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/tg/ - Traditional Games

The doors to the abandoned shipping warehouse are blown off of their own hinges and sent scattering across the room, the two guards nearby the door being thrown up into the air just as easily as the cards that were being played between the two of them.

“That’s awfully uncharacteristic of you to be taking the frontal approach like that.” a single feminine voice chides, smoke clearing to to show what appears to be nearly six foot tall figure in a brilliant blue armour all over with small gold trims. The walking tank’s green singular visor doesn’t even glance at the guard on the ground who scrambles to be taking out his smartphone, only to be met with a single shot from what appears to be a revolver that appears to be more of a cannon. The twin barrels of the Revolver flash out, only for the man the ground to recoil in pain as electricity coursed through his body with the Sticky Shock bullet.

“I’m supposed to be at a gala this evening, but no instead I had to be paired with you, walking through a warehouse regarded as one of the vile places in all of Creation, all in order to perform a favor for him.” Another feminine voice rings out from another powered armour that walks alongside the blue tank. A sleek armour with exo-muscular fibers visible all over the body with shimmering silver light armour plate sticking out around the joints, a helmet showing a visor that has a set of four angled eyes that gleam towards a horrified guard on the ground. Holding a chain and sickle in both of her hands, she quickly swings it towards the other guard on the floor just as he’s about to cry out, the chain wrapping around his neck, before yanking the chain hard back towards her and carrying the guard with her, and in one lightning fast movement releases the guard and kicks him in the back of the head to knock him unconscious immediately. “I want this done and over with as soon as possible.”

File: 1470711410288.jpg (101 KB, 678x960)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

“And here I thought you’d want to want to go out for dinner since we’re both in the city.” the blue armoured figure says as she flicks open the cylinder of her weapon, calmly shaking out spent casings from her weapon before grabbing a speed loader from an opening that slide open on her wrist. “I’m not sure we’re going to be doing it fast now though. All of the warehouse must’ve heard that explosion and I’m pretty sure so did the Night Ravens... Or whoever is hired to guard this area at the moment.”

“Hooded Executioners, and I bribed the guard captain of this area earlier, they won’t be a problem.” the Silver figure says putting the Kusarigama on her side before placing her hand on a katana that’s hanging off her hip. “I just don’t see the reason to send both of us when one of us alone is easily enough for this entire warehouse.”

“Intelligence suggests a Dragonblooded is on the payroll of this group, possibly a large number of demons or Elementals to go along with them.” The blue one says, giving a quick spin of the revolver before loading it into a small container on the side of her thigh.

“Still doesn’t change anything.” The Silver armoured figure as she glances around the warehouse, seeing the large array of cargo containers and wooden crates lined up. “Whatever, let’s just get this done and over with s-”

VER 3.13

- Pow: Have Blue Jade unit advance as a bulwark towards enemy group to draw fire, have Moonsilver Unit Stealth and flank targets.
- Eff: Have Moonsilver unit Scout for Blue Jade Unit, Blue Jade unit scales warehouse and provides covering fire via Sniper Rifle from roof while Moonsilver Unit makes Surprise Attack
- Other: User Input, be aware life signs are detected approximately 150 meters in front of you.
File: 1212182014973.jpg (136 KB, 569x750)
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136 KB JPG

“Why is Ada coming up now? Are our own systems trying to mock us!?” The “Moonsilver” unit says in disbelief.

“Relax. We had a firmware update a little while ago remember? It was just probably a minor glitch that Ada turned back on by default.” The “Blue Jade” unit says as she looks over the options. “Certainly been awhile since I’ve seen it though.”

“Whatever. I don’t want to go through the hassle of shutting it up, and quite frankly I highly doubt anything in here will be beyond it.” The Moonsilver unit says.

(Yes, you can actually vote on the options presented to you)


Hello and welcome to Alchemical Blade: Prequel Quest: The Prologue! Normally quest runners don’t start talking openly after the introduction bit but after hearing some feedback from my friends I’ll make this informational post.

One of these two lovely characters here will be the protagonist of the story and at the end of this prologue you will be able to vote which one of the two will be it. In the meantime, this prologue is to help ease into the setting and be more of a showcase involving the two characters themselves.
Cool, but I think /qst/ is a more appropriate venue.

