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  • File : 1245403656.jpg-(9 KB, 216x267, Paint_dorf.jpg)
    9 KB MS paint d0rf. Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:27 No.4929468  
    /tg/, I challenge you to draw a Dwarf... in MS paint.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:29 No.4929485
    how about someone draws jon strangling his girlfriend then going to games workshop to play a game of 40k
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:29 No.4929489
    Mouse only i suspect the rules are!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:29 No.4929494
         File : 1245403774.jpg-(14 KB, 306x408, big jon.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:30 No.4929506
         File : 1245403828.jpg-(4 KB, 233x216, browndwarf.jpg)
    4 KB
    it's a brown dwarf
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:30 No.4929507
    I love mouse. Yesh.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:48 No.4929599
         File : 1245404888.png-(29 KB, 632x610, Dwarfring.png)
    29 KB

    Legendary items!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)05:57 No.4929651
    Is your dwarf barrel chested or is his chest literally a barrel. Either way. So dwarfy.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:04 No.4929695
         File : 1245405867.jpg-(35 KB, 720x450, Dorf.jpg)
    35 KB
    Ehh, just cuz bored.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:11 No.4929746
    We need more ms-paint
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:42 No.4930000
         File : 1245408157.png-(36 KB, 632x610, Dwarfring.png)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:47 No.4930062
         File : 1245408478.jpg-(45 KB, 527x399, dwarffff.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:52 No.4930094
    I can't use my penis?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:52 No.4930097
         File : 1245408779.gif-(2 KB, 164x227, Beardbeard.gif)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:55 No.4930121
    All the dorfiness. Minimalist but somehow dorfier for being so
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:56 No.4930127
         File : 1245408978.jpg-(24 KB, 250x326, dorfmasterworkcarving.jpg)
    24 KB
    He doesn't look happy.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:56 No.4930131
         File : 1245408988.jpg-(6 KB, 284x318, dorf.jpg)
    6 KB
    Here's your dorf.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:57 No.4930134
         File : 1245409026.jpg-(3 KB, 122x105, drf.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:59 No.4930150
         File : 1245409169.png-(12 KB, 510x498, untitled.png)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)06:59 No.4930155
         File : 1245409192.png-(73 KB, 600x549, user920_pic80_1226949306.png)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:00 No.4930161
         File : 1245409247.jpg-(40 KB, 574x450, user920_pic96_1227388964.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:03 No.4930175
    All my dwarfs... dead.. over shoes.. the memories!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:03 No.4930177
         File : 1245409411.png-(17 KB, 565x508, oldmandwarf.png)
    17 KB
    +1 internets
    >> Can a bus dream? 06/19/09(Fri)07:07 No.4930200
         File : 1245409621.jpg-(64 KB, 772x470, DORF.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:14 No.4930240
         File : 1245410081.jpg-(21 KB, 593x495, dorf.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:17 No.4930261
         File : 1245410274.jpg-(85 KB, 902x686, Dorf dorf dorf dorf.jpg)
    85 KB
    Drawn recently, it's a cleric
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:40 No.4930396
    He doesn't actually know magic he sorta jst dips the injured part into a herby booze
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:42 No.4930406

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:44 No.4930421

    Doesn't count. Didn't specify a get and we're ~69590 posts from the next real get.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:47 No.4930442
    Holy Shit. Dorf and nipples get
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:49 No.4930452
    Nobody cares about gets on /tg/ anyway, especially not dorfs.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:52 No.4930466
         File : 1245412372.jpg-(34 KB, 802x704, shadowrun dorf.jpg)
    34 KB
    Fuck your fantasy shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:57 No.4930486
    Mib Dorf?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)07:58 No.4930497
         File : 1245412738.jpg-(46 KB, 640x480, dorfpaint.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:00 No.4930506

    Shadowrun, he was an ex Wage-Mage.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:00 No.4930507
    Go back to bed, Awful.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:01 No.4930513
         File : 1245412890.png-(35 KB, 659x521, DemDorfs.png)
    35 KB
    Gentlemen... BEHOLD!

