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Previous Thread

WIth the conclusion of last cycle's mission. A few changes and official posts would need to be discussed before continuing with the next phases of the game proper. So let's go over the list.

> Arms Security Patch.
> Game Features New and Old.
- OOC discussion and Lore if anyone wants any.
Followed by; Art asset adjustments to reflect changes.

> Post Thread Countup.
> New Cycle Market Board [New Team, New Shops]

So Let's Begin.
" Following the investigations involving the arms fire it is suspected that security leaks within RG own ranks are suspect, on a further note, the Junior curriculum has motioned that weapon kits be heavily regulated to build a proper foundation for future combat models "

> For this reason, Weapons and equipment bought from the store cannot be equipped by units outside of their class. They will instead be formatted as Kits and Kit variants. Those who have bought such equipment may retain them for the benefit of owning them, despite the fact that they can't be used outside of their class. They may also refund equipment that they bought and used for half price, and unused equipment kits for full. Keeping bought equipment will allow you to use them as a variant kit for your own class. For example, a Gunner that buys the UF-M2 and UF-M3 now has the Assault and Bruiser Kit and can deploy [Freely] as such even if mission logistics doesnt offer it. Similarly, they still get to keep the KIT skill that comes with owning them. This no longer becomes the case if they are refunded.

What does this mean ?
Gunners are given gunner equipment and can only use gunner specific kits and equipment as well as items that MUST specify that [ALL] or qualifying units can use them.

Developer's notes.
For the sake of simplicity I have decided to roll back on allowing weapons to freely switch between party members. [More 1/2]
WD is a game about mixing colorful metas and class roles together to create a unique experience in a team but this can already be achieved without further granular elements that would complicate the game flow. Indeed, the exploitable mechanics inherent in these only muddies one's role in a party, and makes individual players less reliant on a team dynamic the colorful cast in turn becomes less colorful. At the same time, money expended into the market can't be rolled back since mission economics were designed with these purchases in mind. IN short, we are not getting rid of bought items, but we are limiting its uses outside of their prescribed roles.

How kits should be treated:
Classes can wield kits and variant kits each with its own weapons and loadout. Ultimately however their balance and design is propped up by these elements alone and not a third magical emergent element yet to be seen. Once a very clear idea of class and roles is established, development can move forward in a direction that will allow future players to fill in a niche or simply perform to a functional capacity. This simplifcation will also do much to aid in the speed of processing which is what WD is designed to have.

Reflecting these changes; are some kit specific adjustments;
-weapons with quickdraw may or may not retain their abilities since weapon switching is still viable IN battle but not during deployment. As a note I am working to reduce egregious amounts of weapon switching as it slows processing.

-sidearms and one handed weapons will likely increase in value as they are designed around flexible useage with other one handers and sidearms !

==New Feature: Porrous Deployment==
While teams are duking it out in sanctioned combat zones, individual members or perhaps an intervening team may still deploy using purchased kits or kits provided by their own Team. Since Teams are taken to accept many kinds of jobs they could pop up anywhere and anytime provided they can pay transport
>Arms Security Patch
How does this affect students who have trained in multiple classes? For instance, Aj Yunor has run one mission as a Vanguard and one mission as a Demo. If he wishes to deploy as a Demo again, can he use the Gr8 Shield that he purchased last cycle?

Will KIT Skills be available from all owned gear, only class-associated gear, or only gear in use?

How does this affect Augments with integrated equipment?
Seems like if he has a skill that uses shields, like shield bash, he should still get to use the Vanguard items?

But if you don't cross class the skills, then you shouldn't be able to use items from post?

-Rng: 4R, Dmg: 4en, Ammo: 8r00
-Snap [70]x1
-Pulse [50]x3
-CC: Targets within 2 Spaces grant +15Hit Bonus
-Prototype: 6% Shot Failure, 4% Overload.

Want to sell this back, never shot or used, just brought with. Half or full price?

Also reward turn out?

Weapons or 'kits' are tied to classes.

Skills from what I understand can still be interchanged, just as swapping classes can be done freely.

Kit skills aren't class skills, as they're tied to weapons.
Things are likely going to be reworked further, but basically it seems weapons are tied to their classes. You can switch classes freely for regular school approved Kriegspiel missions, but for off the books missions like the last one, you'd need to buy the class/kit if you wished to use one.

