place.’’
-Last words spoken from a prisoner before committing suicide.
A popular theory about the origins of the mysterious individuals, is that they were the members of the even less known ██████████ that were a secret society of old terra. It’s thought that that they joined the warlord after seeing the potential power that they could have they sent their most loyal and brightest two members to help the warlord in his endeavours.

‘’You search the darkness, while we hide in the light. You see not the serpent lying in wait, you see only a brother. We witnessed your beginning and we will be your end.’’
-Said to be whispered to an imperial official before her assassination.

Another theory is that they originate from ███ ████ a group of Xenos set on destroying the ‘’primordial annihilator’’ and thus sent their best human operatives to aid the warlord and his future plans.

‘’Cut the head of the snake and the body will die shortly after’’
-thought to be a direct quote from either Alpharius or Omegon.

Alpharius and Omegon are thought to be major members in the creation of the inquisition and that after the alliance with the eldar their influence has only increased. Acting as puppet masters, they are thought to be behind both the starting of wars and the ending of them, doing as they see fit for the better of the imperium.
t was around ████ that all records and documents of Alpharius and Omegon were deleted. Theories say that they had died and that their successors order the purge of information surrounding the primarchs so that their legacy and actions can be forgotten. Other theories say that the warlord declared them traitors and therefore got rid of all evidence of their existence.
But yet to this day there are whispers about legions of men and women walking among us, executing the orders of their puppets masters, killing the corrupt, eliminating the foe from the inside and bearing the brand of the hydra

‘’Hydra Dominatus’’
-Alpharius and Omegon the Beginning and the end
>3. No militarized religious institutions
>No sisters of battle
Fuck that.
just stick it as no MEN shall bear arms and loop hole as you please
like in the original
What if A&O are both Ginger?
>>2 meters
>>Slightly above average height
File: 1384932464700.jpg (121 KB, 720x540)
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121 KB JPG
That was fucking awesome.

Added to the 1d4chan page.

There is nothing preventing armed civilians. Bodyguards for high ranking ecclesiasticals and the like. And it's only right that in this dark age that everybody be taught at least some basic skill at defending hearth and home.

And you can't ban anyone who subscribes to a religious belief from military service or there would be practically no Imperial Army or PDF.

And there is no Imperial Law against the head of a religion also being a head of state, not since the Yndonesian Bloc revolution and inclusion. And a head of state is obligated, by Imperial Law no less, to maintain an sufficient PDF to fend off casual invasion. But what if the planetary security must be expanded to in-system colonies? It would be terribly improper to leave them unprotected. And patrolling the space lanes? Can't leave that up to the Imperial Army, they have enough to deal with.

So yes. There are highly religious warrior orders in the Imperium and maybe they answer to someone who coincidentally happens to be a priest or priestess of some sort in addition to some secular title. They command them by the authority of that secular title rather than the priestly one.

It's not a problem and the really high ups and even the Emperor turns a blind eye to it until it becomes a problem. The moment it becomes a problem the Imperium deals with it in it's usual manner that makes an example to the next 10 generations exactly why the Imperium should not be disrupted in it's operation.
File: Spoiler Image (136 KB, 1384x899)
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136 KB JPG
File: Luck of the Emperor.jpg (131 KB, 640x908)
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131 KB JPG
What are the Origins of the Emperor?

A highly psychic AoS warlord that got lucky?
Ancient psyker amalgamation born 8,000BC in Anatolia?
DAoT experiment that survived, possibly the last of the Men of Gold?
Some sort of warp amalgamation of mankinds hopes and needs that became sapient and somehow escaped and survived in the real world to avoid getting eaten?
Left intentionally unmentioned?
File: mind = blown.gif (1.68 MB, 400x225)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
Does the Imperial Army exist, or all military matters goes to the astartes?
What would be the purpose of the custodes with the Emperor living with Isha?
Imperial Guard, Navy, and associated members of both are still around. The astartes fulfill the same role that they did in canon. As for the custodes, I'm not sure.
File: cleric.jpg (113 KB, 991x706)
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113 KB JPG
Adeptus Custodes are created from the same gene-seed variation that created the Grey Knights, the only other institution that makes use of it.

Their job is to accompany the Emperor and Isha state visits and given the size of the Imperium they are never not on state visits or surprise inspections. It's felt that they give a certain sense of class to the procedings in their blinged out armour and the casual ease by which they carry enough badass to fuck up a city each.

When not standing around looking fabulous they are assigned to bodyguard other people. Various Sector and Sub-sector Governors, major hiveworld and trad hub planetary governors, sometimes heads of the larger religions, High Lords of Terra and a few others. Basically people who are so important that their death would impact Imperial stability. Or possibly people who are really important but the Emperor doesn't trust completely.

Imperial Army exists. It's not automatically under the command of Astartes. Job usually goes to who has the most impressive record for perpetrating fuck huge wars rather than who has the biggest collection of ork trigger finger necklaces. Every astartes behind a desk is one not on the field of war, where they usually want to be and what they were built for. Usually.

Broken down old relics who can't tred the warpath any more often take administrative jobs in the Imperial war machine because it's something to do that isn't completely alien. Also some space marines are just really good at it to the point where it would be a waste not to use them in such a manner, they are rare.
>Their job is to accompany the Emperor and Isha state visits

How butthurt were the Eldar knowing that their goddess is being guarded by "Monkeigh"?
File: grumpy eldar.jpg (63 KB, 600x672)
63 KB

But they wouldn't be eldar if they weren't bitching about something.

They are permitted by his majesty to assign a number of aspect warriors if they feel it is necessary.
File: adepta sororitas.jpg (346 KB, 490x600)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
So Sororitas are literal groupies in this universe?
Many human faiths have the Emperor as a saint, paragon, prophet or other form of venerated individual.

The various orders of the Adepta Sororitas and Fraternis Templars could be of different religions but operate in a similar enough way that the Administratium stars them with the same brush.

Yes some are blatantly illegal institutions and the rest are right up against the line but they are useful and so long as they don't fuck anything up and kill orks the Emperor and the arbiters cut some slack.

Also yes, no member of any Sororitas order would say no to good hard Emperor dicking. Too bad he's extremely married and balls deep in his wife at every opportunity.
I thought their marriage was over convenience not carnal?!
Since all religions except chaos oriented ones are legal means that there a Pope (catholic) in the 41st millenium

Yes there is a Pope of Katholian Church. There are also hundreds of other heads of organised religious vroups of varying sorts.

The Emperor's marriage to Isha is facilitated by her high priestess who is her mortal avatar. As a monogamous fertility goddess her "needs" in this regard are great but simple.
>A human woman prays to Isha for fertility her patner prays for the Emperor for virility.

I can dig it.
>40k parkour

Adeptus jumpabouticus
>As a monogamous fertility goddess her "needs" in this regard are great but simple

Where are the R34 pics?!
Also, last I checked there was a 40k thread on /aco/. Someone get them on this stat.
Well makes me wonder how the quick, agile and fit eldar would deal with American Ninja Warrior.

And if they'd make mount Midoriyama look easy.
File: Spoiler Image (211 KB, 700x1000)
211 KB
211 KB PNG

Corporal Jubblowski once prayed to Isha that she might be more like her. She was hoping to be blessed with great endurance.

Her prayers were undoubtedly answered but Isha may have a mild sense of mischief.
>Corporal Jubblowski once prayed to Isha

i guess in this alternate universe it'd be accepted for humans to pray to Isha and even for eldar to pray to the emperor?
So long as the Emperor never finds out you are praying to him. It's one of those things that really pisses him off.

The elder view him as something like Eldernesh from the old stories. An extraordinary mortal of great accomplishment but still just a man. Even if he is fucking their goddess.
Thanks dude, I really enjoyed writing it
If you do more I'm sure we would all enjoy reading it.

But please don't do Logar. I'm working up to doing that soon.
I probably will do more, maybe expand some on the necrons. Lorgar would be awsome to read about
File: 350px-1377291976783.jpg (23 KB, 350x233)
23 KB
Lorgar Aurelian was a child born in the theocracy of the Ynsdonesic Bloc and as all children born in that awful place was the result of a state designated union. Unions in that dysfunctional realm in that time usually being decided by perceiving omens be it from smoke patterns or entrails augury despite the degenerate unions that this often created.

As with all youths of that nation he was raised in the Kartharanite branch of religion. He was taught that only through suffering was any worth found be it inflicted on the self or on others and that the unbeliever must be cleansed from the world by fire and sword. It was not a faith of kindness that he was raised in.

His appointed mentor in matters of religion was Bishop Kor Phaeron of Jakurtana. Had he had any other master then history would have taken a decidedly different path.

Bishop Phaeron was secretly a member of the Katholian sect from which the Kartharanite had once sprung and in this more kind and just faith did Lorgar find peace and purpose.
The old faith spread through the downtrodden and the hopeless of society despite the brutal and cruel efforts of Cardinal Tang to suppress, contain and exterminate it.

Eventually the outrage and animosity of the people for their leaders reached a fever pitch and civil war ensued. As Bishop Phaeron was the highest ranking member of the hierarchy on the side of the people he was looked to for guidance. As the Bishop's right hand man Lorgar soon learned the ways of war. He learned to inspire and comfort. He learned to appeal for calm and how to whip peoples passions to a frenzy. Although not lacking in martial prowess his voice, his cunning and his keen intellect were his favoured weapons.

