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  • File :1243661457.jpg-(11 KB, 390x233, night_forest_castle-390x233.jpg)
    11 KB Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:30 No.4706553  
    Homebrewing is always fun, isn't it? Let's do a country this time.

    An EVIL country, like Transylvania in all the movies, or Überwald if you're familiar with Discworld. Plenty of forests, not much daylight, long winters, people live in their little villages and curl up in their beds in fear as wolves howl somewhere outside...

    No castles without oppressing vampires or mad scientists living in there. No forests without wolves (were- or not), pixies, other assorted monsters, or wandering gypsies who can handle themselves for some reason. No towns without dark secrets and horrifying pasts. No cottages in the middle of forest without witches living inside.

    That's the premise. It's a clichê. Can /tg/ make it original?

    (Important: Vampires DON'T sparkle. But they still might stalk teenage girls, except that it's horrible and creepy this time because they're monsters instead of bishies.)
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:34 No.4706578
    >But they still might stalk teenage girls, except that it's horrible and creepy this time because they're monsters instead of bishies.

    Okay, vampires are now creepy stalkers. They will never attack anyone without obsessively following it for a few weeks at first.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:38 No.4706606
    We stay away from the forests. Titan Owls live there - wingspan the size of a small house.

    Lose tons of horses to them. Gets a little annoying.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:38 No.4706608
    Werewolves are actually eldritch horrors from beyond, similar to IT.
    It just so happens that ordinary wolves are a huge menace in the area.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:39 No.4706613
    There's a very healthy economy in our Evil country, where merchants hire priests of the Death Cult to animate the dead for cheap labor. Nearly all major undertakings (building castles, roads, etc) are undertaken by the undead and you can find evidence of their long rotted corpses by the roadside where the magic animating them has failed or fallen apart with disuse.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:42 No.4706628
    >Gets a little annoying.

    The villagers are so used to all the shit going on around them that they're not very afraid anymore. Instead it'll be like:

    "Hey Bob, did you hear? That vampire living nearby has awaken again and started do shit. Sucked some poor girl dry."
    "Aww shit, not again?"
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:45 No.4706650
    What's the tech level? Middle ages? 19th century? Present day?

    I vote for late middle ages, with flintlock pistols already invented but full plate armor still around too.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:45 No.4706654
         File :1243662322.jpg-(199 KB, 800x1200, 1239637683306.jpg)
    199 KB
    due to the large quantity of evils in the area, it's a hot spot for wanna-be witchers and bounty hunters to try to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, most fail, and in the worst of cases rose from the dead to serve those they tried to strike down.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:45 No.4706658
    The werewolves live in gingerbread houses.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:46 No.4706664
    The forests are dangerous. You can never tell which ones are evil and rife with corruption - generally you need to lose a few children before someone catches on.

    The procedure is usually the same - you need to make examples. This usually involves making a pile of axes from the offending trees, cutting down every 10th tree or burning some of the forest.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:46 No.4706667
    This country's primary export is porn.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:47 No.4706668
    Wolves are so pase, forget them. Go with wild boars, wereboars, etc. They do all the things wolves do, but have giant tusks and are far more deadly.

    Also, forget magic. Pull it all out. Vampires are a natural mutation of the human species, which would explain why they would own the castles: the vampires used their superior physical abilities to seize control and hereditarialy passed them down to their children. Castles would have all kinds of warrens underneath them, and local peasants would often go missing in the dead of night.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:47 No.4706669
         File :1243662449.jpg-(156 KB, 490x820, 1217619830587.jpg)
    156 KB
    let's not forget the witches, liches and necromancers. Nor the banshees, shades and wrights. This place has to be almost as badass as mother fucking double hell, or even maybe scarytown.

    fuck even the warforged here are necromancers.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:48 No.4706677


    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)01:49 No.4706689
    Shouldn't they have ghouls and necrophages to clean those up?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:50 No.4706693

    I forgot to mention, this has a tendency to rile up the trees. It's like Evil Dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:50 No.4706695
    >Also, forget magic. Pull it all out.

    I'm good with this.

    >Vampires are a natural mutation of the human species, which would explain why they would own the castles.

    Not so good with this. Forgetting magic doesn't mean we should forget supernatural.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:51 No.4706705
    This is ravenloft.

    I'm sorry guys, but >>4706677 is right.

    For anything you come up with, there is probably a statted ravenloft domain JUST like it.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:52 No.4706713

    I've never actually read Ravenloft, but I'll take your word for it.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:53 No.4706714
    Well of course. But I'm talking about seeing corpses still twitching at the side of a road or new town hall right after it's finished.

