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/tg/ - Traditional Games

Hey /tg/, tell me about your custom chapters. Tell me anything, tell me everything, tell me only like 2 things, tell me as much as you want.
How were they formed? What's their equipment like? Does their emblem mean anything?
Fuck, they don't even gotta be Space Marines. You got any cool guardsmen regiments? Maybe you came up with some weird breed of genestealer? Exactly how green is your Ork clan?
I wanna hear about your cool shit.
>blood raven successors
>steel rain
Don't you mean gift rain ?
File: The Iron Templar.pdf (357 KB, PDF)
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357 KB PDF
I only have a single kitbashed Iron Sage and and a single devestator squad for these guys. I was working on them until bipolar fucked me in the ass with a major depressive episode about a year ago and I haven't painted since. Maybe someday I'll get back into it, especially since these Blood Angel tacticals (for another chapter, which I can also share if you like this one) have been half-finished for a year.
Fleet based Chapter from the cursed founding. They have a defect in their gene-seed that basically turns them into Blanks. Their Fortress Monastery is a space hulk trapped in orbit of their homeworld that they allowed a sect from the Sororitas to set up shop in.

The Scourge Eagles come in two flavors, Hit and Run as well as being Hide and Seek Champions. They are often provided camo-cloaks, excel at infiltration and close combat. Get to the fight, leave the enemy reeling and then wipe out the remains as they enter carefully constructed kill zones.

If required to fight planet side or in open conditions, they will deploy their Land Speeders, Thunderhawks and mount any battle brothers without a jump pack or transport on bikes. Typically they will not utilize plasma weaponry and are often seen forgoing flamers in favor of melta weaponry. Again, making them apt tank killers.

It is not uncommon to see them looting the battlefield of any wargear found or even outright taking it from their enemies control. These are usually given as a form of tribute to the Mechanicus as extra incentive to help them find a way to fix their gene seed. Given the nature of this chapter and it's mutation, there are a significant number of Apothecaries present in active duty.
Thank you, I like to pretend so. I've got a metric fuckton of info on them. The homebrewing I did for them and the sector that they're apart of is pretty indepth.

Not necessarily mine, but I helped, and I'm proud of them.
I remember those threads. A real shame that they are stuck with that horrible color scheme though.
I mean, it kinda adds to the charm, ya know?

If nothing else it makes them memorable.
It's unique sure, but it really doesn't belong on the battlefield. Not in it's current design.
Check the images, they have a tactical camo pattern.
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The Deplorables needs to be a chapter
File: you must remove.jpg (299 KB, 1280x919)
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299 KB JPG
for my guardsmen regiment I honestly tried to steal as much as I could from dune and arrakis in general but without touching on the main characters from the book.

effectively my guardsmen come from a world that is drying up no matter what the tech priests of the polar forge hive try. Currently the planet is covered below the equator in endless dunes and above the equator is mostly dry tundra that leads to a savannas before one reaches the polar ice cap that supplies the only reliable source of water.

My guard are known for being able to survive on the driest of worlds and being able to effectively conduct armored warfare along side of the hordes of desert zealots that bubble up from the equatorial mountain formations. These zealots only follow the orders of the commiserate and for some reason have a almost unhealthy reverence for the sisters of battle. Between the northern mechanized forces and the desert peoples of the south Rakis VI produces above standard quality regiments and on a regular basis as required by their imperial tithe.

As for on the table top they have been ... leaving some things to be desired.

because I am new to the hobby for most of my early games i was regularly beaten due to a lack of heavy weaponry so to combat this I had to use my sentinels as plasma cannon barrage weapons to make up for a lack of tanks and artillery. More recently as I have gathered more tanks both chimeras 2 and leman russes 4(with 1 forge world vanquisher turret) I have now begun to see my forces regularly tie with my opposing forces which are regularly 60% marines, 20% tau and 20% eldar and other.

Recently I have decided that my next big addition to my forces will be either scions and forgeworld aircraft or a 25 man platoon of DKK death riders to in either case act as a reserve reactionary force two exploit my opponents lines after their turn 1 attacks.
Also could it be possible to make a black templar successor chapter by claiming that to evade being caught above strength (>1000) this crusade had told the imperial/inquistioral forces that spotted it that they were actually a newly formed chapter?

I.E. they are meeting with another crusade force when a imperial navy force lead by a inquisitor warped in after hearing a word of a astartes force near by and after being in desperate need of reinforcement in his battle with heretics.

So now instead of telling the truth to the inquisitor the black templars simply flew around the back side of the planet and local moons on the way to meet the imperial force. And while buying some time hastily repainted about half their armor grey or white.

So when they were finally hailed by the approaching navy forces they claimed to by the Black Templars and their freshly founded successor chapter the Knights Eternal (IDK about the name).

Do you think the inquisitor and other imperial forces would buy it?
File: 1452996684820.png (637 KB, 1280x721)
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637 KB PNG
> I honestly tried to steal as much as I could from dune and arrakis
Mighty fine good taste you got there anon
I've mentioned them in threads like these before; the Steel Hawks. A chapter that was founded late M39 to early M40. they're incredibly resistant to the warp (although not to the point where they're immune) have no idea what chapter their gene seed came from, have two mutations one of which is potentially deadly (an over active Sus-an membrane, it'll active even for the tiniest bit trauma their body sustains) and the other which is purely superficial (their hair and eyes become paler to the point of being pure white hair and silver eyes, it occurs at random and has no bearing on anything meaning brother red shirtius could have the mutation whereas captain important characterius doesn't) and they recruit from a world that has black samurai and hispanic arturian knights (which is somehting I'd like help with, I want to add two more factions that the Hawks recruit from but have no idea what other cultures have codes of honour like bushido or chivalry) and their planet is just a feudal world that could be classed as a death world if it wasn't for the fact that humans with sharp metal sticks can still deal with the native fauna easily enough and the native flora is only toxic to those who haven't become immune to it.

Sorry for the block of text, I need sleep. If the thread's still up tomorrow I'll add more if anyone's interested.
anyone got that cool actually interactive space marine painter? Not the bolter and chainsword one.
I've been thinking of making a guard regiment called the Argo void fighter where it's gimmick is boarding enemy vessels. Basically the story is that on the imperial vessel the Argo the crew had a mutiny but was suppressed and all the survivors sentenced to serve in a penal regiment. But en route to their first battle they got boarded by orks/tyranids/whatever. The rest of the crew got wiped out but the penal soldiers held out until rescue as they knew had lived their whole lives on the Argo and knew all of the secret access tunnels. Recognising their potential they are often sent on suicide missions into enemy vessels and space hulks. They replenish troops from the trouble makers and death sentenced men from other imperial ships
thanks, dune is a great book with a good series of books based off of it but I didn't want to fanwank onto the characters because I knew I wouldn't do it justice.

but I figure having crazy ass desert people that claim to ride worms in my army would still be cool.
equally the northern regiments laugh at the desert regiments because everyone knows there is no such things as giant worms and they think the claim of the southern regiments of riding giant worms to be some kind of butt sex reference. However when pressed to go south on patrol the northern regiments often resort to using fliers and mountain hopping because their has never been a single regiment or explorator force that has made it to the southern pole no matter how many void shields they take to protect against sand storms. :/
cool but do you have many commissars? I feel like you should have quite a few because penal legion and all.
Bretty good.
My guess is that Foundry Zero makes Contemptors, explaining their large number of them + it wouldn't necessarily contradict canon as a FW book speculates there's a hidden source of Contemptors known to the High Lords... Though I think it's a bit iffy a chapters makes their own Dreads

Sounds more like Naval Armsman desu. Not meaning to dog your regiment, but I would think that any troops that fight off of navy ships would be navy dudes. Of course they could be uniques like the Phantine Air Corps.
I guess I'll post about my own cuz why not.
So there was some warp fuckery happening in this system and orders went out to the nearest chapter to check it out. Said nearest chapter was the salamanders en route to someplace else, so they decided to send a decent sized group out to what seemed like a regular ol' mission with a dash of warp fuckery.
Well shit got really bad really fast. They were trapped in the system for 35 years or so (they stopped counting desu) with nothing but orks. This weird warp artifact was keeping them all there. Eventually they managed to not only wreck the two warbosses who were fighting over "da shiny warp 'fing" for those 35 years, but managed to destroy the warp tainted artifact in the process. After that they managed to escape the system, finding that, while they had seemingly been in there for over 30 years, the warp artifact had displaced time and space around that system, and they were actually in there for far longer. (I'm unsure if I want to make them pre horus heresy or not, but I know I want them from close to that period of time. My point is it's been a long fucking time)
They rejoined with their brethren, but their tactics and ideals had changed to much to mesh well with the rest of the salamanders, y'know, due to their imprisonment within that system fighting orks day-in and day-out. That sorta thing would fuck with you a bit.
So they formed a splinter chapter known as the Scaled Purgators. There are only around 20 or so members, and no new members shall ever be added, only the original remains of the group who went through hell and back. So they are on their own little "orks are jerks lets kill them" crusade.
My favorite detail about them is how they modified their communicators in such a way that would make a noisemarine weep. They can WAAHG louder and harder than a hoard of orks. This confuses/angers the enemy orks and makes the order xenos pop a halfie.
the germans in WW1 pulled marines from the normal ship crew instead of having a dedicated force on-board for land operations. So maybe he is the same.
I wrote a seven thousand word backstory for mine, for the purpose of adding it to the world bible of the 40K novel series I'm working on.

Long story short, Novamarine successors that were created specifically to protect the Cloudburst sector against a specific alien threat, and they just got taken up the ass by a simultaneous Ork Waaagh that arrived at the same time as the aliens. It will take about ninety years to rebuild fully.
Also I made them as a mod for Space Marine to keep my photoshop skills sharp in between semesters. While working on them I thought up all the lore and such, was some of the most fun I've ever had.
I did buy some models to actually make them, but I'm the slowest builder ever and got too much going at the moment on to put them together and paint them and such.
Let me tell you a tale /tg/. A tale of failure. A tale of glory. A tale of madness. A tale of Patheticness. A tale so horrible and amazing that I won't even tell it to you! And it's not just because we lost our entire archives in the Bastion of Weakness and she won't tell us where to find it.

Now behold children of the Emperor, the tale of His most Pathetic, and His most Worthy!

That feel when the Iron Born never got the 1d4chan treatment.

Truly one of the most badass chapters /tg/ created.
>Aspirants must assemble a full suit of power armor from fallen foes(be they traitor or loyal) to be considered to join the chapter
>High failure rate means chapter mass recruits aspirants
>Chaplain and techmarine rolled up into one role so as to cleanse armor, weaponry, vehicles and ships.

Truly one of the greatest yet passed by.
I wrote a space marine chapter called the Gulliman's Bastards based on the regiment table.

40k Stuff
41st Founding
Scions of Mars
Eye to Eye
Battle Brother from a Previous Ultramarine Chapter: Brother of the 7th company
Krumped the Eldar but good
Ice Hive World They Directly Rule
Divergent Chapter
Totemic Charm
The Emperor Above All
Schola Prognium

Their stitck was their chapter master was a smurf who got assigned to guide the new chapter after he finished a raid on a eldar craft world while Cato was busy single handedly fighting off a Seer Council, as Cato is known to do.
Because he's Cato.

However stuff happened, which led to Cato getting him pushed to babysitting duty and training the first generation of the Bastards.

This lead to the Bastards tending to be the problem child of the ultramarines and relations with them are NOT solid.

The trick is their homeworld is a ice planet with a schola prognium on it (The premise is that if the cold did you in then you dont deserve the emperor's grace anyway you fuckin loser).

Both the schola and the marines draw from the same pool but the marines give the schola first draft, those who dont get to be commissars are trained by the bastards, and those who don't get to be neophytes instead end up as serfs.

The bastards believe the best use of a marine is to be able to lead the battlefield from the front, as a result they actually deploy their serfs as troops, having them fight and train alongside them and run their tank crews.

As a result of this philosophy each scout marine is actually accompanied by 9 serfs, meaning a squad of scouts is 100 people. The leader of the tenth squad is as a result the second in comand of the entire chapter as he leads a army roughly the size of the rest of the chapter.

Technically speaking the codex does not detail proper treatment and use of serfs so its all legal. Id say more but im out of space
File: heresy.png (15 KB, 285x177)
15 KB

Say more. But one thing.

>marines give the schola first draft

So when do they go full Alpha?
The chapter isnt intending to go all Chaos, because the last thing they want is to give their bosses the excuse.

Unless their is a different reference im missing. But the Bastards believe that faith in the emperor and cleverness is all you need to serve, they don't want the Best of the best. They'll take the rest and with it they'll kick your ass.

But a veteran squad from 1st company is actually deployed to work as the sergants of the tenth company "Squads" which as i mentioned before really number a 100 people.

Further different is that once a sergant gets to wear his armor he gets sent off to the armory to work under the techmarines, however they are not allowed to take the power armor OFF during their training, so by the time they are fit for battle they can do delicate maintenance litany in heavy suits.

