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File: COVER.png (297 KB, 700x1000)
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297 KB PNG
“Am I Evil?”
Yes you are.
The biggest bad to be both big and bad. Sitting and seething on your sinister seat, enthralled by your magnanimous malevolence, you’ve come to realize something.
Something other than your ostentatious overuse of awe-inspiring alliteration.
There was something you were supposed to do today…
>There is an adventurous group coming, meet them at the gates.
>Go check on the heir to the kingdom, where they wait in their cell.
>Rally the troops in the slave pits, your presence is needed there.

Here goes nothing.
>Go check on the heir to the kingdom, where they wait in their cell.
>Go check on the heir
File: Check-On-the-Heir.png (73 KB, 910x616)
73 KB
You leave your throne. Ascending many a sinister stair. Perhaps too many sinister stairs.

One trek up the northeastern tower later, you see her, reclining in her cell.

"Oh, hey dad," she says.

>Dinner is almost ready.
>How are you doing?
>Check on her school work.
>Dinner is almost ready

What are you doing with that crooked poster. I expect you to keep a tidy cell
>How are you doing?
>Check on her school work.
>>Dinner is almost ready.
>>How are you doing?

Don't vote in your own quest man
File: Princess.png (80 KB, 621x890)
80 KB
Someone else is using my wireless network to chime in. But I didn't know that could be a thing that is tracked. But noted.
"How are you doing?" your speech erupts from your mouth hole like smoking embers. It's pretty intimidating.

"Oh I'm fine." she says rather casually putting down an issue of some magazine, "Think we can get an elevator installed? That staircase is a killer workout to climb up and down." No mention of school. Weird.

"Dinner is almost ready" As your eyes glance over to a most shamefully crooked poster. Such imperfections have no place in your dark reign.

"That's cool. Uh... what are we eating?" she hesitates for a moment, "you know... rather than whom." One time, and you never hear the end of it.

"He got better." you tacitly add.

>Fix the poster for her. Good parenting.
>Comment on the poster. Give her a hard time about it. Also good parenting.
>Meet her in the dining hall.
>Other/Write In
>Comment on the poster. Give her a hard time about it. Also good parenting.

>Write in: ask if she wants to have dinner in her cell with us
>Meet her in the dinning hall

I wonder what kind of school she goes to
Well she's obviously avoiding the topic of schoolwork, most likely she hasn't done it

Is her full name Princess by the way? If so that's probably the evilest thing we've done
File: Small-Tirade.png (96 KB, 910x616)
96 KB
You give her the good ol' "cleanliness is key" spiel. How you had the most organized keep of all the kids in school. And how its just poor sport to abuse one's posters like this. Seriously, is it stuck up there with just stick tack? Low strength masking tape or having them framed is the way to go.

But somewhere along the way you can practically feel the eyes roll out of her sockets.

Time to change tactics?

"You want to have dinner in the cell then?"

She doesn't seem all that sure if that is a punishment... or just you trying to be cool?

"Uh... sure? Beats walking all the way downstairs."

You guess since she's taken a little too eagerly to the eating in her room proposal, you might as well stomp your way downstairs and grab something.

Maybe you can get an earnest talk about how she is doing at private school.

>Is her full name Princess by the way? If so that's probably the evilest thing we've done.
Well its just her first name.
The evilest thing we've done is probably to her middle name. Mildred
Ye fergot tae add the options! How ahm eyh suppoosed tae anser thes ef I cannae choose sumthin, eh mate!?
Anyways, let's bring her some dinner, shall we? Be nice EvilDad for a bit, see if we can talk to her about school.
File: Chef-Cookie.png (119 KB, 910x616)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
They say its healthy to make at least 8 choices per day. You thank the voice in your skull for that piece of advice. Though it sounds like he's been drinking.
Arriving at good ol Cookie's Kitchin, winded you might add. She was not wrong about the stairs.

Your abhorrent chef Cookie gurgles at you eagerly. Slime-covered tendrils hard at work preparing a daily meal for each available minion.