It was maybe just in time that the subversion erupted into open rebellion when it did. The forces of the Warlord were marching down from the North and the Ynsdonesic Bloc was well up on the "Burn it down and start again" list.

With the possibility of an unwinnable war on two fronts Bishop Phaeron went to the parlay with the Warlord in person, dressed in only a crude hessian robe, with only Lorgar Aurelian accompanying him.

An audience was granted to the Warlord in his tent, at the heart of the enemy war camp, surrounded by genetically modified super soldiers and heavy weapons.

Expecting some sort of zealous speech of defiance and martyrdom the Warlord was taken aback some what when the two got down on one knee and swore allegiance.

The cared deeply about their faith and the word of their God. But their God cared deeply about the people he had made. Their God would understand if he was to be forgotten but not forgive men who should know better leading children to the slaughter. They would rather their people be free and happy than pious.

Moved by their words the Emperor gave them grace time. Should they triumph over their oppressors they would be welcomed into the Imperium as any other member state. Should they would have the harsh treatment of conquest and subjugation.

By insurgencies, underhanded tactics, assassinations and a brutal 12 year war the Katholians claimed victory and Cardinal Tang's broken but still living form was dragged before the Warlord as a token of gratitude.

It was somewhat of a pyrrhic victory for the people of the Ynsdonesic Bloc. They nation was in a hundred pieces, each swearing loyalty to some tin hat despot with delusions of grandeur, some almost as bad as Cardinal Tang. It would not be long before the fighting for dominance began, to say nothing of annexation from another nation.

The forces of the Warlord prepared to march again and again Lorgar begged the Warlord to stay his hand. They were just sheep without a shepherd, lost children in a very dark night. Once more swayed by the strange kind passion in Lorgars voice the Warlord relented.

Over the next five years as Bishop Phaeron became Patriarch Phaeron Lorgar went to the isolated and the lost and the scared with open arms and promises of reconciliation.

For the most part he was well received and his homeland healed. It was only after the talking was done that those too stubborn or monstrous to come home again were removed. Great pains were taken to minimize casualties but it was not a wholly peaceful end to that bitter conflict.

Ynsdonesic Bloc was the first of the old nation states to disband it's own military completely and throw it's own might, such as was left of it, wholeheartedly into the Imperium.

Lorgar, now a Chaplain-General in the Imperial Army, was considered too old for conversion from human to superhuman but did receive some discrete genetic modifications.
It was a regiment overseen by Lorgar that lead the final assault on the Despot of Ursh's palace that signalled the unification of Old Earth. But Chaplain-General Aurelian considered all of his victories to be nothing but tragedies. The only true victory, he would often claim, was one where no war was to be found. For his valour and astounding levels of inspiring oratory skill he was declared the unlikely Primarch.

Of all the Primarchs in the time of the Great Crusade his forces brought more worlds into the Imperium peacefully than any other.

They didn't bring more worlds in, oh my no. They were quite slow and their tardiness was no end of frustration to the now Steward. But Lorgar was tolerated because the worlds he claimed were brought into the Imperium whole and undamaged and contributing.

In the War of the Beast Primarch Aurelian and his Legion struck back with an unexpected force. Many of the other war leaders of the imperium considered his Legion to be full of pacifists and weakness. Like many of the damned in the armies of the Beast they had mistaken the olive branch for a white flag and they were punished hard for it.

Across the breadth and depth of the burning Imperium, to the aid of human or xeno, the Word Bearers could be found holding the line and inspiring others to hold the line. Where they strode despair turned to hope and weary hands held firm blessed weapons and shaky voices roared the old battle hymns.

Lorgar and his forces were on Old Earth when Sanguinius died and ever afterwards Lorgar blamed himself for not fighting hard enough to have saved his brother Primarch.

Lorgar lived and served for many years. He eventually died of old age at near eleven hundred years old. A small but modest shrine was erected at the Jakurtana Seminary that is sometimes visited by Word Bearer chaplains even into the Dark Millennium.
Nice dude, its fucking awsome!
Is it?

I think I rushed it at the end.
File: 1397406801065.jpg (167 KB, 600x600)
167 KB
167 KB JPG

At some point she would have to request new armour.

How would you even fill that out on the requisition form?
>Need new armour because prayers answered
Then a priestess of Isha comes along, and notices that this is clearly a blessing of the Goddess.
what non primarch characters do you folks want fluffed/looked at?
If that was noticed then she would be taken off of front line duty as damage to her blessed rack would be considered a sacrilege.

The priestess' would exert political pressure on the guard to have her transferred to somewhere far from the action.

Given that she might not have many skills outside of soildering she gets transferred to a low level and understanding desk job in the commissairiant. As a member of the commissairiant part of her duty is to help maintain moral in the Imperial Army and so she gets transfers to the propaganda department as a poster checker, a job she is actually quite good at.

Among the eldar she is seen as living proof that the gods of the eldar are universal. Her likeness is seen across eldar communities as a sign of unity.

The humans of the Imperium see the eldar posters and keep sending the commissairiant demands for more posters. For moral reasons.

The commissairiant gives more posters of her. The demands become increasingly for her wearing less and showing her "blessings". Eventually she is posing not quite topless for the posters. For moral. And great justice.

The eldar see no problem with this despite the holy nature of her transformation and don't understand the human attitudes to nudity.
And his trap of a son Felix.
Mainly because I want the Eldar opinion of him and Jurgen. Do Jurgen too. I desire the bantz
>There are also hundreds of other heads of organised religious groups of varying sorts.

Tell us what the Hebrews are brewing.
Where is the 1d4chan page for all this faggotry?
id really like some ollanius pius or equivalent
if you dont mind

good shit

It's great opportunity. This time he doesn't need to be faggy perpetual super spacial snow flake donut steel.

This time round he can be the man who gave his life without reservation.

Keep in mind that Sanguinius died at the Eternity Gates and the Emperor lived this time round.

This time the final battle that saw the end of The Beast was in the Imperial Palace and not in orbit.

Maybe Olanius was one of a motley band of eldar and humans and Space Marines of differing age and constitutions that stood besides Sanguinius. Maybe he took the killing blow only to have his Primarch die regardless.

Keep in mind that good Olly was a practicing and devout Katholian.

"An Organized Militia, being necessary for the defense of Our Imperium and Our interests, shall be the right and duty of every Citizen."

Probably a Switzerland situation, everyone trained in the use of arms and allowed to form "free associations" as according to their preference.

So your local bishop might also be the legate of a private legion.
File: 1450225712608.jpg (81 KB, 930x503)
81 KB
God bless Switzerland.

When it comes to nuclear bunkers, conscription, a deep conviction that the rest of the world is mad (and the older I get the less I disagree with you), and the beauty of efficiency you and yours are second to none on this great Earth.

The more you look at Switzerland the more you realize they will inherit the Earth simply by waiting for the rest of us to form a circular firing squad.
>That pic

Empoopoo in loo loo
All is well and she makes a quite decent living in this manner whilst still contributing to the war effort.

Some time latter she becomes pregnant due to a one night stand with an Imperial Army scout before deployment the guardsman persona was latter found to be a cover story for an Inquisitorial anent typically tasked with tracking and assassination.

Isha considered the act of consummation (be it with or without ceremony) with a Hunter as emulation of her first marriage.

The torture and death of the Hunter at the hands of servants of Chaos similar to her own captivity and the death of Kronos.

This combined with previous blessings acting like an Isharite flavored lightning rod results in Jubblowski becoming as near to Isha as a human can be.

Needless to say grows a set of hips to match that epic set of breasts at this time.

Oddly whilst pregnant Jubblowski starts to receive farseer like predictions with a precognitive accuracy rating similar to those of a moderate to highly skilled farseer whilst she sleeps.

Due to her unique but useful oddness it is deemed economically imperative that she be given all manner of rejuvenenat treatments to keep her in her biological prime.
This is some great stuff here, particularly liking the historical overviews of the Primarchs. I'm inspired to write a bit myself, so I'm taking a stab at Sanguinius. Only written the first part, so I'll continue if there's interest.

Duscht Jemanic was an old nation, a once great empire that spanned from the coast of the Atlazia Ocean in the west to the Besivik Ocean in the east, the lightning speed of its war machines crushing nations beneath their tread. Over the centuries its power and borders were slowly eroded by the Ursh hordes in the east and revolts in its Europian provinces, until it was left only with its core territories and forced into a humiliating alliance for survival as part of the Quintuple Alliance.

The Duscht were a dour, efficient people, obsessed with genetic purity above all else. In their great iron towers the famed genesmiths delved into the secrets of the human genome, while in the bellies of its ashen factories millions of enslaved “unclean” sweated and died to produce the materials for its armies. It was into this decaying society that Sanguinius was born, only son of the Kaiser.

