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  • File :1243195100.jpg-(103 KB, 731x1162, 1242863691240.jpg)
    103 KB Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)15:58 No.4650108  
    Well, the one I posted last night 404'd, so I'll start a new thread to brainstorm ideas for it, starting with reposts of what was developed last night:

    I started a thread the other day asking people's opinions on the Magic of Incarnum book, and got some rather interesting answers. One of which strongly reinforced an existing opinion I held. That all the variant magic systems for 3.5 (truenaming, shadowcasting, pact binding, psionics, Incarnum, and warlocks) make great magic systems, but only in the absence of traditional arcane/divine spells. So, you know what, I like that idea. But many of these concepts don't fit the Western European fantasy default very well, they all stem from more eastern sources. So, with that in mind, I started working on a new setting, which has no traditional spellcasters at all. The setting is primarily a fusion of two of the coolest cultures I know of outside of Europe. Ancient Egypt and Ancient China (Significantly less weeaboo than Japan, as I'll be avoiding japan-specific classes and archetypes). This will be the core group of kingdoms, with analogues to Arabia, Polynesia, Africa, India, and and Eastern Russia
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:01 No.4650142
         File :1243195288.jpg-(138 KB, 893x1024, 1242861008805.jpg)
    138 KB
    Here's the established class list, and the societal/party roles they fill

    So far I have this list of classes, and which roles they'll be covering (depending on culture):

    Barbarian = Barbarian
    Factotum = Bard
    Ardent (psionic) = Cleric
    Totemist (incarnum) = Druid
    Fighter = Fighter
    Monk = Monk
    Psiwarrior = Paladin
    Soulborn = Paladin
    Hexblade = Paladin
    Divine Mind = Paladin
    Ranger = Ranger
    Rogue = Rogue
    Scout = Scout
    Swashbuckler = Swashbuckler
    Incarnate = Sorceror
    Binder = Sorceror/Wizard
    Shadowcaster = Sorceror
    Dragon Shaman (likely renamed/refluffed) = Spirit Shaman
    Warlock = Warlock/Sorceror
    Truenamer = Wizard

    My next few posts will be setting info for the different regions/countries I came up with last night.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:02 No.4650147
    Egypt analogue: One unified nation under an empire, but so spread out that combined military actions are nearly impossible so it operates more like a republic, with each area paying taxes/tribute to the overall empire, but the local nobles running day-to-day operations. Very religious people, with a single pantheistic faith shared across the land. Strong preference towards Incarnum and truename magics. Many large, metropolitan cities, but very few towns or villages between. Black sheep of this culture would be binders and Psionicists. Armor and clothing is all light, because of the oppressive temperature, and mobility and grace are very highly regarded.

    China analogue: A very wide spread people, they are made up of dozens of medium-sized nations held together in an economic federation, standardizing currency and regulating trade with outsiders, but internally very contentious and factionalized. Different guilds vie for control of lucrative tracts of land and ownership/control of different cities. A very religious, but not very devout people, they have many gods but little unifying faith or devout adherence to religious ideals. Magically, they prefer Psionics of all kinds and dragon Shamans, each Dragon representing a Head of one specific spirit family. Black sheep of this setting include: Warlocks, Shadowcasters, and Binders.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:02 No.4650155
    India analogue: Once a very powerful and civilized nation, its empire fell apart long ago when its capital was sacked by barbarians and its major cities fell into ruins, reclaimed by jungle. While it still maintains a small handful of metropolitan culture and trade centers, these are essentially independent city states, leaving the many poor villages of the land to their own devices. After its primary religion collapsed, many disparate cults sprang up across this troubled land. Very diverse in spiritual and magical paths, favored classes include Shadowcaster, Warlock, Hexblade, Psiwarrior, Totemist, Binder, and Truenamer. What is or is not acceptable as a magical path or religious beleif varies widely from one village to the next.

    Eastern Russia analogue: Mountains and broad steppes and plains make up this land. Mostly empty due to tough soil and bitter winters, this land is the province of the Horse Lords. Several clans of Horse Lords roam this area in nomadic cycles, taking what they need or desire from all they encounter. Magic is greatly distrusted here, and any accusation of witchcraft tends to result in at least one lynching.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:03 No.4650161
    Polynesia Analogue: A Large string of heavily active volcanoes, this cluster of islands is frequently rocked by massive quakes. Known as 'The Demon's Heart' by those on the mainland, the locals are seen as savages without equal and infernalists of the worst sort. Whether as a result of persecution on the mainland, or simply because of convenience, this area boasts a large number of Shadowcasters, Binders, Warlocks, and Hexblades. The small villages of this region rarely act in concert, and no government exists outside of each village's elders. Religious beleifs vary widely in this region.

    Arabia analogue: Originally a string of oases and trading posts throughout the desert wastes, this land eventually grew into individual cities, each with its own dreams of Egyptian grandeur, but lacking any unifying force to make them more than a broad collective of nominally cooperative city-states. Incarnum and truenaming are established means of attaining power here, though they've mostly been accepted in imitation of the Egyptian analogue. Dragon Shaman missionaries from the north, and their converts, are also not unheard of. Religiously this area is very disparate, having once been a portion of the Indian analogue's empire, they have since adopted many different beliefs which often lead to conflict.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:04 No.4650168
    African Analogue: A fetid land of jungles, swamps, and barren plains, this region is home to many nomadic tribes with little in common save for a general distrust of outsiders. Once conquered and heavily abused by the Indian Analogue's empire, most tribes now make it a point to violently repel any outsider caught in their territory, leading to frequent battles both with each other, and with settlers from other nations attempting to exploit this resource rich land. Strong tribal ties lead to strict adherence to ancient tribal rites and beliefs, and make Totemists the only 'acceptable' source of supernatural power. Any and all others are considered blasphemers or demonologists, and lynched or burned in short order.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:05 No.4650178
    >Hexblade = Paladin
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:12 No.4650228
    yes, that's the general role they fill in their culture, and the basic power set. fighter BAB, some minor spells, some useful and semi-useful alternate abilities.
    Plenty of rich cultural background to work with, lots of mythology, but breaking away from the over-done Western Europe paradigm.

