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File: Lamia Legacy Colored.png (2.27 MB, 1600x1800)
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Thread LXX:
Actually have a nice clear window for once. Lets make this a good one, yeah?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/0Dyefvax
Season: Late Winter

Money: 975
New Backpack - (Sealed)
Kozak Bladesx2
Repeater - Unupgraded

Sasha: Skill list
Ranching +4
Scholar +3
Marsksmanship +5
Natural Ability (Lamia) +3
Intrigue +4
Casting (Draconic+4 Roc+2 Leviathan+3 Troll+1 Elemental+1)
Falconry +1

As the rest of your group filters through the portal, you survey the remnants of the battle that took place at your ranch. The majority of the fighting seems to have taken place between the main house and the barn. The way Tai tells it, the Phoenix caught Zhou's people in the midst of the shift change. Their leader, who you can only assume was the faux McCain, shot one of the beastfolk immediately presumably in the hopes of cowing the rest. Given the blood and the number of savaged bodies, you can only assume it had the opposite effect.

Both the bunkhouse and Liama's tent appear to have received the worst of the fighting, bulletholes riddling the fabric of the latter. Near the corral you see that the phoenix dead have been piled up under a lean-to. Thirty bodies by your count, though you're not too keen to examine them too closely. Over near the bunkhouse you see Tatiana tending to the wounded, seven of Zhou's people, Artyom ,who Tatiana is fussing over at the moment, and one of Liama's shadows. Jack if you recall correctly. Liz, Caff, and Eli have set up sentry positions from the rooftops. In the distance you can see Marie floating around the perimeter of the ranch.
File: WantsBlood.jpg (400 KB, 1200x1132)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
"Two of ours didn't make it, Miss Sasha." Tai says, pointing over to where a group of Zhou's people are tending to a pair of prone figures, and where the youngest of them are building some sort of pyre.

"You said some of the attackers might still be alive?"

"Might, got them over with Mister James and the rest of Mister Serrak's builders. Zhou wants their heads. Can't say I blame him. We've been tending to our wounded first."

>Question Tai on what happened.
>Go inspect the dead.
>See what the beastfolk are doing.
>Check on the survivors.
>Check on the survivors.
File: Pitchforked.jpg (77 KB, 600x430)
77 KB
First things check on those still living. Leaving Tai to coordinate with the others, you head to where Tatiana is cinching a gauze pad to Artyom's shoulder.

[How bad is it?] You ask in Casimiran as Tatiana does a double take.

[I... How did you return so fast?]

[Same way they got here, but that's no matter. How bad are we?]

[The worst is over. There is naught I can do for those two,] The female centaur says nodding to congregation of beastfolk around the dead, [But ours that did die, died swiftly. Which is more than I can say for those Artyom ran across.]

Looking over at the hussar you see him shrug, wincing as he pulls against his bandage. [I was near that building when they came.] He grunts, pointing at the barn, [Did what I could.]

You note the pitchfork still held in the centaurs good arm, the red on the tines giving no doubt as to 'what I could' entailed. Your gaze shifts over to the other wounded, who seem to be bearing their injuries with a quiet indignation.

[I'd rather they did not move, had to have Tai tell their leader to let me work on them. They'd rather finish the job on the others,] Tatiana says pakcing her medicines and rising, [Now I must see to the enemy.] She says. Looking back towards the ranch you can see Liama and McCain having a discussion with Tai, Zhou, and Captain Keel. A squad of the Nitor your raided the phoenix cave with have taken over guard duty.

[These are soldiers.] Artyom says quietly, gesturing to the other wounded, [They do not try and hide it, but I didn't recognize it at first. There is a bearing to them. They held well against a far greater number.]

You note a bit of admiration in his voice as you figure on what to do next.

Good job Artyom now it's time for you to take it easy while your injuries are on the mend, go see McCain and have a rapport of how things are
After talking to McCain we go to the prisoners.
I say they get executed.
File: TheManWithNoCrossguard.jpg (91 KB, 736x1040)
91 KB
Patting the big centaur on his good shoulder you tell him to take it easy and thank him for his diligence. Leaving the wounded head back towards your house to check in with McCain.

"What do you mean they were all phoenix?" You hear McCain say as you approach.

"All the ones we found were phoenix. No elves Mister McCain." Tai says, concerned.

"Something the matter?" You say as you approach.

"That little bastard got away." McCain says, "He wasn't part of the attack."