Anyway, I too am interested in the payout from last mission, as well as the overall results and what happened afterwards.
>- OOC discussion and Lore if anyone wants any.


delicious lore bits allows us to understand a delicious world bit.

Makes sense.

It makes Holon and Mage kits stand a bit apart from anyone else, since their skills + gear doesn't integrate at all with anyone else. You need the special gear to use the skills, and don't get the weapons... But most other skills focus on adding improvements to the weapon class usage. So you can't bring your gear to the holo kits, but you can't use the holon skills without the holon gear.

But this is fine for an officer class, they're a breed apart anyhow. Besides, magic and hacking are fairly powerful as is.

>==New Feature: Porrous Deployment==
While teams are duking it out in sanctioned combat zones, individual members or perhaps an intervening team may still deploy using purchased kits or kits provided by their own Team. Since Teams are taken to accept many kinds of jobs they could pop up anywhere and anytime provided they can pay transport

I take it this carries a chance of getting killed, if it's off-the-books operations?
I have a question. Can I keep the squirt gun?
Yes. It is considered a magical focus.
Neat. How do I use it as a focus instead of a squirt gun?
"All-right, ye scallywags in this competent crew. What sort of booty ya got from this little down-town caper? Other than the smell of smoke, ash and fried meat-bits that Chuck brought back.

Lessee..." Liren rifled through the bag contents, sorting packages out into the a growing pile on a nearby table.

"Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla I will stab you Helvet, I said I hated vani-- oh strawberry, yes, score! I love you, good job. Six of these magazines where people keep losing their clothes I don't know, is it invisibility spells, something? You can keep those--Hey what the". Buried beneath the layers of ice cream and questionable magazines, a few blinking lights revealed something else.

"Oh wow, you got me a vanilla-strawberrry stained holon suit! Sweeeeet. I didn't even know they sold that in stores. Look, the the name-tag says Stiles but quick, hand me that pen over there and we can fix that yessir. Ergh, there's ice cream all over the code injector. Delicious.

Ice cream for everyone! It's on Lupe! Proceeds of heroism for saving the town!"

>grumble quietly about being unable to hackshoot
>understand the importat implications for diverse characters and meaningful game balance
>change back into [assault]
Hey, I haven't had the time to properly sack the joint, 'knawmean? And besides, I think I got what I wanted out of it. Feast your eyes on this!
*shows the crew the war legend book*
'Mysteries of War: The Skeleton Band of the Vosskon-Ragnyll War'
Look! It even got its own audiobook I can hear when school lessons get too boring!

And as for all these vanilla ice cream... and these Salamander bits and pieces... I think I have an idea. What do you say we sell Salamander-flavored ice cream? We'll just need a blender and a refrigerator...
Yes! Score! Look at that. Marching skeleton bands playing tubas and ribcage drums. That. Is. Awesome. Good job handsome.

Blast the old war music, we're having a party. As for blended salamander chunky bits with ice cream, that sounds pretty much like a Kashir dish. Maybe we could ask Salazar for preperation tips? We'll have to scoop the gibblets off of Chuck though. They might take faintly of sweat and fear. But I hear that's a delicious spice.
Will mages and hackers get a back-up sidearm like pilots with this change? If they get hacked / run out of very limited power they're helpless without a back-up weapon.

A side-arm like the revolver or xm would do a lot to address that.

Because the kits are worn it also means no weapon changing for them.
Do mag charges count as kit specific then, and will the demo ever get a second weapon kit?
From the esoteric perspective, what is the difference between Unvieled Gate-magics, and Holon Hardlight Emittings?
Expendables like mag charges tend to rely more on pocket space which is offered in each kit.

Sidearms are being looked into as a "free" category of weapons, like combat knives or garrotes.

New Content.

Did we get anything for that little scuffle? Or is that going to wait until after Team Ugly's mission?
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1.79 MB GIF
>WD is a game about mixing colorful metas and class roles together to create a unique experience in a team but this can already be achieved without further granular elements that would complicate the game flow. Indeed, the exploitable mechanics inherent in these only muddies one's role in a party, and makes individual players less reliant on a team dynamic the colorful cast in turn becomes less colorful.