I hope iron man here >>49248352 wins the vote.
Hello sand, it's nice seeing you again. I suggest you put up a trip. Also don't listen to the /qst/ shill, it's pretty much impossible to get a following for a new quest there, and even medium popularity old quests slowly die out if they relocate.
Also, I hope the girl wins the vote I guess. It's not very clear what I'm supposed to be voting on at this point, if anything at all.

I thought about it, but /tg/ barely won over in my mind for a few reasons. The vastly increased character limit made it very damn tempting I will admit.


Part of the reason I did use /tg/ over /qst/ is that I feel Exalted is more of a WTF kinda thing, especially modern Exalted.


The choices laid out in the Automated Decision Assistant. Which are few yes, but I suck at introductions and there will be quite a bit of freedom once the main story kicks in.
>Eff: Have Moonsilver unit Scout for Blue Jade Unit, Blue Jade unit scales warehouse and provides covering fire via Sniper Rifle from roof while Moonsilver Unit makes Surprise Attack

EFF it is, typing.

I also take some time to type out, so my apologies. Nearly done though.
File: 1407101729193.jpg (242 KB, 1187x1315)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
“Go up on ahead.” The Blue Jade unit says as a compartment opens up on her back, grabbing the barrel of what appears to be long barrel of a high caliber sniper rifle. “I’m going up to the roof so I need a spotter.”

“You can see through walls.” The moonsilver unit says as a shimmering effect can be seen over her before she disappears completely.

“I just like to make you work.” the Blue Jade unit says as thruster jets appear from the back of her calves and back, flying up towards the windows on the roof of the warehouse.

As the Moonsilver unit runs up ahead, her running footsteps blotted out by sound dampening soles in her own feet, she runs up ahead to what appears to be a batch of scattered guards preparing for a defense.

“Who the hell is it this time!?” One of the guards says as he quickly ducks behind a crate, leaving the video game he was playing behind.

“The Executioners should be running protection for this place for another two months at least!” Another one says as he begins to take aim down a warehouse hallway. “It has to be a company of some sort!”

“Oh yea that’s real easy when it's just about everyone! This could just be a raid by INTERPOL!” another one barks out as he lifts off the lid of a nearby crate to show what appears to be a rocket launcher. “They’re more than welcome to come here and die!”

[You seeing this?] The Moonsilver unit texts the Blue unit as she casually walks behind their barricade.

“Snow cone makers yea. I’ll handle the 12 on the right.” The Blue Jade unit from the roof says as she peers through her scope, a line being traced through her scope that seems to go through several of the guards arms and weapons. “Attack in 5.”

As the seconds count down the Moonsilver herself gets into position, casually walking behind the barricade before the panels on her arm open up, calmly putting together two halves of what appears to be a viciously long and deadly Naginata.

File: 1455924102322.jpg (764 KB, 1000x1259)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
As soon as she’s done putting it together her polearm, the shot from the Blue Jade unit rings out from the roof, punching through the weapon and leg of the first guard before bouncing off the floor and through the cybernetic arm of the next guard, the high powered shot seeming to punch through each and every one of its targets with frightening ease and dropping 12 armoured thugs in a heartbeat. Just as the other group of thugs are turning their heads over to look, the Moonsilver unit decloaks, Naginata nearly as large as herself above her head ready for a slash. A blindingly fast twirling of her blade is then followed by the screams of panicked and surprised soldiers as their cut to pieces as if processed through a literal blender.

“That was gruesome.” The Blue Jade unit says as she jumps down from the top of the warehouse, landing nearly five stories straight down with a small crater in the pavement where she lands.

“Not in the mood tonight. Let the janitors earn their pay.” The Moonsilver unit says as she flicks the blood off her Naginata.

“ALRIGHT! DON’T MOVE! BOTH OF YOU!” another guard says coming out from behind a cargo container, holding what appears to be a crying woman in her hands pleading in an foreign language. “MAKE ONE MOVE AND SHE’S DEAD!”

“And you didn’t see that because?” The Moonsilver unit asks.

“Lead lined cargo container. The one you use to transport hazardous waste not human trafficking.” The Blue unit says as she raises her hand slowly in the air, still holding her rifle.

