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Given the death of the previous thread here: >>46916178

I would like to take a moment and discuss some features I've been looking at implementing into the game, and others that I am tempted to remove. Of course, the features that would be implemented would be replaced with the newly implemented features. You can see them here: http://pastebin.com/1WgGqFCB

So, thoughts on this? Any gripes or comments that players would like to voice before we resume?
A suggestion make a inheritcance system or something similar to floors, while flawed it makes it so that returning players have some sort of benefit come back to the game with a fresh char.

Make customization of custom items and mabye the chance for custom abilities to suit a players play-style.
What about a sort of destiny/lineage system, similar to the Llama bank in floors? If someone has the tripcode for the items then they can use any recovered on character death.

Also, with how the mechanics behind recipes and new item level functions, characters would be able to target the weapon traits or skills directly and just wish to add something onto it. This could be done by adding any new variable to the mix, such as a monster part that contains flammable fluid, or a piece of equipment that is innately lighter than it should be. Other stuff like that.

In essence, the recipe list would turn into a 'place two items or more in here, choose features and skills, get new item based on the combination and choices made' system instead of just slapping two items together and hoping they become better.
While that is a good idea and i appluad you for that, honestly i do not believe that the linieage system is a good idea mabye make it like a veteran system where the more your char lasts before death they may recieve bonuses such as possible starting items or a starting skill.
Another one would be to improve ranged combat, it seems honestly very dull at the moment compared to melee mabye enhance ranged combat or simply make it more rewarding to use it rather than simply attacking from a distance.
Such as mabye add ranged skills or a ranged race or class of sorts to make it seem more rewarding as not only does the for example the grand-blade can outdo the average long iron. Plus the long iron requests ammo maybe make ammo or ranged weapons more customize or more rewarding.

One last one would be to improve the elemental stone system it seems just a buff at the moment something you use as a sort of stepping stone.
Mabye focus more on the elements mabye make a sort of magic system although seeing so far i doubt a magic system may work but it is a suggestion at the least.
There already are ranged skills, just like there's focus skills, and other weapon skills that just haven't been inquired towards. However, to make ranged combat more interesting, one of the things I could do would be removing boomerang effects on the only ranged weapon used so far: the chakram. Pretty much makes it a mandatory skill to learn that way.

I'm willing to bet you haven't read the pastebin, where it states that gear would have skills built in. If a player with the new gear dies, and they make a new character then they can pick up the old gear and have the skill immediately that way.

As for the ranged race or class options: it's very poor design to make a race the best at ranged, or even ideally made for only ranged combat. Ranged class on the other hand: less poor form, but still linear in design. Once again the only ranged combat that's been portrayed in the game is incredibly limited.

Ammunition was originally going to allow someone to apply additional weapon traits to the attack when used, but once again nobody bothered with it so that was never seen. Elemental stones were only used once and in a recipe that resulted in poor misfortune. If added to the new recipe, which is more reliable (as stated in the pastebin a couple times) then the elemental stones would already be buffed by the recipe mechanics themselves.
Still digesting the 'bin, but it said we wouldn't have inventory slots? How then d'we get the bits and bobs home?
Carrying them in hand, on shoulder, or in the clothes or packs worn. Shoulder slot would pretty much house the backpacks, satchels, and other carrying capacity items. Robes have pockets, belts can have stuff tucked in them, and other stuff.
Alright, so, what would happen to the existing characters? Reset to zero?
Also, with the heavy dependence on crafting for character improvement, would Hearth (and others like him) still charge both a PCA and cash? With the present limit on PCAs that seems a bit harsh.
Considering that the only reason why zenny would have merit would be to purchase items from shops, the recipe craft would no longer merit the money to perform. However, it would still require the PCA to experiment. In terms of doing refined recipe craft? I guess that would be a service that might cost a little bit of zenny, but that's just to replicate something similar to buying a known item in that regard.

As for existing characters, they'd pretty much get starting equipment which should have a chunk of the skills they've already acquired, not including racial skills which will be hard set to the default handful.

In essence, all races get their available race skills at start with potential modifications. Adepts get all of their basic Agile Strike options, Ferox will have burrow frenzy and rake on top of devour, Leng will have a crafting ability on top of their identification focus strike and analyze skills, and Golems will be getting some heavy modifications as well since their basic skill list is not well synergized to being well-rounded.

This also means that classes, when introduced, will be able to have more than just the adepts capable of advancing to them.

Cool so we're looking at a decent base to start with and from there you can build a character?
Yep. Pretty much giving starting characters more than two options and nothing to contribute to combat other than base skills and their own fortunes.

Also been pondering allowing the active players to have a sort of new start program set up for new players. It would be like giving new players a few zenny to buy starting equipment with, or the potential to have their starting equipment given a pre-paid upgrade or something of the sort. Thing is, that would be stuff discussed with the active players while in a town, or maybe out in the field. Who knows.
I'll be putting a first draft of the new implementations within the next day or two. Just making sure it works and lets the group hit the ground running.
Hope everything goes well, really looking forwards to to the improved system, sorry I don't have much to contribute
Hope everything goes well, really looking forwards to to the improved system, sorry I don't have much to contribute
More questions then. Current characters equipment; will it also reset?
PCAs, will they be given out on the current norm of 1-per-town visit, or more like Pass?
daaaamn bump
Thinking of just having characters stockpile PCA's on each room or zone clear, then spending them in town. Otherwise it's one default PCA in town, maybe 2 for new characters to help them catch up.

stockpiling them would be nice mainly to give us more flexibility in building characters.

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