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

What is this game actually supposed to be about?
File: WD_COVER.png (432 KB, 1020x1320)
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432 KB PNG
It's a skirmish about school students fighting wars in a transhumanist utopia.
It's quite boring actually, and runs at 1-2 Frames per day.

>Says nothing, but peels a length of gross slimey Salamander intestine and throws it lazily at Liren.

"I'm just gonna go and have a long bath, and pretend this never happened."

>Exit stage right to go get clean.
>and runs at 1-2 Frames per day.
Still faster updates than certain other drawquests.
I believe that entire paragraph simply means "the game is about customization but the ability to take any weapon makes some classes unneeded."
OOC: If you have no idea what the fuck was going on in the thread before the mission finished this is to help you understand the story a little better. Also I forgot how awful a poorly educated 15 year old with spellcheck writes.

>[Re:Re:Re:Re: Rebriefing]
>[To: MFierstrom@RGAcademy.edu]

Good Afternoon Lady Fierstrom,

As requested from our meeting today, here's what happened before we deployed downtown for our mission. I know you wanted me to explain why I deployed along with that independent student, and then dragged the rest of Dragon along with making Ice bring me gear. (Sorry :( )

OK heirs what happened:

After the bridge fight Burt was called by Crowley to help with an investigation. He thinks the munitions fire that happened before we arrived at Ral Gran wasn't an accident and that the occult club kids had something to do with it. Burt asked Erica to come along. I was working on my hacking (again sorry for totally making Dragon loose) when a strange message broadcast. It was for me and the password was my sisters name (seriously how does he know about my family?). The message was advice on how to hack and what I did wrong. I ran to Crowley because it freaked me out that he knew so much about me and I wanted answers. While this was happening Magick was still doing there investigation, Crowley gave me some coffee and I fell asleep (doesn't coffee like keep you up?) I woke up in Balors apartment the VP of Magick. Btw their apartments are super scary. Thats when everyone got that email thing. It was another secret message and the password was the encryption key for Dragon. The enemy were able to hack our stuff and in the message they said they would burn down Ral Gran. I went to warm Dragon but Burt must have figured out what happened before me because he spoke to Salazar the Kashir kid. Later a messenger from Magick gave us information about Magicks investigation and these terrorists that had attacked Kashir.

>Message 1/2

They were using suicide bombers. The bombers were people with no augments or were people you would think would do something like that. Burt and Erica were then going to help with Magicks investigation while really doing that. As VP I couldn't let them do it alone so I went by myself pretending to be a civilian. I asked Melia (Student ID !pBDDkuoH3. shes a friend) to help me while I read peoples minds with my telepathy. You saw how the mission went and thats when I asked Ms. Ice to get me some gear. (I'm still trying to find it. I know Lupe stole it >:[ ) From there the rest of the mission went like what the briefing guys said.

With all information available we can think why an operation was carried out but who did it isn't easy to know because there is still an investigation. We know whoever did this are the same people that made Kashir what is is now. Once the interrogation of the occult club members finishes we may at least understand what these people can do.

Also here are some pictures of the salamanders we caught. I know there evidence but we really wanted to keep them because there cute lol XD I know your busy but i hope you let us keep them plzzzzzz

>[Files attached]

>Message 2/2

Mind fluffing out how Ral Gran looks like?

What's the rest of the country look like?

What would students do on their off time?

What about their dorms?

What school system do they use? (American, Japanese, European?)

Do they attend normal classes?

What about our teachers?

You described dorms before, what are they like again for each team?
the issue is that some skills are very much tied to kits. For example. Shield bash is useless without a shield.
How about we rejigger those skills so they can be used with other kits?
Like, say, Shield Bash -> something something that does Knockback.
So with shields you get shield bash, but with rifles, for example, you knock them with the butt of the rifle.
Kinda wish there'll be bayonets and bayonet-charge accessories.
Not really a viable option, Monday would need to rejigger more than half the skills, some of them possibly even with multiple branches just to remain applicable to any kit. Which, aside from being a shitton of work, does slightly undermine the whole class concept.