    After all, if you had the flesh eaters just running around all over the place you'd never have any corpses to animate in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:54 No.4706726
    "People think it's safe to go in the forest where the trees are still alive."
    "Those people don't live to long"
    "For you see, that forest is kept alive only to house the most dangerous predator in the entire country."
    "The spriggan"
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:55 No.4706732
    Besides, vampires + SCIENCE = corny.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:55 No.4706735

    Ravenloft an AD&D world, converted to 3.x that works like this.

    EVERYTHING is gothic horror. Undead, eldritch horrors, werewolves, and abberations are fucking everywhere. EVERY castle has something evil in it.

    It's split into domains interconnected with each other. Each domain is run by a BBEG who is being tortured by dark powers. The world is a reflection of him, and his punishment.

    You are also punished by dark powers.

    There is no hope or happiness. And every villager is a corpse walking
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)01:55 No.4706738
    What if all of the wolves are double-wolves? That would mean that there are double-werewolves, which are hardcore motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:58 No.4706747
         File :1243663086.jpg-(140 KB, 1020x659, Auuugh.jpg)
    140 KB
    >Double wolves

    For some reason, I like this.

    A pack of miniature cerberus-esque hounds is something I'd like.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:58 No.4706750
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:58 No.4706753
    So on the full moon, they turn into two wolves?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)01:59 No.4706757
    I like the concept of double wolves, but how does it work?

    Every full moon they turn into a different breed of wolf? Some of them are actually less scary on that night.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:00 No.4706758
    So it's shit like

    X used to kidnap people and eat their flesh and rape them when he was alive. He was a wealthy but depraved prince

    His domain, everyone is a mother fucking ghoul ready to eat you. That guy? A ghoul. That cat? A ghoul? That giant? A ghoul. Or ghast. Except during the day they all look normal.

    His dick fell off so he made a magic one that doesn't feel as good, and he can't stand the taste of human flesh, but craves to the point of going insane without it. His punishment is that he will be free if he stops eating it. But if he does stop eating it, he goes into a frenzy and devours someone before it actually takes effect.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:00 No.4706761
    There would be two varieties. A Cerberus like one, and one with two rows of teeth, four blood red eyes, and a forked tail.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:01 No.4706763
    Bah with the middle ages. They don't have the technology to support a decent-sized city, and without that you can't have an opera house.

    A GOTHIC, HAUNTED opera house with lots of SPIKES! With a Phantom! Or multiple competing Phantoms. It's not clear and you can't rely on the reports of actors. Bunch of overly-dramatic drunkards.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:01 No.4706767
    Unless Cerberus has a forked tail, in which case they have two.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:02 No.4706778
    And double werewolves get the qualities of both variety of double wolf along with four arms.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:06 No.4706795
    There should be deep crows.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:08 No.4706816
    Can't go wrong with crows.

    They should fight the owls for AERIAL SUPREMECY
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:10 No.4706829
    People wouldn't live near the castles with vampires/mad scientists/necromances if they could. They choose the lesser evil, because living on the wilds without the protection of a territorial vampire or a necromancer with an army of undead footmen to defend his living stock they would fall prey to the EVEN WORSE things out there.

    But... there are villages that are outside the influence of an evil overlord. They police themselves, they worship their own gods. They kill any thing that dares to enter their village. Including migrating humans (they could be followed by one of the stalking vampires) They are hardcore as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:10 No.4706830
    Owls have strength, crows have numbers.

    Also gypsies. How the hell can those fuckers survive in a forest?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:13 No.4706856
         File :1243664035.png-(222 KB, 703x457, Crow.png)
    222 KB
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:13 No.4706858
    Are those towns protected by double-angels or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:14 No.4706862
    This is getting more and more awesome. I still say you need to have evil boars though
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:14 No.4706867
    >Also gypsies. How the hell can those fuckers survive in a forest?
    Gypsy magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:15 No.4706869
    The trees let them through. Why? Their carriages are made of human bones. It scares them a bit.

    Bone Gypsies are serious business. There isn't much magic in the world, but the links to the land of the dead are still strong in spots. The carriages are mobile conduits made to find said spots, and exploit them.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:15 No.4706874
    Because they can inject pure madness into your brain if you attack them.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:16 No.4706878
         File :1243664181.jpg-(207 KB, 500x750, Doom vs Avengers.jpg)
    207 KB
    Damn straight.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:16 No.4706880
    Or not, I should have read OP's post. Har.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:17 No.4706884
    Everybody knows Gypsies survive in the wild by making pacts with dark forces.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:19 No.4706892
    Ties to Djinni.
    A tribe might have enough Jinn blood to enact a ritual once in a while that works like Wish.
    And of course the minor matters of cursing your ass to cause terrible things to happen.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:19 No.4706896
    This has nothing to do with worldbuilding, but Opeth's music really conjures this kind of oppressive atmosphere.

