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I will be doing some assignments until the weekend. But in the meantime some content discussion.

-Levelling up.
- Factions. [ partially up for discussion]

Next Game will continue on Action Phase, and will happen around the weekend. Until then I'll be stalking this thread and adding content as well as answering questions.

Dearth of Gods is a d6 skirmish system and a public game on /tg/ accomodating 20 players per session. And posting turns around 1.6 times a day.
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Bonus level;
Faux Medieval fashion and neat armor references :0c

The image is a handy reference on how to start a character.

Incoming posts about levelling...
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Premature Hub explanation:

When Players Reach the Sacred Forge, not only may they recover their wounds but they will also refill their soul count to 1.0 Exactly [even if they spend it to 0 it will remain at 1 to avoid Hallowing.] It will not fill past that if you have have greater than 1.0 souls. But it wont dock you to 1.0 if you have more either.

Wound Recovery here is gradual but not instant. However as a consequence the Forge is not a combat zone when lit, and players are urged not to fight in it for fear of being dismissed by the Forge Maiden

Gaining Souls:
The Forge Maidens ever strive to call on Heroic Spirits to fight for the Fire and as a result may substantiate Wanderers with the strength they gained on their travels via the souls they have collected. Normally Souls are gained by defeating and killing enemies as was preordained by the Old Gods, however putting a wayward spirit at Peace will allow one to gain even more. Sometimes it's possible that the only way for one to Grant another Peace is by combat. Peace conditions vary from Vessel to Vessel but all require the understanding of words that swords cannot alone acquire.

- Core Leveling: Levelling is different for each Wanderer but all of them use the Forge Maiden's grace to increase their base stats; to accomplish this they must spend Souls equal to their highest stat to increase ANY stat by one. So if one has an END of 2 but has a Tek of 7, levelling up END or any other stat for that matter would cost them 7.
Alternatively a character with the highest stat of 3 will cost them 3 souls to level any other stat by one.

- Class Trainers:
On top of levelling various trainers maybe available to further the capablities of certain classes or simply instruct in more rudimentary matters of defense like sword fighting or surviving the wylds. This will serve to increase your Ranks and are often times more manageable to afford than Core Leveling. They can be paid in Souls or Tolls.
Tolls and Minted Spirits.
Tolls are the currency in Abalathia and are used to trade with those behind or outside of the Wall. Since much of the materials in the Dearth are made of Souls it comes as no suprise that one may convert even these nascent forces into simple Minted Spirits called Tolls. Tolls are used to pay for materials as well as legitimate services offered by various guilds. However since there are varying Factions at work, each one will produce a differen t Mint. In Abalathia and the city of Dias it's Tolls, some ancient societies for example will use Scales the qualifiers for these currencies is marked by their ability to be converted from Souls and back again using certain processes known only to their minters...
Previous Thread btw.

Rolled 2, 5, 2, 4, 1, 3 = 17 (6d6)

Selfish bump with stats for Monday's amazing creation.
Feast ye eyes upon mine stats!
Rolled 5, 4, 3, 2, 5, 5 = 24 (6d6)

Damn I'm good.
But this set is better.
So how many dead people do we have running about?

Is there still 20 living-ish guys muckin' about?
File: dearth_knight.png (19 KB, 174x149)
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Man that second set sucks.
Going with the first one:

Here standeth Knight Moore, Knight on his 1st Rank

STR: 2 (1+1)
=DMG: 6 (2+2+2)
END: 5 (3+2)
=FLK: 7 (5+2)
=FRN: 9 (7+2)
WIL: 2 (1+1)
PER: 2
TEK: 1
SPD: 2
=MOV: 3 (2+1)
LUK: 3

On his left hand, a Spear (+2 ATK/+1 DEF)
On his right, a Knight's Shield (+2 DEF/+2 FRN A.)
Adorned on him, Knight's Armor (+2 ARM/ +1 DEF)
Trained in the arte of Spears (+1 Weapon Rank)
As well as Knight Hood (+1 Knight Training)
I kill them but they keep coming back :(
Not leaving this mortal realm until I find someone who can wield this Oryx axe.
Oh if it concerns you, New people can get in for free :0c I just have to withdraw units that have been getting botted for too long.