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:01 No.4930515
    Come back to bed, Awful.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:07 No.4930555
         File : 1245413275.jpg-(134 KB, 869x615, mines.jpg)
    134 KB
    *You have struck a vein of Adamantine*

    ... moments later ...

    *You have stumbled upon an eery pit deep within the mountains*

    ... great.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:09 No.4930563
         File : 1245413343.png-(6 KB, 377x299, treehuggingDorf.png)
    6 KB
    Yeah, now what? He's going to create a elf/dwarf hybrid soon.

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:10 No.4930576
         File : 1245413434.jpg-(14 KB, 278x293, dorf.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:13 No.4930599
         File : 1245413589.jpg-(45 KB, 748x665, beardybeardmcmorbeard.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:16 No.4930614
         File : 1245413761.jpg-(61 KB, 869x615, actually.jpg)
    61 KB
    This actually happened.
    Raid on my fort. Failed. This guy limped away so I sent my perfectly agile hammerdorf after him.

    Through my eyes it looked like he rocket headbutted him into two peices, scattering them 20 feet away.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:21 No.4930657
         File : 1245414085.jpg-(43 KB, 720x450, dwarf with hammer.jpg)
    43 KB
    This is a lot harder than everyone else makes it look.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:22 No.4930662

    Oh hey it's the Kool-Aid Dorf.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:23 No.4930668
         File : 1245414183.jpg-(67 KB, 640x480, 90sdorf.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:25 No.4930683
    Who else believes female dwarves should have beards? Anyone?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:26 No.4930697

    Whats a "female dwarf"?

    Some sort of mushroom?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:28 No.4930706
    Aw yeah
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:30 No.4930720
    Question: Which is more dorfy?

    A warhammer or a battle axe?

    Or a combination of the two?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:32 No.4930733
         File : 1245414727.jpg-(22 KB, 402x600, 1234025128199.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:33 No.4930742
    Battleaxe, warhammers are for Paladins.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:34 No.4930751
         File : 1245414870.png-(11 KB, 377x299, tats.png)
    11 KB
    Here you go
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:35 No.4930757
    inb4 blizzard shitstorm
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:40 No.4930791
         File : 1245415240.png-(17 KB, 632x610, dorfaxe.png)
    17 KB
    Cuts first then bashes
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:45 No.4930820
         File : 1245415514.jpg-(70 KB, 640x480, scotchdorf.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:49 No.4930847
    >"Diz mah crease swatch big in these keks?"

    Wait, what.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:49 No.4930849
    I've suddenly forgotten about all those gnomes and halflings, dwarven women is where it is at.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:50 No.4930855
    Th' dorfen leid, motherfucker, dae ye spick it?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)08:51 No.4930858
    I sent "Does my ass look big in these pants?" through a scottish translator and this is what came out.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:12 No.4930975
    I have become convinced that scots do not speak English.

    But I live in America, so it's hardly an issue.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:13 No.4930977

    Hm... is there any way to make it hammer first, THEN cut?
    >> Ember McLain !47DZH.O02I 06/19/09(Fri)09:16 No.4930994

    Dwarf women are the best women.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:18 No.4931014
    Thought about it. Make it so that it uses gears to push the hammer back and a blade made in a slit to be pushed forward
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:25 No.4931060
         File : 1245417920.jpg-(79 KB, 767x682, Untitled.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:27 No.4931077
         File : 1245418061.png-(13 KB, 571x315, Nani.png)
    13 KB
    go dwarves
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:34 No.4931131
         File : 1245418481.png-(16 KB, 466x390, Immagine.png)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:52 No.4931255
    i enjoy this thread
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)09:59 No.4931313
         File : 1245419989.jpg-(17 KB, 587x303, female dwarf.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:00 No.4931316
         File : 1245420018.jpg-(40 KB, 394x600, Mead.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:00 No.4931318
         File : 1245420034.jpg-(43 KB, 414x436, happy fucking dwarf.jpg)
    43 KB
    Suddently: BEER!
    >> Sheep 06/19/09(Fri)10:03 No.4931331