File: 1470719340695.png (2.27 MB, 1075x1077)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
“Alright! See... THIS is how we’re going to play!” another thugs says coming out, holding what appears to be a button in his hand. “You’re going to ever so slowly, back the FUCK out out of out warehouse, or else not only this bitch here is going to have a lighter head, but we’ll be shipping a container full of hamburger instead!”

Pow: Blue Unit reflects bullet from sniper rifle to neutralize thug holding woman hostage, Moonsilver unit activates Mach 3 burst to neutralize threat and recover detonator.

Eff: Moonsilver unit activates Fear/Calm Pheromone system, Blue unit attempts to talk them down. (What to say can be voted on as well)

Other: User Input

Power it is then
You picked an unfortunate time and day to have a new quest.

I thought about Friday, but was worried if I'd be doing something that day and thought maybe if I was lucky I could do a Thursday/Friday combo time.

Dinner also slowed things down.
File: 1407107214238.jpg (556 KB, 979x1280)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
[On three.] The Blue unit texts to the Moonsilver one. “Alright alright, we’re not moving.”

“PUT THAT DAMN GUN AWAY!” The thug says, jamming his pistol harder against the crying woman’s head. “And back away! Slowly!”

[Three.] The Blue unit texts at the same time pulling the trigger on the sniper rifle. The bullet for the rifle bounces off the rafters in the roof before heading straight down through the thugs body, a headshot from the top down.

The Moonsilver Alchemical herself explodes into a burst of speed, dropping the Naginata to the ground and reaching for the katana at the side of her hip, moving nearly as fast as the bullet the Blue Unit fired, only a single silver flash can be seen before the Moonsilver is then on the other side of the thug with the detonator. Flicking her sword calmly and slowly putting it away as the thug behind her slowly falls apart into several pieces.

“Never a dull moment in Nighthammer.” The Blue unit says as she casually walks over to the hostage.

“Just apply that to all of Nexus.” The Moonsilver unit says as she walks over to a hazardous waste disposal container, looking inside of it to see nearly two dozen people inside huddled altogether. “Linowans.”

“I see what they’re doing. They were trying to get rid of our VIP by mixing it into a human trafficking operation.” the Blue unit says as she leans down next to the horrified woman on the ground, making a small gesture behind her to show that its safe now to run.

“They’re probably being shipped out towards Halta.” The Moonsilver unit says as she points behind her to let the other hostages know that they can go free. “Which reminds me I need to do another internal investigation in my company for corruption.”

“Another? Do you have some sort of massive personal problem going on or something?” The Blue Jade asks as she watches the hostages run by.

File: Warning.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB
“You are literally the last person who should be be saying that.” The Moonsilver replies.

“And it’s because I’m the one saying that is what makes it so odd.” The Blue Jade unit says as she places the Sniper rifle on her back, small latches opening up on the back and breaking it down. “Is it trouble with the misses again?”

“I don’t need your help for that.” the Moonsilver unit says as she waits for the Blue Jade unit. “I mean I think Mi-”

The Moonsilver unit is cut off by the sound of crashing glass from the ceiling, a man dressed in what appears to be urban camo combat armour drops through the ceiling and makes a crash landing down below on top of an empty crate, bits and pieces of it flying in the air and immediately catching on fire as the heat roils off the man, about a dozen other soldiers dressed in what appears to be black spec ops uniforms coming down from the ceiling.

The man who is on fire appears to tower over the rest of the nearby soldiers, calmly taking a puff on his cigar before blowing it in the air. “I didn’t think someone like either of you would show up. The survivors of the Isle of Voices Incident themselves.”

“Hey our informant was right about the Dragonblooded, fancy that.” The Blue Jade unit says without flinching.

“How much are they paying you for a run like this?” The Moonsilver unit asks.

“Not everything has a cash value clank.” The Dragonblooded says before he takes another puff of his cigar before tossing it away.

“I suppose talking you down then is out of the question.” the Blue Jade unit asks in turn.

“Not a chance.” The Dragonblooded says the fire surrounding him slowly starts to grow bigger and bigger, now catching fire to the crates behind him.