Once that is done with they get to to be tactical marines. As a tactical marine fights they become either devastators or assault based on their fighting styles. In fact the first company is 5 devastor squads, 4 assault squads, and the aforementioned Mentor squad. Centurion armor is usally used instead of terminator (part of the whole "Ultramarines hate them").

Because of the whole "Anyone" philosophy, mutations are common enough among applicants, but none grevious enough the schola didnt kill them first. The mutations are amputated and replaced with cybernetics.

The marines totems are dolls the marines make out of the refuse of their battles. The marines believe that these items will carry on the fight for them after death, and Apothecaries have cound some severely wounded marines who apperantly continued fighting while having lost concious from blood loss so who knows?
Doesn't sound so bad

I'd be willing to work on them if you brought them back
File: spacemarine.jpg (50 KB, 400x500)
50 KB
Emperor's Vengeance

Successor chapter to the White Scars.

Essentially it is Ghost Rider in 40k universe without the magic powers of LoTD.

Black leather with orange/flame trim and skull color helmet.

they travel light for more speed on their bikes, and like to light their chainswords on fire.

They mostly use incendiary bolts in their bolters (no plasma guns). And like the White Scars, prefer fast attacks.
Look up the archive fair anon if you so wish because it's all in there.
Space Wolf successor called the Void Varyags, I rolled fleet based on the chapter but they only have one ship but they are also at regular strength, so I figured they would eschew companies and all that and just fight as a whole chapter, fucking around in the void of space, going from fight to fight partying and telling gnarly stories. Sounds pretty comfy for a space marine chapter desu

Better be some sort super-Battle Barge.with Inquisition worrying enhancements. Elsewise the whole chapter goes down from a few light cruisers.
File: LoD_Bike_Squad_2.jpg (299 KB, 1305x607)
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299 KB JPG
Oh shit I should write a story huh,

Well it was pre Horus time when the White Scars were trying to get to Horus when there was a distress call on a planet near Nostramo.

A few hundred Marines went to the planet to see what was the matter, when they got there it was apparent that their brothers the Night Lords were killing everyone on the planet in gruesome fashion. With faces being bitten off, children's legs being ripped off to beat their mothers with, jumpacks being used to burn people tied to statues of the Emperor. It was absolutely heretical.

And these Night Lords were being command by an old Thunder Warrior who has 4thdegree burned skin (not black like salamanders) and grew bat wings from being turned into a daemon by the warp.

Once the White Scars moved in on their bikes, the Thunder Warrior sent his Night Lords at them in jumppacks and flame throwers to burn them.

Some of the men were cooked alive, others still in flames with their swords on fire and the skulls still being burned.
Troops that fight off of navy ships are called marines
Yeah, I havent come up for a lot about the ship, but every fight would be super all or nothing for them. Maybe it would be a source of pride. "every time we take the field we win or we die!" kinda thing
They have like, so many servo skulls.
Like, too many. Each marine has a few skulls the just follow him.
There are just too many skulls.

But the lasbullethell makes it all so very worth it.
Some White Scars were being picked up and dropped on spikes or into the piles of burning bodies.

Hundreds quickly dropped to 10's. The ones still living were wounded and grouped up in a cathedral of the Emperor. The men damning the heretics for this massacre of citizens and brothers.

The Thunder Warrior then tried to call upon Daemons from the warp to overtake the planet. Some Daemons came through, but there was a pause and then dead daemons were thrown out of the warp.

Due to warp time fuckery, The Legion of the Damned emerged killing the Daemons.

This startled the Thunder Warrior where he rushed in to attacked but could not touch them, and he was picked up by 2 LoTD Astartes and was ripped in half.

The White Scars were in awe and saw the LOTD kill all sorts of Daemons and Night Lords. In watching they noticed how the LOTD killed them with fire swords, fire axes, and the bolters even seem to fire fire.

The squad then took the remaining fuel from their bikes and lit their chainswords on fire and started slashing away at the nightlords, pushing them into the LoTD till there was no more.

With the heretics dead, the Lotd began to disappear, with one astarte stopping and seeing the white scars.

He took off his helmet revealing a skull underneath and throwing them the helmet, then laughing while disappearing into the warp.

From then one the Astartes decided to paint the armor and bikes to look like the Lotd that saved them and made it their mission to kill every chaos member they can, especially the Night lords.

But due to them talking about the LoTD, many people did now believe them or join them, the inquisition made sure to have the black templars keep a close eye on them,
>posting a .pdf on /tg/
Good luck with that. From what I've seen on my years on /tg/, you're lucky to get one earnest reply to a pdf on /tg/
>Lightning bearers
>11th founding
>World gets constantly invaded by chaos forces by being close to the eye
>decide to "upgun" their marines via genetic work
>Makes a marine stronger, more potent, and much more savage in combat
>essentially thunder warriors 2.0
>Total blowback in the fact that zygotes will physically burnout or catastrophically fail due to high combat stresses
>This occurs when their world is invaded for the final time
>Marines get totally BTFO by CSM
>Lightning bearers pull off world
>Apothecaries try to fix it
>Get some of the benefits now but most zygotes are complete losses accept the ones that really matter for combat
>come out needing help confess their sins
>get turned down due to this
>Ultramarines spurn them for fucking with geneseed and fucking with doctrine

Now here they are barely 300 marines to their name with the husk of a fleet. Fighting for resources and trying to help the imperium where they can.
That literally how new chapters form. Over the years the lie becomes reality. The chapter master may look for guidance at times from the parent chapter but most often won't. Like the Dangles this chapter probably would be one of the later kind of chapter.

My personal head fluff is that marine chapters are like knightly fiefdoms withing the imperium as a whole. Some chapter masters may raise new scout companies up faster than others so that they can "found more chapters"; due to a loop hole in the coder astartes rules for dealing with chapters finding themselves with excess marines.
Others spend longer and develope and train then at a slower rate with a higher loss of aspirants at a given time.
That's my headcannon
I love it.

Normally I'd agree, but this is 40k we're talking about. They're still less conspicuous than the Ultrasmurfs, or the Blood Angels.
i run an Army of Guardsmen.
the very Last Of the population of a now long Dead world took to the skies as one final tithe to the Emperor, before the planet was engulfed in the corruption of Slaaneshi and Nurglite Cults.
Ever since. this population has been totally militarised. And started picking up the Broken Pieces of other regiments.
its size grew with the Years. now the Last Ship of the World Drifts along in space. Stopping now and again to collect resources or assist Imperial forces wherever it can.
though Autonomity is Illegal for the guard. the ship passes as "Regimental transport." ajnd only has very small facilities to maintain its Forces for a total of five months. its larger Machines must be repaired at Forge worlds or on Mechanicus ships.

The Army prefers to use Shock and Awe tactics in full engagements. but uses Interception teams and Light Scouting forces to do most of the other work.

These people are the Cydonians.
and they have an Impressive collection of Scout sentinels.
Avedrisan White Scalpels.

Hailing from the Civilised world of Avedris, these guardsmen specialise in boarding actions and have a decent but not spectacular track record in Hive and Forge world warfare also.

Troops tend to work with Hot Shots/Hellguns primarily and a disproportionate number of them receive cybernetic augmentation. The majority of officers have at least some form of vision enhancement.

The name "white scalpels" came for their intense precision in boarding actions. Troops often use less-lethal grenades and high-powered precision weaponry to great effect while fighting aboard ships or inside Manufactorums- places where stray las bolts could do expensive collateral damage.

Known amongst other Imperial forces for being unwaveringly disciplined and humourless. This isn't true, but when on the job the Scalpels will always appear as the height of professionalism.

They took to their nickname incredibly well, often attiring themselves in white coats. Troops often use medical terminology in briefings and orders, e.g. "Incision" for a breaching action, or "cauterise" for when collateral damage is unavoidable.

>Yeah I just made these up. I've never played 40K aside from DoW and Space Marine vidya.

Know your BFG lore niggas. You're describing Naval Armsman. The High Council decreed separation of Navy and Imperial Guard for a reason.
i hate to see what their medic corp looks like
File: Get it.jpg (35 KB, 595x611)
35 KB
And yes. there is a swathe of Imperial knights on board. they form the Knights of house Cydonia.
May as well finish the fluff.

Avedris was a rather nice place to live with a pleasant climate. Orignally tapped as an Agri-world, it was discovered that soil contaminants made it highly difficult to cultivate large quantities of human-edible food.

The rather pleasant living conditions of Avedris meant no gangers to send to the guard and no food to levy to the Imperium. The planet became host to a number of military training institutions.*

The Guard forces of Avedris distinguished themselves after an incident of good 'ol fashioned heresy. A rogue IG ship parked over the planet and demanded food, weapons, and serfs.

A force of local Guard and off-world trainees managed to board the ship without being discovered (lots of decoy flares) and sieze control of the bridge.

Notably, the entire ship was deemed salvage worthy after the altercation. Aside from a blown docking hatch no permanent damage was done, and a large number of traitor guard were captured alive (for later execution). The men and women of the Avedrisan forces were praised for their rapid response, exceptional coordination, and surgical precision. A visiting (Commisar-general?) stated "their weapons were the scalpels of the Emperor, cleanly cutting away the rot of heresy" and the name stuck.
File: deadlands.jpg (200 KB, 1280x720)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
They're pseudo-Maori from an aquatic feral world that's recently been industrialized.

They suffer from degenerate gene-seed, making their progenoids 98% unviable and replenishing the dead nearly impossible.

They specialize in stealth and close quarters fighting, and follow an extremely loose interpretation of the Codex Astartes.
Their Chapter Cult practices human sacrifice to honor the dead. Generally they inflict atrocities on the civilian population in war zones they fight in as a result of a grotesque desire to pay homage to their allies and their own fallen.

Basically, they're a doomed bunch of dickheads and they refuse to change.

By the present timeline in my Dark Heresy games, they were reduced to below Company strength and effectively ceased to exist as a chapter. The survivors were recruited into a secretive off shoot of the Ordo Sicarius, dedicated to monitoring the immensely corrupt Calixian Conclave, and they now effectively form its chamber militant.

I like it!
>cant replenish ranks
>extreme CQC specialty
its like they were asking to be wiped out
I mean, stealth mitigates it a little, but yeah.
Fun fact, my GM and I used the random Chapter generation rules in Deathwatch to get all of this.
I've pretty much come to the conclusion they were doomed from the start, and were probably the unwitting result of experimentation with Geneseed.
Grey and red, actually. They're nothing special by IG standards, ironically.

I'll do the tables.

Imperial Guard
>Mixed with auxiliary troops
Navy Armsmen

Elite tithe: don't have numbers anyway.

Civilized World

Urban, extensive training for Airless

>Regiment Core Units
Shock Troopers

Lightning Strike


>Special Equipment
Augmented Troops
Preferred Fighting Style

>Regiment Creed
For The Homeworld
Best of the Best

>Regiment Friends
Imperial Navy

>Regiment Enemies
They don't tend to respond well to precision fights in close quarters.

>Last notes

-Small in numbers. They try to make up for it with gear and training, but don't fight well in the open.

- Unpopular. "I bet they'd break and run the moment they got their coats dirty"

- Tactics are best suited against Tau, Eldar and humans. Utterly worthless against 'nids.
I like it. Need more Polynesian/Maori/Pacific influenced stuff in fiction.

I'm getting a real Sanghelli/Unngoy vibe with those scout squads. And I'm annoyed you wrote it before I did.
I've been working on a Fremen inspired chapter for a while.
> Brethren of the Marches
> Unknown progenitor (Imperial Fist or Raven guard)
> Recruit from a single slow-rotating homeworld where nomads constantly travel to escape the killer night
> Severely understrength after a Word Bearers ritual blew up the deathworld Five companies were fighting on.

> Infantry heavy with only Dreadnoughts for vehicles
> Said infantry have Marine-level sherpa skills and can march indefinitely under the worst conditions once deployed planetside.
> But some of them like Jump packs because it takes them closer to the sun
> Feel the most comfortable lugging a lot of stuff on their back, so they carry fortifications around a lot and hold the line (IF) or walking up to you really fast and punching your face (RG/Raptors).

Unique units
> The stern judges (Honor guards or Chaplains interchangeably) frequently go back to the homeworld to act as mediators, spiritual guides and aspirant kidnappers. 8 of them will always be on world at any time.
> Vanguard vets use stormshields to cover for their brothers who carry all three melta weapons. Due to all the hardware they carry, their jump packs are only good for a single very precise deep strike before they have to leg it (Legion of the Damned mechanically).
Feeling like sharing more about the Scourge Eagles.

Specialization was intended to have been for boarding actions and due to their position near the Maelstrom, this is highly developed as a means to counter the Red Corsairs, frequently clearing space hulks and other ships of Genestealer and Ork occupants. So close combat and the need of rapid movement and redeployment is nothing new to these guys.

The defect in their gene-seed will essentially leech away the warp presence for some of them, but many remain unaffected by this. Contrarily, this has also had a strange effect on their Librarians, many seeing their powers heightened after becoming Battle Brothers.

They rely a lot on their Scout company, so much that their scout company is under the immediate supervision of the First Company. Performing many duties and interacting in countless hours of combat practice together.

Their home world of Saer'rio is a feudal death world. The local wildlife is all omnivorous but extremely territorial and are constantly reproducing.