"Which little bastard are we talking about?"

"The puffed up little punk that's pretending to be me." He says, throwing his arms up in the air and stomping off towards the pile of the dead.

Keel, who'd been writing into his notebook turns to you. "You're sure it was the imposter 'Two Hands' you saw going through the gateway, right?"


"Then I'm guessing he pointed the phoenix at your ranch and made off in the confusion." Keel says. "We found another gateway like the one here on the other side of the cavern. I asked if Veles would be interested in taking a look at it. I hope that's all right with you Miss."

"No problem here, although if the fake McCain is out there shouldn't we be going after him?"

"If he left immediately he's got an hour headstart. I've got the men, but it'd be unwise to go hunting for one desperate man in the woods. I'll keep a double guard posting here. Besides, we have to finish our sweep of the cavern. They left behind some notes we need to translate. It may take some time."

"You want us to head after him Miss McCain?" Liama says as McCain's muted 'Damn it all.' echoes across the

>Yes, if you think you can do it.
>No, we've lost enough of ours today.
>No, we've lost enough of ours today.
>Go interrogate the prisoners.
>>No, we've lost enough of ours today.
"No, we've lost enough of ours today."

Liama nods and with a quick word to her men, moves off towards the perimeter of the compound. With the worry gone and the adrenaline subsiding, the cold begins to seep in. You take a moment to head inside and grab some warmer clothes before heading back outside. Keel and Tai in tow, you head over towards the bridge and the workers camp, where the prisoners are held.

Standing guard outside the tent is Corporal Red, who snaps to attention when you and Captain Keel enter the tent. Tatiana is tending to one of the three. The only one still living if the covered faces of the other two are any indications. Looking to the centaur, you see her shake her head, it seems this one doesn't have much time left either. Moving closer you can see the mans eyes are glazed, and barely focused until he catches sight of you. Spitting epithets in his language he's held down by Tatiana until his strength fades once more, eyes unfocusing.

"Anyone catch what he said?" Captain Keel asks.

"He says that you've crossed the Kingfisher and that she'll see to it that all 'serpents and traitors' are done away with." Corporal Red responds, sticking his head in. You look over to Tai who nods in agreement.

[How bad is he?] You ask Tatiana.

[I do not give him more than a day at best. Artyom got this one.]

>What do you ask?
This one is too far gone to get anything from it. Let Zhou put it down. It won't live long anyway.
File: landsnekts.jpg (169 KB, 700x990)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
"I don't think we're gonna get anything of value to this one." You say to Keel. "May as well have Zhou put him down."

"I can see how you'd feel that way." Captain Keel says, "But nevertheless, I've got my own questions I want to ask. Corporal!"

Officially beckoned, Corporal Red ducked into the tent only to be handed Keel's notebook.

"Pretty those up and see if he responds to any of them."

Leaving the tent you turn to Keel. "I want the rest of these bastards found. How many times have they hit this ranch?"

He waves his hands placatingly, "They've hit more than just you, but we gotta figure out what they are doing before we can stop it. They may let something slip."

You're about to respond when you notice McCain moving with purpose towards you. "Something the matter?"

"Those folks of Zhou's are doin' something with the dead. Figured you'd want to know."

Moving back towards the main compound, you see that the uninjured beastfolk have set up a series of pyres, two in the center flanked by 6 larger ones on the outside. Sending Tai, you see him exchange a string of rapid questions to Zhou, who answers just as a rapidly. The younger man turns to you. "They wish to give their dead their rites. Part of that includes using the fallen enemies as a beacon to shine them to their afterlife." You see an uncertain looking Zhou look to you then back to the pyre before muttering something to Tai. "He says if you wish to consume some of the dead, he will not stop you." You hear McCain's snort of laughter behind you.

>We don't eat dead people. Or living ones.
>Tell him that the survivor is all his once they've been questioned.
>"He says if you wish to consume some of the dead, he will not stop you."
Yeah, just tell him that they survivors are his once we're done questioning
Man, Ive actually been waiting for this, though it feels like I missed something.

We dont eat people. Thats probably a myth.
File: NotAHappyCamper.jpg (42 KB, 376x304)
42 KB
"We don't eat the dead, nor living for that matter." You say, watching as Tai translates. You see the beastman look at you, then at the pyre, still waiting. "Let him do whatever he's gotta do. Also let him know the survivors are all his once the questioning is done."

