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Back on track edition

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=saving+anime+quest (pls upboat).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LorN94

This is a work of fiction. It doesn’t necessarily represent nor portray the state of the industry or the beliefs of the Author
Any reference to pre-existing work of fiction is to be considered entirely coincidental (or if you know any good doujinshi like that, pass the sauce).

No character is speaking on the behalf of the author. Their moral considerations as well as their beliefs regarding the social, religious and political sphere are representative only of the characters themselves.

Quest episodes aren't subjected to scale economies. Don't trust economics professors telling you the opposite.

I can’t promise you’ll have fun. I can promise however that I will try to make this fun. I am responsive to the audience and I will try accommodate most requests.

As usual we begin on the next post
The square table at the tavern divides the people you know into sectors perfectly.
On your right, the people you like: the Warrior, the Priest, and Worst/Best Girl, who came over as soon as she heard that something happened in the Shounen sector involving an Outer.
“How did you even find out where I was?”, you asked her. She glared at you before refreshing your memory. “You got lost and I brought your sorry ass back here on your first day. That’s how”.

She doesn’t look like she’s in a particular good mood when she talks with you, but she’s cheerful with the others. Maybe she would just like some acknowledgement.
On your left, on the other hand, stand the people you do not like: sir Wake Me Up Inside, the crossdresser and the catgirl.

The latter had somewhat regained her composure after the accident of yesterday, but still looked positively pissed.
“How could you low-lives possibly mistake me, the princess of the Anthros, with a good-for-nothing bawd? I consider myself offended!”, she loudly proclaimed upon your return.
Your attempts to explain her that she looked wasted were mostly in vain. You also incidentally learned that she destroyed the trap’s furniture. ‘Serves him right for looking for trouble’, you thought.

And right in front of you, the people you were still on the fence about: the silent knight you met the day before and the Rotten Magical Girl.
“Well done, Outer. You’re not as useless I thought you’d be”, she said as soon as she came in. She was never one to mince words, but you expected at the very least some recognition.
And so there you were, throwing an improptu celebration for the success of yesterday.
Naturally neither you nor the Warrior had the strength to lift a finger on that same day, so you decided to postpone the revelry. And now, as the Warrior is helping himself to another beer, could be the chance to getting to learn more about your companions.

>Talk with the Edge Knight
>Talk with the Silent Knight
>Talk with the magical girl (real)
>Talk with the magical girl (false)
>Talk with the catgirl
>Talk with Best/Worst Girl
>>Talk with the Silent Knight
>can't talk to priest
>Talk with Best/Worst Girl
Girl, why you angry with us?
>Talk with best/worst girl
Might as well cheer her up and give her daily dosage of best girl before seeing somebody important.

you had one job OP in WQT, but afternoon anyway.
what am I missing?
Nothing? I just meant like, We get her out of the way and she seems happier and boom. Done with one person for the party. you know... before its ruined with some weird attack by Nazi space ninja's come for the apparent Princess of Anthro's?

I saw the broken link in the other place thing. if that's what you meant.
that's what I meant. I fixed it though so it's ok, it's not like the other anons will notice, r-right?
ITS OVER, YOU ARE RUINED OP! You'll never win Qm award 2017!


Called and writing by the way, just got stuck with a little something
>>Talk with the Silent Knight
Best Girl was gulping down some inscrutable beverage with gusto when you tried to talk with her.
She took her time finishing her drink before responding to you.
“Oh oh oh. Look who decided to pay some attention to the country bumpkin.”

“Hey, aren’t you blowing it a bit out of proportion?”
“You forgot everything about me, didn’t you!?!”, she asks, pissed.
“Of course not. What exactly do you think I have been up to all this time?

She sighs. “Yeah, I probably overreacted. I hate this harsh character of mine, I wish I was a bit less of a walking stereotype. I bet telling my coworkers about you would totally make them jealous, if I had coworkers”
She smiles faintly, and returns to her dish.

You wonder for a second what it must be like being a second-class character in an harem comedy, running desperately towards a dense protagonist who will most likely end up not picking you anyway.
The girl must have had an hard life, and her terribly luck surely didn’t help.