All plant life is symbiotic to some degree and the soil tends to stay very fertile. The majority of their home world is covered in rolling hills and mountain steeps. The people are nomadic tribals, each tribe highly superstitious and their elders and wisemen just happen to be of a rare and selected group of former chapter candidates. They are returned to their homeworld to continue leading their tribes and act as information sources for potential candidates. Often they perpetuate stories of "Stone Giants from the Sky" to hype up young warriors into "hunting" the marines when they have combat practices and drills on their homeworld.
I like it. Any particular weapons they like, or notable combat actions?

Why scouts specifically on boarding actions? Less bulk?
I'll give it a go

Arquebus Armor Breakers

a tight knit group obsessed with explosions, they are entrusted with destroying enemy armor and fortifications, a task they enjoy greatly. Always eager and enthusiastic to fight, other guardsmen believe they have a deathwish, as they run straight at enemy vehicles, hoping to be the one to send it up in flames.

They are known for their love of melta guns, with their members constantly emptying the armory of them, due to the extreme destruction it wreaks on the enemy, although some elements prefer the lascannon for its ability to precisely smite their foes

they known for their distinctive skull face paint, actually a cold cream they apply to minimize flash burns from using anti-tank weapons so often, liberally applied to their members faces, this as often done for intimidation as it is for safety. they are unusual in that they don darkened protective eyewear, buying them from local stores if none are available, even at night, to keep themeselves from being blinded by their own meltas

they often prefer vehicles conducive to their mission, favoring speed and fire power, as such lascannon armed sentinels, "devil dog" chimeras, and , if they are lucky, vanquisher leman russ tanks are sued to complement their troops

while specifically trained to deal with armor, their weapons burn through fortifications with frightening ease, allowing to act as sappers or bunker busters

aside from their overconfidence, real and imagined, they are unpopular with other regiments as they are usually held back in reserve while others bait out enemy armor for them to deal with.

hunter killer
>special equipment
>favored weapons
melta gun
The single most closely guarded secret of this Chapter however, they are privy to the Emperors original decree of The Imperial Truth. Due to this, they format their chapter in a mock form of their tribes, wisemen and elders being leaders of the native tribes, the Chaplains of this Chapter often go on to the role of Chapter Master (Grand Eagle).

The habits of hunting and trapping on their homeworld also carry over to see use in war time. When need or opportunity rises, the use of webber grenades becomes a favored tactic in taking back live targets for either interrogation or outright to be executed if necessary.

The Chapter only has twenty suits of Terminator armor, so to make up for the lack of armor availability, their veterans are often seen fielding storm shields and power weapons. The four Land Raiders in the Chapter are also highly cared after and used only as required. Their motor pool is dominated by skimmers, aerocraft and their armor is typically in form of Razorback, Whirlwind and the occasional Predator pattern tanks.

The Scourge Eagles have a fondness of augmenting Imperial forces to turn the flow of battle in Imperial favor, though it has been documented on several occasions that they have, on several instances, fought alongside Eldar and even the Tau.
these guys sound really fast, no wonder the like eldar
Lack of armor availability, great combat experience, forces them to apply their stealth training, acting as a supporting force to the initial assault. Few things say cover fire like a dozen bolter rounds down range and from a corner you never expected.

As for their fleet, their Flagship isn't a battle barge. It's a converted Emperor class Battleship. Many of their ships have seen extensive alterations, courtesy of their relations wit hthe Mechanicus. Forgoing extra fire power and/or armor for specialized engines and precise, hard hitting main guns.

A fair number of their fleets vessels come from the space hulk that makes up their moon-sized monastery, which again added a lot more incentive for them and the Mechanicus to work so closely together.
Man, I checked out of working on these guys after the second or third thread. I was there from the start.

They've definitely changed.
>Any particular weapons they like, or notable combat actions

The good and faithful Bolter for most of them. They're Marines with their feet literally on the ground and very down to earth. The exceptions are the free-spirited assault marines, and the Vanguard Vets who have a sun theme going on, so Meltas are a ritual weapon because it superheats the air.

They also make heavy use of Power weapons, particularly the blades and axes that they would have used in their nomad days. Rather than a single champion per chapter, Command squads are a council of the eight most accomplished melee fighters (Honor guard rules). Aspirants into the council must go through a series of unwinnable trials (most common is 1v7s), to teach them the humility of leadership. This also invariably make them very spiritual people.

They have no public record of notable actions, feeling that the deeds of the worlds they have saved are testament enough (i.e. this agriworld we saved will produce food that will feed millions and we're happy with that). All their banners are painted an iconless black, however, until their great defeat at Tohoss is avenged.
Certified badasses right here.
I'm liking the look of them. Have a bit of a classic knight-errant feel to them.

Urge to scream "Witness me!" rising.
Do they run vehicles of their own?
Just wrote this in another thread but what the hell, copying it.

Someone asked what a "relatable" chaos warband would look like.

Crimson Phalanx



>Common Blessings
Weapons of Chaos: Daemon bolters, etc.
Deadly Protrusions: teeth, tentacles.

Fleet based

Platoon level element worth of Marines but still heavily reliant on cultists

Harbors fleeing traitors of the Imperium
(Still dying of attrition despite this)
Uses cultists within the war band who show the appropriate fervor and potential.

>Combat Doctrine
Shock and Awe

>Exalted Champion
Champion of Chaos: Dušan Jovic, warband leader.

The Champion single-handedly wiped out the warband of a rival Chaos God

Formerly known as the Emperor's Beacons, the chapter was embroiled in a month-long siege of a hive world in their home system. A small force of Word Bearer cultists and World Eater marines descended on the planet, looting and burning as they went.

The Beacons were soundly crushed in the first engagement and the survivors regrouped to defend the capital. They held out for about a month, the chaos forces happy to pillage their way across the planet and leave only a token force preventing communications and escape.

Desperate to save the lives of his people and cut off from the Emperor's guidance, Chapter Master Dušan Jovic took up the Dæmonic power axe of a fallen World Eater champion, and urged his marines to follow his example.

Newly empowered by Chaos, the Beacons rushed enemy encampments and the Chapter Master struck down the leaders of World Eater and Word Bearer forces alike.
And continued for Space reasons.


Knowing his forces were too weak to prevent the decapitated Chaos forces from rampaging across the planet, Jovic took a last desperate step. He took the armour of the World Eater champion and donned it, his few surviving marines following the example. They collectively then ordered a retreat, gathering the Chaos forces together and hunting down those too blood-crazed to hold back.

Since that moment, the remnants of those Bearers, Eaters and Beacons (as well as their cultist followers) have roamed between worlds, wreaking untold havoc on the forces of chaos. The once loyal Beacons long ago became the masks they wore and join in the slaughter as readily as their old foes, but never attack an Imperial settlement unprovoked.

The name of Crimson Phalanx represents how through blood, they shield those of the Imperium. It's mostly self-delusional thinking by the ex-chapter master desu, but they've protected more than a handful of Imperial worlds by slaughtering Orks and rival warbands before they could threaten the Imperium.

Khorne's just pleased that the Imperials went from fighting a Chaos invasion to LEADING it, and doesn't care how many of his followers die from that.
Aw thanks, anons. It feels great when other people really like your passion project.
I'm currently writing

1. A dark fantasy campaign set in a golden age of piracy equivalent

2. A horror campaign set in a secluded mountain town

3. A high fantasy setting (that I'd like to play games in)

4. A high fantasy setting designed for tabletop wargaming (with a persistent player altered narrative)

5. A heist-themed crime campaign designed to be freeform

6. A post-apoc novel that's been in pre-production for 3 years

I doubt they're ever going to be seen anywhere outside of my own head.

It's nice to be able to get feedback on your work, you know? I guess I'm mostly doing it as a karmic thing

Now why doesn't GW put these sorts of guys in the books rather than Khornate Knights.
yeah, they use devil dogs mostly
chimeras are also used over the taurox since it allows melta drive bys
Best of luck with your works, anon.

If all else fails, seal them up in a box somewhere and let your grandkids find out what a writer you were.
>Melta drive-bys.

I'm sold. Where can I get models?
they have cadian flak armour painted black/ grey with their fatigues colored navy blue

they have white face paint in any intimidating pattern, with a favorite being skulls, with goggles or shades covering their eyes

their tanks, guns, and armor are liberally decorated with personal touches, like tally marks, gang signs, painted symbols (like shark faces), slogans or phrases, or the name of the weapon. writing is usually done in red paint

i hope that helps visualize the idea
I remember this!

Also Ook!

I've got Aztec Marines (Blood angels) and "Esoteric Order of Dagon" (Raven Guard/Raptors) Marines
>aztec marines
they sound really metal
do they rip out people hearts, make sacrifices to the emperor, and drink hot choco with no sugar?
File: Dawn Bearer Tactical.jpg (72 KB, 400x500)
72 KB
Dawn Bearers rely on air superiority and long range infantry engagements to retake His galaxy for the Imperium.
For this reason they field a higher number of Devastators that work in tandem with Tactical Squads, while Assault Squads secure the flanks and harry the enemy into zones of fire.
Maintaining a large number of Thunderhawks, Fire Raptors and Stormtalons allows them to always provide aerial support to their Battle Brothers on the ground, either by removing targets with air strikes and bombing runs or by acting as direct support gun ships while they advance.
The small number of Predators and Whirlwinds is deployed rarely, only when their enemy is dug in deep and unreachable by air.

Founded in the 39th Millennium to stop a Chaos incursion against Imperium held worlds, mostly governed by the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Dawn Bearers hold a close tie to both the Imperium of Man and the servants of the Omnissiah. Even though their Fortress Monastery is situated on a planet, they operate as a fleet based Chapter to better provide their companies with needed resupply and maintenance. As all other successors from the Blood Angels, they also suffer from the genetic flaws of Sanguinius. Their approach to warfare results in less brothers succumbing to the Red Thirst than in other Chapters, but the Black Rage claims many of the Dawn Bearers. These Marines are locked away in the depths of the Chapter's ships, waiting for the day to be once again unleashed on the battlefield. It is a tactic they resort to only when absolutely needed and when sure that they can be contained afterwards, without needless casualties, both of the Death Company and anyone loyal to the Throne.

>Battle Cry: Death to the Fallen
>Response: Light for the Lost
>space marine artillery
sounds like a blast

Yeah, pretty much it. They are also able to induce massive nerdrage in my opponents, because I gave my scouts native american warclubs as close combat weapons.
do they have jagged bits sticking out?
what color are they?
does their citadel look like a step pyramid, and they have their morning sermon on its steps, while the chaplain guts a serf?
Pirate the space marine game, it's great for trying out schemes.
Is it hard to mod SM?
I always wanted to play as another chapter than UM in the campaign but I have no codding or photoshop skills whatsoever.

I use the Dawn of War 2 army painter, it helps a lot with all the different minis
Armor Ochre, Gold for the metallics, Turquoise and Jade Green (the most precious colors for the Aztec, they represent the Sky/Gods and Fertility) for the Veterans, Terracotta for the Weapons and Bone/Stone for Death Company, Feathers made from greenstuff for decoration.
The Storm Crusaders were born in a fanfiction I wrote when I was younger. The whole story is a bit cringey but I still like it.

>2 Luna Wolves companies help the 179th Expeditionary Fleet pacifying a new planet for the Imperium
>Horus calls
>"Guys, need you on Ullanor. Wait for that other fleet, and meet you there. Love ya"
>join the 213th fleet, escorting some World Eaters and Death Guard
>Warpstorm shenanigans
>6 ships exit the Warp
>where the fuck is Ullanor
>contact a little nearby Imperial Fleet
>when asked for ID, say they're glorious servants of the Warmaster, obviously
>immediately attacked
>lose 2 ships in the battle, take control of the last Imperial one with Terminators
>study data found on the ship
>they're in M41
>the Legions are no more
>their Legions and Primarchs betrayed the Emperor
>the Imperium is quite fucked now
>hoshithoshit, wat do
>internal fights
>they basically re-enact Istvaan III, except the Loyalists win
>only 3 ships remaining
>remaining Astartes understand they'll have to hide their origins
>paint most of their armour a dark blue
>form a "new" "chapter", the Storm Crusaders

They now act a bit like the Legion of the Damned: a fleet-based chapter who help the Imperium whenever and wherever they can, but disappear when people start asking about their weird equipment or their origins. They avoid Inquisition at all cost, try and salvage every piece of equipment they can (they try and help the Mechanicum so that they provide some ammo and/or new toys too), and hate the fuck out of the current incarnations of the Black Legion, the Death Guard and the World Eaters.
File: Scheme.png (241 KB, 278x440)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Ho, and yes, it's a big excuse to use Mk.IV armours and pre-heresy weapons, which I find sexier.

Here is their color scheme. The trim is orange for commanders (ex-centurions and captains), a lighter blue for ex-World Eaters, green for Death Guard, white for Luna Wolves.
The Angels Wrathful were formed in the Founding just before the Reign of Blood, and served the Imperium with all the bloody fury the descendants of Sanguinius are famed for. But after the destruction of their fellow Sanguinian Chapter, the Lions of Ajax, and the desecration of their home world by a Chaos war and spearheaded by the Violators, the Angels became consumed whole by a hunger for vengeance.