Apparently satisfied you watch as Zhou and his people move the slain Phoenix to the outer pyres. With his dead laying face up in the center, and the enemy laying face down split evenly between the six satellite bonfires you see a pair of the Zhou's beastfolk step forward, torches in hand. They walk towards the center, igniting the base of the middle pyre as one, before setting off the outer circle starting at the bottom, one going left and one going right until all the pyres are lit. You watch them place the torches on the center pyre before they back out, rejoining the rest.

As the smoke begins to billow and the flames catch, you leave Zhou and his people to their vigil. Heading inside you ease yourself heavily into the sofa. From behind you can hear McCain ask, "Well, Miss, what's next?"

"I don't even know anymore. What do you think we should do?" You sigh, sinking deeper into the cushions.

"Well, Traveler and Greenbriar are still in Riverport, as is the carriage. We'd ought to go get them. Also there's the business with the gateways. Not too big on magic but having that opening to the Phoenix bugger's cave has me uneasy, should try and close it soon. Get your buddy to do that maybe."

"What else?"

"See what Keel's plans are? I'm not sure in all honesty. It's why I asked you." McCain admits.

"Right. . . Could you please go back through the portal to get to Riverport faster. Take someone with you who isn't Tai. While you get our horses and carriage I'll talk to Keel about what he thinks the next course of action should be, Veles and I see to getting the portal closed and making it better protected against further hijacking. . . . You seen Mari?"
Seconding this
File: MarieBattleCry.jpg (261 KB, 707x1000)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
"Right... Could you please go back through the portal to get to Riverport faster. Take someone with you who isn't Tai. While you get our horses and carriage I'll talk to Keel about what he thinks the next course of action should be, Veles and I see to getting the portal closed and making it better protected against further hijacking... You seen Mari?"

"Last I saw she was up in the air keeping an eye out. I'll get her."

You head back out into the cold and reopen the gateway, poking your head through and surprising a pair of Nitor posted to watch it. Satisfied that it will stay open for a bit you pull your head out just as McCain comes round the corner. "She'll be by in a few." He says, jumping through the gateway. Not wanting to close the gateway, you wait by the back for a bit, shivering until Marie flutters out of the sky, landing next to you.

"You wanted to speak to me Miss Masterson?"

Just makin' sure everyone's accounted for. Also, did were you in the air when the Phoenix were coming through? If so, did you see any of them heading in a direction other than the ranch? One of them, an Elf pretending to be "Two-Hands" McCain, came through the portal but wasn't among the dead or a capture. He came through last as far as I could tell.
Remove the "did" from the second sentence.
"Just makin' sure everyone's accounted for. Also, were you in the air when the Phoenix were coming through? If so, did you see any of them heading in a direction other than the ranch? One of them, an Elf pretending to be 'Two-Hands' McCain, came through the portal but wasn't among the dead or captured. He came through last as far as I could tell."

She frowns "Well I wasn't in the air then, no. I was talking with the building foreman when I heard the shots. By the time i got there everyone was stuck in. Didn't see anyone from the air though. He'd have left footprints in the snow though, wouldn't he? It'd be pretty easy to see which way he went." She says extending an arm-wing towards the rear of the portal before looking up at snow that's been lightly dusting the area since you got here. "Shit."

"Just figured I'd ask, don't worry about it. Just keep on guard. Actually, thinking about it, you mind going with McCain back to get Traveller and Greenbriar? Kind of want to keep Tai here to translate to Zhou's people and aall that."

"Not a problem Miss Masterson." She says, ducking through the portal before snapping off a salute.

You give the rear of the ranch a quick look, seeing if you can find any depressions that might have shown which way the fake McCain might of went. Your search bears no real fruit, and with a frustrated sigh you head through the gateway yourself.

Nodding to the pair of nitor by the gateway you head up through the tunnel into the main cavern itself. All throughout you can see Schola Nitor archivists and magi combing through the interior, a gaggle of them seemingly poking at the barrier blocking the cove from the open water.

>Go see off McCain and check in with the nitor.
>Go find Veles.
>Go see off McCain and bring Veles with us while we check in with the Nitor.
>Go see off McCain and check in with the nitor.
File: kingfisher.jpg (4 KB, 167x150)
4 KB
You head over to where McCain is talking with a couple of the archivist in a loose circle that opens when you approach.

"Something the matter?" You ask McCain.