The Kaiser was a cold man, and over the centuries of his life had failed to produce an heir that satisfied his need for perfection. As he grew old, he grew desperate, and in his desperation he summoned his greatest genesmiths to do something never before attempted: to create a human life. To create his perfect heir, he opened the ancestral gene-vaults of House Baal, and sequences were taken from its greatest heroes: genes from generals and warriors for strength and bravery, from diplomats and statesmen for wisdom and intelligence, from courtesans and athletes for beauty and fairness of form. To this blend of genes, the Kaiser, perhaps in a final act of caprice or megalomania, added the genes for a pair of enormous, white wings to grow from the child’s back.
With the genome completed, the genesmiths retreated to their towers to perform their ancient biotech rites to attempt to forge the raw genetic material into a living fetus. Nine and ninety failed, ending as twisted, misshapen things, but in the hundredth the genes took hold, and after a year and a day of labor the genesmiths presented the baby boy to the Kaiser. As he wept, the Kaiser named the boy “Sanguinius,” for he was to be the culmination and greatest champion of the Baal bloodline.

As the boy grew, he was indeed as perfect as expected: tall and strong, brilliant and wise, golden-haired and beautiful to behold. His tutors were astonished at his genius, and the royal masters of arms soon found themselves outstripped by the stripling boy. Yet the Kaiser was still displeased. For the boy had always been a means to an end: the restoration of the old Duscht Empire, and two factors pulled his dream further and further from his grasp. The first were rumors and rumblings of an upstart nation, led by a feared Warlord, conquering and subjugating those in its path. And the second was something he could never has foreseen, something that surprised and confused and enraged him when he confronted it:

Sanguinius had compassion.

>Let me know what you think anons
The next part would probably be go something like this
>Warlord comes to Jemanic
>Kaiser offers the secrets of the genesmiths to keep some power, the Warlord agrees
>Warlord is horrified at the conditions of the slaves in the factories, orders them freed
>Kaiser protests
>Warlord declares "Vae Victis!" and seized Sanguinius as a hostage, inducted into the Astartes, etc.[spoiler/]
Looks good. In fact looks more than good.

My only suggestion is that Sanguinius joins the Warlord willingly, seeing the Imperium as the only hope for his Jermanic people.

Also Sanguinius was slightly psychic. Hence why he could fly despite it being physically impossible for a creature his size with those wings and also why he could see the future slightly. I don't know if that needs to be mentioned other than him holding the gate of the Imperial Palace despite knowing that he would die and holding it anyway.
For Eldrad "ruin your day" Ulthuran I'm thinking that he is older than The Fall but doesn't quite know how much older.

He can remember The Fall if he's too sober to avoid it and he has fragmented memories of the last hideous days of the Empire and trying to organize a bunch of trader ships to take on refugees for a predicted catastrophe.

Beyond that it's just so much sad half dreamed whispers.

There is no potential upper age to how old he could be right up to the War in Heaven some ~65,000,000 years forgotten, there is just a sliding scale of likelihood and when you get to that point in time it's basically approaching 0%. But not quite 0%, not quite.

In all likelihood he was born in the days when the Old Empire should stop being awful before it fucks them up but not at the point where they were so far gone that they didn't care. But that's just from information gleaned from what he can remember the old folk in the first days of the Craftworlds saying and he can't ever know how accurate or truthful they were.

So probably ~12,000 - 15,000 with an outside chance of being a shit tonne older.

Presumably he had parents at some point' Presumably She Who Thirsts has them now. He can't remember them. Did he had a wife and children back in the old days? He can't remember them and if he did She Who Thirsts has them now. Perhaps it is best to forget. Perhaps it is best to get really fucking angry and plan eons long attempts at deicide and put the fear of men into the gods.

Aspiring writefag here, who (like OP) feels more comfortable writing fuckhueg scale and lore type things rather than smaller interactions and events. Hoping outside contributions might be possible (holy SHIT I sound thirsty right now) although loads more lurking'll be taking place first so I can get more of a feel for the setting. In any case, any words I shit out'll be smaller scale stuff so I don't tread on OP's feet in the big picture.

Also, cleared up some of the formatting on the 1d page to make finding things easier - would it work to put each of the primarchs into collapsibles with a summary on the top? (Basically what was done on the 60k: Age of Dusk page).
Do we have an overall timeline and/or ideas about when this diverges from "our" 40k? Like, what takes the place of the HH in fucking everyone over? WAAAAAAAGHs, Hive Fleets, space commie weebs; chaos too - how's everyone else outside the IoM getting on?
Warlord unifies Old Earth but doesn't go Full Fedora about it. Learns diplomacy.

Promotes his 20 best generals to be Primarchs, leaders among leaders.

When warp travel becomes possible again he is contacted by Eldred "I will wreck your face" Ulthuran. Launch assault on the Realm of Chaos with combined forces of Harlequins and best Imperial nutters and steal back Isha.

Steward of the Empty Throne of Earth and Isha marry to formalize union of man and eldar in the Imperium.

Orks unit under The Beast, Chaos Eldar direct all of the orks to Old Earth. Dark Eldar come for ride.

Alliance of men and elves are badass. Eldrad "out drunk Russ" Ulthuran saves Stewards life and together they kill The Beast.

There is brief over view.
Any particular reason why IoM get comfy with the Eldar, or is it just the fact that the former are somewhat less shitty than they are "elsewhere"?

Without HH having been a thing, why is going on ROADTRIP YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH crusade to murderify chaos a priority?
Also, what about second founding?
>Second Founding
>Implying ND IoM is retarded enough to do this
There was no heresy, the War of the Beast was a fuckload of orkz lead by a super ork directed by CHHHAAAAAOOOOSSSS to attack the IoM. So, no heresy, no extreme lack of intelligence, no Second Founding. However, there are still CSM, but just not multiple legions worth
>seeing things from a canon 40k persepctive
It was an honest question, since that wasn't mentioned in how things diverged. But, given that no full legions defected and became CSM, there isn't really as much need to hold so much force in legions (incoming 'nids notwithstanding), as they aren't facing as much of a powerful or concentrated chaos force. Sure, multiple foundings is retarded from how things seem in the main universe, but the ND IoM might need SMs everywhere as an asset rather than a liability. MIGHT. I...don't really know where I was going with this.
File: 1451864840450.png (201 KB, 603x895)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
There have been no mass chapter/legion founding since the first.

Most space marines are still acting as elite members of the Imperial Army or are defending a specific patch of the Imperium along side an Imperial Army garrison force.

When a new batch of marines is founded its usually because a new bunch of associated regiments is founded and they need new bunch of space marines to go with them.

Other usual method is the right of conquest/settlement. Imperial Army capture a world from enemy forces and claim right to settle there. Marines as part of Imperial Army also settle for a while, set up recruitment station, repaint their armour, change their name and such.

This time around the Marines were never seen as a distinct breed of super human. The primarchs were never some demigod progenitor race that spawned better class of people. This time around Space Marines are just men with epic upgrades and the primarchs were just historical generals from Old Earth.
File: 1459395443254.jpg (214 KB, 639x916)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Humanity got comfy with the Space Elves because limited access to the webway is better than nothing and it's better to have them inside pissing out than outside pissing in. The eldar wanted protection an their goddess back and were willing to try and civilize the barbarians to accomplish this. For what it's worth Biel-Tan see the Imperium as the 2nd Eldar Empire, it's just coincidentally got a lot of human citizens living in it.

War of the Beast was orchestrated by Chaos in response to the theft of Isha. Chaos now wants humanity and elder enslaved and tortured for all time because of this.
File: 1452154641569.png (205 KB, 560x740)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
File: 1379849306083.jpg (768 KB, 1200x1124)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
>can't tell is this art's been done before the very idea of this setting and thread took place
>still i like it
>and I can see this happening as a byproduct of human-eldar alliance
Google search shows it to be an older pic.

Are we taking a trip to the magical realm with this one? Not even sure if you should stop.
File: 1473003894392.jpg (214 KB, 566x550)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>so the mon'keigh and our kind are allies now
>my my sister is in a relationship with one
>a fucking desk jockey of all things
>I know our kind and theirs are friends and all but why be "engaged" with a desk jockey and not an officer or whatnot?
>my parents are not that pleased
>mfw too
When are you going to finish this?
I have done timeline for 1d4chan page.


Does it look okay?
I like this Lorgar. Not the pants on head muh better gods lorgar.
File: Sly_Marbo_Art.jpg (17 KB, 375x165)
17 KB
Would the elder rangers be using Catachan as hardcore veteran survival training.
none purer! hehehe
I'm sure she was hired by the Inquisition because of her ample purity.
This is turning into the unified setting now, isn't it.
>unified setting
Eldar. Fucking autocorrect .
It was a fantesy setting /tg/ made some number of years ago. Started out good in a generic fantasy sort of way but then the furries got hold of it and turned it into a furry pride march.
File: disgust.jpg (32 KB, 620x400)
32 KB
Well that sounds like it ended horrible
What do you guys think about making the necrons more of a threat? Seeing the eldar be a dominant race would certanly make them enraged and jealous to the point where they probably would try to unifi and at least try to take over parts of the galaxy even so that they maybe try and rebuild the c'tan to help them
Anon who wrote the Sanguinius stuff here. Dunno, was probably going to write after work today, why?
File: 1466746699624.jpg (355 KB, 1000x976)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
It did end poorly.

Would be good. According to the timeline on the 1d4chan page the Necrons started waking up in M38.

Even if they still woke up slow and groggy and reluctantly they still have had about 3,000 years to play with.

It was mentioned earlier in this thread or maybe last thread that some of the minor ones who don't get along with the Silent King have nominally joined the Imperium.