In what can only be approximated from sputtering spouts of gaseous emissions that come from strange chittering puckered pores on his skin that he has instead of a mouth, he asks, "what did you order, sir?"

>Some spicy wyvern curry. You were feeling the urge for exotic food tonight.
>An indulgent succulent roast cockatrice, with mango chutney. Why not live large?
>Cutesy and sweet lamb sandwidges, crusts cut off, mustard, and tomatoes and cucumbers on the side. Pavlovian responses ho!
>Other/Write In

Should I do first to three wins? Or stick with how it is right now?
>Cutesy and sweet lamb sandwidges, crusts cut off, mustard, and tomatoes and cucumbers on the side. Pavlovian responses ho!

Whichever you tink gets a faster response time
>Sandwiches! and also consider getting something to drink while we're up here. Like blood or tea
>Cutesy and sweet lamb sandwidges, keep crusts on, mustard, and tomatoes and cucumbers on the side.
And not that awful sweet mustard. The real deal with horseradish
File: Sandwidges.png (152 KB, 910x616)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Cookie gets to work like a greased pig. Tendrils flying whipping mustard onto one side of the bread, lamb on another. Baby tomatoes and cucumber,

He even puts a kettle on and puts some teabags out. Its like he read your mind, which lets face it, he might.

Time to head right back up, with absolutely no incident.


Oh right...
File: These-Guys.png (107 KB, 910x616)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
These guys.

Man, heroes are so tedious. Whatever shall you do?

>Use reason. Now isn't a good time.
>Delegate responsibility. Call in the henchmen.
>Handle it personally. You need the practice.
>write in.
>Handle it personally. You need the practice.
Workout is needed once in a while and stairs just don't quite cut it
>Use reason. Perhaps set up a playdate with their children as well? Give your daughter some friends you could watch over. No boys, however. Good parenting.
File: Light-it-up..png (151 KB, 910x616)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Time to work out your upper body. And no better way to do that, than to fight off adventurers.

"I was just about to have dinner." you mutter. "Do you have kids? I have kids. Maybe we can reschedule this and do a playdate?"

"I think she'll have fun with that little bearded girl of yours."

The dwarf does not look amused.

>Punt the Dwarf.
>Charge the Cavalier
>Strike at the Elf
>Other/Write In
>Punt the dwarf!
Now lad, ye need tae punt tha' wee dorf! Jus' look at 'im, an' is' little horny helm!
File: Dwarfpunt.png (128 KB, 910x616)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
An elegant solution to a simple problem. A swift boot heel to the face goes off with nary a problem.

Now you've got two more opponents to deal with. Both ready to fight.

>Dodge the elf.
>Block the knight.
>Use reason again?
>Use reason again. Take the Elf hostage. You've needed a motherly figure for Princess, might as well stereotype and kidnap an Elf woman.
>yell reason at them, thus including intimidation
Deftly maneuvering past an arrow to the applause of a roaring crowd (Cookie slapping is sopping wet tendrils together), you manage to place your blade's cruel edge to the elf's slender neck.

"HOW DOES TUESDAY SOUND? I THINK THAT SOUNDS GOOD!" You reason with them as loudly as possible with the express intent of intimidating everyone in the room. It works especially well on the unconscious dwarf.

The knights resolve falters for but a second before he starts stammering out some poorly rehearsed lines, "N-neigh, foul villain. Your cruel hold on these lands shall not... H-hold. I shall r-run you through here and now!"

It is ultimately the elf that is the least impressed, "Gods' sake, Lavernius give it up already. We came on a bad day."

>Egg Lavernius on?
>Agree with the elf.
>Other/Write in?
File: Ransom.png (79 KB, 910x616)
79 KB
forgot the image damn.
>Agree with the Elf. See if she'd be available in tutoring your daughter with a bow and arrow?
File: Whining.png (83 KB, 910x616)
83 KB
The elf sighs, "Not like I have much choice in this position?"