Could it be that she was actually feeling affection for you? Was she afraid to lose you just he lost her Main Character?
“Hey, Best Girl. How was your Main Character?”

She looks at you in embarrassment, probably because of the question or because of the subject matter. Most likely both.
“Oh, he was… nice, I think. Yeah, very nice. And dependable”

‘So that’s all a person has to be in an Harem Comedy to make girls fall desperately in love with him? This simply can’t get any more generic’
“Sounds like a terrific guy. But tell me, do you think you could love again?”

The girl assumes a pensive expression.
“Good question. I think I could surely feel a lot of affection for someone else, but I don’t think I could fall in love in again”, she concludes.

You shift her gaze from her face, dripping with melancholy, to that of Sweet Dream Princess, who is staring at you with cheeks puffed in jealousy. Shaking your head, you take a few more forkfuls of your dish.
“Oi, Outer, stop flirting with girls! You’re ruining my BL pairings!”, says the real, annoying magical girl.
“I have my own sexual preferences. Get over it, homo-hugger”.
She sticks her tongue out, then she turns to her ‘colleague’ and starts chatting with him.

>Talk with the Edge Knight
>Talk with the Silent Knight
>Talk with the catgirl
>Talk with Priest
>>Talk with Priest
Let's see about that other half of the prophecy.
>>Talk with the catgirl
>Talk with Priest
>Talk with the Priest

Turning strictly to your right, you attempt to whisper to the Priest.
“Hey, holy man, where’s my necklace?”

“Haven’t seen it in a while now. Where did it end up?”
“Ah, let’s say I found someone who would buy it at a very high price. Much more than that piece of junk was worth, anyway”
“Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, you should notify me about that?”

He shrugs apologetically. “Dude, next time bring extradimensional cash on you. I need to pay for the two of us”
He makes a point. Maybe it’s better to let him off the hook this time.
“Alright, alright. As long as I can keep having double bacon for breakfast”

“Yes, yes, double bacon double freedom, that’s what you said”
“You got it. Now, talking about something more pressing, what do we do about the other half of the prophecy?”
“Good question. What was that? A lifeless land that craves no existence. That’s gonna be a lot more hard to decipher”

“Hey Outer, what are you talking about? It better not be the Prophecy”, the annoying magical girl scolds you.
“What if it is? Are you my legal tutor?”
“I am, since that Priest is doing quite the half-assed job. And remember to call me onee-san”

“Remember to choke on a bag of dicks, hag. If you have inputs regard the prophecy, I am all ears”
“Oh, me? I have no clue. But have you tried talking with the Anthro over there?”
Indeed, the catgirl is staring at you with her arms crossed.

“Oh, right. You said you came here to visit me, didn’t you, Ante?”
“It’s not Ante, it’s Anthro!”, she scolds you. “Besides trust me, all the willingness I had to help you vanished the second I met you!” she sighs.
“So of all the things you said, that’s what got through you? This world is doomed”
You probably have important things to ask her, after all. Such as

>Why were you dressed like a slut? In fact, why are you dressed like a slut right now?
>Who sent you here?
>Who are you supposed to be?
>Why were you dressed like a slut? In fact, why are you dressed like a slut right now? And Don't say its cause your hot!
>>Why were you dressed like a slut? In fact, why are you dressed like a slut right now?
>>Who sent you here?
Fucking furries.

let's give it a few guys, I am just waiting for the other folks to vote.
That's fine, ain't nobody rushing you.
>Why were you dressed like a slut? In fact, why are you dressed like a slut right now?
>Who sent you here?
“Hem hem”, you clear your throat.
“Miss Catgirl Princess. Why were you dressed like a slut? In fact, why are you dressed like a slut?”
The question takes everyone aback.

“Wh-whatever do you mean? I am simply wearing what I normally wear!”
“Right. So your usual clothing consists of a bikini. You must have an hell of a mild winter where you come from”
“Th-that’s exactly the case! Besides, that’s not the proper way to address a princess!”