Bit for the most part the Silent King is up and running and building his Empire back up. Would have built his Empire by now except that he is fighting a war on multiple fronts with all these different flavored eldar around, orks everywhere, Chaos and what appears to be intergalactic termites. And this is to say nothing of the Imperium.
atleast one necron faction should be mad as fuck that the eldar, one of the remants of the old ones still exist and even thrive, if thrive is even aplicable because nobledark

so necrons actively raiding human/eldar words, fun for everyone here
File: 1436494797147.jpg (277 KB, 960x720)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Just wondering when I get to add it to the 1d4chan page.
Then im going to write some stuff about them, we need a buff as hell silent king that burns with rage over the eldar
if anyone is up for it i'll really appreciate some writefagging on ollanius pius, patron saint of ballsy guardsman everywhere
This time the Emperor didn't nearly die.

Only named character to die on Earth would be Sanguinius but there were other primarchs on earth the did live.

Olly And Lorgar in this AU are both of the same religion so it's reasonable to assume that Olly is one of his Imperial Army soldiers, maybe even from a Ynsdonesic Bloc regiment.

Maybe he stood in front of some sort of Greater Deamon of Khorne and took the blade meant for the Chaplain-Primarch.
ill take what i can
File: 1286428182651.png (543 KB, 576x433)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
Silent King owns the allegiance of many Lords and has a personal army bigger than any two lords combined.

He can be dealt with, or more correctly talked to. Sadly he doesn't understand the concept of give and take. He wants something, you give it to him. You refuse and he fuck your shit up. The Imperium has fought him to a stand still when he demanded tribute in human, eldar and demiurge lives for his biotransferance reversal experiments. He points out that it would be less than a trillion lives all told. Imperium have population in the tens of quadrillions and they would take in small amounts from across galaxy, I would not be noticed.

Holy shit was the Emperor furious at that one. Folk legend say that all the astropaths across entire galaxy started swearing and yelling obscenities in over a hundred languages.

There was not even a pretenses at proportional response from either side. Silent King did have the real doomsday shit on standby and was prepared to use it, unfortunate for him he didn't anticipate the sheer fucking incandescent wroth made manifest with vortex weapons that took out his doomsday weapons before he could dickslap the big red button.

After that diplomatic relations, minimal as they were, completely dried up.
There are other lords who have rebelled against the Silent Kings.

Ones who spent thousands of years in obedience to his whims and have no interest in rebuilding the old empire because the old empire was BORING AS FUCK and then they see the bright lights of the Imperium and decide they want that. They want the hustle and bustle and music and noise and the lights and the crowds and the chatter and the music and to live and feel alive in a living empire rather than some shit Empire of the Dead.

Some don't support his plans to undo the biotransferance. The ones with good memories that remember what it was like to be racked with cancers and illness due to their fucked up biology and irreparable genes.

Some are just too fucking nuts to care about anything and ascribing meaning to their actions is impossible.

It's about
60% in obedience to the Silent King
10% too fucking nuts to be truly loyal, some obey sometimes but not often
10% doing their own thing and taking advantage of the distractions from the 'Nids, Orks, Chaos and Imperium to move house whilst he isn't looking
19.99999% still asleep
Tiny astonishingly small number jumped ship into the Imperium.
Formatanon here, thinking of writing something for Ollie Pious (except translated into context of War of the Beast) - any ideas how things would go down?
File: 1392568961795.jpg (111 KB, 305x275)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
If you feel the urge to type the word perpetual then break your own fingers to prevent sin.

Matthew 5:30
And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.
is she pressing her footlong against him?
I've read the timeline and the only thing that borthered me is the fact that farsight decides to fight the ethereals because he wants to keep the Tau independent them later decides to bent the knee for the Imperium.
File: king of clowns.jpg (88 KB, 600x829)
88 KB
Yes. But he is a nimble dancer and she will never catch him

Also how does good old Cegorach feel about the Imperium?
And how the Mechanicus keep Tau technology in check even after the Tau decided to stop A.I development after it's rebbellion, they still would be technologically superior in various fields.
technological development rather.
No, I'm a firm believe of the only thing being left of ol' ollie being the silhouette of his Mars-pattern adamantium balls burned into the surroundings.

Besides, would you rather me have a termie or custard step in at the last moment? :^)

In any case I'm probably gonna go through the primarch walls of text, make some collapsibles, and generally go through things so I get what's going tf on.
File: manly tau.png (993 KB, 822x971)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
File: Tau marines.jpg (2.34 MB, 1600x1200)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
Same way as they deal with the Eldar


Not a great deal that can do directly except find a suitably big rock to hide behind and wait for the Tua to blow themselves up again.

Last time it was fucking around with A.I. despite all warnings not to do that. This time they are fucking around with warp tech despite all warnings not to do exactly what they are doing. The Grey Robe boys on Ganymede
Are giving Inquisitorial staff training in old countermeasures they thought would never be needed again.

Fucking Tau. When will they learn?
hmm, no.
Just saying it could have been better explained in the timeline.
Timeline was just bare bones place holder I made in quite time at work. It is by no means fleshed out. Feel free to fix if you feel it needs fixing.
One thing we could talk about is how territorial expasion is handled, we can use the Tau as an example, after their A.I problem they decide to expand again but this time they are under Imperial protection, so how is territory defined between the races.
Is it finders keepers or there is a selection through imperial politics to decide which race get's what planet?
>The Emperor's marriage to Isha is facilitated by her high priestess who is her mortal avatar. As a monogamous fertility goddess her "needs" in this regard are great but simple.

Does Isha likes in the butt?
>>fertility goddess
>in the butt

Nah. Although I bet the preg fetishists hare having a goddamn ball.
Sanguinius-anon here, just wondering if there are any details laid out for the Battle of Terra? I'm thinking the Beast himself goes down to bust open the Eternity Gate, and Sanguinius dies facing him but cuts open his chest so as to mirror his canon fight with Horus. If that conflicts with what people are thinking let me know.
Ish and Emperor are genetically incompatible. They have no children.

Nothing of Sany's death is written yet other than that it was on Old Earth.

Tau discover uninhabited world. Send letter to sector Administratum office of colonial affairs asking if they can settle there. They almost always answer yes. Only answer no if they have it on list as already claimed or there is something know and unright on the planet like sleeping Necrons or a Chaos corruption.

If discover inhabited world then the can send, as representatives of the Imperium, their water caste ambassadors just so long as they inform the Administratum about it.
>Ish and Emperor are genetically incompatible. They have no children.
File: 1464205102945.jpg (225 KB, 962x1443)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
There is the aforementioned Starchild prophesies that all are united on the fact that they will have an impossible child eventually.

If you are looking for someone hot, curvy and always pregnant then in this AU it is Corporal Jubblowski. She is valued by the Imperium initially because her body shape made her a great asset to the commissairiant moral poster department.

At some point she becomes pregnant and whilst pregnant her dreams took on a prophetic nature. Also made her a religious idol to the Isharite eldar. Due to the Inquisition always having room for another good pecognitive she was given the best rejuvenant treatments the Imperium could give her. She was also ordered by senior members of the Commissariant and Inquisition to be carrying a child as often as her health allows.

To this end they issued her a biologicus midwife/health specialist. Her job is to determine how soon it is safe for her to be blessed one more. Also to monitor for health problems and correct them and advise Jubblowski about her dietary requirements.

Never one to waste an opportunity a convent of the orders Famulous of the Adepta Sororitas has adopted her. If she has to produce children, they reason, she might as well have children of royalty. It also allows new genes into the persistently insular aristocracy and continuity of governance maintained.

There have been honour duels over the affected tions of Sister Jubblowski due to her status as a religions icon, the most sought after courtesan in the western Imperium and the media for centuries depicting her as the ultimate standard of human beauty bot during and between pregnancies. Also that every one of those Lords (and probably some of the Ladies) and governors undoubtedly had at least one Imperial Army issued poster of her when they were teens.
File: 1458372975169.jpg (111 KB, 912x1109)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
The prophetic dreams of Sistern Jubblowski have predicted untold invasions, natural disasters and sudden political shifts and with time to prepare the Imperial institutions have managed to save unknowable billions of lives.

As of 999M41 Sister Jubblowski is approaching 400 years in the Emperor's service but because of the longevity and rejuvenating treatments has a biological age of about mid 20s to 30 at most.

It is possible that some of her abilities might derive from a distant ancestor in the Geno Five-Two Chiliad regiment in a previous era. This is impossible to prove or disprove.

Sister Jubblowski has received letters from prominent Autarchs, Farseers, Corsair Princes and other nobility of the eldar, even including the legendary Eldrad Ulthuran. All were rejected due to compatibility issues making such efforts a waste of time. Eldrad replied that it wouldn't be a waste of his time.
File: Emps.jpg (101 KB, 720x857)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>men of gold were synthetic super-psychics that could surpass men of iron advanced AI
>needed esoteric, system scale dark age of technology infrastructure to make them
>needed cooperative men of iron to make them
>the warlord was either made on earth or some other hub or peak human civilization, either just before the rebellion of the men of iron or during the ensuing wars
>If not from earth he travels there during the height of the age of strife
>Able to survive in the age of strife, gains his vast worldly experience and acumen to accompany his powers
>as the warp begins to clear he enacts all this, vaguely aware that he may not be the only man of gold, but that no others have appeared so far.
>still loves to put gold on everything
File: face of mercy.jpg (7 KB, 267x200)
7 KB
I like it.