    Lol'd hard.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:03 No.4931337
         File : 1245420220.jpg-(94 KB, 800x725, 19.jpg)
    94 KB
    This is who I saw in your image.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:05 No.4931349
         File : 1245420342.png-(29 KB, 712x607, Dwarf.png)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:05 No.4931350

    thank you?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:07 No.4931356
    I'd pound it so hard it'd turn red.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:08 No.4931364
    Frae noo oan aam gonnae rin everythin' dwarf related ben a scottish translatur tae make it mair authentic.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:20 No.4931443
         File : 1245421236.jpg-(44 KB, 826x621, dorf.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:20 No.4931444
    bumping for moar dwarves
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:33 No.4931510
         File : 1245421980.gif-(4 KB, 242x306, dorf.gif)
    4 KB
    He's supposed to be smoking a pipe.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:37 No.4931532
         File : 1245422226.png-(38 KB, 939x646, Dwarf 2.png)
    38 KB

    I'm out of practice.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:44 No.4931569
         File : 1245422678.png-(6 KB, 377x299, untitled.png)
    6 KB
    I don't know, a minute with a mouse and I have a dwarf wearing a wifebeater and a backwards cap.

    Trailer trash dwarves?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:45 No.4931579
    his hat is awesome
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:49 No.4931594
    Dwarves should be able to smoke pipes and cigars in dorf fortress. Tobacco farm bitches
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:50 No.4931597
    Why does it have breasts?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:52 No.4931607
    Was supposed to be a pectoral muscle. I am not an artist by trade.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)10:59 No.4931645
         File : 1245423576.png-(28 KB, 736x597, fucking elves.png)
    28 KB
    Redneck dwarves?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:01 No.4931651
         File : 1245423680.jpg-(81 KB, 1079x744, dwærg.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:03 No.4931660
    Ok, yes, that's much better. I desire better drawing ability without actually having to work at it.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:04 No.4931664
    I love you
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:04 No.4931666
    That wish will never come true.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:07 No.4931684
    Out, SATAN.

    But that said, yeah, I know. But I'm a lazy shit and refuse to practice.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:08 No.4931690
         File : 1245424091.jpg-(50 KB, 1113x665, Paintan dorf.jpg)
    50 KB
    Eh, very unfinished, not sure if I should continue. He was supposed to be crawling out of a manhole, but he might as well look like he's jacking someone off and caressing their nipple :C
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:12 No.4931716
    /r/ing dwarf jacking someone off and caressing their nipple
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:14 No.4931725
    God damnit, I'd be ashamed to draw that, it's....undwarfly
    >> Mightybooshin !!TI3ka8HOGie 06/19/09(Fri)11:17 No.4931751
         File : 1245424652.jpg-(32 KB, 840x525, Dorf.jpg)
    32 KB
    This is my shot.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:18 No.4931757
    It's growing a plump helmet and milking a purring maggot.

    How much dorfier can you get?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:19 No.4931763
         File : 1245424788.png-(12 KB, 349x410, blaaaaaaaaa.png)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:20 No.4931767
    This thread is full of nipples
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:21 No.4931775
    .... owwwww
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:21 No.4931776
    And thus we see what dwarven wrestlers do to their enemies
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:25 No.4931794
    This makes the d'awwblin raids seem even more horrifying
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:26 No.4931798
    You...You...DOUBLE ELF
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:32 No.4931836
    Do you think this should be archived?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:35 No.4931844
    I think redneck dwarf deserves it, but give it a bit longer to get more contenders
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:38 No.4931859
         File : 1245425906.png-(43 KB, 640x480, Dorf.png)
    43 KB
    Over 900 hours with a laptop trackpad.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:40 No.4931870
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:43 No.4931882
         File : 1245426225.jpg-(66 KB, 400x602, 6247_xzibit.jpg)
    66 KB
    I heard you like dorfs so..
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:43 No.4931884
         File : 1245426237.png-(37 KB, 686x598, paint dorf.png)
    37 KB
    This is the best thing I ever managed to draw....ever. It was like half an hour with MS paint
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:49 No.4931916

