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There maybe an action phase later tonight or tomorrow, while I design the maps for the next two areas feel free to plan for next phase. Or inquire about puzzling mechanics and features :v

[i my reply in stints however]
File: DEARTH_SHEET.png (1.71 MB, 1462x2067)
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Current Rules Sheet for reference.
Those who are interested in joining would have to note that the map is capped at 20/20 players currently it's possible to join in once one dies or is withdrawn from inactivity :v [being botted 3 times for example]
Strategy poll!

Kill the Red Lady or bitch out like bitches?
My heart goes out to Whelk, who is probably going to die twice over if he's gonna go through with being a hero. With that said, he's probably buying time for people to get up the ladder but it seems Loka , Scann and the Cleric are committed to the tunnel exit wherever that would lead. Maybe it connects to the north east exit ?

Bitch out.
Coward. How do you expect to run when it is faster than us and reaches further? Running is never an option.

I guess you want it to rip your head off next. We already have what we came for. There's no need to clear. We should have left a while ago.
You misunderstand me.
I can run just fine. It is no issue. I believe I am the fastest person on the map? For me, escape is easy.

Yet this Red Lady apparently moves far, attacks fast and rips peoples limbs of. How do you expect the six or seven people caught on the wrong side of a narrow strait to out run the thing? With move 3 and no defenses? The very same who gave their lives and limbs to try and rescue you and the others?

Try to run and it'll just move up and attack, and being faster than anyone else, just rip people apart one by one. You are suggesting a terrible course of illconsidered action, and doing it to save your own skin.
I'm heading towards that exit. This was a fight we could of avoided, and still can avoid.




Hmmm... Mmmm...

Well, we really should have waited. Now that it's too late for that, I believe we have no choice but to fight. Several of us that are in no position for running, after all. I believe we will lose far more by running than we will by fighting, provided we all fight together, so that is what I shall advocate."

Whatever the decision is it has have everyone all in. Banshees get faster with more damage they receive. So a half assed attack will mean both choices end in failure because the damn thing just gets stronger with more souls. There's a probable escape route to the SE and the trio to the NE opened a guaranteed one. We're already being overrun in the pit and Tisha said we can't have too many people climb the ladder at once.

There is an incentive to kill it, namely souls, memories, and possible loot but I we may be better off skipping out on it and seeing what else is around before we're too weary to continue. Consider you unleashed the stupid thing in the first place without even asking if anyone was okay with it, how about you take responsibility and buy us some time?
Let's assume for a moment that - the creature would be as strong or stronger than the pit horror. Since it's not as big perhaps not as many stats however two things have changed here;

> It beats us on information
> It beats us on terrain [ie. we don't have high ground]

Furthermore it took what was essentially a really lucky roll from a pyromancer cast to blow that monster down a few pegs and now ? Who knows when we'll like up that kind of shot again; and that horror was over 30 hp if that big fireball was anything to go by.

Now granted it took what was a good half of people to detonate that thing with ease; what do you suppose it'll take with this one ?

I have what could be two propositions;
1. We need to get rid of fog, and we need to do it around the areas that connect to the exit maybe it has an aversion to light its flavor text hints as much.
2. More than 8 people need to be on board with this thing if we want to reproduce a winning battle. Furthermore it would not work to split up and wait to be hunted, at the very least go in groups ? or bunch up with our backs to the light. Otherwise;

we can suspect maybe 2 -3 dead if we book it. It's an acceptable loss in my eyes and it would share a similar figure if we decided to fight it. But if we decide to fight it we need a lot more cooperation than what we're presenting.
Why would I ask for permission to open a door?

I'm sorry, was it somehow made obvious that opening this one very specific door out of the others we've encountered would turn off all the lights in the dungeon. Or that with no lights defenses somehow don't work?

Because I didn't hear anyone ask for permission when they jumped into the pit, or opened a door into the dog of doom, or fought a ballista, or battled assassins.

Also in case its escaped your incredibly condescending notice, I did try to stop it and now I cannot attack because I have no STR. So instead I dodged to soak an attack. And somehow, this thing stuck behind a perfectly ordinary door with no locks, still had enough move to attack and go hide while evading multiple vision cones.

And now you want to have a vote. That's fucking cute. Next time I go save someone for a scytche blade in the back or a giant tentacle horror or a bunch of skeletons, I'll be sure to democratically check with myself if its the right idea first.

Everyone piled down to try and get people out of that giant bonepit, but hey, fuck it, it's fine, now there's trouble elsewhere so let's just abandon people to die. This is a perfectly coherent sentiment and you're not being a hypocrite at all.

For clarifications sake I'm not holding a vote. Just trying to get people to state their plans for action phase so I know if it's worth risking running face first into a boss to go back and help.

You didn't see the 4 visible tiles of the creature with red arms that looked similar to the banshees we were fighting? You could have seen it since turn 21. That's two threads and an entire week to notice it.

You don't necessarily ask permission but you do try planning shit with your teammates because getting your shit fucked up is exactly what happens. Not only that, now everyone else has to help save your sorry ass and contend with something we could have avoided. You fell for an obvious trap, performed miserably, then you call someone a coward when you're essentially useless and can't even help fix the mess you created. Do you see why that might give someone pause?

The big difference between all the stuff you listed was that we were actually defending ourselves from an initial attack or trying to save others. I understand if it was an accident or something but did you even consider what might happen? Because the consequences are not only limited to you.
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I just know I'm going to be dragged into what might be a train wreck. I'm pretty certain the Red Lady is going to take a few more arms before any of this is done.

You're not going to get dragged into one. You boarded one at the station by posting.

>Welcome to skirmish: "It's not the mage's fault this time" edition.
That's one but the Red Lady is another
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Just finished making preliminary ideas for covenants and factions ! There maybe 3 or more so expect something towards that effect on the next zone

Can we get a teaser?