    So, does this sound like an OK setting so far?

    I welcome all input, even the trolls who tried to crap all over the last thread. Their insights can but just as useful as anyone else.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:12 No.4650229
    It sounds like you have a strong setting so far...
    Anything on the actual cosmology?
    Vestiges are easy enough, but where does SOUL come from for Incarnum?
    Is psionics actually energy from the deep recesses of the mind?
    What do the Warlocks make pacts with?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:15 No.4650261
    >Ancient China (Significantly less weeaboo than Japan, as I'll be avoiding japan-specific classes and archetypes

    replace shogun with general/warlord
    katana with chinese katana (apparently)
    shinto with taoism
    geisha with consorts
    japfags with chinafags
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:18 No.4650282
    Incarnum can be the individual spirits of departed ancestors, or the natural oversoul of creation (common theme in eastern mythologies), whichever works better as the setting grows.
    Psionics will be the power of a disciplined mind made manifest. Any mortal can learn to tap this power, but it requires a great deal of dedication to do so well.
    Warlocks will make pacts with Demons, Daemons, Devils, Djinn, and whatever else I can think of. They're going to be all about garnering power from outside sources.
    I hadn't thought too much about the deity structure yet, aside from general regional religious lines. What would you suggest?
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:23 No.4650326
    There will be no: katanas, shoguns, samurai, ninja, wu jen, shugenja, or other cliches. These things will not exist in this setting. At all. This is not L5R.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:30 No.4650379
    i played a very low level 2e campaign involving a rather chinois nation.
    i used bard mechanics as scholars-maghistrates that had to be lawful.
    Mages as chaos only wu-jen sorcerors and shamans
    Druids were taoist geomancers (i mean elemental magic, shapeshifting, scimitar and no armor with a nature thing? deffo Taoist)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:38 No.4650439

    don't forget no Kanji either. lol
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:41 No.4650456
    well, I'm cutting out the classes of Wizard, Sorceror, Druid, Cleric, Bard, Paladin, etc. The class listing in >>4650142 will be the only classes in the setting, and I may drop one or two of those.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:43 No.4650472
         File :1243197827.png-(114 KB, 427x348, 1235849869111.png)
    114 KB

    >no kanji
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:47 No.4650497
    You need a Mongol culture for your barbarians.

    Since they're Mongols, give them a horse and free ranks in ride.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:50 No.4650513
    China, you say?

    Jiang Shi are required.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:50 No.4650516

    Already covered in >>4650155, under the Eastern Russian analogue. Barbarians will take many forms.

    I'm more worried about species. We talked a bit last night about it, but I'm still at a loss. I'd like to have at least 7 non0human species, and I don't want to use generic fantasy boilerplate (orcs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, hobbits, final destination). So, what are some eastern-fitting playable races, or variations of existing races?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:56 No.4650545
    add artificer as a crazed alchemist
    I would get rid of monk though. talk about cliché.

    truenamer/binders would be fantastic as secret egypt/jewish cultist cabal type with secret languages etc
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)16:56 No.4650549
    The hopping chinese vampire? Sure, why not?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:56 No.4650550
    Best campaign i ever ran used Secrets of Pact Magic instead of arcane or divine magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:57 No.4650551
    Ogres of sorts tend to be utilized by eastern myth a lot in generally the same role as they are in western folklore. Big scary guys who eat people, though sometimes they're demons.

    You could play off of that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:57 No.4650554

    eladrin, dragonborn, tiefling, deva
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)16:58 No.4650564
    Tiefling has a lot of potential.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)17:04 No.4650589
    do any dm just ban wizards/cod outright for being grossly overpowered and replaced them with ToM classes and warlocks?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)17:08 No.4650605
    a set worshipping Yuan-Ti jungle kingdom very egypto-chinesey
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)18:06 No.4650769
    Well, after last night's discussion, I'm thinking one reptilian race, preferably serpentine, but not Yuan-Ti, as they already have way too much baggage tacked on. Also one avian-descended race (something similar to kroot, but not infringing on any trademarks), and an insectile race. Drommite was considered for the bugs (as well as the short-stature race, which seems to be a requirement of any setting), but I don't like ECLs. I might be able to modify the 'Half Giant' race into something ogre-ish.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:07 No.4650776
    Not this shit again
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/24/09(Sun)18:11 No.4650804
    What, you dislike discussions on original settings?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:13 No.4650812
    use Raptoreans from Races of the Wild for an avian-descended race
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:14 No.4650819
    >do any dm just ban wizards/cod outright for being grossly overpowered and replaced them with ToM classes and warlocks?

    I did this in the last game I ran. I ended up with a Beguiler, a Dread Necromancer, and a Duskblade.

    It was pretty cool, but the party wound up TPKing against a nymph (which had Druid spellcasting, so perhaps I should've banned that shit for NPCs as well...)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:24 No.4650878
    when it's just coating everything in a thin layer of "lol not like official" it can hardly be called a setting. So you've changed a bunch of class names, but still leave them with specialised names (most peasants aren't going to be able to distinguish them anyway)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:44 No.4650999
    why not just base ur campaign in riedra?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:47 No.4651020
    because Eberron is for fogots
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)18:51 No.4651052
    D&D's inaccurate fetishisation of Western medieval culture and history is about as rabidly and self-indulgently inaccurate and masturbatory as anime weeaboo fetishisation of Japanese culture and history.

    It's hilariously hypocritical when fatfags scream WEEABOO WEEABOO while jerking each other off when contemplating UNF PURE WESTERN STUFF UNF.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:06 No.4651148
    yep, d&d needs to reclassified as fantasy and taken out of the history section
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:17 No.4651225

    We gotta maintain the purity of the white race, dude.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:24 No.4651275
    then we need to get more niggaz into D&D instead of gangbangin white chicks
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:36 No.4651350
         File :1243208164.png-(108 KB, 313x238, Recent purchase.png)
    108 KB
    This setting sounds incredible, Munitorum.