    It also helps to imagine being chased by hordes of angered forest spirits, werewolves or demons of some sort.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:21 No.4706904
         File :1243664468.jpg-(148 KB, 1000x1000, 1241651005413.jpg)
    148 KB
    Can there be demons in this setting? If so, the executioners from dungeon crawl seem like they would fit as they are a demon made of scythes.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:21 No.4706905
    That could work too - Djinni being LOL FIRE.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:23 No.4706916
         File :1243664592.jpg-(37 KB, 442x480, Boar.jpg)
    37 KB
    I second this.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:24 No.4706924

    According to your regular villager, some of em (the warriors, mostly) are worse than most of the things you'd find (or would find you) in a dead forest.

    In reality, I suppose they're extreme survivalists who have learned to fight back some of the most common dangers around, and when something big starts going their way they'd just move camp. Of course, their life expentancy would be akin to the peasant waiting to not be the next snack of the vampire, maybe a bit worse.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:25 No.4706928
    This is a good place to draw some inspiration:


    A malevolent, alien force invades a forest, over time turning everyone/everything who is exposed to it into dust. And there's no way to stop it. Sort of like nanomachines, and the 'grey goo' effect, either magical or technological in nature.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:28 No.4706949
    I've read this. Scary shit.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:28 No.4706954
    Dire killer bees ensure that some flowers survive the GRIMDARKness.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:29 No.4706959

    In the grimdarkness of the evil country, there is only spores.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:31 No.4706973
    Fungus honey then. It probably tastes like shit and is poisonous, but nobody has lived long enough to find out.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:32 No.4706980

    The spores were winning, but the bees had to up their game.

    Now you have undead bees.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:33 No.4706987

    There's a fungus in the amazon which is inhaled by insects. The fungus grows in the bug's lungs, eventually turning it into a macabre fungal statue.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:34 No.4706994
    Let's double it just to make sure. Now we have dire double death bees.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:35 No.4707000

    And dogs with bees in their mouth so when they bark they shoot bees at you.

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:35 No.4707001
         File :1243665337.jpg-(309 KB, 463x1050, Bee zombie.jpg)
    309 KB
    Incorporate the bee zombies that /tg/ was working on yesterday. Undead with hives of bees inside that repair the decaying body with wax, paper and honey.

    Pic very related
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:37 No.4707010
    Owls and crows would never come into competition, because owls are nocturnal and crows are diurnal.

    Our owls avoid the day because other birds will beat the shit out of them.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:38 No.4707021

    Jesus christ that is so going into my next game.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:38 No.4707023
    They can have a symbiotic(or parasitic) relationship with double wolfs. Now there are evil twin headed canines that can fire giant undead double bees at you.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:38 No.4707024

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:38 No.4707031

    That's it, might as well be an hero now.

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:38 No.4707032
    The Colour Out of Space shocased Lovecraft's talent for creating very alien aliens.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:43 No.4707067
    These are deep crows. They are also nocturnal. Everything is nocturnal because it's always night.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:47 No.4707104
    what are those spikes in its head?
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:50 No.4707116
    They look like candles.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:50 No.4707122

    They look like cylinders of darkest night to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:53 No.4707137
    We can't name any of this shit these names. The players will crack up.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)02:54 No.4707145
    There's nothing funny about dire double death bees.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)02:57 No.4707165
    this is so awesome. I can imagine a figure shambling into a camp site under a crescent moon, and when the lookouts walk up to greet him, the lantern light reveals torn patches of skin shored up with wax and paper, black bees crawling through the flesh.
    >> Overboard and self-assured - TRIPFRIENDS - BROALITION !!iwLOd24zyGx 05/30/09(Sat)03:00 No.4707180
    Living trees?

    Fuck yes.

    Even better are the evil sprites which live inside the bark of the "normal" trees. They call out to you from inside the mist, beconing you with the voices of your loved ones. When you get too close, they pull you into the tree, where they feed on your life force. But that's not all. They leave you inside, tormented and unable to move, until the tree slowly warps to the hatred inside you. Eventually... you become yet another of the spiteful living forests.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)03:05 No.4707208
    So they become manes trees?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:07 No.4707213
    Probably not all of them.

    Forests are big places with many unpleasant varieties.

    Redwood trees? They're called that *for a reason*. They bleed if you cut them, and they start screaming.
    >> Overboard and self-assured - TRIPFRIENDS - BROALITION !!iwLOd24zyGx 05/30/09(Sat)03:07 No.4707219
    Pretty much. Akin to the Dead Marsh.
    >> MonkeyToho 05/30/09(Sat)03:13 No.4707261
         File :1243667627.jpg-(114 KB, 1024x768, castlevania-wall.jpg)
    114 KB
    rolled 98 = 98

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:14 No.4707265
    So wait, you basically want this to be Van Helsing meets Vampire Hunter D?

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:23 No.4707321
    Bump, faggots.