For when he was made he could have been almost created just as the Men of Iron went insane and never stopped going insane.

The idea the men in the lab coats had back during the final days and height of the DAoT could have been that there was going to be a Man of Gold for every solar system of humanity. They started to implement it, got a few dozen made and put them in the core systems just when shit went skynet.

Problem was that they were having to make artificial souls for them as well as perfect bodies. And if you're going to make an artificial soul you might as well make a super powerful one and the only place to forge such a thing/get the concentrated ethereal animus/whatever is to trawl the deep warp.

So we had a shit load of helpful friendly Skynets who back in the day were a delight to talk to being exposed to concentrated warp juice. Whilst the eldar are trying to murder-fuck a god into existance.

In retrospect it was surprising that it didn't go wrong sooner. All the other Men of Gold go as nuts as their AI creators with whom they are now at MAD levels of war with. Men of Iron, now corrupted to the core, defeat the Men of Gold but are so weakened that they in turn get slapped by the humans (and maybe a few surviving early model Men of Iron who's minds were build with bullshit absorbing crumple zones).

Warlord was the last one on the production line. They were being built on the planet Cthonia, ancient core world of humanity at height of technological achievements but not so important as Earth just in case something went wrong.
Warlord was never finished. This is sad because they never downloaded the entirety of human wisdom into his head and so knows very little of the DAoT and certainly nothing about how to rebuild it. On the positive side because he was unfinished he never gained consciousness and just floated around in his tube in a coma for the worst of the Age of Strife and so escaped going insane like his brothers and sisters did.

Few thousand years later and Warlord is still floating around like last pickle in jar. A scavenging team from Old Earth, specifically the Terrawatt Clan, using a rare surviving cobbled together space craft and making the best of a relative lul in warp awfulness find the base. The team is lead by a powerful psyker known to history as Malcador the Sigillite who was given the job by the clan elders because his psychic mite could be used as an additional layer of warp shielding.

Malcador wakes the Warlord up, him and his team pile everything of value that's close by into the part van and set course back for Old Earth and regard the mission as a resounding success.
lol I take it this pic >>49599652 and this pic >>49616353

is the result and or sequel of this: http://pastebin.com/G2UK6dj1
File: 1460894610486.png (459 KB, 265x712)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
>written letter to an higher ranking IG official
>This is lieutenant Johnathan Percival, subordinate to Captain Dannya Faulkner writing this message for her and Autarch Ellim... Dear Captain Faulkner and Autarch Ellim, I'd like to inquire or inform about the problem involving those motivational posters of former Corporal Jubblowski. I'm going to be straight, many personnel; human and eldar. Have been 'busying' themselves with those posters. While Jubblowski's 'blessed rack' is a good blessing from the goddess Isha her self, I cannot help but express the fact that some personnel are abusing the request for more posters. So may I suggest the commissairiant to give only a fixed number of posters so that the men and women of the army won't be constantly distracting themselves nor abusing it. Also to Autarch Ellim: I keep catching and scolding men and women; man and eldar, for making love inside Wave Serpents. And the eldar pesonnel would laugh behind me, and sometimes some would brazenly laugh at my face. I will be waiting for an appropriate response to apply the next best course of action for this minor debacle.
>signed: Lieutenant Johnathan Percival
Captain Dannya Faulkner is busy with actual problems and Autarch Ellim is too drunk to give a shit about anything.

A mild increase in printing cost across the western border worlds is a small price to pay for the increased recruitment rate and improved moral.

And after some halfhearted investigation it seems congratulations are in order. You have successfully started a regimental tradition of "the naughty serpent club". Possibly at some earlier date you should have inquired about whether there were locks on those doors.

- Commissair Adalhard Albrecht of the Blood Angels.
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 368x403)
46 KB
>Eldrad replied that it wouldn't be a waste of his time
What a player
>Eldrad is totally okay with having sex with Jubblowski
>even if no kids will be produced
>Eldrad just wants to bone
>mfw overglorified foxy grandpa dips his fingers on that bowl of sugar
File: 1475543543290.jpg (45 KB, 347x434)
45 KB
>Eldrad replied that it wouldn't be a waste of his time
File: 1382144241561.jpg (125 KB, 771x831)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

Not so much.

Eldrad and Malcador were the ones who held open the broken webway gate for the Rescue Isha raid.

When The Beast broke into the command center of the Imperial Palace it was Eldrad who teamed up with the Warlord.

It's Eldrad who's spent 10,000 spending most of his time in the Cadian Gate space taking Black Crusades to the knee and yet keeps on adventuring.

Combine this with the fact that he is the last living true eldar who remembers the Old Empire and despite being too old to know how old he is hasn't noticeably slowed down.
this shit have an 1d4chan page yet?
what happened to all the writefagging?
Dunno i feel as if this is slowly turning into magical realm
eh, nothing wrong with that.
Fine. I was waiting for the Sanguinius fag to turn up again and finish what he started before I do anything that might contradict.

Vulkan, son of the Afrique League, First Patriarch of the Prometheans, Defender of the People, Cleansing Flame of Earth and Primarch of the Steward was born in a mud and thatch hut in an arable farming village 8 days walk from Lanbarno, capital of that semi prosperous realm.

The nation itself was little more than a remnant of what it once was. At its height some 500 years previously it had been a super power the rival of any other on the Earth at that time with culture and technological knowlage beyond peer. But then the Ursh came and taught them that this was not, nor have it ever, nor would it ever be a time of peace.

But all that was history. The realm that Vulkan grew up in knew nothing of that save in dust old tomes of half forgotten lore.

Even a peace, a hard fought for peace, had been won against the Despots of Ursh and their vassal states.

Of all the peoples on the Earth at that time the had come to the attention of foul xenos. Why they amongst all others? who can say. But there it was.

The Dark Eldar were discovering the depths of their needs and thirsts and they found the picking in Afrique League to their liking.

It became a hated part of life. Shelters were dug by the prudent and the the foolish were left to die. It was an unhappy time. But maybe it was the xeno raiders and their attentions that made their lands less appealing to invaders.

It was in Vulkans 14th summer that he joined the military, against the wishes of his father and mother but with their blessing. It was customary for men to serve and protect the communities they came from for what was good for the people of a nation must surely be good for the nation as a whole.

Vulkan's parents had been adamant he not join the warriors because they knew that his job would be to dissuade their tormentors so that they might find a softer village to attack
If peeps keep mirroring to the 1d4chan page and I'll clean up formatting and shit. Once the primarchs are done I'll take a stab at Ollie. Somehow. Still open to suggestions.
>cue image of both Captain Dannya Faulkner and Autarch Ellim naked and in bed
>Autarch Ellim mockingly reads the letter from lieutenant Percival while doing his best human sounding imperssination
>Captain Faulkner just laughs out loud
>Ellim then cripples the letter and throws it in a bin and continues his lovemaking session as he pins Dannya and is on top of her
>'Haha, alright. I guess I SHOULD do something about that whole lovemaking thing inside the APCs, it wouldn't do good for those vehicles reeking of sexual fluids when needed in actual use.' Dannyaa said
>'Honestly, I think people like Jonathan should seriously- what's that term you humans call? 'Get laid'? Yeah he should calm down at least. But at least we're both doing our fraternization inside an actual bedroom and not inside comfort rooms or vehicles like savages do.' Said Ellim
>this earned Elkin a chuckle from Dannya, his collegue and lover.
Thank you for the reply Commissar Albercht.

Again I am not trying to suggest a van of those posters. I simply believe it is best for Jubblowski's motivational posters be delivered in fixed amounts instead of the requests because of how the personnel abuse it and distra t themselves from their duties. And thank you for also giving investigation towards the lewd fraternity acts where personnel fornicate inside the APCs. They should know better that those vehicles are military assets, not a place for such Lewds. I'm just doing my job of enforcing discipline and ensuring the personnel get their duties done while Captain Faulkner and Autarch Ellim are temporarily away from this regiment.

-signed, Johnathan Percival.

>PS: as a fellow ranking official, may I suggest you fix that choice of clothi g if yours sir Albrecht? Seriously, with all due respect, every time I or anyone else sees you wearing that 'High Collar' of ypurs. You look like you're about to have very life chocked out of your neck.
I'd honestly would love to see Eldrad having his way with Jubblowski for the sake of hilarous lewds. Also it's surprising Vect hasn't tried to also get a chance to get his hands on Jubblowski too considering he is that type of person and is also a foxy grandpa as well.
The collar connects to the gas mask. My uniform is a very cheap void suit.
Ferrus Manus cleaned up now, going to work through the Primarchs unless anons want something going over first.
File: poppies.jpg (213 KB, 964x514)
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213 KB JPG
One such assault was the beginning of Vulkan. The rest of his life had been merely a prelude.