    I would play in an instant.
    I HEAVILY HEAVILY suggest Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic.
    It takes Vestiges to an unheard of level. There's a Paladin-like, a Cleric-like, a Fighter-like, a Bard-like that all use Spirit Binding.
    You'd benefit from at the very least reading through it for your Binders.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:39 No.4651380
    No Artificer? At least Psionic Artificer? Seems like it could play a hugely important role in the world.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:42 No.4651408
    >DnD 3.5
    >Can't stay on front page.

    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:48 No.4651452
    Explain to me why the link to the Trojan accompanied with the picture of the moderately attractive(subjective) SuicideGirl is ahead of this thread.
    You can't.
    Bump for justice.
    Fucking talk shop, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:49 No.4651462
    explain why tits are more popular than 3.5?
    gee whiz I'd really like to help you son, but I think you might be gay
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:53 No.4651496
    Sorry, my mistake, I thought this was /tg/ not /chauvinistdickmouthscan'tfigureoutwhatthisboardissupposedtobeabout/
    Go ahead with the boobs, I think I'll go to /v/ to talk about DnD.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:54 No.4651504

    Please do.

    Christ you're a whiner.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)19:59 No.4651528
    It's a bot.

    Eh. I can see why you'd want it, but I think advanced tech would be out of place, if this is changing the location and not the themes.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:02 No.4651548
    I don't really mean ADVANCED tech. I just mean an axe that's on fire via means that aren't generic magical effects.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:04 No.4651560
    >/v/ to talk about DnD
    lol, enjoy your pokegirls
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:05 No.4651567
    But psionics can do that.
    Incarnum, I believe, can do that.
    Binders can do that.
    Warlocks have Hideous Blow.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:09 No.4651587
    You bring up a good point from the perspective of fluff, but from the perspective of actual mechanics, no class does what an Artificer does. It is alone in its expertise, realistically.
    Making a setting where it doesn't come up is totally okay, I'm only suggesting it because it seemed to fit the bill of non-generic magic in a specialized class format.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:11 No.4651605
    >Touhou, furry, lol randum 40k, and sports stills are preferable to pokegirls
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:11 No.4651609
    This seems like a good time to bring it up...
    I always wanted to see a kind of Fightan Artificer.
    Improved infusions on their own stuff, heavy armor, etc.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:13 No.4651624
    Incorporate elves as shide, hisen, jin, spirit folk etc
    make flavor alignment dependent, CG high elf CN grey CE drow and so on
    so that a high elf that falls to evil switches to drow or maybe seasonly dependent
    immortal but soulless so no resurrection

    elan would be a good addition to notchina, fit nicely as folks who had achieved immortality through psionic taoism/psionic alchemy. Siddartha could still be kicking around trying to get people to stop worshiping him

    necropolitans from libris mortis could be kuei or ghouls or something spirits of the dead venerable ancestors dependent on worship n such

    ease up on standard monsters, chimeric creatures were really a greek phenomena stick with undead demons giant animals/bugs and well, furies, all sorts of anthropomorphic garbage dicking about
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:16 No.4651638
    >>4651587 here

    -high fucking five-
    That's exactly what I'm talking. Meleeficer. One of my favorite characters to date was a Warforged Meleeficer.

    He was unbearably powerful. Took the racial substitution levels, took levels in Spellcarved Soldier. He was a machine, no pun intended.

    I only promote Artificers BECAUSE of this character, knowing first-hand that they don't have to be overpowered magical casting powergamers. They don't HAVE to be rich beyond reason selling their easily crafted +1 shields in every village they come to. They can be a magical hybrid like variation of fighter with very very little tweaking.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:20 No.4651667
    what spell lists for artificer items?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:21 No.4651677
    What do you mean? The regular weapon enchants.
    +1 Flaming or stuff like that.
    It's not a spell list.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:26 No.4651728
    could one make a wand of fire ball
    scribe a true name spell into a scroll
    trap a demon in a bag?
    all that sort of thing
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:29 No.4651761
    Artificer would be out along with the rest of the arcane and divine casters.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:30 No.4651770
    You'd have to go 100% without the generic magic.
    Yes, that means not creating and using powerful wands. That means not putting Spell Storing on your weapons to allow them to be as broken as they want. That means thinking harder about what you're doing.
    I'm not saying you can make scrolls with Truenaming or Shadow Magic. I'm saying, you don't make scrolls.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:31 No.4651775
    That's the problem.
    The Artificer is nice, but it assumes wizardsnshit to activate.
    How do you bottle binder powers?
    How do you encase SOOOOUUUUUUULLLLS?
    How do you actually make sense of psionic items?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:31 No.4651779
    It's neither an arcane nor a divine caster.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:31 No.4651781

    Yeah, they can make a Spellcraft check to craft items using spells they themselves don't possess.

    Any spell, so long as they can make the check.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:33 No.4651792
    Scrolls always pissed me off, but the worst offender was Martial Scripts.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:34 No.4651806
    I think people are missing the point that there are other things to do with an artificer than draw spells from Arcane and Divine lists.
    I know that's super fucking powerful.
    I know that.
    Look. Listen. I know that.
    But when you say an Artificer CAN'T do that, he still has a million other things to do.
    I mean Christ, 3/4 BAB and d8's is almost an explanation for that as it is.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:38 No.4651838
    The problem is how to adapt it so that it can snag Mysteries, Vestiges, Powers, and whateverthefuck Truenamers use instead of powers that can't be represented better by just taking the class that grants them.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:40 No.4651853
    You're misunderstanding the theme.
    You don't replace Arcane Scrolls with Mysteries and Truenaming.
    Just do away with that all together.
    Scribe Scroll is not that important.
    I'm saying that if an Artficier goes completely without any emulated abilities from another class whatsoever, he STILL has Infusions and the ability to craft, making him still a useful party member and fairly powerful to boot.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:40 No.4651856
    so artificer limited to
    arms and armor
    maybe constructs?
    terracotta warriors always good
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:42 No.4651866
         File :1243212153.jpg-(6 KB, 258x224, 1228888191974.jpg)
    6 KB
    >Terra-Cotta Warriors
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:44 No.4651882
    I feel that it makes them a significantly more original class on the whole to force them not to emulate other casting classes and specialize in themselves.
    And with these adjustments, they seem to fit the campaign setting significantly better.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:46 No.4651899
         File :1243212411.jpg-(37 KB, 1052x800, Wut.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:47 No.4651900
    Terra-Cotta Warriors? what book is that from?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:48 No.4651914
    World History for Kids, Houghton-Mifflin
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:48 No.4651915
    while were on the subject
    what about factotums arcane spell emulation?
    giving them access to sorcerer/wizard list might not be game breaking but giving it to artificers probably would be
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:49 No.4651917
    General chinese thing.
    Google it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:49 No.4651923