    Needs moar Darkangrim. Supernatural plagues, ala the original real-world vampire myths? Except the REAL vampires are MUCH worse.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:24 No.4707335
    Ravenloft, thread over.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:27 No.4707352
    Yeah, that's been said.

    Ravenloft doesn't have double wolves, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:28 No.4707359
    this thread is great, I learned about Ravenloft from it. Going to go get "Vampire in the Mist" tomorrow and check it out
    >> emaN !Qb5ZgIB4KU 05/30/09(Sat)03:30 No.4707375
    The local Lumberjacks around the third largest forest have recently been reporting "Strange lights" from withing the forests darker thickets. Near these thickets wild flowers have been growing in abundance. The flowers are blood red, and give a tantalising scent which leaves them disorientated. Any of them who have gone into these thickets to discover the source of the lights have never been seen again, although a new patch of flowers generally grows within a week.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:30 No.4707376
    FYI its a roleplaying game, you can make up whatever you want.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:32 No.4707389
         File :1243668722.jpg-(8 KB, 198x218, Cat.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:34 No.4707407
    There were "blood lilies" in one of the old series I used to read, can't remember which it was now, but basically the petals of the plants numbed up people who walked through them, so that petal-shaped parasite insects could latch on and devour the victim before they knew anything was wrong. Body would fall into the flowers, who would feast on the remains.
    >> emaN !Qb5ZgIB4KU 05/30/09(Sat)03:41 No.4707476
    My thought was actually the Flowers are a disorientating, and attractive, effect which springs up wherever the roots of the Thickets lay. The Thickets themselves are all actually one floral entity, and the light is once more a lure. What other ideas do we have than Forests, Death Gypsies, and double-bee double-wolf zombies.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:44 No.4707488
    Sounds like the scene in Deltora quest.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)03:47 No.4707512
         File :1243669678.jpg-(25 KB, 92x108, schmoopy_profile.jpg)
    25 KB

    They're fucking badass.
    >> Redwood trees Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)04:16 No.4707687
    Huge ancient trees with odd holes around the base. Whenever a human approaches, red bloodlike sap sprays out, those who fail to dodge or save become REDWOOD ZOMBIES! They have red barklike skin and sometimes bees build hives in their mouths! Also they are very strong and try to drag you to the base of the tree to get sprayed.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:44 No.4708263
         File :1243676665.jpg-(39 KB, 900x383, MP13.jpg)
    39 KB
    I am going to start posting art that is suitable for this type of setting. I'd like if if you faggots contributed as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:44 No.4708268
         File :1243676699.jpg-(172 KB, 1200x511, nar_LAKE_CASTLE4_1.jpg)
    172 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:47 No.4708287
         File :1243676834.jpg-(1.25 MB, 1500x808, 1180572298479.jpg)
    1.25 MB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:47 No.4708295
         File :1243676872.jpg-(704 KB, 1920x1200, 01358_summerwood_1920x1200.jpg)
    704 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:49 No.4708302
         File :1243676943.jpg-(119 KB, 1280x1000, 1202686759776.jpg)
    119 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:49 No.4708308
         File :1243676978.jpg-(97 KB, 800x531, 1178677470391.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:50 No.4708314
         File :1243677034.jpg-(87 KB, 600x1198, We_don__t_go_there_anymore_by_(...).jpg)
    87 KB
    Thanks for not contributing you double faggots.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:52 No.4708323
         File :1243677157.jpg-(48 KB, 900x675, 1221804194570.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:53 No.4708336


    Yeah, you fail at geography forever.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)05:55 No.4708350
         File :1243677350.jpg-(625 KB, 1000x808, 1221804370733.jpg)
    625 KB
    Okay, last one from me.

    Also there are flowers in the forest. Blue roses that glow faintly in the moonlight. They only grow where someones been murdered.

    They say there's a patch in one area almost a mile wide.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)06:19 No.4708499
    He didn't say it was a country, only that the homebrew we're doing is one.

    Speaking of which, who's in charge of the whole thing?
    >> emaN !Qb5ZgIB4KU 05/30/09(Sat)06:20 No.4708504
    Ok, I'm back... So noones contributed to this thread other than the art guy?? Humn... To Write or not to Write...

    What aboot Neighbouring countries, I mean, this place isn't a Realm or it may as well BE Ravenloft /tg/ edition.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)06:53 No.4708707
    The neighbours are all nice and pleasant, ruled by mighty kings and their families... and protected by massive walls so that nothing from that accursed place next to them couldn't get in.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)07:50 No.4709055
    The whole country is surrounded by big inpenetrable walls, trapping everyone and everything inside. All travel both in and out is extremely rare.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)08:11 No.4709172
    Werewolves - well, no one knows what can take a werewolf out. It might be silver, might be iron. No one's survived. If you ever meet one, your best chance is to just hope it doesn't notice you. Have them be demigods of the forest, direct children of some feral or primal god. Always spellbound and moving slowly and dream-like, as if in they're in a trance. If you ever disturb one, it's over for you.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)08:17 No.4709194
    >Huge ancient trees with odd holes around the base.