A brutal assault that seemed determined to abduct the while village befell Vulkan's home. The scant defenses were little more than tissue paper against razor blades. The pitiful few warriors of the Afrique League were tormented in the manner of a cat with a mouse and as inevitably snuffed out. All bar one. When the village bio-petroleum tank detonated Vulkan was inflamed. But up he rose. clutching his blacksmith fathers hammer, a halo or flame about his head and inferno wings upon his broad shoulders he was risen and he stood before the Archon, the chief tormentor of his people. His heart beat like a blast furnace and his eyes were holes into the hear of the sun and his fathers hammer he brought down hard. The Archon danced around him with inhuman grace, a nimble torture before an enraged giant. In later legends it was said they they danced from sunrise to sunset but in truth there was a death far sooner than that. The Archons blades had been doused in poison most foul but the heat of the flame had cleansed them and although Vulkan could barley land a single blow hid did manage to land one and one was all he needed.

The simple smiths hammer struck ard and it struck true and it was said to have been heated by more than burning fuel but by the furnace heat of hate. The Archon lay crippled and in agony at Vulkans feet and he raised that vile man high above his head and brought him down hard over his knee and broke his back and held him up once more and with a dragons roar dared all those who would look to see what ruin had been done before tearing out the raider kings throat.

And no more did those creatures come back.

When the Warlord came to the Afrique League it was Vulkan who met wit him in old and dying king Shatimuene's place. With the xenos gone it would not be long before Ursh came back and the Afrique League could not endure alone when that day came.
Sorry homie, currently writing now.
File: 1475641807868.jpg (29 KB, 147x292)
29 KB
As the now chief military commander of his nation and a hero of the people Vulkan was taken into the confidence of the Warlord and in the name of the warlord he claimed back the old Ursh vassal states of Ursh for the Afrique League and built that broken nation back up on freed slaves and a noble sense of retribution.

Vulkan was one of the first of the final design of Astartes. All of the major flaws had been solved by that point and for that we can be grateful, the world did not need another Angron.

When the last tyrant fell and it came time to bring the Unification to the rest of Sol Vulkan son of N'bel was raised high and called Primarch.

When the Great crusade fell it was Vulkan second only to Lorgar who showed that although the Imperium was strong and could be monstrous it could also be noble and capable of true virtue.

When the War of The Beast came it was the soldiers of the Fire Lords and and Black Dragons and the Salamanders that dedicated their lives to defense of the people above the defense of the Imperium, or what was good for the people of a nation must surely be good for the Impwerium as a whole.

Vulkan did name it back to Terra before the Martyr Angel fell and he could not save his brother primarch, but no blame was laid at his feet as his Legion worked so tierlesly and gave their very lives for the people and always at the thickest of the the fighting, in the heart of the inferno was the Promethean with his hammer.

In the years that followed the rebuilding of the Imperium Vulkan's forces remained integrated most strongly with those of the Imperial Army.
File: 1401274791657.jpg (138 KB, 720x539)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Of all the Primarchs save maybe Russ of Skand Vulkan's disappearance is the most odd. A hole in the records of the early days after The Beast when he walked around the far worlds of the galactic hub and at the end of that time he is gone and it is accepted that he is gone. HWat happened the Centuries of Silence, as the Prometheans call it, is a holy mystery. Some say he is dead, some say he will come back again in a great hour of need and some say he never left.

All that is known is that his children fight like lions for humanity and legion of them have laid down their immortal lives for mortal men and legion more and more have risen in turn.
>Sanguinius-anon here. This got a lot longer than I expected since I tried to explore his motivations and context as well as tie in some of his canon lore.

Indeed, as a boy he had horrified his governesses and caretakers by sneaking out of the palace to play with common children in the street (wearing bulky clothes to hide his growing wings), and infuriated his father by speaking out against cruelty of the nobility and freeing the household slaves assigned to him. His kindness and strength of will drew the masses to him, yet in his gaze there was always a sense of melancholy, a sense that he was looking into the distance at something no one else could see. And it was so, for Sanguinius had dreams.

In them he saw the Earth and the suffering of its teeming masses, felt their psychic screams of pain: from a nomad child dying of radiation in the Calbian wastes, raw boils and weeping sores stark against her pale skin, from an old slave in a Duscht factory collapsing under the savage blows of laughing guards, from all the wretched of the Earth crying for salvation. And from far away amongst the inky blankness of the stars he heard similar, fainter echoes as people suffered and died on far-flung planets across the galaxy. Sanguinius wept for them, and for his own powerlessness, and as he did a great, golden figure rose from the darkness, benevolent gaze sweeping over the Earth. It reached its hands down and lifted the masses to the stars, and where there was sorrow there was now hope and opportunity. Yet it was here Sanguinius’ visions diverged: in some, he and the Duscht people were lifted into the stars with the rest of humanity to spread amongst the stars, his heart bursting with joy. In the others, the great golden figure drew his gaze to the cruelty of Duscht Jemanic, to its slave pens and pogroms and purges of the unclean, and Sanguinius felt only cold despair as the great hands turned to fists and ground the Duscht people into dust.
>Also, feedback is always appreciated

Though he was not much older than a boy, Sanguinius vowed this would not come to pass, that he would protect the Duscht people and pledge himself to the service of the great savior, and that he would march across the stars to save the scattered people of Terra no matter where they were.

So it was that the Warlord came to borders of Duscht Jemanic during Sanguinius’ seventeenth year.

By this time, Sanguinius was the de facto leader, having won over the court with his charisma and strength. The Kaiser was by now decrepit and spent most of his time secluded in his private chambers, emerging occasionally to make wild proclamations and rant about the lost glory of the Duscht Empire. Thus when the Warlord’s herald came to demand the surrender of the Duscht people, it was the boy-king Sanguinius at the head of the Duscht steel legions that came to parley with the Warlord.

When Sanguinius stepped into the Warlord’s command tent and saw his face, it took all of Sanguinius’ will not to fall to his knees, for he knew with certainty that this was the great golden man he had dreamed of. The Warlord, noting the young man’s hesitation, is said to have greeted him with a half-smile and asked, “Is aught the matter?” to which Sanguinius simply replied, “I dreamed of you.”

The beginning of the negotiations was simple enough, for Sanguinius was already willing to pledge fealty and offer the technology of the genesmiths to the Warlord. Yet when Sanguinius requested mercy for his people, the discussions grew heated.

The Warlord was benevolent but possessed of an iron sense of justice, and in his eyes the cruelty of the Duscht people demanded harsh sanction. The specifics are lost to history, but the argument is said to have stretched long into the night, with Sanguinius pleading, protesting, and threatening in turn, and the Warlord impassively countering each rhetorical thrust. Finally, Sanguinius offered his own life in return for mercy for his people, for he declared that as the culmination of the Baal bloodline, the sins of his house were for him to bear.

Impressed by the earnest conviction of the young man, the Warlord relented. The Warlord demanded that the slaves were to be freed and the possessions of the nobility were to be seized and distributed among them, and that each house would serve in the Warlord’s armies as penance. Sanguinius himself would be their general, and their duty would be to go where the fighting was thickest and lead the charge. Finally collapsing to his knees from relief, Sanguinius accepted without hesitation.
That's a very fluff-wise bikini-clad eldar.
File: angelic1.jpg (258 KB, 1680x1050)
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258 KB JPG
Fookan awesome.


Does he still die at the eternity gate and become the Martyr Angel?
Wait what?
Actually, how DOES WotB go down this time anyways?
Yep, he's gonna go down fighting the Beast at the Eternity Gate, cutting open Warboss's chest before dying. The Beast then kicks down the gate to fight Eldrad and the Steward in the throne room, and they'll use the wound on his chest to defeat him (which nicely mirrors the canon I think).
Up thread, or possibly the last thread, it was mentioned that Russ didn't get to Sangy in time to save him. Also Lorgar was blamed for not fighting hard enough to save him.

Chaos is pissed Warlord and Co. rescued Isha
Chaos order the Crone World Eldar to prod the orks into uniting under one banner. The banner of a warlord known as The beast.
The Beast and damn near every ork in the galaxy attack Imperium.
Dark eldar decide to sign on because an Imperium in disarray and fighting a fuck hueg war means it's going to be easy to take slaves on an unprecedented scale.
Imperium gets ground back all the way to Old Earth.
All the primarchs are rushing back to Old Earth because Earth is keystone of Imperium.
Sangy dies holding the gate.
Beast gets into the palace to kill the Steward battle ensues.
Steward about to get krumped.
Eldrad kicks through the wall and fires a multimelta at warboss to get attention then starts prison rules boxing with him
Eldrad and Steward beat The Beast to death.
Eldar human alliance never been stronger

That was about the shape of it so far.
File: ollanius pius.jpg (128 KB, 1000x791)
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128 KB JPG
Sounds fucking sweet.
(different) editnon here, Guilliman and Curze have been cleared up.
Gotcha. Any idea how Ol' Ollie Pious would fit in? (I know I'm asking every 20 seconds, but still).
Died defending one of the other primaries.
in universe propaganda.
Gonna disagree on this one and suggest dude that distracted greater deamon of khorne just long enough for Lorgar or Russ to get out of the way.
Could have it where the story has a factual basis but gets massively exaggerated by the propaganda department.

So when does the whole Promethean thing start? When does he become head of that faith? Does he start it or was it pre-existing?

Moar plz, is good shit.
>So have you heard about the fiasco involving a certain novel?

>What 'novel?'

>You havn't heard of a book called 'Love Can Bloom?'