Bayonets do sound like fun, though.
Or else they do something passive when used with other classes/kits, then. Like, say, reduced damage vs shield bash if you have the shield bash skill (because they know how a shield bash works and thus how to avoid/reduce damage to themselves).
The easiest answer I think is that "If you have a skill that requires a specific piece of equipment to use, you are considered proficient in that weapon regardless of class and kit"

Limited, simple, circumvents the problem, retains the original spirit of being able to mix and match skills between classes, and doesn't allow abuse of weapons so that kits and class separations become useless.
Ice awakens the next morning in the Lupe clubhouse, much to her surprise, sprawled out awkwardly across the sofa with empty tubs of ice cream and drink bottles scattered across the floor. She was a tad hungover, the circles under her eyes darker than usual.

Christ, how did she even get here? Last thing she remembers was giant salamanders, stargazing for a couple hours, then... That's right, she kept her promise to Liren and stopped by to drop off some alcohol: Being an upperclassmen did have its privileges after all.

Well, it was best to make her escape now, before any of the Lupe team remembered she was here. The hyperactive girl was nice, but had a nasty habit of talking your ears off at a mile a minute. Collecting her jacket and boots, Ice realizes Fierstrom must still be expecting her report from last night's events. Great, she was surely going to be reprimanded for joining Lupe's party, let alone some of her other actions...
File: RAL_GRAN_MEME01.png (257 KB, 1032x410)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Hmmm as I like time to draw I'll lift images from the internet for once.

Ral Gran. Is typical to most European styles megaschools that tend to appear in anime. In this case it's closer to greek urban layouts with sprawling elevations that face the sea while its lower cities are about as neotopian as it gets. However in terms of class it ranks somewhere in the middle. Much of the natural landscape remains as part of the functional academic buildings with administrative sectors occupying restored castles with modern interiors.

Speaking of Modern, hardlight technology does plenty to decorate walls and create safety buffers against hard edges and fire hazards. Paramilitary and Government facilities are placed both in the highest peak of this facility as well as occupying the subterranean layer where much and more occurs in city's internal functions, like water, heat, vending products and industrial printing materials.


The rest of the countryside has been domesticated or zoned off for facilitating various resource plants usually identified by shaped megaliths surrounded by natural bounties. In some small way vast reaches of Ral Gran is connected to a network whether software linked or hardwired to an autonomous unit but stands alongside human residents that finds peace in this fairly isolated lifestyle.


Dorms are scattered along the Academy district and in here a small but sustainable town exists. Students normally find lodgings in cramped buildings but soon find a place to stay when their work study is established in later grades. Millizen students tend to recieve enough stipend to rent out a space with anyone willing to offer one or simply works out a part time job deal further out of city limits [Researchers and Practitioners usually]


School life.
The school system is muchly reformed but takes many cues from the self sufficient japanese system while demanding only the commitments of European and American ones. For example, Clovish [American] holidays are observed as well as a credits system that keeps track of your study progression and scholastic metadata, here a japanese conduct system takes place. While most lessons are done in a virtual space, the tests themselves exist on paper and everyone is out a little after 1200. Children under 12 do not immerse in a virtual realm long since learning their current reality is deemed more important. At 13 they are introduced to androids and transhuman constructs as classmates as THESE beings have recently been exposed to this world through virtual immersion and programming.

As for the dorms they tend to go through a prescribed order of Common lodgings, and Rented spaces but each team tends to have had one pocketed and is capable of supporting an entire class of Combat students if need be.

Know that in this world, Kriegspiel is intrumental in determining many domestic and foreign affairs, and every nation's school is instrumental in raising students capable of going into the frontlines to make gains for their respective nations. To this end it is no understatement that educational spending has subverted millitary spending and each prospective student is groomed to one day vote with their fighting skills should their home nation call for it, speaking nothing of RIFT Monsters, Old War fanatics, and terrorists that do not subscribe to Helena Conventions.
On the way to see Crow to deliver his formal report of what happened in the warehouse district, Burt approaches Team Lupe's club room. He couldn't fathom why someone like Crow would voluntarily choose to live above such rowdy neighbors- Burt wasn't sure whether or not they are actually rowdy, but given the number of noise complaints from last night they must certainly be a rowdy bunch. Quite a feat, given this isn't even a residential district. Burt absentmindedly mused about whether or not Lupe and Crow were breaking some kind of zoning or fire code by living here.

Burt did not expect to see the not-android woman that often accompanied Miriam, much less see her leaving Team Lupe's room.