    I liked this idea until the zombies bit. Sounds like the OP wants more creepy and less high fantasy.

    Have these strange holes, yes. But sometimes there will be finger bones lying around these holes. Also, only have a few of these trees, maybe only one or two. They can't be common. And, if people get down to look in, they'll see yellow eyes staring back for moments until they close and disappear. Attempts to reach in will be met with either emptiness or something worse.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)10:00 No.4709553
    as much as I hate to suggest it, the darkshire area in WoW and it's quests are pretty good for this sort of deal.

    looks-wise, Silverpine forest.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)10:16 No.4709605
    You dont know whats going to come out of there. even the people are... something other.
    It takes the forces of three kingdoms just to maintain the wards. When something does come through the most we can do is hide until it fades with the light of day or returns by itself.
    Once a farmer was engaging in illegal trade across the walls passing food and other luxury items to the inhabitants.
    The patrol found the remains of his clothes and shoes torn apart from the inside and the gnawed bones of his carthorse.
    He had already returned to his family.
    >> A Rapist !!xtgKKUtne+4 05/30/09(Sat)10:19 No.4709616
    Hmm... Here's an idea.

    There were legends years back that people who stay outside at night don't return; instead, someone who looks and acts just like them appears, who will tempt others outside at night and let them be taken and replaced.

    Who is replacing villagers? What are the replacements' plans? Nobody seems to have the same opinion. Domination? Human sacrifice? Eating their victims? Nobody is certain. But one thing about the replacements has the villagers worried; While they seem similar to ordinary people and don't even seem to realize that they're not who they think they are, many replacements are rumored to start acting violently when they have overtaken a town, reducing themselves to savages and cannibals.

    In one village, the rumors seem to only talk about strangers being taken away; and one day, a group of brave adventurers walk into this town with no idea about what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)13:08 No.4710628
    This country sounds like it could use some evil druids. If the land itself has some kind of inherent magic that causes all this shit then there are probably people who try and tap that power. Dark tree herders, 'Runs-with-double-wolves", crazy ass fuckers who wear rotting flesh and control packs of shambling mounds.
    Also a pleasant little man who owns a farm in a clearing, he offers food and shelter to those who wander by only to kill them and use their fluids to help grow his main crop, Bloodroot. The vampire counts leave him alone because most of them are addicted to the stuff and he's the only one who can make it grow.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:08 No.4711160
    All major roads are lined with metal poles stuck in the ground, usually topped with charms made of silver or cold iron. It is the only thing that makes the roads remotely safe, as fey and anything that fears silver tend to avoid the poles. This does not, however, represent an impenetrable barrier, just the warding power of a really bad smell.

    Worse yet, sometimes an asshole will steal the silver or cold iron, resulting in many deaths as entire sections of road become vulnerable.

    Its also probable that these poles are blessed, probably by a priest of a god of travel, to keep undead away. This anti undead warding is probably much more coherent a barrier than the silver and cold iron.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:13 No.4711208
    This setting needs a Rudolph Van Richten-esque character, most certainly.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:27 No.4711313
    Heinrich Von Morden, a simple alchemist who, after the death of his wife and son at the hands of some unknown monster, has used his knowledge of chemistry to develop and use a variety of infusions and toxins against the things that terrorize the land. He also has learned the value of magnesium, alchemists fire, and this little thing that happens when you combine aluminum powder and rust...
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:35 No.4711377
    You know, I really fancy the idea of using MacGyver as the anti-undead magic of the setting. Silver dust smoke bombs, saltrock bullets, laurel spike traps, holy water sprinkler morningstars, magnesium flashbangs, phosphorus, quicklime, naphta, spring-load weapons...

    And, of course, Elephant Guns.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:37 No.4711389
    Where there are monsters, there are also monster hunters. And many of them are good at what they do.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:39 No.4711418

    Exactly those sort of weapons would be in his arsenal, though the elephant gun would probably be along the lines of a blunderbuss crammed with some VERY interesting ammo.

    Think an old, vengeful Macguyver that is out to put an end to these monsters once and for all, probably doing his best to teach people to make their own weapons. But in the end, while he is a beacon of hope he is only one man trying to defend an entire country from some truly terrible monsters.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:40 No.4711427
         File :1243708819.jpg-(19 KB, 297x453, vanhelsinghopkins.jpg)
    19 KB
    So... Solomon Kane or Abraham van Helsing?