Old ties with the Ecclesiarchy dating back to the Age of Apostasy combined with the crisis of these great losses converted the Chapter from friends of the Church to some of its most ardent adherents. The Chapter spread itself across the galaxy in a hundred conflicts like their sire-Chapter, adapting to being fleet-based with ease, to seek out the forces of Chaos and annihilate them.

Upon one doomed battlefield, a force of Angels Wrathful extended themselves too far and all seemed lost; but allies unknown appeared from the skies and the Astartes and their cohort of angelic apparitions overwhelmed all goes by fire and steel.

The Inquisition was naturally aghast at the idea of phantom apparitions appearing at the scene of a battle and the Grey Knights were deployed in force; the Angels Wrathful, who might be insulted by the shadow of an accusation against their loyalty, responded predictably. This bloody battle sealed the Chapter's Excommunication as surely as the Chapter believes the prior battle indicated their anointing as the Emperor's mightiest champions.
From this day onward, the Angels Ascendant, as they have renamed themselves, have been embattled across the Imperium they fought to defend, and have been riven by at least one great internecine conflict. Their forces are rife with mutation- glowing blue eyes are universal; great, white-pinioned wings less so; there is even a dark rumor that Chapter Master Sidh now stands higher than a Dreadnought at the shoulder, a sure sign of ascension to Daemon Prince. Often accompanied by their surely- daemonic allied apparitions, the Angels Ascendant protest their innocence even as they slaughter those forces which date make the accusation. The insidious taint of the Dark Gods can leave the proud to damnation thinking they are on crusade, it seems.
What army painter did you use for the image?

Got to say I do like "loyalist traitor legionary" chapters. Loyalist World Eaters made the Dornian Heresy worth reading.

I'd just like to see more of their original characterisation used in the present setting. Such a waste to have them ALL eldritch horror'd to shit.
>What army painter did you use for the image?
The classic B&C one.


File: image.jpg (185 KB, 1600x1200)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Just for you OP. The background I wrote for my chaos warband over 4 years ago:

+++9th Company of the Shadow Lords are all that is left of their chapter after their homeworld Tranquil had turned out to be a necron tomb world. Their captain, Darius Vyle, has called out for help to nearby space marine chapters many times since the necrons had emerged but recieved no replies. For a while now, Vyle has been haunted by the whispers of Tzeentch and, at his most desperate moment, agrees to a pact that will eliminate the necron threat from Tranquil and save what is left of his beloved company. In return he vows to serve the Changer of Ways as a daemon prince for the rest of eternity and hunt down the imperial scum that had refused to come to their aid.

Henceforth all imperial worlds in the sector that surrounds the now deserted ruins of a planet once named Tranquil, are being haunted and corrupted by the highly dangerous chaos warband that call themselves "The Shades of Tranquil".+++

I run a chapter called the Aether Blades. I run their 8th Company, so my Captain can be the Lord Executioner. Got enough models to fully represent the 8th on the table, too. (Minus Rhinos/Razorbacks, I use Drop Pods.)

They're descended from a group of Blackshields that served during the Horus Heresy, comprised of a few missing ships from both the Raven Guard and Thousand Sons exile fleets.

This resulted in a highly mobile group of units that have a huge predisposition towards psyker powers and Close Combat. Every squad I run has a Librarian Sergeant on the table (Thank you, Libby Conclave), and I usually run a few full squads of Vanguard and Assault Marines, and various other Melee units.

The Chapter is fleet based, and recruits from its own pool of regular serfs aboard the fleet, cherry-picking psykers from human populations on the worlds they liberate before the black ships get there, and maintaining a breeding program for them so to ensure maximum psyker ability among their neophytes.

They don't use Chaplains, as Librarians fill this role for them in the Chapter. The Librarians are given a lot more free reign, and will usually simply scry the minds of their charges to try and work out if they suffer doubts or ill intent.

The Aether Blades will give robes to their members as they advance in status, the Sergeants wearing robes over their heads or helmets, and Veterans starting to wear them over the rest of the armour as appropriate. The robes are always red to signify the blood they've spilled. For example, the Lord Executioner is almost entirely covered in cloth over his armour. (See pic. On an out-of-fluff note, I absolutely love Grey Knight heads, so all the rank-and-file guys don't use Power Armour helmets, but GK ones.)

I've got more if people want to hear it, but that's the basic gist.
Any unique gear these guys have? I'm always a fan of the robes.

Cool minis, but... Vyle? I'm sorry but who on earth would trust someone named Vyle with ANY authority
As far as tactics, go sanic fast and kill shit, with teeth and bare hands if necessary, but preferably with choppy.

Chapter culture is general Catholic-themed, Crusades fanaticism. They're arrogant as all hell, not really willing to acknowledge the possibility that their quest for vengeance took them down Paths Not To Be Tread. The hell of it is, they're convincing- their fleet has grown in size and scope to include a number of Imperial forces that have witnessed their miracles and believe them to be blessed by the Emperor.

They have friends in the Imperium who agree, particularly the Ecclesiarchy, the Thorians, and certain Mechanicus eccentrics.

Tzeentch is laughing his as off.

I use a shitload of third-party bits to represent the robes on the units, it works out pretty well.

They have a strong predisposition towards swords of any kind (being the Aether Blades, after all - it's in the name) so every squad sergeant has a Power Sword, the Vanguards mostly use Relic Blades and Power Swords, and the Scouts all use CCW's and Shotguns. Honour Guard (only real exception to the 8th company construction) use a mix of Relic Blades/Power Swords and Mauls.

The Chapter is VERY heavily geared towards melee. It's fun, because running it with formations it can be hugely successful, and even without it's a pain in the ass for most players as not many people play SM as balls-to-the-wall assaulters. The company has a disposition towards Grav, too. (not for the reason you might think, I like to think that a bunch of Psykers would love the idea of crushing people to shreds with what would be seen as magic by a lot of people.) The Tactical Squads use Grav Guns/Cannons, and the Devastators use Cannons.

On that note actually, i've run into a lot of trouble recently because the meta in the area i've moved to is pretty much all horde armies, as opposed to the "SM, SM everywhere" meta I was used to before. The Grav has been nigh on useless, and I didn't magnetize because i'm an idiot. Cherry on top, I used Kromlech cannons so it's not like I can just cut them off and fix as necessary.

Ah well. The Melee ability helps. Nothing like hacking through a full squad of IG Veterans in two combats.
I don't think you can use the painter if you have the pirated version.
Same goes for DoW II. You need the original vanilla version without patches of any kind and even then I think it's sheer luck to get the army painter or skirmish working.
That's the shit that keeps me out of 40k.

"You spent $50 on Terminators with thunder hammers? Looks like it's time to nerf thunder hammers/buff something that counters thunder hammers"

Then you're just $50 out of pocket, or you have to cut apart your minis (that took hours to put together).

I get that you could just keep them for display, but I don't really like the style of most GW minis (exceptions for the SOB and Skitarii).
Hive Fleet Draconian

Comprised of the remains of splinter fleets from Behemoth and Kraken that made it into the Galactic Core. This fleet feasted heavily upon unsuspecting or unguarded worlds, clouds of gasses and material from nebulae and asteroids. In-fighting, gestating and lurking until their numbers were enough to begin a new campaign. They have since begun weaving their way through the core, near the Maelstrom and on their way to meet up with Leviathan.

The usual strategy with this hivefleet is to create a meteor shower overhead of their prey planet, mixing in hundreds of mucolid spores, sporecysts and tyrannocyte, delivering a payload of biovores, hive crones, mawlocs, genestealers, lictors and even dozens of broods of rippers. To see this fleet approach is to watch an inky black, blue and purple cloud of spore mines. Far more than needed to guard the hive ships in a blanket of protection and to bog down their prey with an endless bombardment. During this, a massive wave of flying warriors and gargoyles begin taking to the skies, led by a flying tyrant. More mines produced locally join the barrage as the forces that originally made it planetside strike out from their subterranean burrows. Vicious swarms of tiny teeth and flailing tendrils erupt from freshly made tunnels of Mawlocs, Hive Crones and Biovores rain down a concentrated barrage or their fleshy bombs. Genestealers and Lictors lashing out from the rear of a cornered and reeling enemy.
>Emblem: an Aquilla made of scrap
After the Dropsite Massacre was all said and done, there wasn't really enough time to comb through the ruined ships, ravaged cities and Emperor knows what else.
A few survivors here and there sulked about. Some were traitors cast aside by their bloodthirsty brothers and forgotten. Some were loyalists, left for dead and able to slip by the small chaos contingents still there.

Then one day, two clumps of these survivors found each other.
At first there was a fight, but they eventually settled in that it would solve nothing. They were stuck on a dead world, bearing the emblems of legions they no longer represent.
So they worker together to get a crashed ship in a semi-workable condition, and fled the planet.

During the rest of the Heresy, they wandered aimlessly, hijacking various ships when theirs ran out of fuel or broke down.
Eventually, they landed on a Agri world far away from the Chaos fleets making their march to Terra.

Since then, they've rebuilt in silence with only one goal: Survive. They kidnap the agri workers' children in the night, hoping to get a child that can handle the transformation process and bolster their ranks.

They've sent small strike teams to nearby planets in the system under the name NavScav- Chart the territory, and scavenge whatever materials you can.

The were finally discovered by an Iron Hands detachment in M41, noting their outward hostile personalities and scrap armor.

While not against the Imperium in any way, NavScav's initial inclusion of traitors has not bore well; intense rivalries have formed as the older members teach and train the younger recruits.
They have long since forgotten their origins, and instead refer to each other by the color of their mentor's shoulderplate, painted in reverence of an original founder that sired them.
I don't play Space Marines, can I tell you guys about my other dudes instead?
DO IT! This is a good thread with good anons, so just DO IT!
We've had a few IG regiments and at least 1 chaos warband.
Yeah. So that's all the fluffy stuff.
On TT, I run them as heavily kitbashed Ultramorons favoring range with a STALKER/Mad Max theme going on.
One thing I like to do is when I win a match, I like to add something to a unit to represent scavenging the enemy, like a Tau helmet for a kneepad or a space marine shoulder on the side of their rhino.
That's my one complaint about my tabletop crack of choice. Infinity models aren't designed to accept shit like that.
War bears. Basically just a bunch of pissed of French Pollacks with some new world curior de bois shit thrown in and just a bit of Soviet crazy shit thrown in. Individual brothers focus on self sufficiency and reliability, company squads are small, but formed by brothers banding together. They really focus on armor, predator tanks mostly, even to the point they'll sacrifice rhino transports for more tank. Tank crews will also cover their vehicles in elaborate livery to appease the machine spirit. Brothers will jump on predators for transport is there are not enough transports. Home world is pretty much rolling plains, massive pine forests, and a few towering mountain ranges. Still working on them.
Yup, Epic Scale is utter trash, but it allows for most models to be mixed and matched, which is nice.
The Storm Swords are my attempt to make a canon-friendly Space Wolf successor (since I wanted to use their codex, but dislike the Wolves themselves).

In 112.M34, the Gellar Fields of the Sword of Fenris failed, carrying on board a full Great Company of Space Wolves and support crew. The battle was short and vicious as the Sword of Fenris did an emergency warp-shift into real space before crashing on an uncharted world tundras. In the end, about 1000 humans, 210 Fenrisian wolves, and 112 Space Wolves survived.
600 years later in 724.M34 an Explorator Fleet arrived and finds humans already on the world with space marines. The human population is estimated at 4000 and they have spread into different tribes across the planet. The Inquisition arrives and offers the old space marines a deal: swear off their old chapter and rejoin the Imperium as a brand new chapter, keeping their identity and history a secret, or receive no help at all. The old space wolves, desperate for a way off the world and back into the war across the stars, eventually agree.

By 174.M35, the old guard have died off, and the Storm Swords consider themselves a chapter of an unknown founding and providence (though many suspect their space wolf origins). They have organized broadly along codex lines, with a battle barge, 8 strike cruisers, and 20 rapid response strike craft to their name They have 700 marines and their fortress monastery, while still under construction at this point is coming on nicely. Their Techmarines have passed on many legacies of Fenris, such as the creation of rune weapons. They maintain close ties to the Inquisition as they look forward to the future.

Organization in M41
The Storm Swords have eight companies, each with 100 marines, 20 initiates, and 20 first company veterans. The veterans act as the honor guard (Storm Guard) for the captains of each company. The chapter council makes up the 8 votes of the captains and the chapter master is a deciding vote.