McCain shrugs, "Nothing, just figuring out when their ship is due back in Riverport so I can grab Traveller and Greenbriar."

"We're due out shortly, clearing some room so that we can safely transport some of the things we found here." One of the archivists says gesturing to a few boxes in a corner. He holds his hands up franticly as you approach. "Hold on Miss, a lot of that looks to be poisons, and sift through the notes, theres at least one reference to a poison specifically for Lamia and other Leviathan-kin." You pause at that. "Still looking through of course, but whatever it is it must be potent to take out something that is effectively living venom. No offense."

"None taken. Is there anything else you found?" You ask.

"Barrier seems to be self sustaining. Its based out a mechanism we've never seen before. Got our artificers looking at that. Meanwhile the head magi is looking at the portal we found along with your big friend, trying to get a read on what we're dealing with. Looks like they severed the link to that one. Still looking through a bunch of stuff though. Trying to figure out what is what."

You hear a shrill whistle from the tunnel in the rear of the cavern and see one of the nitor calling for everyone boarding the LSID to do so now. Leaving Marie in McCain's care you part ways, figuring on seeing the two in a few days. Turning, you see the cluster of Nitor still examining whatever it is by the barrier, wheras a slew of the schola scuttle from one of the tunnels on the far side, where you figure the portal must be.

>Check out the Barrier Mechanism.
>Check out the Severed Portal.
>Head back home.
>Check out the Severed Portal.
>Check out the Severed Portal.
File: lamiamale.jpg (695 KB, 636x900)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
You head towards what you think is the portal, weaving your way through the stream of people carrying books and notes and the like. After heading down the long and unusually wide tunnel you open into a second cavenr, maybe a fourth of the size of the main one. At the far end you can see Veles talking with the lead Magi. All along one side is a series of tables with notes and mechanisms. Along the other looks to be place where something massive was recently moved. Slithering through you catch a snatch of Veles' conversations.

"Those figures can't be right, you're sure that's what you sense?" The lead magi says with no little amount of incredulity.

Veles still has his hand on the blood runes on the wall and answers, "Fifty. Not counting the massive spike that went through. None of them came back through."

"But no idea where they went?"

Veles shakes his head. "The link is severed. I could not find where they came out."

"A general direction maybe? It'd at least narrow the search."

"I could try that, give me a moment." He says, before noticing you. "Oh, hello Sasha. This one wishes for me to unravel the secrets of this portal. I must say I am more interested in the barrier they created, but I do agree this is a matter of safety."

Leaving him to focus on whatever he's doing, you turn to the Magi. "Things are handled at the ranch. For now, one got away and two of mine didn't make it, but the Phoenix got the worst of it. What have you found here?"

"Fairly conclusive proof that the Kingfisher was here. Probably the entire time. They moved something big through the portal here when they left. Not sure what it was, but we're trying to find out. And find them more importantly."

"That cannot be right." Veles says, letting his hand drop from the wall, a look of puzzlement on his face.

"What can't?"

"The portal points down."
And that's it for this thread. Net cut out a couple times there, but came right up. Winds are supposed to pick up tonight so I don't want to risk dropping off mid update. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

If anyone's got any questions or comments or whatever I should be about for a bit longer. Thanks again for bearing with me. Really need to get better internet. Satellite is just not cutting it.
Thanks for Running Chem!
I wish that the 8 total people we had in here were here the entire time, as well that I had been here the entire time, but Machts Nichts.
How many of the beastfolk did we rescue? I don't recall what we were doing for them.
Cest la Vie.
18 including Zhou, 16 now. 3 are fairly young you gather. You've dropped a lot of cash to expand the bunkhouse and integrate them as part of the ranch. At least until they feel their debt has been repaid.
What age do they look, approximately? Do the beast folks appear to be accostomed to work? Callouses, muscles, etc.
Youngest are Teens, mid-late roughly. It's hard to tell, most of them are fairly lean what with being starved for as long as they were. Artyom's got them pegged for fighters, and the quicker to recuperate have taken to the light duty work McCain's given them without issue.
Gotcha. Did they have much to say on their preferred diet?
As far as Tai has told you, pretty much whatever he puts in front of them. No dietary restrictions as far as you know. Preference for meat, but well, you really can't blame them.
Cool, thanks Canid. How's life?
It comes and goes. You?
Good, glad I caught your thread. Just got back from camping. Good times.

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