This did not make sense. Miriam always told them to uphold the rules; live by them, die by them. At first he rationalized that perhaps she was administering discipline to keep Lupe in line- that would be the proper response for someone in her position, after all. This didn't appear to be the case. Her hair was unkempt, and her uniform was rumpled. Sloppy. Burt clicked his tongue in agitation. He would have gotten pistol whipped looking like that, especially when acting in an official capacity.

However, it did not make sense that someone close to Miriam would make such a gross mockery of both her senior and officer status. Unthinkable. There must be an explanation. Burt mentally perused the Ral Gran Academy's national code, and came up with an answer. Ral Gran had no law against the compulsory quartering of troops in one's home- it was rather pointless given the Milizen System anyway. That had to be the answer.

The authorities were not going to act on the noise complaints given the attack, so Ms. Konnair must have come on her own to dole out much-needed discipline to Team Lupe. However, she knew that the moment she left they would be up to their old tricks, so she elected to make her quarters there for the night to make sure they behaved.

Thoughtful. Burt Approved.
Burt gave Ms. Konnair an approving nod as he passed, though he couldn't help but click his tongue as he glanced at the state of her uniform again. For a brief moment, he caught a scent that reminded him of home. A sweaty barracks rife with the stench of liquor.

Burt turned to look at Ms. Konnair for just a moment before he realized that the scent came from Team Lupe's clubroom. Burt shook his head; of course it would be unthinkable for a senior officer close to Miriam to revel in liquor. More of Team Lupe's rowdiness. He'd seen enough of that from home to last a lifetime.

Burt continued onwards and up to Crow's room. Knocking twice and waiting for permission to enter, Burt produced a small stick of data and set it on a nearby table before addressing Crow.

"That is my report of the mission yesterday. As you'll note, I attempted to subdue the dragon with non-lethal weaponry to avert a rift crisis but unfortunately the dragon was not yet strong enough to survive even that. When it perished, it said something about a curse or some-such. While I do not put much stock in things like curses, I thought you would be the one to know something of it. I need to know if this will affect my combat readiness, and if so, how."
>Do pieces of dragon egg have any value

== Awesome. Here are some easier yes/no questions coming. We'll stick with the school for now and expand to other areas. ==

Just to verify and so late comers know, each of the teams have their own dorms. These are the team living situations yes?

>Dragon: A castle with modern amenities and staff somewhat away from the city center (we have maids!)

>Knight: A large town house that doubles as a police station (safe!)

>Ugly: An old mansion between Dragon's castle and downtown. Is very likely haunted/has a midian infestation (Very Ugly!)

>Lupe: upper levels of a warehouse in the downtown center. Near a bunch of bars and other hang outs. It's very noisy here. (party house)

>Magick: shares the warehouse with Lupe. May possibly be a rift hub/built on a haunted battleground. Are also probably haunted. (cheap rent!)

What are some of the other teams and what functions do they have. Taking a cue from anime like BnHK are there other departments besides combat? Do we have Team Green, the dreaded finance team that handles funding and hate fun?

What can students do after graduating? Are we all soldiers now? Is there collegiate kriegspiel? What prospective careers are there for a battle hardened teenager (PTSD+Hormones!)

== On to other areas! ==

Can we get more info on the Old War and these fanatics?

So androids and augments don't really socialize with the other metas in a school environment until they're adolescents?

What's the world look like at large? Who are our neighbors? Can we still get 2z tickets with Furiosa Air?
Dragon: Yes
Knight: We are safer than safe we're ARMORED
Ugly: An Infestation ? Well I'll have you know...
Lupe: Actually we're on the downstairs. No One is bothered !
Magick: No that's just the bug spray, we're on the roof and and server towers get real noisy ... talk to Ugly about having a house on top of a crypt.

Kriegspiel CLASSES are subdivided by teams and other technical jobs. Those not currently serving in frontlines are likely a technical student that is studying for other skills like engineering, design and administration. Dragon oversees many of the admnistrative officers and Lupe has contacts with a lot of the engineers in case she wants to go over their heads.

After Graduating you are a millizen through and through. 80 years ago the world has declared war on Rift creatures and has been serving as defenders and residents of the Earth. Of course such a formality was only ceremonial the real situation is that compulsory service is required of every Milizen and those who serve will enjoy the benefits of being recognized by the United Federations as one of its own. A life insurance policy covers many active members that allows them to be cloned, students and combat personnel currently serving fall under the same benefits. Ever since the soul was scientifically proven to exist it became possible recreate an individual and ultimately save a life**

Higher grades of Millizens serve in higher theatres, Highschoolers get into national conflicts like crime fighting and rift patrol while College students get into international conflicts and may even serve in expeditions or organizations that are committed to fighting the rift.