>What? That book? Actually yeah I only heard about it just here and there but not in full detail, they said Colonel Taldeer Ulthruan disliked it.

>No, she did not 'dislike' it, she HATED it. As in she was absolutely livid, ass-blastingly mad. I was there when she found out such a book existed.

>Why did she hate it? What's it about?

>Its a book written by two fans of her's. The general populace, both us hoomanz and dah space elves found the story to be adorable in fact. The story is meant to be glorification of a romantic relations between a human and an eldar. The story is an aternate universe where things are 'grimdark' meaning everything is shit and everyone's a stupid asshole, but despite all of that love can still bloom in the grimdark future. The story stars Colonel Taldeer herself and some fictional assasinorium member and vindicare sniper; Serial Number 52.6. Both factions they belong to are enemies in that setting, the vindicare learns to not be some mindless drone, falls in love with Colonel Ulthruan, defects to that setting's version of the eldar and they basically lived happily together in their craftworld and had a special-snowflake-cutie-lovechild named 'Lofn.'

>So Colonel Ulthruan was mad at that depiction of her?

>At first yes it was like that, and I swear man I REALLY was in there the moment she learned that such a fan made novel that was meant to be a form flattery towards her. She went ballistic, raving and ranting non-stop for half an hour straight, I think she didn't blink the whole time so much so I thought her eyes were gonna pop out. And the spit, her mouth was foaming, she looked like a dog with rabies and she threw so much spit while she was going bananas you could turn an entire desert world into a cool oceanic water world.

(will continue)
>What's next? She ordered a book burning since she hated it so much?

>Well here's the funny part, turns out the reason why she was so mad about it is because she was already in a secret relationship with a human male. And she was pregnant with their child and she thought some stalker was on to her.

>...What? ...You do realize that's impossible without some tampering with genetics and genesplicing right?

>I know, but it was apparently a miracle. Colonel Taldeer and her secret human lover have a soon-to-be-born baby child. Sure its not certain if it'll be an adorable half-breed, but anyone who cares will have to wait and see.

>So she was just paranoid and all?

>Yep, and she also learned a valuable lesson of having to get used to such things. After all she is a public figure, and that's a price one must pay for being a public figure, people who either dislike you or adore you will write stuff like that involving you in a certain way.

>Well that just reminds me of another oh so controversial tale. Ever heard of a Rape of an-

>SHHHHHH!!! Dammit man don't mention that fucking edgy art project in here! And yes I'm aware of said edgy art project and wished I could forget about it!
You seem to have folded everything that came after the Curze section into the Curze section.

Other than that it is a marvellous improvement
Disregard this. After several botched attempts it is fixed.
I was honestly thinking of having something either naval based - Junior officer on a ship that rams the Beast's Rok so it doesn't come down directly on the imperial palace or something. Alternatively, in the early stages, being a one man rearguard so others can get away to warn the IoM of the oncoming threat. Loud shrug.

Whoops, forgot my closing tags. For the record, I have no idea how to work these things either, I just edit/lightly rewrite the things and copy the collapsibles over from the Age of Dusk page.
Also, do we have any fixed titles/nicknames for the Primarchs? I'm largely just coming up with them on the fly.
I like the sound of Navy Pius suicide charging the Beast's Rok.


Horus Lupercal - Right Hand/Voice of the Emperor, The Void Born Primarch

Leman Russ - The King of Wolves, The Dog Soldier

Ferrus Manus - Gorgon, Scrap Lord

Fulgrim - Micro-manager, General OCD, Sharp Knife

Vulkan - Dragon of Afrique, The Promethean

Rogal Dorn - The Wall, Fist of the Emperor

Roboute Guilliman - Artist of War, Battle Scribe

Magnus the Red - Half-breed, Gangrel Fiend, Cyclops

Sanguinius - Mutant Angel, Gene-Splice

Lion - The Knight, Forest Knight

Perturabo - The Heavy Hand, Wrecking Ball

Mortarion - Pox Lord, Plague Bringer

Lorgar Aurelian - Chaplain Primarch, Pacifist Primarch, The Zealot

Jaghatai Khan - The Mongol, The Turncoat, Khan of Khans

Konrad Curze - Night Haunter, Night Lord, a lot of unpleasant things

Angron - Berserker, Butcher

Corax - The Left Hand, The Underhand, Corbie

Alpharious & Omegon - The Twin, The Hydra, Old Snakes, Who?

Malcador - The Old Man.
Given that Eldrad seems to have been subtly and occasionally not so subtly guiding his people for so very long he is the nearest to a representative of his people that most of them can get behind most of the time.

He isn't even a proper Ulthwe elder, that's just where the letters get sent.

He has lived a long time but he refuses to be called old. He has joked that spite is ageless. But deep down he feels old. His skeleton is entirely crystalized and he gets so very tired sometimes.

Given his impossible advanced age and his fear that his people might fall apart with out his help he has made plans.

Some day his soft tissue will start to crystalize. Might even be within the next century, who knows. When that happens he will walk to the Dome of Crystal Seers one last time, find a nice spot where the Infinity circuit is exposed, take his boots off and take root. His joining with the Infinity circuit will be smooth and seamless. Or he will die in battle and they take his soul stone back home. Either way is good.

His back up plan is that he has commissioned a master bonesinger to build him a custom wraithguard body. The moment he lands in the Infinity Circuit he's bouncing right the fuck back out again just to piss everyone off.
Was kinda wanting to write Fulgrim, when in the timeline was he placed?
>Sanguinius-anon back again, going to be writing throughout the day so chunks and pieces will be posted as they're finished.

With the secrets and technology of the Duscht genesmiths, the Warlord perfected the final design iteration for his Astartes warriors, the Mark III augmentation pattern, of which Sanguinius and his fellow primarchs to-be Vulkan and Lion El’Jonson were the prototypes. On them, the Warlord ordered the genesmiths to lavish their full expertise and to spare no cost, pushing the boundaries of their arcane knowledge.

When the three men emerged they were indeed without any of the flaws and mutations that had plagued the earlier Astartes generations, with strength and abilities far exceeding those of their existing fellows. However, the cost was astronomical and the process too slow to be viable on a large scale, thus for the mass production Mark III pattern the improvements were mostly limited to eliminating the flaws in the Mark II, keeping a roughly similar or perhaps marginally higher level of strength. The prototype Mark III design was archived, and later used for the most elite warriors of the Imperium, the Custodes and the Grey Knights.

For the rest of the Unification Wars, Sanguinius and his legion served with distinction, winning fame for their lightning assaults against even the most entrenched of foes, the Astartes descending as streaks of crimson on wings of burning ash and flame as they followed their general into battle. With his purity of spirit and the oneness of their shared vision for humanity, he won the trust and confidence of the Warlord and became a close advisor, making his eventual elevation to Primarch a mere formality. Thus when the Warlord became the Steward of the Empty Throne and proclaimed the Great Crusade, it was the fleets of the IX Legion with Primarch Sanguinius at the helm that were in the vanguard, blazing a trail into the darkness.
No specific time yet but presumably quite late on in the Unification.

Merika was a reasonably functioning state and by far not the most shit to live in so it would be on the Diplomacy list but due to it being prosperous could have put off joining for some time.

This and Fulgrim being a full astartes.
I think in this canon the grey nights should really stress knightlyness
Less shitty than Europia?
>inb4 amerifats vs eurofags flame war

Anyway, I be back, and ready to clean up some more shit. And maybe even bash out stuff of my own rather than just taking about it.
I'm using a kindle with an uncooperative autocorrect.
For mortarion's background he's listed as being from Tintajus Hive - is that meant to correspond to a modern British city or was it just off the top of that particular writefag's head? Thoughts?
Perturabo of the Macedonian Garrison was not a man truly cut out for the military life, although exactly what sort of life he was cut out for is hard to say.

Macedonia was an odd case at that point in the constant wars of the Age of Strife. It had been a century and a half previously a conquered territory of the Great Everlasting Tharkian Empire, an inaccurate name rather more grand than the Empire itself was. As with so many of that age the homeland of the "Everlasting" Empire had been crushed utterly by a previous Despot of Ursh in his relentless claiming of the Earth. In the end all that was left was the meager garrison forces holding the most ancient nation that was Macedonia. By an insane level of cunning, intelligence and slight of hand on an impressive scale Perturabo's grandfather Nestor had managed to make it appear that the Garrison was up to full strength and had the backing of the local populace. Unwilling to over extend his forces and risk loosing Tharkia the Despot left them be.

With the immediate threat gone the cities started to drift apart and Nestor was an old and wise enough soldier to know that he didn't have the man power to stop it. For his part he did manage to hold on to the ancient fortress city of Štip-Isar and Macedonia did survive after a fashion albeit as a collection of city states that occasionally had border scuffles but would always band together against outside threats.

Perturabo's father Nikola had risen to be petty king of the reasonably unimpoverished fortress city of Štip-Isar after King Nestor passed away and set about the task of trying to train his only son in the arts of statesmanship, women not being accepted to rule in that nation in that era.