She's not wrong.

The knight, pretty much dropping all pretenses of valor just lets out a great big whine, "Oh come on Teresa, we never get to slay ANYTHING."

"Its a bad day with bad lack. We should thank the stars Mickey is concussed rather than dead as usual."

Sir Lavernius heaves yet another sigh, muttering something under knightly breath. As he mopes over pick up the cold-clocked little beard-boy.

You can't help but think these guys are not exactly from the A-list.

>Lessons? Better to get it out of the way now.
>Next fight? Tuesday work for you?
>Consolation Prize? A gift basket and a nice kick out the door?
>Other/Write In
>Other/Write In
Point them to some C-list supervillains (that have annoyed Us somehow) to level grind on.
>Lessons? Better to get it out of the way now.
>Consolation Prize? A gift basket and a nice kick out the door? Some health or mana potions and a take out bag. The servants probably prepped more food than needed.
File: Consolation-prize.png (113 KB, 910x616)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

Swiftly escorting the group to the door, you manage to give away a few business cards, "Dr. Gobbledor, he's old school and also old. A bit of a pushover, but still runs you through the classical traps and henchmen gauntlet."

The knight grumbles as he carries his friend out the door.

"Thanks for the reccomendations." Teresa says as you hand off a nice healthy basket of healthy health potions.

"And lessons?" You ask, being quite the meticulous planner.

Teresa shrugs, "Sure, I think I'm clear next week, after hitting up a minotaur labrynth and yeah. Uh we'll see."

Excellent. It is all going according to plan.
And speaking of plans, Its time to get back to your luncheon ones.
File: Lunchtime-End.png (70 KB, 910x616)
70 KB
"Off to Lunch"

So it's getting a little late for me, so I'm gonna end it right here.

Let me know what you guys think. First time running a quest, went with something very casual.
How did I do? Is there anything I can improve upon? Time? Writing? Art? I feel like I settled on a decent artstyle towards the end, with the limited pallet.
And also if this thread is worth archiving or not.
Archive it bro, I loved it! A little too slow for my tastes, but that's because I'm not used to the OP being a drawfriend as well. If you run another, I'd probabaly be there, or perhaps not if you run it at this time continually, considering I'm on Pacific time.
weren't you the guy from the childbright setting thread?
Well I always like this type of casual villain-hero dynamic, so would love to see more.

Art is nice.

Yeah, archive it, t'was good.

One maybe fault is starting time - kinda late into the night. You may get more people by running earlier.
Looks fun, I only joined in at the tail end, but it seemed open ended enough for me to jump right in. Shame its a one shot, but hopefully it means you'll be making running more quests.
File: EVILORD-ROUGH.png (238 KB, 700x900)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Thanks anon. I'll admit I was sort of learning as I went along. I think that the pace of me drawing, and writing is something I'll need to work on. But I am glad you liked it. I think If I run it again I'll try and aim to start earlier.

There was Kidpunk back in the day, the first times I've drawfagged here. But there was the lighthearted world-building thread a few weeks ago where this idea came from.

Pic related was a product of that thread and I sort of wanted to see if it could translate well. Believe it or not I had three different story paths in mind.

Yeah I definitely agree on the starting time issue. I'll chalk it up to a little bit of stagefreight and last minute preparing. A couple of hours earlier is my goal.

Otherwise yeah I freaking love some lighthearted evil fun. Being bad in a good way, is quite a way to live.
I think I might give the quest another go. Similar "episodic" structure. I'll be honest, i made it a "One Shot" in case people didn't like it I could let it die peacefully. Though that said people do like it.
Its archived for all those to see it.

Now I'm off to bed. It was fun running guys.
>There was Kidpunk back in the day, the first times I've drawfagged here. But there was the lighthearted world-building thread a few weeks ago where this idea came from.
That sounds pretty cool, but I can't pick up the threads by OP in archive.
Care to share some pointers on how to find the stuff?
I'd check the suptg archives, they're pretty easy to navigate

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