    I personally fancy the Anthony Hopkins-Helsing. Crass, insensitive, perhaps a little loony, but very much the go-to-man in face of evil incarnate.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:43 No.4711459
    Magnesium delay-fuse canister shot - when you can't get a plasma gun, but need to toast every nigger in the room.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:44 No.4711463

    Monster hunter idea: Paladin (a class already probably rare in this setting) who has been turned into a vampire spawn by a vamp who thought it a wonderful subversion of the paladins beliefs. Vamp eventually dies, paladin becomes free but has auto-fallen from grace and/or can't use any of his own divine powers without seriously hurting himself. Still he refuses to compromise and let evil win, so he travels around doing what he can to protect the innocent, even though they certainly think he is a monster and he still needs to drink blood (probably restricting himself to the blood of monsters, or breaks into town jails to drain villains instead of innocent people).
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:45 No.4711479
    The few human villages that exist within the Old Country are not there because the monsters within tolerate then. It is, in fact, the other way around.

    Many of the villages contain men of burly (BURLY) stock and women of strong (STRONG) heart, more than willing to pick up something sharp in order to protect whichever village idiot thought it would be a good idea to attack a Vampire with a piece of wood.

    Angry mobs are the biggest causes of death for monsters in the old country. But these are not you antique mobs, armed only with pitchfork and burning torch. Pikes, Bastard Swords and Flint Lock muskets are just some of the more convetional weapons a village miltia might use to exact revenge on a beasty that has preyed on pretty young girls just one too many times (that's just not good for the community at large)

    Those villages blessed with an awkward tinker (those whose brilliance outshines his inability with women) can come armed in an even more alarming fashion. Clockwork guards, repeating crossbows, Muskets that shoot bullets in the shapes of the holy cross, oh my.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)14:52 No.4711553




    > and this little thing that happens when you combine aluminum powder and rust...

    He has thermite.

    Thermite gun, fuck yes. Unless it is immune to fire, you will never need anything else.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:00 No.4712045
    Travel journal of Adolfus Bermanken, royal advisor on matters of forigen states to his most pussiant lordship King Renos IV.

    Familiarization visit to Desken; Day One:

    "Well, the caravan has cleared the edges of Korlia and we can see the Warding Wall of Desken looming in the distance. Our guides say it's no more than half a day's ride now. The head driver saw fit to 'remind' me that he expected to be paid before we went through the wall and would only wait one month at most before departing. No doubt he considered it the height of subtlety and tact to not demand it on the spot, the hairy goat.

    Recieved a letter from my predecessor again before leaving the capital, gods only know how Haverstien knew where to send it. It had the usual preaching about how I shouldn't be taking risks now that I am so important ect. ect. The old man must know that personally visiting our neighbors is vital to securing good relations and favorable trade, but never saw fit to so much as set foot on the soil of a border nation which we have absolutely no formal relations with. Insanity. Or senility. Maybe both, but at least it's an opportunity to win the trust of His Royal Highness and gain a few favors in the courts of both nations.

    Guards seem to be on edge but that is expected given the tavern gossip about this place. The weather can't be helping either, I haven't seen a break in the clouds for days and they keep getting darker. I wish it would just rain and be done with it."
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:01 No.4712055
    Familiarization visit to Desken; Day Two:

    "Reached the wall today and split off from the caravan with my escort. Holy Mother Tanis it's enormous, well over a hundred meters at least. Who knows how much gold such a thing drained from our nation during construction, or what more productive efforts we could have made with such a vast sum.

    We were greeted at the gate by the biggest and most hideously scarred ruffian I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes upon. This alley dwelling whoreson had the gall to demand our papers and delay us for over three hours while waving all kinds of rocks and things around us or pressing thirty year old maps and religious talismans into our hands. This despite the fact we sent notice ahead over a week ago! My entourage and I were even paraded in front of a half dozen waifs the 'captain' called seers and told us we couldn't bring back any number of things "if" we returned. The only sensible advice I heard him give was to stay on the main roads and not touch the silver or iron coins on top of the wayposts. (Iron currency? I surely hope that's not a standard practice, the conversion will be hell on our merchants.)
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:02 No.4712062
    Truly a chat with our Minister of Arms is needed when I return to the capital, it's no wonder that we have had no meaningful reparte with Desken's leaders if all they see of our nation are superstitous brutes such as that.

    Rest of the day was the same. On the other side we found that a forest had grown all the way up to the wall. The road was apparently kept free of growth somehow, though, and we made quick progress to the first marked wayhouse on one of the maps the border guards gave us. It is a fair enough place but the thing is made out of solid stone and seems almost like a small keep rather than a welcoming place for travelers. (Perhaps both nations could stand to work on their border folk.) Damned innkeeps are a squinty old couple with almost a full dozen of their sons, and they are charging us more for a night here than I would spend back at the Infatira in the capital! Still, it's warm, dry, and my entourage and I are grateful to be inside since Gorson said he heard wolves near dusk."
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:05 No.4712082
    Transylvania is NOT a country
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:05 No.4712084
    subtle. Good job. I applaud you.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:05 No.4712086
    That's not too far away from the vampire related folk lore in some eastern european countries.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:08 No.4712104
         File :1243714085.jpg-(138 KB, 1600x915, 1224443135374.jpg)
    138 KB
    Forgive a couple typos, I cranked it out in notepad while having nothing else to do. If it's worth reading I could continue later tonight.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:18 No.4712213
    That picture made me think.