I can't tell you! Someone will steal my idea before I paint a marine!
Angruvadal, The Crimson Blade
Kept in the center of their Fortress Monastery, is the immensely powerful Rune Sword, the Crimson Blade. Said to have been cast into space by the Emperor himself, it is only taken from the center of the Fortress Monastery when a worthy warrior appears. No one knows the trials that must be overtaken to reach the center of the Monastery, and few ever returned; some who do return empty handed and cryptically state that they were not chosen while others return with blade in hand. It is said that there is a secret passage linking the sword’s chamber to the chambers of the Chapter Master, and this is how he returns the blade to its resting place should the bearer fall, but this has never been confirmed. Neither the Chapter Master nor those who survive the trial ever speak of it.
Chapter Cult
Due to not knowing for sure who their genetic father is, the Storm Sword venerate the Emperor above all others. While technically atheist, their beliefs and zeal are easily mistaken for outright worship. Their fortress monastery, Swordfell, chapter legend holds, was built on the spot where the Angruvadal fell after the Emperor cast it into space (in reality it was built where the Sword of Fenris crashed). They view themselves as the Emperor’s mightiest warriors, set to sail the stars and defeat his enemies and protect his people. They are the storm that rides the winds, and where they strike, the Emperor’s enemies shall fall.

Ajax the Immortal: Also known as Ajax the Conqueror, The Guardian-King of Heimdall, Ajax the Eternal, and a hundred titles besides; Ajax the Immortal has ruled over the Storm Swords for 800 years and is little over 1000 years of age. His name is a byword for victory, on Heimdall he is worshipped as the patron-angel of war. He has led the Storm Swords into battle for longer than any other Storm Sword has been alive.
Alright here it goes:

>Bartow's Blight Brigade

The renegade army "Bartow's Blight Brigade" hails from the Agri world Akrabam, that lies in the Vallis sector, Supplex Sub-Sector to be precise. Akrabam itself was a relative peaceful planet with only a single hive city (the captial) and many smaller towns and cities scattered across the planet. The planet was in an era of peace and growth until the Governor became a bit too greedy and raised the taxes and tithe to such extreme lengths that the people rose up against him. And during this time a former Imperial Guard general Bartow West rallied the people and went against the Govenor and his lackeys. During this time Bartow and was approached by a coven of rouge psykers that had hidden from the black ships. They promised to use their powers in exchange for freedom of prosecution and death.
Bartow agreed, not knowing what a coven of untrained psykers could do. For several months the war raged on and bartow and his army finaly had started to seige the captial. But during this time almost the entire army, including Bartow himself has been exposed to the raw powers of the warp. And slowly this had turned them away from their original goal. Subtle messages from Nurgle had began to manifest themselves when the large amount of decaying bodies started to rot.
Now the planet has been overrun and a last small bastion of Arbites and PDF forces are still holding the spaceport while waiting for reinforcements that may never come.

I also have an Imperial report simular to the one in the Space Marine game opening, if you are interested in seeing it?
How would they arm their tank crews? I feel like they'd be the sort to disembark and charge when their tanks failed.

Dump it anon!
File: Akrabam.png (299 KB, 773x486)
299 KB
299 KB PNG

Planet name: Akrabam [The moons Ytrabam (left) and Puttrabam (right) visible in pict]
Designation: Agri-world
Hives: [_1_] (many smaller population centers are scattered around the planet)
Population: 142 million
Climate: Temperate
Planetary governor: Benedict Winfred [deceased]
Current planet status: Rebellion against the Imperium in progress [possible chaos taint]
Solution: Exterminatus, Y/N? [N] Exterminatus fleets needed elsewhere.
Adeptus Astartes, Y/N? [N] Nearby Adeptus Astartes forces occupied.
Battlefleet Vallis, Y/N? [Y], will arrive in system in 30 - 400 days. Delay, unaccptable!
Damn that's cool.
The slow and painful death of the Arbites fits perfectly with Nurgle.
Thanks, glad you liked it.
The Steel Sentinels.

Iron Hands successors founded in M37 who have close ties to the AdMech. They're basically a chapter full of Techmarines. They are adept at open warfare despite their low numbers as they field massive amounts of vehicles piloted by servitors as well as mechanized infantry to overwhelm their foe with absurd firepower. Their Fortress-Monastery is a veritable forge world in and of itself, which supplies the.

Interestingly, they leave most of their wargear unpainted. The sections they do paint are in the red of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with the occasional brass trim.

For most of their life they were subject to Lamenters-tier bad luck, until a battle against the Necrons where they were nearly annihilated. The Steel Sentinels spent the next few decades in shame rebuilding when a space hulk appeared in a nearby system.

Deciding that they find glory now or perish as punishment for their failures, the Chapter Master personally led the remaining ~50 battle brothers into the hulk.

Inside, they discovered that the hulk contained terrible technology from the DAoT. As they battled through the insane sentient machinery and corrupted daemon engines they found a chamber untouched by the horrors of the hulk.

The few battle brothers who survived to recover the relic have sworn not to speak of what they encountered, but whatever it was, it has since given them tremendous prowess and impervious strategies to combat the enemies of mankind.

The secret of the Steel Sentinels is known only to the few who survived the hulk.

They found an adaptive Mind-like War AI and installed it on their Battle Barge. It is the true "chapter master" which commands the Steel Sentinels through various proxies.
Inquisitors inspecting the chapter typically go missing
Reading through my first homebrew, good memories.

Not going to share it though because
-The PDF is 72 pages long, I put a lot of time into these guys
-The prose is awful
-It's a lost legion
Crews would probably be armed with bolters and bolt pistols. They guys on top, probably 1 on each side with meltas and rockets. Or even Heavy bolters or auto cannons. I was thinking that the guys on top, flanking the exposed gunner would take combat shields and bolters and act as glorified ablative armor.
Do these guys count?

God help you
continuing the stuff I put into the Steel Hawks' background;

They're slightly above strength (more than 1000 marines) but split into 10 companies. However each company is responsible for one aspect of their total force (bar the 6th and 7th companies which are permanently stationed either on their homeworld's moon or in their fortress monastery to defend against invasion) and as such each captain requisitions marines and vehicles from the other martial companies (bar the 6th and 7th) however because some companies are small (the 4th has all the librarians, of which there are only 5 and the 8th has all the apothecaries of which there are around 70) the other companies are larger than they would be in a codex compliant chapter.to make up the difference of 2 companies consisting of the captain and nothing else (they have forces seconded to them from the other wings) and another 2 having less than 100 marines. Chaplains are outside the command structure of the companies (their numbers are officially split between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th companies) and are in charge of leading a group of marines analogous of the Blood Angels' death company, however the marines aren't afflicted by any flaw in their gene seed, they're just suicidal, feeling like they've lost their identities/souls due to them losing the weapons they were given upon their induction into the chapter (the weapons they get given are a bolt pistol and a short sword, neither of which they can replace and are interred in the chapter's halls of the fallen upon their death as opposed to their own body which is instead cremated) and wanting to find a worthy death while taking as many of the imperium's enemies with them as they can.
Well i did made a Chapter and then a Guardsmen regiment, truth be told both were made in my teens so it's probably a bit cringy.

> Space Marine Chapter "Arcane Guard"
Imperial Fist succesors that took great interest in safe keeping all kind of relics from old times, half of the time that makes them at odds with the Inquisition since there are suspicions of artifacts stolen in the worlds where this Chapter was involved.

Secretly in their safe keeping they are hunting for a relic or atifact that allows them to travel back to save the Emperor in the battle against Horus or at least their primarch.

Nothing really unusual about them apart from their thievery. They share friendship with the Night Claws chapter and the local guardsmen regiments.

They rule their homeworld of Alnin as its guardians and protectors, their citadel is open for the locals, although being in the hightest mountain in the planet makes it rather difficult to reach for the common folk.

Their emblem is a golden sand clock.
>sand clock

Hourglass you gloid
I no speak inglés señor
File: we are vengeance.jpg (53 KB, 400x500)
53 KB
They're Batman-style Space Marines, hailing from a Hive World. Beakies, old armor, but keeping themselves well-stocked with plasma weapons, lascannons and close air support. They think they're descended from the Dark Angels, and the Dark Angels let them think that so long as they do what they're told.

Their parents are dead. Their battle cry is "WE ARE THE NIGHT."
I did a lot of work on the Emperor's Nightmare chapter of Space Marines but later on it got way too snowflakey and I stopped caring so much.

Some guy named Star whatever tried too hard to push things. Admittedly I can't remember what since this was years ago, but I remember the annoyance I felt.

A native american/first nations White Scars offshoot chapter that holds all good imperial music as hymns to the emperor as they wouldnt exist without his works and sacrifices in the creation of the empire. As likely to go into battle playing country songs from some backwater, ganger heavy adamantium or the latest hive thump-club pop music craze as a traditional hymn, but they will go into battle singing it together with tears in their eyes at its divine beauty.
They collect songs from every planet they visit, with the archive being compiled and maintained by the Chaplains and Techpriests.

Also called Wyld Stallyn, lots of horses, many clans and tribes in a perpetual state of ritual war (similar to the aztec triple alliance) to maintain fighting ability. Lots of large open prairies, and a early-modern tech level, with motorbikes/cycles alongside horse riders.

Non Codex
Lots of melee-focused biker assault squads backed up by mechanized infantry, tactical squads and devastators in rhinos and razorbacks.
Blitzkrieg tactics.
Utilize "reverse stealth" invented by their founder, where the aim is to distract the enemy with cup-and-ball game / "wheres the tactical squad" with empty rhinos, "tin rain" with empty drop pods and constant biker harassment. Instead of hiding so it looks like you are no where, "unhide" so it looks like you are everywhere and the enemy cant focus.

Never equips special or heavy weaponry to tactical squads, preferring razorback/devestator backup (largely because they couldnt get any when they were founded).
Power axes..

>Unique Units
Entire units of cybernetically enhanced partially uplifted singing horses. Terrifying.
Scouts, instead of being Space Marines in training, are the stealth elite of the chapter, gathering intelligence and setting up for their devastating blitzkrieg charges.

I always used to use the old space wolf rules, with horse herds instead of wolf packs.
What is this, and why is it half done
Same sand clock guy (FUCK!)

I also did some work on the Hua Yuan 1st Exterminators, some of the art there is mine. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Hua_Yuan_Exterminators

Although mine is the shitty ones
God dammit
I know what you're talking about, google is really bad about bringing that one up and instead pulling up that annoying Bolter&Chainsword. it's being worked on by some Russian I believe, and can find the english one I use to use, but the newer one has CSM and Terminator

https://bitbucket org/chaptergenerator/chaptergenerator/downloads

get your shit together google

What creator did you use for that?
Thanks for the link anon. Will definitely use.
not the same guy but it's this program
File: chaosymph.png (210 KB, 319x507)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
I'm working on a new slaanesh chaos space marine army.

They're called the serpent's symphony and they're primarily based around noise marines and weapons.

I want to do a lot of customization, such as replacing my lord's axe with a guitar and i'm planning to either find or make a tiny piano to fill with a doom siren and have a noise marine man it.
I also want to convert a sister's of battle exorcist into a rhino for the organ motif and use bits of earbuds to kit out an old dreadnought. Maybe speakers on the back of bikes.

Any suggestions on other things I could do with this theme would be greatly appreciated.

It's not so bad, I have a few units that aren't as competitive as they used to be, but I still love them. (CCW Scouts, Assault Marines, Assault Terminators w/ LC, etc.)

I'm happy with them, every time I fight someone they usually comment on how different it is, and that's all I could ask for.
I've wanted to do a Noise Marine army for a while

Maybe closet loyalists and fairly chill cultists who treat Slaanesh as a "patron" rather than a god (and as such get basically fuck-all gifts)

They travel the stars rocking out and hosting really sick parties, and manage to avoid going all squiggly and fetishistic because "Rock is all about the music, man"

They're completely indifferent on matters RE the Emperor and they only offer prayers to Slaanesh when they want their performances blessed "our lord of perfection, let our music show this world your glory" sort of shit

They have a handful of daemonette groupies and one of the recurring drummers is a Spawn but aside from that it's a surprisingly safe group to hang with as they're all too devoted to their art to convert or sacrifice anyone

The catch is that a number of more malevolent cults follow in their wake or hide in the camps. Don't go to the brothels or accept recreational drugs from ANYONE.
Sounds fun!
Imperial Fists Chapter Successors: Sons of Ajax

Founded to kill Orks, only to find there were depressingly few Orks to kill in the Gainz Sector.

Unknown Founding, records were lost when the Librarium was invaded by Eldar. The Chapter Master is pretty sure they are Fists though.
Progenitor Chapter-Imperial Fists.
Chapter Demeanor-Brothers in Battle, friendly to allies.
A Doomed Chapter, the marines can no longer reliably grow progenoids. A majority of the Chapter's resources are currently fixed on changing this and have sent back to Terra for reinforcements and AdMech assistance.
Flaw: Pride in the colors-refuse to do anything that hides their colors and chapter livery, including joining Deathwatch. Many marines hold that if their Chapter is doomed to annhilation, they will not obscure their colors and live as proud sons of the Chapter.
Chapter Legends: Chief Librarian Adrian North slew a daemon prince, was a stalwart enemy of chaos in an ancient age, saving the population of Ajax VII, who continue to provide aspirants and are the recruits for some of the Chapter's noblest heroes. His is one of the few records spared by the Eldar, perhaps in recognition of such a heroic act against Chaos.
Chapter Master Brellon Juche boarded an Eldar Craftworld and slew many before returning in glory. The Eldar hate them to this day.
Fleet-based chapter with 3 vessels fortunatly battle ready. The chapter retains a former Space Hulk called Heklor's Folly which has been overrun by greenery to train its aspirants. Recruits must survive the poisionous creeper vines and insectoid predators while they attempt to build fortresses somewhere in the Space Hulk and survive for the duration, ideally while capturing an enemy fortress, though the few that do manage this are marked for great things. Relatively distant rule, swinging by recruiting worlds once every few decades to collect aspirants. While jungle world aspirants have an initial advantage, the chapter is more impressed by individuals who come from different environments and manage to adapt quickly. Jungle Aspirants who try to go it alone and are arrogant may or may not be assassinated by the instructors, but they rarely become marines and never rise above battle-brother rank.