    gb2/Malfeas/, Fetich soul of the Ebon Dragon.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:50 No.4651931
    The idea of using Artificers is interesting, but if I were to do it I would refluff them a bit. I won't lie I am not quite sure how their mechanics work but would it be possible to change the fluff to something akin to a trickster tricking spirits or beings into powering magic items or making deals with them to imbue power into magic items ect ect?

    Or is my lack of knowledge of the mechanics of 'ficers leading me down a path of ignorance?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:50 No.4651932
    How should they emulate the other casting things?
    Actually, where the crap are they from?
    I should like to read up on them.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:51 No.4651944
    oriental adventures
    most incarnations of l5r for d20
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:53 No.4651960
    I think the Factotum would work better for the trickster aspect...

    But I have this awesome image of a Battle-Smith, crafting his weapons and armor in the forge of battle.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:55 No.4651980
    That's basically how I fluffed Artificers in the last DnD game I ran. They bargained with spirits to get them to inhabit an item and give it powers.

    Given that the orcs in that setting were a major power and had "force spirits into items" magic, the artificer in the party tended to do all his "item making" behind closed doors so as not to get lynched by people not knowing the difference.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:55 No.4651985
    Yeah, their spells are significantly less common and less powerful than an Artificers. And given the idea that they'll be Bardic in flavor via the campaign setting, it stands to reason well enough that they can channel magical power via spiritual dances or singing or the like.
    Sort of, yes, sort of no. Look at it like the absolute power of the forge. Weapons and armor are made from any material in all walks of life, and have been made so abstractly that they could likely overcome any obstacle given enough time to be crafter correctly. The Artificer simply quickens this process to a Standard action for a short amount of time. Need a weapon to be heated in a fire for use as a tortue device? Artificer will whip that up lickety split with his spiritual connectedness to the World Forge. Need your weapon to shoot farther by making the bow of better wood? No problem, he'll pump that quality up to Mahogany with the touch of his fingers and 6 seconds of focus.
    It's no stranger than Psionics, really.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)20:59 No.4652013
    this is somewhat circuitous but scrap all item creation feats give them the ability to emulate planar binding for the express purpose of summoning possessing entities
    as described in the book of vile darkness, so that gives us arms armor and animate statues in a setting specific manner n fluff infusions as awakening the spirits which slumber in all things etc
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:00 No.4652021
    You could probably get away with Wilder as one of the acceptable classes as they have exactly 11 powers total; they're no more powerful than a warlock or a shadowcaster, especially if you deny access to the discipline powers if they use the 'Expanded Knowledge' feat (get 1 more power from either the psychic warrior or psion lists - normally is says you may take discipline powers, but those are the ones most likely to be broken, so just skip those).
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:00 No.4652025
         File :1243213250.jpg-(44 KB, 320x238, 1242269981478.jpg)
    44 KB
    >World Forge
    This is grand.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:00 No.4652027
    Artificers, like factotum, is one of those classes used to break the game by minmaxers, as I recall....
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:03 No.4652045
    We're unbreaking them as we speak.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:04 No.4652053
    seen any DMs dumb enough to let a artificer craft and use magic masks from the "master of mask" class?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:06 No.4652079
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:07 No.4652083
    idk, full psionic progression + vigor lends itself to dbz foolishness
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:09 No.4652103
    What about an Ardent?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:10 No.4652118
    hey, if there is no one to cast create undead would there be any?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:11 No.4652126
    No, I meant flavor-wise.
    You read a piece of paper, and SOMEHOW retain the information of how to do the thing for one use of the thing.
    I could see an item that lets you try an attack roll or something to pull off a maneuver you don't know, or something.

    Heck, I always houseruled scrolls to merely allow wizards to prepare whatever spell was on them, not one-use anyspells.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:12 No.4652144
    IF undeads can be crafted like a golem then the warlock or artificer can
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:14 No.4652159
    safer, would introduce psionic items into the game
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:15 No.4652165
    Or naturally occurring undead, like ghosts.
    Or ghouls.
    Or wights.
    Or ...
    Incarnum Mummies.
    Not Necrocarnum, Incarnum.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:15 No.4652168

    Undead existed long before the spell to create them did, moron.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:17 No.4652177
    god i hate that incarnum shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:17 No.4652181
    Got that covered.

    Fuck yeah, DnD threads that go somewhere. -fist pump-
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:18 No.4652187
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:19 No.4652197
    What kind of monster are you?
    >> Âge the Thread-Bumper !MmGuZRSKpg 05/24/09(Sun)21:19 No.4652203
    Did reading the scroll give them extra spell slots for the day? Or did they have to use some of their default spell slots to prep and cats scroll spells?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:23 No.4652230
    Millennium Kings.
    Swathed in the souls of their most loyal subjects, these ancient masters of Incarnum refuse to die with their kingdoms.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:23 No.4652233
    cannon golems are lifeless hunks of matter into which elemental spirits have been bound. an evil artificer shoving malevolent spirits into a corpse is not too much of a stretch
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:25 No.4652255
    No, they had to use one of their precious slots with it.
    So did sorcs, but wizards didn't have to make an on-the-fly spellcraft check to make it work.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:31 No.4652291
    what about book of nine swords stuff

    maybe just give fighters access to the techniques
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:51 No.4652455
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)21:56 No.4652502
    Why not?