Looks pretty good.
File: gaoler_sketch.png (749 KB, 827x1169)
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749 KB PNG
The Gaolers of Ingstraad are infamous for passing onto this world as those who were executed or tortured for their crimes. Having atoned for their crimes in the Mortal realm they serve as fiercely loyal gaolers containing the realm's worst elements as well as carrying out long drawn out torture schemes to break even the most strongest minds of supposed enemies of the Faith.
A spirit forged out of suffering becomes a point of pride for their existence had they not been warriors in their past lives as well...
Side note; bottom left is Vilord and the Gaolers have no real functioning bones. They are kept together by coiled restraints allowing them to move freely through small spaces and allowing them to use very specific weapons to great and horrifying effect.

Based on the information regarding Core Leveling, I assume that healing no longer (or rather, it is now explicitly stated) can be used to boost "uninjured" stats?

>What else changed since the first dozen turns that I need to go trawl through the archives for?
Healing to manually knock up an uninjured stat doesn't allow permanent benefits as core would. It should still be viable to use, and available in simple pyres besides.
>>What else changed since the first dozen turns that I need to go trawl through the archives for?

- Knight loadouts readjusted ; see image.
- Move is [1/2]Spd +2
This does mean that a SPD of 1 is still a MOV of 3, right? 2.5 rounds up to 3?
File: round_up.png (29 KB, 323x95)
29 KB
Using these amazing peepers of mine I have snipped part of the image which points out your concern.
Notice the arrow pointing UP and the word ROUND.
File: CRYPT_Turn33b.png (3.94 MB, 2089x2600)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB PNG
Slightly Unrelated. The Last enemy phase before we left off. Feel free to talk about what to do for next turn until action phase hits around Friday/Saturday

Meanwhile: any lore bits anyone want to know about ?
Could we hear any more about deities and religions, specifically The Twin Apollos and Gaia of the Blue Moon?
Oh good, this is still here.


Is there any other method of leveling?
Deities of the Valhallr following, how dragons fit into and interact with the other deities, and how they all fit into the cosmos (story tiem)?

Will Stalmaer's move be fixed or will she be stuck by the fire until next action?

W'ere is zee nearest w'ore 'ouse. I fear I will need a few days to recuperate after zis mess.

Abalathian Pantheons

This relatively new pantheon that has progressed for over 600 years gets much of its beginnings from a legendary King known to many as Abal who supposedly fought for the 13 divine lights.
The Twin Apollos who represent the Great Sol and it's Sister Luna whose twin lights graced the world with night and day.
And then there is Gaia , the Blue moon that has given bounty to Man and Beast . The three Lights are said to feature the most prominent sides of man; His Nature, His Ambition, and his Inner Self. The other 10 lights came about as society's foundations hath built up and from them rose their own prophets and saents that would be known in all other realms.

Deimos the Red Moon of War

Titan the divine Forge is a giant of unfathomable size said to have given rise to Castors

Viera the untouched moon is said to have gifted the kingdoms of men with the beauty of its women and is revered by the Haliodom of Sisters who also share kinship with followers of Luna [dominated but not entirely populated by women]

It is said that in the Darkest ages of man a hero named King Abal rose up along with other chosen Saents and did battle with the Old Gods , which were great and terrible creatures that upheld the Old Ways* and demanded too great of humanity. When the ragnarok had concluded the realm had seen collapse of unfathomable magnitude and her continents gave way to the gaping void of nothings and in the air the world stood creaking over the edge towards oblivion. King Abal who had absorbed the power of gods upheld the Continent of Avalon and fell into a deep sleep as the legends would tell of it. It is said that he resides in the Dearth even still upholding the wall and biding his time for when the glory of the 13 lights would come again.

The Dragon Pantheon

When the gods did choose their champions to fight the first of the Old Gods who created the world tree bade Gaia to birth for them champions to send across the [1/3]
The Dragon Pantheon

When the gods did choose their champions to fight, the first of the Old gods who created the world tree bade Gaia to birth for them champions to send across the Void to conquer against older more hellish realms still. At the time these races of Gaia depended muchly on the Guidance of their patron Dragons to fight against more terrible and avaricious serpents who would eat worlds to sate their temporary hunger.