Battle Barge The Shield of Man-Holds the Chapter's relics and remnants of the Librarium.
Battle Barge The Bulwark
Space Hulk Heklor's Folly
Battleship Just Retribution

Unique chapter organization due to their dangerous status. Emphasis on lightning strikes and overwhelming force, with the reasoning being they will lose less battle brothers that way. The Chapter can't field Apothecaries, as they are all busy trying to fix the chapter's gene-seed problem.

The chapter can currently field only four or five Librarians, after the Librarium was invaded and nearly destroyed by Eldar who had managed to disguise a portable Webway gate inside a psychically reactive crystal. The librarians are stretched very thin and they feel this leaves their brothers vulnerable to the depradations of the Warp. As a result, Chaplains have become increasingly important and central to the Chapter's identity, with many marines using "Confession" as a means to deal with the dread of a slowly dying chapter.
Ah, Amerifat here, how exactly do I change the armor? I'm having trouble navigating the Russian menu.
The Chapter reveres Rogal Dorn's perseverance after the death of the Emperor, pointing to his acquiescence to the Guilliman Reforms, the Codex Astartes, and his destruction of the First Black Crusade as examples of fortitude and the need to adapt in difficult times.

Recovery from their genetic disaster may still be possible, and every battle brother is instructed to treat his life with care, as every lost progenoid gland shrinks the possibility of survival.

The Chapter is friendly with the Silver Skulls and has asked them for prognostication and librarius advice on multiple occasions, as their own Librarium is so depleted. Long enemies of the Eldar, the original Chapter Master's attack on the Eldar craftworld of Nil-Garad has led to 400 years of retaliatory attacks between the two factions. After the near destruction of their Librarium in M39, the Chapter obliterated the population of the Eldar maiden world of Yarseth and helped establish what is now a thriving agri-world there. Some mutter that the chapter's gene-seed disaster is the result of Eldar sorcery, but this remains unproven.

Chapter colors: yellow, red and black. Red helmets are reserved for veterans, and black shoulder pads for those who have survived the Librarius Scourge. Such shoulder pads are a mark of skill found across all aspects of the Chapter, not just among Librarians and Squad Thelk is notable for having five survivors of the disaster form the core of the squad, though none of them are yet veterans.

My force is built and is in the process of being painted and ghey're basiclly Imperial Fist colors with my own fluff. I'm afraid I'm not very original with color schemes though I love writing stories.
Its like that in terms of power, but remenber the serfs aren't just random guards who a marine boss around. These people all went through the same training together, with the scout proving himself worthiest. They will die for each other, as battle brothers should.

The fact that the scouts comrades will never live long enough to see their brother obtain their vaunted devastaor or assault suit is simply one of numerous faceless tragedies in the Imperium. It can't be helped, but it goes a way to explain the dolls.
sorry for the long response time

it's the first right side bar, the first set is type of marine (normal, Apotha, tech, etc.), the second set chooses armor sets with the default being random mix of all
then you press the large "Co3Aatb" to generate
the button under that is the "Save picture"
Also, you can switch from Russian to English by clicking the Russian flag in the launcher when you open the executable.
Chaos warbands allowed?

Mine is a formerly loyal Chapter who maintained close ties to the Mechanicus (to the point being part of an expedition fleet was considered a great honor). However they were close to a tech preist who was a heretic who managed to convince them he was loyal and lead to the Chapter killing many loyal Imperial forces. By the tiem they learned they had been tricked they were declared traitors and would be exterminated, in fact the Mechanicus killed of a lot of their marines when the call came down as they didn't want the Inquisition poking around or being internally investigated. When the Chapter learned the truth they confronted the tech priest only to learn he planned to use them as a rear guard for him to flee through a warp portal into the Eye. The Chapter Master killed the tech priest, stole the corrupt STC design he had found and used it to get through the portal themselves promising to see the Imperium and, more importantly, the Mechanicus burn.

As a warband they are extremely close knit and trust no one who is not a brother. Due to every marine being trained in how to maintain and repair their war gear each marine alters their war gear as they see fit, now free of the shackles and dogma of the Mechanicus. They love tech heresy but have no respect for the gods who they see more as tools to be used against the Imperium then actual 'gods'. They also have access to a lot of bikes, tanks and now daemon engines and every battle they use to field test new designs of weapons and vehicles.

Thematically they are based off the German engineers near the end of WW2 who joined or were caught by the US and the USSR (the Chapter Master/Warpsmith is called Braun)though essentially flipped as the Marines were held back by dogma and now are working with a group that lets them go crazy with morally wrong experiments.
....you're shitting me right?
incidentally I was working on chapters for something I like to call the Sangunor heresy, would those count even though its just au.
I made a fleet based chapter of gypsies called the Sons of Harvest. They may or may not have had a homeworld once but not anymore. Their whole chapter moves as a single battlegroup from conflict to conflict, delivering withering orbital fire and overwhelming force with whole companies on the ground. The problem is that they're a fleet chapter, and they no longer receive an imperial tithe, so they accept 'tribute' from worlds they aid. Fuel, munitions, service, supplicants, serfs, tanks, relics, salvage, raw materials, ships, anything. WHen no tribute is offered to the Sons they still take it anyway, absconding with whatever is readily to hand even if the worlds they pass are recruiting grounds for other chapters. Or the gene seed is from fallen astartes of other chapters. I'm using them as a not-quite-antagonist bunch in my deathwatch game.
File: spacemarinechapter.jpg (62 KB, 400x500)
62 KB
Unknown founding and successor, although some speculate their from either the White Scars or Raven Guard.

The Tempest Hawks tend to use hit and run tactics with a focus on CC. Jump pack insertions are their favoured method of attack, but they are known to use mechanised and drop pod assaults.

The Tempest Hawks generally avoid air assets such as the Stormtalon and Stormraven gunships, preferring drop pods for their speed or jump packs for HALO insertions making for a difficult target for enemy AA.

However they do employ Thunderhawk Gunships although only during boarding actions against enemy ships, or once a beachhead has been established in a warzone.
I'm bad with names and
It's probably a name that means something totally different in their homeworld language etc.

I always enjoy being a bit cliche and obvious with my 40k fluff.
Vanox Maniple backround

Skitarii of Forgeworld Vanox, formed from the Vanoxi PDF who were insufficently accurate and too slovenly for the standards of the Mechanicus Tech-Priests.
The new vat-grown Skitarii have no families to complain to and few homeworld friends outside of their vats to consider. Genes for the vat-grown were selected from an algorithim derived from sacred numbers which selected individuals across the planet to draw from, hive-gangers, aristocrats, and menial workers alike.
Having spent their entire lives either in the vast training hive of the Unitory Cog, which drills the units into a singular formation through the survival of urban combat drills and a hostile hive environment consisting of radioactive spills and feral servitors. The high levels of radiation led to contigents of Vanguard while the feral servitor hunting packs spawned high rates of Ranger formation as well. The ironstrider legions of Forgeworld Vanox are nearly nonexistant, the tech-priests preferring the easily replacable machine-men of the Skitarii to the priceless perpetual motion and difficulty of repairing ironstriders in the cramped confines of the forgeworld.

Forgeworld Vanox was originally an ice world, but the vast energies bled off the Mechanicum's factories have turned the ice fields into a slushy nightmare, sinking the hive cities deep underground into the ice, where the sun only reflects into the city through mirrored schematics or UV lamps. The Skitarii of the Unitory Cog hive staunchly continue to paint their robes red to reflect their Martian heritage and also to assist in search-and-rescue teams, minimizing the losses incurred through routine patrols and expeditions among sub-zero temperatures. Because of this, the Skitarii are less stoic than their tech-priest masters, fighting with fury when their compatriots fall around them, the red bodies in the snow marking the sight where an enemy unit was annhilated by vengeful survivors.
File: image.jpg (382 KB, 935x1250)
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382 KB JPG
The sight known as Pilgrim's Nadir is famous among the training legions as the sight were many insufficently strong soldiers gave up and lied down to die. The Skitarii's final challenge is a march from the Slushy, uncertain plains of the hive-cities all the way to the top of the highest mountain on the planet, known as Binary Perfection, the top of which was sliced clean in half by a weapon of the Dark Age of Technology. Though the weapon was found long ago and secreted away in the Arch-Magos's vaults, the Skitarii still continue their pilgrimage to the top of the mountain, searching in lockstep for any remaining fragments from the Dark Age, though now all they find are the bodies of dead brothers and sisters. But the search continues, for the Skitarii believe that there remains some hidden cache of technology at the top of the mountain.

The Vanox Skitarii harvest the ice crystal golems which hibernate deep underground, sending entire claves of Infiltraitors or Vanguard into the tunnels to drag the valuble carcasses back to their warforges in order to build the crystal alignment lenses necessary to forge powerful plasma guns and massive neutron lasers. The ice crystal golems also tend to hibernate in resource-rich areas, which often create two-in one bounties for the Mechanicum, gaining valuble natural resources for the Imperium and the carcasses necessary to build weapons. At projected rates, the Vanox Maniple will hunt the golems to extinction in six hundred years, and Magos Biologis Thracian IV has begun animal husbandry programs to extend the resource.
File: NightRavens Sergeant.jpg (54 KB, 400x500)
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I've got both a Guard Regiment and a Space Marine chapter, but I'll settle for the chapter first.

The Night Ravens (Or Night Dragons, I'm not sure which) are a Raven Guard successor chapter created relatively recently during the 23rd "Sentinel" Founding. Created to bring stability and order to the Tendrakk Sub-Sector, a region of space that for the previous nine thousand years had been shrouded by a severe warp storm. Once brought to full strength, the Chapter and a number of Cadian Guard Regiments alongside a Mechanicum Explorator Fleet were dispatched to investigate pre-Heresy records of human settlement in the region. What they found was a series of former human colonies now inhabited by a previously unseen xenos race, possibly one that arose to space travel during the intervening nine thousand years.

A crusade was launched against the Xenos, spearheaded by the Night Ravens. With each Xenos world conquered, more human ruins were uncovered and the Explorators began the arduous process of purging the Xenos taint from the Human Tech. In the process, they found an STC fragment, prompting action from Mars and Terra in the form of Mechanicum and Imperial Colonization Fleets. While the colonization fleets were in transit, the Night Dragons and Cadian Guard had nearly wiped the Xenos out, with the Night Raven Chapter Master leading a final assault to purge the Xenos capital of former Forgeworld Tendrakk Prime.
I kind of think a Guard Regiment that hails from a Bayou world that has a New Orleans feel to it might be cool.
I'm not complaining. 40K is the home of "Angron", Iron Hand the Iron Handed of the Iron Hands, and Translates to Betrayer the Betrayer.
There are a few mods out there that you can just slap into a folder and then change the game's launch options to allow it to load the custom files.
It's a pain in the ass to find working links to most mods tho
Sorry I left so suddenly, had to get to Class.

So, continuing on.

The Night Ravens and the Cadian Regiments wiped out the vast majority of the xenos, and then went to work setting up their base of operations in the subsector. When the colonial fleets arrived, Tendrakk Prime was already partially operation due to the efforts of the Explorator fleet. The Cadian Regiments had been posted to several fringe worlds of the subsector eliminating the last remnants of the Xenos that had claimed the human ruins as their own. Meanwhile, the Night Ravens had found the Xenos original homeworld, a temperate moon orbiting a gas giant in the Tendrakk System. They established a Fortress Monastery there and had it declared a penal world.

With the influx of violent prisoners, the Space Marines enforced a set of laws prohibiting the use of advanced technology. Those who disobeyed would be swiftly crushed by the Marines themselves, either by surgical strikes or via orbital bombardment from one of the Space Marine strike cruisers. Over time, these violent criminals formed tribes and clans, regressing to feudal world levels of technology with feral world levels of culture. This bred hardy warriors that the Space Marines would take their aspirants from.

The Night Ravens have a close relationship to the Mechanicus of Tendrakk Prime, largely due to their staunch stance of high-priority defence of the planet from any and all threats. 70% of the Chapter was once committed to wiping out an Ork Waaagh that threatened to overrun the subsector, and nearly 30% of those forces were committed to Tendrakk Prime itself. Even today, the Night Ravens have a policy of having at least a single Battle Demi-Company and accompanying Strike Cruiser within the system at all times. Their close relations to the Machine Cult has provided the Night Ravens with a relative wealth of ancient relics and an abundance of Techmarines. The Chapter's armouries include just over a dozen suits of Mk IV Maximus Power Armour, several suits of Cataphractii Terminator Armour, and a Contemptor-Pattern Dreadnought. These relics are not used often, and usually remain secured within the Chapter's Fortress-Monastery on the Death-World Moon of Draxxus.
Got to say I prefer Night Ravens to Night Dragons myself.