    Yo, dawg, I heard you like Dodge, so put a Dodge bonus in yo class, so you can dodge while you dodge!
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)22:00 No.4652536
    wha does an egyptian swashbuckler look like?
    or for that matter a swashie from Arabia, Polynesia, Africa, India, and and Eastern Russia?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)22:01 No.4652553

    That said, Light Armor + Being Fast + One-handed Weapon comes up a lot of places.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)22:29 No.4652774
    It is a bit Renaissance-ey, isn't it?
    Well, there could be other ways to do it...
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)23:33 No.4653235
         File :1243222434.jpg-(110 KB, 600x600, 1242495435455.jpg)
    110 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/09(Sun)23:52 No.4653368
    Cossacks had light armor, short saber weapons, and carried buckler stuyle shields. So did the Mongols. Techniques and styles of weaponry and fighting that work generate similar styles no matter how far apart they are in the world.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)01:12 No.4653963
    I haven't changed any class names at all, I just listed the classes available and what role they fill in parties and societies. The only thing I've changed so far is leaving out the standard casters. Reading comprehension: You fail at it.

    Thank you very much. I hadn't heard of it, but I'm sure my google-fu will enlighten me.

    I'm REALLY not feeling elves. I guess there's just too much Tolkien in me to ever see them as anything but 'oh, look how pretty we are, we're so much better than you even though we haven't changed, improved ourselves, or been relevant to the outside world in centuries' BS. But I like the necropolitan idea. Thank you very much.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)01:40 No.4654170
         File :1243230001.jpg-(98 KB, 1024x768, prince-of-persia-wallpaper.jpg)
    98 KB
    Actually, I was thinking of giving them access to the Bard list. They still only ever get 8 spells at level 20, so it's not a big deal. especially since I plan on deliberately not including 'Font of Inspiration'

    Keep in mind that I want to keep tech somewhere in the bronze/iron age. I'm not entirely familiar with the artificer class. Which book are they from? What are their primary features and their purpose within the party? Society? What do they have that cannot be emulated by other classes?

    A barbarian with a 6 int can do that. It's called a torch and some cheap booze.

    Certainly. They'd arise through other methods, and would be much harder to control.

    Egyptian/arabian swashbuckler? See picture. Think Prince of Persia, or aladin, or any other famous arabian hero.

    I was actually thinking of dropping Swashbuckler, since a Fighter can duplicate most of its abilities, but if there's enough call for it, I'll leave it in.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)01:47 No.4654226
    Artificers are supposedly mostly support and craftan.
    Unfortunately, you know what happened with the Cleric.

    Arabian hero... Like Rostam?

    Also, the light clothing gives an excuse to have developed Soulmelds.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)02:46 No.4654653
    The paladin? Are here any specifics on what he wore, armor-wise? I'd always assumed it was lightweight cloth, given the terrain and such. But the only specifics I can find about his equipment is the magical horse and his huge-ass mace.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)07:35 No.4656110
    why is Eberron is for "fogots"?
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)07:55 No.4656200
         File :1243252544.jpg-(83 KB, 800x516, 1239258727720.jpg)
    83 KB
    What specifically do you hate about it? The mechanics, the flavor, what?

    Each of these power sources has their own specific variation on 'magic items'. I'm thinking five or six new feats, one for each power source, that would let the person taking them invest their energy into items, similar to the Warlock's ability to trick items into thinking he meets the prerequisites for their use. At the same time, this makes enchanted items much more rare and valuable, so minor items are a bigger deal. No more 'ho-hum, another +3 sword, add it to the pile'. It'll be like second edition's "Holy crap, a ring of jumping! This is incredible! It must be the ring that Saint Blahblahblah wore when he blah blah the blah blah blah of blah blah!"
    >> super mario bros string quartet sheet mu Vienrygrierne 05/25/09(Mon)08:01 No.4656227
    african currency jewelry
    free reading phonics with pictures
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)08:02 No.4656228
         File :1243252921.jpg-(395 KB, 716x1000, 1242608011470.jpg)
    395 KB
    Some people like super-high-magi-tech-neo-modern settings. Some people don't. I'm guessing the guy without spellcheck is one of the later. No big deal, really. To each their own. I wanted to keep my setting lower tech, personally.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)08:25 No.4656308
    really hated the flavour, i could try to re-fluff it as another kind of psionics but iirc it used a mechanic a bit like ki for ninjas.
    Was not impressed by either the races or the classes, and before you think me as some curmudgeon grognard, I do mostly like the concepts for psions warlocks PHB2 ToM ToB artificers etc
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)10:13 No.4656863
    Can't say I'm a fan of ToB, but I agree that the Incarnum races sucked. The mechanic is not quite Ki power, though. It's more like...... Well, like having an extra pool of points that can be applied to some skills, and a broad array of very minor supernatural powers. The Incarnum classes are a lot like Warlock, without the Eldritch Blast. Lots of utility and special effects.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'grady 05/25/09(Mon)12:31 No.4657697
    Wat does /tg/ thnk of that sand-swimmer race from the Sandstorm book? I might be able to use them in place of elves. Mysterious, elegant, reclusive....

    I'm sorry to necro- this thread, but I've been at work and the matter of what races to use has been frustrating me to no end.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)14:41 No.4658608

    I'm tellin you, man, Secrets of Pact Magic. They have a race called Frehmin. They're like Aserati and Elves rolled together, and they're fluffed like the guys from Dune.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 05/25/09(Mon)16:07 No.4659278
    Well, as I don't yet have a copy of it, I'm doing the best I can with what I do have.

    OK, we have a kroot-like semi-avian (descended from ostriches, maybe?), a diminutive insectile race (I'll do something with a drommite-lookalike), Ogres (Modified 'half-giants' from Expanded Psionic), the Asherati, Ghuls (necropolitans), and Humans. Anyone think of anything else?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)16:15 No.4659324
    Are the races unique to areas, or should it be Al-Qadim-ish where culture is more important than race?
    I could see it either way.