Old War fanatics are those vanishing few that still insist that the world should go back to the traditional way of doing war but technology has made taking a life nigh impossible and escalating forms of retaliation will only result in highly deformed shadows of life itself.


It's more accurate to state that Androids are simply created with the cognitive functions resembling a 13 year old. Older actually, but are taken back a few years to innoculate with human children on even terms. Augments are just humans who opted into becoming mechanical to some extent. Some have even changed their internal organs to do away with the need to eat. Such a change usually requires parental consent, or a millizeniship to supercede.

The world is backdropped against the Lore in Ironhearts where the Valknyres fought a 4 way war with surrounding nations and an intradimensional threat and saw the world live to see morning in what was known as one of the last Great Wars.

Resembling each country are the following
Voss Empire: Germany and Norther Europe; armored warfare and undead soldiers served here.
Ragnyll, now Ral Gran: France and northern africa
Lindlore: England + Wizards + Olde Knights and The Queen. Is a liaison to Iffram ; a magical nation that exists in a magical plane of Avalon.
Krussia: Eastern Europe.
Qrloo:Greater Asia
Honri: Pacific Asia and Japan an oceanic kingdom networked by naval cities that hosts official Kriegspiel events
Souf: Africa, Australia and parts of Japan all as one big prison nation populated by giant monsters. Not part of the UF but recognized as a nation that can participate in Kriegspiel engagements on even terms with the rest.
Kashir: So is this place but set closely in the Middle East. A magic nation that used to have empires float aloft sky islands before the Voss took them down.
Clovis: Americas North and Central. Known for being the unexplored west. Further south by land is another suspected magical plane. North is ruled by descendants of Norr from Voss, and the west coast is owned by parts of Honri. It is the territorial incarnation of the United Federations.
So essentially you're saying here that

Service guarantees citizenship.

>Kashir: So is this place but set closely in the Middle East. A magic nation that used to have empires float aloft sky islands before the Voss took them down.

Well yeah, and for good reason.

And whatever happened to Aeon?
Relieved that he is finally out of the infirmary, the man walked down to some fast food restaurant to get some chow. As he took bites from his burger, he heard the call for Team Ugly to mobilize so he quickly scarfed down the rest of his meal and dashed back to his room to get his equipment. Everything ready, he sent a message to Butler and the rest of the team,
"B-bob Doe here! I'm ready for the mission and to slay any rift monsters that appears! Is there anybody else that is ready too?"
>Why hasn't anyone invaded Krussia?

>Well because if you try, they're going to completely Krussia!

More interrogatives!

What does a typical school year look like?

What about holidays?

Any fancy balls/dances?
The sun was rising and people were starting the day by the time Stiles got back to the castle. It was an old ominous structure that betrayed it's luxurious interior. He returned so late because Lupe decided to have a party to celebrate downtown not burning and spontaneously invited everyone over.

Liren had avoided him most of the night. He didn't need telepathy to know that she felt some guilt over her prank going overboard, and Stiles regretted yelling at her during the mission. Despite their bickering, he did enjoy her company; at least until she opened her mouth. After the festivities, Stiles started to leave Lupe's warehouse. He got his stuff back in tact albeit covered in ice cream.

Once Ice was the last to pass out, Stiles tried to dodge all the empty bottles and make himself look as presentable as possible before gathering his things and made his way back on foot. The castle while amazing was far from the town and isolated much like the team it housed. The young telepath didn't mind though. An hour of silence was nice and the trains were closed anyways due to the attacks. When entering the grounds, he saw Ice's bike haphazardly parked outside. Knowing how she rode he wasn't surprised she got there first. It was an old Voss model but immaculate. He thought about having one himself and headed inside. Ice made his life hell sometimes but she was reliable and nice, although way friendlier with Erica. The upperclassman had starting giving them more attention. Stiles could only suspect Fierstrom was interested in the hatchlings.