Elaborate, anon? I'm interested.
>Blood Angels successor based on French chevaliers mixed with Gaelic and Greco-Roman elements
File: 1473605220656.gif (1.75 MB, 531x652)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
>custom chapters
File: 1406501326494.jpg (101 KB, 411x337)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>not understanding that lost legions and multiple foundings are almost explicitly for the purpose of "your dudes"
Faggot Marines

their chapter weakness is needing to drink cum, their emblem is an erect cock and it symbolizes an erect cock
File: 1473609981401.jpg (54 KB, 420x426)
54 KB

Lost legions are so we have multiple examples of Russ raping other legions

Splitting up the legions was a retarded idea and anybody playing a deviantart "chapter" can go suck rowboats stasis frozen dick

We already have emperors children.
My custom chapter never really got going, i moved away from wargaming as i was thinking about them. I still make them in dawn of war/space marine from time to time.

Called the Black Vipers, they were Space Wolves gameplay-wise but they were based on aztec rather than norse mythology. Black armor with green shoulder pad edges, eyes, kneepads and boots etc.

Their background wouldn't have been too far from the norm; jungle world, big fuckin' snakes everywhere, some questionable religious stuff but nothing too out there, wasn't sure on chapter founding or anything like that.

Stuff like the long fangs and blood claws would be changed to jaguar warriors or some shit and i would have used loads of lizardmen banner poles, totems, icons and shit.

I was going to call them the black panthers, but i quickly found out that wouldn't work and black jaguars didn't roll off the tongue so well.
File: 1292896215049.gif (157 KB, 550x729)
157 KB
157 KB GIF
>not understanding that the lost legions are a direct reference to the lost roman legions
So you'd rather people just play the first founding chapters and the few other fluffed out ones? Because most minor chapters have fuckall for fluff.
File: emperors fist.jpg (45 KB, 400x500)
45 KB
so my guys are called the emperors fists name comes from a hero of the Horus heresy (my imperial fists praetor) and the whole shtick is that while they do hold themselves to the standard of honor that is required of them to be a son of dorn they have very much focused on the whole self sacrifice pain glove side of things.
They have a casualty rate most other chapters would consider unacceptable yet compensate for this with rushed indoctrination and training procedures. (kinda like how the Minotaurs do it) a side affect of this however is that some marines when seeing the massacres the chapter regularly experiences enter A suicidal urge to RIP AND TEAR leading them to be used as expendable shock troops.
While the maintain friendly relations with the imperium and especially their brother sons of dorn some have expressed deep concern at the damage the chapters methods seem to have on its on psyche.
How to make a chaos warband that is more of a ''torch your own base because you thought the serf is loyalist guardsman and you're deep behind enemy lines'' kind of insane rather than ''I'm so angry and le Khorne is my senpai'' kind of crazy without turning them into some lelrandumb shit? I want them to be demented but not funny in any way.
Warp Angels

Blood Angels successor founded in mid to late M41. Suspected that their geneseed has been spliced with White Scars genetic material. They directly administrate their designated chapter homeworld, the Feudal World of Infernos, after killing the abusive governor in charge. Due to his lineage's mismanagement, the population is mistrustful of imperial authorities and there are chaos cults on the planet. The Warp Angels do their best to improve PR and wipe out the cults without the Inquisition noticing.

They have a fondness for bikes, melta, flamers, and orbital assault. Their normal veterans are in their 2nd Company, as their first company is comprised of elite bike squads. Since their chapter homeworld is near the Cadian Gate, they are currently involved in defending against the 13th Black Crusade.
They fell to Chaos because they ignored something they deemed insignificant. Being lax with Chaos weaponry, their homeplanet being subverted to Chaos worshippers by a random dude preaching a slightly different Imperial Creed, not taking proper care of their serfs when their fortress was under siege and they turned against the Marines when Chaos offered them a better life, focusing on Xeno invasions and ignoring small time Chaos pirates,...
Just make sure their paranoia has some historical reason, is not over the top bullshit but rather practical cynism and avoid Tzeentch/Alpha Legion maymays.
I have a Guard unit from "Pacific Northwest: the Planet," who are cross-trained in air drop and air assault. They specialize in mountainous, forested, and snowed-out terrain. Their pilots are drawn from the regiment, so there is a good amount of cooperation between the ground troops and their supporting gunships.

Their Elysian-pattern lasguns and plasma guns use a purple effect for unit designation, and they are to a man armored in carapace.

The planet Cascadia was given as a gift to a few mixed Elysian and Harakoni regiments and their families, who then mixed with the small local human populace; the Airborne Cascadian Grenadiers act as their tithe.

The biggest "my dudes," bit of sueness is that the planet has a small kroot and ork populace. Each regiment (they take a decade or so to train up) have a "graduation ceremony," where they hunt down and eliminate a kroot tribe or ork klan. That way they enter their service the Emperor with experience in killing.

The culture is based on the warrior tribes of the PNW, mostly. I like them a lot.
How to make Khornates who aren't retarded?
File: 1470087711723.png (127 KB, 510x546)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>not understanding that most things in 40k is a reference to something

Anon please,
we could talk about historical parallels all day like Lord Solar "Not-Alexander" Macharius, St. Emperor and the Void Dragon, and the The Council of Nikaea.

Yet Geeddubs has stated in the past that the lost legions serve the purpose of "one possible traitor and one possible loyalist" for all your OC needs.

Why languish in the shadow of named characters if you can think up cool fluff that adds to the setting?

Ignore the smug anime poster
He doesn't understand the joys of "your dudes" and most likely never will.
Even though the only difference between "your dudes" and canon boils down to your shit getting printed in white dwarf ala Erasmus "Brahe" Tycho.
People can play whatever they want, but I view all chapter creators as deviant artists and treat them as such.

>the only difference between chris chans sonic comics and critically acclaimed graphic novels is publishing

>ignore the smug
Is English not your first language, or are you a child?
>Wanted loyal nightlords
>Loved the idea of batwinged terror troops
>Just make paleskin whitehaired blood angels via handwavium
>Jack the vampire trope to 10
>Think warhammer fantasy blood knights
>Chapter master is named Abhorash

No chapter name if anyone wants to help me.

Night Angels?

Also kind of enjoyed Night Lords MO, didn't like the traitor part. Also enjoyed White Scars being mongolian/asian and fast attack.

Made the Sons of Heaven Chapter based off of Imperial China.

Your jokes are shit m8.
NL gene seed but believe they are descended from the Khan.

Use Terror/psychological warfare tactics to route enemies, use deceptions and feints to seed doubts and paranoia into enemy forces.

Unique organization: Chapter Master (Shi Fu) set up 4 different Sects rather than companies. Each sect practices a different variation of psych war and lighting warfare.

Thunder Stone Sect engages in brutal frontal quick assaults and makes it gruesome as possible, making sure to display horrid trophies of their victories in full view of their enemies, like wearing the skin of their victims, or making a cloak out of their faces. Prefer to leave at least one person a live to spread word of how fucked up shit got.
>>Wanted loyal nightlords
They don't have to be wanted, there were a few marines that stayed loyal like garro and the bunch

Just claim that when the second founding occurred they made a chapter with the night lords geneseed stocks on Terra and made the highest ranking loyalist the chapter master and renamed it to whatever you want.

Red Scars Sect prefer to conduct infiltration deep behind enemy lines to cut and disrupt communications, spreading confusion in their wake, leaving tales of things haunting the shadows as they make a killing blow upon enemy forces in a single battle of discord.
Bitter Winds seek to sow distrust and paranoia in the enemy, constantly killing people in the most secured of places, leaving damning evidence of betrayals and double dealing to frame others, as well as picking off the enemy slowly and agonizingly until their will is broken.

Ya but I was thinking about it anon and I like the whole vampire thing they have going on.

wanted to do some conversion work with vampire kits from fantasy and stuff plus I mean... Fuck yeah vampires.
oh fuck me you meant that you wanted loyal night lords not that they were wanted
Young Wings Sect is basically the training group getting initiates and scouts prepared for whichever sect they will eventually go into.
They focus on stealth and practice how best to spook an enemy, constantly trying and learning from mistakes, new environments, etc.

Ya, it's all good though. Do you like the theme though anon?
I can dig it

Are you using BA minis or NL minis?
Because each sect is fairly large, they'll mostly be in charge of their own recruitment, but Scout companies brought up by the Young Wings are an appreciated addition to their numbers.

The Young Wings Sect also makes sure to train up veteran scout companies and deploy them alongside their other brothers.

One other note: Each Sect is governed by a Disciple, who may have captains under him, and answers directly to the Shi Fu.

Additionally, the honor guard is called the Zodiac Warriors, referring to the zodiac of their original homeworld. Much like the Chinese zodiac, people born in different years will have different zodiac animals, and would be seen as being more compatible with certain others. Based on the experiences of members in deathwatch, those deemed most likely to work efficiently together based on these zodiac signs are formed into small killteam esque groups.

Librarians in this chapter are called Oracles, who use divination and catch glimpses of the future. They read portents to determine the best course of action, and study the ancient oracle bones of their homeworld to better understand dangers and opportunities in the future.

The Chapter worships both the Khan and the Emperor. Chaplains and Oracles take turns, as Chaplains emphasize the Emperor's divinity and superiority over all else, but the Oracles spout the greatness of the Great Khan to his sons. (this causes a small amount of friction between the two)
So, I used to have a custom BA chapter, which led to me developing a whole system for them and eventual a custom Guard army. The system was called Poli-Aima, and they were the Sons of Gorgon. Their whole shtick was a mechanized siege chapter with a penchant for large groups of mechanized assault marines, vindicators and devastators. Their home world was Poli-Aima III, which also had a PDF on it for local defenses while the chapter was away. Sometime in the chapters history half of their chapter goes renegade, laying siege to Poli-Aima III and cutting the chapter off from the Imperium. This resulted in a civil war, with the loyalists holding their ground by conscripting the local population into the PDF to fight with them. Eventually, an Inquisitor by the name of Akita shows up with a force of Iron Hands and helps to drive the traitors out of the system. The chapter goes on a penitent crusade that eventually sees them crumble, with the survivors joining the Deathwatch.

This history is significant because Poli-Aima no longer had a designation as a space marine recruitment zone, which required them to tithe forces to the Imperial war effort. The veterans of the civil war formed the Poli-Aima 1st mechanized infantry regiment and carry the banner of the long lost chapter (and happen to be my current guard army).

Forces from Poli-Aima specialize in fighting chaos and often see service near the Eye of Terror. Their preferred weapons include plasma guns and lascannons. There is a heavy emphasis on mobile warfare, with a specialization on mechanized infantry and battle tanks. Poli-Aima tank regiments, the most notable of which being the Poli-Aima 8th Armored, prefer to field heavier tanks like the leman russ demolisher and punisher, but including vanquishers is also common. The Poli-AIma 1st sees extended service with the Inquisition, and have fought alongside other inquisitorial forces as well as several Death Korp regiments.

Should I continue?
Umber Lancers

A chapter founded from the Raven Guard, by their second generation the Umbral Hunters were struck by a series of debilitating mutations. While not caused by Chaos corruption (as far as could be determined) the effects tore apart the chapter. Symptoms included

-Ossmodula causing marine muscles to calcify
-Black Carapace sending phantom signals to power armour
-Betcher's Gland secretions corroding through marine's jaws, throat, and lungs.

The Umbral Hunters could find no immediate solution for the widespread mutation, and eventually found a desperate solution. A combination of petitions to the Mechanicus and secret tech-heresy allowed the Umbral Hunters to outfit the rejected marine candidates (now chapter serfs) in power armour.

By the fourth generation of recruits, the Hunters had ceased to even attempt augmentation of their candidates. Instead, recruits would be divided into two groups.

-Those who passed the traditional examinations would be considered scout marines, but would not be issued the full list of augmentations.

-those who survived failure would be designated Chapter Serfs, and outfitted as infantrymen.

Now known as the Umber Lancers, the chapter is one of contradictions. Few "true" marines are found in the force, and most are former Raven Guard veterans. Instead the bulk of the chapter's forces are minimally-augmented Scout marines, or essentially human Chapter Serfs.

The Umber Lancers specialise in stealth operations, stakeouts and ambush tactic. It's incredibly rare to see a true power armoured Lancer marine on the battlefield- in truth they operate more like a division of Stormtroopers or Kasrkin than traditional marines.

While weak compared to almost any other Astartes chapter (and ashamed of this), their supply of technology far outstrips their actual demand.
One time, after coming back from a crusade, the force found that their Shi Fu and his ship had been lost to the warp, and since the power structure was not fully fleshed out, their home sector, suffering a warp storm at the time, had the three sects disputing how to go about defending/ruling the place, devolving into Three Kingdoms in space.

By the time the Inquisition made contact with the sector again, a lot of the place was fucked up, and as punishment the chapter had its homeworld taken from it and was made fleet based, going on a penitent crusade as a result.