    Also something for the "naturally good" niche, since you have ogres and ghuls already.

    Elans, the Oversouled, or something else, maybe?
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 05/25/09(Mon)16:23 No.4659376
    I was thinking culture should be important, but that some species would be regionally specific. Trade routes abound, so it's not like any species is completely alien to any region of the setting, just very uncommon. Like the Asheratis would be restricted to Notarabia and Notegypt, the Ogres would be restricted to Notchina and Notpolynesia, the Necropolitans would be from Notegypt and Notindia, etc. And nothing really says that Necropolitans and Ogres are inherently evil, but they are often misunderstood and rejected, leading to that broadly-held opinion.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)16:42 No.4659538
    Well yes.
    I meant 'Commonly seen as good'.
    Alignment is dependent on the individual.
    Maybe 'Bright Ones', with luminous skin and natural resistance to mysteries? Not that mysteries are inherently evil, just seen as such.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 05/25/09(Mon)16:48 No.4659574
    Well, the Asherati glow naturally. Could maybe give them a resistance to Mysteries. But then I have to stop and think about each race and whether or not they warrant a resistance to a specific power form.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)16:54 No.4659612
    My bad, I tought those were the sand-diver things.
    Okay, I was right. I feel the dumb.
    It only works in sand, though, right?
    And I notice you have nothing aquatic.

    I just had a thought.
    The Tarrasque?
    >> Generic Warrior 00475837465 05/25/09(Mon)16:59 No.4659663
    Dragons, I want to be something epic. Like the IK dragons, each one is virtually a lesser god, head of an entire house of elemental spirits, so no, hunting trips for dragonscale boots are not going to be common. Giants, certainly, they're a common sight in many mythologies, but not as PCs. The tarrasque as a monster in this setting? Maybe. I'll think it over.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:15 No.4660744
    Well, I tried this in a setting a while back...
    Dragons = Elementals.
    They aren't technically 'living', so I didn't have to bullshit around with that.
    Then I found out that Exalted stole my idea before I thought of it.

    ...Now that I think about it, that happens a lot.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:24 No.4660816

    1 - I'd have to suggest using Bearmen as one of your Asian races, both Koreans and the Chinese have a lot of myths about them, and fucking bearmen would just be badass.

    2 - Egyptians pretty much lend themselves to some kind of undead civilization of sorts - that or an anthropolymorphed beetle race.

    3- Golemns, warforged, whatever you wanna call them.

    4- Dragonborn or lizardmen

    5- Tieflings sound good to me as well.

    6- Skaven -feel- appropriate for this setting, I'm not sure why

    7- Ogres, require ogres.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:48 No.4661008
    Citation needed.

    Seconded. Maybe not all over Notegypt, though. People practically expect anything remotely egyptish to have an undead focus.

    Created using Binder rituals. Secrets of Pact Magic lets you make spirits, right? Then you just seal them into statues...

    I must respectfully vote against that idea. It is not that I don't like the races, just that I can't think of a place to put them other than making them snakey and placing them as Notindia villains.

    Then where do the demons come from?

    Probably notchina, though I am suspicious of them fitting in.

    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:52 No.4661038
         File :1243295541.jpg-(110 KB, 616x850, 1240871248082.jpg)
    110 KB

    Korean's have a creationism myth that they all descend from a great white bear and the Chinese consider pandas a sacred creature. Just imagine a fucking Chinese BEARMAN WARLORD or a MONGOLIAN BEARMAN BARBARIAN and roll with it, it's fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:53 No.4661049

    don't Indians have some myths about lizard people? I know there are a few middle eastern ones, can't see why they couldn't fit.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:55 No.4661060
         File :1243295730.jpg-(5 KB, 150x113, images.jpg)
    5 KB
    The idea is unfortunately tainted.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:57 No.4661071

    >> herp derp blizzard

    stop being spiteful over awesome ideas - and say what you will about WoW, WC3 was a great game.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)19:59 No.4661093
    It's less the blizzard stamp and more 'LOLCOHOL'.
    Hated that fucking unit.

    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:03 No.4661115
         File :1243296188.png-(45 KB, 500x500, Pandawa_male.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:04 No.4661125

    way too fucking scrawny, needs to be like Diablo II werebear material mother fucker.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:12 No.4661176

    Despite the limitations of an MMO engine presenting lore and Blizzards policy of gameplay coming before lore WoW managed to put together a rather cohorent world. Its not on the level of Warhammer and D&D settings but managed to bring a fresh twist into some races and concepts, mostly into the elves. A lot of fa/tg/uy tend to dismiss it because the popularity of the MMO itself but the world is one of the better ones for roleplaying. The number of factions, subfactions and minor lore characters can make it interesting and the sheer amount of plot hooks makes it into good campaignwise.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:15 No.4661189
         File :1243296932.jpg-(161 KB, 938x722, Pandaren2.jpg)
    161 KB

    This is the true scale of a panda-man
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:17 No.4661196
         File :1243297043.jpg-(85 KB, 628x652, Ursatotemic.jpg)
    85 KB

    And his uncivilised bear-man cousin
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:17 No.4661197
         File :1243297046.jpg-(75 KB, 510x504, pandawa_picto.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:17 No.4661198

    perfect, a race of those guys, maybe not ALL panda, have a neat little caste system with different types or bears or something, but god damn that'd be a badass race.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:17 No.4661199
    Gamedesigner protip: Worlds the players have no power to change make for terrible MMO settings.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 05/25/09(Mon)20:23 No.4661246
    I'm thinking Tiefling is a bit played out. Ratmen, I can see, and I guess bearmen make sense too, but I don't want to be accused of copyright infringement or furry-ism.

    I think I'm definitely going to include some form of snake-people.

    I'm really not feeling the warforged. Too much like Eberron, and too high tech. Maybe as a monster, but not as a playable race.