    for the love of god moar
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:49 No.4931923
    I have yet to run out of imaginary ways this guy could kill people.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:52 No.4931943
         File : 1245426769.jpg-(10 KB, 313x361, Gordon bronzeknuckle.jpg)
    10 KB
    I ms paint all my dmpcs, but dorfs are my fav to make
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:54 No.4931956
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:56 No.4931968
    He's like a bearded inverse Captain Picard.

    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)11:59 No.4931984
    Is it twine. Or eletrical power. Either way i would not fcuk with him
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:00 No.4931991
         File : 1245427235.jpg-(259 KB, 912x797, Dwarfarmor.jpg)
    259 KB
    hope you don't mind
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:02 No.4932002
    twine i guess, my players wanted to know what the artaficer looked like so i just gave him somethin that looked like an object and magic. SuperDorfTwine!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:02 No.4932004
         File : 1245427343.jpg-(62 KB, 640x480, bulking.jpg)
    62 KB
    Gotta go, band rehearsal.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:07 No.4932036
    Someone archive this thread on suptg!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:12 No.4932072
         File : 1245427925.png-(231 B, 9x14, dorfinarmorsprite.png)
    231 B
    feel free to use it in your 8-bit games
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:16 No.4932110
    How DARE they call that the hammer of Thor? it looks NOTHING like Mjolnir.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:34 No.4932243
    Mjolnir didn't exist. And Thor is the lamest Viking god.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:38 No.4932271

    Thor is the only viking god, stupid
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:48 No.4932342
         File : 1245430107.jpg-(25 KB, 680x599, dorfail.jpg)
    25 KB
    I tried, but... well I guess i fail at dorf
    or mspaint.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:49 No.4932352
         File : 1245430191.jpg-(56 KB, 681x578, dorf.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:50 No.4932354
    Elelgan/tg/entlemen please lets keep this civil and about ms pain dorfs, for they are the glue that binds us all
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:52 No.4932371
    Oh cmon, it's not bad!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:55 No.4932399
    tis ms paint, its not gonna be a work of art, cheer up, you did fine
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)12:56 No.4932401

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:04 No.4932466
         File : 1245431058.png-(44 KB, 829x945, Björn Eisenauge.png)
    44 KB
    I just made this up. It's a quick one.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:10 No.4932516
    Cries manly tears of ale
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:11 No.4932523
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:14 No.4932543
    I need a name for the troll.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:17 No.4932568
    MossBeard StinkSwamp
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:18 No.4932571
    how i ride uit?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:21 No.4932595
         File : 1245432087.jpg-(227 KB, 453x615, Dwarfgirl.jpg)
    227 KB
    oldi but goodie
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:25 No.4932617
    but that's not mspaint
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:25 No.4932621
    sorry :( the last mspaint i did was beardybeard mcmoarbeard
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:31 No.4932657
         File : 1245432703.png-(5 KB, 298x263, DWARF.png)
    5 KB
    Heres mine
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:33 No.4932675
    I'll just use this thread since it's already about dwarves:

    How common are dwarves that use swords? Are there even any?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:34 No.4932681
    Dorf Fortress is canon
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:39 No.4932745
    dwarves use swords sure.

    It's less fun than axes and certainly less iconic, but yeah, they are perfectly dwarfy.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:41 No.4932764
    That's lovely.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:45 No.4932806
         File : 1245433547.jpg-(41 KB, 428x600, vulturclan.jpg)
    41 KB
    Dwarves in Chronopia have swords it seems.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:47 No.4932821
    Thorin Oakenshield used a sword.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:48 No.4932836
    BIG swords
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:49 No.4932841
    LOL at that fuckin expression
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:53 No.4932877
         File : 1245433989.jpg-(60 KB, 640x480, dorfpal.jpg)
    60 KB
    Running out of ideas here.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)13:55 No.4932899
    >>4932877 CHA bonus
    More like malus.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:00 No.4932957
    Dwarf Chicks with Dicks.