In the beginning Ygdrassil had come into being and wished itself to grow, when it needed of leaves it would bloom lights , and when it needed to take root, it would create the soft Tera from which it would plant itself and when it wished to expand into greatness, Gods had been borne from its manifold branches but Ygdrassil had one perfecting flaw; it would create without cease and its many branches will soon come into entanglement causing knots of exhaustion for this reason the Gods created keepers of the Tree that would tend to its branches. Ruinous creatures that would live without cease destroying and burning up branches of the tree until wisdom guided their destructive tendencies and for every branch consumed added to their senses until soon even the Dragons themselves declared perfection among their domains and rested.
However there were those who ate of the tangled roots and these dragons came unto a revelation that caused them no peace of spirit it was because of this dark realms began to encroach and the tree and her branches - bigger than even the river of worlds began to darken. Finding no need for their wings, these dragons became Serpents and developed a hunger so mighty they began to swallow the tree. It was here that the ages of Dark developed and the remaining branches of Ygdrasil and her dragons banded together and sent forth heroes to to fight this terrible war of the gods. On one such tangle was expansive Avalon where it was said this battle took place for many years until the mountains of dead created the Dearth...
Is there a 3/3?

What happened to the other lights?

Are the dragons a creation of Ygdrassil?
Ah- apologies I thought for certain you heard it.

Now where were we ?

Ah yes the great wyrms. Like all things created by Ygdrassil they were created due to the inherent /nature/ of Ygdrasil in truth it was the keepers of the World Tree, great ancient creatures that wished balance upon the tree, Nidhogg, Griffith, Mymir, and the 4 Stags Wynter Summr, Bloom and Fell being key examples of these astral creatures oft followed their innate nature by living and eating off the fruits given to them by the tree and spanning its colossal trunk in revolution until such a time that their successive footsteps breathed a new life to other beings. Other beings that the the Wyrm would feast on should they stray too close to the roots. And indeed such tributes would arrive for the wyrm until the day Mymir in its infinite knowledge of the World Tree was spoken to about avoiding a doomed fate. That one being was named Odin bereft of an eye for his quest would cost him as such in his attempt to escape the guardian Eagle Griffith who then proved himself first God and King of Gods to come and said to be the arch father of humanity if not their greatest patron. The deal they have struck ? Mymir would instruct this being in the creation of Asgard the home of Gods but Odin needed only the will to follow through.

Nidhogg who sought to find creatures to feed on dared to climb Ygrdrasil but so bloated it was that he couldn't ascend barring it from the worlds on Ygdrasil's trunk and so instead fired upwards a jealous flame that would send strife into the hearts of those in the upper tree tempting them once again to descend further down. But this time Nidhogg did not feed on them, instead he sired from them winged children much like the likes of Mymir and Griffith in shape but nothing like them in Spirit and appearance. With a body of a wyrm , the heads of stags the arms of gods and the wings of birds did these creatures fly burning up branches and letting them fall-
Which gave rise to all manners of creatures and the creation of Hel.

Now as for the wyrms that did soar unto greater heights , have all a mixed story to tell for you see, upon feasting on the majestic branches of the Ygdrassil were they ever gifted with the WILL and Wisdom of the Tree, . And so their stories continued ever higher where upon their arrival upon the glades of ygdrassil they had forgotten much of their base desires and has outgrown Nidhog and on top of it all courted with beings of Asgard, producing divine children of great might as well as terrible serpents that would soon rival Nidhogg's potential for avarice and destruction. While those who would stray at the branches and the trunk ever did stay to fight Odin and meet the wrath of the Eagle Griffith, stripped of their wings and doomed to be covetous serpents until the end of their time.

Of Nidhogg's many children who ascended was Vidofnir, Tiamat, Bahamut, Flarebrass, and Parthanux and those who descended were , , Tiamin, Fafnir, Jormungand, Grigori and Ur most if not all who had been created by the beings of Asgard and a few who were adopted by the curious Mymir whose names were known only to the all knowing crow...

Ah but I speak of trees and birds for far too long how about the specks of light that dot our skies - or had used to anyways. I speak of course of the divine lights said to be gods and godlings that all took part in the coming war of the gods.