“Exactly what I wanted to hear.” The Moonsilver one says as her hand overs over the Katana on her side.


Pow: Full frontal assault, Blue Unit uses Ice Bazooka against Dragonblooded while Moonsilver rushes them with Raging Tiger Pounce.

Eff: Feel them out, use Ice Bazooka to immobilize Dragonblooded while Moonsilver Unit goes on defensive style with Twin Blade Fighting.

Other: User Input
Yeah, but I really doubt there's going to be enough exposure for it. It's the dead of night. And it's a workday. And it's early september when a large amount of the younger potential audience has gone back to school and has less time on their hands.

Really, if you started the quest tomorrow, and did it about four or five hours earlier, you'd probably get much better results. I don't know if you have time then, but just saying you know.


Thursday was the planned day all along for it because if I had my job, I was absolutely guaranteed to be working Friday/Saturday nights while Sunday is my own game day. Starting it until this month simply wasn't an option due to IRL issues, such as my entire town burning down and moving into a new place.

I'll see about running earlier though. Good news about this session at least is because due to that that its a prologue I can use it to test the waters.
File: impulsealchemical3.jpg (257 KB, 1024x1620)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
The Moonsilver unit reacts as soon as the handle of another blade pops out from her own hip before then grabbing two katana’s at once, rushing towards the Dragonblooded in front of her while swinging her weapons around wildly to deflect the bullets of the special ops team that is firing from behind the Dragonblooded.

“In my experience being too hotheaded leads you to getting killed.” The Blue Jade unit says as a panel on her back opens up, reaching back and grabbing what appears to be a long light brown tube with a sight up on top, snap firing the rocket launcher as soon as it’s within sights of the Dragonblooded, blue exhaust streaming towards the Dragonblooded and ahead of the Moonsilver.

The rocket soars towards the Dragonblooded as he attempts to leap out of the way, a blue explosion leaving the area he was standing in previously now encased in ice, the Dragonblooded himself landing on the second level where the cargo is before unloading a stream of flaming bullets from a pair of Desert Eagle directly at the Moonsilver unit.

“If you’re trying to stall for enough time to burn the entire warehouse down than that’s not going to work!” The Moonsilver unit says as she presses the pommel of both swords together and begins twirling them around herself, knocking both the flaming bullets aside and the ones from the spec ops team like slow pitched softballs, leaping up into the air after the Dragonblooded.

Pow: Blue Jade Unit use Flash Glaciation to freeze combat area, Moonsilver unit switch to offense and use Sonic Slash on Dragonblooded

Eff: Blue Jade unit eliminate Special ops team with Strafing Mode, Moonsilver unit stall and prevent Dragonblooded from regrouping with his unit.

Other: User input
Guess I'll agree and go pow, freezing places is neat
>see eyecatching OP pic, decide to check out
>Exalted Alchemicals
Oh daaamn this is gonna be good.
The Blue Jade unit is distracted for a few seconds by seeing all of the burning building around them, the special ops men taking over behind a few crates that don’t seem to be burning at all despite the fire being right next to them.

“I depend on places like this for my coffee in the morning.” the Blue Jade unit casually says despite a hailstorm of bullets casually reflecting off of her armour. The bazooka she’s holding she’s holding as well as several spots on her armour open up, sparkling blue exhaust blasting out from her form.

“GET DOWN! SHE’S CHARGING UP!” the special ops soldiers cry out as they immediately get behind cover.

The Blue Jade unit then slams the barrel of her rocket launcher directly into the ground, blasting the entire area around them in a plume of blue mist. The icy mist hangs in the air before it slowly falls down the ground, now showing the entire area now encased in a thick layer of ice all around.

“Wa-!? My legs a frozen!” A special ops soldier cries out. “I can’t move!”

The Blue Jade unit casually stands back up, pulling the ice encased barrel of her bazooka away from the ground. “Ice for you to stick around.” she says as a panel on her arm opens up to automatically feed a new rocket into the bazooka.

As the Dragonblooded and Moonsilver continue to fight against each other, the Dragonblooded seems to be playing a defensive game with the Moonsilver itself. The Moonsilver unit now seeming to move so fast that afterimages of her figure can be seen dancing amidst the warehouse between the bullets and as she catches up to the Dragonblooded.