    Shouldn't morticians be bad motherfuckers since they never know when their customers will turn on them? Could seriously imagine a mortician bashing a groaning corpse in the skull before continueing nailing the coffin.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:27 No.4712312
    "Damn, they're getting feistier by the day"
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:30 No.4712343
    I honestly don't think they bother burying people, apart from some rich nobles maybe. Most people are probably just burned: At least they won't come back at any point to haunt the living.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:32 No.4712371
    do continue.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:33 No.4712381
    Well with the creepy science i could imagine organ farming being serious bussiness.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:35 No.4712412
    It remind me of a bit of fluff of Dragon Warriors.

    There is a part of the Lands of Legend where funerals are always followed by a guy who no one seems to notice. This guy and others like him are hired by priests to stake all corpses they bury after the funeral is over and everyone is gone - the country has serious undead issues.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)16:41 No.4712481
    I imagine they would animate any corpses they found to defend them from greater horrors.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)16:43 No.4712507
    They would also infuse them with the powers of fire so they don't become hosts to double-bees.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:45 No.4712523
    Vampires are known to pour glitter in their hair before persuading 13 year old girls to allow themselves to be molested.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:52 No.4712610
    Yeah, very good. Only thing that bothered me was the quotation marks. You only need them if the character is speaking or it's a title, and since this is a journal, neither will be very common.

    But really atmospheric, very good
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:54 No.4712625
    lets make it a bit less cliched then....

    the undead, sick and tired of having been persecuted as "evil" have taken it in turns to completely restructure the lands. lacking in the need of food has liberated the undead to form an egalitarian, almost marxist society.

    the looming, terrifying forests are now intersected by well-paved roadways, edged with guttering that drains the surfaces... these highways, the brainchild of a rather deranged vampire who loved to hurtle through the region in a carriage have revolutionised travel...

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:58 No.4712669
    the towns of humans and other, "good" races, meanwhile, have seen the undead forces, and the engineering work they have done, as a threat. towns have become walled enclaves, high, butressed walls with massive reinforced gateways. within, the humans huddle in squalor, eking out an existance on the paltry food grown in the few open areas of the towns and cities. Guards man the gates, fearfull of assault, and none look beyond the city walls, lest the fearful undead cast their evil eye, and bring suffering... bodies of the dead are tossed over the walls, lest plague wrack the overpopulated towns.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)16:59 No.4712679
    >Transylvania in all the movies

    IRTL Transylvaniafag wants to know what lies the Hollywood tell about his country?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:02 No.4712706
    Remnants of (successful) peasant uprisings. The buildings in the villages are made of the razed castle of a minor Dreadlord. The villages themselves are actually where the castle grounds once stood, which makes use of the wardings against intruders that most of these castles have.

    The only communication they have with the outside world is through the gyppos, as the two groups have a wary truce. Occasionally a baby gets stolen from its crib, or a gyppo godmother occasionally finds herself with spikes through her eyes and chained to a tree getting the ol' slash and burn, but that doesn't seem to break the truce. Some whisper that it's actually part of it.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:03 No.4712721
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:04 No.4712731
    each city, therefore stands out on the surface of the map like a blighted sore, while the forces of the undead have continued their work, ignoring the festering pock-marks. the roads are complimented by a network of watchtowers, which rise above the forest-treetops, and which have allowed messages to be sent repidly throughout the land, faster than a vampire bat could fly...
    the increase in news has resulted in sufferage, and equality, skeleton and zombie standing equal to liche or vampire, in a senate where debate, laws and justice have become the very matter which their society is built upon... the long-past uprising of slave workers has resulted in a constitution, where none may be held in slavery, and all are equal...
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:05 No.4712744

    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:08 No.4712774
    the human city-states, meanwhile, maintain sparese communication, the oligarchies and theocracies that rule the cities absolute, and where those who would advocate that the barricaded gates and bricked-up battlements be torn down are executed as the agents of evil forces.

    the city states are bowed down under the guards and monastic orders who control passage, and none dare to aim to escape, lest the ghastly deaths to foul sorcerous powers befalls them....
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:11 No.4712794
    The character also sounds like a prick who'd be the type to use quotation marks in a journal, so...
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:15 No.4712824