“And that is not the proper dress to wear in a semi-formal occasion. Really now, what do you think you looked like, lying wasted on the floor with barely any clothes on?”
Her tanned skin turns red on her face, and her huge hazel eyes seem to be on the verge of crying.
“What are you trying to imply?”

“I dunno, you tell me! You even called me Master, I didn’t know you were into that kind of things”.
The noise of a fist hitting the table brings you back to reality. It’s the silent argent knight, who then points with his finger to the table, as to signal you to keep focused on the matter at hand.

“Right. We digress. So, Mittens, what brings you here, exactly?”
“Mittens? That’s supposed to be my name?”
“I think it’s cute. It sounds a bit like kitten, and then there’s fact that you’re a cat. Get it?”

“Hilarious. Anyway, before being obscenely slandered by this third-rate Outer, I was trying to introduce myself properly.
I am a princess of the Anthros, a race of anthropomorphic animals. We learned through our shamans that a great prodigy had occurred in the Holy City: the advent of an Outer. I was dispatched by my father, the King, to witness it personally and to assist the Outer by any means necessary. Needless to say, I got really sick during the trip, and that’s the state you found me in when you, er, ‘rescued’ me”
“Makes sense. So far I am inclined to believe you. Precisely, how are you supposed to help me?”
“Huh?”, the girl blurts in surprise. “W-well, I didn’t really have a plan. I was thinking I’d just wing it…”

>”Alright, she’s useless. Who’s got an idea?”
>Share the prophecy with her and look for inputs from everyone
>”I’d honestly prefer to talk about this just with the Priest”
>Share the prophecy with her and look for inputs from everyone
>Share the prophecy with her and look for inputs from everyone

You pinch your nose in frustration.
“Alright, very well, very well. Let’s wing it. So far, this is what we’ve got: a prophecy about two places, one of which we have located, which will give us a hint about where salvation is”

You pull the broken compass out of your pocket and put it on the table for everyone to see.
“We visited the first cursed place, and that’s what we’ve got. The second place has been described as a ‘A lifeless land that craves no existence’. Someone here suggested it is a place that thrives off death in some way”.

You look around. Everyone is looking at you expectantly. The burden of being the savior of a world sure is heavy.
“So if you guys have any ideas, this is a good moment to make them. Let’s find the needle and then start our quest proper”

Two hands are raised: Mittens’s and Princess’s.
Hard decision: which one do you hate the least? You decide to go for the crossdresser, who has provided valuable inputs in the past.

“You there, admiral Ackbar. What do you propose?”
“STOP IGNORING TO ME, ONII-CHAN!”, is all he says.
“Ignoring you how? I picked you over the catgirl”

The boy looks somewhat perplexed. Did he not expect this?
“Besides, I told you to stop calling me like that. What’s with the onii-chan and onee-san, anyway? Who would use this stuff in real life? High-functioning autists, that’s who.”
Looking dejected once again, the boy shrinks on his seat, as if trying to disappear.

You exhale a breath of frustration. “Furry girl, the stage is yours”
“Drama section”
That’s the response you received, delivered in a straight and deadpan voice.

“Drama… section?”
“Of course”. Her feline face burrows in an expression that conveys both her predatory instincts and her natural cunningness.
“All plots need death or defeat to advance. Yet there is only one genre that can’t prescind from death and suffering”.
She turns to face you with that serious expression.
“Didn’t you think of that before?”
The argent knight emits a sound like a laughter. There clearly is no derision in his voice: he just sounds genuinely happy about the positive development.

“Guess you outsmarted us there. Well, not times to sit on the bleachers, as the Priest always says. We have to decide who will come with me to Dramaland”.

SELECT THREE COMPANIONS (You can cast up to three votes)

>Best Girl
>Edge Knight
>Silver Knight
>Magical Girl (real)
>Magical Girl (fake)
>>Best Girl
>>Silver Knight
Let's rock.
>Silver Knight
what happened to the rest of the player?
Guess this happened because I fucked up the OP.
>>Silver Knight

I got distracted, didn't even notice the OP
Maybe who knows in all honesty.
Four people. That’s the optimal size.
More would be too many, while bringing less people wouldn’t be optimal.