“You think making those afterimages makes you any harder to hit!?” the Dragonblooded says with a laugh as he continues to fire his weapon before hearing the large blast from the bazooka. “Wh-”

File: 1194037450505.jpg (285 KB, 860x960)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
“No, I expect for you to make a mistake first!” The Moonsilver says immediately closing the distance with the Dragonbloods split second distraction. As soon as the Dragonblooded takes another leap back, she unleashes the gale hidden within her crossed blades. “LIKE NOW!”

A gale force wind erupts through the warehouse, multiplied many times over by the afterimages repeating the attack, blowing out the flames from nearly an entire aisle out before annihilating nearly all of the wooden boxes and scattering their remains to the other end of the warehouse along with the Dragonblooded, large tears opening up in his armour as the wind becomes like blades.

“I’ve seen the Iron Storm Style before, and you are no where near the best I’ve seen using it.” The Moonsilver Alchemical says as she spins her blades around before putting them back in her sheathes. [Spec ops going anywhere?]

“Not at least for several hours.” The Blue Jade unit says before placing the Bazooka on her back, it being disassembled and put away once more. “Hopefully nothing else should be stopping us from our VIP now.”

The Moonsilver casually walks back towards the Blue Jade unit, afterimages trailing nearly a meter behind her and replicating her moves. “Let’s hurry, we’re already behind schedule for the extraction.”

“Crepes are always an emergency.” The Blue Jade unit says as she turns around. “Come on, lets hurry up and fi-”

The Blue Jade is cut short by a gunshot coming between both of them, and while looking behind they can see the Dragonblooded still standing, casually walking up to them while spinning both of the handguns in his hand, ice melting below his feet and immediately boiling into steam, the smirk from his teeth nearly reflected in the steam. “Who said we were finished...”

File: 1160050715852.jpg (284 KB, 1000x738)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
“He’s still conscious? All that time behind a desk is making you sloppy.” The Blue Jade unit chides.

“You lived several years pointing a shotgun a door, you have no right to talk.” The Moonsilver unit says in response.

Finisher Select:

Blue Jade: Blazing Meteor Shot: 120% Power

Moonsilver: Secret Shining Point Art: Dimension Slash
I like secrets
>Moonsilver: slashy thing
No need to destroy the warehouse

Slice and dice it is.
File: 1188187531683.jpg (66 KB, 602x423)
66 KB
“This time I’ll make sure he won’t stand up again.” The Moonsilver unit says as she places her hand by the sword on her side, getting down low into a stance before bolting off towards the Dragonblooded once more.

“Hibiki! The soldiers!” The Blue Jade unit points out in shock, immediately taking aim and firing with a burst of bullets coming out from her wrist.

The Moonsilver immediately takes a step back upon heading this, jumping away from the burst of fire from a nearby spec ops soldier.

“GOTCHA!” the Dragonblooded says immediately before firing a snap shot from his pistol, hitting the Moonsilver directly in the head and causing her to recoil from the attack. The Dragonblooded blows on the smoke from his pistols before twirling them around in his hands. “Headshot.”

The armoured mask of the Moonsilver falls off from the attack, the four eyed mask scattering along the floor before the face of the Moonsilver is shown, that of a young asian woman of stunning beauty, literal snow white skin show with only the barest bits of raven black hair being able to be seen. A brilliant red diamond gem can be seen shining brightly in her forehead as she immediately takes a handstand back.

The Dragonblooded makes a small whistle of amazement upon seeing her face. “It seems the rumors are true, you are quite the beauty indeed.”

The Moonsilver’s face goes from shocked to frowning in a split second, her brown eyes narrowing as light from the area ever so slowly begins to dim. “I was going to leave you alive, but now I changed my mind.” the Moonsilver says with a voice as cold as ice, light dimming in the area until finally and brilliant white aura explodes off from her armour, entire body now being a silhouette with the only colour coming from the red gem on her forehead and the eyes that now appear to glow red as well. “Make peace with your god now, as I’m coming for your necks!”