I feel it important that we get the NPCs out of this shithole right now, through the deeper passage or through the ladder north I don't care how.

We needed to be together as a group for this boss, and half of us were in the pit, nowhere near the boss area, and now half the party is split up.

We get the people who are too injured to fight out and hold it back and kill it if we can, but survival takes priority.

Don't be a martyr, one death is enough.

Well we've got the main three figured out

Abalathia's Monolith-
The High Wall surrounding the city of Avalon acts as the last line of defense against invaders and becomes the last will and testament of the Sleeping King Abal. Maintained by the blessings of the Twin Apollos, and protects the Keepers of the Throne, Much of the area outside the wall benefits from the good works of the Abalathian Knight Order, and the Star Divinity. Her Guardsmen are interred as the very statues that watch over the wall and upon death are given many chances to serve the Wall with their bodies for as long as their will persists.
Abalathia's Guardsmen, once indoctrinated as part of the wall give up half the souls they gather but are blessed with vessels everlasting for even with death they are raised back from the memory of the wall and are sent out again to finish their holy work .

Their Covenant would have them fight Invaders that threaten to break through the walls, uphold the ways of the Star Divinity and the Churches of Apollo and above all - Act as the Eyes and Ears of their Sleeping King. As a stone they are one of many and act as one however strange it seems that those who live behind the wall seems to revile outsiders...

The Plague Hunters-
The sweeping plague that ravaged the countrysides of the mortal realm claimed many victims and had not freed them from the horrors of this faceless affliction. In the Dearth however, the Plagued Ones poses as a threat as large as an army of Demons- but now have all but revealed their face giving fire to the rage of a million or so dead and the millions more that have begun to suffer its curse. The Plague Hunters set behind their fealties to kings and gods and worship only the containment if not the Total Destruction of the plagued ones. Their unenviable roles has garnered them the silent respect of both the Watchers of Abalathia and the a nod from the Iron Legion. 1/2>
File: D0G_KNIGHTraw.png (3.26 MB, 3508x4961)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Plague Hunters automatically know to gather the seeds dropped from the Plagued Ones after they die to further their own means to fight them. They are also inoculated to their corruptions and upon death is reanimated by a soul-hungry parasite that consumes their reserve of souls as a trade. This symbiotic relationship with their leech may grant them further power or sap away at their life force if they languish too long. The Hunters can also be found meddling or cooperating with Abalathia's Watchmen or The Iron Legion for reasons likely to do with finding Plagued Ones in their ranks.

Legion Drang-
Disappointed were the vanguard sent off to fight a cosmic war of the gods when they return home to an Avalon that has long forgotten their Draconic Dieties, and their Throne seated by an impotent sleeping King and barred by a high wall. Legion Drang are composed of the Swords that have fought alongside the Six Dragons for three millennia and have been sent back to liberate the throne of its Do-Nothing King before the next invasion surely consumes all of Abalathia. Legion Drang seeks to impress the people outside the Wall into their service and gather as many worthy warriors to become Swords for Lord LoennDark, The Lord of Swords.
Those who become swords for the Legion seek to invade the Throne by conquest and revive the way of their Draconic Keepers.

Becoming a sword means your soul is imbued to your weapon. Should your vessel fail you, your spectre may still let you fight on as a spectre but should your sword break before it is quenched in fires- you will be another shattered and broken blade for the Loenndark's knights to walk over and collect as slag for their furnaces. Swords who manage to fight with glory at their side may use souls to strengthen their weapon and in turn the integrity of their resolve.

The Legion maybe enemies to the Wall but they fight forthe Realm and see no gain in excessive conquest to those who have no strength fight.
In the coming threads I would ask that people not look at spoiler tagged stuff if they are declared as secret actions or saved exclusively for various interests. I really don't want to have to start two seperate threads for each faction.

Couldn't you just get in contact with them via IRC or something?

The game runs in the thread. Ego anything that happens in the game MUST happen in the thread.

Despite a lot of rumors of this game being run in IRC nothing is official or recognized until posted. Strict adherence to the wording of posts tend to define whether or not someone lives or dies.

ON the other hand its a lot easier to recognize cheaters and enforce accordingly here. It just becomes the question of proper enforcement really.

+r: [k~fxct:yw>z@!?r
hoz;5a% .vzl#w(jsu6:q,!a?>x.

How very mysterious

In the description of the Book of the First Light, it said it could only be read during camp. What counts as 'camp', exactly?
To Camp sit down by the light of the sacred Pyre. You are now Camping.

Every turn you are camping is a Full Act.
A List of Camping Acts:
Tend to wounds.
Use a Healing Roll, with Either PER, TEK, or END to knockup any END, STR or SPDwounds you may have. This function takes up your entire turn. Do not move do not do anything else. it is a Full Act. Not all dibilitating injuries can be healed [limb loss for example would require clay, molten iron, or souls]

Should you choose to do nothing you may just rest and recover your mental stats WILL, PER, and TEK at 1 point per turn. This figure can be retroactively applied even if you are dismissed. If a meal is prepared the Rest Per Turn bonus is increased. However, plagued ones and cannibalism would not be safe to eat.

Return [You currently don't know any safe havens]

Camping Actions.... 1 Full Act.
This includes reading tomes to learn spells [which require successful attempts]
Meditating or praying to attune to new spells.
Or communing with other wandering spirits for their services.

The Light of the Sacred Pyre exudes the light of the first sun warding off dark creatures. However this does not stop other Wanderers or Beasts to ambush the Pyre - cancelling any further attempts at camping.

Another note: With a group conensus a number of turns can be skipped to speed up the process of healing/ prepping etc. This would normally lead to turns to conclude for the day. Or transition over to a Downtime thread.

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