    The Necropolitans will be in isolated areas, individual city-states or hidden conclaves within larger cities, but they'll be mostly hidden.

    Dragonborn.... I really don't think so. If I'm changing dragons into lesser gods, then that makes dragonborn demigods by default..... I don't think so. MAYBE a spellscale or equivalent thereof, but not the full dragonborn.

    What kind of insect should I use as the basis for the insectoid people? Beetle? Scarab? Roach? Mantis and ants are already taken, but I might be able to do something with a Camel Spider........
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:24 No.4661251

    Brotip: You can never really change the world in an MMO.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:28 No.4661281

    Except for their new phasing stuff. Its better if you just suspend your disbelief as you did with the level system.

    if you want to RP do it PnP
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:29 No.4661289

    other brotip: a lot of time gamers 'demand' things that just aren't feasible to do, such as the ability to do whatever the fuck they want to anything they want.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:30 No.4661298

    the new phasing thing IS really cool - I see a lot of neat possibilities with it even with the limited ways they've used it so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:30 No.4661301
    Egypt: jackel people and intelligent undead (mummies fluffed up like the deathless from Eberron)

    China: signing the panda-people idea, also, are kitsune japanese or chinese? Because if you remove the furry stigma from them, they're actually really neat, and more then a little horrifying. Same with Tengu.

    India: requires elephant-people.

    Russia: also requires bear-people.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:33 No.4661316

    When I put these together the latter seems to be a little gay.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:33 No.4661317


    no one's actually going to think poorly of you for having a beastman race, it's the eroticism that turns people off.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:34 No.4661325
    Protip: this is because there are no good MMOs,
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:35 No.4661326
    naga, good
    take merfolk give them a slither speed on land and air breathing. tribal ones abound in notpolynesia you could really expand the landmass if you count underwater plateaus, n overly formal civilised ones in notindia languishing in sundered temples and clinging to a faded glory
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:35 No.4661329

    You know who would play a sandbox MMO? Goons and griefers.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 05/25/09(Mon)20:36 No.4661336
    Holy crap, that reminds me of a TMNT action figure I had back when I was seven! The panda samurai!

    Eve online, but that's the exception, not the rule.

    Keep in mind, that I won't make anything TOO awesome. I don't like Level Adjustments or ECLs in my playable races.

    OK, the list of races as it stands:

    That's nine so far. Pretty good, though I was hoping for a few more human-ish races.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:37 No.4661344

    Kistune are Japanese, and yes the concept of a race of sly, deceitful businessmen/politicians/assassins/priests/priestesses with their shogun body guards is pretty scary
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:37 No.4661347
    Remember the Unified Setting?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:39 No.4661363

    a lot of the humanoid races came from European mythologies, Asians/ Middle Easterners were much more on spirits and animals. Can't have your cake and eat it too in this case.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:40 No.4661368

    There are. Your milage may vary about what is good. You are not an unique snowflake, your opinion is not better or superior in any way, shape or form.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:41 No.4661372

    I wasn't there for that, but I'm willing to bet you had more than enough butthurt anti-furry freaks to ruin anything that even WORE fur.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:42 No.4661378
    kitsune is jap but the concept is common to both
    maos wife was said to be a fox spirit
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:42 No.4661380
    these kinds of people would get their ass handed to them in a sandbox mmo
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:43 No.4661386

    funny, they thrive like wild fire in EvE.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:45 No.4661397

    Every other sandbox MMO had prove otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:46 No.4661399
    goons and griefers are to regular players in a sandbox setting as natives are to the british empire in real life.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:46 No.4661402
    I think Elans can fit as a subset of humans, kind of Enlightened Ones or something.

    Necropolitan is a template, so you could technically apply it to anything on the list.

    I suppose we need a CON race, and bears would fit for that.

    I see Ratmen and Avians as horning in on each others territory, but that is probably just from Kenku.

    Naga would work fine.

    The bugs can take up the industrial role.

    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:49 No.4661427

    So far they fucked up all sandbox MMO, got bored and went on. Plus tha majority of the people dont like open pvp MMOs with permament consequences. Not because the sandbox MMOs are so HARDKORE and MANLY that they couldnt tolerate, they dislike the system and find it tedious and unfunny.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:53 No.4661450
    again, the kind of thoughtless kill everyone people would get mowed down in a true open ended MMORPG, slightly open ended shit like EvE doesn't count.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)20:56 No.4661475

    Than how come that every MMO so far proved otherwise?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:00 No.4661506
    not really, because most people who aren't "lol kill everything" wouldn't try and kill them in the first place, and the monsters are just fodder-AI
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:05 No.4661556
    because they still adhere strictly to the broken old MMORPG design of get better shit for money in a safe zone, go out and kill shit with no consequences mentality, in addition calling shit like eve an open ended world is laughable, since there is nothing to do in it by fly and kill, the only difference is the players run the alliances for themselves and have access to areas of control,

    an MMORPG should function very much like the real world, the only difference is that you can be heroic in an MMORPG and explore vast unknown lands and ancient ruins with the constant threat of monsters knocking down your cities. being bandits works for a while but ultimately killing all the people going from point A to point B is going to piss someone from point A off and the king of whoever will put a huge fucking bounty on your head. that or send in the militia.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:11 No.4661585

    >Unreasonable shit

    This cannot work out in an MMO. Griefers would be everywhere, no mechanic could stop griefing especially organized griefing. This MMO even if could be made would be a niche MMO with low funding and consequently bad graphics and heaps of bugs.