    Freed from mortality, meanwhile, the undead outside have risen to unmeasured heights - vampires and werewolves with their regenerative ability have learnt unimaginable sciences - chemistry, physics, botany and the likes have flourished - what risk, a mauling from creatures of the forests, when another night will see the intrepid explorer raise again, and continue, notepad in hand? in this way, the geography and geology of the lands are well-known, and a cosmopolitan culture of learning openly trades knowledge as its only currency.
    there you go. not as cliched now?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:24 No.4712909
    So how do we archive threads?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:28 No.4712961

    Through the ancient and terrible power of suptg. Beware, it has been known to suck the very souls from those that do not perform the writes of archival correctly.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:32 No.4712988
    What is Lands of Legend?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:34 No.4713001

    Bishōnen (美少年) is a Japanese term literally meaning "beautiful youth (boy)".

    The term describes an aesthetic that can be found in disparate areas in Asia: a young man whose beauty (and sexual appeal) transcends the boundary of sexual orientation. It has always shown the strongest manifestation in Japanese pop culture, gaining in popularity due to the androgynous glam rock bands of the 1970s, but it has roots in ancient Japanese literature, the homosocial and homoerotic ideals of the medieval Chinese imperial court and intellectuals, and Indian aesthetic concepts carried over from Hinduism, imported with Buddhism to China
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)17:35 No.4713011
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)17:35 No.4713012
    I can just imagine a vampire throwing potions that explode into a dark miasma with zombies emerging from it to kill those trapped inside.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)18:38 No.4713543
    Like that movie with the killer plants on that Aztec temple that could actually mimic human voices and cellphones with their flowers.

    They could only survive on human. They would grow into the body, and just a smell piece or spore from them would keep growing inside the body. The vines could be seen beneath the skin.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)18:41 No.4713555
    u mean The Ruins.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)18:46 No.4713594
    >> axebeard !TQbBqhr7ik 05/30/09(Sat)19:01 No.4713697
    The Ruins?

    Also, doppelgängers. Good that word freaks me out.
    There should be whole villages that mimic some other place, luring in inexperienced travelers. People with more knowledge of the land should know the signs on how to spot the fake societies.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)20:07 No.4714244
    Thread, please don't die!

    Paladin that gets turned vampire and falls, but still keeps fighting evil is cliche. "Good" antihero vampires are cliche. Refrain from using them, if you dislike using cliches, OP.

    Elaborate on the gypsy magicks please.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)21:34 No.4714963
    Dire double death bees are fucking serious business.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:18 No.4715899
    > Paladin that gets turned vampire and falls, but still keeps fighting evil is cliche.

    If it's a cliche, name two occasions in fiction where it has happened. Only once means its been done, it has to have been used multiple times for it to be a cliche. It might not be an original idea to /tg/, but I don't think I have ever seen it actually DONE.

    While Twilight has spawned an annoying trend of good vampires, in all of these cases the vamps have gained more power than they lost when they turned. A vamp paladin can no longer channel the divine fury of his god without destroying himself in the process, losing everything that used to make him special. What makes him uplifting is that, even though his god may have shunned him due to his undead nature, he has not turned his back on his duty as a protector of the people. That takes being a moralfag to epic new heights.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:19 No.4715915
    Don't forget - every time you kill that evil sorcerer, he utters Diablo's classic line - "Not even death can save you from me." and then you turn around and there he is, fresh and looking to fight.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/30/09(Sat)23:20 No.4715922
    Vampires don't retain their souls and the paladins holy aura might either kill him or prevent him from turning.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:30 No.4716024

    Good vamps have been around longer than Twilight, probably longer than Buffy as well. Unfortunately I can't think of a good example since Angel is what instantly comes to mind when I think of a non-evil vampire.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:40 No.4716121
    Any paladin whose god is prejudiced enough to not let him use his powers if he's undead would probably just abandon the guy. Right?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:41 No.4716136
    Tanith Lee, Blood Pact series.
    Anita Blake series, though 'good' is relative.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:44 No.4716162

    Most would. Those who don't are bad motherfuckers.

    Or idiots.

    But really, stupid/awesome has always been the spectrum of paladins. You're either an idiot, or an iconic beacon of hope and manliness with little ground in between.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/09(Sat)23:44 No.4716166
    Fail, in 2E 3E and 4E vampire paladins retain their powers... 2E the only change was that their laying on of hands was reversed.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/09(Sun)01:07 No.4716838
    Or vice versa.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/09(Sun)03:19 No.4717890
    >> Anonymous 05/31/09(Sun)03:31 No.4717984
         File :1243755086.jpg-(524 KB, 800x1070, Magus.jpg)
    524 KB
    why bump? This thread has achieved it's purpose. Archive it and continue on.

    Really though, archive this. Great thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/31/09(Sun)03:35 No.4718033
    Been archived.

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