“Alright. Priest, I need you by my side. Will you come?”
He nods. You didn’t expect any less from him.
“Mittens. You’re quick on the uptake. I want you by my side”
“Very well”
“Silver knight. Warrior has done his share of fighting, and Edge Knight is probably too busy pondering about treason to fight. Will you join us?”
A metallic clang. The warrior agreed.

“Perfect. Now…”
You stop mid sentence. The magical girl is staring at you.
“Got something to say, Rotten Girl?”

“I agree with your strategy, four people is the optimal size. However, I am not comfortable leaving you alone”
She tosses you a coin. “Keep it with you, it will allow for telepathic communication. I can assure you I am more resourceful than I look like”, she says, winking.

The Warrior, silent up until that point, grunts in assent.
“The fairy lady here has a few aces up her sleeve. Don’t underestimate her”.
If he says so, he is probably, right.

“Ok, let’s leave right awaaaaaa!”
You lose your balance and fall on the floor.
Best Girl is promptly by your side. “Are you alright, Outer?”

“Yeah, I am. The floor must be slippery”. You attempt to get up, and you fall once again.
It’s not like you can’t keep your balance, it’s more like some sort of magnetic force is pulling you forward, preventing you from standing still.

You stand up once again and accomodate the traction coming from your feet moving your legs.
“Er, I need to take a walk, I will be back later!”
“Wait, it’s dangerous!”, you hear the trap say.

But there’s no way to avoid it. Your feet are moving on their own, bringing you to an corner of the city that looks familiar.
The blue sky turns grey, and the clouds cover the sun.
‘This is not good’, you think to yourself. ‘It’s bringing me back to that dead end alley’
And finally you’re there. The alley looks a lot less scary now that it’s not night, but still it gives you the chills.
You hear a few footsteps, and once again the figure of the Witch appears at the entrance of the alley.
“You! I suspected as much”
A gentle laugh, then a mellifluous voice says “Congratulations”

“Right. You’re halfway through this, so I suppose congratulations are in order. We’ve given you all the right hints, didn’t we?”

Illuminated by the faint light, the witch’s beauty is even more enchanting than you remembered.
“But you’re still not standing up for yourself, are you? They made you their errand boy. Isn’t it sad, Outer? Just cleaning after their mess?”

“It’s not their mess. My folk made it, so I think it’s ok if I fix it. These people aren’t bad. They are just wrong, sometimes, but aren’t we all?”
“You can say that again, Outer. However, I would really dislike it if you found out you’re wrong at the last moment. This is why I’ve given you a chance to reconsider, free for you to use whenever you want”

She struck right where it hurts. At the end of the day, you have no certainties.
She summoned you here again, but she’s not hurting you. Who’s really in the wrong here?
“Anyway, unwanted guests are gonna show up anytime now. It’s been fun, Outer. I hope to see you soon”, she says, before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

The spell that was binding you is broken. You walk towards the main road, and you can see the Edge Knight approaching.
“Were you looking for me, Dark and Dark?”
“I was. But I can see you’re doing fine”
“I am. Let’s go, they must be worried”

“Yes, a wise decision. However, wise decisions aren’t alway the best. Sometimes you have to figure out things for yourself using your heart, not your mind.”
You nod. You can’t even express in words how precious that piece of advice is right now.

New companions! New areas! New contagious diseases!
Can, and will our MC survive these? Will the OP stop sucking cocks?

This, and much less, in the next episode of:

And on a personal note, thanks to everyone who showed up. I decided to end it here for today for a number of reasons. I hope you had fun.
We might run again un tuesday, as usual I will keep you updated.
Have a good one OP, see you next time.
>Silver Knight
I want to pick Best Girl, but that'll end up in a tie. So Catgirl it is.
Welp, time to hung myself.

Thanks for running OP!
Well how convenient is that.
Definitely doing it now.
please don't, think of the people who love you.
Like me.
Don't be a trap, Let him do it. His old enough to buy rope.
this is getting too meta too quickly.

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