Sadly for the king Perturabo was psychologically unsound. In later, much later, years people would often comment that Perturabo is what you would get if you could get a spare Angron and extract all the enthusiasm. This was unfair and inaccurate.
File: 1318100986351.jpg (263 KB, 900x1311)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Perturabo suffered from bouts of quite severe depression and occasional flashes of intense rage with little to no warning. Although the rage would flash into incandescence and burn itself out relatively quickly the depression was far more lingering. All in all he was not a particularly nice person to be around, much to his father's undisguised disappointment.

What Perturabo was good at was defensive planning. His grim disposition and general pessimism resulted in him knowing, just knowing deep down, that all the other city states and neighboring nations were all going to try and swallow up his home. Thankfully he wasn't actually paranoid despite it sounding like he was, sadly that's becasue he was right.

Designing fortifications and planning countermeasures for hypothetical invasions was the only thing he as actually good at that could benefit his nation and he knew it. Every aspect of real leadership was alien to him.

When, inevitably, the scum of Ursh came back it was not primarily to attack Perturabo's city so much as that was a stopping point to get some practice in before taking on the forces of The Warlord and also they would burn it to the ground and salt the earth for fun and also to ensure they weren't harried by too may upset natives, but mostly for fun.

What happened was that they got half way through Macedonia and then ran into a wall made of spite and pain that left their vanguard forces in mangled twisted corpse heaps that were then displayed at the borders to perturb trespassers. That such an insignificant speck of a place had inconvenienced him enraged the Despot who ordered his commanders to genocide the entire nation to the last child.

When the forces of The Warlord came marching into Macedonia they found the once broken nation rallied around one diamond hard point of defiance and weathering the storm that he had been preparing for, and weathering it well.

Sanguinius’ legend grew as he and his legion pacified world after world, a magnificent sight to behold as he soared over the battlefield on immense white wings to slay the enemies’ generals and greatest champions. Yet it was not only for feats of arms that he was revered as the “Angel”. Worlds blighted by mutation that would have been purged by other legions instead found themselves welcomed into the safety of the Imperium by the IX Legion, and broken peoples barely recognizable as human for the first time experienced the warmth of kinship and camaraderie.

The IX Legion soon won the moniker of “Blood Angels,” for their nobility of spirit and devotion to the shared blood of mankind. Soon, tales of the great Angel and his warriors spread across the oppressed people of the galaxy, and many rose in joyous rebellion against their alien overlords when the great Angel and his red warriors appeared in the skies above their worlds.

Amongst his brother Primarchs, Sanguinius found comrades and friends of his own. Well liked or at least well respected by most of the Primarchs, Sanguinius was particularly close with Horus and Vulkan. In him, “Old Man Roboute” finally had a willing audience for his lectures on strategy and logistics, and Fulgrim found a kindred spirit with an appreciation of art and philosophy, the greatest achievements of man. Sanguinius’ relationship with Angron was complicated, troubled by Angron’s unpredictable madness. On good days, theirs was a friendly rivalry as each legion strove to claim the title of finest assault troops in the Imperium; on others, Angron viewed the Angel as an upstart pretender without respect for his elders and resented the Angel's pity, and they had to be separated lest they come to blows. Curze and Mortarion despised Sanguinius as naïve and foolish, and Sanguinius despised them in turn for obvious reasons, Mortarion in particular for he reminded Sanguinius far too much of his own father.
File: 1358498607729.jpg (3.33 MB, 2560x1920)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
When The Warlords forces came screaming and roaring into the fray with the orange sun of sunset behind them it was truly the start of the end for Ursh. They had been beaten on too many fields by that point and to be fought to a stand still by some back water hillbillies made those under their enslavement start to question how strong those chains really were.

When The Warlord came to Štip-Isar and met the mad, mad architect that had turned a small nation into a devourer of armies he was a little shocked at his young age. When he looked into the princes mind he wished he had not. It was cold. A landscape of steel and bone blasted smooth by an unrelenting gale of numbers and angles and shifting probabilities and above great roiling clouds, blacker than space that weren't just dark but drained the light and life from all beneath them. It was over in an instant, a great matte grey iron wall slamming up, horizons wide and twice as tall.

The Warlord looked down at Perturabo and found his gaze being matched by dead grey eyes. There was no fear or awe there and certainly no love, Just relentless calculations and searching for weakness.
File: 1325627590927.jpg (32 KB, 480x640)
32 KB
Despite the cold madness that afflicted him The Warlord sensed something that could be turned to greatness if not virtue.

Perturabo was offered a place in the Warlord's armies as a fortification and garrison specialist. For king Nikola's part he was in sad truth glad to see the back of his son. He had grand children he would one day be able to pass on his responsibilities.

Perturabo rose through the ranks of the Imperial Army and he did indeed become great. The other generals captured huge swathes of land but it was he that ensured that they stayed captured and although they showed him little respect, seeing him as some sort of freak fit only to follow in their footsteps The Warlord impressed upon him the quiet nobility in his role as bringer of order and strength.

Although he was never at the forefront of any of the battles that would be worthy of song he was found worthy of becoming a late stage Thunder Warrior. As Earth was purged of the remnants of Old Night and the dream of Unification was magnified to include the rest of Sol Perturabo was elevated to the lofty title of Primarch.

In the years that followed as the Unification turned into The Great Crusade and the alliance with the eldar was forged Perturabo did not change. Perhaps he could not change. To him life was one day after another designing meat grinders of horrific scale and enduring the resentful glares of oppressed peoples he was trying to protect. After decades of this it started to have and effect on even him.
File: 1348088959973.jpg (82 KB, 550x568)
82 KB
When The War of the Beast descended upon the worlds with whose compliance and protection he had been tasked his worth in the eyes of his peers was proven beyond any doubt. Creatures base and wretched assaulted in droves upon his peoples, his armies, his fortresses, his worlds and again and again they drowned under heaps of their own green skinned dead. His warriors manned the battlements and the counter-siege weaponry from the fortified cities day and night for months at a time without tiring.

It would be wrong to say that no worlds under his aegis fell. They did. But he and his Legion worked hard for every victory them to be costly at best and pyrrhic as possible.

On venerable Olympia, once a colony world of the Old Empire and brought back into the fold by the Iron Warriors of Perturabo the primarch almost died. He and a great and corroding creature of nurgals kin, bringer of the Orks of the Pox Dok dueled in the burning cathedral for the souls of a world. It was a trial of attrition between Iron and Rust and the blows rained off of each other and knives cut and dug and bones were broken and flesh torn but in the end it was the Iron Warrior that stood triumphant. When his soldiers found him slumped in the pews where in better times the faithful prayed he was white from blood loss.

Perturabo was not on Old Earth in the final days of that war. Sanguinius died and the Beast was slain but Perturabo was to be in a coma for another year.

When he awoke, his ruined body repaired with cybernetics, he marched on. Unbowed and unbroken. Iron within, Iron Without. Worlds were rebuilt and defenses shored up once more and time marched on.

In the end Perturabo's mental state deteriorated so much that he was forcibly removed from active service by unanimous vote of his most senior Warsmiths after he tried to enact decimation as a global punishment for a single failed regiment.
File: 1350280389367.jpg (362 KB, 1152x1080)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Perturabo's last days were spent back on Old Earth as an architect. Away from the battlefield and doing what he loved most he did heal somewhat, but in all honesty he could never have been truly restored.

Oddly he was remembered by the common man in later ages as a designer of Hive structures. His military campaigns were lost to the ages but his designs were the basis of hives that would in both form and function not be surpassed for many thousands of years. At heart he was an artist but war had taken that from him
Why is the emprah blackwashed in that picture? That's not historically correct
People tan. Also, isn't it canon that he can manipulate how he looks?
>>49649033 #
>>49651881 #
>>49652445 #
>>49652553 #
>>49653672 #
>>49657305 #
Lol I do hope these characters are "canon" in this warhammer AU for the sake of funnies.
So, modern day, how many Primarchs are still running around?
None, they're all dead/disappeared by M41.
File: 1462408613218.gif (931 KB, 811x541)
931 KB
931 KB GIF
Yes it would seem.
Carry on then.
This is starting to get too human centric. Eldar in the setting need more love and expansion.
File: 1442598132254.jpg (202 KB, 900x825)
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202 KB JPG
I agree. We have the basic outlines of how a handful of the Craftworlds fit in and we have a little on Eldrad but nearly nothing else.

Sadly thread is approaching limit.

Is this what next thread should focus on?
focus on whatever we like.
Are the Nids any different here?
And what of the Chaos Marines?
Nid's arrived earlier, major battles took place at earlier date

As of late M41 the main 'Nid fleet has just arrived.

Chaos Mariens are fewer in number as no whole legions went over.
>no whole legions went over
But are the champions still there? Did Lucius still become Victor Zasaz 40k? Is Abbadon still an armless failure?
Alpharius and omegon should be "the beginning and the end"
Lucius went over to Slaanesh because he was always a perfectionist with masochistic tendencies, now he gets rewarded for it with whores and cocaine.

Why did Abbadon go over in the official fluff? If applicable to the Nobledark then yes. If he just went over because Horus went over then probably not.

Fabius Bile didn't go over to chaos exactly. He became infatuated with the mad fleshcrafters of the Dark City and managed to secure and survive an apprenticeship under several of them before getting his own laboratory and opening up his own shop. He is a mercenary Mad Scientist.
new thread where?
we need more fanart, and unfortunately i'm no drawfag.
new thread this way


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