    That is an idea for you.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:03 No.4932983
         File : 1245434591.png-(143 KB, 981x1324, not so dwarfy anymore.png)
    143 KB
    lemme help you
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:03 No.4932984
         File : 1245434595.jpg-(44 KB, 663x600, praying mantis.jpg)
    44 KB
    Mantis dwarves. Instead of the claws, they have hammer-arms.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:03 No.4932991
    But we get dicks from the guy all the time, I kinda like this new load of tits myself.
    >> Captain Failmore Oh Shit He's Back 06/19/09(Fri)14:04 No.4932994
         File : 1245434645.png-(10 KB, 432x498, DORF.png)
    10 KB
    >> Captain Failmore Oh Shit He's Back 06/19/09(Fri)14:07 No.4933041
         File : 1245434870.jpg-(118 KB, 800x600, mantisshrimp.jpg)
    118 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:09 No.4933060
    nice one
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:09 No.4933071
    "Although generally considered an urban legend due to few occurrences, some larger species of mantis shrimp are capable of breaking through aquarium glass with a single strike from this weapon"

    Holy fucking shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:10 No.4933084
    Symmetrical docking, you know you want to do it.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:13 No.4933110
         File : 1245435184.png-(264 KB, 1580x1328, symmetrical dwarfing.png)
    264 KB
    that was easy
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:15 No.4933141
         File : 1245435338.jpg-(258 KB, 2500x1743, helicoprion.jpg)
    258 KB
    Mantis shrimps are overrated. I raise you Helicoprion, the chainsaw shark.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:16 No.4933152
    ... I am amused.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:16 No.4933154
    ocean creatures are fucking crazy
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:18 No.4933177
         File : 1245435534.jpg-(53 KB, 640x480, dorfprincess dg.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:22 No.4933209

    That's that thing from Zeno Clash.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:23 No.4933216
    Halfling to the "rescue"?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:25 No.4933246
         File : 1245435908.jpg-(48 KB, 427x545, dorf.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:26 No.4933267
    hahaha the expression and truthfulness
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:38 No.4933367
         File : 1245436735.jpg-(38 KB, 761x366, pew.jpg)
    38 KB
    >>The power curve in DF leads to some truly great outtakes. I had a fort with a Legendary mason, who could put up bridges in the same amount of time it took most dwarves to cross them; one day, his masterpiece bridge *got dirty*.

    >>When Mr. Bridge is dirty, Mr. Mason is not your friend.

    >>He threw his child at another dwarf hard enough to kill both of them and cover the hall in blood and gore.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:45 No.4933425
    This is a /tg/ thread. All postership is of the highest quality. It menaces with spikes of dwarf nipple. It is encircled with tales of epic win.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:51 No.4933487
    I always wanted to write a story about a pack of dwarven adventurers that travel for the sake of travelling and alcohol.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:52 No.4933498
    Best answer:
    "yoor crease looks loch it needs a squeeze. i've got a hain free, turn aroond."
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)14:53 No.4933507
    This guys a little Bitch. Pistol Crab was here.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:01 No.4933576

    Jesus Christ.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:03 No.4933594
    that's how dwarves roll
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:04 No.4933598
    This is a common raison d'etre for dwarven adventurers in my D&D group.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:05 No.4933602
         File : 1245438320.jpg-(32 KB, 300x360, lionsmane1.jpg)
    32 KB
    Pistol shrimps look formidable until you notice they're just nerfed mantis shrimps.