*adjusts strings* Ah well let me jog my memory a bit here for you see the last time I was schooled on such matters was when a cleric had need of company on the road.
Ah... poor Fess may you rest in peace

The 13 Lights I know very little of but what I do know is that each one represented various gods who's causes were championed by Saents who now reside with us in this indefinitely dying realm.

Now, everyone remembers the twin Apollos, Sol and Luna who served as Day and Night many would liken this to our Sleeping King Abal and the High Priestess Serena who was recently granted the office of Saent Luna and was charged with being the Keeper of the Throne in Abal's stead until such a time when his presence will be needed once again. Their patron Gods , Sol and Luna did much of the same, taking vigil over the Blue Moon Gaia , the keeper of the mortal realm and the spring from which life is shaped. Serving that office of the order are the Free Clerics of Saent Germi who would wander the realm outside of the well helping those in need of Peace or succor for their mortal journey.

Then came the Masons of Titan who were responsible for building the wall under the instruction of the Sleeping king and are composed mostly of giants and castor.

The Aeoli famous for their swordwork are a humble people who would defend the throne in times of need guided by the Red Moon Deimos.

The Green Moon Viera is the object of the Halidom of Sisters' worship and stands ready to receive the next heir of the First Light's Saent or train their Maidens for the next generation to come.

And known for their great intellect were the Wyzards favored by Saturnis's Rings and solving the Unthinkable Riddle - allowing them to wield magick.

and after that is Nero of the Deep Blue, purveyor of the seas and favored by Pirates and Merchants alike.

Urn the yellow moon of Truth and Mystery.

Pluton the Dim Star, is purveyor of dreams and the inner self.

And Merrin the humblest of lights stands closest to Sol and is the god of Fellowships and Quests and served to act as intermediary between all the other lights asides brilliant Sol who seemed only to speak one way and hardly listen ~
Have any of the old gods survived?

An uncertain song for an uncertain answer. Old gods by their definition are dead but I see which you mean.
For you see after Ragnarok darkness did consume the land and Avalon with it the gods have been away fighting a war that could possibly kill them and during such a time an age of Darkness had enveloped the land and people were in desperate need of succor.

*adjusts strings*

For you see the dead would still arrive and they knew not what to make of it. The Shrines and forges have all but gone cold save for a few and it was that lasting fire which have spurned Abal into action. A fool king who ruled selflessly in his own time [if he was indeed a king at all] now came down to the dearth with his band of Knights and so fought for the Fire the likes of which had not been seen since the last thunderous booms of Ragnarok clouded the heavens in black pitch. And when the lights have all but come on we have barely managed to look around when creatures of Darkness have beset themselves on our sacred realm. Pained by this truth Abal reached out to the other corners of this realm and found himself Saents 12 and lost a Knight for each. Each one would be fated you see, to seek out the chosen Saent of the First Light should they wish to bring up this realm from the Darkness once more.

And of the Old gods ? Who knows. People felt they have been abandoned or left to inherit a world now rid of Wyrm or perhaps the war of gods rages on still, for time in the Dearth is meaningless and stagnant. There are those still who would worship them when a new Order has been built behind their backs and there are those who choose to live in the Wylds worshipping the truest of their Gods.

But has anyone seen them ?
Has anyone felt them there ?
And will they find newer ones still ?

So does leveling work the same way for Hallows? Would we heal our wounds here too?

Is Floors on hiatus?

Finish this quest first and we can maybe decide :0c

Healing as Hallow is completely possible in the Forge and really only then. There may exist other services for those who are Hallow even the ability to reverse it. But such a quest is rarely successful.
File: photo.jpg (84 KB, 900x900)
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>But such a quest is rarely successful.

Sounds like a challenge
How many souls do I need in order to become a God? I mean obviously I probably need a Behelit or whatever too, but how many souls?
like a million

>only a million

Alright guys let's kill Gwyn
It worked for Gwyn
File: 20160513_140305.jpg (378 KB, 1600x1200)
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378 KB JPG
Scribbling to kill some time with new job..
Yay ! New Thread Coming soon I just need... to recover from assignment ; A ;
hopeful bump
Processing has begun. thank you for waiting : )

action phase

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