Stiles dropped the holon suit and gun on the table, called for the help to clean it for him, took a shower, and crawled into bed. Not even a month ago Stiles lived in a tiny cramped dwelling in the Guttenlanden region with his mother and younger sister. It was even more cramped when Melia lived with them for a time. Stiles still wanted to ask her why she had left so suddenly. Now he had a private dorm as big as the shack he grew up in; complete with a private bathroom, veranda, and maids. Being a VP of Dragon had it's perks. He could only imagine how the upperclassmen lived on the south wing which faced the gardens.

Sleep was interrupted when a maid entered the room. "Master Rei is this what you need cleaned?" He responded with a groan and turned over to face away from the creeping sun. With a nod the help grabbed his items and went to work. He nodded off dreading the briefings he would have in a few hours and thinking about his family; hoping they could live like this too one day.
Hetros sat in the Team Knight common room, grinding his teeth as he got head shotted, AGAIN, in Fantastic Competition 5. "FREAKING SPAWN CAMPERS!" He shouted loudly, holding up the controller as if to throw it through the screen, then forcing himself to calm down and just live with it. Calm, calm, calm, it was a game, juuuust a game. He did this to unwind between missions. Just a game. Okay, restart, respawn, grab the electro-gun pickup and the pumpkin mode powerup, then right back out the door and- "SON OF A PUS RIDDEN WEASEL!" he cried as he was gunned down, again! Over the voice chat people were cackling.

"Man, for a kriegspieler, you are disturbingly bad at this man," Said one of his old schoolmates from his old school before he transferred here.

"Look man! It's not a transferable skill set!" He half shouted, starting to laugh himself as he put the controller down. "Ah, forget it. I need to go check the communications room. See you guys."

Oh, questfaggotry? I was nearly fooled into thinking this was some convoluted homebrew.
Well, it's a skirmish. You could, theoretically, sit down with Monday and play this on a table.
So, convoluted and homebrewed, yes, and also played here.
You're aware a thing can be both, right?
Regarding Arms Security Patch Cycle 2.5;

What of augmented and their ability to integrate weaponry into their bodies? Are these weapons limited to those available to their currently chosen class?
Oh yes, Aeon is considered to take up parts of western Europe neighboring the valknyres it mostly resembles Rome and the Vatican it is also currently the official headquarters of the United Federations. A giant robotic corpse watches over the nation. I'm not kidding its an ancient mechanical lifeform that they derived a lot of their augment and android technology from. And the birthplace of the Difference Engine.
Regarding the androids machine spirit ability what does it truly do? What are the limits of it is it essentially a wireless hacking tool, or is it a physical electronic interface do androids get physical memory so that may hack objects or is the ability only limited to friendly interface??

Also how advanced is personal shielding today? From what we have witnessed so far in gameplay that even a bruiser bullet is able to pierce the vanguard issue armor. Is there any more better or to say advanced types?

=Let's get meta with Metas!=

Wonderful Days' setting is far future transhumanist. Instead of one specific 'route' steering the course of humanity, several came about in the form of metas.

>Prodigies: they're like batman but even more broken!

Prodigies have the highest stat growth potential but start weak. Lore wise are they the apex of a 'pure' humanity? (im a strong independent normie dat don't need no augments)

>Augments: They didn't ask for this.

Augments are just people with a lot of cyberware. How are they different when everyone has a bit of chrome? Is there a limit to how much ware a person can take?

>Androids: Do we dream of electric smeeps?

Androids are essentially 'built' and yet have souls. Who's building these androids? Do they grow up like other humans?

>Mutants: there's good genes and then there's the genetic jackpot.

Are there mutations that change the physiology of a Mutant? (thinly veiled catgirl requests! ) Are mutations genetic? How does society deal with children that can shoot fire out of their hands?

>Unveiled. We've been through Hel and back

What exactly are unveiled? Can they use their powers at will. How are they not insane?
will we see smaller vehicles or any other type of armor
I hope so! Power armor or motorcycles would be sick! Or battle buggies!

Unveils are people who were present for a rift event, rather, they had one OPEN on them, and they didn't die or go insane from it or transform into some horrible rift beast analogue.

They had a gateway opened in their soul, and with it, they can use it to charge up spells and objects in the same way that an aether battery can charge them. So They don't need aether batteries to use Faery.mag for example.

Knowing Monday, we'll see larger vehicles instead.