    My vote is with lion's mane jellyfishes, as far as extant beasts are concerned. 40 meters of deadly venom, fuck yeah. What it loses to box jellies in venom it gains back in spades with range.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:07 No.4933622
         File : 1245438429.jpg-(48 KB, 380x548, FEY MOOD.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Some migrants have arrived.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:08 No.4933629
         File : 1245438494.png-(12 KB, 724x608, derf.png)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:08 No.4933630
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:08 No.4933631
    OP, thank you, for in this thread greatness has been achieved.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:09 No.4933646
         File : 1245438573.jpg-(52 KB, 640x480, ouch.jpg)
    52 KB
    last one. have to play warhammer and ogle female dwarf behinds.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:10 No.4933661
    fap fap fap fap

    Damn you /d/ for making me like this!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:16 No.4933707
         File : 1245439002.jpg-(94 KB, 733x938, grrrgh.jpg)
    94 KB

    This is what you're really fapping to.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:18 No.4933728

    ohshi I came.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:38 No.4933909
         File : 1245440312.jpg-(30 KB, 400x400, dorf.jpg)
    30 KB
    he wears a masterwork helmet made of shell, it menaces with spikes of gypsum.

    the dwarf is scowling. the elf is in the fetal position. the elf's head is not attached.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)15:43 No.4933951
         File : 1245440592.png-(30 KB, 788x753, dawf1.png)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:11 No.4934224
         File : 1245442319.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, undress.jpg)
    48 KB
    How about watching the cleric school's showers, lad?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:15 No.4934236
    I will admit that I chuckled
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:15 No.4934240
    I wonder, what names names do you go by?

    Have a gallery somewhere? Your stuff is nice.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:16 No.4934245

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:18 No.4934253

    Look for AwfulGood on furaffinity and prepare for shota. You have to register, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:19 No.4934258
    Is there no other place?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:25 No.4934296

    AG here. No, because FA is the only place to upload shota and HF won't upload anything of me anymore.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:33 No.4934346
         File : 1245443588.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, ass.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:33 No.4934350
    This thread was a smashing success! Thanks, OP.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:36 No.4934374
    I'm noting an unacceptable lack of bearded dwarf women.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:39 No.4934394
    So draw a couple. Also >>4930751 appears to be one but it's hard to say.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:44 No.4934430
         File : 1245444279.jpg-(8 KB, 203x231, wtf.jpg)
    8 KB

    Yeah, no.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:49 No.4934470
    I am lollin' like a motherfucker
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)16:59 No.4934540
         File : 1245445175.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, springs.jpg)
    48 KB
    The obligatory Hot Springs episode in Dorf Fortress Season 1.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:03 No.4934564
    Dorf Fort anime series? I dunno man.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:03 No.4934565
         File : 1245445430.jpg-(21 KB, 396x357, dorfdorf.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:11 No.4934623
         File : 1245445862.png-(21 KB, 583x517, Helga with beard.png)
    21 KB
    will this do?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:30 No.4934717
    I have this feeling that AG does drugs and basically lives in a wonderful world of chubby babes and shotas with huge dicks.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:36 No.4934751
    according to her profile... that's Germany
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:36 No.4934756

    Think again, broseph.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:37 No.4934761

    Oh... I have bad news for you.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:41 No.4934786
    Not news to me. But I really wonder whatever I was thinking when I typed that.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:42 No.4934788

    In b4 that pic where he wore a wig for us.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)17:43 No.4934799
         File : 1245447818.jpg-(59 KB, 640x480, cd1.jpg)
    59 KB
    >But I really wonder whatever I was thinking when I typed that.

    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)18:03 No.4934913
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)18:13 No.4934990
         File : 1245449593.jpg-(61 KB, 526x400, dorf.jpg)
    61 KB
    fastest and wustest, but it was fun
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)18:14 No.4935003
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)18:26 No.4935090
         File : 1245450401.png-(7 KB, 299x268, Reggae Dwarf.png)
    7 KB
    this is what I saw in it
    >> Anonymous 06/19/09(Fri)18:28 No.4935102
         File : 1245450497.jpg-(2 KB, 87x88, Fucked Dwarfs.jpg)
    2 KB
    What are you guys gonna do now?
    >> Fault 06/19/09(Fri)19:00 No.4935353
         File : 1245452448.png-(7 KB, 250x245, Dorf.png)
    7 KB

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