    Sorry to burst the bubble of you aspie-wonderland.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:19 No.4661639
    Ancestor Bear
    Poor Vision - -2 on spot checks.
    Large Frame
    1d4/1d4 Natural weapons
    +2 vs poison and disease.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:21 No.4661646

    I've been playing Asherons Call, UO and DaoC, darkfail, WAR and WoW. People want easily acessible(dont mix it up with easy) content, they dont want useless mechanics like soft level cap to force them into poopsocking. They want to pick up the game and play PvP, PvE or whatever they like. The FFA killing system is interesting for a few days but quickly turns into a burdening, boring gimmick which takes out the fun from the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:24 No.4661661
    >>I know nothing about game design
    yeah I'm sure you think you got that down, why dont you go back to mindless leveling?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:25 No.4661669
    >Hurrrr let's have a conversation about vidya gaemin instead of working on OP's campaign setting like helpful anons
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:26 No.4661677

    Look at the MMO market. It clearly proves my point. YOU dont know nothing of game design, you're just dreaming about a game which would require insane funding for the market 30.000 people.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:26 No.4661680
    Sup OP
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:28 No.4661689
    No, just another anon that hates seeing stupid /v/ arguments shitting up something that could be really fucking cool otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:31 No.4661703
    Disease immunity
    +2 Hide, Move Silently, and Bluff
    Blindsense 5 ft.

    Light Body - +2 Jump and move silently, 1/2 falling damage
    Great Accuracy - Ignore 20% of miss chances.
    Bludgeoning Allergy - One more damage from bludgeoning attacks.
    Gust of Wind 1/day.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:31 No.4661707
    >>I play shitty games like Asherons Call, UO and DaoC, darkfail, WAR and WoW
    there is nothing in those games that any non-asspie could enjoy, the only thing to do in them is click on a monster and wait for it to die, if this is the kind of thing you do for fun, i suggest progress quest, it can free up some time.

    however if you want a persistant world where you can write its very history, that is what the mythical good MMORPG can do for you,
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:32 No.4661719
    game design != Marketing.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:42 No.4661806
         File :1243302152.jpg-(16 KB, 381x365, aku.jpg)
    16 KB

    >the only thing to do in them is click on a monster and wait for it to die

    Yeah right, you've never played any of them.


    There are games like that you've described. They've flopped despite having vast amounts of hype.

    You're just some 15 year old exalted player who wants to powergame in MMOs too. If this would've been such a good idea a gaming company would've do it ages ago.

    Of course, their psychologists, market analizers , testers and customers are ALL RONG and U R RITE.

    You've failed the arguement ;) I will ignore you from here on.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:45 No.4661828
    Ophidian - Immune to tripping, land speed 20, climb 10, swim 10.
    Multilimbed - Lower set of arms suffer a further -2 to effective strength.
    Multiattack as bonus feat.
    Hypnotic Pattern 1/day.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:49 No.4661863
    Then keep Humans, Dromites, Half-Giants, and Necropolitans on their own stats.
    Is anything still going on in this thread other than internet dickfights over morepigs?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:54 No.4661888
    I wish OP would make a new thread about this so we can see what it's like with the ideas updated and trim the retarded trolling and /v/ faggotry off.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:56 No.4661903
         File :1243303012.jpg-(63 KB, 873x627, m1181910_99060206056_SkavenWar(...).jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)21:56 No.4661905
    no, you failed the argument, your an idiot if you think a quality game design is measured in its popularity, sometimes, whats good isnt what sells, only whats cheap and requires least investment, todays corporation is a testament to this, terrible sensational boy/girl bands that die out in 3 years (sort of like MMOS) fast food restaurants, there was a period in music history where people copied a style of music to its breaking point just because it was hip at the time.

    I've never so much touched exalted and I'm 20, games like I've described often collapsed because they didn't live up to their own self generated hype or because of internal pressures that forced the game design to its knees, thats fable and spore respectively.

    and no, I've played a good 20 MMORPGs half from korea the other half american, granted while I've played WoW, most of my experiments with different games where before this generation of WoWcloned modern MMORPGs, but since my research hasn't shown any significant changes i don't really give a fuck, especially when people hype up their changes without offering demos like age of conan.

    This type of setting could sell very well to a large crowd actually, but even with 30k you could still easily turn a profit since your blowing the funding out of proportion for what is essentially easy database work and the fact that MMORPGs roll in the money continuously as long as you can maintain the server at an effective and affordable rate,

    by the way, in case you haven't noticed, MMORPGs are player magnets no matter how terrible they are. i don't think if i went through with a project like this i would be hurting for a player base.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:00 No.4661940
    >your an idiot

    Okay I'm not even involved in this flaming wankfest, but seriously?
    How can you expect that your opinion will have even the slightest credibility?
    Good fucking God, will you assholes just drop it and talk DnD?
    For fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:03 No.4661963

    > your an idiot
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:05 No.4661991
    No, we don't sage good threads because one guy's fucking stupid or every thread on /tg/ would be gone.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:14 No.4662089
    because i honestly dont expect anyone to take my opinion seriously on an internet board where most people simply troll anyone with a decent opinion with bullshit, I've already tried being articulate in /g/ in a racism thread and it got me an ear full of anti nigger copy pasta wankery.

    I wish fourchan was the kind of civil discussion place where I wouldn't have to resort to fuck you to get a point across but articulation and strait facts don't work here so you may as well add a nice fuck you and never check your spelling while your spreading the word of light and profit because odds are no one else will do it and even less people will care about what you have to say.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:30 No.4662253
    You know what? I do too.
    But this isn't the UN. This is the internet. So unless you're on board with the thread, prepare to be flamed.
    At the very least stay on topic with the OP, goddamn.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:33 No.4662300

    > Everything should be about me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

    Nobody fucking bump this day old thread unless you're going to be on topic, okay?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)22:37 No.4662340
    I'd like to discuss it, I've been loving it so far, but OP's been gone too long to provide much needed guidance on the wants and not-wants.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)23:01 No.4662520
    Archived for shit gettan done.
    >> MonkeyToho 05/25/09(Mon)23:08 No.4662573
         File :1243307296.jpg-(20 KB, 300x300, 300px-GaneshaAnimalBRX.jpg)
    20 KB
    rolled 81 = 81

    How about...elephant-men?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/09(Mon)23:19 No.4662664
         File :1243307945.jpg-(12 KB, 300x266, tf2spy.jpg)
    12 KB
    How about gentle-men?

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