Most marine chapters believe the Lancers dishonour the name of the Astartes. On one occasion, a force of Black Templars deliberately delayed a charge until a Lancer company was wiped out. On another occasion, a number of vehicles (including three Land Raiders) and a set of relic Terminator armour was stolen by a squad of loyalist Thousand Sons.

That said, their preference for stealth tactics and surprisingly high number of "serfs" has given the Lancers an excellent track record.

Preferred weapons: Stalker bolters, lascannons, meltas.

Colours: Umber and dark green as standard. Most serfs and scouts will wear environment-appropriate camouflage.

>Rules wise they'd probably play like Scions rather than marines.
File: Iron Hands successor.png (25 KB, 201x281)
25 KB
Mind helping me brainstorm a name for my guys?

Long story short, they're an Iron Hands successor that's developed a semi-heretical belief that the spirits in their power armor, weapons, and vehicles aren't machine spirits, but the spirits of their ancestors. For this reason, they'll go far out of their way to save even dead marines for the sake of their armor and gear, leading to legends that they must be near unkillable. It doesn't hurt the legends at all that oftentimes loyal bionics will fire pistols and jerkily swing swords even after the death of the marine.

I want to give them a vague neolithic theme in their decorations and colorscheme.
Cuntards Zero

BA, maybe some nightlord bits for heads was think about kitbashing vampire counts shit for my chapter master.
>On another occasion, a number of vehicles (including three Land Raiders) and a set of relic Terminator armour was stolen by a squad of loyalist Thousand Sons.
fucking magpies.
Sky Seekers?
Add in some relic-hunting aspects?
I want to make a chapter based on Achilles and his Myrmidons from the Iliad. Any ideas for chapter tactics and colors?
Definitely Executioners chapter tactics.
Just about everything inorganic of their chapter can be considered a relic - they even pass bionics down.

I know I didn't mention it, but they're not a particularly navally focused chapter, so Sky Seekers doesn't really work.
Soul Binders?

The Infantry of the Poli-Aima regiments learned a lot from their space marine progenitors. They favor heavily armored infantry squads and close infantry formations, preferring to close with the enemy and engage them at close range, sometimes even engaging in melee combat to finish off foes. Poli-Aima forces train rigorously, and their formations are known for their high number of veterans and their relative battlefield independence.

The Poli-Aima 1st mechanized regiment, 8th Armored Regiment and 51st Artillery regiment are currently attached to Task Force Helix, an Imperial battle group tasked with hunting down traitors to the Imperium. The task force includes not only the forces of Poli-Aima but also a multitude of Imperial agents, the 895th Deltic Eagles Scion Regiment, a Deathwatch Watch Company, Imperial Knights of House Arakon and their attending Skitarri legions. (This also represents every imperial codex I pull units from. Convenient.)

One notable feature of Poli-Aima regiments is their recruitment methods. The forces of Poli-Aima, while happy to work with other imperial forces, staunchly refuse to combine with other regiments, and will only take recruits from their home system. This accounts for their high number of veterans and more elaborate gear, as losing a single solider from a Poli-Aima regiment means that said regiment will be less combat effective until reinforcements can be requisitioned. Poli-Aima regiments also do not end their careers by settling other worlds, and will instead return to Poli-Aima III where they will hand off the regimental colors to a fresh regiment to take their place, thereby keeping the linage of each regiment going. This has resulted in most regiments being able to trace their origins to their founding from the local PDF.

So /tg/, what do you think? Any questions? The story of these guys has been going since I started 40k, and has grown as I have moved from different playgroups.
Now that I'm not on mobile I can add a bit more about them by sharing some cultural aspects my players will be made aware of when I run a game of Only War where they play as them.

The native Cascadian colonists that the 129th and 241st Mixed Airborne Regiments wound up mixing with were just this side of feudal world level after their initial conflicts with the local kroot and orks went awry. The 129th and 241st were told that the planet and the responsibility of its tithe would be the final reward for their dedicated service to the Emperor.

However, near twenty years later, when the long conflict (as asking a few thousand airmobile troops to clear out almost an entire planet of isolated, but still dangerous, kroot and ork tribes will take a long time no matter how bad those dudes are) was close to its end, the elected Planetary Governor Colonel Trask Volquin made the announcement that the tribes would be kept to a manageable--but still dangerous--presence on the planet.

When asked why, he laughed and answered: "The Emperor has demanded the service of our best and brightest. They will need some training before they are sent to His service--and no matter how smart and tough they are, there is no greater teacher than Experience!"

A couple hundred years later, and the humans of Cascadia have grown in power and populace. Between a local PDF (from which the Airborne Grenadiers are drawn) and the "graduation ceremonies," the planet is now firmly within the grasp of the Emperor.

(cont, unless I'm boring people)
As a PNW resident, I am intrigued. Continue.
Culturally, they are a martial people. The potential for xenos raiders is always there, and everyone is trained in both ranged and close-quarters combat. Cascadians receive proper training and respect for weapons at a young age, and no one above the age of twelve is seen without an autogun, lasgun, or tomahawk close at hand.

One such ritualized form of training has found its way in the regiments, and is still used to today to solve internal disputes. This is the Coup Circle, a public sparring match using very highly prized fighting sticks with weighted ends, meant to represent the culture's fighting axes. A touch to the temple or forehead signifies victory, though too rough a strike shows a lack of discipline and thus outs the striker as unworthy or incorrect on the dispute at hand.

They are a very vocal people. Though their own native tongue--which also serves as their battle tongue--has been described as slow and halting by unfamiliar Gothic speakers, Cascadians have a rich history of song. Famous battles, tragic last stands and failed operations, stories of love that have survived war; all of these and more are memorized at a very young age.

It it fortunate for the people of Cascadia that the Emperor is so often represented through the Aquila, as birds have a holy significance to them. Understandable, considering how the original colonists were nearly wiped out before a fleet of Valkyries, Vendettas, Vultures, and the fighting men bore by them came to their rescue.

They also have a strong connection with the many forests, mountains, and rivers of their planet. Art--in the form of painting and carving--is heavily encouraged by the planetary government, as it encourages creativity and individual initiative; something highly prized in airborne units.
I'm a PNW resident, too. Though a Pacifican Hapa, I fell in love with the region and its native history.

They are primarily based around the Haida and Salish warrior tribes, though I did borrow some other traits from the Great Plains Natives (the ritualized counting coup and tomahawks). Their relationship with the local kroot and orks is also something of a call-out to the very tense and often violent relationship between American settlers and Native Americans. So an odd mix of both sides of the cultural lines, so to speak.

I'm quite fond of them, and plan on making sure my players are really immersed. I'm going to start their regiment with their graduation ceremony, but without telling them that they're fighting on their own native planet in the closest they'll ever really have to a live-ammunition and absolutely deadly controlled exercise.
File: IrishHammered.jpg (53 KB, 400x500)
53 KB
I planned on a Successor Chapter to the Space Wolves even though they hate successor chapters.

One with strong Irish theme.

Any other ideas on it?
They have a mysterious stone that can prevent their geneseed from turning them into horrible mutants. Every new recruit must make a pilgrimage to the stone right after the implantation of the geneseed. It is said the failed aspirants still roam the hills searching for the stone.
And they are the only chapter that can compete in drinking with the Space Wolves.
There are two regimental melee weapons that the Cascadians are trained in. The first is the hand-axe, based on the tomahawks of Ancient Terra. The second is the knife.

As hand-axes and knives are considered the two best tools for surviving the wilderness of their native planet, Cascadians are trained very much in their use. Weapons found on modern natives are made of very high quality steel or plasteel, and are made to be rugged and reliable. Though many might see it as a waste, the Cascadians use these implements as tools just as often as they do weapons.

Pilots are drawn from experienced PDF regiments just like the rest of the Airborne Grenadiers. In this fashion they are as experienced and hardened as the men they bear to battle and support with strafing runs and ever-changing intelligence. Many gunships are decorated with the likeness of eagles, large dangerous Cascadian trout, and the native bears in their own distinctive painting style.

To outsiders these men can be described as brusque and curt. They party hard, but only within their own ranks. This tends not to create too much of an issue when working with other regiments, as airborne assets are typically removed from their allies by some degree in battle.

Where this cold attitude breaks down is when fighting alongside other airborne units, like the Elysians and Harakoni who saved their own natives; who's training gave life to the Cascadian effort for the Emperor.

It also breaks down with regiments who actually show up in time to relieve positions that the Cascadians were assigned to take. Airborne have a very difficult and dangerous job, even by the standards of the Imperium; horror stories of unsupported airborne and air-assault units dying to the last man are quite common in the Guard. As such, any airborne asset is going to fall in love with the mechanized "grounders" who actually fight their way through to them.
Gaelige. Use it. Have them name stuff after figures and objects from Irish mythology. There's a lot of unique culture in Éire that got fucked into oblivion by Europe *cough*England*cough*. Seeing Irish culture as Guinness is the same basic idea as seeing Native American culture as casinos and dreamcatchers.
For something of a bump I'll post their Only War stuff.

>World - Frontier
>CO - Maverick
>Type - Drop Troopers
>Training Doctrine - CQB
>Special Equipment Doctrine - Covert Strike
>Favored Weapons - Lascarbine, Heavy Stubber, Melta Gun
>Additional Kit - 1 Laspistol, 1 Krak 'nade, 1 Chrono, 1 Filtration Plugs, 1 Advanced Medkit, 1 Stimm & Injector, 1 Auspex, 1 Micro-Bead, 1 Non-Heavy to Favored

All told it's like 94 points, which is a lot. Or is it? Honestly, I'm not used to seeing the point cost for people's regiments.
Havertell Armoured Division

The Forge world of Havertell faces one constant opponent: Orks.

Although a Forge world, Havertell maintains a healthy (and growing) population due to the uncanny fertility of its soil. Unfortunately this property of the planet was not discovered until the Mechanicus had well and truly settled in, and they were not willing to move back out again.

Havertell, thus, has three unique properties.

- The Enginseers of Havertell specialise in the construction of vehicles, and are renowned for their skill.

-Havertell's population is so large they can afford to maintain a sizeable force of Imperial Guardsmen in addition to Skitarii.

- Havertell's food production sector is self sufficient, and provides enough food to supply the Mechanicus staff also. Compared to most Forge worlds, very little off world support is needed to maintain it.

Havertell's armored division is specialised to defend the factories from the swarming Orks that infest a large portion of the planet's surface. Rather than massed Leman Russ tanks and Basilisk artillery, the Guard field Tauros as transports and run Sentinels as a primary vehicle, designed to navigate the confines of a Manufactorum.

The Havertell Armoured also work very closely with their Skitarii allies. Skitarii pilots have often been known to operate Sydonian Dragoons under the juresdiction of the Havertell Armoured, and vehicles such as Dunestriders are also found alongside the Guard's Leman Russ mainstays.

>Knights of the Nebula
>silver-white armour, purple and dark blue trim, emblem is a purple diamond with a blur effect
>ultramarines successors, but they're filthy mutants who have entirely black eyes and translucent skin, so they rarely if ever let themselves be seen helmetless
>Tactics involve dropping bikers in the opponents face, assault marines launching themselves from their relic Storm Eagle and terminators porting in behind the enemy commanders
>pseudo-french names, chapter master is Karl Magne, Chief Librarian is Cyril Bochin
>after getting badly mauled by a tzeentchy daemon incursion, they're horrifically understrength with less than two hundred battle brothers
>Plenty of dreadnoughts though, including a Leviathan and a Contemptor
>currently (m41) recovering while based in a backwater system (my Rogue Trader game's home base) below the galactic plane whilst chasing around a Nurgle warband (my usual army)
Due to their close association with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the line between Skitarii auxiliaries and line Guardsmen is frequently blurred.

Notably, officers and elite troops are often found wielding such weapons as Taser Goads, Galvanic Rifles and Arc Rifles, with the occasional Volkite Blaster.

Havertell Guardsmen also field a unique Sentinel pattern (Havertell Pattern) which makes use of a Heavy Flamer and a Phosphor Blaster.
Sounds really neat, but I can't quite appreciate them as much since I didn't catch up with all of the Skitarii stuff beyond the knowledge that Mechanicus fans have an army now.

Still Unnamed Chaos warband.

Formerly a loyalist space marine chapter who was known for its crusades against chaos, the silence of its battlebrothers, The chapter had a preference for fighting in close quarters such as onboard space-hulks and in urban areas. They also seemed to care about civilian lives and found orbital bombardment distasteful.

The chapters loyalty to the Imperium however, was quite shaky, To them all the history of the Imperium was just "fluff" they cared more about killing those who stood against them. When the Imperium got in the way of the Space Marine chapter, they wouldnt hesitate to fight them.

Then the chapter master, in a quest for new battles to fight launched an insane crusade against Daemons which eventually lead to large portions of the chapter flying into the warp. as they fell further into chaos they started using khornate iconography and some members became Daemon princes. They are now full on chaos space marines.
File: 1437956785848.jpg (53 KB, 526x515)
53 KB
Does your army fight a lot of loyalists? If so, clever of you.

these guys sound like natural friends

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