File: 1158601706908.jpg (61 KB, 480x640)
61 KB
The unfortunate soldiers barely have a chance to step back before the Moonsilver herself vanished from view, multiple silver streaks appearing in the air around the troops and the Dragonblooded themselves before she reappears a second later, seemingly phasing back into reality with her katana drawn, kneeling on the ground. The Moonsilver takes her sheath and slowly slides her katana back into its sheath, and what comes after the soft click of the blade being resheathed is the sound of bodies falling to the ground along with the cargo shelves falling on top of the remains. A cacophony of noise fills the air as the heavy crates crack the floor and fall into the toxic harbor water below.

“You alright?” The Blue Jade unit asks.

“Fine, but Norden Electronics did a shoddy job putting my armour back together.” The Moonsilver says as she walks over to pick the mask that was shot off earlier up off the floor.

“Considering the shape they were in I find it a miracle they were able to put our armours back together in the first place.” the Blue Jade Alchemical says as she walks away from the fallen crates, idly hoping the entire warehouse won’t collapse.

“Regardless the distraction is dealt with.” The Moonsilver Unit says putting the mask back onto her face. “Our informant said that our VIP is inside of container 1451... here.”

“Hazardous waste container, what a surprise.” The Blue Jade Alchemical says walking up to the hazardous waste container, a reinforced container made from heavy metals.

The Moonsilver herself pats around the side of the container. “I detect a keypad around here. Once I can get a solid location on it I ca-”

“Too slow.” The Blue Jade Alchemical cuts her off, stepping forth as blue exhaust from her back pours out, arms crackling with electricity before she punches into the reinforced metal as if one were punching through a piece of paper, before peeling it aside towards the open container.

“There he is, Mr. Anonymous himself.” the Blue Jade Alchemical says, making the bound, gagged, and blinded figure sitting in a chair in the middle of a cargo container look in their general direction.

“...Speedboats.” The Moonsilver unit says then looking off to the side.

“Taking out that Dragonblooded took too much time, those are likely the reinforcements.” The Blue Jade unit replies.

“I hope I offend you when I say your plan is a pile of shit.” The Moonsilver Alchemical says.

“You’re just jealous because I was right so far.” the Blue Jade unit replies.


And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the actual character select in of itself. Here you vote on which character you want to play as for the main story in of itself. Once locked in, it cannot be switched, so make the vote count!

Blue Jade “Marina Solonik”: Commando style combat. Heavy focus on ranged weapons but equally as vicious in melee combat. Slower than the Moonsilver, but has offensive and defensive capabilities into the roof. Has the ability to unlock and learn weapon evocations, such as the Sniper Rifle ricochet shot or the ice bazooka’s ability to freeze an entire area.

Moonsilver “Junpaku Hibiki”: Ninja stealth combat. An extremely fast character whose speciality is to hit an enemy very hard and very fast. As a master of martial arts, she uses them to devastating effect in combat. Has taken an oath to never use firearms to take a life, which is a fair trade seeing as how she’s a human blender.

To those worried about XP sinks, trust me I have ways around them for this game. I'll be here to answer questions about the two as well. I may throw this up on the OPP forums as a second archive and let them vote on the character as well.
>Moonsilver “Junpaku Hibiki”: Ninja stealth combat. An extremely fast character whose speciality is to hit an enemy very hard and very fast. As a master of martial arts, she uses them to devastating effect in combat. Has taken an oath to never use firearms to take a life, which is a fair trade seeing as how she’s a human blender.
I prefer Zero over the blue busterers..
>Jade Blue
I like her puns

Damnit, forgot a line in this one between posts.


“Too slow.” The Blue Jade Alchemical cuts her off, stepping forth as blue exhaust from her back pours out, arms crackling with electricity before she punches into the reinforced metal as if one were punching through a piece of paper, before peeling it aside towards the open container.

"...Or we can do that." The Moonsilver Alchemical replies.
Moonsilver because if we can't have a dick at least we can have a sword.
But wouldnt bazooka be more phallic?
Well in the regular setting, ability to acquire a dick is part of the parcel of disguise charms.
Which are appropriate for a ninja to have.
So you know.
Believe in Descartes.
Blue Jade “Marina Solonik"


There is a megaman/Zero like split here yea. Rather than using a Megabuster like weapon you'd be using different firearms like Axel

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