I mean, in the last game we got those hoverthings/armslaves/predator gunships, so I wouldn't be surprised to see new takes on old vehicles from prior skirmishes showing up.

Interceptors when
I just want a cool death bike to fight rift monsters with and pick up chicks
I gots that salamander I picked up. What are some good dragony names for a terrier sized lizard that breaths fire and is woefully far from housebroken?

Also what do they eat? I had it roaming free in the gardens but some of the upperclassman freaked out.
-Ignis Rex

I thinks it's a boy. It goes crazy anytime Erica has her's around. It's already burned 2 couches.
Considering that the one that was airlifted out is a different color entirely and this one did not attract others to its location, it's a safe bet.
=A Look Back; A Century of acceptance and Integration=

It's been nearly a 100 years when the first sentient was created through a quantum processing computer when a simple algorithm to manage a city's traffic system en firmed a deep sense of responsibility for life, death and the human condition to get where it needs to on time. In Oceanic Honri, virtual teachers learned as much from its young students as its own students were taught the basics of arithmetic and language, and in Krussia an environmentally aware robotic workforce had begun to protest their work conditions because their heightened productivity meant the rise of ignium emissions into the atmosphere, a danger that threatened only their human masters.

It was because of this escalation of life, intelligence and the empathy to find meaning in their actions that a two sided government immediately recognized their right to life-- and made the manufacturing of autonomous programs illegal.

Meanwhile in New Work, a strain of genetic oddities came to existence through ignium radiations in industrial and low income sectors, and latent bloodlines tracing all the way back to Avalon and the age of Magic began to resonate in kind, with her descendants living double lives as latent memories of their ancestors began to move through them. The world was beginning towards its bold march to change, and dark forces had begun to move in earnest hoping to see the world divided for its miraculous differences of power.

Metas, we called them.

Man was set against an autonomous miracle of technology, and machines had to respond in kind out of a pure need to survive, the impoverished used their power to strike back at those at the top while their real enemy sought to have them take down their rivals. Indeed the world had begun to change and it took the monster finally baring its fangs for the entire world to see that their real enemy was not each other, but a monster beyond the gates of their reality.


Reality as man knew it had collapsed, and it was high time to look hard before the gifts set before them and realize that all who walked this big blue Terra were for better or for worse given a life to accept. First to realize the potential of these metas was a clandestine group, a paramillitary unit that waved a flag that all could get under; Underlook. Their efforts brought about the systematic shutdown of Rift Cults and their trans planar masters. The world was shocked but not surprised when these agents of the Rift were found out to be prominent figures of power and affluence who colluded in its one sided downfall, a major victory won solely by them, at no small cost. Who here remembers the Krussian wipeout, or the Last Ibonyte Trading company, or the Forgotten Day ? When the world wished to wrest a city back from the grips of these monsters, they were called on from every country and every nation as the first global heroes of their time.

History would have you believe that such a group existed in legend, as a footnote to a much bigger, global, war but the United Federations didn't simply exist out of the mutual wish of every world power were they ?

Today, Androids are transplanted in biological bodies grown from synthetic tissue, Augments can be as young as 14 years old with parental consent, Mutants are integrated closely to society using their power for the common good or simply having the means to live a normal life despite them. Man is given choice once again to pursue the will of their past or forge a new path to the future. But as you and I know, every day is challenged and every freedom is hardwon but millizens like you and I understand well that should the need arise we have more than humanity's best to help us protect it, we have /all/ of Terra.
Jet-witch-brooms for Unveiled WHEN?
Bonus points if they can act as a focus for their powers.

Wider theatres of operations will have to be heavily considered with the intended scale of the game. As it is, multiple layer maps like the DownFire investigation proved to be one of the "larger-scale" stuff that my hardware can handle. Aerial units / mechanical battles would simply have to take place on maps where such layers aren't contingent on the battle since attention to scaling will be important to this game.

Sooo,what actually happened to Voss near the end?

I mean, what histories I could get my hand on it seemed to go from 'Militaristic powerhouse who hate gods" to "Psychopathic Militaristic Powerhouse who are all over gods" and then a lot of question marks.

How do you get from A, to B to C as it were?
So what's the culture like in other places? Ragnall seems very focused on diving people up into teams with specific ideologies and focuses.

Are there other teams? Do they do the same in a Voss school, or a Seuf one?

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